From the Author, Michel J. P. Desmarquet:

"In June of 1987, I was abducted by Extra-terrestrial Beings, highly evolved spiritually, and also the most technologically developed in our galaxy.

They took me PHYSICALLY to their planet on a journey that had a time lapse of nine Earthly days. It was not an Astral travel, nor an Astral contact - I was there with my Physical Body, incredible as it may seem.

By transubstantiation, we traveled through the light barrier, moving in and out of space and time, instead of moving through it.

For our physicists of course, this is unexplainable, but I witnessed it... 

We are not the only human beings in the galaxy...

This book not only conveys a message I am relaying on their behalf, it contains the most sensational revelations of the century... Amazing revelations on:


Comment from Jon C. Fox:

This book has a definite ring of total truth to it.

One of the greatest reviews or recommendations I can ever give about a book is that of tears. Yes, I cried often while reading this journal of one man's transformation. And no, this book isn't about an "Alien Abduction" in the way you are probably thinking, based on the terrible original title! No little grey men and paralyzing ray guns or fear or surgeries - quite the opposite. Michel is greatly enlightened and enhanced by his time spent on the planet Thiaoouba, which is in our galaxy but very far away. He is treated with great respect and honor, even though the enlightened and decidedly human beings working with him and teaching him are so incredibly far advanced that he must have seemed at times quite childish to them.

You will find a ring of great familiarity about the planet Thiaoouba - where everything is so full of an inner light and radiance. Yet this is a reality we are (too slowly) moving towards ourselves.

After his experience, Michel wrote this book to convey to all of us on Earth a very important message from these kind, loving, healing and very advanced people. Based on their many studies of civilizations all over our galaxy, they recognize ours at a critical turning point. Even the few people who read this book and act on its message can turn the course of history NOW. But if we do not - if we ignore this message and its profound implications for our survival - we will surely go the way of extinction that has become of so many other civilizations.

As if you hadn't guessed by now, this is a very powerful book. I'd call it the most important book of the year, but it was first printed in 1993! So it seems we in the U.S.A. have a lot of catching up to do to keep up with our Australian cousins. Highly Recommended - in fact, life changing.

Note: The title does not properly convey the uplifting and beautiful nature of this book. In fact, it has been re-titled twice! The other titles are: The Golden Planet and The Thiaoouba Prophecy. All the editions are exactly the same except for the title itself. The book comes from Australia and the only edition I have been able to find here from my sources in the USA is this one titled "ABDUCTION TO THE NINTH PLANET."

ISBN 0-646-1S996-8

Price: $16.95 US.

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