From the back cover:

Have you ever tried repeatedly to do some particular thing, and been thwarted at every turn? Has it ever occurred to you that some of the old 'superstitions' just might have a basis in fact? Has your life ever seemed to be guided or manipulated in some way - to direct you to do something, or not to do something, or to point our some connection or meaning to you?

Symbols, the third in the series of books being transmitted telepthically by the Master Hilarion through Toronto businessman Maurice B. Cooke, offers answers and explanations that will satisfy these queries and many others. [Nature of Reality and Seasons of the Spirit are the first two books.]

Life on earth, contends Hilarion, is literally alive with signs, symbols, allegories and portents, if man's eyes were only opened enough to perceive them. Not a day passes that does not offer to each individual a wealth of symbolic messages having a direct bearing on the events of his own life.

The meaning of the numbers that follow you around, the vowels and consonants of your name, even the shape of your eyebrows - all of this and more is laid out in precise, clear and reasonable terms. Written for the general reader and the occultist alike, Symbols is a compelling adventure in discovery and mind-expansion. Few other books now in print can match the wealth of detail that is compressed into its pages.

If you are even mildly curious about the hidden facets to everyday events, you will not want to miss the fascinating experience of reading Hilarion's Symbols.

ISBN 0-919951-12-0

Price: $8.95 US.

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