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Hilarion ThumbnailAs featured in Hilda Charleton's "The Golden Quest." By Jack McKiernan.(33K)

Jarrett ThumbnailHilarion by Australian artist Kinsley Jarrett from the full color book Visions of the Ascended Masters ISBN 0-949679-11-9 (US$15.95) Published by Hooper International (14K). Send Email to -

Peter Fich Christiansen ThumbnailPicture of Master Hilarion courtesy of ZaKaiRan, Divine Light Images, and Peter Fich Christiansen. (13K).
Visit their sites at: ZaKaiRan, Divine Light Images, and Peter Fich Christiansen.

Anrias ThumbnailDavid Anrias channeled this graceful pencil-sketch impression in the rare First Edition 1932 "Through the Eyes of the Masters." (8K)

Anrias ThumbnailDavid Anrias channeled this imposing pencil-sketch impression for the 1947 Third Edition reprinting of "Through the Eyes of the Masters." (16K)

Celaya Winkler ThumbnailChanneled for Mother Mary's Universal Garden and Mon-Ka retreat by the prolific Celaya Winkler. (31K)

Shimara Thumbnail Shimara, in Ireland, also does 'Star Essence Portraits' and works with the cosmic essence that an individual brings into incarnation with them: their multi-dimensional selves. (38K) Contact Shimara at:

Brazilian Hilarion ThumbnailBy Brazilian artist Joao Pio de Almeida Prado, from Jau, Brazil. Note the emerald (Hilarion is known widely for their emerald ray.) (29K)

Mists ThumbnailThis mysterious vision of Hilarion was found on the Internet. Artist unknown. (20K)

Temptation ThumbnailThis beautiful oil of Hilarion and a maiden was painted by Dominique-Louis-Féréal Papety in 1843. Caution, please: some people would consider this painting to have an "R" rating. (62K)

Teachings of the Temple Thumbnail Frontspiece from the 1925 book "Teachings of the Temple." (47K)

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