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Jon C. Fox has been channeling Hilarion since 1983. Among Hilarion's works channeled through Jon are Starlight Elixirs & Cosmic Vibrational Healing, and the books by Gurudas: Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol. I and II, The Spiritual Properties of Herbs, and Flower Essences, the Revised Edition. Hilarion, through Jon, has been a guest on radio and television talk shows. Video and audio tapes of group channelings on many subjects are available. Jon has been building devices and doing experiments channeled by Hilarion, principally in New Physics and in areas of healing. He does personal and research readings, with Hilarion, in Nevada City, California. He is available for telephone consultations, "remote readings," and group channelings. Group events are held quarterly in Northern California, where your questions are welcome. Tapes of these events can be sent to you - see the catalog for details.

An In-Person Reading brings you and Jon together, usually in the Nevada City countryside. You address Hilarion directly, through Jon.

In a "Remote Reading," a conductor acts as your representative with Jon while he channels Hilarion. Our conductors are carefully trained in working with Hilarion. They are chosen to ask the questions you provide, to seek more information or further depth, and to assist in the entire process.

In a Telephone Consultation, a time is arranged when you call in to Jon. Then he begins the trance process, and a dialogue with Hilarion is then provided through Jon. A tape cassette of the reading is mailed to you the following day.

Some more about Jon and Hilarion, from Jon:

"As an electronics engineer (Northwestern University, 1974), my interest in new energy devices led me to channeling as a source of new knowledge and principles. The energy expressing itself through me calls itself "Hilarion," and is available to assist the evolution of humans on the Earth now. This energy is especially concerned with humanity's capacity for Universal Love, and speaks often of heart-opening and what each person must do to take our place as the beacons of love and light we truly are. As well, Hilarion provides enlightening and revolutionary technical information for astrologers, scientists, physicists, artists and healers. This guidance has helped many people in understanding personal issues, past lives, life purpose, vibrational healing, and the symbolism of the body."

Appointments for readings are pre-arranged. A 45 minute audio tape recording is provided. Advance payment is required. A typed transcript of your reading is also available.

In most readings, usually about six questions can be answered in depth. It is a good idea to have more, in case time permits, as often happens. It is usually best to provide some background and specifics in the question, as this facilitates a more specific answer. When asking questions about other people, it is helpful to provide information about the other person such as current location; name; name at birth; time, date and place of birth. Also, Hilarion usually does not comment on other channels, as it seems we are to decide on this for ourselves!

Overnight stays at a local Bed and Breakfast in the Sierra foothills are also available at reasonable cost, to co-ordinate with your In-Person reading. (A recent guest called it "Bed and Breakfast with Hilarion.")
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If you are interested in scheduling an In-Person Reading, a Telephone Consultation, or a Remote Reading, call Jon at (530) 478-1002. Leave your name and phone number, or your address if you wish to be sent further information. To set up a Reading, you must fill out the following form, and mail to us a check or money order, or charge the reading to your VISA or MasterCard. After we receive your form, we will schedule the reading. You can print out the Reading Application form, fill it in, and mail or it with your check or money order in US$ to:

Jon C. Fox
P.O. Box 2209
Nevada City, CA 95959
Or fax it with your VISA/MasterCard information to (530) 265-0720.
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Or, if you prefer, you can ftp the Reading Application in postscript file format. (It uses Times-Roman font only, so it should print on any PS printer.)
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