Hilarion Fall Equinox 2000 Channeling

Jill: Greetings. We are gathered in Nevada City for the Fall Equinox channeling, September 21st, 2000. Questions have been asked by those in attendance as well as those through the Internet. For further information on channelings, books, or tapes, contact Jon C. Fox. P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959.

Hilarion: Yes. Greetings. Greetings to all of you. This is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with answers to questions and other matters to look into, we would ask you to be aware of and invite a kinesthetic experience within your being, of light. These are two qualities difficult at times to join within one, but they are one of the important secrets that you seek, because a mere visualization of light will usually be energetically a very small part of a much larger energy that is possible for you to receive.

You close your eyes when you sleep, yet you still feel the bed. You at times are embedded in moments of silence, or so much noise that you cannot make sense of it. Yet at that same moment you are constantly feeling, breathing, sensing. The kinesthetic sense in this way is strongly developed right to the core of the blending of your conscious and your unconscious. Inviting its presence in the context of that which would be valuable or beneficial to you is what we are suggesting, and inviting you to look at in your lives.

So imagine then that that emerald light pours into you from infinitely upwards, forming a beautiful cylinder about 100 feet in diameter, that is about 33 meters in diameter. And this energy and this light as it passes through you touches you, caresses you. The actual physical sensation that you choose is unimportant. The idea is simply to give it a kinesthetic quality. A good one to begin with, though, is to recognize it as a tickling, gently rubbing sensation in your feet, perhaps what it would feel like if you used a dry paintbrush and gently stroked the soles of your feet. Let that sense of brushing move up through the body to touch your heart, to touch the top of your head, and yet always this connected in your consciousness with emerald, translucent green, as if the energy itself is able to strengthen you. And then, allowing this energy on the outbreath to sweep through the body, the cylinder is released to the Earth, so this vast cylinder of light is then able to energize and yet at the same time cleanse, clarify, and release.

This is the time of seasonal shift. The Earth in her breathing moves through these cycles of deep inbreath, complete outbreath. Yet in the equinoxes, this fall and spring equinox, it is as if the breath is in a point of perfect equality, equal in, equal out. And so in this moment, a balancing takes place on Earth. It is as if then your intentions, your ideas, your projections into your future have more weight, reach into your consciousness more deeply, because in this time period they are enmeshed with Earth's intentions, projections into her future, and the way in which she will relate this with you.

Fall symbolizes harvest, a time in which you reap and take in all that you have built towards. This in preparation for the period of hibernating and bringing in energies on a deeper level that is symbolized by winter. So what is it in your life that you have worked on for the last few months, perhaps even since the gestation period beginning with last spring? What issues have you been approaching and now are you ready to draw them in and understand them? What fruit of this will you draw deeply into your own being?

These are good questions to be looking at, yet usually this very underlying energy of these questions has produced on Earth a time of tremendous, almost frenzied activity in these months. This is that which is symbolized by many of the new and powerful beginnings launched--sometimes by darker forces, sometimes by new forces of light--in this time period specifically with the intent of allowing magical change, a change which comes somehow without reason, without understanding. This does not mean that it is devoid of understanding. It simply means that in order to work with that level of change, you don't need to understand it. You can approach it from a magical point of view, a way that simply welcomes the shift because of itself, not because it makes sense or because it is a solution to a problem.

This is, of course, problematic if you wish to apply this again in the future and the magical conditions that have produced this shift have changed. And so this is why understanding is so important in this time period. Yet, over and over, when you are confronted with shifts, with understanding, and it is then coming from this magical place, from a place without understanding, it comes to your heart, it comes to your mind, it comes to your consciousness in a way that must form some resonance, some capacity within you that responds to this energy. And the response is what you are harvesting, because that will be based on your learning, your experience, what you've worked on throughout the time period. And this is very important to realize because then as you sow these things, you will know them more deeply within yourself. You will be able to receive them based on what you have understood.

This is the first answer to an important question you are posing about the nature of regeneration primarily from spiritual sources. It is the first answer, and it is in many ways also the last answer. What are you? Each time you ask this question and look at it in yourself, of course the answer will change, but now especially, and in any of the times of seasonal change--a wonderful time to ask this question of yourself deeply. What in the nature then, who in the nature then, what is the makeup, what is the essence, who are you? As you feel these questions percolate through your being, you will find many answers depending on how you approach the question: logically, perhaps emotionally, psychologically, spiritually.

But sometimes the answer does not come by any of these means. It comes purely by the kinesthetic sense, by the feeling sense of who you are, that you get the answer to this when you see yourself in relationship to other people: That you love, that the nature of your being deep inside is love, that this capacity to love and be loved is that which holds you in the pattern that brings you to Earth in the first place. This is an important clue or key to understanding many of the dilemmas that face you in this reality.

Asking the question is not only the process, though. It is truly receiving the answer. Because if you can feel that love all that much more, you can know it at its core, you may often find that many of the problems that you have simply melt away because they are based on fear, they are based on those energies that told you in some way that there was a scarcity of love. They were those ways that told you that you could not have that much love, and so on. So gradually the evolving of these energies teaches you something special and beautiful about love.

Now, let us step back a moment. There have been several questions about regeneration. How is the body to be continued? What is appropriate diet? How are the ways to manifest this? And so on. But these questions must be understood from the correct perspective.

There was a time long ago--this is coincident with your understanding in early history of Lemuria and the early phase of Lemurian civilization--a time in which there was Xenon plentiful in the Earth's atmosphere at the level of approximately 3%. And during this time period, Earth's magnetic field and higher electrical fields and the Sun's corona and related energies interacting with these Xenon energies released a low level healing field for the entire planet. Xenon energy tends to be regenerative. It tends naturally to recreate various energies that are based upon the thoughtforms of the people who are working with the energies--animals, plants and others also. Yet the conjoined or shared thoughtform in Lemuria, as some of you recall, was very different from the sort of thoughtform that you have now.

So clearly, returning all of the Xenon to Earth's atmosphere would be a bad move on the part of those extracted it--your guides, helpers, and a number of extra-terrestrials employed for this matter--in the Lemurian times. Because the very thoughtforms that you would manifest now would not seem to be conducive to your own health, healing, the benefit of society, your spiritual evolution and other capacities--not those that you evidence, but those evidenced by most of your brothers and sisters.

Except here we've run into the first little difficulty in explaining this issue to you. Because to the extent to which you take personal responsibility for all of the thoughtforms that are upon the planet, so then does the solution to this difficulty emerge. People having their own difficulties with the issues of the day can easily then deny that they are a part of the problem, and as a result continue to keep things in motion as they have been, and this is the excuse that so many have utilized for so long.

You begin it as little children, you know, when you are seeking to avoid punishment and you say, "No, I didn't do that," or "I don't know who did that," knowing full well that it was you. These little beginnings can be forgiven and can indeed be understood, but they often sow the seeds deep within consciousness for a larger level of denial which has now spread itself to be a powerful thoughtform across your entire planet. This can be changed directly and simply by taking full personal responsibility for every thought that comes your way, every emotion, every energy, every feeling. If you have a judgement upon it, if there is something that you would say is not right about that, and you turn it inward on yourself to ask then what is there about that that is not right about yourself, you have made an important step forward to correct this condition, to understand it deeply in your consciousness.

There are many who have studied this and worked with it, and have created this as powerful cleansing healing principles. A leader in this field is the individual Byron Katie, and we would certainly suggest anyone wishing to pursue this matter deeper--the evolution of the overall thoughtforms affecting the entire planet--then be advised to investigate her Work and use it for yourself on a regular basis.

But then you must recognize that beginning with this shift in which the regenerative process so natural to Earth was stopped, that people began the process of dying, that they began the process of reincarnation, so that they would have the direct kinesthetic experience, the direct emotional experience of life on Earth, and remember this more strongly, more forcibly one lifetime to the next than anything else--than the thoughts, than the ideas of history, or other matters. It is then as if you would understand that the intent, the purpose of life on Earth that has this phase that begins in the womb, continuing through childhood, ending in old age and death, has a deliberate intent within it of your own spiritual evolution through experience, through feeling, through emotion, through touching, and as a result of this, possibly--this of course is where it is up to humanity--the utilization of love within these experiences. As a result of knowing love on such a level, one would have it so deeply embedded in one's soul, it would be the very makeup of your existence for the rest of your lives on Earth, or the rest of your existence in other realities where perhaps regeneration was widely accepted and utilized: Other planetary systems, other energies, other ways of being.

An example of this is planet known as Thiaoouba (pronounced "ho-HO-bah"). This planet, the ninth orbiting an important star in the vicinity of the Pleiades, is a planet which humans have visited from time to time. The energies there are so powerful of deep regeneration that a human being is destroyed within a matter of around ten days. Therefore, the people of this planet watching over and helping humanity and many others are very careful to make sure that those who do visit do not stay for very long. It is out of caring. There is an important symbolism in this, you see, because it is in the physical form of a human being as they are that they can learn so much and grow so powerfully.

This does not mean that the goal of regeneration is to be ignored, but rather to be seen in its proper context. A human lifespan when properly understood can exist in a state of high degree of health, harmony, physical fitness, awareness, mental activity and acuity for one hundred fifty years with the current etheric conditions of negative thoughtforms, of the difficulties on your planet at an etheric and psychospiritual level. It could be extended for greater periods with sufficient Xenon surrounding one at a continuous level, and the positive powerful thoughtforms sufficiently excluded by the use of Argon in a repelling mechanism. But to extend much longer than this would require many important changes to your society.

But then, why are people becoming more and more interested in lifespan extension, in regeneration and other means? Certainly to a large number it is out of fear, simply because they are afraid of death, they do not understand the process. And given that religions are currently not embracing all of the evidence piling up in the scientific journals giving sufficient understanding and awareness of the death and dying process, the intermissive period, and subsequent reincarnations, it is no wonder that they are afraid. They have no explanation, no deeper understanding, no easy means to understand the process of death experientially within their own physical bodies. And so this seeking of these energies out of fear cannot then result in the answers, since then fear is simply False Evidence Appearing as Real, F-E-A-R, and then all you have to do to pierce through this is understand that there is no death, that you let go of the physical body and shift through to another level. And until you have understood that and remembered it sufficiently, the fear naturally will remain.

But then there are many others, not the majority but still a significant number and these growing in number, who recognize another process of regeneration--that of extending one's lifespan, understanding the principles so that the return to the Garden of Eden, the return to a physical manifestation in which the love aspect is felt more deeply, a deeper understanding of the physical body and ultimately, of course, the wisdom that remains by the gathering of energy and experience during one's lifetime in a physical body is the result. This certainly can be understood in its proper context, yet even there there can be deep within an underlying fear, an energy that would say much more than at the basic individual level--at group consciousness level--that this return to the ways of ancient times, to greater love, greater harmony amongst people, is flawed, that it has deeply within it the seeds for destruction. The way in which the people then would give up on the larger group energy and that is why the programs are still in place from the nonphysical level, from many beings and so on, to continue through the degenerative process within people, so that they will continue to implant more deeply, more powerfully, lifetime after lifetime, the highest and most powerful aspects of love within their being so that this can be united at a group level. Because without this, this deeper issue is going to emerge for people.

What it can be understood as in a certain sense is group karma, because when you take full responsibility for your own individuality and for your group, you will naturally experience the karmic repercussions of holocausts, witches burned at the stake, plagues, various difficulties through wars, greed, destruction, violence, all of the errors that humanity has suffered en masse as a group throughout history. Once this is sufficiently healed, the way is paved for a powerful thoughtform on Earth, a powerful energy that shifts consciousness deeply, yet can allow existence at the purely physical 3-dimensional level for as long as anyone would want to, just as it was in ancient Lemuria. Such an energy will be assisted of course by the presence of Xenon if it is desired, but it is seen as highly likely that under such a scenario it would not be necessary.

There are underlying reasons why all of this occurs which relates specifically to the relationship between the solar energies and the Earth, and this is important to understand: That at times the Sun is projecting energies on a regular basis. These move through various cycles, and these energies are of a destructive character at times. There are many ways in which these energies are projected. A sun spot usually begins the cycle. The energies then move deep to within the Sun's core, beginning a series of powerful resonances. These move in various patterns that relate to many aspects of the Sun's already existent conditions, similar in some ways to what you would call weather conditions on your Earth. These eventually will result in a solar flare, and various energies are contained within the solar flare of higher consciousness. These energies come to people to shift them, to act as an impulse, a sudden shock, a sudden shift. At the etheric level, these energies are generally ignored. People do not absorb them and work with them, and so they tend in various ways to cause difficulties. At the same time, the symbolism of this: That the solar flares can be disruptive to electronics, to various communication equipment, and so on. But the point is that the Sun is in constant communication with Earth, attempting in every way possible to raise vibration while at the same time continuing the process that leads to death and destruction in one's life for the deliberate intent of projecting this higher capacity of love, as people can manifest this response within themselves.

Many people have wondered at times looking into the galaxy why this particular solar system was chosen for development of people of this nature. What is so remarkable about this sun? Not very large by comparison, nor particularly bright. It is because of these unique characteristics in which it is able to project these energies.

Similarly, they are relatively easy to shield if you understand the simple technologies. They are not really the problem any more on Earth, as you have recognized. That it is the continuing thoughtforms that people share in which they would put, for instance, money ahead of other things in life, that give you a little bit of an inkling about it all. What logic does that make, what logical sense, because when you die you let it all go? And there again you see that the symbols are always there in plain sight to help you understand that which is hidden. Understanding this point of view is very useful, particularly in the fall time, because one of the important elements of magic is symbolism. Why a particular magical ritual or magical incantation is utilized in the historical literature or even fantasy and science fiction often relates to the underlying symbol that it represents. And so here it is also that the Law of Symbols is hard at work. Can you receive and know the symbols around you?

And so then what you are presented with when you look at all of these issues is that life and death itself revolves around this simple question: What do you take with you? What you have learned, the love in your heart, the energy that you have experienced in being physical. This is worth working on, receiving and knowing more deeply. But at the same time, one must understand that for many individuals, this is too hard to bear. How as your heart opens deeply can you witness others similar to you refusing to know these energies, spending all of their time and effort on things that they cannot possibly take with them when they leave the physical body, no matter what religion, no matter what way of science you apply to it, no matter what beliefs you have as to an afterlife or this simply ending of all existence? The understanding of that question is paramount to the understanding of the symbolism of life itself. What is it that you do take with you, no matter which way you understand this?

Thus in coming to an awareness of these deeper issues, what you gradually come to is an understanding in yourself of a deeper response to the experience that has been presented to you than simply a technological one, such as the developing of techniques for regeneration. And there is a reward in this, of course, because as you are able to raise your vibration, as you are able to shift the energies within your being, you will be doing two things simultaneously: Tapping into the natural rejuvenative healing energies available in the Sun and the Earth, these as powerful energies that by their own powerful gravitational fields remanifest as magnetism, electricity, and all of the components and building blocks of foods and other things in the world that are nurturing and helpful, and many of the other things that you are here to know. But at the same time this higher vibration protects you from those energies which seek to remanifest themselves as greed, as power, as fear.

It is not possible to protect yourself from these energies with a shield in the usual sense of this, because these energies are yours. It is by your personal responsibility that you can come to understand this better. So, raising your vibration, allowing more energy, is always helpful.

One question has been proposed as to the nature of the process one goes through in working with the vibrational state. The vibrational state can be entered into in many different ways. We will suggest, however, of one here that is slightly different from the one that has been suggested in the past. Begin by a kinesthetic awareness, a sense of the energy, perhaps as a brushing sensation or a liquid sensation or the sense of a sponge swishing on the surface of the skin, only take it deep inside. Feel it right to the core. Begin with your feet. Raise the energy to the head in that same kinesthetic sensation, then back down to the feet. As you speed this up, faster and faster, you will usually notice a threshold is reached relatively rapidly that you cannot go beyond. Feeling the energy move at that pace is quite appropriate for you when it is associated with the kinesthetic quality of this nature. If this becomes distracting or you find coldness somewhere in the body during the process, stop. Put your attention on that part of the body, or on the whole idea of opening up to Earth energy generally, and reacclimate before you begin again.

What you will then notice is that if you do the vibrational state without the kinesthetic visualization, simply with the idea that the energy itself is moving faster and faster and faster throughout your body, you will find that the upper limit has increased--that you can actually move it faster than before. This can be understood in a magical perspective--that it simply works so you do it. But what is actually occurring here is that when you are kinesthetically involved, you are physically drawing in more energy, etherically drawing in more energy, and often able to make the connection between the etheric and the physical more easily. These energies then are more available for the rest of the body, thus able to more easily open more energy centers and more channels within the body.

Thus, one could state that repeated practice with any of the varieties of the kinesthetic modalities to increase energy within the body will have tremendous ultimate payoff, but are not in themselves sufficient, that one must also incorporate other visualizations, other awarenesses, other energies, and this would certainly be correct. For many individuals, we would certainly recommend all of the kinesthetic exercises for increasing energy within the body that are described in Robert Bruce's book Astral Dynamics. These are powerful exercises. They regenerate many aspects of the etheric body, and allow enhanced spiritual awareness on many levels. It does not matter if you are applying this to astral projection or other capacities. It is more important simply to do these exercises and work with them at a kinesthetic level, and then find the way to transfer these energies more easily into more pure visualizations or other techniques.

This is important because as people are able to develop various capacities within their being yet neglect some aspect of the more physical side, they will often suffer. The physical body will not be regenerated. It is in making this link between the higher and the lower, raising the vibration of the spirit to match that of the physical, or that of the physical to match that of the spirit, that is so important. But these are but concepts. Doing them in a practical way, actually feeling the sensation, having the real tickling sort of sensation right down to your bones, imagine this, feeling it, sensing it, is much more effective than talking about it or pretending or even visualizing.

It is important as individuals grow they begin to realize they path that they are moving towards. Many times this path has been deliberately guided and shaped by their interaction with nonphysical beings from before they were born, which brings us to another question about the best way to interact with the nonphysical beings that are here to know you. There are on average 9 nonphysicals for each individual incarnated on Earth. Of these, about a third are beings that are drawn to you because of your energies, but in many cases they do not wish you well. In some cases they are quite unconscious. They are simply drawn to you out of a similarity or a shared resonance. They don't even know that they're dead. Such intruders and other beings associated with such energies can be helped by you at times simply by raising your vibration, by increasing your energy, by sharing love in a sort of general way. In many ways, such beings will wake up, realize what has happened to them, and move on. [ Note: Learn more about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira. ]

The next group, about a third again, are blind guides or beings that don't really know the right way to help you but are drawn to help you because they've been your friends in the past, because there's something they think they can do to assist you. In many cases, one of the best things you can do with them is tell them to sit tight, to simply watch, to observe, to learn what they can and to seek to communicate with you before they try to do anything on your behalf. This is very hard for most beings to understand, but if you have an association with such projection to them in your consciousness of a thought, an association with physical energy, the sense of love, a movement within you, moving your arms in a gesture or reaching out, they will hear you, and they will pay attention.

Such a simple thing can be of tremendous value in your life. Many of the little predicaments which you find yourself in for which the expression sometimes comes suddenly to your mind, "Why me?" are those results of the actions of blind guides who indeed in their best interests trying to help you have made a muddle of things because they have put the thoughts into someone else's head of being suspicious or fearful or having their own difficulties, because they could not see the larger picture in all things. This is important to understand because their role in working with you is to learn, is to communicate, to give you other possibilities, but not by any means to direct your life if at all possible.

The third category is that of helpers, beings of higher vibration who truly can understand, have the larger picture and assist. And then still, they outnumber you, in this case 3 to 1, as they represent approximately one third of these nonphysicals. The question then is how best to interact with them. It comes back first to the question we posed earlier about the nature of your being, about who you really are, because in nearly all cases where such beings are there to assist you, they know because they were with you conferencing, sharing, planning your life in the time before you were born. They were coaching, sharing ideas, presenting possibilities. Some of the most highly evolved of such beings, those that have been called "evolutionary orientor," would be like a guidance counselor, making very specific suggestions, helping to make contact between you and other beings as part of your group, your tribe, your particular research project or whatever, that you had come to work with, incarnate with, and understand.

These beings, then, understand you from the way you were then. They have watched you and assisted you at various times. But at times they know because you have gone so far off the path that you began with, the only thing they can do is simply send you a loving energy, but they cannot any longer interfere because the detours you have been down have been so extensive. This is important to recall because in reaching with such beings, the one thing to be asking for then in every way possible is "Let me remember. Let me know of my home, the place I was before I was here." Not in the last life, but in the intermissive period, that is, the time between lifetimes. The guides can help you with this. The higher ones can have different little memory-jogging capacities. They can coach you in little ways, gently, quietly at times. And they can assist you much more directly when you meet them at their level. That is, when you project your consciousness.

Doing these physical exercises for projecting your consciousness and interacting with your helpers is the most powerful direct means of evolution, understanding, awareness, and most importantly interacting with your guides that you can come to in this life. Most individuals come to this naturally, regularly in their own spiritual development. Even those beings that you hold as important signposts of high levels of evolution, such as the Christ or Buddha or Allah or many of the great saints and masters that are well known on your planet. Many times the learning that took place on such levels was an equal one. That is, they were sharing with the guides and helpers wonderful, helpful information from their end, as well as receiving from this other end.

But if this is not so easily possible, as it is not for most people, then the important key here is on a repeated basis to receive: In a state of meditation, raising one's vibration to the highest possible level, deliberately asking for a sign, a symbol, or a higher energy from the highest possible energy or vibration that can be made available to you is a powerful method. This can be coordinated with the breath. You take a deep breath in, you exhale, and in the moment between breaths you allow the symbol to come into your consciousness. It may be a memory, a thought, an idea, a sound. But simply to awaken this can be of tremendous value on your evolutionary path.

Now it is quite correct that you cannot guarantee that such an energy will be only from the helpers. And so that is where repeated use of vibrational state exercises, repeated use of exercises to raise your vibration, to take in more energy, to receive and work with all that is around you on a regular basis and the repeated discerning clear-headed look at personal responsibility in your life will help you over and over to raise vibration so that intruders have less and less effect; blind guides are more and more perplexed to know the right thing to do because you seem to be doing it yourself; and the opportunity for helpers to assist you at a higher and higher level will then be made available. Simple way forward, yet that which is sometimes overlooked because after all, the whole idea of these beings interacting with you is to develop your own intuition so that you will trust more of the subtle energies around you, because these subtle energies are related to higher dimensions, the dimensions that you interact with but can choose not to respond to.

This brings us to the important issue of responding to that which you have in front of you to do, to learn, to grow with. The energies, the impetus, they will always be there, lifetime after lifetime. It is when you choose to respond to it that you begin to make more powerful awakening, more powerful spiritual progress. Sometimes along such a path, you choose another being to help you, a being that will act as a friend or a co-worker or a lover or somebody to assist you in such regard. Now when you look over the evolution in your life, the times in which you have made some transformation or some real progress forward, is it usually from those relationships where everything was just wonderful? In the time in which it was indeed so delightful? Or did you simply experience bliss, knowing that wonderful energy and that vibration in such a time period?

Often times you will recognize then that it is through resistance and change, it is through transformation, it is through relationships gone astray that you learn, that you grow. And so then sometimes those that are best for you, best for your helping, best for your assistance as partners in life, physical incarnated reality partners, will be beings that don't seem at all perfect to you--beings that remind you of your own imperfection. That is the response that you can have if you choose it, rather than simply to be stuck in your judgement about that being. To change yourself as a result is the larger symbol that is brought by this.

And so then it must always be understood that beings of the same soul vibration may often incarnate in order to assist each other, but know the possibility that should they become so enmeshed in each other as to provide so much bliss to each other, so much happiness, so much peace, they would not get anything done of any value to what they have already set out to do in the sequence of lifetimes. This is what we would call a vacation lifetime, and most of the lifetimes in which you could have fun vacations are past. These were times usually a few centuries ago where you could take a whole lifetime out in Tahiti or Fiji or one of these places and it would indeed be quite undisturbed. Have you visited Fiji or Tahiti lately? You'll find concession stands, tourism, trinkets sold on the street and on the beach, and captive dolphins to entertain you. Not exactly a vacation lifetime anymore, and the symbolism is clear for this. Nor is it likely you are going to go into a cave in Tibet and find your inner peace, perhaps meditating with your partner, for the Chinese will be knocking at your door only too sweep away this cave and send you to another country. That is the life that all are living now on planet Earth, a life of interconnection in which people must learn and grow from each other, and find ways of forgiveness and peace and caring so that they may evolve as a group.

This is not to say that the twin flame phenomenon or the ability to interact with a partner on such a powerful deep level is impossible. It will certainly occur. But you will usually find that when you can shift your energy sufficiently, change the very nature of your being sufficiently, that not only are you evolving, but your partner is inspired to evolve, to change, to grow, to evolve to a place of greater consciousness and clarity as that partner would understand it. So then does the relationship suddenly have so much more depth, love, and capacity brought within it. It may not be the picture of a relationship as you've received it from romance novels or comic books or television, or that it's done the way your parents did it, but it is evolution, and it is the possibility of an evolutionary duo that is then brought forward: A true partnership based upon the existence of two souls who wish to support each other's evolution.

There is a question with regards to the symbolism of the birth chart, astrology, and related matters, and how this can be properly interpreted given current scientific understanding in this regard. After all, much of astrology was evolved with the earliest beginnings associated with Earth as the center of the universe. Many of the astrological associations continue along such, yet it is well known to science since the time of Copernicus that indeed the Sun is the center of the solar system, and that the galactic center, the center of most of the stars associated with astrology on all levels, are found in the galaxy you call the Milky Way galaxy in the plane of the ecliptic. And so you see this higher evolution that indeed the question of geocentric versus heliocentric astrology must be related to galactocentric astrology and the deeper understanding of how this relates to all beings in your galaxy.

But of course we jump ahead of ourselves as usual. In order to understand and awaken the blending of these perspectives--and those of other perspectives: Tropical versus Sidereal, for instance; the Chinese astrology versus Vedic astrology--it makes sense to look at the symbols that are most widely utilized in a given civilization. To let these be the beginning, but then those symbols that are most easily altered and understood, most specifically those relating to the ascendant and the time of birth, can be very helpful when cast through these other means so that one may have a different perspective on life. One may see some of the helio-perspectives associated with the first breath as those which can relate to higher spiritual purpose and understanding. Many times the utilization of geocentric Tropical astrology--the most commonly used in Western realities--does not always provide the deeper understanding of these higher spiritual issues. Many times in understanding about relationships, Chinese astrology reveals all kinds of interesting perspectives and personas on a very purely physical, almost animal-based reality.

In other words, as you intuitively come to the different ways in working and blending with these, you may find new symbols awakening within yourself, and find ways to coordinate these within your own being. But as always, one must understand that the destinies associated with these rely primarily on your responses to the energies that have been presented you. How you grow from them, how you learn from them--this is always up to you.

It is useful in examining these symbols to see them at their highest possible level, and that the two issues so confronting human beings--fear and ego--are the continued development and the answer to the question of what you take with you, though in a reversed sense. The overcoming of fear, the deeper understanding of its meaning, the ability to love; the release of ego as the idea that you are alone and the way in which the ego is so beautifully constructed to communicate, to allow from your point of view a unique loving experience to be shared with others are important energies you are here in training for. Other uses of fear: To stop you, to hurt others. Responses to fear: The actions that then allow self-protection, harm, and so on. And the actions based on improper use of ego, where it is only for one's self-aggrandizement, power over others, and other issues, always tell you that that is not the energy to be taken with you, that is the energy to be left behind on Earth, to grow from, to expand from.

A question that has been posed relates to the fearlessness of certain of the masters and the beings who have been on your planet. But you must understand that such fearlessness does not come from outside acts, does not come from doingness. Fearlessness, as egolessness, comes from beingness, from the inner part of the nature of who you are. Always the response in the world is from Be to Do to Have, and never the other way around. And as a result of the being is then the fearlessness evident to others by the actions of what you are doing in the world, and the results of this that you would have as these interact with society.

Yet to come to the fearless state is not possible only by the mind, by thinking, "Oh, What is the false evidence appearing as real?" but rather the energy within that is allowing there to be love everywhere, always, deeply present within the nature of your being. Many individuals suffer simply because they do come in contact with the love, they do feel it deeply within their being, and they refuse to express it. Many times if you question such people deeply, you will discover that the reason that they have refused to express it is that they are afraid. They are afraid that other people will misinterpret, or they will in some way judge them, or they are afraid of what an inner voice would say, an inner mother or inner father. They are afraid of the appropriateness in the world, and this is a very powerful group fear--whether such an energy of love can be truly deeply expressed on your planet--and the fear associated with it becomes a tremendous limiting factor for so many beings on your planet. Yes, you must cry to release these energies. Yes, you must love deeply in your heart. But at times you must go further, to hug, to help, to care, to do something of a truly experiential, physical, kinesthetic, some nature that says, "I am the manifestation of this love." And here again you see the symbols of this in the great and beautiful actions of all of these masters who were fearless, who did understand these energies. Because the nature of their being told them of the way to love and to allow this to manifest.

The deeper understanding of this, of course, relates to the powerful thoughtforms that have permeated your planet as a simple misunderstanding about the nature of what it takes to love the cells of your body: Self-love and self-caring. Many times people have gentle but still fairly consistent experiences that take them away from these inner feelings, the deeper sense of self, and so on. An example of this would be the ingestion of coffee, which can increase fear within the body, can increase mental acuity, but will inevitably take one away from one's feelings. Not so strongly as other drugs, for instance nicotine, or continuing along that spectrum, cocaine, or even further along that spectrum, crack cocaine. How far do you want to go? The point being that in the utilization of various substances, a powerful thoughtform has been touched into that is shared across your entire planet that suggests that it's alright, even acceptable, to utilize those energies on a regular basis: The energies of the fear, the energies of the denial, the energies that take you away from that which is most nurturing and helpful for your own body.

It is very easy to determine this. You have animal friends all around you showing it constantly. They aren't particularly happy, generally, about drinking coffee. You can train them to do it. You can give it to them often. You can give them positive associations with it, and eventually they'll come to love it, as will their offspring. But this does not mean that it is natural to their being. Yet it is rare that a wild animal when given thee choice of, for instance in the feline kingdom, raw unpasteurized milk, would choose coffee over such a substance.

And so you will see then the underlying seeds of what we are pointing at here, that over the centuries, humanity by the development of the thoughtforms has then subverted these underlying instincts. Returning to the animal ways is helpful. Understanding it is useful. And what will you confront every time--fear. Powerful fear, from so many sources, so many beings, so many realities. The fear of bacteria, the fear of doing things different from what is acceptable in your society, from the way your parents did it, or from others. The fear that might tell you in some way that you are wrong, or to be laughed at, or in some way don't have those instincts deeply developed within your being. It goes on and on.

But when you confront these evidences and see that they are indeed false, that they are only based upon people's assumptions and misunderstandings about the nature of existence--after all, bacteria have been on this planet many hundreds of millions of years longer than you. They have developed higher levels of group intelligence, and have capacity when properly used to be of tremendous assistance at cleansing, healing, strengthening, and aiding the body. Yet they are that which produces fear in those that do not understand the larger pattern, the larger picture.

There are those who do understand this and are seeking to bring this message to the world. For instance, the individual Vonderplanitz in his book We Want to Live. Yet, who will read it? Who will listen? Who will understand? [ Note: More about this revolutionary - and successful - approach to healing: Aajonus Vonderplanitz' revolutionary book, We Want To Live. ]

Many times those with such preconceived ideas as to prevent these energies from coming into their consciousness will never accept and work with these energies in this lifetime. It will take several lifetimes in which the physical body has experienced the direct consequences of poor eating habits, poor understanding at the mental level, poor emotional connection to others, that these things get shifted and changed. And so you see that if such an individual was able to heal and clear the issues completely without the deeper understanding, the whole point of these energies would be lost upon them and upon their consciousness.

But that is a point that we have already made ad nauseum. We apologize. Now this would be perhaps a good time for a little pause so that you might stretch briefly and we can give the vehicle a little drink of water.


Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. There have been many interesting questions posed, and we have attempted to weave a few of them together. But you must understand here that there is a larger point that is emerging from all of this. Certain questions must be asked above all others. Certain energies must be understood and contemplated above all others. Questions such as, "What is the purpose of this? Before I change it, let me understand what it's real purpose is. Who is doing the observing? Who wants to make the shift? Who am I?" Understanding and working with these issues for yourself sometimes is of far greater importance than simply jumping to the next level in which various actions are taken because these are the questions that deal with beingness before you jump into the doingness.

Now, Jill, you might be able to perhaps assist here with a few of the questions we have not yet addressed.

Jill: Yes. Some people are concerned about the high levels of mercury and other contaminants in fish, which apparently have caused negative effects in people who consumed the fish, raw or cooked. Is it safe to eat fish higher in the food chain anymore?

Hilarion: In general it does seem that this provides benefit, but at the same time, many problems. Cooked fish in particular appears to allow the absorption of mercury and other toxic materials. We see other metals leaching into the system, most prominent and difficult of these is iron. Iron is often assumed to be beneficial to the body, but indeed too much of it is quite damaging and difficult and one of the important causes of cancer on your planet. It begins a sequence that is ultimately quite degenerative. Sufficient manganese can reduce this, and this is often given with raw nuts and seeds as an important cleansing.

The raw fish is certainly problematic because it provides at the same time benefits and at the same time higher contamination levels than ever. Yet, occasional ingestion of this is beneficial. One must question the source. Has it been frozen? Has it in some way been adulterated, heated, sterilized? These are the important questions to ask. And in many cases, you will be surprised to discover that indeed it has been frozen even when it is claimed to be fresh. This is a common practice in sushi restaurants, for instance--Japanese restaurants all over the world--to make it easier to prepare the fish.

If one has the taste for this often, it certainly does make sense to ingest it, and to eat low on the food chain where possible with smaller fish. But of course you recognize the important symbolism of this. The widespread ingestion of fish, particularly cooked fish, is depleting the oceans, harming the fish, and poor management has certainly been responsible for this. The isolated locations where appropriate fishery management has taken place have provided sufficient numbers of fish for all. And so the key to this must be, again, in the understanding of the symbolism and the balancing that will take place. Of course this is aided greatly when people consume less, and do so consciously and carefully as would be important.

Yet we do recognize that for many people, the utilization of the small amounts of oils within the fish, particularly when taken in raw form, is of value. And so, indeed, one must discover this for oneself. But for most people, there is benefit even with the toxic materials present.

Toxic mercury is difficult for the body to get rid of, but this is aided when small amounts of fat are taken at the same time as the fish. An excellent example of this is raw butter from a cow or a goat. It will tend to help metabolize the mercury in the process through the body and enable the individual to more easily dispose of it. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Thank you. A technique known as remote viewing has been used by the governments of Earth for espionage. It involves the projection of consciousness to gather intelligence. It's now being taught to people who are interested in changing the course of humanity away from war, and embracing healing and love. Is it safe? Is it karmically ethical? And if so, can you add anything to improve and guide such involvement?

Hilarion: It has been an important issue in discussion amongst many guides and helpers for the last 25 years or so, since the techniques have become more widespread and written about. Yet, as esoteric techniques, they have been available on your planet for millennia. The whole point of this is to understand that in this new utilization, a larger group of angelic presences is being developed to assist with some level of protection in this matter. An example of this is the utilization of Tarot in which an angelic presence has been in place for a few centuries, and will make itself known to you the moment you begin with an open heart, a clear mind, and true sincerity to utilize Tarot for your own consciousness and awareness.

Similar energies exist on various levels for certain other divination and other techniques which we won't go into now. As you understand this remote viewing, you see that it is at the current time it is not protected. Many energies can be subverted by beings with malintent. Indeed, some can be attracted to at who at some time in their last lifetime on Earth did something of a similar nature, and they are simply continuing it unconsciously. These are beings who are the most trouble because they have the strongest physical energy and the least degree of consciousness: A type of intrusion known as psychotic post-mortem, a being that simply doesn't know that he or she is dead.

Such beings can indeed present all kinds of mistaken images, and the key will always be that the remote viewer raise his vibration to the highest possible level, and that this level is raised repeatedly over and over. Wherever possible one must question what one sees, bringing logic to bear upon it, and always seeking the sensation in the physical body, some awareness of these as positive beneficial energies reminding you that what you are seeing is accurate, correct, even if it is that which would bring you a sense of fear or other difficulty because of a resonant connection, still there as if underlying this a sense that there is peace, there is some harmony deep within your own being as you view these things.

Generally, however, it appears that over the next few years, as this cadre of protective beings is sufficiently trained, that the results of remote viewing can not be depended on for total accuracy. This has already borne itself out, for instance in the predictions of widespread destruction on planet Earth in a time frame that has already passed as a result of the actions of remote viewers and all that they have presented. In order to understand this more deeply, you will perceive then that the guides and helpers will use every means possible to allow individuals to a place of greater understanding, greater awareness, greater possibility on your Earth, even if it means at times that people react to fear and struggle around such issues.

An example of this is the widespread sharing of information about various destructive capacities, various calamitous happenings on your planet. These have gone on for a long time, and will continue. Latest predictions relate specifically to some large object to collide with the Earth or come very near it in a time period around 2002, 2003. This has been explained and worked with by many individuals, and we see that this object is right on course. Yet, it is a very simple matter with its sufficient distance from Earth for various energies to move it very slightly off course sufficiently that it comes somewhat close to the orbit but never sufficiently close for any sufficient gravitational shift to occur on planet Earth herself. This is easily possible within the next year or two, and so the result of this would be that by 2003, little understanding that this had even occurred would be available to your astronomers.

The whole idea is that as you present these ideas, as others share their precognitive visions, as they share their channelings, how do you respond? Is there a sense of fear? Is there a sense of energy within you that would allow you to change? If this change is based on fear, but it changes you deeply nonetheless, then it is a good thing. But if perhaps that fear can be seen in its proper context, and you ask yourself, "How would I change as a result?" and you do this not out of fear but because the change itself is desirable, that is even better. What is the worst outcome? That you listen to what we were saying and you say to yourself, "Well, according to Hilarion it's never going to happen, so I don't have to worry about it and I'm just going to go back to exactly what I was doing before." This would be the worst possible outcome, and that is why we are suggesting indeed at the level of higher truth, if sufficient energies are not directed to change the possibility of such cataclysms, they will occur. And there will be much destruction, pole shift, and related issues of powerful detrimental nature just as it has occurred several times in your history as recognized in the geological conditions that refer to the strata variations of magnetic substances in the deeper layers, indicating that at various junctures in humanity's past, pole shifts have been indeed quite widespread and that which caused much difficulty.

The real key to it then is asking yourself the deeper question about how you can form community, how you can love more, how you can learn more, how you can assist others. This will have many important ramifications. If nothing else, it alerts your guides and helpers that you are clueing into what is really going on on planet Earth. It is a schoolroom planet where you educate each other, but it is also a hospital planet where you help each other. And finding these characteristics sufficiently balanced in your life, with a continued movement more and more towards schoolroom, as hospital becomes less and less necessary to get your attention would seem to be the best way to avoid all of these difficulties. Because then if it is not necessary to cause widespread destruction, it will not take place. Sufficient energy is available of the 50 billion beings, physical and nonphysical, directly associated with Earth, to indeed turn these catastrophic events away, just as occurred indeed in various times in the more recent past in which various powerful cataclysms that were predicted to destroy California or cause great flooding still have not occurred.

Do you understand the larger picture on this? That indeed it is your response to these energies that makes all the difference. Does this clarify?

Jill: Yes, thank you. Will you please give us some information on inert gas technology? What are some contraindications for the use of elixirs or devices, especially the new glass devices, and is it best not to use them at the full moon time?

Hilarion: You cannot lump all of these together--there must always be individual considerations of which gases are utilized, which elixirs are utilized. There are those individuals who have extreme sensitivity in particular areas. Usually this will be presented in their aura as a powerful vibration. Someone intuitive enough to dowse it, to tune into it, can usually pick this up. Under such circumstances, one would question carefully the potency at which an elixir is given, or the method of treatment in which a vibrational remedy is shared, or the utilization of an inert gas device, the key always being that as one is able to share this energy appropriately, one is able to gradually, gently assimilate it. Because it is in the shock to the system that an individual will have a dramatic shift. Such a dramatic shift can often be of tremendous benefit long-term, but short-term they may be experiencing pain, struggle, and difficulty, and they may indeed then stop the transformative process with some deliberate ingestion of some material to stop the action or put away the inert gas technology or whatever. The point is, this is very individualized.

We can state with some certainty around the inert gases that it is more common with the utilization of Neon than with any of the other devices, and with elixirs that the utilization of Neon is indeed most needed amongst most people. There is a direct relationship here. Those individuals with exceptional sensitivity to Neon will find that the utilization of Neon in its crude form is quite shocking to the system. Brief exposures would be beneficial: a minute, two minutes, in a glass inert gas device kept close to the body or a brass inert gas device kept further away from the body. But to go much longer than this might be disturbing to the individual. A slight sense of nausea might be the beginning of this sensation, or other energies that tell them to curtail the utilization of this. Similarly, however, the utilization of an elixir of Neon can be helpful. If one is even too sensitive to this, the utilization of the same elixir to a higher homeopathic potency such as a 100c may be helpful to individuals.

But one must understand in working with all of these that it is the intuitive awareness of those who have greater familiarity with this that is the first step forward in making an appropriate connection between what is of maximum benefit for an individual and what might be detrimental.

There is always the contraindication with the utilization of any inert gas technology in the sign, astrologically speaking, that the Moon is passing through at that time and its relationship to the body, with the example often given: Aries ruling the head, not a very good time to be working on the development of psychic abilities or the physical eyes or ears. These simple examples give you a little clue as to when it might be valuable to alternate and share energies in different ways when working with the inert gases.

Yet, the biggest problem is not as we perceive it a counterindication because of an intrinsic difficulty within the individual. It is more often that there is a deficiency in the connection between the etheric body and the physical body, and when that deficiency is too extreme, giving the energy full measure to the individual results in a great change that the individual is not prepared to shift with, prepared to transform with. It is as if the shock itself is too strong. The key as one goes through this then is to be able to work with this in a more gentle manner.

A simple way to do this with the inert gas technology is by utilizing water as an intervening medium. Thus, one can expose water to the gas, drinking it immediately; the device, drinking it immediately; plunging the glass device in water, drinking it soon thereafter, etc. Simple methods, though one must of course do this in an appropriate matter. If, for instance, --- [???] acrylic has been utilized, for instance in the gluing of the device to a finding [?], then it would not be wise to plunge that into water as small amounts of this would be available to the individual. Instead, place a cup of water next to the device and let it gradually absorb the energy. Other ways that water is a helpful intermediary is in the bath. A way in which someone can then gently receive the energies a bit at a time.

Other contraindications will always relate to these deficiency aspects. Thus, overexposure, giving one too much of the energy. It is simply a matter then of toning back, utilizing it more gently, a small amount rather than a large amount. You will find generally that those with similar related deficiencies at the physical level can be easily identified. For instance, Krypton affecting the nervous system in so many different ways. Individuals with consistent deprivation of fats and oils so that the nervous system has not been well taken care of will have a slight increased sensitivity to this. Neon so often then is so difficult for many individuals who are attracted to inert gas technology because they are "spaced out." They do not easily tune into the Earth. They are not so aware of the connection of root chakra to lower energy levels and have a deficiency in this regard. As a result, they may find that it is more difficult to assimilate and work with the Neon energy, but just as in the case of the Krypton previously mentioned, they need it. It is helpful to them, and it would be useful then to apply it gradually, gently, easily, beginning slowly at first and then increasing over time. And so it can also be stated and easily understood about the various conditions, psychological, spiritual, and physical, that relate to the different aspects of the devices, to identify extreme deficiencies in this regard, and in this way be able to appropriately balance.

This is true also of elixirs and other vibrational remedies, but here it is more complicated because there are so many of them in so many varieties and variations and different ways. One excellent way of attuning to this is by a symbol, by the photograph of the flower or its physical presence in the case of a flower essence; similarly to physical presence of a gem or a photograph of it or a photomicrograph of it as a way of attuning to the energies and seeing how the individual responds. This can guide somebody in attuning to these energies. Naturally, then, when it comes to the starlight elixirs, it just makes sense to find the star that you are interested in in the night sky and gaze upon it. This is a gentle but steady continuous energy that can be of much benefit to the individual. If then they wish to continue further, the starlight elixir would be well employed. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Thanks. It has come up for discussion that Jesus Christ was a myth based on ancient stories. What is Hilarion's perspective on what is true and not true about Jesus?

Hilarion: There are many ways to understand this. The troubling part about it all is the same sort of energy we come into when we try to talk to you about things like truly, deeply healing foods. Your preconceived ideas about this get in the way. You have been preconditioned by so many in this regard with the relationship to the individual known as The Carpenter, known as Jesus of Nazareth, various different names. Well, we like to think of him as The Fisherman because of the way in which he drew in the souls of so many on your planet. This is a positive and beautiful way to think of him.

But as you understand these energies, you must see that the full deeper revelation of this has been powerfully overlaid by your religions, the Anti-Christ religions as well as the Christ-based religions, those that seek in opposition to bring understanding--for instance, Christians seen as heathens, as associated with the Devil, and others, in various religions that are indeed those which outnumber the Christians upon your planet. But to ultimately understand all of this, you must throw away all of these preconceived ideas, and many of you are ready for this.

So the simple truth is that there was an important man, a being who had gathered many energies, who had been incarnated in the past as the one that legends speak of as Moses, and as the one called Adam (who was a real man--the first one to die when the Xenon was removed from your atmosphere). In all of the subsequent incarnations of this being, a great deal of learning and gathering of information took place, but he recognized that the information needed to be shared, that others needed to understand it. This was ultimate empowerment, and was that which cut right to the heart of the rulers of the day. Eventually, this causing them to destroy the great library he had created of his works and his ability to assist others--the library at Alexandria. And the ability as a result of this to change the attitudes of those who were empowered became paramount to those who wished to control others: the pharoahs, the priests, the popes, and all of the others that came since have continued this energy in submerging these great works into that which would seem to be within the current understanding, for instance of the King James interpretation of the Bible, a lesson of fear, a lesson of disempowerment, a lesson in which, unless one goes right to the heart of the most helpful energies, one that cannot always bring one to a state of greater clarity, but rather one of dependence on the priests, on the religion. Perhaps even a fear of the various energies, guilts, and other excesses that the individual has experienced.

This man had a name. It was Apollonius. Yet at the time that name was attempted to signify consciousness, awareness, and so it was wiped from the face of Earth. There were many myths and energies associated with this energy, drawn in then from the Greek civilization, the Roman civilization. Many similarities to great Greek and Roman myths and Gods, and just as the Church has attempted to do this in so many ways powerfully drawing in from the lessons of the festivals, the times of Earth change, celebration and related matters, so then was this done with these myths and legends.

In the building of the Christ energy, there was much truth. There were many energies that were understood. But there were also many energies that were deliberately redirected to bring power to those in positions of power, to bring fear to those who needed to horde that fear over others. The being, as Apollonius, traveled all over your planet, learning in different capacities, working in different ways. Some important stops made in Japan, others in India. These are the legends that come to the Essenes and those who have studied and worked with the energies associated with the Christ at the higher vibrational level. As a man, he had opportunities to share many energies, to do many things, even to take a wife. To understand things on your planet at a physical level sometimes means being physical.

But at the same time, the essential energy seen at the highest level, that which you might associate with the higher vibration which entered into this being--that which has been known as Sananda--is a beautiful energy, an important energy, an energy that has direct association with what you would see as the highest and best aspect of the Christ; not that which disempowers, but that which loves, loves unconditionally, and empowers you to love unconditionally.

That is perhaps the best way to see this, because it must be seen that the unconditional love extends to those priests, pharoahs, rulers, and others who sought to change history, who sought to stop the process of enlightenment that had been begun in Jerusalem by the great words that this man had spoken. Understanding this process is very difficult, and that is what you are being asked to do when you comprehend and work with history in such a fashion. Understanding it will have a direct implication in the physical reality, as many of the ancient writings that were buried deeply in the Earth are produced from Alexandria, from aspects around the world where some of these were taken from the library before it was destroyed, and revealed again to humanity. These ancient scrolls, books, symbols, carved on rock and other things, will emerge in the next few decades in direct response to people having the deeper message of the true Christ energy. Don't give it a name. Know it as an energy. Feel it within your being. And in this way you have the real answer to what you seek.

We are grateful to Sananda for his overshadowing and assistance with our answer. Are there further questions?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion. There is legislation being considered which would prevent humans from swimming with dolphins. Please comment on where this comes from and what we need to do about it.

Hilarion: Part of it comes from the dolphins themselves in the way in which bringing attention to the matter might bring greater consciousness to the whole issue, and that perhaps as a result dolphins would not be killed by gill nets and other means that are so damaging to their population. Bringing attention on the matter one way or another is the whole idea. Yet the deeper issue here as you can imagine relates always back to money, to a way in which those in positions of power are being pushed and prodded by other people in other positions of power, and so on. Yet all that is necessary is for an individual to have the direct experience of being with a dolphin in the wild to know the answer and know the right way to proceed, because this is a lovely energy, a meeting of an alien species with another species in a way in which powerful energies can be shared, and yet great differences appreciated and understood between them.

These beings will stop at nothing to bring higher levels of consciousness to humans, but it will be a consciousness that is certainly altered by their own understanding of reality, a sensual understanding, an emotional understanding, a connected understanding by the very nature of the environment, the watery environment in which they live.

And so then what is being asked in the heart of those individuals who are being pressed into service to present those ideas as to make it hard to swim with dolphins is the opportunity for greater love. A way in which people can connect with these beings, can bring greater love, is likely to have greater positive response in the world than adversarial tactics or various ways in which these energies simply allow things to go on as they've been.

There's a much larger plan in place, of course, with relationship to all cetaceans, because the whales have a great deal to tell people and teach them, and whale beachings are likely to continue, and various ways in which these animals seek in every way possible to bring their greater message to humans, to teach humans that they are not indeed the most intelligent species on this planet, that they indeed have a great deal that they can learn from these cetaceans. The larger issue will come in any way possible so that people can learn of it.

One thing that has been observed, of course, is that for a few people, when something is illegal it is more valuable, and that is also another possibility that may be presented. But it is hoped that people will receive the deeper implications of this, and the response to this in a more loving way will be outspoken and clear, so that this eventually of course does not come to pass, and that indeed in some way, greater communication between all cetaceans and all humans can be facilitated. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion. You've spoken already on the aging process. We have a specific question on a deeper understanding of how to create a regeneration, organ-tissue-cell repolarization device.

Hilarion: There are many technologies that can bring this forward, and yet we see that the overall conditions must be taken into account. The ancient technologies, the technologies of Atlantis, the technologies of alien beings, of various star systems and other beings that have studied this extensively cannot be applied on Earth under conditions such as they are now, because they will manifest the very principles of the negativity that is so present in the environment deeply within the tissues as they repolarize, deeply within the consciousness of the individual, only perpetuating the problems to come again on some other level.

Thus, all actions for deep regeneration must have two phases. There must be a shielding component, an aspect in which the larger thoughtforms are not permitted, and in which the positive ones, the ones of truly beneficial nature, are so deeply ingrained within the individual that they are second nature as the new changes take place. Then the various technologies can be applied, and we see that the simple presence of stimulated Xenon, particularly stimulated by magnetic fields, can be very deeply powerful at creating a continuously regenerative field.

But proper foods ingested--meaning primarily those as described in Vonderplanitz and his work in this regard--will have much benefit, with a high concentration of raw fats to absorb and be that which are strengthening the nervous system in particular, will be very important, because the new thought patterns, the new brain energies, the new energies that are then as powerful thoughtforms will have significant beneficial effect in the Xenon energy, but such thoughtforms must be clear, must be repeatable, must be powerful. Eventually the individual must rejoin society, and to do so in such a way that the energies are continued to be shared is to the guides and helpers, is to your soul, is to many of the energies that you contend with, more important than your continued immortality, or living to an extended age beyond that of the natural lifespan (150 years, we've already discussed).

This is important to understand because it is as if your soul recognizes at the highest level that it is not alone, that it is part of a larger group, that the evolution of the group with you is a large part of your intent and the intent of so many on Earth at the current time. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes and then there's the follow-up question of what can we do spiritually without the diet or the devices to assist?

Hilarion: Well, of course, the same thing in that purifying the thoughts--the specific techniques for instance of Byron Katie, as previously mentioned--the utilization of more and more love. But you must look carefully. As there is more energy developed, as the physical body improves because of utilization of vibrational state or the energies drawn in through the kinesthetic visualizations we've previously mentioned, you will then have more energy to supplement any negative thoughtforms that are present. What are the most difficult ones? Not just those of self-responsibility, but of denial. They are the most difficult to work with because you don't know they're there by the very nature of denial. You must root them out carefully. Was there even a moment that passed in which you felt deeper love within you and did not express it, did not share it with someone else, did not connect with that person? You must look at this carefully. You must find the way in which you allow the fear to be present and not let it multiply--not by resisting it, but by asking carefully, "What is the false evidence appearing as real? What is the way in which you limit your own capacities to love, to assist, to heal?"

It is entirely possible to manifest energies on higher and higher vibrational levels by attuning to the light, to the very nature of air, to the environment itself. But you must also understand that you have many powerful habit patterns that have been in place for millennia, and powerful energies shared by the thoughts of others that must be contended with. When you continually transform these energies and use them rather than hang on to them, you will find that there's a little more available for your continued evolution, your enhancement. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, thank you. We're coming to the end of the questions, and we have a few more minutes. Is there another being that would like to speak to us?

Athena: I bring again greetings of love and assistance to every one of you. Reacknowledging somehow the female part of your being, asking it to come forth, asking it to give birth within you to a child of your imagination, of playfulness, of caring. See that this child is the representative of beautiful clear truth in you, symbolized by clear light, and let that light of truth touch you in your heart to where there is a truth that can be shared with others, a beautiful energy that tells that person that they are deeply loved to the core of their being, and that truth will have a resonance that they may receive. They may not know it now, but they may in the future.

Yet, what I would ask of you is to go inward for a moment, and receive the way your guides care for you, your highest helpers loving you know, to see of their energy to be received. Let my name echo within you: Athena Athena Ask then this symbol of a higher truth to touch you, to reveal in you that these beings have loved you even in your times of hopelessness, of struggle, in your times of shame or mistakes. They have seen that there is a goodness, a love, a caring, and they have allowed an energy.

So now to open that channel of energy to these loving helpers, again, simply remember. Recreate for yourself a time in which you felt the shame or the hopelessness or the struggle, and remember now that even in that moment, you were loved, God was loving you, your helpers, your guides, the beings of the highest vibration were loving you even then. And this changes your history. It changes the context in which you see mistakes or guilt or struggle, that it does not mean that you are less loved. You are simply correcting your course--a mid-course correction, allowing you a new shift in perspective, a new love to be gained, a love that you can now give to that part of yourself that needed it then, that still needs it now.

[Takes a deep breath.]

Yes, to breathe that love and know it.

[Makes noises.]

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. We thank you, Athena, for your continued assistance in presenting both sides, in understanding the magic of this time. It is not only by words and by feelings, but also by the energy itself, by the pure magical existence that says to you, "You are loved. You deserve to be here. You deserve to know this deeply."

Then we would close at this time by reminding you of the emerald light, to let it have an even deeper feeling sensation than you began with--that kinesthetic response as if welcoming the light. Let it reach deep into your heart, and then be released easily to Mother Earth. See that she also responds, receiving the light, turning it into an energy that is supplementing, helpful, useful, clarifying. Yet for her such an energy simply is like a sound, like OM. And let that energy bubble up, her loving OM, deeply into your heart. And as that energy bubbles up, see that the cylinder of light expands now to several kilometers in diameter, now to encompass the entire Earth, a beautiful loving Earth light, yet beginning in your heart and your throat as OM. Then we would ask you to share this out loud. Good-bye.


More about fats and oils and our deep need for them in our healing: Aajonus Vonderplanitz' revolutionary book, We Want To Live.

More about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

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