Hilarion Spring Equinox Channeling 2003

[Jon: Our guest conductor tonight will be Ray.]

Ray: Today is March 21, 2003. We are gathered in Nevada City, California for the Spring Equinox channeling of Hilarion. Hilarion is channeled by Jon C. Fox. They will be answering questions from those in attendance as well from the internet. For further information on channelings, books and tapes, contact Jon C. Fox, P. O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, or visit our online catalog .

Hilarion: Yes, greetings to all of you, yes! This is that energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. We wish many greetings of love, peace and understanding to be with you in this time of tremendous chaos and intensity of thought forms associated with the energy of the planet Mars. To recognize many of these powerful energies and yet to also recognize that these have at their heart a core energy, an energy that can be shifted, changed or worked with once it is understood; will be an important avenue for you to discover tonight. Many of our words may make sense logically, but we would beg you to go beyond the logic. To go instead to a deeper place, a place inside yourself beyond the level of confusion or simply of logical meanings, but to one which that energy can be somehow contacted, understood in its true form and that allowed by who you are at your core to be shared with others.

This is the time of the Spring Equinox. In Earth's breath, it is the time of equality when the in breath and the out breath are equal, yet now it is to begin as a new energy on planet Earth. An energy of awakening, of the Springtime in the Northern hemisphere. In the Southern hemisphere there are fewer people hearing our words, but to them it is also an important time in Earth's balancing repertoire. In the Northern hemisphere it is the time also in which the animals look to humans, look to them to understand, to awaken into the Springtime of their possibilities, to see the possibility of the end of a long winter. And what do they see? Men fighting each other. People in places of fear and confusion. People in places of stating what they believe, yet this not somehow coordinated with what others believe, and instead many different energies. The animals understand however not your thoughts, not your visions of the logic, the technology. But they understand instead that underlying energy, one that can say that there is hope, that there is understanding, that there is love or there is fear, there is hopelessness, there is confusion. And right now what they are receiving is indeed confusion.

So for a moment, just to acknowledge the presence of the animal self in you and in those who share this Earth with you, for a moment in which, we know this is difficult, to just let it all go by focusing instead on the breath. Letting the breath be deep, right to the center of your being. A belly breath as you recognize Earth, her loving energy coming up through your body, through your feet, your legs, into your heart. And on the out-breath, an energy that says to the animals, "We are also struggling, but we acknowledge that indeed the winter is over. That indeed this time of new beginnings is occurring. And that indeed there are possibilities." Simply recognizing such an energy and breathing into it can often be helpful in letting go of the many energies that are distracting you.

Of course we have spoken about the underlying tendencies with regards to various governments, the things going on on your planet for quite some time now. The idea of generating more and more fear, creating possibilities for all of you. And so what is created now has its repercussions later. Not just in the actions of the physical worlds, but in your relationships, in what you learn, in your inspiration, in your intuition, in many other actions in your world. So this is still an important time to awaken and know higher truth, even though in the world it seems as if for a short period the course is clearly set. That indeed there shall be war, that there will be struggle, suffering, and many difficulties. Such has been going on on your planet on many levels for a long time. But what is new about this war is its technological ferocity. The idea of this as somehow 'surgical' - does make sense in the idea that cancer as it is sometimes observed on your planet is seen by some as something to be removed rather than the manifestation of the body's willingness to clear, to cleanse, to change.

And so this idea of a concentrated force in order to manifest change in the world at a sudden and abrupt way will leave its scars, its repercussions, its wounds. And just as surgery for cancer does not usually allow the individual their naturally long life span, so also then will this to a large extent tend to shorten the natural unfolding of many things on your planet. It is for this reason primarily that the non-physical beings of positive intent are allowing it to unfold. Many individuals have come to a place of clear choice as a result of this exposure to technology, to politics, to the potentials for war, and many of these are people who were too young in the Gulf war of '91 to be able to make these changes, to understand this for themselves.

At the same time, in this opportunity to examine choices, some of you, some who have heard our words before and come to a place of recognizing and welcoming deeper and deeper levels of clarification, do indeed welcome this opportunity to choose, to look consciously at every level for the maximum degree of understanding that can come from this. And so of course you must look inside and discover your own war-like nature, the part of you that fights both sides - a dominating side perhaps, a side that will somehow try to sweep it away, another side that might perhaps be in a place of denial, or perhaps wish to simply escape from it all.

You recognize at such core levels many different energies, but of course it is where all of these energies had at a clear, underlying basis, a fear that those energies that have been impressed upon the planet can take hold. There are many questions tonight, but we wish to certainly explain that to some extent these questions fall into three categories as do all of our opportunities to speak to you tonight. These categories, unlike others, are temporally based. The first one is on the now, in the moment, right now, on this day, the first day of a massive bombing and land invasion into Iraq by the United States and United Kingdom forces, and the devastation that has taken place only now beginning to dawn upon the Iraqi people and the world at large. And over the next few days as these war-like efforts continue and these pictures and information moves to the world many will be powerfully shifted by this - recognizing man's inhumanity to man, recognizing the opportunities for destruction, foolishness, and many levels of change; while at the same time having opportunities to take sides. Taking sides in some cases is a shutting down of some of the opportunities to understand and maximize the larger principles of light that are available. So we would beg you as much as possible to remain open, to learn, to understand and to grow.

The second aspect to this which in some ways is simultaneous to the first is that which will be received by those who will receive the tapes of what we are saying. Some of these in but a few days, some of these in as long as a week, as they are placed in locations near and far all over the world. By then there will be sufficient changes on your planet as a result of this war that you will see things in a new light. Yet the underlying principles from which we wish to speak to you tonight still hold: the opportunity to find a deeper wisdom inside yourself and to make clear choices as to the rest of your life and what you are truly here for.

The third aspect which of course overlays these others will be that of the many people who will read what is spoken on the internet and receive the tapes at a later date. Thus this other wave focusing many weeks into the future. Understanding that by then, this operation will have changed dramatically. Many things in Iraq, many aspects of its relationship to other countries, especially the Kurds, Turkey and many other things in the world will be perceived and understood in their true light, and at the same time, many shifts in United States policies and other aspects with regards to the world. Here again, it is not the specifics that matter, it is the understanding of the core principles and opportunities that all of this brings forth that must be adhered to and understood.

Therefore recognize that at its core this is a constant reaction to energies associated with fear. The fear thought form has been on your planet for a long time and one powerful solution that has seemingly emerged from all of this is that by aggression, by anger, by utilization of force fear can somehow be stopped. Of course for those who have studied psychology or come to understand the nature of fear, this is foolishness. That fear is always generated from within, and the opportunity to shift this remains with each individual individually, in their own way, to understand it and work with it.

But there are those beings who have moved through that place; they have understood this and in some ways shifted or changed the fear inside themselves. And you can be pretty sure that the last thing that they want to do in their life is be a politician, or a world leader, or work with others in such capacity in which the power to nullify their fear is now handed over to those individuals.

Therefore it is important to recognize that the first energy that can be utilized to shift is back to clarification, is to the place by which the question is posed, "Why am I afraid? What am I afraid of? What is the danger? How might I better understand the danger, and ultimately, how might I change it for myself personally?" On a practical basis, this can lead to belief patterns, to what is the real truth in the world, and many other important things that can be asked about and discovered. But you must understand here that as you work with these energies personally, you are doing so at a time when the larger symbol is being presented to many billions all across the planet to do the same thing. It is not being done as overtly as with our words, but still, the choices are there. Those individuals in seeing the news, in understanding these issues will also respond and they will look more consciously in themselves.

Now one little hint here that is of some importance as the fear is present, as you deal with it on the mass thought form, the local thought form, the family thought form, the personal thought form; it will tend to be exacerbated by too much of the immersion in the news. Thus if you are looking at television images and have seen them enough, once or twice perhaps, do not repeat. That is if you see them again and again the same images over and over, they are there to burn powerfully into your subconscious. So turn off the television or use a different medium such as the radio, or change the channel. But somehow do not let this deep level of unconscious programming be recreated inside yourself beyond that which is necessary for you to simply learn about what is happening on your planet.

This is important because what is being built upon is the programming from times past. The most powerful of this occurred for so many beings who came to understand and study what occurred during the time of World War II on your planet. The overall thought form that the Bush and the U. K. administration is appealing to is indeed a sense of retribution or balancing for not having stopped Hitler and the destruction of the Jews and many others in Nazi Germany. And indeed it is as if to recall these parallels that many energies come again to your planet, that the stopping of Saddam is indeed then to prevent such powerful energies or atrocities again.

This is a powerful thought form on your planet, and to draw energy from it into fear and thence into anger, destruction or other aspects is the process that is being utilized. Certainly the occurrences during World War II were horrible and there were many ways in which as a result countries came together in a great renaissance of technology and communication across many on your planet took place. Similar good may indeed eventually come from this conflict as well, but at the core level, right now, the focus is on the shifting within people of energies associated with fear into energies that can be manipulated by those in positions of power. They do so very specifically so that their own goals and aims can be met, and we do not restrict this to any one world leader. Indeed, it is the game for all of them.

Therefore, what begins to emerge is a questioning process. Many of those involved in the demonstrations across your planet have asked these questions, and they do not have concrete answers such as the best way to solve this particular problem is this way or that way. Of course there are those who would have suggested that a greater U. N. involvement, ongoing weapons inspections and all of that would continue. But eventually the same place would have been reached. The difficulty is simply that the underlying issues are not being understood, that they are the issues of power of one over the other rather than individuals willing to help each other, to assist each other, to love each other. In other words, what gives you the most fun in life? Answering this question as to what gives you pleasure in the world is a difficult one for many people because as they evolve, as they grow different things will apply. As they mature, as they awaken, as they understand. It is a useful question to ask yourself, not because the answer itself tell you what to do in the world as some might suggest, but rather because it evolves, it shows you how you therefore are evolving. The specific idea here as you begin to look at this is to release those parts in yourself, that you recognize add to the overall negative thought form.

Now there has been a question about technology being utilized to disperse negative thought forms. And of course this is of some help at this time. Indeed one of the several technological back up plans, and we will mention a few others in a moment, was to distribute such technology as the personal empowerment device across the planet as rapidly as possible. This has of course not taken place yet. But many others in recognizing its utility and usefulness may indeed open to this and be more aware of it in the future. But, the key here is simply in the release of those thought forms themselves. Now, how do you destroy negative thought forms? You do not do this by dwelling on them, nor by denying them. You go to their core, and you will usually find that that which magnetizes or connects you to the overall negative thought form is a fear. The fear inside you of losing your life perhaps, losing your loved ones, suffering. But if you understand at its core that you never die, that the consciousness continues, and evolves and shifts from one level to another. That at its core that love that you feel is not for someone else, it is just love. It is the energy of the universe. That at the level by which suffering comes to you, you invite it. And that no more can come to you than that which you have created, and are creating.

It is then possible to understand the principle: F. E. A. R. - false evidence appearing as real, and release it. That the false evidence is that within you somehow a higher truth has been acknowledged. That the presence of energy, the willingness just to be here, now, just to breathe; this is enough.

From such a place sometimes it is easier to let go of those half truths about weapons or aims or goals or domination, and recognize that the underlying truths can gradually emerge. In the specific it does appear that this can push people a little closer by means of the economic struggles and difficulties to those solutions at a very practical level that we've been advocating for a very long time. And that which your guides and helpers have been advocating for a long time. That of community involvement, groups, coming together, learning from each other, learning to love each other, learning to serve each other, learning to manifest for each other those aspects of service that are fun and enjoyable for you to serve others with as they do for you. And that any other solution ultimately will fall far short of the real opportunity for growth and understanding amongst all of you. For what better person to help you grow, to sandpaper with you various aspects of your own personality and change than those that you would be most likely attracted to in such a community?

But falling short of this interim solutions obviously emerge. And one of these as has been spoken of in the past is technological in nature. How to accelerate this has been asked as an important question, and it is a difficult one for us to answer. Not because the answers are not present. That is easy. But because of the timing. If indeed the world wide collapse of the oil empire was to take place right now, indeed it would be certain that many of the conflicts around the world would stop. Yet at the same time, many economic dislocations and difficulties would also ensue. And so this must be a gradual introduction of the various new technologies. But to understand this and to love it into existence because you love your fellow men and women is the same energy at its core. It would allow you to invite an energy of peace and of love to assist and connect to others at this time.

And so therefore before we launch into such aspects of technological solution and other solutions, we would like to briefly allow another to speak if that's all right?

Angel: I come in love for all of you. I have been known at times as an angel of love, but really it is about peace. As an angel for peace inside, as a representative of what it means to be alive on your planet. Before you came here all of you saw that with increasing population, with all of the changes possible, with all of the energy of so many here at once trying ever so desperately at times to learn, to grow, but also to retribute, revenge, change. The opportunity would always be there as choice to love or to fear. How can you make that choice on a daily basis? And how could that choice somehow be communicated to others? A core, central question for your souls. So at the deeper level what this is all asking you - which do you prefer? How can that love be tasted? How can it be known in you?

Even in the times of greatest struggle and difficulty, even in the moments before life is lost, many angels appear. They come in the night. They come in the daytime. They come in those times of battles, of war, of struggle, of death and destruction. Just as much as they come with the times of dawn, of light, of awakening.

And so where you can assist with our energies right now is for a moment to contact an angel inside of you of love and of peace. And to let her now envelop you with her loving. Merge with the strength of your being and recognize that that comes together in breathing, and in your breath, a deep relaxation of your entire body. A sending out of this love, gradually, easily. With each in-breath the understanding, the awakening, the welcoming. And on each out-breath the release of that love to the planet, to everyone on this planet. To touch them all and say, "Yes, there can be peace. It is possible. Yes, there are alternatives. Yes, there are other ways. Yes, in your heart you know this peace also. You know this love also. Welcome it."

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here. We thank you angel of peace and love for your assistance with a reminder of these energies. Yet, at the same time, a deeper awareness in all of you that you approach a time of choice. This is a powerful energy associated with the Spring Equinox, because it is a time of new beginnings. As if then saying the possibility of a new beginning on your planet has been launched. This can be seen as essentially negative. And that is correct. Many of these energies as if saying then the way to exert less fear, less terror, less terrorism is by the employment of destruction. This is the powerful energy and the reason why these particular aspects of war were launched at this time.

Also launched however, were many on your planet into contemplating and asking the deeper questions - "Isn't there another way? How can we find it? How can this horrible situation be avoided in the future?" - and so on. However, in the Mayan calendar, there is a powerful energy associated with this time of great change, and it is much deeper than that simply of war, peace, or the Equinox, Springtime, etc. What this is a time of for so many is choice, a time of choosing, awakening in their own hearts that these choices can have powerful ramifications, powerful repercussions on the planet on many levels. And so at the same time as many are viewing images and looking at their own lives, new possibilities can be presented. Thus this is a powerful time to be meditating on peace, to be thinking thoughts of love or assistance while at the same time recognizing that there are viable alternatives.

One of the most important questions asked is as to how people can assist with a move to alternative technologies that are not so dependent upon petroleum reserves and especially therefore all that it brings in terms of those in positions of power. The answer to this is relatively simple once you begin to understand it that the primary issue is that of communication. That most people on your planet recognize that the primary means of fueling their vehicles, producing electricity, doing the things that are necessary to run their lives and many other aspects are principally petroleum based. This is not true; they're energy based and energy can come from many different sources. Therefore, the solution becomes very simple: because this energy information is being suppressed, because so few people are understanding the many alternatives that are available, and because those in positions of power related to the petroleum based economies want to continue it in this way; this information will continue then to be repressed and stopped.

But there are those who have looked statistically at your planet and recognized that there are only six degrees of separation between you and every other person on the planet. Meaning specifically that as you speak to others, they speak to others, and so on six times; everyone will know. It doesn't matter what the information is, and if it is shared in such fashion, personally, it can indeed be as if a lightning bolt across this entire planet.

There are many resources for understanding alternative energy. Many of these have been explored and are worked with by individuals. The resources available for this are minimal and when such inventions as helpful technologically come to the place of being widespread on your planet, various aspects to suppress them and reduce their acceptance immediately take place. This would not happen if sufficient individuals knew of this, and if therefore various opportunities were made to share the technology. Many times individuals have spent their entire lives working out these issues, understanding the particular technologies. Yet, because of this the powerful, negative Martian thought form that we've already spoken of begins to take hold, and fear in this case produces greed. Such individuals forget the one very important thing - should they be fully rewarded for all their research, they still die as everyone else does and they don't take it with them. Neither the patents, nor the money, nor the fame. What they take with them is what they learned personally from the experience. And the greatest lesson that they would have to learn here is in the sharing of this with humanity for a deep and profound change for all of humanity which is possible, and indeed technologically feasible.

So therefore, we would suggest that those who investigate and research and understand about the various alternative technologies, and there are many of them on your planet, will share their research with others. But at the same time, ask this deeper questions, "Could this information, could this opportunity be shared in an altruistic, loving manner? Could it be shared with humanity given that we don't take it with us? That I don't take it with me and you don't take it with you?" Understanding that simple principle may be of some help to engage the consciousness, the imagination and the enjoyment of others in this potential way of sharing information. Some technologies that are certainly worthwhile looking into at this time would include that of Brown's gas, the Jo cell, the utilization of the vacuum energy, the manifestation of various energies through inert gas stimulation, particularly in plasmas, and the awareness of the new, developing cold fusion techniques in laboratories all over the world. These are relatively simply and innocuous technologies.

Unfortunately, the timing of this is not quite in alignment with the larger issues, because as there is greater and greater public attention focused on scientific investigation as to why each of these technologies work, what will evolve from this is a deeper understanding that goes beyond the understanding of atomic fusion and atomic fission, right to the core of the energy of the universe itself. And of course then the potential to misuse this, to use the technology in ways that would be harmful. It is hoped therefore, that in some ways the suppressive techniques continue so far as widespread communication in the public media about these techniques. And instead people share one person to the next making use of these six degrees of freedom.

A question that has been asked that is clearly relevant to all of this is the role of religion on your planet and especially how extra-terrestrials have focused their energies on this. Religion in many ways cannot be separated from culture when one is looking at history, and how historical significance of the development of so many aspects of culture in Western civilization and many other things have come to pass. Even those who are not now associated with particular dogmatic religions may have through their history been associated with this in their great-grandparents or further off ancestors. As then manifesting their coming to America or another country, or finding some inspiration in their own energy for what they did and so on.

Most of those extra-terrestrials of positive intent who have imparted information to humans in which it has then devolved or been degraded into pure belief patterns did not do so for the intent of limiting knowledge on your planet, to be worshipped for instance, but rather to inspire, to give an opportunity for others to awaken. Examples of this were seen even as those extra-terrestrials were at times worshipped for being gods or demi-gods as has occurred in many of the Hindi philosophies and early Greek philosophies and religions and so on. Yet, in understanding that these energies have had a positive effect and some of the helpful energies have transpired, one can recognize where this has gone. Yet one will recognize in the Christian and Muslim religions how many energies have been deliberately created by extra-terrestrials of negative intent, so that the energies of hostility or seeing that 'I am right' and 'you are wrong' might somehow be shared amongst many, and that these negative energies would allow certain classes of priests or mammons or others who might concentrate such energy into their own hands and their own political aims now leading to those in places of political power associating themselves with these dogmatic world religions that seek to exclude. This was foreseen and understood by some of those extra-terrestrials. Those associated with several different civilizations have been involved in this activity, and it is not that there are sides taken. It is the idea that there would be fighting. There would be destruction, and therefore the opportunity to remove physical people easily. No one would be missed. The opportunity for people as food, and many other things that are as aims and goals of some of these races that have influenced genetically humankind, helping to splice in those genes for fear and ego within people.

What solutions are available to this are of course to recognize that every religion has at its core underlying belief patterns, and question those beliefs. Use that to dismantle the fear aspect and ego aspect so that you can come to your own personal understanding about this. Some individuals have done this, and as a result, their influence and assistance from certain extra-terrestrials has also been beneficial. As for instance there is that religion called Baha'i that seeks to make a bridge from many of the world's dogmatic religions to a deeper understanding of similarity of all men as brothers and sisters together. Yet this so difficult for people to accept and work with consciously.

And so as a result a hermaphroditic society has exerted some influence here with the formation of new world religions that are really based on many old ones of the principle associated with the divine feminine. The idea being that these will eventually again come into form is being encouraged powerfully from many levels. The divine feminine energies are being implanted and strengthened right now within the Middle East. Yet it is these energies that are being so strongly overridden by all of the destructive energies that are being utilized by so many countries with the United States now taking a powerful turn at this.

This therefore brings forth a potential here for even those who are trapped within the dogmatic belief patterns of these religions to also find a feminine voice inside them, an energy of some softness, or love, or caring that would at some place be willing then to make peace or understand, or accept, or love, or give birth. This energy will be necessary for settling of the conflict in the Middle East, because where territory is being fought over of religious significance those underlying aims of fear and ego are being put back all over again. But some aspect of sharing, of birthing, of bringing forth positive, helpful energies will be necessary in order for those conflicts to eventually be settled amongst themselves.

At the same time as working with these various energies though one comes to ask deeper and deeper questions about oneself - the balance of the internal male and female, the yin and yang principles in everyone. And for this one would certainly have to turn to the Eastern religions and the implantation of many aspects of knowledge from a number of extra-terrestrials into Tibetan religion, Taoism, and others. These are not religions in certain sense that they are as holding to dogmatic belief patterns, though certainly some of this is present, but rather a willingness to ask deeper and deeper questions and to become more illumined, more enlightened, more understanding, more aware wherever possible. These are not energies that are based so much on beliefs as on the questioning principle itself, an energy which has been worked with not just by various extra-terrestrials but of conjoining of such energies with many beings who have indeed ascended, who have moved higher, who have translated, who have worked with subtle energies at the physical in order to take them to the next level, such as guides, helpers and especially the highest evolved helpers, those beings who have been called by some as your guardian angels perhaps. Those that might also be called homo sapien serenismis - the serene ones.

As you learn of the powerful ways of shifting vibration, it becomes possible to speak with them to work with them, to share their energies. And such then becomes a powerful influence on religion as well, religious experience and many of the other energies that have ultimately at times been turned into dogmatic religions having as their key inspiration point a powerful, enlightening experience by someone. And that is where the fear energies again take hold.

Now, in dealing with and understanding all of these aspects of awareness one might ask - is it then useful to move through these various phases oneself? Certainly in coming to a place of deeper questioning, understanding the powerful energies one's consciousness have on all aspects of being, how time itself is being manifested by the collective consciousness and other things, you can withdraw from this, come to a place of deeper understanding and awareness. But this must be made practical. It must be that which comes back into existence for one simple reason - you are on the path of coming into a physical body if you are hearing our words. Because you need that. You chose to come into a physical body. When you were non-physical you said, "In order to learn what I need to learn, I must be physical."

Therefore, what do you learn? Physicalness, physicality. For many of you this is a powerful and important experience to cement or understand more deeply as if the soul in itself knows at its core it crystallizes it is therefore powerfully created with the energy of that which you are exposed to while in physical form. Be it traumatic or be it enlightening. This is where your choice when you are physical makes all the difference. But it is a simple matter of understanding and awakening those aspects within your being to their highest. Those aspects of the essential core that you are - the love, the willingness, the different aspects that go deeper and are able to in their way inherently assist. But then when it is time to die, you do not do so in the way perhaps that others have. This level which is called translation by some or ascension by others and so on, is relatively rare. It is a mystical attribute. And for most people, they will not be able to do this. But what they will do is maintain full level of consciousness as they become more enlightened and aware in this lifetime and pass from it. They will maintain that consciousness, that continuity of memory into the next life, and in doing so then set the seeds for translation or ascension much more easily.

At the same time, to have this as a goal is foolish when the primary reason for what you are trying to learn, to teach yourself, to cement into your soul has to do with being physical. It doesn't do any good to think therefore and focus so much upon the whole attribute of being non-physical. But of course that is what you are doing anyway, not by preparation in the sense that you are therefore preparing to ascend or translate, but rather the idea that what you are creating now is the energy that you will be using in the time in which you are non-physical. And therefore, when you are non-physical, you will be preparing for the time in which you will become physical. But when you make this a more conscious process by any means - religion, investigation, education, deeper levels of clarification and evolution, possibly through your own ascension process, your own translation - then it is possible that those levels that you have created and worked with, because they have been physical, will be remembered and known as you move into the non-physical level.

Therefore you begin to recognize that the tool that you are given by being physical is yours to use any way you wish. Most people on your planet trapped in the energies of fear or ego will use those energies in such a way as to cement more deeply fear and ego by aspects of revenge, or terrorism, or those things that are being translated and shown to them on so many levels in the world today.

But, a few people will ask the deeper questions, or in the words of Peggy Lee - “is that all there is?” Because at its core, the real energy here is about the questioning process. And as we have spoken to you so many times in the past, moving out of the level of consolation and into the level of clarification, not just asking the questions but manifesting in your life everyday some important aspect that is beyond simply feeling good, beyond entertainment, beyond getting high, beyond the aspect that simply allows you to know that you are okay; but going to the aspect that evolves. That says I shall now find something deeper in myself. Releasing a deeper level of fear. Releasing a deeper level of ego. Finding that which makes a greater sense. Assisting someone else. Manifesting some level of greater clarification that is translated to others somehow. Not easy to do of course, and not much support for it in the world yet. But as a result of some of this war making, there will be groups more devoted to peace. There will be more solidarity and understanding about this, and more opportunities for bringing forth some of these issues that we have already suggested. Because those people will then at some point start asking those questions. Many of them are still stuck in the same victim/perpetrator constant back and forth issue of the karmic plan. It is not at all about schoolroom Earth when you are doing that. You are back to hospital Earth, even the psychiatric ward of the hospital. But as you continue with such, you inevitably will stir up in a few the questioning process.

Some have foreseen this would eventually lead to a split in consciousness where some individuals would pass from this world, perhaps transmigrating to another planet, and that others would remain here to continue fighting it out. This is not the highest and best probability because Earth is a powerful and beautiful place, and it would be very sad to lose so much of her in the ensuing struggle that would eventually result. But those who recognize the potential for this have foreseen it and it is in prophecy in many of the religions and in many of the books. At its core however, this must always be seen as a reflection inside - for the split inside yourself, for how you split your consciousness: how you will act a certain way with some individuals, and a different way with others; how you may find the willingness inside to love, but at other times withhold your love. So of course the choice always comes back to you.

But there are those who would see this as a powerful consciousness, and would focus that consciousness on this energy saying, "This is the best way." Why? Because what they have been presented is for instance that in the time in which that translation of energies and souls occurs, in that time in which the massive destruction occurs; they will be lifted to heaven. They will be part of the 144,000 or they will be part of the select few, or they will be allowed into heaven because they have sacrificed, or whatever. This is simply a very watered down idea of what we've already been speaking of - the idea of what you prepare for now is a way then in which in your non-physical reality you then have the opportunity to use that energy for deeper understanding and awareness and will usually then choose to become physical again.

But many people here do not understand that, so therefore their consciousness begins to focalize on the prophecies, and therefore they become self-fulfilling prophecies. And one of the energies that is to come out of this conflict is that will be a focalization of these energies. Many of these will likely come into fruition around October of 2011. Potentially as far into 2012 as perhaps June of that year. And the focalization on that period for some people can be useful if you understand that it is not the answer but an energy from that time that is released from the boundaries of time, and can move back in time to you, here, now.

Therefore we would ask you to have a little stretch as this is a good mid-point. And as you come back into the body recognize that stretching with you at this moment is the being that you will be in 2011. A being loving you but also a place of greater enlightenment and understanding, greater awareness as a result of many things - improved technology amongst them. And that that being is loving you now, sending you an energy now. To further and more deeply awaken this, think of who you were eight years ago. And pour that energy into that being, seeing her or him more consciously aware, more understanding, more forgiving, more loving. The point of such exercises is to recognize that from that place a powerful energy emerges in which the choice is less a personal choice and more of a choice that relates to the opportunity for humanity to evolve, to shift in awareness and consciousness collectively.

It is hoped that at such a time instead of a split there will be an understanding amongst many people that the deeper questions can be asked and at the same time have answers. Answers that can be found in technology, in understanding, but most importantly in love, in a willingness to put love and assistance for others, the service to others as opposed to the service to self, to put that energy of that love above all other things. When that is more consciously made a part of your life, it is that much easier to evolve. As has been said - "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, there will indeed be peace."

But this message goes much deeper than simply a pithy saying. It is a way in which you can look at it inside yourself and recognize a willingness to allow this as shifted energy for many others.

There is a question here about human evolution. How indeed toxicity has contributed to the coloration of the eye. And it is to be noted that this is largely inherited. The, shall we say, the proactive tendency within the body to take in toxicity. Yet this is already occurring on your planet at a much higher rate than has occurred in the past as a result of all kinds of release into the atmosphere and into your environment of various heavy metals and the constant pollution of the physical body by the large amounts of complex carbohydrates. Many of the colors in the eye, rings and so on as a direct result of these as stored in the body, both the metals and the complex carbohydrates. As this is understood more by people and able to be shifted, it will take many generations for eye color to return to its previous clear self. But this is also in line with the pollution going on on your planet with regards to the wars. Because indeed, each war though it has this greater degree of technological focus, is more polluting than the last. And that these levels of pollution will be discovered over time, and be quite damaging to so many.

Although this is understood by some of the people involved, they take it on as a willing risk hoping that technological means will be found to solve these problems, to cleanse people's bodies. This has been found and it has been that which we have been speaking about for years - the utilization of raw fats to cleanse and clear out the toxic materials. The use of biological organisms, particularly helpful, useful bacteria to cleanse, clear and strengthen the body. Yet, here again, these energies are not being well received as the powerful energies of fear simply seem to multiply endlessly.

[Ed. Note: For more on helpful fats and helpful, curative bacteria, see: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, and his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

And so then for a time the real then release of new energies will be the diseases timed along with the difficulties, the failures of technology as in the recent destruction of the space shuttle, and other things as a result of space debris. And utilization of the physical body in all the understanding of this gives you the symbols you need. To return to that which is most natural, that which is most strengthening, that which works best in the human body is not easy as it may sometimes seem to run counter to these fear based paradigms. You therefore can begin to erect for yourself a powerful signpost: how can my choice to understand this or that have as its internal criteria an energy of love, yes, but also an energy that allows you to release fear?

Thus when you release the medical paradigm in which you are afraid of bacteria, and embrace the one in which you allow their love and assistance to be with you, the world becomes a lot safer place.

Now, we are going to pause here for a moment to give the vehicle a little water, and call on your assistance, Ray for posing of a few more questions.

Ray: Okay, from the audience?

I have two questions actually. The first one is what is the role of this war? To me it seems plainly obvious that what our leaders are doing is creating a smoke screen of fear which keeps people blinded to the actual creation of the new world order and the Illuminati. Can you speak about that?

Hilarion: It keeps them in positions of power and indeed all of the things that we have been suggesting - love, community involvement, even alternative technologies - would put them out of their positions of power. But what drives them in such direction is again, fear, and of course, ego. That they wish to see themselves always therefore as powerful and will manifest this from the outside, rather than from the inside. It is as if they have reached positions of such because other people have put them there. The specific attributes of government, be it from various dictatorships, or various group involvement, or supposed democracies - all the same. To put such individuals in power as representation of you, of the individual person, is very important and where they forget that important symbol and are unwilling to see how they are indeed the manifestation of their political leaders is to disavow their responsibility that has put them in position. One can look for solutions to this on many levels. But the real key here is in not seeing it at merely the practical level that relates only to the physical, but that that is over arching, that of your life into the next life and into the intermissive periods between and so on and so forth. What you are learning from this so that the opportunity to use the time as best you can here for the greatest growth and awareness is within your consciousness.

Now, the specific solution here is that at the same time as enough people, enough collective consciousnesses focused on prioritizing - what is the most important thing to do here? What is this planet really about? Then the issues of political energy become less and less important. As specifically many individuals when given the choice of the lesser of two evils in their democratic election simply vote no. It is not a matter of abstaining; it is a matter of making one's voice very clearly heard, that neither path is acceptable because neither one is reflecting the deeper question as to asking what is the maximization of purpose in being here in the body with this world.

This is the long term solution of course, and each step taken toward this, little fits and starts, little pieces are the aspects that are being encouraged amongst people now. Of course there are core beings, extra-terrestrial involvement with such, various groups and so on, be they called Illuminati or others who have this very clear energy that is to a large extent devoid of fear, but quite enraptured with ego. Understanding that they are gods in their universe. And so of course when they would also recognize that a larger energy is possible, a more loving energy, an energy that helps them be God beyond any aspect that they could ever imagine; perhaps then the little ego issues give way, and the larger universal issues come forth.

But these are more difficult for more people to understand because they are issues that are associated with ego and most people are so blinded by fear that they do not understand this. But those beings in positions of power, call them Illuminati or whatever, will continue to manipulate primarily by fear, not ego. It has proved itself in so many ways over the last few years since especially the terrorist acts of September 11th, not just terrorism from individuals but state sponsored too, and many other energies showing over and over how powerful a force fear can be. Does this answer your question?

Yes. I have another question which has to do with - in a sense my own life - but it's essential right now to return to much more simplicity in order to remember what's important - the love and the connection and to be in nature, and yet the pull of the material which has within it the fear and the ego and the greed is so strong, it's very hard to remember that, those essential qualities.

Hilarion: Both have their own place in the world. After all, in nature you also see the opportunity for tremendous destruction with floods, fires, earthquakes, and so on. And with technology, the positive side, opportunities for more rapid, thorough education, opportunities to communicate world wide, to share positive, helpful beliefs, even beliefs and understanding about nature. But, one must understand that none of these aspects are to be judged in and of themselves. They are all an important part of the physical theater that you find yourself in. If it is therefore of attraction and use to be within nature or technology, or to work with people, or to work with machines, or to understand; you have the opportunity to choose. But, how you use these experiences for your own enlightenment, your understanding, your clarification or merely your own consolation and entertainment; this is up to you. And that is saying the good part of it, since of course there can always be a negative part where the technology is indeed used to manifest greed and fear. And indeed the way in which this can be a part of life on Earth, even amongst various ways of being in nature.

Yet the real core here must be an appropriate balance, because for most people there will just be too many temptations, too many positive, helpful energies over and over presented in the world as a result of communication technologies, healing technologies, deeper understanding released from scientific awareness of the human body, and many other things. And so many find themselves too drawn to technology to as if connect from their feet to mother Earth. No longer possible by imagination alone, by feeling or sensing or willing it, for those people they must take a vacation from technology. They must find themselves under the Earth, touching her, digging in her, being with her, viewing her, feeling her, sensing her, smelling her.

One must find one's balance in this of course, but recognize that for the collective of humanity the tendency, the overall perspective as we have spoken of in the past, is for all the non-physicals to get physical. That there will be 50 billion on your planet eventually. And that the only way they will make this work is by appropriate sharing. Eventually it will not be so easily possible for you to go into nature and be alone. So to be within nature within a group, to invite and welcome all beings as part of this will be an important part of your world. And with increasing population, technological means will be required to preserve nature so that people can have large areas of unspoiled wilderness, yet focalize their energies in other places in concentrated urban environments is a likely scenario for the next few decades. Then the opportunity to share in other ways will make themselves available by which a greater balance with the Earth may eventually be taken. But this is not yet within the realm of your understanding, because the primary means by which you derive energy is still polluting. Gradually we see that this will change, but the understanding that you have for this personally must always be felt. Where you are personally drawn to nature, of course, you must be in nature. Nature will help you understand yourself as if being better aware of who you really are, and that is the place everyone must come back to in order to answer these deeper questions about how to maximize your time here on Earth. Further questions?

Could you describe and explain the astrological implications at present, and also what they are doing to assist and challenge human evolution?

Hilarion: There are many of these changing constantly. The most powerful aspects right now are Uranean, as Uranus recent move, and the energies of Mars again focalizing as it interacts with the different planets and Uranus. But each of these are in their own way but symbols. Their point is to bring to the collective of humanity some new change, and in some way personally to help people make more conscious decisions. However, the energies themselves are all indicative of much larger astrological cycles, for anyone looking at astrology must always look at those big, big cycles. And the biggest one that most people are willing to confront and work with now is this movement out of the age of Pisces and into the age of Aquarius. And that indeed this is to occur on many levels seems so obvious that the old ways of relating to others in the world do not work, only cause ultimately destruction, fear and many problems for so many. Is this sufficient?

Where does Hilarion see our economy going over the next three to five years?

Hilarion: Many repercussions from these acts already ongoing, and ways in which more and more focusing of resources into "safety" will unfold. How can people truly be safe? It does not come from outside of course. And as there is a draining of these resources into the hands of those in positions of greater power and wealth, to be safer, there will be more people in the world who will want what those will then take from. You see it is a case of the haves and have-nots all over again. So of course the result is less safety, more dissemination of technology and science into the hands of the have-nots will ultimately provide more opportunity for terrorism. Eventually the economies will be so concentrated that the new opportunities for group dynamic, or service to others, communities, or other solutions we have subscribed to in the past, may be seen as viable choices. But in the meantime the whole idea is to create greater difficulties, more economic dislocation, less employment, eventually inflation as a result of increasing energy prices; and various ways in which the economies are then under a great deal of stress worldwide. So that there will be this opportunity for more and more people wherever possible to find these alternatives, these solutions in smaller groups.

In the meantime, the specific attributes will tend to cause great fluctuations in the stock market. Many ways in which it can rise precipitously only to fall quite dramatically, creating many levels of loss and destruction amongst those who depend on the stock market for their incomes.

The dangers of war are obvious at the immediate level, but at the deeper level they encourage various levels of terrorism on many levels - those who will seek revenge, those who will create acts individually, suicide bombing, many other things. The real solutions here are never found in greater levels of military protection, safety as by walls, but by knowing and accepting and loving your fellow brothers and sisters. Finding ways to share the wealth. Finding ways in which the separation of haves and have-nots can end. This is always possible, but individuals always have the choice as to how to manifest this. Is this sufficient?

Another question?

How can we help to release all the Earth-bound souls who are present in Iraq and Middle Eastern areas of murder? I am looking for specific techniques of soul release.

Hilarion: The most powerful methods are those in which some attribute of your physical energy is combined with a non-physical attribute of a non-physical being who is most centered upon this task. This is best accomplished by taking a few minutes on a daily basis at a pre-appointed time, at a regular time wherever possible. Allowing yourself to run energy by whatever means you have available to you. There are many different suggestions that can be made for this. The mere idea of moving energy up and down the body may be sufficient. As the energy is raised, you then have less and less opportunity for the energy to be misused by a negative non-physical being such as a psychotic post-mortem or other being who would unconsciously misuse. Since after all, as there is greater awakening and energy, there is more consciousness.

When the energy is made available on a regular basis with the intent of this being allowed to heal and assist souls, a sort of established energy gets started. Usually three days of this for half an hour at a time at a specific time repeated at the same time for each of the three days is sufficient. Then on the third day specifically request that the most highly evolved non-physical being, non-physical helper, or higher evolved assistant can be then part of this manifesting, creating, helping energy. And then the visualization simply that that being will use that energy that is coming from your body, from your running that energy up and down in your body, to assist with the soul release and acceptance of higher vibration by those in positions of suffering.

This is a powerful technique that can be done even when you are not in the actual physical location of the conflict. And the idea is informing a temporary liaison so that the energy may be most appropriately used. Your greatest gift when you are physical is your physical energy, and so to allow this to be used in a high useful way is always helpful.

There are techniques of invocation, visualization, movement of energy, all kinds of things that other beings would suggest. These are good as far as they go, but how can you know that they have been targeted to the people who need it most? How can you know that those energies are being used in the most appropriate fashion? In time. Many times this is beyond your own ability to understand or to work with and thus the liaison with a higher evolved being is useful.

Also, there are many beings on your planet who are already doing this - sending positive, helpful energies in this direction, and the idea here is simply to make this a more conscious liaison if possible. Does this answer the question?

Yes. Please discuss how changes in Earth and individual magnetism are affecting us and how we can work with these energies.

Hilarion: The primary issue is one of the fields in many ways diminishing their hold or in the ability of people to sense the Earth energy. So therefore, to attune to it regularly is helpful. Just to have the feet on permanent magnets from time to time. Typically North pole on the right foot, south on left, but some individuals may be uncomfortable with this so switch them. Just to get that sense of the powerful, underlying, DC or non-fluctuating, magnetic field of Earth herself. This is pushed away from people when they are exposed to other fluctuating fields as such from computers, electric power lines, motors, etc.

In addition however, there is another energy that Earth wants to communicate. It does have much more to do with a sense of her own loving being, a sense of the caring she has for you. We would like her to explain, if possible, herself, and will activate a translator for Gaia's energy.

Gaia: As Earth, for you my request is simple: remember that you are made of Earth. Your body has come from Earth. You breathe my air and atmosphere in you as it becomes who you are. My loving relationship with the sun is also a relationship to share with you. And so as I allow my energy as a caring, loving source all you need to do is open to it. Let your feet open to it. Let it be a part of your breath. And know that this is an energy that can be calming and strengthening while at the same time showing you that there are others strengthened by this energy - all of your fellow humans. And see that this energy need not be one to take you away from my love, from my contact, from my being, but that your knowledge, and interaction with your fellow human beings can take you back, can help you be aware of this. Help you know it.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. We thank you Gaia for your helpful energies in reminding people that they have this common source. And so in addition therefore, this visualization, this welcoming, but not at the level of eye or sound, but rather at the feeling level. As if Earth's own energy through waves, as if touching you, as if lifting you, as if hugging you, as if pulling you. Feel that, and see that what she is saying to you is that you deserve to be here and can be strengthened. This is a helpful way of receiving magnetic energy quite apart from anything technological. Is this sufficient?

Yes. What would this world look like if not 1,000 - 10,000 - if the vast majority of people were in tune with Earth?

Hilarion: It is an interesting opportunity that is presented. It does seem highly likely that Earth's energies would at last be put to their real use. This has not been on your planet for some time. In ancient times, particularly known to the Greek civilization, was the opportunity to see beyond the veil, to recognize the non-physical beings that interact with you. These as initially the simple kingdoms. And so as Earth's energy would then be united powerfully with the consciousness of human beings, the ability to understand and interact with the non-physical realms would be open. The passage between the realms, the ability to shift vibration. This was more known in Lemurian times. But these energies now would have a whole different meaning because of the collective consciousness of humanity now having so many beings in souls. And so the great opportunity for this to evolve. Which would bring us to another question: the awareness of why souls are choosing to incarnate now. And that is one of the important reasons - the possibility that people might evolve together. They might really get it. They might really understand and make use of Earth's energy in a way then in which they might share energies from all realms together at once. And yet at the opportunity to make this physical, embrace each other, feel the love and share this with Earth's bounty, renew her beautiful trees, flowers and nature on all levels.

Most beings that incarnate now don't do for that reason of course, because they don't have much training in this, not having lived in the intermissive period with sufficient courses and understanding, they come in with relatively low levels of consciousness and instead are here in order just to balance karma. This is the hospital Earth principle. But for those who recognize schoolroom Earth, the opportunity to interact together, it is a wonderful time. You may not see it as this with so many opportunities for destruction, but as the law of opposites always applies, there is also therefore the opportunity for great awakening, great understanding, many levels of awareness not previously possible for people. Many of the children being born to the indigo ray will manifest this more consciously and clearly now, and indeed evidence the opportunities for this soon in groups, in levels of consciousness not previously accepted. Yes, another question?

Hilarion, you have answered all of the questions. In closing is there a message you'd like to give in this particular time that we're at; it seems to be a very important landmark for humanity.

Hilarion: Without question. The opportunities for humanity to come together for opportunities of deeper communication, understanding, awareness, choice, clarification - they've never been greater. Indeed all of the peace rallies and protests and coming together with regards to world opinion through the United Nations and many other things are little symbols of this. But at the same time, the opportunity for so much destruction, chaos, confusion, harm, disease; all of these now also more powerful than ever. It is as if then the opportunities brought forth by the deeper understanding of the Mayan calendar, that this is the time of choice, this is the awareness in you now, ready to come forth.

This is clearer and stronger than ever. Yet, the choice does not come from the development towards fear or ego. It is at its core an essence that gives you the opportunity to know love on this planet, to experience the clarification and deeper understanding from the love, from being here, from interacting with your fellow human beings. What a positive and helpful message this could be.

Yet at the same time, there are those who suffer on your planet. Who do not understand these choices. Who feel boxed in by what is happening around them. And so, letting go of all of the energies of the thoughts and ideas, return instead to your heart, to the sense of love within you, to the caring, and let these beings know this - that they are not alone. They may not understand perhaps what is happening to them, but they are loved nonetheless. Feel a sense of compassion or caring within you. Let it run up and down the body, and be released out the heart. To help activate it, imagine someone you care for deeply and transfer that same energy to others. Allow the sense of Earth's energy moving through you, a higher guide being or assistant through you, or just the sense in you that you would care and love for everyone on your planet. Such a simple act can be helpful at bringing a sense of mercy, or shift, or awareness, and perhaps at the very least to learn from mistakes so that as various situations develop on your planet, other alternatives may be encountered and consciously welcomed before the opportunities for destruction or harm are contacted.

Lastly, know that regardless of all of these energies you are loved, that Earth, your guides, God - all love you. Feel that in your breath, breathe it deeply, and allow it to form a gentle OM, an Earth OM which we ask you to share out loud. Goodbye. OM...........................


More on healing, the importance of fats and beneficial bacteria: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, and his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.

More about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information the awesome "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .

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