Hilarion Summer Solstice 1999

Jill: We are gathered here today to celebrate the Summer Solstice, June 21st, 1999, the last Summer Solstice of the millennium. Hilarion, through Jon Fox, will be addressing questions from the audience in attendance, as well as questions submitted via the Internet. [For further information on books, tapes, and channelings, contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, or find us on the Internet at hilarion.com]

Hilarion: Yes, greetings to all of you. Yes. This is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning answering various questions, and various aspects that are naturally going to be observed as consequences of those questions and their answers, we would ask you in a moment to visualize, be aware of, a beautiful loving energy. We will speak about this a little more deeply than we have in the past. We ask you to be aware of this energy as forming a cylinder. Initially, you could imagine it a beautiful cylinder of transparent emerald light about 100 feet (about 33 meters) in diameter, from infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth. Allow yourself to breathe this light. "Infinitely upwards" symbolizing connection to highest soul, to center of Universe, to God, to some higher aspect of yourself. See that aspect relating to "center of Earth," then symbolizing a connection to all of the material world, manifestation, becoming into form, and so on.

Yet see also that there is in this connection of energy a reminder. It is gentle. It is quiet. But it is a reminder deep inside of you. This is a reminder of the energy that became you. The energy that is you on a higher dimension. The energy that was you in past lives. The energy that will be you in the time between lives and has been you in the times between lives. Recognize that this is an energy, very beautiful, very fine, very powerful and very loving. Why would it have decided to incarnate you, here, now? This is the crux of the answer to many of the deeper questions, many of the aspects by which many of the simple ramifications of those questions can be understood.

But at the deeper level, we ask you now, setting all that aside, simply to know that energy. It is perhaps known best by relaxing into it, as if then breathing, ahhhh. As if simply allowing. Yes, it is the essence of you that is love. Yes, it is the essence of the being that has always been. But it is more than that. It is that part which loves so much that it allows an energy to become that which is you now, facing challenges, conflicts, growth, at any cost.

As you begin to understand this better, you will begin to recognize the turn of events on planet Earth, why things are the way they are, what you can do about it, what you should do about it, but more importantly, what effects this can have on your own being, and how that consequently has its effect on your planet and on the souls of others in all the other dimensions.

But for a moment, instead of understanding this with the mind, understand it with your heart. For this is the beautiful thing about summer: the warmth, the awakening to light, the awareness now of the shift from the times of longer nights to the times now of longer days symbolizes a deeper reflection or energy upon the individual, on your own consciousness, on your own awareness. And so now there is this shift within you. Earth breathes as well, and in the moments of solstice and equinox is then this shift within your consciousness also reflected in Earth's consciousness, and her shift is to allow you to then for a moment breathe with her. In the moment between breaths, then, is this time of Summer Solstice.

As the solstice is with you, it is also an awareness of the many kingdoms that interpenetrate and surround you: The kingdoms of the animals, the plants, the beings that now establish their energies most strongly into the summertime. They become aware of you and you of them because the struggle for existence is a little easier. The time of awakening, of laziness, of simply absorbing and knowing the sun--many of these things are the messages of the animals for you.

And so for a moment, within this beautiful emerald light, see that you are connected to this aspect of Earth that symbolizes this openness to light, to energy, to Earth's breathing, and that infinitely upwards is a connection to the light of beingness, the energy that made you in the first place, that helped create you, awaken you, and bring you here. This is yet another beautiful aspect of the Summer Solstice, of a time in which then the Earth also is part of this beautiful emerald light and receives this light in her center more clearly and easily than at other times, because it is a light born of your own love, of your own understanding.

Of course, you are now also approaching a six month period of preparation for the new millennium. It is, of course, just an arbitrary marker in time, yet at the same time it is a shared one, perhaps shared more completely and more powerfully amongst more people on your planet than any astrological marker or any other sign or symbol. And the preparation for this is always along the line then of this new period of time. What will it represent? What will it mean to you? Indeed, this idea that more change, more awareness can come is within the consciousness of many. And that it will be disruptive and it will shift your energy and understanding of yourselves is also an important part of many people's consciousness. When there are minor disruptions as a result of the Y2K bug in the millennium turn time, then this will be a deeper reminder to many. But you understand at a spiritual level that all of these are but symbols to remind people to reevaluate what they are here for, what they seek.

So the first question we answer is one about preparation for this time period. And this will take us into many of the other questions. First, we would ask you to remember these initials: FFLL. The first of these at the physical level represents the energy of the food group associated with fats. Fats have incredible potential and power in the physical body. They are not understood well in your society because they have largely over the last fifty year period been abused. Pasteurized milk and pasteurized milk products being one of the most difficult. These food products are very difficult for the human body to assimilate, to work with, and, much more importantly, once they have been rejected by the human body, very difficult to get rid of. They accumulate very small quantities of toxic material in the physical body and therefore are very difficult for the body to eliminate, because they go right into the fats of the physical body. These can settle very deep in the physical body, even into the bony structures or the cartilage. And, as a result, are very harmful over long periods of time, leading to such diseases as Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, and many others. Even some of the auto immune deficiency diseases that you are now seeing more widespread on your planet, and cancer.

The solution to this is the raw fats, those that are most absorbable by the human body. An excellent one that is so hard to obtain at the current time is that of raw butter, unsalted of course, because salt itself is so problematic to the human body. The result of eating this gradually is the replacement of the cooked fats in the body. One must ask then for a definition, and we would define the cooking temperature as 104 degrees F, that is, about 40 degrees C. That above this temperature, these fats are rendered harmful and difficult for the human body, and below it, they are not. So it does no good, of course, to spread your raw butter on heated bread (what you would call "toast") so that then it is simply again heated beyond recognition that the body can use it.

The other F, at the emotional level, in your preparation for the next millennium: "Fear." Fear is a very difficult trial for all of you, and the fears that will be presented to you will only magnify, for a very specific reason: You have incarnated here specifically to face your own personal fears. Not just the fears of your society, unless of course these are in a place of what you would call resonance, a way in which those fears are shared by you. But rather, to face your own personal fears, at their most deepest, darkest place. Why should you do this? The answer is really simple, but it revolves around your ability to remember.

Your memory of such matters is a difficult matter to impress upon you. You remember almost nightly, but then you forget in the morning. And this leads us to the question about the best way to project out of your body. Indeed, there are many different techniques. Each and all are going to be helpful to most individuals. But what we observe, as do most individuals who have no difficulty with such projection (after all, not being in a body, we have many opportunities to project), we then observe that every night most of you project. In fact, most of you do it several times every night. It's a rare night that you do not project your consciousness at all from the body. You do this to absorb energy, and then you return to the body. Many times you do this without lucidity--you don't know where you are, what you're doing. You don't care. It feels so good. It feels so wonderful. It is like being home. Doesn't this ring a bell with some of you? Doesn't it help you remember?

And so at the deeper level the next energy to understand is that of remembering. Yes, it is important to maintain lucidity while you are out-of-body, but more important is remembering. So the two techniques that are most important are increasing your energy and remembering. Remembering, specifically, will relate to writing down your dream experiences, whether you consider them a dream or an out-of-body projection is unimportant. Write them down. It does not matter exactly how you do it, but writing is a very powerful process that many of you have developed. It is part of your training, through school, through working things out, through these media. This might not apply to some of those people, particularly the children, who have great difficulty with the writing process. But for most of you this is adequate. If you absolutely have great difficulty with this and hate to write, you do not keep a diary or want to write anything down, then at least dictate it into a tape recorder. But for most individuals the writing process is the best way to help strengthen the memory process.

For lucidity, it is simply a matter of increasing your energy. On a daily basis, do vibrational state exercise, one or two minutes, every day, and then repeat it at least 20 times per day. This is a very powerful exercise, and will generate within you an unconscious resolve to continue it. Here again, you see this powerful principle: Resistance. As you are up against something so difficult for you, and you overcome the resistance, ahhh, you remember. The remembering can actual take place in a transfer into the out-of-body experience. And then, you will recreate this experience and have greater lucidity.

The simple exercise is to begin by the awareness of energy in your head region and move it slowly through the body to the feet. Reverse the direction and move it again slowly back up to the head. Do this a little faster and a little faster, over and over, up down, up down, circulating the energy faster and faster each time. The first few times you may encounter some blockages. Increase the energy, then speed it up, faster than your breathing, faster than your heartbeat, faster and faster still. This will begin to induce within you an awareness of a shift in your vibration. The awareness of the vibrational state. It is better to do this frequently throughout the day because then your unconscious will have this as if ingrained deep within it, and easily be able to enter into this when you become even slightly lucid in a dream state, slightly lucid when you are projected. When you then do this you will then quickly be able to apply any of the various techniques.

Of the many techniques that are available out there, there is one called "Suneye" that we note has a slight higher probability of success for most people than other techniques. But "Rope" method, various other techniques, working with guides and helpers, any of these, including hypnosis and meditative techniques, will be helpful for most individuals. So it is not the technique, it is the remembering, it is the energy.

Now to return to the preparation, you see that the reason for this is that in the remembering in the out-of-body state, you are filled with bliss. If in that place you remember not the hell-realms, not the places of difficulty, but the place of light, the place of joy, perhaps the place that you were before you came into your physical body, that which you would call your "extraphysical hometown," you will be there in a moment. You may ask for it. You may imagine it. You may welcome it. In these places of bliss and light and beauty, you may feel filled with orgasmic energy. You may feel strengthened. You may feel light. You may feel the sense that you may fly. You may be with others. You may transfer thought telepathically. You can learn things. These are wonderful, beautiful experiences. The purpose of those experiences is not just for you to retain information, to understand things, to make observations and return to your waking life to apply this. It is also to remind you of the core of your existence. It is that place of bliss, of light, of energy.

Now you are getting an inkling as to what your Earth is about? That you have created a place where you may encounter obstacles, where you have to feed, clothe, and house your physical body. Where you must do things in order to survive. In that place of bliss, there is very little that you must do. You can choose obstacles for yourself, but because you are the primary one creating those obstacles, they are also so easy to overcome. They do not present to you any difficult challenge. And so your great Group Soul, a long time ago, encountered this problem: How to grow. Why not utilize resistance? Remove the xenon from Earth's atmosphere, and the process of regeneration would then cease within the physical body of plants, animals, and people. And as that regeneration process stopped, people would die. They would have the opportunity to pass one lifetime to the next, to reincarnate. As a corrupted consciousness, then, the resistances could be created.

At first, these were relatively small and mild. These are the expressions that you understand about in the historical representation of the times of ancient world, the continent of Mu, that which has been called many things in your past history. But in this time, there was much bliss and understanding on your planet, little of resistance. Gradually the resistance increased, and during that time period you began to recognize that the application of technology might eventually bring forth greater resistance, greater opportunity for separation between the consciousness of what is understood as the Godhead, and that which could somehow be seen as a place of resistance where people could learn, and understand, and work with these images.

Thus, this continent of Mu begat the continent of Atlantis, and Mu was destroyed by a great asteroid as it collided into the Earth. Here, again, some of these are deep memories within your own consciousness.

In Atlantis, the gradual development of more and more technology allowed greater and greater resistance, greater and greater separation, and the ability to study nature's laws separate from the inner laws of nature. But this in itself was insufficient because people had such high regard for each other, they cared for each other. It was as if those laws of resistance were not being applied to people on their own.

Hence this eventually begat the civilizations of Egypt and China, which in their way, then, through the bringing of power into the hands of a few, those of the great dictators, the pharaohs, the warlords, eventually then, the great dynasties, so then could they overpower others. This was also to some extent created in the Western continent with the Mayans, but they saw through this because of their attunement to higher levels of consciousness, and decided this was not their path, and left as one.

So it is also within the consciousness that has continued into Western civilization, as the blending and merging of these other civilizations, that people are beginning to recognize that the resistances that they have created here for themselves are specifically to help them grow. In the out-of-body projected experience, in the place by which you can transcend the most powerful resistance to all of these--fear--so then can you remember and know that state of bliss. And from that place you may begin to recall that you chose to come here knowing full well that it was a difficult place, that there were resistances, that there were difficulties of the dark brothers forming huge groups, those souls that have made the great mistake over and over when they come into this place of greater resistance, of forgetting about that light, pretending it doesn't even exist, ignoring it, even though every night they will have projected experiences, they will feel this energy. It is always up to you, you must make your own choices, because that is one of the shared energies from that time so long ago in Lemuria, the energy that said, then, "as our shared consciousness, we must preserve some level of free will within the confines of planetary earth."

This allowed the souls to subdivide, the energies of those souls to come into existence on their own in their own different ways. And, then, we have a wonderful, powerful experience waiting for anyone now on Earth. It has really been perfected to that level that if you want to learn through the property of resistance, this is the place to go.

This may seem a little silly to you in some ways, when you spend a large portion of your life looking for those places where there is less resistance, where there is greater joy, where there is more pleasure, and there's a reason for that--because it teaches you that you can be reminded to take charge of all of it. Not to hold that some of the world is bad, and not of your creation, but that all of it is hereby your choice, because all of it is reflected on some level in the depths of your being. That you cannot see that the wars and the struggles on the Earth is that which they are doing, as opposed to you are doing. Oh yes, this is very hard to understand. But surely you begin to understand the purpose of this, that the conditions created on earth are temporary. That eventually many individuals will come to their recognition, their understanding of awakening in this place of resistance, will shift for the benefit of all the consciousness on planet Earth. Then, it will be as if the dimensions interlink more easily. And the place of bliss that is Earth is similar to the place of bliss that is the nonphysical representation of Earth. It exists actually at a further dimensional level than Earth itself, and is highly populated. There are many beings there. When this occurs, you will recognize for a time a great celebration, and then, as this happened before, you will then have taken the lessons you have learned and choose again a new path.

We speak of it as "you" because that is you in the physical. But really it is "us," all of us together. We will together create a new consensus reality at such a point. It is very important to understand the place you play in all this, because in your consciousness, in your awareness, you chose it just as it is. Now, when you come to the level of self-responsibility that you can accept that, and take the responsibility for it, you will then begin to see why your own personal lessons do affect the planetary consciousness, and that how the ways in which you assist others in moving through their own resistances, to their own level of higher expectation and understanding, can create the shift which is possible for planet Earth.

Again, it makes sense to ask the question "Why?" And the reason is that the evolutionary process has been speeded up by this process of resistance, specifically so that in encountering your own personal resistances, you will have something work with, something tangible, something you can really get your teeth into, so to speak. This is the reason why the duplicity on your planet Earth only increases with each passing day, with so many of these difficulties. Indeed, many would ask "What is the correct diet?" There are those very popular nutritionists speaking about things that are close to a deeper understanding of the truth, such as Sears or others, but they do not understand the deeper meaning, that there is a natural way in which you can learn from the animals, from the beings around you who populate the planet, from your own instinct. And the best way to wake up this instinct is through the ingestion of the raw fats. We would see that for most individuals, a thirty percent fat level is appropriate, but this is temporal, meaning it must be considered over the entirety of your life. Fats accumulate in the body, and therefore, if you have been fat-deprived for a large portion of your life, then you must oversupply the fats for a precisely equal proportion. And so if you have been eating primarily cooked fats for 30 years, you are going to have to eat 50% of your diet at raw fat level in order simply to compensate for this and come to your natural lifespan, which under current etheric conditions is 150 years for all human beings. This is quite possible with the correct dietary approach.

So then we have "fats," and we have touched on "fear" a little. But the deeper level of fear, of course, is the conscious desire to confront your own fears, to be willing to look at the issues, to have the fear, and to be there with it, to sit with it, to allow it to be with you, and to take responsibility by turning around those things you are afraid of into those things that are actually in yourself; that they are a part of you, that that which would seem so strong to generate the fear outside of you is that which can generate it inside of you because it is you. Oh yes, this is a lot of responsibility. But sooner or later you are going to take such a road, so you might as well do it sooner.

The L's. As you come to the letter L that we have spoken of, obviously for L and L, "love" and "light" show up. The love to be understood at the emotional level, that this is the opposite of fear. But that the love that many of you confront and understand is that which is so difficult for you to share with others, partly because of the fear, but partly because you think that they will consider you a fool, that they will somehow ridicule you. When in fact, indeed, just as many of you are fat-deprived, many of you are love-starved. And so sharing that love in one way or another, in one manner or another, will often simply depend on your willingness to change your diet. This means the diet of love, the diet of emotions, yes. But it also means the diet of fat, because you will find that your nervous system better accommodates and works with love as it is better primed for it. And what are the nerves built from but fats and oils, those substances that are indeed the very nerve sheath, the very brain itself.

But at the light level we are back to the remembering, that the light always was, the light always will be. That in that light there is a greater sense of plasticity of time, thus in your projections it can seem to go very rapidly or very slowly. And indeed in that higher dimension, the time energy moves very differently than it does in this dimension. Which brings us to another question that has been posed. "Why choose temporal phenomena in the linear fashion?" It's just simpler to sort out. When people are going to share their coordinated energies for the manifestation of a place of resistance, if they bring into it the temporal aspect as one that is largely linear, it is much easier to work things out. Think of how complicated it is to simulate on a computer all the possible interactions you are going to have when you get yourself born, so that you have that wonderful blend of free will and destiny. That those people you are going to meet, those energies you are going to encounter, those particular aspects that you need to know, will be presented to you, because that's what you're here for, those are the resistances that you wish to encounter. Yet, if this is not in linear time, it would be much more complex. And so, indeed, the computers that work at these higher dimensional levels are stressed and strained to the limits now as more and more people wake up, more and more consciousnesses change, more and more possibilities to put forward in time the prophesies of the past, of Nostradamus and others. Yet, in the selection specifically at the incarnational level of physical bodies, linear time makes a lot of sense in the consensus reality.

At the higher dimensional levels, and specifically relating to when you are projected and when you are in between lives, that which Dr. Waldo Vieira would call the "intermissive period," it does not make very much sense to hold linear time. Thus, that which can seem to take place over a long period, hundreds of years of training, might take place in a fraction of a second. Whereas also that which also can seem very long in time, amassing hundreds of Earth years of observation and understanding, can go by in a flash. It is really up to you when you are projected from the body. The larger question about living lifetimes simultaneously, about going into the past and into the future, is also present. From your current reality perspective this is very hard to understand, but as you become more adept at it, which means towards the end of your intermissive period, you begin to recognize the plasticity of time can be bent in such directions for the manifestation in past or future. Most individuals, however, will choose to incarnate with the largest group, the largest consensus reality. Why? The most resistance will be encountered at that place. The highest probability of encountering resistances with others. Let us say you overcome a particular aspect of your own personality in coming here to physical Earth. You have come in with perhaps a tendency to gossip, and you recognize the trouble of this. And as part of your life here, you stop that and in fact you find a way to encourage others by saying good things to them. Perhaps you even take a road of giving seminars that give people great encouragement to go upon their life paths and discover themselves more. You have not only overcome that tendency, you have helped others. And then as part of that you fall into a group of people in the past you gossiped with. They do not perhaps see the same way as you. They continue their gossip. But they listen to you. They watch you. They see what you have done. They are naturally then encouraged that much further in perhaps changing this bad habit pattern or shifting it in their own consciousness on some level.

So you see then that it just makes sense to incarnate with a consensus reality. Because of this particular tendency of overcoming or being exposed to someone else who has overcome, you will then be more likely to overcome your own tendencies of a similar resonance. And this is why you naturally find yourself with people who seem familiar to you. It is not just because of the past karma, but because you are seeking to overcome some of the similar difficulties--judgment, perhaps. Perhaps holding the belief that you must pay for love. Perhaps holding the belief that you are somehow guilty or less than others because of what you have done or because you are here; or other similarly widely held beliefs of this consensus reality. Indeed, as you work through these belief patterns, you begin to recognize that the consensus reality has a higher function--that it's function can be that which you designed for the specific purpose of bringing you deeper enlightenment, deeper understanding, deeper awareness.

As you then become more a part of this light, you can then recognize that it is always here. And so you have all these wonderful disciplines showing up all over your planet to teach people by yet another means: This technique called chi gong, or tai chi, or martial arts. Some may go into it initially out of perhaps a willingness to hurt others or defend themselves out of fear, but they discover the deeper energy inside, an energy of light, an energy of the cosmic chi, the cosmic universe. This alerts them to a natural all-pervasive light that is deeper than them.

Now one must recognize that because this light is increasing on planet Earth, and at the same time more and more people are remembering little bits and pieces and sometimes wholesale who they really are, that they chose this planet so they may overcome resistance and help others and be helped by this, this is shifting the very nature of temporal reality itself. It is becoming as if a little more of the light dimensions, a little more of the higher dimensions, a little more plastic in time, and this means that prediction really ain't what it used to be. It's so much more difficult from these levels to give accurate prognostications in terms of time and place. Thus, even some of the predictions of Nostradamus are being seen as falling apart. Yes, the comet Lee has to enter and be aware of for so many in the time ahead: September, even perhaps the end of August, is that which was predicted and understood by Nostradamus. And the potential for this to rain tremendous problems on Earth, and coordinate this with the revealing of the economic consequences of the fears associated with Y2K, is likely to begin at that time. But will it at a physical level be the causation of tremendous destruction and difficulty on your planet? From our simulations and understanding of this, this is highly unlikely. Why mess up such a good thing? What do you think we mean by this, "a good thing"? A place where so many resistances can be encountered by so many souls, so many life activities can be going on at the same time, so many potentials can be worked out simultaneously by so many beings, and at the same time, those who wish to ignore it all can choose to do so and those who wish to accept it all and gain enlightenment through it can do so. It would make very little sense to destroy such a wonderful potential at this time. Even if it does manifest at a physical level and the earthquakes, tidal waves and other difficulties increase, the nonphysical beings will do everything in their power to reduce this, and their power is far greater than most people realize, for the simple reason that they outnumber you approximately 9 to 1.

These are the beings who coexist with you. We are not talking about other planetary dimensions. Planetary transmigration is a very important characteristic. You do often go from planet to planet. We are talking specifically about the beings that are interacting with you right here on Earth. They outnumber you 9 to 1, and more of them are getting born as your population increases. The projected idea is to get them all embodied at the same time if at all possible for one great big party before you call it all quits here on Earth. Exactly how this will come about is unknown, because it will be up to these beings of course. But by and large the idea is still in progress that it would take a hundred years more before they can all get into bodies at your current population growth rate. It does not seem that Earth has the capacity to sustain this. This is not true, of course, as new scientific discoveries far beyond what you have already seen possible come forth. As, for instance, some of those perceived in the Star Trek series, for instance the Star Trek replicator. The ability of various technologies to replicate and create various forms of matter, so that all can be fed, already exists on your planet, yet this is not being revealed for the very specific purpose that it at the current time doesn't produce enough resistance. It will, however, at some point, very likely in your lifetimes, be that which is revealed to you, as well as many other important technological aspects. It is still just a continuation of the Atlantean epoch, that this understanding of technology as a separation can also be one of a joining together if people can use it appropriately, give yourself more tools to use in this process of creating resistances to learn from.

Specifically, though, the idea is that these nonphysical beings are grouped into those that wish very much to help, those that try to help and don't do a very good job at it, and those that really don't want to help at all, but are primarily there just to draw energy. Many of these don't even know they're dead, don't even know that they've passed from this world, and so they do this process unconsciously. But all of these beings seek one thing in harmony with those of people on Earth who are in physical bodies, and that is existence, recognition, a way of understanding, a place of learning, and the interaction that naturally occurs as a result. Thus, they will do their best to keep this planet going.

Now we know that there have been those in the past who have made predictions about major destruction on planet Earth. And there are those who would, indeed, run up their credit cards and enjoy the things as best as they could knowing that in but a few months it will all come to a quick close. Similar things occurred around the last turning of the century. But we see that in this turning of the century, there will be disruptions, various energies that are problematic, troublesome for people on many levels, but also those that iron themselves out fairly quickly, things pretty much getting back on track as you get into the months of February and March of the year 2000. But the importance of this is that it is a wonderful opportunity to prepare F, F, L, and L, so that your bodies are ready for this; so that your emotions are ready for this; so that your energy, at the highest possible level, is ready for this; and so that your mind is prepared, because there will be a great influx of many of the nonphysicals to help you and to hurt you. It will be your choice as to how to work with their energies. Each time there is genocide on your planet, the nonphysicals that are associated with the negative aspects, those that don't know they're dead, those that cause havoc, those that even try to help but do a bad job of it, those will often be attracted to such energies, and they will naturally increase when there is greater confusion and trouble on your planet.

It is likely that for a little time further, perhaps another five or ten years, this business of mass genocide is going to be necessary on your planet. It is not because of the need to kill, or the violent aspect that is shared by all mankind. It is primarily because the karma of those involved has not sufficiently balanced itself. In this time period in which a person involved in the massacres, for instance in Kosovo, or Serbia, Indonesia, Africa, many of the other places now worldwide, goes home and turns on the television, they see themselves at last as others see them, and many of them are indeed shocked at what they see. They feel shame for this. They begin to look again at their lives, and ultimately this can lead them to another lifetime. They may find their lives cut short under such circumstances, as even amidst that shame they go out to fight again and are cut down in battle. But their incarnation soon thereafter is one that leads them perhaps back to these battles, and to an opportunity as last to turn their swords to plowshares, to at last make peace with themselves and others.

It may need the completion of this generation for this to occur, but this has already been occurring. This has been indeed the observation of your historians beginning with what has been termed "the Vietnam era"--that this influence of television and mass media, the newspapers and commentary worldwide, changed the face of war on your planet. Just as there was tremendous level of brainwashing--that is the correct term for it--that occurred during World War II, each side teaching its people that it was a war for right, so then this could not take place in the Vietnam era, as the destruction itself was observed minutes after it occurred. Hours after the films were taken they were then shown all over your planet, and people could simply decide for themselves. So also is this going to occur even more prominently. It is already showing up around the Serbian genocide. But it will also be seen as the repercussions of the NATO genocide, as the many who were killed, and the tremendous widespread physical destruction, to these places that were bombed. But, as people receive this, you can amplify it to some extent by the energy of forgiveness, by allowing forgiveness in your own heart for these people, so that they will see what they have done, and forgive themselves.

Taking this into the next life, they will then be much more likely to complete this cycle, so that this way of learning will no longer be necessary. Many have already done so, giving up what they have seen, sharing some energy, releasing the need for vengeance, as if somehow they are avenging their great-grandfather for the destruction that he caused.

Understanding these energies is difficult for you, because you have not had to contend with them for many lifetimes. But just because of that, you have the capacity built within you for a greater empowering of forgiveness, and this is the way to assisting in this process. Here again, the consensus reality--because you have gone ahead, you can share more of this energy, and assist those who wish to learn of it. Whether they know it or not, they are crying out for help. That is why this war has indeed engaged the hearts and minds of people all over your planet, why something has been done. You may see that the motivations for this and for all of these different wars, indeed are primarily at the level of the countries involved economic. But indeed at the level of capacity for forgiveness, all your planet is involved.

A moment please... (drinks water). Yes, Hilarion here again. Now, there is a question here at the level of the awareness that comes to many as they look ahead. Yet, we would now wish to bring in a poem written by a little girl. Perhaps, Jill, you could read this?

Jill (reading Shaktina's poem, submitted to us via the internet):

What is the Earth?

The Earth is burning confusion,

Yet a sweet lullaby

When sorted.

Hilarion: Perhaps now you begin to understand our perspective on such question. Yet, why is this coming out of a little girl? Why can it not come from you? Because your connection to this has not allowed you this next generation of forgiveness, of awareness, of strength. And so the next generation being born has a deeper tap to this level, to understand that this choice of confusion, this choice of resistance is indeed that: Choice. That she has chosen it as have you. Sorting it out is impossible at the mental level, but in your heart, in your memory of energy and light, perhaps you can. Perhaps you can come to some sense of self-responsibility for it. And in this way, it shall change.

This brings us of course to this question about Earth children being born now. Those of higher light vibrations, those at the energy of what is sometimes termed "the Indigo," sometimes terms "the Violet," sometimes of other vibrational levels. Many of these beings have conscious memories of their past lives, and they will choose sometimes parents who do not support this, specifically to reinforce this principal of resistance. Sometimes they will choose those to encourage this. Many of these are lifetimes recently lived in a time of great conflict, the time of World War II. Many of these may have been children who were the generals, the soldiers, those taking orders, those creating havoc and destruction on your planet. Some of those being born now are those who were born in the time of rejection of all of this, of the 30's. Of those who sought indeed to keep out the idea of interconnectivity, helping others. You could even call them xenophobes. All of these beings have come here now to overcome these tendencies.

But the difference is that they come here with a strong understanding that much of this "sorting out" process, as the little girl so nicely puts it, as the energy of this is so strong with them, it is as if they remember the light, and they know it will be sorted out in their lifetime. For many of them this sorting out process is astrologically timed to occur around the age 26 or 27. For many of you this is a very powerful time and we often suggest people looking back on the time period as an important part of your awareness of this. But see that for many of these children who do not have conscious recall of this time period, that is what they are preparing for, and your best move now is to help them strengthen the physical body, energy and the emotions, ability to have specific skills that will keep them surviving, so that when they do reach this age they will be ready for the transformations ahead of them.

In addition to all of this, you will see high probability that somewhere about 2012 or so, just as these children are indeed beginning to reach this time period of their early and late twenties, all of this will be revealed. The deeper understanding of mankind, the deeper awareness of the coordinated energies. The deeper awareness of humanity's connection to the universe, the increase of light to the Earth and many other things. But this has nothing to do so much with outside events as the simple unfolding of these energies that we've already spoken of. People begin to get it, you could say, about why they created all these resistances. They simply remember more. They are more aware. They are ready.

It's important to remember this because you are going to encounter these children now. Now of course there are many who are those relics or leftovers from the World War I aspect of tremendous fear and difficulty. These called the Generation X'ers now, and the last of this wave is now being born into the lifetimes that have now gone on and come to that which are graduating high school now. Some of these children are a bit lost, they don't know exactly what to do with themselves. And when they encounter a powerful violence within themselves, they are easily taken over by these negative entities we have spoken of, which outnumber them approximately 3 to 1; that is, you have approximately 18 billion or so of those beings on your planet right now that are indeed overshadowing many of you. Thus, they are easily able to access such beings and cause the mayhem and destruction and difficulty that you have witnessed in recent times.

It is very important for such children to find some spiritual attunement, some awakening, something that really gets their motor running. Of course at this age, they are encountering the powerful energies of sexuality, the powerful energies engendered by their own hormones, so they are easy prey for the dark force energies to enter. But if they have enough wherewithal to recognize that such energy relating to sex, relating to the physical body, relating to the energy of doing things, is an energy just like any other, that can be channeled, that can be directed, they can then ask this simple question: "What is the best place for me to direct this energy?" No one else can ask it. If you ask it of them, they will often rebel. They must ask it for themselves. And so you can ask them, "Is it possible that the question to be asked now is, What is the best place to put this energy that is mine now?" What a beautiful question that is for anyone. But if they look in their hearts, they will often understand, that as they look in this place or that place the answer is "No, that is not the best place, that does not serve others, it does not increase my evolution, it doesn't help me know myself better, it doesn't help anyone else grow." Everywhere they look, the things that they have put their energy on, they will receive "No." This can be discouraging. They can feel depressed or sad about this. In looking at all of these things that produce a "No" to them they eventually just shut down and stop asking, and that's where you step in and ask them, "Is it possible that you need to ask a little more?" Because you know if they ask they will eventually find something in which the answer, well it may not be a great grand "Yes," but it will be a "Maybe," and then they may perhaps set off on a path that helps them to grow in what they have come here to do, in encountering those obstacles they wish to overcome.

Some of you have attended channelings we have been invited to in the past, and you've heard us speak about the principle of resistance. It is very simple. You see this is the beautiful thing about it. Here on Earth at the current time, all the information can be made available. People won't use it. For the most part, they'll keep going the way they're going. So we get to give it a few times, and eventually you do get it. The principle is simple. Resistance can be seen in terms of Ohm's Law. That is, it is similar in electrical terms: "Potential equals resistance multiplied by flow." This simple understanding of Ohm's Law tells you that as the resistance falls to zero, the flow and its potential become one. As you allow superconductivity in your life, as you allow the love at the maximum level, the fear to dissipate, the resistance, then, to be gone, so then does that potential magnify and strengthen within you, and awaken it in others as well. Now some of you might say, "Well, Hilarion, isn't there the possibility then we're going to screw it up for everyone else, because this planet of resistance will no longer be resistance, it'll be a planet of superconductivity." Yes. You've done it before. It's a wonderful party. But we see that there are too many here seeking to learn, and they need beings with the flashlight in the darkness a little ahead of them to show them the way. So the consensus reality will remain for a few years yet, so there is no danger.

Yes. This is the perfect time for a brief pause. We'd ask you for a moment to allow a feeling in your body. Remember perhaps a dream--you might call it a dream, or maybe you call it a projection--in which when you awoke and you felt wonderful. Those wonderful currents of energy. At the time you might have associated it with the thing you were dreaming about, or the place you projected to. Drop that now, forget it. Instead, just remember the energy. This is what is sometimes termed "energetic shower." Let the energy course through your body and remember it. Now, just as we have suggested with regards to this generation of children, what is the best thing to do with that energy? We suggest, just for an experiment, you imagine it associated with the energy of love. That you think of some being right now on your planet that needs that love. Think first of incorporating that love as a powerful sense within you. A combination of the feeling of love you might have for someone that you care for deeply and this powerful energetic shower that might have been the result of a wonderful dream or projection. You pour that energy out in the world, and then quickly transfer it, by your own conscious will, to someone who needs it in the world, to the people of Kosovo, Indonesia, those places on your planet that need the help. And each of you can think of them. Some of you will think of a neighborhood near you. Some will think of the struggles your friends need healing, are involved in. But whatever, go to that place in your consciousness now, and by your will, direct that same energy, but allow it to have that little piece of you associated with that projection or that dream that says "There is awakening. There is love. There is forgiveness. " There is an aspect of beingness that says "This is not the only reality, there is also the reality filled with light, with joy, with expansion, with ecstasy, with beauty, with love." Feeling that sort of energy can be very helpful as if to enlighten others as to the nature of such an energy.

A moment please. Please continue that meditation....

Yes, Hilarion here again. Now, this idea of projecting love is beautiful, but it also is that which alerts you to the capacity of this love found everywhere. So as you let it go, become more deeply aware of that energy as source, as all around you, and let go of the specific person, place, group. Yes. Perhaps there are some questions that we have not jumped into yet. Certainly there is that which relates to a more technical aspect, this aspect of the use of vibrational remedies for healing with the nervous system diseases. Combinations of flower essences such as comfrey, pink diamond and the starlight elixir of Aldebaran, can be helpful, but the ingestion of the raw fat is going to be more and more important as these diseases become more prevalent on your planet. Particularly those mentioned, such as Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's disease, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy.

There is a question with regards to the awareness of the balancing and resonances between sound, light, and many forms of healing. It is important to recognize that the full understanding of this is gradually being given to Earthlings because your technology can incorporate this for destructive purposes as well as for beneficial healing purposes.

Initially, however, becoming aware of the natural tendency of the human eye to perceive the various brightness levels of color is a very important adjunct to their use in color healing. And thus, one can also construct various relationships between sound and light based upon this and the tendency of the human ear to perceive. This has not yet been constructed with the understanding of light and sound.

There is a question with regards to the many portents and changes to remind people on many levels of what is occurring on Earth. These are important to understand, not just because of their significance at the current reality. Just as we've stated, prediction not being what it used to be, these things don't unfold in the way in which they always were predicted. But you remember. Because many of these predictions have been in your mythology: The Torah; the predictions of Nostradamus; the ancient writings; even in the Ne Ching, going way back in time. And because of this they are embedded in your consciousness, not so much because of what they mean but because of their reminder, that this is the time to put your energy on things that can make a difference, that can shift your reality, that can awaken you and others.

Yes. Then perhaps we could address a few others. Are there some that might be looked at this time?

Jill: Could Hilarion comment on the odd contrails people are seeing in the skies. Who's doing it and why? And how should we respond?

[Note: "Contrails" are the "condensation trails" generated at very high altitudes when jet engine exhaust freezes almost instantly and resists evaporation. They are sometimes visible in strange crisscross patterns, the result of several jets flying in formation. Some people complain of various health problems as a result of the contrails. A web search will turn up sites with pictures and more information.]

H: We perceive that these are specifically created for the release of toxic waste. Part of the reason for this is that many of the organizations involved have simply no other place to put the stuff. By putting it into commonly available jet fuels and other media--these are not the only ones, it is also going into your water supply--these things are being then discharged. As they are discharged into your atmosphere and other places, they cause difficulty in the human body. This is in line with the idea of making things more difficult here. As the human beings recognize the true nature of fats and oils in the body, as they wake up to correct dietary procedure, they will become more instinctive, and they will reawaken the animal nature in their bodies. Many have ignored the animal nature in their bodies to their own peril. It is too bad because this animal nature is intrinsic right into the limbic system and into many aspects of the physical body.

By reawakening to this, one is then able to resist these things. Of course, besides this at a personal level, it makes sense to ask the question. Just as the food supply now has to have some level of analysis associated with what is available in various products, so also must this be applied to the water supply and to the atmospheric discharges. One must then ask "What is going into the fuels and why is it there?" These things that can have effect on the human body must be looked at from the same place, the same agencies, the same organizations as those that are responsible for the various substances that are found of toxic nature that are available in so many different areas.

You will see that there will be a great breaking through around this around a very simple issue. This is, you could say "on the slate," so to speak, for the next two or three year period, depending on how long it takes. You will see many things breaking through around this. Contrails are one small part of it, but the larger piece is going to be school lunches. These as provided to children have significant effect on their own health and well-being. Yet, they are not being sufficiently examined, and eventually many of the applications, particularly of pesticides and various toxic substances more widely available in school lunches then most people realize, will be an important aspect of study.

As the responsible agencies involved are those that the people paid for--the government agencies--they are longer to create changes, but when the changes are in place, they have more widespread attributes and effects for your planet. Right now, the focus on school lunch would seem relatively rapid in its acceptance, and the way in which this could eventually lead to acceptance of all things of this nature. But indeed, writing letters to congressmen, specifically to those government agencies involved with the safety and health and welfare of the people, makes sense at this time. Such organizations are of course deluged with letters of all kinds, but indeed, speaking of such matters can make a difference because that it what the purpose of the agency is for. Their wheels grind slowly, but grind they do.

Further question?

Jill: How do agreement fields get put into place, and who's helping this current one stay in place around the foods that we do eat? The products are loaded with pesticides and they're over processed. The fast foods. People never questioning the destruction to the food and to their bodies.

Hilarion: Well, it looks like somebody's questioning it. That is why she wrote the question. But you see, you have free will about this. That is part of the consensus reality you have created. Howdo you create this agreement field? It is that which of course at some level you did consciously. You came together in Lemuria, looked at all the ways in which you could create some resistances for yourself, you got going with that pretty much and said "Hey, this works pretty well. Let's do some more." Now, we ourselves take responsibility in this, because we ourselves have gained a great deal of understanding and awareness by fighting these resistances, by working with them. But most importantly, we remembered the idea that potential equals resistance multiplied by flow. And that allowing the superconductivity allows the escape from this choice. And then, why help anyone else? Because then we grow ourselves. This is the real thing at the deep most level, you could say, that keeps the whole agreement field going. That indeed, even those who wish to help would also see it going. Because then, they have something to do. This is an interesting thing to think about. But in understanding it, you begin to recognize then that unless you give people choice, they then will not be able to know the right thing to do for themselves at the deep most level: Experience is the greatest teacher. And that is why then these things must be allowed.

However, for the majority, for those people who all add a small amount of consciousness to this, but overall is the most all-pervasive force because there are so many involved, ignorance is that which creates this at the higher most, most powerful level. The reason there are so many televisions is because there are so many couch potatoes. The reason there are so many McDonald's French fries, is because there are so many French fries eaters. The reason why this is allowed is because people don't question it at the deep most level. And indeed, imagine what it would be like for all of these different types of potatoes, couch and fried, if suddenly you took it away from them! You would have tremendous protest on your planet.

Does this sound like Y2K? Like maybe for a few weeks with the electricity out, the French fry machines won't work? And the televisions won't switch on? Perhaps you see the reason why some disruption of this nature might have some value on your planet. And why your power companies, full of French fry eaters and television watchers, are doing their best to keep that from happening.

Now, you also begin to recognize, however, that given free will of choice, many individuals on your planet will continue choices based on ignorance. Why is that? You could say it is their time, it is what they have prepared for. It is where they have gained the greatest energy. You could also say they have fallen into a rut. But once they have passed from this existence, and they go to this place of greater light and deeper understanding and deeper consciousness and deeper awareness and greater bliss, they don't have to worry about any of it. And they look back at the experience that they created for themselves, and they say to themselves, "Well, you know, I've got to give it one more try." And they do it again, with just as much of the ignorance, just as much of that bliss in ignorance, as they had before. If it wasn't for that, there would be nothing to overcome. And so they're actually adding to the consensus reality. Hard concept to understand, but it is how it tends to work, because at all levels, beings do wish the opportunity to learn. Without the darkness there is no light.

Now it must be observed that the majority of the planes of existence, the majority of the essence of what it is to be, is in the planes of light. That the place where there is resistance, where there is darkness and all of that, is actually the exception--that you have created this place on Earth so that you can learn, so that you can grow. So then, you see the joke of it. That you can actually be grateful for the ignorance, for the foolishness, for those things that are harmful, so that you personally can choose and so that you have something to talk about with others in helping them to choose. Not an easy choice, certainly, but the facts remain on the face of them. Over and over, more and more evidence will show up, about how endless watching of commercial television does very little to educate or assist. How eating huge amounts of fat heated past 104F/40C is then ultimately damaging to the human body. And yet people will continue to do it. It is as if those energies are right there to learn about. How you will choose, and how you can choose to assist others, is a very important matter, because you will quickly discover that shame alone is insufficient. That you cannot do this choice business with others by shaming them into it. You must show them how it works for you. You must show them how it is different than what they are doing. You must help them remember that the place of light is the place of choice, and that they chose this place of darkness so that they could make that choice to the light, which is also this place.

In other words, you must go beyond simply looking at the facts and look at the causation of why a world with those possibilities has been created, you could even say enjoyed into existence, by you. Why? Because in this place where there is the resistance, when you overcome it, when you come to the place of bliss, when you come to a place of deeper awakening, even if it is the temporary pleasure of sex, of the orgasm, or the temporary pleasure of learning something new and awakening somebody else, whatever that is, it teaches you that there is light here, and it is brought here by your choice, by your awareness, by your doingness. That is the great lesson--that the beingness, into the doingness, allows you the havingness, be it of light or of darkness. Your choice.

Yes. Another question?

Jill: At the higher realms, what is the most powerful recommendation or advice that you can directly send to humanity as a whole facing the rapid approach of a new century, a new millennium, from a spiritual point of view?

Hilarion: Well, "FFLL" is pretty good, because it prepares you on many levels. But you must also see that all of these things are there for you. And asking the deeper question, "What did you come here to overcome? What did you come here to work on in yourself? How are you evolving? How can you look at this in a new light?" These are tough questions. Just as those we have spoken of who don't want to face the answers of what they're going to do with their energy might become discouraged, so can you. But please, keep asking. Or we might say to you, is it possible that one of the things that you are here to do is to keep asking? This is a difficult issue, because from the highest level, that is the biggest problem. It is the attitude that one eventually has, that one can't do anything anyway so why bother. Or the attitude that one is then thwarted by the darkness and resistance and struggle, and therefore does nothing to overcome it, to evolve, to strengthen. But there is much you can do, and if often comes back to that question, because when you ask it, an answer will appear.

Sometimes the answer is something you ignore. Sometimes it is from someplace you hadn't even expected. Sometimes it comes in a dream or some revelation, or a friend who is suddenly teaching you about a new spiritual teacher or some new awareness or some new way of seeing yourself or some greater love that shows up. But that answer does come. And so in the keeping of the asking, you recognize that the honoring is indeed at the highest level, that which we perceive as the core key principle, that can bring the love and the light, as well as those aspects to nourish the physical body (fats) and strengthen the heart, releasing fear, at those levels that the love and the light can be made real, can be manifested.

For some of you, techniques of meditation or astral projection or political action or ecological attunement or assisting others in various forms or helping to bring health and healing to the physical body, yours and others, and many other things, are opportunities. But, whatever the path, it must be that which encounters some resistance, something that you must go through to learn a little, else why come to this place? These are important questions to ask yourself and to remind yourself. Further question?

Jill: Please comment on the new high tech radionics devices and the remote healing with frequencies.

Hilarion: We are going to defer this to our friend Athena. [Pause]

Athena: Yes. Greetings to all of you. Yes. We are projecting energies from many right now. A loving perception from many levels simultaneously. The female guide associated with each of you, a female energy of the heavens, the energy of the love that is possible.

There are those who observe technology and of its benefits and detriments. A pure and powerful embodiment of this in your understanding of history has come forth with the understanding of Atlantis. Thus you have these technologies, such as radionics and others that seek to heal. Those that use sound and light and other things to remind you of the Atlantean energies. But these will often remind you, you might say, in history, of the male side of your being. Yet you know how great and important it is to balance male and female. And so when you are touched by these healing modalities and these techniques, turn your attention also to Lemuria, to the energy of the feminine, to an awareness in your own being at the deep most level of your heart that you are being nurtured by Mother Earth, that you are being loved in the spirit that becomes your heart, that there is a light that courses through you on all levels that says you are love. You can know it at the deep most place of your being, and yet it is that which also transcends technology, transcends doingness, goes to a deeper place in you.

If this can have an association within you of a gesture, of a sound, of a feeling, see that this is a wonderful way to respond to radionics, to light and sound healing, to many of the new technologies that are going to be presented to you in the next millennium. We ourselves when presented with this energy respond with our own sounds. So we wish to help you and yet also share with you a place by inviting you to come to it with us for a moment. It is very near you. But a few millimeters away. Yet it is a place of beautiful loving sound vibration. Go there not with your mind but with your hearts. Begin by breathing through your toes, breathing through your feet, breathing through your belly. Being aware of your body drawing up the energy. Let it vibrate up and down within your body. Let it become sound. The sound is high-pitched, coming into form, then released as high-pitched again. [Makes a series of sounds...]

There is a light. There, you know that sound. That is the place that radionics taps into, as if to touch you on a different level. That is the place where the light and the sound healing touch you, as if to reach you at a different level, but it is a source energy that you can reach with your heart, with a place of your own sound, with a place of your own gesture, with a place of your ownheart's love and light.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. We thank you, Athena, for your perspective and, indeed, the reminder of the balance of male and female so necessary in all undertakings, especially relating to human. Yes. Perhaps there is sufficient energy for another question or two.

Jill: What is the best way to improve the paramagnetism of soil, and what are the best sources for these improvements?

Hilarion: It is always necessary, given the current problems with your soil, the current depletion of paramagnetic substances and various minerals, to have some deeper awareness, usually an instrument, some way of measuring, some understanding of the soil, be it through radionic attunement, dowsing, or direct measurement, is necessary. Various substances that are ferromagnetic in nature, including cobalt, iron, and other substances, can confuse the measurements and must be removed. The soil sample or soil additive would be pulverized and by magnetic means, or means of various chemical processes, these substances removed. Then, the remainders, which will be those substances which are paramagnetic or diamagnetic in nature, are measured.

When high paramagnetic readings are utilized, such soil additives or soils can be mixed with currently available soils. These are found near volcanic deposits all over your planet. You'll find many of these in the shale of Utah, many of these substances near volcanic deposits near Mt. Shasta, and many of the places of sacred awareness such as the Serpent Mount in Ohio and various formally recent in geological terms volcanic places in Arizona, in particular the Arizona crater from the meteorite. But many of these will contain iron that must be removed for accurate measurements to be struck.

It is also important to recognize, however, that dowsing soil and soil additives is an excellent way, when you attune to these energies, to find what is appropriate for your own gardening needs. At the larger level, of course, agriculture must be made aware of this, and it is the important addition now to come in the next few years to all forms of organic agriculture. Indeed, it will be seen as an important way to resist insects and plant diseases as more awareness of the properties of paramagnetism in the soils are revealed and understood by many.

There are books upon the subject, including ones by Callahan, and there will be more that are written as more people experiment and work with these properties. Further question?

Jill: Will parts of California actually separate and go into the ocean, and if so, when?

Hilarion: There does seem to be a political split between Northern and Southern California at the current time, but perhaps in terms of geophysical change, it seems unlikely in the next two year period. To go far beyond this is pretty tough, because there are so many changes afoot. But the overriding energy of keeping things at least sufficiently intact, that there are enough people to incarnate into, appears to be the important prerogative of those who outnumber you and who wish to incarnate. As this reaches a total of 50 billion souls on your planet, the question would be well posed again. At such time, greater destruction seems likely.

In the meantime, however, the buildup to potential for individual destruction in different areas isalways present. But we see that the likelihood of such major earthquakes, particularly in the next two year frame, very unlikely. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Thank you. Please comment on the new science of electromagnetheria and etherium gold and xenon.

Hilarion: There are many way to approach this, but generally for most individuals, they are attuning to this when they are involved in any form of healing, with light, sound and so on. The inert gas xenon, because it is found in such small percentage in your atmosphere, is that which certainly is useful to study more. We have advocated this for a long time. Indeed, many of those who channel our energy will find themselves naturally drawn to study and work with xenon. It's natural ability to enhance the regenerative process, and to enable enhanced absorption of fats and oils in the physical body, the body's natural ability to create a faster shift from the etheric blueprint into the physical manifestation, and other important qualities, is that which provides xenon much benefit for many individuals. It also is helpful because in the presence of xenon, you are reminded of that early Lemurian phase when xenon was more prevalent in your atmosphere, and a time in which there was greater joy, bliss, attunement, because you did not have death and destruction on your planet yet

It is important to re-tune to those energies for remembering and understanding about different aspects of consciousness. But at this larger level of science, the joining of etheric sciences, that which in Atlantis was called the "Night Sciences," and the physical sciences, that which in your current sciences would relate to the Atlantean time period of the "Day Sciences," this has not yet come to your planet. When it does, you will find the Star Trek replicator and other important technologies waiting for you, other things to assist you. Perhaps there will be a little spur to inspire you, to include experimentation with xenon under various conditions, in the experiments of your future. But until these are done at physical level, there is very little that is going to be accomplished. That is, it is all very nice to talk about it, to make suggestions, but until individuals actually put them into practice, there is not very much that will likely come of it. The time period for this has not yet approached. But this generation, these are the little scientists being born now, and when they reach their ages 26 and 27, many of them are going to remember this, and they are indeed going to be doing such experiments. So you can pave the way for them by bringing some of the information into form so that they will have access to it.

Yes. There is sufficient energy for one more, then it might be good to close.

Jill: We've been through all the questions, so go ahead and close.

Hilarion: There is one about the general comments that must also be looked at. Because of the way in which many of you are creating changes, you are likely to see in this opening period, particularly in the next six months, that your consciousness to understanding the future will increase. Your ability to perceive, to receive the messages in the astral, will be particularly strong. If you can project yourself into a place of bliss and light and then ask your question, "What will come next?" you will be surprised to see a vista in front of you, mapping out so many things, many of which will occur just as you have seen them.

It's important to recognize that your intuitions generally will be increasing. That as Earth frequency shifts, as the consensus reality of many recognizing why they are here, recognizing that the resistance is deliberately created so they can learn, conjoin their energies, the result is greater awareness for many. The consequence of that: greater paranormality, greater psychic abilities for all beings. Nearly every one of you hearing our voice tonight have likely in the next few months increasing probability of such abilities to project your consciousness, to receive impressions and understanding and intuition at a more powerful level than you have before. What will you do with such an energy? How will you use it? We suggest you recall that Earth has two primary purposes: Schoolroom and Hospital, and apply appropriately. Thus you learn, and help others to learn, with that role of student and teacher; and you help others, and you help others to help, and you help yourselves, thus the role of hospital and healing. This can assist you greatly in making your deeper choice, because ultimately this has behind it one very specific agenda: To remind you of the balance and ultimate choice that you have between consolation and clarification. How much of your choice will be toward greater clarity and understanding? How much will be only towards consolation, towards feeling better? Both are important aspects of Earth, but gradually the shift becomes clearer, that as you choose clarity, so also does that become the consensus reality, because as you agree upon it, so does it manifest on Earth. This is very important to realize, because the love that is manifested has the balance between both of these states, as there can be love found in clarity and love found in consolation, so also does that love magnify on your Earth.

So to close, we would remind you of a beautiful and loving energy in your heart. The same energy that you perhaps touched before, the blending of the energetic showers. Perhaps the energy and the love that you felt for another. But now we also ask you to add to that particular vision of light as a powerful cylinder, infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth. No matter where you might be when you think about this, be aware of that light and energy, and see that it generates in you an up-and-down circulation of energy like vibrational state. And that you are within that beautiful cylinder of light, and you are within that vibrational state, and then you project that love. We suggest that you send it out to someone in the world who has been difficult for you, or who you project in the future might be difficult for you. Pour that love into that being, and allow with it a sound like "aaaaah." Allow with it a vibration and a color, allow with it a sensation of an embrace, allow with it the feeling within you of deep love and compassion and forgiveness. Then letting all of that go, return just to that beautiful cylinder of light, allow it to expand beyond now 100 feet, perhaps to several miles, many kilometers in diameter, to encompass your entire Earth, to remind all for just a fraction of a second that indeed this light is present within all beings, at all levels, at all times. To close, we would ask that you end with a brief "OM." Goodbye.


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Fats and oils and temperature: Aajonus Vonderplanitz' revolutionary book, We Want To Live.

Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

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