Hilarion Spring Equinox 2001

Jill: We are gathered in Nevada City, March 21st, 2001, for the Spring Equinox channeling of Hilarion. The questions have been submitted via the Internet as well as from those in attendance here tonight. For further information on books, tapes, or channelings, contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, California 95959, or visit us on the Internet at hilarion.com .

Hilarion: Yes, greetings to all of you. Yes. This is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into various matters and other important issues, we ask you first to simply welcome a beautiful emerald light, to imagine it pouring through you, touching you, as if to give you a warming sensation at the core of your being--into the bones, into the skin surface, but also as if to touch a deeper part of you than is symbolized simply by the physical body. Recognize this emerald light as forming a cylinder from infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth. Let the light be approximately then filling this cylinder to the width of approximately 100 feet diameter (that is about 33 meters). As you imagine this light touching you and connecting to Earth, see that it contains within it the idea of an invitation, a welcoming of your highest self, your soul, your essence. See also that it has another aspect, the center of Earth aspect, reminding you of the idea of making things practical, realizable, an aspect of consciousness to come from deep within you and somehow be made physical--reality, as you know it--manifested by your consciousness.

It is in this springtime that the full impact of the shift from form into matter and from matter into form becomes clearer for so many. It is the time of new beginnings, the time of new ideas, a breaking forth into the greenness of spring symbolizing this powerful new energy. It is a time in which the baby animals are in periods of gestation, conception, or being born; a time in which they are coming with new eyes, new understanding, new awareness to the Earth, is a powerful symbol for all to seek the answers to their questions with new eyes, with a new way of seeing, with the understanding of the wisdom of a small child rather than the preconceived ideas of an adult or those aspects that have in some ways blocked you from understanding.

Therefore what we mention tonight is about questions. The whole idea of a question and its answer we have often stated in the past, in order to fully understand an answer and you recognize that a question and its answer are created together, then you must let go of the question. This is difficult at times because one may obsess about it or hold on to the question, but really another way of looking at this--these are all different aspects of the combination of different universal laws, specifically the understanding of Reflection and Manifestation. It is the idea that the way in which you work through these will often be as symbolized in a question and its answer but in itself at its essence it is about you transforming, about you becoming a different person. So really in a practical sense, it is a matter of asking the right question in order to find the right answer.

This is sometimes much harder than it seems, so usually when a question begins to show up in your life, something you don't understand, something you want to know more about, holding the question, refining it, playing with it, is helpful. Usually as you ask the question you can play with different answers, particularly if the answers seem to fall into certain categories, certain ways of receiving them, certain energies. Well then, as you work with different ones you will then have responses. In many cases a deep response in you as if to say "No, that is not the answer that I am really looking for. " In other words, the response to that which might be seen as a personal answer teaches you that the answer inside of you must be in more than your head--it must also be in your heart.

As you begin to work with these responses and understand this, the questions changes. It mutates, it shifts into many different aspects of reflection of your life. It is then the ability within your being to manifest both of these together, the question and its answer, and gradually it allows you to get beyond the paradox--because a question and its answer are inherently separated. Therefore, at the place by which they are one, there is a oneness in your being.

You have often answered questions only to find that they lead you to other questions. You have often dealt with answers in different ways and found them not really satisfying because they do lead you into other directions. But once in a while, there is that sense of rightness, of things falling into place. It is as if the paradox is resolved. The two aspects of separation no longer are separated. The question and its answer in that sense, again speaking the language of the heart, the question and its answer fall in love. They care for each other, they dance together, they enjoy each other. In this way the oneness is that which gives you a new expression, a new understanding.

Yes, this in itself may lead to more questions, as inevitably your own growth leads to more separations within your own being. That is the path that people take--they separate the consciousness that is to come into a physical body from the consciousness that manifests in the soul. They separate parts of themselves in different ways, to experiment, to learn, to grow. Always, however, along such a pathway, there is a rejoining. The rejoining can be circuitous and complex and take many lifetimes, or it can be simple and easy when you welcome it. Understanding, however, that you move in these directions as a larger viewpoint can let you be a little more patient as you move through these different aspects of questions and their answers.

What is the question that the animals ask in the time of the vernal equinox? What is the energy that they are seeking to know? This is a powerful and beautiful question of essence itself, and contemplating this and tuning into it in this beautiful time of seasonal change is a powerful meditation in itself. It is a question about existence--why am I here? What is the nature of this world? All the way to the very simplest of things--what is that sound? What is that smell? What is that energy?

When you go out into the world and you see the plants and animals, you see these energies blooming in profusion in the springtime, you will be stimulated to ask this question too. You can fall into various answers about this, such as understanding a plant or an animal by its Latin name or its relationship to the environment or your past experience with it. But if you ask it from the point of view of the animal, of the plant, of the energy itself, what you may experience is a little different, an energy that welcomes the spring, the beauty, the uplifting energy of the Earth herself, the combination of sun and water and earth and the way in which all of these in their own ways come forth.

Yes, there are many ways in which all of these interact, but there is a higher energy, the Air energy, governing all of it because it connects all of this. In some ways air has been likened to ether, an everfine substance connecting all energies, all consciousness, all beings. As you understand this interconnectivity, you then have a greater glimpse as to the nature of your own ability to be here in the world.

In science, as many things are looked at and discovered to understand their nature, it is their interaction with other things about which some aspect is known, appreciated on some consistent level, etc., that data can be gathered. Thus, scientists study light not by looking at light itself, always however by looking at light's reaction. In its initial reaction it is of course on the human eye, the way in which light falling on the eye has certain characteristics. But the characteristics of color, of intensity, and so on are simply the responses of the eye and the brain to that which is the light itself. These responses are unique to the individual, and of course an animal or a plant will have different responses when light falls upon it.

It is from all of this that study can be made out of more consistent areas of interest in order to determine more and more about light. And so from this eventually quantum physics has derived that light has essentially two important natures, and these natures co-exist. Is this not a symbol about the nature of so many things in your world, that these two aspects, the separateness symbolized by the particle existence, the togetherness or interconnectivity symbolized by the wave nature, are always present in all things, always working in all aspects of being? Because indeed at its core you are light.

There are many questions about ascension, about becoming light, about awakening this, yet it is as if in asking the question one would recognize that one is not light, somehow not allowing oneself to ascend and so on. Where this has been a conscious choice on your part, you will then be able to make a conscious choice in another direction if you wish. But most individuals instead respond to such energies as if they are the victim. They feel separated from a higher part of their being, and so they are doing everything possible to get back to it, including getting lots of psychic healings from others who will assist them in becoming ascended, whereas they are light. They have that highest aspect deep within their being. It is a matter of letting go of anything that says that you are not this that can allow you to know it that much better. Again, asking the right question reveals the right answer not about, then, achieving ascension but remembering ascension, not about being something you are not, but about acknowledging that which you are.

In recognizing this, one can examine and work with all kinds of ways of answering questions, but one must always recognize that to some extent any answer will be incomplete until there is some aspect of you, some part of your nature that is a part of this combining. It is back to the way of nature aspect that must always be brought in, and so much in your society that emphasizes the particle or separate nature that allows over and over the misconceptions about how things work in the world. So you have currently a great powerful popular example in the press, in what is going on throughout your world with this issue of hoof or foot-and-mouth disease. This is a difficult issue to understand and work with because there are so many forces at work. Separating them and understanding them is of some value and it will assist you with your mind, but from the animals' point of view it is a relatively simple matter. Here again, though, in studying the answer to the question you cannot really understand the nature of a disease on its own. It must be seen in the larger context, its interactivity. And so asking about purpose when it comes to living things, animate beings, interactive consciousnesses is a sort of open-ended question that gives you all kinds of answers, and the purpose of bacteria, of virus, of parasites, of various fungi, plants, animals, working through all of these questions of purpose reveals a lot of information.

Specifically, one will always notice a relationship between different viruses and bacteria. Rife himself in the 30's discovered by the use of a very powerful microscope how each bacteria has within it a virus, and that that virus can as a result of action upon the bacteria become in itself virulent while the bacteria dies away. And under the correct conditions, that very virus can then give birth to the bacteria. Their purpose, however, was not studied by this eminent scientist. Yet in nature it is so obvious that these organisms are there to clean up, to change the environment, to break down substances so that life at a higher vibrational level, that of sentient beings, that of plants, that of people, that of animals, will then be able to grow.

[Note: More about the scientific work of Royal R. Rife is in Barry Lynes book, The Cancer Cure That Worked.]

In the forest, as the various aspects of the forest break apart, the bacteria, the parasites, the viruses break down plant material into their component building blocks so that they may be utilized to build soil, to enhance, to strengthen. Specifically, then, looking at the interactions, one would ask the obvious question, that which is not being asked by most individuals, and that has to do with how foot-and-mouth disease, how these aspects of difficulty as seen in the larger context, then reflect to this interaction. That is then, what good is it? What is its purpose?

You will then understand that the virus itself is connected to the bacteria. The bacterium involved is streptococcus. This has the capacity to clear various congestive materials. In a human being it is typically associated with the throat center. Similarly in animals to some extent. This clearing is necessary when there is excessive toxic material. Some of the materials that are most toxic would specifically include mercury, aluminum, and various overheated fats and oils.

[Note: More about fats and oils and our deep need for them in our healing is in Aajonus Vonderplanitz' revolutionary book, We Want To Live.]

Mercury has been introduced into the animal population in very high levels over the last few years by increasing use of vaccinations. In addition, various antibiotics utilizing molds and other materials have introduced small quantities of mercury. Aluminum has been added to the atmosphere in large amounts by the use of chemtrails, sometimes called contrails, with a deliberate effort to reflect some of the difficulties of excessive sunlight reaching the Earth's surface. Reducing global warming has indeed occurred as a result of these large scale programs, but unfortunately a poisoning by means of aluminum of the water, of the air itself, of the soil, of many other aspects of plant and animal physiology has also occurred.

So it is only natural then that some disease outbreaks that will clear this will be employed by nature. If foot-and-mouth disease, if this moves properly through the animal, it will indeed create the cleansing and clearing. If allowed to run its course, and if the animal is then taken into a more helpful diet, meaning specifically soil high in minerals, low in toxic materials, used to provide the grasses upon which the ruminants graze, then within a relatively short time, typically a matter of two to three months, the animal will move through this disease and will come out on the other side of it stronger and healthier.

In many cases, however, this is not possible, because instead what happens is a bacterial infection similar to streptococcus or a related one will show up. Under such circumstances, the typical vet will vaccinate or utilize various antibiotics depending on the age of the animal. The young ones get vaccinated and the older ones get their antibiotics. This, then, creates a vicious cycle whereby the bacteria has to work that much harder. It reemploys the virus and other viruses become involved, and the animal gets sicker. Whereas organically raised animals, those that co-exist with nature, those that are able to properly utilize and work with the environment, and when they are grown under conditions of greater peace, attunement to the Earth, the constant recycling and working with the Earth specifically for pasture to be then highly mineralized, these animals will actually go beyond health to a much greater more healthful place.

Unfortunately, science does not recognize this simple question. It isn't asking the right question--in this case, what is the purpose of a virus? What is the purpose of bacteria? How does it work in animals, people, and so on. A simple question, yet that which is being ignored. And so at its core, then, as one is able to contemplate and work with this energy, the results make sense. If, however, one is to avoid having this virus move through the various ruminant populations, then the obvious choice of exterminating the animals is the one being taken, and that which will prevent it to some extent, yet only staves off the inevitable though, as some other way of cleansing or clearing out excessive use generation to generation of toxic materials, various ways of polluting the air and the water, etc., continue with animals, plants, people, and so on. It is seeing the larger perspective and the way in which bacteria and viruses only play a small part in this that gives one the bigger answers.

Now, as an animal then is able to develop sufficient immunity to this difficulty, then it is no longer a problem of a large nature. But there has been a clear decision on the part of those involved to avoid this, to instead prevent the spread of the disease in any way possible, even at great cost, and one would have to ask then, why? What is in it for those involved? You obviously then recognize all of the aspects of economics falling into play here, where the price can go up of the animals, where those in positions to prevent significant numbers of their animals from catching this contagion will then profit from it, and various animals already slaughtered, kept in storage, etc., will be able to be sold at higher prices. And on and on it goes. It is always simply by a matter of the smallest understanding that these silly things go on. Because after all, where does this set those individuals further down the road? Where does it assist when indeed their supply runs out? They are simple questions that can be asked over and over when looking at agriculture, but they are often the questions that are not asked. Looking at the long term good versus the short term profit.

Understanding all of this, however, has another overlay, and looking into this from the world's point of view, there is another question that has already been asked. How good is the fear-based issue associated with bacteria and viruses as we have implanted it into the consciousness of the planet? The people asking this question are beings quite high up on the "food chain"--specifically those working with bringing various aspects of fear-based propaganda, fear-based energies to people all over your planet. Ultimately, yes, this can be used to control the population. It can be used to reduce knowledge, compassion, understanding. It can be used to cause people to separate from each other. It can be used in ways that you cannot fathom, indeed, how individuals would want such separation until you ask this other question, why? What is the purpose? For these individuals, it is to supplement their own identity as the kinds of people who exert power and control over others. That is the kind of person that they need to be.

It is such individuals who have great wealth, and want more; who have a lot of power and responsibility and somehow want more. It doesn't make a lot of sense when you look at it logically, rationally, but emotionally such beings indeed have important aspects that they are in perfect resonance with, with you, with the possibility within you of wanting more power, more energy, more of different things in the world. Yes, it is tying into the greed part of all beings, and when you recognize that that is a part of your being--perhaps it is a small one, perhaps it is not the part that you have allowed very much say in your world as opposed to these individuals, but at least you acknowledge that it is present--you will understand a little more of the why of this issue.

And so such individuals will benefit greatly by spreading fear of disease on your planet, fear of bacteria, and fear of viruses. This will enable them to sell drugs, as most of these individuals make tremendous profits by selling various substances of all kinds. Indeed, some of these aspects have worked out very well for them. For instance, notice the scarcity of peer-review for vaccines that has already taken place on your planet--these are widely accepted without any double-blind studies, without any peer-reviewed studies, without any scientific data to back up why injecting people with mercury and various dead bacteria is good for them.

Understanding this principle has drawn into question for those at higher levels how much power is being exerted here. Why? Because of the issue of genetically-engineered foods. These products, recently introduced, have met with tremendous resistance in Europe, and some resistance in the United States. Indeed these difficulties have made those individuals at places higher up recognize they are going too far too fast with such a program to introduce various unnatural components into the world as seemingly the savior, as seemingly the highest benefit to humankind.

And so this was a testing of the waters. Individuals have expressed fear of Mad Cow disease or bovine encephalitis or various other difficult substances and diseases. So could this then be continued by something around which all people who have had any exposure to various forms of agriculture have at least one past life affiliation or connection? Because, after all, great outbreaks of hoof-and-mouth disease and other related disease have swept across this planet, and many of you have experienced this firsthand in various capacities in your past lives. And so indeed then, this is the new aspect, what makes it different from the introduction of Mad Cow disease, because this is an old disease, one that has been with humanity for a long time.

And so the real issue for those involved at a spiritual level is to find the right questions to ask, to go deeper in the understanding of this, to be able to work out the issues for oneself without necessarily believing that the only solution to this is the wholesale slaughtering of thousands or even conceivably into the millions of animals across your planet. Indeed what do the animals think of this? The overall thoughtform, the beings themselves, would like to continue in the world. Most of them would survive the difficulties associated with the virus, and they would be stronger as a result coming out the other side of it. This is what they would want, and it is inevitable that it is due to factors outside the contagion theory that the tendency here will continue, that then the animals themselves are willing to grow, to take a chance on this. But they are not interested in being destroyed as a result. They learn nothing from this. They are not contributing to anyone, because in most cases that which happens to the carcass--it is simply burned. It is destroyed. It is not allowed even to be as food or nourishment for anyone.

Therefore, it is here again in this as an example of asking the deeper question in order to contact the deeper answer. Yet by comparison to the issues which face you, the way in which coming into this world you have chosen various aspects of illusion, separation, relationship, working things out in the world and so on, the issue of diseases, animals, diet, all of these things are quite simple by comparison. But before we attempt those bigger issues, let us go to this issue of diet.

There are those on your planet who are suggesting that a breatharian lifestyle, one which does not require food, is possible--taking energy, nourishment, directly from light itself. We have addressed this extensively in the past, and it is indeed quite possible. And at the same time we have recommended various dietary patterns for people that are very healing, helpful, but are not a matter of attempting to get their nourishment directly from light. Now there are different ways in order to answer the question. One can understand it in different ways. But we would always take you back to a deeper issue. It has to do with individuality, the nature of your own being, your own progress through various lifetimes. This has formed primarily two paths. One is genetic, that which works with the energies of your ancestors at a physical level. It is related to your own DNA, to what your parents ate, and their parents, as Pottenger's cats experiments detail. The utilization of specific foods for three successive generations takes its toll on that third generation in ways that relate very much to what the previous generations consumed. There are many reasons for this having to do specifically with the depletion of enzymes in the physical bodies of each of the different beings through the generations. But what is more important to understand is that it can be corrected. If it is not, however, one will usually, in working with other diets that don't supply sufficient nourishment, sufficient enzymes, sufficient fats, one will suffer.

The suffering can be alleviated by increasing the energy, but most individuals will not be able to work with such energy in its direct fashion for healing sufficiently. This is obvious when you look at it in a slightly different way. We have often suggested in the past that answering questions that have to do with how things turn out in the world--after all what you are looking for here is what diet is most appropriate for your being--that answering this question comes sometimes by the old adage "By their fruits so shall ye known them." And so then as you look at those who have been involved in these diets, how do they look? What is their health? What is their level of energy? What is their level of strength? If it is a spiritual aspect you are looking for, engage them in a spiritual meditation, or work with them on a level that goes beyond the mere mundane. Note how it feels. But do they have what it takes to remain in the physical body, to use that body for a time, to be able to understand it and learn its lessons? After all, you have bodies, and it is not by ignoring them that you are going to learn from them.

When we ask this question and look at those involved, it is a very easy matter to recognize that those whose health is suffering are perhaps then personifying dietary concepts that are not going to be helpful. Those whose physical body improves, consciousness, ability to concentrate, and ultimately therefore their meditations improve, perhaps that is the one to be followed. Individuals must hold such a cold hard light to the energies that they perceive if the answers they seek are to be simple and practical at the level of "What do I eat or not eat now?" They are simple practical questions but they must be applied.

When understanding this, you can go deeper into the deeper issue as to what is spirituality? Many would recognize that spirituality is simply anything that is not business, and there are many people that really believe that. That is, when they look into the world at all of the things they are doing they say that this and that and the other thing has to do with making money, with survival, with business interrelationships. And so therefore to them, when they begin to look into anything else, it is indeed spiritual.

And so for such individuals, that is certainly a good start at it. But what it really relates to is the essence of your being. You are a spirit. You are a being that is consciousness in its pure vibrational form. It has nothing to do with bodies. It is not even found in the higher subtle bodies. It is indeed a point of light and beyond that. It is without dimension. It is a place of pure form. As the form is then brought into matter, various aspects of it specifically tailored to reflect the components of the form are then taken on. This is the matter of spiritual understanding, where you recognize how those reflections of the essence of your being are then manifested in the world. Therefore, as a result, you can make various spiritual attunements, work with spiritual energy, understand spiritual interrelationships, etc. etc., always coming back to the nature of you, your spirit, your energy, who you are at this core.

Now asking such a question of course takes you way out of individuality because of that aspect of non-dimensionality, the aspect beyond the restrictions of dimension. You are God. You are connected on all levels with all beings. You are energy on many levels. Answers don't come in the three-dimensional world defined by the English language at a purely spiritual level in a way that will be satisfactory to you. They will only be reflections of the aspects, symbolically characterized as spirit moves into matter. Therefore, as you begin to ask these questions about diet--what is a spiritual diet?--you must then again ask as to the purpose. What is the purpose of having a body? The whole idea is to experience certain things that are more difficult to experience as pure spirit. And what are those things? They are certainly beautifully personified by the aspect of spring: enjoying the beauty around you, in nature; feeling, sensing, smelling, being a part of these things. You have many wonderful kingdoms that surround you of very intelligent powerful beings such as the dolphins to remind you of this. Their sensuality, sexuality, their ability to communicate, many things indicating that their own capacities for cognition, telepathy, and other aspects go way beyond that of people. And yet they are here too, in bodies, and they take full advantage of the sensual side of this to feel, to touch, to know each other.

So it is also that it is no accident that you have so many nerves in your own physical body deliberately created in such a way to bring you pleasure, to bring you pain, to bring you sensation of the physical world. Hence it is also that all exercises, all aspects of meditation, all ability to increase consciousness is so much enhanced over and over when you take advantage of the kinesthetic aspect, some aspect that brings in this sense or quality of feeling, of touching, of sensation, not because it is inherently better but because you're in a body. And your body has so many nerves, and all of the nerves interacting in so many different ways with your brain (which is indeed all of the nerves) always symbolic of interconnectivity, of awareness of your surroundings, of your environment.

And so then if a diet is that which sustains and strengthens the body, enables enhanced communication, enhanced ability to know all aspects of the physical body, the sensual side, the visual side, the auditory side, and of course taste and smell, well then, is that perhaps a diet that would be more spiritual? Only you can answer this question for yourself, but again--the purpose. What is the purpose of eating well, of sustaining and helping the body? Perhaps it is so that the body can remain here in a place free of disease and difficulty, a place of greater health? That would be more at neutral. Yet some of the new dietary principles are showing that after a period of cleansing and clearing, the potential for the body is one of indeed enhanced attunement, enhanced sensuality, enhanced vision, enhanced hearing, that which is perhaps even more than you had when you were a child.

Understanding and working with this principle leads you inevitably back to the place where once the healing is sufficient, once the dietary transgressions have been corrected--from past generations, from various insults to the body by eating those things that are not natural or appropriate, by using those food substances that are damaging, by contaminations from pollution and so on--then the next level, moving towards lighter and lighter, foods that personify and work with light, working with light directly. At such a level, it only makes sense. But the difference is one does not have to force it--it comes naturally and easily. And while it is occurring, the health and strength of the body increases. It does not decrease. Recognizing this will show you much about this. One question that could be asked is, on average then, how many individuals are ready for such? And we see very few in the world, very few whose bodies will actually move to this place of greater youthening, greater strength, greater energy, greater enhancement of the senses as then such a diet towards less and less food and more and more light is taken.

This does not mean it is the only path. Of course one can move directly into these places of light with the body suffering as a result, but achieve greater attunement, understanding, awareness and other energies. There isn't anything wrong with that, of course, and there are many who must choose such a path because they are not so interested in learning the lesson that the body has for them in the world. But for most people, you have chosen this path, this three-dimensional world, so you can interact in bodies, which brings us to the next question, about love.

How people may know this, how they may work with it, and how do they know when it is time to call it quits, to say that this relationship is not working out. It is a very difficult question to answer because from the guides' point of view, under most circumstances you are drawn to a person and you work with that individual one way or another over and over. If you ask the right question, you get a more interesting answer, not then looking to the future, but first of all looking to the past. How many times have I worked on this issue, the issue of relationship with this person? Sometimes if you can open to your answer in a clear-headed way, an answer will pop in and you will be surprised when it comes in along the line of "23 lifetimes" or in terms of actual years together "527 years we have been working on this one."

When you start looking from such a point of view, you have perhaps the perspective that the choosing to go along together or break up within the next month, the next year, the next decade, in such a large context means very little, and why would you have chosen to work it out with this person over and over again unless there was something of value there? And then you begin to ask the right question, not about knowing whether it is time to change or not, but to know what it is you came here to do, what is the purpose of this relationship, what it is that you are trying to work out together, why it is you are then choosing each other, and how then to bring that in, whatever it is you are choosing, right now. In other words, recognizing that the 527 years has been but a preamble. Now let's get to the main course. Now let's do what we came here to do.

Once you start asking such a question, you may be shocked to discover what happens, as if the guides and helpers all line up in order to bring very powerfully and quickly into form all of those energies that you are here to work out, and they may not be something that you're very interested in. They may be something to do with helping others in the world, or bringing something of your combined energy together, or allowing something of far greater importance than you have ever suspected or wondered about before. The possibilities are endless, but go cautiously into such an issue, remembering that the most difficult thing about praying for what you want is that sometimes you get it.

So it is also in answering the question as to meaningful work. What is the appropriate way to find right livelihood? You must ask these deeper questions before you approach this issue if you are to go beyond the trap of working out these issues in the world over and over and over. Here again looking into the past: "What have I done in my past lives? Yes, indeed, I have been in social work in various contexts for a long, long time. I have counseled altogether 5,227 individuals about their marriages, about their enterprises, about their children." When will you ever tire of it? Perhaps deeper in your heart you are recognizing the deeper question then--what have I come here to know about right livelihood? What have I come here to know about the doingness as it relates to the nature of my being? After all, you don't take it with you. That is, the money that you earn from this world, though it may seem on the surface to be the important issue, since you are going to use it to pay the rent, or buy food for your pets, or do things in the world, still this energy relates to a much higher capacity of what you do take with you. Because if those actions of right livelihood, of working in the world, have brought you more enlightenment or more understanding, more interaction from others, bringing you to a new understanding about yourself, perhaps you have gained some true value from this.

Therefore, the deeper question must always be asked, and when you hold that question, again, sometimes you may be confounded by the answer as suddenly people start showing up in your life offering you jobs to do things that you didn't think you were interested at all in doing. Only now because you have asked the question and you have remembered our words, you decide not to say no immediately, but instead to say, "Well, let me come over and meet some of the people I'll be working with" only to be astounded to find that these are your soul mates, these are your kin, the beings that you have come here to work out these issues with, the ones that you have counseled in the past and have counseled you, the ones you are here to finally come to the place of deeper understanding with.

There isn't too much time left on this world for this sort of thing, because science is advancing at a rather rapid rate towards the capacity to eliminate money on your planet. This is happening by many different means, and you have many symbols of this right now where energy shortages are occurring on your planet while at the same time the development of new energy technologies--so-called free energy techniques--are on the way, and free matter is right behind. After all, energy and matter are but manifestations of the same thing. Einstein's great discovery and how it is taught in every grade school, how e=mc2, that matter and energy are interchangeable. It becomes obvious then that with new energy techniques, new matter techniques are right behind.

But understanding the deeper symbolism of this, you chose it. You chose the aspect of work in the world. Why? You chose certain barriers to this, some talents, some capabilities. Why? Perhaps as a general sort of push in one direction for you to find certain ways of employment because in this way you will be more likely to interact with those individuals that you came here to interact with, to know, to understand, to learn from. "What, Hilarion? You mean not to get rich?" Well, you know, it is true that there are a few people on your planet for whom getting rich is the main idea of doing things in the world, but very, very few. Because, again, you don't take it with you. Such individuals must also have deep within them a powerful pure philanthropic side in order for this to be the primary reason that they have come here in the world, so that that money that they get rich with they will also be able to let go of. And you have some examples of this in your world. Certain ones currently in incarnation, of course, whom you may think of, and others for whom various prizes are named, such as the Pulitzer prize and the Nobel prize and others.

As you understand about these issues, you will gradually reawaken different components of your being into a place of greater peace about the making of the money. After all, too much money might be a bit of a distraction. After all, if you made enough money to retire, you would no longer interact with others. So again here, the real key is in finding your team, in finding those you will interact with and so on.

Now of course there are some individuals who are destined to work alone. That which they are to manifest in the world is that which will only come by solitude, by their working on these issues by themselves. But here again, that is not the energy for this time for most people. Most individuals are here to learn, to interact with others, and to grow as a result. And so the deeper question can always pop up: How do you know? And so we can answer this by a suggested meditation. How do you know what is the time to break up a relationship? How do you know what is the right job? How do you know what to eat for breakfast this morning? All of these simple questions and complex ones.

But rather than suggest the meditation, we will simply invite you to engage in this meditation. So for a moment, relax. Recognize a powerful clearing energy all around you. Imagine a vibration moving through you, up and down very rapidly; a vibration associated with a very positive loving time. Any aspect to raise your vibration to feel clearer, more happy, is a very good place to begin. Then imagine a mirror in front of you. See yourself in the mirror. See your being in its fullness, the whole body. Then see yourself without clothes on. See yourself younger. See yourself with different clothes than you would ever normally wear. See yourself older. Imagine that you have put on a great deal of weight. Imagine that you have lost a lot of weight. See the body change in all of these different ways.

Gradually, as you move through these different stages, it will stabilize. If it does not immediately, then allow it to stabilize gently on its own. Then allow the idea that that image, smiling at you, seeing you from the other side of the mirror, now becomes interested in other activities. Turning away from you, he or she steps outside of the mirror, right through the mirror into the world. You sit there just as you are, breathing, relaxed, noticing. And then you see that second image move out of the mirror and try on some different things. If this is a job that you are looking at, well then, the second image goes off and tries that, meeting people perhaps, doing things in the world, answering ads, going on interviews, learning about different things--whatever way in which you wish to see him or her doing these things. Notice that as he or she is involved in this, you have responses in your body. Sometimes there is a sense of coldness, very slight perhaps in the pit of your stomach or in your feet; sometimes a sense of pressure or compression, perhaps in your neck or your shoulders. Other times there may be a sense of warmth, tingling, a sort of expansion or lightness. Just notice.

Similarly, you could allow the second image to try on different relationships, an old relationship or to find a new one. But as the second image is playing in these areas, again, you are noticing what is happening in your physical body.

Now, imagine that this ends. The second image returns to the mirror. Perhaps you could even imagine that you and the second image are merging so that there is no leftover energy, and the mirror naturally dissipates and disappears. Then write down your experience. If there was a sense of this expansion, lightness, warmth, etc. in the time of the image doing certain things, those are the things to be pursuing now. If there is compression or contraction or coldness, that is perhaps then the No, that is the thing for the image to tell you about as not to be done now. Simple meditation, simple exercise, and it can be applied in so many ways. The key is non-attachment, and it is a way that gives you different answers. They are not logical answers. You have often exhausted all the logical routes in order to come to an answer of this nature.

There are so many questions for tonight, but we would like to take a brief pause here and invite another to speak. Would that be alright?

Jill: Yeah.

Osho: It is with a sense of peace that I am to be in your heart. There is a flowing in your heart. It is symbolized by the blood as it moves through your heart. But there is another side to this. It is a place in your heart that knows how to love others, has always known this, will never forget it. It is not born as much of your body, of the physical heart, as it is of the part of you that has always loved. Some may ask about forgetting. Where does the love come from? How may I know it? In the asking is the answer. Those who would ask this are in a place of forgetting the love of themselves--not the love of another, not the love for another, but the love as if the ocean currents of life itself. There is not a forgetting or a remembering in the ocean currents of life itself. In this way it is the energy of being. It is the flow. It is the way.

In bodies in the world, there are so many symbols, so many distractions. You cannot feel all of them at once. So you select, and you forget those you have not selected. A habit pattern develops. But it does not mean that those others disappear. They are there waiting to be felt, to be discovered. The question is about the balance of man and woman, male and female, inner and outer, freedom and responsibility. But those are the trappings of existence. They are not the nature of your soul. They are not the nature of your life. They are only the nature of the manifestation of this as you have created it.

When I was alive last in the world, I had the body of a man. There were many who listened to my words, many who dared to follow my suggestions for an experiment, for seeing and feeling in new ways. This was a beautiful thing, and it has created an energy that goes on and on. But in answering the question as to the balance of male and female, of the understanding of the balance of freedom and responsibility, of inner and outer--that is forgotten. The experiment was to know that those things are but the trappings, the symbols of being in a body. That in the essence, there is no gender. In the essence there is only light. In the essence there is only love.

If you choose to restrict that love, celebrate your restriction. If you choose to feel the sadness before you would know that you deserve the love, see that this is the choice you have made and celebrate your sadness. If you do not do this, then your revelation and your understanding, which eventually will be yours, in this life or the next or the next, that revelation will be hollow. But if it is a revelation that brings in also joy, a sense that this is perfect as you created it, as you welcomed it, as you wanted it in your dance with others, then you will know why you chose it. You did not choose it to learn, because you already knew. You chose it for the joy. You chose it for the experience of the dance.

Remembering this can help you to answer these questions--that inside every one of you is a body of a man or a woman, even though the body you have chosen may be male or female. And so these parts of your being are there to be discovered, to be enjoyed, but also to be sensed, to be celebrated. That is how you find the answer to such a question about existence. Not by the mind, but by the heart in its dance.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. We thank you, Osho, for your assistance and willingness to work with the body appropriately. It is always a difficult matter to make these bridges, yet it is hoped that those who would appreciate the thoughts and sometimes provocative ideas that this being was able to present when he was alive will also find that some component of their being re-recognizes that that is a part of their being too, a willingness to strike off in new directions, to do things perhaps are challenging or not easily done before. We will pause briefly and then we would like perhaps to address some of the other questions rapidly.

[Drinks water] Yes. Hilarion here again. More questions?

Jill: Hilarion, what is the highest and best probable reality possible for us in the 2012-2013 time frame?

Hilarion: There are many possibilities. And it is a good question because in the way in which you are magnetizing and working with the being that you will be in this time period, so then do you open the bridging and the energy for it to come to pass. This is a time in which it is conceivable that many of the actions that have been previously limited by matter will be released. Thus, you could imagine some of the powerful and beautiful images projected by Star Trek to be of value to you: the discovery of space travel, the ability of the Replicator to reproduce any matter as would need be, the capacity to produce large amounts of energy in a non-polluting fashion, and the willingness of people of all races and all creeds to cooperate together, to find a way to balance energies. Such is an important possibility ahead for many, and it was indeed designed into the Star Trek mythology for many to recognize this as a more concrete reality.

Another important image to recognize from that time period into humanity is the whole idea of choice, that choice would be made more upon important aspects of intercommunication, of love, of caring, rather than the economic motive, rather than survival. Understanding that those choices must reflect back to the individual gives you a clue as to what the bridge is that is actually being created. What is your choice? What is the energy you want to manifest? How would that which is highest and best in your being be best and most lovingly shared with other beings? Not an easy question to answer, but it comes back to joy, to an experience of love, to something personally uplifting and helpful in your own being, from which you can then realize and make such choices. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. Does the radio frequency radiation from cellular phones cause or contribute to brain tumors?

Hilarion: It does to some extent. It is not an easy issue to create because the whole idea of interacting at high vibrational frequencies with the human brain does naturally create various difficulties having to do with the essence of the observer and the nature of the experiment itself. This is why culture studies and cell studies will repeatedly be inconclusive when working with high frequencies.

The DNA itself is in a state of continuous motion. It is, after all, in a wound spring, and the oscillations are relating very specifically to life functions and the ability of DNA to transmit information. This transmitting capability is particularly strong in the brain, and therefore it can be influenced by various frequencies. When those frequencies are close to the brain, there can be at times the development of a vortex. This vortex is nonphysical--it is an etheric one--but it is that which presages physical difficulties. If this is coordinated with impure diet, particularly accumulation of fats which have been heated over 104ûF (that is 40ûC) at any time during their existence, these will tend to accumulate in such vortices. At the physical level, this will cause stroke, cancer, various other physical difficulties possible, always leading to the body's ability to somehow correct this if proper diet is taken. But other assaults on the body are damaging and that which cause difficulty, so it is in the coordination for the average individual of the additional use of high frequencies near the brain, that difficulty likely ensues. So for the average person on the average diet, yes, this is an additional assault and does create more difficulty.

This is particularly compounded as aluminum is more increasingly distributed throughout the environment and into the air. Mercury from injections of various substances, particularly vaccines, make the whole issue that much more difficult. The result is more metal in the brain which responds to electromagnetic and magnetic vibrations from the speaker, from the electronics involved. These can naturally accumulate--various repetitive problems of an electrical current nature. After all, magnetic fields moving in various conductive materials compounds the problem and moves those currents in different ways. The brain itself made up of a network of nerves must work with that electrical current somehow, and this can be transmitted and released from the brain. But in many cases with excessive metals contaminating the brain, this is difficult. So you see that it is a complex matter, but generally other means of communication are recommended. It is possible to use cell phones for short periods of time when necessary only and not then bring on all of these difficulties. But obviously some balanced use is in order. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes. What is the likelihood of contact through radiotelescopes such as SETI in the near future?

Hilarion: It is 100%. Contact has already been made. Various beings have transmitted energies, and on many levels some of the individuals involved have suppressed this information. This is very important because the whole program underway--that which we have mentioned a little bit of with regards to the economic domination of your planet by a few individuals--this has not been completed yet, and the ability to work with another civilization, to share information of various higher technologies and other aspects would indeed stop such plans from unfolding in the ways that those involved wish them to be.

As long as these programs are centralized, as long as only a few have access to the important information at the critical times, then such suppression can continue. It will not last forever though, of course, as various beings will utilize more and more sophisticated, simpler, less costly technology, particularly reaching into higher and higher frequency ranges, to be able to establish their own small-scale receiving stations and be able to receive such information and contact directly.

In terms of this being outwardly seen, this appears as if to be continually repressed by many beings. But we see that the whole idea of this bursting forth somewhere about 2005 is a pretty good probability, that other people will recognize this and acknowledge the presence of extra terrestrials wishing to establish positive helpful communications with people, and that this would be of benefit to many. An interesting experiment has already begun in Germany by a Dr. Meyl in working with faster than light communication, and such will be available more and more and is already that which is available on the Internet and can be understood by others who wish to examine and work with these forms of higher communication. Further question?

Jill: Does sunspot activity influence Earth events such as declines in the stock market? Is it possible that man's misqualification of energy is the cause of sunspots?

Hilarion: No to the first question and yes to the second. That indeed sunspot activity is influencing many events on the other, but not directly such events as the stock market or other matters, but rather the whole idea of the sunspot activity is to increase energy, to bring new ideas and possibilities, to open all kinds of energies for people to absorb and work with. This is a natural reaction at times to levels of higher consciousness that interfere in the communication between the Earth and the Sun. When people are thinking extremely fearful thoughts on a large level, it does interfere with such natural communication between these great powerful beings. And so, as a result, to reestablish this, the Sun may at times need to forcefully create the sunspot activity which creates various flares, magnetic storms, various ways of bursting through such blockages, and bring new energies to bear. It is not as if the negative energies of people have sufficient capacity on their own to create such storms. It is rather that their influence is an important factor, and why indeed there can be recognized as correlations between sunspot activity and various human activities. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Okay. What are some of the misconceptions surrounding the nature kingdom or nature spirits in regard to competition versus cooperation?

Hilarion: Evolution is seen over and over from the purely Darwinian perspective of survival of the fittest, but really in its essence it has to do with consciousness, the shared consciousness of all beings manifesting as a collective, as beings to work out issues, as to understand each other, for the specific avenue of loving each other, learning about each other, living together in ways in which that harmonious living gives way then to deeper and deeper ways of communication, understanding, and ultimately evolution.

This is happening at the soul level for many beings on your planet, but clearly the leaders of this on your Earth are the humans. They are the ones that are also in the place of misconception about the wholeness, about how their actions are indeed interfering on so many levels with the communication between plants and animals, with the consequent death of various species, with the destruction, pollution, and other aspects happening on your planet. Yet here again it is by the misconception that eventually these things will right themselves because of competition, because of survival of the fittest. It is really not correct, because a very powerful motivating factor here is the consciousness itself, the consciousness of the whole. That, to a large extent, many human beings deny, are not willing to accept and work with on a conscious powerful level.

It is true that this is the basis of many native, aboriginal, Native American and other philosophies that are discovered in your world when you look into past history. But it is with the dawn and the spreading of Western civilization and other aspects all over your planet that deny these components that this difficulty has emerged.

At its core, however, reacquainting yourself with the Devic orders, being a part of nature and feeling their energy, can take you beyond the dichotomy of cooperation/competition to the level of wholeness that requires both. After all, if an experiment is to be engaged in in which the answer is not known ahead of time which will survive better, it only makes sense to bring in different avenues and let them compete to find of the ways in which these work. But they are not born out of the idea of separateness winning. They are born out of the idea of the most effective at the beginning being that which will be shared with all. And that is the real purpose of competition, that as those aspects are learned, that evolution is taken, then that is shared with all beings, that all grow as a result.

Understanding that larger principle--from wholeness it begins, into potential separation, then back to wholeness--you understand the way in which all of these things operate and see it for its larger perspective. All of the nature spirits, all of the Devic orders, know this. They feel it. They recognize the joy in the competitive spirit of the competition in nature as a dance, as an aspect you could say of beauty, of enjoyment of the sport of it. But never with the intent of it being any more than that--only just a game.

So then you have so many parallels to this in your world, of the way in which aboriginal cultures, Native American cultures, and others, cannot understand the competitive spirit of professional sports, for instance, that requires that there be a winner and a loser, and that the loser suffers the agony of defeat, and the winner the thrill of victory, and this is not to be shared on some level.

So ultimately the misconception is only around essence, and each Deva, each being knows this essence so well that as you learn them, as you're with them, as you are engaging with them in a meditative place in nature, that is one of the important energies they will share with you. And where your life has had competition, where you have struggled in order to achieve at the expense of someone else, you will be disturbed by this energy. It will seem at times at its core to you that which is uncomfortable or difficult because it relates to how you are seeing and judging yourself. You must forgive yourself under such a circumstance, and then you will be able to see more clearly into the nature kingdoms, to be with these beings and understand them for what they are, not for what you would want them to be or imagine them. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Okay. In The Work of Byron Katie, we look at our own personal responsibility and individual empowerment. Is there an essence of relationship, or is relationship merely the story of each individual?

Hilarion: Relationship is really all there is once you begin to understand this pattern that shows up over and over. After all, without relationship, there is simply oneness. Oneness in and of itself has nothing to relate to. Oneness has nothing to become, nothing to change into, nothing to learn. When oneness is able to create multiples of itself, and this is mirrored by the fractality of the universe into all the multiple relationships and all the beings--the plants, the animals, the aspects of that which is inanimate and animate matter, various aspects of relationships between people, on and on it goes--you could say that oneness went a little too far. But understanding this issue is to recognize that at its core, from these relationships, there is a learning, there is an enjoyment, there is a greater whole that comes from it.

It is quite correct to recognize, however, that it is in the stories about these relationships, the drawing of conclusions around this, that one has so often gone astray, come to a place of absolute rules about this or that, or even underlying assumptions as to this should be or that should be, as if to say that the story is in itself more important than the interrelatedness of all of the beings and all that they have to share. The story is important. It is a means by which the message is conveyed. It is a means by which the understanding is shared. But after the sharing has taken place, it is time to let go of the story, to find a new one, and to in this way greater understand the interrelationship itself.

Always however, there will be a path back to oneness, and in that oneness what has been gained from the separation will be shared without the story. This is difficult to speak of, of course, because speaking is a story. But you understand it in your heart as the feeling of union in the moment of orgasm, in the moment of connectedness, in the moment of exaltation, in the moment of Aha. All of these and other important experiences are beyond story. Yes a story got you there, but how often have you noticed that when you use the same story, you don't get there again?

And that is always a reminder that it is not about the story, but rather in the interrelatedness itself that you find what you are looking for. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes. Why is Harry Potter capturing the imagination of young and old at the massive clip it is? What is underneath these wonderful stories?

Hilarion: It is obvious when you understand so much of what is happening in your world appears to be governed by these rules: of science, of law, of economics, of so many things that are overt and understandable. Yet the whole idea of the hidden reality coexisting alongside that of the overt reality, that of the underlying energies, are romantic and wonderful notions. And they are present. It is as if the ancient notions of the Atlantean sciences, the Day science and the Night science, are personified in this way, because as you reveal and understand, of course Harry Potter's world, the magical world, has its own rules, its own regulations. They are very different, but still they are there.

It is in the imaginative capacity to recognize the blending of these two worlds that such an important reminder of the ancient Atlantean ideals and understanding comes forth. And a reminder that many possibilities that have been overlooked are available, that the magical understanding within one's own consciousness is an awakening of the child within you, of seeing things in a whole new light, of seeing ways in which you had never conceived of how something could occur, that it can occur quite easily and in such a matter of fact and easy way, once you have recognized that magic is afoot.

Understanding this is a powerful energy, because science in itself seeks to explain and understand, but need not take out the awesomeness, the revelation, the wonder, but rather can allow individuals to discover it if they look deeper, if they use the scientific world as a springboard for deeper understanding.

In the meantime, though, cultivating an attitude that invites miracles, invites magic, invites a shift, this is a beautiful and wonderful thing. So it isn't just that in Rowling's work is an inspiration for your own identification, your own magical creativity, your own imagination. It is also an avenue for your guides and helpers. So when you read it, they gather around you, and they touch you gently, and they feed you energy, and they say to you "Yes, there are more things in life than you thought possible if you will but open to them." In this way it is a symbolic bridge to the guide energies, to the energies of seeing things in a new light, in a new way. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes. Would it be possible to hear more on the subject of love from Athena?


Athena: You have asked again to explore and look into that which is the motivating factor in your nature. The love in your heart, the love in your energy, the love in your body is but a tiny reflection of another energy. Love has been described at times as the glue which connects so many things together, and that it is. Yet what is it that you are connected to by an energy of this nature? The answer is unfathomable in human terms. It is beyond that which you have acknowledgement of in your day-to-day life. It is why you are attracted to relationship as if there is a hope that by opening trustingly, lovingly, somehow willingly, more of the nature of that energy will be known. We are not using the word lovingly here in a redundant context. It is the energy itself that as you open to, you receive more of. Why? Because love itself wants to be. This is hard to understand, that love would have an intrinsic intelligence, an awareness or an energy. In a sense it does, however, because it always is there, showing you the interconnectedness, the awareness of how you are connected to so many.

Yet knowing this, seeing it, understanding it is useless. It means nothing. It is in your heart's willingness to play that the answer comes, that when you are able to feel the energy, to touch it in your heart, to feel it as if bubbling up through your body, to feel it moving somehow beyond your skin, beyond your bones, in that light between you and another, a willingness to feel that energy. The best way to answer a question about love is not by words, or even by sounds, but by opening to the love itself. By trickery, by playfulness, by allowing. So for a moment, focus your attention on someone that you love. Pour your energy into that person and feel that change. Then let that energy come back to you. Does it have a sound? Does it have a characteristic, a taste, a feeling?

When your guides feel that love with you, sometimes they make sounds. They are not the same sort of sounds that you hear, such as the moans of pleasure or "Ahhh," but they are the universal sounds, the sounds of the spheres, the sounds of the stars. Sometimes they sounds like wwhhhhhhhhhhh. And sometimes like [howling]. Yet what these are sounds of are the movements of love through the cosmos, through the planets, through the comets, through the Earth. You have this capacity too, because as you touch the love in others, as you feel it and awaken it in yourself, so also do you see and feel and know the love that the worlds, the universe, is there to nourish in you.

This is a much more cosmic answer to the question about love in a practical way between two people, but it is why you return to it. So if you can remember to open to this, it will make it that much more pleasurable, that much more repeatable, that much more trustable and knowable.


Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. We thank you, Athena, for your words, sounds, and assistance with the vehicle and with making the idea of this a little more tangible. There is perhaps enough energy for another but it is going to be necessary to wind it down pretty soon.

Jill: Can you briefly comment on Chiron?

Hilarion: No. Chiron is a complex asteroid. It has many symbols. But in brief, it must be perceived that with the discovery of Uranus, the whole idea of surprise, new energies, and other aspects was uncovered in a more conscious way. Yet the idea at a spiritual level of such sudden change, awakening, enlightenment, this more clearly characterizes Chiron.

There are many ways in which it can be understood, of course. Such an energy as it moves into form and an individual is able to misuse it or misunderstand it or be tortured by it or changed by it. But always it is to be perceived at its core as a clearly spiritual energy, an energy that encourages a being to cut to their core, to understand the nature of who they are, and reveal this, work with it somehow or have great difficulty in resisting it. This is in a sense combining some of the aspects of both Uranus and Pluto in the way in which Chiron works. But it always must be seen that it is about this spiritual essence, and the way in which this manifests for the individual. We hope this is of some value, though brief.

Jill: Thank you. We've come to the end of our questions, so you can give us a closing.

Hilarion: We are grateful to the idea of questions and answers, and the way in which you are encouraged over and over to ask deeper and deeper questions at the level by which you will eventually let go of the whole idea of questions and answers Finding that indeed they are one within your being enables you at times to understand better than formulating them as separate. Yet going beyond that, we take you to the oneness now, reminding you of the clear light--a beautiful emerald light--to be welcomed, to be breathed. But also to have a kinesthetic quality, a brushing, warming, vibrating sensation. Inhale the light. Let it move through you, then let it go easily, lovingly, down to Mother Earth. See that she responds, an energy bubbling up from her into your body. And then we ask you to share this as an energy, as a sound, as a gentle OM out loud. Good bye.


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