Hilarion Summer Solstice Channeling 2001

Jill: Welcome. Today is June 21st, 2001, summer solstice, the longest day of the year. We are gathered in Nevada City to hear a channeling of Hilarion through Jon Fox. For further information on channelings, books, and tapes, contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, or visit us on the Internet at hilarion.com. The questions that are being asked tonight come from those in attendance as well as those emailed us on the Internet at hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Yes, greetings. Greetings to all of you. Yes, this is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions and various matters of interest, we would ask you to take this moment to absorb and receive beautiful, loving, nurturing Earth energies. These become particularly strong as this important significant shift of the Earth and Sun relationship as the solar eclipse energy continues, as galactic eclipse continues, and as this symbol of entering into Cancer--the whole idea of inner nurturing, receiving the Earth energy, opening to higher cosmic energy and somehow making it that which you feel, that which you know is in your being.

We ask you to remember the idea of a beautiful emerald light, to actually have a sense of it as it touches you. Imagine this as a cylinder of light. Perhaps it is about 30 meters in diameter (that is about 100 feet in diameter), extending from infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth. As you breathe this emerald light, see its connecting protecting capability.

There are times over the next week or so that any inner work--meditation, visualization, guided imagery--is assisted to some extent by the awareness of the ability to absorb some of the effects of Mercury retrograde. This symbolically represents various changes in communication. These can be perceived as enhancements if you understand that the inner communication is strengthened, or as detriments or difficulties if you perceive that that which you are seeking from the outside is blocked, is interrupted, or is in some way changed beyond its original intent. Recognizing this, therefore, we suggest that you imagine a black opaque disk. The disk is about 5 meters in diameter (that is about 15 feet in diameter), and it is pretty near the Sun's location, so right now in this place it would be slightly below the horizon to the southwest, in this direction. Yet wherever you are, the visualization of this energy to be an absorbing capability, the black disk perhaps a few hundred meters away, to absorb Mercury retrograde effects is quite helpful and will enhance communication of these external principles--that is, guides, helpers, soul energy, center of universe energy, your highest self energy--allowing this more easily to reach you, to be received, to be felt in your heart.

In the Northern hemisphere now as this solar energy becomes very strong, as the summer is underway, as this receiving of the fire energy, the inner playful energy, all the symbols that are so powerful in your civilization for summer, there is another energy added to this. Guides, helpers, and higher vibrational forces of all kinds have many opportunities to align their energies in synchronization with the energies of a season, the energies of a particular fad or interest in music or way of dress, whatever it takes to give an additional idea. And so here is this idea of joy, of having fun in the summer, of having fun in yourself, of welcoming the energies from higher vibrational levels. These are always with you.

And so now for a moment, realize that this powerful energy is that which is shared. Those animals born in the spring, now coming into the equivalent of adolescence in their lives, some just as youth, some as young adults, but as they grow now, they are also knowing this joy, this fun of being, of playing. Food is plentiful, and they are then able to receive and know this energy in their leisure. This is also happening to you--the animal brain, the animal body of your being, better awakening to instinct, having greater energy and health, but more importantly the opportunity to play, to enjoy.

Remembering this can be quite helpful when you are involved in healing. It is so easy to become quite serious, to look deeply into energies of somebody else. Sometimes this is a simple resonance--you then have a similar difficulty, so of course the same sort of energy difficulty or deficit happens with you. But remembering this joy, sensing it within yourself, can sometimes turn the tide, can shift the energies so that you can understand what is happening between you and someone else.

In addition, however, is another matter: The way in which there is this great seriousness of guides and helpers. They do know the joy. They will do everything they can to communicate with you through joy, but as they look into the world, as they perceive with clearer and clearer levels of energy--what you would call the paraphysical eyes--it is a difficult situation. How can this be properly communicated to you so that you can both retain the joy, so that you may go on in life, so that you may enjoy that which is a part of your life, yet recognize the seriousness of the many situations that confront you? Understanding this from the inside out, from the nature of your being as joy, the nature of your being as relating to the fire element, the willingness to transform, that the essential core of your being is incarnated on this planet to understand, to feel, to experience, can help you sometimes in not just resisting these other energies, these forces of seriousness, or understanding the difficulty, but also to discover that even those forces also somewhere deep within them have their roots in joy, in love. Because many of those difficulties have manifested specifically so that the individuals involved could return to an experience of joy, could know it again in their being, could receive it somehow more deeply.

This brings us to an interesting revelation that is as consequence to many of the energies we've been speaking about for a long time, this specifically relating to the kinesthetic experience-that when you feel it, when you sense it as in the system of touch within your body, as weight within your ability to hold something, as something relating to your muscles or your sense of cool, warmth, tickling, tingling, rubbing (there are many variations of the sense of touch), it is as if there is an opportunity to receive that does not go through the old patterns, the patterns of the mind, of the energies of your assumptions or your preconceived notions, or the way in which you have blocked various energies. Instead it is as if that feeling sense is welcomed.

This is a unique opportunity on Earth. It will not always be this way. Right now you have recognized the old adage about believing only half of what you see and none of what you hear, and there is a certain relevance to that, of course, since after all these things can be illusion. You can be fooled by this, and you would therefore in your current reality believe that that which you feel would not be illusion. Yet you are usually feeling the effects of matter and energy. As you hold an object, what you perceive is resistance to your touch--that aspect of matter--and energy as you know it as heat, warmth, electricity, or the subtler energies as would be felt from bodies, from flowers, from your own sense of your own body, and so on. These are, after all, seemingly to you more real, but of course since matter is mostly empty space, energy then populating this empty space to give it some qualities, you then recognize this as real rather than illusion.

The deeper level to this therefore is, of course, that it is all illusion, as the masters, as the saints, as the beings of the past have pointed out to you over and over. Yet the sense of the reality, what it means, what it is to you, what your relationship is, is clearly much more real, workable, understandable, communicable, and helpful as part of your evolution when it is that which you feel, when it is that which you sense by these other means. It is not that it is more real by these means. Recognize it is only that those assumptions, those aspects that would push this into the realm of doubt, the part by which your mind may not always understand or may even be fooled by various aspects, this has not been sufficiently developed with the feeling sense yet. So this opportunity remains, as it will for many decades, for your opportunity to bring the kinesthetic sense more clearly into your own being for many, many wonderful helpful purposes. These purposes will only be short-circuited at some point in the future when direct stimulation of the nerves that lead from the aspects of the sensory phenomena--touch, sense of taste, smell, etc., directly into the brain-when these nerves are stimulated by various means, and the technology for this has not yet become widespread on your planet. In the meantime, therefore, the opportunity to use the feeling sense over and over will increase with time as guides, helpers, and other beings, having some physical experience and understanding about this when they were in bodies are then able to communicate with you about it more clearly from the higher dimensions.

The way in which this is so helpful to you will be over and over for you to develop a sense of your energy body, the part of you that coexists, the part of you that can't necessarily be seen or touched, but that which you feel by the energy it generates. Knowing and working with this in any form will be helpful because it takes you out of some of these mass assumptions, mass illusions, in the realm of consciousness that are affecting all of you. An example of this is time. Time as you perceive it is that which seems to be linear. But time as you perceive it internally, not externally, is not at all linear. You notice how things flow so differently when you are enjoying them versus when you are disliking them.

The reality of this comes through the feeling sense, through the kinesthetic sense, through the aspects of the animal brain, through various aspects of your nervous system and other parts of your being. So remembering that it is your collective consciousness that is motivating the clocks rather than the other way around can sometimes help you in understanding and working with these underlying assumptions. This is a difficult matter because for many people time seems to be very difficult, pressing in on you, forcing you to do this or do that. Time has important symbols, important ways to work with you, but in the way in which humanity shares it as a collective consciousness, as it does money, as it does other important aspects of your world such as scarcity, you recognize the difficulty that this eventually gives.

By feeling the energy in your body as tingling, as touching, as imagination of water dripping on it or a gentle tapping, any way in which you use this to wake up your energy bodies can be very helpful at strengthening your ability to transcend time. The specifics about this are simply through the projection of consciousness, in meditation or when you are asleep, that the energy body as you have stimulated it and strengthened it will aid you greatly in learning a great deal in a very short amount of clock time-many years could seem to pass while you are projected. In this way it becomes plastic to you. You are able to work with it, mold it, and understand it. And hopefully contribute when you come back into the consensus reality. That is to say, when your meditation is over or when you wake up from your projection, when you may write it down, when you may share the energy with others, this ability to shift time is then shared one little notch further, so that it need not be that which is the dominating force on your planet.

Many questions tonight relate to the future, what is going to happen here or there, what is the pattern as it unfolds, how do these things work, the implication being that always of this inevitable grinding forward of time. Yet in the way in which you recognize that in a short time much can be accomplished, you begin to loosen the bonds of slavery that you create for yourselves around time as an issue. Gradually what this can evolve into is the way in which time becomes your ally rather than your oppressor, a way in which this can be a beautiful uplifting healing energy.

There are many aspects of this that are helpful to you but they must be welcomed now in a different context. A question has been posed about enlightenment: "Is this even relevant? What is enlightenment?" It is clearly, as a definition, a moving target, because that which would have seemed enlightening to somebody a thousand years ago would in this reality indeed be quite normal. Thus the enlightenment of being able to learn things from many places simultaneously is average everyday sort of action for you, when you watch CNN news and you suddenly learn of one thing happening in one part of the world and then a few seconds later, a new energy, completely different, from another part of the world-in fact, sometimes the opposite side of the world, and even aspects of learning from far away, the aspects of science, and astronomy, and so on. That which is enlightening, then, is that which pushes your consciousness to its uppermost limit, that which it can possibly come to absorb, to understand, to awaken to, that to which it might perhaps develop some sense of goal, a place to go, a direction along the path.

Welcoming such an energy can be quite helpful, yet it means that when you truly grasp it, enlightenment is not a goal achieved. Enlightenment is a process entered into and received. Perhaps that reception occurs regularly, perhaps it is a state of enlightenment over and over. In the word itself is the ability to receive light, to know it more fully, and this of course is helpful. But this does not mean by any means that enlightenment is obsolete. Indeed as a process, as an awakening, as an energy key, you have had it in your past lives for millennia. You understand the concept, whatever frame of mind (religious, social, spiritual) you come to, and it has significance.

Many individuals have specifically experienced enlightenment in particular areas of their lives. These can be aspects that lead to completion, a deeper understanding. Many times this will be seen as symbolized in the fingertip patterns in the hand, where a bulls-eye pattern is complete. They have learned a particular lesson. Yet in most cases you will see that the individual in this life does not truly deeply manifest the full aspect of the retention of knowledge from this. Instead what they struggle with is how to come back to this. This is often a powerful potential just waiting for them, particularly relating to some specific aspect.

We've described the aspects of each finger in past channelings, so we will not dwell on them now. But understand that this is one of the many symbols. Others can be particular unusual patterns on the palm-stars or dots or various ways that would draw your attention there. These are but an illustration of the potential for the opportunity for enlightenment, for deeper manifestation of all of the integrative principles, all of the understanding that you could muster in this life, is available to everyone. It is an energy that is always there ready to be touched, ready to be known. Really the difficulty is the resistance to it. How much of this people will have will depend on many factors, which brings us to a much more mundane aspect.

To have enlightenment, to have deeper awakening, even just the ability to know yourself better, to meditate more deeply, or to receive energy from higher vibrational realities, even those of your guides and helpers, it would be so nice if that had no physical implications, but it always does. At the very least, it will stress the nervous system, and this we see as being quite difficult for most people, not because the nervous system isn't ready to handle it, but rather because science as it has evolved to the current day thinking has reduced the nutrients most available, most helpful to the nervous system. These are fats and oils that have never been heated past 104 degrees F (that is, 40 degrees C), and these must be present for the nervous system to grow, to develop. Many of the studies that have been done on the human brain have indicated that after a certain age, somewhere in your teenage years, the brain stops growing. Indeed if it is given sufficient raw fats and oils, it will continue growing. As cells die, they will be replaced. The brain functioning can indeed enhance itself repeatedly throughout life, yet all of those studied are those individuals who have deprived themselves of these, as indeed most people have since milk was pasteurized and required for these wonderful opportunities for fats and oils through dairy to then be heated to the point by which it is actually destructive to the human body.

As one studies and learns about this, one can go deeper into the symbols of this, and recognize that there are patterns already present on your planet to reduce consciousness, to stop this evolution towards enlightenment, as a direct result of nervous system burnout because a sufficient availability of the fats and oil and have been so reduced by so many means by so many people for so many supposedly good reasons-to protect you, to help you-that indeed it is not being questioned. This must be changed. Yet the only way to question it is to look deep within yourself, to experience the changes yourself, and then, even in fear of that which you have been warned against, to proceed into the world. This is a pattern that you are going to see replicated over and over around issues of money, around caring for others, about true deep gifts, about the ability to receive love and to give it, and many other things on your planet. As if the assumptions that society is making clearer and clearer with each passing day do not have relevance to you, and it is the underneath, the assumption that you are ready to discard, that leads you to that which is a higher truth that you are ready to embrace.

There are those who are playing with the ideas of words, calling that which is a contract or an agreement a gift or a gifting program, and one must be cautious as to what one calls something, and understanding what it really is. But of course this has happened over and over on your planet, and it is essentially defined as propaganda. Understanding that this ability to misname can be inherent in the nature of things on your planet-that you insist on naming everything, that you work with naming repeatedly-so also can you use that quality once you come to the true name of something. Is it love, or is it that you want something from someone? Asking such a question over and over with regards to your own ability to love will help you then perceive and recognize other people's ability to love.

Yet at the same time, more people are asking the question, sometimes at great personal cost, since if they wake up, if their nervous system is then tremendously enhanced, some people may suffer insomnia, nervous system disorders, various physical difficulties as a result, and so on. Yet they will persist because they have prepared for it in many past lives, studying, learning, and in the intermissive period (that is the time just before this life) getting ready for this life, seeing the tremendous opportunities here, they are going to take it no matter what the cost to their own physical body.

For this reason, therefore, you will see more and more people letting go of materialism, letting go of the attraction to this, the need for it, the desire, all coming from the propaganda, the thought, the conscious shared energy that a thing will somehow do "it" for you. You may substitute, of course, into this all of your own particular things, all of your particular "its"-that indeed at the level of advertising a particular toothpaste is going to get you into an excellent relationship. All the way to such mundane matters as this is human consciousness being bent currently. Yet this is very good, because people who can see through this illusion will then be as if gently persuaded to look into their lives for other illusions, illusions that are much more deeply held, much more difficult, and those which relate to their own personality development, their own evolution, their own consciousness... ultimately, their own enlightenment. Yes, from a toothpaste ad to enlightenment, it is possible. But each individual will find their own path along this way.

In the meantime, then, this deeper question as to the nature of a gift, how it can be appropriately shared, is a difficult matter when you are looking outside yourself as if the external answer is somehow going to do it for you, and it will not. Inside, you will know the difference, because the feeling inside, the sensation, the nature of your being, it is truly that which would assist another, and there would be no need for return because it is a deeply unconditional love. The love in itself, the gift in itself, the sharing in itself, gives you the sense that you need, and no more is necessary. Of course, then, your own patterns, society's patterns, various other things may encroach. "Well, shouldn't I get something in return?" But is that the nature of your being to ask this, or is it someone else asking through you? Be it these aspects of society, an intruder perhaps from the nonphysical realms, what your mother taught you-whatever it is. As you go deeper into this, you will see as you contact the core of it, the core is unconditional love. The core is giving. The core is the energy that says, at its basis, "I am. And through the nature of being, through the I am itself, I give."

Now, when you receive a gift, how can you know how it has been given, from what spirit? The answer is actually easy if you are willing to let go enough to truly walk in the other's skin, to truly be in the other one who is giving to you, and from such a place you can come to a conclusion. You can always say, "Well if they have said it is a gift therefore I will assume it is a gift," but we might suggest that it makes a little sense as a loving gift from yourself, as your own nature, to stand fearlessly in that energy and inquire: "Is it truly this, or do you want something from me?" A way to inquire lovingly, helpfully, encouragingly, is difficult, because there is always going to be an energy from the past riding with you. But if you can find the place from which the loving is there, it is possible to ask this.

Now, what does this bode for humanity's evolution? We have spoken often of the coming together of energies in 2012. These are not just future energies. They are energies that are pouring from that point into the past. Many energies from many levels, the transcendence of time itself, yet the difficulty being the stress on the nervous system, and the necessity for people to investigate the benefits of fats in assisting their own bodies in growing nerves, in replenishing nerves, in balancing and assisting the nervous system, as it has direct relevance to enlightenment.

Unfortunately, more polarization seems likely, because as more people are willing to give up, others who are still trapped in material paradigms are quite willing to take what you are giving away, and in so doing they will only trap themselves further for a time. Gradually a deeper understanding about this emerges, but in the meantime all is in flux, all is an opportunity, particularly over the next four years, for many people to come to break down old assumptions, to find a higher truth. What is your personal key in this?

There are many ways in which the learning about this for you personally has value, but in order for it to have value for others, it must be shared. If you have any capacity to write, to sing, to express, be it in poetry or simple expository prose, any way in which you can communicate your understanding about this, the guides and helpers, the energies from other side, etc., are going to build up force upon you in every way possible encouraging you, teasing you, tempting you, to communicate it, to share it, to let that energy go.

Now this is particularly important as a revelation in the time of sun in Cancer because this is the sign that more than anything else unconsciously at a deep level is then up against this great difficulty of the true gift. Can I truly receive? Can I truly give? Indeed, oftentimes for those born with sun in Cancer, this becomes difficult as they find that they are unconsciously or sometimes consciously resenting, that they have given so much, they have nurtured so well, that they have helped others, and they have received nothing in return. Of course, once they realize was that that was why they chose that sun sign to come under, the fuel that would bring them into this deeper knowledge and awareness, they can laugh at it. They can then let go of it over and over and see that that is why they chose this, so that they can go beyond any need internally to ask then for that which would somehow balance this.

Sometimes this leads to another lifetime associated with the sign of Libra, where then that balance must be seen in all things, yet here again, the Libran so often able to go beyond that, to laugh at it, to recognize a higher energy available. This leading at times to the Virgo energies as those relating to some aspect of learning about a Sacred Work-one's own sacredness in the world, an ability then at the penultimate aspect of this giving, to give not just to help, but to give to manifest change, change within oneself, change within the environment, change within life, change within the Earth, to manifest this at the highest level as a great Sacred Work with no intention of return.

See that these sun signs of summer build in intensity and energy, and allow different aspects of looking at this issue and see the significance that all will have about this as these energies of the sun move. You can do this with any astrological sign, of course, but is important to recognize and welcome that these different energies have a building factor and they are available for you to learn from. So it is no accident that these are questions specifically relating to the summer.

Now, there are other questions that have been posed. We are going to pause here briefly to give the vehicle a little water. [Drinks water] Yes, Jill, perhaps you would toss out another question or two.

Jill: The use of mobile or cellular phones is becoming greater day by day. It means, among other things, the more powerful telephone networks and stronger electromagnetic fields. How can we protect ourselves against these harmful effects?

Hilarion: This is an interesting question because in the use of a cellular phone at its most basic level, you are in contact with other people no matter where you are, not constrained by wires-one more step towards global brain. It is possible that the interim transformation here will be worth it, but clearly there is a high price being paid.

We see that with sufficient fats and oils (they are quite protective, you know-just as simple as a few tablespoons of raw unsalted butter eaten every day), the nervous system would likely be sufficiently protected so that damage would not ensue. Unfortunately, for many people all over your planet, to even own such a thing is potential for you to go to jail. That is how far it has gone in some countries on your planet. Yet of course it is not illegal to own a cell phone, and it is a kind of interesting balance to examine here.

Thus gradually one comes out of this must be some new learning about the human nervous system. This is the positive side. In the meantime, though, there is no easy answer to the question. Not using a cell phone, using a wired telephone when you must speak on the phone, is one answer. A higher answer is to develop your telepathic abilities. Unfortunately, the higher and higher vibrational levels of electromagnetic energies on your planet tend to reduce telepathic ability, because as you start to open, you receive so many conversations, so many radio waves, and so many frequencies simultaneously that it is a noise, a loud noise, and it is hard to "hear" over the noise, to use an analogy.

So the first step towards telepathic communication is to feel over the noise, to recognize with the feeling sense, to awaken the energy body. Perhaps if you practice with others it will be a little bit easier, by tuning to a particular part of the body and letting this be your symbol as to a particular part of awakening. For instance, you might receive through the large intestine point at the web of the thumb on the outside of the hand at a given time during the day. Pick the same hand, perhaps the left hand for both you and your partner. You stimulate it with your mind. You do not touch it with your hand, but you feel the energy awakening there. Then, sense and receive the energy of your partner's hand, regardless of where that person is. Then let a message come through. Write it down, or make some way in which you can remember it. It is often easier to project a picture, a feeling, a memory, than it is a sequence of words. These are abstract. This is a longer term solution, of course, but we see that this is the point-that is why people want to be in communication, through the Internet, through cell phones, through radio, television, and on and on. Because they glimpse at the subconscious level, at the subtle level, the natural means of communication.

At the nonphysical level, do the nonphysical beings, particularly the helpers, but any of the nonphysical beings, have para-cell phones? No, of course not. They make direct contact with any other nonphysical by focalizing on the signature of that person. Some aspect about them that you sense in yourself, that you feel is their nature, tunes you into that person. You can then go to be with that person or you can communicate with them over long distances. If the person chooses to block out your energy, the communication will not take place. But if they choose to receive it, then it is an easy matter to be in direct communication, transferring symbols, ideas, feelings, words, visions, memories, whatever you choose. You have been there and you have done that--that is the nature of the intermissive period. That is, between each lifetime you have the opportunity to know this and be this.

Most people on your planet-meaning especially the ones who have the cell phones and work with them constantly-found that such means of communication for them was quite difficult. Many times the realms and the worlds that they were stuck in did not allow these communications clearly and easily. And so to a certain extent they are balancing some of this right now by cell phone communication, when it works, since after all there are many levels of interference and difficulty that are available, and sometimes these are important symbols to reduce communication so individuals can look again at that which they wish to communicate.

But clearly we see that this is a temporary situation, and already laws are being passed to reduce cell phone usage under certain conditions such as driving a car, because indeed accidents are increasing, and no wonder because what is communicated is that which triggers something within you which is then distracting of the road.

The higher level to this, though, is not so easy because the destruction of the nervous system by increased electromagnetic energy is small. It is a subtle thing. And it will be permitted in the hopes that people will recognize the true nature of the nervous system and recognize the tremendous ability for healing fats and oils. In this way they will be able to protect themselves from these electromagnetic radiations. This will take time, however, and we see gradual increase of many difficulties, not just in the nervous system, but all kinds of problems in the physical body as a result of cell phone use. It is in some ways too bad that Finland is throwing away its positive karma in this regard, since much of the production of these devices and the development of technologies are taking place in this country. Its positive beneficial energies as holdovers from World War II and other things are being balanced, and so it is hoped that many of the great enlightening understandings about this, the true use of protection against these energies and so on, will also come out of Finland. It is, you could say, the karmic responsibility of these people to bring this forward, as well as other countries where such development has taken place, such as United States and Japan.

Yes, there are shielding technologies, but we see that these are not effective to the level to which is desirable for most people, and the increasing of energies quite apart from cell phone use is going to increase as well, and this is part of the difficulty. But at the very least, individuals should explore the book We Want to Live and other information about fats and oils to improve their nervous system and thus enhance protection. This simple physical answer, not a spiritual one, is the place to begin.

[Note: More about fats and oils and our deep need for them in our healing is in Aajonus Vonderplanitz' revolutionary book, We Want To Live.]

Later, however, the use of telepathy and higher modes of communication will make this and other forms of communication obsolete. The timing on this will depend on trust, because the most difficult thing in a true telepathic communication is how you see yourself through somebody else's consciousness, because what they will see will no longer be through your filters. Thus you have perhaps developed filters to deny some aspect, some shame, some past emotion, some issue. Yet that is an issue burning in your consciousness, sometimes motivating you unconsciously to do things. When you make an initial contact of deep telepathic nature, that's the first thing that's going to come out, that someone else is going to see. This is often what shuts down telepathic communication, causing a difficulty between people. Thus, the idea of honesty, of clarity, of love, of some sense of contact between people can assist greatly in this development towards greater telepathic communication and the reduction of use of technology in this regard. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Thank you. Yes. There are many questions about the future. With the economy changing, how does Hilarion see the next two years and what should we be aware of for ourselves in adapting to these changes?

Hilarion: There are many ways in which all of the difficulties that began in Asia just two years ago are continuing to multiply. Many of these are as a direct result of the ways in which various countries have been dominated by the First World, those economics constantly influencing. Still the flow of goods and services, the flow of energy, the flow of these things has continued in the same direction. As the economies are depleted, as those in Third World suffer, waves move back eventually into those who caused it initially. These are political changes. They are based on the struggle of those in power seeking to retain power. But at the same time you are seeing the cracks by right now the depletion in energy reserves, oil as its basis, fossil fuels in general, and other aspects of energy, as they have been the mainstay of the economics up till now. This will likely continue until a breaking free takes place.

This is being allowed by higher vibrational beings, though it is clearly a force motivated by lower vibrational beings, those who want to stay in power, want to keep things as they are, and it is being allowed for one simple reason. The questioning of reality, the understanding through physics, has proceeded nicely through the understanding of quantum dynamics and quantum physics, beginning in about the 1920's and proceeding through the 20th century.

The next level to this is to understand the nature of it all, the nature of the vacuum, the nature of nothing, the nature of the energy resources that power the stars, the galaxy, the universe, but also consciousness, your breath, the nature of who you are, and other matters. These are forces of energy tremendous in nature, huge amounts of energy, far more than would ever be needed to utilize on your planet for the production of heat, electricity, communication, transportation, etc. These forces are understood by a select few on your planet. There are many who have been studying and looking into it over millennia, yet only in the last few decades have the great revelations come to those individuals. Some of this has been put into action as various technologies, various devices. Some governments have such devices that they have developed from extra-terrestrial technology, crafts that have crash-landed on your planet and been analyzed by your current science.

But all of the different ways in which these have developed have been repressed, have been kept back from your society by those who wish to maintain their control over civilization as it is. After all, decentralized large-level sources of energy for every person would put a lot of companies out of business and change a lot of things on your planet. But they already exist. And there are many who are playing with them, many others who are learning about them, and the information is being shared.

So far, the way in which this is occurring, by drawing energy and attention into political realms and even economic realms, will keep the inner knowledge and understanding away from the common people, from most people for a time. But there are devices already in development that will be available within a few years to upset this. They will not be widely publicly distributed. There will not be common knowledge about this because those involved know that the distributing of such will hurt them, will stop these things, and so they must unfold gradually, slowly.

The real question then is what can you do about this? To learn about it, to utilize terms like "free energy" or "the energy of the vacuum" or various different ways to examine and look at it and understand about it through the Internet, through your friends, through word of mouth, through everything you can muster will be available to many with the willingness to ask those questions.

This is only a tiny piece of a much larger puzzle with regards to economics. Certainly, then, you recognize that this will draw you into community, into groups, into those who understand the implications of technology for consciousness and everything in between. These groups have potential to make some dramatic shifts on your planet quite apart from energy and money in the possibility of people learning to trust each other, to love each other, to work with each other more. This is the answer to economic struggle in every regard, and we have always answered in such fashion, that communities based on service, communities that allow people their own personal positive growth are an important development on your planet. Group consciousness is the step before world consciousness and such must be manifested beyond the simple nuclear family.

Yet those in power, those in position to manufacture goods, sell services, and especially control energy resources (particularly fossil fuels, but other fuels as well) are doing everything in their power to separate, to maintain the nuclear family so that goods and services are not shared. If you don't trust your neighbor, you are less likely to share your tools. It is a simple way to look at it, but at the larger level such trust, such love, such sharing is of course the basis of a whole new identity by which those who see their own identity as based in positions of power must give it up. They are not willing to do so yet, and this is why these developments along the lines of energy will become more and more important over time. After all, if gasoline costs a lot more, electricity costs a lot more, people are struggling around the politics of this and other energy sources, then it is all that much more likely that those alternatives, those that make use of the "zero-point energy" (another important thing to search for on the Internet) will then come into fruition and be shared. These are important steps towards understanding consciousness, but along the way are an extension of quantum physics as it is already understood.

The resultant aspects of this will affect everything on your planet, just as physics already has. But the timetable for this, though it has its seeds right now, will seem at times to be unfolding too slowly. That is good. If you feel that, if you see that it is unfolding too slowly, do something about it. Look more deeply. Ask these deeper questions, and look at the symbolism of energy shortages. Indeed, the difficulties in California relating to deregulation and so on do have their bases in political change, in various bankruptcies, in various companies, but the specifics must always be seen in the larger sense-that this difficulty with energy, deregulation and other matters is spreading. It will move through all of the states in this country, all over your planet. It will be a continuous and important aspect, and of course as oil reserves run low, it will get worse and worse.

The key is those who are willing to see forward enough to understand it from the larger perspective, to see the symbolism and get now what they can of it, learn of it, know it, understand it, and ask the deeper questions. What does this mean about reality, about empty space, about the illusion of matter and all that it represents? It is not only that most of it is empty space. It is also that most of it then is easily transferred by your being into huge amounts of energy. Understanding this concept is sometimes sort of like standing on your head. It is disconcerting at first and dizzying. But as you begin to accommodate to it, you will then recognize the underlying principle over and over: There is no scarcity. There is abundance in the universe for everyone. That the manifestation of this scarcity through fear, through putting food under lock and key, to making you have to work in order just to be, and all of that, is humanity's own willingness to understand its own gifts, humanity's own willingness to look deep inside and question, to recognize that those aspects based on fear lead inevitably to change and that change can lead you to love if you are willing to let go of the fear. This is philosophical, but it does go right back to the idea that the energy resources in your universe, specifically in your world at your very fingertips right around you, are tremendous, infinite, abundant. These are philosophical concepts that have their basis in the reality of the vacuum, of the nothingness that is underneath everything in your world, and recognizing this more clearly will be the important natural result of this solution.

Now, a timetable on this, some might ask. Prediction really ain't what it used to be. It's pretty hard to put it all into formulae of this nature. But it does seem that within the next three years, greater public acceptance of alternative energy methods of this nature-what you would call free energy-will grow, and development in this line by secret means, underground, that which is shared by experimenters will multiply dramatically so that we see a sort of crossing of lines somewhere in the period of three to five years hence by which this becomes much more received, understood, and welcomed by all on your planet.

However, there will certainly be some major dislocations along the way. It is a bumpy road, and that which can lead to warfare. The war over energy, the understanding of its importance on your planet, oil reserves and so on, coincides with the Mars cycle now underway. Certainly sunspot cycle, increased solar activity cycles, increased agitation, nervousness, anxiety, fear, and they are a factor here too. But we see the increasing influence of Mars as bringing more of this, more of the potential for war, more of the potential for people to fight it out when they are basing this on ignorance, on fear. It seems absurd, given the tremendous amount of energy in the tiniest of spaces, that people would be fighting over oil in the ground. But that is what it is for now, and we see that this is going to be a motivating factor towards some of the experiments, some of the scientists, some of the inventors, and some of the politicians to allow more of this technology to be recognized and used. The very idea that they can stop a war, that they can stop the harm, the bloodshed, the hurt, by bringing a technology to the front is another aspect to be considered. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes.

Hilarion: Before going on, we would simply ask that a little stretch, a little welcoming of energy be received. Your guides and helpers have an opportunity to help you in this stretch. You could imagine that their energy is coming up your body into your arms, and if you would raise them up or move them around, you would understand or feel it as if they are helping you receive this energy. No, guides and helpers do not have to stretch, but it feels good. It's a wonderful energy within your body. [Pause] Yes. Then let us continue. Are there some more questions?

Jill: This question is around the use of chemtrails and the alteration of the weather patterns. The question is from Switzerland, but we could say that our weather patterns are changing all over the world.

Hilarion: It is a difficult matter because of the economics involved. Insurance companies are indeed highly motivated to fund the efforts to deploy barium and aluminum salts in the upper atmosphere to reflect some of the powerful ultraviolet and reduce some of the temperatures on your planet. Overall temperature rise has been noted as a gentle and slowly increasing average, whether it is from global warming, from various pollutants, from reduction of the level of green matter, from increasing Earth temperature inside her core, or receiving of sunlight energy. It is all these factors, but it is much more. It is human consciousness. People want to raise the ante, as the expression goes, "out of the frying pan into the fire," on many levels seeing the opportunity for greater interaction. After all, when you can advertise, when you can increase the stresses, when you can increase the contacts and the stimuli, you are certainly then going to sell more products. This is an important motivation over and over that is raising the heat on humanity in general.

Various ways in which these companies wish to make changes on your planet then sometimes are difficult to understand. If insurance companies then are to deploy these chemicals and, especially, toxic metals into the atmosphere, people breathing them will suffer. However, this is clearly of far less relevance to these companies that are then seeing greater changes, potentials for flood, fire, earthquake, various volcanic difficulties and other matters that will indeed have dramatic implications on their own bottom line.

In the meantime, it is a situation that is likely to be healed pretty soon if sufficient gathering of data can take place. Small airplanes that can go to fairly good heights, that can gather these materials after they have been deployed by simple filtration means, appear to be likely to be the next step. These then to be produced as simple chemical evidence of what is going on on your planet. Once this has taken place, it will be a simple matter to investigate. But in the meantime, only a few government agencies are involved. Only a few insurance companies, only a few people, and it is very hard to find out what is going on.

It does seem that these are upsetting weather patterns, but generally the idea is to increase various means to reduce solar activity as it hits Earth, to reduce the effects of the solar maximum, the solar flares and other solar energies, and ways in which these are clearly harmful, and to be understood as this positive side to it, well, that's something. But in the meantime it is that which is largely a secret activity. It has been documented, and those with video cameras who are willing to spend a few hours everyday pointing them into the sky will recognize the patterns and be able to more clearly bring this out as well.

In the meantime, though, look at the significance of this. It is as if again a balance, a positive and a negative in yourself. But the larger aspect of this is that resistance, utilizing that aspect of these particles in order to resist the solar energy, is ultimately that which is only going to take your energy, hurt you, or in various ways reduce your understanding. Indeed, a much higher vibrational level to understand and work with here is to perceive that it is the resistance itself that is causing the heating effect. In simple physics terms, potential = resistance x flow. This is another saying of Ohm's Law, that voltage = resistance x current. But in this specific instance, the resistance is being dissipated as heat, and that heat comes from human beings, from actions in the Earth, from various ways in which things are, if we may again stretch the metaphor, "heating up" for you on planet Earth.

In order to understand this and work with it, it is not a matter of resistance. it is a matter of acknowledging the flow and asking yourself "What is the true potential here? What is the potential of my being? What is the nature of that which I can allow to flow at the highest most helpful level?" This is a wonderful question to be asking and you will have a different answer to it everyday, but it is the true answer to chemtrails. Because as people get the deeper lessons, they will also begin to understand that they don't have to resist these energies if they can raise their vibrations successfully sufficiently to receive all the stimuli and see where it is taking them, and communicate what they have learned about it, to allow others to receive this and to share the energy.

That is not a great solution. After all, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could say, well, all you really need to do is eat this or that or take this particular supplement or do this little dance to stop it. But indeed it is a manifestation of the resistance on your planet that comes to these means that are ultimately harmful for so many. In the meantime, however, on a practical level, berries are very helpful, be they raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries, blueberries-any of these and other types. The hybridized strawberries not so helpful, but those of wild origin useful. Eating these will help pull out some of these metals and reduce some of their toxicity. They are perhaps the best way to proceed. If you are going to eat fruit, these are the best to eat. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes, thank you. There's a question about the ice caves in Mexico and Idaho that are located in horizontal latitudes from past volcanic eruptions. The ice is fifteen feet thick on the floor of these caves. Although these caves are not very deep under the Earth's surface, the ice remains solid year-round, in spite of hot surface temperatures. What is Hilarion's perspective on what causes this ice, and in a more general sense how can we look to nature for clues about energy sources such as creating similar environments for our homes and businesses by utilizing this type of phenomenon?

Hilarion: It is simple thermodynamics. The presence of conduction through water allows the transfer of heat far more easily than through porous rock. Various rocky structures dissipate and remove ground water, rain water, and the presence of various other waters so that the ice remains isolated. As heat transfer is minimized, it melts much more slowly. Insulation is this answer, and it is simple thermodynamics. These principles have been applied to dwellings: Rocky Mountain Institute, John Hait, other beings on your planet have studied and worked with this, the idea being that if you insulate sufficiently so that rain water does not remove the heat from the Earth, then the heat that is stored there in the summer can heat your building in the winter, and the cool from the winter as it moves into the ground will cool your building in the summer. Such temperature moves at the rate of approximately six months for twenty feet, and from this simple thermodynamic equation you can then come up with then the simple means to move heat in and out of dwellings so as to reduce dependence on external heat sources.

The conductive principles have many important ramifications in other aspects of science as well. But as you understand these simple principles for yourself, you can also see how to retrofit various buildings by using tubes under the earth. When they are sufficiently insulated from rain water, then this movement of the heat and cool through the earth can be slowed. Then as air is moved through such tubes by very small amounts of electricity driving fans, cool air in the summer or warm air in the winter can be transferred into already existing dwellings. It is a relatively easy process once you understand it, and that which can be easily replicated. It is, of course, a small answer to energy crisis, but it is worth investigating.

In terms of the ancient ice, it also has some intrinsically healing value and even tiny amounts of water from this ice would be helpful as an elixir or mixed with other water because some of its capacities, because it has been there so long, are quite wonderful and helpful and healing to the human body. But that, of course, is a different matter. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, thank you. The healing question about Joao de Deux and his work. Is there an extra-terrestrial connection and are any of the more bizarre surgical operations that he performs involving the nose and eye of ET origin?

Hilarion: Now now. You ask us to comment on another channel, a beautiful wondrous phenomenon. This has been extended for a long time in Brazil, in the Philippines, in other countries where the preconceived ideas about how healing is possible are not only those that are seeking to be dismantled but are actually the source of energy of the healing itself. That indeed by taking the energy away from these old patterns, new energies can be produced that are ultimately quite healing, quite helpful. Joao and others must have an energy for you to experience yourself in order to answer this question. You cannot know from another channel about this and know it accurately, but you will know it in your body. You will feel the energy.

More importantly, when you witness these surgeries, can you recognize some belief pattern in you, ready to crumble? Some aspect that you have held as to how things can take place? Now look into your legends and your understanding, as scanty as it is, about extra-terrestrials. How do they flit about from planet to planet? How is it that their starships can suddenly make these dramatic thousands-of-miles-per-hour turns? How can they appear and disappear at will, etc., etc.? It's the same sort off thing, after all, as to what you think is possible, and the assumptions that you have made.

So it is only natural for you to link extra-terrestrial phenomena with other phenomena that you are questioning in terms of assumptions. But recognize here that that is just energy, that is your assumptions at work. It is not the reality of the situation. Because at its core, what these energies are about, of the healing nature, of Joao's work, of other work, of course relates to the nature of all healing, the way all healing manifests at its core of love, of the compassion a being has for life, for other beings, of a willingness to use the energy and break it apart and free it wherever possible. This is what so many report and that which is so obvious. And the larger lesson must be received from this that when you are healing, when you are being healed, when you are working with the healing energy, receive the love. Release the love. Acknowledge the love. Know it in your heart at the depth of your being as powerfully as clearly as deeply as you can. Is there a part of you unwilling to be loved, unwilling to love? A part of you that feels shame or fear, some part of you that is in any way reducing or adding that energy as it moves through reduced? If you can let go of that, you have understood at least a part of this great lesson that these healers teach about breaking apart your assumptions, about letting go parts of you that you have perhaps withheld before. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. Hilarion, you have often commented on our asking the right question. My question to you is, what is your question to us?

Hilarion: "What is the question" is interesting. Another way: "Who is best asked?" Another way: "What do I know of these questions and answers? How might I know that the question and its answer are one? How might I receive and know who I am?" These are interesting to contemplate, and they are questions that can take you deeper and deeper into yourself. Yet there are certain core questions that tend to release a lot of information, a lot of understanding, and ultimately little bits and pieces of who you are, of your enlightenment, and other aspects.

"Where is my extraphysical hometown" is a very interesting question. Very few nonphysical beings are permitted to answer this. They can to some extent answer it by your sort of tickled guided helped along sort of ways, taking you to such a place, reminding you of it. Sometimes people ask, "Well, how can I really be of service" only to find within the next few months such aspects as job, relationship, health as if pulled out from under them. A perfect answer to their question-this is not the job you were meant for. Your physical body symbols are there to teach you much if you will only listen. And that relationship was certainly the one that would take you into deeper depths of materialism or difficulty, etc., etc. In other words, you're getting the answer to your question.

And so the other important question: "How may I better receive the true answers to my question?" Now of course, that means breaking apart assumptions, letting go of every aspect that stands in your way. And so one of the simplest, most beautiful questions, that which has been uncovered by others, particularly Byron Katie: "Is it true?" To ask this about everything, about who you are, about what you say, about your questions and answers, about the nature of what you see around you, can help you greatly in working with these assumptions.

Now, some explanation as to that first question about your extraphysical hometown is in order. This has come up frequently when people ask about their purpose, about what they're here for, about how to next step, how to best proceed, and so on. Remembering for yourself is an important facet of this, and the place you were in, where you spent a lot of time, where you enjoyed the scenery or just relaxed in the place just before this life, that is your extraphysical hometown. That is the place where you were before. That is your previous environment. Finding this for yourself can be very helpful at generating many, many other answers, yet so often do you forget to ask is it of little relevance to you.

These other questions are difficult because when you say "Is it true" you aren't really talking about absolute truth. You are talking about relative leading-edge truths at the very best, and at the worst things that seem to be true that really are not. But at least in asking the question you are changing yourself. And this then leads you to the whole category of questions, questions that can lead you to changing, can lead you to understanding, can lead you to clarification. These are questions that are in line with a greater agenda for all humanity, guides and helpers bringing this into form at your request. In your extraphysical hometown, when you are asked to vote, you aren't voting on presidents in that place, of course. You are voting on clarification versus consolation in this case, and most of you voted for clarification. And so, as you have asked, this is unfolding. That it is not enough any longer just to help, just to entertain, just to make people feel better. It must be that which actually assists your evolution, your clarification, your deeper understanding of yourself, your planet, your reality, and many aspects of course of your relationship with God. Your understanding of God's love, your manifestation of love in your life. So that is a relevant question.

And on a practical level mentioned earlier, a beautiful question we would ask you: "Do you really love, or do you want something?" Looking at that repeatedly will also help you to define more of who you are in this life. But the beautiful thing about the other two questions, about your extraphysical hometown and about "Is it true" is it doesn't have to generate shame. But most of you have loved wanting something so many times that some little twinge of shame may be present. Do not let that cloud your judgement when you ask the question, because you can quickly follow it up with "Is it true," so that you may then dismantle and release any resistance to that shame. Does that answer your question?

Jill: Very nicely, thank you. Here's a question: How can we help children to relate to the Earth in a sacred way, and maybe you or another of the guides can answer this.

Hilarion: We have been waiting for this one. There is a being who has made her presence known before this meeting with her beautiful loving eye. She raises her eyebrow to you and questions you by her look. Let this come deep into your being. [Pause]

Amaneus: I am Amaneus. Amaneus. Reaching to you, to love you, to find you, to be with you. This place gives you the opportunity to feel, to receive Earth's love. This being receives your light. This being receives your care. Earth as a being transcends your capacity to understand, but she is that which you feel. Feel her now. Feel her under your feet. Feel her in the air around you. For the atmosphere is the Earth's subtle body. You walk within her, you know within her. You are her. You are made of Earth stuff. She is a part of who you always are, who you will be, as long as you are in a body, as long as you come to know of Earth stuff.

Reflect on this. Think on it. Then, set it aside, and ask yourself, "What have I done to balance this? With all that Earth has given me, what have I to give to her? What balances this so that I feel good about it?" In a child's heart, this question will have obvious answers. An adult heart will receive this and contemplate it and figure it out and reason about it. That is alright as far as it goes. But feel the child self's answer. A dance, to receive and love Earth's loving clearing connecting energy with the moon, with the sun, with the stars, with the waters in my body. An offering to Earth. A willingness to feel what we share together. A bringing of something to heal and help her. Many answers may come to the child's heart within you. The reasoning mind may shut them down or push them away. But still, if you open to them, there are other answers, deeper ones, child answers.

To ask a child to find an answer is better than to project a doing. To let the child teach you, to honor the child's wisdom is better than to suggest a way. For have the ways that adults have created on your planet been of much help? Certainly there are ways in which some recovery, some benefits are happening with some of the plants, some of the animals. But most of what the child sees when he or she looks through the eyes of the Earth-this is sadness, this is shame, this is energy that is somehow contracting. That is not the answer to the question. It is instead the answer the adults have created, the answer that your society has created. Certainly it is not all adults, all children, always. But all of you are Earth, a part of her being, living with her, using her resources, making them a part of your bodies. So it is from that answer that the child speaks. If such can be somehow brought out and used, more can be known. [Pause]

Yes. Hilarion has asked me to relate a tiny bit of who I am, where I come from, what I have known. Part of my life was lived in acknowledgement of other places, your planet Venus in particular. The way in which your solar system moves through changes, how Mars's energies and resources were depleted by those who lived on her, how the asteroid belt came to be from the destruction of the planet it was before, from the people living there. And all of these things contribute to another energy, one that says to you, "This place is precious. Understand it and do not abuse it. Use it as you must to learn from and to give back to so that you will know Earth's great bounty, Earth's great gifts for you." It is more precious, more special, more delicate than you realize. Yet it has within it a great and powerful surging of energy-the movement of the tides, the energy of the magma within the Earth, the strength of the movement of the continents, the energies of the weather. These over and over tell you of her great magnificence, her power, her energy. Let it also teach you of her love, that in this way Earth communicates with you.

And so I am here to help everyone, especially the children but everyone, to receive and feel, to connect to Earth. Let it be a question that comes to you, and let Earth answer.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here. We thank you for these words and willingness to share of these energies. [Drinks] Yes. Are there further questions?

Jill: Can you comment on what we do to our children when we immunize them?

Hilarion: Well, there are many different problems that come from this. Some have been studied with reference to the specific bacteria and other substances that are injected. There are many difficulties that arise from this of course. Yet we see concurrent to this are high levels of mercury that are injected into the human being. Mercury is a difficult toxic substance for the body to get rid of under the best of circumstances, and when it is injected it goes directly to weak organs. These organs will be different at different stages of life, and as they are affected dramatically, many differences in immune response, physical health, various aspects of the respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system, and so on, are definitely damaged and affected.

Pulling mercury out of the body is one important solution, and it is difficult to do because with injection, these substances go much deeper than they would simply by breathing the mercury emitted my mercury fillings or mercury as taken in even through the digestive system through fish or various toxic substances. And so certainly it is best if possible to avoid these. There are many studies of these matters, and there are those who would relate to it as fear: "I am afraid that if I do not give my child the dead bacteria mixed with mercury that then they are going to have the cleansing reactions that are called--" and then you have all the different names of the diseases: diptheria, typhus, whooping cough, smallpox, polio, etc. With each disease, if you name it, quite apart from the experience that you are giving the child, you will then recognize the fear. Fear of loss, fear of death, fear of destruction, fear that relates to all of primordial fears back into humanity's past histories, fear of the plague, fear of contamination, fear of other humans, fear of death.

Certainly to face death and to understand it, to welcome it if necessary will be necessary as part of any evolutionary, any awakening, any enlightening, any clarifying principle. This also can be true for the parents who choose not to vaccinate. This could be seen as an opportunity. Although most would only then cling to the fear. And so it is a difficult matter that faces everyone about these matters.

Homeopathy has stepped in at times to alleviate these fears by giving some semblance at a higher vibrational level of the disease so that hopefully the child will not then have to get that disease. But you must ask the right question here. "What is the purpose of disease?" Disease as bacteria, virus, parasite, etc., manifests in nature to clean up, to clean up the environment, to break down various toxic materials, to rebuild. And so it is also in the human body. You see this in the forest, so why not apply it to the human being?

As such, then, you will understand that vaccines are not necessary if the body is sufficiently healthy from receiving sufficient nurturing nourishing food that the clearing out process engendered by even these seemingly deadly and difficult bacteria, viruses, and parasites will not be necessary. That is, you don't need to get polio because the muscles in your legs do not need to be cleaned out of the toxic substances that have been put into them by what you have eaten, by what you have inherited, by what you have received from the environment, or even by what has been injected into your body.

So it is a difficult matter to turn the tide in the middle of all in your society when there is so much fear, but ultimately it is the fear which will lead you to the shift. See that as the primary most important factor involved with vaccines, and you will then perceive the larger truth. Because, after all, in working with any substance that is added to the physical body, there are questions your society has already posed: "What double blind peer-reviewed studies have been done of this particular nutrient, this particular substance, and most importantly (already in the world) this particular drug?" Those questions are being asked and answered. Your FDA, your various government agencies in every country seek to answer this question methodically, academically, scientifically. But they have not answered that question, and it must be posed to the question of vaccines. Why are vaccines exempt from this? As you understand the laws that have been lobbied and passed by the pharmaceutical companies and others, you will understand how to dismantle this, and how to bring peer-reviewed double blind studies back into vaccine research, which will ultimately answer the question, at least on a practical level, without dealing with the fear issue or the mercury issue. It will be a good start. Does this help?

Jill: Yes, thank you. We're getting to the end of the channeling. I have one question and then you can close.

Hilarion: Proceed.

Jill: Could Hilarion comment on the love that is underneath our pain? For if we did not know love, would we know pain?

Hilarion: If the basis of the universe could be chosen by you, how would you choose it? As love? As pain? As the nature of how it moves from one season to the other right now, an answer has already been proposed you-to choose it as joy, as the dance of summer, as the enjoyment of your physical body, of the Earth's bounty and all the aspects of love of the very nature of being itself. But you do get to choose it. This is how your consciousness operates. It is not only underneath pain. Love, as we would perceive, is underneath all of it, the glue that holds it all together. And it isn't just because that's the nature of the universe. It's because it's the nature of who you are. If you let go while you ask, if you let go of the ideas, the assumptions, the things that have stood in the way; as you ask,

"Who are you, truly? What is the truth of your being?" Who are you as you let go and let go of the thoughts of what you do, of who you've been to others, of what you say, what you look like, you go back deeper and deeper. And you will contact and know this answer. And it is a loving radiant answer. It is a feeling answer. It is an answer that speaks to you, that speaks through you. But it is not an answer that you can easily hear in the world, because when you look in the world what will you see? In every case where that has been forgotten is the experience of suffering or struggle in order to return to that answer, in order to know it one way or another. Through the resistance will eventually come the awareness of the potential.

And so then as you see the suffering, as you see the pain, what can you do to help? This is the age-old question that has enable enlightenment and understanding when you choose love, and you choose it deeply within your being because it is alignment with the heavenly energy, with the energy of the nature of empty space, with the energy of the cosmos, with the energy of God, call it what you will. Right now in this time of eclipse, energy still holding over, energy of solstice, energy of shift, the sun and the moon align with the galactic center. That is another answer too. The center of your galaxy loving you, assisting you, helping you. That, a place of tremendous light, angelic presence, higher vibrational energy. That is an energy of love too. And so when you look for those who manifest this energy, this beingness, receive and know their love.

It is when you choose this not because it is better than suffering but because it is the nature of your being, that you may then welcome that energy in every facet of your life. It is hard sometimes to reach out, to love someone else, when there are so many things in your world that will tell you "Don't do that. Be careful with such an energy." And even this business of "Don't take to strangers, and for goodness sake never love a stranger." But as that energy moves through you, you will see that it is powerful, and it has its place. That is perhaps the best way to answer this in acknowledging and receiving the love at the foundation, at the basis of your universe.

Then if this is sufficient, we would close for today. The reminder of this love within your being now to be brought out. We would ask you simply to think of a person that you would care for deeply, and pour your love into your imagined presence of that person-not just how you see them, but how it feels when they reach out to touch you, how it feels in your body to embrace that person, how it feels in your heart to love that person. And as you feel that energy strengthen it, clear it, make it even stronger, feel it tingling, feel it acknowledging, feel it awakening, feel it moving. Then by your will, let go of the imagination of that person, and in their place, put someone you have had a little difficulty with lately and pour the same love into that person. By your choice, you can will wherever you want that love to go.

Then as you feel that and sense it, you might even give it a little sound like an internal "Ahhhhhh." And then transfer that love by your will, by your consciousness. Imagine another, perhaps a being you've had a lot of trouble with this week, and pour the same love into that being. No, we're not asking you to do anything different. Not to say something to that being or to change things or to forgive them, but just now in this moment, feel that love, and know that you can direct it, you can will it anywhere you want, even to a being with which you've had a lot of difficulty.

Then letting all of that go, return to the idea of that emerald light cylinder we began with. See it as about 30 meters (about 100 feet) in diameter, from infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth, and fill it with that same love, knowing that Earth is receiving that love, but you are creating it, receiving it, knowing it, nourishing, sharing, blending. Then, we ask you to let go of all of it, questions, answers, ideas, visualizations, and just feel Earth loving you, her energy percolating up through your body, perhaps tingling in your feet or the base of your spine, moving up lovingly, gradually, into your heart, where an Earth OM gathers. We would ask you to share it out loud. Good-bye.


More about fats and oils and our deep need for them in our healing: Aajonus Vonderplanitz' revolutionary book, We Want To Live .

More about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information about Byron Katie, visit her web pages at The Work .

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