AAJONUS VONDERPLANITZ is a nutritionist, speaker and writer who lives in Venice, California. His patients' rate of disease reversal is astoundingly high, including for cancer and heart disease.

PROLOGUE from "We Want to Live: Primal Diet" :

Three doctors declared that I would die at age twenty-one, after I had received medical treatments for cancer. I began searching, experimenting and exploring other means to gain my health. I discovered that good health most often comes when one eats a diet consisting of foods that supply the most bioactive nutrients; they are mentioned throughout the following pages.

Since I was intent on sharing all that I learned, I became a nutritional counselor and learned more by helping others. The high point of gratification in my work in the health field is the saga that We Want To Live; Volume One, Out of the Grips of Disease and Death tells. It is the battle I waged when the doctors said that my son was on his deathbed.


This material has been written and published solely for educational purposes. The reader understands that the author and publisher are not engaged in rendering medical advice or services. The author and publisher provide this information, and the reader accepts it, with the understanding that people act on it at their own risk and with full knowledge that they should consult with medical professionals for any medical help they need.

The author and publisher shall have neither liability or responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss, damage or injury caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book.

If you do not wish to be bound by the above, you may return this book, unread and in perfect condition, for a full refund.


Dedication, and Acknowledgment


VOLUME ONE: Out Of The Grips Of Disease And Death (the story)

VOLUME TWO: Healthfully (The facts)

Expanded and Revised in 2005

Introduction - The Raw Truth

Understanding Health Through Food

Questions and Answers

Why Does Live Food Assist Healing?

How Do Cooked And Processed Foods Create Disease?

Why Are Some People Healthy Even Though They Eat Cooked And Processed Foods?

Why Are Some People More Ill-affected By Cooked And Processed Foods?

If I Lack Enzyme-mutations, What Foods Should I Avoid?

Could I Benefit From Eating Live Food?

What Should I Expect If I Change To Eating A Live-food Diet?

Specifics About Particular Foods

Conversations About the Primal Diet

Obtaining The Foods We Want And Need

Brief Preparation Guide

Vital Food Remedies

Health Methodologies; Opinions And Tips



The following ailments are covered:

Abscess, acne, adrenal exhaustion, aging, agoraphobia, AIDS, alcoholism, ALD accelerated deterioration of myelin, allergies, Alzheimerís, anemia, anger, angina pectoris, anxiousness, appendicitis, arthritis, asphyxiation, asthma, arteriosclerosis, athleteís foot, backache, bacterial food-poisoning, bad breath, balding, bedwetting, Bellís Palsy, beriberi, Bitotís spots, bladder infection, blood pressure, blood sugar problems, body odor, brittle bones, broken bone, bronchitis, bruise, burns, bursitis, cancer, candida, canker sore, carbuncles, cataracts, celiac disease, chicken pox, cholesterol level, chronic fatigue syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, colitis, cold common, congestive heart failure, conjunctivitis, constipation, coughs, croup, cystic fibrosis, cystitis, dandruff, depression, dermatitis, detoxification, detoxification of drugs, detoxification of radiation, diabetes, diarrhea, diverticulitis, dizziness, dry skin & general dryness, dyspepsia, earache, ear infection, eczema, edema, emphysema, epilepsy, eye inflammation and irritation, eyestrain, fat deficiency, fatigue, fever, fever blister, flu, food addiction, foot problems, aching or burning feet, athleteís foot, cold feet, corns, fracture, frostbite, fungus, gallstones, gastritis, gingivitis, glaucoma, goiter, gonorrhea, gout, sore gums, hair problems, halitosis, hay fever, headaches, heart attack, heart disease, hemophilia, hemorrhage, hemorrhoid, hepatitis, herpes, hiccups, HIV, hives, hyperactive, hyperthyroid, hypoglycemia, impetigo, impotency, indigestion, infant problems, infertility, influenza, insect bites, insomnia, insect bites, insomnia, intestinal cramps, intestinal infection, itchy skin, jaundice, kidney infection, kidney stones, kwashiorkor, lice, liver problems, low blood sugar, malnutrition, measles, memory loss and other simple mental malfunctions, meniereís syndrome, meningitis, menopause, menstrual cramps, late menstruation, mental illness, migraines, mineral deficiency, miscarriage, mononucleosis, motion sickness, multiple sclerosis, muscle cramp, muscular dystrophy, muscle soreness, nail biting, nail problems, nausea, neural problems, night blindness, obesity, overeating, overweight, pain, pain from broken bones, tooth pain, gum sensitivity, chest pains, growing pains, muscular pain, p ain caused by fissures in the finger tips, pain behind the knees, pain in the temples, pains in hands and feet, pain in the eyes and throat, pain from shingles, general tightness, paranoia, Parkinsonís disease, pellagra, peritonitis, pernicious anemia, phlebitis, pneumonia, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, polio, pollution from vehicles, premenstrual syndrome, prostatitis, psoriasis, pyorrhea, radiation burn, radiation-poisoning, rage, rash, rectal itching, rheumatic fever, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, rhinitis, rickets, salt craving, sciatica, scoliosis, scurvy, shakes, shingles, sinusitis, sleeplessness, smoking addiction, sore throat, spinal meningitis, sprain, stiffness, stomach acid, stress, stroke, sunburn, surgery, swollen glands, syphilis, thyroid problem, tonsillitis, tooth and gum disorders, toothache, trauma, tuberculosis, ulcers, underweight, vaginitis, varicose veins, venereal disease, vertigo, vision and focus disorders, vitamin deficiencies, wars, water retention, worms, x-rays, yeast infection.



"I was supposed to die 15 years ago from liver, spinal, uterine and brain cancers. Aajonus' diet saved my life and made it rich, enjoyable, and disease-free."

- Pamela, age 50, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Feeling better is the best clinical evidence of all. Within three weeks...I was blown away with the feeling of well-being...and my digestion was practically perfect. The diet supports me in going through the elimination of toxins without feeling too terribly ill. This gives me a tremendous sense of autonomy in managing my body...It took getting cancer for me to get to this. I am so grateful for the truth. Finally."

- Dianne, age 44, Van Nuys, California

"...such a profound effect on how I feel. One...immediate result was the disappearance of the numerous sinus headaches I suffered over the years...gum problems healed after three months...menstrual cramps disappeared...I am able to climb many stairs without feeling strain in my legs. My entire body feels stronger...this diet has been a godsend to me."

- Laura., age 35.

"I've been on Aajonus' diet for over two years. From the information in We Want to Live I am able to do the diet on my own, mainly instinctively, eating what appeals to me according to the guidelines in the book. Immediately, I started feeling better in every way. I have always been concerned with my overweight problem (obsessed with it). I noticed that I was eating less than before, even though I'm still a "big eater". Eating the diet fills me up and satisfies me more quickly and for a longer time. I've lost very little weight but finally I've lost one dress size, which suits me fine. I'm slimmer and firmer. This took time but I've already lost 80 percent of my cellulite, and I had a lot. I was a compulsive chocolate and candy eater. Now I make Aajonus' chocolate substitute - a little raw carob powder mixed in unsalted raw butter and unheated honey - or a smoothie with hormone- and antibiotic-free raw eggs and banana (or other fruit). My chocolate and candy cravings are satisfied without any of the ill side-effects that chocolate and candy produce, like extreme moodiness. I crave sugar after every meal, so now I eat unheated honey and that satisfies me fine."

"I am a flight attendant who works tiring 10-15-hour international flights on my feet. I face continuous jet-lag and extreme climate changes. The diet improved my ability to endure everything. I don't feel the heaviness in my legs now. I no longer take pills for my vascular problem either. I no longer have a vascular problem.

"The first year I still slept a lot, but now I sleep less and I recoup from colds, flus, every form of sickness (detoxification) faster. I have more stamina and am less tired. It's much easier to exercise and enjoy exercise (my muscles got stronger, quicker). Even my moods improved. I feel happier. The diet changed my life and perceptions. It is one of my keys to happiness, health and youth."

- Veronica, age 33, Lesigny, France

"I know it works. My insulin [intake] is down to only 13 units/a.m., 8 units/p.m. I'm able to reduce one unit per month. Your book is our bible and we refer to it daily."

- Susan, age 45, and David, age 38, (Sue has been on insulin since she was a child), Saudi Arabia

"I just wanted to reiterate the incredible physiological transformation that has taken place in 11 months on your diet. My eyes are bright and shiny (no more redness), I exercise every day without getting tired, I have no adverse reactions to the food, my sex energy is the strongest it's been in over 10 years, my arms and legs are stronger and thicker, my meditations are deeper and more relaxing, and my teeth and gums are no longer sensitive to cold liquids."

- Daniel, age 37, Santa Monica, California

"Aajonus, he's cool. When my mom or I am not feeling well, he knows just what we need to do. He's real good at it and his diets cool, too."

- Alex, age 10, Santa Monica, California

"I was first influenced to go on the raw food diet when my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the same time, I also broke up with my boyfriend, but still had to see him and deal with him. These two situations put an incredible amount of strain on my already stressful life. I was amazed at how this diet enabled me not only to still function, but to feel good as well. A friend of mine jokingly called it the "Zen diet," due to its effect of eliminating emotional pain. I have always been an emotionally sensitive person, and this diet has been a real godsend to me. I didn't realize that what we eat has such a profound effect on how we feel. This diet is an incredibly fascinating and miraculous thing.

"I have experienced other benefits from eating raw foods as well. One of the most immediate results was the disappearance of the numerous sinus headaches I have suffered from over the years. Colds and flus have also vanished from my life. I had gum problems, which healed after three months. My menstrual cramps have disappeared. I am able to climb the many stairs to my apartment without feeling strain in my legs (and without working out). My entire body feels stronger.

"My take on a quote by J.D. Salinger: I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse, I suspect people of plotting to make me happy, especially Aajonus."

- Laura, Librarian, Canoga Park, California

"A token of appreciation for a miracle in my life. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for your service."

- Genie, age 40, Cincinnati, Ohio

"The book has [a] very profound impact on me. Gordon's cancer went from 26.9 to 5.0 - the cancer count [in three weeks]. Right now it varies, 5.0 to 10.0 because of his slack in complete consumption of food and snacks [not on the diet]. But I am excited because it does work."

- Carolyn, Registered Nurse, Panorama City, California

"Your book contains a wealth of hard earned health treasures which I am applying...for me and my husband. I am recommending that my clients and friends send for your book as well."

- Lorie, age 50, Oregon

"I keep on thinking that if it were not for you [Aajonus] I would be God knows where. It was your support that made it happen. Sometimes it is hard to imagine the miracle that you gave me. I am deeply grateful...I accept thankfully and joyfully the contribution you have made to my life."

- Paul, age 42, Los Angeles, California

"It seems to have improved the way that I sleep and certainly improved my nervous system."

- Leslie, age 55, Whales, England


"Aajonus is creating some of the most important knowledge in the Healing Arts today."

- Dr. John Finnegan, N.D., author of The Facts About Fats; and Recovery From Addiction

"I read it immediately - all in one go. I found it fascinating. I was very much moved by your honesty and your absolute dedication to finding answers...many, many peoples lives it will empower."

- Leslie Kenton, author of The New Raw Energy; Ageless Aging; Endless Energy; and Ultrahealth, United Kingdom

"The book is a revelation. The first reading left me astonished. I've been reading it over and over, absorbing more with each pass. It is one of the most impressive books I have ever read, for several reasons. First, the idea of presenting your own story in 'novelette' form was a stroke of genius. It connects the reader to you and to the work that you are doing in an emotional way. To my way of thinking this is very important since people will not do anything that they do not 'believe in' or 'connect to' at some level. Second, the sheer force of the healing incidents of your life and your confrontations with doctordom are so compelling. Third, you tell the story dramatically, as an artist, rather than as a health practitioner. The second half of the book then answers so many of the questions that arise in the first half, in a format that makes practical information very accessible. I cannot praise you enough for this work."

- Ron Strauss, Health writer / editor / practitioner

"Fascinating, unbelievably believable...clear that this story is true...compassion, suspense, even romance. Most people could easily read [We Want To Live]. It's not too technical and it's an exciting story. I found myself saying I can truly relate to this, to that. Aajonus' words flow easily...style is excellent - the conversation, the flashbacks. It's time people were more aware of health issues."

- Dr. Elizabeth Anne Duffy, Ph.D.

"The story is gripping...dramatic...a complex tapestry of life...an odyssey of American byways and the esoteric paths of nutritional exploration...lucidly written."

- Debra Denker

The World Times

Comment from Jon C. Fox:

I cried and laughed and cried again, and you will, too, when you read this courageous account of one man's successful crusade to find a true and deep cure to all disease. Part II describes, in simple step-by-step terms, the author's healing methods, which he has used successfully on over 3000 people to date. Wow! A truly special, unique book, that will likely change your understanding of health and disease forever. $29.95

ISBN 1-889356-10-7

364 pages, Copyright 2005

Important note: this is the updated, revised edition of "We Want To Live."

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