Hilarion Spring Equinox 2000 Channeling

Jill: Today is March 21st, 2000. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Spring Equinox channeling of Hilarion. Questions have been submitted from those in attendance, as well as via the Internet. For further information on channeling, books, or tapes, contact Jon C. Fox, Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, U.S.A., or visit us at hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Yes. Greetings to all of you. Yes. This is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into various matters you have posed and other important aspects to look at, we'd make some gentle, loving suggestions with regards to the disposition of your energy bodies at this time. We ask you to be aware of a beautiful emerald light, to welcome it, to see it pouring through you, as if then naturally forming a cylinder approximately 30 meters in diameter--that is about 100 feet diameter--and to extend from infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth. At center of Earth it makes contact with the great Mother, with an energy of love, with a contact that has to do with physicality. And infinitely upwards it makes contact with the soul, with the highest self, with the sense of God, with a sense of a joined higher unity. Yet these manifest as one within you.

The point of this manifestation is not predetermined. It is up to humanity to chart its own course. Yet at the same time as this, tremendous, beautiful, loving--and at the same time, frightening--opportunities are often put before you. These opportunities are placed there by your discretion, by your choice, by your election to come to this place of making such a choice; the choice made collectively, individually. And it is in these times in which the Earth breathes and comes to these powerful points of equal breath as associated with the Equinox points, that the understanding of this equality, this balance, comes at a physical level, in the cells of the body, in sense within your own being; and that this equality equals in your own consciousness this balance between the individual and the group. This is symbolized in astrological terms by the balance of equal day and equal night.

But in your own consciousness, it also means, to your awareness, that there is this powerful balancing between the activities as moral, as ethical, as evolutionary imperatives for the group, and for the individual. In some cases, this has produced a conflict, a way in which you would see, in fact, under many circumstances a threat, with the group evolving, with the group consciousness stop[ping] the conscious evolving of the individual. Much that you will understand about over the course of this evening but also in your lives will be to reckon with this principle. It is the beautiful workings of Earth--that here you have separation, yet you have so many symbols of oneness, togetherness, awareness in a group. You have the manifestation of energy as matter, manifested by consciousness, propelled by it. Yet its illusory nature reminds you that it is somehow separate. Yet here again, your scientists, the great revelations of quantum mechanics and understanding of the 20th century to bring you this understanding that indeed it is manifested as mostly empty space: A tiny bit of energy and lots of consciousness. How all this can come together for each of you is to be understood as a greater gift, as if God's plan in this regard is not predetermined, but as if then to manifest something higher, something better, something more wonderful, or perhaps something ultimately to be destroyed, to be discarded, because in itself, it does not evolve, it makes no great progress.

It must be understood that in all of this, you have elected this planet with this powerful symbology, the way in which DNA on your planet has determined and manifested so many of the magnificent animal and plant forms, and these reminders in so many ways touch you deeply because of a shared resonance, because you also are made of this--the DNA structures, the way in which they move, the way in which they resonate. And so for a second, we suggest that you let go of the ideas at the intellectual level, and attune to them in the feeling sense, with the awareness of your connection to Earth and her beauty. This is the great powerful energy of Spring, and why it is then particularly associated with the higher populated Northern Hemisphere with the birth, the energies associated with new beginnings; the beginning of the astrological sequence associated with Aries, and such energies.

Now it is true that this is already underway, the exact point of the Equinox occurring at 11:35PM on Sunday, March 20th, in Pacific Time. But it is also to be understood that as an energy, it tends to continue for several weeks, a powerful birthing. This is now joined or linked to another energy, an energy that is to bring new awareness with regards to Taurus, around May 5th. This is something many people are talking about and looking at, and you did not ask any questions from this group specifically about this. Yet, we are persuaded by your guides, helpers, and many other energies that we must comment on this. Before doing so, however, we would like you to be aware of the energies within you that have been beneficial, that have not always been easy to come by. Small amounts of change, disturbance, sometimes activated initially by fear, sometimes an energy within you that you did not want, somehow brought something different in you--a higher level of consciousness, a deeper understanding, a greater love. The path to this is sometimes torturous and difficult. Sometimes it brings you face to face with yourself, some aspect in yourself which you must change, let go of, shift. If you see that this is ultimately beneficial, you then can have the open heart to welcome change rather than to fear it. You could see that change ultimately brings you into a position of greater love, awareness, understanding, compassion, and that it does not threaten your ego, it does not make you less than what you were.

Seeing this can be very helpful because the times indeed are approaching of greater and greater change. First of all, this planetary lineup in the energies beginning around May 5th--we spoke about this in previous public channelings as if to say, not to worry. Well, we have been reconsidering this, looking at many of the energies and many of the suggestions from guides, helpers, and other energies. Many of the forces that are gathering at such time within Earth and outside her may provide some difficulties; these of earthquake and related issues associated with the crust movement of Planet Earth. Those places that may be particularly stressed will as always be the Ring of Fire. Yet, we see that some of this may focalize in Northern and Southern California. Some of these energies must be taken into account and understood, because indeed seeing, welcoming and seeing the real benefit of change in your own consciousness can be that which makes such difficulty pass in a way in which the energies of change are taken inside rather than manifested outside. That is always the key in relieving the planet of earthquake. Indeed there is much emphasis from extra-terrestrials and many other beings to reduce these energies, to relieve the pressures in the various fault lines so they do not have to manifest with crustal movements. Still, by our simulations, by our computer simulations and other ways we work with such energies, we see a 30, perhaps as high as 35% probability of major earthquakes. These will begin shortly after the planetary line-up. The exact date is still unclear, but somewhere perhaps between the 7th and the 28th of May. And such energies would be useful as one could manifest these, blend them, and see change in one's own life, thus absorbing the energies, using them for one's own acknowledgement, for greater evolution, for greater understanding.

There are those who live in certain locations in Northern California who would ask then, "Well, is this place to be affected, and is that one?" and we cannot answer this. It is unclear at this time. However, the awareness of this, and the possibility of being able to shift these energies, putting particular attention on this, in addition to the energies associated with greed, power, and money that would normally come out in this time in which the greater association with Taurus, is to reduce the action of greed, power, and money, and emphasize or increase the action of love, compassion, and unconditional forgiveness. These things we have spoken about before, but we mention this because there are many who will here these words who are located in the San Francisco Bay area and other locations in Southern California that have the possibility of such earthquake stress.

It is important when working with such energies that one recognize there is plenty of warning now, plenty of time. If you can practice, perhaps during the month of April, at releasing fear, releasing ego attachment, welcoming change in your life as consciously as possible, you will have given yourself a good test for this. As the energies build in the Earth, beginning as if a sort of start-off right around the 4th of May, then building to the 5th, 6th, and then the 7th for it to peak, you will then have the opportunity to be able to use those energies. If in your testing period--that is self-test, for April--you understand that you are unable to face this, then it would make sense to leave California, to go to places where you would find greater acceptance of the energies. If indeed, however, you can be with such energies, you will be those who will have the increased probability of healing this region, reducing the difficulty and propensity towards earthquake.

We do not see that such changes would be to the extent of major cataclysm as has been predicted in the past by various other channels, various other psychics, etc. But there is always the potential for this, and it is why then we speak of such matters, because many of those who would here these words would be the very individuals who could have the most difference, who would be able to share these energies lovingly. To this end, we now direct your attention to the animals. These are beings who have moved through the winter period, and are now awakening to the benefits of Spring. They do not understand the changes that are happening in their lives, but they will become more additionally sensitive than they have before to the Earth. One reason for this is the timing of these events will tend to increase the sensitivity in the animal kingdom. And so here again, if you wish to have a little more in terms of warning, then working with animals can help you greatly. Even if it is as simple as a few goldfish in a bowl, recognizing that their agitation would generally precede various difficulties at a physical level by approximately 48 hours. Recognizing this gives you the opportunity then to blend energy with the animals.

And so the first opportunity for this we would suggest opens right now. We would ask each of you in hearing our words then to think of an animal. Let that animal come to you in your imagination, to stand by you, to swim with you, to fly with you, but to be by your side; to feel the trusting, loving energy of this. And then have the sense as if a newborn, perhaps it is a baby of the animal or perhaps it is the animal itself, but as is so often the case with the animals being born, the eyes are closed. Even when the eyes are open, they do not focus very well; they have not yet learned this. You do. You understand about the focus. And so we ask you then in your faraway gaze, as you stand by this animal, to pick something of importance that would be of then benefit to the animal and to you. Perhaps it is to the gentle people of the world who can accept the presence of the loving animal. Perhaps it is to those with greater insight and wisdom, to understand how there is a place for all beings on your Earth. Perhaps it is an awareness of the spiritual hierarchy to which all beings belong, the understanding of the oneness that manifests the animal soul and the human soul. Perhaps it is simply an acknowledgement of the animal part of your being, why you chose that particular animal--because it is a part of you; as if then to direct the gaze outward to the manifestation of that energy in its highest and most beautiful form. As if to see that animal in maturity and strength walking the Earth, sharing an energy, swimming, flying, digging, manifesting in the way in which it is sharing its higher more powerful symbol.

As you breathe this connection, know that it goes in several directions at once. Animals share their common bound soul, and so these energies are shared with all of the animals of your planet. And in this way, they open more easily to receive your loving energies, to receive the capacity of the blendedness of all beings.

Letting go of this now, of course, you then can come to the next level of this--a way in which, having then accepted these beings who are so different than you, you can then accept any beings who are different than you, even those that you would see as different than you racially, sexually; even as to the planet from which they come; even the way in which you might accept beings who do not seem to have the highest intent for humanity. We know this is a hard one for many beings--how do you forgive those who are so obviously destructive and separating and not understanding the larger aspects? Those who might be perhaps called non-spiritual versus those who are spiritual. But you yourself were non-spiritual once. It is importance to understand this because in your awakening, in your consciousness, in the way in which you perceive, you then can see a part of yourself in every one of these beings, and even if as the experiment on Earth might be conceived of as a failure (which does not seem very likely, but even in the potential that that did happen), you then may imagine that these beings then that may have brought this, still have learned something, still have evolved, from their interaction with you, from their awareness, their presence, their opening, their love.

Understanding these capacities can help you to a great extent to let go of the polarity that says "Someone is, and someone isn't"--be it developed, spiritual, helpful, loving, or any of the other judgements you might put. This brings us naturally to the great difficulty that such judgement has given to humanity, and one of the great and important talents that the new children being born, that the new children who are coming to understand their capacity in life, are rebelling against judgement. Help them to understand discernment, and you will recognize their strengths. There is a great difference between discernment and judgement. And yet, the children are being taught in every way possible to suppress this. It comes through cartoons, through movies, through saying "This one is the bad guy and this one is the good guy." You know the nonsense of this in yourself, and so do the children. And so on some level to identify the gradations of all aspects of consciousness will be an important way in which these children as they eventually come into adulthood will find an important chart to course for many--or course to chart for many, and the result of this will be that all beings on your planet will have more opportunity to share, to learn, to love.

It is also useful in recognizing this to see that many of the old inventions are coming up again on your planet, some of these deliberately manifesting to stop destruction, to halt various things that could be perceived as powerfully damaging to the environment, hurting other people, and so on. Many of these inventions have been developed in secret. Many of these will be coming out in the next few years. Yet, at the same time as this, is tremendous resistance to this within the consciousness of so many people because they are simply afraid, they do not want change. So here again you see the welcoming of change. Spring means in many ways change on a greater, more profound level than you have seen before, as if those energies birthing from the Earth herself remind you of this on so many levels. So then also does this forebode for the rest of this century, how people will awaken to change, how they will use it, how they will know it, and you do indeed have some say in the matter.

Another aspect of change is relating on many levels to the human body itself, a recognition of the underlying principles around which it is developed. A recognition of the potential within the human body for various ways of sexual development that has not been previously seen by society as valuable or useful. All of these are symbols. The human body itself means very little. But the collective consciousness that takes it very seriously for such things as "health insurance"--an interesting concept if you think about it, you know, the whole idea of insuring yourself that you are going to be healthy--never has its beginning in techniques. It has its beginning in consciousness, in the mind, in your understanding of yourself, your body image, the understanding on many levels and many other capacities. And so always, the physical body, then, acts as a powerful symbol. It gets your attention so that you will see these lessons and understand them on higher and higher levels--specifically this whole idea that sexual function is only related to reproduction has clearly been brought to consciousness for much of your planet, to be changed, to be shifted. Indeed, this is by your own doing, of course, where the focus on advertising, using sex in order to sell--you could say in a certain sense it has backfired, because people realize that sex has meaning much beyond procreation.

This, of course, creates a great conflict on your planet if sexual function is used to the extent to submerge or reduce consciousness, and so you see of the benefits of the manifestation of sexual diseases on your planet. Thus, sexually transmitted diseases reducing sexuality to that which is truly desired, truly known. Yet the way in which people relate to this always relates to the inner, the male and the female and how they are to know each other inside oneself. This is always a difficult task for every person to understand, and yet they come in with certain specific symbols that can sometimes help them with this. Often this is the position of Mars and Venus in the astrological chart of the individual. Sometimes these can give you important clues as to the inner male and inner female and their dance, their concept of each other, what they see as possible for each other. For individuals to approach this and use it can be a helpful tool on many levels. Yet, the ultimate manifestation of this, of course, comes at the soul level, for the soul has no gender. The soul itself, then, has tendencies, having lived in bodies in different capacities, in different planetary systems, in all different relationships, in various ways that are way beyond your own imagination because of what you have been experienced here on Earth to receive; therefore see that the soul itself wants you to understand and to expand these levels by which all aspects of the inner dance can be known. As a result, various changes that happen in the world must then manifest at a physical level so that people can see that there are all kinds of variations, all kinds of ways to see and know each other.

At the same time, the physical bodies being born are being influenced tremendously by environmental contamination. This is deliberately set up so that various individuals who seek to incarnate with limited function for various reasons can do so. They can have physical bodies that are quite limited by genetic manipulation, by genetic change. Yet at the same time as this, various capacities to change this, to heal it, to shift it, are being brought to your planet. One of these relates specifically to the function of enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts. They participate in the physical body, they interreact, they interrelate. They change themselves and in many cases they leave. Sometimes they can be measured in the blood, in the urine, in the perspiration. And it is important to recognize that increasing enzymes in the diet--variety, not quantity--makes a tremendous difference in the health of an individual. For this reason, sometimes unlocked capacities deep within consciousness can come forth by utilization of enzyme-rich diets, and these capacities in consciousness can bring an individual to seek deliberate change within their physical body. Can they manifest for themselves? Is that something they really want to do? In many cases the answer is clearly no. What they have elected for themselves is a limited function within the physical body. An example of this might be someone who is deliberately seeking to prevent themselves from having higher aspects of consciousness so that they can know what it is to be physical. They can be very very clear about this and understand love, compassion, at the most purely physical level, never perhaps receiving at the higher mental functions, because when they have done so in past lives it only confused them, it pushed them to places in which they caused suffering to themselves or others, in which they had to start again.

But there are other ways in which various limitations can be manifested for an individual, in which they are seeking in that life to overcome those limitations, to go beyond them. Not an easy thing to determine, and the best way to understand this is no different than other techniques that we have suggested in the past with regards to manifestation of decision making principles. You see a Second Image of yourself. See him or her in the mirror, changing--older, younger, fatter, thinner, clothed, nude. Let the image stabilize eventually, leave the mirror, and try different possibilities in life. In this specific regard then, sending healing energy to someone who you would wish to improve, to change their DNA, to change their body, to enhance their consciousness, etc. And so then as you allow these energies for that individual, see what happens. But as you are playing with these ideas, notice gently, peripherally, what's happening in your body. A feeling of heaviness, coldness, contraction, would indicate No, this is not the best course of action. A feeling of lightness, warmth, expansion--this is telling you Yes, this is the course to be pursued, even if it doesn't make logical sense. This is why sometimes individuals who have an appreciation of consciousness beyond that which is provided in the so called "normal" world are those then who will work with individuals who are limited in capacity, so that they can make these functional shifts, these changes on many levels.

This applies of course to the children that are born now as a result of environmental contamination or other difficulties, with various learning disabilities and other capacities which are becoming so widespread. But it must also be understood here that at the same time as this, there are specific changes happening on your planet deliberately to keep the intelligence level and the higher consciousness level as a result, minimized in the population. There are many of those whose own egos are on the line about this. They would lose their own power, their own source of energy over others, and hence the continued destruction of the environment, specifically so that people will be, as the expression is, dumbed down. So that the various institutions that are allowed will keep them in their place. So that indeed this continuous control over energy would extend into the future.

This seems very foolish from our point of view, because the technological means to upset this, to turn it completely on its head, is available to many, and many are discovering this and working with this. It is becoming unstoppable. The experiments are going to be done in garages, in basements, in attics. It is small scale at first, and it builds gradually, as the manifestation of energy in all of its forms is understood, and the inherent pollution associated with petrochemical means for the development of energy is seen ultimately as a dead end. These things bring all of it into consciousness for people. But these inventions have been around for a long time. It is simply a matter of individuals at last accepting them and using them in their proper place. This will, of course, displace those in positions of power who need money, for instance, to do whatever they need to and recognize that it is simply a limitation. Still, though, for a time, the limitation has value. People to come to understand money, to work with it in its own ways, to work with it in various different capacities seems useful. And so for a time, chaos around this will appear to be necessary before a final unification and the release of money for your planet eventually occurs through technological means.

As a result then, for a few years, the effort will be from these other capacities--that is, these beings who wish to impose their power on you and on others--to gradually unify, to relax the capacities of chaos and to unify the computer systems of your planet. The result of this would be ultimately the elimination of money as cash and the creation of money entirely in its electronic form. The point of this is to ultimately, perhaps, avoid the utilization of technological means, to stop the use of money, and simply to hold it as a sort of agreed upon system by which people can then exchange amongst each other. This is foolish, of course, because once people recognize that there is no need for it, they will not use it whether it is electronic or cash. But ultimately, this is beyond the insight and understanding of those in positions of power on your planet.

Their idea to reduce consciousness is only out of their own fear. And this is why over and over, where you can release fear and release ego yourself, you pave the way for an overall consciousness to uplift the rest of humanity, to take people in such direction that they may also release their fear and their ego attachment. The result of this would be that money would easily be released rather than by great struggle and strain. However, in the meantime, it means that such aspects as investment and other things are going to keep on going with their topsy-turvyness in ways that are very difficult to predict: Great gyrations in the markets, various ways in which countries that had previously been offshore havens suddenly then are absorbed or utilized by other countries, various ways in which investing strategies that you thought were safe suddenly are not. All to remind you in every way possible that these old ways must give way to new ones--ways in which the benefit and aspects for all can somehow be awakened.

It is important in recognizing change that you recognize that this also has very much to do with attitude around fear, and this has been deeply ingrained in your society from many levels. One of these comes almost at a very early age before you are even fully conscious of it. You are told, "Keep your fingers out of your mouth." You are told, "Don't pick that up and put it in your mouth. It is dirty," and other such strange things. It is the source of enzymes, probiotics, various substances of various positive and beneficial nature that the child is seeking, and yet, being told this at an early age usually preconditions the individual to be, indeed, as the nutritionist Vonderplanitz would put it, bacteria-phobic. And this ultimately gives rise to much of the difficulty on your planet with regards to a sort of fear-based versus you might say embracing-based way of seeing things.

His question is simply around when this might change, and it is a difficult one to answer. But it does seem that from many levels, a focalization of around 2020AD seems to be in mind for many of the higher guides as a way in which the full revelation of the damage that this has done to society will be verified scientifically and accepted. It took many years, you know, from the understanding that bleeding a person would somehow heal them to the understanding that blood in the body was helpful and good. Even in spite of the fact that it is quite well known that Christ bled on the cross, still, so many would recognize that the blood was somehow evil or bad and must be released.

Over and over again, the manifestations of logic and emotion have been utilized by various powers that be in order to repress, to keep energies as they have been, and not allow them forward. And so here again, it is only back to fear that ultimately this is manifested. One thing that can of course be done is to help children to understand that before they would pick up something and put it in their mouth, they would tune into it. "Is this an appropriate thing to be working with," rather than "Don't do it." Some how to manifest such an energy of discernment makes a lot more sense, and many individuals who have incarnated on your Earth, have been here many times before, they know instinctively what is going to be appropriate and what is not, and therefore it will be easier than you think to teach them this.

But this naturally brings us to this way in which the medical establishment makes all kinds of claims for benefit for the human body. It is true that lifespan has increased, but quality of life must also be examined here. Particularly in the advancing years. Such diseases as Alzheimer's were indeed unknown even as little as 40 years ago. And such widespread causation of death as degenerative disease was also unknown. There used to be that expression, "he died in his sleep." You don't hear that very much anymore. Much more typically: "He died in the hospital due to respiratory failure while under treatment for cancer" or various other difficulties of degenerative nature. "He died of heart failure," or other matters. Understanding this, then, tells you that the next wave--what you could call the holistic understanding of the human body and its interaction with its environment--must be that which is taken to heart by the medical establishment in order to achieve greater lifespan and at the same time a much higher quality of life, particularly in the advancing years.

However, in the meantime, one must come to one's own decisions about this by what works in one's own body, and one really can't go past this because ultimately to achieve the higher lifespan within any individual will require some aspect of intuition, instinctiveness, some reawakening at a deeper level of what is appropriate and what is not. Until this is manifested, it becomes extremely difficult to make blanket recommendations beyond the clear need for more enzymes in foods, more enzymes in everything that one is consuming.

There are many questions about water. These will continue, because the very nature of what humans are doing now tends to contaminate water supply. This is happening on a widespread level and has gone on for quite a long time on your planet. Indeed, in the last 50 years, the manifestation of fluorides all over your planet in many forms, but especially sodium fluoride, has been quite problematic. It has even been noted in the highest mountain snows. And so the understanding of this and the way in which pure water plays an important role for people certainly is helpful. But here again, water is devoid of enzymes by its very nature. And so if water has been filtered, has been enzymatically activated, has various capacities within it that increase enzymatic aspects within people, then of course there is benefit. This was something that used to be done until about 1935 when pasteurization became so popular on your planet. But up till then, such ingestion of water enzymatically activated was called "milk." When this changed, however, by the heating to destroy all of these enzymes and prevent new enzymes that could come in as the cows were allowed to graze on different forms of food, different types of grasses, then this reduction of enzymes through the liquids in your body certainly has been the case. And this has been passed on generation to generation continuing to cause more difficulty.

Are we suggesting that one should drink raw milk rather than drink water? You must decide this for your own body, but some people will certainly benefit from this because of the additional enzymes that will be present rather than the simple activation by the water itself. Water can be quite helpful, and some individuals may find that is the only thing that is necessary for them, but generally what this will be observed to be are individuals who have excessive amounts of toxic materials in their bodies. Sometimes these are the broken down enzymes having been cooked. Sometimes it is fats that have been heated past critical temperature such as 104F or 40C, or it can be various other toxic materials ingested from the environment.

[To learn more about fats and oils and our deep need for them in our healing, see Aajonus Vonderplanitz' revolutionary book, We Want To Live.] Ultimately, then, for such individuals, the purest water that you can find is going to be the best, because it will most easily pull these materials out, but it is a temporary measure. Ultimately individuals will only find this for themselves as to what is appropriate and what is not, and for most people, a periodic balancing by utilizing water of a pure nature for a time will be helpful, then followed by enzymatically rich water.

Some people seek to achieve this by vibrationally rich water, and this is certainly helpful, but one can also manifest the vibrational change within the physical body that is actually taken into the cells by many means. It need not only be by ingestion of water that has been vibrationally activated. One of the most powerful ways to do this is by the manifestation of the vibrational state exercise. You simply move energy from the head to the feet, back from the feet to the head, slowly at first, then faster and faster, until you begin to feel the vibrational state. You don't need that visualization of the energy moving up and down--you can actually go straight to it, simply becoming aware of the vibration itself. With practice, this will quickly energize all of the cells of the body, and indeed it does activate the water in the body. And so this is certainly a less expensive method than buying add-ons for your kitchen sink.

In addition to this, however, it is to be noted that the presence of fluorides is particularly damaging to the development of higher consciousness. Consciousness needs a seat. It needs a place in which the brain can activate and work with it. And so it is wise, if possible, to try to avoid such materials. The milk that has been, then, enzymatically rich will generally be quite low in such materials because of the natural filtration action that the animals have before they produce it. So at least the filtering of fluorides from water is an important recommendation; secondarily, chlorine and related materials.

Now, in understanding this connection to scientology, there are those who are asking about various ways in which water and various groups and so on might be associated. By and large, there will be continued associations of all of these kinds, because if a group in accepting higher consciousness by whatever means--following a particular leader, getting involved in a cult, working with particular techniques or particular electronic devices; whatever they do--come to some place of higher consciousness, they are going to look at the issue of water. They are going to seek water that somehow is purer, clearer, more energizing, more helpful, or other means, dietary or otherwise, to increase their own energy and increase their own lifespan. So naturally various groups are going to continue to associate. We don't see that this has any real meaning in the long run. As various energetic means to understand your world, the vibrations associated with water will be an important transfer point for many other energies.

An important question has been asked of a purely technical area that we wish to answer briefly. The question is the ideal divergence of inert gas work, particularly magnetic field in presence of inert gas and the way in which this can manifest a pure and powerful energy. There are many different ways to approach this, you know, but indeed over and over in the scientific understanding of this, all beings grow in their awareness of vibration, their willingness to accept at a deeper and deeper level the true nature of all levels of vibration. This means at times that high divergence is necessary when a certain healing effect is necessary, perhaps as much as one-half radian. But at other times when the concentration of the energy is to be for purposes of propulsion, then divergence should be zero, that is, zero radians. Yet when there is to be a concentration of energy, then divergence should be negative, so that a specific focusing of the energy takes place. This increases the density, and makes the energy closer to the physical level. So it depends on the application.

Similarly, then, the bigger question--what is this energy? What is its very nature, particularly at the higher levels of such excitation, and how it might be desirable? Clearly such energies have many ways to be used, but their understanding goes right to the heart of the birth of matter itself, and for this, then, it relates to the way in which consciousness is able to turn energy into matter. This is its highest manifestation, and the most difficult to understand and grapple with. Yet it is the way in which it comes full circle back to that which is ultimately that which is healing, beneficial, and useful on many levels.

It is true that many of these are Atlantean sciences, that much of the inert gas work took place in Atlantis in what was termed the understanding of the Night Sciences. So also this understanding of water and vibration and all kinds of those energies that don't seem to follow the laws of your physical universe. So it is then to be understood that the manifestation and understanding of the primary energy, that which is then liberated by inert gas interaction, is something that has been around a long time, and has been something that has been misused, of a highly destructive nature when not fully understood, by extra-terrestrials, by beings who have visited Earth in the past, by Atlanteans, by many. And so, there is a sort of gradual unfolding of these energies, one little bit at a time, so that not too much is understood at any time. But ultimately it is in the aspect of coherence by which the energies are liberated in step that the manifestation principle then comes into form, and that the coherence combined with consciousness is the highest aspect by which the manifestation of complex matter, complex beings, complex energies of all kinds -- even to the aspect of God -- all of these themselves then come forth.

And so then, the deeper question that then must be asked: "Where is humanity to go with its technology?" And it is always to be seen that this is a symbol. An understanding of what is happening on your planet is to teach you about yourself at a higher level. And so ultimately then it comes back to you, the primary energy of your being. Sometimes people would associate this with what was termed in ancient times the Permanent Atom, the part that is perhaps seen in your heart or an inch below your belly button or somewhere located in your spine, as something permanent, powerful. This is a myth, but in the way in which it truly does manifest as a powerful energy of consciousness, there is something of permanence to be recognized and welcomed deep within your being, and this certainly must be commented on in different ways. Ultimately, though, each individual to find their own highest energy will be an important force for activating love.

The love aspect as it is brought into your consciousness is a difficult one fully to manifest, to activate the full potential of this--not because it isn't there, but because you don't have much support for it in your world. For you to love deeply, you will always find that there is an equal action to love yourself. If you are truly loving yourself, would you be smoking marijuana? If you were truly loving yourself, would you be seeing in any way the need to reduce your energy on any level? If you were truly loving yourself, would you hold yourself in any level of judgement? Would you not then be able to forgive yourself as you would see it so useful to forgive others? In the way in which this relates clearly to an inner component, your Permanent Atom, the part of you that is that consciousness that has created the nature of your being, you see then over and over how accepting, loving yourself, can help you then in loving others. But then, it is also reversed--that as you love others, as you allow that energy for them, so also is there a new energy discovered for you.

This is the most subtle level right now on your planet because there aren't so many courses taught on how to love, at least at the physical level. We are not talking about sex education. We are talking about love at its truest unconditional level. Yet, the teachers for this are all around you, the people that you care for. To let yourself learn to love the way that that person does can help you so much in accepting and seeing the true capacity of the true nature of your being, because then as you accept this, it runs full circle. Because again, you will then find a new way to love yourself.

As this continues, gradually what comes from it is the confidence shared with others to love themselves, and then the individual knows your love, because then you have given them the greatest gift. Not the gift of energy from you--that's available all over the place; energy is abundant in this world. Rather, it is the manifestation of the love principle within that being permanently. This is a very powerful gift. It is that which the individual can activate and take with them to the next lifetime. Because, after all, that is what you have taken with you from your past lifetimes: How to love, how to know it, how to manifest it, all of the different ways to work with this. You may not remember all of the specifics of the lifetimes, but this energy of loving, that does hold over and continue with you.

Now, there is a question with regards to this issue of water brought out then by the animals so beautifully in Rwanda recently with the fight over precious supplies of water. Water symbolizes emotion. It is that which helps you understand the capacity then for love, for peace. The monkeys, the apes, the primates in many ways are here specifically to teach you about the most basic aspects of your consciousness: Greed, fear, ego. They personify this so beautifully in their tribes and how they work together. It is almost as if human beings without any degree of restraint, repression, or judgement. They simply act out their basest urges. Understanding this and looking at it helps you then understand that it like this that you are also fighting on your planet over things that are foolish to fight over, that there are many ways in which that which is needed can be supplied if you discover and know this deeper love. Because, of course, from that place where the love is present, at the level by which ego is no longer attached, fear is not so much a problem, there is plenty for everyone. It is easy to share then with your brother, because you are sharing with yourself.

We pause briefly. [Pause.]

Yes. Now, Jill, perhaps you could assist with a question or two.

Jill: Is the world ready for an androgynous being?

Hilarion: Yes. Indeed, this is one of the aspects that is coming in many levels of consciousness for the return of the Messiah. This is not Jesus Christ as you understand such an energy. This has been severely limited by the dogmatic aspects of churches, organized religion on many levels, and many other things. It is the birth of a powerful consciousness of love within your heart. There are those beginning to write about this. For instance, there is this beautiful book called The Lost Scrolls of King Solomon (author: Richard Berhrens). But this allows a transition from an old way of seeing, a way that is limiting, that says "There are only certain ways to do this, to be religious, to be loving, to be spiritual." All the ways in which you recognize many aspects of your own consciousness.

The androgynous aspect must go beyond the mere manifestation of the balance of male and female to the acceptance and understanding to many modalities of thought itself, of sexuality at its highest expression, which means union. The ability to become one with many forms of energy, consciousness, matter. This is the ultimate road that the Messiah would teach, and this is an energy that comes to many beings. It may not come as a single being to project an energy and say, "I stand as the living example of this," but rather, an energy to be birthed within many people's hearts, to discover this, to feel it in themselves. This is far preferable, of course, because it can be more widely shared. It is an energy that can be more easily understood.

Now there are those of course who would question us about this, saying, "Well, after all, since you are channeling, the energies themselves must somehow be less than God or higher force." And to those who would have such question, this is good; it would help you to look inside yourself, to determine that source, to feel it deep within your own being. But do not be hypocritical about it. For instance, do not make use of any of the technologies that abound that come directly from channeled sources, such as the light bulb, or the secession of slavery, or the various manifestations of electric motors, such as a refrigerator. In other words, channeled guidance has been an important part of your planet for a long time, and the way in which it works ultimately is the way in which it is accepted. In other words, you don't care so much where it came from, but rather that it works. And so if you apply this to yourself, what you eventually discover is that in yourself, the energies that are loving, helpful, valuable, are the ones to be utilized, and those that are not are the ones to be discarded.

So ultimately, those who would enforce a judgement simply because the source of the energy is that which you might hold as scary, threatening, difficult, you must then come to understand that such sources are in yourself too. That every being has many components of which he or she is made. And somehow that is the greater lesson you see. The great symbol of androgyny, the great symbol of the Messiah, the acceptance in oneself of the dark and the light, of the demonic and the angelic, of the capacities within your own being to merge these, to know them, and from them extract that which is ultimately helpful to your brothers and sisters, to your planet, to your own evolution. Further question?

Jill: There are several questions about the sounds in our ears, from tinnitus to hearing beings that aren't there. Will you please comment on this?

Hilarion: Tinnitus has its roots in two sources simultaneously and is one of these areas where the interaction between dietary factors and nonphysical factors is so powerful. So also to some extent does it come up with the increased vibrations of the Earth. Added sensitivity to energies all around one begin to dissolve some of the boundaries of time and space, so you begin to receive by whatever means you are most sensitive--visual, audible, even kinesthetic--sensations of something that is going to occur.

Going to occur is so interesting, you see, when you begin to understand that the consciousness of a collective agreement amongst humanity to manifest linear time is that which is specifically imposed so that you can evolve together, so you can work these things out as you manifest. It isn't necessary. There are many ways in which the constraints of linear time are but limiting, and you feel this so clearly when you experience moments of love or compassion, or energies that seem to zip by, or various other energies that seem to plod very slowly when things are difficult. Only then can you manifest this ultimately for yourself. But clearly, these boundaries of time and space are being stripped away to remind you that part of the aspect of loving yourself is that there is a being that you will be in your future who is loving you now, right here. Just as when you think of your past, it is not enough to dwell on those aspects that you wish you'd done differently. It is also helpful to send energy to the being you were in the past.

Tinnitus is a ringing in the ear. It is often sparked or generated by a nonphysical being's presence. This is easy to do because the ear is extremely sensitive. Indeed, in a very quiet room, the eardrum is sufficiently sensitive to extract enough energy to detect the impinging of a single molecule of air upon that eardrum. So then it is very easy for nonphysical beings to communicate with you by this means. This can lead, as one works with it, to clairaudience, or other aspects. But there is a great difficulty here. Many nonphysical beings who do not know they have passed from this planet--those which the individual Dr. Waldo Vieira would call "psychotic post-mortems"--exert their energy unconsciously on many people. When they are in your presence, this energy--because you tend to a certain sensitivity towards it--will engender a ringing in the ear. This will typically be more one-sided than the other. Typically more in the left or the right ear than both balanced. This is the symbol currently in use. It is not likely to go on for much longer, but at least for the next four or five years, the nonphysical beings that wish to manifest energy of a more healing, helpful nature will try to do this in a way in which, should their presence be that which generates tinnitus in you, it will come equally, in both ears. But this will not be true for everyone. Some people will experience this because the right ear generates a sort of reaction in the brain which causes a vibration in the left ear which tends to equalize, so even though the energies are exerted by a nonphysical being of malintent--that is, a psychotic post-mortem--into only one side, then, still, the energy will balance itself and you will hear it in both sides.

[To learn more about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us, see: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.]

The tendency towards this has been extensively discussed at a physical level by the individual Dale Alexander in his many books dealing with oils, fats, and most importantly, the progression from tinnitus and dry skin to arthritis and related more serious difficulties. It is simply lack of lubrication in the joints that causes this. This is because for many individuals the enzymes are deficient to particularly absorb and utilize the fats and oils that are most beneficial to the body. And so if raw fats and oil are taken, the joints then are more naturally lubricated. There are those who would say, "Oh, I can't do that, because then I'm going to get all kinds of bacteria and other things in my body," remember the previous question--do you fear this, or can you embrace it?

Learning about this is a very difficult matter, of course, and an individual must put it to themselves that they are willing to expand their consciousness beyond preconceived ideas and learn it for themselves. For this, of course, we would strongly recommend that they read from front to back the book We Want to Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz because it so clearly is able to break down old belief patterns and help you choose new ones on your own. No book has been written since or before that so clearly is able to break down and shift these patterns.

Around tinnitus, then, the simple cure for this is ingestion of absorbable fats and oils to relubricate the joints. Gradually this can occur. It may take years. Getting them fully absorbed is a tricky matter. Alexander used to subscribe to the idea of simply taking them on an empty stomach, and this will be sufficient for some people. But for many, when they ingest fats and oils that have been heated past the point by which they are truly valuable to the body (generally 104F/40C), then the individual will counteract the effects of those that have been already absorbed. This is a complex matter that also relates to calcium metabolism and other aspects of the stochastic interactions that are going on below the surface within cellular metabolism. But ultimately for individuals, they must return to an intuitive, instinctive way of resupplying the oils, fats, and other important components for the development of proper joint health.

Of course, this relates to many other aspects of the body--the circulatory system and especially the nervous system and the brain. But ultimately, a diet that has within it the ability to make the changes necessary will increase longevity, youthfulness, grow hair on the heads of those who are losing their hair, assist lubrication on many levels, improving sexual functioning, intelligence, eye function, and many other things. So it doesn't only work around tinnitus, but this is a good place to begin looking at the issue.

What we would suggest is a two-fold approach--first, that of nutrition as previously mentioned. Second, with the manifestation of the vibrational state the moment the ringing begins. The vibrational state, then, allows one to have a clearer, more objective view. From within the vibrational state, notice the thought that one might have had just before the ringing occurred. That thought is the open door or resonance between you and a nonphysical being that may be indeed drawing down your energy and causing this difficulty. After you have learned this, you will not need tinnitus anymore. Thus, the manifestation of the changes nutritionally can be more easily placed within the physical body to assist one in moving through this issue.

Always, this aspect of the experience you are really trying to create for yourself, seeing the higher benefit, looking at the positive intent behind any difficulty enables you to change it. And at the same time, doing those underlying, beneficial foundation aspects of clearing toxic materials or improving fats and oils absorbed in the body and so on will help you in this regard too. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, thank you. The Bible would say that consulting a spirit is demonic. Does Satan exist? Can you define Satan?

Hilarion: This is clearly, by your religious way of seeing things, a negative aspect in all people. To externalize it is to discharge responsibility about such matter. That is too bad, because then you simply can pin it on the church or various rituals or other things you might do to clear Satan from your life. Satan is a concept. It is an energy. Certainly there are Biblical references to the fallen angel, and there are many angels, demons, and all kinds of beings that co-populate your world with you and do influence various aspects of your consciousness, your society, and other things. We don't want to deny that. But the largest aspect of this by far is established in resonance from you, from the way in which you would understand and work with these energies yourself. So, it is always back to the matter of taking responsibility for oneself.

In terms of channeling and other aspects, we have certainly already described this, how one must always choose this for oneself. But there is nothing to say that you must choose this path. You may choose another one instead. But to all of those who would look at established religion, you must ask some very careful questions about it, logical ones. If a religion has within it exclusivity, that is, if you don't follow this particularly path, you're all going to go to hell, and that applies to the majority of the world's population, isn't it conceivable that this religion is a little bit short-sighted insofar as humanity's evolving together? If that is what you need to understand, rather than hold it as right or wrong, the proper religion or the improper one, hold for a moment the possibility that you attract that religion because it says something about your nature of exclusivity, that you would want to say that certain people are okay and others are not, as if to say certain aspects of your being are okay, and other aspects are not. In other words, always to turn this back around to oneself.

There has been a request that another speak on such matter as self- responsibility. A moment

Gurdjieff: To see into the eyes of yourself, to see in the mirror who your soul belongs to, this is the essence of the distinction between what is possession and what is real. You must see in your own heart that there is the place that knows love, but there must also be the eye to see in the mirror of the heart who is willing to love and who is not. In your aspect of life, you will come often to tremendous obstacles and you will fall back on that which is familiar. This is where doing something a little different can help catalyze an idea that has been dormant in your body, somehow waiting millennia to surface. Then, you do this. You wash the dishes at half-speed or you speak in a pitch or tone higher or lower than you would have otherwise, or you find a way to look deeply into someone else's eyes as you have never done before, not for the purpose of change itself, but to draw up in you a new way of seeing, and then to ask, "Where am I responsible for this?"

Others have spoken of this as the ability to respond. That is what we suggest, that somehow in this avenue you are seeking a new response. But deeper than this is what I would have told you. Go to work. Dig this hole, deeper, deeper. Then when you are finished and quite tired, fill it in. You would get mad at me for this. You would tell me all kinds of things, all kinds of interesting names, and then you would hear them for the first time as the names you call yourself when you are feeling irresponsible, unwilling to respond to yourself.

And so, slowly, gradually, humankind grows and learns. I have said in the past that you are not going to progress unless there are those who are also left behind. But there is, from my way of seeing it now, a higher path in which the separation is gradually dissolved, that you accept both parts of all of you. And so part of responsibility must be the response to the lowest part of yourself as well as the highest--that you can laugh at it, that you can play with it, that you can love it.

It is interesting that some have tried to base a religion on me. And, in doing so, in digging into my writings and other matters, have discarded personal pronouns, deciding that there is no I, no we, no me, that all can be as one. This, then, is the answer, you see. It comes naturally, as anyone would see. This blending of the higher and the lower comes to all of humanity.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here. We thank you, Gurdjieff, for your assistance in speaking of these matters, and ability to generate some responses in others, because in recent past lives, many individuals hearing these words will have heard of you, work with your energy and related functions. Further question?

Jill: Regarding nutrition, what did the beings who contributed significantly to our DNA have in mind?

Hilarion: This was around the issues of using the body as a symbol, to be able to blend it in different ways with various aspects of consciousness, what was reality, what was not. This was simply created by the vibrational model by which the DNA itself, set into a very high vibrational mode, can be changed, shifted, allowed to transfer energy, used in different ways.

To achieve such higher functioning requires the body be in full health, and it was designed to do so based upon the fundamental models found in the animal kingdom. But this higher aspect becomes more and more important as larger levels of group consciousness or focalization on this possibility exists. This is why the possibility to such as breatharianism or purely living on light, etc., becomes further and further advanced as humanity evolves.

In the meantime, though, it seems that most individuals require a variety of enzymes, a variety of foods that are truly nurturing and helpful, and a minimizing of those foods that are damaging to the body. The DNA has been deliberately programmed with some of these capacities as if to reawaken the instinct within consciousness for people to know these foods and patterns. But when this has been submerged for a long period of time by the collective consciousness, by people out of fear, or ignorance, or ego, choosing those particular pathways that are not particularly beneficial and helpful to the human body, those patterns are then absorbed too by this same pathway by which the vibrational aspect then becomes physicalized. This is the current situation that humanity finds itself in, that reawakening the instinct is so difficult because there is so much consciousness telling you "Eat this way," or "Eat that way," or "This is good. This is bad."

So doing higher consciousness exercises such as regular meditation, doing the vibrational state, increasing one's energy before approaching the issue of food and nutrition just makes sense; to separate yourself from the collective consciousness that is imposing its will on you, to the way in which you can vibrate your DNA yourself with such exercises as the vibrational state or higher states of meditation, then extend it into the food realm. It takes much practice with this, because you are overcoming many, many generations of ignorance, foolishness, and just plain stupidity where the power of what somebody thought about it was somehow taken on by all of the people.

Ultimately, however, this is the Godsend, the wonderful energy, too. Because as the human body is brought into a state of higher function as a result of adequate nutrition, there is greater possibility that one can pierce through this collective morass of the powerful negative thoughtforms on your planet: Violence, harm to others, fear, scarcity, and other consciousness aspects that so invade your planetary thinking, piercing through this to higher vibrational levels of abundance, love, light, the capacity to understand the truth of the universe, of other people, of other things.

When such is contacted, you can also draw in a little bit of that as a truly nutritive energy, to truly energize the cellular structures. This is going to become more and more necessary as the inevitable contamination of food sources extends on your planet for the next few years due primarily to ignorance, fear, and especially the issue of the ego identity of those few people in power, for instance, those running such companies as Monsanto or Dupont, to gather personal power for themselves at the expense of all of humanity. This is not to blame. It is always to say then that there is that part in you too, a part that will resonate with this, and releasing it, finding a way beyond it, piercing through such a veil, opens you not only to greater insight, more understanding, more instinct, proper foods to eat, where to find them and all of that, but to use the energy itself as a nutritive, as something to assist you.

Therefore, we introduce a new use of vibrational state. After you achieve the vibrational state--whatever means you use as appropriate but generally we recommend the manifestation of energy moving up and down in the body faster and faster because it's a quick and easy way to get to it--become aware of a powerful piercing light. This is analogous to the ray. This light enters into the top of the head, and penetrates right through the body, joining powerfully, beautifully, with the vibrational energies, moving up and down the entire body. And now the tricky part. As this happens, become aware of that energy widening, until it is at least as big as the whole body. This enables the reception of energy and the release of toxic barriers to higher levels of function. The vibration then naturally extends above the head. You can then enter into the cylinder of light, any particular color you wish, but the vibration is extending beyond.

See it as achieving this above-energy initially. It can also be quite helpful of course to achieve this as a below-energy, that which connects to Mother Earth. When you are in the middle of this and it is vibrating powerfully, not just within your own body but at higher and higher levels, and deeper and deeper levels to Earth, so then do you contact the higher self and the instinctual self more easily. Then, see that that energy is inherently nurturing or nourishing. It doesn't really matter which way you trick yourself into knowing this. The idea is that eventually you simply want to establish the pathway by which the cells themselves receive this. It could be by the manifestation of brilliant light in all cells of the body, or suddenly a delicious taste in your mouth, a delicious smell remembered, or a way in which that light as it penetrates just feels--the kinesthetic level--feels so good.

Knowing this and releasing all the barriers to this can gradually increase your capacity to draw in energy. Now as we've stated before, when this goes deeply to the permanent part of your being, you will take it into the next life. Do not worry if you do not perhaps achieve this in this life. It will help you very much into the next. Because as it is quite likely that humanity will continue in one form or another on this Earth for a few more hundred years at least, you will have another incarnation or two, and you will more likely need it then than you do now if things continue as they are going, as you would imagine.

This brings us to another question which relates to the type of energy that one can absorb and utilize. This is sometimes called the incoming ray. It is a ray of potential, an energy that can energize and assist an individual. But unfortunately, there are many systems of understanding it on your planet. These systems relate to different numberings, different colors, different properties of the different rays, how they might in some of these systems intermingle or in other systems be a single ray. So rather than impose a specific upon this, we would suggest that the characteristics associated with the ray as you understand them be written down, as they relate to the soul, or the emotion, or one's purpose in life, or other aspects. Then, one looks to similar characteristics in the natal chart in order to see what energizing energies would be most easily available to activate these functions. This will then enable any system of astrology (and of course there are several) to interlay and work with any system of the rays, of which of course there are several as well. Further questions?

Jill: You've spoken of teaching discernment to children coming in today. Please comment further on the best ways to educate our children in our society toward their highest evolutionary development, how to combat the distractions of peer pressure, TV violence, junk food, etc.

Hilarion: Sounds like discernment is going to be very helpful in combating all of these pressures and difficulties. So you can teach this by games: By guessing games, feeling games, of touching in a black bag different colored stones to determine their colors. Simple things, particularly at young ages, have powerful influence later in life. You can also assist children, however, by speaking to them with regards to epithets, morals, ideas of famous sayings of those great philosophers and scholars that have looked into the matters over years. You speak of these and then discuss them. You look at various powerful sayings that others have had, and bandy them around, looking at them, taking them apart.

Of course, where children are attracted to the underlying energies and there's something in their character that needs this, you must find some way to supply it. In other words, what is the experience they are most interested in having? What is the higher purpose or benefit of these things that you would call negative, difficult, etc? There are many ways then in which they are exploring and learning about themselves through this, and as soon as they get it, as soon as they truly know what they have sought, they will not need those externals anymore. Unless of course they are so habituated to them that they cannot easily break free. This is where the use of drug substances is particularly damaging and difficult, and every way possible should be found to provide the children with other alternatives rather than the use of drug substances early in life, not so much because of permanent damage to the brain, which has been predicted. This certainly is a potential. But rather because of the habit patterns of addictiveness to drugs or, indeed, outside stimulation that develops from this.

Beyond this, ultimately for each child, some way in which they can speak of what they really get, what they really feel, what they really know, from videogames, from working with others, from peer pressure, from violence. Somehow this must be brought out and understood. It can then be supplied in other ways. But when the child truly knows this lesson, they will not then seek it so much outside, because every time that they are seeking it, that higher wisdom will also show up--"I am seeking this, I am doing this because of something in me." In other words, they have a higher perspective, and so, of course, how do you engender this? By speaking of your higher perspective about yourself, about how you see the things that you've done in your life have taken you on this path and why. As if to engender this introspective willingness to shift within people.

Now, of course, the most important aspect through all of this is your own discernment, your own love, your own powerful uncompromising passion, your love for the children. This comes at the base level where of course you are loving the child in you. And you will always find that every time there is a block to some capacity in which you wish to help that child to get beyond an issue of violence or peer pressure or video games, there is a little child in you grappling with the same issue. It may not be in the same form, but the same feeling will always be there, some capacity within your being that was unable to break free of this or understand it. The more you can understand it in yourself and explain to the child what you have learned from this, share somehow even the feeling of the transformation or shift, the easier it will be then for that child to make a similar shift, choosing it for him or herself because it is the loving choice, because it is the appropriate choice, not because it is forced. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, thank you. What is a comet and why do comets often have a bad reputation in astrology?

Hilarion: In astrology, so many things are slow moving. It's pretty hard to get stuff that really whips so that you can see it move through all different signs, through all different things in the planetary aspects; and of course, it is one of the few aspects that can easily move out of the plane of the ecliptic through the aspects of the fixed stars. Comets are not well understood because they have often in the past been associated with fear. They suddenly show up, and the people looking at them didn't know they were on the way, and then they will naturally associate this with any of the various negative events that might happen to occur. Sometimes these are deliberately sent, of course, where there can be a negative aspect, but if you go looking for it, you can find something negative happening on your world just about any time just as you can anything positive.

Comets themselves often have a certain specific consciousness associated with them, and by using a tracking telescope it is possible to capture this in water, just as we've suggested such energies as the stars be captured in water in the book we transmitted through this vehicle called Starlight Elixirs, Cosmic Vibrational Healing. So therefore, you may understand that comets have the capacity to catalyze, to create swift change, to move things rapidly from one level to another, to allow you various aspects of transformation. No wonder they get a bad rap. There are so many people who might indeed resist such levels of transformation, not be willing to find it in themselves, and at times be hardpressed to be able to manifest this when they do discover it--that is, they know they should change, and they don't.

And so then, indeed, comets at such a level should be feared, because change should be feared, and if you believe that, we have a bridge we would like to sell you. Ultimately, in your own consciousness, you must discover that change is the capacity of the universe. It is the very nature of consciousness. And so, it can be stated sometimes, comets show up when things are getting a little bit stagnant, when there's a little bit too much of this or that happening and a little shake-up is needed. And so you'll notice no really big visible comets lately, because there's a lot of change already happening. But sooner or later this will occur again, and when you can tune in to such an energy, meditating on the comet, you may realize the aspect of personal change in yourself, ready to be shifted. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, thanks. There's a very strong emotional charge for most of us on infidelity. Please comment on our increasing breakups in marriage today.

Hilarion: The purpose of relationship is practice for your relationship with God. It is a manifestation of this on many levels so that you may understand it and approach it and work with it in a conscious, very clear fashion. So people can get out there and write books about relationships. This is the right way to do it and this is the wrong way to do it, and even such books that can conflict, so that you are to make the choice in yourself as to how you approach God, how you understand the manifestation of God within. Just at the moment at which you seek to understand it, suddenly it seems as if God has left you for another, and then you begin to recognize the symbols of infidelity. That in point of fact, no one leaves anybody--you're all on the planet together. You simply are seeking relationships in a new fashion. "Oh, yes," you might say. "That's all very nice and intellectual, Hilarion, but what about the jealousy I feel? What about these powerful emotions?" Those emotions are there to liberate an energy that has been stuck within you for a long time, an energy that is not willing to trust that you have the capacity to love God and know God's love for you on all levels. Because when you have substituted the capacity of another person for such an energy, and it does suddenly disappear, it suddenly is taken away, of course you are devastated.

This is at the highest spiritual level to understand this. But from our level, that's how it looks. From your level it may seem as if something else has been taken away, something that you were dependent on: Your energy source, perhaps, or your source for sexual release, or your source for intimacy with someone else, of course, symbolizing intimacy with yourself or many other things. This is not to say that you should or should not feel strong emotions when infidelity shows up. But what does make sense here is to use any situation as an avenue, as a springboard, as a deeper way to create insight for yourself, to understand what the nature of this difficulty is and to see that the tremendous source of energy associated with it relates to some aspect denied within yourself.

Ultimately, it will usually come down to trust. Working out the issue of trust and other things is very difficult, because on your planet, over and over, you are getting this wonderful powerful cosmic joke--that you trusted this particular thing would happen in the future, you trusted this particular way of energy, and suddenly things changed; even those things that you considered trustworthy about yourself. Because ultimately, trust never comes from something outside. It comes from an inner being. "In God We Trust" is indeed the axiom for your money on this planet, particularly the US dollar, so that people will get the joke and stop trusting in money. Gradually you understand that the manifestation of the deepest level of trust within yourself can show you that sometimes, in spite of all the energy, all of the difficulty associated with infidelity, as the expression goes: You're better off.

This is hard to understand, you see, when you are in the throes of it. That when the difficulties come, you do not see that perhaps it is exactly what you asked for, that you wanted the relationship to transform in some way that you were ultimately more nurtured, more loved, and that is not the person to do it. That someone else will need to come along who will fulfill such a role, and only by this powerful breaking apart of what was will you be open to that. That is not always the way it must be, of course. An individual can manifest sufficient transformation, and when people are willing to do this in ways in which they are able to change many aspects of what they have denied in themselves, all kinds of new energy is available, and a powerful relationship can be reestablished almost as if a new relationship between the same two people.

However, often times, the choices that one has made unconsciously around such matters stand in the way, and this is where one must go very deep into the decision-making process to ultimately decide if it is the right course or not. Most of the time, the Second Image techniques we previously suggested will be quite valuable at assisting one in making such choices. But, if you also play around with various possibilities, really feel how they are, you may ultimately come to the decision in which you recognize, you've actually already made a decision, that you did it actually quite a long time ago, and all that is happening now is that the guides, helpers, and other energies have arranged things to get you exactly what you asked for. So be careful what you ask for. Understand at the highest level of consciousness, because indeed it may occur. It just might not happen quite the way you thought. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion, and we're coming to the close of the session.

Hilarion: Yes. We are very grateful to the many questions that you have asked, and we would wish to invite a composite being of all of your energies to be with you now. We would like you to focalize your energy on the time period 2011 AD, imagining that by such time you have learned a great deal, that you have seen many things, you have interacted with many people, you have grown in many ways, and that that being that you will be is sitting right now in meditation with all of the people who would be hearing our voice--the people in this room, but also the people spread all over the world receiving this energy. That somehow all of you are together, sharing an energy with your hands, opening a loving contact between each other, receiving, giving, feeling such an energy. That you are feeling it in your hearts, that you are seeing it swirl around you, and that such an energy powerful with the wisdom with 10 years of experience, of 11 years of manifestation transformation, consciousness increase, now is released, forming a powerful ball of light, back in time to you, here, now, in the year 2000. Receive this energy, this light, this awakening, this wisdom of what you can be, what you will be, who is now in the future sending you energy, and to open the channel further, think of a time in the past when you could have used a little bit of such an energy of wisdom, understanding, compassion, patience. Send that energy now to that being, knowing that it is not just your individual energy, but the capacity of wisdom from your future self and your future selves, all of the beings that would be interacting with you that add to this.

Then letting go of all of these aspects, become aware of the now, the here, the present, the air that you are breathing, the ground beneath your feet, the vibrations that surround you, and see that in this moment, you have cleared a space for a greater energy of powerful helpers, anonymous ones loving you on many levels, wishing you simply to know and feel this as a clear energy that you can use any way you wish to do good works in the world, to help others. And so in a similar fashion that you would receive their help, think of another person that could use some assistance right now. Open your heart to that being, and give them energy. And you will see that as much as you give, so it is then sent into you many times more.

Then lastly we ask you to let go of all of these things and be aware of your heart, and its capacity to love. Pick a being that you care for deeply. Feel the love between you and that person; open your heart to it. A sound like OM, like AHH, like MMM, the sense of an embrace, the energy of light between you and that being, stronger, clearer. Then think of somebody else you've had difficulty with perhaps in the last week, and pour that same energy into that being, healing and changing that relationship. And then perhaps even to send that same energy to someone that you've had a great deal of difficulty in your life, again, shifting that relationship, sending that energy to love, to forgive.

Then to close, we ask you to let go of the energy and the visualization and simply see it suffusing, blending into the emerald light cylinder, infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth, about a hundred feet in diameter, connecting, protecting. As it contacts Mother Earth, recognize that She responds lovingly, welcoming: A percolating, loving bubbling up of energy, sending the idea of love, that it would form a sound, a beautiful sound like OM. We ask you to draw that in and share it out loud. Goodbye.


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