Hilarion Winter Solstice Channeling 2001

Jill: Greetings. This is the Hilarion channeling for the winter solstice, December 21, 2001. Jon Fox will be channeling Hilarion. He will be addressing questions from those in attendance, as well as questions from the internet. For further information on channelings, books or tapes, contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA, 95959 (or visit our catalog ).

Hilarion: Yes, greetings; greetings to all of you. Yes, this is the energy being or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into various matters, looking at energy in a more direct fashion and other aspects of the advantage to this time of seasonal change…we ask you first simply to open to the energy that surrounds you, created in your imagination as an emerald light forming a cylinder around you. Imagine this is about 100 feet or 30 meters in diameter, to contain this room but also to project as a light infinitely upward and through you to the center of Earth, connecting, protecting. Infinitely upward, allowing deeper contact with guides, helpers; but most importantly your highest self, the part of your being that always is, that energy that inspires you in a personal way. And the other side of that cylinder, mother Earth; her energies now so receptive, so able to receive and know you…get you to know her.

The winter solstice in the northern hemisphere is a powerful time of Earth breath, moving in and out, to the moment between breaths, the moment of stillness, the moment of no-time. And in that moment, there is as if a coordination, a synchronization For a moment, your breath and Earth’s breath are one. Time itself, as it stands still, awakens in consciousness many things all at once across your planet, as many people in their dreams, in their places of stillness and meditation, even in the moments between powerful, important, distracting activity, be it war or struggle, still feel this energy. Tune into it and understand it. It is this which the ancients understood as they would watch these cycles of the Sun moving through the heavens the length of the day and night; and understand that this is the time in which, as the longest night…again, northern-hemisphere focused…is enabled; this energy of group consciousness maximally shared by many. Now, in the time of the longest nights, the emphasis in consciousness is on the group. The nature of the group as beings incarnate; as nonphysical beings working with you; as the energies that you have been and will be; as your soul group; as your family group; as your country; as your planet. As you understand this, there is also another part, however; it is as if the words are there to enable you to see where to step, but the words do not help you as you step. Because in this place there is a stillness. The point of the stillness is to remember; is to awaken something in you that is natural, because in all of your past lives on Earth, in all of your time you have already spent in this life, you have experienced this cycle over and over.

Many times this cycle has been understood by the wise ones on your planet, and so they’ve used it as a point of ritual and, of course, adopted it as a way for the Christian community to recognize an energy similar…though it is a few days later, at Christmastime, still it is an important energy… Recognizing in yourself what this means gives you a hint as to its true capabilities. What are the animals doing? Is another important question to be asking; because in this moment they are quiet, they are in hibernation where they have that opportunity. Food may be scarce; they are looking ahead to the difficult winter months. They are receiving energy and questions: Who will survive? Who will not? What will humanity do with us? Answer this for the animals in your heart. Stepping away from the questions, the answers of an intellectual nature, political nature, economic nature--all the things that you want to know about and even your own spiritual growth; recognize that there is an animal part of your being, and let that animal be present with you. Many of you feel this kinship with a deer, or perhaps a raccoon or perhaps a dog or a cat; or others, attracted to the cetacean kingdom, as a dolphin or a whale; or perhaps as a bird, as the eagle, the dove. But as you allow these animals as to be a part of you, see that there is another component unique to the winter solstice open to you; a communication for you to the animals. It is all right to be here; we share this Earth together. There is love in my heart, and I accept you as me.

This place, very personal, is one that the animals will receive a great deal of benefit in knowing; a certain encouragement for them to be more aware, awake, alive here, and understand. If they are sleeping at this time when you meditate on these energies, they will receive them; they will receive them at the higher-vibrational levels that you could call the astral level or other levels. But simply to know that this contact, this communication is there, is helpful; because what is the greatest problem so much shared in the northern hemisphere at this time? Depression, anxiety, increased suicide rate, various struggles many experience in the winter months, partly because they cut off from their animals selves, as if then unconsciously they receive the cries of the animals, and do not interpret them or understand them because they are so unconscious. Simply, then, acknowledging this energy makes it all a little bit easier.

Now there are many questions to answer, and many things to look at tonight; but we would like to begin with the question that is on so many people’s minds who are attracted to spiritual journey, who have witnessed great changes since the time just preceding, before equinox; the shifts on your planet since the powerful events of September 11 have been profound. Yet many of you have sensed that these are but the beginning; that what is being set in motion now will be a sequence, many events…cause/effect, cause/effect, and so on, in a ripple effect…and that these are going to lead humanity down many important paths. It is interesting to notice that in spite of the levels of destruction and difficulty, fear and other aspects that have been generated by this, at the same time angelic forces, beings of light, your guides and helpers at places and levels of encouragement and assistance, are also in favor of and encouraging these changes; because many of the changes that have been set before you have not been accepted by you. For instance, it has been, for now, well more than four decades that the idea of the cooperative community…beings trusting each other, working together, releasing issues, finding their group consciousness as opposed to their separation, in many different forms…has been suggested by many far-reaching thinkers, philosophers, channels and many others, including ourselves. Yet this has not been taken to heart by humanity. Of course, you can say, there are obstacles; of course; “How would I make a living?” You are alive, aren’t you? But that is a different way to see it. How would you work with the energies that are presented to you, that inform you that you must have, in order to survive…have money, have position, have respect or all these other things? In other words, you have fallen for the propaganda; and have therefore turned away from the opportunity for community.

Now, many of you have community, as an ad-hoc group; beings that you live with, love, share with. We’re not talking about your karmic family; but rather those beings that you care for deeply and work with on a regular basis, at the level of evolution, to help you evolve and to be there for you to help to evolve. But at what level of economic trust, deep level of love or commitment to each others true spiritual growth…the parts where you might say there are risks to be taken…does this relationship extend? The problem isn’t that the guides and helpers want you to be a community, and you’re not doing it; rather it is that you said, “I want to be in community, it looks wonderful; a community based on service, perhaps, beings who might learn to trust each other more; ways in which we might share honestly, lovingly; ways in which we might get out of the economic system of competition, struggle and falsity to a place where this is not only less of a factor, but is turned around; where our creativity, our willingness to serve and love each other ends up working out to make us money or allow us freedom, or manifest for us the things that we need to survive.” It is your joy at being shown these energies that has set this into motion, for the guides, helpers and angelic forces to say, then, “Well, a little push in that direction would be a good thing. It’s what they ask for anyway.” As we have stated, you know, be careful what you ask for, because you might get it.

And so that is what is happening here, at the level of light; in the simplest of terms, in terms of your economics. There will be increased pressure on your economic system; it doesn’t take very much of an economist to figure this out. You look at the money supply, and it is increasing at a very fast rate, exceeding that of population growth. And where is that money going? It is going to be made as much as the government chooses to make it, because it isn’t tied to any gold standard, silver standard or anything else. And so as long as that is occurring, the potential for economic woe simply increases. This pattern has been utilized by governments in the past, and it will be used by them in the future in order to maintain these levels of competition, and various ways in which the opportunity to be fooled by the propaganda then exists. After all, if you only had that, whatever the thing is…whatever, as the expression used to be, floats your boat…it could be a car or a particular book, or even perhaps for those of you spiritually inclined, that particular journey to another place or that particular spiritual message, or perhaps it would be that conference with that spiritually-evolved teacher. But whatever it is, that thing would somehow do it; and having the money for it would somehow be important. From this point of view, it does seem a little silly; but to be trapped up in this, to be observing it and working with it is a difficult issue when you are right there, and when you are surrounded by it in your culture. As you break free of this, you then will find that there is a sort of slingshot effect; you go further and further away from it, learning more and more, trusting more and more yourself, and find that rather than this drawing you into community, it isolates you. You find yourself then feeling more lonely, or having difficulty making contact with others, only to find that when you do, they are struggling; and the opportunity then comes up for money to show its face, and competition show up again. Breaking out of the pattern is difficult. If this was pushed to the point that you were forced to pool your resources with your fellow men and women, so the thinking goes, you might say…if you can use your creativity, perhaps this will unfold in a new way. At the same time as this, of course, there are many backup plans; many ways in which people may be able to pool their energies temporarily and learn of the joy of experiencing groups, or ways in which technology could shift things so money weren’t so important, and all of these different possibilities. But ultimately the choices remain to you, and the message from the nonphysicals is: choose, choose, choose.

Finding this as the solution is very important, because, as we have often stated, the nonphysical beings outnumber you nine to one on this planet; they are not running the show of doing, but they are significantly influencing the being. And the energy moves from be, to do, to have—not the other way around; and so as a result, that beingness does considerably influence you, change your world and shift many things. As a result of how this is unfolding, the opportunities can increase. And this is the beautiful part; that the polarities remain on planet Earth. This is easy to see as the continuing influence and understanding with regard to the separation between yin and yang, or male and female, or positive and negative and all of the different ways in which polarity is giving you messages and images and energy. This seems to be how it is working right now; and so the guides and helpers will use this every way possible. If, then, you understand this underlying message, you will see that as there is more darkness, as there is more struggle, be it war or famine or disease, so also will there be more opportunities for enlightenment, for light, for knowledge, for spiritual understanding. But at the same time as this, notice the other aspect that is beginning to arise on your planet. Just as international cooperation is the great symbol, that the opportunity for any country to remain isolated is disappearing quickly; that in fact the whole thrust is around international cooperation, or international force, so it is then with your own spiritual evolution.

One question asked relates to, where would it be best for you to be putting your attention? In terms of this evolution, this understanding and so on, there are many techniques, many things to be learned, many meditations; these are all good, they all increase your energy. But then, what? And this is the real key, you see; it is through this interconnectivity. You know inherently that you are not bound by borders, by countries; that you are inherently telepathically connected to the Earth herself, to the animals, the plants, the kingdom of the air and all the other beings on your planet. And so then, the obvious answer: This time of interconnectivity requires you to share, assist, allow your energy to be used by the highest-vibrational beings; allow your healing to be that which is shared amongst others, be it people who you know or people who you don’t. Recognize the inherent connectivity and use it; let the wave of energy wash through you, but you add to it. Those are also meditations being shared now on your planet, and you will have contributions to this. Listen to them; let those contributions in your own consciousness allow you the opportunity to share those energies. Why? For your spiritual unfoldment. Not to help others; that is very nice, but the underlying agenda that continues on your planet from the highest vibrational beings is the shift from consolation into clarification. Not just doing things so people are healed or they feel good; but so they understand, so they truly grow, so that the soul is healed—not just the body.

You cannot separate this any more from assistentiality, that is, from the opportunity to assist, from the love and the healing and the strength and the knowledge and, ultimately, the wisdom that is yours when you assist. The finding of the place to assist becomes difficult because there are not so many opportunities for this in an organized way on your planet. But this is changing, and you will change it. The opportunities to share energy, to be of value, are growing on many levels; and as you share about this and look with insight as to what works and what doesn’t, you will find often that there are people who want to know about this, and are thirsting for this information. And so that is the next level of communication that is necessary; communication about spiritual unfoldment, ideas, evolution is ongoing—always has been, and will always continue; we would never suggest that in your meditations when you have a revelation, an understanding or any of the rest of it that you decide most firmly to keep it to yourself. So then the next level; that as there is understanding, awakening and opportunity understood by you in a very practical way, with working with the energy of assistance you share that, too. Because this is one area where the nonphysical beings, though they give help, though they give inspiration, it is your energy that is making the difference. For dense, physical energy, the nature of being alive in a physical body is, then, the opportunity to transform this planet.

There has been a question posed with regard to astrological shifts; they are symbols. The planets themselves do not exert influence; but they are powerful symbols in your unconscious. When you chart these movements, because you have charted them in the past, because you are familiar with the symbology, the archetypes and what they mean, you then question your reality. Pluto’s influence, to allow you to observe simultaneously the light and the dark; the innermost secret revealed; the deepest, most difficult energy showing you of its positive side… Yes, it is the silver lining in the cloud; but more importantly, it is telling you on the outside what is wrong with stuff, and on the inside, what is right with it. This is the real inspiration to question; to look carefully at everything, to break apart your beliefs, to look where they are based on your experiences; and where your experiences were based on the limited knowledge that you had available at the time, as a child, in the past…when viewed through the experiences of others and so on… Therefore, see that this is an opportunity. Pluto’s cycles will continue; operating in transits across many important symbologies of your own life, of the U.S.A., of many of the planets and especially the interaction with Saturn. This energy will move through many shifts; but we see that coming into May/June of this coming year, that is 2002, the opportunity to question and to make fundamental changes will be increased—changes that will birth communities, bring into formation individuals who are willing to put their money where their mouth is, is the old expression. But in this case what it really means is they are willing to speak their truth; this, engaging the Sagittarian aspect at its highest vibrational level. Because after all, what Pluto, then, works with, is transformation; bringing of the opposites into oneness, because then what was seemingly hidden now comes forth, and draws the energies of Sagittarius to bring the truth into the light.

One can go on and on with astrological symbols; but as you look at this in yourself, what you will understand is that this is being shared as an energy, and that you have some contribution. And so this is the next answer as to how to proceed with all of these issues; you must question. If you are not at a place of questioning, then you are at a place of unconscious accepting. If you unconsciously accept and, as a result, the energies that are thrust onto you begin to affect you, you may find yourself seemingly without reason, possessed by hopelessness or fear, or struggling with some energy you do not understand. Laugh at it; step back from it, and remember…somewhere along the line, you forgot to question. You forgot to ask. It is not necessary to be hard on yourself about it, because in the moment in which you say such words, you are asking; you are beginning the process, and this will help you greatly to release your unconscious attachments and find what it is to be asked about. Of course, you can ask where something is apparent, and thus fear allows you to expose truth; false evidence appearing as real, F.E.A.R. (= False Evidence Appearing as Real) resolves itself into the truth for you. But the energies of hopelessness or denial are more difficult. Sometimes these are exacerbated by the powerful energies of nonphysical beings who are drawing your energy; draining you or working with it because they don’t know anywhere else to get a good meal. It is the easiest way for them to work with you. And this analogy is pertinent when you understand that, of course, when you are nonphysical, no food that you are eating is physical. And so in this way the emotional energy that you make available is also the open door toward healing; because if such an energy, then, immediately and suddenly dramatically shifts from that of hopelessness or struggle to an aspect of love, those beings who are attached get a mouthful. The very energy that they were sucking down now suddenly changes; they cannot stop the flow so easily, and being filled with love they will also be filled with questions--if you are. And they may even question their reality, only to realize, perhaps, that they are stuck somewhere and that they don’t really like it; and they’d like to change it. You may think it’s pretty complicated being nonphysical and unconscious, but it really isn’t. For the most part, it is the powerful experience of one’s death that remains with one, and is in many ways recreated over and over. Once the being recognizes that they have died, and that there is a higher reality ready to greet them, to assist them, to give them greater love and so on, it is a simple matter to move toward it. Does that sound familiar? Once you realize that there’s a problem, you can find the solution.

This is the problem, you see, over and over; that on your planet a habit pattern has been set up by which you think that the problem is somehow thrust upon you; you are the victim, never the perpetrator. You think that the way these energies are unfolding relates to cause and effect, where the cause was seemingly something quite distinguishable, narrow and nothing having to do with your own level of responsibility. Over and over, though, as you recognize the capacity of your being to enlarge, to expand, to awaken… Now, we aren’t talking about getting fat by eating lots of food; but the expansion that takes place in your consciousness as you are willing to embrace all the levels of food, including emotional and mental, this expansion, then, allows you to recognize your own inner level of responsibility, and change it. Gradually this will become a powerful force to be reckoned with on your planet. It is a difficult one to set into motion; some would think it takes a great deal of intelligence to recognize this sort of thing. Intelligence is of some help; because, of course, then you can communicate more easily with others. But as the thoughtform itself gets more deeply established…such thoughtforms as, you’re either at inquiry or attachment; or the thoughtform of, you are responsible for your reality; or the thoughtform of, there is balance—a perpetrator and victim in all cases; as these thoughtforms become more and more firmly established and recognized as having value…not intrinsically true, but having value, is an important distinction…so then they become contagious. More and more people finding a release, a lifting, an enjoyment at an end of working with these difficult thoughtforms; and it is then shared and spread amongst many. Eventually all the people on planet Earth will get it; sometimes they get it at the last minute, in their dying days; sometimes it takes them many lifetimes, but as they get it, what they understand is, being physical is a tremendous opportunity to experience out in a very concrete physical way the effect of your actions. The opportunity to interact with others, the experience of physical love, the ability to sense this with your skin, your eyes, your nose, your hearing…these energies, then, are the great opportunity to make real for yourself our proposed hypotheses; these potential truths about balance, responsibility, attachment, inquiry and all of the rest.

So let us say, then, that for a while you get stuck in the propaganda; moving in the area to get a “good”…quote, good…education so you can get a “good”…quote, good…job, so that you can get all of those “good” things in life, and so on and so forth; the Jaguar, the three houses, the two-and-a-half children and all of the rest. As you work through those energies, you will become enmeshed in this to the point that somebody, somewhere is going to wake you up—especially if somewhere along the line you ask for a wake-up call, perhaps before you were born. So what better way than these various, powerful events sweeping your planet, causing change, causing people to question reality? Is this the best we can do? Is such fighting necessary? Do we have to have these things at the cost of everyone else? Are other forms of energy possible? Good practice, those kind of questions; they are only temporary questions, they aren’t relating to the larger events—the energies of love, of what you are here for, of doing things for your evolution…but they’re a good start because they are affecting your reality. And that’s the greater opportunity, here.

When you understand the program, it’s much easier to get with it; then you can help others. When you see someone looking into these issues, ask… It’s as if the question is being held in their mind, at the place just below consciousness, when they watch CNN and see the events unfold; bring it into consciousness for them. But a warning, here; of course, if you watch too much of this yourself, you will also go unconscious. The energies of television and the many levels of propaganda being promoted on your planet are but a precursor for more and more powerful energies to be shared worldwide. No coincidence, then, release of Lord of the Rings as a movie right now—a movie so much about hidden meanings, about beings who are rulers, hiding, only to come out and be discovered later; beings with powers and energies that are viewed both simultaneously as a curse and a blessing…opportunities for that which is hidden to be revealed, and that which is revealed finally to be accepted after much rejection and struggle; a great adventure in the unconscious of your being, the Middle Earth of your nature. These and other little energies relating, of course…similarly to, in popular culture, release of the Harry Potter movie…the idea that the child-self in you will revel in that which is outside—predictability and science, but that which is magical and fun. Understanding that these are lurking within your unconscious, ready to come forth, is more than symbolic; it is telling you that people everywhere at some level are ready, now, to ask. But they don’t know how; many of them don’t know the first way to ask such a question. And that is where you come in. When you are interacting with others to generate this thoughtform, to look at it more carefully, to understand it in your consciousness somehow or other; this is being provided and provoked in your dreams, in your assistance from the higher-vibrational nonphysical beings, and all the ways in which new techniques and new ideas are being shared, so that you will get out of your own way, release your old belief patterns and cooperatively create some of these new realities.

It sounds like a lot of work, and not very much fun when what you are doing is bucking the trend. And so along the same way, there must be a greater outflowing of creativity, more opportunity from the guides and helpers for fine, inspiring, beautiful music; dance; touching; awakening, various ways in which you can receive and know healing, and opportunities for this to come in a way in which it is more than just beneficial; it is that which is actually fun. If you can keep sight of this, it can be a little easier as you move through this time of change; because, of course, as the energies increase in this way, there will be many who cannot take it, who pull away from these energies, moving more powerfully into the opportunities that are also being presented on your Earth for drug addiction, various struggles to go unconscious, different energies, different ways to be that are harmful and only those which are destroying oneself. Such individuals who enmesh themselves too powerfully in such addictive behavior will not come to the place of being able to ask the question. You can’t help them all that much.

But at the same time, then, recognize what is happening with the children. Many of the very young ones being born now are coming here specifically to experience these powerful polarities, to increase their consciousness and to be able to do things of value. But they go through this powerful set of hurdles, working through these powerful energies. The most important thing to teach them is to find their own center; to be able to assist others because they know inside themselves more of who they are, of the energy of love, of a sense of belonging—if not to Earth, to the energy of the universe, to the opportunity to be. These are difficult issues to teach children, of course, in words; you teach it by your example. Yet there are those who struggle with this, saying, “I understand so much, for instance, of how to live in the world without paying all that much attention to television, which my children adore,” or, “That to eat those foods that are going to bring me greater and greater consciousness, because they have living energies--which my children hate, and which instead, they gravitate toward those foods of maximally processed, microwaved and harmful energies.” Similarly with friends, with culture, with all of the energies; yes, you can show them how it works for you, you can show them how it is an opportunity. But it is the child as he or she grows who must choose. The child chooses based on experience, and they must have the experiences of these aspects of difficulty and struggle in the world. If it is that path of that child to then map out for him or herself some great addiction or physical harm as a result of these activities, then that way they will learn. But if you have instilled the opportunity to ask, to inquire—never to be attached, but always to be asking, always to be looking…their answers may not always come intellectually; an answer is perfectly valid if it comes in your heart: The love is over here, and not over here; the love is with my friends--not sitting at the television’s worship with the remote control as my scepter, but rather with my friends in an embrace, in a loving place. In this way the child will also hear this and see it, and be able, perhaps, when this other way becomes a little boring or in some way harmful, to remember; to make another choice, to shift. Unfortunately there are too many parents who are caught up in their own addictions and struggles; and the result of this is too many children influencing the peer group so strongly that many of those children around them who would know better, still are drawn into this morass of harmful, addictive and, of course, more importantly, accepted modes of behavior and understanding. In other words, no longer questioning, no longer looking, no longer understanding. They must go down such a route, to know; and so you are there to help them. Do not blame them when they move out of it; the last thing they need is your disapproval. Loving them unconditionally and helping them through it will be the best way to assist; always researching and finding those ways in which you can use what is there--just the way the guides do! The guides and helpers, as your inspiration; they are looking in the world to see what you are interested in, as this being an opportunity for a way to share with you. Even if you seem completely closed down to items that are spiritual, the guides and helpers find their way, for instance, in your approval codes. When your credit card is approved for a purchase, they can sequence certain numbers that pop your way unconsciously to remind you of your path. So, with the children; you will have opportunities. As their attention span is short, based on the sequence of television: commercial, television commercial, television commercial…you know how to speak to them in short sound bytes, sharing the information and energy. As their attention span may be short with regard to cause and effect, you provide them those things that give them immediate reward that feel good in their bodies, feel good to comfort them, to assist them; and they will then reward you with their curiosity: This is interesting, perhaps this will be valuable. More importantly, of course, because they are reflecting amongst their peer group, do not hide your peer group; let them know the kind of people you are attracted to, share energy with, inspiration; let them be privy to your discussions or your energy or your healing. They may not understand it if they are too young, intellectually; but they will receive the energy, and they will see that there are many ways to structure a peer group.

In addition to this, though, is this wonderful energy birthed at Christmas: The child-self energy. It is no accident that this comes forth so clearly and powerfully in this time of maximal attention on group consciousness; as the night is so long and the day so short, this attention on these energies is magnified; the understanding of the group as an intrinsic shared childhood experience, the playgroup, the awareness of this child-self in you. Many of you recognize that gender identification in the child is minimal before puberty; that many of the actions that you relate to as male and female…while they have their important sources as a child, still they do not come into the place of dominating your consciousness until sexual interest, until further development of the body, until teenage years and beyond. So here again, acknowledging the child-self assists you in this way of play. Gender-neutral play and ways in which the playfulness need not lead you into areas in which you deal with these issues quite yet is helpful; but also illustrates an answer to another question that has been asked tonight: “How to access and work with the evolved male self?”

Indeed the evolution with regard to the female self continues, and has been very helpful for those willing to work with it; but only a few are understanding that so much of the male self relates very much to this growing up inside. As the woman is able to grow up, she confronts those powerful issues that shape her; the development of her reproductive system, the ability to bear children, to menstruate, to interact in ways that relate to her own identity, sexuality, the female aspect of things; yet what of this side is presented for men? It is the energy perhaps of conquest or domination that is presented by your society; how foolish and silly, when it is, of course, the sowing of seeds, the sharing and expressive energy and the aspect that allows sexuality as the bridging and the drawing together of particularly helpful, loving forces where possible. This is not the energy of competition as you understand it; and that initial competition as you move through puberty as a man usually relates to the destruction of the father. And it is in the healing of the father wound, the recreation of the loving internal father, that men will be able to find this place of deeper anchoring and deeper loving in themselves—with their own fathers, but more importantly with their internal archetype of father, so that this energy that shifts tells you inside… You see, when you look upon yourself and ask, “What, as a man, would I have been better off doing?”, you don’t have a clue. But when you ask about your father; how could he have been better? Where would he have placed his energy in a way that I would have received it more; or it would have felt more loving; or we could have, perhaps, been closer, etcetera? The answers pour out. That is the symbol to use; and at the end of such an inquiry, of course, apply all the answers to yourself, not your father. Because these are the energies that you need in yourself, that you have turned away from, you have rejected or in some ways, denied.

Now, of course, as the advanced understanding of utilization of the polarity of gender is utilized by beings to understand themselves deeper, women will apply this, too. Men struggle to apply the divine feminine in themselves; and they have some success with this, but still it is difficult because they have not really understood the divine masculine. But many women have understood divine feminine, and they are ready to take on this divine masculine aspect; and indeed, woe to the politicians and those who would stand in the way of such a powerful, expressive energy that says, simultaneously, “I love, and I change.” Because the ultimate manifestation of that energy is expressive to change things; to make those things that have not worked before, work again; those energies that perhaps could be shifted into something more practical, more real, more helpful; this certainly would apply to your planet, and it is coming now—but very slowly.

It is, however, very interesting, a positive note, that many of the women in countries that have enforced Muslim standards of understanding behavior, Islamic ways of living and so on, have to some extent repressed much of this energy. And many of the women involved in this are ready, now, as they step forth and are able to share on your planet; it is potential for change in a very positive and helpful way. What good does it do for a woman to bring a child into the world, who is then simply conditioned to go kill himself in the name of Allah? This understanding at a core level will shift the consciousness of many, as women speak out against this practice and many other aspects that are important in these societies. Of course, change comes slowly; but each little bit at a time is important to recognize and to welcome.

There is the aspect of many of you seeing the future; the foreboding, the shifts to occur. Is this but the beginning of greater changes, or is this perhaps just a small, little bump, and pretty soon things are going to get back to the heyday of the dotcoms and the sharing of all kinds of new-age information without any repression, and perhaps even a more liberal president, etcetera, etcetera? Of course, the choice is up to you; but from our simulations on this, utilizing computers…our computers are made of stars; we utilize M22 right now, and this is available to all of you to work with; gazing on it, receiving its energy, utilizing the starlight elixir, allows you to understand the unfolding of the consequences to the energies that you are involved in. And so the results become clear; that these energies, to create difficulty in these times, must increase; so that those with the opportunity to provide answers will be listened to; so that the answers will be truly utilized; so that a coming-together in group consciousness in various communities, in the ways in which people can truly love and assist each other, may be seen as much more than fluff—but a real answer, a real, powerful energy within, accepted, known in your heart, felt and shared in your hands, known in your feet, felt by your breath. This is hard, because there are so many places in you that would just like it to be simple and easier. You know of what it is like to be simple and easy; you were there, before you were born, and you chose to come into this one—this reality. Honor that choice; see that you did so for the opportunity to create a powerful energy.

The blending of the individual and the group, providing an energy of intercommunication that has the capacity to provide true and deep love in a more powerful way than has ever been felt, maybe even ever felt in this galaxy…this is also your future self, beckoning to you, sharing with you the energy. And this is how you can answer that question; you see, it is both good and bad. It is the energy of positivity, but it is also the energy that pulls you together out of struggle. This energy is your future self; the being of you, in many cases, at 2012 or so, speaking back in time, loving you now, sharing energy with you as if to say, “As you experience and feel who you are now, see that this is the time of the sowing of seeds, of the creating of change, of the welcoming of many energies that you have denied before.” In recognizing this, an energy is created in you that is a little bit childlike, since after all, the being that you will be in 2012 is obviously wiser and more experienced than you are now; but in many cases, innocence has been lost. And so, that is what you have now; that childlike way, though your age is not relevant here, it is that way by comparison to the being you will be, that we are speaking of.

And so to engage this further, we would ask you now to meditate; tune into an energy of who you were…shall we say, then, going back ten years in time? Thus completing this energy. Going back to who you were ten years ago; what would he or she have needed to be heard? If you could have tapped yourself on the shoulder and said, “I am you, ten years from now; there is something I’d like you to look out for.” Some of you, of course, would have been tempted along such very simple, practical lines as, “Buy Yahoo,” or something along the line of, “Watch out for Gladys,” or any of those energies that would seem very small. But think bigger; think of the energy that your past self would have needed to know about loving yourself; about listening to your inner heart’s desire; about paying attention to your body’s needs; about awakening to the energy around you. As you see of these potentials and these possibilities, you realize that they become pretty simple; that there was a place, perhaps, where there was much more love available than your own being, as you were, was willing to receive. And so now, from here, you say to that being, “I know what you are going through; I understand, and I love you deeply. I know that it is difficult, that there are ways in which you don’t understand; and I do, now, and I love you for hanging in there.” What you are doing is opening a doorway, and allowing the energy of your future self ten years hence, in the threshold between 2011 and 2012 to pull his or her energy back into you, now; to open to this, and to see that this is a powerful connecting energy; a loving, a receiving.

This is an energy that you deserve, an energy that you may know more deeply; but more importantly, an energy that assists in both directions. Because your future self is assisted by what has been learned, just as you are assisted as you look back on helping your past self, the mere act of assisting itself opens your heart. But more importantly, of course, it engages you to look more carefully at what you’ve learned.

Yes, we are going to give the vehicle a little drink of water, and then perhaps you will have a question.

Jill: Hilarion begins each channeling with a meditation that evokes an emerald cylinder of light. What association, if any, does this have to the Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister as described in the teachings of Aneayhea Kananda Ashayana-Tu Melchizedek, otherwise known as Ashayana Deane?

Hilarion: There are many pathways, but they all go back to a core energy, the core of energy of the Earth; and that infinitely upward is always present. By manifesting this energy more clearly, you are aiding with the natural movement of energies in your body. Many of these energies are up and down through the spine, through the great central channel, the shushumna; many names for this. But most importantly, simply the idea of it; of welcoming, of receiving; because, after all, it is a blending of upward and downward, and so often it is the left and right, as polarity, that you are so concerned with. Thus, drawing your attention to these other polarities is a nice way to go.

Yes, we have been inspired by this and has many others; but this itself is inspired by many earlier teachings, going all the way back to ancient Lemuria. In these times the powerful energy that you recognize as the inner ray or conical energy pouring into the top of the head as a sustaining energy, was generally wider; under many circumstances it would encompass the entire being, and would appear as a cylinder. Such an energy, then, would more easily be joined with the energies of others in ritual, creating a larger cylinder; and in that sense it is inherent in much of your original DNA, before adding to it by extraterrestrials and other matters, as if a spiritually-based energy of the cylindrical form is there. It is merely a way of waking up that energy; reminding you of it. And it is this which has been observed by many cultures, many religions, many spiritual practices for many different races, civilizations across the millennia. Further question?

Jill: What are the factors involved so that some people get cancer and some don’t?

Hilarion: There are “allergies” - the extent to which you are allergic to the foods that you are eating; allergies meaning the foods are not easily utilized and are difficult for you to get rid of. They store in the body, causing debilitation and destruction of various organs, systems, etcetera. Some of these things are those to which everybody has some allergy; an example would be the element Mercury. You need very, very little of this element to survive; and in many of its forms…as it is injected into the body in the form of Thymerasol, as a preservative in vaccines; as it is utilized as a swab on the skin with various liquids such as Mercurochrome, Betadine and others; as it is provided in various aspects of your environment and so on…problems erupt. To the extent to which you are able to get rid of this and other toxic materials, your body is then naturally less or more susceptible to various ways in which cancer forms, as cancer is a way of separating cells, moving them into a place of rapid reproduction in the hopes that…that is, the primordial body hopes…that such rapid metabolic change will more quickly metabolize and release these substances. It is a last-ditch attempt of the body at healing; not an enemy, not an aspect of destructional harm; but rather that which in itself is provided as a healing aspect. Such will usually be specifically motivated and engendered by several nonphysical events; these include two vortices as minimum. One will occur in the brain, a very small vortex; this vortex will anchor itself in some portion of the brain, usually the lower brain, that is related to some function in which some issue, aspect, poorly communicated, something of a difficult nature and so on, is present. This begins the cycle. The deposition of substance, the utilization of the body to get rid of things, the changes and others, will begin to interact with this structure in the brain, to then create a second vortex in the body. There can be others, of course; this is called metastasis. But when that first one appears, as something in the aura…it can be identified…the one in the brain is very difficult to identify by auric sight, but it can be seen by those with the understanding… For instance, the exploration of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a learned German doctor who has understood the role of the brain in cancer, and especially the actions of various thoughtforms, belief patterns and preconceived ideas not fully communicated or understood. Ultimately as all of these coordinate, the physical body is pushed to a point of choice. Usually such choice will revolve around an unconscious decision in which love, self-value, some degree of deservability, some aspect then dealing with this part of the loving, accepted self, is up; it is to be considered, it is an issue, it is to be explored. When an individual, be it unconsciously or consciously, rejects the body, rejects the love, rejects the opportunity for self-healing, it then becomes nearly impossible, even by dietary means, even by various means provided in science, all the different techniques, to stop the cancer from unfolding; because the will to live becomes enmeshed with the vortex. This is rarer than most people think; but it still is an important consequence of the action in brain and body. If the person is at such a place, it is more important to confront that issue than to work with anything else, be it physical or psychological, in dealing with the cancer. If, however, the will to live is strong and the person does wish to work with the issue, one must confront your own natural sensitivities, both psychologically and physically, to various foods and other substances. For the most extent of this, the largest way in which there is a key factor here, there are two things to be looking at; the first, at the brain level, is the issue of territoriality—animal instinct, ability to interact with others around territory is unconscious, and often very difficult for people to understand and work with. Other issues that may show up will relate to such things as family or community, or attunement to other…the basic physical issues, but usually some issue of territoriality is involved, some place you feel connection to; some issue you have attachment to; some belief pattern you would never let go of because of what it would mean about your identity; some way in which you see yourself…yes, territoriality can even be taken to such an extent. The other side is fats; fats and oils that have been heated excessively…critical temperature 104 degrees Fahrenheit…is that which provides the lubrication mechanism by which the cancer gets thrown into the state of virulence. This makes it difficult for the body to heal when those fats are repeatedly pushed into the body, and no specific agenda is unfolding to get rid of them. There are ways to do this, and there are those who have studied this, including the individual Vonderplanitz in his book We Want to Live; aptly named, don’t you think, when it relates very much to this beginning place? But when you understand how these issues interact, you will see over and over that each of these, the physical and the higher or psychological or spiritual, or even just mental functions, have specifically one purpose in mind: As you move through them, you will value physicality or you will reject it. You will have some shifted or changed relationship to being alive. Those who have survived cancer, be it through medical intervention or self-healing, will all tell you how much they have learned; how they have valued each breath, how they have then come to see life in a new way. Why wait? Why wait for this difficult issue or any health issue, for that matter, to overtake you? Understanding this can help you at times to understand that the deeper level, though, the emotional understanding, the gratefulness…this is the toughest, you see, because it isn’t only about forgiving, about finding new patterns; it ultimately comes down to the gratefulness—the sense of being grateful for life, for breath, but even for the cancer, even for the struggle, even for the lesson that you have rejected. When you can consciously move to that place, all of the opportunities begin to open to you. It is very difficult to enforce gratefulness; but you can work on it. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, thank you. Since the cells in our body and DNA seem to communicate with each other through frequencies, as some top scientists like Fritz Albert Popp have assumed, does this also mean that our cells and inner organs have an intelligence of their own? And if so, how can we develop this intelligence?

Hilarion: Of course they are intelligent; but they also have established pathways by which you can receive this. This comes through the brain as images, as emotions, as animal instinct, as those things below the level of conscious understanding. After all, if you weren’t distracted by all of the events of the world, you would be able to hear your body; you would be able to receive its instincts and understand it more easily. So the higher-level to working with this is asking, is opening to it; but at the same time, receiving the animal instinct. What is there in the animal self in you that you repress or reject? How can you come to accept it or understand it more easily? What are the basic issues that map out animal behavior…is there in you? These will often be beginning resonances or keynotes that help you open to the vibrations of the cells themselves. In addition, however, when a cell is in a position of difficulty, hurting, wanting change, etcetera, simply opening to it, receiving the energy, will help you. When you open your mind to it, it can speak to you; you can receive this. Of course, this is hard if every cell in your body is crying, or wishing to tell you something; it’s a little like God at a religious meeting: Which prayer is going to be listened to first? But as you recognize the consensus, the overall energy, you can then make some small changes to better attune to this.

This leads us to energy viewing. The capacity to receive the information from the cells does relate to the energy that they are transmitting to the external world at a spiritual level, the higher-vibrational level called the aura; the energy of the cells projected as consciousness, as an internal auric sound; the energy of the cells projected as a sensation or a feeling. There are many techniques available to open to this; learn of them, read the aura, open to this consciously. Use your spiritual wisdom; listen to the inner songs of the cells, sing them, play them. Sense the vibrations on the surface of the skin; create them around the acupuncture meridian points in your own consciousness as a brushing sensation, as a touching sensation, so that you can develop this capacity to receive the information from your body. All of these are closely-related energies that help you contact those structures and cells of the bodies in a more direct fashion; more comfortably, more easily.

But as you have recognized here, with the theme for today that we have spoken of so often, of assistentiality, of helping others, it is not enough to look into your own body. Perhaps you are all reminded of that banquet where each one is not allowed to feed him or herself; and in one such banquet, everyone starves; in the other, each feeds each other. So also, then, in your level of assistentiality, will you come to learn even more about your own cells when you are reading the auras, when you are listening to the voices of their cells, when you are sharing the touching energy of massage, of connection that they speak to you with? It is not just for the purpose of analysis, of sharing what you see and feel; but also of allowing healing touch, healing light, healing energy, healing sound, so that their cells may shift. Practice makes perfect, and it is then a little easier, of course, to receive the energy from your own cells.

But here again; as you share with others, this gradually evolves. Don’t you think perhaps you created that deliberately? That it would be sometimes easier to receive the energy and understanding of someone else, than yourself, so that you might form community? So you might learn to trust each other and form the group consciousness as the next step? That would be something, certainly, to look at in yourself from another perspective; what’s more fun? Of course, it is helpful to look into yourself; but you have done this often, and it is sometimes not nearly as much fun as working with someone else. And so gradually from this you begin to see of the opportunities, and the way of this growth. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes, thank you. Please comment on the salt needs of the body. Do the electromagnetic fields create imbalances in salt composition of cells? How can we maintain proper salt balances?

Hilarion: The problem is that over millennia people have misunderstood these ionic balances and have become addicted with their intake of cooked foods to foods deficient in minerals. Taking up salt, high in minerals, naturally-occurring salt, as a substitute, has been helpful and useful; but the salt itself creates an imbalance. This is one of those imbalances that has passed on from generation to generation. If your great-grandmother used a lot of salt in her soup, you’re probably going to also; and this is something that has not only been passed on as habit pattern, as taste/environment, but also as genetic—and an attunement that is difficult to break. When you provide the minerals, seafood being one, perhaps, way; the utilization of minerals directly on the skin is another; those foods of plant origin rich in minerals because they are growing in soils rich in minerals, because the soils have been fortified with rock dust or other mineral-rich substances; these will help reduce the need for the minerals in salt. Salt itself, however, sodium chloride as a pure ion, does occur in nature very rarely in its pure form. In fact, it is almost always combined with other minerals, be it in physical form or in simple alliance with other substances; so it is this thirst for salt, this ability to create the imbalance in yourself that becomes a problem. Thus, simply to take in sodium chloride in its more artificial forms, more rarefied forms, or those without a high degree of minerals, becomes very damaging, creating many imbalances in the physical body and, most importantly, an addiction—an addiction which you will pass on to your children and their children. To break the addiction is difficult; but one will find that simply eliminating the salt and getting lots of foods with naturally-occurring minerals will help. And gradually a natural ionic balance across cell walls will be re-established. This ionic balance, of course, has been observed at a chemical level to occur between potassium and sodium; and potassium is naturally high in so many alkaline-forming vegetables, so vegetable juice is a quick and powerful way of rapidly causing various shifts and balances to occur in the body that will be ultimately be beneficial at getting rid of the held salt residues, the excess sodium and various toxic materials that it will associate itself with. Some of the most damaging of these, of course, is sodium chloride; such substances as added to water, even though in small quantities, tend to accumulate in the brain, particularly in the pineal, thus affecting production of a number of important substances helpful in the raising of your own consciousness. And so, releasing this and other salts, as various aluminum chloride compounds and others, will be an important side benefit of this rebalancing of salt in the body. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes. There is a controversy as to whether or not to do root canal surgery; some say it creates virulent bacterial conditions, and in response, there’s…that are responsible for all kinds of difficulty of the body. What is your perspective on root canals?

Hilarion: We are lucky in many ways not having a body right now; we don’t have any teeth, and these are a repository of a tremendous degree of attention and energy for many people. These structures have many nerves in them and have important symbolic meaning, as we’ve discussed in our book, Symbols - and the ways in which many people can access and work with this information can be helpful. But as you recognize that at the physical level…and a problem begins to show up in your tooth, it is almost too late. It is as if, then, the reaction of the physical body to toxic substances, usually a severe acid/alkaline imbalance and improper use of salt and inability to take in or absorb proper nutrients, leads to a condition in which the accumulation of various toxic materials in the nerves in the teeth, and other points in the face, will occur. The body will then invite and work with bacteria in different forms to clean it out, to improve it; and in doing so will even do physical harm to itself, because some of these materials can be so toxic and so difficult.

So in working with this to the point where a root canal would appear necessary, you are up against some very difficult choices, because the body has already progressed to a point where there is so much difficulty. But our observation of this is that if intervention can be minimized, if it can be avoided where possible, if rapid means to bring greater healing to this part of the body can be provided, there can often be the avoidance of the root-canal work and the bacteria encouraged and enhanced throughout the body to do its job; and then having completed the job, move on. Bacteria is particularly good at eating up dead material; you see this in the example of the forest, where the dead leaves and rotting wood is being destroyed and taken apart by bacteria, then into their component parts begin again the cycle of life. And so it is also that bacteria will thrive in a body in ways that are harmful or give you problems when there is a lot of dead material taken in; food without living vital force. Yes, we have spoken about this extensively in the past, and reminded you of the books and materials to read to inspire your shifts about this; but more deeply, what about seeing the aura of the food? Recognizing its vitality for yourself? You would be shocked, of course, to walk down your supermarket aisles and see row after row where there isn’t any aura at all coming from the food. But then, perhaps, to meander down the produce section and see that much of its brightness does not come just from the fluorescent lights used to expose it, but from the plants themselves. Understanding this activity will help you in choosing foods that are easier on your body because they are alive; because they bring more living energy into your body.

A specific treatment that many have found extremely helpful is the use of white oak bark in various forms, preferably unheated, raw, applied directly by taking it from scraping the inside of the bark of a white oak, and putting this inside the mouth against the gums, as a very powerful treatment. There are those also now providing this as a commercially-available powder which can be used in such fashion; these are all beneficial and helpful, and will sometimes allow the individual to avoid such powerful intervention as root canal. The difficulty, of course, for anyone in such a position, is the pain. Pain itself drives you to change; it pushes you on many levels to create shifts in yourself. There are, of course, ways to temporarily ease the pain; but because it has reached the point that pain is there, you know you must make a change. Many individuals simply misinterpret the change when they look at it only from the point of view of doing something to a tooth, without recognizing, of course, that the whole body is involved; the other teeth and many aspects are also potentially susceptible in the future.

So if you must go down the route of intervention in regards to the pain of that one tooth, at the very least, then, extend it further; increase your consumption of high-vitamin, mineral-rich juices; increase the live foods in your life and decrease those of origins that are harmful or bringing contamination. Learn and educate so that you can improve health overall, so that you may avoid this difficulty in the future. This is the best way to proceed. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes. Will you please talk about the use of aromatherapy for children, beyond lavender for relaxation?

Hilarion: There are thousands of wonderful aromas; many of these to be explored. Children often respond to those that they will also find attractive in foods; cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint; all of these and others children would be associating with playfulness. Candies such as licorice and other aromatherapies; all helpful in enhancing joy, strength within the children, ability to interconnect. Many of these and other aromas as essential oils have been studied extensively. It is foolish for us to jump in and add one more layer of opinion to that; but many of these will be that which respond in children a little differently, because the child-self, playful, receiving, will respond unconsciously. Thus utilizing aromatherapy every now and then with your children is a wonderful way of sharing energy, of helping them have a slightly shifted context about reality, about seeing things in a new light.

But remember; sometimes when you have a powerful recollection, be it from a past life or recollection from this life, it is associated with smell. So at a positive level, quite regardless of the smell that is chosen, if an aroma is associated with a particular experience in the child’s consciousness, you can use this later, and bring up the similar aroma and bring up that consciousness again. This can, of course, be accidentally to detriment when there is, perhaps, some aromatherapy experience going on at the same time as some cataclysmic event or traumatic experience; but at a positive level it can be associated with learning, with child’s growth, with looking into important issues, with self-examination, with seeing how others are able to make shifts, etcetera. An example might be that a positive aroma is brought forth a few minutes before trying a new food that you know might be healthy and beneficial for the child, but which perhaps that child would not see his or her friends eating, so there is a little resistance to it. Perhaps, though, if there is a positive experience from eating that food, and in the future you provide a similar aroma, the child will be perhaps ready to awaken to this again. You’ve experienced this yourself, of course, with the aromas from the kitchen; of mother’s cooking and the positive experiences of this. These are quite apart from aromatherapy, per se; but rather dealing with the emotional connection that all beings make unconsciously between aroma and experience. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Mm-hm. In addition to modeling, how does one start to teach the practice of meditation to children?

Hilarion: Of course, this must be in conjunction with individual sensitivities, talents and proclivities of a child. Meditation where it is bringing a soothing, relaxing experience to someone who really isn’t at all interested in being relaxed--just wants to play, to live every waking moment to the fullest, is silly; it isn’t going to help that child at all. Tune your meditative practice, then, in this way; teaching an active meditation to such a child or some way in which they can coordinate it with their play. But soon, recognize that the nonphysical beings continuing behind the scenes, working on this issue of assistentiality, of bringing forth the ability to share energy, will then encourage the child…in this way to let your meditations and your teaching also allow the children to enter into levels of assistance; hands-on healing; bringing energy to a plant or an animal; doing something with that energy, if only to hold it inside long enough that it wants to move, and then to allow such movement.

And so, of course, this is a good time to invite all of you in a little stretch; perhaps to let the energy of the child be within you now, ready to dance, to experience life; to welcome this Christmastime as a child might. And yet, at the same time, to see that your muscles, having sat here for a while, could use with a little bit of stretching.

Now there is a question that has been asked about the true meaning of Christmas; and although we have opportunity to answer this, there is another who would like to speak. Would this be all right?

Jill: Yes.

Miriam: You have known me as Miriam, and have felt my energy loving you at times, reminding you to forgive yourself, to forgive others for what they struggle with. What does the child in you want? The child that was raised on Christmas, who realized it was a time in which through presence you were told you were lovable? The experience you would want; this sense of knowing how lovable you are? This is perhaps why this, as a ritual, expands and is continued on your planet; because, then, you are saying to the child to which you give a gift, “You are lovable.” You are saying to yourself, “You know your own lovability inside you.”

From the giving place in you, there is, of course, a beautiful energy; but to understand the root of this energy, to see that the consequence of the giving may be hollowness… Would you want the other person, in receiving a gift, to know that he or she is more valuable, more lovable? If so, if that would give you a feeling of warmth, that your gift was received, turn it around. See that it is an energy for you to know, to feel in your own heart.

When I understood this as a woman, and yet recognized the power of giving birth to a beautiful, powerful being, I began to realize and understand that the energy of this birth is the core of the giving. Yes, it is Christ’s birthday that is celebrated; but it is my giving birth that is also celebrated. And so it is yours; as you give birth to a light, to a love, to a comfort. But what of the negative part? What about giving birth to greed, to competition, to the child-self in you that says, “I didn’t get what I wanted for Christmas”? This energy is also present, because there is a part in you that can learn from this, too; to love and forgive that part of yourself, to let that child-self also speak and say, “I didn’t get the loving that I wanted”…again, turning it around: “There were times I refused the love for myself; I refused to love me.” Why would you do that to yourself? Except that perhaps you were afraid, you didn’t know better; you weren’t ready to receive? And so, again; what happens with the newborn babe? He is suckled by his mother. And so in this way, by the physical, by the receiving of this milk, you receive. In this way, allow the image of yourself as the Christ child, yourself as the newborn innocent babe, to be held in your adult-self arms and to be nurtured and loved; to be, then, an energy that reminds you of this in its most pure essence form, as the greatest potential; that from this a person could grow and be of tremendous value to the planet—even you, that person.

This is one of the great symbols of this awakening that continues even today; though certainly in a distilled, reduced form by gift-giving, the reminder of this is there. So what I would ask you is, as you step forth to give, give to yourself. Feel that the energy of helping others is also there to help you, and see that such is a magnificent, powerful, ongoing force that need never stop; that can multiply, that can be there because you are enjoying it, because the energy is. It is from that place of is-ness that cause and effect disappear; the place from which you simply know that such an energy is to be celebrated rather than resisted. Shalom.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again; we thank you, Miriam, for all of your assistance with as if awakening the mother Mary in everyone; the willingness to recognize simultaneously the nurturing yet also the compassion and willingness to be present. Are there further questions?

Jill: Yes. What would the ramifications be of not accepting “the chip” to single out terrorists? Would a chip inserted under the skin cause illness?

Hilarion: There is always potential for such manipulation; there does seem to be a pushing in this direction with the beginning of smartcards, identity cards with electronic encoding and so on. However, there will be likely a great deal of resistance to the implantation under the skin, because after all, this is a powerful invasion of much of your own ability to choose. It does not appear likely that this is going to be forced on humanity, but that at some point it will be given as a powerful option for which there would be many advantages claimed. This will be the beginning of the difficulty around this, by which then the chip would eventually become mandatory. This is, after all, how identity cards such as driver’s license, social security number cards and other identification cards began; an advantage initially seen to them, and then this later shared throughout humanity. It is hoped, however, that humanity will see the trickery behind this, and recognize the need for differences in your society, new points of view and ways in which such identification and control will be unnecessary; as a result, giving to many the opportunity for greater sharing. Where money is unnecessary, you will not need the chip.

In the meantime, though, these are important issues to be considered. At the mere mention of it many become upset; and this is good for now. But later they must look more consciously and deliberately at all that unfolds underneath it. In terms of its inertness, no; we see no real physical difficulty with this, because unbeknownst to many of you who have had various abduction experiences, you already have chips in your body. Some of these are carbon-based, and thus have little damage associated with them; those in positions of power would, of course, not wish to use such technology yet, and instead would use those that could be potentially damaging if chosen. And this, of course, will be rejected as it cannot be widespread if it is harmful. However, the time sequence on this is more important; by 2012 or so it is likely that sufficient consciousness, opportunity for understanding things better, will be established sufficiently that you will have other options, other opportunities as communities, as ways of working this out. But don’t think that this occurs to you; you have the opportunity to put this into action over the next ten years. You have the opportunity to work with such energies, and it is as a result of this that this technology may be avoided. This is not by any means the worst of the technologies; there are many of these that will be likely be unfolded for you over the next decade, and each of these have ultimately, of course, their larger agenda of control or manipulation. However, along the way you will understand yourselves better; and perhaps you will see that you do not need to have group consciousness at the level of group control, but rather as group love, as some way in which you are able to share positive, helpful energies with each other rather than those based on fear or struggle. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes. Is there a planet X moving toward our planet in 2003? Will it affect our planet?

Hilarion: Most certainly. Many individuals have perceived this, observed it astronomically and are aware of the potentials. It is also far enough away, and there is enough energy, that it is still possible to move its course, even ever so slightly in such a way that it will be far enough away from Earth and its orbit that it will be seen as merely a passing visitor to your solar system, have some interest and nothing more. The choice to this will, of course, relate to the energies that you provide. If the only way through all of the difficulties you are seeing for yourself is complete destruction of planet Earth, then you must draw to yourself some destructive implement in this nature; you’ve done it before. It was the end of the Lemurian civilization that was then moved through asteroid striking Earth, and you know this path; you don’t need to do it again. But there will be some people who may see that this is the only solution. It is more likely, however, that it is the beings associated with this place, that which most people don’t really understand, that can have a powerful, helpful influence on Earth, allowing you to see that there is another perspective; that you do not have to rule by the lowest common denominator, but rather the highest degree of wisdom; appointing as leaders those beings with maximum consciousness, maximum vision, maximum wisdom—as opposed to those who the most of you can all agree on as representing the lowest part of your consciousness. Finding this difference will be important, and if you do not have the capacity to explore other solar systems by the development of space travel, then perhaps one of these solar systems might come to you. That is the real idea, here, you see; to bring another idea in consciousness, another opportunity.

Lest we paint a beatific picture, here, understand that much of what unfolds over the next two and a half year period is going to play a profound influence in the trajectory of this planet; how it will work and how it will share energy with you. See it not as something to be afraid of, but as an energy that is promoting a change in you, a willingness to see things differently, to accept things at a higher-vibrational level. And perhaps you will see that your energy on this can be a simple prayer; that the maximum clarity that can come to Earth be that which is assisted by all beings, including those associated with planet X. And in this way, the energies that might best be served by the planet coming somewhat near, but never too near Earth, would then best unfold. Does this makes sense?

Jill: Mm-hm, yes. There’s little time left, and a couple of questions; one about Sai Baba. Was Sai Baba once Krishna in a past life, and what is his role in the shift of consciousness happening on the planet?

Hilarion: Yes; many changes occurring constantly as one individual incarnates from one level to the next. But their fundamental nature also change; they let go of various aspects of their being that can incarnate as others. How else would you explain the constantly increasing population from the soul base it began with? There is division. And so in this way, you see that manifesting new aspects of being is an important part for all spiritual leaders. This does not mean they are perfect; it means that they must be human and deal with humanity. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes. And the rest of the questions have to do with, how can we assist our president and our politicians, and all of us, in seeing the bigger picture concerning events of 9/11?

Hilarion: It’s almost as if asking your little children about the foods they eat, the company they keep, the TV they watch. They aren’t going to pay too much attention if it isn’t too much fun, and it will be hard for them to change if their habits are so much a part of their identity. When it is their identity, it is how they see themselves. And so you keep trying; you keep sharing the energies. But you also put forth new ideas in consensus; you ask the deeper questions of your friends, and those who are also interested in the news and what is happening, so that the deeper questions will come forth. Ultimately a reprioritization is in order. This is certainly applicable to the government, to the president, to all of the forces that are working on your planet in conjunction; but isn’t a reprioritization naturally, then, necessary in you first? How do you prioritize what is important in your life, in your evolution, in what you are here for? And so in this way it is multiplied and mirrored back to all levels of your society, to take advantage of the opportunity here; by learning, by growing, by increasing your capacity to love and assist others. And that this could be fun, is the new thoughtform to be shared wherever possible on your planet; clarification as enjoyment, as participation, as excitement, as something that is inherently fun. This has been difficult, of course, because so much of the activities on your world are obsessed with consolation, entertainment, reducing consciousness. And this is where the fundamental shift begins; in you, in your acknowledgment, your willingness to make such a shift.

To help these leaders, of course you put forth ideas; you share possibilities which sometimes are picked up and utilized if it is part of a larger plan. But remember, here; the most difficult aspect is the shared thoughtform, the group thoughtform; and this aspect of that which is clarifying and evolutionary as fun can eventually do battle with, shift, transfer into and transform the thoughtform about fear—the one that states, then, that your identity must be preserved at all costs, or that there are things that really must be afraid of; or that, for instance, even such as death is to be feared. At the fundamental level, though, every shift occurs at the individual level of consciousness; at the way in which your shift is multiplied by others. Where it is fun for you, and others are not having much fun, they might be interested. Where the fun that they have been having is hollow, and doesn’t really take them anywhere; and what you are awakening to is exciting and interesting, they are even more attracted. This is the greater role that individuals who want to have deeper spiritual attunement, deeper levels of consciousness, must follow; and you will see so often that it is all that much more fun when you share it, when your assistance is shared to others, when it is multiplied, when in this way it grows.

And so we would close with a simple meditation, in which an example of this might be shared. We suggest that you imagine a being you care for deeply, and pour love from your heart to that being. It is a beam of light; it is an embrace; it is a sound like…ahhhhh. But as you feel this energy, recognize its power; think of someone you’ve had some difficulty with and pour the same energy into that person’s imagination, that person’s consciousness, that person’s appearance to you in your visualization; in other words, you can transfer the energy. Now, think of someone you’ve had a great deal of difficulty with lately; you might say, a more difficult “teacher” for you. Pour that same energy of care into that person now, and notice how it feels in your body to do so. Many will feel a lightness, as if a weight has been gently lifted from your shoulders. You have the ability to will your love to anyone - the choice is yours.

Bringing your attention back to the room now, recall the emerald light cylinder all around you, extending from infinitely upwards down through you, right to the center of Mother Earth. Sense her love and acceptance as a loving sound, a supportive, gentle earth- “Om” sound, as it percolates up from Earth, into your body, into your heart, and then please share it out loud.




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