Hilarion Channeling In Finland 2007

Klikkaa tästä lukeaksesi tämän sivun suomeksi.

In February 2007, I was invited to channel at the Minä Olen exhibition near Helsinki, Finland. I flew over for a wonderful opportunity to meet many Finnish fans of Hilarion, and help introduce a new book on Finnish Flower essences by Leena Niemelä and Erkki Lehtiranta from a series of Hilarion channelings we've been doing over the last few years. Minä Olen in Finnish means "I Am." New Book

Hilarion suggested the topic of their public channelings in Finland be on healing. The night before the events began, while I was in Finland, I was awakened with strong energy from Hilarion. They wanted music to be a part of the event.

They explained to me, in just a few words, that all healing is, ultimately, self-healing. Our biggest blocks to self-healing are our old habits, preconceived beliefs and self-imposed limitations. Music could be presented at the same time as the important new messages, new beliefs and new ideas. This would help these new words to be incorporated in our consciousness, not just more "good ideas." So what Hilarion was proposing was more than just the usual information-based channeling. Here was an opportunity for the participants to "get out of their own way" facilitated by the distraction of the music in order to initiate multiple modes of self-healing, and learn techniques they could apply over and over again after the workshop.

Hilarion has worked with me over the many years I've been channeling in other ways to combine the channeled information with practical embodiments. For instance, by suggesting various ways that the inert gases could be used to provide aetheric healing energy. This eventually became the portable "Inert Gas Pendants" which are distributed by Pegasus Products. The folks at Pegasus have been great supporters of all the Hilarion work through me. So it was an extra boost to this new approach, of music and healing, that Fred Rubenfeld, president of Pegasus Products, was able to be in Finland also!

The music was carefully chosen. It was not "new age" music! The idea was to use music that had words. Those words were to reinforce the ideas about healing that were introduced. Ever get words and music to a song "stuck in your head"? Rather than resist this, Hilarion suggested that we can use this principle to loosen our beliefs, or install new ones, if we carefully choose music with words that are beneficial. If the music has enough of a "hook" it will stay with us. I find some of the songs will be there in my consciousness when I awaken in the morning, when they weren't with me when I went to sleep. Minä Olen

This category of music is sometimes called "New Thought Music." This is not a very good name for it, since it is more about love and our hearts than any thoughts or the mind, and many of the ideas expressed are not new ideas at all. However, "New Thought Music" is becoming recognized as a genre in the USA.

I found it interesting that there is as yet little equivalent music in Finland, although there is a great deal of "New Age Music." (Most "New Age Music" is instrumental, and seems designed to induce an altered state.) I hope to discover more "New Thought Music" from countries outside of the USA, so I'd appreciate any New Thought Musicians contacting me with links to their music!

To bring Hilarion's suggestions into form, while I was channeling, there were two translators interpreting in Finnish at the same time. One spoke the translated words of the songs, and the other translated the words Hilarion was channeling through me.

After the workshop, many people came up to me with deep thanks for the experience. Many hugs, many tears of joy and healing. From what I could tell, it was a powerful workshop and quite a success.

There were many requests for the list of songs used. No recording of the workshop was made, so there were no hopefully no copyright issues. In my deep respect and encouragement of the musicians, in the list of songs below you will find links so you can explore the web sites of each of the musicians and (I hope!) buy some of their excellent CDs or tapes: