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More Hilarion: An uplifting, supportive site with lots of helpful books, great links, a forum, Hilarion quotes, and more! Hilarion-based Astrology Classes on the Internet! Moses Siregar shares his excellent grasp of Hilarion's astrology in fun on-line classes. Goes well with the book Astrology Plus, by Hilarion.

Unusual: The Thiaoouba Prophecies on the Golden Planet. The nicest abduction you'll ever know - really! Did you ever want to see a university research study on past lives, especially the past life memories of children? Here it is, and much more. Great, scholarly work by Dr. Jim Tucker, Ian Stevenson and other researchers. Delving into topics not part of main stream science at present time, such as Astrology, Channeling, Aether Theories, Free Energy, Alternate Views of Reality, and - Inert Gases! Psychological and Spiritual Astrology - Affordable in-depth chart interpretations by an accredited astrologer. Focusing on self-understanding, self-realisation, personal growth and life purpose. Who was Apollonius? Remember the great wonder of the world? Yes, the great library. What was in it? You guessed it - the writings of Apollonius! Could Jesus have actually been Apollonius? Read it for yourself! Huge site. Alex Collier material especially interesting. Awesome site featuring anomalous phenomena, suppressed histories, and the famous "Leading Edge" archives. Art Bell's pages - the latest in far-out for mass consumption. Your own voice now used as the perfect medium of vibrational energy for you! Inert gas technology combined with the breakthrough "MiraCoil" amps the energy to the higher dimensions. Also, some awesome structured water.... Programmed silver jewelry in the precise shape of human organs - to reprogram you for perfect health! Keelynet has been compiling an awesome and sometimes frustrating pile of articles from all over the world of all kinds of unusual research. Often anonymously contributed, with no follow-up ("Did it work?") but fascinating nonetheless.  Digests of reports that describe scientific anomalies; that is, those observations and facts that challenge prevailing scientific paradigms.  The Anomolist: Exploring the Mysteries of Science, History, and Nature - scholarly and balanced approach with a little fun, too. Lost Civilizations: Dedicated to those who explore mankind's past civilizations in order to better understand the future of the human race. Some nice articles here. A Zeta channels and explains it all. Kinda sweet being, actually.

Dolphins and Whales: Incredibly large collection of cetacean sites around the world. Trish and Doug's Dolphin Spirit site: without question, they are the best people to link you directly with the wild dolphins! We know this from personal experience. Swimming with dolphins is transforming and controversial too.
 news:alt.animals.dolphins A fun newsgroup where other people interested in dolphins can speak and squeak.

Out of Body Experience: The non-profit organization founded by Dr. Waldo Vieira, whose out-of-body experiences since he was 9 years old have shown him so very much about the non-physical realms. He and his highly developed staff can teach you to go there, too! Full description: International Academy of Consciousness - non-profit research and educational organization that studies out-of-body experiences (astral projection), bioenergy (chi, prana, subtle energies), and the evolution of consciousness.  The powerful and effective techniques pioneered by the Australian teacher Robert Bruce. Beautiful site, formed to help each other learn more about that natural ability that we all share, Astral Projection. Provides many ways for projectors to keep in contact with each other. Good links pages, too.  The Suneye Method, by Joe Russo, of astral projection - irreverent, fun, but it works! American researchers in the OBE. Excellent bibliography/resources for all areas of the OBE.  A big links page to many projection techniques and sites.

Communities: A beautiful, spiritual, conscious community in Italy. They have built a HUGE underground temple complex.

Channeling, Spiritual: Spiritweb, begun in Australia, was truly the most comprehensive, but sadly, is now gone. However, some of the best of Spiritweb is still available, at least for now, at this New Zealand site. Another great site of links to spiritually oriented and unusual sites. (So many sites, so little time.....)  A surprising journey through the afterlife: "The Stars Still Shine: An Afterlife Journey" a nonfiction book by Robert Murray, who receives messages from his son-in-law, who recently passed over. Exceptionally clear, insightful yet simple messages. Great Sai Baba site. Amazingly comprehensive, yet so humble....  Beautiful channelings from Rev. Jeannie Alvin on Love, People, Angels, and God. Ah what an exciting yet peaceful site has been created here by Disciples Press! See all of it then go to the "Library" for a links collection better than this one. The Sedona Journal of Emergence - by far, the preeminent journal of channeling. The Jane Roberts SETH pages. In a way, Seth started it all. Or was it Cayce? No, I say it was actually Andrew Jackson Davis. See our book  Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing by Gurudas for the whole story (page 277). The return of Maitreya to Earth? You decide. For years, Benjamin Creme has been predicting this and channeling Maitreya's beautiful messages - now He has been sighted! Sathya Sai Baba on the internet. What a guy. The provocative channeling of Kirael, who uses a past life as a Scottish Sea captain to present his information.  Many interesting new age links and information. Links to many unusual and spiritual sites. Soul Centered Healing: Wildman, Wildwoman, Wildsoul. While we're at it, let's remember our spiritual "Wildperson" roots: Tantra. The beautiful truths of Dadaji. Uplifting indeed! Paper Ships bookstore - good resource for books, tapes, crystals, etc.

Possible Realities - But I Hope Not: The Spotlight, a venerable institution of conspiracies. If only they were more spiritual... Mind control information of all kinds. More progress has been made in this area than most people realize.
 news:alt.mindcontrol A strange newsgroup. Amidst the "chaff" of religious fanatics and heated discussions of race are many real gems. Well worth your time to sift through it all.

Music and Art: Perhaps the closest to the music of the angels. And be sure to stop by his "Color Chamber" for a real 3rd-eye treat. Daniel Holeman beautiful uplifting art. For years, Daniel has touched our hearts with his sublime Dolphin paintings. Visit his site for all the new stuff, too! Susan Alexjander's music made from human DNA. Entrancing and a bit strange, too. Jean-Luc Bozzoli's gorgeous, inspiring art has suddenly grown by leaps and bounds, as he is now accessing his ideas using high resolution computer imagery. A new-age artist, and friend of Joan Ocean and all the cetaceans, Jean-Luc says "I think in 3-D and see all my visions in 3-D. Now with the computer as a tool I can make more of these visions real." Be sure to scroll ACROSS the page, too!

Health: The world's largest collection of vibrational remedies - yet they are so modest! Flower essences from all over the world, gem elixirs, element elixirs, starlight elixirs, rare gas elixirs, and more added every day. And now, glass inert gas pendants, with magnets!  Aajonus Vonderplanitz has written an awesome and extemely controversial book on health and healing called "We Want To Live." This one will probably not ever be found in the health food stores! No "sane" or "normal" person will believe it. Yet the truth speaks for itself. He has single-handedly cured so many people of incurable conditions, including cancer, and his understanding of what builds true health is deep and consistent. Check it out for yourself! And if you try his methods, please Email me with your results! Deborah Carroll offers bodywork and counseling sessions that guide people to receive more healing spirit and love into the physical body through an integration practice called Cellular Memory Healing. She also teaches Loving Human Sexuality - becoming more conscious during love making. Chakra Clearing Elixirs - a powerful program for positive transformation. Combinations of color, crystal, sound, and celestial light, created with the assistance of several channeled sources. Etherium Technology: naturally occurring materials containing the famous and sought-after superconducting gold, iridium, rhodium, etc. - and more.... The Price-Pottenger Foundation - excellent resource for some unorthodox healing methods. Especially interesting: Pottenger's Cats The Center of Peaceful Light - one of the many homes for Reiki healing on the 'net. Peaceful. InnerLight and the Dr. Robert Young work. One cure for all diseases? Yes I think he's on the right track, and his proof of pleomorphism has made a giant contribution. One of many many resources for searching for health-related information on the web. Well Within - with some more good health-related links. The New England Journal of Medicine - the trendiest in Allopathy. And speaking of the trendiest, let's not forget the Centers For Disease Control! Ion-Exchange Whey - what a concept - make your own glutathione, in your own body! Natural Dentistry - as much as possible. AFM products are good for when we really get too sensitive. Totally beautiful pages of Tai Chi and excellent Tai Chi links. Even some step-by-step illustrations! Is it really possible to learn Tai Chi and Chi Kung from a book and a video? Maybe from Gary Clyman.

Plants: New to gardening? A lot of great stuff here to get you started! Excellent resource for tracking down a botanical reference. Plant-it 2000: they properly plant, maintain and protect an indigenous tree at the location
the contributor selects from their list of sites. Okay folks, this is it! The solutions to the greatest threat (long-term) facing our planet today: Permaculture and Forest Gardening. Start here! Easy to use plant database that included LOTS of edibles - even the unusual (and my favorite!) perennial edibles.

Utilitarian: A reverse-lookup number directory app. Very practical. Who said our links weren't useful? The easy way to track a package shipped by UPS. Who said our links weren't practical? US Postal codes - called "Zip" codes here in the USA. Why? I don't know but here they all are. A great way to search the Patent Database. For when you want to learn more about those unusual inventions, like free energy devices and so on. Full text is available but is a bit slow since it is in the form of a picture of the actual patent pages. The abstracts load quickly, however. The venerated Periodic Table of the Elements. This is probably the most practical link of all!

Sacred Geometry, Free Energy and other Research: Nice, no-frills, annotated summary of many free-energy technologies. Great, new site all about cold fusion technology - a low-tech way for us all to have our own power generators someday. Real-world, physical constructions based on sacred geometry, channeled information, and beauty. Nice job, Gregory! Robert Cathay's research. Fascinating. The incredible sacred geometry of Dan Winter - newly updated and even more awesome than ever! David Hamel has received from ET's a magnetic motor design that works! He has released the information to the world, and you can learn to build one yourself and participate in the ongoing research. More on David Hamel - the story behind the technical data. What a concept! A group that will pay (a lot, too!) for a workable "free-energy" device! Hooray! Another slant on sacred geometry - nice work, Bruce! Nice pages, with diagrams, of the awesome work of Victor Schauberger J. Vincent Beall makes some interesting correspondences between many disciplines and sacred geometry.

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