Aajonus Vonderplanitz


This book contains all of the basic dietary information that has helped thousands of people improve their health and reverse disease. Indeed, it has proved to be a recipe to achieve living without disease.

Most of us crave and hunger for what is not good for us. This book resolves that conflict with recipes that have created better health and reversed diseases for varying appetites among thousands of people. Meals we can prepare in minutes; the ultimate fast food.

Delicious Raw Food

From a terminal cancer survivor, now leading nutritionist, learn how to live without disease naturally. Aajonus, who had eight “incurable” diseases, including developmental autism, diabetes, psoriasis, bursitis, and angina, was diagnosed with stomach, blood and bone cancers at age 20. He outlives his medical death-sentence by 34 years, enjoying excellent health, clarity and energy with his Primal Diet (TM).


Volume One

What’s To Discuss? Let’s Eat!

1. Are We Safe?

How I Discovered What Health Is

2. Origin of Disease

3. How Much Toxicity Does It Take To Develop Disease And How Do We Reverse It?

4. Journey To Optimal Health

5. Man’s Dietary Origin; Humans Lived Without Disease

6. Can We Digest Cooked And Processed Food? Can We Digest Raw Food?

7. Should We Worry About Bacteria?

8. What’s Healthiest To Eat, And What’s Not? Sleep And Healing Bowel Movements

Volume Two

The Recipe For Healthy Living and Optimal Recipes

9. Delicious Is In The Palate Of The Masticator

10. The Best Health-Giving Raw Food

11. FOOD-COMBINING For Proper Digestion And Assimilation

12. An Optimal Diet

    * The Recipe For Removing Deep-Tissue Toxicity

    * General Daily Eating Schedule Recommendations #1

    * General Daily Eating Schedule Recommendations #2

    * Weight-Loss Diet

    * Traveling on the Primal Diet ™

    * Baby Food/Infant Formula

13. To Eat Or Not To Eat Spices And Oils?

14. Health-Giving Recipes!

    * Necessary Equipment

    * Blenderizing The Easy Way

    * Making Raw Milk Into Raw Kefir

    * How To Juice Vegetables And Store Them For 3 Days To Maintain Nutrients

    * Making Coconut Cream

    * Marinating Meats In Lemon Or Lime Juices

    * Making Raw Butter From Raw Cream

    * Baby Food

    * Beverages

    * Cottage Cheese

    * Meat Meals

    * Preparing Meat Dishes

    * Meat Sauces

    * Red Meat Meals

    * White Meat Meals - Fowl

    * Power Drinks

    * Seafood/Fish Sauces

    * White Meat Meals - Seafood/Fish

    * Soup

    * Starch Substitutes

    * Sweet Meals

    * Ice Cream

    * Cream Sickles

    * Pies

    * Salad

    * Pickles, Pickled Peppers & Ginger

15. Remedies and Natural Topical Beauty Recipes

Volume Three

The Science Of Living Healthfully

16. Our Digestive Abilities

17. What Does Cooking Do To Nutrients In Food?

18. Other Forms of Nutrient Destruction

19. Is The High-Cholesterol Problem A Myth?

20. Should I Take Supplements To Replace Missing Nutrients? Why Do Supplements Seem To Work

Volume Four

Health Or Disease?

21. Origins of Modern Medicine

22. Modern Medicine

23. Discovering How To Live Disease-Free

24. Dawning Of Disease

25. Are Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites Dangerous to Humans?

26. Is Microbe Genocide A Rational Pursuit?

27. Then Why Are There So Many Reports About Bacterial Food-Poisoning?

28. Why The Hysteria Over Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites?

29. Follow The Money

30. Bacterial Summary: Does A Recipe For Optimal Health Include “Pathogens”?

31. Infant Safety, Health Benefits And Propagandized False Risks From Feeding Raw Milk, And The Harm Of Feeding Infants Pasteurized And Other Processed Milks

32. Losing Our Choices To Live Disease-Free; A Plea For Help


Welcome to the Primal Diet!

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