In 1987, Barry Lynes revealed the long-suppressed story of Royal R. Rife, the San Diego scientist who cured cancer in the 1930's. The Cancer Cure that Worked! became a classic in the alternative health movement, reviving interest in Rife's lost therapy and exposing the role of the American Medical Association in suppressing a cure for cancer.

Now Barry Lynes continues the tale with The Healing of Cancer. He reveals how the American Cancer Society misleads the public in order to collect over three hundred and fifty million dollars a year in contributions, and how part of the money is used against innovative cancer researchers. Lynes also tells how the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conspire to stop promising cancer treatments.

But most important, Lynes describes the promise of "energy medicine" as a truly effective healing therapy for cancer. He shows that the real task is not the finding of a cure, but rather the establishment of the legal and political conditions which will enable physicians to use the cancer cures which have already proved successful.

The Healing of Cancer is a challenge to the doctors, bureaucrats and businessmen who are letting thousands die of cancer each week while a cure exists. It is also a challenge to the average citizen to stop being silent while so many innocent victims undergo torture because of medical profiteering, outmoded thinking and a good deal of corrupt politics.

Cover by Paul Chaput

ISBN 0-919951-44-9

Price: $12.95 US.

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