Hilarion Summer Solstice Channeling 2002

Welcome to the Hilarion Summer Solstice Channeling, June 21st, 2002. We are gathered in Nevada City, California, to ask questions of Hilarion and to hear what they have to share with us. The questions are from those in attendance and from email. For further information on channelings, books and tapes, contact Jon C. Fox, P. O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959. Or visit us at our web site: hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Yes, greetings, yes! Greetings to all of you. This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with matters to investigate, various questions, different ways of relating to your own internal beings to help, to guide, to love, to assist. Yet also we invite you now, letting go of the idea of thoughts, words, even ideas themselves. Just to come to a place of color, an emerald color, invited from within and then allowed from external as if they were always one and are always one now in your consciousness simply by your invitation, by your awareness of this. And then by shaping with your imagination this becomes an emerald light, approximately 30 meters, that is about 100 feet in diameter all around you. From infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth it forms a cylinder, connecting, protecting. As you breathe this light see that it has other qualities too however. It allows you at times to let go of the whole process of questions and answers and the inherent separation that this implies. And instead, simply to be. In the place of peace or the place of light, yes, but even just being without a particular thing, without a particular place. Surely you understand that much in the level of consciousness, of the universe is in that place. Not then imbued with desire, of wanting it to be different from what it is. Nor questioning it.

As we observe it, there are two beings, groups of beings, yes. But they are united in many ways, at entirely opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their own evolution - that hold that place, that empty place, that oneness place. There are those beings who are only beginning that process of evolution. Those at the level of the kingdom of the air, just barely coming into consciousness. Those at the level of the rocks, or perhaps even various microbes. Certainly not plants which indeed share an intelligence. But just beginning that journey into consciousness. And those also who have journeyed to its very, very end. A level of evolution of deeper understanding, of many lifetimes. Beyond lifetimes, guidance and help for others, moving through all of the levels of experience and understanding again to this place of emptiness, of oneness with this life. Oneness with just this place of being.

When you understand this circle, this manifestation of consciousness as it moves through this evolutionary process, you begin to understand why some of the answers we would give are so. Why those who have gone beyond you in levels of consciousness or understanding as guides, saints, helpers, beings who clearly have something to be gained, admired or learned from, teachers and so on; would also then move in this direction, encouraging you to discover this inner place of deeper quiet or oneness. Gradually what emerges from this is the opportunity to move along the spectrum as necessary. And this is what clearly differentiates the two ends of the spectrum. That those beings beginning this process of evolution, and understanding and awareness; they do not have as much choice. They do not have a place to move backwards to. A place in which they absorb or work with consciousness. Whereas those who have come to the very end of this journey, do have that opportunity, and indeed will join us today, will join us now. And join you any time you are open to them. Some individuals have named these beings at higher levels of consciousness. For instance, they have been known as saints, or masters. Others have given them the Latin as if to define them anatomically, or in terms of humanity's evolution as homo sapiens serenismus, the serene ones. But to understand that this place of serenity comes from the place that is the groundedness, the basis of the universe, is the most important hint in understanding the answers to so many questions. That indeed the questioning process, the person asking the questions, the nature of questioning, is in itself a manifestation of separation. That the answer and the question can somehow be held simultaneously, that they can be seen as separate, that by having one you can then have the other. Yet, you know always how this only leads you to yet another question.

Now an attitude towards this that can be very helpful, is one of seeing this as the experience of life, as a lot of fun, as something to enjoy. Rather than to take it so seriously, as if then those questions are the most important thing. And yet that is how indeed many do relate to the whole process of question and answer.

And so for each of you, you will be finding that the real joy, the real place of the true nature of question and answer, comes when you ask the right question. The right question must be that around which you will usually find the answer, and yet the answer as you know it to yourself is difficult. It is that which manifests change for you, and usually what you would call cutting edge change. Change to the level by which you are not really sure you are ready to accept it. It is true that to some extent everyone has morph phobia, fear of change. And difficulty with the manifestation of their own metamorphosis, their own ability to change. Yet, all of this is that which shows up in nature over and over, change in all of its manifestations.

So therefore, a deeper question about this is what can one know about one’s readiness to change? That when you accept it as nature’s readiness, instead of resisting it out of your own fear, or your own ego, you will usually find that there is a great and important lesson from nature, from the nature of being itself. So for a moment now look to nature in this moment of the breathing of Earth. That in the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere this is the time then of the maximum day length. The powerful energy focused into individuality. The manifestation of the great Sun energy. The energy that manifests between Earth and Sun is a powerful communication at this time. An energy of love, an energy that tells you of your own perfection, of your own magnificence, of your own heat, of your own light, of your own strength, of your own benefit. But now it is also an energy shared within the animal consciousness, within all of those in the Northern Hemisphere receiving this light and this energy. It is a sense of joy, of awakening, of abundance of food, of an opportunity to interact, to enjoy each other, to play.

And so for this moment, we remind you of this energy for you to tune into, to breathe, to feel, to accept. And to see that the sunlight energy at its purest level, not that of solar radiation, but that of the energy of love. The sun loving the Earth. A simplistic way of seeing things, but that which you can feel in your heart. And this is often the best way, particularly now, to receive and know answers, to feel that love or that strength in your own heart. No, we’re not going to side step some of your questions. But we want you to understand here that many times the answers may seem complex, or take you into realms that you had not previously considered, or heaven forbid, generate so many more questions. But remember here, there is this other place and in that place right now is a special opportunity to receive warmth, to receive the Sun’s energy. Not as light but as a warming love. An energy simply saying to you, “I love you as I love Earth, as I love her plants, her animals, all the beings that are there.”

Now, many questions relate to your own evolution. The understanding of this is a complex matter which has within it a very powerful aspect of forgetfulness. You have put that there very deliberately. With too much of an intellectual understanding, too much memory of your past lives here, your past mistakes, too many impediments to your own evolution; it would be difficult for most of you. When you come with a sense of a deep resolution, deep understanding, awareness of, an invitation to those past lives, so then do you recall them all that much more powerfully. But until you come to such a place in which you accept fully for instance, that every sense you have ever had in this life of being a victim is balanced nearly perfectly by a lifetime in which there was that same amount of energy as perpetrator and visa versa of course. You then begin to understand the power that you have with your forgetfulness. It is the way in which you can be focused more in the present without having to meditate on it, or listen to Eckhart Tolle, or awaken to your own place of inner peace. You can simply be, without the encumbrances of the past. But of course as you wake up into greater levels of consciousness and you begin to recall, initially at first emotionally, your past lives, you may then begin to notice certain preferences beginning to show up in your life, certain agendas, certain ways in which it is a little more difficult at times to embrace change. These are traps if you want them to be. Those places in which they are educational and help you, you can use them powerfully. And so for this you will have crisis in your lives, various points in which suddenly things seem to go awry. When you go back and look at these crisis, perhaps with the vantage point of many years, you will see that there were many energies that built up to these points. They were often not so surprising after all. And their real relevance to you is so that in that moment you will be able to ask the right questions, balance the energy if possible.

And so now there is a great deal of focus for many individuals on asking the right questions in those times. Thus, when there is difficulty to focus on asking questions, such as, "Is it true?", "How do you really know it's true?", and "Who would you be without the belief?", and all of these aspects that help you turn these energies around. Well, yes these are energies of a great healer, teacher, and being of love, Byron Katie, to teach you about these and receive the energy. But you must chose to accept these. Thus we would suggest that before the point of crisis, know the tools so that you may embrace them when it is time. Instead of it being a crisis you will say, "It is an opportunity to ask questions."

[ Ed Note: For more information about Byron Katie and her awesome "inquiry" process, visit her web pages at The Work ]

But what is this business about attitude and how it changes everything? It is because the consciousness within you as you have developed it has an effect on your reality, on other beings, on yourself, on the non-physical beings. But it has a much greater effect. You are all familiar with the principle of resonance: an energy that is a matching is that which then is so much more powerful than the energy by itself.

The non-physical beings out number you nine to one. They are with you right now. Of these, a third are helpers, beings truly, deeply in your corner, rooting for you at every turn, seeking to assist you, to love you, to give you energy if you can. Does this make you uncomfortable? Of course! Sometimes when that energy is powerful and helpful and you are rejecting it. But there are other times when you would feel that that energy somehow is not there, that you are alone. It is very, very rare that this is actually the case. Indeed these energies are with you guiding, loving, and assisting wherever possible. And so, as you go deeper, you will recognize the principle of resonance. That in the moment in which you are asking those correct questions, when you are changing your attitude toward crisis, when you are asking what is right about something; you are moving into resonance with your helpers, with these beings who are guiding and assisting you. Because they already know what is right about it, that is where they come from, that is their opportunity in working with you, even sometimes bringing you what would seem to you to be a crisis. Well.... you asked for a change in job. You forgot about that? You asked for a change in relationship. You forgot about that one too?!? You asked for some change in your health. You forgot about that! These are indeed often those areas that those three, out numbering you three to one, those helpers, will be subsequently focusing on. And so you thought that it was a rash on the body that was bad. Yet it is allowing you to release toxic, stored material. You thought that those problems at work were only to get you in trouble with the boss rather than pave the way for a new job. And those ways in which your relationship has now shifted, have now given you the opportunity for far higher levels of joy and understanding which you were perhaps not as capable to receive as you thought.

Understanding these perspectives is difficult, but at the moment in which you ask what is right about it, in which you allow your belief patterns to be shattered, in which you look at the deeper truth; you are going into resonance with these beings - standing there patiently, loving, sometimes saying, "We thought you'd never ask." And other things, as if to encourage you to continue with such energy. And then in the moment of resonance, what happens? They are adding energy to those parts of you that are perhaps the highest and best for you to develop. Perhaps they are assisting you in a way in which you asked them, very consciously, before you came into this lifetime. Perhaps that energy is there to provide new opportunities or to guide you to areas that you have previously overlooked. In other words, the very way in which what you do seems very focused, not on guides and helpers - "oh help me please", but rather, helping yourself. Help me to understand. Help me to see. Help me to understand at the deepest level the nature of me.

In those ways you are awakening consciousness, and in many ways, at the same time, that resonance allowing an assistance that you had not previously seen possible.

So also is this occurring on many levels. When individuals meditate in places of power, it need not be the greatest, most important, sacred sites on your planet, any places in which they gather regularly, it has been observed that a degree of consciousness is imbued to that place. And as that becomes more and more in resonance with other places of consciousness, shared and common ideas, conduits or energy patterns open up between these places. That is natural, just as it opens up between you and your guides. And indeed the relevance to this analogy is good because they are different vibrational levels. At the dense physical energy level you are able to work with energies that the guides do not work with and, similarly for these places that the sacred sites open up energies that relate to the whole Earth, Earth's relationship to the other planets, to the Sun, to the stars and the moon. And the energy that the Earth is then able to transform and utilize with plants, animals and other humans all across your planet.

And so yes it makes a lot of sense for these guides and helpers to put a little bit of prodding to use these energies of beautiful, special places. But, simultaneously it becomes less and less important that these are sites that have been used in the past, that they have particular significance or history. More and more important, the idea that you are using them now, that you are welcoming that energy now, that you are in synchronization with it, awakening it, sharing in both directions with it now.

Consciousness as it moves on planet Earth, moves through many changes as it is influenced most powerfully by the collective consciousness of the non-physical beings, and then this modulated and utilized by the physical beings in their own density, working at the physical level. This is what is most powerful. And so you see manifestations and symbols of these levels of consciousness constantly. At the personal level you see this in your own physical bodies. But at the outer level you see it politically. You see it economically and in the actions of the world. Many times these actions are saying the exact same thing to you. Thus when you feel a pain in your teeth and when you see an explosion in the Middle East, you may feel fear. You may shut down some of the energy of exploration and understanding. Or you may shift your consciousness around this and look at the issue more deeply. What is ready to be changed here? What can be shared about this? How might I know?

Indeed however, there is actually an analogy or parallel energy, because the teeth have the first job at digestion. They break down your food into smaller pieces. You get a certain sense of the food by tasting it. Smells even come in through the mouth as you hold the food. And in this way you are making an acquaintance and taking the first step towards absorption. Many times this is a powerful process that unconsciously is creating resistance for you. And usually you will see that where this has gone on for a long time, typically many, many lifetimes, the patterns that are associated with it cause degeneration in the teeth and the bones associated with the teeth. The dentists won't tell you this. They will do their best to make things whole again, utilizing plastics, ceramics, metals, various tools just as you might if you were trying to put together a human body. But that is not how God did it, is it? Nor is it how you did it when you were in the womb. Nor is it how your guides assisted you in the process of manifestation from the place of patterning, the place before you came into physicality, and then the place into physicality. There in those situations, it was done by a pattern. A pattern based on love. A pattern based on certain absorptive qualities you need to learn, various aspects in which you would have to balance and work with energies and ultimately, all different ways in which this manifestation would serve a higher purpose. A purpose which you allowed for yourself. A purpose which, perhaps, you came to Earth to fulfill.

This is the ultimate and most difficult manifestation component of the understanding of the teeth. For when you are in pain, when you are struggling with different components in the mouth, jaw, etc., it is hard to ask what is right about it. What it is teaching you. What you have rejected in the past or how these patterns are with you now.

Now, it is usually observed that the teeth are quite sensitive. They have a lot of nerves in them. And this has been ongoing so that the human digestive system, which is quite sensitive, would not ingest materials that would be harmful - rocks, stones, sand, of course; but even other materials such as those of foods that have been harmed. That have been destroyed. So it is really no accident that when you eat a lot of foods that have been destroyed, that is dead foods, foods that have been over-heated, foods in which the proteins and fats are broken down to a place in which they are of no benefit to the body; that the teeth do suffer from this. It is not a direct suffering; it goes all the way through the digestive system. But it is an important matter to understand and work with because these are all the way back to the original energies in which the teeth have the role of making contact. That initial contact with those food substances in which you are making a commitment to them. Oh yes, you can smell them, you can touch them, but at those levels, right up until the moment of swallowing, you see the big shift.

And so it is important not only to have proper diet in order to correctly manifest teeth and to correct gum problems, teeth problems and so on; but to understand the spiritual significance. What is it that you are seeking to, as the expression goes, bite off more than you can chew? Entering into relationships of a new realm. Awakening different capacities within your being perhaps? Even holding back your capacity to digest. Digestion in the mouth is not all that far different from certain symbols associated with the mouth, that you see in your culture popularly. And this is of course the kiss. For you have seen it in the way that this signifies a great change. It is provided through movies in particular, but in various aspects it is the romantic kiss. It is the kiss of exuberance or of congratulations. But it is in so many ways a powerful symbol in your culture associated with the mouth and its ability then to correctly manifest some aspect of love.

And so also is this necessary when you eat, when you allow this interaction with food. Many times we recognize that at the symbolic level in relationship to the energies that you are working with quite apart from food, many of you hold back. You have developed a great deal of consciousness about love. You understand it and yet, as you view your society, you see that it is not acceptable to love in certain ways, certain people, to allow these energies. Now you understand that there are of course laws about some of that, and there are ways in which it is socially appropriate or not. But you allow this somehow to go all the way to the core, all the way to your heart and keep you from loving perhaps silently or quietly. This affects digestion. It affects the mouth and it affects the teeth. Because it is a way then in which you are saying, "I am going to control my process of receiving and giving love. I am going to control this in some way in which some judgment I have inside is interposed." That judgment may have been appropriate at some point in your life, but many of you have developed the love aspect. You have seen it as very important, and you have gone way beyond personal love. Your kiss is no longer a personal kiss; it is a world kiss. And to see that this also must somehow be integrated into your life is a pressure that often resolves itself by various manifestations at the physical level. If you can correct this somehow by acknowledging the love, you may find that it is a little easier on the mouth.

Some specific remedies that are natural and extremely helpful are the use of tree bark, in particular white oak bark. This can be applied, the inner scrapings of the juicy raw bark, to the teeth and gums for tremendous benefit as has been discovered by a number of herbologists in the past. And this is powerful and healing because the oak tree invites you to receive and know her love, her wisdom, her beauty, her power, her strength, her longevity, many powerful and helpful energies.

And so there are many different ways to receive and understand symbols in your world. So also the difficulty occurring in Israel, Palestine and the Mid-East. So many fears and difficulties about this. So many opportunities for negative beings of all sorts to jump in, to feed, to draw their own energy, to utilize various confusing tactics, and even under some circumstances, remove entire human beings just before some dramatic explosion or difficulty. Yet you recognize all of these as the little machinations and a larger consciousness is that of the focus of all of humanity on these powerful issues of one religion against another. And that this is occurring on your planet so widely, is a reminder about inner truth. Can your own inner truth be that which is simply a dogmatic belief, that which you assume because it is written in a book somewhere, be it the Koran, the Bible, the Torah; it is still a book. What about within your consciousness, within your understanding? Many times these books have been of tremendous value and the prophets associated with them of tremendous value, yet those who have received those messages and truly taken them to heart, have of course gone beyond "these shall you do" and so much so greater. If you can accept this deeper reality, you may then see why these religions are then up against the wall, so to speak, now. So that many will ask this question, can I go beyond these beliefs? How can this attitude of dogmatism or prejudice or fear somehow relate to the love, to the brotherhood, to the connectedness that is inherent in these beautiful teachings?

Indeed many will recognize that the inner message is more powerful than an outer message of a priest, of a particular soothsayer, someone self-appointed. The message at the deeper level is to go beyond this, and to understand it at its core. This is especially difficult in holy places where several lay claim to the same place. Yet what they are laying claim to in themselves is an energy. It is represented symbolically by the external connection to this particular temple or burial site or organization or group. But internally, that is the powerful message for each individual to receive and know.

When asking the right question about this, one can then eventually bring it back to the outside as a gesture, as something external to be done. How might this energy of brotherhood, of caring, of healing, of love be expressed in the world? Each person will have his or her own answer in this, but it is an important question because it does not apply only to the "new agers"; it applies also to all of those involved in dogmatic religions, to look carefully at their own religious practice, to look consciously at all that they have attended to and believed, and see of its deeper focus within their own lives.

Many choose such a path because it is their very first or an early one in a sequence of conscious manifestations in the body in which they are going to be religiously oriented, caring more. They must externalize it because they do not have an internal model yet trustable, so they need a Christ or a Mohammed or some external being that they can see as valuable, as helpful to model themselves after. But, just as many people are compressing several lifetimes into one in this reality, so also worldwide is this ready to change. That many individuals are being pressed firmly, clearly, consciously to look for an internal model. A model that accepts more, that allows them to look at these deeper questions about what is truly true, and to really accept what this means about how they see themselves. That is far more difficult to do than you can imagine when somebody has only this lifetime or a few recent lifetimes of training relating to an externalization, the seeing of someone else as the model, of a certain book or some way of being. This must be changed by the new agers, by beings with some focus on an inner consciousness, by those who are more inner directed as if to say not only is this a better way - that is a resident energy with anyone who says, my way is better than yours, nah, nah, nah and KABOOM - but rather in your own consciousness that there is an energy that knows that there is love. Love waiting to be discovered. A sense of goodness, of beauty, of purpose, of admiring this and drinking it in, truly of receiving it at the deep most level as if to know that this is the reality that you create. Yes, you may say that those involved in the religious wars, those who are believing in the external, outnumber those who are perhaps, growing in number but still those coming to these places of the inner beliefs. But, when you are in resonance with the non-physical beings, and they are pretty much in harmony and unison all about this, indeed, you see where the numbers really lie. And that is why indeed these manifestations on the outward are continuing, so that there will be attention on this. A great and tremendous lesson for those of Islamic faith to recognize that the destruction of an individual in order to harm others, to make a point, has at an internal value something within it that must be reconsidered, looked at carefully. Suicide bombing and so on, to increase for a time but then, this consciousness as a wave to link, or resonate with those in sacred sites praying for peace, those here today awakening to their own inner voice, energies resonating with the non-physical beings of maximum benefit and intent for humanity. Always to say then there is an energy of love now, here by being alive, by dancing with your brothers and sisters, by sharing a positive energy with them, by listening to them, by being heard by them, by being loved by them and by loving. That is to say, by the assistance, the very energy that a suicide bomber would be seeking to achieve, is manifested. This seems difficult to grasp, but when you understand that it is from the place of true assistance that these beings seek to come from, yes, they are perpetuating tremendous levels of karma, and continuing all kinds of opportunities for negativity, but they do so out of a place of assistance for their brothers and sisters, for those who they hold in a position of high esteem and benefit. Therefore, they will resonate eventually with this idea of greater assistance being available through other pathways.

Now there are those who would wonder where this is all leading. Will these negative thought forms eventually attract a planet heading in Earth's direction at this time for a time of cataclysm similar to those that have occurred in Earth's long, lost past. Lemuria in particular and to some extent, in Atlantis. Well, it does not seem that it is possible to make a blanket statement about this. That many people are beginning to understand, to wake up, to allow their consciousness to places of greater love for their fellow men and women, for their willingness to assist on this planet, and to do what they can to make a difference in a way that is ultimately helpful to others and to their own evolution, and that this will in its own way, provide a powerful energy that non-physical beings of positive intent can use to redirect this planet. For it only takes a small nudge at the correct time in order to cause it to come close enough to Earth to cause a bit of a stir but no real change or powerful, undue physical difficulty.

This seems the most likely of opportunities, that is this as the manifestation of the rapture, of the creation of the energies as described in Revelations, but it is not the only pathway of course. As increased fire is already upon you in some places on your planet right now. So also then can volcanism or earthquakes. Yet, if these generate fear for you, you have not gotten the lesson. You have not understood the opportunity that this means a shaking up of energy, a shifting to release the anger, an awareness within you of these energies as a capacity that can be an energy that is shifted or allowed.

Yet, we do recognize here that there are some critical crossing points occurring. Somewhere into March or April of 2005, it does seem that many energies are coming together to cross, to be a powerful time for awakening positive, helpful energy, to steer the planet's course and evolution, to help people ask the deeper, more important, relevant questions about what is best for all people on Earth, best for ways in which all can grow, to learn, and share, and love each other. This energy will, to some extent, be aided by the children who will be born in the next three year period. These children may indeed have a tremendous tie in to these higher, non-physical levels and be of some assistance. Watch them, and pay particular attention to their ability to teach you by their own loving, by their own sounds.

Similar to how various sacred sites are united, so also will various energies of those you listen to as through channeling, through meditation, through various attunements, the attunements you have to the non-physical beings, so also do we join together more consciously and carefully. Yes, we certainly work with many of these beings, including the one you have asked about, Kryon. But, the point of working in these arenas is difficult to describe to you. There are times in which it is an energy that is just to help. But there are other times when it is an energy to encourage, as if to allow you to look deeper, or to somehow ask deeper questions of yourselves, and listen carefully to those answers. This is far more difficult to manifest as an energy than you can imagine. If you think about it, it is a little bit like holding the cheese close to the mouse, but not giving it to him until he has walked through the maze a little further. But in this case, the analogy would say that it is a maze that the mouse created and then forgot. This maze that you have created for yourself on Earth certainly has many hints within it, such as the astrological timings available at your birth, and at various times when the planets move to be in various relationships. Yet these as subtle energies, as hints, as ideas for you, can never hope to convey the entire complexity of what it is to be a human being and to experience, while at the same time, can lead you away from a basis in love, a place of just accepting, of receiving light, of knowing existence itself, of simply experiencing for the sake of experiencing.

Many of you thought that when you came into this world, it was to fulfill certain specific aspects. It is true to some extent. This is called your existential program, the things that you have set out for yourself. But, it is a little bit like when you were in school and they handed you your schedule. You were to go to this class and to this other one. You were to learn these different things. But your attitude, the way you related to the other students, the teaching itself, whether you did your homework or not; these were all up to you. Your choices. Your opportunities. And of course in that way it is called "schoolroom Earth". But it is also "hospital Earth". A place in which for many of you it is a re-manifestation of various energies that you are here to heal. And so then, it just seemed very efficient that these could be combined. Hence, the tremendous value we place on assistance, on your opportunity to help others. The opportunity to help in a small way where the evolution of the other person is not so important, it is just that they feel better. All the way to the way in which that healing or helpfulness that you allow is that which encourages deep clarification, deep evolution or understanding within yourself and others at the same time.

From this you can see many opportunities in the astrological chart. We have discussed this to some extent in our book, Astrology Plus with regards to the powerful manifestations relating to the karma an individual comes in with. But, one will also recognize that there are powerful opportunities brought about as signified by the ascendant relating to relationship - how you learn from others and where this is all taking you. With that in mind, many of you may find that the ascendant is a little uncomfortable for you, and all that it signifies as it is a gentle hint of where to look for a little more energy, understanding, experience, yes, but also a process like confrontation, like awakening that which is a little hard for you at times.

Of course, astrological data can only take you so far because after all, at the deep most level, it is always an opportunity within you to maximize whatever talents, whatever capabilities you came in with. And what we have noticed is that this tapping into a powerful thought form relating to love, the ability to hold others in high regard, to assist by some compassionate act, some willingness to care regardless of what karma you've come in with, what tendencies or particular programs you have set out for yourself; that is going to go a very long way, taking you to deeper and deeper levels of understanding. Sometimes not an understanding of the mind but an understanding of the heart. And again, as that awakening towards love is stronger and stronger, the opportunity within you to help, to assist is also brought more consciously into your own existence.

Now as you begin to examine these things, sometimes the eyes of the heart open wide and what it sees can be very difficult. Because it will see the suffering in its various forms on your planet. Ways in which countless lifetimes of tremendous resistance to these opportunities to love and be loved, to accelerate one's evolution through a direct attention on clarification; these have been rejected. And hence the suffering that your heart's eyes sees, brings you at times to a place of learned helplessness in which you don't know what to do and you would wish deeper in your own heart that there would be something that could be accomplished or manifested. And yet, to find such an energy, to welcome it, many times the only way to do this is with an alternate point of view, to see things in a whole new light. And guess who's standing ready with all kinds of alternate points of view for you? It is this perhaps more than anything else that the guides and helpers have for you in much greater quantity.

Remember we spoke of those who outnumber you, the three to one of the higher vibration? But there are also another group of these, again outnumbering you three to one, that could be called blind guides. These are beings that want very much to help but they don't always know how. And so it is this energy which you resonate sometimes with as you come to the place of learned helplessness. And it is this also which is an important secret. Yes of course the Byron Katie technique can be applied here, a place of inner meditation or openness, crying and allowing the heart's eyes to clear by this method. Always, these and other techniques are helpful. But in addition, remember that the blind guides listen to you. They are here many times specifically to learn from you and to help you. And so what you say to them is, "We are resonating around this helplessness. We would like to make a change here, and we recognize you would too. And so what we ask you to do is to turn now with us to the highest helpers, to the guides of highest vibration who are here to assist, to listen to them, to see the alternate context and to help me receive it."

In other words, you are employing your guides as your assistants, to learn from the highest vibrational level, to act as intermediaries, as messengers, to transmit and to assist, and in this way many energies may be received. You are doubling your chances of receiving and knowing. Be careful here. Sometimes you may note that the helplessness, the hopelessness, the rage, the sadness, the grief; they increase for a time. The energies as they move through can be difficult because what they are going to show you first is the truth of what you are asking, or a deeper understanding that is necessary to clear out the pipes, so to speak.

But energy in motion is one nice way to think of emotion, and if you allow it to move through, you may find on the other side of it is a place of deeper peace, a place in which the experience of the guides and helpers is there. Because many times they have the experiences of past lives. They understand deeply the suffering, and they have also other solutions to it. It is interesting that sometimes the highest solutions don't actually end suffering. They allow a transformation in your relationship to suffering. And when you see this outside of yourself as an example, you will be, hopefully, prodded, reminded, teased, tickled to hold some complement of that inside for your own suffering. And when this is changed, it is as if a powerful energy is released. The dense physical energy of being in a human body is then turned to the energy of the maximization of love, of a sense of being, of power that is correctly placed to assist. Because when you know in your heart, at the level of truth, that suffering is unnecessary, that suffering is that which can be chosen or not chosen; you have then a powerful place in which to teach from, to feel in a sense of resonance and love with others, without moving into the place of illusion that would tell you that such suffering is inevitable on your planet.

The inevitability of this does seem to reflect in one of your questions as to whether it is necessary for light and darkness to be on your planet together. And as we have explained before, if it gives rise to the process of resistance, and this is seen in Ohm's law with relationship to electricity (potential = resistance x flow), so your human potential equals the resistance multiplied by flow, and thus as you have more and more resistance, you will perhaps pay a little more attention to that potential. But Ohm's law also exists on your universe in a whole different context in which resistance falls to zero in what is called the condition of super conductivity, and this has been observed in healers and in beings in a state of enlightenment, as well as in various electronic apparatus and various devices. And so, it is as if this duality, this quality to move into a place of super conductivity is also there for you, and under such situation, light and darkness no longer are defined the same. The darkness as manifested by resistance does fall to zero, but the light as it manifests is the flow in the world. There is no holding it back. There is no resistance to it. It is the energy of the manifestation of the world itself.

Now when you consult the Akashic records about the big question which is always, going back to the ultimate past, how it all began, you recognize that is how worlds are created, universes are created: from the place of no resistance, the manifestation of full potential. So you choose resistance in order to learn. You choose resistance in order to know you must suffer to be a good artist. You must work this way or that way hard in order to receive the benefits of life, etc., etc. There is not to be said within this that there is truth or falsity. If you hold such a place you are still trapped in the duality of resistance. There must instead be a place that accepts that resistance is required by some people. Resistance is required by some universes. But it doesn't necessarily have to be your universe.

Now that is an attitude shift, but it has its true manifestation in one simple question, that which we have referred to already today - what is right about it? You're observing that there is flow and when you are asking what is wrong about it, you are observing the resistance. You gain value from this, for when you see where the direction of the flow is going, you may have a little more hint at its true potential, and the opportunity to release the resistance. Thus, as this attitude becomes more deeply ingrained within you, you begin to celebrate life, even to celebrate the suffering, even to celebrate the resistance. And once this occurs, it is no longer necessary. The deeper lesson is then known in your heart.

There are those who are seeking to teach this by an experiential means, and so we are going to simply invite you to that place right now. That within your heart, you become aware of an energy on each out breath becoming a little stronger, a little clearer, an exudation, a moving outwards, a beautiful light. Any color that you want. The idea that it is simply a part of the breath. And that as the breath continues there is a little bit deeper silence or space at the end of each breath. This is especially powerful right now as the energies associated with the breathing of the Earth in her cycles move through the four points of solstice and equinox as the points of mid-breath and complete breath. So now as you are making this breath complete, you are synchronizing with these points. But then going deeper, notice when a thought shows up and let it go. If it is a thought of the future, of that which might happen, an anxiety, some anticipation, put your attention instead on the breath, on the awareness of now, on that sense of love in your heart. If it is a memory of the past, an energy fleeting, where you were or what you were thinking, let it go. That is only the sense of memory. It is not real. It is not here. It is not now. In the moment of now, in the moment of the breath, in the moment in which you are, right here, you will begin to notice that that love, it isn't only in you, it's everywhere. It's in your very connection to your body, to your breathing, to your awareness of the world, to those people you have known, to the Earth, to the Sun, to the animals. It is as if it is a shared energy, a blended energy, a oneness. And from that place, you allow more of it, as if more than any just one human being would be allowed. If you have the question, do you deserve it, you recognize that based on your past or perhaps your future, let it go. Instead simply recognize that energy as the basis of being.

Now that is all very well and good, Hilarion. We have heard of these moments of Zen, of oneness, of now, but what does this have to do with life? A little practice is necessary. And so begin by holding that place of nowness while you move. So we suggest a gentle, easy stretch. Slowly at first, but allowing that place of being, that place of oneness, that place without thought to accompany you as you stretch.


And so you see by a little practice this becomes more and more clear, more perfect, more aware. Now perhaps, you might throw out a few questions.

Q. Please describe and explain the mechanism behind and the purpose of the phenomena known as deja vu?

Hilarion: This process is one that is becoming more and more common. One definition of it is a sense, perhaps as a feeling sense, but sometimes as a knowingness or an intuition. That what has just occurred or is unfolding is something that is familiar to you, that which you already know. There are those who would say that this relates to various aspects of patterning or planning from past lives, but our observation of this is something completely different. Time as you understand it is that which seems, at least on the surface of it, to have a connectedness through the clocks of your planet. But how often have you said, "How odd, time seems to be moving very quickly right now." Or, "It just is really dragging here." Perhaps even about some of our words to you today. But as you understand and work with this energy, you begin to recognize that that sense of subjectiveness, is the truth. And that the consensus reality of the simultaneous clocks is actually the consciousness of people that have agreed to set these things into motion. That true consciousness where it relates to time is exceptionally mutable, changeable, and that which is affected very much by your mood, your emotions, your awareness, your consciousness on so many levels.

With this observation, it is a simple leap in understanding to the blending of time for the future into the present. And the past into the present as well. This is occurring naturally, but occurring more and more with each passing day. Sorry for the conundrum there since each passing day refers to time. But the truth of this relates to your own evolution, that as humanity evolves, humanity's ability to more consciously manipulate time, is inevitable. Sorry again for the pun on time with the word inevitable. What you begin to recognize is that the English language itself is so firmly founded, created and based on time, even for the bringing of the syntax of past, or present, or future conjugations of verbs. Eventually for your own consciousness what you'll recognize here is that deja vu relates to your ability to leap through time, to receive its future, to receive the energy as it blends into the now. And that this is occurring often when deja vu occurs for an important reason - something for you to learn, something for you to grow with. However, we have commented in the past on a very specific technique you can use to increase your ability to understand time and work with it more consciously. When you apply this same technique at the very moment in which deja vu is occurring, you will find that many times this accelerates and increases. This can be difficult of course. Some individuals respond to deja vu with fear. The hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck syndrome. Or various ways in which it is confusing to them, or in which they feel disoriented or have some difficulty. But if you enjoy deja vu, this technique may be helpful. The technique that we have described in the past when utilized often, also tends to increase opportunities for this, because you are then opening to your future and your past. It is a perfect question to ask however after a focusing on the now sort of meditation, because you begin to recognize that you create the now as an acceptance, as a willingness to know the deeper love, and you create the energies of past and future as a distraction to teach you something, to allow you some separation, some resistance, something to work against. And in this way you can step back from it more often and laugh at it more often.

For a specific suggestion with regards to the past, present and future blending, is to think of your future self. Recognize that that is a being. Perhaps you could imagine this as a being meditating, somewhere around March 21st of 2005, tuning into powerful energies and transmitting them back to you. Perhaps to another being, sometime perhaps in 2012, understanding, wise, learned, understanding so many things you cannot hope to understand now, yet, loving you, projecting an energy back in time to you now. Similarly though, think of you three years ago. Perhaps a time in which in March of 1999, you needed a little help, a little encouragement or a little awakening. Or any time about three years ago. And then as if now, with your experience, your learning, your understanding, project that energy now to that being. And now think of somebody even further in your past - you, about ten years ago, and send that same being that same loving energy, that you energy now still to that being who does not know what is to come. Perhaps blissfully ignorant of the various changes to unfold, or in a place ready to receive, or to be encouraged to move through a place of suffering or struggle. In the middle of this, you are then acting as a sort of guide for energies from your future self and your past self. When you do a similar meditation, tuning into a being in the past being particularly powerful, in the time of deja vu you are receiving a future energy after all, you will find that this accelerates the process. And it may help you have a little deeper understanding as to what can be received as you awaken to this energy.

Many times the specifics about this are gaged in symbolism, understood through metaphor, difficult to work with. Don't worry about that. When the deja vu experience occurs, if you amplify it slightly by thinking of yourself in the past, of an energy associated perhaps with some positive, resourceful energy you can pour to yourself in your past, the essence of the deja vu experience may begin to occur to you. You may find that as it intensifies, that there is something deeper to learn, something deeper to trust. You will usually find that somewhere deep in the experience can be more love, and if this can be felt somehow in the body, if it can be shared as a kinesthetic feeling, as a warmth or a lightness, or some positive energy, you will usually find it teaches you more. And does not do so immediately. It may come into your dream that night, or into some other experiences. But understand this - that as this goes on for life, as people get closer and closer to times of great change, so will this experience of the blending of the future and the past be easier for people, and simultaneously you may become less and less attached to it. More and more aware of the now, of the presence, of the light and the love that is always with you. Further question?

Q. Are all of the bombings in Israel done by the Palestinians and their Arab friends, or are some initiated by the Israelis to keep the tension up, or as some have said in the past, are extra-terrestrials using holograms of such events to keep the tension up? And that also brings up the question of who actually initiated the 9/11 attack?

Hilarion: Yes, certainly there are many ways in which all of this is true, that all of these ways of bringing attention and energy to this part of the world continue to allow focusing. Though this business of the Israelis being involved in this is very rare, it has occurred a few times. And one of the most powerful energies still remains though that of sacrifice and suffering amongst the Palestinian and Arab peoples as they are seeking change without the understanding of consciousness. For change that allows others only to die can only increase greater and greater death and struggling and suffering. However, it is that which we have commented on to some extent with regards to the destruction of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Building on September 11th, of 2001, that many of these energies have been misunderstood. That they had clearly within them many aspects that could be understood from a simple engineering point of view, that the planting of explosives, the various destructive capabilities and other things, are the only explanations that can be found for all the things that occurred. Yet, at the deeper level, the understanding here has been to promote various aims and goals of various beings who want to bring more fear to your planet. Various ways in which you would struggle against this, teach you something about these methods, but teach you nothing about yourselves. Because it is inevitably towards a world in which fear is unnecessary in order for somebody to know who they are, that a world that could invite a greater degree of peace, acceptance and love, would result.

Of course there are underlying this, all kinds of scarcity issues, that those in positions of power, those very same people who would want you to be in fear, will keep on your planet. Money keeps this in place very strongly as does scarcity of food or various necessities of life and of course of energy. Hence, various technologies are being proposed by various beings all over your planet, initially at small scale level to make shifts in this direction. Some have already come from the past, for instance with regard to inert gases, with the pap engine. But much more deeply, the new technologies have all with them a greater and greater degree of responsibility, love, or you could even say devotion to maximal assistance on the part of other beings. And this is why it is difficult to introduce too much in the way of positive, helpful technology to your planet. That this goes hand in hand with the idea of greater, shared love, greater shared responsibility, and more importantly, asking the right questions: what are we all here for? How can we co-exist? How might this love be somehow stronger? What kind of a world do we want to create for ourselves? When these questions are answered honestly and clearly within the consciousness of each person, usually it paves the way for greater degree of opportunity for these new technologies.

We did not comment specifically in the application of inert gas technology to dental work and dental benefit because we were focusing on the symbolic representations, but here is one of these applications that could be very wide spread and that which was spoken about in the 1980's: the inert gas combination: 18% helium, 36% neon, 46% xenon - extremely helpful for regeneration of all different body parts and especially the teeth. This should certainly be applied, examined, looked into, and perhaps by many, it will be seen as useful. But, similar to the other ways in which you see this applied, for instance in the area of free energy, a greater degree of self-responsibility is necessary. Hence, you may find a speeding up of karma as you use this technology just for the purpose of healing. The karma then of an individual where they have bitten off more than they can chew, where they have taken on certain tasks in this life they are not willing to accept, where they have perhaps misused the mouth, or in some way do not understand the deeper lesson associated with each tooth and so on.

Magnify this to the level of free energy technology, the responsibility of an entire race, of all of humanity to use such technology responsibly, to understand it, and to blend with it appropriately. This has been difficult enough for ancient civilizations, particularly the Atlanteans that used these technologies. How will humanity respond to these challenges? So the point is to introduce it small level first, a place in which it can be examined and worked with one by one, as individuals may use this for instance, for aiding the physical body. And as they become more used to the possibility of this, its more wide spread use for energy technology would not be so disturbing. Nor would it be that which would promote man against man, rather bring perhaps a greater degree of harmony or understanding. This is not capable amongst people yet and will be seen over and over as one of the primary difficulties in bringing any of the new, free energy technologies to humanity. That anyone who would misuse them as weapons or even just to garner exceptional amounts of personal wealth at the expense or cost of others, will find so many impediments, resistances and difficulties because they're not seeing the larger lesson, the larger opportunity for all of mankind to interact together in a positive and helpful way with such. Further question please?

Q.: Does Hilarion work with Kryon? And what does Hilarion do when he is not being channeled?

Hilarion: Yes, there is much that all of the guides and helpers do together. All of us in our own ways will interact and it is of great joy that we can do this with various beings that we are channeling through simultaneously, hence the great joy felt by many in what is called a channeled panel. However, in regards to what we do on our "days off", well you know we haven't had any since about 1963, and this is simply because vacations are only granted every few thousand years.

Recognizing this degree of patience necessary, you may find that in your own life, all of it can be seen as a time off. What would you rather be doing? And this is really how we see it. For if there was something that we would rather be doing, then that's what we would do. Specifically it does appear that many times when we are not moving through one being or another, we have opportunities to share energies by channeling in non-verbal ways, sharing energies in so many different ways to inspire and assist: engineers, scientists, astrologers, artists; there are a lot of you on the planet and plenty to keep us all busy. But at the same time as this, sometimes it is necessary to withdraw from all of these activities simply to act as focalizers of energy, perhaps in a particular sacred spot or an energy poured into the Earth for some particular issue of political or economic importance. However, those times do not necessarily require any specific being, simply the idea of lots of energy all at once to come to a particular site or a particular time.

In addition to all of those activities, there is the opportunity to share a beautiful, wonderful human sense of joy, the exuberance of life itself, the willingness just to experience that. It is this which we must share from time to time simply because we choose not to be in a physical body. You see it is one of the great attractions for coming to this planet, to get yourself into a body, because then you really feel that. You see your existence, when you are non-physical, does not have this quality of the touching, of the loving, of the kinesthetic, nor of the suffering, of the dramatic struggle. Those things that really get your attention. And so at times, it is simply a matter of blending with those energies. It is as if to be one with them, to receive them, and to know them from all levels, from the Earth, from the Sun, from those powerful cosmic levels as much as from sharing with any of the beings of life, dancing in the joy and the exuberance and the understanding on your planet.

These are places that you know also, because many of you project your consciousness when you sleep. You don't always remember it, but sometimes you wake up refreshed. It is not just because you have quieted the body; it is also because there is a receiving of this cosmic energy, of movement through this cosmic dance. And so we suggest for you tonight a little exercise as you fall asleep - think of this place, of joining with Earth's joy, joining with the joy of the plants and the animals, and the Sun. And as you feel these positive, loving energies, have that sense of the joy, as if it is awakening a receptivity of greater joy in your own being. You may find yourself often times, refreshed by this when you awaken in the morning. Sometimes you will be exhausted because the joy led you to all kinds of activities in which your projected self had, well, shall we say, too much fun. But by and large this opportunity to receive joy is that which can be multiplied and strengthened within you for your own health, your own strength, and your own improvement of the physical body. Many times it is the rejection of this joy, the unwillingness to experience this at the deep most level that leads you to so many physical problems. You cannot imagine how frustrating this is, especially for your blind guides when they look at you and they say, "Look you have it. You're in the body. You have the opportunity to feel this and know it so deeply, and yet you reject it. Yet you do not allow yourself to accept it." So listen to them now, especially your helpers, but all of your guides, as if saying to you, "You are loved." Simply to feel this is the nature of your being, is the nature of your universe. You are loved. Further question?

Q: Please comment on Nevada City as a sacred site.

Hilarion: There are many powerful energies here, often associated with the abundance of gold in the Earth and these energies have been a spiritual mecca to draw many who wish to awaken the heart energy associated so much with gold. Yet also these are energies associated with connections to other places, to bring a deeper sense of attunement to others. At the same time, many individuals in this place, seemingly then imbued with the riches of all of this gold, would seem to be in a position of financial poverty, or struggling with their finances. Do you think this is an accident? It is a way in which those energies are held in your consciousness yet not fully received. You are often here to know these energies. As a sacred site, as you know that, as you understand that awakening of love, as you feel it more consciously, connect to Mother Earth, and you will begin to recognize that the reasoning behind these veins of gold going down so deep, deep in the Earth, is that you can relate deep, deep to the Earth in your own heart's love, your willingness to share this positive energy. This has not been done very much here on this place, in Nevada City, and indeed as any sacred site, as you become more aware of that energy and move it in and out, make it a part of your breathing, aware of the opportunity to share this with Mother Earth, she will be able to move that energy where it is needed, and certainly you can see some places where it is sorely needed. For people to expand that level of deep, unconditional love, a deep caring or reverence for each other, this is certainly helpful. Specifically for Nevada City, it also seems to bring various aspects of pushing you to greater and greater levels of consciousness, to something in yourself to change. How much of this can you accept lovingly? It is as if then you will have received the message of the sacred site: change with an acceptance of love. And so also can you manifest this as a positive, helpful energy for all of the rest of the sacred sites to learn from this one. That is one of the important roles you know of people who visit sacred sites, not just to receive the energy or to pour energy back in, but to utilize themselves as a sort of communication intermediary for other sacred sites, just as you would for other beings or trying to explain how you relate these energies to others through the media, through what you write, or share in song, or various ways of expression. And so also is there a powerful energy of creativity in Nevada City with this as its underlying objective. That this energy of this deeper consciousness towards change and awareness of the love, will be shared with humanity, will move out slowly, but inexorably. Is this sufficient?

Q.: Thank you Hilarion. What are the positive aspects of the crises in the world's major religions?

Hilarion: Well, we pretty much got into that. But it does seem that the big issue now, over and over, is to question the foundation of these beliefs, to look at them more consciously and deeply, and ultimately to take the highest and best of these religions, and to see how that might be held for an individual, how it might be helpful to them, how it might be shared. But perhaps to let some of the rest of it go. Very difficult if you have constantly externalized, but that which is being shared as the foundations to that which you have seen as ultimately some, powerful, overriding truth, these are being shaken to their very core. Further question?

Q. Please tell us about the planets Utern and Sirulian? Do they exist and where are they?

Hilarion: Yes, these are the names for two of the seven planets orbiting the Sirius Binary, and have related to various important, spiritual aspects in humanity's own process of transformation. This moves through a cyclic process and the cycles that it moves through are powerful ones that relate to many beings. These are also names that have been utilized by, as we count them, 17 other civilizations, four of which exist in your galaxy, four others in the nearby Andromedaen galaxy, and several others in other nearby galaxies. You have many, many billions of stars in these galaxies with many, many billions of planets, so names in various ways certainly keep showing up, but as relating to the Sirian planets, it must be understood that these are powerful energies in which some beings, including Earth beings, go for a period of rest, recuperation, and relearning. Often times during that relearning they consult records. They understand much about the past. They look to the future and then as they ask the deeper questions, particularly with relationship to transformation and deeper levels of love, assistance and understanding, their attention is inexorably and inevitably drawn towards Earth, as Earth allows them a place of looking, of understanding, of wielding energy. They begin to recognize the draw here, and eventually decide to incarnate again. These are often energies of beings that you call "light workers", beings who have been off your planet for a time. They come here and they have a lot to do, many people to see, many things to share. They're often frustrated with humanity's ability to receive their important messages or their love. But at the same time as feeling so drawn to do all of this, they also feel at an internal level like a stranger in a strange land. They do not always understand what is happening around them because they haven't been on Earth in a while. Part of the intent in these planets is to teach people how to be a little more flexible, how to be able to receive energies of this nature. And so sometimes utilizing Sirius in the night sky or taking Sirius elixir, will help individuals to awaken this level of transformation, and acceptance of their willingness to help others. Is this sufficient?

Q. Yes, thank you. Please tell us about the stone circles and ancient burial cairns. What role do they play on the planet now, what were they used for, and what will they be used for?

Hilarion: These are energy focalizers now. They allow people to draw some of their attention to these special places because they have, in past lives, had rituals in these places or received some direct energies. But in the past these were used as a repository of old ideas, old ways that are no longer necessary. Sometimes these were associated with bodies, but most of the time, they were as powerful thought forms. This was initially done to cleanse, to trap a negative thought form in the Earth as an old technique, and many of you may even experience this now, simply by entering into a cave. It is one of the things that cave explorers, spelunkers, enjoy so much, the sense as they enter in, letting go of the old thoughts and coming out into the light again, as if finding a new dawn, a new awakening, a new awareness. But in these ancient places this was taken to a very fine degree, a place in which deep transformation would occur for an individual. Often times, a sense of complete letting go of all of the activities of the world, finding a new energy. Often times these sacred places have passages just below them that are connected to the underworlds, netherworlds, various places in which beings that still exist below the Earth, have focalized energies. There are usually powerful deposits of gems and minerals. But the point of this focusing, particularly where it relates to these underworld dwellers, is to produce a positive, helpful, cleansing energy for those who would use these places.

Because humanity has forgotten about this, does not see this as particularly valuable and so on, this has fallen into disuse. And therefore they are not utilized nearly to the extent that various sacred sites or awakenings of places on the planet are. But the stones as they are involved in this, hold the key. Because they have the resonance as an intelligence, as an awareness to awaken these places deep below the Earth, to utilize the ancient burial grounds as a place to release old, buried thought forms, old ideas, old energies that are no longer necessary. And gradually as people become more and more aware of this capability, they will invite this. It is perfectly timed with this ability that people see to transform from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, not as a cliché, but as an actual ability to let go of that which is holding you back. You will find that many of the ancient burial grounds will usually hold deep within them, some powerful, transformative quality, something that you really didn't know was holding you back. That's of course the most difficult. When it is a place of denial, it is the place that is deepest. Is this sufficient?

Q. Yes. Should we expect upheavals on the Earth to increase or decrease?

Hilarion: It seems likely to increase for a time. This is being held in check as much as possible by humanity's guides, helpers, and much of humanity's own energy as people are able to meditate in a positive and helpful way. Still, the Earth herself is suffering. And, there are repercussions to the increase of various gases and many chemicals in the atmosphere producing increase in warming and various difficulties that the Earth must get rid of. This isn't yet reached the point where it is to be very harmful, to the level of major earthquakes and so on, but the major dislocations, the difficulties as they occur, well, you have seen these already in other areas. For instance, the wide spread fires now in places where they have not been before. Indeed gradually as this warming takes place, you see the deeper message. Volcanism to increase. Fires to increase. Overall temperatures to increase. Warming ocean currents to increase. Melting of the ice caps to increase. All of the lesson here, around the energy of heat, associated with anger. Don't you already have enough lesson about this? Doesn't Mars symbolize to you the war god, the energy of anger, the opportunity to release the Martian thought form? The desert planet, now it is being timed with the discoveries of your astronomers that this planet was once rich with water, was once a place in which there was a great deal more in the way of coolness, wetness, even life.

So also then will you come to understand this for yourselves, that the opportunity to receive and know the release of anger need not occur through volcanism, through global warming, or through fires. How can you allow this anger appropriately? First look at it as some way in which you are seeking to avoid fear, a deeper energy and you then are in denial of it at some level. Also recognize that the anger is based in a positive way. That is where you say what is right about it on the opportunity for change. That indeed, this can be turned into enthusiasm. That anger teaches you, you must change, something wants to change, something needs to shift. The fire inside, the energy inside, a passion, and this passion must be, at the positive level then, properly, lovingly placed. A way in which you can enjoy, and at the same time do so in a way that is not harmful. This isn't always so easy is it? Often times your society has mapped out what it says is appropriate and is not. Question this sometimes, personally, with one and another, and you may find that for another person, these various things aren't true. That there are ways of expressing your passion, your love, your caring and your willingness to change. As more are able to do this in a way in which it is no longer required that it re-manifests some unconscious way, it is less necessary for this harm to come to Earth. But, at the same time, various activities that release the need for greed and power over others, release the need for economic domination, and hence the spoiling and destruction of the Earth. In other words, many times the anger itself is blinding to one's deeper understanding of the ecosphere of all beings sharing this planet together. So you see that by working on one issue, sometimes you begin to resolve the others as well. Does this answer the question?

Q.: Yes. How can we help with the rising incidence of domestic violence?

Hilarion: This is partly due to increasing population on your planet, and of the way in which the interaction with the non-physical beings continues, especially those that we haven't spoken of yet. The one-third of these nine to one who are indeed those of malevolent nature, those who are seeking harm, those who often don't even know they've died, who are then drawing energy unconsciously from others. Speak to them. Oh yes, you have all kinds of techniques for non-violent communication, various ways for counseling, for understanding and working with all kinds of manifestations of interaction with the children, with going to the issues at their core, with using the Byron Katie technique to ask the right questions; these are all good techniques. But don't forget about the non-physicals. If it is a being who you are noticing is allowing a child, or a spouse, or someone in your family, to do things that seem to be motivated by unconsciousness, that which doesn't seem to be the natural thing that's best for them and they do it anyway, there might be a non-physical being involved. Speak to that being directly. Well, if the child is old enough, he or she will think you are crazy, and so also would a spouse unless of course they've read books such as The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore or Projections of the Consciousness by Dr. Waldo Vieira or others that address this issue. But as you speak to these beings, and you receive intuitively more about them, you may get flashes or ideas, trust them and speak of them. Speak to the being directly and say things like, "You know, you're dead. You hadn't thought of that had you, and you're drawn to this energy and this child or this situation because of the violence, because of the struggle. But if you look around you, you may discover that there are others loving you, right behind you. That there is a world of much greater light, peace and energy than you experience here as you are drawn to us."

[ Ed Note: To learn more about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us, including psychotic post-mortems, see Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

To learn more about releasing spirit attachments, see The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore - published by Ballantine Books, ISBN 0-345-35083-9 ]

Now there are many ways that you can work with this energy, but we are simply suggesting that you widen the context to include the non-physical beings. It's no coincidence of course, that speaking in this fashion, we are a non-physical being, does that mean what we are saying is pay more attention to us? In a certain sense, yes, because indeed, we do sometimes have some answers you haven't thought of. They're not always the best answers, but they do help you to think.

In addition to those methods, of course, there is simply the way in which many beings on your planet simply want one thing. They want to know love. They want to feel it. They want to receive it on some level. And because at some level they are convinced that it is not available to them, they then don't have that energy, and are seeking then to manifest it somehow, even by negative attention, even by harm, or even by ways in which that fear that they're not going to receive that love, would then perhaps be multiplied. So think about it. Get a little practice. As you speak to someone and get to know them a little better, ask yourself this question - how does that person love? How do they express their love? And find a way to express it with that person the same way. In other words, not the way that you would love, but the way that they would love.

This gives you a good practice as to how to do this more easily, and may give you some hints as to how to reduce levels of violence in domestic relationships as individuals do go deeper to that place of love. In addition to all of this, of course, how you use the new techniques, as you find the deeper levels of peace and love, you will also find that food plays an important role. That people are very stressed because they are not getting sufficient nutrition. That they are relying on drug substances, either recreational or prescription in order to solve their problems. And that many ways of intervening and looking into this more deeply with food are becoming more possible now. Certain fats for instance, those which tend to build and strengthen the body can be very helpful and very useful to individuals who are seeking deeper levels of their own sense of peace in their bodies. For this we would certainly suggest We Want to Live as a beautiful book to encourage people to go in new directions with this, and to awaken their own intuition and their own intuitive ability to receive the benefits of foods and pay a little less attention, perhaps to those nutritionists, doctors, and others who have reversed themselves so often just in the last few decades. In other words, a certain level of trust in yourself sometimes goes a long way. Is this sufficient?

Q. Yes, thanks. Why do people seek tools from the outside when the Spirit fills us and all truth is within us?

Hilarion: It is such a beautiful question.

Can maybe Athena answer that?

Athena: To you dear ones, there are so many ways to approach this question. But to invite that there is a forgiveness and a lovingness in you for asking it. You cannot ask from this place of oneness, because there is no question in the place of oneness. There is no separation. There is no question and its answer; they are both one and the same. But this does not answer your question. The real answer to this question is in the place in which you actually accept, in which you actually receive that the question and the answer are one. That you and the separated self are one. That the forgiveness to allow suffering in your life, to allow the illusion of separation, that that forgiveness goes so deep as to a place in which you actually become grateful for it. How wonderful to look externally when I was blind to what I was inside. How wonderful to receive in the form of a question, that which I always knew as my answer, as me. Often times those answers take you back, over and over, to the same place. A beautiful place of love. A beautiful place of knowing that that love not only has always been but that it is the place of gratefulness. As if then to hold this in the place in which the paradox allows you to laugh, to play at it, to hold that at the very level at which you are willing to ask, willing to look outside, there is somebody asking, "Who is asking; who wants to know?" As you recognize that being, you can laugh with the asking, laugh with the answer. But know that at its core, there is a love, a Being that has always loved. For that Being also loves the child in you, and the old one in you, and all of those parts of you, God parts every one of them.

There have been sayings throughout time of these matters. That some have also been in sound and song.


Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. We thank you Athena for your willingness to share this energy and perspective, and acknowledge this constant process of transformation by which the questions lead inevitably to forgiveness, inevitably to gratefulness.

Let us now remind you of the emerald light as a powerful cylinder, connecting, perfect, loving. Breathe it. Connecting now to Mother Earth, her loving response as if a gentle, loving Om. It bubbles up into your heart and is shared out loud. Good-bye.



Fats and healing : We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

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More about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us, including psychotic post-mortems: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

Releasing spirit attachments : The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore - published by Ballantine Books, ISBN 0-345-35083-9

For more information about Byron Katie and her awesome "inquiry" process, visit her web pages at The Work .

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