Hilarion Fall Equinox Channeling 2001

Jill: Welcome to the Hilarion channeling for the Fall Equinox. Today is September 21, 2001. The questions are being asked of Hilarion, and have been submitted from those in attendance as well as those from the internet. For further information on channelings, books, or tapes, contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, California 95959 (or visit our catalog).

Hilarion: Yes, greetings to all of you. Yes this is that energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into matters of great importance on your planet now, we ask you to do your best to set all of this aside for a moment and simply recognize your essence. That you are in a body: that you are a being, that you exist, and that it is the breath of God, the breath of life, the energy of existence itself that sustains you. And from that acknowledgment expand outward, be aware of light, as if to form a cylinder of light from infinitely upward through you to center of earth, connecting, protecting, and let this light then be about 100 meters in diameter to surround this room, to surround this immediate area. Breathe this light. Notice the space between each breath, and in that space allow the energy of guides, helpers, loved ones, the energy of your future self, all of this to be with you, loving you. Know this energy as a part of the existence, a part of how you began.

There are many different ways to look at all of the questions that are being asked. These questions are being asked very deeply now in the consciousness of many. There was a time when few would ask questions of this nature: What is all of this for? Why hasn't God manifested in the way I thought God was supposed to? Why are these energies.etc., etc. Yet, you then begin to recognize what is good about what is happening on your planet. And in line with ancient prophecy as detailed in Revelations, as detailed in many native American prophecies, many of those prophecies brought on by so many in different cultures and different variations. People begin to ask: What is this reality? What is the nature of God? How does it then manifest in my being and outside of it? These are difficult questions and the answers come in the way in which they were presented to you, to find out in your quest of coming into physicality in the first place: to experience the answer, to feel it. It is not enough when you are out of the body, when you are non-physical. You feel it, you know it, you experience the light, you manifest the light, but it is not enough. Because you do not know it to the core of your being as well as when there is a threat that it might disappear, that there is somehow an importance placed upon this light, upon this essence of God, upon this acknowledgment of the very nature of who you are.

As the seasons move, Earth in its way of changing, in its way of shifting in its relationship to the Sun, reaches a pause point. It does this several times a year in different ways, but this is often then perceived by all of humanity and right now the fall equinox bodes as a very powerful and important pause point: a point of reflection of inner work but also a preparation for the powerful energies of Fall are usually those that relate to the energy of harvest. Drawing in that which you have sown before, bringing in the energy that is associated with the dark side as then is represented by Halloween and related issues. The understanding of the way in which this eventually comes to mind for you has now been illustrated very powerfully and clearly by acts of violence on your planet. Yet, acts that are also mysterious. That even as you look at them and come to understand which part of them you do work with except as a level of personal responsibility or struggle with, still then, layer after layer, more and more of it, that you are perplexed about it, that you do not understand. There are many symbols associated with the powerful events that have recently occurred on your planet, events of violence and struggle, but also events of heroism, and ways in which people have made transformation in their own personal lives. But over and over these symbols will have levels of meaning for you. It is important to recognize therefore at the outset that all of these have been orchestrated, carefully planned, worked out on many levels by many beings with many agreements. There are, of course, as always, innocents: individuals who are caught in the energies as they move. Yet, as you look deeper into this, you will recognize that in most conditions their souls were ready to make transition or to be shifted, or to be powerfully confronted with transition or change, etc. Ultimately, the decision along such lines rests on each individual as to how to proceed. But you will see tonight that the things that we are going to speak of relate to this dual aspect all the time. The inner, the personal, that which you understand for yourself; yet also the outward, that which you share amongst all beings. So then the Fall Equinox is this time in which the aspects of the night and day are now moving to a level of inequality, to a place in which now the night becomes longer and longer, and the day shorter and shorter. This is symbolizing the connection to the group, to all beings, to the unconscious, to the dark side: yes, the shadow self. But also the way in which so much that is being asked about on your planet is answered in group, in the consciousness of individuals sharing from their own hearts. In the southern hemisphere these energies are of course balanced. But as the majority of the population on your planet is in the northern hemisphere, that is the emphasis now.

And so as you allow these unfolding events to touch you, you will be receiving energy. The energy comes from many sources. One of these is non-physical. These are your guides, helpers, higher vibrational entities, as well as lower vibrational beings drawn to the fear, to the maelstrom of activity and struggle here on planet Earth. At the same time as this you are going to be experiencing various energies through your media, through the communication of others one to one that will tend at times to blanket over these deeper energies, instead dosing you with their fear, their propaganda, their way of seeing things. This is sometimes extremely one-pointed and quite deliberate with the deliberate intent to keep you from looking inside, keep you from understanding the more important energy.

So also as these energies come through, you will be ready to perceive that there are blocks within your being to running such a high level of energy. Part of the sweeping of energy through your planet this time. This has been spoken about so many ways by so many beings for so long: we don't wish to harp on it extensively but to understand that this is still occurring. And, indeed, it is still increasing. So you must learn to understand your nervous system, to baby it, to love it, to help it along as it is your antenna. It is your transmission system to your consciousness, and transmission in both directions, it is your transceiver. By using the nervous system that you are being given in the physical body appropriately, loving it, working with it as consciously as possible, you will get through this time and you will be able to build upon it and understand the deeper lessons. But do not make the mistake of shutting it down. Do not make the mistake of understanding that others can manipulate it for you, because they cannot unless you let them. And so this is the first thing to understand here. That in order to look at these issues, to dissect them or to understand them in your heart, in other words, any way to which it seems appropriate for you to understand them. Very powerful energies of fear, of foreboding, of the energies of the ancient prophecies come to rest now upon you. The energies of your own body that you have felt any time you have felt trauma, or through your birth time, or in observing or thinking upon your own deaths (because you have all died many times in all of your past lives), that these energies are there ready to be ignited as the energies of fear. How do you resist this? You don't. This is the first key: That resistance in the way in which you manifest it is that which then gives rise to continuing resistance of your potential, of the nature of who you are. If you love the beings who are creating fear, if you say to them in your own heart, "I understand why you are afraid, you do not understand about death, you do not understand about energy, you do not understand about love, but I do. As well as I can and as well as I know how, I know that these things have value, are relevant." As you begin to distinguish then, you will begin to break apart the stories (because there are many stories), and it is very easy to tie into them. And as there is greater confusion there will be greater thirsting for stories. Thus, an easier way to tune into these energies that might even lead eventually to vengeance, great struggle on your planet, the opportunity to impose various difficulties for everyone of you, and so on. Such a pathway exists and indeed it is that which can be walked by humanity if that is humanity's choice.

As so you begin to recognize, over and over, behind our words this idea that you are at a choice point. You have been at many choice points but those choice points have generally been inward. Choice points that are now outwardly manifesting pose an opportunity for true spiritual emergence (or shall we say emergency, 9-1-1) now begin to show themselves. And as you begin to recognize these symbols, the orchestration of them, tells you in every way that there is an opportunity, there is something to be learned. This is very important to keep on remembering because there are so many on your planet who never knew to ask in the first place. This is a wake-up call for such individuals, those who have been called traditionalists or moderns. Those who have been called cultural-creatives already have been asking the questions. They are ready for these aspects of change, at least at the mild level of understanding that there are no coincidences, no innocent bystanders, that all are connected on many levels, and if you are ready to receive then so you shall.

Indeed then, one would recognize as these things begin to unfold that there are opportunities for you to learn in very specific personal ways because of your observations and your experiences so far. Indeed, this is a little different tonight than in ways we have channeled in the past because as the vehicle makes himself available, there are so many who would wish to speak. These are beings of various different levels with different interests. Yet it is important that they be given their opportunity because of the tremendous need on the part of a few individuals and those who stand with them ready to as if move, change an avalanche of energy. That is what you are also sensing. That is the positive side. That more people than ever are asking these deeper questions, are ready to commit, holding back yet being asked to be shown opportunities. Where can they commit? Where can they shift? How can they know? And so we will give some specifics in that to the extent to which we are permitted. But the importance here to recognize is also that along this path you are going to be seeing things that will bring out certain aspects of your own uniqueness. This must be the case so that you may assist your brothers and sisters on this planet. This is a very difficult matter for you because for some of you, you have been in hiding. You have worked with various spiritual issues, studied in different aspects, you have come to your own tentative conclusions about such matters but you have not put them to the test. That time has now approached: it is here. It is not the test that you would have envisioned, but then it would not have been a test, now would it? And you have much training for this in school. They're not going to tell you generally what the questions will be on your test beforehand. And so in your own consciousness then, we ask you to welcome where possible the opportunity to grow from this experience. That is probably the most difficult aspect to deal with on it. Because this aspect would say to you in every way that death, destruction, violence, struggle is not welcome. Yet, how much of this has occurring on your planet? How much has it changed? Indeed, if there is a temporary peace in the Middle East, there is less fighting, less destruction. And so also then as there may be more in some areas, there may be balances in others. The great difference is that now these destruction, these incidents, these struggles, these cries for help: they are much more obvious, much clearer.

And so as the planes slammed into the twin towers, there was much confusion. There were many individuals who died in that explosion very rapidly. They did not know what was happening. Their powerful energies of habit, coming to work every day at the same time working with the same people, working on the same energies, were what sailed them through, allowed them to maintain some level of consciousness. These beings still exist. That non-physical representation of the twin towers is still there in New York and those people are still hard at work. They aren't quite sure yet why they keep on selling the same bonds over and over, working with the same pieces of paper and the same memos, but at least it gives them a sense of security and peace. In the meantime as you would imagine, angels, beings of light, assistance towards the other side, are doing everything in their power to help them let go of their thinking, recognize the greater reality, a powerful energy around them. The nature of what happens when you pass from this world is that the energies that you manifest so easily then come all around you. It will be a creative, powerful thought form. That with enough beings that remembering what the building looked like to them it will truly exist. It will even feel solid.

And yet, at the same time as this there were a few who did know what was happening. More of these were on the planes than were in the buildings because they had time to prepare. They had time in so cases even to speak with their loved ones by cell phone, opportunity to observe because the planes moved so close to the Earth that things were definitely not going the way they thought. And one of these would like to speak to you if that would be all right.

Paige: I have prepared for this for many years. I did not understand all of the spiritual training that I worked with. Those who I advised and helped would understand sometimes what I said. And then I would see in another way. A vision. Something of change. Or people would be lost and would need some help. My name is Paige and I will be an assistant for some time in this regard to help people in making this transition. But I need your help. When I was in the world I knew much of the things of spirit matter because I could dream them, because I could feel them. And when I would communicate this to others, they would frequently ignore me. This is the habit pattern in me that I must break. And so also then is there a habit in each one of you and I would beg you each to stop for a moment to think of a habit that you have that you are ready to change. Something physical perhaps. Something of fear perhaps. Some way in which you relate to your loved ones, your pets, your world. Feel inside the freedom, the energy that would be released if you would know this. If you would feel this energy, if you would release that habit. And then, I ask you to think of me sitting in meditation in my seat in flight 11, moving along, knowing what was occurring, and send me that energy. The energy that would say, "I may now release, I may now awaken." I get up now. I walk to each of the people in the seats in this plane and I touch them with your energy, with your love, with your physical presence to say, "It will be all right. It will be a time of change and light if you can welcome it. It can be a time of shift for you and you may help me with others who will need this." Then suddenly we are in a new place, walking in an office, up and down the hallways, seeing people at work at their computer screens. Some of them look a little distracted. Some are crying. They do not understand. We will begin by their computer screens. And so I ask you now to think of a beautiful thing for you: a pet that you have loved once, a deer nuzzling you, perhaps a beautiful kaleidoscopic vision or a beautiful painting. That now appears on the computer screens. They are now knowing something is up. And now in your hearts there is that energy that touches. That sense of joy, that sense of being: it pulls from you like a light through me into them. And in this way I am your servant and we serve a higher energy. As archangel Michael approaches, there is a great light pouring to this place and all look up as they hear him, the ruffling of the wings, the energy of light and the way in which it now forms a brilliant yellow vortex. A brilliant golden light that can sweep some of these people into a place of loving. And now what we say to them is, "You have made a transition. You have left your body. It is frightening, yes, but it is also wonderful. There is a place of light for you. Look behind me. Look into Michael's eyes. Feel this loving vortex of energy as it sweeps through you and opens a door. Step into this door. For some of you it is a tunnel of light; for others, it is a beautiful swirling energy without form. And as you move through it, you will see your loved ones, those that you knew in the world."

I thank you for your help.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. What you have set in motion has been of tremendous value because for the thousands of people involved in this difficulty there are so many powerful habit patterns in place that it is a difficult matter to shift the energy just because a few, a very precious few, understand what has happened. They are often the way-showers. Yet, the non-physical way-showers take time in making their energies felt. Indeed there are still some beings associated with great places of destruction, atrocity, and struggle on your planet who still are trapped there, even 50 years hence. And so the ideas that these people will be very important, valuable, useful to many over the years ahead. And this action of this individual, Paige Hackel, to help all, may be acknowledged and loved. Many beings will assist if you will allow them and for the next week or so sending positive energy in the direction of twin towers with the idea that there are guides there, beings there helping, but also, beings who were recently in bodies who are helping. You begin to recognize the important lessons for you personally and the way in which sacrifice can be valuable for all individuals in their preparations in life.

So this other aspect begins to emerge. The overview that you asked for: "Let me understand the big picture here." You already understand it. It is a matter of stepping out of your own way in order to know it and grasp it. And what stands in your way is fear. The fear that is being re-created on many levels every time you hear that word: terrorist. This is a person to create fear. A person to be with fear. A person to play with fear or to play with your fear. There are many ways in which it is now being utilized and the word in fact would seem to be overused if you begin to look at it somewhat logically. Aren't there any other names for these individuals? Gradually you begin to recognize how these energies play into the hands of those who need power, who struggle with power, who do not always understand it but who want it, because they are afraid, because of what they would be without it. And it is this which allows the resonance and allows them to work with these energies.

And now, letting go of fear is a dual process. There is the mental side, but there is the physical side. The mental side can help you a great deal at times to recognize that there is a problem. When you are caught up in the fear and you can't even move to that place of asking questions of inquiry, then it is, of course, very difficult. So remember when fear shows up: F-E-A-R; False Evidence Appearing as Real. And step away from the fear. Open to the energy of what is true, what is the correct evidence, what is really happening. Obviously, around this issue of death, when you really look at it carefully, as so many fears that relate specifically to the fear of death, what are you afraid of, anyway? Is it something you have never experienced before? Perhaps a few of you have shut out those memories so completely, so thoroughly, that you do not recall this. Yet, there is indeed a sense of familiarity about it because each of you have had this experience in many, many lifetimes. So what it is that is so frightening to you is to a large extent physical. Your body is designed to remain, to survive. Allow it this. Give it its love. You are alive, you are surviving. There is no immediate danger for you, my precious, special body. Acknowledging that the love is present can help a lot. And then the body in its natural way returns to its natural existence of being in the present. Your body doesn't think of the past. It is your mind that thinks of this. It does not think of the future. It is your emotion that anticipates the interaction with the mind, the other aspects of you. The body is present, it is here, it is now. Let it be here now. And gradually you can find the ways to let go of these fears. You see, we're not telling resistance! Resist the fear? Not at all. That doesn't sell too well in your current reality because it only brings on the whole pattern of resistance which is so powerful on your planet now and is clearly being utilized.

There are those who then recognize that this shared responsibility as all of the difficulties on your planet for many years have been. The CIA, these various cover organizations and others have waged war on your planet with so many cultures and so many ways for so long. Yet, now that a revenge is being taken, now that the cycle of violence is continuing, it is now being made much more visible, more clear to all of you. Yet, as you recognize these cycles, you would then ask the question, "Who benefits? Who grows as a result of this?"

Where non-physical being separated from non-physical life suddenly, needs then, needs to be fit, needs to understand. It needs to wake up and if it stays in the habit pattern of remaining, then separate long enough, the feeding becomes very base. It becomes very physical. It becomes an energy that must feed then on fear, on ego, on shame, on various struggles of people. And these beings are increasing on your planet in number and they are acting as a sort of fuel behind those with intelligence, with understanding but malintent who wish to manipulate these energies.

Yet what a beautiful thing happens when a vortex of energy surrounds a place, such as where this destruction has just taken place, and causes a sweeping of energy, a continuing energy that draws in all of the souls feeding on the fear to come to enlightenment, to come to understanding. Thus it is not just a matter of stopping those in positions of power, those who are in deep fear but also in a position to make changes on your planet to control. Nor the extraterrestrials who fund, who work with these energies, who go behind them, who do those aspects that would be damaging: they also require and work with these energies of fear. Once sufficient beings who understand are present, the fear stops. The energies shift. But, this is a continuing theme we have spoken of so often in the past, as the non-physical beings outnumber the physical ones on your planet approximately nine to one. They are the puppet masters. They are the ones controlling the strings. What are the strings? Energy. The energy of understanding and also of misunderstanding; of the energies of darkness and the energies of light. As approximately one-third of those beings are indeed intruders, beings who are devoted to darkness and struggle, and many times unconsciously, then there are the one-third that are those that are trying to help as best they know how. They don't usually know how very well, but they do the best they can (known as blind guides). And the beings of highest intent, the helpers, the beneficial ones, sometimes known even to you as angels, and various masters, and various energies that are completely anonymous; simply loving, helping in every way they possibly can.

These beings all act in a sort of concert. And as you are now entering into another movement of this concert, a darker one, one in which the struggles are on the surface and the light is underneath ready to emerge in the following movement, you have some energies associated with this that you understand. In this way, use the time to confront your own shadow self and change it. Break the resonances with any of the non-physicals that are indeed devoted to darkness and do so with a fervency, if we must use the term, a vengeance so that this will shift within you powerfully enough that you cannot be manipulated by fear in the future. Because what the beings involved from the side of being in physical bodies and understanding the political system and the media system have learned from this (again back to that question: "Who benefits?"): people can be manipulated. The media, the sowing seeds of fear, the one-pointed focus of these things can produce results. And this is the energy that is so dangerous so far as your own personal freedoms are concerned because these can be put to use to further and further, as various aspects of the psychology, the understanding of the tremendous susceptibility due to extensive drug use on your planet, particularly the substance and its variants called Prozac, and various other substances now being given to the children, Ritalin and its variants, are indeed softening up the consciousness and extending and strengthening the emotional body's capacity for receiving fear. Thus the media can manipulate. Yet it is doing so really quite primitively now, and you have all noticed this. When you turn on the news you hear variants on the same story: over and over. Wouldn't you think that the newscasters would get tired of it. But they don't because they are indeed testing themselves: how much of this energy can be sown into the planet? As you will recognize when you trace where the money comes from, the media organizations are controlled by just a few individuals and those individuals are indeed testing their muscle in this regard. Observing how much such manipulation can indeed reach deep into the consciousness of many people. There's an easy way to view it, too. How many of the non-physical beings who are then obsessed with and working with the fear feeding then are able to do this? Draw the energies more; manifest more. And thus the symbol (here again, no accident the way these are created): a powerful black cloud hanging over New York City. This as an energy for quite some time after the destruction had a non-physical component as well because as people had elevated their consciousness and looked more carefully, they began to notice this energy that was not simply due to dust. It was also the energy of those who would be feeding on these energies of fear and struggle and difficulty.

Therefore, as you begin to recognize these shifts, you then recognize that there is a great learning in it. And the first test emerges: how do you respond to the action of death? Can you accept it or do you fear it? This does not mean you have to die in order to experience this because after all you are going not to be so good at the physical level once you are dead, you'll be then working at the non-physical. But this is the most important lesson to understand. Yes, there is suffering. Yes, there is struggle. But how much of that is self-inflicted simply because people are unwilling to accept what they know on a higher vibrational level about the nature of existence itself?

The animals can teach you this. They do so regularly when they leave their bodies more easily than you leave yours. And so then we ask you to set aside all these energies, the questions and the rest, and be with one of the animals now. One will come to you if you ask. Particularly strong is this meditation in the fall time. As then these beings prepare for their winter hibernation, for the great shifts occurring on your planet, welcome one now: a deer perhaps; a dolphin; a whale; perhaps an eagle; or one of your pets. But that being is in your heart, loving you, purring at you, stroking, letting you know that there are many ways to understand reality, and they are not always so apparent as the seeming physicality that surrounds you. And in this way let go and open to the way an animal loves so easily. Simply to receive and know the Earth and let the Earth know that being.

There are many ways, you see, to work with fears, to change them in you. But over and over you'll recognize that because there's a physical component, some physicality must also be present in you. If that can be an energy as if of joy, of some touch, of something kinesthetic within you, it is that much easier to be re-circulated, to be known deep within your being. And that is an important lesson also in dealing with fear. Why emphasize this? Because you now begin to recognize that if access the underlying energy, the sort of base of existence, that this larger house of cards will be built on. That which says "So and so is a bad guy and these other people are good guys." Of course you know better than this. You always have known. But when there is a little thought in you: "Hmm. Maybe they're right," then ask, "Is there fear present feeding this thought?" And you may be often surprised to find that there is a lot of fear feeding it. Because of course, if there are all these beings who are truly bad, and there are these others who are truly good, then which is which? And which are you? This means that always you must find both inside yourself and therefore you know that both are inside all of these others.

Now of course it is correct that each individual has their own agenda and it is clearly in the agenda of working with power that such individuals as have been named, as Bin Laden and others involved in terrorist groups, wish to bring their agenda forward, wish to let people understand and look at their important issues, change the way the world sees them and so on. But such individuals can never act alone. They must work in concert and harmony with others and in the specific relating to this particular instance of planes flying, you then recognize the intense mind control necessary to shift the consciousness of nineteen individuals in positions to control the events and kill themselves. Because that survival mechanism that you have felt has been overridden. This is difficult to do. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of beings must be involved with far higher technological capabilities than any terrorist in a third world country can muster. And these technologies have existed on your planet for twenty years and have been perfected by those in positions of power. But they still use the same fuel, the same energy of fear, the same energy that is now being shared on your planet in new ways to touch many. By understanding this, you get a glimpse of the level of orchestration that is underway here and you begin to recognize that its ultimate achievement is a place in which you then feel more fear than you do love. That would seem quite contrary to your nature, that is, to most of the people who will be listening to our words tonight and in the future. That you know that is not a very good place to be. It's not why you came into bodies, and that then gives you an inkling as to your role to play in this. It has been very frustrating when you hear people lashing out in anger, which is based on the fear, and trying to help them understand, help them release the fear inside themselves or the anger that they feel that this would lead to vengeance or of more war or more struggle or even potentially to the nuclear conflict that all of you fear ahead of you. Because you have experienced this before. Nuclear weapons have been utilized on your planet in the past. In a time in mid-Atlantis and a time in which this became very difficult for you. And so these fears are being fanned. Yet, the test: can you find love even in that?

Now this is a difficult matter because now what is being put forth is the idea of action. That these energies came at the time they did is actually quite positive so far as this is going because as time moves more into the winter as it particularly affects the northern hemisphere there is less action, more tendency naturally towards introspection. Summer is the time of action and that these things were not timed for June 21st as some had predicted but rather pushed forward is in favor of these energies that can then unfold in a way in which people will be a little more thoughtful. And there is still a time available for this.

In the mean time, forces of various countries led by United States are massing throughout Europe, areas of the Middle East, and various other points to launch various attacks. Clear plans have not yet emerged on this because it is a very complex matter, given the nature of the very few individuals who are being blamed for this versus how wars have been fought in the past where many were involved. But of course you have parallels. Wherever guerilla warfare has taken place before and how few of such conflicts have been settled in favor of the larger country: always the smaller one winning, when you look at these aspects. However, this does not of course deter those involved because it is not their aim to win in that sense. It is rather their aim to bring more fear so that eventually you will accept the idea of having a chip planted into your own body as then you will then be identified and you will not be a terrorist. As a result then the few who are not identified as such will be isolated.

Now this is a great fear in many of you because you have been identified as this in various other lifetimes, in various other aspects of being. And your whole idea of freedom and understanding around this is very important to you. Yet there are those in positions of power who will use this to move forward their own agenda of deeper power and control for many. This does seem very unlikely from the current time forward. But as you recognize where things are going, you see its inevitability and you are afraid. Thus here again there must be a way to move out of that context into a place of welcoming. Because what it is questioning is your identity. Who are you? In the eyes of the state you may be a number or a history or a particular genetic encoding. There are many different ways to view it.

But in terms of your being, you are not physical. You are a spiritual being, a being made of light, the essence of energy and you have chosen a physical form in order to manifest it and work with it. And you will do so even if oppression or strugglesome issues abound on your planet. These do not seem so much heading for you right now but they are clearly in progress. As population increases on your planet the potentials for terrorism increase and the children are born with Ritalin, various substances still in their bodies, the pollution of fats and oils that build up their nervous systems, and the constant bombardment of television and all of the propaganda behind it.

It may seem at times overwhelming to you to deal with this but remember there is one important aspect, you see. As fear is false evidence appearing as real, the truth shall set you free. That you can see this and explain it to the children, that you can keep on pursuing truth, and you can ask them to look more carefully and in this way they will not be afraid. Many of those born now and in the last few years associated with the indigo ray will need your help in aligning themselves towards truth. But once they find that beacon, they will not let it go. They will hold fast to it and they will work with it every way possible. And it is hoped by those working with such energies that this will have its eventual manifestation for many.

You're looking ahead to 2012 perhaps, to times of greater shift, to the end of the Mayan calendar as it is described or the various aspects of the consciousness shift on your planet and many other things that have been spoken about. But really those energies are occurring now. They are pulling back through time, they are touching you now. It is your future self loving you now. But also for many of you, you will be a little older then. And if you have not taken to heart our specific suggestions and the suggestions of others to build your nervous system, you will age rather dramatically in the next eleven year period. And it will be kind of hard for you in that time. You will be fighting more physical issues. And so the children will then have a more important role to play. They will not only be the ones who are care-taking your planet, they will be care-taking you. Therefore, acknowledge them. Help them to understand and find these truths over and over in any way you can. For they are clearly your saviors. They are the ones who influence life on your planet more than you realize. Over the next few years the intent is from the non-physical realms, even those of the helpers, to increase the economic difficulties so that people will form together alternative communities that are based on service. We have spoken about this extensively. Indeed, since our very earliest channelings through this vehicle and through others. But the point of it for each of you must be to find that level of trust. How much easier it is to find it when you recognize your differences, that you recognize that there are other people in the world who would want vengeance, destruction, and you want peace. Suddenly, you are allied with others. And that they have dogs, or children, or they smoke cigarettes, or they eat or speak differently from you means far less now because they still want peace in their hearts. And they want to find a way in which they can find this with you. You may find yourselves forced into this as the economic difficulties increase on your planet. There are waves of this that are naturally set up and you have seen small examples of this already in place in the difficulties that occurred with what was termed the Asian meltdown just a few years ago. And so then so far it has not yet reached into the currency markets. As soon as it does, which may indeed be most preciously poised in Japanese currencies, the difficulties will inevitably sweep through your planet. This is actually a good thing when you understand that the reliance on money has been a falsehood for so many and that the reliance on other things: service; the ability to make a difference in other people's lives; is that what you can truly invest in. Investing in your own education, your own capacity to do those things of uniqueness and balance and help to others. Your ability to remain focused. That seems like a much better investment than the stock market, etc. Those who wish to pursue these would certainly find the symbols in the availability of gold as generally being somewhat more stable. But even there, because there are many large forces of various large countries of gold reserves in place. As selling then takes place the price continues to be controlled. And so therefore it makes just no sense at all to be enmeshed in the economic system as it is. But rather as what it symbolizes. Because money has been utilized for so long as a substitute for love. For the opportunity to make an exchange for some one else, to serve and be served. And so here again a step forward towards people being able to do so more consciously.

Unfortunately there is a down side to all this focus on consciousness: you are quickly running out of excuses to be unconscious. You cannot any longer simply sit back easily and be entertained. It is even harder when every channel says the same news story. And this is a little reminder to you. And so we would beg you to look carefully at what this issue brings up. Is your life about clarification or consolation? There are many who are not really concerned with that of course since what they are really about is war, vengeance, struggle, etc. But once you come to the place of wanting to help you must go deeper. You must look carefully at whether what you are contributing can really make a difference. When it is involved for instance with healing or body work or assistance with the physical. Can this truly be acknowledged as the avenue opening to the soul? Incarnation in that body: can that being be healed? Can the soul be healed? Can the energy that reaches to the highest level be touched here by your hand, by your body work, by your interaction? And the answer is a resounding "Yes!" and especially if you allow the non-physical beings who are your helpers, your guides, to act through you, to assist you in this process. It is pretty easy, you know. All you do is ask. They are just waiting. But the higher vibration of the being, the more they are restricted until you ask. They must obey [end side one of tape] then for this energy to be ignored then they will work with you when you let them.

So there are so many questions here and we will focus on a few of the little specific ones in a moment. And there are of course many other beings who want to speak. Yet for a moment know we would ask that you set aside all of these energies and recognize that there is pouring through you at this very moment a vortex. It is a beautiful energy. It is sometimes called your ray. As if a beautiful energy from infinitely upwards is pouring into you and it begins to form a sort of cone, swirling, that reaches into the top of your head. As you inhale it, it is the pure breath of life. It is a direct connection to your soul to the center of the universe. It is a connection to the universe on many levels. Breathe the light. Feel it. Let it nourish you. Let it sustain you. It is your personal color, your personal light, your personal sustaining vibration. And as you exhale, see that that energy forms your aura. And as it moves out from you it can reach out into the world and touch anyone. But now we would ask you in this group to join your vortexes and if anyone listening to this in other contexts realizes this energy, join it with the vortices around you: the energies of your community, the energies of the Earth. And then ask, "Where would healing be needed now?" Your energy and intention will be of course be drawn to New York City, perhaps even to the Pentagon building, perhaps to Afghanistan where people are fleeing in fear for their lives this very moment, perhaps to other places. But realize that this vortex of energy that is yours, that is that which says "I can" is also available and you can send it there for a moment. And it can be helpful as people wake up and see. Thinking for a moment towards the positive energy of the being Paige Hackel previously mentioned. She can also use this energy for those who have gone back to sleep at their computer terminals, their Xerox machines, seeing the same photocopy come out over and over. You have seen this in your dreams, have you not? How things repeat themselves, their cycles. You know this because there have been times when you have passed from this world without knowing. And so now what you are asking for is consciousness: "How may I understand these events?" And this is mirrored in the unconsciousness of non-physical beings struggling to wake up. Know then that you have been here before. That there is a light; that there is love.

Now letting go of this meditation at the visual, we ask you to sense it at the kinesthetic level. This is your most powerful ally and that which would help you over and over as we have previously mentioned with regards to fear. So it is also that this is an ally for you now, for your strength and your love, and this positive ray, this positive vortex. We would ask you to take a moment and stretch and as your body moves have the sense that every muscle that flexes is then being bathed in a beautiful liquid light as if energy of water is pouring over it, trickling through it, touching you, cooling you or warming you, feeling to the core of your being that this immersion is positive, floating, beautiful. If this is a difficult visualization for you, you might imagine a sponge full of water that you are daubing on the surface of the skin or perhaps brushing with a paintbrush into you so that you may feel this deeply. And let it touch you to your core. Look in your body and see if there is something that needs to be stretched. And as you do so, see also that water energizes it, strengthens it.


Yes. Hilarion here again. Now it appeared that the most important issues here, to get the overview, give people an anchor that they could come back to because the opportunity for more future fearsome events is clearly being set as a stage. Don't fall for it. Recognize that there are energies beneath that and that you can change them. Now what everyone wants to know also is what can I do. It is very frustrating when the doingness is that which is so clearly being manipulated by others. And so the deeper asking here is of course in relation to fear. And the answer of course is in relation to love. Yes, you can love your loved ones that much more. But who else can you love? Who else can you send positive energy to or how can you love into existence those who would have greater benefit or assistance on your planet? How can you form communities? How can greater love come through? Now there are those individuals who have proposed rather radical solutions, but a few of you hearing these words may be inspired enough to put those radical solutions into action. And when you do this, you will find that there are many who are willing to join you. It is a dangerous task, of course, since you would be doing things in opposition to the way others see it. Where they would have guns, you would have butter. Where they would have fury, you would have peace. Where they would have their struggles and their inner issues, you would allow your inner issues and your discovery of peace to give you the opportunity to help others find their inner issues. Thus there are those propositions that have been out there for awhile. To send food to the people of Afghanistan; to send them the foods that they like best; to send them spiritually oriented literature in their own languages; to send them tape recordings of the beautiful sounds, the energies of life and positive energy to help. These can be put into action. And indeed, some of those hearing our words will have the opportunity to propose this through the United Nations, to bring together others to actually have this in form. Look for this possibility. And should it arise on your planet, be willing to contribute. Some of you may even be willing to step out front with such an effort. Its own essence will not, of course, stop those who wish vengeance. But it will change some of the energies on your planet, show people there are some other possibilities they haven't thought of.

On a more practical level for each of you, you must confront your own inner demons. You must forgive the places in you that would want to hurt and would struggle against hurt. And you must find the places always to release fear. Fear isn't the only issue, of course. Ego is that which keeps it in mind and look carefully for ways in which someone disagrees with you that says vengeance should be wrought on these people that more eyes for eyes and teeth for teeth as the blind and toothless lead your planet. Each of you will know in your hearts that that is not the way. Yet your ego will be bruised when you argue with such people. Don't. Instead, love them. Help them understand why there is fear by sharing your truth, what fear you feel in you and how you have changed it. Be willing to look carefully when those things show up so that you can make such a shift. Eventually some individuals are going to be touched by this and they are going to shift.

In the mean time, the energies are in play now for many to come to places of conscious decision making. There will be great increases in more traditional religious fervor, various ways in which individuals will align with various dogmatic religions. And some will indeed become disenchanted with this. Be ready to help them, to show them of the larger view wherever possible, to share of your own, not just beliefs, but revelations. Your ring or voice of truth inside about the nature of death, that it is an illusion. There is consciousness and it chooses how to manifest on your planet. And lastly, do everything in your power to stay conscious. Inquire. Look carefully and ask. Do not attach. You are either attached or you are inquiring. So we suggest inquiring. Indeed, though, go deeper. Find the space between breath regularly, to be present, to be here, not to be thinking of the past or the anticipation of the future, but the meaning of now. Let that energy be stronger and clearer with you so that you may make it available to others. Many of you have already begun processes in your sleep state. You are sometimes unconscious of this, going to these places and sharing energy with world leaders, with people who are trapped between the realms, with others who are contemplating more acts of violence and destruction. You may soothe them; you may help them. You can do this in your meditations and you can do it in your projected state when you are asleep. You will not always remember it but the idea that you are willing to help here, to share your energy in a positive way, it goes a long way towards assisting the non-physical beings who give the ideas to these beings, who help them to understand other points of view wherever possible. And in your prayers, yes, there are many, but pray for clarity. That there would be maximum clarification, maximum clarity amongst all those involved, that they would continue the inquiry process. This would be far more valuable than specific outcomes which, of course, can be misinterpreted by all of those involved.

Now, we would require now some of your assistance, Jill, in pushing through a few of the other questions.

Jill: Will you please comment on some of this year's crop circles.

Hilarion: This has been shared in the past. There are many individuals who are beginning to understand what they mean. Indeed as they look deeper into this the revelations go very deep. The clear suggestion here is to obtain the book "The Gift" by Doug Ruby. Because this does illustrate with the initial formation, the trend, these are all maps, specific diagrams describing, inviting, showing you many important things about very helpful extraterrestrials, joined with non-physicals, to bring you new contexts for your life. The latest appearance, however, is that of humanity. It is specific to say, "We are human as much as you are. We have perhaps worked with higher technology which we are giving to you now through the crop circles which are a perfectly balanced diagrams of all of this technology. You have the opportunity then to expand your consciousness from two dimensional to three dimensional thinking and duplicate this technology. And what will you find? You will find yourselves. You will find humans. You will find beings of consciousness and love staring you in the face."

Further question?

Jill: The prostate problems have increased quite alarmingly in the western world. What is the karmic background to these prostate problems and is there anything in vibrational healing that would help alleviate these problems?

Hilarion: The karma of this relates to the many ways in which the various related sexual energies are not circulating in men and have not for a long time. Their misunderstanding of these energies, the opportunity as this collides with the feminine archetype and manifests itself in the patriarchal society only digs these energies deeper and deeper. But at the same time, these are opportunities for people to shift. The prostate itself is very deliberately designed to be a very sensitive organ in a man. Not just sensitive to touch and to the passage of fluids, but also sensitive to energy and to the accumulation of small particles of toxic materials. It is especially sensitive to hardened fats, meaning fats heated to over 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and especially those that have been eaten over a long periods of time which gradually accumulate and cause all kinds of problems in various parts of the body, but especially there. The underlying reasoning behind this has to do with vortices that are created in the body that attract these fat molecules. And so, of course, at a physical level where one stops eating it, fats heated over 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and eats only those fats that have not been heated to such a temperature, there will generally be benefit. However vibrationally, there does appear to be a link to neon. And where neon can be taken in any of its forms, the elixir being particularly assimilable to many people but also as inert gas pendant, as inert gas technology in various ways. This is helpful. In addition to utilize neon in any form in the bath and for the man to be in this for at least fifteen minutes is a helpful opportunity to draw in these energies more consciously. Many exercises are available to bring greater circulation to this part of the body. And it is in line with humanity's need now to sit that there is, of course, increased difficulty. Because humanity's body is not so much designed for this and exercises are certainly helpful. But while sitting, recognize a circulation can still be present. As a chi gong circulation, or an energy circulation. And there can be generally some lessening of these difficulties.

Further question?

Jill: Please explain if and how iridology works.

Hilarion: The eyes are windows of the soul. We have stated this many times in the past. The various pigmentations, accumulations of various colors, etc., are there as windows to engage the intuitive consciousness of those who understand them. Ignatz von Peczely saw all this initially when he was only ten years old, looking into the eye of an owl whose wing snapped. And he could see the change. This was to alert him to this action. It could not be fully recreated in everyone because of the necessity for this intuition to show up in individuals in order to look carefully. Those individuals, however, of a significantly scientific bent who look for this only logically shut off their intuitive side and so they will see the inconsistencies eye to eye and they will not understand this. In that sense it is somewhat similar to astrology, palmistry, reflexology, body work, many other ways of tuning in and working with the body. However, at its core these are more easily demonstrable and more easily definable by making sure the light source is always in the same place when you observe and that you are looking inside for your own answers as well.

Further question?

Since we mentioned astrology there is this question about utilizing the chart as to how to know of one's purpose. That would take all the fun out of it, wouldn't it? If everybody understood this, would all of these purposes still unfold? You probably then would have only two purposes on your planet. One would be the purpose of fulfillment of your purpose and the other would be rebellion against your purpose. And so all of these rebels and all of these fulfillers could go into their fighting modes and you would have few opportunities for learning your lessons. In the mean time then, to hide this from you so that you may discover it seems appropriate. And so hints are given. In astrology you will see many hints about this, particularly relating to the sun sign, the ascendant, and in particular modes of astrology, especially those of heliocentric astrology, the various placements in which the ascendant and related matters draw forth some intuition on the part of the astrologer in this regard. It is as if the whole picture must be put together because what the chart illustrates are the gifts and the filters. What you've come in with in this life as tendencies to work with. Those of course imply various purposes that you are coming here to work with. But the birth chart will then primarily relate to the aspects you are to work with initially. What happens when you complete those? And many of you are living out three, four, or even as many as seven lifetimes in one. You complete one task and you move to the next. That is usually a little easier than doing all seven at once, though if you insist on that mode. So gradually as these unfold you will see that astrology is helpful but not the whole picture by any means. That you make further choices based on the talents and capabilities that the chart can help you rediscover and understand.

Further questions?

Jill: Was the unusual activity of the sharks off of the coast of Florida early this month due to experimentation of scalar wave devices?

Hilarion: That exacerbated the problem, but no. They were picking up as all the animals do on the powerful negative energies about to befall your planet. These energies are the shark bites only it is a great tower that has been bitten into. And so it is also that this energy of what is the most purely powerful aggressive representation of these energies on your planet is shown to you. Yet how easy it is for you to forgive the shark even when that one bites into a human because you know it is in the nature of that being. That there are things you are doing to upset it, those changes in feeding, food quality, various aspects of stimulation from the scalar waves, etc., etc. Why can you not be so forgiving of human nature? It is as if then this powerful thought form, what is sometimes termed the Martian thought form, the energy of aggressive change on your planet, and so the fish feel it first. They are afraid and others become more assertive and aggressive. And so it is that these energies presage. And so, as you look for hints in your world, you can certainly see this again. As the elephants rampage you will see that the angels are then backing up their energy to force it in a whole new way. As you may see perhaps great struggles with herds of cattle then you see of the passive nature ready to be shifted on your planet. And so on. You can apply this to the essential nature of all the animals and see of the ways in which their shifts, particularly in the wild, may be indicative of changes shortly to come on your planet.

Further question?

Jill: What's the significance of the numbers that are associated with the atrocity. Were they sacred numbers?

Hilarion: Yes. These are there so you will see in every way possible reminders that this is all indeed planned. The specifics relating to this however always come back to this business of nines, and elevens, and even twenty-twos. All indicative of different forms of change. Change brought about at the physical level, change encouraged into the higher vibrational level, change accepted at the soul level. Such change must be in place for your planet to survive one way or another. How can you accept it, how can you welcome it becomes the question.


Jill: Hilarion, how can we claim our own personal power? How do we know what is true? What should we be looking for?

Hilarion: It is an interesting way to approach things when you ask those questions as if the answers are inherently definable. Because the answers come from within you. They are the energies that you make in your being by practice. It's like asking "How do you walk?" You put one foot in front of the other and you fall down a lot. And from this you eventually find the way. And so you must learn to love more powerfully, more deeply. And from this you will find the energy that manifests as inner personal power. Why? Simple process of elimination, isn't it? You know the aspects of fear or ego aren't going to necessarily build your own personal power in a way that's ultimately viable and helpful to others, nor ultimately, even to yourself. In addition, however, what you discover through all of this is the nature of personal power. And that's really difficult. Because you thought perhaps that it meant this or that, and this process allows you to recognize its true power. And it is simple. It is in the manifestation of the process of inquiry as opposed to the process of attachment. It is in the way in which you are willing to speak a personal truth even if you do not know how it connects to everything. Because you are in the process of inquiring about it. Why is that happening with me? And what does it mean with regards to you? It's certainly better than recognizing that it owns you as then you are furious or you are very frightened or you are feeling very ashamed. Yet when you speak it, you know it, you begin the process of inquiring and open the door to change it. And so therefore, would it not be likely, Hilarion, that if you maintain the process of inquiry one hundred percent, never falling for the illusion, never accepting attachment to what seemingly is, that you manifest total personal power? Yes. That seems clear and very confusing. Because then you don't have an absolute truth, do you? Yet you have a great way-shower in this regard. Albert Einstein spoke of this when he described the general theory of relativity: that everything is relative to everything else, there is no absolute reference in the universe. That is the great truth, you see. And so the truth to know is the willingness to accept that as the aspect that tells you to inquire, to look, to understand. Gradually this naturally sows the seeds for the manifestation of that personal power. That's the other side to it, you see. It isn't enough simply to gather that power to you, you must also do something with it. And that is the process of shift that is being shown to you by the guides and helpers from all levels now. The shift from consolation into clarification, the aspect by which people will become more evolved. Clarification means becoming clear. Seeing clearly, knowing the evolution, acting through transparency, awareness and honesty. What we stated before: no excuses anymore for being unconscious. If you then hold the idea that indeed at the core level inquiry is better than attachment, you have thrown away your life saver to unconsciousness. You have gravitated very clearly to a level of consciousness that will be with you if you allow it. Sorry that we can't answer the question more directly because its true answer is invitation, not another dictation.

Further question?

Jill: What's the role of the feminine and how can the message of the feminine heal the planet?

Hilarion: Unfortunately, the largest and most important message of this is being resisted by the very aspects of Islamic religion that are preventing some of this coming forth. In a certain sense it is the repression of the feminine in Islam that is building some of this imbalanced energy to such a point that it takes advantage of technology. After all, that was not the original vision. The way in which men and women would worship God and that the divine feminine would be allowed as a power into the masculine expression in the world was never perceived as an energy. It would ultimately be manifested as technological in nature that which would, could, and might, ultimately harm, cause power over others, destruction, and so on. Instead it was viewed as the opportunity for the fuel of the energy of the woman in harmony with the man to be that which would be so powerfully helpful at manifesting the Earth and her bounty, the energy of inter-communication and helpful healing and all of the rest of it. And so the first thing here is for those with the opportunity to share energy of the connective feminine to pour that energy into the many Islamic sisters, the many women who are caught in a very difficult dilemma right now. They see the potential here for destruction, for all of these energies to get worse and worse. And yet they are constrained to be quiet, not to speak out or they would be considered then to be indeed harming God, to be standing against the very nature of what they believe in. This conflict is eating away at many women and they must be shown some aspect of forgiveness, some energy of gratitude, some energy that allows them to continue. You will see the suicide rate increasing amongst Islamic women as a result of this, though it will of course be covered up dramatically as such statistics do not become readily available to the western mind. But many will be aware of this and will be troubled by it. The result of this may be eventually a great struggle by which more power is shared, but in the mean time, listen also. It is as if those women can speak to you, that this energy that is now making the very important lessons of Islam available to everyone. That every indeed God-connected Muslim can share, needs to have the feminine contact, needs to have the awareness of the divine receptivity energy. The energy that says "I love" before it says "I will do anything be it harm or good." Understanding this capacity is of course difficult because of habit patterns. But there is an inherent connection of all women in this sense, and this is a great opportunity for these energies to be shared. Yet in a certain sense we are not the ones to speak of such matters. A moment..

Athena: To view and love, to see in truth, this is more hard than anyone knows. It is the heart's truth. The light that is focused in your heart of this energy that speaks to you, be you man or be you woman, and this light says to you, "Be the being that you have always trusted." Even in light of what seems to be happening on your planet, of the outward male destruction, inner male shame. There is the energy of woman to say "I love. I will always love. I can be this and I can teach you that it is your truth." Lest our words be seen as too metaphysical, what we speak of is actually the igniting of an energy in women all over the world that can go much further than the merely divine feminine. For as has often been stated, when the women say, ">From now on it will be this way around here," then that is the way it is. And part of that is simply because of the desire of the men for sex, for intimacy, for learning. We're not suggesting that it has come to that stage yet for such a uniting of the forces of the women on your planet, but it is clearly in the stages of consideration. And that the divine feminine is now considering the ramifications of this and asks that you be of assistance in this regard. What is the higher truth in your heart that would say then, "I would love so strongly as to put an end to war forever," on your planet. How might this be in your heart? The answer does not come by words, it comes by song, it comes by light, [makes o-o-o-ah-ah-ah sound] it comes by feeling as you sense Earth's love and her compassion for you. Feel Athena's energy, my energy with you as a light to waken, to touch, and to continue. Yet go deeper into this and ask yourself "What women elsewhere would need this also for their protection, for their enlightenment, for their heart's strength?" And as you send your energy to them, find a sound, find a light, find a symbol.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. We thank you Athena for your continued encouragement in this regard. A moment. Yes. Continue. Further questions?

Jill: Are our founding fathers here with us today? And who's who, and where? What's the significance for their coming now?

Hilarion: There is an overshadowing that is taking place. But the full manifestation of these beings is not possible amongst most of the world leaders. Indeed, there are shadows of this and many ways in which small aspects come through with the hope that others will decide and work with it. Yet there are beings who have worked clearly through times of great war and destruction and have come out on the other side of it with much benefit. Washington certainly stands as an example of this, but perhaps even more relevant is Lincoln. And his ability to continue to assist with you would certainly be valuable. See that this aspect to bring greater truth or clarity is symbolized in the observation of this and how beautiful it is as a foundation as it is held in the penny, as it is held in the lower coinage units on your planet so that in different ways in United States you may be reminded of this powerful influence. But recognize that in order for these energies to properly manifest again, the prayer for clarity must be present. For these beings act on many levels to assist but to a large extent are resisted, only a tiny bit of it can filter through at any time for those beings in positions of power. What about for you personally, though? Where can you, in learning about the founding fathers and mothers, recognize an aspect, a part of your consciousness, a part of your soul that is touched by such energies. That would seem to now be the most important way of accepting and accessing the energies of these helpful beings.

Further question?

Jill: As our freedoms are eroded, how do we live in this society? How can we hold a vision for true freedom?

Hilarion: You do not have freedom. You never did. When you were in a body, right from the beginning you made some very clear demarcations, separations, energies that limited your freedoms tremendously. Your time is very limited on your planet since you must spend so much of it in eating, taking care of your body, sleeping, and now in addition, there is earning a living. As you go through all of that you begin to recognize the joke of it: that you live, that you chose it, that the soul exists, do not be overly trapped up in the idea that this is real. It is an illusion on many levels. The true evidence of this shows up in your consciousness, in your love each time you contact it. And that is the first answer to your question. To find yourself in love, to touch that place of peace, to release the ideas of the past as being no more than the illusions of memory in your mind. And the anticipation of the future and be now, be here, be alive. This is a simple way to live, even when your freedoms are limited. And many who have found their freedoms extremely limited fall back on that as their only way to survive. This is not likely to reach that level with you but still steps in this direction are naturally taking place, little by little. Even if they are not enforced by laws, they are enforced simply by the increasing population on your planet. That there are fewer resources to share and the necessity to share more consciously with greater responsibility for each other will inevitably mean some limitations on your freedoms. How can you accept these as if then they are perfect? By recognizing that where the limitation relates to another person, you are that person and they are you. That the aspect that allows you to share responsibility for your planet is one that allows you a deeper sense of personal freedom, because then as that person dances, so do you. This is the converging in group consciousness of individual consciousness and it is this blend that is allowing the reduction of freedoms. But what you are foreseeing in your question is the reduction of freedoms that is far more rapid and this comes out of fear. And thus reducing the source of the fear, encouraging others to look carefully and ask deeper questions. By process of inquiry, by looking very deeply at every possible way in which you can ask, what is the maximum clarity here, what is really going on? This gradually dismantles the need for such freedoms out of fear and instead imposes them as appropriate. This means then that you don't struggle to be free out of being the rebel or against those, but rather those aspects that are perfectly appropriate. As you bring more sense of responsibility, shared responsibility for your planet, you will also see then the appropriate ways in which you may share these things that do reduce your freedoms but have powerful positive aspects. For instance, greater freedom for mother Earth; greater health, longevity, and awareness amongst all its peoples; greater understanding of how they can work together, to play together, to enjoy each other. These will involve the trading off of some freedoms, naturally. And this can be seen as appropriate when it is balanced in this sense of seeing what you get for it. If the only thing gotten for it, however, is a reduction of fear, be careful. You do not reduce fear by more resistance, more oppression, or more fear. That is again looking back to false evidence appearing as real. Know the truth to release the fear. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes, thank you. Can you talk about Bin Laden? Who is this character? He has the face of a saint and how is he connected with what's going on?

Hilarion: There are those who would put him forward as a potential here, to fulfill prophecy and become the anti-Christ. For the ways in which this might eventually be uncovered, is certainly of interest to many. And similarity in appearance to certain individuals who are of extremely high vibration and assistance for planet Earth is no accident. Many of these aspects will be specifically put there so that when such beings or way-showers do pop in, people will be thinking of Bin Laden and not listen to what they have to say. It will be an unconscious issue. As a single individual, just as most single individuals on your planet, they're not very important. It is the group consciousness that is commanded by this individual, and the willingness to act as a sacrifice, as somebody at the puppet strings of various governments, thus when he is handed the opportunity to manipulate the minds of those who would cause major destruction, he will take it. Even as many others would not because they recognize the consequences of these actions. But recognize always that such individuals never act alone and are working with many others. Ultimately, this is an opportunity for many of the powerful intelligent but clearly malevolent negative thought forms on your planet to gather force and strength. Sometimes they need such individuals for a time and thus there will be a certain unity that will be established by this. But do not believe those aspects that are often shared with you about this in the media. As to many right now on your planet, he is a savior, he is a hero. In fact you see this if you simply look at the birth records for the last few months and continuing for about another year: one of the most popular names for little boys is going to be Bin Laden. In many of these countries where this is perceived as indeed a hero. Ultimately though it is just a human being. A person with his dark side and light side, and that you have this in you, too. Where is the Bin Laden in you? The person who might wish to break out, to cause destruction no matter what the cost to make a point. To say then, that the return of holy lands, the return of that which is right, the return even ultimately perhaps to love and respect for each other could somehow be accomplished by violence or struggle. These are not easy things to understand and how any one person can make a step in such a direction is difficult, yet when you see the many forces that lie behind an individual and push them in that direction, you see how it is inevitable for some people to move in such direction. Does this assist?

Jill: Yes. Are there others who wish to speak?

Hilarion: There are so many and yet it is perhaps better at this time for each of you to use this energy. There has been indeed with the struggle, violence, fear, and other energies, a great questioning. So many people asking, so many people letting go of the idea that they knew it all. This is wonderful on your planet but it also means that greater opportunities are available to you personally. And so we would ask you now to imagine a special secret place, a place where you may be seated. Perhaps it is at a beach or perhaps in a tree house or in a special cave or by the river or in a place of your childhood. Go there now and feel it. Sit there and know what it feels like to sit in that location, to smell the smells around you and to let the energy of the place touch you in some way. And now recognize that a guide being of great help and assistance is growing near. Sense that there is great light around you as if a tingling sensation all throughout your body, a sensation of brushing, of a gentle breeze, of many energies of positive nature touching you deeply. And now recognize that that being has come to be with you, to sit with you, perhaps to embrace you, perhaps to look into your eyes. Keep breathing. Do not forget the breath. Let the breath be steady and clear. And recognize now that on the out breath there is a brief pause before the in breath. And each time this pause occurs, your guide looks deep into your eyes and speaks to you. Sharing with you an image, an energy, a vibration, an idea, a geometric form perhaps, a symbol, a gift. Receive it. These are the beings who wish to speak most to you now. To say then, "You are loved. You deserve to be here on Earth. Release your fear and find that love." To say to some of you, "There is an energy inside of you welling up that must be acknowledged, that wants to cry with sadness, to struggle, to shift." Let the guide be with you, loving you, sharing with you this possibility. These are the beings to speak now. Not so much then through one vehicle but through all vehicles. Through all of you asking then, "How may I know a positive helpful energy more deeply, more clearly? How may I receive it and know it?" These beings stand there ready to assist. Now to increase this, recognize that they have given to you an energy along with the idea, the memory, the message. It is an energy in your head that you move slowly to your feet and back up to your head, then down to your feet and back to your head, faster, faster, faster. An energy naturally raising your vibration, making you clear, transparent in this place. As your guide becomes clear, transparent and you see them through the being, the greater light, a God light, the energy of God with you, loving you. Not requiring anything. It is not an energy of doing but an energy of being. An energy that says to you, "You exist. The essence that is you is God, is beautiful; always has been and always will be. And as an essence in itself, to know itself, to be." Be that now. Sense that place now. And that way in which that sense, your guide, and you are one. And in that way acting as an example, God with you. That is an energy also of oneness. Breathe that energy. Again, in that space between breaths, recognize that you are transmitting, now, to God, something of you. What it's like to sit here, to be in that body, to be alive. And God, laughingly, lovingly receives that. You cannot always understand this by visualization, by ideas but you can feel it. And in that place between the breaths, feel God's loving touch. Feel the energy of your guide strengthening, helping as if to say, "Yes. By my touch, by the energy that is you, you are loved." Breathe this. Think not on what it means but simply be with that energy and you will know what it means.

All: OMMMmmmm.


Crop circle book: "The Gift : the Crop Circles Deciphered" by Doug Ruby, 1996, Blue Note Publications; ISBN: 1878398148

Iridology: work by Dr. Ignatz von Peczely

Fats, healing and the prostate gland: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

More about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information about Byron Katie and her awesome "inquiry" process, visit her web pages at The Work .

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