THE TRIBULATION - Humanity's Final Ordeal as described in


This highly unusual book, telepathically "dictated" in 1977, deals with a broad spectrum of subjects. However it seems now (1990) to have acquired a heightened relevance in regard to the prophetic material in its last third. The Tribulation section purports to set out the nature and probable timing of a number of cataclysmic events intended to mark the end of the current phase of earth history, and the dawning of a New Age of brotherhood and cooperation.

These occurrences did not manifest within the originally suggested time frame, but recent developments in the middle east involving Iraq suggest that at least some of them may materialize during the 1990's. Here is a partial checklist:

1. The "final devastating war", in which "eventually all of the major nations of the world will become involved" is clearly forecast. The text states that "the reason for the strife will be related to the oil deposits which lie under the sands of the Arab countries ringing the state of Israel."

2. While the war continues to rage in the middle east, a number of catastrophes afflict the earth, among them "the discovery that a large asteroid has deviated from its expected course and will collide with the earth at a location in the Pacific Ocean."

3. A plague of "locusts" ascends northward through Central America and into the U.S.A. Could this relate to the Killer Bees that are expected to enter Texas during the 1990's?

4. China suffers a nuclear attack and seeks revenge by sending its army westward to join the Middle East conflict.

5. Before the Chinese army arrives, the earth passes through a space "cloud" containing debris that falls as a hail of incandescent rocks, setting fires on a broad scale and reducing the oxygen available in the atmosphere.

...and much more...

This book tends to divide readers neatly into those who scoff and those who are fascinated. Regardless of how you view its con- tents, you will not want to miss the mind-stretching experience of reading The Nature of Reality.

ISBN 0-919951-34-1

Cover Art by Johanna Van Kempen, cover layout by Christine Rieder

Price: $8.95 US.

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