Easily out of the body....OBE Weekend Workshop

Explore Reality Beyond Physical Life!

The out-of-body experience (OBE, astral projection) is a natural ability available to everyone, that allows one to achieve greater self-awareness and spiritual maturity.

You can lose your fear of death, value life more, master your personal energies, promote self-healing, achieve a higher quality of life and discover your life’s purpose.

This two-day intensive workshop will demystify OBE and provide you with information and know-how needed to explore multi-dimensional life with confidence.

Bioenergy techniques will be learned and practiced throughout the workshop.

Participants will learn and work with a time-tested out-of-body technique.

No prior understanding of OBE or bioenergy are necessary in order to benefit from this workshop.

Topics addressed in this workshop include:

• The bodies used by the consciousness
• Bioenergy: types & techniques
• Energetic interactions & diagnosis
• Bioenergetic and OBE assistance
• Psychic and energetic self-defense
• Series of existences (rebirth cycle)
• Existential program (life task)
• The out-of-body phenomenon

Free Introductory Seminar
Call for info & location: 212-867-0807 or 888-234-4472 or 877-422-4623

OBE Weekend Workshop
Date and time - To Be Announced
[Cost will be very reasonable. Major Credit Cards Accepted.]
Call for further information & : 212-867-0807 or 888-234-4472 or 877-422-4623


• The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is a Brazilian non-profit institution dedicated to consciousness research with an international offices in Manhattan, New York; Miami, Florida; and Los Angeles, California USA.


To probe deeper, please read Kevin de la Tour's excellent article: Discovering Your Life's Purpose - about the use of the OBE experience to remember, in great clarity, your preparation period before coming into this lifetime.

Also, visit the wonderful pages of the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) .

Even easier out of the body....


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