This book is distinguished from other current texts on gem therapy because of its careful presentation of new and original research material. Most of the information presented in this book was obtained by Gurudas through working with two channels The channeled material is carefully explained and supported with numerous footnotes and commentaries.

The channelings of Jon C. Fox and Kevin Ryerson, in answer to author Gurudas' questions, continue into several deep areas of research, including:

Five unisolated elements that will soon appear in new minerals to play a key role in manifesting the New Age consciousness.

Ancient technology to project into and change the future using astrology and gemstones in a mandala pattern. Nostradamus used this system.

The return of the Teacher of Righteousness and the possibility that he will soon step forward to expand the Christ consciousness.

Cover Photograph by Michael Tivana

Price: $36.95 US.

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