Hilarion Summer Solstice 2000 Channeling

Jill: Greetings. This is the Hilarion channeling for the Summer Solstice, June 21st 2000. We are gathered in Nevada City to ask questions of Hilarion. Questions have been posed by those in attendance, and have also been submitted via email. For further information on channelings, books, or tapes, please contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, or find us on the Internet at The Hilarion Page.

Hilarion: Greetings. Yes. Greetings to all of you. Yes. This is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into all of these interesting matters and so on, we ask you for a moment to set aside the whole idea of questions and answers, knowing in your hearts how a question and its answer are created together. This gives you the sense of the rightness of fit when the answer appears.

We ask you then in setting aside this process simply to be aware of energy. Be aware of it as you have activated it in your bodies. You have done this from your birth, but at many times during the day through your breath, and now with your meditation and so on. Yet now we ask you to do it with the simple visualization of a beautiful emerald light. You might imagine that light forming a cylinder about 100 feet in diameter. From infinitely upwards through you to the center of the Earth, this light is allowed to flow. And as you are a part of it, see that the characteristics of this light are protective, but also connecting. At infinitely upwards, this light connects to your highest self, to the symbol of God, of a higher reality, of the center of the universe, other aspects as you wish to invite them. And at the connecting end, into center of Earth, this light connects you to physical, material reality.

Understanding this powerful blending of energies is very important because it is what you have elected to experience in coming into physicalness in the human world. The aspects of this are interesting to contemplate individually. They can indeed take on your entire lifetime of contemplation, looking at what it means to be a human, to experience things at the subtler, spiritual, intuitive and other ephemeral realms, right down to the physical, in levels of pain or struggle or dealing with the nature of the Earth herself, the plants, the animals, and so on. This in itself would be complex enough, and indeed, is that which you studied in ancient times before you understood the importance of relationship. Yet now, this time, this reality, this world, finds you deeper and deeper learning the lessons of what we would call then experience, this manifestation of the infinitely upwards and the manifested at the reality level. But this level of experience now combined with the experiences of other people, animals, plants, and how they feel. And, at a higher level, the experiences of the nonphysical beings, including the beings who have been physical.

This sounds complex when you understand it from the point of view of trying to get at purpose of it all, or the awareness of how the interrelationships might mean something to your own personal development. And indeed that is the whole idea, that you would in fact in a certain sense overwhelm yourself with all of these ideas, all of these energies, all of these possibilities, all the way to the point that you would eventually awaken another part of your being. This part of your being is awakened by experience, by this interrelationship, by touching, by feeling, by awareness, in and of itself, not just as that which is provoked by your mind, your meditations, your chanting, your consciousness, your desire. And this other aspect is one that is difficult at times to talk about, because it is indeed instinctive, intuitive, awareness, but it is based on experience.

It is this fundamental characteristic of being that you have come here to eventually change, to do something with, to manifest, to recreate, but in some way to change it. Not in the sense that it is an experience that has existed before, and you are going to make it different, as much as you are actually going to add something to it. This is interesting to contemplate in light of the many other civilizations that coinhabit your galaxy with you, even your system of planets encircling your Sun. Even as to the various nonphysical beings who coinhabit the Earth with you, in many cases of far greater intelligence, far greater reach in terms of their own memory of consciousness, back into ancient times, and even their understanding of the future.

Yet we have spoken of this in a different context so often, in the understanding of love. That your capacity to touch others and be touched by them, and touch, therefore, as a metaphor as the way in which such an energy reaches to you and you reach with it. This is another characteristic of love, because what we are really talking about here is interconnectedness, the way in which all of these things are coming together. And do you not see, then, how so many of the questions that you are asking with relationship to what is unfolding on your planet in terms of relationships, in terms of education, of thoughts, of the interrelationships with the nonphysical beings, with the awareness of what is happening ecologically to your planet, and all of these issues relate over and over to interconnectedness, that in the realm of interconnectedness does then lie over and over the solution.

But you must accept the solution, you must take it on as something more important than profit, fear, ego, or any of the other aspects that have driven these "problems," as you would perceive them, into existence. We do accept the use of the word "problems" and "solutions" in quotes, because in your own context, these may seem very important. But from our point of view, they are part of the larger cosmic plan--that when you give yourself these particular challenges, and through this you get to know more about interconnectedness, about love, about touching, about somehow finding the nature of your group identity would be a more perhaps abstract way of looking at it, than your own physical individuality, you then have fulfilled your lesson in coming here. And so you see that this underlying interconnectedness will over and over show itself as the solution and the nature of the problem for all of the things that are going to affect civilization over the next few hundred years, and all of the things that have affected it, particularly in recent times.

Take, for example, the current difficulties being experienced in your society as in trying to decide on a direction for itself. You have so many examples of this. For instance, in the emerging Russian republics, how they have turned their back on the ways of communism where the dictatorships and power in the hands of individuals was such a problem, only to find that those same individuals come into positions of power in what is seen as a capitalist system. And so this individuality is the essence and the issue that must be understood.

There is one question that has been asked about healing, about why some of the new modalities of healing--for instance, chi gung healing--is not more widely accepted. Here again, the identities of those involved, threatened to the max, once simple healing techniques, widespread healing techniques, perhaps even those which are free of cost, are then widely accepted. This is a very important problem for all people, and yet at the same time as this, there is an energy inside all of you that just knows this answer, but won't put it into action, because you are afraid. And this is the aspect that must also be touched on. Anytime you look at moving to a place of some group creation, some higher consciousness, some shift--fear and ego, those two issues over and over, in different ways and different contexts, because they are your personal issues, not just because they are the issues for group soul, for group humanity, for people as a collective to understand.

Individually, there are now coming out more and more energies and understanding about these specific issues. But in regards to fear right now, it does seem that this is the energy that is most easily driven and commanded by those who wish to take charge on your planet. They have called themselves at times in the past the New World Order, and it is nothing new. It has been around for as long as humanity has been around. In fact, you can trace its birth in consciousness to a mass incarnation of humanity during a long period of time you have by several names, such as the Mesozoic, Triassic, and other periods. That indeed, in the age of the dinosaurs, which you were, this consciousness began to come forth, an energy that said somehow I with my power would then be able to rule, perhaps to gain control, perhaps just to survive, and by my fear, I might then be able to get away from those of greater power.

Many of you, in understanding this at a very primordial, very primitive level, do recognize its tremendous difficulties, how to overcome such energies. But you also can see the blessings of these energies, because when you can find empathy, love, care, for someone else who is with you who is feeling fear, you can then allow a bridge of energy that is the first step towards group consciousness. This begins in childhood. It is the shadow side of the little child within all of you, that part that feels the fear and chooses then different ways to experiment with it, to understand how to deal with it. In its most oppressive and difficult circumstances, where there is a situation of abuse or excessive drug use or other profound difficulties, the personality itself will actually submerge. The person will create an imaginary playmate that will then be a part of their own personality, and the beginnings of multiple personality disorder have their roots in such. But for most people, it is a time in which they experiment with the fear and the ego issues in a small way, playing with mischievous pranks, playing with the energies of what is really scary and what is not, challenging themselves over and over.

The interesting thing about this is that unless people are able to grow from this, to really learn the lesson in childhood of these issues, they will continue as if they are stuck in those issues for the rest of their lives if those lessons were not sufficiently learned. Most of you hearing our voice, most of you in this room, and many that you know, have indeed learned these lessons. For this reason, it seems absurd to you to look at the politicians, the people trying to gain control over others, the people who are so afraid of losing their own identity if somehow they would give up even a small fraction of their billions of dollars and the power they have in continuing to earn it, at a tremendous cost to planet Earth. Yet, here again, it is a case in a certain sense of arrested development, that they have not allowed that child self within them to truly experience the energies of fear and ego that they did not fully appreciate and understand in others when they were little. And this is the important key you see. It is not just what you know in yourself. There is that moment of interconnectivity, of love, of caring, where you reach out to another, and allow for them the truth of experiencing and knowing who they are, is okay just the way they are.

There is a lovely book that describes some interesting capacities for this. It is called The Ten Second Miracle, and what it discusses specifically is opening vulnerability in yourself for a moment, speaking your own personal truth, and this will often be that which is stimulated by the energy of fear. When you speak this, you are then making the next leap, you might say, in your own conscious development, your own maturity. You then are acting to encourage that interconnectivity, that love, with someone else, as if then you are reaching out saying, "I am afraid, and here's what it looks to me."

Understanding these basic principles allows you to uncover gradually how vulnerability in its essence is the real answer to fear, to issues of ego, to power. Many know this already from their own personal experience, how indeed the vulnerability allows one to make a contact with another: Interconnectivity. You are then in effect running much more energy than just that of yourself, and this is the important lesson or avenue that must be gained by others. It is a difficult issue, and gradually, to push it forward on your planet, is one of the greatest projects the nonphysical beings have in mind for all of humanity.

When you think of projects that nonphysical beings might be working on, you might be thinking of technological devices, various capacities to bring new ideas of a technological base or other things to humanity, and indeed these are occurring. There are several of these, most of them relating to the Internet, the Global Brain, interconnectivity encompassed through the Internet and related issues that are being worked on. But, at the level by which this has been going on on your planet, it's old stuff. In that sense, this interconnectivity began with the ideas that encouraged Alexander Graham Bell to bring forth the telephone, and the interconnectivity began in earnest on your planet way back then.

Therefore you must perceive that the nonphysical beings who work with you constantly on many levels, at the most positive helpful level are working on projects 50 years in your future and even more. To understand this principle enables you to see your place in it. Many of you have lifetimes right here right now where you are gaining information, learning experiences, doing things in the world, being helpful, but the primary task that you are learning now is about preparing for your next intermissive period (that is the time between lives) so that you will be those involved with those, helping those, and so on to bring these new projects to humanity. Why your fascination with relationships? Not just so that you can have an easy one or a helpful one. Not just so that you can help others. So that you may then add to this larger, massive project about love, about interconnectivity in your intermissive period, meaning after you die, the physical body is let go of, the essence of who you are continues. Such an energy has deeper memory of your past lives, deeper awareness of your life's functions, your purpose, how well you fulfilled it, and other matters. And, then, easily makes contact with others from your group to recreate these various energies. You usually act then as a guide or a helper, in some way for others, and eventually then plan for your next lifetime. On average, these intermissive periods last about half the average length of your lifetime on Earth, and therefore you can see that this energy project is one that you are bridging in a large way.

There are those who speak about this from terms of "Lightworkers." This is an interesting term, as if implying that if you're not a Lightworker you don't have light within your being. But you need that just to function, it is the very nature of who you are--to know this light, to feel it, to work with it. And so what you gradually come to in understanding this is the way in which this interconnectivity, this awareness of others, this essence of love at the highest level, is the only solution, and that which in different forms is the multiple solution to all of the problems that you come up against, and must be perceived from a multidimensional perspective. It isn't just enough to see how you are in a group with others, how you are in relationship with other people. You must also see it from the level by which the larger projects that many of you began before you were born, in a time period you could call the intermissive period before this life, and which you will continue into the next life, and this way in which over and over in so many areas, this is going to be focused on more and more.

The overall project, as you might understand it, is not one that has as much a coherent plan associated with it as if dictated by someone in charge, as much as it is a group attraction. In the same way that you are attracted to a relationship with a certain kind of person, and you find yourself in such over and over, so also in the larger perspective, the eon perspective, you are finding yourself on Earth-like lifetimes, Earth-like planets, Earth-like people over and over, because you will then be in these situations where this bridging to understand this larger issue of your own love will show up as an important avenue for you to explore personally.

Now, this means that your own soul actually benefits by this awakening, and this is another important criterion to understand when you are looking at solutions. It must be that which also improves some aspect of your own being as well as assists others. This is one of the characteristics of one of the subprojects, you could say, within this larger one of the interconnectivity or love. And this project is called "clarification." Many of the guides have made a particular emphasis on this in the last few years, and this is likely to intensify very powerfully over the next four or five year period. The idea being that people will begin to differentiate more and more clearly in their lives, moment by moment, whether that which they are involved in is a clarification task or a consolation task--something helping others to really understand, or help them to feel better; help them to grow, to evolve, or perhaps just help them to stay put where they are and be satisfied with it. Such has often been quite acceptable in the past. Indeed, that's the most you could hope for when what humanity was struggling with was ending war, disease, great difficulties on your planet--surviving, in other words. Simply surviving is consolation. But when you go to the next level of this, you begin to glimpse the larger purpose that you are all here for, that what is being worked out individually for each of you is along this larger pathway.

It is true that there is a 26 year cycle associated with these energies, and that this bursting forth of these energies now as the Sun is hitting this time of solar maximum, which will continue for a few more years, is intensifying this process for many. Part of it is because one of the largest and most magnificent beings you are in communication with, though usually unconsciously, is the Sun, and the way in which the Sun is communicating with the Earth. These energies are moving through you constantly, and so it is correct that the more conscious use of such energy is an available way to assist yourself.

Of course, in the use of chi gung, various energy movement exercises, or other methods, you work with all kinds of energy: Universal energy, qi as it is sometimes called, or chi, or the awareness of energies of cosmic nature. But by and large, the energies that you are always working with, whether you wish to imagine it or not, are those that are coming from the Earth. The Earth is full of all kinds of interesting energies--just below your feet, water currents, electrical currents, movements of magma, all kinds of unusual activities, and many of these have with them magnetic fields, higher vibrational energies, and all kinds of energies that you can absorb and work with. Making this a conscious process is difficult, not because the energies there aren't available--they are available easily. It is because of your thinking. In most of your lives, particularly the last dozen or so, there has been a significant influence of logical thought process to the point that it has limited some of your ability to work with energy directly. This is unfortunate, but it was necessary, because the logic of interconnectivity, the logic of wanting to be here, the logic of what you get from your intuition, your remembering of your past lives, all of that, is inescapable. And because you will appreciate logic, in the next few decades, people as they then integrate these two sides, what you sometimes call the left and right brains, it will make so much more sense to you that you will then listen carefully.

For instance, when you begin to look at science, and how in medical science bacteria has been rejected, seen as the enemy, then the logical question: "What is bacteria's purpose on Earth?" As you ask these questions and you get your answers, you will then understand the power that logic has held for you, that such logical brain or sometimes left brain thinking has been so helpful, but its time is at hand, as the expression goes. And you are going to be chided and asked by the nonphysical beings, by many experiences in your dreams, in your intuitions, in your meditations, to listen more and more to your intuitive side, to your right brain, to those aspects that will take you beyond to a new way of thinking, a way of thinking that enables you then to more easily receive energy in its purest form. You already know this in so many ways, and luckily the logic of profit has allowed this for you on your planet.

In the question about visual media, and where this is going, one can see that this is splitting into two areas on your planet: One that is concentrating on the profit motive. We will speak about that in a moment. And one that is concentrating so much on encouraging people's deeper ability to see, to see the aura, to awaken the Third Eye, to see things of the subtle dimensions, to see beyond, to understand in every way the symbolism of all of this, of all of the seeing in all that it encompasses. But this is being accomplished by extremely high levels of stimuli. It has been studied amongst you that even as little as twenty years ago you were stimulated by less than 1,000 advertising messages per day. Now that number is up to 3,600. You have come to learn how to filter them out so you don't seem them anymore, but they are all around you. If you open your eyes to it and look consciously and start counting, you will be surprised to see how often you will see a brand name, an idea for something as if somehow that would help you if by accepting the materiality of that somehow some spiritual aspect in your being would be shifted, and on and on it goes. This is deliberately allowed so that you will increase your capacity to absorb many stimuli all at once. It has a downside, a tremendous one of course--it is destroying your planet, because you have produced far too many goods to be recycled adequately, to be properly disposed of, and one by one the landfills in each municipality are getting filled up. Where is all of the used consumer good going to go? This is an interesting question when you understand that indeed it isn't always so "good" to be a consumer.

Gradually in your own consciousness, what this is opening you to is a deeper understanding of the way in which you think, that even though for these more recent lifetimes there has been a tremendous emphasis on logic, on understanding how things work for you by, as they say, the reading, writing, 'rithmatic school, etc., still, what is it underneath that drives you to buy a product? This is what the advertising executives know only so well. The promise that your relationship will improve. That people will love you. That you will have better sex. That you will enjoy life more because of that toothpaste that you have just purchased. Never mind what happens to the metal tube when you are finished with it, or the many chemicals that went into manufacturing it, and so on and so forth.

When you understand this underlying principle, you will see that underneath all of this is your feeling sense. Your capacity to know by the kinesthetic sense is all-powerful and a very useful part of your being. There are a few exceptions to this--beings who do not have the nerve connection between the nervous system and the brain--but such are quite rare. To everyone else on your planet, it is this kinesthetic sense that you can develop to directly receive energy.

And so we come to address this issue about vibrational state exercise. We've discussed this extensively in the past as a useful beneficial tool to raise your energy, to be in better contact with the nonphysical beings, particularly those of positive intent, to reduce the contact with nonphysical beings of a negative intent. But what you do not understand about vibrational state exercise is that when you are involved in this, each time you will sink back to a level when you complete the exercise that is just a little bit higher vibration than when you began. It is by the very nature of how Earth's vibration is right now that such use of such techniques will always bring you back to a place improved from where you were before. This is a very useful encouraging bit of information so that you will continue with these exercises.

But now we would like to add something to vibrational state exercise so that you will understand how it works at this level of kinesthetics. There are many different particular kinesthetic senses that you may feel in your own body well. Each person is going to have a different sensitivity to different ones of these, so we are going to suggest a few. But then we would like you to play with these on your own, try a few others, perhaps even send them in to the website or share them with your friends, or let other people know about these so that more and more of them can be discovered.

Let us begin with the sense of brushing. So you might take the finger of one hand, and brush it on the back of a finger of another hand, simply to have that sensation. After brushing a few times, stop physically but continue the motion in your mind, as if then you are imagining that brushing sensation on the surface of the skin. Feel it by making that imaginary brushing go slower, or go faster. Go deeper. Go more lightly. Get the sense of it, and you will see that your kinesthetic sense is strong.

Now let us reposition that same energy right over an energy center. There are many of these all over the body, of course, but you might pick the one in the web of the thumb, between the thumb and the forefinger on the outer part of the hand. And here again, this imaginary rubbing sensation. You may then notice that if you rub like that in your mind for a few moments and stop, there is a lingering sensation, a vibration. This in itself is one of the important essences of the vibrational state. The idea is that that vibration can be carried over the entire body, clearly and powerfully.

Now let us pick a different sensation. Imagine a paintbrush. Perhaps it is a wide one, three inches wide, and you are going to brush it across the bottom of your foot. Have the sensation of this. You can, of course, if this is difficult for you, run your fingers that way or even go to the store and buy a paintbrush just to get the sensation clearly. But many of you have that sensation right now because many of you have painted and always taken that brush and run it on your arm or your hand or whatever before you dipped it in paint. Indeed, then, recreate that now, that sensation in the feet, on one foot, perhaps, of that brushing. But now take it deeper. Not just on the surface of the skin, but as if you were brushing an inch below the surface, right into the bones. Have that sensation. Now you might try that in other places, for instance as a smaller paintbrush in that place in the web of the thumb we mentioned. Or the opposite--taking the sensation of the rubbing of the fingers across the skin and bring this into the soles of the feet.

Another sensation you might wish to play with now, letting go of those two, is water. Water has many powerful ways of having sensation with your body, a kinesthetic sense. So, imagine that you have water, perhaps in a sponge, and you are now running it on the outside of your leg. As you run that sponge up the leg, notice the coolness of the water, or if you are in a cold climate, the warmth. But as you feel that water, you may sense what it does as it drips down your leg and as you brush it with your sponge up the leg. For many of you this will be a more sensitive sensation. If that is the case then certainly allow that same sensation of the water brushing as in a tiny sponge across the web of the thumb, or a large wide sponge, or even a wet paintbrush on the sole of the foot. You're starting to get the idea now, you see. You can take many different directions and tacks with this, having different sensations as associated with the kinesthetic sense.

Now, let us bring this into vibrational state. The whole idea of vibrational state is to move the energy across the entire body. The actual circuits or patterns of this can be done in many ways. They can be coordinated with the breath or separate from the breath. There are so many ways to play with it. But now, picking from one of these--that is, the water sponge, the skin brushing, or the paint brushing--pick one of the sensations that was strongest and easiest for you to recreate, and now have the sense of that one moving up the entire body, from the feet all the way through the body to the head. Then reverse the direction, all the way from the head down to the feet. Let the sensation get larger, so that it is encompassing the entire body, so it doesn't have to follow the corners or contours of the body. If you are seated or bent over, it doesn't have to follow such, it can indeed move in a straight line. And then see that if there are any blocks encountered, you are going to increase sensation in those blocks. So at some parts in your body, you may need to turn up the energy sensation. Then feeling this even deeper, really sense it and move it faster. Faster and faster. In some ways, of course, this seems impossible, and in those situations you have reached your upper limit. But each time you return to vibrational state, you will find you can come back to that upper limit and increase it a little bit more.

Yes, some of you are beginning to notice the effects of this. You are beginning to notice that sense of tingling or sensation of movement all over your body. And as you move this faster and faster, you are raising your vibration at a very deep level. This is primarily working at the interface between the physical and the closest nonphysical body, that which is sometimes called the etheric body, also called by Dr. Waldo Vieira the holochakra. But the point of moving energy in the etheric body is that this is the open doorway to all of the other subtle bodies, all levels of subtle energy, the Earth energy, the Sun energy, the communication energy between people, sex energy, so many different kinds of energy, that as the etheric to physical is opened and awakened, such energy can be transmitted and received more and more easily, with greater fluidity, with greater strength.

[For more about the work of Dr. Vieira, see Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.]

So now, as you feel these sensations, we would ask you to imagine them becoming even larger, and let them go to the group. Let them go to your world. Let them be released easily. You will see this as a lovely way to end the vibrational state, as if you are letting the energy go. But you will see by this that what we have allowed here is a sort of inner personal sense of coherency, a real sense of the energy having contact with physicality. That is the point of it, you see. That it isn't just a movement of energy in your visualization, in your mind, but something you can really feel.

It is true that this larger program, for people to become deeply aware of their interconnectivity, their love, their lovability, their compassion, their ability to help each other and all the rest, that this program is in its infancy in the sense of it becoming something that will be the guiding force on your planet. It has been a helpful force, certainly, but it has not been the primary factor affecting your world. And this must change in order for these things that you wish to know, the real sense of this love, to manifest. And, of course, for your world to survive, because obviously so many of your complex problems relate always to interconnectivity, trust, understanding.

Let us begin with one of these that has been asked about, the issue of chemtrails, contrails, sometimes called emissions from various jets etc. This has been a problem that many have noticed in the last few years, and yet as much as asked about it, as much as people request information, very little is forthcoming. There are a number of scientists working with large corporations, and chemical producers, and a number of other beings, who are quite concerned about global warming on your planet. Indeed, the recent record rise in temperatures worldwide is making it increasingly likely that to even your most skeptical scientists, the issue of global warming will be accepted as a true fact on your planet. A simple question to ask is, "What is being done on your planet to increase the percentage of oxygen in your atmosphere?" Obviously much is being done to increase the percentage of carbon dioxide, which is contributing to the global warming effect. Your atmosphere is a balance of carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen. Nitrogen levels tend to be fixed, and it is oxygen which is quite variable. And so that is obvious solution--increase the oxygen to decrease the carbon dioxide. It is the ratio of these that determines global warming. This solution is not being accepted on your planet because of course what it means is growing lots more plants, and just the opposite is happening--large portions of your forests are being cut down to make room for people to live.

So these scientists have proposed that aluminum particles be added to the exhausts of jets in various ways, adding this to jet fuel, adding it to particular exhaust systems, worked with catalytic converters, various jet engines and various other means are being developed to emit these reflective particles to reflect the rays of the Sun so that less global warming takes place on your planet. Their efforts in this regard are laudable, and the effects disastrous, because, of course, people are breathing in various aluminum compounds as a result of this. This is indeed affecting health. Some of these programs have been utilized for the dispersal of biological agents, various other toxic materials that cannot be easily disposed of by other means, even radioactive elements and other means. But the majority of those involved in these projects are specifically dispersing highly reflective materials, with aluminum being the cheapest of these, for the idea of reducing global warming.

Now, of course, if such a solution was proposed worldwide, it would be rejected. Nobody would want to be breathing that stuff. But at the same time, if this was rejected and people began to look at the areas where none of these chemtrails were utilized and global warming was particularly problematic, the blame would go right where it belongs--onto those government policies, advertising, and other aspects that are encouraging people to destroy your planet, to make more room for factories, for people, for chemicals and all of the rest of it. So you see that for the time being in this unstable situation, these difficulties will continue.

Now, the larger solution to this is not one that can be done individually very easily, but small steps in this regard can always be taken. For anyone in an urban area, it only makes sense to be involved somehow in regreening your city--rooftop greenhouses, bringing as much green material, living plants, in any way possible on your planet just makes sense. Of course, the discontinuation of fossil fuels will be an important avenue. But you see the tremendous destruction that this will cause on your planet. However, nonphysically, the technological devices to replace the internal combustion engine--or should we call it the infernal combustion engine--these techniques have already been developed, and many indeed at the physical level have utilized them, have produced alternate energy sources. And these are not being accepted widely on your planet quite yet. The main reason for this: fear and ego, no different than it used to be. Here the emphasis will tend to sort of flip-flop between them. Fear by those companies that want to stop these inventions, scaring the inventors from bringing it out. Ego: buying them off, allowing them somehow to sense that they have completed their lives, they have done what they came here to do because they have made millions of dollars, not because they have contributed something useful.

But that is not the greatest difficulty, and another of these subprojects is underway to push forward with the many dozens of such inventions. The whole idea of altruism, that there will be some inventor somewhere on your planet, or group, who develops an alternative technology who is not willing to accept profit for it. Rather than try to patent it, hold on to it, restrict it, they will make the information widely available via the Internet or other means so that everyone can produce such equipment in their own backyard, or by the use of commonly available materials. This way will, of course, stop the old ways of pollution and other mechanisms, but it will not put very much, perhaps even no money at all, in the pockets of the inventors. And so you see how this does indeed allow them to grow up around the issue of fear and ego, ego especially, because they might not even be acknowledged for their contribution, and that would have to be fully acceptable to such a being.

Where does this sort of altruism start? In the popular consensus, in the energy within you, as the leading edge of those who come to understand new methods of thought and understanding and awareness. So also in your heart does such then come from love, love of your fellow beings, love of the animals on your planet, love of clean air and clear water and potentials to make things more beautiful, and so on. It is this energy also that allows you to love into existence the possibility that your identity is going to be just fine whether you have your job or you lose it, whether you make money from whatever it is you are doing--in this situation it would be the oil companies, the automobile companies, and others involved in energy production. They would all be out of a job. They would be afraid of this. Would you be afraid of it if it happened to you? You would be, under many circumstances, until you see the larger issue that what the cost is of this, the cost to your world, the cost to your planet.

There are many of these developments for low cost technologies currently underway, and these are going to come out if you look for them, and many of them are already published on the Internet. Simple searches will show you them when you look under "free energy," "alternative energy," "low cost energy," and "non-polluting energy" as useful tools. But here again in a certain sense we stray from this larger program, because these technological advances in themselves mean nothing. It is only going to buy you time on Earth for the larger aspect of this plan which will entail the manifestation of all of these beings simultaneously. This is a tough one, you know. The nonphysical beings right now coexist with you, and this is relatively easy because they don't have to eat, they don't have to have shelter, they don't have to have a job as a result, therefore. You think jobs are scarce now? With 50 billion of you on the planet, there is going to be indeed a lot more emphasis on automation and other means that are going to make jobs even more scarce (except for lawyers, of course, at least the way things are going).

Understanding the way these energies are unfolding will help you greatly in acknowledging what is going on with the nonphysical beings, because their energy is no different than yours in essence. Some certainly are more advanced, some less, but most of them have had lifetimes on Earth just as you, and they are in their intermissive period. As they elect to come into incarnation together with you, various powerful issues are certainly going to show up. This is gradually to become more and more the thrust of what motivates and drives nonphysical beings as to what they are doing. They will then have in a sense, you could say, more intimacy, closeness, influence, with you, over you, cooperating with you and opposing you. It is good practice for when they become physical. Roughly speaking, there are about 9 nonphysical beings for everyone one on Earth, this amounting then to approximately 50 billion in existence in total. These beings, principally human in nature, are providing energies of evolutionary helpful nature, sometimes foolish misguided nature but trying to help, or energies that are indeed deliberately opposing evolution. These three groups--helpers, blind guides, and intruders, respectively--have been identified by many individuals, and are roughly one third each in these categories of these 9 to 1 nonphysicals.

As you would imagine, the ones who are willing to interfere cause a lot of problems on your Earth. In some sense you could say that the shadow self of their own inner child is allowing full reign of their being. Because they never grew up in that sense, that is what comes out, and for many of these, it is simply that they don't know they have died. It is that simple, and that is unfortunately a problem becoming worse, not better, because of the intensification on logical thinking that so many people have, many people deny the existence of nonphysical at all. They don't anymore accept the concept of heaven, which is very limited but at least gave you the sense of something that could exist after you were here on the Earth.

For such a being with has truly deeply atheistic beliefs, when they die from this world, their soul is quite lost. They do not understand about the other realms, and are naturally attracted to those realms that are energetic in nature. With the energies here in the physical world relating to that which they did and were most interested in in their lifetimes being those which naturally draw them. So you will find that those who had a penchant for smoking will be naturally drawn to people in the world who are smoking. Think of how hard this makes it to quit, particularly if all three of your intruders associated with you are smokers, and you are trying to quit. You are going to be tortured by this, you might say, night and day.

Indeed if you project your consciousness to the level that is adjacent to that of the physical, that which would be closer to the etheric, that which works to perceive these beings of the more gross interfering nature, and looked around you, you would be surprised to see how many there are, and how closely they are associated with so many people in the world. This is particularly true when you go into places where you feel many of the negative vibrations, such as the subways in your big cities, or concert halls where a lot of drug use is going on, or pubs or bars where many are seeking to numb themselves to unconsciousness.

The understanding of these beings though when you get it, when you understand how they are simply not knowing they are dead, helps you so much. You can heal this so easily in yourself and others when you simply speak of it. Indeed, in this very moment, just speaking these words, four nonphysical beings of this intrusive nature who did not know they were dead just got it. Once you know that you're dead and it all makes sense to you, what do you do? You're not going to hang around on Earth anymore, bothering people. You're going to start looking around. And that's what they're starting to do right now. [Laughter.] It is you folks who are feeling this, you do feel the laughter, because it feels so good when they leave. Those who have been influencing you or struggling with you, now find that they can struggle themselves, work their issues out, that they don't need the puny help of someone who is largely unconscious of their presence anyway. [More laughter.] Make that five.

As you begin to understand and work with these energies, you'll perceive then your own inner lesson of this and take it to the next level of working with the blind guides. These are beings who often need to be helped as to how to help you, not far different from a child, you know, who comes to work with you and you sort of wish they didn't because it now takes twice as long as it did otherwise. And so these beings will seek sometimes your assistance. You will feel this as a sort of questioning, sometimes a little anxiety, a little uncertainty in your being. You usually blame it on yourself, but then you'll think "You know I've done this many times before, why would I have uncertainty now?" It is not your uncertainty. It is that of these other beings. Tell them clearly with your actions what you want them to do, and in this way they will learn to assist you. Many of these are beings that you've known in past lives, beings you have conscious contracts with to work with and understand, and to learn from you and so on in this world.

The next category of these, the higher developed beings, in Portuguese called emparadores, beings of great light often in many cases, the highest developed evolutionary on your planet, the highest helpers and everyone in between who really does seek to assist, cannot work with much at the purely gross physical level. It is the natural way of their evolution. And so that is where they need you, that as you allow this energy of help, then others are assisted. This is important to recall, because just as there are these many others, so also on average is there for each person on Earth three of these nonphysical wonderful delightful beings.

Now, as you might imagine, if you live most of your life denying the existence of these beings, they are not going to be able to work with you very much, help you, or allow you to use their energy. They are going to find someone else. So the real answer to this question then as to the proclivities of these beings, who they choose to help and so on, is not so much where there is a resonance or something from those beings as much as it is what you are interested in, how you react, how you meditate with such energies, how you use them, and so on.

Now we are going to pause briefly to give the vehicle a little water. But before we do this we would ask that each of you would take a moment inside to recreate those movement sensations up and down the body, only this time coordinate it a little with your own physical body, and we would ask you to take a little stretch as you run this vibrational state energy.

[Pause] Yes. Hilarion here again. There is a question about a particular location near Sarasota, Florida. Indeed, the ancient continent of Atlantis, which has sunk at a time approximately 12,000 B.C. by your reckoning, is that which exists off the coast of Florida, though considerably further out into the Atlantic than is near any of the major land masses. There are many healing temples, many places of greater energy and other aspects that exist, that were pulled away from the continent as it sank, and have remained in a state of stasis. Another of these will be found near the small island of Bimini, a little further to the south. Many of these places are ones that are under development now as a healing place where people can go for body repair at the nonphysical level. If you find yourself in meditation attracted to such a place, imagine that your higher subtle bodies or nonphysical bodies are there for additional energy, for healing, for strengthening. There is much in the works for this, and will be increased in the future. And each of these places has their own particular avenue. The Bimini project is relating more towards the manifestation of specific healing principles that may be applied in hospitals, utilized for people in various states of disease or other illness, and those who learn of healing techniques in this place will find their healing practice of any kind increased and understood.

Yet it is the energy itself, the nature of the energy of healing, how it can be focused, how it can be used in various ways even apart from healing--used for enlightenment, used for deeper understanding, used for visualizing, used for remembering the past--that is associated with the Sarasota location. Many of the other locations working under different areas. This has gone on for a long time. It is the natural tendency of these places and the energies that have been associated with them in the past. Gradually, though, if people find themselves attracted to this, putting a little attention on it every now and then can be a sort of helpful thing.

Now, there is a question about how to increase energy, love, understanding in relationship, how to manifest relationship in a way that works better might be another way to put it. So we will defer this question to our friend Athena. Yet, this gives us an opportunity to share a little of your ideas and energies--many of you have had some of these suddenly pop up around these healing temples--and be able to share this with those beings in these places.

Athena: [Pause.] Love, the sense of caring, the wind blowing it through each of you, this is what I bring as a reminder. Feel this in your heart as the breeze of touching, of that love that you have with everyone that you would care for. You will see this as a basis of another way of having relationship. So often in relationship what a person is truly asking for is something that requires something outside, a response, an acknowledgement--perhaps physical energy, perhaps touching, perhaps sex. But what I am asking you to understand is that the energy moves through you already. Feel that, breathe it, share it, love it into existence because it is a part of who you are, not because you want something.

So often in relationship people unconsciously draw themselves to a place where they think you would only be alright if the other person changed, grew, left, stayed, was different. What a difficult question to deal with if you don't understand the cosmic joke, because that wind is always flowing through you, that loving energy of relationship reaches out to touch your partner and when it touches your partner it will create a response, and that response, because you were present, is for you, for your heart, for your eyes, for your mind, for your loving consciousness to receive, and that is why you want to change the other person. Not because it will be better for them--perhaps it will, perhaps it won't--but because it would be better for you. How will it be better for you? Only you know the answer to this question, because in you is the part that wishes to be complete in that relationship if only that person would be different. Thus, you begin to see the great wisdom of turning this around, and how in a practical way you don't have to get them to change at all. It's such a roundabout way to get yourself to change, isn't it? And so, simply say it, and say it with the love, the vulnerability, the caring that acknowledges that you know it is a trick of your own heart, of your own mind.

And so you say to your partner, "If only you would show your feelings more, I know this relationship would work out," and laugh, and say, "And I know that those are the words I speak to my heart, for if only I would show my true feelings more, then I know I would be happy in this relationship." And so in this simple way, you can use this wind, this energy that is always flowing through you. But now, see the cosmic joke of that, and see that the reason for having this energy move through you is so you may know the energy, you may know God's love for you, you may feel it. There are other modalities to feel it other than asking someone to be different, other than loving them in that way. You can love them with sound. [Makes a series of sounds.] You can love them with movement. [Makes a series of movements.] And you can love them with memory: "Remember that beautiful time, of that beautiful sunset, of that beautiful loving breeze you felt." These are energies just as the energies of thought or vocalization or desire. They are your energies to play with. You cannot command them, for they are much stronger than you, they flow through you constantly. But you may choose them consciously. You may choose to awaken them in you. And when you ask, "Who is it who is open to this energy?" the answer comes as the energy itself. And this is the great loving known to all of you if you will but ask for it, if you will but remember it, that it is that which is occurring right now.

Hilarion: [Pause] We thank you, Athena, for your words and willingness to share this alternate way of perceiving reality, that this everfine energy of presence of movement we would call a wind in the ether, we would call magnetism, we would call many things. But it is not what it is named as much as what it is known within you that seems to make the greatest difference in all of you. For when you look at relationship, how did it being? Perhaps it was as an attraction to that energy, that you would know that perhaps with the two of you, you were able to strengthen it or know it or feel it better. This is often the greater secret to uncover.

Perhaps you could address a question, Jill?

Jill: Some people believe that the martial arts can accelerate our evolution. Others, notably Dr. Vieira of the IIPC, feel that all martial arts involve violence and are thus anticosmoethical. Please share with us your perspective.

Hilarion: Indeed, this is true when it is understood from the highest energetic perspective that in the working with the energy in its purest form, all of those acts of violence, of aggression, of aspects of the deliberate action of some response to fear or ego will be manifested, and this can of course be cleared if one understands the energies themselves before they reach such a point. This is the ultimate intent of all fully developed martial arts, with perhaps Aikido being that which is most further developed and able to address this issue quite directly. This is no accident that it is perhaps considered one of the least violent of true martial arts.

But in understanding and working with energies, people must have the avenue available to them that is most easy to access. And indeed, in a child or a soul that has not developed sufficient maturity to recognize energy in its purest form, the bigger issue comes up. In this world, faced with fear, faced with the potential to be hurt, faced with other people's aggression, and such an individual not having full development of consciousness, they will naturally fall into their own resonances of fear and find themselves attracted into situations where other people are feeling such a fear and wish to take advantage of such a person. What can that person do? Yes, they may be exposed to energy directly, but their own development around such issue may not allow them to grow sufficiently to work with the energy directly. For such a being, they will sometimes be forced into martial arts for self-defense, for finding out how to do things in the world in a way that has more confidence or energy associated with it. Many souls will of course find that if they make the direct current or direct path to the heart of martial arts, in any of the martial arts, they will expose that powerful energy and know it directly. This is perhaps why there is such a clear relationship between chi gung, or other oriental disciplines of a pure healing nature, and martial arts, that indeed many of the great healers in areas of chi gung began in working with martial arts. And many of the chi gung masters are naturally adept at any martial art. So therefore one must see this in the larger light of where one fits into society around such issues.

There is, of course, the other side to this. So many people ingesting so many foods of toxic nature, meaning specifically fats and oils heated past 104F (that is 40C), that the mobilization of these through the lymphatic system by regular exercise is absolutely necessary for their own health. If they don't do it, they will have all kinds of problems in their physical bodies. This is why exercise is so strongly recommended for so many people. Martial arts is generally one of the best exercise regimens, unless of course it is overemphasized in any area that hurts the body, because it tends to emphasize many of the smaller muscles in the body, looking for deeper control, looking for the underlying energy that activates the muscles. And so this is a good way of staying in good shape, and by comparison to other means of activating, exercising the physical body, it is perhaps more exciting, less boring, than stair-steppers or treadmills or other things that certainly have benefit but still might be that which is a little boring.

[For more about 104 degrees F, fats and oils, and our deep need for them in our healing, see Aajonus Vonderplanitz' revolutionary book, We Want To Live.]

So the real question as one goes deeper into this is one of suitability. As one becomes more advanced and understands higher and higher vibrational levels, you will eventually put yourself to a test around such. You may find that you are in a situation where there are others who are indeed engaging in violence, perhaps against someone else but not against you. You could in that moment leave the situation, but if you understand enough about energy, you can ask yourself that question, "Might I be able to correct the situation, to help all of those involved?" This is a very difficult situation, of course, because you would have to apply your help equally to the aggressors as to the victim in such a situation, and this means a very difficult perspective held on your part that nobody is wrong, that they are simply doing that which comes naturally, doing that which is best to them, and that which might ultimately cause a great deal of harm for all involved.

So for you to step into such a situation with sufficient energy to make a difference, you can see this as a true test of your own enlightened perspective, and this will be the question we would ask of anyone who is involved in energy work. Is this possible for your being, for your nature? It is one of the essence ideas of energy that the highest martial arts teachers continue to share, many of these from the nonphysical levels. It is one of the important lessons of your interaction with violent, and in many cases misguided, beings when you project your consciousness, when you find yourself in a dream or a projection situation where another being is doing something that is quite uncomfortable or difficult for you. It is so interesting to notice that if you engage in fighting with such a being, it only tends to worsen the situation. But here is your practice, you see, because the stakes are not physical. You are not going to wake up from that with a broken nose if that being punches you in the etheric nose. And so indeed, it is your opportunity to project a powerful love, an energy that says, "I know you are capable of much more than you are simply allowing right now." Or an energy that says to that being, "I want to know more about you, why you are afraid, what is happening within your being that needs healing at this time." This is the practice that many of you may indeed be engaging in in your projections, in your consciousness, before you put this into actual practice in the physical world. Does this answer the question adequately?

Jill: Yes, thank you. And there's another question that's very close. Please discuss the power of thought in positive/negative manifestations that we can use in a positive way.

Hilarion: We were sort of getting at this in many different ways in the way in which we began speaking, as if the real essence to this is not just the way of thinking that you are used to, but those ways that go beyond this, that incorporate the intuition, that incorporate other ways of thinking than you have had before. This is a very important key. Thoughts are things. As you manifest through your thoughts, these energies exist indeed at the nonphysical level. If you think on something over and over, it is actually manifesting on a nonphysical level. If this is continued and continued long enough, it will eventually manifest at the physical level. You may think that that's a good thing if what you are thinking about is, for instance, a million dollars. But if they all have associated with them the fear of not being able to pay your rent, then there will be fear associated with those million dollars, and perhaps then they would be stolen from you, or they would somehow get you into trouble and other problems.

And so, you will see that the real key to this is the unconscious thought which will usually be related to an emotion. The emotion can usually be traced back to fear on some level. Fear is that which is held within the consciousness because the individual indeed has made a mistake about recognizing reality. Try this one: False Evidence Appearing as Real, F-E-A-R. So that perhaps you can understand the real truth of it. Because if the worse came to the worst, perhaps what you would say that the end result of your fear is that you would die, how is that the worst of the worst? It simply means that you become nonphysical, that your energy moves to another vibrational level.

In other words, how much can you really take seriously all the emotions you have built on top of the fear? When you get right down to the heart of it and have the fear and see that you are still there, still existing, still alive, still interacting, still loving, still being loved, it gives you pause, and in this way your thoughts are shaped to perhaps be in touch with the very energy that keeps you alive, the essence energy, the energy Athena spoke of, or other matters, as the basis at an emotional level from which the thought is based, from which those things you wish to accomplish or manifest are put into action, not because they are going to be more or less effective--whatever energies of the emotions and the thoughts are put into action have effect in the world--but because those energies are in alignment with the larger plan, the one of interconnectivity, of greater love, of clarification, of this way in which all grow together as opposed to just one.

These are general ideas, but can be put into very specific ideas once you understand them. For instance, if you are in contact with any specific issue that you are wishing to change and you can ferret out the fear associated with it, have the fear and put in a new thoughtform that is connected to a new energy, that feels genuinely, terribly, incredibly, powerfully positive every time you have that thought, that direct association with that loving, expansive, wonderful energy, and it's not one that you're just laying on top of the fear, but the fear itself has indeed been released and this new energy is in place, quickly as those thoughts manifest, they come about in the world in a way that will self-perpetuate and continue even greater joy, love, caring. This is a principle that is described by Lynn Grabhorn in her recent release Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting, and is not really understood so well by most beings because they haven't a direct physical experience of it. And that's why you come into physical bodies. You have these suppositions, these hypotheses, how things work in the world, well let's find out for real, and so you put it into a body to discover it.

[ Click here to learn more about Grabhorn's awesome Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. ]

If you can at least begin at that place, acknowledging the experiences you have created in body, in physical reality, you can then begin to see the powerful loving reward energy, the sense that says to you, "You have done it anyway." This energy can sometimes be an excellent beginning point at taking apart those false evidences appearing as real, seeing the real truths among them, and opening them to new levels of love, caring, and other energies.

Further question?

Jill: Please speak on the role of the visual arts in our current evolution.

Hilarion: Besides what we've already said about this, towards the negative evolution, the way in which the visual arts particularly through advertising media and television is so powerfully influencing people to consume more and to destroy your world as a result, the other side to this is the visual accentuation of patterns, symbology, and the awareness of many subtle energies as a result.

A useful thing to look about and think of this is what happens when you look at things with one eye. What you will see with one eye is essentially two-dimensional. When you look with two eyes, what you perceive is three-dimensional. What happens when you look with three eyes? Yes, you will begin to perceive more of the fourth dimension. Now there are those who emphasize on this that tell you that the Third Eye allows you to see into these dimensional levels. This is not quite true. It is actually the Third Eye in combination with the other two that allow you to truly understand what is going on mulitdimensionally.

In this way, another agenda subtly involved with the visual arts is underway--to enable people gently to rediscover this component of their being. In Ancient Greece, it was the last time period on Earth, corresponding to the area in which around 500BC or so, this was shutting down in people. It was because there was so much emphasis on the physical, so much on mathematical, logical understanding of things that were very grossly physical that this Third Eye was shut down. And so you see that through this other agenda is to help people through visual media, through yantra, through patterns, through beautiful art, through photography that allows deeper insight and understanding, through so many things occurring in moves, in television and so on, wherever it is possible to help them see beyond what is on the surface.

It is unfortunate to comment that this program by comparison to the profit motivated programs is losing ground, and that indeed in the United States in particular, this out of balance situation is worsening, principally because there is very little in the media that is directly controlled or worked with by the governments or the public but rather through the larger international companies, through the multinationals, through the commercial interests. For instance, in England the BBC is a major powerful force, and many important shows from this come to United States television. So also from Canadian television. But in United States, the Public Broadcasting System is only a minor voice by comparison to the others that are present from commercial areas. This must change, and we see that in the next few years, greater recognition of this is going to be promoted amongst many so that greater acceptance and perhaps even an interconnection of community television stations across your United States will take place. This is currently only in place in small levels because of the very limited budgets that such television stations are restricted under. This must change in the future in order for this shift to be then accepted for this medium

For the other media, of course, computers over and over will allow people to go way beyond, to see things in ways and from perspectives that they had never imagined before. This will extend far beyond what you have seen possible, and relates to the New World Order as well, because by the computer control of people, larger numbers of people can of course be those that will not threaten the identities of those in positions of power. This works both ways, however, because with new ways of using computers, for thinking, for gathering information, for understanding things that are out there in the world that people otherwise don't know of--an example: the free energy devices we mentioned earlier--many positive changes can occur.

This brings us, since it is leaning towards asking about the future, to a question posed about disasters on your planet. In this whole general sense, one can see that there are certain specific areas that are attracting more and more negativity and difficulty. We predicted an earthquake in our last public channeling, and close to the time that we predicted it, one occurred in Indonesia. It was hoped that the energies we spoke of would divert such an earthquake from California, and indeed this occurred. And you see that many of the powers focalizing on fear, indeed terror, and many difficulties occurring in this little country was indeed drawing a vortex of energy. It was very difficult for many beings meditating, assisting, and so on to prevent an energy from falling into such a place. And so this is indeed the larger pattern, that though there is to be continued stress on the plate system and the likelihood of earthquakes actually increasing across what is called the Ring of Fire (that is, the Pacific Rim), these energies will tend to focalize in areas where very little can be done to shift the negativity, to shift the negative vortex associated with this.

When there are great gyrations in the stock markets, you will see very high levels of fear, particularly focused in Tokyo. Thus, outlying areas, particularly where those who live in Tokyo go home to sleep, are places that in their own consciousnesses as they sleep, then, these energies have free reign, and thus the potentials there are strong for such difficulties.

The other area of course on your planet where the negative vibrations are increasing is around the tremendous fear and struggle and difficulty around the disease called AIDS. This is focalizing in Africa, and is indeed intensifying there. And so you see many potentials here for greater worldwide disasters, not so much focalizing on earthquakes as fire, famine, and flood, and of course the resulting difficulties associated with this.

What can be done about this and the timing of this? These are always difficult issues. But you must choose for yourself how you come to understand these energies and shift them. Indeed though, as new techniques are available for healing, they must be shared, and many of those in these developing countries are quite open to receiving this information, and the medium of communication open to this--the Internet--will continue. The results of this can sometimes be for some individuals a whole different point of view on life, as they perceive their brothers and sisters in these other countries as those that affect life on your whole planet. Yes. Perhaps there is sufficient time to answer another.

Jill: Please comment on the Pictish stones in Scotland and their connection to the crop circles.

Hilarion: These stones have interesting marking of many types, and it is interesting that the Pictish people have left no other records, no written language, very little other than what is handed down from songs, verse, and related matters. This relates to a specific energy that you can learn of from the book by Dorothy Bryant called The Kin of Ata are Waiting for You, because it was discovered there that the best way to transmit a story, an energy, an understanding of something, was not to crystallize it in words, words that do not allow any aspect of change, no accommodation for the storyteller, no awareness of the audience; but rather this energy needs to be reminded, and so these are the stories of the ancients: These beautiful symbols, the energies associated with them, distilled to their purest form.

One of the great stories from this time period was of the landing of a number of extra-terrestrials. And such beings wished to share with others the nature of their technology. It was difficult for primitive peoples to understand this technology, but because of the bridge, the caring, the love, there was no reason for fear, and it was known then that perhaps these underlying energies would be helpful to other people in the future. Where there is similarity between the Pictish drawings and the crop circles, it is simply around this. Because these space ships are illustrated in the crop circles, how they are built, how they are constructed, how they are used. Room by room, the larger theory, the smaller theory, it is simply a matter of taking a three-dimensional view of what is happening in these various advanced technologies and compressing it into a two-dimensional view and putting it on Earth in a way in which people can choose to see it or not. The Pictish were able to see these energies and understand them and work with them, and thought that it might be helpful to bring some of them into form for others of future generations to see.

There are other Pictish stones, of course, depicting other aspects, and you will often receive the energies of these by singing them, by feeling them, by letting the energies of the symbols be with you rather than trying to understand them or take them apart logically. This is the greater message, that from these then is birthed a large and beautiful story about humanity and humanity's willingness to change, to grow, to shift.

Women may find it particularly easy to open to this because this was indeed a matriarchal society and many of the beings involved were understanding of the true power of the feminine. Thus, much of the roots of the highest and best from the Celtic societies will also be found in these drawings and symbols, and they may be utilized on many levels for awakening in consciousness, particularly of the inner female in all beings.

Yes. Are there further questions?

Jill: There's a poem that was sent in with a question: "From sun to sun, fire into more fire, comes a storm, spinning light into tiny drips, sinking further and further towards the Sun buried within the Earth." Why are we between these two suns: the molten lava that is within this Earth, and the Sun that gives us life? Does the symbolism of this have a practical message, a way of living one's life day to day?

Hilarion: It certainly relates to energy, and that is what we have focused on speaking a lot about today, because then you see how the Sun's energy is ultimately responsible for all life on your Earth, and you perceive how it therefore is that which makes you as well. The Earth herself is your source of so many levels of energy, but these are not so directly understood as the solar energies. And so in this symbol way of seeing things, you are then between these energies so that you will know energy, know it for its real source.

There are those who perceive scientifically why the Earth revolves around the Sun. It is an interesting thing to contemplate, isn't it? But when you look at it scientifically, you are always going to be left with a little bit of doubt, a little question, a little understanding that doesn't quite resolve itself. But when you think about it as love, that indeed these beings are in love, sharing love, allowing this loving energy between them, you may perhaps relax into the understanding of these energies. And it is from the sense of this caring, this interconnectedness, this loving nature of these energies--after all, the flower blossoming on Earth is fed by the Sun, and so then in her own way clearly loves such an energy--can you not see that your own existence on Earth is similarly based? That you find yourself in this position not just to absorb these energies, not just to know them, but through them to discover symbolically love, to feel it, to awaken it in yourself, in your cells, in your interconnectedness to others, in your interconnectedness to Earth, to every level of being that you can accept and acknowledge. This is how we would suggest it perhaps be appreciated and understood, though of course this poem is a lovely welcoming to examine the question, to feel it, to know it.

Perhaps that would be a good place to close for the evening, if that is alright?

Jill: Yes, thank you.

Hilarion: In reminding you of this energy, we would seek that you would discover the sunlight in yourself. There are those who have called a light in your heart a "permanent atom," but we would simply allow it to be known to you as the Christ light, and ask that you acknowledge its power and its beauty, and you have its sense of radiance and warmth as it expands in your chest, as it expands all around your body, as it expands to touch the people in this room, to touch the ones near you. But here again, remembering the lesson of the kinesthetic sense: Let it be a warming sensation, perhaps a brushing sensation, perhaps a watering sensation, perhaps a sense of the radiance of light as if it was a golden liquid and you feel it moving through you. This is the real key to visualization, you see--that you feel it, as something that is tangible. Because this is the key to what you have used to make yourself here, alive, in a body, your reality, your experience, one of tangibility, feeling, touch. No matter that the physicists tell you it is mostly empty space--you feel it nonetheless, not because it isn't empty space, but because that is the modality of energy that is the basis of your being. Thus, is the liquid light of the sun, the Christ light in your being, the modality that makes you the loving being that you are? You can answer that question by your experience of that light, of that liquid, of that Christ, not so much by what you think of it, but of what you feel of it.

So, for a moment, we would ask you to become aware of that love as a light, as a connectivity, as an energy, that you would feel as strongly as possible for one person, someone that you could imagine you have this loving relationship with at its most powerful level. As you feel and sense it, allow that liquid loving light to touch that person, feel it, then let it go. In the place of that person put someone else, someone you might have had a little difficulty with, and project that same liquid loving light to that person. Then let that person go and put another person in their place, someone that is perhaps someone you've had a great deal of difficulty with, and by your choice, you pour this same love into that person, the same liquid light. So you see, how and who you love, that is your choice. It is your response to this powerful, everpresent energy. You may use it as you choose, in so many different ways. All that the higher beings can do is invite you to make the choices that lead to greater interconnectivity, greater clarification, greater understanding of the very nature of what it is to be here. But you must make that choice.

So lastly we would remind you of that light, now expanding to touch your entire world, the same love you began with, expand it to as a beautiful liquid cover the Earth, touching all beings here, physical and nonphysical. And then we remind you of the idea of an emerald light cylinder, pouring into you from infinitely upwards, connecting you with all aspects of existence. To close, we ask you to be particularly aware now of where that light touches the center of Earth, and that she responds lovingly, as if to know by your acknowledgement of her being that she loves you, and that this comes up to you as a sound like OM, and that OM bubbles up gently, lovingly, through the Earth, through your body, through your heart, to your throat, and we ask you to share Earth's loving OM out loud. Good bye.


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