Hilarion Summer Solstice Channeling 2003

Greetings. We are gathered in Nevada City for the solstice channeling of Hilarion. It is June 21, 2003. Jon Fox is channeling Hilarion, answering questions of those in attendance as well as those asked via internet. For further information on channelings, books and tapes contact Jon C. Fox, P. O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA, 95959, or visit our online catalog .

HILARION: Yes greetings. Yes, greetings to all of you. This that energy, being or vibration that you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions and various matters to discuss, we would remind you of the simple idea right now of emerald light as it enters into you and is released. Forming a cylinder of light about 30 meters (100 feet) in diameter, from infinitely upwards through to center of Earth: connecting, protecting.

This time of Summer Solstice signifies the point in Earth's breathing at which one breath is completed and another is begun. As if then a shift or a switch in consciousness. It is symbolized by the time of the longest day, therefore the greatest attention on the individual, on individuated consciousness, on the understanding of what it means to be physical and alive to you personally as much as it is that of your relationship to others, to the Earth, to you guides, helpers, to many of the energies that work with you. In other words, it is a wonderful, precious, special time to take the messages and understanding that you have accumulated in your years of experience on and off this planet and personalize it. Work with it in a way in which it has a particular, individual, unique meaning to you, to your body, to your senses, to your sense of taste, touch. These are signified of course in the time of the summer by the animals in their awakening and understanding and receiving of the fruits of the Earth, their interactions, the ease with which they work together.

This is an emphasis on such energies in the Northern hemisphere, though of course in the Southern hemisphere it is the Winter Solstice, a time in which then these energies are balanced. But for the Earth the breathing, this in and out energy is especially concerned with a great attunement to humanity, to how humans are coming to view and understand their relationship with her. This is a difficult time because many of the aspects that are now coming into consciousness in science, in the awareness of many individuals in their dreams, in their attunements as they move into a state of emptiness or receptivity with Earth, recognizing that a pivotal moment is approaching. A time in which the understanding of science and of this intuitive side is at odds with humanity's inertia, unwillingness to change. Yet at the same time a willingness to see more clearly than ever before.

The effects of chloro- fluoro- hydrocarbons in the atmosphere continue to degrade and cause difficulty to the ozone. This is being now understood in scientific circles, still not in widespread agreement yet, but that in the higher echelons of scientific circles, those that advise presidents, prime ministers, heads of state all over the world. It is a time in which the critical shifting of humanity's consciousness out of certain aspects of inherently selfish behavior and into those that take these effects of world wide global warming into effect, is now beginning to shift. Its intent all along was to allow or welcome this, not for the Earth's sake, there are many ways in which the Earth can easily cleanse herself of this difficulty. Humanity might not survive, but so far as Earth is concerned, she is willing to be patient for her own survival is not at stake yet. But in the understanding that eventually comes from humanity's interaction around this, a great and wonderful opportunity for people to learn from each other, to grow into new ways of understanding and awareness, to bring forth old scientific paradigms from Atlantis or Lemuria, to bring forth energies that had been previously repressed for economic reasons or vested interest in oil or other energy ventures. The willingness to make such change is obviously very difficult for those in positions of power to work with more consciously. Yet, they find that when they think of their great-grandchildren and the Earth as it is in 80 years; they must come to a place of new understanding about this. This will gradually become more understood by various lower echelon scientists, people who study the literature and work with the information and so on, over the next ten years.

But many will look back to this time period as a key and pivotal time in which all of the data was sufficiently crystallized, acceptable, and worked with by enough people as to reach a certain critical mass. Then obviously in understanding this and individualizing it for yourself, and as this works through the summertime in the Northern hemisphere, it is natural then for people to ask, “What then should I do?” Not quite realizing that indeed doing-ness is that which has gotten you to the place that you are already. The idea that the doing-ness might ultimately solve something is at the core of the difficulty itself because it has been enabled so that people through their doing-ness might then recognize their being-ness, who they really are. By having enough money, by having enough power, by being able to exploit the energy of their own ego or fear, and come to a place then in which they would at last feel worthy to receive God's love, Earth's bounty, and so on.

This is of course backwards. When it is from the place of being-ness, stillness, emptiness that one wishes to understand, to grow, then one finds the correct doing-ness which typically will be very subtle, soft. It will not necessarily involve a great expenditure of energy or effort because it will be perfectly timed. It will be an energy that will allow, will welcome, and will inherently invite growth, enjoyment, pleasure along with development of consciousness and awareness.

This is the great opportunity that is actually in front of humanity. To shift one's relationship to problems, to doing-ness, to the whole nature of the process of being alive. It is as if people relate to it as a goal - to survive, to have money, to have power, to have relationship, not recognizing that all of it is indeed a process, an awareness of the unfolding of your own consciousness as you interact with others, as you grow, and eventually die, releasing the physical body, and continue in your learning. As if then, the question - what do you take with you ? - has greater relevance now than ever.

There's been a question posed with regard to clarification and consolation. And there are many different ways to examine this, to work with it. But this critical question - what do you take with you? - can be quite helpful at helping people to decide and work with those energies. Although it is true that certain positive, helpful, healing experiences of a conciliatory nature, that is consolation tasks, are energies that are helpful, they are not usually that which you sense of taking with you to the near extent as you would the energies of learning, of interacting with other, of growing. And of course so many other activities in the world that are directly associated with consolation activities: the development of the accumulation of money, land, power; you don't take any of that. So sometimes that is a useful way of looking at what is clearly a dualism. Because the real dualism that you're contending with constantly in being in a physical body yet in being a spiritual being is the dualism of physical/non-physical, or aspects of the higher dimensional realities, the spiritual worlds, and the physical.

Why do it? Why jump into this body? Why such a tremendous effort? Because the reward of feeling. Because you really sense it. Because you really pay attention. Because it does reach deep to your soul and change the very nature of your being from those experiences of deep fear, deep ego, deep joy, powerful pleasure, the experiences of being in the world, of interacting with others, of making mistakes, of feeling, of sensing. These are provided by the animal body, by the manifestation of the physicality of being alive. And that you take with you. That inherently is not consolation, nor is it clarification. It is simply the experience of being physical which you may use as you choose.

But recognize how the animals use this, and you have yet another clue into the understanding of consolation as it becomes clarification. Because the animals are clearly based on pleasure, on sense, on interacting, on survival, but at the same time they learn from each other, from humanity. They feel, they sense, and choose again and again to become physical. This is encoded in your own DNA, in your own consciousness, in your body as instinct. And so much of the effort that you will go through as a result of certain spiritual teachings or certain fear-based teachings will be to override that instinct, to find instead something that appeals perhaps to some higher sense, some sense of justice or appropriateness or balance, but does not take into account the larger cosmo-ethical implications.

As a result, one may sense an inherent conflict within one's self. This may show up in dreams as nightmares, or dreams that are disturbing, or prevent deep, refreshing sleep; or as energies that are distracting or reduce physical energy so that one feels fatigued; or various food cravings, or addictive patterns, and so on and so forth. All of these simple signs that there is another way back to a path simply of being-ness.

Now this being-ness, this willingness to let go of the past and let go of the future, to simply breathe; reminds one of an inherent energy, as if it is the energy of the cosmos. Immanent energy it is sometimes called, chi, prana. But to be within that energy and recognize that it has an innate, inherent intelligence, a force, and that that force is sometimes at odds with what humanity is doing, or even what you are doing, is a great and difficult lesson.

But therein you see the insight or the glimpse as to how it affects one in this time of Summer Solstice. That it is for a personalization of this conflict, of the way in which the global as it affects the consciousness of all, will shift you away at times from an instinctive understanding. Yet through that instinct, through that awareness simply of the pure energy itself, one begins to sense the first step towards a world that is clearly in harmony with cosmo/ethical principles. That first step is peace. To sense that it is there, that you can touch it, that you can breathe it, that you can be a part of it, will usually require that the monkey mind will shut up. That the consciousness that is constantly speaking in the background will at last be quiet. These are the side effects typically of your schooling that teaches you how to think. But it is primarily teaching you one method of thinking that which emphasizes what scientists recognize as beta rhythms in the brain. But the alpha rhythms and especially the theta rhythms are also modes of thinking, and quite powerful in the way in which they resolve internal conflicts and allow you to welcome many internal energies.

The way in which all of this makes sense is when you begin to contemplate any personal issue where there is a sense within you of something a little off. When it is a big energy, something you know is a problem that you will be focusing on from time to time, it will be an important energy and others will bring your attention to it, and you will be able to deal with it. It is that which is obvious about life. But when it is the subtle problem, the one that is at the whispering edges of consciousness, it reminds you of a different aspect of yourself, the aspect that is closer to this being-ness. The one from which stems so many places of the desire to experience. That gradually by working with this, you become able to accept experience more easily.

This is a wonderful thing, but it is that which people have not truly resolved for themselves. Now some would suggest that there are good excuses for this, such as the bringing into the DNA of excessive amounts of tendency towards fear, or ego, or - heaven forbid - both. And these energies are indeed present. You have decided as a collective consciousness that you will learn from receiving these energies. By overcoming these tendencies, by working with them more consciously, you will purify, you will take with you important experiences from the world at a physical level, and eventually these will manifest one way or another physically as the changing of that DNA.

It will come through genetic manipulation, through various aspects of change as created by technology. Or it will come as a natural evolution in which people come to understand and work with these energies consciously, and as a result, they begin to shift in themselves. The ability to shift your own body, to shift your own tendency, to shift the para-DNA - this is well known. Para-DNA being that which exists at the higher dimensions before it then comes into physical form.

Now, from such a level if you then look at all of the experiences in the world that are deliberately designed to be physical, you begin to understand why ego and fear are such a big part of them. When one is working with a disease state, when one is struggling through relationship, when one is working with issues of money, or family; these have then not only the point of allowing you to work on those issues at the alpha level, but at the inner level to change the very nature of who you are.

Now that is all very good as an overview, but it doesn't help you when it comes to the practical ability to make such changes. For this the guides and helpers, Earth's own energy, your own election to come into this reality, this time period; all of these sort of stack up and such then become as reminders and all kinds of powerful opportunities. You would call them economic downturn, war in various countries, close approach of Mars to Earth in August, various issues that would come up in mass consciousness such as new diseases, and so on and so forth. These are indeed to be viewed as opportunities to then as if pulverize, change, shift fear and ego in your being.

Most however will not understand it as such. They will instead be as if seduced by the fear, by the ego issues. They will move with them. They will in other words sense that they are afraid and seek then through new methods of ego or fear to stop that fear inducing situation which only leads of course to greater fear and more fear inducing situations. That is the process so that through the physicalization of this, eventually they will realize the problem is not outside; it is my own understanding of this issue; my own ability to unconsciously work with it.

Now it is important of course to change this in one's self, but if it is changed from the place in which one is doing so to please someone else, to lessen the pain, to do it because at some core level one then feels more peaceful; it can be a good start. But ultimately it is the way in which the broader approach, seeing the larger issue, will also be helpful. This is why then the opportunity for the classroom Earth is helpful, but hospital Earth also so useful. Because by assisting others, by helping in the world, by allowing the energies that you have learned to then be shared with others; they in their assistance grow and you recognize the love principle, the energy you have inside can be transferred, can be a wonderful thing. Again, the reminder of the being-ness. Because the spiritual being and to a large extent, the physical being, have this capacity for love, for embrace, for touching, for feeling the positive connection to others in the world.

As a result then, you can learn from both schoolroom Earth and hospital Earth. And as you are able to shift and grow, the things that you choose to work with simply multiply. More and more choices are made available. This is where the real action of the guides and helpers comes in most magnificently. Because they will be able to for many people, hold some of your original intent and allow this to be available to you. Original intent for this life - yes. But why would you choose particular paths or things to do in this life unless it was something that concerned you in the intermissive period, that is the time between lives, and that of course from the past life before this, and so on and so on. You easily get distracted here because the memories are deliberately reduced so that you will be able to feel the emotional side that much more strongly. So the guides and helpers then continue to provide little symbols - the right place at the right time, you meet the right person, the energies of coincidence, little reminders in dreams to help you recall your path, what you are here for, and how you are to awaken.

It is true that the fear aspects do distract you, but as you work with them, you also come to a place in which you begin to recognize that the new experience of this, the experience of fear that does not rule you, ego that does not control you; is a powerful and helpful, positive force that transmits itself ultimately to the DNA of the entire species of all beings on the planet.

Now when you understand that context, it begins to shift a little bit how you can approach almost any situation that would seem to be negative or difficult or impactful or emotional. Yes it will have those qualities. Yes it can be that which generates a difficult response in you as to fear, emotion, or whatever. But there is also something right about it, something wonderful about it, something to help you make mistakes and learn from them, help you understand others, find a place of gratefulness, and ultimately assist. This eventually reaching a place where the gratefulness is deep where it is truly understood, way beyond forgiveness to a place of true welcoming.

Of course, with all of these difficult situations, with the new diseases, the distractions, the various energies in the world; one could see oneself as easily then overwhelmed. And so guides, teachers, and of course the coincidences of various lifetimes of people incarnating now, are to provide as many tools as possible. So beings such as Byron Katie, or Eckhart Tolle, or various guides, masters, teachers, healers incarnating, sharing, teaching, providing tools. How much of the tools will people choose? Many times they come to these tools and then must confront an inner shift in themselves. They will not do so. They will not recognize their own level of self-responsibility. Willingness to change is not as strong as old habit patterns, and this could of course provide several difficult situations. But at the core, to give people the choice over and over, is necessary so that the new energy that is created on Earth will have as beautifully, powerfully immeshed within it, free will right to its basis.

[Ed. Note: For more information about the awesome "inquiry" process of Byron Katie, see: The Work . For more information Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now, see: eckharttolle.com ].

The intent of the development of the fear and ego issues in the DNA has been for enslavement. And therefore where there is greater free will, where greater love can be present and these can combine together, the natural release of those DNA aspects, the natural components that become then greater love, greater freedom, less enslavement will be encouraged.

Relationships have as typical for most people several layers. People will move through them one at a time. But as one uses these tools, one will quickly recognize that one is creating, according to Universal Law particularly associated with Law of Reflection, oneself in one's partner. This is the great place to move through eventually. Oh yes, at first you create your image of each other. You work with what you think the other person is, then you eventually come to a place of greater acceptance of who they really are. But then you are hard pressed to understand the purpose of the relationship to develop those aspects in yourself that will be the most difficult to understand, to work with consciously, to accept. Those places that are most easily contacted as denial. But this energy as it is understood is often provided through the partner as if somehow an externalization. This can come through many ways of course - through family, through business relationship, through male/female, but also through same sex partners. But as the energy is available, most people will tend to be driven by habit pattern. When the energy is sufficiently uncomfortable, this idea - what's right about it - sort of fades away. And those aspects about - what's wrong with it - comes into such great prominence that these people go their separate ways.

This habit pattern has been developed for a long time and unfortunately it is a mark of immaturity. It is in the willingness to grow up, to truly understand this at the personal level that a great and important shift, breakthrough, new paradigm is eventually established at the global level: a willingness to confront the problems, to accept personal responsibility within them, and to solve them in a certain way that is greater than the whole. Greater than you individually perhaps, greater than you in your relationship; that is a good start. But greater than simply that of humanity, greater than that of humanity's relationship to the Earth, even to include the non-physical beings and all of the other energies; this is the most difficult aspect.

And so therefore, as people engage in relationship thinking that they do so because it feels good, because they are driven by consolation, sex, survival, whatever; a grand and wonderful opportunity opens to them in which they can come to understand their true evolutionary nature. This is hard to do of course when one is not sufficiently prepared for it. And so it might be wise for people as they enter into relationship to study, to learn, to practice the powerful techniques that are available from the many who have written about this, who have coached others, who have shared. But so few people do this because they think that the purpose of the relationship is to be happy. Happiness is a little over-rated on planet Earth, but it is an energy that is a powerful, prime motivator. Animals generally look for contentment, and people therefore in the animal body do have some confusion about contentment and true happiness. But it will be noted that as they grow, they find that the source of real happiness, what you could actually say is joy, ecstasy, is that underlying energy, is that underlying force, an energy that they can discover and manifest and work with consciously because they choose it. That sounds too easy, doesn't it? Why be searching in relationship to find someone else who will "make you happy"? Because it is the best you can come up with in the way in which it becomes physical. Because simply meditating, simply being in a place of that powerful joy is not enough. Because it is individualized. It is good to help you feel it, to understand it. But to really know it, it must be that which moves away from you, through you, towards you from someone else, and so on, as an exchanged energy. As that which is worked with in relationship, it's a good start. In group, an even better one. Through humanity overall, better yet. Through humanity's interaction with mother Earth, this indeed does save the planet. And as an energy even beyond this, into interacting with guides, helpers to the larger evolution of all of humanity.

Now, we have perhaps oversimplified this, but it must be understood therefore, that the whole key in relationship becomes one of dropping illusion, piercing to the truth which at first will seem to be guised by the veils of personality, of interaction with someone else, but more and more you will see it is you, your reflection through the other person, the issues you are struggling with, the energies that you contend with - all of them reflecting back who you really are, how you can change, and how this can ultimately be shifted.

This is where the work of Byron Katie shines so powerfully, because it cuts right to that. But it is also that which is therefore the most difficult because it means that people must take a deep level of personal responsibility for their relationships, ALL relationships including ultimately the global relationship.

"You mean, Hilarion, I am responsible for the thinning of the ozone layer?" Yes. When you understand that it is in your relationship to others that this can be ultimately changed, solved, shifted; you begin to recognize how even such global problems can be made more real, personal and understandable.

Now a question which has not been asked that certainly needs to be drawn to a little attention, is the powerful close approach of Mars, the closest in many thousands of years, to occur in mid-August. And as Mars comes closer to Earth, greater symbolism of the inner male, the expressive side, but also the warlike side, the possibility of more war, more difficulty on Earth. All of these as powerful energies for people to consider. Such an energy can be well placed, can be worked with to provide more abundance, more expression, more positive aspects for humanity. But at the same time humanity's old habit patterns will instead allow those impositions of fear, with power, to wage war, to use the Martian energies to harm. This is unfortunate because the greater symbol of Mars is to allow people inside, a purification, a new sense of themselves, a new awareness of their capacity to express, to feel that physical side of energy as it moves through and makes its way in the world to that which is ultimately producing change of a positive, physical nature - in the building of homes, in the creation of new technologies to heal the Earth's polluted skies, in the development of new technologies to assist with all of the difficulties. That of course when not done from a place of being-ness inevitably leads to more problems, but at least it is a more positive step than simply the waging of war.

Thus in the dreams the Martian energy comes more strongly. To awaken this, to welcome it, to recall your lives as warriors, as being immeshed in the warrior or harming energy, to find the new ways through this - these are the greater opportunities offered by Mars' close approach. This can be especially powerful when one finds the planet in the night sky. This will be in the wee hours of the morning, and as Mars comes closer, this will be more available at earlier and earlier times until it is possible within the normal sleeping pattern of most people. But even so to arouse yourself at 3:00 in the morning and to find Mars in the night sky, and to receive her energies for a moment or two, and then to let those energies as they come inside you shift you, bringing up the warrior aspects, the deeper thought forms, the underlying belief patterns, the issues - to allow this powerful energy to dislodge those belief patterns, is an important key.

One will usually find that one can easily contact global fear and various fear issues in working with this. Not because Mars inherently symbolizes fear, but because inside now, with that added strength, one can then confront these issues and change them. Fear is always False Evidence Appearing as Real - F-E-A-R, and so as one has the additional energy to look at this, one can dismantle this, and understand it in a new capacity. Mars can be therefore perceived as a helping energy even though as we have stated in the past many aspects of the Martian thought form are associated with all kinds of de-evolutionary capacities within humanity. Therefore the greater lesson here is to learn from this as if to accept where one has made a mistake, and to see where one can go on from this as a true mid-course correction, a willingness to see things in a new light, to awaken new, positive energies.

There is a question about weather patterns, and one can no longer simply ascribe to weather the attributes of Earth and natural phenomena alone. A widespread seeding process to bring barium and aluminum into upper atmosphere, to reflect many of the infrared and ultraviolet energies as they come to Earth, has been an ongoing project for several years. This has been known by several names including chem-trails. But the point of this effort is to alter global weather patterns. And indeed certain locations that would perhaps be more sunny are finding themselves more cloudy at this time of year. This is to those involved in these projects, a significator of great success. That indeed, a certain saturation point of this effort has taken place. This only encourages such work to continue, and this is unfortunate because it is indeed only a temporary success. As the increase of particulate matter of aluminum and barium into the food chain, into people's bodies, into the water, and so on; is causing many difficulties on Earth.

In ancient times, a technique was utilized to balance the weather and produce a more storm-free environment. This occurring in the mid-phase of Atlantean technology at periods of time some 20,000 up until 13,000 years ago. This technology utilized the gathering of energy in the world through certain geometric shapes, not only pyramids but various cylindrical shapes that are based on highly para-magnetic rock. Such shapes still exist on planet Earth and may be found as towers in many remote locations. The opportunities to provide greater healing energy on many levels through soulful application of these forces, can again come to Earth and would be far preferable to the seeding programs utilizing commercial jetliners and other craft to release toxic materials of metallic nature into the environment. And it is hoped that more people will discover these technologies, experiment with them in computer models, and begin to build such towers and work with the Earth in a more direct fashion.

This does not always come through simple scientific understanding, because it is an application of what the Atlanteans called the "night sciences" as opposed to the "day sciences". And these night sciences often involve powerful levels of intuition in order to rediscover and work with them more appropriately. It is correct that the abuse of such sciences led to the destruction of Atlantis, and therefore one must approach this cautiously.

Some would ask, "Well what about the hydrogen economy?", and one must recognize here that the inevitable failure of pipelines, tanks, and other repositories of hydrogen will release large quantities of pure hydrogen into the atmosphere over time. It has devastating effect on the ozone, and therefore this is not a recommended technology. But if it is released through various interactions with other materials, this can be appropriate. Thus, the correct application of the hydrogen economy is through water. Water as it is burned can produce sufficient energy, heat, light, and many other capacities that are released from the inherent molecular bond. The hydrogen and oxygen then recombine forming water, and a small amount of energy is released. This is a good interim method until the more sophisticated technologies are understood, and that which can be applied immediately. Many researchers are currently involved in this, and it is in one respect, the use of Brown's gas, a simple stochiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen developed by splitting water.

This technique has capacity to reduce nuclear radiation, rendering the use of nuclear power plants feasible, and the capacity to generate much larger quantities of energy than could ever come from nuclear. However, the application of this would eventually de-centralize and eliminate many of the current structures on your planet, such as the oil-based economies, the international banking economies, and others. So this is therefore, coming in slowly. It will need to be stepped up in order for the pollution effects that are on a sort of 80 year countdown, to be sufficiently modified in time. This will require greater publicity, and that is the reason we speak of it.

[Ed. Note: One excellent place to learn more about Brown's Gas is: Eagle Research ].

Normally we would not speak of such matters, encouraging people to investigate for themselves. But solutions have been specifically requested by various beings who we guide and assist. You see, the principle of guiding and helping works in both directions. If you say to your guides, "I'm working on this particular problem and I could use a little bit of help here", sometimes it will come. You have noticed that typically it does not come in the way in which you thought it would be most useful, i.e. winning the lottery, or meeting the perfect person to help you forward with your project, or whatever.

But the guides and helpers have many ways of sharing such energy and working with it from the subtler dimensions. In the past, it was perceived that the guides and helpers worked in a hierarchical fashion. They did, simply because so much in the world was hierarchical. You would typically go through certain levels of schooling in order to have certain opportunities available, or you would work with apprenticeship, or guilds, or do various things to bring you to a place of seeming deservedness until of course people started to reexamine all of this, and various hierarchies, one after the other, began to disintegrate. So also then is this mirrored in the higher dimensions. But the hierarchies were only there as an artificial means of allowing it easier access in the way in which people could relate to beings. Gradually then you begin to recognize that less is more, and so as then the most highly evolved guides and helpers are anonymous, do not have an energy that you can easily identify or even understand, you begin to glimpse the real benefit of releasing a hierarchical system. That angels, devas, various seraphim, different beings that could be seen to move through various levels of advancement and all the rest; are simply a reflection of the way in which humans recognize when they were in the world that they needed to study and move through various levels.

But, as you begin to recognize that anonymous principle, you begin to understand the selfless action, the action that releases ego, that also allows you the opportunity to confront your fear, as the nature of true assistance, and this therefore naturally reflected in the actions of those individuals who are most highly evolved helpers on your planet - both in bodies and out of bodies. What will be the next step in this of course - the interaction in group by which these beings form together in powerful groups as if to again help people remind themselves and understand of their capacity to form groups, to interact together.

In the past such struggles around community, as we often suggested that the development of people to move through their difficulties would often be solved by coming together in community, through communities of service, through ways in which the dependence on the economic system could be released, etc., etc.; well that energy is mirrored at the higher level for the specific purpose of your own evolution personally as well.

When you begin to recognize that the real difficulty you had in coming together in community, where you said, "Oh, I couldn't be with that one because he or she smokes, or has a dog, or has children, or is too this or too that," is eventually revealed to you as your own judgments about yourself. So the real lesson now as people begin to evolve and understand the true nature of the new, emerging inter-relationship of the guides and helpers, is the manifestation of their own innate love for each other, with their own imperfections, idiosyncrasies, and personalities.

This is wonderful when you begin to understand it because it relates back to the ego issues, the way in which you allowed various energies to interfere with your relationships when of course what you were then denying were your own aspects of judgment and issues, your own denied self. A willingness to grow and to shift will then welcome to you the teachers to help you move through this. One of these teachers is a sort of inherent principle that allows, welcomes, and receives. It is manifested in the Earth principle, in the yin principle, in the Divine feminine; but it is also an energy that can be received directly by people if they ask for it.

So we would ask you first to breathe more deeply, have a little bit of a stretch perhaps. And then we would ask our friend Athena to speak to this matter.

Athena: Greetings, love, but also the welcoming of peace in this special time to all of you. It is to the point of how to work with this energy that it arises as if in itself are the answers. The receptivity principle does not ask you to reach, to do; it only reminds you to be, to breathe, to receive. Yet this principle builds, grows, and gives birth. Thus you begin to see the cycle of life as it manifests in your own body as woman. But also in the world's consciousness as the energy that will receive, that will feel and know. Yes this will eventually balance with the male energy that must do, but for now to just recall, to just receive. And what you will see is that in that receiving is its own voice - an energy of truth, a clear light of truth that speaks in your heart to show you of the Divine beauty in all beings, throughout the animal kingdom, in the plants, in the water of the world. That in a certain Divine softness and receptivity emerges solution, a way to step, a way to touch, a way to be. This way has fallen out of favor upon your Earth. Those who walk in grace are not as respected as in olden times. But still, through art, through music, through movement - again this is recognized, again it becomes welcome. But so clearly and powerfully through sound, this energy is known.

So as you welcome and receive the Divine feminine, also hear Her sound. Feel Her sense. Through the sounds of the crickets, the frogs, the wind, the whooshing water, the Earth's throb - these are sounds, not just of nature, but a reminder of Divine feminine's capacity to sing to you. Through that singing is the blending of the expressive principle, but also the receptive principle. Chants.....

As Earth sings through you, a different way, an emerging way of knowing, of feeling, of being, and of solving problems, of coming to embrace and love each other, of sensing and knowing the true possibilities of relationship with each other, with the animals, with the plants, with the air, with the water, with all of Earth.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. We thank you Athena for this alternate perspective, recognizing that it is somewhat difficult in the consciousness of those who would insist, "Well now, what do I do?" But still, to be with the energy, to receive it, that is the powerful example that is given by your words.

Now, there were a few questions submitted. Perhaps we could address a few of these if you might be of some assistance, Jill?

Jill: It is being said that water may well be humanity's greatest spiritual teacher in the years to come. What should we do to keep our fresh waters healthy and safe for the world?

Hilarion: There are difficulties that can be perceived by several means. Water certainly needs attention with regards to its spiritual manifestation - the ability to work with water, to honor it, to understand it, to learn from it. This often comes through meditation, through the sound of moving water, through simply being by water in its natural forms as oceans, as streams, as rivers. At the same time there's a great focus and an understanding scientifically of water that is beginning to shift consciousness and allow various changes that can be of great benefit. Various substances added to water to improve it, to reduce pollution. Various ways in which water can be utilized for energy as previously mentioned.

However, when one looks at this from the most basic level, one recognizes a tremendous level of waste of water on your planet in the "modern" development of the flush toilet. This wastes many hundreds of gallons of water per person - water that could otherwise be utilized in agriculture, for healing. It is going to be slowly recognized by others as an invention that needs to now be phased out.

There are many other solutions to the waste problem. The most important is that as the body is ingesting materials which are relatively clean, healthy, useful; it is not waste at all. But indeed a golden, magnificent, powerful, useful fertilizer. This has been recognized by ancient societies. But in the development of the flush toilet, in response to the privy of Victorian times, the sweeping of fear of disease, germs and other problems throughout humanity in the last few years; well, it is an obvious development that the dependence on the flush toilet has allowed this constant and powerful waste.

Jenkins book, Humanure Handbook is useful to begin with in understanding this principle. But one can go way further and investigate all kinds of ways in which water itself is wasted and is misused. Ultimately though, we see that the increasing population and increasing desire symbolized by the flush toilet of modern civilization, will therefore only increase this waste. And the result must be, that is this wasting of water, and the result must be an improved consciousness and awareness of this principle.

Only by this will, in five to ten years time, the critical shortage of water because too much of it is literally being flushed down the drain, be perceived. The tremendous taxing on sewer systems, the tremendous difficulty through the aquifers, the stresses on the septic systems with increasing suburban population, etc., etc.; all come back to this one issue of the flush toilet.

Now, you were perhaps expecting a more spiritual answer, for us to look into the spiritual significance of water. This signifies emotion and of course it is perfectly parallel to the emotional nature, the approaching Mars energy, the development for people to work with emotions more consciously and so on and so forth. That all of the emphasis on water only allows people then to more consciously work with their emotions. So, here is the connection - that as one is unconscious about water wasting through flush toilet, one is unconscious about the ways in which one's emotions are misused, are used unconsciously to hold onto fear, to hold onto areas that do not really threaten your survival. And indeed those in positions of political power will play upon this, seeking then to increase their power simply by providing more fear in the world.

Emotions however, run the entire spectrum into many other energies besides fear. Underlying energies such as shame or perhaps grief may also be just as powerful at times. Whereas such emotions as anger or various responses to the underlying emotions of shame, grief, and especially fear, may be perceived simply as a strategy to seek to avoid working with those energies. So the simple solution - look at it directly. Find the ways to change it. Confront those emotions. Understand them. And as you do so, and come to a place of peace, look into the world, especially to water to make the internal connection more clear and strong for yourself, more than just a symbol. Go to the river. Go to the stream. Go to the place where you may feel that energy. Go to the ocean, and experience, feel, sense. It is not only to help you move through or shift the emotion, but it is also a way in which the water tells you that the emotions are a part of life. The idea is not to avoid them, but to understand them, to work with them at their core, to understand that they are energy, and to watch them move through, just as you would watch the water in the river, or the stream, or the ocean move through.

Now at a practical level, solutions to the world's pollution have been proposed. And with regards to water pollution take a great deal of effort to bring into form. Thus here again, some of the new technologies, various ways of linking and working with water, will be quite helpful. We see especially aspects of compressed helium and compressed neon interacting with magnetic fields as having important capacity of synergism with all pollution reducing methods. And that studying of the crystallization patterns as water freezes can be quite helpful in determining more rapidly how interaction of water worldwide can be assisted through these various new technologies to reduce pollution. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, thank you Hilarion. There's also a problem of the methane gas pollution. How can we solve that?

Hilarion: Unquestionably and ultimate solution here as we have suggested in the past is the way in which new technologies are depended upon in order to develop energy but at the same time people heal and strengthen their bodies and reach a place in which they have less dependence on meat. As the increasing dependence on meat worldwide is clearly linked to the increase of the release of methane into the atmosphere, it is a simple fact as to how raising of livestock does contribute to the increased methane. And one can look to the gas giants such as Jupiter, Saturn and so on, for high levels of methane to see how far this could go. Methane of course and other gases can be utilized for fuel, and thus as a temporary solution one can work with various technologies to trap methane and utilize it as a fuel. When burned appropriately and completely with sufficient catalytic methods, it can be entirely pollution free. But there is no particular attention on this currently, and so here again it is just a matter of publicity. The solutions are there, but simply taking responsibility and recognizing this will be the important path.

It is true that many people must consume meat in order to strengthen themselves, and if done in the correct way, as for instance as described in the book, We Want To Live by Vonderplanitz, it can reach a place of rapid health in which the person can then curtail and eventually eliminate the ingestion of meat, thus reducing the worldwide dependence on livestock.

[Ed. Note: For more about this amazing book, see: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

But this is a long term principle that will need in the meantime some attention and fine tuning. It will mean greater understanding and awareness of the toxic properties of many other foods, and thus the ability to shift diet so that healing may be more rapid. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes, thank you. We talk about saving the Earth; does the Earth need saving?

Hilarion: In one sense of this, at the purely physical level, in which the saving would be so that the status quo would largely be preserved, the answer is a clear and resounding yes. If however, a very rapid development of wide increase of mutation, significant decrease in population, much suffering is an important part of the plan for humanity, then the saving of Earth is certainly unnecessary. When the ozone levels reach sufficient depletion and ultraviolet at such a high level on Earth that humanity must move underground, Earth's own response to this as a general warming pattern would naturally increase volcanic activity, earthquakes and various ways in which the Earth would cleanse herself. She will in other words, allow the healing crisis to help her and she will then release those toxic materials that have caused her problems on her planet - people. And with their destruction, just as you might do in releasing any toxic material from your body, then the healing crisis would eventually pass.

But, for humanity, in her interaction with mother Earth, this is more complex. How to do this most appropriately. One could of course choose another planet. But, one does tend to accumulate a bit of karma, you know, when you do that too much. Some planets might even say, "Please, not those guys." Because indeed they know the possibility that humanity would simply repeat its old patterns and mess up yet another planet. And indeed yes, humanity has done this before. So, why not work it out? Why not find a way in which this balancing of the atmosphere, the balancing of pollution, the balancing of interactions is understood in its true light - why it is coming into consciousness; why this great possibility is being made available. It is not at all about the external; it is about the great reminder of internal balancing, of welcoming one's own judgments against others as symbolic of the energy that is truly present within one's self. And to find the way in which one's taking of self responsibility in this regard, can eventually take you all the way to the place where you give up some of those accoutrements of civilization that are ultimately harmful to the planet.

When the energies are understood, there can be other ways. There can be other solutions at a practical level. But people would not normally accept these unless they recognize their benefits, what's right about it in other words.

And so, in that sense, things are going along perfectly to increase the pressure, to increase the possibility but at the same time, provide enough food, land and water for more and more of the non-physical beings to become physical. Until at such time that all the pathways seem to cross. Fifty billion on your planet incarnated at the same time. Sufficient technology to prevent the accumulation of pollution and difficulty on Earth, no longer available by the old means, presents a tremendous opportunity for all of humanity to solve the issues together.

It doesn't mean the solutions aren't available right now; they most certainly are. But people are not willing to move in these directions out of their own fear, their own ego, their own past habit. They are afraid they will lose the power, lose the money. How silly, you don't take it with you anyway. And so we then can see the grand plan that humanity chooses this planet because it is so beautiful so that here the learning can take place and you can be reminded of your own inherent beauty, your love, your ability to touch. And in this way, Earth's own deeper message is received: if your receiving of the future self, down the path of pollution and destruction tells you, "I have lost this wonderful opportunity to interact with this beautiful Earth," perhaps you will shift and change.

Now, currently this is difficult for people, not just because they see that it's out of their hands. That is, it's in the hands of the government or people who create the situation where they must drive a car, polluting, in order to get to work, etc., etc. Rather, it is that the overall thought form is one that is continually sloughing off personal responsibility. When that shifts, when people actually think it's fun to take on personal responsibility, as much fun as, shall we say, going to the movies, how about as much fun as great sex, how about as much fun as you can imagine having while in a body, how about the reason you came here in the first place; you begin to recognize the great opportunity that is really being presented here. And from that, indeed the Earth doesn't need saving at all. It is indeed a place where this great opportunity to receive the opportunity within yourself to change, is being magnified beyond any previously available means.

Now that isn't easy to see when you look around you and recognize fewer frogs, fewer birds, more development, more pollution, light pollution, sound pollution, air pollution, water pollution, food and all the rest. It can be quite disheartening unless you see that the larger message, when you see in yourself that you say, "It is somebody else's responsibility," - that is where it begins.

Now, any judgment that shows up in your life is a self-judgment. This is a very difficult principle for most people to understand - the way in which the law of reflection is showing you that indeed it is all within you. But when this is understood as the great opportunity in being alive, everything changes on your planet. People then begin to make the changes necessary at every level. And people in positions of power aren't going to be left out of the fun, are they?

Now that may be seen as an oversimplification, but it is indeed important to recognize that you have been through periods in history where this has occurred before, where people have recognized that there is a shared responsibility, and thus, protested or made shifts. Such changes have been small by comparison, but still, the capacity within humanity to change as a whole still remains.

What opposes this force? Anything that tells you that you do not deserve, that you should be afraid, that there should be some aspect of you that is made less than. In other words, any capacity to divide. So that is why you find yourself so often back looking for love, receiving love, feeling love, because it tells you through an inner experience that you are more than, that you are part of - humanity, a group, or just a relationship. Remember that, receive it, amplify it, and it may often show you a more powerful pathway that ultimately leads to saving the Earth. Because the larger solutions will come in groups, in countries, and in humanity as a whole. Does this make sense?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion. We're seeing increased problems in children with A.D.D., learning disabilities, and new diseases; can you speak more about that?

Hilarion: A great deal of this simply comes from the simple misunderstanding of diet. That so much of this ingestion of metallic substances, mercury in various vaccines, utilization of antibiotics, various things simply entirely, completely unnatural. That indeed body as a natural capacity to exist in nature parallels perfectly the animals, that many of their behaviors will point to you the many answers available towards this. The attunement and connection to carbohydrates only exacerbates the difficulty generation to generation, as liver function of proper recycling of protein materials becomes less and less, as dependence on carbohydrates only increases, all kinds of blood sugar imbalances and many difficulties in the body. This cannot therefore be cured immediately. It will take a few generations to correct this. But all that is necessary, at the core level, is an understanding of the natural diet, of how people ate in primitive times, of how animals eat, and one recognizes how the DNA has designed the physical body to operate. This is detailed nicely in We Want To Live by Vonderplanitz.

But, short term, various modalities of higher vibrational healing can be of some benefit - sound therapy, light therapy, movement therapy, Feldenkreis, any way in which the children can be engaged to help with their own self-cleansing can be of value. But overall the intention here is very clear - to find a way in which the spiritual being can be at home in the animal body, means the understanding of the animal body as the temple. As it was designed, not as you would think it should be, and certainly not as somebody else is going to be able to make money from it. Hence, the development of processed foods, all kinds of contaminants, and other things simply for the possibility of somebody making a buck. This must shift, and will have its ultimate effect on the children as these energies continue.

So the larger solution here is purely physical, but the interim solutions, as one moves towards this, will inevitably be helpful if they increase instinct. The opportunity in the child and in the next generation to know instinctively the correct foods and procedures. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes Hilarion, and when we have fifty billion people on this planet, can we all eat a natural diet?

Hilarion: Yes. The real key to it will be that along the way with the development of science along with these natural capacities, with the release of the fear aspect with regards to bacteria, germs, viruses, parasites, and all of the rest understood in their true context as humanities true doctors, as their capacity to provide maximum healing, as what they do is destroy diseased tissue. One will then recognize that the real solution has always lain in the same place - the small intestine. That here the proper development of sufficient bacteria can go way beyond that which is currently available and hence, significantly increase efficiency of the ingestion of various foods.

In space, one consumes hydromel in moving from planet to planet, or its various derivatives as developed by each of the extraterrestrial civilizations wherein some physical nutriment has been necessary. Hence, one would recognize that this development on Earth can also be an important capacity where such foods are inherently beneficial, bringing in all of the inherent nutrients of those foods that maximize absorption and benefit to the body. Unfortunately, this means that the foods ingested are diffuse, not concentrated, therefore most easily acceptable to the bacteria that can be encouraged to exist in the small intestine. This allows them to properly digest and work with these materials.

Ultimately, these foods will be seen to have their source in sunlight, with very little utilization of resources necessary. But this has not yet occurred because humanity has not yet sufficiently investigated the formation of various substances. In looking in nature to the interaction of bacteria with plants, one will begin to recognize and work with this. Through various humic acids, various soil born mechanisms, and others, the higher efficiencies possible for conversion of sunlight into directly nourishing material for all of humanity, regardless of humanity's spiritual development, will eventually show up.

This is especially true as one begins to look at this more consciously in one's self as if the inspiration based on instinctive eating, on understanding of the true instincts within consciousness as they relate to bringing the body back to health, will parallel scientific developments, specifically those scientists who work with diets, such as described in We Want To Live, will make the greatest breakthroughs in bringing new food methods to humanity. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion, thank you. Can you speak to us of the Divine plan for Earth and each of our roles in helping to manifest it?

Hilarion: It is a complex matter because free will zone Earth, schoolroom Earth, hospital Earth, all exist together in one reality so that the interaction and sharing of energies can take place. But, as this then gradually unfolds, certain unique gifts of humanity seem to take precedence. By looking at these gifts and projecting forward as to how their development - through consciousness, through interaction with others, through the aspects of the guides, helpers and other energies moving them forward - one begins to recognize this powerful and useful path. Or, as humanity moves to a place by which those gifts, those special activities, those aspects unique and wonderful about human are not necessary in the galaxy, humanity then disappears. This is the overall pattern and is the correct way to understand this without the emotional underpinnings, without the survival instinct, simply recognizing the value.

From such a point of view, you then begin to look at where humanity has accomplished. It certainly hasn't done very well with science, has it? Nor has it come to understand and work very well with the engines of war. Nor has it come to a place by which it has learned especially about kindness, or the opportunity to assist. But in all of these areas a great learning has taken place, and great hope still remains within people for learning from this.

But where have people indeed found some interesting, powerful shifts? Through love, through the experience of this in their own heart, in their own consciousness, in their own attunement to other beings, in their willingness to love themselves. Always then breakthroughs, ways in which this has shifted. Of course there are other ways in which such loving aspect has been tried by those who write the romance novels, the movie scripts and all the rest to create it more as personal love. But people see through this. They understand the greater connection - to family as a minimum, and often then to community, to larger aspects.

One way in which this has been to a certain extent exacerbated, is the development of national anthems, where the song has been developed to create a unity, or a connection. But in some ways where these have usually been focused on developing a nationalistic spirit that might ultimately be put to people going to war, it has backfired as bringing a sense of love, of connection, of companionship between people.

So, one begins to recognize that it is through that loving aspect that humanity's ultimate development seems to hold the greatest promise. When one overlays this with what goes on in the universe looking at the other races, all the extraterrestrials how they interact, all the different star systems; love plays an important role, but it has not been fully understood by the rest of the beings. It is an energy that would indeed be welcomed in the greater galactic community, that humanity would learn from this, gain in intelligence and technology, but must give back, finding the way to share that love, to inspire it in others, to allow its development.

Therefore, one begins to recognize that the path to this lovingness, to this sense of love as expanded, as shifted, as benefiting all beings on your planet, is the crux development - not only individually, not only in relationship, or in family, or in group, but for all of humanity. That is very difficult. It is not agreed upon as to how that energy can be most positively and helpfully used. But still it remains as the question for all beings. And over and over solutions - small ones, interim ones, or larger ones - come back over and over to some way in which be it technology, a new way of organization, economics or whatever; must have within them love, compassion, caring, kindness, and ultimately the manifestation of real change on your planet.

This means that the love that is felt within your heart is the simple key. Just as the energies we spoke of with regards to judgment are a reflection of aspects in yourself unloved, so then is the capacity in you to love a powerful force to change all of those aspects outside yourself.

Therefore, as we have stated before and as we will remind you again to ask yourself: "How can I love more? How can I love in different ways? When others I know express their love to me, how do they do it? Could I do it that way too?" To examine this, to look at it, to respond to it will bring up your ego, will bring up your fear. "Oh, I couldn't hug that person, what would they think of me?" Ego. "If I hug that person they might hurt me or walk away from me, or do something that I wouldn't like." Fear.

Look at those issues, understand them, release them, find a way to change them, look at the truth. More love in this world can go a long way towards making all kinds of difference, and is related back to where we began with being-ness. "But Hilarion, what about the doing-ness? What are we going to do?"

When we suggest that one needs to love more, it does seem as if an over simplification. But when we look at the potential to love and how much of that potential is being realized by each individual, one sees a tremendous discrepancy. Love can be purely consolation, but it can also be that which encourages powerful levels of clarification if within the space of safety, caring, compassion and love, one is able to look at issues of judgment, of understanding, of interaction. What a powerful gift that might be for humanity as a whole to give to the rest of the galaxy. And if not, it's certainly interesting to think about.

At its minimum, it allows you the opportunity then to shift your context into the acceptance of your natural gifts. This doesn't mean you should stop thinking, though we've certainly recommended that, since after all it can be very distracting. Nor does it mean that you should stop working with your technologies, though of course in doing so without the love, one usually leads to the desire to correct something only leading to more problems. But ultimately, it is through this aspect of love that every answer and every way in which you shift will be encouraged. Not just because it is humanity's gift, but because the extraterrestrials, because the beings of the galaxy, because the guides and helpers know that it is through that path that you can manifest your greatest potential, and that this is most needed in the rest of the universe.

That's a kind of tricky answer you know because it does allow you the opportunity for greater free will, rather than it being that people must do this and must do that. Because you get to write the script eventually as you come to that place of maximum loving. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes Hilarion. Can you tell us how, some processes for anchoring in more of the Goddess' energy and what effects that would have?

Hilarion: We think perhaps Athena addressed this best before. The idea simply of acknowledging that receptivity, and especially through song, sound and music as she demonstrated. In addition though, of course it must be that which is anchored within men. How can this be? Women can encourage those they are with, in relationship, as those they would know as fathers, as sons. This can go a long way towards assisting, as if then the man to be a man will often separate or divorce himself from that Divine feminine principle. Further question?

Jill: We've covered all the questions. It is time to come to a close.

Hilarion: We are grateful to the opportunity to speak to you. But also to see that this is a powerful and pivotal time for doing-ness. At no other time in the year by comparison to Summer Solstice, is that effort towards doing-ness as manifested by the longest day, the energy of maximum accomplishment, the attention on the individual. And yet so many of our words have not been about doing-ness, but reminding you of the being-ness as if to invite into principle, into manifestation, the welcoming of that being-ness. That is the real lesson the Sun has for you. The energy of the Earth in its communication with the Sun, that the real doing-ness now is to invite even more than ever a willingness to breathe, to be, to feel, to listen. In your stillness, in your quiet to recognize the past as slipping away, as merely a concept. The future as being released, as merely an impediment to being here right now, and to breathe.

We remind you again of the emerald light as it forms a powerful connection from infinitely upwards through you to Earth's center. Feel the 100 foot (30 meter) diameter cylinder gradually expanding to encompass your entire environment. Now especially see that the energy through you to mother Earth as clearer and stronger, generates a response, a loving OM from her center, bubbling up into your heart, to be shared out loud as a divine Earth "OM." Goodbye. OM.....................


More on healing and diet: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, and for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.

More about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information the awesome "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .

To learn more about Brown's Gas: Eagle Research .

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