Hilarion Winter Solstice 2000

Jill: Welcome to the Winter Solstice channeling of Hilarion. Today is December 21st, 2000. We are gathered in Nevada City, California, to ask questions of Hilarion from those in attendance as well as from those submitting questions via email. For further information on channeling, books, or tapes, contact Jon C. Fox at P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959.

Hilarion: Yes, greetings to all of you. Yes this is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into interesting, deeper matters, playing with the energies within your being as a way of sort of intuitively and emotionally conceiving of answers--not just at the level of the intellect or the mind or words, but in your heart--we would first ask you to welcome the idea of an emerald light; to visualize it as a cylinder of light surrounding you, extending from infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth, as it is perhaps about 33 meters or 100 feet in diameter. It bathes you, touches you.

It is very important to recognize that many who suggest visualization or techniques that utilize visualization do not have the full understanding if the kinesthetic visualization or the aspect of the kinesthetic reality is omitted. You spend your lives immersed in a sea of kinesthesia, various forms of touch, ways of touching others, ways of being touched. The way in which your body responds to temperature, to holding and working with objects, and many other things is such a deep and important spiritual lesson, and that which is missing when you are nonphysical. And so it is so valuable then to always include some aspect of the kinesthetic reality in any visualization you do. We would even go so far as to suggest that if it is not specifically suggested in the visualization that someone else suggests for you, that you add it for yourself.

So in this case you might imagine that that emerald light has a spinning action to it, and as it spins through you, it brushes. First it brushes against the skin, in a swirling vortex-like motion. But then as you allow it, as you recognize it as a generating energy--that which you are generating in your own being, and that which meets the energy of this emerald light--then it is also generated from your bone marrow outwards. And these energies meet in the flesh of the body, in the bones, in your eyes, in the spine. And such a brushing sensation can have a certain amount of pleasurable sensation to it, a gentle, soothing energy. But it can also be that which is somewhat stimulating as it causes energies that are stuck to be released. Then they are spun out of you easily, released down into Mother Earth, out the soles of the feet, out the base of the spine, out the fingertips, any way you wish to imagine this. Yet as they exit, there is also sensation, awareness of these as they fall away like little drops of water as they drop off of your body, or the energy of light then tingling and touching you as it is released from the body like electricity.

But the point of this is that at a deeper level in your own consciousness, you have recognized the value of different forms of visualization. So then we suggest that this be incorporated so that you lovingly welcome and know these energies within your being.

Next, there are also many questions, different things to look at. Yet it is important to recognize this wonderful time, a powerful time in which the Earth is tilted such that the Southern Hemisphere is closest to Sun, the Northern Hemisphere furthest away, this symbolizing an action of Earth breathing. As if then at the midpoint in the breath sequence, now the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere completely exhaled is a nice way to visualize this, and in this way now ready to begin a new process, drawing in new energies, preparing and strengthening into the Spring and Summer seasons.

Yet for you personally, this is also reflected in the building up of light, of energy, of strength in your physical body and in your relationships. Because now as the day grows increasingly long and the night increasingly short, there is this opportunity to make more of relationships. Yet this is always now to be reflected to your core, to who you are, how you see yourself, how you know yourself.

One of the questions tonight is about the blending of the realities, a powerful dance that you do as humans over and over, from the intermissive period into life. And then with death, the higher bodies leave the physical body. It decays, it is recycled, yet this higher energy continues on into another intermissive period, and then chooses again another physical body. Why? Certainly because of this kinesthetic experience. This is not a why answer that comes at the mind. For the mind, you would understand that you need to learn lessons, you need to expose yourself to the opportunity to grow, and that knowing this experientially to help you; that you are here to witness changes; that you are here to help other people; that you are here to fulfill karmic obstacles, to blend, to change. Yet how do you do this? Yes, you do it with your minds, some of you, but most do not. Most actually learn by their direct experiences because that gets their direct attention.

Indeed, hospital Earth and schoolroom Earth is one in which the attention-getting phenomenon is so important. To recognize and honor this is an important key or solution to the understanding of the Universal Laws, to the ability to avoid all degenerative and difficult diseases. Because if you recognize the underlying lessons at the level by which you have chosen to work with them before they are thrust upon you, or so it seems, you then can be proactive about how you work with them. You have in your world over and over how projects, ideas, relationships and other things go so well when you are proactive, anticipating what unfolds, helping others, deliberately, consciously, to the highest intent. Well, why not do this for yourselves?

It is because of habits, many lifetimes in which others have put their will on top of you and you've accepted that. This in the religious guise of church, of governments, of others. This is important because in some cases you need to develop your will, and you need to struggle against someone else's will, or use example of someone with a stronger will than you in order to perform and understand these things. But ultimately, you are your own best guru, and that is the lesson of the coming times, and of this time to some extent.

So gradually what unfolds from this is that in being proactive and welcoming these energies rather than fearing them, you begin to understand the larger picture. Many specific tools are available to you if you wish to pursue them and work with them, for the releasing of fear around death, for manifesting the blending of your essence more clearly into the physical, for the release of those aspects of ego that stand in your way, and release of those aspects of fear that stand in your way. For indeed, preprogrammed deeply into the human being--into the physical form, into consciousness, into many aspects that give you resistance, give you difficulty--are these twin energies of fear and ego. It is not that they are to be overcome, but the lesson of these learned as deeply within your being as possible, and that is why you will come here to do it over and over.

But those tools that over and over will cut to the core of this and shift it for you are those that allow you to live the simultaneous realities as if they were real. You have these concepts about them, about the intermissive period, about astral projection, about these things of the nonphysical beings. But how deeply do you believe? And how deeply do those beliefs rule you? To the point that you are ready to discard them is the higher lesson to be welcomed at this time, that it is not from belief but from true knowledge that you make your decisions.

Indeed on your planet the struggle between knowledge and belief, ages old, is now coming to an important head. Powerful cycles astrologically, symbolized by these aspects of the eclipses soon to come and these powerful shifts of the Mercury, Venus, and, most important, Mars cycles on your planet to bring greater aspects of truth into consciousness for many in the coming year. Ultimately this truth will help you discern the difference between belief and knowledge. You have done this at various different levels in many times past, but at each time in which this comes up again, it is as if you are ready to leap further than you have before. No longer is it about superstition and knowledge, but the beliefs that come from your childhood, beliefs from your scientists, from your doctors, from many whose ideas have been widely accepted on your planet. Especially ones that we'll mention briefly--your sanitation engineers.

These beings you would think certainly have the best in mind for you, yet they have misunderstood that this difficulty coming to your planet of water shortage is that which is easily solved once you simply recognize that you are, on average, for each human being, mixing 6,000 gallons per year with your own human excrement. Mixing 6,000 gallons of drinking water, water that could be used for many other things, and that which you will struggle over in the next few decades. This is important to understand because it is back to this energy of fear and ego that these old aspects, the idea of a flushed toilet as simple as it may seem, then come into your consciousness as the only way to treat this valuable resource that comes from human beings. These may seem as if to some words of heresy, but if you investigate it with an open mind, you will then see that the true nature of what we are talking about has nothing to do with human beings, water, or toilets, but your ability to shift context, to see things in a new light, to see them for what they really are.

After all, most of organic agriculture is based on various aspects of improving the soil, and where organic agriculture is integrated with animal husbandry, animals in any form, it is animal manure that is widely utilized in order to provide useful and helpful adjuncts in agriculture. So, then, back to "Are humans animals?" Indeed this is the form that you have chosen. Your higher consciousness chooses the animal form because it is the best, easiest, most available way to express yourself, to feel things, to enjoy the aspects of physicality. You are both. Yet, you will see over and over that so many of your human problems, so many of the aspects that you struggle with, come directly from ignoring, misunderstanding, or misusing the animal nature of your being. And these come from fearing it, or recognizing it as some way of bolstering your ego or strengthening your identity.

Therefore, if you really wish to understand at the psychological level, bringing your essence more clearly into your personality, shifting the nature of your being, allowing this transformation, raising your energy, you must not only be working at spiritual levels, shifting dietary aspects, working with various ways of loving, but at a psychological level, there must be regular context-busting. Not an easy thing, you know, when you think perhaps you've busted every possible context there is. But as you look at it you will see that there are so many. Once in a while, a great writer, a politician occasionally, various movie stars and others, some of the leaders in your society jump out in front and break through, busting into new contexts. You hold up some of these in your past as shining examples of powerful lights that have changed your world for the better. Yet those who live in your midst, doing this very energy dance, this context-busting, are those who you resist right now.

The encouraging part of this is that if you look at this historically, the amount of time between when the new ideas are presented and when people welcome the willingness to bust through their own contexts, that time is growing shorter and shorter. It is encouraging. There were times when it was five generations. Then four, then three. But for most of the 20th century, only now two or one generation. Will it be that which you can welcome in less? Perhaps in five years of exposure to such, or even less for yourself? If so, you will see that if this is a powerful thoughtform shared on your planet, there is great hope. There are many possibilities and ways of change, of seeing and holding new contexts that truly work because they cut right to the heart of what you are here for.

When we speak about these matters regarding water, we certainly would refer you to the context-buster, to the book The Humanure Handbook, by Joseph Jenkins as an excellent way of understanding these energies. There are others, however. For instance, Aajonus Vonderplanitz, who wrote We Want to Live, in struggling to understand the animal nature. For instance, Byron Katie, and her ability to transfer energy by simple ways of questioning your reality to its core. There are so many of these energies now on your planet, yet you can only deal with one of them at a time. And yet you are being asked by your guides, helpers, and so many other energies to consider all of them. [Editor's Note: The book referred to is The Humanure Handbook, Joseph Jenkins, 1999, ISBN 0-9644258-9-0, Chelsea Green Publishing, P.O. Box 428, White River Junction, VT 05001, USA, or call 800-639-4099 or 802-295-6300. For more information about Byron Katie, visit her web pages at The Work. ]

This can be taken into a larger framework once you understand it, and that framework does not come from the mind. It comes from your heart, from a willingness to love at the core the nature of being itself. Because each of these people in their own ways, in their own aspect of recognizing, do know that you deserve to be here. They have in this sense overcome their own ego about this matter, and their own fear about the answers. Because once you ask these deeper questions, the answers will provoke fear, and will shift your ego, because those are the ways in which you have held on, resisted as it were, the aspects of truth while instead recognizing what others say as useful though you know somewhere in you it is not the truth.

There are these questions astrologically based about many things, but one of them is about mundane astrology, the birthplace of United States, birthplace and time and so on. These are interesting aspects, but you might also look at it from the point of view of what it means. The nurturing aspect so common throughout the understanding of the chart we are going to suggest, yet with Sagittarius rising, the energy to find truth, to work it out as an ongoing issue so often. In this way you understand that one of the important issues in context-busting for the United States is the welcoming of others outside the United States and the ability to incorporate them, to blend them, and then later to use their energies in such a way that they're actually helpful for the rest of the planet. It is not too far different from planting a seed, a seed which grows into a great tree whose fruit is then shared with all of the world.

This isn't always easy to understand, and the fear and ego associated with this is an important revolution that must be overcome within each person, if you have fear of someone else taking your job, pushing you off of your own place, or misunderstanding you. Does this mean that we would suggest that America throw open its doors wide open to all immigrants on the planet? In the current state of technological misunderstanding about food, sanitation, water, genetic engineering, and related matters, this would be foolish. But if these technologies were properly understood and properly utilized, in a matter of only a few years, yes, this country could easily open its doors to all of the world's people, who could indeed exist here in harmony, and act as a powerful example of a unitized understanding community based on love, based on service, for the rest of the planet, if people chose that.

And so you go through these political cycles in order to work with these energies. But for most people, when they return to the energy of the founding fathers and mothers, they do recall an energy in themselves of this upliftment and of this nurturing. This would be associated with the date 1776, July 4th, Philadelphia as the place, and the time 5:12pm. There were many signers to the Declaration of Independence. There were many ways in which this was brought to bear. Some of them were in other states and took months before they signed it. But at 5:12 there was a great party. It was a wonderful summer day, and there were guns fired, firecrackers lit, and the skies opened, and lightning flashed. It was as if, for many, it was a moment in which there was an exultation, an awakening, and at the same time a great hope.

Yet who were those people? Most of them had come from other countries--from France, from England, from Spain, from many places. And it was in casting off their shackles that they gained inner freedom. That is an energy that must be understood. Where humans invite shackles, they are then able to overcome them to grow. Does this seem a little bit backwards? Perhaps a little roundabout? Yes, that is correct. And yet you choose this pathway of resistance on so many levels. It is a powerful fractal you use over and over. Just the whole act of coming into a physical body is one to take on resistance, struggle, difficulty, if you choose it. There are many who would support you in such choices because they also have made such choices. Yet at its core, this need not be a world so based on struggle once you understand what is really happening here.

And so then this would be a useful astrological journey. At its source, of course, are some of the energies of awakening and freedom that were initially in the British, and so there is this question as to what date to choose for the bringing into formation of the British Empire. Yet when you look back in history, William I would seem to most often symbolize this, and his being crowned in 1066, on Christmas, December 25th, in Westminster, would seem the most appropriate. Yet here, the rising sign is so difficult because there is so little of historical records as to when this occurred. But it is easy for you to recall as you open to this in your consciousness, that there were many preparations all day for this, yet the most powerful energies all focalized shortly after 12 noon. At the time of 12:12, the ceremonies began, and they completed themselves with the crowning of this being at 12:32. So this would be an important point. Yet 12:12 also has important value as what would be similar to the beginning of a soul energy for association with England's birth for that time.

Understanding this energy shows you that here Aries rising, it is a time of awakening, of strengthening, of bringing new power into the world, but it is also one that will burn itself out eventually, and the aspects that would help others seek truth will also be blended later. Any way in which freedom, then, is forgotten would always backfire then as this way of granting freedom yet struggling with chains is so difficult for Aries on so many levels.

The other interesting facet of the United States chart under such circumstance is that as a natal chart, Mercury is retrograde. This is not true for England, and this is why she was able to maintain for so long such domination of the planet. Yet Mercury retrograde means that humans in America must always be thoughtful, must always be looking inside, must find ways of changing the way in which they perceive and know the thought process itself, and must always pay attention, particularly when Mercury is retrograde, to inner thoughts, inner truths, inner understanding.

While speaking of countries, on your planet right now are great debacles of all kinds, yet the continuous difficulty between China and Tibet is that which is of such a struggle in many of your hearts, because many of you have studied with Tibetans in the past. As you did this, you would often awaken psychically. As the awakening took place, you would recognize your past lives, and you would beg those to leave Tibet, to teach the rest of the world, to show you how to remember into your next life so you might teach others, and yet, over and over as so often is the case in dogmatic religions (or perhaps those are two words that just always come together), there is then the way in which these beings decided to concentrate their energy in one place. Yes, it is a sacred place and a beautiful place, but the world required the knowledge, the understanding, the awareness.

Because of this, and the importance of China's tremendous growth and ability to incorporate different aspects of balancing energies through the aspects that come through Lao-Tzu and other aspects of Taoism, then there had to be a blending, and this was accomplished to some extent with great struggle to disperse the energies of Tibet throughout the world.

You can say it is a horrible thing that people are being killed and that the egos involved must learn to forgive, to transcend the difficulty, and so on, and this is correct. That indeed those that would experience the greatest difficulty and greatest resistance are those who chose to manifest in such a life because they were the ones who resisted such shifts, changes, and opportunity in other lifetimes. Yet at the same time, they have tremendous capacity to forgive in ways you might say that you don't even understand yourself. That is to say, in many ways the Tibetans forgive the Chinese even more than you do. Let them be a lesson to you. Let yourself learn from the powerful loving energies of these beings so that all may exist in harmony in the future.

There is much within the Chinese civilization that will incorporate and learn aspects from Tibet, and this will be very helpful. Yet at the same time this will obviously push the egos of those in charge right to the limit, and this is so difficult because they recognize through Tibetan understanding that you are much more than a singular consciousness. You are connected to many. You are connected to God. But you are also connected to all of your past lives, and all of your future lives, and all of the ways of understanding the aspects of this can be very difficult if you see that in this life what you need is power over others, money, identity, or any of the other things that those in charge of the Chinese government deem important. Yet, in your hearts, these deeper lessons of forgiveness touch you and help you forgive others when you are under such circumstances.

So we would also suggest where possible that the visualization of forgiveness be coupled with some sensation. How would you feel at maximum forgiveness? Perhaps it is the embrace, that you reach out to embrace your brothers and sisters, that you truly forgive them, because you hug them with the openness of your heart. No, perhaps that isn't good enough. Perhaps you will see that the source of forgiveness and its real core runs deeper, perhaps to yourself as a child. When you remember a time in which you made a mistake, you said something you regretted or hurt somebody accidentally, that you could forgive that child, that you could hold her to your chest now and love her. Or perhaps it was when you were a baby, and all you could do was have wants and needs. And yet that child is inherently lovable. To love and forgive that child now, this is perhaps a way to open the doorway of forgiveness in your own heart, so that others may understand this better.

It is important however in moving through this that you do recognize this deeper lesson and understand what we have stated, that it is much easier when you put a little more attention on several important factors to move through most of the spiritual, psychological, and other impasses in your life. The most important of these is recognizing the truth of your being. This is what the Tibetans teach you on so many levels, but so also through all of the different disciplines that are waiting to go beyond mere dogma, and look deeply into the nature of how people remember, how they know, how they correspond, how they love; that you do indeed have a soul that continues, an existence, a consciousness, some aspect of your being, lifetime after lifetime, intermissive period after intermissive period.

Understanding this process is so important at relieving and shifting the fear, but it also opens you to the body of knowledge available to you when you project your consciousness and welcome the energies while in the nonphysical. You might say, "Yes but what about meditation?" When you have a meditation in which you do recall some of your past lives, or attune to important energies of healing nature, or work with aspects of higher consciousness, your purpose, guides, helpers, all of the things you might call a really with-it meditation, as we would observe you, you have separated. The astral body, as it is sometimes termed (a very poor name, but it will do for now) becomes a little larger as you begin the meditation, and then it moves away from the physical--not very far. Sometimes if you were to measure it, it would be a matter of only a few millimeters. That is enough. Such a separation invites, allows, and welcomes the higher energies, these higher aspects of your being that you have to some extent shielded from your own consciousness. You aren't going to let too much of that in or you're going to have a profound enlightening experience.

Is it that simple that all you really have to do is project your consciousness in order to receive energies? Yes. It is that simple. This isn't to say that projection of the consciousness is the whole answer, because you then have to get back into the body in order to use it. If you simply leave it out there, the physical body dies, and such a process is the natural one of moving from in the body to out of the body in the intermissive state, etc. But if you can come back to the physical and recall, and reawaken those energies, you will find there is much that is brought to you.

Then how do you do this? There are many methods, many techniques and ideas. But we note over and over the most successful are those that make use of the transition itself into physicality, meaning the kinesthetic experience, the feeling sensation in the body, the awareness of what it feels like to land in the body, the sensation of brushing, energy, water, touching, embrace, physicality--any way you wish to work with it, any way that works in your own particular modality, is a powerful bridge between the modalities, because you are in a physical body. A portion of your consciousness has chosen to manifest, animate, and work with the physical body. Accept it. Use it. Know it.

Now you might wonder about these words, but they are your words. When you leave the physical body in death, and the higher subtle bodies then are at the higher level, it is as if those words come back to you so powerfully--"I wish when I was in the physical body that I had really felt that love, even more deeply; that I had really chosen to, as the current vernacular would put it, "put my ass on the line" in order to help someone else, in order to do something useful. I didn't do it because I was afraid, my ego kept me from doing it, or whatever other excuses you might have." But when you are nonphysical, it's too late. Until, of course, you manifest the physical body again, and so you get the idea why you would do this--because of the things that you have missed, because of the energies that you wanted to experience deeply, because once you have faced that fear and overcome it, once you have manifested those energies that help you truly deeply know the nature of your being, you recall them powerfully, deeply, energetically, and they have effect, resonance. They make a difference in the world in the assistance of others, in the shifting of consciousness in this quadrant of the universe, and many other aspects that reflect back to the source, to the originating energy--call it God, the Universe, or whatever, it is an energy of vibration that seeks, knows, and reseeks again.

Understanding these principles can help you then in working out many issues, and they are certain of the underlying concepts of the Universal Laws, including especially the Law of Manifestation. There are those who would suggest that specific modalities associated with the different laws, associated with the Law of Manifestation, Permanence, Reflection, Symbols, Thought, Love, etc. etc., that these would have certain specific qualities associated with them. This is true only to a very limited extent. In point of fact, each individual will respond powerfully and beautifully to different modalities--sound, light, essences, aromatherapy, foods, all of these different things--according to what their needs are.

Yes this can be defined as certain percentages according to the Universal Laws that that person has most out of balance within their being. But unfortunately this is not so simple, because there is also the guidance and help from the nonphysical beings, the beings on all levels who outnumber you 9 to 1 and who are working with you constantly on this planet and what they would choose. And their energies to move these are very focused these days on the Law of Reflection. This is an energy associated with those aspects of a planetary nature, the silver of the Moon, and the gold of the Sun. And these are powerful energies for everyone. And yet these energies are not those that relate to the seven chakras, but to the chakras above the head, particularly chakras eight and nine. And the way in which these energies combine with ten and eleven. All the ways in which these energies are being used now in many ways seem more important and more useful than to come up with individual systems.

But as one that you might wish to work with, gaze into colored light. Shift the colors until you find one that is quite uncomfortable for you, and you will know you have hit on the right one to work on the Universal Law issue that you need to work on. Then you can work with it while within that energy. The best way is to let the energy simply come up spontaneously as to the issues you might wish to work with. But if that is a little too intuitive for you, you can do it intellectually by simply considering each of the twelve Universal Laws, and what aspects of each one you might have struggled with or misunderstood, or wish to change in your life.

You can do this with tones, moving through various pitches of tones, high, low, and so on. It's usually best if these are in octaves usually utilized by the human voice, so that they are easily heard by your ears. And then as you move through those tones, imitate them. Make the sound in your own vocal cords. You will find one difficult, one uncomfortable. That is the one to work with. It will help you deeper in your quest to understand yourself, to go into the energies and to work with them in a conscious way.

Now there will be those who will of course ascribe meaning to this: "Oh, well then, if I'm really struggling with the color red, and the most difficult issue for me is with the note C, and the energies associated with the Law of Manifestation help me struggle around these things, then that must be the association for everyone." We would certainly encourage you to not make any more belief patterns. Aren't there enough of them already in your world? But if you choose this for a time, that will help you then understand the larger issue, and give you an opportunity to do a little context-busting yourself, because of course this is not going to be the path for everyone.

Now this is not quite the same when you work with the energies of the stars and the energies of foods. Most understanding about food on your planet has been seriously misaligned with the obvious understanding of animals and how they live as such an important guide to you. Yet you ignore this. After all, what animal on your planet is going to truly relish the flavor of blackened redfish? As you understand and work with these energies, you will eventually understand that only an animal in a state of strong imbalance, for instance, heavy metal toxicity, would need the extra carbon that the blackened flour on such a culinary creation would be helpful at pulling out of their bodies. And hence also your imbalances have made it so difficult at times for you to attune intuitively to the correct foods for your body. There are those who have, and those who have been able to share this with others. And to a large extent the systems that they share are important beginning contexts for you to work with, and then at the appropriate time for you to bust through yourselves. And that good beginning place is the work of Vonderplanitz in his book We Want to Live. [ Note: More about this revolutionary - and successful - approach to healing. ]

Yet there is this question about the stars, and how they could be blended and utilized in this understanding of Universal Law. All of them affect you, all of the stars. But as you gaze into the night sky, you may find a star that you have particular affinity for. To gaze on that for a while is good, but then use the strength you receive from this to find another one, one that makes you a little uncomfortable. Gazing at such a star for awhile can also be helpful at shifting your energy and helping you understand things at a deeper level.

Yet there is this question as to which ones are so powerfully influencing and affecting people on Earth. There are many of course, but the continuing interactions between the Sirius binary and existence on Earth is a powerful energy. It has passed its maximum of powerful magnetic storm, other aspects of transformation, but this is a slow cycle, taking 49 and a half years, so there are still very powerful aspects of this pouring into Earth right now. To attune to this is helpful, also because many beings have had an incarnation or two on the planets--usually the third, fourth, or fifth planet orbiting the Sirius binary--or various ways of interacting with various guides and helpers associated with this place. This isn't to say that all of the extra-terrestrials associated with Sirius are wonderful beings. After all, if all humans were viewed in such fashion as guides and assistants to lower vibration planets, they could, at least a lot of them, get into a lot of trouble. But as you understand this energy, you will see that it is always to help you shift context.

Yes, there are important associations with the Pleiades, particularly Alcyone, and other star systems. A powerful influence guides and helpers are trying very much to incorporate and increase on your planet is association with Fomalhut. Beings associated with this place have much to teach you about releasing addiction, even at the deepest most level addiction to thought. But understanding this is very difficult and takes time. Yet they also have great patience. Understanding these issues can help you, because in gazing at the night sky and opening to these stars, you can grow and shift your own consciousness.

There is all of this to consider. Yet at its core it is not about the technologies, the techniques, the devices, the distractions, or any of the rest of it. What you are here for is the experience of being, of loving each other, of feeling and knowing what it is like to be in the physical body and at the same time to use what you have in the capacity of the sharing, be it the sharing at the level of schoolroom Earth, or hospital Earth. And so once again we must speak of assistance. The most powerful methods that are then available to individuals to raise their consciousness, to help them, to shift personality disorders or improve them psychologically, is to work with the highest vibrational beings in the way that provides maximum assistance for all.

There are many practices that are quite helpful and powerful. One of these is called Penta, for Personal Energetic Task, and it is that which has been defined and worked with by members of the group IIPC, or other organizations in different ways for eternity. It is a way in which you allow your energies at the highest possible vibrational level to be used by helpers, anonymous beings, beings at the highest vibrational level. These are the guides of our guides.

In understanding these energies, you see that they need some aspect of becoming physical, becoming real, to be used in the world. How do you do it is really very simple--you make a commitment, a deep one, at a particular time every day for the rest of your life. That is your commitment. You will open to these energies. You will move into a higher vibrational state utilizing whatever method you have learned. Remember here, you will learn new ones, you will grow in how you can do this. We would of course suggest that some aspect of the kinesthetic reality be an important part of such increase of your energy. And then, you would tune into these energies by asking that the highest vibrational energies be allowed to move through you. That is all you have to do. You don't have to know where the energy's going, to whom or why. It is not just a matter of trust, because you will quickly recognize that these energies have value. It will take a while, depending on the nature of who you are, the nature of how you commit to things, how you have or have not in the past, before the guides trust you enough to show up and work with you at the very powerful level often. For most people on average it would be about a year--that is a pretty strong and deep commitment for you, and it shows that you are willing to do this through all of the seasons, through all of the aspects of change that this symbolizes in your life.

And then what you will begin to notice is that everything begins to change. Slowly at first, then faster, for the positive. All the people around you are benefited deeply. Health improves, not just of you, but of everybody around you. And various energies shift, because what you are working with in its essence is assistance, allowing energy at the highest vibrational level to assist.

Now there are those who in their wisdom in physical bodies might choose to direct that energy. There isn't anything wrong with that. That is something many people do. As they fall asleep they pray, or they send energy to help this one or that one. But how do you know that that is the best place for your energy? From the nonphysical level, from the way we see it, you have a tremendous amount of energy. By comparison, if you were to do this as percentages, you are about 98.5% dense physical energy, and about 1.5% intelligence to use it in the most appropriate way. That is not to say that you do not have that intelligence, you just aren't putting it into action now because of practice, or lack of it. When you are nonphysical it is the opposite. You have very little of the dense physical energy. In the intermissive period you act sometimes to help others and to learn from various energies in a purely nonphysical way, by the intellect, by consciousness, by attunement, by vibration, but not by the physical body.

So then, if in your 1.5% wisdom you decide that this person is the one that needs your help the most, yet you do not recognize that this other one whom you don't even know would perhaps have the key to solve energies that would help not only this one that you are friends with but many, many others, than perhaps you would get an inkling as to why perhaps one of these nonphysical helpers is better to work with. You must understand here that there are many examples of this in the way in which you trust your intuition. You're driving down the street and for no reason that you understand logically, you go here or there, only to find some wonderful thing that comes from this. These are simple examples that the guides or helpers throw your way, sometimes with a great deal of force, so that you will recognize this principle. But in order for the dense physical energy to have maximum effect, of maximum assistance--meaning you're effective in the most positive way, others are helped in the most positive way--it must be your free will. No one else can stand in to say "you must do this" or "it is the best thing to do" or any of the rest of it. It must be you who decides. Again, back to belief, dogma, and all of the rest.

One of these beings on your planet who is seeking as a context-buster at the core level--"no context is too big or too small, we will break them all"--is your friend Byron Katie. Yet this is an energy that is represented by thousands of helpers. When you engage in the inquiry process and begin to look at these issues, you draw to yourself angelic presences, beings on many levels, soothing, assisting, loving you, saying to you, "You can break through." If you can feel their help, you can be encouraged when you come to the precipice that says suddenly "All that I knew was wrong, and all that I might recognize ahead of me is new." This is scary, this is different, but it is that which you have come here to experience. Because when you trust that you can break through contexts, then you will apply them to the most difficult contexts, the contexts that shape life on Earth itself: Fear and Ego. The contexts that make those important to you, that allow you to be swayed by False Evidence Appearing as Real, F.E.A.R., or swayed by the energy that says "Who I am is a massage therapist - a wife - a mother - an engineer - a friend - a person who cares." These are limiting definitions, and you struggle against them. But it is in the understanding of your essence as a multidimensionality, as a being that has aspects that are not just rooted in the time constant of now, but also knowing your future and past selves simultaneously. And that the animals teach you about this, because they understand this principle, feel it and know it. That is one important reason to choose an animal body: To give yourself some extra encouragement in this direction.

A moment... [drinks water]

In recent times, you have experienced very interesting, tumultuous difficulties around electing a President, or should you say choosing a king for another four years. In bringing these energies into form, what you are recognizing are the representations of fear and ego on your planet, and the responses to this. The guides and helpers had a little to do with some of the difficulties in coming to a choice point, deliberately, so that people could see as the candidates took oddly opposing viewpoints--for instance, Gore working with the energies of state rights, and Bush working with the energies of federal rights, just the opposite of what Republican and Democratic parties have stood for in the last few years--that indeed these are but false fronts, energies to give you a pattern, not to show you what is really going on behind the scenes.

Yet these are important symbolic energies so that you would question your own choices. What is the nature of the world in which you live? How do you relate to these two fellows, and how do you understand that you are this inside yourself? That was one important aspect, because in the inability to choose for so long, people had to look at choices in themselves for so long, choices about how they would be in the world, how others would see them, and what was really important. This isn't easy always to look at, and that is why it was so difficult for those involved.

Yet, at a deeper level, as forces of fear seem to be a little stronger than forces of reason--neither of which are what you are all here about, of course, as we would recognize it is this energy of the heart, of loving, that is so important--then you see that the reactions to this and overcoming the resistances associated with this fear may importantly define the nature of the Bush administration over the next few years: How people will respond to this, how they will choose what is appropriate, how they will shift their own consciousness. This is in reaction, it is out of resistance, and there are other ways. But in the meantime, that is what you continue to work with for a while.

You are the context-busters in many cases, the leaders for your community, to share new ideas. Yet you are also going to see that over the next few years, there will be more opportunities to share, more ways in which the information will be received, through the Internet, through various media, even through television. For many of you who would not have ever considered this, we would encourage you deeply, as you have something to share, of your own love, of your own passion or caring for other people, of your willingness to assist or to cut to the heart of your own difficulties, that you share about what you have learned, by writing or speaking, that you let others know about this, because this is the seed that then gives rise to the waves that can make a shift. Even if what you think you have to share or say is not that important, it may be enough that someone else in seeing you, in hearing you, in feeling what you have to say, will then step out and what they will have to say will be truly important. Here again you do not know this one way or the other. Yet we would suggest that you recognize that if you have these ideas, this love, this talent, that if you do not use it, it is a waste, it is that which has not been allowed to manifest into form, and so eventually it will cause its own difficulty. This is why we would urge you to awaken these capacities in your own being.

Another question about politics relates to the health that Mr. Clinton seems to evidence, and there are many reasons for this. He recognized early on his role in all of these energies, a cog in a larger machine, and then not getting too involved in the struggle against this, it did not have to wear him out. You will also see the opposite of this, for instance with Nixon, tremendous physical difficulties and other issues in the physical body, especially associated with the legs, of moving forward, always these energies of resistance, as if then "Yes you are but part of a cog in a machine," yet the energy inside in conflict with this: "No, I am important."

Understanding these energies in your own core is of course the issue here, to see that you are part of a cog in a larger machine, a larger energy. But that is an energy that is not based on your society, but on your heart, on your connection to the Universe, on your willingness to allow assistance. To know in your heart how you can assist others is an important answer to understanding the nature of this larger, most wondrous manifestation that you are a part of.

The resistances to this will only hone your ability that much further, that much more clearly, to know and accept, but it is a great struggle, and it is that which can be quite fatiguing and difficult. It is always then to seek out through context-busting, through shifting your energies, conflicting ideas deep within your being. Because if society is judging you, and you don't buy any of it, it isn't a problem for you. These are the happy-go-lucky tramp-on-the-street kind of personalities who don't really care at all, and it isn't a problem for them to sleep in a cardboard box. You may pity them or struggle with the energies of this, and many of them are in very difficult positions, but there are a few who really don't mind, because they have let go. They are barely in the physical body under such circumstances, yet in this way are profound God-realized gurus or teachers, because the energy of letting go has then reached them to the point that they do not have to struggle.

So also is that part of you that struggles against society, the one that says "Society is right. I don't have any right to share my ideas, or what I think, though it seems accurate, must have something wrong with it or other people would have accepted it" or any other thousands of possible ways of pulling down your own best interests. To the extent to which you can break through those beliefs, and release those energies, so then will you prosper and your ideas be better shared, and, paradoxically, the less attached you will be to the results. In this way, if society is not ready for a generation or two to accept your ideas, this won't be burdensome or difficult for you. You'll simply have more of them and enjoy them, and enjoy the flow of life along the way.

So, that is a little bit of overview on a few of these issues. For a moment then we would suggest a brief pause, a little break. Your guides and helpers have been working with you on many levels now. Powerful energies are building to an eclipse soon to occur right around the time of Christmas, yet these energies are there to shift how you see yourself. So for a moment we ask you to break through contexts and see yourself in a new light, through the eyes of one of your guides. Imagine a being who has loved you, helped you, stood with you, patiently, silently sometimes, always loving you. From times when you took your first steps as a child, to times in which you had struggles in your relationships or your issues as you grew, and this being stands with you now.

But see that that being is looking at you, and see through the eyes of that being what you look like. Love who you are through the eyes of your guide, of your helper now. Feel that loving energy pouring through your heart, through your helper's heart. Breathe it. Sense it in your skin. Sense it as a vibration, an energy, touching you, brushing you, loving you, embracing you. Feel it deep in your being, but simultaneously see yourself through your guide's eyes, lovable, deserving, receiving, knowing and feeling just for being, just for breathing, just because you are, you exist, knowing that existence and its full acceptance in your heart now, as your guide in his or her patience has worked with you and loved you.

Then a little stretch might be a good idea so that the energies can jiggle around in your body a little.... [short break] Yes. Hilarion here again. Perhaps there are a few more questions to address. Jill, you could assist with this?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion. Can you please talk more about the solar eclipses that are coming up?

Hilarion: The more profound of these is the one that is much closer to exact crossing of the shift of season for 2001 around the time of the Summer Solstice. This eclipse will be primarily viewed in its entirety in Africa and other portions of the Southern Hemisphere, including and especially Madagascar. This is not very important. It is the general symbol here--change, a shift in perspective. Seeing how the energies of the Sun and the Moon can line up for you can bring a shift in your own consciousness, a willingness to pull forth your past and join it with your future.

Yet because this is occurring in this time of the shift of seasons, it has an additional factor. If people have realizations, deeper awareness, deeper consciousness, deeper energies, these will be far more powerfully shared, bounced around, shifted from one person to the other, in the time of the seasonal change, just like right now. These energies associated with the times of seasonal change, solstices and equinoxes, are strong for about a week before and a week after. But the strongest point of these energies are of course at the exact moment of the shift itself. So if during the time period that you have this deeper awakening and are being prodded symbolically to open your consciousness, to see the truth of your life, to shift your context, to allow the energies of past, present, and future to blend in your being, etc., and you have as a result of this greater love, greater sense of assistance, ability to make a difference, this will be far better communicated to everyone else on your planet at those times.

Other than this, it is just a very nice symbol, a nice energy to look at and to be reminded of always--the mystery of your Universe, that you are perfectly placed so that the smaller Moon can fully occlude the larger Sun and that the distances to the Earth are so perfect around this to remind you always of the Yin Yang, the balance of male and female, the polarities constantly exchanging and working with you.

Further question?

Jill: Considering the changing energies coming onto the planet in the next few years, how will the practice of hypnotherapy be affected, and how can its effectiveness be maximized?

Hilarion: There are many ways in which this will be discovered and understood better. This has already begun with various ways in which it has been observed that brain function can be measured by electroencephalogram as significantly different while in the hypnotic state. More activation and attunement of the brain results, and various ways in which this can be utilized will be certainly experimented with.

In essence, we see that the primary benefits of hypnotherapy are to learn the techniques and understanding by which the deeper relaxed state can allow access to higher aspects of consciousness, and then, as soon as possible in the learning process, to do it oneself. When you have the influence of another being working with you, as if there is the hypnotist and the client or hypnotic subject, there is a tremendous potential for imbalance. It can be dangerous for some, but generally it is simply limiting. That is, through the communicative process and the limitations of the English language, what the hypnotist says will be interpreted by you. And whether the glass is half-empty or half-full as spoken by the hypnotist has a completely different meaning within your own consciousness. The result of this limitation is that the higher aspects of this will not so easily be made available. But if the technique can be utilized sufficiently, and you may utilize it for self-hypnosis, for tuning into your own higher states of consciousness to going into very deep states in which meditation, lucid dreaming, or other aspects of visualization can lead easily to projection, there are obvious ways in which this can be applied and expanded.

Generally, most individuals will provide benefit for themselves by the entire process. Yet we note that there are those who seem to have a handle on the energies associated with the guides who will help this along the most. And this would seem more associated with the Eriksonian school and the ways in which the deeper understanding that they eventually may be able to transmit to the world will be utilized more thoroughly by interaction between guides, helpers, and others.

We mentioned the English language, and one question is specifically as to why that language of all those that are possible on your planet? After all, there are those that are far more logically constructed, various languages that have important useful characteristics, those that are far more poetic, romantic, and other languages that are certainly more beautiful. Yet the English language has several positive qualities associated with it, most importantly that of association that it generally gives within the brain of new concepts and ideas, new capacities to break through contexts. Secondly it is well accepted that the English language continuously grows. Some other languages do not, and the ability of English to incorporate words from other languages, new concepts and ideas, and to form them into commonly used expressions is an important facet of growth so important to symbolize from the higher guides, helpers, etc., into present consciousness.

There are many limitations of the language, of course. Excessive use of certain words such as "is" and "not" become extremely difficult to overcome, and are important issues to be examined. But at least they can be spelled out. People can work with this very simply, as those words themselves can be examined and utilized.

Lastly, English has important keynote behind it of the aspect by which many people on your planet in group consciousness have used it as their initial form of contact, both physically and nonphysically. When they do not have sufficient telepathic capacity when projected out of the body, it is a commonly used language that many people can communicate it. It has been so widely used in past lives, etc., this inertia tends to keep it forward. This isn't to say that it is the language most widely spoken in your solar system and by other beings close to your solar system. This language is closer to the Jmojian language and that which was spoken widely on the planet that became what is now your asteroid belt, and this language is similar in qualities to French and has some important characteristics of the beauty and benefit of this language. Yet most beings who are associated with the higher levels of consciousness, who do work in other areas, communicate telepathically without language, without need for it. It is primarily utilized as an art form. And so in this way the Jmojian language is not necessary to learn to speak in order to communicate with these higher evolved beings. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes, thanks. Are we at the end of a 26,000 year astrological cycle, or are we in the middle of it at 13,000 years? What is the significance of this point in the cycle?

Hilarion: It is an interesting debate and utilized in many ways. Over such long periods, it is very difficult as a human being to understand and work with these energies. But it is very easy to see, by utilizing the understanding of the great fall of Atlantis, the great shifts that led to the beginning of the Egyptian civilization 13,000 years ago, and other energies that proceed forward, to define and work with these energies, as if then this 26,000 year cycle has its beginnings, its midpoints, its ends. You are in the midpoint of this cycle, and what it means is, you ain't seen nothing yet. As the energies awaken, as they grow and further strengthen, you will often be hard pressed to know how to use them, how to work with them. One of the questions asked then is "How does one cope with the energies as they increase?" You must find a way.

You must give the body sufficient raw fats and avoid those that have been overheated, or the nervous system has nothing concrete to work with. You must find the ways to bring love consciously, regularly, into your life, in new contexts, every way possible. If it was hard for you to love dogs or squirrels, then your assignment for next week, as you can imagine: dogs and squirrels. So also then if you can love the child, and love the child in yourself. Will you find a way to love that part of your being that knows what it is like to be a squirrel or a dog? Every way in which you find the aspect within your consciousness to love and to go beyond contexts that held back love will help you tremendously in working with this energy.

The energy itself does not only come, however, from planetary change, from the shift around the galactic center, from the energies that are raising all around you as you move into higher levels of ascension and awareness. The energies also come from your guides and helpers. Sometimes they send you energy carefully, as if to say "We don't want to overload you." Why would they do this? Because you asked them to. Before you got into this world, in the intermissive period, you said to your guides and helpers, your guidance group, those that you chose to assist you: "When life gives me the opportunity to receive a little more energy, pump it up please. I want to remember. I want to know. I want to experience. So many times have I missed the opportunity to do this, so in this way perhaps you can remind me."

When the beings of such nature do increase the energy, it may not be easy for you to absorb and work with because you are unwilling at times to allow that energy into its best place. There is always the question as to how to make a decision. How to know the best place to put energy, for instance, would be one way of answering that question. So, kinesthetically visualize--what it feels like, in other words. As you look in the mirror, you see a Second Image of yourself. You sense that image, perhaps by touching or stroking or looking deep into the eyes of that being. Then you step away from the mirror in your visualization, and let that image in the mirror change--older, younger, fatter, thinner, until it stabilizes, perhaps wearing unusual clothes, or clothes from another life, or nude. But whatever that way in which you see the being when it stabilizes, send it out of the mirror so it can try things on in the world, different ways of raising energy, different ways of working with it, yoga, different foods, different relationships, going to different places. If you notice in your physical body as you are engaging this visualization of the Second Image doing things, if you notice in your physical body a sense of upliftment, warmth, expansion, that would be the answer Yes. Contraction, heaviness, coldness--this would be the answer No, even if felt slightly in either direction. This is a way of utilizing the kinesthetic connection with your higher self in order to receive answers that can make things a lot easier for you in working with the energies, but also in other things of a more practical nature, such as which job to take, or how to respond in a relationship, etc.

Further questions?

Jill: How to stay true to one's own vision in this world.

Hilarion: How to stay true to one's own vision in the world is a very difficult matter, of course, when one of the issues that you came to learn here is perseverance. So you will throw in front of yourself every opportunity for obstacle until of course you realize that those beings that you thought were your enemies are your teachers, your helpers. Not your quote"teachers" but your capital-T Teachers. They are the ones who are there for you truly because you welcome them. A very difficult matter to understand until you shift your own belief pattern about what you think you should know, what you should be learning and how you should be responding in the world.

Ultimately, the way this unfolds is that there is usually a resonance, some deep aspect in yourself in which your personality is now engaged in that resistance. You truly at some level believe what those beings allowing the resistance, welcoming its struggle in you, what they have told you: "Oh, you shouldn't ever sing. You can't even hold a tune" said to you at six years old has tremendous impact for the rest of your life if you believe it. Yet this is said commonly to some of the greatest operatic tenors, the great divas and beauties of your planet, told at some point in their lives these lies, and they simply didn't believe them.

[Person in audience coughs]

Yet the other factor that must be an important part of this is the energy that strangles you, that draws the energy from your throat when you cough like that, that takes the energy out of your consciousness because it is trying to survive. You see, you have more beings than ever on your planet who are dying without a deeper understanding of God, a deeper aspect of consciousness or awareness. It is one reason why so many are attracted to fundamentalist religions. These are often beings who in a very recent lifetime died in a state of ignorance. They didn't even know they were dead. So when they get reincarnated, when they choose the physicality, they will gravitate towards ways in which the simplest form of lessons to understand that there is a higher reality around them is manifest.

The most widespread form of fundamentalist religion on your planet is not Christianity, or any of its derivations, but the Muslim or Islamic religions. These have powerful useful messages, but have also been utilized by those in power to enforce various dogmatic ideas. People resonate to this because there is something they need to know deep in their heart, that there is a larger reality, that God exists, that there is this beautiful energy. Yet when one goes beyond this, one need not be held any longer in the trappings of old ways of thinking and seeing.

Yet when an individual has passed from this world without this deeper understanding of a higher reality, they tend to be stuck here. They don't know they're dead, and they tend to draw energy from others. They couple with those in which there is a similar personality resonance. They draw energy from that being, and thus when there is a weakness in your body, they will take it from you, right now from your throat, but perhaps from other places as necessary. They do this for their own survival, of course.

Now the most powerful, broad-sweeping, helpful and consistent method to release the hold of nonphysicals of this nature--beings called intruders--is just to raise your energy. Do it regularly, by whatever methods you find most effective. We would strongly recommend the methods described in the book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, but any method, such as the Vibrational State exercise, which we have described frequently in the past, or other exercises, are wonderful.

Yet over and over, those things that will influence who you are by the coupling with these nonphysicals will be an important factor. Thus, when there is a seemingly different personality that begins to exert itself, in some cases it is welcomed through the resonance, but it is not your personality at all, but that of this other being that simply doesn't know that he or she is dead, living instead through your body, through your energy, through who you are.

Raising your vibration naturally raises the vibration of everyone around you, and shifts that resonance. Yes, it is possible to do a de-intrusion, to cause that being to release his or her hold. But if the resonance is still there, another one will step in shortly, for so many of these beings, more than ever, are dying on your planet without the understanding of the higher consciousness associated with what the higher reality truly is. And this is where the knowledge, the learning, the acceptance of the higher vibration is so useful. Does this answer that question?

Jill: Okay, thank you. Please comment on how vaccinations have affected us. What's the best way to clear the early traumas from the womb, the birth, and the vaccinations?

Hilarion: These are the wonderful questions, and have been beautifully addressed by many. Vaccinations themselves, because of moving through the usual systems of defense--the skin, the muscles and other things, to be injected directly into the body--go way beyond the physical level and shift things at the very level of the blood themselves. Vaccinations would seem to be so important in your world for ridding the world of disease, yet all that you have to do is ask the simple question that would be applied to every other aspect of medical science: the double blind peer-reviewed study. This has been done on supplements to a limited extent, but more and more, and certainly done extensively on various drug substances, therapeutic technologies and modalities, etc. etc. Yet it does not exist for most vaccinations, for most vaccine programs widely applied have never been peer-reviewed, never been truly understood as to how they work.

And so most of the benefits are those that were already happening in your society. The shift away from the disease of polio was already on the way because of the increase of chlorination in swimming pools. The increase of many diseases on your planet is to some extent slowed by the use of vaccination, and the increase of the disease is manifested by the ingesting of foods that are primarily devoid of the important attributes in life: Enzymes, and raw fats, and this is an ongoing difficulty. But most individuals with appropriate diet can correct difficulties associated with vaccines. Sufficient enzymes and raw fats will gradually clear them from the body. Some additional help can be given by taking the same vaccine at a high homeopathic potency, such as a 1M potency, for a week or two, once or twice a day as a way of attuning the body to this. Yet many individuals will struggle with these methods because there is something inside that still fears the disease. There is a lesson for you in this--perhaps in a past life you struggled with the disease or knew someone of this nature, some friend of yours who had Polio or died from whooping cough, or whatever.

Trauma itself is a very important issue to understand and work with, but it is never held in a vacuum. There are many ways to move through it, therapeutic methods, various ways of understanding it, etc. But at some point, having moved through them, having cried the tears, having felt the fear, having shared the anger, having truly deeply known the shame, having experienced the joy of the shift of it, there must also be a place where you take responsibility, where you recognize at the core of it that it was an important lesson for you, that you chose it that way, that indeed it is that way, so if you choose it not that way, you are going to have a lot of conflict. And if you let go of the conflict, you will find that deeper inside the choice itself can be truly loved.

This is the most profound way of healing trauma. It can be utilized directly, but only if you as the perfect, shall we say, meter or guide or gauge of this energy are on top of the situation. You must not pretend to yourself that because you have said that you accepted that you created the trauma that you truly did within your being. If you can accept it at its deepmost level as the true nature of what you welcomed in this world, you can really feel the joy about it. You can then truly engage the healing process. This does not mean that it goes away, but it does shift your relationship to it so that you can actually learn from the experience. If you don't, you will tend to fall naturally then into this paradigm of victim-perpetrator. And you do this lifetime after lifetime, one being the victim, one being the perpetrator, and switching the roles over and over with various others who might inflict trauma in different ways. Ultimately, that is no solution, of course. And so your forgiveness will inevitably expand in your life. You can never say that as you have healed a trauma, it's finished, it's complete, it's done. There will be another part of it that will come to you, and another, and another, because it will be the doorway to expanding your forgiveness and your love for all of those that you held in the position of perpetrator in your past lives and your future lives. Welcoming it on such a level is that which provides the deepest healing.

Now we know this is so hard at times when you are stuck in the reality that says, "I am the victim" or "I am the perpetrator." And of course you cannot have one without the other. So breaking through your belief patterns with this will help greatly, as well as running the emotions to the point that you do, for instance, get a little tired of them. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, thank you, Hilarion. May we ask Athena to come in and talk a little more about integrating and aligning our personality and our essence? And anything else she wants to tell us.

Athena: To each, there is a light inside. In the welcoming and the seeing through the eyes of your guides, the light has been made brighter. So I would ask you now to let that light infuse itself in your heart, to be a strong and clear energy, and to see it projecting down your arms and out into the room, and to be felt on all places of your being.

You are a physical being, so the visualization with a physical side to it will help you remember over and over. As you breathe, as you connect the breath, as you feel the depth of the breath, you will be reminded that you are physical, that you are breathing, but you are also inhaling prana, drawing in energy, receiving light, feeling the truth.

A beautiful thing is shortly to happen on your planet, many to recognize this Christian holiday of Christmas, the benefit of the Christ light, the awakening of the birth experience, of Mother Mary and her willingness to share and to bring this new light into the world. At the same time, as a light is symbolically stopped as the Moon moves in front of the Sun and the eclipse happens, in your heart you will be reminded to ask, "Where is the light? Where is the Christ energy?" It is in your heart. It is in your truth that you become a love that can pour out to others, reminds you the essence of this light simply is. Its job is not to do. Its job is to be. Its energy is not to change, but to welcome change if change is there to occur.

So where in your heart can you welcome a Christ light? Where in your heart can you welcome an essence that says "I love. I am love. I feel that love." Let it break though. Let it be felt. You will find that underneath it will be all of those aspects of the symbols that have stopped you before, that have kept you away because you felt fear, because you thought someone would misunderstand, because all of the becauses can now drop away as that light simply moves out on its own, as it is known in your heart as an energy that says, "I love because it feels so good to love."

The contexts that have kept you from the loving remain with you, but they remain as your friends, your guides, those to joke with you and say where you have been. So let sounds that can break those free be with you on Christmas. There are those sounds of the chants, of Christmas carols and the Christmas songs, but there are other chants too. Let yourself have them in your voice. One old one is: [makes high-pitched, piercing sound] which many of your old healer friends in Atlantis would share with you when you let them. There is also [a bit of song] to help you break free of those contexts that said your world was based only on physical. But we also ask you to create one of your own. Around the time of the eclipse, imagine lights in you breaking free from your Third Eye, from your heart, from your root chakra, from your feet. And those energies may have sounds for you, or gestures, or movement. Welcome them. See them in their light of truth.

The answer to this question about your essence is not one, you see, that comes from a doingness, but from the rituals, the experience, the playfulness that can invite the beingness.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. We thank you, Athena, for your willingness to assist with the vehicle and in the opening of the feet chakras to open these energies to Earth. For now in this powerful time of seasonal shift, the Earth energy assists you greatly with knowing your essence, with feeling your strength. It is an energy also that is helpful to share now with your animal self, with the animals on your planet who fear the dark, who do not understand the cold, who suffer or struggle. Feel the animal part of your own being now coming forth. Choose an animal that you would wish to send a loving light to. And we ask you then by your breath, by your heart, by your love, see that animal nurtured, cared for, awakened, and free, and safe. And in this way you will also be assisting your own nature in this process.

Jill: It's a good time to close.

Hilarion: Then we would remind you of the one more which is the child self of you, to be welcomed now, to be known within your heart, to be felt. For it is in the way of the children that these rituals of Christmas and presents and giving is to remind you of the child self in you. Not the child self, though, as perhaps you have known, but as the child symbolized by the baby Jesus. To give yourself that gift of nurturing, loving, caring for the tiniest baby part of yourself is a beautiful loving energy that will be multiplied greatly this Christmas time.

To close, we remind you of the emerald light, of its connection. Assist the child self to be melted lovingly into your own heart. And as you draw in that being, see Earth's loving caresses, touching you, moving up through your feet, into your heart as well. And this emerald light expanding now, the cylinder at 100 ft. now becomes 200, 500, several miles, encompassing the Earth, a powerful beautiful emerald light. Then letting all of that go, simply attune to Earth energy. Let her loving energy bubble up through your body an Earth OM. We ask you to share it out loud. Good-bye.


More about fats and oils and our deep need for them in our healing: Aajonus Vonderplanitz' revolutionary book, We Want To Live .

More about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

The Humanure Handbook, Joseph Jenkins, 1999, ISBN 0-9644258-9-0, is available from Chelsea Green Publishing, P.O. Box 428, White River Junction, VT 05001, USA, or call 800-639-4099 or 802-295-6300.

For more information about Byron Katie, visit her web pages at The Work .

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