Hilarion Winter Solstice 1999 Channeling

Jill: Welcome to the Winter Solstice Hilarion channeling, December 21st, 1999, in Nevada City, California. We are gathered tonight to ask questions of Hilarion, channeled by Jon C. Fox. The questions have been asked by those in attendance, as well as those submitted via the Internet. For further information on channelings, books, or tapes, contact Jon C. Fox, Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, or visit us on the Internet at Hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Yes. Greetings to all of you. Yes. This is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with looking into these matters of your questions and other issues, it would be useful for a moment to be aware of this powerful energy pouring through Earth at this very moment. There are many ways in which energies have been stimulated in this part of the galaxy: The photon belt has been referred to in the past; the idea of various extraphysical beings, various extra-terrestrials. But setting all of that aside for a moment, recognize the tremendous strength that is going on in your consciousness worldwide about this change, this shift in date, changing two little numbers from nines to zeros. Yet, somehow, this has deep significance because of what it means at the level of your unconscious, not just at the level of computers or dates and calendars. Because the zero can be perceived as signifying a new start. Two of these, then, bringing this more clearly into action. And yet at the level of unconscious, you know the nines symbolizing, then, the willingness to change, the great shift within your consciousness now ready to transform. Thus this great shift of turning the cycle back again is a little bit like Earth's odometer. Are you ready to turn it back, to start again, to make a shift into a new consciousness? And for many of you, the answer on many levels is clearly "No." You are being dragged into it kicking and proverbially screaming, because in your own minds, in your own awareness, you know that this change is that which you came here to experience, to welcome, to know in the very depths of your being. It is as if on some levels a great completion, not for anything that it does, not for anything that you do, simply for being here, for witnessing it.

This is the place that must be begun from over and over as you recognize that from being then comes the doing and then the having, and then at the end of that cycle, this precise moment in time, this beauty of shift, in which again you return to being. It is rare that you get to do so in such a dramatic way. Yet of course it is but an outward symbol, and therefore its true meaning becomes apparent to you: That that symbol is a collective, it is a symbol that all share. A symbol that all revel in. You have practiced for this many times in all of your New Year's celebrations, in that powerful build-up of energy that so many of you feel in that ten day period from December 21st to December 31st. Yet this time you know it is going to be a little bit different. And that is this time period that so many of you have come here to witness.

And so as it unfolds, the drama of this becomes clear to many. There was the possibility that it could be that which would bring destruction, and that will take place. Whether it will be merely a destruction of old egos, of some part of you that you've always wanted to throw in the trash, some part of you that you are willing to let go of, or whether it will be something of a more majestic nature, remains to be seen, and we have some comments on that. But it must be understood that at its core, it is an agreement field that you enter into now, that progresses. The key to it will be those few beings--and we emphasize few because there are so few who really understand such an energy enough to be able to work with it--that those few beings who understand and work with such an energy proactively are then able to use it in a way that has ultimate benefit.

How do you know that what you are doing has benefit? That is a difficult question to answer with your mind, isn't it? So often in the past, great mistakes have been made in the areas of technology or exploration. For instance, the spreading of disease to millions of native peoples by those Europeans who came here to learn, to discover, to awaken, and perhaps to become more wealthy in the process. Over and over again, each person must decide for him or herself, upon joy, upon awakening of their own life's purpose, of what they came here for, the answer to that question.

This brings us, then, back to beingness, to letting go of the idea that from the doingness you will know, from what you have you will know, but from the beingness itself. And in this case, then, we would ask you to contemplate all the different forms of beingness that you have experienced in your life on Earth. And over and over you will come back to one of them, perhaps like joy, love, pleasure, a sense of fulfillment, a sense more accurately described, perhaps, by sound or light than by words or meanings. Perhaps a sound like "Ah" or "Oh" or "Wow." The point being that in your experience you know that answer, and this is the energy we ask you to welcome now as you imagine this beautiful emerald light, a light that has no source, that is present already in beingness. Become aware of it as it forms a beautiful cylinder of light, as if from infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth, expanding gently, lovingly, a cylinder perhaps 100 feet diameter, about 33 meters. And as you are aware of this energy, let that sound, that joyful expression, be part of it, so that it may synchronize with a powerful energy already pouring through Earth.

This is a very powerful moment for many beings, and this will continue for a few days. Yet that energy rolls over onto itself as a powerful energy is established with the planetoid now observed to be a comet called Chiron, coming into a unique alignment right around the time of the 31st to the 1st transition, the New Year's shift. These energies are pulling you forward, powerfully. But these are also energies that you placed here yourself so that you would be catapulted into this energy of the New Year.

Understand this deeper meaning, then, of the emerald light--that it is not only connecting and protecting, but welcoming you into a period of change, and clearly a period of greater and greater energy. There is no easy solution to such an energy--this would imply doingness. There is nothing with the energy that you would ultimately have to put somewhere--that would imply havingness. No, it is in the beingness that the answer to more and more and more energy comes. That does not sound like a question, but it is, and it is a question every one of you will eventually ask: "Hilarion, you told us about energy, but this much?" If you haven't already asked it, you will. And this is the question so many on your planet will find as the keen razor's edge that splits away from them every capacity that has in some way held them back. It is an opportunity that will be multiplied by the energy that you call, then, beautiful, joyful, loving, harmonious, helpful, of assistance. That isn't easy to understand, is it? How something that you would call of assistance could at the same way be painful, could strip away those things that have held you back. But it does. It shall. It has. And it is at this very moment doing exactly that.

Such an energy is quite perplexing to some of the beings on your Earth. They find themselves a little distracted from their sports games on television, their quiz shows, their soap operas, and the other things that they are watching all over your planet at this moment. That is its first intent--to distract those who might otherwise not have paid attention. And as you can imagine, such an energy must be pretty strong to get their attention. So as it draws their attention, what would you have them then hear from you if your words to them could be spoken? Oh yes, words like "Listen to your heart" or "Know the joy inside" or "Re-recognize the beingness." But those can be complicated. What about words of a simpler nature, like, "Turn it off. Feel the love. Share it with someone now." This has value on your planet, for there are so many planet who do not know what they are going to do with themselves as they move into such an energy pattern. They've prepared themselves well for it in coming into this life, except that they did not prepare sufficiently for the powerful distractions that they would be subjected to.

This brings us to some of the questions that have been asked. These have useful central meanings within them, yet it also is important to realize that a question and its answer are created together. At some level, the point of asking the question is not for the finding of the answer. The answer is already within you. Its form is not clear. As you let go of the question, the form of the answer becomes clearer. You then know the answer for yourself--not through our words, not through someone else's opinion, not through more information.

There is a glut of information on your planet now. The Internet has seen to that beautifully. It is very good, because you then have more choices. But it is bad if what you wanted to avoid was more distraction, more detour. This will only increase on your planet, not for the purpose of distraction and detour--you've got enough of that already--but for the purpose of clueing you into the great fallacy, or you could say the cosmic joke, of question and answer. "That as long as you can't ask the question correctly, then the answer will not be clear to you" would be a beautiful and simply corollary of "A question and its answer are created together." This is yet another of the subcorollaries of the Law of Manifestation, and it is important to recognize that in your manifesting the answer in joy, the question's joy becomes apparent, which motivates the actual manifestation of the beingness into the doingness into the havingness, and then back at its elevated level, the beingness. "Oh that is so complicated, Hilarion." Not at all. Think of it. When you let go of the answer, you let go of the questioning process, you come back to that source energy, that place that wanted to know the answer that asked the question in the first place. What a beautiful place that is--the inquisitive mind of a child. The questioning part of your own personality that wonders, "What on Earth am I doing in this place, in this body, in this country, with this distraction, and this nonsense?" That place that knows the joy is present, and somehow finds it hard to touch it, to really know it, to really feel it at its deepmost level, as you have done in the past, in the moments of deep pleasure or love, in the moments out of the body, in the moments contemplating coming into the body.

So then this question about suffering, why it is this allowed at such a powerful level. It is neither allowed nor disallowed. Part of the rule for free will is that you get to choose how you respond. Most of humanity's responses have been to the consequences of humanity's responses. That is, you are continuing the cycle of karma, cause and effect. It is not to say karma [is] good or bad, not to say there are lords deciding. Simply cause, and effect. But the effect is what you are responding to. As we have described in the past, destiny is confusing. It is as if, then, you understand it at its deepmost level, a sonnet. You write the words, but the rhythm, the specific number of stanzas, the words themselves as they are brought together in the form of it--this is the destiny. This is predetermined.

Your responses, then, to your world would not be, perhaps, seen in a very positive light, now would they? That is, your response to war has been, frequently, more war. Your response to the gathering of power into the hands of a few has frequently been the gathering of that power into the hands of fewer still. The response to starvation, suffering, and difficulty has been a minimal effort to assist, followed by waves of energy that usually concentrate in the hands of a few, resulting in more suffering. This sequence needs to come to light. People need to understand it. This is the positive part as others viewing you, assisting you, as your own consciousness looking at things, chooses Earth not because the suffering has decreased, but because the education has increased--more knowledge, more awareness, less ignorance, more clarification. This is very clear and obvious across your entire planet.

It is a simple thing to see. It is a trend. It is not enough to stop the suffering yet. Will it be successful? That depends. You already have within you, built up powerfully as a result of the suffering, one key intrinsic feature into your nature: The ability to love, the ability to love deeply, to know it on some level, that you feel it. Not just sense it or become aware of it--that is enough in itself--but you really feel it. This is beautiful. It is, of course, troublesome if such is used to distract you, which is one of the key elements of advertising, television, and many things that reuse that love aspect to pull you away from what you are here to do with that love aspect. But as that may be so, still, it exaggerates it or strengthens it so that you know its value. And that is good.

Ultimately, though, you will have the choice to combine love and knowledge, to take what you have been educated [in] through your experiences on Earth, in how you understand the needlessness of suffering, how you understand it at its core, and choose then with what you know about what is possible, using technology, using simple means to care for others, using the spreading of more education, using whatever it takes from what you have learned to change it. That is a possible response, and it is the only response that is allowed in the sonnet as it is created, for the simple reason that never in other times has such an equal balance of love and knowledge been allowed into a being as powerfully as is now occurring on Earth.

Not that it hasn't been tried. Each time it was, for the most part, various disasters resulted. Explosion of the planet, nuclear war, pollution to the level that the planet had to be abandoned, or other means by which the thoughtforms were sufficiently reduced that only planetary transmigration was a viable option. That means that the souls in the time between lives decide, "It ain't worth it anymore." They don't come to Earth, they go somewhere else. You've done this too. In fact, under many situations and circumstances, those planets that were destroyed were planets that you were on. In many cases, you assisted in the observation or learning about the process. In other processes, you came to understand this larger picture and saw that here on Earth, it was going to be tried again, but this time would be something a little different. There would be the manifestation on your planet of death. The body would give out, and in the time between lives, a powerful emotional force could be placed so strongly into the soul lifetime after lifetime, and more specifically intermissive period after intermissive period (that is the definition of the time between lives), that in each subsequent lifetime, though the human being would not recall the specifics, they would feel the emotion. They would know that love.

How they would use that, how they would use that to draw together consciousness, how they would use that to make the world a better place--to coin a much overused euphemism--would be the choice, the response, the words of the sonnet that the individuals could write. A difficult choice. But if you think about it from the point of free will, in which the soul, having known this powerful merging of the knowledge and the love, of the clarification and the consolation, of the aspects at the deepest level to the soul of coming to a vibration that related not so much to the self or to the planet as the solution--for after all, you don't look to Earth for your solutions, nor do you look to yourselves. You look to each other. That this would bring a sort of togetherness, a, you might call it, etheric bonding. It is a very beautiful sort of energy that is possible. It is what is so interesting, so attractive, so beautiful about Earth, and why so many beings on so many levels, physical and nonphysical, are interested in what's happening in this place in this next period of time.

The exact period has been described by some prophets. That's a business that has really been through a lot of changes lately. And, indeed, as the expression goes, those who use crystal balls are bound to eat glass. But you are sure to find in your discoveries of these awakenings that you are to contribute to this more and more with each passing day. For this reason it appears that a 17 year period is now being opened to you on many levels. Some of these energies to come at different points in this evolution. But it is useful to recognize that a very powerful bringing-together of energies somewhere around 2013 (perhaps as early as 2011, but most likely around 2013) appears to chart many of the courses under which your planet will respond, and the responses be those which affect many, not just on your planet but many parts of the galaxy.

These are energies that have to do with the changing of the very nature of time and space, so the being that you will be in 2013 is loving you, communicating with you now in this moment. And he or she is sending energies that will influence how this will unfold. One of these key influences must be to shift you out of the doingness as the answer--a tricky proposition when all around you on your planet is this emphasized. It has been called the male aspect of being. It is the female aspect that in some ways, then, gives birth, opens the beingness. But that doingness clearly is done as much by women as men, yet at the same time it is that which men have learned to respond to most singularly. That is, you want the guy to talk to you, and all he wants is to do something. This specific response must be understood at its core, that in some ways men realize how they have messed up your planet, and they're sort of stuck in that. And so for many reasons, then, women are the ones that many will look to for the new answers, for the new ways of seeing, but most importantly, [for] the return to beingness.

This is a challenge on many levels, no matter who you are. And right now, those who are most challenged, and we do mean right now, not so much looking into the millennium, year 2000, or any of that, but this very moment, those particularly challenged by this are the animal forms on your planet. These beautiful beings in this moment of darkness, in the time of Winter Solstice, struggle at times to understand what will happen next. They do feel and know the cycles, but this is often the time in which there is maximum shortage of food, maximum difficulty in understanding what will happen next, and the shortages and difficulties become most troublesome.

This is, of course, compounded by humanity's fear, humanity's negative thoughtforms, and humanity's struggle. So, for a moment, we would ask you to reverse this trend. Go to the place of beingness in which you know a bit of your animal nature. Pick an animal as your friend. It could be one you are intimately familiar with--sometimes called an animal totem or animal guide--or one you are not. But send some energy and some love to that being. Let that one approach you, merge with you, be you for a moment, so that you might share with that being the idea that there is light ahead, that you have been through these cycles many many times, that you know that though there are changes afoot, still, you treasure, welcome, and learn, from the nature of the animal self, the part of you that is like that beast, but the part that appreciates the beast on its own. You see this as a fellow traveler on your planet, and a beautiful symbol or representative of the diversity on your planet.

So then for a moment, open to all of the guides of that animal to pour through you, for the nonphysical side of this to move through you as a physical, yet also nonphysical, intermediary into the physical form of the animal. So that now for a moment the deer on your planet are nurtured, the eagles are soothed, the dolphins are spoken to, the whales are praised and known, the squid are told that they belong here too, the insects able to know their place, the lions to know how they reflect and know the others and on and on through all the beings that co-inhabit this planet with you. Each knows that they have a contribution to make, and that that contribution comes at an instinctual level, at a level of inner knowledge.

And so the doors are open in this beautiful time of Earth shift, so that if you open yours for a moment, they can speak to you. These beings sharing with you, not at the level of words and deeds and thoughts, but at the instinctual level, the feeling of what is right for your body, right for your consciousness to be involved in. The right way of loving, of walking the Earth, of feeling her energy, of breathing Earth's breath. Feel and welcome, then, the message from these animals--different, of course, for each animal. Each one would speak to you in his or her own way. This is a beautiful time, always, to do this.

Symbolically, the time of seasonal change represented by winter solstice, then, is easily reflected as the longest night and shortest day give way, then, to a gradual lengthening of days and shortening of nights, symbolizing the understanding now of moving more and more into consciousness of the individual, taking these lessons that one has learned from the group consciousness (symbolized by the night energies, even the instinctual energies of the animals), and internalizing them, awakening them, making them deeply one's own.

Understanding this process is one that has gone on for millennia. What is so useful and specific about this one is the moon's close approach to Earth, extreme brightness as Earth is so close to the sun, and the way in which the coincidence of the full moon and this solstice, these energies so close, reminds you to look carefully at those things the moon symbolizes. There are many different symbols associated with the moon--the unconscious nature, the gifts that you have come in with at a physical level, your past lives; all different interpretations, all valid. But we would ask you to step beyond interpretation to somehow know the beingness of the moon herself. Seek it as a silver energy, an energy that awakens in you all those capacities; the knowledge, then, to be left behind while that instinct, the sense of the physicality, the sense of the energy of the assistance from your past lives, the sense of the unconscious deep in you now coming up to strengthen. These made manifest, these made real.

As the Earth approaches the sun so closely, and the moon then in alignment with the sun, naturally, tides are increased greatly. The result of this in human beings is an exacerbation of any water-related problems at a physical nature and, of course, the subconscious and emotional natures associated with water in the human body as the tides are manipulated in the cells of the body. This gives you a clue as to some of the cleansing, clearing, and building aspects that are possible as the moon moves through these powerful cycles. The lunar cycles themselves are not easy to understand from the symbolic level. But in your body, the cells also have a message. They speak to you. And this is also being asked for in this time.

A question that has been posed of particular relevance in this time of shift, in this time of change, is what would the beautiful Earth herself know of this? How would she wish shift? How would she be able to assist? What can you do for her? The question is posed, however, in a beautiful way, using the term Mommy Earth, because it replies then to the aspect of the child self in you that responds to "mommy," to a mothering energy at its most basic, primitive level. Think of it, then, as Earth's milk, the silver energy of the moon drawn by her tides, the watery flow, the energy of nurturing and strengthening. What does Mommy want with her milk? She wants you to suckle, to know this, to be strengthened by it, to be nourished by it, to grow, to contribute. Not an easy thing when what you would do with such an energy might somehow be harmful to the one who has nurtured, yet she is willing to take that chance, if only you will receive her energy, her love. The water is a powerful symbol of this, but deeper, know that the energies inside of you respond, and that is the real symbol: Your unique response. Because what gives the mother the greatest, then, thrill, is seeing the unique response of the healthy child as he or she grows and becomes someone.

See that that beautiful response is now also within you to reflect to Mother Earth, to show her something of what you really are. This does imply doingness, doesn't it? You're going to get out there and rabble-rouse or change somebody's mind about something or clear up a spot of pollution here or there--no. It is the beingness from which you must begin. The place that is nurtured, that is somehow knowing this inner strength, this instinctual awakening, this awareness deeper within you. That is the place from which you draw energy, from which the changes go forth. The doingness itself is very important. It must come into form in its own time, however; in its own way. And so we would certainly say do not mistake the doingness for the beingness, otherwise you do Mommy Earth quite a bad turn.

There are those in examining and looking at these energies of shift and change who have observed a beautiful midpoint--that Harmonic Convergence began, that here in this midpoint just 13 years after Harmonic Convergence yet 13 years before 2013 is this beautiful moment of transition poised for the next shift. What will you do? What will you be? Yet it is important to note here that judgment or evaluation is difficult, and decidedly wonderfully so, so that you don't get in your own way too much. Judgment has in so many ways been that which has been conclusion-drawing for humans. There's nothing wrong with judging, as long as you laugh at it. But if the judgment allows you then to come to the conclusion that limits what happens next, that causes the suffering that is ultimately detrimental, then of course you have done yourself and others a great disservice.

So in this moment, suspend judgment and become more aware of the idea that this shift is then to carry forth the ideas that were begun with Harmonic Convergence; the idea that people could come together, come to a place of new awareness, new level perhaps of love, perhaps an awareness of peace. "But Hilarion," you will say, "what about all of this stuff? All of the ways in which people have misused such inspiring energies, towards genetic engineering, contrails, the destruction of the planet, on and on with so many of these things?" It is true that on smaller scale levels, destruction has taken place. But it is important to recognize that many who meditated and tuned into the energies of Harmonic Convergence were aware of the prophesies and predictions that by this time Earth might indeed by quite different: Destroyed, flooded, earthquaked, fired, and messed up in so many different ways. Yet it is not.

You might say that some of the energies have gone into some of these smaller scale destructive levels. An example of this is the recent mudslides in Venezuela, where indeed, weather patterns that have been significantly upset due to the Greenhouse Effect and other difficulties produced on your planet has come home in many ways to roost. And the resulting destruction to many thousands of people has been quite devastating. Such is likely to continue--small scale disruptions, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods. This is necessary in the way in which Earth continues to cleanse and clear, but is not the primary reason why this is occurring.

During the Harmonic Convergence period, a certain opening or awakening towards many souls was given. This is beautiful. It says, "We are not exclusive here on Earth just because we are physical. We are gong to invite all of you--the nonphysicals, the extraterrestrials, the inner-earth beings. It is, indeed, necessary to be here, but you don't need a green card." Understanding this in your own consciousness helps you because you then realize what you've done. In wakening, in welcoming, in strengthening, those energies have a powerful contributing force. They've always been contributing, but in recognizing this powerful way in which people have taken a certain level of responsibility--now we're not saying everybody on your planet, but those few who chose to awaken to Harmonic Convergence energy, to truly welcome it-this is a very good thing, because it gives you the opportunity then to help these beings who are lost, who are struggling. It allows you the opportunity to show more choices to those who wish only ill for humanity. And it allows you, of course, the great opportunity to run the energies of those beings of a nonphysical nature who wish to help and assist at the highest level.

But you must have some idea now of the numbers involved. And so at this midpoint in this cycle, it is very important to recognize again the power of knowledge. That Harmonic Convergence began from a place of love with a welcoming of greater knowledge, but now the knowledge comes more clearly and more firmly. If in your travels out of the body, you encounter beings of a higher vibratory nature than yourself, and pose the question "All right, how many nonphysicals to every physical," pretty much you're going to get back the same answer: ratio 9 nonphysicals to 1 physical, over and over again. That is because a population count--shall we call it "extraphysical census"--reveals this information over and over.

From our point of view it has a very useful role to play when you begin to recognize that knowledge leads to the beingness that states, then, these energies are with me. They are part of my reality, my consensus, my existence. That is why the small scale destructions continue. They create more fear, they create more disharmony--opportunities for beings of the less evolved nature to draw on those energies. But also the beings of a positive, loving nature to clear away negative thoughtforms that have become too entrenched in the Earth, to shift them and clear them where necessary. The small scale disruptions turn out to be truly a remanifestation of those same energies that could have been of widescale destructive nature. This does not mean that such widescale destruction as has been predicted by many of the great prophets of the past is then going to be completely avoided for humanity. But the probability of such appears lower and lower because these other ways of awakening, of bringing energy, of shifting things, are having some significant effect.

And, of course, wholesale widespread destruction doesn't really get the agenda of bringing knowledge and love into people on more clearly, now does it? Realizing this can help you as you then clearly choose to align yourself with the nonphysical beings of the highest intent for humanity. Again, from the census takers, how many are that? It's about a third of the nonphysical population, of the highest and best, most helpful. Those helpers, emparadores, beings of light, angels of the highest, the omnipotent, omnipresent ones, the anonymous ones, these beings love you dearly, but they can only help to the extent that you allow, that you welcome, that you use their energy. And that really, then, becomes the next level of the beingness--long before doingness, long before havingness. Here again, the beingness that says you know these energies.

You must understand you have been physical on many levels. You have learned many things in your past lives. So have these beings. The Masters have been in bodies, they have learned these energies. We have known them on many levels, and know in many ways that such energies can lead to suffering and difficulty, but that at every turn, a choice is made. The choice is subtle. The choice is difficult. But a choice is made nevertheless.

For this reason, then, in recognizing out of a body more energy can be available in a clearer, purer form, simply to state then, "We will not make compromises. We will allow the energy for maximum clarification, for maximum knowledge, for maximum awareness." You will choose to use it or not. In this way, then, it is easier. But, now comes an important pivotal moment, this midpoint of this cycle of manifestation which Harmonic Convergence signifies in which more and more manifestation of the Masters, of the anonymous ones, of the beings of light, of the Archangels, of all of these beings into form is then more necessary. To come into bodies temporarily, to be born and remain in a body, many choices possible. People are becoming aware of this more and more--the little Masters being born now, the new energies coming into Enlightenment and awareness.

The key has been that as these beings are born, they will not then have to reduce the energies that would have been available had they not come into a body. Tricky sort of proposition, sort of like being in two places at once. To get distracted, then, is going to be the crux or key matter, isn't it. That is, if one of the masters is distracted sufficiently to be then reduced in his or her ability to channel or assist others through the higher vibrational levels, then some construct at a physical level must then show up so that that being will then return to the level by which they can assist. It could be a sudden death, or it could be a way in which the transition is brought into consciousness. This is very important to understand, because this is a pivotal time for many of these nonphysical beings to choose whether to become physical on some level or not.

There are questions as to our own awareness of this, and a way to respond to such an energy. There are times in which we have, indeed, become physical in the last few months. These occasions have been brief--to knock on someone's door to deliver a message, or something of importance where necessary, has been good practice. But we do see that in the future, the possibility of this naturally increases. There are those of you who would say, "Oh good. Then instead of this awkward channeling process, you could come and share the information in person." Although this is possible, we would prefer that our energies be better spent with those who might otherwise not be paying attention. "Oh, well then, Hilarion, we should leave immediately and not pay attention so you can come and visit us." [Laughter] Try it, and you'll see the result, because you do so from the place of knowledge rather than ignorance. Yet it is to be seen that the point of the light that we call the emerald light is to spread the light of knowledge, the light of understanding, the light by which the love and the understanding become one. And so at times it is necessary that that light be where the darkness is, not where more light is. So for a time, if such manifestation takes place, it might not be according to the way you want it to be.

But this brings up, of course, the larger issue, the beings who indeed run the council, or you could even say, run the show on planet Earth. This is not easy to understand, because those with names--Messiah, Apollonius, even the one known as Christ--these energies have names, you see. But understanding that the remanifestation of such a powerful energy is a way of energies blending, drawing attention, perhaps waking up some people, is a strong and useful consideration. But still, by our simulations, by what we understand about this using our own computational abilities, there are so many on your planet who would be idly distracted, to worship, to blind following, to perceiving the possibility of a Second Coming, and even the possibility of an Anti-Christ, that such does not seem fortuitous or useful, at least today or tomorrow.

To go further into the future becomes more difficult, that at some point the manifestation of such an energy might ultimately be helpful, primarily, perhaps as an energy that could affect the entire planet in a beneficial and helpful way. It would seem that its best manifestation would be in secret, carefully sharing those energies that would be helpful without drawing undue publicity, attraction, attention, etc., not to make a circus out of it, or another church, but something truly of value. Therefore, it is possible in the next few years that such a manifestation will occur. You therefore must be warned to take carefully into consideration the words, the energies, but most importantly the feeling, the love, the sense of connection that those who would assist you with will provide when they are in bodies.

And now comes then the most important aspect of the beingness [tape side out] that is in the world. It comes so that you get practice, familiarity, with the sense of the love, with the sense of a higher being with you, with the sense of such an energy that feels good, that doesn't require something of itself. That is useful to know and understand.

We would therefore draw you for a moment to the energy symbolized so beautifully by Christmas time, the energy of the highest, the energy of the Christ light. Not an energy external, but the energy inside you. Let Baby Jesus be born for a moment in your heart. Let the sense of the loving compassion that Christ led as you understand the highest and best stories of his life be with you. Let the knowledge and the awareness within you that you can manifest--the story of the loaves and the fishes, for instance--the energy of the love from you to others. Know this. Feel it. Accept it.

Now, allow there to be not only that feeling, but an image. This image given to you by this Christ energy, as if then a gift. It could be a symbol, a memory of the past, a light, an object. Simply know it for what it is. Do not interpret it. If you are having trouble receiving such an image, take a deep breath, exhale slowly and gently, and in the moment between breaths, just before you are ready to draw a new breath, then receive, open to that image, open to that energy.

[Pause] Yes. We thank Christ for his assistance, as known as Jesus Sananda, as known as many energies, in overseeing these proceedings. Yet also, as an energy that can be within each of you right now, known at its core--without words, but rather in the silence, the stillness inside. Then we would ask you for a moment, being aware of that energy filling you, strengthening you, then to let it easily be released out the hands and feet, and have a gentle stretch.

[Pause, stretching] Yes. Hilarion here again. We are going to run through a few of the questions that have been posed, having then perhaps given a few simple ideas forth in answering a few of the more profound questions. There is a question about the role of antioxidants. They are secondary in their use in the human body. Recent discoveries that the byproduct of an antioxidant is a weak material, and ultimately must be disposed of by the body, simply reinforces our idea as previously given that supplements are detrimental to health--not just oxygen, but air, deeply breathed and known within the human body. And all of these simple basics.

The light that comes from the sun, of course, can be so useful and helpful, and the most beautiful, healing, powerful sounds are of course the sounds of nature, where these sounds can be deeply, then, drawn into the person. It could be the sounds of the wind, or birds, or the ocean. But it is important that people experience these for their own healing, for their own revitalization, their own re-strengthening. Yes, technology can be used to emphasize these, to strengthen them, but it still falls way short of nature's own bounty, nature's beauty, and in so many ways, the defiling of nature, the destroying of these capacities will wreak its own havoc on human beings eventually, as is always the case.

Yet the question asks that we would somehow suggest things that don't involve the raw food diet, that would help people, sort of like, "Well, how can you be a better bowler while blind-folded, Hilarion?" [Laughter] And it is possible--you raise your vibration, you tune into the bowling pins, you know the nature of the weight of the ball, so that you know the exact moment you can release it so that it doesn't land on your fellow bowler's toes. [Laughter throughout] A perfect example of genetic engineering, isn't it, in trying to create better foods without them having to be raw, such then is manifested to harm other human beings, and even harm the Earth herself. A little like throwing the bowling ball at the man who runs the bowling alley. As you begin to understand this at its deepest level, you then begin to choose to take off the blindfold or raise your vibration further. And there are those exercises of a contemplative nature, of a vibration-raising nature, of tuning into the essence of human beings themselves and raising vibration, that is helpful. Technology helps where such is of an adjunct to raise your vibration. Yet the most powerful exercise sans technology is the vibrational state exercise, which we have so often suggested. Yet we do observe, like it or not, that it takes about two years of consistent regular practice, for its true effects to be known deeply.

Begin by the awareness of the energy in your head. Move it slowly through the body to the feet. Reverse the direction back up to the head. If you are seated, move the energy in a diagonal line, not moving along the contours of the body, but simple straight diagonal line. If you are standing or lying down, move it in a straight line. Simple exercise, ay? Then, as you move the energy, and encounter any blockages, simply increase the energy. Move it stronger through those areas of blockage. Then move the energy faster, up and down. Faster, faster still, faster than you can imagine, even faster still. Do not hold the body. Do not hold breath. Do not tense anywhere. No physical manifestation of the energy is necessary. Very simple exercise. Do it repeatedly during the day. A field of energy is gathered around you as a result of this that has tremendous value on many levels, keeping away the influences of the nonphysical beings of a lower vibrational nature, naturally welcoming and opening to the vibrational energies of those of a high, helpful nature. And many other things this does.

Yet, what does this do for the body's natural ability to absorb positive beneficial energies from food, from light, from sound, from water? This is good. It seems to help, and at the same time help move out toxic materials of a physical nature. So that is one positive suggestion for our blindfolded bowler. As you then move the vibrational state, it is much easier to put the ball straight on.

You may also recognize the value of positive things of what could be called nutritive nature. But we have to be careful here. Isn't water a raw food? Well, indeed, then, you get the joke, you see. That you are still eating and consuming and working with some raw foods, some things of a truly beneficial nature, aren't you? At what point will you draw the line? "Well, I only want 30% of my diet to be beneficial. The other 70% must be cooked and processed so I don't get too much benefit." [Lots of laughter] This is amusing to you because you have made a choice perhaps to more like 100% of the beneficial foods, but it is not really amusing at all to those who reconsider these issues. And therefore, reconsider them they must. What is the natural most healing diet for a human being? A difficult question to answer, and one that each person must ask and answer for him or herself. That is the true answer to this issue, you see. Find those things that are truly bringing you maximum benefit, and eat a lot of them. Bring them into your body a lot. Open your consciousness to them as often as you can. Bring this into the awareness of your life.

That is a doingness answer that derives from the beingness, the part that says then, I come to the place where the beingness of that which I take in matches my beingness. And so the question must be, know thyself how? And its answer: By practice. The vibrational state helps. Moving into altered states, to meditation, and so on. But it must always be noted for the individual that such a path will always fall short of the distractions of life, and therefore, be not distracted. Let the energies of life be there as the cosmic joke to show you--after all, when you're driving down the road, there are many, many places where disaster lies if you drove off the road. Yet you choose to go straight, to continue on that road. So also it must be that you must recognize the detours, the distractions.

There is this beautiful question about various technologies and other things that can be done on your planet to heal some of the great difficulties that are being poured into her; into her atmosphere by the additives to jet fuels that produce those powerful smoky trails in the air called contrails; by the various pollutants in the environment; by the vibrations produced by HAARP and other equipment. There are technological solutions to these things. Such technological solutions would involve some very powerful energies that can ultimately have more significant consequences on your planet, so they won't quite be released yet. But they will come out, and this likely to occur in the next few years.

Secondly, however, the vibrational state exercise when done by many individuals does have significant effect, and it creates the vibration by which it is less likely these polluting aspects will be so damaging and difficult.

However, there is also the way in which inert gas technology that has already been described can be more widespread, and utilized at relatively low costs when the devices at lower than atmospheric pressure are employed. This have a useful effect when distributed widely over the planet, similar to the presence of inert gas in your atmosphere.

You will also recognize that new contributions in water technology are being spread across your planet. New waters are being developed often by so many people--clustered water, structured water, various forms of water even termed liquid crystals, Sufi water, and on and on it goes. Each of these has useful and valuable contributing factors, yet here again, as these are distributed over your planet, there is a deeper, more widespread healing effect.

There is a question relating to the understanding of prophesy and prediction as these are being changed into other energies for the new millennium. These are useful to consider, but what has not been considered sufficiently is the powerful pile up of planets in the sign of Taurus to come in the year 2000. There are many who are considering this a portent of doom or destruction--perhaps an increase of earthquake activity or other matters. Though there are slight tendencies in such direction, a traditional interpretation cannot be given easily when so many planets having so many different symbols associated with them are all then coming together at the beginning of May yet to continue throughout most of that month.

The symbol, then, of course, is to the aspects of Taurus, to the energies that bring forth a love in you that can be profound and deep, but also the way in which such a love as it becomes material can be changed--the awakening call for money on your planet to be shifted in a primary, fundamental way. That is the open door that is the specific application to which this energy could be used if you chose it. The way in which inventions or technologies that might indeed make money obsolete will be more likely discovered, possibly even shared, at such time. The ways in which people can come to a whole new understanding about money. These would be an obvious manifestation of the most base capacity of so many energies associated with Taurus.

But the higher level of this, a love that asks for nothing in return, a love that seeks in its own way through its own lessons, then, the way in which such a love is easily given, asking nothing in return, is what is being asked for on your planet. Around such, a scenario that would involve widespread difficulty might be possible so that people would be able to pour their hearts out or give. But a much more likely scenario is one in which individuals will be, then, pressed hard to look carefully in their own lives for where they would have an expectation and turn it inward--an expectation of self; where they have asked for something outside, where they have asked for someone else to love or appreciate them, is then a powerful symbol to recognize the need to appreciate, to love oneself, to see where an expectation outward is only a manifestation or reflection of an inner expectation.

So then, Jill, perhaps you could assist with a few other little pokes and questions that we have not addressed.

Jill: Yes. In The Mars Connection, Maurice B. Cooke correlates the activity of the stock market with the conjunctions of Mars and other planets. Is it possible to accurately predict the stock market with astrology, and what can you say about the tremendous growth we are seeing in certain markets?

H: This predictive capacity is possible. It has, in fact, been accomplished by a few rare individuals whose karma it was to perceive and note this. Such a detour, to know by such accuracy the ups and downs of the market, this gave them in many cases huge fortunes, and of course turned their spiritual evolution in some ways backwards. But it must be understood that the evolution of humanity beyond the requisite reduction of consciousness by money is important for this millennium. And it is also important that people understand money's use. For this reason, there has been in the various stock markets--now especially high-tech stocks, as symbolized by the recent rise in the Nasdaq index--the awareness within consciousness that people want to see things change, as symbolized by technology. But they also see this in the way in which it represents greater communication amongst individuals.

The stock markets are manipulated. Many of these manipulations are coming from a few individuals. Such individuals are those on planet Earth naturally being presented with powerful energies of a nonphysical nature by various intruders--the sort of thing we've spoken of in the past. Yet, you must understand at its deepmost level, the energies of Mars do play a powerful role here and at the same time, the energies of many people's consciousness in an awareness that they can have greater abundance, can have greater fluidity with money and so on, but at the same time take greater risks so far as distractions go, might be useful to understand.

Therefore, "What would you do with the money" is the most important question. If you made a big, as the expression goes, killing (think about that one for a moment) in the stock market, and this of course benefited you, then how would you use the money? This, of course, tells you what you should be doing right now to the most that you can, to the way in which you would then put those energies into action.

The other side to it is that it seems likely that although some minor pullbacks as a result of the Y2K difficulties will ensue, that these stock markets will continue to expand. This may not take place immediately because of the lags and difficulties likely to be felt through the first half of the year 2000. But the result of this is not a recommendation for you to stick your money in the stock market, but to understand its meaning of a consensus, a drawing together, a place in which people can focus their energy. If this can be seen as a powerful symbol for humanity, then perhaps other things might take its place at some point in humanity's future.

The symbol of abundance, of awakening, of that which has real meaning--perhaps that which you can take with you--will come forward. And that is one beautiful symbol about the stock market. Not just that when you have the money and then you die, you can't take it with you. It is that when you have the money in a stock, you can't spend it. You can't take it with you in that moment to the grocery store or anyplace else. You must cash in your stock first. You must cash in the knowledge, the awareness that you gained on Earth, the love, in a way in which you truly know it to the core of your soul before you can take it with you into the intermissive period. It's a subtle symbol in a certain way because so many involved in the stock market don't get it until they lose their shirts (another beautiful symbol, isn't it?), and those shirts having been lost, they then do something different with their lives. It is unfortunate that they don't get the larger message about taking with them what they have gained and learned, in the way in which, for instance, that money would be put to very good use, not to make more money, but perhaps to help others. Yes. More questions?

Jill: How to make on of the original Atlantean healing devices, and specifics on how Atlanteans grew crystals. There was another Atlantean question. Oh yes, and the role of music in Atlantean culture--instruments, scales, and tunings.

H: This is a complex matter, of course, because the foundation or fundamental aspects by which these were derived were nonphysical. They were brought forth during the common projected or dream experience, and such energies then have their basis in a nonphysical science of vibration. This relating to healing, to music, to energy on all levels, and so on. It is to be seen, therefore, that generally, acoustic instruments primarily of the larger size, those focusing into the larger sounds, stronger, louder sounds, while at the same time those in the higher frequency ranges, are those that will personify most easily the capacities of the Atlantean energies. Large stringed instruments have been constructed along such patterns, with the capacity to draw the strings extremely tight, thus increasing the pitch. These would be good ways of playing with some of the earlier ideas.

The healing devices are somewhat difficult to manifest because the powerful negative thoughtforms on planet Earth make the full manifestation of these energies difficult. It is a way in which an individual will at times be healed and then immediately move into those things that bring the energies back down again, so what good was it in the first place, and so on. Yet it can be observed that tubes of glass--Pyrex, quartz, or other optically clear materials--filled with inert gas, may be energized with electricity to provide interesting and useful healing responses. These can be wound in coil fashion, with coil numbers such as 33, for much benefit, where the individual stands inside. Such are somewhat difficult to fabricate, but not beyond the capacities of modern technology. When they are pulsed with extremely low-duty cycles, various useful shock waves are produced within the gas inside, which should be at near atmospheric pressure and slightly below for maximum benefit.

Thus, the results of this can be healing energies that the individual must properly use. An important part of the healing regime, then, was the manifestation of focused thought, loving, healing, helpful energies by others. Thus, the human touch, the awareness of the combined forces, was very useful.

There is a very interesting question about God. There are many ways to phrase it, but perhaps the original phrasing would be best. Would you repeat this please?

Jill: [reading] Who created God?

H: The question is useful to understand when you ask the corollaries, such as "What is God" and "What is Creating." Who created creating but God. This makes it pretty tricky to answer until you realize that the answer, of course, is you. This is a conundrum in that you would think that you were created by God--which you were--but that the nature of time itself as having been created, as creation itself having been created, allows you to let go of the question and tune into the beingness from which the very ground of being, the very aspect of the universe from which anything could be created, was manifested in and of itself.

This does bring you back to the place by which you get a deeper sense of what God is all about. Of course, since we are not God, we do not know the answer to that one. But we get a better sense of it with each passing day. And to simply cop out and say that we can't know that yet, is not quite true. Because each day you step closer to understanding the nature of God, and this makes it easier to answer such a question.

At its deepest level, though, you begin to understand that the manifestation of intelligent principle, the aspect of the desire to know oneself, the manifestation of love, these very basic sort of motivations have a lot to do with the very nature of God. Such as a motivation gives birth eventually in itself to a combination of these factors. That, then, gives birth to God, to the energies that begin it all. But these very basic factors are the, you could say, the highest and best of you, the loving aspect, the capacity that knows, the willingness to find out more about yourself. Yes it is true those are perhaps the best parts of God too. And therefore you begin to recognize the circular, cyclical nature of all of these aspects, which brings you back to the appreciation of what you are a part of. And, of course, the possibility to not take it all quite so seriously, to step back from it enough to laugh at God and let God laugh at you. Not an easy thing to do, yet required at times because that gives you distance, perspective, and a willingness to change. Because ultimately it is the manifestation of change itself that is at its fundamental core that which gives rise to God, to creation, to the universe were there was none before, and so on. Change itself, however, is difficult to contemplate because you are in it, changing all the time. This, perhaps, then gives you the greatest clue, for when you understand for yourself personally, and accept at the deepmost level the real nature of change, so then do you deeply appreciate the nature of God, and your willingness to manifest God. Further question?

Jill: Yes. Please comment more on the crystals, crystal growing in Atlantean times, and the effects of the inert gas technology in the glass tubes on crystals.

H: These effects simply allow the impression of a clearer thoughtform, even of its most simplest nature--basic idea of a perfect crystal, for instance--to be more easily impressed on matter. Growing a crystal slowly is a very nice way of manifestation. It brings various energies into form. But it is no different in principle than biological transmutation. The process of biological transmutation is that by which one aspect is changed into another. In this case it is the various forms that are amorphous, random, chaotic, into that which are forms that are ordered, beautiful perhaps, symmetrical, etc.

Inert gas in various ways will naturally influence this, whether it is in glass tubes or brass cartridges or any way in which you use it, because the beautiful nature of the ordered forms in the inert gas at the nonphysical level interacts with the chaotic and disordered forms at the physical level in a way that produces a constant interaction and re-manifestation of primary energy, the energy that began it all, the energy that continues to sustain it all. This powerful blending between chaos and order is that which gives rise to the most basic fractals of existence, that upon which everything else is based.

Such energies relate to primary factors that are beyond your full comprehension because they are the very nature of comprehension, the very nature of consciousness, the very nature of your being. In Atlantis, crystals were grown, but many times these were seen to fall short at the level of the most beautiful energies of what could be found in nature. Therefore, for a large portion of the Atlantean crystal technology experience, locations in nature were carefully chosen, then amplified, so that with inert gas, various other means, conscious projection, various thoughtforms, beautiful constructions of moving water, and other things, the nature energies would be strengthened. Crystals grown under such locations naturally, then, had the more powerful useful qualities that were utilized in various ways by Atlanteans. Towards the ends of the Atlantean period, however, many of these natural places grew, then, into places of more difficult energies because some being would go to these places to clear various aspects of their consciousness that had perhaps been disturbed or taken to places of difficulty. The result of this did give flaws in the crystals, some of these at nonphysical levels, eventually to manifest at a physical level, leading to some of the well-known destructive results from the power generators that utilized such crystals. Further questions?

Jill: Yes. Do you have any advice for the Healing Light Retreat Center, a community forming in Nevada County, using new models for healing and communication?

H: It is an interesting question because it has relevance to many. There are the ideas to create healing centers for people all over your planet now. One very crucial useful idea to understand is that the healing center has already been created nonphysically, that it is already there. A healing center is not a building. It is not a place. It is the energy of beings getting healed. Yes, there is a nonphysical buiding. Yes, there are devices, technologies. But more importantly, there are people, nonphysical ones, all kinds of beings. They are getting healed there, they are working with the energies. They outnumber you 9 to 1, so it's pretty much a given that if this thing is going to come into form, it's already started on the nonphysical level. Welcome that energy.

Secondly, realize that the nonphysical beings involved in this will manipulate and assist and do everything they can to bring it into form at the physical level so that they can have more healing energy and work with it. So they're going to try to pick and assist the people at the physical level who have the most skills to contribute, the ways to help each other, the ways to coordinate. And this will be your next important symbol. When you do have a group together who is going to focus energy, look carefully at the talents associated with this. Talents specifically relating to healing, to the work that you are to do there. It need not be healing in the sense that you hold it, a narrowly focused healing, such as putting your hand on somebody's body and saying magic words or running energy. It might be healing in a much broader sense, healing the Earth or healing a community or allowing a healing energy for the interaction of this community and the government. But whatever it is, open to those unique capacities related to the healing nature that you have. Then emphasize them, strengthen them, ask more about them, take them into your meditations, ask the others in the group about them, ask the guides and helpers of those in the group about them. Let those energies be stronger with you, not with the purpose of success, i.e. a building really gets built, but rather the idea that you will know that healing deeper, for yourself and for others.

This path of welcoming and seeing these energies coming into form is far more important than the specific physical manifestation that ultimately takes place, because the energies naturally then will come into form as will most be appropriate. It is not always known ahead of time (as it is not in this specific situation) how those energies will be best fitted. So they must come in their own form, in their own way, beautifully, lovingly. Many times, as you open to these energies, healing with, by, for, and of the Earth herself and a specific location will show up. When this does show up, remember, there is always that extra reminder: to either project your consciousness to that place or go there physically, to do the exercise, to do the meditation, to welcome the healing capacities and healing gifts yourself.

This applies under so many circumstances where people choose a place as the healing center. It then becomes the anchor for such an energy. Remembering the nonphysical capacity can help you greatly, because then some of those healing energies can help heal your pictures, by which you have wounds in the past relating to money or times of failure, or difficulties about understanding the healing process, so that you can let go of those and come with a more clear energy. That is the energy flowing from the nonphysical beings through you into the physical manifestation to bring these to physical result. Does this assist?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. And are there ways that we can assist in bringing in more of the pure, natural raw food that we're looking for?

H: There are many ways, of course, but community is always going to be the answer here, just as it is around the issues of economy, money, and working with many things on your planet, where people can come together to share resources. Where they can share an animal, for instance a cow, that then lovingly is cared for as she gives her milk. The ways in which you care for each other naturally are more greatly symbolized around this.

In addition to this, the continuing of networking and sharing results where people are having significant healing benefits, and taking on those people who would be the naysayers, who would struggle against what you are saying, certainly makes sense. It isn't easy, of course, because so much of medical science that has been experimented on people who eat cooked food will be thrown in your face as showing you why what you're doing won't work. Yet over and over, as you go to your own core experiences, you will find that you can share a deeper truth. Ultimately, however, what you eat is of little importance. Ultimately, it is the love that you experience. The eating can help you be here a little longer, perhaps give you an opportunity to love more because you are not so concerned about other matters, such as your own physical health. But gradually you will see that there becomes clear within you a new shift, and this is very important to comment on with regards to the much larger issue. Any way in which you can embrace and accept more of life, release more fear, come to a deeper understanding of life itself, is of tremendous value. Right now, with the difficulty that might present itself around Y2K, various computer glitches, ways in which people will seem in greater fear than ever before for short periods, your own ability to remain calm, to dispel fear by your own love, can be very powerful and helpful.

Yet, does it make sense at the conscious level to fear microorganisms on your planet? The tremendous contributing value they have had, why, life on Earth of course would not exist without them, and this is where those who understand Darwinian evolution begin their process, with the microbiological organisms that evolved from the seas, and so on. So it is time to welcome them, to know of their true nature to help and assist, and they way in which they can do so, to study it, to learn about it. This is very important.

It is also quite useful to bring out the truth of history. Each time you do this, you will understand so much. Where history is known already, the truths to draw from it may be minimal. For instance, the discoverers of those inventions that you are already familiar with, such as the telephone, the telegraph, the movies. But what about television? How many of you truly know where it came from? Studying this will tell you a great deal, learning about Philo Farnsworth and what he eventually did.

So also with pasteurization. Pasteurization as applied to alcohol was done by Pasteur, but it was another, a fellow named Pushing in Minnesota in '35 who brought it to milk. Studying and learning about this will help you greatly in reunderstanding, in reacquanting you with the true nature of why your foods are not raw when they can be. Further question?

Jill: Okay. We're coming to the end of the channeling, so if you want to do some closing comments?

H: A brief comment from Athena (pause)

Athena: To all of you, dear loving children, in your hearts we remind you of the female part of your being, the part that has known Mother Earth's love, that feels her energy, and takes it right through you into that which can give birth now to an energy that speaks to all to say, "Know and feel the clarity of light as a real truth, the truth to be a point of knowingness." Quite apart from ideas, a part that simply knows. That knowingess about love, about caring, about helping others, about loving yourself. That is the true nature welcomed now, the Christmas spirit coupled with this powerful lunar energy to bring that knowingness clearer into everyone if possible. And so we will leave you with a few choice words: Focus. Clarity. Heart. Truth. Being. Love. And a sound or two. (Makes sounds.) We would ask that in closing that all of you would share an OM in your heart. That it is drawn from Mother Earth's OM, a love that would be strengthened by your body, by your blood, by your energy, by your breath. Then shared easily as a gift to Mother Earth, to the universe.


Websites mentioned in this channeling:

Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, the wonderful new book by Lynn Grabhorn.

Deeply healing natural foods & instinctual eating: Aajonus Vonderplanitz' revolutionary book, We Want To Live.


Pottenger's Cats, about the "successive generations" problem.


More about the 9-to-1 nonphysicals who outnumber the physicals (us):

Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

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