Hilarion Spring Equinox Channeling 2002

Welcome. This is the Hilarion channeling for the Spring Equinox, March 21st, 2002. Jon C. Fox will be channeling Hilarion, who will be answering questions from those in attendance in Nevada City, as well as those sent in via the internet. For further information on channelings, books or tapes, contact Jon C. Fox, P. O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959. Please visit us on our web site: hilarion.com. , or visit our catalog at: hilarion.com/hilcat.html.

Hilarion: Greetings to all of you. This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into various matters, we would first recognize this powerful, important, beginning moment of Spring, all that it represents in your consciousness: new ideas, new awakenings, new pathways. A willingness to accept what you may have perhaps in the past rejected as it comes around again. A willingness to set aside the mind, the ideas and instead simply to breathe the sweet breath of Spring, Earth’s sweet smells, awakening of energies as the insect kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom wake up. Of course this is the beginning of Fall in the Southern hemisphere, but as most of those interested in this information and this attunement reside in the Northern hemisphere, this then is the opportunity of this collective consciousness awakening in the Spring season. As the earth moves through her cycles, there are the equinoxes symbolizing the point in Earth’s breath in which the breath is equal. And so as you begin to recognize these energies of equal day and equal night, you see that the opportunity is now moving towards the awakening of the longer day period. Therefore the attention on the individual, the awakening of individuality. The willingness to take ideas that have been perhaps percolating in your consciousness during the winter and bring them out into consciousness, out into the open, out into the daylight, into the sunlight, to be known, to be observed, to be played with. So also with your relationships, with your willingness to share your ideas with others. Communication and most importantly, the opportunity to make this for yourselves a better world.

But before beginning to look more into the specifics on this as most of the questions all relate to the specific ways in which you could improve your lives, your planet and so on; we would specifically begin then with the idea of emerald light. That you recognize a powerful light already in place. A cylinder from infinitely upward through you to center earth, some thirty meters or a hundred feet or so in diameter. And as you breathe this light and recognize its energy component as connecting, as protecting, see also that there is another side to it, a softer side. A side from which there is a touching, a resonance, an energy in you already present of an emerald light. The emerald has been spoken of in relationship to grief, the willingness to let go of held concepts and ideas, to cry where necessary. It is not a grief ray, but it is a ray of energy that allows you if there is something stuck, something hidden, something ready to be released, to do so now. To welcome it and more importantly now, to see that there was no need to hold it in the first place. That this energy can be shifted and changed, simply by your love of yourself, your world and what you came here to do.

This will bring us to a very important question that many people are considering. Is this the path? Am I doing what I came here for? There are levels in which the guides, helpers, and especially those who coached you before you came into your existence here in hearing this question, struggle with it. They struggle at times between laughing and crying. Because the laughter is about how could you have possibly forgotten with all of the studying, all of the energy, all of the things that you were attracted to in childhood, all of the friendships that you rejected that were not along that path and all of the ones you accepted that were. But crying in the way in which you would seriously recognize for yourself that you truly, deeply strive for this awakening and when you encounter it at times, walk away from it as if to say, “This is not me, this is not the energy that I came in with. It is too frightening, too much responsibility, too much this or too much that.” No, it is not that they cry because of your grief at forgetting what you are here for. That was part of the plan. It was part of most individuals’ idea in coming here. But not everybody. There are a few individuals who are very clear about this as they evolve. Not necessarily remembering, that is to say that they remember and recognize all of the aspects of what they worked on before they came into their bodies, but they instead simply recognize that they are here for certain, specific things that give them joy, that are important to them. And so the question, “What am I here for?”, the contracts and so on, it doesn’t even come up for them. This is very important to recognize because it gives you a little hint as to how these energies unfold. That even in those individuals who are on the path, a filter exists as to how much of this they know for themselves. You begin to recognize the training for this of course. That it is teaching you about your intuition, about your sense of trust, about your willingness to come from the heart in answering such a question and not your mind. And that these often are difficult but take a lot of practice, therefore, a lot of incarnations before you get it right. And from again the point of view of guides and helpers, you are forgiven if you get it wrong. Because you are here primarily for most people to learn about that process of getting it right, of coming from the heart, of interacting with other people, to learn from them, to learn about yourself and so on. Not to accomplish one great important task.

This is a very confusing state of affairs, but as with all things the idea of as above, so below, the various ways of the law of reflection manifesting itself in so many ways on your planet. You are surrounded by variety in nature, in relationship, in information. In various aspects all around you, you see, rather than anything being homogenous, everything then has so many differences. Is this not an important hint to you? That you are not here for the one thing, you are here for the many things. This does not in any way take away from certain important tasks to be accomplished, things you are going to focus on, contracts you have created for yourself and so on. But when you understand this overall point of view at first that you are here to learn many things by experiencing them, you then perhaps can make the first step towards knowing your contracts, having a deeper sense and more importantly, awakening your memory of what you were doing in your planning stages before you came into this life. And that means relaxing about it. Taking a step back, laughing or crying with it. Not being so serious about that one pointed purpose that you forget and ignore the beauty around you.

And so right now look at the animals as they are coming into the Springtime, as they are awakening. They are filled with and immeshed into the abundance, the variety and all of the different energies around them. Ready to play. Ready to give birth. Ready to share energy. This is an important time, therefore, not only to focus on what is yours to do, your speciality, but to welcome those aspects, those playful, intuitive or even animal sides of yourself too. Not just because it’s fun to do and because that is the symbol in the world, but because that will also help you to step aside from all of your impediments to knowing what you are here for. It will help you be more lighthearted and relaxed about it. Specifically it shows up over and over that there are certain things in the world that are a lot more fun for you to do than others. When you have fun doing them, and you begin to accomplish some things and some people come along and say, “That’s good work”, you begin to shift your reality about it from process orientation to goal orientation. What have I created here, how is it being judged and so on. This is of course significantly exacerbated by a school system that gives the whole process of learning a goal with a grade, with a particular diploma or a degree. Or other opportunities that are afforded to you when your process allows you to evolve to a certain point that you have therefore met certain criteria. It is as if the very process itself which is indeed quite intangible, is somehow turned into a goal. This is no accident because for each individual to find a powerful and important balance between goal and process is an important lesson in the very aspect of incarnating, of being in the physical world. But what it means is that in a certain sense, those very things that give you joy, are those to which you are most sensitive to letting go or losing the joy, because you are then willing to substitute goal for process. This is important to recognize in the larger scheme of things. At the specific level it isn’t all that much help. When you are feeling the fun however, you may then start to ask yourself, “What of this particular project, though a lot of fun for me, doesn’t accomplish anything? It doesn’t complete itself, it doesn’t produce a particular device, a particular relationship or a particular degree or certificate or reward in the world. But still it was a lot of fun.” Has it engaged you? Has it allowed you to evolve? Have you been able to couple the two processes of your own evolution, your own clarification with the enjoyment of life? With the aspect of consolation that makes it to the highest level enjoyable, interesting, fun? If you have, what you have done is teach yourself a very powerful lesson about learning, about growing.

This is a lesson that is to some extent being lost on the children. The ones who come into this world, who then look to the school system in order to understand and are given goal from such an early process on that they aren’t able to recognize in themselves the higher option for fun and process. But at the same time, know that it is within their consciousness to achieve this. If they look to others who have the wherewithall to understand this, they will often be shown the process and immediately it will be turned into goal. Some aspect in which they can make a painting that can be admired on the refrigerator. Or a grade taken on a test.

Indeed the whole idea of ritual is to back out of that whole area. Ritual is purely process. There is in the end of a ritual, sometimes a souvenir you have of it. But certainly the process itself never had that as its ultimate goal. Yes, when I do this whole ritual, I’ll get to take home a feather! But rather it is the way in which that process itself enables the individual to change, to awaken, to shift. And so in some ways ritual is quite needed for these children, which ever way they can come to it.

And so also for the child in you. The child that would be confused about life purpose, about tasks, about contracts. The child who would say then, “I am being judged. I am being graded on the process of my own evolution.” If you can return to this aspect of the fun and really enjoy it for yourself and it is that which also has some evolutionary quality to it, you will generally find, simply by this unconscious sort of blundering process what you’ve come here for. Now of course it is possible for you to ask another being. But when you do that what you’ll usually discover is their agenda, not yours. So we don’t usually recommend this. Instead to know more consciously it always makes sense to remember more of that time in which you began to decide what you were working on. And to do this, those psychic processes that develop intuition are quite effective. If in its state of meditation or projection in sleep, you then decide I want to know where and when, what and how I was doing before I came into this body, you will have many answers naturally arising.

We have spoken about this in the past with the idea of visiting your extra-physical hometown, but this is a calling point now for many. It is as if those beings who are still in your extra-physical hometown working on what they’re working on in their aspect of preparation before they come into this world are having a stronger and stronger effect on the world. It is as if the raising of vibration here at the physical level is simultaneously matched at the non-physical level by an intensification of energy. It is not that the energies there are lowering, though they are on some segments of course, but it is rather that the energies are more consciously aware that what is happening on planet Earth is relating to their existence and what they are doing is relating to existence on planet Earth. Understanding this is very important because it enables you to find answers with help from non-physical beings.

Unfortunately most of the answers that people receive when they open to such levels, they do so unconsciously and the answers that they receive are somewhat negative. They are the energies of beings who don’t know they have died, intruders, psychotic post-mortems, beings who struggle simply to know what is going on for them and so on, who will then unconsciously attach to others at the physical reality. To solve this takes education - more and more people simply being aware that this is happening. When you have a sense that something like this is going on for you or for people around you, the obvious thing is to raise the vibration. If the vibration at the physical level is that which is intolerable to such beings who need it to be dense, dark and difficult in order to continue in their place of ignorance, fear and struggle; then raise the vibration. “Oh,” you might ask, “but how?” There are many ways to do this of course and it isn’t as if any one way is better than any other. You’re going to find the ones that are suitable for you by asking.

Sometimes it is very important to speak to that being and it is easier than you think. Oh yes, the person that you’re with is going to deny all of it and you are going to feel embarrassed about speaking to somebody who is non-physical. But you can always take them aside for a moment. You go into the bathroom, you excuse yourself saying, “You know I need to go talk to myself in the bathroom for a few minutes,” and do so in an intriguing way and you know that being is going to follow you. They are quite curious just as the curiosity might be aroused in anyone who would hear such words. It isn’t as if it’s going to be a big commitment. The being is going to be away from its host for maybe a matter of a minute or two, and then what you say is what you feel. If you are sensing that such a being is indeed a psychotic post-mortem, a being that has died that doesn’t know he has died, tell him he is dead. That is the obvious thing. He has been hearing it from a lot of non-physicals, a lot of beings, his relatives, helpers and others. Of course he doesn’t believe them, because nobody he is attached to at the physical world says he is dead. And so your word has tremendous weight in this regard. Indeed the individual Edith Fiore in her book, The Unquiet Dead, deals with this very specific plan of action in which you address the individual and you tell that being what’s going on and you tell it also to recognize what’s happening, to wake up, to be then surrounded by beings of light and benefit and go towards them and receive that energy. When you come out of the bathroom of course, your friend won’t know why but he feels a lot better. However, you haven’t solved anything really because if that individual is attracting such beings because of a darkness, a difficulty, some aspect within himself that is leaking energy of a darker nature, then of course he will attract another psychotic post-mortem at some point in the future, and you’ll have to pay the timely visit to his bathroom again.

However, education in this regard is of tremendous value. It is where you speak about such matters, where you investigate them, where you learn about them. If the individual then changes his or her vibration, then it is not going to be so easy for attachment to take place. And this is another important technique, and this you can teach.

This will lead us to another question with regard to vibrational state, various other exercises, energizations and so on. But recognize that there are so many of these and more are coming all the time. These have many names, even ascension process is one of these. Even aspects of various kinds of exercise can be this. But the point is, that at some level, the subtle bodies, closest to the physical, most particularly etheric body, or that which has sometimes been called the holo-chakra, is energized. As an energy passes into that part it is that which pulls energy away from the physical. It will tend to stress the nervous system to some extent, particularly when you’re not so good at it, when you are just learning. And as the energy collects, you can direct it. If you decide to direct it into dark or difficult activities then that is what you’ll be attracted to and that which other beings will be attracted to. But if you put it on light, if you attune it to higher vibrational things, things of benefit, things of openness, things of welcoming, things of wonder, then that is what you will go to. You get to choose.

One very important exercise however, is one that does not rely on visualization and tends still to be neglected on your planet. Because visualization usually works with visual attributes, forms, colors, shapes and so on. Many people are simply not able to work with such. But they can feel. The physical body, the kinesthetic sensation is something that everyone has, and can usually work with at an internal level because they have developed it quite extensively in their young period, particularly from about six months old to about three years old. This is a time period of great sensuality, of touching the world, of feeling things, of putting them in your mouth, sensing the movement of your own body, your own weight, temperature, colors - almost perceived as by touching and so on. Remember that because sometimes a childlike response, an evocation of a relaxed, playful way of being encourages and enhances the integration of the information and ideas that come from a kinesthetically based exercise. That is when you are enhancing the kinesthetic sense, sometimes to integrate it, to understand it, you need to see it with the eyes of a child, feel it with the heart of a child, open to it with the childlike way.

One excellent way to do this is simply to imagine sensation, for instance as a tapping or a brushing sensation. Usually you will be more sensitive to this in its points where the interconnectivity between the higher subtle bodies particularly the etheric body and the physical body is most strong. And these are over the acupuncture points. So you could imagine for instance a brushing sensation over the web of the thumb on the outside of the hand corresponding to important small intestine point and as you sense this you could imagine as if a paintbrush was rubbing back and forth across that part of the hand. Get a feeling of this, get a sense of it. A tingling sensation - begin to note within you. That is your etheric body making a stronger connection to the physical. That is the basis of the whole thing.

And so as you move this energy, this brushing sensation throughout the body, you can awaken it. You can bring the sense of the energy conduit or connection shared between etheric and physical and raise your energy. Coordinate this with the breath, with the idea of a higher energy, of a positive vibration as if in a sweeping of the energy up through the body and you will enhance this even further and raise its vibration.

Now there is a question about such kinesthetically based exercises particularly as described in the book, Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce compared to the idea of moving the energy up and down very quickly in the body, an exercise as described by Dr. Waldo Vieira as the vibrational state. Well these have different aspects to them and some are more suitable and easier to achieve. For others the other, and many others. So many exercises: merkabah, spinning light, various geometric forms, it goes on and on. Pick the one that you want for this week and try another one next week. There is not to say that there is any limitation or any need for one to be focused on over another. However, what will be noted is that there is a sort of bleed over; that as you erect the conscious raising with one, you’ll find another easier to do. And sometimes the best way to move into all of these is only in the projection. So go to sleep, find that energy within your own consciousness that you can do as you find yourself projected. That is, the whole idea of this is that when you find yourself out of the body and can recall the energization, the energy moving through your own now projected body, you will naturally raise your vibration and allow you then to raise to a much higher level your interactions. It won’t anymore just be a matter of flying around and having fun, you will actually go to very powerful places of learning, interact with beings of higher vibration and learn a lot. And enhance your ability to remember this. And or course, in line with the earlier question, enhance your capacity likely to visit your extra-physical hometown, where you were before this life, and what you decided, what you thought about, what you were learning, the contracts you made, and the people you met, and so on. Not as information imposed from outside but as your own memory of this.

Now, the other important issue however, as you come to all of these ways of understanding this, has to be much more than simply knowing what you are here for. What about prioritizing? What about looking at what this all really means in the larger sense? What about the global aspect of what you are here for? Oh no Hilarion, let’s just focus on the personal questions tonight, the important issues about the aspects in my life that I need to deal with. That is of course perfectly appropriate in the Spring time because of the tremendous influence on the individual. But sorry, we can’t do that because there are just too many guides and helpers, too many energies saying, “If you don’t get this together pretty soon, you’re not going to have a planet anymore. It won’t be physical, because it will have been destroyed.” Understanding this is very important because the aspect associated with this relates to fear at the level of misunderstanding and perhaps to action or even the sense that time is running out at a more positive level.

There are many symbols for this all around you - worsening economic conditions, various aspects of pollution or earthquakes, volcanoes and so on. And the approaching planetoid to perhaps cause great difficulty with Earth. And further out, a large body, a large mass. This is all aimed at Earth it would seem. And what is the lesson of that? That you must recognize that you are here to look at your whole planet too. Not just to be here for the individual lessons, but the united energy, the congruent energy, the coherent energy. What is missing on your planet, which is now being instilled by our words a little bit at a time about your life, is prioritization. And so the first steps towards this are along the lines of a big plan.

From the other side, there are many different ways to look at this, with many of the energies focalizing around 2012. There are those who have foreseen that it would be time of cataclysm or difficulty. Others, a time of tremendous change or transition, where one vibrational reality shifts to another. These are all valid points of view because they are simply predicting the future and well, as we’ve stated often, prediction ain’t what it used to be. But as you understand for yourselves how this is unfolding, you will see that at a personal level it is also about an energy that moves through you, that is associated with your guides and helpers, your evolutionary orienter, that is the person who advised you and assisted you before you came into this reality. The messages, contracts and ideas that you had before you were coming here. All of these seemingly now to be more and more important. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet by comparison to how important those ideas are going to feel to you in 2011. As if time is truly running out.

The Mayans had a deep understanding of the evolutionary scale, the way in which the calendar in its own cycling allowed change and transformation points to this time of 2012 as one in which powerful change is not only important, it is required, it is inevitable, it is welcomed by Earth herself. And so for this reason, it is as if the cycle of cycles on top of cycles completing themselves around that time requires you to prioritize. What is most important? What are you here for? Not from the point of view of a contract or something you think you came here to do or what is fun for you; but from the point of view of what is best for your own evolution. What is that which you would prioritize in your life to help you learn?

Now for those of you who listen to our energy, you would at times prioritize that you are going to get to hear a Hilarion channeling and that certainly has its value. So also then for the rest of the planet to look carefully at what they are all here for. Some people really believe that its to make a lot of money and they live their lives that way. And these are the beings whose identity is so connected with this that they are willing to kill, to destroy your planet, to shift their own energies even to a place of ruthlessness or lies in order to make that money. But what is that money? It is only, you could say then, an illusion about their own power, about who they think they are and many other things. And it is possible that you can learn what you need to here on this planet without getting too involved in that. Letting them do their thing while you do yours. Even though it affects you course with regard to the quality of food you eat, the availability of medical care, the opportunity to interact with others, the ability to express yourself freely and many other things that are more and more being affected by corporate tyranny, corporate mentality and those in positions of power who continue to make decisions in this regard. Yet, what they have not done is prioritize. Because they do not ask the question, “All right, I have a lot of money, so what? What has it taught me? Where has it taken me? How has it been valuable? Is this all?”

And so indeed, you must look at this for yourself. What the hope is, from the non-physicals, from the higher guide beings, from the helpers, all the energies coming together in 2012 to burst forth on the planet with some powerful shift in consciousness, and this shift therefore to be positive. What kind of a shift should it be? And in asking yourself that question you get a better idea what we mean by prioritizing. Because perhaps what that would be is an opportunity for more love. Perhaps a world where people are welcomed for their differences rather than criticized for them. Perhaps a world in which there is more creativity or joy.

These are your personal priorities. Those things which you would find most important to be combined with those of the rest of the planet. And you will recognize that the potential here is great for polarization. That there will be many individuals who will say, “Money is enough. I do not have to go further than this. I do not have to know more than this, if I simply have lots and lots of it, then I have done my job here.”

It is hoped that by having more consensus reality, more individuals looking at this prioritization business, understanding the higher potential here for clarification, for using the experiences of Earth to truly understand themselves; that such individuals as who might then be attracted to more baser or more mundane aspects such as money, would then look again - What has it bought me? What has this money brought me? How have I learned and isn’t there something missing inside?

When those individuals in position of power decide to prioritize with regards to the maximization of what they’re here for, their spiritual experience, you will see some profound changes on your planet. Especially by then, because by 2012 this continuing concentration into corporate authority even over all governmental authority is likely to be even stronger and more powerful affecting every aspect of your lives and every aspect of the lives of everyone on your planet.

At the same time as this, of course, is a backup plan. Various energies from various beings to shift things. There are many of these plans. Some to include cataclysmic change as in an approaching planet whose course is flexible. It can be changed or shifted by the consciousness of humanity. But if by 2012 it is not sufficiently understood and shifted, then that may be perhaps the best way - a great impact, a great starting again where the destructive energies are able to rebuild eventually. Yes, many souls suffer in the process but those who are ready for it, who welcome it with joy as a transition to a new level of energy, will not suffer. But of course that is only one of many backup plans.

Another of tremendous importance is simply technological. Unfortunately, all of those capacities seem to lead to the same road, the same end result. That is where technological inventions provide free energy, various capacities for those things that are perceived as valuable, the manifestation of all for everyone - enough food, enough water, enough energy, and so on; the economic system is destroyed. Those people in positions of power have that taken away and those who are struggling with the whole issue of money, deservedness and what it means, they are also changed by this. Thus a general idea to slow down these technological discoveries, at least in terms of their being released to the world at large, continues. There are many of these discoveries that are very simple, that are based on technology that can easily be reproduced by many people. And over the next five year period more and more of this is likely to come out. But as it does you will be hard pressed then to know what is the right way to proceed with this.

In the meantime then the whole emphasis on the issues of terrorism and what it means, your own fears therefore focused on, will be important to the planet because, if some of these technologies fall into the hands of individuals who have very short sited aims, they are not prioritizing in a way that has anything to do with the whole reality, with other beings except perhaps those within their own circle, great destruction can easily result to your planet. It is for this reason that the slowing down of this wide dissemination of these new technologies will continue. However, be assured the technologies exist. People have developed them, have been successful with them and will continue. And there are many of these. Some are simple like the jo-cell, others are complex like the pap engine. And others are simple like Grebenikov’s ideas of anti-gravity based on insect world observation. But in every one of these there is always one piece difficult to access or more. And these are provided so that when you come to them you will consider carefully your role in this. How will this be disseminated. How the study of this will be shared appropriately with the planet. And you will get the idea many times then that this is to be held as a backup plan, when people cannot otherwise come together with sufficient reason and understanding to prioritize.

One interesting way to conceive of 2012 is that it acts as a sort of deadline. If we don’t have it by then, then what will happen? We really wouldn’t want to impose such a deadline because it isn’t intrinsic in the nature of things itself, but it does simply show up over and over as a sort of seed point in the sense of how a crystal is formed. That the seed crystal then begins the process by which everything else coalesces. And so then the emergence of this idea that it is perhaps time to focus on such energies and that a prioritization or the idea of 2012 acting as the most positive, helpful transition point could be helpful to think about.

Now of course we would make our own suggestions as to prioritizing, what’s really important. But that doesn’t really mean anything. It is your idea that counts, because you are in the physical world, you are relating to others, you are receiving the energy, and knowing it for yourselves.

Now along this line, there are certain hints that show up over and over. Astrology has been utilized to map out these hints, to help you understand them, and perhaps at times return to them with ideas. However, the understanding of these goes through different interpretations, different people looking at them in different ways, and so on. And so then we are asked at times for our interpretation. And specifically in this case, about the north and south nodes of the moon. As you look at these, you may see that there is a sort of alignment of the energies associated with this business of movement - from one energy to another, from eclipse to eclipse, from awakening perhaps into sleep and back to awakening. And so you may see that you have had roles or jobs in past lives associated with south node. And the energies are what can be, what can be attracted to you and fun for you. But as a specific role to accomplish, as associated with the north node, these as occurring in the natal chart. But in the mundane astrology, that is the astrology relating to the reality of the world, of the shared conscious reality, it becomes very interesting when you see Mars’ powerful interaction with the United States right now associated with the north node and this role of war maker, war machinery, war interaction. It seems a little strange doesn’t it Mars the god of war interacting at such a level when the people of the world would see the Americans perhaps as having the greatest potential for peace making. But they screw it up regularly don’t they? Yet, they have been able to successfully wage wars, successfully in the limited sense of what they are able to hold as their own goal: subjugation, economic change, various other aspects brought in. And so therefore, we would suggest that this approach recognize the intrinsic value of Mars in its transformative nature. In its ability to change thought forms. An internal war you might say. The capacity of male expression, of a willingness in an individual to reach out and to change. That this is the transformed opportunity for Americans and for America.

However, the deeper understanding of this, Mars and its connection to the United States is likely to continue over and over in different ways as people in this world run into their difficulties, and those in the United States decide it is their idea, their activity to interfere. To work with these energies for the peace and the security of the planet perhaps or perhaps for opportunities for shifting the economic realities.

However, it would be wise within each individual to make their own decision at a personal level for this. That is, looking at how Mars figures in your chart, in your natal chart, can help you sometimes approach and work with these energies in a more forgiving and loving way. And of course, when you suggest them to your government authorities that they don’t perhaps invade or work with another country, give another thing they can do with that energy. A way which a new transformation or a new energy can be shifted, or an expression of something artistic, or cross-cultural, or helpful can be invited. For this also does run deep into American symbolism: the cross-cultural melting pot, the ability to absorb and work with many cultures and so on.

Now there is a question posed about an interesting phenomenon called wing makers. This is at once an artistic vision, an energy that has been shared by one individual, brought forth for many to recognize and to see as inspiring, as helpful, as something that would perhaps eventually have commercial value, or in other ways indicated not to be quite what it appears to be. And thus many have accused these perpetrators of this idea as a hoax, as an energy that is not really true. At its core, however, it is inspired. This is always the process you know of artistic creation. That it comes from many levels as it then makes its way into the physical. And though many of the aspects of certain caves, places of miraculous energies and so on may not actually be true in form, at the subtle level, indeed they are true. And many energies have proceeded to inspire and assist others through those who might otherwise be engaged in commercial pursuits. After all, there were times in his life when Picasso was painting to please those others, to engage those he wanted to make an impression on, and it does not take away from the art at all. The painting can still be quite inspiring and able to shift your energy and able to lift your spirits or your point of view shifted, etc.

And so as you go deeper into the Wing Makers, realize that, those who have created this, have an agenda. Just then that agenda is able to resonate with the agenda of higher non-physical beings. And those energies of helpers, guides and others to inspire you, to see that you have other ways to relate to the world, to feel by sound, by vision, by various energies in yourself, a creative spark, a new energy to play with and so on. This is being invited by these experiences. You do not have to take them all at face value to tune into the essence of this energy.

This brings us to another question which really relates to essence energy: about the manifestation in the world of the ability to be fully present. This is not the same as being a sybarite, or a bohemian, or an individual who is so focused in the present as to do acts of folly or things that are more based on wishful thinking. But rather, the energy focused on being in the now, fully present without the limitations of potential for past and future, can allow you to contact an energy. That energy is an essence energy. It is a powerful energy because it is beyond specific creativity. It is not at the causal level that seeks to manifest in form as this or that, but rather, an energy that is closer to a pure God energy, an energy more like love, like interconnectedness, like beingness. This is why those who are the promoters of the power of now meditations, those who invite you to experience this, those who have written about it such as Eckhart Tolle and others, these various energies are there for you to experience and from the experience know the energy, understand it and feel it, not our words about it or anyone else’s. When you are in that presence, it becomes simultaneously the presence of, perhaps it is God, universal energy, the sun, the moon, whatever you want to call it; but it is a presence of and at the same time you are present. You are experiencing your presence in reality, in here and now unencumbered by these ideas of past and future.

So, without speaking about it too much, the idea of this can be explained simply by a letting go. Because that is an essential energy. It is as if then, in the power of now meditation, that letting go goes further and further so that you are not so encumbered by the thoughts, by the chatter, by those energies that are distracting. This does not mean that you are irresponsible. It simply means that you are receiving energy. If then it is appropriate to use that energy in stages of planning, interaction with others, drawing on information you have learned from the past; you can do so by letting go of those aspects of being present; but you can also bring the sense of presence into those activities. This takes a lot of practice of course and the first place to begin with it is in yourself by attempting this exercise. Indeed, by regular practice with it, you become more familiar with the energy of it. If you can remember that power of now exercise, if you can awaken that sense of being present in the now, when you are asleep, in your dream, or in your projection, you will find that it attracts to you a tremendous amount of energy. An energy that you can use for positive and helpful things quickly.

And so we would suggest then this little meditation: that you first become consciously aware of your breath, in and out of the body. Particularly notice, that in the moments between breath, there is a little bit of silence. Notice especially in the moment of complete exhalation just before the inhalation, it is as if that silence runs deep. Now letting go of all of that for a moment, but knowing you are going to come back to it, become aware of how you perceive your past, your experiences, what you’ve done, whom you’ve known, the languages you have spoken, the places you have been. All of that as if a great burden upon you now instantly released when you remember that those are just your memories. The random firings of nerves in your brain or the accommodation or accumulation of various energies. They are just your memories. They aren’t existing now of course. Where you are now is where you are now. You are not then doing those experiences, meeting those people, or doing those things from the past. Recognize that as you let go of those memories, you can be more and more focused again on that breath. And especially on the moment between breath.

Then think of your future and you realize that it is just anticipation. It hasn’t happened yet so you don’t really know what it is going to be. And as you let that go and recognize that it relates as much to your fears, your opportunities to project what you think is going to happen and so on; that it again is false, it is not real. All that it is, is your own projection, your own anxiety, your own anticipation. Let it go and come back to the breath. The experience of the breath and especially that moment between breaths, and you’ll begin to notice an energy. It simply is. It is a presence. It is there for you. And it is an answer to a question such as, who are you. As you begin to recognize that energy and feel it and receive it.

And now as you recognize the energy, as you welcome it, you will notice that you are occasionally distracted by thoughts. Thoughts of the past or energies of the future. Let them go. Return your attention to the breath. To the moment between breaths, especially now expanding more into the breathing, into the body of the breathing, into your consciousness, into your reality, into your life.

This essence has many important aspects to it, but one of them is the idea that it simply is there to be touched into and received. And it is perceived by your guides and helpers as an energy that is helpful to you on many levels. And so there are many who are bringing through different forms of this, different exercises to be done. It is an energy that has been contacted in so many different ways already with such exercises as tai chi or chi gong. But now, the idea of going to it directly, of working with it quickly and easily is being unearthed again by many beings all over your planet in so many different ways.

And then we would suggest letting go of all of this. Simply being aware of the physical body. It is a good moment for a little stretch.

Yes, Hilarion here again. There are questions with regard to the nature of these non-physicals and physicals interacting. And a question of what has been posed to us many times in the past coming up again with perhaps a deeper aspect to it, and that is about walk-ins. What we observe is a rare situation here but it does occur. An individual decides, at some level, they’ve had enough of this life, of this planet. They wish to enter again into an intermissive period, prepare for the next life and so on. The body’s still in good shape however, and they don’t have a lot of karma in which they need to experience death as by something painful and difficult, knowing also that that painful and difficult experience might distract them as they go to the other side. They might be so immeshed in that pain that it would take them a while to pull out of it and their agenda to go rapidly to other levels of vibration and learning would make it so obvious that a walk-in phenomenon would be perfect for them.

This usually happens over a period of a few months, in which as the individual decides and understands this, contact is made with a being suitable to take over the physical body. When this occurs, there is usually a complete switch over. Sometimes an individual can get stuck coming in or leaving where they change their mind about it, or the fear aspect is too strong; but that’s pretty rare. And so when the phenomenon takes place, there may be some residual memories in the physical body of the individual, but most likely there will be an entirely new set: memories, personalities, ideas, and important aspects to come forth. Usually this is most easily facilitated by some physical shock. It can be a near accident, some powerful emotional experience. But usually it is something that enables both beings to make a clear division so that the moment of transition takes place easily. Now, this phenomenon is the classic walk-in and one that is generally beneficial for those engaged. There is a contract, it is obliged by both sides to take care with the other, and to make this as easy as possible on both.

However, there are those who would assume that when a personality exerts its control over an individual, that this is a walk-in. And this is usually not. The residual personality in the individual is fighting this. This is not a contract of ease and goodness. It is rather one in which there is struggle and difficulty. This is not a walk-in in the usual sense. It is a way in which the resident capacity of the individual is magnetizing an intruder, a being from non-physical reality. Usually not a psychotic post-mortem however, but a being who knows that it is intruding, trying to take over the physical body. But not always so. Sometimes indeed it is an individual that just doesn’t know better. In either case, it always makes sense here to educate, to speak of the matter with the individual. And you will recognize that under most situations there is a great sadness, a depression, a difficulty of emotion in the individual who is suffering during this experience that is magnetizing to a similar suffering experience of the non-physical. This can be healed. It can be spoken about. It can be brought out in transformative consciousness. It can be worked with in meditation. You can understand it and work with it by speaking about the truth of it, remembering such things as F. E. A. R. - false evidence appearing as real. Looking for what is real and what is not. And recognizing that most of the emotions associated with this have as an underpinning some fear, something within the individual struggled with, not understood. There will usually be powerful belief patterns about deservability, about lovability and other matters that need to come out.

If however, drugs are taken, or various ways to slow down these processes of conscious evolution are imposed, and these could be recreational drugs or prescription drugs, the individual’s ability to wrestle with the issues, to understand, will be reduced. The opportunity to make the conscious shift, to educate and so on, will be reduced. It will be difficult under such situations for anyone outside to help.

The real key of course, when you are outside is to ask the right questions. To underscore you could say, the importance of your friendship, of the love you have, or to unearth in that individual some deeply held belief pattern. Some way in which the individual can shift because they want to. You can also work at a consciential therapy level with the non-physical being in the same way, allowing an energy of communication and your intuition to speak with that being; as if to look at what is grieving, hurting, allowing struggle for that being. The key to this is always going to be a raising of consciousness for both parties where they are then able to make a conscious decision to either allow the walk-in phenomenon as a contract, the way that it is of maximum benefit. Perhaps it will mean that the individual does leave the physical body and does welcome perhaps another being into the body who is of a higher vibration than the intruder that they are currently working with. Or, that there will be a clear cut divination, of dividing of lines, so that that person is no longer going to be intruded upon, and the intruder will find another avenue, another raising of energy, another place of benefit.

This points up the whole idea, however o f the constant and more intense interaction between non-physical beings and physical beings. And as you understand this, you begin to evolve in your own consciousness more and more. But with such evolution there is not only the greater difficulty imposed when drugs are utilized, but the other side to it - greater weakness imposed when nutrition is inadequate. There has been such an emphasis for such a long time on low-fat diets that much of the nervous system in so many people is being starved to death, is debilitating. How can the nervous system function when the proper fuel is not available? Yet the nervous system is important in development of psychic ability, intuition, ascension process, capacity to evolve and all of the rest; particularly at the beginning stages.

Later as more and more energy is directly received, the consciousness does not need the physical body so much, but in the beginning, it is very important. And for this reason the low fat diets are making some important points about reducing heart disease or other things, but they are not understanding, those involved in this, the tremendous benefit of raw fats for nurturing and strengthening the nervous system. It is not then that a low fat diet is good or bad, it is rather that a low heated fat diet is then preferable, and one high in fats that have never been heated over 40 degrees centigrade, that is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Remembering this is important as you work with meditation because the body must be strengthened and must receive those fuels that it is designed for. You see the design in the human being so obviously when you look at the infant. The body doesn’t change that much as it grows older in terms of its receptivity to the nutrients that are provided by mother’s milk. Mother’s milk is quite high in fat, and that fat is easily absorbed; it is far better to be taken in the raw state. As any dairy man will tell you when he speaks of his herd of cows, knowing that the calves will die if they are fed only pasturized milk, their mother’s milk must be raw in order to be absorbed and allow them to develop and strengthen their physical bodies.

So it is also then a little hint as you look at perfect food for people that raw fat is nourishing, strengthening, rebuilding and helpful. In terms however of spiritual development, there is not a hard and fast rule for this. Some individuals will have such sufficient level of spiritual development that they don’t need much food at all. Or that they can convert food that would otherwise be poisonous and difficult. But this is much rarer than most people think. And many nervous system difficulties, many hyper sensitivities, many difficulties with allergic response, what would seem as intrusion or even over psychic sensitivity is simply due to insufficient raw fat. The nervous system is simply not being fed.

Now, we would perhaps receive a few more questions.

Q. How can we work with the emerald ray in our everyday life? Can we invoke it when it’s needed? And are there specific techniques that we should know about?

Hilarion: It is a matter of some interest, not just to our energy, but to all of those involved in the emerald ray from the non-physical level. There are only so many rays to go around you know, as you might work with the energies from one or the other, you would see that their own opportunities arise. Many individuals are interested in the business of matter and form and the understanding of how one is transferred to the other, of how energies can interchange and can be developed appropriately for their own development of their higher psychic abilities but also at a physical level for their own art, music and their various inventions and ideas. These are the best ways to invoke the emerald ray, by your ability to anchor it at a physical level. Yet, when you surround yourself with this as an energy, you’re welcoming to yourself, not only the energies of those aspects related to the emerald ray that you are working on now, but those that you have worked on in the past, those that may be drawn to your consciousness by others, and those energies from your own potential future self. Yet it is better in some ways to make a kinesthetic reference if possible. Thus as you receive that light, let it touch you. Can it have a silky smooth or penetrating warmth? Or positive vibrating characteristic? Some aspect to it that you would see as inherently nurturing, would enable a deeper receptivity of the creative aspect of that light. However, as you would work with it, you will also naturally be inviting our energy, and the energy from others who have worked with this emerald light. It does have a certain degree of requirement: to manifest, to bring something more clearly into form, or to better understand it at some level. Recognizing that responsibility will naturally enhance the integrative process of receiving that light more easily. Is this sufficient?

Q. Are there secret manuscripts or objects hidden in Rosslyn chapel in Scotland? Do they relate to early Christianity and the mystery religions? Will they be found and when?

Hilarion: Yes, yes, and soon. Because this is to happen for many places, where these various secret documents and other matters have been hidden. But as many will recognize in working with these, tumultuous change, new ideas, changing of old patterns, and inevitably taking power away from those who wield it through dogmatic religions results when full translation of documents of this matter comes forth. And so indeed there are those who already know about these and do not want them to come forward, for they would lose some of their positions of power and authority in the world. However, as you tune into such energies or are attracted to it yourself, you can tune into the original energies in which the documents were written in the first place. You can receive the essence of this and its positive intent. You can even write them down yourself as you allow that energy from those beings who were receiving the energies of higher vibrational energies, higher vibrational beings, scholars and helpers from the other lands to come through you too. And in this sense, energy and information are not limited. They can come as you open to them, as you receive the possibility. Further questions?

Q. Can you give us some clarification on the 12th planet, Nibiru, heading toward us, and when will it be here?

Hilarion: There are many lines coming together for this. We see a passage soon with the potential for a gravitational interaction with one of the outer planets, potentially Saturn, though possibly Jupiter to then allow it to swing back. This would allow the opportunity for cataclysmic response. The opportunity for this is as back up plan as previously mentioned with primary focalization for the maximum potential for difficulty somewhere about 2012. There are those who would predict much sooner than this, and that is likely with regards to a closer approach. But does not seem so likely in terms of the consciousness energy, that people need such destructive energy now. Indeed, the opportunity for bringing energies more consciously to bear upon the positive aspect would naturally allow these energies of a more physical, dense nature to move out from the world and be in many ways modulated or shifted by higher intelligent, non-physical beings in such a way that the planet’s course would then move away from earth, and such destruction would be entirely unnecessary. It is hard to say with absolute certainty given all of the variables. It does appear however, that concern is warranted. And the opportunity for people to get clearer about what is important to them. What good is this world if you’re going to use it only for the mundane aspects. You know when you leave this physical world, you don’t take those with you. So what are you here to focus on and work with through your experiences to really know love, to really experience learning, to really experience to the depth of your soul transformation, awakening, understanding, capacity to make this as if deeply real within you. If you do not take advantage of that, you don’t really need the world do you? It is from such a cold hearted place that these cycles have allowed this planet to come back. It is an energy that would attract it here if there is more of this confusion, struggle, difficulty and focus on the ways in which one might seek power over others as opposed to a higher prioritization, a higher more loving way perhaps. In that sense the old adage comes up again: the choice is yours. Further question?

Q. Can you talk more about free energy? Is there a way to make a Joe cell work?

Hilarion: The key is in the opportunity to appropriately blend the purest of materials with intuitive knowledge to place them. Such placement will inevitably bring new configurations; more and more efficient, more and more able to work faster and more effectively. At first, interaction with consciousness is necessary in these and other developments of the physical world where your own ability to focus energy, focus your intent, has a role to play. But, as you get the larger picture of this, tuning in with emerald light energy, or looking at the larger prioritization, or other matters we’ve spoken of today, you begin to recognize the implications. If, out of simple inexpensive materials, wide spread amounts of energy were available on your planet, great, tumultuous change would very likely result for the lives of many on your planet. Yes, many would say; it is time for such a change. We would not disagree. But could such a change be accomplished without great destruction and harm and the potential for the back wash effect? One in which people in positions of power then choose to destroy rather than to create. Thus, the very energies that bring forth the birth of new technologies such as this can in your own consciousness, restrict your intuition, restrict your ideas about this, because you worry about the consequences. Therefore, it is important to be able to look with the greatest degree of love, with the idea that what you’re going to do in your development will not be shared in a way that would harm others. It will be perfected to a place where when it does seem the time is chosen, then a technological backup plan that would include free energy devices, would be appropriate for the planet. You must have within your own consciousness several important things to make this so: a real belief that you would know the right time for this; a real belief in your own willingness to make steps in such a direction; a real belief that in your heart you are not in it for the money, for the power over others, for some opportunity to be admired; in other words, you are doing it for truly altruistic motives. These and other things that occur to you as part of your own evolution will enhance your abilities when you accept them deeply to work with technology just as it is, not adding anything to it or making it more complicated than it has to be. Is this sufficient?

Q. Can an engine work on this?

Hilarion: Yes.

Q. Is there a technique to put you in tune with your contract? How do you activate your soul plan?

Hilarion: We have alluded to this several times, with the most direct way being a full spectrum memory that occurs while in the projected state. You visit your extra-physical hometown. You tune into the energies you had before you came into this world, and receive all that you created, not as if to receive it from little intuitive methods - tarot cards, channelings, other people’s ideas, or any of the rest of it. However, since we are channeling, we certainly have a little difficulty in stepping aside from our own suggestions, don’t we? And so what we would suggest for your own consciousness is the little hints as being those as best as possible derived from your own ideas not those of others. Specifically a second image meditation would be of some value to you, because it gets you back to that being of the light heartedness, the fun, the childlike way. Imagine yourself in a mirror, that being as you perceive changes - older, younger, fatter, thinner, clothed, nude, clothed all different ways. Working out all of these options, play with them until the image stabilizes. Then see that being exit the mirror and go into the world and try different things - a job here, a re-location there, a person to talk to, a book to read, just sitting quietly. But you see that it is your second image doing this, not you. You see the division, the non-attachment is enhanced by this process. And then, as you see the second image doing these things, notice, gently peripherally, what is happening in your physical body - a sense of expansion, warmth, lightness. That is yes, this is part of my contract, this is to be pursued, this is helpful. A sense of heaviness, coldness, contraction - this means no. Yes, these are little hints, but because you derive them yourself and work with how you perceive them, you will be enhancing your own opportunities in this regard and bringing in more of that energy.

A more direct way of working with this would be to as consciously and clearly, both in mediation and in the sleep state, deliberately invite the idea of visiting your extra-physical hometown. Of tuning into that place and that energy, surrounding yourself with it, and then looking at these issues again. As your memory awakens, it becomes clearer and easier. But, so also will this bring to you other memories, memories of mistakes or difficulties. And it brings up a much greater potential. What if, what you receive and remember is to do a certain thing or go in a certain direction or to meet certain people - none of which has happened. All of it was supposed to have happened by now in the way in which you imagined it, in the way in which you welcomed it. What are you going to do then? You have a few choices of course. But what you will recognize is that there is an intent to this, something to be learned by your being, and it can be accomplished by other means. Or, if all you can accomplish at this stage of your life is a small percentage, even if it is only five percent of that original opportunity, then that is there for you to do. That is there for you to awaken to. It is important to realize this because sometimes as a result partly of insufficient fats in the body, particularly those raw fats that strengthen the nervous system, and as a result of these memories and attunements, a depression may result. The individual may feel quite sad. Or go through various difficulties in recognizing what has occurred. Sometimes this is called mid-life crisis, though it need not happen at the mid-point in your life.

And as you recognize this as a real possibility, you do not have to be so caught up in it that you take it so seriously. You can recognize that these are energies ready to change and that you have invited this and that you are now ready to change them. As you nourish the physical body and allow yourself to enjoy the things that you do have, the things that are fun, though, please, not those that are illegal or fattening or harmful to you on any level; but meaning especially those that are quite helpful in your own evolving, your own understanding, as well as those that are fun. You will be able to map out new opportunities, new things based on what you have learned that would be important to you. Now there is an important spectrum that is created as you tune into the place where you were before you were born, and that is the place you are going to be after you die. You are preparing in the period before you were born for this life. But this cycle continues. You are preparing now for what you are going to be in the next life and especially what you are going to work with when you leave this life. The spiritual matters, the energies and attunements that you work with at a psychic level, the emotional development; those things will serve you very well in the next intermissive period, that is before you are born in the next life but when you are out of a body in this one. The more you attune to this consciously, the more you welcome naturally and easily, the energies of attunement you had before. We’ve given examples of this for instance, suggesting that you think of powerful, positive, helpful energy for a part of you perhaps that was suffering ten years ago and project to that being some of that energy. This naturally opens the opportunity for your future self ten years from now to project energy of a positive nature to you now, that you could receive. And no accident that we mention ten years since that would take you to 2012. But the whole idea of this can be expanded way more once you understand the principle that simply enables you at a belief pattern level to accept that you are more than physical, that you have a multi-dimensional existence, that you receive energies and give them. Simply making the process more conscious enables you then more easily to continue. Does this answer the question?

Q. Can we ask Athena to bring in some more Divine feminine? What does she want us to know at this time?

Athena: There is a place in your heart that understands the sweetness of Spring, a beautiful smell, but a delicate one. Right now are the beginning blossoms, the earliest flowers. But now these are to remind you of all of the Springs past, all of the times that you have felt of newness, of being, of wakening. So now hold in your heart this idea of a tiny bud awakening, of the little baby being born. As the baby bird hatched from the egg, or the new life brought to the world. And then see that its greatest capacity, its greatest energy to be released - a freedom, an opportunity to do so much. You feel so many restrictions in your world, so many rules, so many ways in which you have interacted with others that are appropriate and others that are not, so many sensitivities about what you can and cannot say as if you have forgotten this. And so in the Springtime, this place of letting go, of finding a new way to speak, a new scent, a new way of playing.

You will find behind this is an essence that is very energetic. It is something that wants to dance, to experience the physicality. This is a great and beautiful lesson for you if you can understand its essence, its heart - that this is an expressive principle. That is the perfect marriage of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine. As if this powerful energy to birth in the world the ultimate manifestation of the receptive feminine energy is as the perfect mother to give forth birth as the expressive principle. And so in your heart think for a moment: what is there that you have not expressed? What way of love have you held back in your life?

The energy becomes strong now to bring this forth, to share it somehow. You can also take this with reminiscence. Do you find your mind sometimes taking you back to what you did not do or say in the past? Something missed? There is a reason for this. You must move beyond its trapping in the past. Bring it into the present; bring it into now. And ask yourself, if you had done that thing, what would the experience be in your heart? That is what you are looking for now. That is the energy to birth forth with something beautiful, something loving.

There is also a powerful thought form on your planet now, gathering strength, about the changing of the DNA. Not just in people at a positive level, but in plants as it spreads wildly through the ecosphere with all the experiments that are being done. The positive side to this is mutability, the opportunity to receive. And what better light and energy to be received by these new comings of plants, than the energy in your heart of love, of a way of expression and intercommunication, and connectedness. There is a great and beautiful song going on on your planet. It is always moving through its changes, and its energies, and its shifts. But now, that Springtime energy begins to touch that song and shift it to become a lighter one, a more buoyant song, a beautiful song. To feel it in your heart. To feel it in the music of life. Not the music you hear on the radio. Not the pop song or the rap song or even the classical song, but a song behind that song. An energy of the whisperings, of the breezes, of the birds. Of the sounds of the Earth herself underneath your feet. Of the rustlings of the wind. If you may hear these as they would course through your body, you will feel their energy, and you will see that it is saying, you can let go of the beliefs that have held you back. You can receive Divine Mother energy of Earth’s bounty now. You can feel it if you listen, if you hold it in your heart.

So see those energies as a part of life. Be nourished by them. But then ask, where might this be a healing, a helpful energy? And you may sometimes find that it is attracted to a tree, to an animal, to a place. See that as your part to play in it and do not figure it out or question it, but simply allow that sense of light, a little gesture such as the movement of your arms away from your heart outward, or a light projected from your heart as you would imagine it. Or the sense of a vibration, like a singing through the palms of your hands out. Simple things like this can have a profound effect on the natural kingdoms around you. The budding plants, the devas, confused by traffic and noise and pollution, receiving an energy that says, there is love here. There is awakening.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. We thank you Athena for this reminder of the continual attunement to the natural kingdoms and the willingness to receive this being so emphasized at this time in the Spring.

There is sufficient energy perhaps for another (question), but then it might be good to end.

Q. There is a question about the people and the earth, Agarthians who live inside the earth.

Hilarion: These beings have important messages for people, but at the same time, are somewhat restricted because they have watched the movement of civilizations from Lemuria through Atlantis through Egyptian, Chinese and current day civilizations. They have a great deal of insight and information, and at the same time, have watched humanity in its struggles. And so this is why information and understanding about these beings remains limited. Why at times people must come to their understanding about various inner-Earth dwellers on their own. A time for this will eventually arise. But in the meantime there is a fellow who would speak.

Hurok: I am Hurok. You have in some of your dreams met me. I have been a gate keeper, a guardian of inner realms. This is a symbol of your inner realms. The place inside of you that allows the meeting of different energies. Yet in our world, there is a sun; it is not dark. It is quite bright. That is the great central sun in the center of your planet. Many have theorized, your scientists, laughingly as we see it, about this but, indeed, that is a warmth and a light that you know. That you feel at times when you sense your Mother Earth. But what I am here to tell you is that there is far more within the Earth than you realize. Many energies about where you have been and what you can be, as if the sense of your potential that you can go to a place in which you organize yourselves, allowing energies of benefit for the whole planet. And when you do this, you will see some remarkable changes as earthquakes lessen, as volcanic activity shifts, and various things of the Earth become more beautiful. The effects of consciousness on your planet, in times such as this, have been observed before. The Earth becomes more sensitive not less. Her vibration increasing to meet that of your own. We hope, we pray that you will take care of this planet. That you will be able to at some point, receive our energy and understand what we have witnessed. And at the same time, recognize your destiny to evolve beyond planets, beyond individuals. To use your capacity for love, for healing and assisting many worlds, beginning with this one.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. We thank this being and all that he represents and has assisted. And recognize the honor served by sharing such agenda as hopes for humanity. And with this perhaps it would be wise to bring this to a close for today, if that’s all right. We remind you of the emerald light energy again forming a cylinder about 100 feet diameter. But see that it has an interesting, stimulating, beautiful quality. As it touches your body, it has the feeling within it that you can accomplish, that you can grow, that you can change. But that most importantly, you can love. That that love can be stimulated easily in every part of you, and that you can receive it. And so now for a minute, simply recognize that love in your soul as it pours into you and through you and down to Earth. And Earth loving you responds. Her energy bubbling up into your body, into your heart where it forms an om, an Earth om, which we ask you to share out loud. Good bye.


Fats and healing : We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

More about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us, including psychotic post-mortems: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information about Byron Katie and her awesome "inquiry" process, visit her web pages at The Work .

[We offer this channeling on audio tape as well. We do these quarterly channelings every March 21st, June 21st, September 21st and December 21st, as public events, usually in Northern California. We offer a 1-year's subscription for $35.00. We mail the tapes out the day after the channeling, so as a subsciber, you will hear them first. Some weeks later, we post these channelings in written and/or streaming audio form on these web pages. To subscribe, or to learn more about it, please visit our Hilarion Catalog.]

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