Subtle-Energy Sense: Properly Selecting Subtle-Energy Devices

from Sedona Journal of Emergence, February 1997

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by Michael Thau

There are currently almost one thousand different subtle-energy technologies available for purchase. Devices of this kind range from foam-core pyramids (promoted as able to structure water) to complex scalar-wave medical devices to expensive computer-monitored "healing environments." Unknown to most consumers is that most subtle-energy technologies not only overstate their benefits, but also give the impression that other health-promoting activities such as exercise and diet can be reduced.

After spending nearly a decade studying many of the subtle-energy devices on the market and discussing their design with their builders/inventors, it became certain that a number of these customers are not getting full value for their money, Selecting a subtle-energy device should be like choosing a primary-care physician. We avoid those health-care providers who have a bad reputation, do not stay on top of their specialty, have questionable motives and promote false or inflated claims regarding the quality of their work.

When observing the field of subtle-energy research, I have noted that researchers promote three differing perspectives regarding subtle energies: (1) that these energies exist but do not affect organic life in any way; (2) that subtle energies are a "fifth force," distinctly different from the other four standard forces; or (3) that the variations and complexities of subtle energies manifest the four forces and elements that compose all force and matter. Regardless which perspective one values the most, many technologies are available in the marketplace that promote the idea that subtle energies can be used to improve physical health. Thus, consumers need sufficient information to make smart choices when choosing between subtle-energy devices and to learn how to spot the red flags when examining these devices.


Unfortunately, some of the creators of subtle-energy devices are more concerned with selling a product than creating the finest product possible. Shortcuts and mass-produced materials along with design flaws almost always degrade a product's quality. For instance, mass-produced molded plastic covers to house a subtle-energy device are, for reasons presented later, less desirable than custom-crafted dense wood housing. In many cases the excellence of one of these devices necessitates using only the best natural materials, which drives up the price. This describes the real dilemma in producing a subtle-energy device: it must be inexpensive enough to sell well, yet manifest high-quality subtle energy, Thankfully, there are companies building inexpensive devices that produce subtle energies of better quality than some more expensive products.


There are many terms for subtle energy, including od, orgone, scalar waves, chi, prana and tachyon and etheric energy. To reduce confusion I will use the terms etheric energy or subtle energy unless a specific term is associated with a particular technology. For example, I use the term orgone when discussing orgone-energy devices and scalar waves in discussing certain other electronic devices.


Most builders of subtle-energy devices perceive that our normal physical space is a subset of a multidimensional Hilbert space, a difficult-to-detect matrix of invisible energy that permeates all matter and space. Changes in aspects of this matrix manifest as light, atoms or force in normal physical space. A subtle-energy device is therefore one that allows the subtle energy already present to manifest more easily by attuning the subatomic mass in physical space.

I will divide this field, for the sake of discussion, into four approaches to manifesting subtle energies: electronic, sacred geometry, minor ones I will call miscellaneous, and combinations of these. Nearly all electronic subtle-energy tools are designed to collide specially phased electromagnetic [EM] waves, which will create areas of vacuum that release scalar waves. The apparatus can physically connect to the person being treated or can work at a distance; the latter fall under the category of radionics. The devices can be in the form of small black boxes, laptop computers, specially wound caduceus and Tesla coils, ultraviolet-ray probes or electrified-coil patterns such as the multiple-wave oscillator. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, depending upon design quality, use and specific capabilities.

Frequency devices are the most prolific of the electronic devices, and the electronics are usually contained in a black box that the user wears or is connected to. The device then emits a healing frequency along with a scalar wave. These are considered less effective than some other electronic devices. One criticism is that although such devices often claim to emit the dominant Earth frequency, they fail to emit additional necessary frequencies, and thus the end result is less than optimal.

Those working with sacred geometry believe that certain mathematically precise multidimensional matrices such as pyramids, dodecahedrons, moving spiral vortices and various other shapes generate subtle energies in and around the structure. On a subtle-energy level, properly shaped geometries allow the subatomic mass to act as a coherent unit, which generates more refined etheric energy and higher consciousness. Most sacred-geometry subtle-energy devices are unmoving structures that rest on a table or hang from the ceiling, but some are being marketed that have movement. Movement is not necessarily an improvement, but if properly designed, it can be. There are many sacred-geometry technologies available for sale and, unfortunately, a significant portion have design and construction flaws that impair their effectiveness.

The term miscellaneous technologies refers to a host of subtle-energy products that include inert-gas devices, orgone boxes and blankets, chi lamps, tachyon products, chi-impregnated objects and so forth. These products range in price from several dollars to many thousands. What is interesting is that in some cases the subtle-energy output of an inexpensive device in this category is preferable to that of a far more expensive one.

Combination subtle-energy technologies refers to a mixture of several subtle-energy approaches. For example, when an inert-gas device (categorized as a miscellaneous technology) is placed inside a wooden dodecahedron (a sacred-geometry device), they work synergistically, resulting in an output greater than the sum of the output of the two devices operating separately. Another example of this synergistic effect is using computers to attune a patient's etheric and other subtle bodies while the patient is within an icosahedron-shaped enclosure. Combining two or more subtle-energy approaches will often produce powerful synergistic effects.


People who wish to purchase a subtle-energy device do so occasionally to achieve greater physical health. But for a broad health program, one cannot rely on only one area and neglect all others. Experienced, reputable holistic health-care practitioners will declare that diet, exercise, exposure to air, water, soil and EM pollution, emotional stresses and genetic predispositions all have an impact on health. Therefore, subtle-energy technologies are an adjunct or complement to our attention toward these other areas.

In a hypothetical situation, let's assume that Bob's diet, emotions and to some extent the indoor pollution he is exposed to daily allow him to manifest certain viruses in his blood, which then create various physical problems. Bob goes out and purchases the first electronic subtle-energy device he comes across that purportedly kills viruses in the blood over a six-week period. Bob uses the device religiously, and indeed his health problems seem to vanish. Bob stops using the device and reports to the inventor that the device killed all his viruses and that he is now cured. Four weeks later the symptoms are back worse than ever and he feels miserable. What really happened?

The above is an all-too-common scenario. In the above situation, five possible scenarios might have occurred. Scenario one: The technology might have been completely ineffective, but Bob convinced himself that the symptoms were gone due to the well-documented placebo effect, where the mind temporarily causes the body's adverse symptoms to go into remission due to a powerful subconscious belief.

Scenario two: An actual physiological remission unrelated to the placebo effect might have occurred at the same time Bob started using the technology, but the two events were unrelated.

Scenario three; The technology might have worked, but caused a temporary rather than permanent change.

Scenario four: The technology might have killed the viruses but stressed Bob's etheric body in the process, which then left the viruses able to return.

Scenario five: The technology worked effectively to kill the viruses without weakening his etheric body, but Bob received new viruses from polluted tapwater that then replicated more easily due to emotional stress.

The point is that subtle-energy technologies should be used as only one of many methods to promote health. The best of the available devices might be able to trigger healing, but we need to realize that proper health requires attention to multiple areas.

To summarize, a subtle-energy device should be seen as a complement to our broader efforts on all fronts to restore and maintain our health, not as a crutch or magic bullet.


Then there is the issue of adverse effects. Despite what many salespeople say, if subtle energies can cause physiological and emotional change, then it cannot be safely assumed that such change is always for the better, For example, many manufacturers of subtle-energy devices use plastics and other oil-based substances in the housing or glues. These substances subtly affect the quality of the output in various ways. The petrochemical miasms (or other miasms) present in the user might be activated and lower the vibrational output of the subtle energy. The design of the device might be excellent, but a simple plastic. housing or drop of glue can reduce the overall output far lower than intended.

When examining subtle-energy devices the consumer must realize that the plastics, glues (especially those containing acetic acid) and other nonnatural compounds not only lower the vibrational output, but can also adversely affect the etheric body and miasms of the user.

How can plastics or glue affect the quality of a subtle-energy device? It is a fact that each element and compound has a vibrational frequency. If glues and plastics are in close proximity to a subtle-energy generator, their expression will color the overall output. For example, some people work with orgone technology wherein the layering of certain materials (organic and inorganic) is believed to produce a beneficial subtle-energy effect. Orgone-device builders are usually aware of subtle-energy toxicity (low etheric vibration and disorganized etheric orientation) and thus avoid using petrochemical derivatives in the manufacture of their devices. Nonetheless, novice users of orgone devices might well place it on a surface that has some degree of subtle-energy toxicity, after which that surface becomes part of the feedback of the device, drastically lowering the quality of the overall output.

Thus not only the device itself but its physical contact with other materials when in use must be considered.


There are two ways to gauge the quality of etheric energy that a particular subtle-energy device emits: through physical testing, using scientific apparatus, or through one's own intuition. Each has its merits and drawbacks.

Dr. Glen Rein, director of Quantum Biology Research Lab, has discovered and refined three different methods to test the quality and quantity of subtle energy catalyzed by a device. The first is ultraviolet spectroscopy of water, which will absorb the subtle energies; different energies show different patterns of light absorption. Some energies show an increase and others a decrease compared to controls, but these effects are dependent on the wavelength, probably due to an effect on the electrons of the oxygen atoms.

The second subtle-energy test relates to conformational changes in human DNA. Different types of energy/information cause DNA to either wind or unwind. This kinetic response can also be used to distinguish the different types of energy; for example, some will cause an immediate effect that will last for two hours, and so on.

The third subtle-energy test refers to biological assays that measure the growth of human lymphocytes or other cells. Some information in subtle energy will increase growth and other information will reduce or inhibit further growth.

Quantum Biology Research Lab can arrange for scientific testing of selected subtle-energy devices. Dr. Glen Rein's book Quantum Biology: Healing with Subtle Energy is also available through the catalog company, Tools for Exploration.

Most of us do not have the luxury of being able to test all of the subtle-energy technologies scientifically, so we examine the device during operation and rely on our intuition to tell us if it is of sufficient quality. Of course, the coherency of our intuition will affect the understanding we obtain.


There are four broad areas to look at when evaluating the quality of energy put out by one of these devices: the light or spiritual consciousness it assists, and its degree and type of complexity, orientation and rarefaction.

When working with subtle energy, it is to be noted that the energy is a slower, polarized lower-octave reflection of light, which itself is a lower octave of Source consciousness. Therefore, each subtle-energy field represents a specific bundle or packet of spiritual information for teaching within certain areas of growth.

The excellent book The Principles of Energy by Milani and Smith discusses complexity quite nicely. Essentially, complexity refers to the fact that few subtle-energy technologies emit pure energy, but rather a mixture of energy and mass. Mass can be seen as one type of complexity, like the anu or anu combinations explained in Occult Chemistry by Leadbeater and Besant, wherein combinations of anu become subquarks as described in the book Extra-Sensory Perception of Quarks by Stephen M. Phillips, Ph.D. Ideally, a subtle energy would have zero complexity (mass) and be pure energy.

Orientation refers to the degree of organization (coherency) the etheric energy manifests. Most subtle-energy devices manifest energies that are not arranged like those of an orderly crystalline matrix. Instead, it is as if the subtle energies within different spaces are doing their own thing, so to speak. There is a lack of focus or connectivity throughout the entire field. If the output of a device is incoherent, you might feel wild swings in the overall quality of the etheric energy or that the energy is not balanced. Any chaotic or random orientation of energy would be extremely difficult to assimilate into the body.

Rarefactionis what some call vibration. It refers to the quality and balance of an etheric energy. The more rarefied it is, then the less mass, greater balance and more healing potential it has.

Taken together, the optimum subtle-energy device will allow significant spiritual consciousness to manifest, have zero mass output, be approximately 95% or more coherent in its orientation and have exceptional rarefaction. When this occurs, etheric density (the normal etheric incoherence and complexity in the space around us) drops to zero. This means that the orientation and rarefaction of local etheric energy becomes coherent and rarefied and the higher spiritual energies are able to manifest without resistance. At zero etheric density the primary expression of the subtle energy changes from etheric to low-grade astral light. Exceptionally few subtle-energy devices exist today that operate at this level of healing. Those that do are called spiritual technologies.

Builders of subtle-energy devices might not often reach this optimum for simple reasons, including the incorporation of low-vibration materials such as plastics and certain glues and the presence of low-rarefaction etheric energy in parts of the device. And sometimes there is a design flaw that blocks the free flow of energy. Although these flaws are often located in the energy-emitting part of the device, it is sometimes due to overall design obstacles.


A red flag is a danger signal or general caution that should make you pause and become wary when examining a subtle-energy device. A red flag does not always mean that the technology should be avoided, but that the smart shopper ask further questions. Since it affects your health, it pays to be careful when dealing with the salesperson.

The most obvious and common red flag is the implication that the device will cure cancer, AIDS or some other specific physical healing. Since many physical afflictions are a result of pollution, miasms and/or negative emotions, any device would have to eliminate those factors to permanently eliminate the physical affliction.

Questions to ask include the following: (1) Have the benefits of this device been tested by an independent third party and if so, by whom? (2) Who is the qualified health-care practitioner in charge of the long-term study that proved the medical benefits? (3) When was the device designed and manufactured?

It was briefly mentioned that some subtle-energy devices might adversely change the shape of the etheric body or exacerbate one or more miasms in the subtle bodies. Any device that uses plastics, glues or other man-made chemicals has this potential unless the rarefaction of the etheric energy output is inordinately high or something else is done to counteract those coloring energies.

There are some computerized devices where this is not a problem because those materials are sufficiently isolated from the user and/or the rarefaction level is sufficient to cancel out any imbalances. When considering the purchase of a device that has a plastic housing or uses glue, ask the seller what specific characteristics are designed to eliminate the potentially disruptive effects of the petrochemicals present and whether the builder feels it important enough not to use those materials in future models. If you do not feel comfortable with the quality of the answer you receive, then walk away.

An excellent subtle-energy device might be practically useless if there is insufficient training or instruction. For example, some technologies (like the multiple-wave oscillator) can cause severe dehydration. Others, like some orgone boxes and certain sacred geometries can actually emit unhealthy subtle energies when misused. Analyze the quality of written and verbal instructions, cautions, contraindications and the training that is available with purchase. If you feel that there is insufficient or poor instruction, then consider another technology.

Accurate intuitive testing of subtle-energy devices during a conference or expo can be difficult. There are usually a number of subtle-energy technologies and so many people milling about that the quality of accurate intuitive information is reduced. Finding an exhibitor who feels comfortable letting you examine the device away from the other exhibits and people will help you sense more accurately its subtle-energy characteristics. (Some individuals find that washing their hands first in cold water improves the sensitivity of their impressions.)

Another red flag is when the builder or salesperson refers to how well the technology worked when the "original" inventor used it. Naming Tesla, Rife, Reich, Lakhovski and so on is common. Be aware that the device being marketed is undoubtably different from what the above inventors created. The device before you might be technologically better, but the chances are that it is not as effective.

You can afford to be critical. Many of the subtle-energy devices you encounter will simply not provide the benefits being promoted, and you can focus on the small number of such technologies that are excellent by comparison. (See below for a list of individuals and companies distributing subtle-energy technologies that meet the basic tests of quality and integrity.)


Define your goal. You first need to define your specific goal when you shop for a subtle-energy device. Is it to improve an aspect of physical health or to increase spiritual consciousness? If it is for physical health, to what extent would a subtle-energy device make a difference? Has research been conducted using that device to treat the problem you have? If it is for spiritual consciousness, will the technology assist the specific kind of growth you are seeking, or is the technology too general in its effects? Know your specific needs and do not compromise them.

Research the market. After you define your specific needs, then research the market in subtle-energy products. Do not buy the first device you see. Know what's available and from whom. Contact companies that sell a variety of subtle-energy devices via catalogs such as Tools for Exploration, (800) 456-9887. Go to trade shows and question the speakers and exhibitors at the Whole Life Expos. Call the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy-Medicine (303) 278-2228; the International Association for New Science (970) 482-3731; the International Tesla Society (7l9) 475-0918; Global Sciences (303) 452-9300; the U.S. Psychotronics Association, 3459 Montrose Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618, or the Advanced Water Sciences Symposium (214} 682-9162. Ask if they know of companies or individuals selling subtle-energy devices for non-medical purposes.

Narrow the best to two. By now you might have found a number of subtle-energy devices that appear to meet your needs. Using the information that you have collected, narrow the technologies down to the top two best candidates. If possible, do some additional networking and contact several people familiar with that device and technology and the reputation of its designer and distributor.

Identify yourself as a possible purchaser of one of these devices and say that you wish to get further information. You want to know what background technology supports the device(s) axe where you can get written material about it.

Ask whether the inventor/builder has been written about and how to obtain those materials. Ask if there is any written information about the materials used in the device; if not, ask for details they know about.

Then ask for testimonials of people who have used these devices, with phone numbers so that you can ask pertinent questions that will help you decide if their experience is relevant to you. Get as much written data as possible, or at least learn how to obtain it.


Is all of the evidence of the technology's benefits anecdotal, or has there been a long-term research program that monitors users over time?

What are the contraindications when using the device? Does it cause dehydration or a healing crisis?

Does it adversely affect a pacemaker or lessen the effects of medication?

Does it cause drowsiness ?

Can it be misused, and what constitutes misuse?

Are the instructions available for reading before purchase?

Some subtle-energy devices are sold at discounted prices at trade shows or during specials. Ask the manufacturer or distributor if that is the case with the device you are interested in. Also, check pricing among the distributors, their markup can vary. Always ask if the model you are interested in is the latest version, or if it will soon be replaced with an improved version at the same price. Find out if the distributor gives credit for the used model as a trade-in when a new version comes out.

By now you should have a good sense of which device will best meet your needs, its cost and how to purchase it. Use it carefully and, if possible, keep a journal of your use, describing date and time of use, method of use and perceived effects. In this way, if there is a problem you can communicate your journal information to the manufacturer, who is more likely to assist you or perhaps even give you a refund when warranted.


Although the field of subtle-energy technology is rife with false advertising and misleading products, there are some excellent devices available. (Neither the writer nor publisher is in any way affiliated with any of the following individuals, companies or product lines.) These devices/technologies were chosen because of (1) the high quality and balance of the subtle-energy output, (2) the reputation of the people who designed and distribute the devices and (3) the presence of another multidimensional Hilbert space even more rarefied than that of the etheric subtle-energy matrix. Of course, 1 recommend these technologies for experimental purposes only. I can neither suggest nor imply any use related to physical health, and I recommend the guidance of a qualified reputable holistic health-care practitioner.

Recommendation No. 1: Unidirectional and omnidirectional inert-gas devices. One or more of the five inert gases are compressed inside naval bronze containers and magnetically stimulated. The argon omnidirectional inert-gas device makes an excellent general-use device because it substantially lowers the surrounding etheric density. The xenon omnidirectional inert-gas device also seems to have some amazing effects upon consciousness. Unidirectional inert-gas devices are generally used during sleeping for overnight attunement.

Quantum Biology Research Laboratory has tested an earlier inert-gas device and it tested somewhat above average. There is stronger than usual anecdotal support of the devices among users, and prices are quite reasonable, given the cost of construction. Technical information about inert-gas devices is found in the book Einstein Doesn't Work Here Anymore by Maurice B. Cooke (Marcus Books, Toronto, Canada, 1983), which discusses some of the research in inert-gas technology. In addition, Jon Fox's Hilarion Internet home page at also discusses inert-gas technologies.

For non-medical, amusement purposes only, inert-gas technologies can be purchased from Jon Fox at P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959. His Email address is How to reach Jon!.

Recommendation No. 2: The company Metaforms produces sacred-geometry tools as well as a harmonic circuit. The sacred-geometry tools are beautifully crafted consciousness-raising mixtures of art and science, Favorites include the 3-D Star and the Rare-Gas Resonator. Although all Metaforms devices emit a more balanced subtle energy than most, the Rare-Gas Resonator is one of this technology's most rarefied manifestations of energy readily available. I was also impressed by Metaforms' harmonic circuit, a device that reduces stress and incoherence in the electrical wiring and EM fields throughout the house.

Some feel that it is easily one of the best of these devices available. Metaforms produces spiritual technologies aimed at instilling a sense of higher consciousness that has balancing and healing effects. Many Metaforms can be hung from the ceiling, allowing meditation and spiritual work beneath them For more information contact Metaforms, P.O. Box 2262, Boulder, CO 80306; (303) 449-5918.

Recommendation No. 3: Biomagnetic Research, Inc. makes various subtle-energy products. The focus of many of them is to reduce the adverse effects associated with the EM fields of computers and other electrical appliances. Their literature, titled "Tests on Crystal Catalyst Electronic Smog Busters," discusses the product testing to date. Although less expensive than many subtle-energy devices, their output is more balanced and, in some cases, more effective than their more expensive counterparts. For more information contact Biomagnetic Research, Inc., Rt. 1, Box 35-D, Globe, AZ 85501; (520) 425-5051.

Recommendation No. 4: The Harmonic Wave Table created by Rita Ward of Natama Institute in Sedona, AZ. The Harmonic Wave Table was developed to assist in healing sessions by promoting relaxation and supplying the essences of many elements needed by the human body to achieve and maintain balance. The table works with the client's EM field, gently moving the energies of their physical and subtle bodies. As a physical body relaxes, energy is able to move at a deeper level within the physical body, allowing deep core issues to be addressed in a safe and contained energy environment. By placing specific elements within reach of the physical body while in a state of open relaxation, the body's innate intelligence retrieves what it needs from its environment. Each table is created site-specific. A table designed for Colorado will have needs different from one used in Arizona. Healing takes place in all subtle bodies but predominantly in the etheric, mental and higher spiritual bodies of the person using the table. Healers will find this custom-designed technology especially useful for their clients.

For additional information contact Poseidon Connection, P.O. Box 3095, Winter Park CO 804822 (970)726-8004.

Recommendation No. 5: The Bioenergetic Transducer-Aided Resonance (BETAR) invented by Peter Kelly of Dimensional Science utilizes phase-conjugate sound in a special application of time-reversed EM propagation. Research to date suggests that the full BETAR system is currently one of the six best healing technologies available anywhere. The BETAR consists of a geodesic dome surrounding a bed. Transducers are placed along one's spine to coincide with the energy systems of the body. Healing music is emitted through a sophisticated sound system, deeply aligning and attuning all of the subtle bodies. What happens is that the BETAR runs a continuous, fast Fourier transform on the pulse of energy detected from the human structure via the transducers. The changes that your body produces as a result of listening, hearing and feeling the music are looped back to the computer, which then adjusts the transducers. The information returning to the person is 180 degrees out of phase.

Neurosurgeon Norman Shealy, M.D., developer of the TENS machine, has done extensive research on the neurochemical effects of the BETAR. Dr. Shealy's research has documented changes in brain chemistry associated with pain control in BETAR sessions. Shealy, among other researchers, continues to research the many beneficial effects of the BETAR.

Dimensional Science, like the other groups listed, makes a conscious attempt to heal at levels of refinement above that of simple etheric energy. The BETAR is a spiritual technology that attunes a person at the highest spiritual levels. Trained operators assist each client during their session. For additional information about the BETAR as well as the many other fields of research that Dimensional Sciences is engaged in, contact Peter Kelly, Dimensional Sciences, Inc., P.O. Box 167, Oasis Road, Lakemont, GA 30552; (706) 782-6301.

Recommendation No. 6: The Sound Spectrum Analysis computer system

from Sound Energy Research. The Sound Spectrum Analysis system takes a voiceprint from an individual, separates and analyzes the tonal fragments of the voice and converts the tonal fragments into visible graphs of the mineral content or state of balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of the person. The technology then produces a series of tones or vibrations matching the minerals that are out of balance and resonates them back to the person through a technology called the MiraCoil. The 109 elemental tones mere discovered by placing each element in a tumbler of saline solution and passing a laser beam through the solution, then analyzing the spectra. The wavelengths were then converted into matching sound frequencies of a lower octave.

The MiraCoil is a very advanced, customizable subtle-energy device consisting of electrical coil windings based on the shapes of the platonic solids. The shaped coils surround clear quartz-crystal tubes, which can then hold higher-vibrational materials such as flower essences, pure gold and so on. The system works at its highest level of consciousness when available inert-gas containers are placed in the quartz tubes. For additional information contact Robert Lloy, Sound Energy Research, 2101 Bermuda Dr., Oxnard, CA 93030; (805) 278-0233 or via Email at

[Manufacturers of other subtle-energy devices are invited to contact the author so that he might learn about their technologies.]


The following is an exceptionally short sampling of some of the many excellent books and publications available for laypersons to improve their understanding of subtle energies.

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Copyright 1997 Michael Thau

Michael Thau has been writing about and researching spiritual and subtle-energy technologies since 1987. He is the publisher of Natural Science: The Newsletter of Biophysics; creator of the 1993 New Science and Technology Expo; publisher of and contributing writer for the book Spiritual Energy and Technology: Understanding the Relationships; creator of the Radiant Waters Spiritual Technology Research Project; and is the executive director of Plant-It 2000, a nonprofit tree-planting foundation.

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