Inert Gases: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The emerging science (and art!) of inert gases has produced many questions. I will answer some of the most often-repeated ones here:

1. What is the phone number for Pegasus Products?

800-527-6104 or 970-667-3019. Pegasus sells inert gas essences ("Rare Gas Elixirs"), starlight elixirs, flower essences and gem elixirs, as well as books and tapes. They produce an excellent catalog. Recommended!

2. Are the terms "rare," "inert," and "noble" interchangeable?

As applied to the gases Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon, yes, all these names are interchangeable.

3. Are the inert gas devices patented? Are your pages or information copyrighted? Can I give copies of this information to my friends?

Information about the inert gas technology was published in the book "Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore" (Maurice B. Cooke, Marcus Books 1983). Since no patents were issued within one year of that publishing, they are in the public domain. No, I do not copyright the information I provide (I don't like restrictions of information of any kind!). Yes, please do share the information as it would seem appropriate. I would appreciate you including the source - such as my web pages, e-mail or postal address, etc.

4. What is your postal address?

Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959. Or email us at: How to reach Jon!

5. Why don't I see your inert gas devices offered in a catalog like "Tools For Exploration" ?

Please stay tuned - Tools for Exploration has expressed interest in the inert gas devices.

6. I received a device built by you. It has a tag attached to it that lists the contents, and then says "For amusement purposes only. No medical or therapeutic claims made or implied." Why?

I am not a doctor. I do not prescribe medicine or medical devices for people or animals, or treat or diagnose people or animals or illness or disease in people or animals. I must be very clear about this, for legal and ethical reasons! Concerns about your health or wellness condition are between you and your physician or health professional. Further, I encourage people to be self-responsible in all ways possible. Thus you choose to use an inert gas device for your own personal, responsible reasons, hopefully having educated yourself about the technology as much as possible by reading this information and learning as much as you can about it on your own.

Also: Trademarks, brand, and merchandise names mentioned on this web site are the property of their respective owners, and are used solely for purposes of identification, without endorsement of any kind. By use of this site users agree to the following: 1 - Jon C. Fox does not evaluate or make recommendations on companies or merchandise; 2 - all information is supplied on an "AS IS" basis; 3 - information provided does not constitute advice by Jon C. Fox nor necessarily represent his views; 4 - users should seek professional advice in matters that affect their interest; 5 - the contents of linked sites are the exclusive responsibility of their owners; 6 - users will hold Jon C. Fox harmless for damages that result from the use of this site.

7. What are the best ways to use the unidirectional inert gas device?

As described in my article on the inert gases, there are a few procedures best to use with the unidirectional device:

Align the body with the head to North, feet to South. Use a compass. Even an inexpensive dime-store variety will do fine. Set the device on a non-magnetic surface at the same height as the bed. Place it 4 to 8 feet from the bed, to the North of the bed (1.2 to 3 m.). The effect will pass through walls, so you can place the device outside the room you sleep in. The magnet is installed in the device to turn it on. When not using the device, remove its magnet and place the keeper on it. This is the piece of metal supplied. It helps in aiming the device to think of the magnet as PUSHING through the device to you. Thus the magnet is installed in the end of the device OPPOSITE from where you are lying on the bed. The proper alignment of the device is important. See Other Kingdoms, page 138. See Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore, page 123.

8. What if it is just completely impossible to arrange the bed, room, etc. this way?

As a second choice, align the body differently, and place the device 4 to 8 feet (1.2 to 3 m.) from your head. As a third choice, align the body N-S and place the device 4 to 8 feet from the bed, at the feet end. Since the emitted aetheric energy is in a 20 degree cone, the device must be placed far enough away to envelop the entire body, thus it is best aligned towards the head or feet.

9. What about visualization?

Visualization is essential to success. That is because the changes desired must first be created in the aetheric body. Consciously & powerfully create a clear picture of the new energy, new appearance, or other visualization in your mind as you fall asleep. I cannot over-emphasize this point! Create one for yourself. Imagine, feel, see the changes you desire already in place. Create a two-line rhyming couplet for yourself describing this new way of being. Some examples:

My third eye can see, it is open and free.
From the Earth through my feet, energy whole and complete.
I have strength without fear, I am open, I am clear.
From head to toes, new life in me grows.
My blood is pure, my strength is sure.

You get the idea. Making one of these up for yourself is much more powerful than using any I have presented here. When you own it, create it, then visualize it, the effect is multiplied.

10. At my work I sit relatively still. Could I use the device while in a sitting position? How?

Yes, there are other ways to use the unidirectional inert gas device. It is a little difficult to describe in 3 dimensions but here goes. The pictures by these descriptions may help. If you insert the magnet into one end and tighten down the retaining screw very tight, you can use the three vertices thus formed to provide a kind of "3-legged" stand, like a tripod, for the device. These three vertices would then be:

1. The tip of the magnet (rounded end)

2. The stainless steel valve stem, and

3. The safety cap on the end of the valve inlet (the hexagonal brass cap).

Unidirectional Inert Gas Device with magnetTo the left is a picture of the device placed to tilt upwards at a low angle. This arrangement might be suitable for placing the device on a desk or table. This "tripod" forms an angle with the table.

The inert gas "beam" is emitted from the now upward facing end, in a cone, with about a 20 degrees solid angle. So you can position the device on the table to point up at you while you sit.

Unidirectional Inert Gas Device with magnetOf course, if you remove the magnet and insert it into the other end of the device, and put it on the floor this time, you will get a different upwards facing angle, and hence a different direction of emission. This is illustrated with the second picture. With these two options you can usually position the device properly for most situations.

This kind of placement isn't usually recommended as the main use for the inert gas devices for one good reason: the device (especially a device with Xenon) can be thought of as a manifester. So if while you are sitting with the device pointing at you, the telephone rings, and you are confronted with some difficult issue by the person on the telephone, you may be manifesting a (temporary) negative energy or negative attitude while in the inert gas field which would not be conducive to healing. Therefore, when using the device in this way, maintain a visualization of the desired outcome. If your concentration or visualization should wander or be distracted, turn the device off by removing its magnet (and attaching the magnet to its keeper.)

Another alternative placement is to hang the device from a string over your head. Be sure to very securely tighten the magnet in place with its retaining screw (you don't want the magnet to fall out and hit you on the head - ouch). Be sure it is hung within easy reach so that you can turn it off if your concentration or visualization should wander or be distracted.

11. What occurs with over-use or too much intensity?

It has been observed that when an inert gas combination is stimulated with a magnet while someone sleeps near it, that sometimes that person is quite sensitive to the effect and has trouble sleeping, or wakes up feeling poorly rested ("grouchy"). This indicates that the magnet should be backed out of the device. Even 2 inches (50 mm) away, there will be some effect from the magnet. If sleep is still disturbed, remove the magnet entirely. The Earth's magnetic field (about 1 gauss) will still provide a mild effect. Then as you get used to it, bring the magnet a bit closer on successive nights. This had been the only effect from "overstimulation" noted.

There is one other "negative" consequence of inert-gas device use: inadvertent re-growth. As detailed in Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore, page 116, the wife of the man being treated with a Xenon-based device also experienced regrowth, as she shared his bed and was also exposed to the energies nightly. Her previously cauterized fallopian tubes regenerated, and she became pregnant, and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Similarly, one might expect inadvertent regrowth of the vas deferens tube, cut in performing a vasectomy on a man.

12. Is there a correlation between this "overstimulation sensitivity" and the person's need for the aetheric energy?

Yes. Often, the people most requiring the type of inert gas energy for a given condition will be most sensitive to it and need to use this "acclimatizing" procedure. For instance, I had a report from someone using the combination of 18% Helium, 36% Neon and 46% Xenon (given in the book Symbols) for regrowing teeth. He was prompted to use this combination because of excessive bone and tooth loss. He reported that it was very hard to sleep with device pointed at him and the magnet fully inserted.

13. Does the magnet need any other special care or precautions?

Yes - the magnet is powerful and can erase a tape recording if placed too near. Do not expose the magnet to other magnets. Do not use the device except in sleep, unless otherwise suggested. Do remove the magnet when not in use! Do not expose the magnet to extremes of heat and cold or vibration. Do not drop the magnet or allow it to bang into hard objects.

14. What are the physical dimensions of the unidirectional inert gas device?

The unidirectional device is 3 1/2 inches (8.9 cm) long, 3/4 inches (1.9 cm) in diameter, with a valve at a right angle to the main body that extends to one side 2 inches (5 cm). The cylindrical bar magnet used with the Unidirectional is 2 3/4 inches (7 cm) long, and is 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) in diameter.

15. What is the best way to use the omnidirectional inert gas device?

Place the omnidirectional device standing upright in the center of a room. The effect moves outward in a hemispherical pattern with the omni device at the center. Use the omni to clear a whole room, improve a group meditation or event, etc. Some people grow accustomed to the effect and like to keep the device on the floor near them when they sleep. They say it promotes improved sleep, even though the effect is stimulating, because negative thought forms or negative elemental energies they might otherwise be disturbed by in sleep are kept away or dispersed.

16. What are the physical dimensions of the omnidirectional inert gas device?

The omnidirectional device stands 5 1/4 inches (13.3 cm) tall, including the valve, and is 2 1/4 inches (5.7 cm) in diameter.

17. What is the best way to use the Krypton Concentrator?

As described in Other Kingdoms, page 25, touch the bare metal of the probe end to the third eye while visualizing an increased ability to see with it. People have touched the probe to painful joints, bruises etc., and reported immediate pain relief. Others touch the probe end to a quartz crystal to clear the crystal.

18. Are there any precautions with the Krypton Concentrator?

Yes, just one: to maximize the effect, touch only the probe part of the device to the body. For instance, do not hold the wrapped light bulb in one hand while you touch the probe to the forehead. No harm is done, but the effect is lessened. This is because the emitted inert gas energy exits from all the conductive surfaces, including the copper foil. So it is best to place the device on your lap or your knees (providing you are wearing clothes, so it therefore does not make skin contact), or on a table next to you.

19. What is the best way to use the Rare Gas Elixirs?

These are taken under the tongue, at least 10 minutes before and at least 10 minutes after eating or drinking. Store the elixir bottle away from sunlight, camphor-containing products, coffee, chemical solvents, etc. This is consistent with ordinary homeopathic practice.

20. Will the inert gas effect penetrate through walls? What stops the effect?

Yes, the effect penetrates through walls. The 70% or so of the people who can consistently feel the effect report being able to sense it passing through all materials, with one exception: lead. A thick (1/4" or more) sheet of lead seems to stop the "beam" from the device.

21. What other experiments are being done with these devices?

A researcher is growing corn and beans and other plants in sand and water with no added nutrients or soil, while exposing the growing plants to the inert gas devices. The control groups, grown without the inert gas energy, die quickly. With the device, the plants are thriving. Another researcher has observed increased skin cell growth rates with exposure to the inert gases in petri dish cultures ("in-vitro"). Another researcher reports a shift in the ultra-violet spectral response of water that has been exposed to an inert gas device containing Helium. It is hoped these researchers will publish these studies soon.

22. Please give the specific inert-gas combinations for:

Regrowing teeth: 18% He, 36% Ne, 46% Xe.

Headaches: Pure Helium, minimum 1300 PSI, aimed at water, for about 1 hour per gallon. Drink about 8 ounces (1/4 liter). Repeat in about 10 minutes if necessary.

Insomnia: He 90%, Ne 10%.

Awakening higher consciousness: 10% Ar, 10% Kr, 80% Xe.

Destruction of negative thought-forms: Various combinations of Argon and Krypton. Most popular: 96% Ar, 4% Kr.

23. Regrowing teeth? Please tell me more about that.

We have had many questions lately about the process of using the inert gases for the regeneration of teeth.

We are learning what is needed to do it - what works and what doesn’t.

Not being a medical doctor (M.D.), I am very limited in what I can and cannot say about the process. Again, please be aware that any medical or therapeutic techniques must be taken up between you and your personal health practitioner or physician. I make no claims, and no claims are implied, for the inert gas devices or dietary techniques presented here.

That being said, we can share our observations. Much of this will apply to any form of regeneration.

To regenerate the body is difficult. Four components appear to be essential. We must have:

A. Enough energy,

B. Belief it is possible,

C. The raw materials, and

D. Sufficient health to begin the process.

A. Enough energy: many of us are sending a great deal of our energy into our past dramas and old patterns, relationships that don’t work, stress at our jobs, etc. Caroline Myss speaks about this a lot - we highly recommend her tapes. A good one to start with is “Why People Don’t Heal And How They Can.” There is also excellent work on clearing out old patterns available through Byron Katie’s The Work.

The inert gas technology adds aetheric energy to our aetheric bodies. Many people can feel or sense the energy. But what will you do with it? It must be properly directed. That is why a clear visualization is so important for success.

B. Beliefs: We are faced with a strong societal belief that we are incapable of regenerating any body part. Of course, most of us have already grown two sets of teeth (our juvenile set, and then our adult set). Why can’t we grow another set? Our bodies know how to do it already. However, we are faced with the huge body of evidence that it cannot be done - that it is ridiculous to even imagine it. We have all the observations of dentists to back this up. How do you break this belief pattern for yourself? Usually there will be emotions involved, often at a deep subconscious level. Again, The Work, (Byron Katie) can be helpful. So can deep emotional release techniques like Body Electronics (Dr. John Ray), Re-Birthing (Leonard Orr), Deep Tissue Massage (including the work of Therese Pfrimmer), and other methods. But busting apart limiting belief patterns is essential!

C.The Raw Materials: We present two quotes from Symbols, by Hilarion:

The diet must be made as pure and clean as possible. We refer here to adopting eating habits which will leave little or no residue in the digestive system. Residues always interfere with the efficiency of the body functions generaly, and it is fair to assume that so long as the body is struggling in other areas of natural function, it will be unwilling to direct the necessary energy to the task of growing new teeth. (Page 32).
The harmful rich foods popular in this century must be eliminated: all foods containing refined sugar, all soft drinks, and all fried oil and fat. Likewise, habits which drain the body’s energy must also be stopped, namely, smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Lastly, anyone consuming drugs for any reason will not be able to succeed with the regrowth technique because of the great burden put on the digestive and renal systems by the taking of any chemically produced substance. This includes sleeping pills, aspirins, and vitamin supplements. (Page 33).

So what are we to do? Lots of us have tried many dietary approaches. Over the years, we have observed the effects on ourselves, our clients, and our friends and relatives and family. Long-term (over 5 years), the effects for most people we have observed of a low-fat diet have been devasting to most people's bodies. Our nerves, and especially our brains, need fat - that is what they are made of. But at the same time, we have consistently observed that heated fats of any kind, vegetable or animal, are extremely damaging. That is why initially, a low-fat diet is such a life-saver - especially as an antidote to the typical western diet, which is so high in heated fats.

But it is clear that we must go beyond simply eliminating the toxic materials - we must re-build the body’s raw materials reserves before it will put attention on the regrowth process.

Now I will simply state what I have observed - this is my no-hold’s barred opinion. Long-term, there are many approaches that simply don't work. Here are a few (again, please note that this is my own personal opinion. It a free expression of my view from my own observations. It is not meant to harm or infringe in any way upon the products or approaches mentioned herein):

(Trademarks, brand, and merchandise names are the property of their respective owners, and are used solely for purposes of identification, without endorsement of any kind. By use of this site users agree to the following: 1 - Jon C. Fox does not evaluate or make recommendations on companies or merchandise; 2 - all information is supplied on an "AS IS" basis; 3 - information provided does not constitute advice by Jon C. Fox nor necessarily represent his views; 4 - users should seek professional advice in matters that affect their interest; 5 - the contents of linked sites are the exclusive responsibility of their owners; 6 - users will hold Jon C. Fox harmless for damages that result from the use of this site.)

These approaches can be lifesavers when a person is near death’s door. But long-term, they do damage - some worse than others. They can leave residues in people that can take years to clean up. This will prevent the body from absorbing the raw materials needed to begin the regrowth process. So, we have found consistently, that these dietary regimes do NOT support regeneration of teeth.

We have, however, found a diet that does indeed work, long-term, to promote deep health, well-being, longevity, and regrowth - the diet of Aajonus Vonderplanitz, as presented in his book We Want To Live, and his subsequent follow-up materials.

However, this diet does not use supplements (residues, remember?), so there is no subsequent way for health practitioners, health food stores, etc to make any money. It is not a diet that makes good use of the free enterprise system - it is based on (radical) principles of natural health, and it has cured many people, long-term, of many difficult and chronic ailments.

Every day we are on this diet, we are stronger and healthier and younger looking.

D. Sufficient health: How healthy are you, really? Many people come to us with tooth problems, seeking to regrow a recently extracted tooth. Why was the tooth removed in the first place? Decay? Root canal? Osteoporosis? These all indicate deeper underlying conditions that must be attended to before any regrowth is possible. Again, the body will redirect any additional energy, from any source, be it the inert gas device or a regenerative diet, into those areas most needing attention first.

And what about any other conditions in the body? Hair loss, poor digestion, difficulty concentrating? Do you look youthful, or at least the appropriate appearance for your chronological age? If not, the body will redirect the energy to where it is needed elsehwhere, not to the teeth. In other words, you must get into peak condition for the body to regenerate.

Although there are many ways to do this, again we must look at the long-term results. Strenuous exercise appears damaging long-term. Mild, but regular exercise seems much better. And a diet that is constantly healing and re-building the body is again so very important, so again we recommend We Want To Live

23-B. Can you suggest any temporary measures to help improve gums and teeth?

We have found good success with a simple, natural remedy first described (to my knowledge) by the great herbalist, Dr. John Christopher: Strip a piece of bark from a White Oak tree. (Peel it lengthwise - do not girdle the tree, or you will kill it!). Scrape the inside of bark. Pack these moist shavings inside the mouth, between the cheek and the gum. Keep it there as long as possible (such as overnight). Repeat for a few days. Be sure to avoid any tree that has been recently sprayed with pesticides. Dried white oak, as you might find in an herb store or health food store, has NOT been found to be effective or helpful.

24. What are the magnets you use made of?

Unidirectional: alnico five. Omnidirectional: potted alnico. Krypton Concentrator: ceramic.

25. What laws regulate these devices?

The U.S. Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) has rules that govern the shipment and labeling of compressed gases in containers. Title 49, section 173.306, part (1) specifically grants exemption from these requirements for containers of not more than 4 fluid ounces capacity (7.22 cubic inches) or less. All these inert gas devices meet that requirement. The uni is less than 1 fluid ounce and the omni is less than 3 fluid ounces capacity.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) has rules that apply to medical devices and to devices for which claims of a therapeutic or medical nature are made. I make no such claims (see answer to #5 above). Certain exemptions are also made for people involved in research. As someone researching the use of these devices for yourself, this may apply.

Other countries probably have their own laws about these matters. Please email us at: How to reach Jon! if you know more about this and would like to contribute to this F.A.Q.

26. What are the historical accounts of the uses of inert gases and people?

Xenon was breathed as an anesthetic in 1930's medical practice experimentally, but it is so expensive it was soon replaced by the intravenous drug methods now used.

Radioactive Xenon is still used today, in low concentrations (as a "tracer), to make radiologic (x-ray) maps of the lungs and respiratory system. More sophisticated M.R.I. (molecular resonance imaging) and C.A.T. (computer-aided tomography) and other increasingly sophisticated methods are replacing this use of Xenon.

In 1925, Georges Lakhovsky used Argon in copper tubes bent into "Golden Mean" nested curved shapes for the antennae in his Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO) (see The Secret of Life, by Georges Lakhovsky, B.S.R.F. Publishing). In the 1930's and early 1940's, Royal Raymond Rife used Helium in his instruments produced by his Beam Ray Corporation (see "The New Microscopes," by R.E. Seidel and M. Elizabeth Winter, Journal of the Franklin Institute, Volume 237, Number 2, February 1944 pp 103-130, republished in The Smithsonian Annual Report, 1944, pp. 193-219.)

In France in the 1950's Antoine Priore used a machine for treating cancer (successfully according to the reports) that contained a "spinning ball of inert gas" subjected to high strength, high frequency magnetic fields (see "The Case of Antoine Priore and His Therapeutic Machine," by Christopher Bird, Explore! for the Professional, Volume 4, Number 5, 1993, pp. 46-54.)

The device commonly called the "Violet Ray Machine" uses inert gases (usually Argon) in glass shapes stimulated by high frequency, high voltage electricity (from a Tesla Coil). The "Lymph-Eze" produced by the LymphTech Company uses a similar approach.

27. What are the current-day industrial uses of the inert gases?

There are many of these, generally falling into the following categories:

1. Exclusion of air: very important when welding metals that oxidize easily when heated, such as aluminum and copper. Tungsten Inert Gas (T.I.G. or trade name "Heliarc") and other welding processes use Helium and Argon most commonly.

2. Lighting: Neon signs are still using the inert gas Neon for that bright orange glow. Helium's yellow glow has been replaced by mercury-vapor phosphor coated tubing as the Helium filled tubes got too hot and failed too quickly. The "Gas Plasma" computer screen display in its monochrome style uses Neon, hence the orange color of the screen. Krypton is added to flashlight and sometimes car headlight and traffic-light bulbs to increase their life and brightness. (The "Krypton Concentrator" inert gas device uses one of these traffic light bulbs. It is a full-sized bulb with a standard "Edison" threaded base.) Xenon is used in some flashlight bulbs, and is commonly found in strobe lights.

3. Lasers: Many applications here, the most common of which is the electrically stimulated Helium-Neon laser. Argon and Krypton electrically stimulated lasers are often used for laser light shows ("Laserium"). Xenon has been used since the earliest lasers as a laser-pumping flashlamp to optically stimulated ruby, YAG (Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet), organic dye, and many other lazing materials. Xenon lasers have been used to produce high-intensity ultraviolet light.

4. Supercooling: Helium at very low temperatures is an excellent medium for keeping things very cold (approx 4 degrees K), so it is used in studies and devices employing superconductivity, usually with Niobium alloy wires. This is used in many MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device), mainframe supercomputers, and other technologies where superconducting electronics are necessary. Helium's ultra-low temperature properties are so unusual that it is continuously being researched.

5. Lighter-Than-Air Craft: Helium being non-flammable and relatively cheap is widely used for dirigibles, blimps and balloons, including the common latex or aluminized-mylar balloons often seen at fairs, parties, etc.

28. Who invented helium and argon, and the other inert gases?

Helium and Argon and the other inert gases (and the other elements) are found in nature. They have been with us, in our universe, for billions of years. They are found in the stars. So I suppose their inventor would be God.

Helium was discovered in 1868 by J. Norman Lockyear in the spectrum of a solar eclipse.

Argon was discovered by William Ramsey and Rayleigh in an 1894 experiment in which they removed all of the oxygen and nitrogen from the air.

Neon, Krypton and Xenon were discovered by William Ramsey and M. W. Travers when they were extracted from liquid air in 1898.

I suggest you visit Periodic Table Research ( for more information on the elements. There are many excellent links there, too.

29. Can the inert gas devices assist in meditation?

Yes. The omnidirectional has shown its value in this regard, especially in groups. Expanded states of consciousness have frequently been reported by users of Xenon-based unidirectional devices. Krypton containing devices have shown themselves to be valuable in enhancing psychic functioning of all kinds, which often aids in certain forms of meditation.

30. With the unidirectional inert gas device, does the polarity of the end of the magnet inserted into the device matter?

I have used both north and south polarities. From people's experimentation and their reports, we have found over the years that the polarity of the magnet does not affect the nature of the inert gas "beam" in any way. But if the device is placed very close to the body, for instance in meditation, then one will be receiving some direct magnetic energy as well. Then it would be best to choose the polarity of the magnet appropriately. A north pole (i.e. a South-seeking) magnet might be best for sedating, relaxing or possibly a negative-thought-form destructive effect. A south pole (i.e. a North-seeking) magnet would be best for regeneration, stimulation, rebuilding, increasing glandular functioning, etc., but only if placed very close to the subject. Otherwise, polarity appears to be completely irrelevant.

Please note that the main use of the unidirectional device is during sleep, when the maximum naturally occurring body's own healing energies are present. It's use in meditation is less documented and reported to me, although certainly very interesting.

The magnetic field in the omnidirectional device is so very close to the surface of the magnet inside the device, that very little magnetic field is present outside the device at all. Thus even if the device is close to the subject, polarity is unimportant.

31. What pressure ranges have been most useful?

For most of the effects, a minimum "threshold" pressure of 250 PSI seems necessary, unless extraordinary means of concentrating the effect are employed, as in the Krypton Concentrator. I have experimented with pressure right up to the liquefaction point (around 6,000 PSI for Helium, Neon and Argon!), and the effect seems to intensify fairly linearly with increasing pressure. As commercially obtainable cylinders of Helium, Neon and Argon max out at about 2,200 PSI, I employ a stainless-steel pressure generator to further compress the gases to these high pressures. Once past the liquefaction point, the effect appears to diminish.

32. Do the devices leak? How long do they last?

Generally, no they do not leak and thus they can theoretically last forever. Before filling them, they are pressure tested at least 3 times final pressure, dunked in a water bath ("hydro-testing") to look for any possible leaks, and then left with a pressure gauge on them for at least 5 days. Only if they hold pressure perfectly are they then filled with the chosen gases or combinations and used.

There is one exception to this: Helium. Its tiny molecular size allows it to very slowly leak through the container walls of truly ALL containers it is in - including the massive steel cylinders in which it is most commonly found. The leak rate is so slow, however, when an inert gas device is properly built and tested as described above, that for all practical purposes the pressure will remain within 2% of its initial value for at least 10 years. Pure Helium devices are best refilled every 10 years or so.

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