Hilarion Fall Equinox Channeling 2002

Welcome to the Fall Equinox channeling of Hilarion, September 21st, 2002. We are gathered in Nevada City to ask questions of Hilarion from those in attendance as well as those sent in via the internet. For further information on channelings, books and tapes, contact Jon C. Fox, P. O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959.

Yes, greetings to all of you, yes! This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into all of the interesting matters that you are interested in looking into and all of these other aspects of your world today as it is presented to you, we would remind you of this important time. It is a time of equal day, equal night - the Fall Equinox. Thus as it has been a time of longer day, it now moves into a time of longer night. Astrologically this symbolizes the aspect of focus on group consciousness as opposed to individuality. But there is another component to this - it is the energy of the waning of summer. It is the energy of the cool, of the building towards winter and all that it represents. It is also however an energy that focuses therefore more on the night side, that which is mysterious, that which is not always understood in maximum clarity.

In addition, at this time Mercury is retrograde, symbolizing attention on the inner, releasing the aspects sometimes of that which is logical, understandable, beginning therefore to understand the inside of all of this. Yet, at the same time as all of this, tonight the full moon, focalizing many energies upon an awareness in the deep level of your own unconscious, the bringing to the surface that which has been deeply buried, now illuminated. Yet all of this at the same time, brought together with powerful energies coming into the awareness of yourself. It is as if you are bringing a new part of you to this world, and this is really the crux of the matter in terms of so many of your questions with regards to what is happening on your planet and what you can do about it.

Your collective consciousness literally, the collection of the consciousnesses of all of the people of your planet, determine this course. By answering one simple question, it is that which you are confronted with everyday in one form or another: What is important to me today? What shall I do today? What am I to put my attention on today? This question is not so easy anymore to answer, because you now recognize of the ways in which that which you do affects your brothers, your sisters, your planet, your fellow animals, the beings who share this planet with you on many levels, even the trees, the plants. Understanding this aspect is going to be a continuing focus for the next few years. Deeper understanding of ecology, interrelationships, economics, as if over and over this constant understanding of the powerful dependency and inter-dependency and intertwining of all beings, will come out more and more with one specific focus in mind. You may think that it has something to do with the guides, helpers, or energies behind the scenes knowing the answer. But they do not. Not in the sense that it is relevant, owned, a part of you. It is this ownership that makes all of the difference in the world, because up until now, you have acted as if you have owned this planet, owned it and understood it powerfully and deeply, and therefore interacted with it in the ways that you saw fit. When you understand this principle more consciously, it is possible, or shall we say hoped by the beings who guide and assist, the non-physical beings who work with you on many levels; it is hoped that you will better able answer this question as to what is important to you in that larger context, in the context of the wholeness of the planet. And at the same time, the wholeness of your individuality.

And so for a moment, think of what is ahead. In the Northern Hemisphere, this awareness of the bringing together of energies for the harvest, and then, the winter months. This bringing in of energy and yet at the same time connecting more to the family, to the group. The animals reach in their consciousness to humans to ask, "What is next for us?", "How will this unfold in the world?" And we will remind you of this now by asking you now to think of an animal as if a totem or friend of yours. Let this being be with you now in your consciousness, in your imagination. And in this way reach out to it, perhaps in your imagination then to stroke its fur, or look into its eyes and see that it is questioning and looking into humans to understand more about what this planet is about. Because as the guides and helpers are pouring this powerful question, "What is important to you?", they receive it. The animals of course do not receive at the same verbal level that you do, but they receive this question anyway. And they are restless trying to find an answer in looking in you.

But you know there are many ways to answer questions. What is often discovered it that a question and its answer are created together, and sometimes it is just enough to let go of the question in order to discover the answer. It is this which the animals do so well by instinct, by curiosity, by movement. So now, imagine that as you are near this animal, as you are pouring this positive energy into this being, there is a light in your hands, an emerald light. And as it moves from you to the animal and back from that being into you, it begins to pour out of you - to fill the space of the room, to fill the area you are in. It becomes a powerful light as it becomes a cylinder of light. A cylinder extending from infinitely upwards through you to center of earth, connecting infinitely upwards highest self, guide energy, God and you, and the world, all at once.

For the sake of some consensus we’ll suggest that you simply imagine this energy now as a cylinder in this immediate environment, thus approximately 33 meters or 100 feet in diameter. But you may see this change; to work with it as you see fit is certainly appropriate.

There are those who would question ourselves - who are we, how do we work in the world with these energies? But that is really your answer you see. There are many ways to look at this - verbally, intellectually, historically, but it is really about light and the opportunity to work with one ray of light, repeatedly working with the emerald ray. One can begin to understand many things, but the way in which those energies are then communicated can come verbally, can come by written word, but will always then be a bit short on deeper meaning. It is from the light itself that such an answer really comes. And so to really understand us, you would understand that light. And so also you, that each of you work with your own rays of light. Some of you work with the emerald ray, but there are many other rays, and all of them are you. To understand that you are a part of this light, a vibration, an energy; this is very usable.

Now there are many in your world who are feeling the crunch, all of the apparent scarcity, the difficulty with job, with receiving money and other matters. Part of the reason at a spiritual level for this is for you to question prosperity, to look at it consciously, to come to understand it in yourself as to what it really means.

The universe as it has been observed by your scientists is always expanding. It is as if the nature of how things on this planet are utilized and re-utilized, recycled. So it is also happening in your universe. This idea that it is all abundant seems to go exactly opposite to the idea that there is scarcity, that you would not deserve. This is an interesting concept, this lack of abundance, this focus on scarcity, but really prosperity is about letting go of the barriers to that understanding. In other words, there is a story on your planet: some deserve and some don't. Some of you are good; some of you are bad. Some of you need to feel guilty about what you've done, and so on and so forth. This powerful story has been on your planet for a very long time and is continuously reinforced by many energies on your planet. These energies are not only those of thought forms, consciousness with various dogmatic religions, political leaders, teachers, parents, etc., etc.; but also energies of technologically based devices. All kinds of energies adding to this simple lie that somehow you are not deserving. You do not have access to all that you need. You are not loved by God. Yet the physical evidence to the contrary far outweighs all of those thought forms - the energy of the expanding universe, constantly available energy, matter and all the rest. Yet in your heart is the real answer.

For when you let go of the mind, when you let go of the thoughts, when you let go of the distractions and you ask, "Who am I?", and you begin to sense that love, that joy, that energy that is you, that always has been you; it is so much more easy to recognize the real origin of prosperity - simply the basis of being, the energy of breath, the energy of life.

This is a concept but to make it real for yourself there must usually be a tie-in to an emotion. And this is where dogmatic religions, parents, guilt tripping in general; it gets you. Because in your emotions is where the energy of shame with the thought that you did something wrong will get locked up, producing guilt. Let this go and it will be that much easier to discover the true nature of abundance, of prosperity, of many other things in your life.

"Ah, but Hilarion, you don't have to work for a living. Nor do you have to feed, clothe, etc. yourself, your loved ones." This is correct. It is a lot easier when you are a non-physical. So in that sense you are asking the wrong being when you ask us about prosperity, because when we look into the world, what do we see? Abundance everywhere. Excess everywhere. So many people refusing, steeling themselves into shields, prisons of guilt, of places that say, "I won't. I can't. I forgot." And all of the rest of it.

But at its core level for yourself, you hold a key to unlocking the door of your prison, and it has a lot to do with love. Because as you learn to love others, as you learn to assist; you also learn to love yourself. And so this emotion, a positive emotion, an energy of care, an energy of assistance, an energy of love, an expanding energy; this energy is often there also to help you change your thought forms, forgive yourself, and once this is ultimately resolved, even welcome the idea of scarcity so you can laugh at it. So you can see it in a different light.

Understanding this ability to use emotions, is something other people have discovered and studied extensively towards prosperity. For instance, the work of Lynn Grabhorn in her book Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. But what a perfect way in which we would view you when you are stuck in a prison of false scarcity as if to send you a little telegram in there - excuse me your life is waiting.

But understanding in your own consciousness your options and possibilities is difficult if this is habit. So again it is back to this deeper question - what is really important to you today? When you look into the political framework, into the ideas of so many who are harming your planet, harming each other, bringing destruction or difficulty; it is because they have answered that question for themselves in a way that is extremely limited in answer, i. e. to feel more power, to feel more sense of identity, to feel security perhaps, to look into a bank account and to know from the numbers there that they are therefore somehow better than everyone else. It is time this stopped. But the only way it can stop is the same way it began, which is as a consensus thought form. When it is important enough to everyone on your planet to answer this question, "Why are you here?". Because of course when you ask what is important, you must have a criteria, a basis to decide. For many of you this will be love. It will be an opening of your heart to know the answer and that answer will usually be quite correct. It may not be sufficiently far seeing to know the consequences of your actions in terms of the ecology, the economy, science or the rest; but it will guide you and it is an excellent start.

For of course when you look with your heart's eyes to sufferings of others, of people, of animals, of plants, of the Earth herself; it is difficult then to answer that question in the affirmative for yourself alone. But at the deeper level it is all of you that answers it, and asks then, "Why am I here? This beautiful planet, all of these opportunities, yet here I am participating in the hurt, in the suffering, in the destruction." Now in the past it was usually seen from a position of victim. You had no say in the matter. You were simply a cog in the machine or the bottom rung of the ladder. And this is where democracy has had some influence. Yes it is true that in many ways, a number of your democracies are false democracies, that the votes don't really count because nobody's really counting them. But at the core level that energy has had its positive effect to give you the idea that your say matters, and it does. It matters to the consensus reality, to the way in which all people view and understand each other, and this energy multiplies and strengthens with each passing day.

How to approach this is simple: when you ask the question clearly of yourself receiving every answer that comes, and ask others. For most of you as you approach this logically, observing it based on the understanding of the evidence now becoming overwhelming of past lives, of the higher spiritual realities, of the multi dimensions and all the rest; you recognize that this planet is for you now a special gift, an opportunity to use it as school room, as hospital, to gain knowledge and understanding. It is not about power over others, dangerous sports, hurting yourself or hurting others. Those things have a limited answer to you. They do not give you the deeper answer that you are looking for as to why you are here. How this opportunity can therefore be maximized.

Now in that sense, you can understand this as the answer to all questions that seem to have an apparently clearly negative answer. For instance, the use of technologies such as H.A.R.P. or chemtrails to harm, to eventually give people the understanding inside that that is not what they want. That they want the air clean. That they want the oceans somehow more beautiful. That they want their vibrations raised and assisted, not lowered. This is of course challenging to many who have been in habit patterns for many lifetimes of garnering for themselves greater and greater power, greater and greater sense of identity or false security. Yet the consensus reality, the larger energies of the planet will affect them too. And the understanding of this can reach to others if you speak of it. If you ask them, "Have you ever thought why are you here? What is your answer to this personally?" So many people will say to you, "No, I don't think about it and I'm not going to think about it. Don't give me any of that metaphysical mumbo jumbo!" And once you go down such a road with them, there are several different ways to approach this answer. But remember where it began - what is important to you? Most people will have an answer to that. They may talk about money in the bank, and then you ask, "Do you take it with you?" Or their understanding of themselves as then having security or peace. "And does this come from outside or is it something you discover in yourself?"

In other words, this business of asking questions is helpful. But, remember where we began with this. It is not as if we already know the answers. Each guide, each helper, each being that has been through many lifetimes and has come to a place of understanding these questions and asking them repeatedly, will come up with certain answers, answers that seem to make sense. But as we evolve, certainly we will have new answers to this.

But at the present time, it would seem that to a large extent, nobody is asking. This is the real problem then. Each person driven by their own innate needs and desires without looking at the larger issue, the larger questions. Thus producing confusion, struggle, difficulty and so on. Hence, the push from the non-physical beings at all levels to greater consciousness, greater understanding of these matters if possible.

This brings us to the issue of the non-physical beings who are intrusive. There are those who would think that these are a big problem. It is actually the physical beings who are intruders, who are the most difficult. Most of you know them. That person that you have a lot of difficulty working with or understanding. That one that is perhaps you could say, your greatest teacher. They are indeed your personal intruders, because they will be the individuals who at a physical level are there in your face. And you will often see from lessons in working with such beings the understanding of raising vibration at a very practical level. How you can communicate with such a person in such a way that they shift and you will see how often this is so difficult. Luckily at the physical level you have some opportunities there to move, to go to a whole different place. Isn't it interesting though how often you will meet that same person, perhaps on the other side of the world, as if you just couldn't keep away from each other. Well, indeed this is the example of resonance, that they have a specific lesson for you and you for them.

So it is also with the non-physical beings that the principle of resonance is there and if there is a non-physical being who is intruding or causing difficulty, resonance will be the answer as to how to change this relationship. Yes, you can raise vibration, and such exercises as vibrational state or various ways of moving energy in the body, etc. can be powerful, and can bring it to a place where you can reconsider the point of resonance. But, that resonance is still there when you move out of the vibrational state, out of the higher vibrational level, the attraction will be there, and the being will be back. You must therefore recognize that you need to change too. Shifting the nature of the resonance will make the greatest difference. Now these are overall general terms and of course it doesn't make sense to you if you haven't heard of vibrational state, or don't know what resonance is. So by example, if you are trying to quit smoking and you are closely attached to a non-physical being who was a three-pack a day smoker when he was alive and does not know that he is dead now, you are going to have a real hard time quitting. Because every time you go near a cigarette, he will sense in himself that itch assuaged in his lungs and want to feel this again, and cause you to smoke. He cannot smoke on the other side, and so gets some sense of satisfaction through you.

The resonance is around the way in which you began your relationship. Perhaps it was how you began smoking, and as you change this by seeing that, you have a certain level of independence. You can question carefully your motives in beginning such a habit. You can shift your relationship to your friends as you began it, and so on. So also will this shift relationship to the non-physical being. But the hardest part is seeing it. So vibrational state helps in this. The whole idea of it is just to raise vibration. Specific exercise goes like this: become aware now of energy in your head. Move it slowly through your body, down to your feet and then slowly back up again through your head. Move it in a straight line. If you are seated, so it is a diagonal line. If you are lying down or standing, in a straight line. Move the energy now from head to feet. Go beyond visualizing it. Simply recognize that it is fully present. Feel it, sense it, know that it is there. From feet back to head, head back to feet. A little faster, faster, faster. Once you accelerate this, get it going fast enough, you begin to notice a sense of vibration. This is vibrational state. While within the vibrational state, it is not just a matter of raising vibration, it is also looking at your issues, the point of resonance in which you would then establish connection with intruder.

Now less you think, "Oh, that doesn't apply to me.", we would like to propose the possibility that that thought is the thought of an intruder. What better way do they have to keep you from releasing them then to say repeatedly, "That doesn't apply to me." Recognize then from our perspective, being non-physical, how we see these beings. That there are on average three non-physical intruders for every human on your planet. So it isn't such an easy matter here to change or shift and at the same time for those few who raise vibration, move to a place of being intruder free, there are then more intruders available for everyone else.

At the same time as this of course there are other beings, three guides who aren't too conscious of what is happening but want to help you, and three more guides who are higher and powerfully evolved helpers, and they are also assisting. Interestingly enough though, as you raise your vibration, those beings, those higher evolved beings are the most difficult to work with because they're the ones who will tell you about what is really going on, looking at the real truth. They're the ones that you say sometimes to yourself, "I wish I hadn't asked." Because they will allow the changes and shifts.

So in understanding this nine to one, non-physicals to physical, you have perhaps a different point of view on things. Now we suggest this because it is our observation, and you can verify this for yourself when you project your consciousness out of your body in meditation or in sleep. Simply walk around your planet. It is usually best to go someplace where it is daytime, and notice all of the beings who are going around and doing things. And focus on the physical beings, give them some energy, and you'll begin to notice that the non-physicals around them begin to turn more pale and ghost-like. And you will see that this is a ratio of about nine to one.

Understanding the way this works is helpful, and at a deeper level only the beginning because here again, what is the issue? It is that these non-physical beings who are intruders haven't asked. They're not looking at what they're there for. What they are really doing. Are they alive or are they dead. Many of them don't even know. And so here again, as you ask this deeper question, as you look more consciously, you will see over and over how this affects your reality too at the non-physical level as well as at the physical level.

In understanding these principles you begin to get a sense as to what it means to be spiritual. Some people will say that it simply is 'not business'. In a certain sense this is true because business seems to be so focused on the profit, on money, on things of a mundane nature, pulling attention away from the multi-dimensional reality and the connection to God, the connection to the highest vibrational level that you can work with. But, what you may recognize in working with these energies is that so many of the reactions to what has happened are habit. They are energies within you that you have not questioned. For instance, there is a deep rage on your planet. It is not differentiated as to gender. It comes in many different forms. It is an energy that certainly has its place, because rage after all as a powerful anger has its underpinnings in change. By bringing up this energy, things might indeed change. This is the habit that for millennia people have used rage in order to change things. As you have noticed sometimes the changes don't really help. They make things worse. They cause fire, famine, flood, because there wasn't a lot of thinking, a lot of planning, a lot of love; there was just a lot of rage.

This energy has of course moved in cycles, and right now some of the energies that are deeply buried are within the feminine, are within women all over your planet as well they should be as the men have certainly royally screwed things up. But in the way in which that rage surfaces, if it is only to perpetuate the cycle of rage, then eventually men's rage will be suppressed and eventually come out again. And on and on and on....

Yes, it is important to acknowledge this, but if you also acknowledge that it is essentially a strategy, and that the strategy is one to create change, you can go a little deeper into it. But to go even deeper, you also need to look at why it is there. That a strategy of such nature is typically placed because there is fear, and fear can be looked, in one perspective, as false evidence appearing as real - F. E. A. R. The false evidence perhaps that as men are destroying, being stupid, doing the things that they do, somehow this is harming you as a woman. It does not harm your soul. But as you look into the harm at the physical, at the suffering that is shared all over your planet, you would certainly see that yes, there is tremendous difficulty in such a way. And so that is what must be changed, that somehow this same energy that is in force out of fear, by men, needs to be understood, needs to be seen for its true self. That each man in thus producing the situation of fear is himself afraid.

To bring fear more into consciousness, to understand its true nature, to see it and work with it head on; that is very difficult. So many people when they feel fear, simply back away from it, hide, repress, and most importantly in this situation, create strategies so that they will not feel that fear, so that they will then be in reaction to it, and such habit patterns for so long, therefore only perpetuate the cycle.

Yet now the glimmer of hope, intelligence, awareness, understanding, love, many of the things that women can bring to this planet can also be those which say to a man directly, "I feel you fear. What can we do about it? How can you shift your relationship to fear? What do you believe to be true about me, about the world, about yourself?" This business about asking questions isn't so easy, is it? Particularly if what you generate from this is more fear. But if the question is asked from your heart, because you genuinely don't know the answer, it is possible to stop the cycle.

There are of course some people who out of habit or reaction, would prefer simply to have that rage. To move that through the body certainly feels good. And therefore we would also recommend that as that cycle is attempted to be broken you learn from this, that you move the body physically, that you have the energy somehow in a way that is not going to perpetuate the cycle.

Now we know how difficult this is. After all, we are not in a physical body and so we don't have to deal with rage at such a powerful level in our guts, or in the muscles, or in the blood. But in those places in your body, they are there for a reason. And that reason is so that you will pay attention, so that you will be in resonance with others, so that you will know the suffering that they feel. But it is not necessarily so that that rage will simply perpetuate the karma, the cause and effect, the echoing throughout history. It is time to recognize that the answer to this question - what are you here for? - does indeed address this directly. Some of you might say, "I am here for revenge." And this is a legitimate answer that many people will have on your planet who are engaged in wars. All kinds of wars going on on your planet, and some of these can be seen as to be revenge for what your great-great-great-grandfather was done to by somebody else's great-great-great grandfather and on and on it goes. So you then see in the absurdity of this how you also can bring this into the present moment by simply asking, because certainly there could be more to life than revenge.

As you come to approach and work with these questions, there is as if a growing consensus on your planet, when the questions reached a certain critical mass, a very difficult place to speak of, it is as if action then begins to show up on the planet. It is difficult to say exactly when this will happen as many ask and share with each other about what you are here for, about what is important to you, about this prioritizing, this questioning; that day comes closer and closer and it is coming much faster now.

There are other planets where this has taken place, similar to Earth's own development. There is a friend named Grace who would speak of this.

Grace: Our civilization travels to visit many others in this galaxy, and there is a planet, not too far from yours, in which nuclear war has passed, in which people have been very much harmed, brought to a place of great sadness, struggle, famine, and sickness that you cannot imagine. Because they have come to this place without questioning, without understanding.

There is another planet, it is a bit further away, but it is also similarly developed, come to a place of scientific achievement, technological innovation, weapons of mass destruction, economic values. And when they began asking this question, looking carefully at what they were here for, recognizing the beauty of their planet and each other especially; they decided to stop. For many years it was if a great world-wide strike had occurred. Those who saw that what they did was in the service only of those in positions of power or stupidity, stopped. Those who saw that what they did contributed in a way that ultimately brought harm to themselves and others, stopped. It was a matter of great trusting of course, where would one find food or shelter? But surprisingly, it was found, because there were so many others who had extra, so many others who also cared and had solutions. And from these tiny solutions created in small groups, families, neighborhoods, people coming together in different ways; gradually was built a new society, a way of sharing and loving. Repeatedly asking was absolutely necessary. Such a society now stands precarious in its balance because these changes have only been under way for a few years in your Earth way of seeing. These energies on their way now perhaps to forming a society of more cooperation and love. It teeters of course, and in the balance must be love. For the opportunity to destroy each other out of confusion still remains.

So then for you to ask this question, to look more carefully at what you're here for and to ask others; can lead in many directions. But it will lead you to a place where things will be different. Because eventually, one force, a force of darkness or a force of light predominates so strongly and clearly that it is imbued with action. Not just words, not just feelings.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. We thank you Grace for your willingness to share about this. This being is quite advanced, yet acts to guide and assist many of you as you wish to tune into an energy. It is an interesting energy because it is neither male nor female, as this being is perfectly balanced in this regard. As the development of the civilization that Grace is a part of sought its answer in that. In that sense you could say an answer to women's rage also is about an understanding of the great benefit, the great goodness, the great insight of women that yields eventually a new approach to gender.

Again here new solutions that many in other worlds have come up with.

Now in addressing all of these other issues it is always helpful to have some little signs and symbols. And so you have drawn in astrology for yourselves, a sort of divining tool, a technique. Yet the great astrologers are intuitives; they use this as a jumping off point. So there are questions about specific astrological techniques, and to quote from the '70's, "Whatever floats your boat." Because the way in which these energies can allow you to be more intuitive, would certainly be the best. However, there are those who wish to study this scientifically and applying every astrological system, symbol, interconnectivity and all the rest; will be of some assistance. Specifically for those who are drawn to Vedic astrology, yet, also have familiarity with Western and specifically sidereal astrology, it makes sense then to blend these if possible, to bring them together in various ways, to understand and to grow.

Now we know that if we let you, you are going to ask us again more about ourselves. This is an area about which we are reticent because there are so many concepts of group consciousness, individuality and other aspects that you have forgotten. These occur to you when you pass from this world. As you remember more of your past lives, you are a group at the very simplest level. If you have lived one hundred lifetimes on your planet, you would likely have one hundred names if you are all the same being. So understanding this certainly gives you the opportunity to call yourself "we" if you want to. And that's how we would answer this question. At the deeper level though about understanding us, it is back to understanding yourself. Because when we would ask this question, "What is important to us?", "What are we here for?", answers begin to evolve that are most interesting, because they relate to such aspects as helping, as making a difference, as questioning and looking at issues, and of course, when we get a little time off, we play with light.

And so in this way also then, we invite you to play, and to receive, and to work with various energies associated with emerald light and associated with questions.

There are those who have looked consciously into Mother Earth and what she wants right now. What is important to her, what she is here for. And when you ask her and when you look at this, the answers can be quite surprising. For some individuals they will produce shame. Therefore, as you start to look, you shut it down. You don't want to look anymore; you don't want to ask anymore. But if you do it now, lovingly with an open heart, taking responsibility for what your fellow men and women have done, you can perhaps witness, the shame will be there, the energy will be there, but the truth also will be there. For Earth has this magnificent, wonderful opportunity in working with so many beings, so many different vibrations simultaneously, to witness evolution, to witness tremendous change, consciousness, sharing of all kinds of ideas, all kinds of energies so that Earth may evolve. So that she may also understand and grow. The shame comes of course as she looks to humans to see then what would humans teach her about evolution, about growth, about love. And the answers then at the most powerful level relate to destruction of species, reduction of evolution, manifestation of those aspects that are harmful, and so on. But, Earth hasn't given up on you yet. You will know when she does. You have witnessed the tremendous power of destruction that she can release easily to destroy life. And so she is likely to hang in there as long as possible, as long as it is possible to hear or receive love, to look into the consciousness, the heart of any humans who have opportunity. And she hopes, she sees of the way in which humans could come to a deeper understanding and manifest a greater light on this planet. But, in this hope is also sadness. It is not a notion of sadness like yours, but it is similar to the sense that there is weeping. There is the difficulty of those who have lost the opportunity to be physical, the species, the changes, the reduction in energy, in evolution, as the reduction in opportunity.

But the positive side to this as more humans come into incarnation, the possibilities increase for more consciousness and more opportunities for learning, and it is this that Earth holds out as hope. But of course she is far more patient, far more patient even than the beings like the crystals, or the deep inner Earth beings, or others who have lived for a long time. And her patience is you could say the other message to communicate to you. To receive that sense that you are here for the long haul, that when you discarnate, you will reincarnate, and you will be in a body to live, to learn, to share with each other, to love, to see the beauty of Earth, and from this be inspired to love more. Because this at its core is what Earth sees, the greatest hope of all, that in your heart, that in the nature of what it is to be human is a tremendous potential for love, for deep assistance.

Now it was seen perhaps at some point that there was potential for intelligence, but this is a little doubtful at this time because people are not asking the right questions. Yet it is as if what is going to draw them back to asking the question. It is not our words. Nor is it likely those of various spiritual leaders and teachers. More likely it would seem, it will be from your hearts, from a sense of love within you, perhaps inspired by a movie or a book, or some powerful incident on your planet, something changing the consciousness of many. But it is this that is likely to shift because in your hearts still is this powerful energy ready and willing to love and to be loved more deeply, more powerfully as you grow more interconnected, more inter-dependent.

As technical innovations that become more responsive to human needs, they are able to assist you more directly. However, in a certain sense, those remedies, those substances, those technologies, those energies associated with the various capacities for healing and working with vibration, be they old or be they new; are important keys in this regard because they already exist on many dimensional levels. For instance, there is this question about the "Red" and the "White" as a powerful herbal remedy, as an energy that shifts consciousness, yet at the most important level is able to attune vibration. Human semen has capacity within it for the bringing of fertility, new life in a very primordial sense of course. It must be joined with a much more complex energy that of association in the human female (the "Red" menstrual blood). But the key to this, its seed, is its awakening.

The "Red" though as associated with release, with the powerful female energies, as what is no longer needed completes the picture for the importance now for many to assume and work with the principles of rejuvenation. Because to a large extent this is determined by release of toxicity at the same time as building up of new energy. But this powerful remedy has a very important spiritual component - elixirs of this, vibrational remedies of this, homeopathic versions of this will over time become stronger, have more effect on people. Because these energies relate to these higher subtle aspects, the aspects of creativity, manifestation of new components, the ability to release old thought patterns, energies that are stuck, and so on and so forth.

Ultimately though you will see that this component, the vibrational side, exists for everything on your planet. For instance, the powerful herbal remedy for teeth as white oak bark has a vibrational side to it, a side that associates very powerfully with the subtle energy of oxygen, an energy that brings rejuvenation and awakening, but more importantly, breathing, the sense of pranic force, higher universal energy. And as you breathe and work with the breath there will be a natural intensification of any of the benefits of white oak bark. Similarly, inert gas technologies which have always had a vibrational component become stronger with time, and this is especially enhanced as people are able to receive the higher vibrational benefit by looking at the higher component, or you could say, the spiritual side of an energy that you are receiving be it physical or etheric.

As you are working with different energies in this regard, the deeper question will of course be prompted to you. What is your nature as to your vibrational self? Not just your physical self, but the soul part of you, the part of you that has indeed begun this journey, that incarnates, that brings all of these things into form. Because this energy is a fractal, a replication of an originating energy, a God energy, an energy that created it all. Recognizing this and receiving it sometimes makes it easier to work with every vibrational remedy, every herbal remedy.

At the same time as this of course these powerful, creative energies must have within them choices, opportunities for you to choose a place of greater light or greater darkness. If the choice wasn't really made available, it wouldn't mean anything. There must be true risk involved.

And so those people in positions of power, who for their sake of gathering more power, more identity, more sense of self to themselves, you could say, more love; will indeed continue in their process of increasing fear on your planet because it is the best way they have to control. And the best way to bring this into action is to produce fear in others, and fear in you, and on and on. Yet when there is more love as a reaction to this, as for instance the ground swelling of many saying to their representatives, "Let us not bomb another country. Let us not hurt others simply because we are afraid of them. Let us find out why they are afraid of us. Let us see what we can do to foster a sense of communication or bridging rather than greater isolation and pushing away, more of a bringing together and understanding." These can come from ground swell of public opinion. They will of course be in opposition to those positions taken by, for instance, presidential administration, because they are not going to produce much profit when oil prices don't move very much, when the energies of pulling that power in have no real effect. For a time however, the old ways still work because the news media, because the sharing of information and all that it represents brings money, brings opportunity to those who share such. They even think they've done a good job by sharing the fear.

Yet, they must be shown by asking again this question: is this what you're here for, to share more fear on this planet? Looking at those deeper questions ultimately is the real solution here. In the meantime, it is possible things are going to get a little worse before they get better. But we do not see it likely that the saber rattling and the threats are going to lead to a true war. That the possibility for instance of bombing this country of Iraq is unlikely because the saber rattling will go on long enough that there will be sufficient changes in power. This does nothing long term to solve the problem because eventually it will come up again in some other way. So the example then is to ask why does this allow, why does this happen? Because indeed these people are not asking the deeper questions, not looking at the tremendous opportunity presented to them here to enjoy each other, to love, to appreciate, to help.

Good time for a little stretch, letting go of the ideas, simply recognize the emerald light. But now see that it shifts, it swirls, it moves around and through you as if up through the body, through the arms, able to give you a little energy for a little stretch. And in this way to move you will recognize that it is not just you moving but the light as well.

Then let us continue. Jill, perhaps you have a few more?

Jill: There appears to be a lot about electricity that hasn't been discovered yet. Many years ago in a previous session Hilarion commented about a kind of life energy in an ordinary light bulb that wanted to get out. Additionally the experiments of some people involved with free energy devices seem to indicate that at least one of the free energy devices only works if the person operating it has sufficient consciousness. Also, there seems to be a kind of electricity that is negative or balanced compared to the kind that we use now. What can Hilarion tell us about the consciousness aspects of electricity?

Hilarion: It is a complex matter because so much of what is understood about electricity is based on explosive principle. Explosive principle is that which has been witnessed over and over in various ways in which chemicals have been put together in order to produce sudden releases of energy. This has influenced deeply the consciousness of scientists, engineers, and many others for millennia. However, it has also been observed, particularly by biologists, naturalists, and others who are a part of nature that there is an implosive energy, an energy that swirls inward, and that this energy ultimately is more powerful, because it is an energy that is able to gather strength from the universe rather than simply releasing that which is deeply held within. This ability to recognize energies as explosive and implosive and that these are inherently balanced in the nature of all matter, all energy; is an important concept that can lead others in their thinking to observe and work with these forces more consciously. Specifically there is now appearing with these developments in technology a kind of electricity that produces cold rather than heat. This is an indicator of the implosive force, and such as it cools inherently, it has an innate ability to increase, to generate larger and larger levels. The trick with such is controlling that, governing it so that those levels do not become too great, too fast. This is never a problem with explosive energies because they run themselves down, i.e. the battery, gradually through its chemical, explosive action is discharged. Such slow release then requires you to eventually recharge it by a reaction, again chemically.

It must be understood however, that with the implosive force as that cold electricity is liberated, it will seek in its own way various ways to manifest more implosive force. In such a way, those who work with it more consciously are understanding themselves better, working with their own internal implosion, their own understanding of their own nature, and as a result, the consciousness involved will certainly assist.

It is sometimes a difficult matter, however, to harness such energy because most of the techniques that have already been utilized involve a containing of the energy, thus trying to hold it in. And you see this everywhere in electricity as by example you have a wire made of metal and in order to contain the forces within it, it is insulated, it has a plastic or other non-conductive wrap around it. And in this way the forces inside are not allowed to touch other wires and therefore be released.

But in an implosive force, in cold electricity, indeed just the opposite is needed and this interconnectivity or touching is important. Now of course there are parallels to this where you get a massage, where there is touching and there is more energy as a result. These are little things by comparison to the ways in which various free energy devices can produce powerful forces, but they are there for a reason because as always there are ways in which you mimic nature, in which you learn from her. And so also then do you learn from these forces of a touching, an awareness, in implosion, an inner....these are setting the seeds for these energies.

Now the difficult part to this is that because there is such a great enhancement by most techniques on this capturing of the forces, they will inherently, if they are these cold, implosive, electrical forces; they will inherently therefore get out of control. They will be very powerful and can cause great harm. This has happened of course in the past with many different scientific inventions. And so as one begins to learn about this and thus is more easily able to regulate and share these forces, they are then controlled appropriately. But the time for this is not quite yet on your planet. You have enough trouble dealing with the weak weapons you already have. Implosive forces that could be, in a sense, contagious from one atom to the next could easily destroy your entire universe and especially local space. And so the problem with this then is obvious - those who would misuse such forces. And so the time is not quite yet for a widespread understanding of these forces, but at least now to begin to approach this. And from a theoretical basis to ask about this, to look into the forms of electricity as cold and hot, is valuable. Further question?

Jill: In the world of physics there is a concept of "missing matter". What does this say about our current theories that the mass of the universe doesn't quite add up?

Hilarion: Mass is the principle as has been understood by many of you of energy. It is energy in action. But the energy which you are largely aware of, that you measure, that you work with, is explosive in its nature. It is that which is the expanding component, and indeed that only amounts for about 50% of the energy in matter in your universe. With the other 50% being that of an implosive force and an energy that is simultaneously contracting. These energies are in balance, and when you understand them, you then are able to have a sense of this balance in yourself, and that is so perfectly mirrored in your life. In the way in which for instance, you breathe in and you breathe out. Are we over-simplifying? No, because the universe is breathing in and breathing out. But in terms of your understanding of matter, of course you recognize it is multi-dimensional, that there are huge amounts of it at a higher vibrational level co-existing with many other aspects of consciousness, matter and energy. These are available to you to visit. When you project your consciousness, you are not just projecting an aspect of yourself that is entirely non-physical. You are also projecting a small amount of physical. It is transforming into an energetic component. Some examples of this come when you see the pearl relics, those left by various ascended beings, buddas and others, as if a powerful manifestation as they leave the physical body of the returning energy, the implosive and explosive forces here again re-materialize as matter. Such matter can be helpful to others in guiding them to understand these powerful forces and understand or awaken in themselves some of this. It is perfectly acceptable to make elixirs of these relics or to work with them in various ways, but it will be, shall we say, over the head of most people, that the vibrational energies here are going to show you multi-dimensional existence in a way that you may find difficult to accept or work with because you have put so much of your attention in your life on the physical. But for those who seek a higher degree of understanding of the multi-dimensional, yes, this can certainly be helpful.

Indeed though, this brings up so many questions about consciousness as it relates to form and matter, and all of these are clearly interchangeable, and as consciousness becomes very one pointed, very focused, matter does appear. This is how your universe was created: a powerful force of consciousness on the part of the energy that you understand as God did indeed manifest. People can do this, but most don't choose to - for good reason. After all, everything you need is already here. Why should you make more of it? But for the falsity that somehow there is an insufficiency, that there is scarcity. So as there is however the awareness of consciousness as it manifests at a very high vibrational level, you might say, powerful to the place of enlightenment, the reverse also occurs. An implosive energy creating matter at the physical level. Naturally not in order to leave a sign but because that's just how it works.

When you understand this way in which the implosive and explosive, the forces moving in both directions always, do come to a place of balance not just with regards to energy but also with regards to matter, you begin to understand more about yourselves. What about the powerful force that brought you into incarnation, the conceptual force? That in conception, at the beginning for your life, a powerful energy and this was an implosive force, an energy that drew together the sperm and the egg. But at the physical level from that point forward clearly, an explosive force as they multiplied, drawing forces from around them in energy and matter to build and build and build, and here you are.

But as you understand this balance, you then begin to recognize the power of it. That in that original conception, that manifestation of consciousness into your form, you had mapped out a lot of what you would look like, your life, your DNA, many aspects of your being. At that one singular moment was indeed the balance equivalent of your many years in physical incarnation right now. This gives you some sense of the power of that energy, of one pointed focus of consciousness. Further question?

Jill: You have already spoken of the vibrational state, but could you answer what else is needed to dislodge and prevent re-attachment of the non-physicals from their attachment to the etheric body ?

Hilarion: At the vibrational state level working with resonance certainly helps. You look at the issues, you look at what you have been dwelling on. As by example you might feel a sensation, an energetic signal that an intruder is present. For many people it is a high pitched ringing on one side of the head or the other, a sudden thought that doesn't belong, a sudden destructive impulse. Bring vibrational state around yourself and then think of what you were thinking about, remember just before that energetic signal showed up. That is your point of resonance. You were probably musing on to some shameful incidence or some difficult thing you dealt with in the past. You can change your relationship to this. There are many powerful methods: Katie's inquiry method is a very fast one. But there are many different ways. Ultimately though this is only practice for a much larger issue. This is about helping yourself of course. But what if you want to use these techniques to help others?

[Ed. Note: For more information about Byron Katie and her awesome "inquiry" process, visit her web pages at The Work.]

This is the application of the resonance principle in order to assist. This is difficult because it puts you in a position of some risk of course. But it is really essentially no different than other psychiatric or psychological techniques in which a resonance is established between the therapist and the client. Only here the idea is to establish that resonance between the therapist and the non-physical intruder of the client. And in that point of resonance you can then communicate and show that non-physical being where he might better find what he needs, or how he might better wake up, or understand the predicament that he is in, or his attachment to others, and so on. Because, you can't just repeatedly keep working on your own intruders. You need to take what you have learned when you are successful and transfer this to others who need your help because there are many in the world who recognize that there are difficulties but they don't know how, they don't have enough energy and there really isn't enough time, no inclination on their part to learn to raise vibration sufficiently. That is how it seems to work for everything on your planet - that each time you have some deeper understanding of how it has helped you, you are immediately pressed into service to help others, be it for new modalities in diet, awareness of spiritual functioning, capacity to help with reading, writing or arithmetic, anything that you learn. Because the hospital aspect, that relates to yourself and your own healing, but the schoolroom aspect, this way in which you share with others, relates to your learning. For if you really want to learn it, you teach it. Further question?

[Ed. Note: For more about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us, see: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.]

Jill: Could you please give us some insight as to how to understand the Falun Gong phenomenon in its broad implications?

Hilarion: The broadest implication here relates to any sense of awakening or understanding that challenges the status quo, that allows people in positions of power to recognize that they are not going to remain so, that there is an inherent connection between any spiritual discipline, religious discipline, psychic discipline and bringing more self-awareness and inter-dependence to all beings in a way in which the deeper question is then provoked. This is the real challenge you see. It is not enough just to see that people become more enlightened or aware or able to use their energies more positively and helpfully, but it also provokes those in positions of power to look, to ask, “What am I here for? What do these energies say about the non-physical realms and how they inter-penetrate with the physical? You mean, I am really not the one in control, in power here?”

Many react to such a thought powerfully, denying it, and therefore stamp out, as much as possible, these various, deeper, questioning ways, religions, movements, etc., etc. Understanding this, it is sort of the Chinese equivalent of the same sorts of issues happening economically in the United States, that where positions of power are challenged, those in such positions will do everything they can not just to stop the energies that are coming at them, that are taking them out of power, but to stop the possibility of asking questions for themselves. This is difficult but means that the consensus reality, that it becomes, shall we say, popular to ask such questions is the real solution that eventually emerges. What questions then about reality would those practitioners of Phallon Gong who now understand very consciously and deeply multi-dimensional reality, what questions about this might they also pose, might they also share about? This may be an eventual answer to the depression and difficulty that they experience. Further question?

Jill: What's happening to the whales and the dolphins with the sonar the Navy is using? How do these beings feel about the low frequency active sonar?

Hilarion: It is painful of course and physically very difficult. At the same time it is forcing some level of adaptation and there is a deliberate attempt here to reduce human's ability to receive the positive, helpful, loving messages of the cetaceans because they might be in a position of pain, or fear, or harm - their messages therefore no easier. It is hard to be sharing about love or friendship or play when you are in pain, when there are such loud sounds that you cannot think or project your messages easily. Therefore although you cannot stop these easily, certainly there are those who try and this is good, you can also reach out to your brothers and sisters as whales and dolphins as if to say to them, "Even though there are others who are seeking to suppress your message, I wish to hear it; I wish to feel it; I wish to sense it."

As if to love these beings or to feel it in your heart and then to go into a place of quiet, not to just see them as playful creatures, but as powerfully intelligent beings that have messages for you, energies for you about your planet, about love, about receiving your fellow beings on all levels and much, much more.

Many of these messages are not easily received verbally. They aren't thoughts; they are feelings. They're energies inside your body. To receive these, to go to that place of quiet, this does help. It at least allows these beings to know that the opportunity for receptivity is still there, and that the struggles that they are involved in are relatively temporary. There is sufficient energy for another.

Jill: How do the other beings who guide the planet feel about the destruction of so many trees, of air quality, of the genocide as a result of our foreign policy? What can we do about all of this?

Hilarion: Well, long term it is really a place of joy that is felt if this can lead people to make the changes needed, that they can somehow embrace the diversity, the beauty of this planet. But short term the price is very heavy. It is very difficult to see this suffering that seems so needless. But suffering has been on your planet a long time. It has brought you to where you are now, to a place where you can truly ask - is it necessary? Some have even called this "the planet of suffering" because there are so many on your planet who do without, who starve, or who die, or who find such difficulty. These are humans we are speaking about, yet of course this is carried over. It is an energy of resistance on your planet because resistance seems to be the best way to get your attention. But long term, it is as if a tiny glimmer, a light gets brighter and brighter with each day. It is not just the light of solution but of attitude, an attitude that says, "We are here together to make this place more enjoyable, more beautiful, more of the learning schoolroom, more of the healing hospital." The opportunities to be here on this Earth and enjoy these together come closer and are stronger.

Now it is true that of course you need at times that suffering to draw your attention to this because without it you wouldn't pay attention at all. You'd take for granted what is given to you and what is all around you. This seems foolish right now when there is so much suffering and so much difficulty, and at the same time so much consciousness about it, but that is how it has been at times in the past. And so therefore, if in addition to this willingness to ask these deeper questions you have as if an internal contract, a deep love in yourself that says, I will not take this for granted. I will receive these energies. I will deeply appreciate the beauty around me. I will deeply appreciate the beauty within me.

If this energy can be more clearly created, it is a lot easier for those habit patterns that have depended on resistance to gradually be released, to be ultimately obsolete. Because, as you recognize your true potential, it becomes clearer then that that is where there is greater joy.

As to solutions here, the short term solutions are difficult ones as long as people still see that there is scarcity, that they must feed or clothe, that they must survive. Many in such situations will continue to harm other species in the name of economic motives. But they are not asking the bigger questions. They are not involved to ask more consciously why they are here, why they are involved in this suffering. Because it is not time yet for this. But once sufficient numbers do ask, various solutions begin to appear. Certainly the obvious ones in which people will start to only be buying and selling those things that are necessary, that are truly helpful to each other, and not those simply based on ego or fear.

But, the habit patterns of so many seem so powerfully ingrained that eventually some solution closer to that which Grace spoke of earlier will also be on your planet. Some sort of strike or sudden stopping of things that seem in this way therefore to be ultimately harmful. This is not yet the time for it because it would be very challenging to many involved, too much fear, too little trust. But at least to introduce this as a possibility, for people to see that there are other dramatic ways to shift that need not be violent, that need not harm, that could instead invite more cooperation, more love, more caring.

In the meantime, it is now the time to be asking, for everyone to be asking this repeatedly. Because when sufficient numbers ask, particularly in positions of power and get the right answers for themselves, the answers that have deep meaning for themselves, answers that tell them what they can take with them when they pass from this world, or what they truly are here for to experience with others; then they begin to change their policies. They begin to shift their inter-relationship to their fellow men and women in ways that can make a deeper difference.

We always speak in terms of the long term solutions because the short term ones seem to fall short of your larger goal in which many are helped simultaneously. But you must see that you have worked yourselves into this difficulty over a long period of time so it is not going to be solved instantly. Yet, the wonderful thing is that the probability that people will start asking and looking more closely and more consciously at these important issues, this probability is increasing dramatically, far more than has ever been present on your planet before because of the powerful means of constant inter-communication through the media, through the internet, through various ways in which people are able to share their ideas, their questions and their love.

This more than anything else gives the guides and helpers, the beings at higher vibrational level, while witnessing the destruction and the struggle; also gives them greater hope, hope and indeed joy that people soon will be looking more consciously at their actions, their inter-relationships, and what is most important to them. Perhaps then this would be a good time to close with the idea then that each of you can ask, each of you can receive. Yet in another sense, is a message, a message from your highest self, a message from your soul that you are loved. That the energy of love is abundant, is all around you, is part of your very nature, and releasing anything that tells you otherwise, that allows you simply to know this and to feel it, is a solution in itself. Not a doing-ness solution but a being-ness solution.

Yet from that place of that love, of that place that simply knows that you are deeply loved, sometimes solutions begin to make more sense. Ways in which the energy can be better used, lovingly, appropriately, helpfully to reach others, to feel their love, to love others. However, specifically it would seem that the attention on this aspect, the aspect of greater assistance being needed is going to be emphasized rather dramatically in the next few months.

Therefore, for this Fall season we would especially ask you that as you feel this love, as you sense its presence anywhere in your life, ask also who or how you might assist someone else, anyone. It is the energy of this assistance, this sense that people are ready to help each other. They may not know the right way or the best way, but they want to. It is this which will have a profound impact, a sort of snowballing effect over time and will be especially focused on during this time period of Mercury retrograde until October 6th or so these energies will be very internalized. Being aware of their building and strengthening is now appropriate. But see that come around the 6th the energies begin to move outward, and that you may find that through your dreams or your intuition that there is somebody that you can assist, something that you can do in the world. This will not have the characteristic of "no", it is rather a "yes", an energy of helping or loving, or encouraging.

Recognizing this wave, acknowledging it, welcoming it, this can also assist in your own evolution, in your own understanding of yourself at levels beyond which you have previously considered possible. Therefore at this moment we will remind you of the idea of love in a very personal way by asking you to think of somebody that you would love deeply and pour the love from you to that person, or animal, or place. Feel the connection, sense it as an energy from your heart, as a sound like aaahhhh, as an embrace. And letting that being go, in their place put a person, somebody that you've had some difficulty with and pour this same love into that being. You consciously choose to direct that love. Feel the same sense, the same embrace, the same sound, the same light. Then let the image of that person go and in their place put someone else, someone you've had a lot of difficulty with and pour this same energy into that being. Feel it, hear it, sense it. You have choice you see as to what you do with your love, as to how you can assist, and notice how this shifts you. Perhaps a little lighter, a little more expanded, a little more loving.

And letting go of all of this, put your attention right here, right now. Recall the emerald light, a powerful cylinder about 100 feet in diameter, filled now with your love, with your willingness to assist. And direct this energy through the light into the Earth, into her core with the idea of loving and assisting her, knowing that that energy would be properly used and shared, that Earth would use that energy in a way to assist beyond what you could imagine possible.

Then we ask you to open through your feet to Earth, to her response, her loving light to bubble up through your body where it forms a gentle OM, an Earth OM, and we ask you to share this out loud. Goodbye.... OMMmm....................


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