small pic of Jon CHANNELING HILARION by Jon C. Fox

Relaxing, I breathe deeply and imagine the breath moving in and out of my third eye, giving it the internal sounds of "hong...sau...hong...sau..." After about a minute, I say a prayer of protection, out loud, calling in Almighty God, the Highest Christ, Babaji Krishna, Mother Mary, Hilarion, and Sathya Sai Baba. I relax each part of my body, allowing my breath to become rhythmic and even. I see myself in an empty movie theater - whatever appears on the screen, whatever sounds come from the speakers are okay. Then I say silently to myself, "I'm asking for Hilarion to come through now."

Instantly, I begin to feel a tingling up and down my spine, a slight pressure in the center of my head, and warm, gentle waves of love flowing through me. I faintly hear a voice (my own) saying "Yes! This is that energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion!" but I put my attention on continuing to relax all the parts of my body, and feel a drifting away - a pleasant yet energetic floating sensation.

As the channeling continues, I am vaguely aware of sounds, movement, images, yet in a dreamlike way, with a focus quite unlike my waking state. Emotions of great love or sadness pass through, very quickly. Sometimes there is a brief sense of emptiness, like a soft gray fog, then suddenly great light and intelligence. Then I hear "Om" sounds and it is over. I stretch, thank Hilarion, and get up.

Remembrance of these sessions sometimes occurs the next day, or after I have slept. Images of beautiful translucent beings of light, swirling galaxies of stars, a sort of cathedral in the clouds, or a clear quartz crystal city. There is also an experience of the friendship and joy of my relationship with Hilarion.

Although it is easier to relate to Hilarion as a single, male entity, Hilarion insists on being considered as a group. Over the years I have grown accustomed to this, and suggest you do the same. "They" are coming through several people right now, but perhaps because of my technical background and my ability to easily go into trance, they frequently provide specific technical information through me.

Since my early youth, I have been a builder, tinkerer, then later an electronics engineer. I love inventing devices, experimenting in science, machining metal, welding, and reading technical non- fiction. In 1982 I happened on research done in Canada on the inert gases (Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon). I replicated some of the experiments, and built some devices containing these gases (which come from our atmosphere, and which we are breathing right now). In 1983 I went to visit a psychic to ask about these devices, as they were scientific curiosities to me.

She channeled a personal "guide" who said she could not channel the technical information from Hilarion I wanted, and that I could! She asked if I wanted to learn how, and I told her I would. She came out of trance, hypnotized me, and five minutes later I was channeling for the first time. That was a turning point in this process which bridges my physical being and technical perspective with the intuitive, non-physical and greatly expanded consciousness of Hilarion.

People often want to know what it is like to channel, and some want to do it themselves. I have seen many channels in the last few years, and I am impressed with the great variety of their experiences and techniques. If you have been attracted to this yourself, I suggest you try various ways of channeling, intuition, or meditation, but then strike off on your own. Don't try to compare or judge your channeling against that of others. A sense of surrender to and trust of the channeling energy as it comes through is important. More than anything else, this relationship you develop will be a journey of discovery, characterized by challenging surprises.

I am often asked how does one identify a "good" channeling, or how do we know which channels or spirit entities to trust. I think it is wise to apply the criteria Hilarion suggested when I first began, "By their fruits you shall know them." I recommend that people work with information in their own way, looking especially for any resonance in their hearts, and seeing if the concepts and ideas hold up over time. I put no credence on the personality of the channel or the name of the being channeled or the tone of voice or accent used. Nor do I find it important how the person channels (deep trance, conscious channeling, intuitive impressions). Nor do I look at how they came to do channeling in the first place. Rather, I ask if the experience was helpful to me, broadened my understanding, expanded my knowledge, opened up something new in me, or improved my relationships.

We are entering into a period of intense change on Earth. Increasing volcanic activity, depletion of the ozone layer, environmental pollution and societal problems of homelessness, violence, drug use and broken families are all around us. The problems of the environment or the problems of people around us are no longer "out there." Our need to find meaning and purpose for our existence includes a responsibility to sometimes go beyond the limitations of what is "known," and be willing to establish a new context. Channeling offers other perspectives for us, and many otherwise unknown alternatives that can be beneficial.

When I began channeling Hilarion, the phenomenon of channeling non-physical consciousness to assist us in our learning about the in-body, physical world did not enjoy as much acceptance. Today there are thousands of publications that represent the pioneering efforts of individuals who have made the intuitive leap. Challenging ourselves by daring to ask the apparently unanswerable questions has opened many new frontiers for humanities' journey in the cosmos.
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Published Material:

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with many others: 

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