Hilarion Fall Equinox 1999 Channeling

Jill: Welcome to the Fall Equinox channeling, September 21st, 1999. We are gathered in Nevada City to ask questions of Hilarion. Questions have been submitted by those in attendance as well as over the Internet. Hilarion is channeled by Jon C. Fox. For further information on channelings, books, or tapes, contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, or visit us on the Internet at http:/hilarion.com

Hilarion: Yes. Greetings. Yes, greetings to all of you. Yes. This is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with looking into these various matters of questions and interesting subjects to speak of, it is important to understand that many of the keys to what you would see as problems presented to you in your incarnation here have solutions that are within you. This is a very basic principle that must be looked at over and over again, that a question and its answer are always created together, a problem and its solution are always created together, the magnificence of your being brought out in the process has the purpose within it of you recognizing, remembering, knowing again the magnificence of that being. Why? For God's magnificence to know God's self. For the Universe to know itself. For this aspect of Beingness in itself to know itself, the Beingness to know the Beingness.

This principle must be understood in its formality, stated in this way, but actually it doesn't come verbally. It doesn't come as a mind thought. It doesn't come as an experiment. It comes from the nature of your heart, from the nature of your love, from the nature of your beingness, from the nature of who you always have been and who you will be. Remembering this assists greatly to let go of the little boxes or compartments into which you put your solutions, and into which you put your problems. This is really the crucial difficulty that now befalls mankind--that in so many ways, the models that you have created, from science, from religion, from your past experiences, from emotions, these models limit the way in which you think. They limit the way in which you ask your questions. They limit the way in which you understand problems. Naturally they are there to limit the solutions, because a solution will pop into your consciousness from seemingly nowhere and because it doesn't fit with how you understand things, with how you communicate with others, with how you understand yourself, you will unconsciously reject it.

And so you will recognize that in the immediate future, intensifying with each passing day, will be an increase in this level of receiving solutions. Understanding this principle, then, will bring you to our first solution--not that one that you would naturally understand as linear thinking. But perhaps one that engages another level of your consciousness. Be aware of a beautiful light, birthing inside of you. Extend it by your will, upwards and downwards, to form a cylinder of light around you wherever you are hearing this, and right now in this room here in Nevada City. As you become aware of this light extend it infinitely upwards and down right through to the center of the Earth. Allow it to be emerald in color, perhaps forming a vast beautiful cylinder about thirty meters in diameter, about a hundred feet in diameter, and allow your breath to fill this, allow your life force to be here, allow your energy of your soul, of God's loving you, of the Earth loving you, of all of these capacities at once to fill this cylinder of beautiful emerald light that it may penetrate to your being.

This does not sound like a solution because, again, the box into which you put your problems, and consequently your solutions. But hold for a moment on the idea that light is a precursor to thought, and you have one step in the direction by which solutions come from the emerald light. Recognize also that this is the time of the fall equinox. That coming to this point in Earth's breathing cycle, midway through a breath, the equality of night and day, the balance, now Earth beginning a new cycle into a time of longer nights and shorter days, symbolizing greater attention and attunement to the group, astrologically, but more importantly with regard to the seasons, the approach of winter, the harvesting of crops, and the bringing into form for so many people of the expressions with others, the way in which they will relate to the animal kingdom, and the way the animals reach out in greater fear than ever before on your surface as they see themselves being shut out of their habitats. They see themselves in a position of great difficulty in regards to humans. They do not understand their place and how they are to be known and loved.

This is as it always has been for a long time on Earth, but what is important to recognize is that in this moment, it is as if the channels of communication are clearer and stronger between all of you, meditating, being aware of this energy, connecting with this emerald light (to center of Earth in particular) and the animals themselves, who are naturally also as they ask these questions, receiving their answers. No their answers do not come necessarily linearly, but from the love in your heart. And so at this time the animals are preparing for winter. They are doing this in their minds, in their habits, in their expression, but they are aware of the seasonal changes. It is very deep within them. And so they also have certain lessons for you, for your preparation in the winter. Thus you will see their feeding patterns beginning to change, so that they may move into states of hibernation, thus living off the fat that they have developed over the preceding months. Or the ways in which they will choose, perhaps, their period of leaving this earth by natural death, as the death of all beings on your planet is accentuated in the midpoint of the winter cycle.

Thus, they are preparing in their way of consciousness, in the way of understanding and attunement on many levels. So it is an excellent time to look inside yourself--what is your animal nature? What animal would you choose as your own animal totem right now, as a being to represent and love you? Perhaps it is the dolphin, or the shark. Perhaps it is a dog or a cat. Perhaps a deer, a squirrel, a serpent. Perhaps a great winged creature such as an eagle or a falcon. Perhaps it is the more precious and important of the animals on your planet, the parasites that keep all life from degrading into ultimate chaos by eating up those creatures that then are so disturbing to other beings. Or perhaps even to the bacteria and the way in which they make all processes of life ongoing on your planet.

But ultimately, embracing and understanding all of these beings as if a part of them is you--and of course a large part of these beings is and always has been an important part of your being. But then, recognize at the deeper level of all of this, that these times of change extend only to half your planet, that of course in the southern hemisphere is then the approaching summer and the beginning of spring shortly to come, and the way in which this whole cycle is reversed and balanced. And so you get again the glimpse of balance on your planet, that balance is found in so many ways. In these questions that you have about your world, about the tumultuous times you are in, the chaos and the difficulty, this is one of the little boxes that you do not really understand--where is the balance in this? Where are those who are actually benefiting from this chaos and this difficulty?

Understanding that a large portion of those with which you work on your planet are nonphysical, and you have the opportunity to know them and see them but have largely ignored them, is an important, even we should say a critical, part of your own understanding to expand the box of your own posing of problems, of how you look at things in the world. This is very important to understand because the influences in consciousness have been shown over and over again by your researchers, such as Rupert Sheldrake in understanding of the morphogenetic fields. Where do these fields come from? They are consciousness fields created by the shared collective consciousness of humans but also animals. And yet this in itself does not seem to explain the changes that have allowed humanity to evolve in certain very specific directions for very specific ends. This is because consciousness is so strongly affected by beings who don't have bodies. Thus, these are beings that are looking after you, working with you, guiding you, helping you. Others, standing in your way, standing in a place to extract energy from you, from your confusion or your struggle. And still others who stand there trying to help and frequently making a big mess of it. Thus, the intent is pure, but the action is ultimately like those of beings who ultimately do you no good.

So understanding that these beings outnumber you nine to one, and at the level of consciousness they exert an influence nine times greater than the influence of humanity, and recognizing that such influences are an important, essential we might even say, part of the problem when you ask a question, must be understood at all levels. Acknowledging that the beings are there is a starting point, of course. Naturally, various steps that are taken in order to see them, to perceive them, to welcome them, to understand them--this is what is ongoing in your world right now. There are many programs underway to assist with this process, and these programs will have much help from the other side--the one third of these beings who have positive, beneficial intent, what we would call the helpers or emparadores, or sometimes even called "anonymous ones," are beings that are working with you in every way possible to alert you to all of the capacities that you have. And they will love this into you, they will share it with you by example of their action, they will throw it out as a thought, but they must not stand in the way of the full development of your free will, because this is what empowers your own energy.

When you have seen that it is good to help, when it feels good in you to do that which makes sense, as following the guidance or assistance of such beings, then you are more likely to do it again, not because you are forced into it, not because you are being blackmailed, not because the energy is made lower by this, but in every way the energy is raised. Understanding this must be an important part of your questioning process. Thus, each time you ask a question such as about influences of a geological nature on your planet, for instance, increasing hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, you must also be recognizing that the unseen dimensions, the nonphysical beings, are playing a very important role in this. You must ask what is that role? You must look deeper also to see what is your coordination in working with the energies.

When you do this the answer is obvious. Of course, when you hear about this in the news or see pictures of it on television, or in the newspaper, you will feel fear, and some of the nonphysical beings who draw from that fear will be very happy to see this happen. But at the same time, under the situation for instance of a hurricane, a tremendous cleansing takes place, a great clearing, and nonphysical beings will recognize that there is much benefit to this. Indeed, it only takes a few of powerful intent starting storms in certain locations on your planet, these near south portion of Africa, other portions of Western Africa, and these then sweeping across the Atlantic. These are generated initially by thoughtforms. And so your thoughtforms can also make a great deal of difference here. Overall, however, it seems clear that a sweeping away is going to be necessary for a time.

Why is this? This comes back to the observation of what has happened on other star systems, other planetary systems, other beings in other dimensions, and so on. It is the next question that must also be recognized when you ask from the unseen levels about the various vibrational levels, the various dimensions, the various energies. And here it becomes even clearer that the path that humanity is on where money plays such a huge role and an ever-increasing role is one that ultimately in itself destroys itself, must be changed on some level or another.

Now at this point we are going to digress slightly, and visit upon you a model or an analogy for one very specific purpose. You might ask the question, "Given the trouble that money has caused on your planet for the last half millennium or so, then why has this been encouraged and permitted?" Oh yes, money was certainly around long before this. But it was with the rise of lending in Venice that so much of the difficulty began that has led into the Western world acting as if then a takeover mechanism, or candidate for cancerous mechanism, spreading all across your planet. This is increasing, not decreasing, and must be acknowledged, that the pursuit of power over others through money has then engaged so much difficulty with destruction of your planet, various native peoples, various ways in which people then choose that way over what they have then come into to do. That is, they are choosing the path of money and accumulation of power through this as opposed to that which they have come here to learn.

So this analogy takes you back and answers that question too. Look at a corporation as it has now been formed. You have the core, that group which has a particular mission statement, something to accomplish, and at the same time reaches out into the world, has help from others, has hierarchy within the organization, has beings that rule perhaps from top down, and others who work at the bottom and their energies are projected upward. The corporation might be then viewed as an analogy to you, the very nature of your being, that you have guides and helpers that are ruling and helping you, though you do not always understand them. The rules come then as if through nature itself, through how things work in the world. You have guides and helpers of a nonphysical nature who are quite far separate from you--these would be those others that the corporation interacts with, the vendors or the people to whom you are selling. And there of course that great level of support structures that help you--not only nonphysical beings, but bacteria, viruses, parasites, and organisms that are within your own physical vehicle, the very nature of food and the environment, and so on. Recognizing that the corporation has mimicked life, that the corporation has then allowed you a very systematic and easy way to understand things and that various corporate rules have been discovered and applied (many books have been written about this) gives you an inkling now as to why this has been permitted on your planet. That you may begin to discover and re-create a form of group thought, and that this was all based on money. That money is what initiated it and allowed it to move forward.

We are speaking about this also because personally, many individuals who will be hearing our words and working with our energies are going to experience some difficulty with money over the next few months and years. Part of this comes out of a very underlying basic problem that you don't like money, you don't really understand how it works, you recognize that inherently it is destructive and causing difficulty, and so, whether you like it or not, you will be continuously unconsciously pushing money away, saying you don't want it even at the very time in which you see that you do. This is very important to understand because of one very basic simple principle that will change all of this for your society once it is fully embraced. It is perhaps to some extent expounded upon in a recent book by Lynn Grabhorn called Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, the idea being that as you are able to work with energies that relate specifically to those things that you do want, those things that you're excited about, that you're passionate about, that engage your attachment, that engage your interest, your attraction, these are energies to which then you will naturally help yourself, magnetize the assistance of guides and helpers, bring energy from many levels to bear upon various problems, and eventually get solutions. But if the solutions that you are looking for are simply a way of countering those things that you don't want, then the very underlying source or focus energy from "don't want" is also being brought into bear on the problem, brought into play on many levels, and this ultimately then results in a conflict, a difficulty, which is wonderful for the nonphysical beings who wish to draw energy from you about fear, about survival, about struggle, which only of course reduces your opportunity for solutions. Thus, in many ways, focusing on solving those things that you don't like for the specific purpose of reducing that which you don't like is ultimately only going to amplify the problem.

Understanding this principle then will allow you the greater pathway to an understanding of money and how it can be changed on your planet. Because this very thing that money has given you--the corporate model, the understanding of hierarchy, interaction, interrelationship, even through the corporate model of beings who you don't know, you don't see them, they are the faceless stockholders, the people on the other side of the world who buy your products or who produce the raw materials by which your corporation works with; in other words, interconnectedness has been deliberately and systematically created and this is the model that is being asked for others to bring into their own consciousness, to learn from the best of this, so that now it can at last be released. That money is not necessary for the corporate model. That it can be that which is based upon loving, on caring, on the recognition of the hierarchy as it stands, the recognition of your role to play in it, your willingness to allow the energies to flow through out of the lovingness, out of the helpingness. This is a difficult issue to understand purely linearly and logically. But it will become clear that the many individuals involved in corporations who draw their power from the corporations might find that identity, that power, that very energy that tells them who they are, changed, shifted, so that they don't need it anymore. Once this occurs, corporations and money will be easy to dissolve. It will be very simple because of the various technological advances already being brought forth on your planet.

There are many individuals working on this, and indeed they are now slipping into your society without your even being aware of it. An example of this is a whole development in motor technology--electrical motors that produce more mechanical energy than electrical energy is needed to run them. These are Overunity motors, and at first the idea was they were to be designed to produce electric power. This, of course, is going to bring a lot of resistance and difficulty on your planet as it puts various power generating companies, etc., out of business. And so the solution: Allow these as highly efficient motors to be utilized in all kinds of equipment over the next few years. And these highly efficient motors will use less and less electricity as they are used more and more widely, and individuals will in this way incorporate them without even realizing how much of this efficiency they are actually gaining.

By this, the methods, the technologies, the science will gain a foothold, and this has already taken place, though you aren't aware of it. Some of these higher efficiency motors, a great deal of them, are coming from Japan at the current time where many of these discoveries are being made. And the result: You will see the Japanese economy continuing to rebound, partly as a result of this and many other technologies. This is but one tiny step which gives you an inkling of how these technologies will eventually replace money. We have already channeled this in our book Nature of Reality, how indeed it is possible to replicate matter, produce infinite amounts of energy, and so on, utilizing inert gas technology. And the way in which this will eventually be embraced and shared by many is a way in which you can see many changes for positive benefit on your planet. Unless, of course, too many people are threatened by this. So gradual introduction will be necessary. But recognize that this model of how you can work with this because of your thought processes, your thinking, will be very important, because now is the time for the destruction of all of the old models, all of the limiting thinking patterns.

This means that many beings are going to continue to coordinate with destructive aspects on your planet, particularly when solutions can show up that ultimately are beneficial. Thus you are likely to see more of these relatively small-scale but still quite disturbing geological events--earthquakes, volcanoes, particularly troublesome in the Ring of Fire, thus in the Pacific, where most of the stresses are greatest. We still do not see that such are going to be of tremendous life-threatening problem--millions of individuals, for instance, killed--rather that they are going to be in troublespots, places where a clearing away of old ideas needs to take place. With this the recent difficulties in Taiwan. Here, just as in Turkey, those who are greatest affected are those living in poorly constructed buildings, where of course it will be discovered that somebody somewhere along the line was bribed. In order to allow such shoddy construction, they padded their own pockets and the cost was in many thousands of lives. This is unfortunate, but it must be recognized that those who seek to build must do so using common sense, and the first lesson in this common sense is to build in a way that uses all of the available technology, that trusts that it is in place and not trusting a person or an agency but indeed the people themselves to investigate and learn about this. It is relatively simple to do once you learn enough about construction methods, and this is going to be taking place, of course, all over your planet as a result of these difficulties.

Therefore, watch to see that these things have a positive side. If there is a sweeping that needs to take place by an impending hurricane, sweep yourself. Share the energy. Let it be released. The hurricane then may come with far less fury and difficulty because it does not have to do such a thorough job. Recognizing all of these energies will be of much assistance to you over the next few months especially.

Now there are those preparing for many difficulties to occur around the turn of the century--in fact, the turn of the millennium. And seeing that indeed it is likely that such difficulties will be problematic for a short period, perhaps two or three weeks, is very important, that you are prepared for this, but be prepared for it from your heart, from your mind, from your consciousness. There is a question as to what is the best way to prepare, particularly for the next twelve year period, that is, building up to the energies of 2012. The vibrational state exercise is one of the most powerful techniques that you can do, and repeatedly doing this will gradually build a very strong underlying resonant base within your being. If this is done on a daily basis, a minimum of 5 times a day, but an ideal would be 20 times per day, then you will find that after about 2 years it is so deeply installed that it has significant effect on your planet and the people around you and many other aspects of your being.

What is vibrational state? It is simply a certain sense within you. You can come to it very quickly, but we are suggesting a simple, basic, mechanical method to induce this state. Begin by being aware of energy in the head. Move it slowly through the body to the feet. Reverse the direction, slowly back to the head. If you encounter any blocks in this motion, increase the strength of the energy. Again, down and up, faster and faster now, until it is very fast, perhaps much faster than breathing or heart rate, perhaps even hundreds of times per second, even faster. Then you will begin to notice the vibrational state. If you notice any tension in your body or any holding, holding a breath or tensing a muscle, relax it. No physical action is necessary in the installation of the vibrational state.

Now, you will see that the object of much in the way of religion, of Eastern philosophy, of meditation, is to install vibrational state. Much of the ways of Chinese martial arts and many of the consequential schools of martial arts was indeed to this end. To bring in the vibrational state quickly is the aim of tai chi and chi gong healing methods. So, this is a direct path that is very helpful and will be useful on many levels, making greater contact with nonphysical beings, engaging your own connection to push away nonphysical beings that are detrimental or damaging, and allowing you gradually simply to wake up to the reality that comes to you, that you are indeed surrounded and working with nonphysical beings of all kinds and all energies. That you have shut down the ability to see them. We have spoken about this in the past, for instance in our little book Seasons of the Spirit, in the way in which the third eye once had the ability to recognize such beings. Because you do not see them, you give them free reign on your planet and with your lives.

It must be observed then that the result of this is that by manipulation of ignorance of certain aspects of the models presented by science and other realities, the nonphysical beings have been able to indeed have quite a heyday with you in various arenas. One of the most crowded places for nonphysical beings is what you would call a physical hospital. These places have many beings who have been recently liberated from the physical body. They do not know that they are dead. They wander the halls of these places, looking for their rooms. They are seeking some way of release. They are seeking some way to energize, to understand, and so on. When you find yourself able to establish the vibrational state and hold it for a period of time, we invite you to visit these places. Go near the operating rooms or simply in the waiting rooms, because you will recognize that the vibrational state will assist these beings to recognize a higher reality. It is often as simple as simply realizing they've been sitting in that waiting room waiting for a very long time--weeks, months. Why don't they learn what is happening to them? And then they recognize these energies and are able to release this. The vibrational state assists in such a thing itself as well.

But recognize that here is an underlying message that comes so much through the aspect of healing and health all the way into the medical profession on so many levels. There are those questions about this, and a beautifully worded one, and this question relating to how, indeed, the medical model has gotten so off track. There are so many ways to look at this, but you should certainly recognize that if the medical model had within it a full deep understanding of the nature and process of human disease, you would see such diseases as cancer decreasing on your planet. Now we aren't talking about the cure rates. We're talking about the incidences of the disease, and the American Cancer Society will certainly acknowledge that the rate of this is increasing, that as recently as twenty years ago one in four of individuals on your planet would encounter this debilitating and difficult disease. Now, it is one in three.

These numbers tell you that the medical establishment as it stands is missing the point, somehow hasn't gotten the cosmic joke, isn't fully aware of where they went wrong. And they are hailed in this model by the nonphysical beings as much as possible. This happens as a part of the brainwashing technique that occurs in the hospital setting as part of what is termed "residency." Thus, the doctor is not only subjected to the competition of his and her fellow doctors, the teachers and others, but also the nonphysical beings, because they want very much for this medical model to be so firmly established that that individual will never see the larger truth.

You don't have to go back very far in time to recognize this pattern. Indeed, look to the death of your first president, George Washington, who was killed by his doctors--they bled him to death, for a cold. Understanding this simple principle reminds you that in only a few hundred years, medical science can't be expected to change all that much. Indeed, it is off on the wrong foot to start with by not acknowledging the larger aspects of the nonphysical realities by which healing comes. The depth and understanding of the lessons of disease and the Universal Law that tells you that as you are out of balance with a higher principle, so then do you manifest this in your own physical body by necessity, as a symbol, to remind you.

But understanding that principle alone is insufficient at the current time. Medical science must acknowledge and work with the true understanding of disease-causing agents on your planet. A few of these, which are largely the product of man- made and indeed man-mutated and indeed even thoughtform-mutated bacteria and viruses such as ebola and even certain strains of e. coli. are those which are damaging and difficult on your planet. These will quickly disappear on your planet when the thoughtforms associated with them, this great fear one has of bacteria, are eliminated. But until this occurs, we see a general tendency for a few rare bacterial strains, viral strains, and even parasites, to continue to be problematic to a few individuals on your planet. These will be the individuals who have compromised immune systems, and such comes naturally from repeated generations of consumption of cooked, processed foods. Specifically, let us define "cooked, processed." If it has been heated past 104 degrees F, then we see this as damaging. This corresponds to about 40 degrees C. And understanding this importance can not be lost on most individuals. [Editor's note: this temperature of 104 degrees F feels very warm but not hot - if you put your finger in 104 degree F water it would not even be hot enough to burn your finger.] Bacteria then show up to clean up the decaying organisms that are the result of this, and most of these bacteria are beneficial if allowed to run their course. But of course that is not what happens. Instead, medical science in its wisdom will stop the bacteria with an agent of mold, typically mold then as naturally occurs in the human body does stop bacteria because it is the bacteria but at a higher level of evolution, and so what will be injected is tetracycline, or amoxicillin. And if you will look at how these are developed--penicillin being the typical example from bread mold--these moldy substances do their job and stop the bacteria from running its course. So the cooked foods, the processed foods remain in the body.

Now, where did medical science run afoul of this? It happened in Pasteur's day, when the invention of the processing of cooked food, thus the processing of milk, would enable those marginal milk products to then be cleansed and purified, so that they could then be eaten without producing immediate problem in the human being or animal. Successive generations suffer, but the immediate person does not then suffer with sickness or disease. This is unfortunate, but Pasteur himself recognized the difficulty, and indeed took back much of what he created, on his deathbed, stating that he wished it had been different. He was indeed manipulated strongly by the other dimensional realities, particularly a large group of nonphysical beings that recognized the consequences of these actions. There were positive, beneficial beings working with the individual Antoine Bchamp at the same time, who had a completely different idea, and understood much more about the ability of organisms to change one into the other--pleomorphism as it is called--and ultimately the benefit of raw foods. But in this case, it was a battle that was won by the forces of darkness rather than light, and the results of this can be overturned any time now because the information is available. People can learn about this and re-learn about it.

[See Pottenger's Cats for more information about the "successive generations" problem.]

But for your society, for your planet as a whole, the importance of this must not be lost, that the larger plan is one by which all the nonphysical beings become physical. Thus the population of your planet will increase, and the nonphysical beings of a negative nature will come into bodies, as will those of positive nature. The point of this being that then you can face each other and work out all of these difficulties face to face. If you want to change that plan, thus not seeing the world's population burgeon to fifty million--fifty billion, sorry--you must recognize then that the answer is seeing, seeing the other dimensions.

Now one of the questions that is asked is what is indeed a good word or keyword for the coming millennium. Words such as love or forgiveness or kindness or appreciation of the cosmoethic--these are interesting to think of; help and assistance also useful. Seeing, however, takes you to another step. And at the higher level, awakening. This would be our word or keyword, particularly for the next few years. That as you can awaken, that as you can wake up, that as you can understand the higher truths that work with you on a constant basis on so many levels, you can make clear and important choices about these matters.

There has been a question posed about colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has a strong antibacterial, antifungal, anti... in many ways, microorganism nature, even antiviral. As a last ditch method, one someone is in a great deal of difficulty, it makes sense. But where the immune system is ultimately compromised and bacterial action is not allowed to run its course, the individual will ultimately suffer. One must always ask, what is the purpose of the bacterial or viral or parasitic infection? If you cannot answer that question first, it doesn't make sense to treat the infection. The infection may have a specific purpose or a general purpose, but it must always be looked at. The purpose of ebola, the purpose of certain of these extremely deadly strains of bacteria, such as certain forms of e. coli., has in its own higher wisdom evolved for certain specific destructive mechanisms. These must be allowed to run their course in certain individuals. But by and large, when this shows up in an individual, if they cannot easily make their peace, then it does make sense to treat the individual with the usual emergency methods that the medical profession has developed so well--kidney dialysis, antibiotics, etc.

If that individual has indeed, though, made their peace, understood for themselves that it is time to let go of this physical body and come into a new one, then to do so with the greatest degree of loving, compassion, and energy would make sense. It will be noted, however, that individuals who have been working with raw foods for sufficient amount of time, individuals who have specifically developed their own immune system, will be immune from these and other very difficult organisms because they are man-made, because they come essentially from certain specific mutations that are influenced strongly by human thought. And where those thoughts then have been deeply with that individual that they are no longer afraid of bacteria, they even welcome parasites for the way in which they can clean up the body so effectively, so powerfully, so deeply, so then will such individuals be generating the opposite of fear. In the presence of those organisms, they will generate love. And this is ultimately the greatest saving grace.

There are those who ask "Can various diets be taken with certain restrictions?" Once the body comes to a state of health, and one can manifest that level of love as opposed to fear on a constant and repeated basis, the answer is an overwhelming yes. In fact, one can actually live on the energy of the vacuum itself--that is, air, the vibration of the atmosphere, the nature of the world around you, light. All of those things have within them, underneath them, you could say fueling them, a higher form of energy, the interconnectedness of all things, that which has been called the ether. This interconnectedness can also be a direct fuel source for your physical body. This is very advanced, and there are some individuals who are playing with this and learning about it on your planet.

But the importance of this is simply to recognize that the fear must be let go of first, the love must be known first, the health must be known deep within your being in order to allow this. Why? Most individuals that we observe on your planet are extremely fat-deprived. The nervous system is in a state of incredible disarray and difficulty. They cannot concentrate with their thought patterns on one single idea for more than a few seconds. Their attention is drawn in so many different areas. They have trouble dealing with life on a day-to-day basis, and notice various fears, anxieties, and difficulties coming naturally with each passing minute. They are fat-deprived is one way to look at this. The nerve sheath itself has been severely damaged. This must be rebuilt sufficiently, and bacteria can be an important part of this cleansing and clearing process as it naturally develops.

But eventually the individual will notice that they approach things in life without fear. And where do you get your first example of this? The first time you eat something that has sufficient level of bacteria in it that you are, according to the medical profession, supposed to be afraid of eating it. In other words, you are confronting your fear personally. It's a wonderful way to work with your fear, because it's not going to hurt anybody else, as opposed to, for instance, crossing the highway blindfolded. You could indeed just completely wreck the hood of somebody's car.

But in your own consciousness, understanding that you are confronting and working with your own fear reminds you of what it is--False Evidence Appearing as Real, F.E.A.R., and in this case, its falsity becomes magnified by the fear that the medical profession has to be afraid of bacteria, the very agent that can be indeed the most powerful at assisting individuals to health if fully understood. All one has to do is ask the simple question and we will remind this again and again every chance we get--"What is the purpose? What is the purpose of bacteria in the human body?" Now you're going to say "Oh, yes, science doesn't deal with purpose." And you're quite correct. And in this way you then begin to recognize another limitation of the model by which you present your problems when you ask your questions. That indeed the whole aspect of asking about purpose is somehow set aside, seen as not relevant or important, when indeed it cuts right to the heart of the difference between an individual who understands at a philosophical level, at a level of love, and a pure scientist, who might be looking from the place of pure rationality.

But, one must recognize ultimately that there is a rationality, a logic, in asking about purpose. And when you keep asking, you come to the eventual understanding of interconnectedness, of the loving that's shared amongst all beings, of many other important aspects. This is the basis that many of the eastern philosophies come to by their meditative techniques. The interconnectedness of all beings, the lovingness, the service. In many cases, an individual coming to an understanding of this in their own time, by their own distractions in the world, is very slow. They are distracted by the path of householder or money, or work in the world, or family. They need a guru. They need someone to step in front and say, "This is how it is done. You find this energy as I have found it, you feel it, you know it. You give up all of that stuff and you know this technique."

But, if there isn't sufficient knowledge, if the individual doesn't have sufficient maturity to accept the knowledge, then such a path makes sense. But this is happening for fewer and fewer individuals on your planet, because after all the knowledge is widely available and becoming more widely available through such sources as libraries, the Internet, various classes, and various enlightened beings, even the gurus themselves, telling you over and over "I can do it, so can you." Recognizing these energies in so many ways brings you to the place in which you must discover for yourself how these things unfold.

What occurs when you are in the state of highest enlightened meditation, channeling, working with all of these various energies that are so widely utilized, though not necessarily named such, in the eastern philosophies is a separation of the higher bodies from the physical body. These higher bodies are specifically described as various names--astral body, mental body, emotional body--but instead of going into all of that, recognize that all of the different thought patterns and different philosophies will give them different names. Simply that they separate, this is important to understand, because as the separation is then understood and magnified, the experience called out-of-body experience or OBE will be available to an individual. It is taking the meditative process much much further by recognizing its underlying bases. When this is done, just as in all meditations, with maximum lucidity, maximum consciousness, maximum love, the results of this are profound for the individual. They are the same sort of things that are discovered in a Near Death Experience, when you meet with your guides and helpers or a Godlike being or God Him/Herself, and get then to have a good look at your life and what it was about and if you are going to go back and what you're going to do--a very common experience for many involved in near death process. You can do this tonight. That is an excellent application of the OBE.

Another important application, however, is to understand again this principle of waking up. That the nonphysical beings can work with you then and you can see them, you can feel them, you can hear them. This is a powerful connection because then when you return, you are then more easily able to regenerate this and know it. Thus, in the way of shortcuts, we must include the OBE, along with the guru-disciple relationship, along with the opportunity for learning by knowledge of books, of experiences, of techniques of all kinds, so that you will understand for yourself the underlying principles involved.

Of course, here again, F.E.A.R.--in this case, the False Evidence is that you are not going to get back to your body, or that the guru will take over your being, or that whatever it is you are doing is somehow harmful. All of these fears are important to recognize, not just because they stand in the way of your progress, but because of what they mean as to your identity, that you are ultimately afraid of abandonment, or you are afraid somehow even of living life to its fullest, or that at some level you are afraid simply to acknowledge your intuition, the part of you that knows that this is not quite the right thing for you to be doing, that another area of your life would be more fruitful. Really when you get down to it, the fears that show up around these various spiritual activities are but mirrors or reflections of much deeper fears about your own identity and your own progress in life. If, for instance, you have the sudden realization of how your life is, indeed, off on a wrong turn or tangent and has been so for many years, it is hard often then to turn back, to change things, to shift, to bring in more of what you came here to do, but you know then you must do that.

As the Earth's own vibration is increasing, as the consciousness of many is coming to this waking up, as all of these energies come from so many, so then will these inclinations, tendencies, towards this deeper waking up be within every one of you. And so you will to some extent unconsciously react to the fear ahead of you. Thus, it is important in acknowledging these things that you identify the False Evidence. Ask yourself where it appears as real. And here, the deeper fear must be acknowledged--the fear that you will succeed, that you will truly grow and break out of a mold, or perhaps the fear that you will ultimately fail, or hurt someone else, some deeper fear about the nature of your own being. For instance, the fear that somehow within you you are ultimately a bad person, whatever that means, that God abandoned you for some very good reason. Such is of course foolishness when you think about it, but because you have lost it in your unconsciousness, because you haven't acknowledged the lack of love you allow for yourself, you then stray into these difficulties. ILL can be said I Lack Love, as a reminder that indeed you have turned away from this passageway, this greater understanding of love, but that ultimately your own lovability is what is at stake. That you would know this at the heart of your being would be a powerful solution. That you are lovable even in the face of your decisions can help you a great deal.

Now we are at a midpoint in our discussions for today. Not having addressed too many of the questions, we apologize for this. But we need to set a groundwork before we jump into them. So let us take a moment here just to pause briefly, and allow a little stretch. You might imagine that the emerald light activates you, that it has now a swirling and lifting, that it draws the lower part of your body down to Earth, and the upper part of your body upwards, to the infinite. Thus, a separation and a stretch can naturally take place as one is drawn down, and one up. See that you are stretching not only the body, though, but the emerald light stretches through you, with you, loving you, connecting you.


Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. There are certain specific questions about certain specific technologies, etc. We will mention these and work with them very briefly. The individual Viktor Schauberger has produced much wonderful work on your planet in the 1930's. Anyone who can study it will learn from it and be inspired by it on many levels. As soon as you can arrange to go out in nature, particularly near moving water, in streams, rivers, etc., you will be nourished and strengthened as these concepts take a deeper root in your own consciousness. But, as people study this, they will begin to recognize that the very essential energies that surround you and can work with you are very simple. These are the same energies that can produce levitation, free energy, and very health-giving water on your planet. These have been ignored for some time for very specific reasons, not the least of which that many individuals would have their identities threatened, as we previously mentioned, as power and energy become free, as health is improved, as these capacities for new modes of transportation are discovered, etc. So this is going to be continued to be slowed down a little bit so that these identities of these individuals, indeed, remain, at least for a time.

But as money becomes less and less important, as people truly recognize their own corporate being and how they are then working under such models, they may begin to shift this to the level by which society as a whole will shift. In the meantime, we see that smaller inventions based on Schauberger's technology are to come forth on your planet, and the total understanding of water as a living being is his greatest achievement. Just as this is a living component of Earth, it has many aspects that are hidden, as the water that is underground, that works through the fissures and cracks that you call the water table, is assumed but never proven or understood. And the way in which this forms in layers, levels, and moves up and down, changing under actions of huge amounts of pressure and exposure to various gases inside the Earth. These are aspects that Schauberger glimpsed and understood as intrinsic to Earth's own nature, but not that which was understood scientifically at the time nor proven even to the current day.

Thus, we encourage you to study and learn about this, to be inspired by it, to set the stage for these healthful and useful inventions to be more widespread on your planet, perhaps this to occur a little past the time 2009 or 2010. See also that coming into that time period is a powerful and loving being with your name, and that being is you in that time period, loving you now, sending his or her energy back to you as you are now, assisting you, loving you. That this is part of the nonphysical being energy that we were speaking of, not as if it was an energy of a being standing next to you, but an energy flowing into you across time.

Another specific question relates to inert gases, and various ways in which experiments can be provided to let individuals gain exposure to these. Optimum pressures we found to be different for every individual, and to have a wide range of such pressures is a useful technique. However, this is done much more simply by varying the relative pressure within the inert gas molecule interaction, and this is regulated by temperature. There is a direct relationship between temperature and pressure. Thus, one is able to establish relatively low values of electric pressure by the use of plasma technology in various inert gas devices. When these are applied continuously, the results can be profound and powerful energies, not suitable for healing. But when they are applied discontinuously, at frequencies with very low duty cycle, meaning a spike, a very short brief burst of magnetic or electric energy, so then will the results be that which the human body can accommodate and work with. Such has indeed already come to your planet, and various technologies, including that by the inventor Pappas and others [Panos Pappas, Greek physicist and inventor], have been worked with. But these technologies are not being widely accepted in America at the current time. But such devices as PAP-IMI are being found more widespread in Europe.

The point of the technologies is not just for healing, but to understand the underlying basic physics takes a great leap in consciousness to the interconnectedness of all things and all beings, that it is a manipulation of the energies of the ether itself. This underlying understanding of that which makes up the fabric, you might say, of all of your existence, time, space, matter, energy, even communication itself, this is a great leap. Most individuals are not quite ready for it yet. But this will be an underlying important component towards the future without money that we have described. When all of these things are more freely and easily available, you can imagine how this will ultimately unfold.

Now there is also this question as to specific activities happening in the Great Pyramid. There are many ways in which these energies have been utilized by various New Age groups in order to release and benefit. Certain groups specifically from the Glastonbury area make regular pilgrimages to this area, and in the pyramids have created very powerful, beneficial energies for your planet. These have to a large extent counteracted any of the negative forces that have also been placed there. But you have seen outward symbols for such negative forces. For instance, when a little over a year ago there were the difficulties of tourists being gunned down in this part of the world. So it is that these difficulties are but outward expressions of the inner energies, the nonphysical energies, because beings at a nonphysical level as well as a physical level see the tremendous power manifested in the Great Pyramid. But what has been observed over and over is that there must be an anchoring in the physical, a human being or a group of them in the pyramid itself, working with the nonphysical energies, translating them, working with them in their own dense level, to magnify them and use them, for good or for evil. The manifestation of these at a physical level must take place. Recognizing this means that it is very easy for those individuals who have a higher positive intent to meditate on positive things in the pyramid and have beneficial impact on your planet. For this is a great antenna, a great amplifier, and that which is not really yet fully understood because of the connections it makes to other important energy patterns all over your planet.

Which brings us to another manipulator of those energy patterns--the community in Northern Italy called Damanhur. These beings work on a regular basis to balance and assist the Earth's grid, and one of the great lessons that they have for all of humanity is accepting that this is possible, that other people can be a part of this too, that they may wish to take positions on the ley lines or grid structures of your planet, and deliberately seek to balance or work with the energies. One of the locations for this is on the large island of Hawai'i, and the way in which indeed many aspects of the 19.5 degrees latitude intersect many parts of your planet in places of great and important energies. So then, many aspects of the Hawaiian island chain have an important role to play in the way in which these energies are balanced throughout your planet. Recognizing that you are drawn to these places yet find yourself there wondering, what am I actually doing here?--stop thinking of it linearly. Think instead of the meditative aspect, the loving aspect, the caring aspect, the awakening aspect.

Which brings us naturally to this question about travel. Is this a beneficial thing to do? Out-of-body you're going to learn so much, but in the body it's pretty darn expensive. Recognizing for yourself that the expense is one of time more than anything else, you will then recognize that the exposure to other cultures, to other ways of thinking, to other ways of life, if welcomed, if embraced, you will then find that the nonphysical beings will stand behind you and help you out. If you go to these places just to have a good time or to make some money, that may not necessarily be a part of your plan. Very unlikely, for most of you, that your guides and helpers are going to put you in such a position just for those reasons. So if these experiences can be that which shifts you, you will find that the guides and helpers will arrange it a little more easily for you, that these travel experiences can come to you.

Now, of course, where you are engaged in dietary practices that make it difficult to travel to other places, you must find solutions, and the greatest solution is one of community. There are many individuals who are now lining up their dietary patterns, this different understanding about bacteria, for instance, this different understanding of the true ways of life, caring, embracing life, you might say, on your planet, and positioning themselves all over the world. Eventually travel in such a network will be possible, and the simple compensation to this is that such individuals will then get to travel to visit you. So then you'll have to provide food for them when they come to visit you just as you might when you visit them.

This is a larger solution and, of course, is taking us to the next level as to the most important aspect of what you are going to be doing to prepare for the changes ahead: Community. Manifesting how you can work this out in a community based on service, on love, how people can learn to care for each other and assist each other, is going to be the solution over and over to so many of your problems, so many of the aspects that you seek to find answers to on your planet. Yes. We are going to pause here briefly. Perhaps you would have another question to fill in with, Jill.

Jill: Will you comment on present day cults?

Hilarion: There are many ways in which the nonphysical beings are experimenting through the egos, in particular, of leaders of such cults. This is the way to stop a cult, also. Thus, you go, in your projected state, to the leader, and have a little "head-to-head." You have a talk with their intruders, with the beings that overshadow them, and you will be surprised to see the power and the energy that they wield. All such beings have the same underlying fault or difficulty. It is simply that there is some component in their being that needs something, and they think they're going to get it from those beings that they're working with at the physical level. If you can find out what that is, and give it to them in some way that ultimately they don't need it from anyone else in the physical world, they will depart. It seems absurdly simple, doesn't it? But when you understand this principle at its ultimate core, you will then begin to recognize the true path of healing, the way in which you can heal anybody of anything ultimately.

Ultimately, though, within the nature of all beings must come community, a way in which they are going to be drawn together, and it is this searching for community and indeed the pressure from the positive helpers, guides, anonymous ones, and all of such beings who really want to help, that this energy is also being received. If an individual does not have sufficient maturity, true deeper understanding of where they are going to find that community, they will be drawn to a cult, and they will gain great lessons from this. They may ultimately be harmed by this, find that their evolution is set back, but most individuals will go through such an experience, and ultimately be the better for it. Regardless of how they have indeed allowed their will to be subverted by someone else, they will come to an understanding that their will is important, that they must honor themselves, and this will truly be beneficial to them in the long run.

In the short term, of course, there are many dangers, and many of the beings would simply be advised to ask themselves, is it worth it? How have they truly grown or learned? How have the experiences that they are involved in contributed to their own evolution? Asking those deeper questions are very tough things to do, but those are the questions that naturally can be applied to any endeavor, any action in the world, including a cult. Generally, of course, our words fall on proverbial deaf ears, because those in cults will not be permitted to listen to what we have to say, but a few will. And those few then may perhaps then look at these issues and ask the deeper questions. Does this help?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Will you talk a little bit more about contagion?

Hilarion: This is an interesting process. Generally it begins at the nonphysical level. Usually a similar or resonant fear is established. This then works its way gradually through various mechanisms, principally through the etheric body, or that which Dr. Vieira would call the holochakra, into the physical. At the physical reality, a vortex will usually be created at some place in the body. This vortex will be a weakness. If then a bacteria or microorganism finds its way into the physical body and encounters that weak area, it will then deliberately seek to strengthen it by destroying various toxic material accumulated in that part of the body. Hence, various thoughtforms related to certain fears will then be widespread and seemingly affect the throat center in so many individuals getting a sore throat.

But the underlying mechanisms for this are only partially responsible at the purely physical level to the action of bacteria. Of course a predisposing condition must also be present--the individual must have something to be cleaned up. When they are sufficiently healthy, very low presence of cooked materials, toxic materials, heavy metals, various contaminants, pesticide residue, etc., there is no particular action for the bacteria to work with. A sore throat might occur for a very brief period of time or very slightly, as if the thoughtform itself is exerting its energy but has no hold in the physical. You then immediately fall into the pattern of looking at your issues about speaking the truth, or whatever relates to that vortextual action relating to what could be a sore throat, and you clear it in a few seconds. Thus, what is a slight twinge or an energy felt in the body is then immediately shifted.

But, as you can imagine, thoughtforms are powerful that come to you from many levels at once. They are influenced by the primary energies that you hear about in your families, in the news, in the actions on day-to-day basis, and all of these things. And indeed, they have also an important part in generating the very mechanism of the virus, bacteria, or parasite that is then suddenly widespread on your planet. This is why there are specific differences that are observed microscopically between viruses--for instance, the influenza virus, one year after the other, will mutate and be slightly different because it is indeed influenced by these powerful thoughtforms. The various fear aspects are a little different each time, thus a tendency for more individuals to be affected in the throat by a certain infection one year, but then perhaps in the nervous system in the following year, or perhaps in the lungs in another year.

Now of course the physical body represents symbolically various aspects that the individual must heal or work with, and these are also shared. So you can see how the predisposition to such areas is also widely shared, and there is of course the simple widespread sharing observed in various environments. Thus, you are going to find that in countries where there are a lot of fast food restaurants, such as McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Jack in the Box, Carl's Jr.... how far do we have to go? Indeed, how many variations of the same thing do you need before you get the lesson? You then will see that a certain tendency to accumulate the cooked fatty deposits found in often ill bovine species accumulate in certain parts of the body. These will typically be in the liver, and the anger and association of frustration and thoughtform associated with this will then lead to a sequence of energies that will affect other parts of the body. As this is eventually cleared out of the body, then the difficulties certainly are reduced. But you can see that the general tendency for such energies to then focalize in certain parts of the body and certain expressions and certain thoughtforms would naturally give rise to a bacteria that would be most efficient at cleaning out those specific parts of the body.

Thus, if you kill the bacteria before it makes its way all the way into the liver, the result will be great fatigue, and this is often why, then, when treated with antibiotics or antiviral agents, the individual has a reduced period of suffering under the illness, but then an extended recovery where they just can't get their energy back, because the entire body is seeking in every way possible to rebuild the missing liver function. And of course the adrenals and their interaction with the thyroid come into play around this, and the various ways in which the minerals are drawn down, particularly calcium and magnesium, in this process. On and on it goes.

The key, though, is to recognize that in working with these organisms, the actual contagiousness of the organism is an important part, but as the predisposition is already there, the thoughtform is already there, it must be perceived that this contagious aspect by which the bacteria is actually jumping from one body to another, the virus jumping from one body to another, is only a small part of the entire equation That indeed, as the body is able to be built up, as the thoughtforms are able to be understood, as the shift in consciousness is allowed, even at the first twinge of this, even if the physical body has not been cleansed or fully healed from the damages caused by these contaminants, cooked food, etc., even under such circumstances if one does vibrational state immediately, there can be much benefit and a significant reduction of the difficulty.

It must also be recognized that the ether plays a role in this, that it is the communicative measure or medium by which energies and thoughtforms are shared. Thus, always look to that which you have been disconnected from at the beginning process of disease, and seek to reconnect. You will naturally be reconnecting with the disease or contagious thoughtform. If you can instead reconnect with that which you have been disconnected [from], you can then reduce the need for that thoughtform to come in to make its healing known in the physical body. The most common example of this is with a cold or seeming light viral infection, to look for one's connection to one's family. This may not be necessarily your family or origin or biological family, but those you feel close to. Look carefully for some specific mechanism that may have shown up 72 hours before the first aspect of the cold, and where in which there was something withheld, something not communicated, some fear that was there, some False Evidence Appearing as Real, that you were indeed not lovable or cared for by this family, etc. This is an old mechanism. The Chinese have spoken about this for centuries. They would also relate to a flu or influenza and disconnection from one's soul. But we see now that the disconnection can even be deeper than this with influenza.

But it must be understood that whatever the aspect you are looking for, there are many components to this, and a predisposing aspect is that which actually ultimately plays a larger role, and a role that will become larger and larger with each passing year. But, because of the shared thoughtform and the increase in the possibility of the bacteria or virus to do its job even more strongly and clearly, it will seem as if diseases are more contagious. This is where indeed a deeper level of thought, and asking always that question "What is the purpose of this disease? What is the purpose of this bacteria, virus, other microorganism?" will often yield to you a deeper answer. Does this assist?

Jill: Yes, thank you, Hilarion. Some questions here from our Latin American friends. The wave of immigration in our Latin America is in deep crisis. Why is this happening now, and how can the divergences be eliminated?

Hilarion: We will turn this over to another to answer.

Mary: My love is for all of you. I speak to you all, not just you in bodies, but all of you, your guides, your helpers, your lovers from the past, and as Hilarion has pointed out, the being that

you will be in the future. I have been known to you under many guises. As Mary, you knew me as the one to bring forth a loving energy to your planet. As Mary, you know me as the principal of forgiveness.

In these places where forgiveness has been forgotten, so I come. I appear to you, through your religion when you open to it. I appear to you, in your dreams, in your hearts. You must see that doing these things to have more things, to have more money, to have more prestige or power, comes from a place deep inside you that wants only to be forgiven, to be loved, to be known, to be cherished.

Yet I see in your religion, in that which you call the Catholic religion, this way in which you are told that you are sinful from the beginning, that you are always seeking to come back to some state of neutrality, never to a place of even greater magnificence. This is so sad, because then it means that you will not see yourself as lovable, as deserving, and so you will do what you can to compensate for this by having more money, more power, more goods.

If you may find in your own hearts that your identity does not come from outside but from a love, I will be standing with you. You will see me. You will feel that love deep in you. It will be as if a gift, as if that which you have always known but somehow that which you have shut out.

It must be seen that new principles to bring forth alternative energy sources, new technologies, all of these things that can bring benefit to your planet can stop the destruction that you feel in your country. But only if you choose it. And you will not choose it if it is that which would somehow take away or hurt who you are. And so I return then to you, over and over, to help you forgive your leaders, forgive yourselves. See that such a light can be with you to make such changes.

Yet, you will also see around you an opportunity to share your wealth, your higher aspirations, with the poor who surround you. In any way in which you take steps forward to share this, you will then find in your own heart more energy. You must find community, coming together and loving each other, or somehow breaking away in some small measure from those who say the only way that you are to have power is when you have money. That when you understand higher truths about what truly nourishes your body, truly nourishes your soul, truly nourishes your very being, you can see the correct choices to make. The very rainforest that you would cut down and destroy just to have a few years of cattle or coffee is that which has within it such tremendous life, such great force, such great love, if you can but learn how to tap it, work with it, let it speak to you. These are where solutions come from, not just those around you, but within yourself.... Shalom.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. We thank you, Mary, for your assistance and willingness to share of these perspectives. It is observed that these countries are, indeed, suffering greatly because the energies that are being drawn from them into the markets in the United States, for instance, have at their basis certain practices that are ultimately unhealthy. The consummation of these practices brings to individuals a temporary feeling of benefit, but ultimately must be understood at their highest.

When coffee is recognized, for instance, as to the damage that it ultimately does, and individuals give it up, you will find that the market for this will of course be greatly shifted. Similarly, when individuals stop the use of cocaine, so then will those who profit from this so greatly and are destroying their countries as a result of this then have no more profit in such drugs. These are the larger pictures, and one can only take small steps in such direction. But in the meantime, one can welcome thoughtforms that engage new possibilities, and the creation of community, as Mary mentions. Further question?

Jill: How real is the possibility at this time for true brotherhood and community?

Hilarion: It is a beautiful question for which there is no real answer, because how would you know when true brotherhood was there? Oh you might say yes, it is going to be different than what it was, but you will recognize that your picture of what that looks like is going to be very different from the picture of your brother and your sister. Ultimately we see that there must be a communication of all of these pictures, a radical honesty (to quote a word from Brad Blanton) that indeed is all-pervasive and allowing each individual to share their judgments, their pictures, their energies, without anybody in your community taking it personally.

The first step towards this must of course be your invitation to hear all of what someone else has to say, not just the little white lies, but the deeper truth, and prove to them that you don't take it personally, that indeed you are very interested in their deepest thought, their deepest judgment, their deepest energy, their deepest fear. No matter how deep it goes, you are going to stay in the room. Indeed, many of you have looked into this issue and found it difficult, not because of what the other person says. Oh, you think that's what it is, but it's ultimately your fear that they are right, that perhaps as you look into your own self, into your own being, you will then recognize that there are various aspects that you have not brought into full harmony with what you believe is to be the highest and best in you. Certain aspects of your own evolution, that indeed you have allowed yourself to be corrupted, ways in which you have taken less than you know you are worth, or done things that you might feel a little bad about.

These things must be understood and forgiven too in order for this deeper brotherhood to be there, because then there are no triggers, no way in which someone else does indeed speak to you at a deep personal level and "hurt you." Understanding this is the first step. Second must be this way in which individuals begin to wake up to their own true purpose, to their own awakening and what they are here for, and this is likely for a time, at least another few years, to be a very difficult matter, because many individuals simply don't want to wake up into such an arena. They have, then, ahead of them a lot of work to do. But unfortunately there is colliding right into this a very powerful point in time that has been called Doreadeshi (pronounced "DOUGH-ray-duh-shy"). It is that which is associated with a changing of many energies. It has focalization around the time 2012 or 2013, but that is not as important as to recognize the energy itself is timeless, an energy that says "You are being given opportunities. You must change in order to take advantage of these opportunities, or suffer."

Thus we see instead of your picture that all might be invited into brotherhood, that there will be a few, and that few will grow to more and more. And there will also be a large number who stand aside from this, who do everything they can to stay away from such brotherhood, and when the changes occur and when the energies are strong enough, they will not be able to stay in physical bodies.

The way in which this will ultimately occur cannot be predicted. There are so many different ways in which this evolutionary track, this ultimate manifestation, this shift of energy, takes place for humanity. But it must be understood that the brotherhood that is manifested for those few who are willing to bare their souls, to be engaged in this level of deeper honesty, deeper compassion, deeper caring, deeper, you could even say, affinity for the truth. What is the truth? Reason? You might see that it is leading-edge relative truth, that it is truth that is constantly changing, that there are energies that shift but you are always coming back to it. Even if on reflection it means that you made a mistake, you can then make your midcourse correction. You can then make your shift. Understanding this underlying methodology can ultimately increase this sense of brotherhood.

But there is also another important aspect. When you are nonphysical and at a higher vibrational level, not stuck in the place where you don't know you're dead, but you truly understand that you have moved through a higher level of transition, you have shifted to a higher vibrational reality, when you reach out to your brothers and sisters, those who are willing to hear this--and there are many--reach back to you with tremendous love, tremendous caring, tremendous blending of energy that is orgasmic in its nature, that is powerful and deep-running and allows you a great sense of continuous loving intercommunication. Many times when you then come back to Earth and manifest with this question, "How might this brotherhood/sisterhood be established on Earth?" all you are really saying is how might you re-establish that which you know is intrinsic to your being?

Ultimately it is up to humanity to do this, but it must be understood that this is not being allowed for one very simple reason. In the dense physical form, the energy that you manifest is tremendous. It is far more powerful, has far much greater effect through all the dimensional worlds, beginning at the physical but reaching unto many levels of existence. This energy is much more powerful than what you had when you were nonphysical. If such an energy can then be properly aligned, used in this way of enhancement and benefit, it will have tremendous repercussions for many individuals on your planet. The deeper level of awakening will indeed have come.

This is why you come in, then, with that thought: How might I re-establish this? Isn't it important? Why can't we do it? I'm angry that we can't do it! I'm sad that we can't do it! Always turning you back again and again, so that you will experiment with energy, you will learn about it, you will see how you have misused it and how you can over and over again use it properly, until you have practiced this so much, always being returned to it by the thought of this brotherhood, of this assistance, of this love, that then eventually you will be ready to merge that energy. Because that energy from one physical being is so powerful, when it is that from thousands or millions, it has the property, and indeed high likelihood, of changing your universe.

Now where this gets interesting is around the Doreadeshi, that is, around a time period to come in about a dozen years, under which this powerful concentrated manifestation of group thought, group energy, group love, will change your universe. And such an energy has already taken place. It is pouring backwards in time to you now, bringing you forward into that energy. It is pouring forwards from that time, shifting the universe. This is confusing when you see time as purely linear, but releasing all of that, recognize that the brotherhood that you sense as a possibility, real, now, in form, can be, because you sense it. The loop is complete between the being that you can be and indeed the being you will be. This comes from one simple aspect of your being--you free will. That each time you return to choose a path of loving, of awakening, of assistance, you then will rechoose the reality by which you are sharing such an energy with others, and remanifesting a world that is more to what you would see as in alignment with your dream, with your understanding of the greater reality.

Thus it isn't simple enough simply to say "it's up to you" or "your own free will will create it" or "it's inevitable." Rather, it is manifested to the extent to which you truly grasp the nature of brotherhood as all-inclusive of other people's ideas of brotherhood, and the love in your heart. To withhold this, even to the slightest extent, will teach you in your own heart that you have gone astray, that you are not holding to the highest possible ethic for your own being. For others, holding back some other aspect of their being will tell them that they are not cosmoethically appropriate. You must look into these areas with ruthless appreciation and understanding, and continually re-create yourself so that you do not hold back, so that you do assist to the highest level to which you are capable. This will assist on levels you cannot yet glimpse because of the nature of your dense physical energy. The help and assistance that you can provide on your planet has a far-reaching effect, much further than you recognize, when it reaches to the nonphysical levels, because they then influence the physical levels.

So your question is beautifully open-ended, and we hope our answer was adequately open-ended as well.

Jill: Thank you. That was beautiful, Hilarion, and it's time for you to close.

Hilarion: We are grateful to all of the questions, the willingness to explore on so many levels, to receive Mary's message in your own heart, and to know the love of which you are capable. We remind you again of the emerald light cylinder, but we ask you now to place within the cylinder a sense of love. Imagine a being that you love deeply, and pour the same love that you would feel for that being now into that cylinder of light. See it reaching infinitely upwards, and right down to the center of Earth. Earth now, in this moment of the pause between breaths, able then to so beautifully and easily share that love with the plants, with the animals, with the beings who need this love. Then letting go of all of this, we ask that you allow two sounds. First a releasing sound like Ah.

All: Ahhhhhh...

Hilarion: And then, a gentle loving OM. Let it be generated first within Earth, percolating up through your body, through your feet, into your heart, to your throat, and shared out loud. Good-bye.


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