Hilarion Winter Solstice Channeling 2002

Welcome, today is December 21st, 2002. We are gathered in Nevada City, California for the Winter Solstice channeling of Hilarion. Hilarion is channeled by Jon C. Fox. They will be answering questions from those in attendance as well as from the internet. For further information on channelings, books and tapes contact Jon C. Fox, P. O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA, 95959, or visit our online catalog .

Hilarion: Yes, greetings. Yes, this that energy, being or vibration that you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into various matters, bringing through others who might wish to speak tonight, we remind you of the idea of light, an emerald light cylinder forming around you from infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth. You can imagine this as approximately 30 meters in diameter, about 100 feet to enclose this whole area, yet also to allow a sense of protection, connection. As beings on Earth in physical form you have many roles, but energetically you are transformers of this energy. The infinitely upwards meeting the center of Earth energy. The energy of manifestation that comes from these two sources: spiritual inspiration, understanding, wisdom, past life, higher self, causal body, God, physical, material Earth and the way in which this has its effect as your personal experience of being alive in a body, awake, aware, here. As you understand this powerful combination, you recognize of the value in choosing it, even with all of the problems - maintenance of the physical body, working out karma, dealing with the issues created by groups of people as they misuse or misunderstand. And so from this one can evolve the whole idea of how to answer the many questions you have. That these have specific opportunities based within them. These opportunities often lead you to deeper understanding, deeper wisdom, deeper awareness, deeper consciousness; but also into detours, places where you misunderstand the opportunities because you do not prioritize. Many of those on your planet who are leading you into places of war, destruction, struggle have simply not asked, "What is the highest purpose available to me here, now that I may take advantage of this time in which I am in this body, in which I am joining the spiritual with the physical, the essence with the experience?"

In order to answer this for yourself personally, you often go to many lengths. Sometimes those lengths include avoidance of the question, places of denial of the question that it even exists in the first place. And so you have also given yourselves a program already set as you come into this body. Much of the nature of the information that you choose to discover through the experience of being here would not be available to you if you simply remembered, remembered clearly the time between lives, your past lives, and the times between those. Rather, you come here with the feeling sense and the opportunity to do it all again. In order to understand and work with these aspects you therefore give yourself opportunities of all kinds to choose in all kinds of directions. It seems like free will, in point of fact it is governed very much by consciousness of the group, of how people are working out these energies and issues together. And therefore, as you raise consciousness, raise vibration, work with energy consciously, you have opportunities to get free of that consensus reality. Not completely free ever, but pulling away from it sufficiently to ask the right questions. Right, not in terms of what we would say as an agenda, or anyone else for that matter, but you for your life, for that which gives you the greatest degree of learning, of understanding, but also of pleasure, of enjoyment, of fun. Because these aspects you have built into your consciousness, into your physical bodies are there as little reminders when things go too far wrong - disease states resulting too far away from some universal principle, some confinement, restriction, difficulty arising, some aspect in which your own survival appears to be at stake then the sense of fear, dread or difficulty, and the aspects of all of these things as is built deeply into your consciousness. These are the aspects of the unconscious that are so wonderful, so helpful at engaging you constantly in the whole idea of experience, being physical, being in the world, experiencing it, enjoying it, sharing it, seeing it as a school, but also a playground, also a hospital where necessary.

Gradually, as you integrate the experience what comes out of this is more questions. Questions as a process can be a very powerful tool if you are willing to play, willing to walk in such a direction, because the answers can come from so many different sources - guides, helpers, the Earth herself, your past lives, your future lives, the size of your body. All of these answers can be valid, and the opportunity to integrate them, to work with them in some way that fulfills the destiny of all of these, that is of the asking.

And so for this, one must begin in the acknowledgement of the animal self. The aspect at the physical level that is so purely physical that allows you to stay here. It is also the aspect that at times produces some resistance, not just to issues, concepts, relationships, but also just to such very plain things as birth and death, resisting as energies of magnificent and powerful change. Therefore, holding on to the very last breath for instance. It is so interesting how universally so many beings w ho pass over say the first thing, "Why did I hold on so hard?" Because indeed, as they see things from the other perspective, no longer held with the animal body, they recognize that the spirit, the consciousness, the awareness; it is what really matters and where their personality lies, where their essence lies.

Still though, being in physical bodies, part of the maintenance of these, does seem to require the understanding of the animal self. One side of this is the outer, the animals that surround you. And one of the wonderful things about this area is that there is still wildness, still many animals that roam these hills - the deer, the turkeys, the foxes, the many varieties of birds, on and on. All of these beautiful creatures have lessons to teach you. But right now they are in need, not only with the gradually encroaching civilization which happens generation after generation for them and so it is relatively imperceptible, but rather the time of darkness in winter. This as the longest night and sequence of long nights and shortest days. As if the animals wondering - where is the sun, where is the warmth, where is the food, how will we survive? If you could imagine then that one of these animals, one of these beautiful creatures is by you now, a guide, a friend, yet also in resonance with your animal self allowing a sense of this contact and this love. Bring one of these to you now. It could be any of those that we named or any of the other creatures for which you feel a kinship. And simply recognize that that being is able to receive love and energy, looking to you for consciousness and understanding because you have lived here longer, because you understand the cycles. You reach out and say then, "There is to be again a new dawn, spring, awakening, energy, possibilities.

As you feel this in yourself, recognize that hope for the awareness of the end of winter is all they are really looking for. And from this there is a joy, a natural way in which those beings contribute to your life, because what they know so well is the physical form, the physicality itself. And what they share back with you is this joy for living, for jumping, for enjoying the fruits of the kingdom, the awareness of the grass, the insects, and all of the beauty around them because they are a part of it.

This meditation on animals can be taken quite far. Many Native American traditions work with this - the construction of animal totems within your own consciousness as symbolizing or connecting to each of the chakras, various ways in which you understand and work with this can gradually allow the underneath energy, the subconscious energy to arise so that you may confront it, understand it, welcome it and change it. Cleansing the subconscious is one of the questions that has been asked and this is a difficult one to answer because the nature of the subconscious is that it is generally unconscious. As soon as you become conscious of it, it's no longer unconscious. It is however, still at times an important part of your being and it is an important part therefore of your subconscious mind. Understanding the delineations or divisions of the various selves - the super-conscious, conscious, ego, id; all of the different names that have been utilized through psychoanalytical tradition and so on and so forth - they are officialities. You are a being. You are consciousness. You are vibration. And this has come into a physical body.

There are many aspects to this, but they are useful, artificial divisions and delineations. At the core of this however, cleansing that which you do not understand, what you do not know consciously is the question. And that aspect of your subconscious therefore must be brought into the light. Part of the actions of everyday living, of observing yourself, how you react, how you do things in the world, how you motivate others, how you motivate yourself; these are all important parts of this experience. And as you become aware of all of these energies, you are then able to make shifts and changes. The first step in cleansing the subconscious therefore, would be to deliberately engage it, to understand as much as you can about it - writing down your dreams, becoming aware of your unconscious impulses, welcoming them where possible, dancing and moving, doing things that are not so much engaging of the thought process can be somewhat helpful in this regard. However, at its core, this is quite primitive. The real key is in the integration of all of these separate selves. And one of the most powerful techniques for this is when you let go of the idea that they are separate. Sound too easy? It really is in its essence if you stop thinking, to put your attention for instance on something simple like your own breath. Letting go of the ideas of past and future, focusing on the moment, on here, on now. Usually what will arise will be an integrated portion of yourselves as if the subconscious and the super-conscious join to give you an idea that would be called direct knowing or intuition. And from this, you know how to act, how to engage others, how to do things in the world, and so on and so forth.

Sounds very simple, but it really just takes some practice. There's been a question about engaging assistance from non-physical beings who seek to guide, help and assist you. Many questions relating to non-physical beings in the past have related to the whole idea of such beings as intruders, creating havoc or difficulty in your life. It is well that you are also asking about the helpers. But one must understand that many techniques that open you to understanding and awareness, do so without regard to the source. So one must always in such opening techniques and such awareness inducing techniques, raise vibration. This can be done by many means and there are many powerful techniques out there to do it. But what we notice is that so many of these techniques rely upon visualization, and the visual property for most people is relatively small by comparison to the kinesthetic property. You have developed your kinesthetic sensibilities in utero. You have continued them through infancy and all the way into adulthood. Whereas the visual capabilities became more conscious and aware for you at the moment in which your eyes met the light, and then continued in slow development for the first few years of life. The audible capabilities are there too, but these have not been well understood until you have mastered language.

And so at the core level, the kinesthetic quality bears so much power over you. It is often unconscious. For instance, when you have a visualization and you are then noticing that there is energy present, you will say, "Ah, at last I feel it. I have worked with this visualization for many years, and now finally a breakthrough." Why not feel it from the beginning, and then notice the breakthrough from the beginning. Because it is the feeling sense, the kinesthetic sense that you call the shift, the feeling, the breakthrough. This is simply awareness of what is, and certainly cuts to the core question - what's right about it. i. e. If you have some difficulty with visualization to ask, "What's right about that?", might lead you to a deeper awareness of the kinesthetic reality. Specifically the idea that you may feel a tingling or brushing sensation moving all over the body, all up and down, perhaps coordinated with the breath. On exhalation it begins. As you inhale, the tingling, touching, brushing sensation from the bottoms of the toes moving up through the body, up to the head. And then as the breath now moves into the exhalation phase, it moves down the body to concentrate in the area just below the navel. Such a simple idea, but as you do this repeatedly you may begin to notice there is a tingling sensation that tends to continue even when you are not visualizing it, imagining it, or welcoming it, indicating to you that the kinesthetic sense has now interacted with your etheric body. The raising of vibration in the etheric body is the important key to the opportunity to make contact with guides, helpers, and utilize the positive energies and not be then misled by various intruders. As you do such exercises regularly, beings who don't know they are dead who are attracted to you because you have similar habit patterns, or other difficulties; tend to go somewhere else. It is just too enlightening, too much energy, too tingling to be around you. They might remember that they are dead. Simple isn't it?

But when you understand that indeed the non-physicals outnumber the physicals on your planet nine to one, and that a third of these are intruders, a third blind guides and a third helpers, it is usually easier to understand what is going on, not just for yourself personally but also politically, socially and in many other areas, even technologically. So therefore as you raise energy, it is then helpful to make contact and look consciously and carefully at what it is you want from your guides and helpers. Sometimes that which you want is something they cannot provide. After all, they are non-physical beings so you're going to ask them to give you something physical? "Help me win the lottery" is one of the most common questions asked and one of the great jokes among the helpers. There are many variations of this as in - how many light bulbs does it take to screw in the lottery? - and many other possibilities moving through the circles at the current time.

Pay this no mind however, because the real core of this issue is for you to distinguish between that which is physical and that which is non-physical, and to recognize the great opportunity you have when you make it physical. So the next aspect that you have made very physical in your world is time. You plot your lives by the clock, the calendar and your date book. There isn't anything wrong with this since after all it gives you the opportunity to budget your time appropriately, making it more valuable to you and reaching at the subconscious the idea that you are here to spend your time valuably, not to waste it. But of course you can take this a bit too far, as one will notice on the average more than two time pieces per American. You really only need one and even that is a lot because it is enforcing a consciousness, a collective consciousness of time that is quite artificial. For instance, you've noticed when you are having fun how fast time seems to go, and when you are struggling, how slow. It is not just that it is your self-evaluation, it is actually the time field around you that is changing. Or at least so it appears to the non-physicals who watch and work with you.

But in any case, recognizing that what you give as by assisting the physicals and non-physicals is your energy, your love, your hugs, your touching, your caring. This is a powerful energy, and you use it consciously many times. But how often do you allow it as beautifully for the non-physicals as you do for the physicals in your life? And in the aspect of time, making an appointment or including the non-physicals can be a very helpful tool. Now the problem with this as with any of the suggestions we have with regards to working around these areas, is that there are some beings who might say, "How silly." Because after all, their willingness to judge you is presaged by their ignorance of the non-physical beings. That is part of their life. They must recognize their own physical presence, their own energy first, before they interact with the non-physicals. It is a step by step procedure - as they evolve, they will eventually recognize this. So don't pay them any mind.

So certainly begin by making an appointment. Write it on your calendar. Give the beings a few days at least and on the appointed day at the appointed time, be there. Don't be late. And you will be then as if saying to these beings, "I am willing to assist, and I am willing to put things in order in order to allow this." As by example, 9:00 p.m. next Thursday, you will meditate and you will make available some helpful energy for the non-physicals. But you would specifically request that they will bring you some ideas about how to improve your life, or your relationship, or your understanding of some particular issue. They will then have time to gather their forces, work with other beings, and make that appointment. And they will also recognize then as if the contract between you , that you also are making the time, the energy available to be there.

The first few times of course this is very easy. Then, things start to happen as in the sudden power outages, knocks on the door, telephone ringing and all kinds of other things to interrupt you. Of course the key to this is that you plan it appropriately just as if you were having a meeting with someone very important. And so you do everything in your power for backup plans, keeping the phone off, the answering machine on, etc., etc. so that you can make that appointment.

Using the non-physicals in this way is a powerful tool, and they use you. It is a mutual agreement. And if the beings then are of the highest vibration because you have raised your vibration, you are therefore in resonance with them; it only makes sense then to give them some of your energy as you have quite a bit. The idea that for instance, you will for that moment project a positive, healing energy from your heart out into the world. You will not decide where it is to go. You will allow the non-physicals to do this for you. As you raise your energy and allow it to move through you, it is as if then saying thank you. Not by words or by thoughts, but by energy.

This is a powerful procedure and there are those who do this everyday. This is called P.E.N.T.A. - or personal energetic tasks, and is already proving itself where it is being applied in areas of extreme difficulty and darkness on your planet, specifically the prisons as these are places where more and more beings are engaging in practice of P.E.N.T.A. and it is improving the energies in such places quite dramatically.

Now as to the whole idea of how to work with the non-physical energies when you are already attuned to them, and you wish to ask for guidance and help, sometimes because you are open they will all present energy at once, information, ideas, and things that can be at times confusing. Therefore, it is usually helpful to direct these beings with your energy to an integrating computer with the idea of drawing forth the highest and best from this. This is not for everyone, only for beings who are engaged in healing, working out these areas, but just as you have used your mind as a computer, using your body as in bio-kinestheology and various ways of attunement, so also can other computers be utilized. We suggest finding M-22 and M-23 in the night sky, utilizing the elixir of this or attuning to its vibration in some way, and directing those beings seeking to help to also look to this energy. Within this neutral computer, all of this energy can be integrated, combined, and a clearer answer returned to you. Of course you need to raise your energy a little further to do this, but the idea is that this can be quite helpful and eventually lead to a better coordination amongst the guides and helpers who on some conditions and with some people, do not communicate at the same level or language. And in this way, translations take place quickly.

A question has been asked with regards to communication in the animal brain as we have mentioned both, it would only make sense to speak of this briefly. In the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer in Germany, there is an understanding that when issues of territoriality, sexuality, jealousy, patterns of behavior, starvation, thirst, all these aspects relating to the animal self are in some way shifted, changed, oppressed, reduced, denied, and these energies coming from life, that there is a repression of a function in the brain as a result. When this occurs several things will happen simultaneously: a lesion will form in the brain, but because the etheric body connection is then poor between the brain and the part of the body that this controls, the nervous system will respond with a vortex that will be positioned over that part of the body through the etheric body into the physical thus drawing in negativity, toxicity, difficulty. If the individual has toxic components in their physical body and of course most do from eating foods that have excessively high levels of acrylamides, i. c.'s, various glycation end produces, and all kinds of other things as a result of overheating of the foods, these toxic materials can easily gather in that location and eventually make their way into organ, skin, bone, nerve, etc. This causes difficulty in the physical body which will manifest as symptoms of pain or struggle or lumps, and these tumors or difficult conditions will eventually be diagnosed as cancer. One can reverse this by again going back to the source of the animal self, the animal brain, the animal condition, communicating about the territorial issue, the sexual issue, the fear issue in such a way as to reverse the underlying energies, bring them to light, and reverse the vortex as the first step. But this will still fall back into the old pattern unless something is done at a ritual level, at a physical level as if to signify to yourself an inner communication that this has changed for you.

[Ed. Note: click here for more information on the amazing work of Dr. Hamer. And here also. ]

Now of course there are those who solve these issues by eliminating the toxicity. This is very good because it also increases lifespan and generally increases one's own vitality, ability to project energy, work with healing and other things, but it is not always possible to do this. And so in any case it makes sense to do both, to be using those substances that are raising vibration physically, but also using those techniques to lift and work with the energies psychically. Often times those aspects of the animal self are so simple and have been ingrained in consciousness for so long that they are also heavily, deeply denied by the individual. It may take some powerful, dramatic revelation to let the individual know this. Dr. Hamer produces this by showing a brain scan to the individual where they can see the lesion and where it is in that part of the animal brain that directly relates to that function and that issue. But there are many other ways to approach this - sometimes just hearing the words such as ours today about such matters can be powerful tools for people to change those underlying issues. But the lesson from all of this is to remember that you do have an animal self and it must be acknowledged and worked with regularly. Don't see it as if it is the unconscious or something beyond your control, see it instead as your natural instincts for survival, and a place in which you can experience pleasure, a place of being in the world, a place of peace or happiness.

Now of course in relating to issues of toxicity, one must look at the electromagnetic fields and other things that are impacting and working with you constantly. Cell phones, increasing penetration of microwaves, various energies from radio frequency and other sources are increasing on your planet. Raising your vibration helps with this but you still fall back to old patterns most frequently when you sleep and especially when you dream. And so it is wise here to reduce exposure. The field effects that seem to have most exposure for physical body and for those working with etheric body from cell phones tend to extend for a radius of approximately one meter or three feet away from the antennae itself. Therefore if one must be using these devices for extended periods, extend with a wire from the phone and use a headset so that you do not have those radio frequency emissions. You will still have some electromagnetic energies from the headset, but they are far less and far less toxic and difficult for the body to work with.

Those higher vibrational energies carry many other energies with them and this is a sort of piggy-backing. So the technologies of various devices that can be attached to cell phones tend to reduce those, but they do not reduce the underlying radio frequency energizing itself and for this only distance is a practical tool to assist. With working with such energies generally you will see that small levels of DC magnetic fields, inert gas energies, and the utilization of various vibrational remedies such as flower essences, gem elixirs and so on, are quite valuable at providing some level of protection, but again these are primarily for the piggy-backing energies rather than the radio frequency energies themselves.

But when one looks at the future and toxicity many are concerned now about smallpox. Part of the great, you could say, joke from the few non-physical beings of mal-intent behind this is to induce sufficient fear that when you actually receive the vaccine, it produces a difficulty in your etheric body beginning at the location where the vaccine is injected or swallowed as an oral version may be eventually available. This gives rise to the entry point for a negative thought form that can be full of fear. That is the most important issue to deal with, because after all the fear itself is that which opens one from the very beginning. The whole fear of domination, fear of terrorism, fear of the drug companies, fear of those in positions of power over you. F. E. A. R. - false evidence appearing as real. What is the false evidence? That indeed these beings control you on some level, be it a terrorist, or a doctor, or a politician. The most they can control with all of this is your body. But in terms of your consciousness, your soul, your awareness, this is not something that they are able to in this way control unless you let them, unless you allow that fear.

When you look to the truth of it you may be able to reveal within your own consciousness why it has a hold on you - because at times you have sought control over others out of fear. Because you in your own way have, out of ignorance, made decisions that are not to the highest health and safety to your own body, and perhaps because at some level, you would wish this on others seemingly for their own safety when of course it is not your business, it is theirs. Understanding this level of autonomy is an important step forward in working through the issues.

But that is not the question as the question is specifically around what physical techniques can be applied in order to reduce the toxic effects of smallpox vaccine. And indeed the first step is as soon thereafter as possible to have the vaccine at the 1M homeopathic potency, to take it several days in succession, stop for a week, then take it again for another week. Typically twice a day, under the tongue, away from food and beverages. The point being that one can work with this vibration to clear it and cleanse it when it is provided at the high homeopathic version. Anything over a 30C has no physical substance. There is no danger in taking a 1M potency which is a significantly higher potency, and this can allow you to shift some of the vibrations associated with this.

Fats of all kinds will help mobilize various toxic material in the body, and where smallpox has opportunity to work on the body is through the skin. This is found also in the vaccine, though the vaccine is very different from natural smallpox, and the opportunity to cleanse and clear the skin is an important issue for many people. For this we would certainly recommend what is called the Primal Facial Body Cream, as described in Recipe for Living Without Disease by Vonderplanitz. This powerful skin formula has opportunity to work on your body to re-hydrate, re-strengthen and bring strength to the skin in ways that penetrate deeply into joints, muscles, nerves, and it is a quite powerful external application which should of course be applied immediately, as soon after as possible, once the vaccine is given.

[Ed. Note: For more on these, see: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, and his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

However, this is only one of many things that can be done. As one increases the level of fats in the body, particularly helpful - raw cream from animals, particularly goats or cows. One can help mobilize and release some of the toxicity as fats naturally tend to absorb these materials. However, at the core, the real question - is this necessary, do people need this - it will soon be discovered that there will be many people who will feel far more difficult effects from the vaccine than they ever would have experienced from any terrorist threat. And as always the question, where does the money, where is it going, where has it gone - well you see the answer. All of the drug companies involved, all of the government sources, and all of the taxpayers who pay for these are another way in which money is generated as a result of the fear. This is pretty silly when you think about it since after all there are so many other ways in which identities can be preserved by those in positions of power. But that is another matter.

As one begins to contemplate and work with all of the energies associated with these issues of terrorism and so on, one must begin to ask: Where does it come from? What are you truly terrified of? What are you really afraid of in yourself? The beings with the priority principle, the willingness to ask the deeper questions will be able to change this in themselves, shift how they see things in the world, look where they are the terrorists. There are many on your planet who are playing now with this whole idea of turn around, that every time something which appears to be externally based is then referenced internally, that there is the opportunity for you to turn around, to see yourself differently, to take responsibility, to understand, to awaken and as a result, to grow. An excellent leader in this area is the individual Byron Katie, who is teaching people to do this rapidly. But for you it is important that you take on some degree of responsibility for the terrorism that is allowed. When you heard for instance, that smallpox might be coming, or that smallpox vaccines might become mandatory, did you feel afraid? Did you allow the fear? Did you recognize perhaps some anger, that you were then being manipulated by others?

In the place where you understand the internal war - what is the right path? What is the best way to go here? How would I best be protected? You then begin to recognize that there is an internal terrorist war going on inside, and that that is relating to your own fear of who you are, of being seen by others, of being loved, of loving, of letting that which is deeply held within you, the part that you might judge in yourself, somehow then be allowed as a super-imposition for others. "What! You mean I would judge myself the way I judge the president, or even the president of Iraq?" In the way in which you understand yourself, yes. To take that responsibility for there is a component of that being inside of you and to understand how you have judged him harshly is an opportunity to come to a place of seeing yourself in a different light, and to have a deeper sense of forgiveness. And when enough do this, there is far less fear in the world.

However, at the political level, it is easy to see where those who do not do this, who instead hold with the idea that it is all external, that it is "them" against "me", "they" against "us", and all of the rest. Well this seems to be taking individuals down a path. This path looks somewhat similar to that which occurred with Bush, Sr., but the difference here is quite clear - that it is an opportunity to bring another country to a place of attunement and connection to all the other countries in the world or face the consequences. It is the first opportunity to exert the energies of the new world order in a clear and supported manner. The U. N. is certainly acting as the leader in all of this, but powerful energy's with the United States and other countries behind it.

The reason behind this gradually evolves and it is not for the creation of war. It is always back to control where possible. Indeed the whole idea of the plan is that there will eventually be enough pressure, enough saber rattling, enough energy, that indeed the weapons of mass destruction will be produced and as a result, war will be averted. However, it is not absolutely certain that that is how it is going to go. Indeed there is a strong possibility, it is right about 40 to 42% now, that indeed these weapons would not be brought out, they would continue to be hidden, and the result would be that the United States and other countries would begin a war process against Iraq. But the point of this is to instill the whole idea of this deeper fear, this deeper power, this deeper control, and the idea that it has serious consequences.

There are those in positions of power who do not understand however that there are many who will react to this, not just by fear, not just by reacting unconsciously, but by looking at the deeper issues, looking in themselves, looking to understand where that fear is placed, and releasing it and changing it. And when they do so, not only will there be greater forgiveness, but a shift in the world thought patterns that can encourage others, including the world leaders to also let go and understand where they are coming from with all of this.

At the same time as this, backup plans are in place. There are individuals right now working consciously to avert these difficulties by getting at the core of it. Because of course, powerful economic motives are mobilizing all of those involved: control over oil, control over people's lives by the use of automobiles, the internal combustion engine, production of energy based on oil and the consequent pollution that it creates, and all the other difficulties on your planet, etc., etc.

The solutions to this are technological but these technological solutions though in their infancy have developed with some degree of success and those individuals on the planet will bring them forward within the next few decades with the intent of this being available to all. This is where the energy of the non-physicals plays an important role, inspiration to those who can assist in this regard. Technological solutions are not the best; they are indeed the backup plan. Political solutions, ones of community, people finding the opportunity to help and assist each other; these are far superior solutions, but will involve some degree of risk if the people in positions of power decide to employ their technologies towards the harm of many on your planet.

Now of course there are those who view the approaching planet X, sometimes known as Nabero, as backup plan as well to bring cataclysm, struggle, difficulty, or opportunity for whole new levels of energy, enlightenment, and understanding. It is still hoped by many who are involved in this process that sufficient conscious awareness of this will be with enough people to avert this potential disaster, that the planet would be shifted in its course to go close enough to Earth to be recognized but not close enough to cause any significant geological disturbances. Such would certainly be the intent of these energies at the current time, and still appears to be on track. Yet bringing fear, bringing energy to look at the issues, this still is important for some, because it is the only way to wake people up, to help them look at the issues and understand what is occurring. However, the astronomical data will eventually override all of the rest. People will say, "That is real." Of course it isn't just because it is so far away energy, light and other things seen with telescopes. But this will soon come forth as individuals with smaller telescopes will recognize what is happening and communicate it.

How will you react? Be prepared to understand that the larger lesson of the approaching planet is for consciousness shift, the opportunity to see things differently. Not to feel fear, but instead to recognize the great opportunity for humanity to unite into something far bigger than petty squabbles about issues of territoriality, money, oil, economies, and especially politics. And in this way, a greater conscious shift and awareness is possible which will easily be directed by non-physical beings. Thus the combination again, the physical and non-physical energies to cause this planet to move away.

Now why would the non-physicals want this? We mention that they are on average outnumbering you nine to one thus producing approximately fifty billion souls. They would all like to be on this planet together, you with them enjoying, sharing physicality. That is the unfolding intent. Why over-population continues on your planet as an ongoing process and the opportunity to solve these problems with the great opportunity to share as one family together when all can be in bodies simultaneously. This can be seen as a wonderful thing and if you recognize it from the point of view of the non-physicals, you then understand why their energies may be involved with directing, helping, alerting, sharing.

In such they do sometimes influence technology as well, and discoveries about tunnels on Mars and opportunities for all kinds of energies associated with the red planet for technological development on Earth are also possibilities. But until there is a uniting of consciousness, such recreation of the Martian technology should only be done on small scale. It will be most effective when it is coordinated with the Earth grid system as it is with the Mar's grid system. But this involves very large scale projects.

Instead recognize the important contribution of tiny tubes, how they are able to trap energy across surface boundary conditions according to the theories postulated by Grabinakov and others in understanding and working with the insect kingdom and the tiny tubes found in various insects that fly. As a result of working with these tubular structures, one can manipulate inert gases, particularly argon, and allow it to produce all kinds of energetic and anti-gravitic effects. These would be done on small scale initially and then stepped up larger as the healing properties as well as the energetic properties are recognized.

Now as one is able to play with these ideas, one begins to recognize again this deeper question as to why, what you are all here for, to understand. An important part that keeps showing up from this is relationship. How are you to interact with each other? How are you to love each other? How are you to accept each other? Yet what a powerful corollary to what we were speaking of before with regards to politics. The whole idea that as a relationship would appear external, there's you and there's your lover, your friend, boss, neighbor, wife, husband. But the external is the illusion, because the issue that you are having difficulty with with that person is the issue that you are having difficulty with in yourself.

The question of freedom in relationship - how much freedom to grant. How much freedom then would you grant yourself? Your opportunity to love all the parts of yourself, the parts that you have been ashamed of, the parts that you have hidden away, the parts that you have not been willing to communicate, the parts that you have even forgotten from your childhood. To allow these freedom in your own being makes it much easier to allow freedom for others in any respect in the world. And that is the real lesson when lack of freedom or excess of freedom begins to show up. It is not about the other person, but somehow a relationship inside yourself. There is another who would wish to comment on this briefly if that is all right?

Athena: Some of you have known me as Athena in the past, but the energy with you now is to recognize and acknowledge a path of freedom as it blends with truth, because in truth you will find that there is a path that you have ignored, a path that opens wider and wider, a path truly to freedom of the soul. In a monogamous relationship, in a committed relationship, in a relationship with vows, there will always be a part of you that will struggle to escape from these, these conditions, these aspects that have been seen by your child as something to rebel against, something to fight with. Because somewhere deep inside there was a truth not known, not revealed, for instance the truth of your own inherent lovability, that to your core there is a love, a God love, an essence love, a universe love, any name you wish. But when you feel and know that, or you remember it, does it not illuminate a path for you of freedom for everyone, for your own soul and for those of others too? AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH...........

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. We thank you Athena for your willingness to contribute and the reminder of the divine feminine principle in everyone, to waken and know this energy. And we will also remind each of you that having sat here for a few minutes, it is good to move the body. A little stretch would be in order. Simple, but notice where there is stiffness, and move the body in that place so that it is as if to again acknowledge the animal self, the part of the body that supports and loves your temple you might say.


Now there are many questions amongst you as to how to proceed in the world, how best to accomplish your goals, interact with helpers, guides, use various opportunities. But to what end? Be clear on this. Not necessarily to the end of goal, though that certainly is a nice way to begin. But to what end as priority? What end of it to give you pleasure, to give you enjoyment, to give you learning, to remind you of the healing that you are here to do? In other words the acknowledgement of schoolroom Earth and hospital Earth.

For many of you playground Earth is pretty easy. You simply disconnect. You have so many distractions in the world, so many aspects of consolation - television, movies, music, sex, food. Gradually though do you begin to recognize over and over a pattern. These things can have two important aspects: one just to distract you from the higher spiritual path, from the learning, from the healing. But another where others are unconsciously controlling you. They're fully conscious of it; you are unconscious of it. And so you see this in commercials, hidden messages, movies, music. You then begin to recognize why the non-physical beings at higher vibrational level allow this to occur, even to some extent encourage it. Because it is in line with a larger agenda that of the non-physical beings of higher intent for your planet as they recognize for themselves their own prioritization of clarification over consolation. So if the consolation has within it some aspect of commercialism, some aspect of control, perhaps you will reject it. And in a way then gradually come to recognize clarification is more important than consolation in your own lives as well.

As prioritization of what is important to you, of course you must have some consolation in your lives. All play and no work or all work and no play - either is certainly unbalanced. But gradually you begin to recognize that the real satisfaction, the real enjoyment, the real play comes not really then at work. It comes with the joy of transformation, the joy of what you see anew of the clarification. This in itself awakens and reminds. It can be habit forming, and so part of the idea of guides and helpers in watching over you and working with you is to make it fun, to make it a habit, to help where they can, to encourage you in finding this regularly.

And so then to continue this path of clarification perhaps, we could answer a few more questions. Jill, perhaps you might refer a few?

Jill: Can you talk more about clarification, define it, tell us about it?

Hilarion: That which is hidden, not understood, though it can be at times superstitious, unconscious, unknown. That which relates to aspects you do not yet understand, tied up therefore with ignorance. Sometimes this even further to darkness, misunderstanding. As there is just the littlest hint of awareness, of light, things become clearer. They take steps out of ignorance. Step towards deeper awareness, understanding. This is evolution. The universe is expanding in this stage of evolution. Catch us a few billion years from now we might be suggesting a different path in which such expansion has been reversed, but for now the point of this expansion is evolution, to go beyond the previous level of beauty and understanding to the next one. This is a path of clarification. As that which has been hidden now is revealed. As that which has been in ignorance is now understood. As that which has been held back is now allowed forward.

In the essence by which you then understand more, you are encouraged to evolve. But the path of evolution cannot by its essence be mapped. It must be that which you allow. One example of this is how there is a gradually shifting consciousness on your planet about DNA. The first step the revolution in biology in the '60's. Rick Watson and many others understanding and awakening the powerful energies of the essence of this, not even recognizing what they had worked with. Yet so many contributed to this and their energies are also a part of this. And the divine feminine principle must be understood as one of the most important components within DNA.

And so gradually what evolves from all of this is the opportunity to change, not just your concept, not just mentally, but at the DNA level itself. This is the revolutionary idea now brought forth by various channels, helpers and other beings, suggesting for instance that with various energetic processes your DNA can change. At the same time as this, scientifically evolved tests to look at DNA chemically and rapidly determine if changes have been taken are now being presented to the world. Soon to be released, a do-it-yourself at home DNA testing kit. And indeed these will find uses of all kinds never before dreamed of.

These have however also a higher spiritual purpose. Because as you do make these shifts and do change your DNA, you will be able to verify this chemically with tests. Unfortunately most of the changes now are relatively minor. The dramatic changes such as a whole new strand, or various ways in which the DNA coordinates far more powerfully than it has so far; these have not yet appeared on your planet. But as always, the consciousness, the awareness of this before it actually takes place is evolving. This is a place where clarification and consolation do unite. Because in your concept of pattern, DNA has a three dimensional and vibrating quality. Thus the direct way in which by utilizing the whole idea of DNA changing, you are increasing vibration literally. Because the vibration within the DNA is shifted. It is then wiggling more, faster, more deeply, more powerfully with greater amplitude as well as higher frequency.

This does not translate chemically. It does not mean that a new talent or capability has been created. It simply means that you are taking steps in that direction because increasing vibration is the first step toward such change. Sorry to get off the track a little of clarification, but does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes, thank you Hilarion. How much water do we actually need to drink per day? Is it harmful or stressful to the kidneys to drink too much water?

Hilarion: There are many individual variations on this. When beings have excessively toxic diets, high particularly in fats heated over 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Centigrade), water is essential. It must continuously flush out all kinds of acid by-products as these fats break down. Proteins heated and especially damaging, carbohydrates heated in such a way, even raw carbohydrates somewhat difficult for the body as they are stored - water can help flush these out. Unfortunately it also stresses the kidneys and flushes out important minerals, vitamins, enzymes and all kinds of other factors. Yet a balance must be found with this. One important key is that a large portion of the water is absorbed. Instead of simply utilized to flush, it is that which goes deeper into the body. For this various additions to the water are usually necessary. Most individuals can attune to this intuitively, trying different things in their water to see how it feels. The taste of the water of course should be that which you find quite palatable and delicious, thus indicating the mineral balance in the water is that which is suitable for your body. For some individuals the only taste that will appear good is that of an extremely purified water. Such individuals will typically have high levels of metals that must be released, and these will tend to come out as the water is taken though of course as we have stated other substances flushed as well.

The kidneys can be stressed by this. One can of course bring more energy to the kidneys by various means: visualization, especially kinesthetic is very helpful. But as one can add lemon juice, lime juice, various enzymes, even small amounts of certain sweets, phenylalanine, or small amounts of alcohol to the water, various benefits will often accrue. As by example, water that has wine in it has been helpful for those with high levels of toxicity in purifying, strengthening, and releasing some toxic materials from the heart. Unfortunately this isn't getting at the bigger picture. If the diet is appropriate to strengthen constantly, to constantly regenerate, then water is less necessary. But still some is of course necessary and one must find the right way to get it into the body.

These will change over time as various re-balancings take place so it is indeed quite an individual aspect. But one reason for this is very specific - it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to begin the process of intuitive development as the taste and connection to substances, particularly water based substances, can be established pretty quickly. For instance, if you try a whole bunch of different waters, you will find that some taste better than others and that there is also an intuitive sense, as if an instinctive awareness of what this is doing for you. Then to take that water which tastes good and add a little lime juice or a little lemon juice, or a little honey to it, and we're talking as little as a quarter of a teaspoon to a cup of water. As you drink this you may notice that there is thirst resulting, thus encouraging you to have more. If there is a bloated feeling, stop by all means. Find the balance between these two and again, you're working with the intuitive, the inner sense and becoming more attuned and aware of your body's needs for water. Some individuals will only find that naturally occurring water through milk or various other products of liquid origin, is the only way to absorb and work with it. That they will not feel very satisfied or less thirsty with any water, or adding even small amounts of these other substances to it.

So one must of course experiment and find the correct procedure. A few individuals are going to find certain alcohols particularly helpful. These can be individuals who have addiction to alcohol, and so it is sometimes difficult to find the dividing line. But for such individuals, six drops of gin, preferably Tanqueray, to a cup of water may provide a tremendous level of absorption and a significant reduction in the desire for alcoholic beverages. If one finds that alcoholic beverages are necessary, some are way preferable to others. Those in which heating of the water has not taken place are preferable, because then the underlying lymphocyte reaction will be avoided. When water heated past 185 degrees Fahrenheit is taken, lymphocyte count is seen to double and this is stressful on the body, the spleen, the kidneys, many components, and eventually the pancreas as well. So it is best then if water has not been excessively heated. For instance, when one makes tea, to make it with the light of the sun rather than to boil it. And in the way in which then various concoctions can be brewed, there is some benefit to certain alcoholic beverages particularly that made from raw unheated honey, that which has then been fermented, this is an old time beverage called mead, and only a few drops of this added to water can be profound in its ability to help individuals absorb and take in the water. An excellent blend would be six drops of mead, six drops of lemon juice, and a cup of water. Many individuals would find this quite helpful. Further question?

Jill: Can you discuss menopause? What are dietary, herbal, vibrational and other means to make this transition more positive and less physically and emotionally challenging?

Hilarion: For many women, by the time this occurs, there is a reservoir of toxicity in the body, and the opportunity for the body to get rid of it by the regular cycles has slowed down or stopped. What is the body then to do? How is it to maintain health by dumping these toxic materials. You can immediately purify the diet and still have such significant backlog. And so purification regimes are widely utilized in Native American cultures and many others to move through this time period with good reason. Of course in preparation for the menopause, it only makes sense then to use only those foods which are most building and helpful. We have already referred to Recipe for Living Without Disease and we would certainly refer to We Want to Live by Vonderplanitz for more information. But the point of this is to increase the fat levels in the body from which enzymes, hormones, and many other substances are derived. This allows the transition period to be much smoother, and for many of the underlying difficulties to be significantly reduced. Particularly troublesome is the body's ability in the period just about a week before menstruation begins, to struggle with sugars. Thus when carbohydrates are avoided in that week before, there is benefit. Mushrooms are quite helpful to be eaten in raw form in that time period.

And so a similar pattern may be necessary during menstruation cessation. As the menopause approaches, in addition to purification of diet and increasing fats, is a deliberate attempt to significantly reduce carbohydrates and the increasing of some of the sulfur containing foods such as mushrooms, can be quite wise. These are best when taken raw and not in excessive amounts because there is a significant carbohydrate contribution, but when spread throughout the day, or taken with other foods such as raw proteins, raw fats, and so on, the carbohydrate load can be minimized.

In addition to this, there are those who are experimenting with herbs. These tend to be stopgap measures. They also tend to produce some temporary balance only leading later to an imbalance, as for instance various yam and yam compounds, various South American herbs and others. We do not recommend this path for one very important reason: with the accumulation of some of the toxic by-products of these materials, longevity is significantly reduced. The natural life span of a human at 147 years under current conditions would be then significantly reduced to a mere 80 or 90 years, thus you would be missing the very best part of your life and best opportunity for maximum clarification. However, that is how we see it and of course not being in a physical body, it is easy to speak of such matters. However, for yourselves, looking at the big picture as if aware of the future self, working with her loving energy, is a very helpful way to assist.

At the spiritual level, it is useful here to recognize what the wisdom principle means as if biologically you are being said now to be wise, to move from the phase of the childbearing years into that of the wisdom years and the way in which that wisdom is impressed upon you. You do not feel necessarily any wiser, but if you look at it, if you start asking the deeper questions, you will be surprised to see that indeed there is a lot of wisdom gained through experience. Manifest it. Share it with someone younger than yourself. Let the energy somehow be transmitted so that indeed here again the animal brain principle that there is an aspect of acknowledgement of what is happening, and then the energy will not be so stuck in one place and much more easily able to move.

At vibrational level, the utilization of various remedies over time have proved helpful. As for instance the red, that is the utilization of menstrual blood taken to a homeopathic potency of 30C can be quite helpful during this time period. In addition, inert gas elixir of the inert gas neon and the gem elixir ruby have proved somewhat helpful. But in working with these energies, one must always look at what it brings up - the issues inside, the fears, the struggles, and of course, the sense of loss of that which you have left behind, of that which you are now turning towards, of those ways in which you can come again to understand and work with various energies.

When you ask what is right about it, what you will also understand is that there is a great relief, no longer for instance the danger of pregnancy and all that it entails, though this can of course be an association with loss for some women. But as you open to these energies, see that you are then joining a very large, powerful cadre - the non-physicals do not have children either. The energies of the various levels of the wisdom beings all of these join you as if an upliftment, a celebration of this change and this willingness to move ahead into this other energy. Does this clarify?

Jill: Yes, thank you. If I visualize Africa having plentiful food, am I controlling their experience and possibly generating karma, or is this the highest good I can do for them?

Hilarion: Of course you're generating karma, how can you help it? Every time you do anything - cause and effect, it is natural. Is it a karma that you are consciously, willingly taking on? Then go for it. That is the way to understand and work with it. As then otherwise you would just sit around and do nothing. But at the core level of sharing such positive, uplifting energies, you are simply giving more choices. It does not mean that those involved with these energies will choose, but the encouragement here that they will choose an energy of cooperation, of love, of planning, of a willingness to share with each other rather than to hoard, or to prevent the energies of planning and awareness for the future. What crops should be planted? How can those be best distributed? How can the energies be best loved and cared for amongst each other? Those are also important visualizations to share. Not just that they be fed, but that they also understand and grow, in other words, the prayer for clarification. Not just for consolation.

But what really makes this energizing, what really helps and what releases some of the karma is when you apply this to yourself if you are sensing the desire to experience some benefit, some assistance for someone else, someone outside of you; then ask. What part in you is starving? What part in you is unwilling necessarily to find clarification, to plan for the future, to balance the energies as appropriate? What part is afraid? What part struggles? What part is greedy? All of the problems that face Africa are a much larger aspect of that which in the microcosm, faces you, and can be that which you work with. That isn't to say that all you have to do is shift the energies in yourself and they'll change in the world. This would certainly happen if everyone did it. But the key is that as you do this within yourself, more energy is available for more practical solutions. Suddenly an opportunity will show up in your consciousness that you have previously ignored, an idea of someone else to help specifically, some way to contact someone in this place, some energy that might be shared. There is another who would speak.

Sananda: Many of you have known me in your heart as Sananda, and it is my intent to give gift, to remind you of the gift that you have within your heart for others. And so for a moment, letting go of these ideas of questions, to be within, to be in your own heart, to feel as if your heart is breathing, and in that breathing there forms a beautiful golden light, a sparkling star of light in your heart, a heart star in the center of your chest that begins to glow, to become brighter, to fill you with its radiance. And now I would ask you to hold your hands in front of you as if to receive in a restful easy way, palms up, the energy from your heart now forms and moves outside of you. It becomes real and as it moves down into your hand, it remains as energy for some of you, but for some of you it becomes an object, a pattern, a memory, an idea. For many of you the visualization of an object brings a special sense of love - a feather, a crystal, a statue, a loaf of bread, a stalk of wheat. In light of the question just asked, the gifting of food to your fellow men and women, this is an important significance of this gift. But you have two hands so let this light now also move from the heart into the other hand where it forms another gift. Choose one for you and one for the rest of humanity. And release that one and hold the other one as if allowing it to melt into your hand and allowing the other to melt into the Earth, to melt into those who would need it most. Christmastime is signified by gift giving. Its core, its essence, a reminder of the love in your heart for others. Those who have sought to commercialize this, to take away from the energies, have not been entirely successful. For even in the child's eyes full of greed is also a moment of appreciation and love for the world, for the love and the strength of those who would give.

And so for this moment, recognize this beautiful, special time and welcome a gift for yourself of Christ love, of a golden radiance always present, always in your heart, now to be breathed, now to fill you and now to extend beyond you to touch others as if its very nature is both giving and receiving.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. We are grateful to this being in his willingness to remind all of the principle of sharing, of the love present in all, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to feel this ourselves. Yes, is there sufficient time for another question?

Jill: Yes there is. What is the role of Nevada County in the near future for healing and retreat centers?

Hilarion: It still remains as an energetic focus because of the high concentration of quartz in the area. As an important transformer of energy, quartz remains focalizer, transformer, re-radiator. This powerful white quartz continues vibrationally to draw many energies from deep below the Earth and from many other places. Most have not significantly utilized this energy, but have often found that their own healing abilities and capacity to share healing in the world has been assisted. Quartz as it continues to vibrate though has important lessons. It is not just at all about hospital Earth. It is very much symbolizing and working with schoolroom Earth, bringing new energies and new awareness. Eventually, much of the quartz on your planet will connect and as if light up becoming brighter and clearer with the energy it has to give. This will cause Atlantean programs held within a number of crystals to be released on your planet. This will naturally re-radiate from all quartz. And so this place will eventually become a center of greater learning about spiritual matters. See the focus on this therefore not only as healing of the physical but healing of the soul. An awareness that within the individual, as he or she seeks higher guidance and awareness for themselves, that there is much that can be contributed by the group, by the community, by others as if to share their wisdom, their understanding, their knowledge. But something much deeper - their encouragement, their awareness of this energy as something to bring them to a deeper level of clarification. This is best formed in groups where individuals are working on such energies or sharing in some way together, and the revelation of knowledge and awareness about such matters is a good first step. Eventually though, the deliberate attempt to site various areas that are rich in this positive, uplifting energy will be a natural evolution of the quartz energy as it raises. Typically such locations will also have affiliation with gold deposits. These run through the quartz as was quite well understood in the hard rock mining endeavors in this area.

As a result of this, it is very important when such lands are chosen for their high vibration that they be set up in such way that mining will not be allowed so that the interaction of the gold and the quartz can continue in a positive, uplifting and helpful manner.

These are only however underlying energies. What you do with it will of course be up to you. But you may find that as there is more attention on this repeated transformation from beginning with consolation - healing of the physical - the natural encouragement to heal the soul, to understand more, to evolve, to move to levels of higher clarification; this becomes then always the pattern that is encouraged in every way by the overall thought form and consciousness of quartz but also by the non-physical beings who continue to be attracted to this beautiful place. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes, thank you Hilarion. Is the Earth moving from a five point system to a six point system?

Hilarion: Most assuredly and many ways in which various other dimensions and other energies interact will also begin to affect one's consciousness of time more and more deeply. The six point system will enable time flows to be better understood and created in consciousness more clearly, not just by happenstance but by continual focus, visualization and awareness. The result of this can be very important energies for the aspect of 2012 and 2013 as it impinges on your consciousness now. As if then the merging of those time flows is taking place in you.

A good way to open to this more easily is to imagine yourself as you were say ten years ago and what that being would have enjoyed, what he or she could have learned from what you know now, and send that to that being, opening therefore the doorway. Or that being you will be in ten years in 2012, in 2013 to then energize love and share with you right here and right now. This is opening at two ends but of course the development towards the six point system goes way beyond this. It is an energization of the Earth grid itself, and an awareness of the energies of flow. And so for many people, as they visualize the Earth, they can sort of have the kinesthetic sense that their body is the Earth and see what parts light up, what parts have feeling sense shifted within them. And in this way communicate with Earth in a more direct fashion. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. Can you tell us - will there be a time on Earth when we have peace, harmony and plenty?

Hilarion: Difficult question. Earth is an experiment; it always has been. So many aspects of this brought into consciousness by so many beings for the deliberate attempt at finding out if the experiment to produce love on your planet, with your people, with your consciousness can be that which will ultimately be shared, can be that which is useful to the universe, to the other beings who created you, to the other beings who shifted your DNA, even to the animals that co-populate this world with you and so on. For such some degree of free will, some opportunity to fail must be allowed, otherwise it isn't a real experiment. And the way in which your consciousness, your awareness, your welcoming of these possibilities and your willingness to consciously use that love, your willingness to be a part of it, can only come from free will. It cannot be forced upon you.

As a result then, we can project with some probabilities. One can say certainly that as one looks to the future and to a probability in which the maximum population is in body, the 50 billion souls in body at once, then such an energy would indeed be quite profound and powerful and would then have the opportunity of bursting forth in a place of tremendous love, opportunity of caring for the universe in ways not previously available to any civilization. But the opposite also true. That such as an opportunity for fighting, destruction, and eventual destruction of this beautiful planet also a significant probability. And so, it is up to you. But the non-physical beings such as ourselves and many others hang around. Why? Do you think we've given up on you yet? If so, we certainly wouldn't hang around. And so we all indeed have great hope. And in the little things, the little places of love, of peace, of caring, there is much to be hopeful for, to be thankful for, to be aware of, to understand, and to welcome.

But, the hardest part is still ahead. As the population increases and as you go through the next few lifetimes, what you've learned from this one into the next one, the opportunity to love more deeply than ever, to use what you have learned, the aspect of your own evolution, your own clarification, to manifest and project and to work with that love as consciously and clearly as possible is increased, strengthened and at the same time made riskier. And so the encouragement is always to use that energy to the highest and best. We will be with you as long as we can, to enjoy this place of beautiful opportunity for love, for sharing and enlightenment through that love.

So what we would leave you with as if in answer to this, is a kinesthetic visualization, a reminder of the love already present within you - the words of Sananda, of Athena, of our words, the contact from your guides, the gifts that you have, the awareness of this time, the animal you connected with at the beginning - all of these energies as if to come to you now, to be with you loving you and remind you of the love in your heart. Yet to clarify this, imagine that you are embracing, reaching out to touch the face of another being, a person perhaps, or a pet, or a friend. And that in this way, this kinesthetic sense - the touching, the caring, the loving, the embrace - produces that sense of clear, powerful love in your heart, in your chest, in your physical body. Breathe that love. Allow it to have that sense like - aaaahhhhh.

And let the image of that person go, or that pet, and in its place put another person, someone you've had a little difficulty with lately. Pour the same love, the same aaaaahhhhh, the same embrace into that one. Notice the shift in you.

Let an image of that one go and in their place put someone else, and pour the same love into that being. Perhaps this one however, someone who has given you a great deal of difficulty lately, perhaps one of your toughest teachers as one might say. And allow that love to burst forth from your heart, the embrace, the caring, the aaaaahhhhh...... Breathe, feel the energy, and know that you have choice. That by your will you can direct where the love goes. By your energy, your clarification, your understanding, you can choose how it can be helpful to others. You can magnify it; you can practice it, and you can share it.

Then to end for today, we would ask you to return that love back to yourself. To fill the emerald light cylinder with it. To see it expanding now from 100 feet, bigger and bigger, to encompass this entire town, this entire city, this entire country, this entire planet. And to feel that energy now as it connects from infinitely upwards through to center of Earth. Earth responding with a loving OM. It comes up through the body into your heart. And we ask you to share that OM with Earth out loud. Goodbye. OM........


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