This book is Hilarionís comprehensive teaching on the spiritual significance of the human body...the feet, legs, internal organs, head - plus a complete course in esoteric palmistry.

Through the telepathic channel M.B.Cooke, Hilarion gives us a major work in the series that began with The Nature of Reality. If you have ever wondered what that funny mark on your chin means, or the old scar on your middle finger, or the recurrent trouble with your kidneys (stomach, pancreas, whatever), then this is the book for you.

In their clear and persuasive style, Hilarion shows that the temple we inhabit is literally brimming over with esoteric significance and hidden meaning - all there to be read by 'those who have eyes to see.'

It has often been said that the task of man on earth is to 'know himself.' The Publishers hope that this book will make that task a little easier for us all.

[Sorry - this book is now out of print ]

Price: $8.95 US.

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