Hilarion Fall Equinox Channeling 2003

Jill: Today is September 21st, 2003. We are gathered in Nevada City, California for the Fall Equinox channeling of Hilarion. Questions have been submitted by those in attendance as well as via e-mail. For further information on channelings, books and tapes contact Jon C. Fox, P. O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA, 95959, or visit our online catalog .

HILARION: Yes, greetings. This that energy, being or vibration that you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions and working with various important issues, we simply welcome the idea of energy adjustment. Become aware of a powerful cylinder of light, flowing through you from infinitely upward through to center of Earth, approximately 30 meters diameter, that is about 100 feet; and allow this energy to simply have the sense within you, the kinesthetic sense of clearing, of shifting, of releasing. This time is important symbolically because of its connection to the end of the Mercury retrograde cycle, which signifies inner work. And as one moves out of that looking inward, at the same time one approaches the important Fall Equinox, one makes the shift out of looking into the outer world into the inner worlds. The group activity, the time of mysterious Fall, Halloween and other energies, all symbolically reminding you that there is much more to life than meets the eye, that entities behind the scenes becomes more clear and apparent. Yet that which you let go of has been important to you in terms of the recent activities, times in which day was longer than night, symbolizing attention on the individual.

Now as one moves into this next aspect, the Earth's breath longer now with association towards the night in the Northern Hemisphere, hence association with that which is hidden, that which relates to the group, and that which is the culmination or drawing forth, the harvesting of that which has been created in the past over the last few months. The opposite is true of the Southern Hemisphere, but in the more populace Northern Hemisphere the understanding of this energy for Earth and for all the people together would seem to be of greater significance. In the idea that this harvest now takes place amongst the backdrop of the entire world's attention upon the Mid-East, on the many aspects of the shifts that have now taken place in Iraq and Afghanistan, and all of the energies politically associated with these changes in Israel and various other issues relating to the Mid-East.

All of this is important symbolically for a powerful energy that surges out of people's consciousness relating to many issues. On the surface it may seem around territory, or around their aspects of a willingness to work with these energies as they stand - terrorism, or energies relating to fear, or what these insecurities are all about. But much deeper than this are issues of maturity, a deeper understanding of all of the world peoples and embracing of their various cultures and points of view while at the same time recognizing at a certain level of immaturity, of selfishness, or shortsightedness is that which often drives people in positions of power to make choices that are extremely short-term in nature yet thought of as those that relate to the long-term issues.

Because of this, at the times of Equinox, is excellent time to look more deeply into this issue of cosmo-ethical maturity, coming to a deeper understanding of many issues simultaneously. Overlaid with this is the beginning thought of the next election in the United States. This thought often is a powerful one throughout the world, where this election is followed more closely than any other elections in other foreign countries, not as closely of course as any election within a particular country, but outside of it. Because the leader of the U. S. tends to exert a tremendous level of influence, if not only that of personality and particular political proclivities, but because of a certain sense of what the administration represents, of where it is moving towards, of what it has as its own personal goals and aims, etc. As a result there is this sense worldwide of potential and possibility. But at the same time, at the moment in which there is that sense of openness, there is a flood of voices, many energies of the powerful negative thought forms that have been surrounding Earth and working with Earth especially intensely in the last two months as symbolized by the close approach of Mars to the Earth.

As you might imagine when animals at this time of year face the upcoming Winter and come to understand for themselves the changes in the seasons, they look also to these thought forms. And so it is useful for a moment here to have that sense of possibility, of change, of an opportunity for a greater peace, of a welcoming of your own animal nature in a positive and helpful way while anchored to the Earth. As if to have that sense of its connection to your feet. And that this energy could be shared or transmitted to the many wild animals on your planet, the domesticated ones as well, the animals who share this planet with you to teach you, to show you of nature's bounty, to inspire you; but also to learn from you, to receive from you, and to be bathed in the knowledge that survival is possible even when these powerful, negative thought forms are present in the world.

Because by your own cosmo-ethical maturity, by the way in which you do grow, come to a deeper level of understanding and awareness, you then become aware of the other thought forms - the positive, helpful, uplifting ones that are also there. The energies that say, "There is enough communication, enough inter-dependence that when you have a clearer vision, anything can be accomplished. The bringing together of many powerful forces can take place towards that which would be ultimately to the benefit of all of the animals, of the plants, of the Earth's atmosphere, of the Earth herself, and of course, of all humankind."

Understanding that this thought form is there has been recognized by certain computational devices that are being employed in secret in a number of highly evolved technological installations around your planet. These are the echoes of the information returned from the powerful undersea blasts, the energies of H.A.R.P., the various woodpecker projects, and the many ones that have been going on for many decades. These energies are new. Scientists in various positions throughout the world in receiving and knowing these energies have noted certain, specific ways in which human resonance frequency has increased, Earth's vibration has increased, wave length of light has shifted, various other things have changed, and the full understanding of this is within their grasp, but its significance becomes obvious to those in positions of power. That is that indeed those in community, those in a position to bring together their energies, to combine for forces of peace, of assistance, of evolution, of clarification have a greater opportunity, a greater chance of bringing forward such positive, helpful, uplifting agendas than ever before.

There has therefore in those positions of individuals who see themselves precariously placed, people in positions of power who think they might lose it, people whose identities are immeshed with their own power over others; there has been for them a greater fear in the last few months than has been present before. This has in many ways intensified the whole idea of terrorism, to bring forth the whole idea that a great deal of energy must be expended on somehow preventing fear, increasing security. These are ephemeral concepts. Security is initially an internal aspect - that which you feel within your own being as you walk the streets, as you interact with others, as you understand yourself. These individuals in such positions do not understand this, their identities so enwrapped with the development of more and more power that they must increase the energy associated with the negative thought forms to keep people from coming together, to keep them from blending their energies, merging their assistance, awakening their consciousness, and so on.

This is at the surface level, but when you have the majority, the deeper understanding to trust that those activities that can be created in your own consciousness through meditation, through attunement to higher energies, through projecting your consciousness, through focusing in your life on those activities that are of maximum value for your own evolution and minimizing those activities which slow down your evolution, minimizing those activities that are perhaps more associated only with consolation - that those energies teach you a great deal. It is as if once you dive below the surface of these encrusted negative thought forms, there is a great ocean welcoming you. It is a good analogy because in the ocean are the cetaceans. They understand this powerfully; the whales and the dolphins sharing their positive, helpful energies with all who wish to attune to them, to feel them, to receive them.

And thus these energies bathe your planet daily. You must therefore be impressed to make a choice in such a direction, and overall the tendency is simply that there is increased sensitivity amongst the planets of the solar system and the Earth herself towards higher evolutionary thought. The result then is an inexorable increasing of Earth's resonant frequency, an inexorable awakening of consciousness, that which in comes throughout the planet no matter how much those in positions of power seek in every way possible to resist it, to increase resistance, fear or difficulty in others.

This is of course a positive, hopeful message, but it means that because the only means available are these methods of increasing fear and resistance, that you must repeatedly, consciously make a clear choice. Those who do not understand this, in particular therefore the children who can be so easily immeshed into these thought forms of competitiveness, of scarcity, of fear, of resistance; they have a very hard time of it. They do not understand these larger messages and larger options and possibilities. So, what assists here so much is when you by example can show how you feel more peaceful, more aware, happier simply by letting go of the news, of the fear, of the competitiveness, of the possibility of scarcity.

This has representation of course in television, in drugs, alcohol, and the many distractions of life. As if to say that when you are distracted by these things you are somehow forgetting that there is something deeper, more powerful, more important inside and vice versa. When you tune into that powerful current of cosmic energy, if you will, that you are then saying that those other distractions pale by comparison, are meaningless in the way in which they then affect your consciousness.

This is a difficult message to get through to those who have in any way recognized that it is somehow more fun, more pleasurable to receive the distractions of your society. This is the second important agenda associated with those of multi-national corporations and those in positions of power - to somehow make it seem as if the endless excitement, thrill seeking, fun and all the rest of it, the consolation principle can be found in activities that keep people away from coming together, from assisting each other, from manifesting their own evolution, from doing what they came here to do in the greatest opportunity that is being brought to them in being in a physical body which is to utilize their physical energy in a way in which a true maximization of benefit comes to all beings.

The third aspect of this, seemingly conflicting sort of scenario of the various energies, is that in which the physical health of individuals can be consciously affected by various aspects of the world. This can bring people to a place of scarcity of life, feeling afraid that they will die, having physical issues particularly when they are young, bringing them then to a place of questioning various aspects of natural world and instead attuning to the artificial constructs of drugs, various medications for various conditions, etc. This attunement to what could be called "big pharmaceutical company" is the energy that also is based in this fear aspect, but has many aspects that it is connected to. For instance, certain health food stores increasing their own corporate reach like a great octopus around the planet and raising their own prices simply for the manifestation of profit motive. This as if then to recognize in fear that there is scarcity, yet of course this is foolish. There is no scarcity. Indeed, all that is necessary is for people to understand that in a sustainable culture, sustainable agriculture, sustainable inter-relationships a great deal can be accomplished, a great deal more energy brought together to make more important changes on the planet.

Therefore, the opportunity here begins to arise as those energies in reducing importance from the first to the second to the third as we have described are then related to the reverse energy from the third to the second to the first with the third being that in which many people can have an important role to play right now: owning coops, working with energies together for new forms of health, sharing information about old remedies and ways people can use natural means or learn from the animals, etc. All of these energies are still available. It is the effort of big medicine, big pharmaceutical and other aspects to stop this wherever possible. But, they're having a great deal of difficulty because the methods that they are utilizing simply are not as effective.

And so from any place in which you begin to understand this, you see two dual and important aspects emerging simultaneously - the non-physical and the physical. As the physical aspect gains greater prominence and importance for someone, the guides, helpers, and other non-physical energies, indeed in a certain sense your own contracts, the energies you knew before you came into this life, the energies you worked with in the intermissive period, that is the time between lives, come to bear, and pull you into contemplating that perhaps there is more to this, the seeming coincidences, the new energies that arise, the new answers, the new possibilities. And this is the important issue to recognize - that even in the most physical of attributes symbols will be presented, energies will come forth of new possibilities, and you will then find these energies made available to you.

One example of this is the greater emphasis and revealing to the public of the great difficulties presented in the upper atmosphere by repeated use of various fuels, propellants, refrigeration compounds, and so on as released into the atmosphere and destroying the ozone. This leading to increased ultraviolet and wide spread difficulties of intensification of extreme weather conditions, and the response of world governments to this with the deployment in commercial jet aircraft of tanks of powdered metal, barium and aluminum amongst these, released into the atmosphere to reflect and reduce these levels of ultraviolet. This chem-trail or chem-spray or other names for such program has been progressing and indeed as is financed by governments, insurance companies and others has indeed reduced some of the ultraviolet reaching the Earth while at the same time increasing varieties of health problems particularly lighter metal contamination amongst individuals on the planet.

Barium and aluminum are relatively easy to cleanse from the body once you are aware of their presence. But if conjoined with this are the energies associated with those in level number one previously mentioned - wanting people to be afraid, wanting people to recognize the difficulty - you then see that these energies add up. And when people do not understand or work with the proper and available health activities, awareness of what can be created in the world, the potential here to magnify such a problem and allow it to lead indeed to scarcity, to dependence on big medicine, to various health problems, or even the breaking apart of families, relationships, etc.; is all possible.

Hence these programs continue when of course far simpler solutions are widely available. The idea would be to recognize and make fully present by maximization of knowledge every continuing activity that produces these various ozone killers. And then public outcry to stop the various programs, particularly associated with missiles, rocketry and various fuel systems, while at the same time producing through simple equipment in the upper atmosphere sufficient ozone to repopulate the hole. This is a relatively simple matter by utilizing high voltage technologies and that which has been discussed but has not been put into action because it would mean for all the world the opportunity to see this, to recognize that there is a problem and to ask the simple question then, "What has been done about it?" Thus bringing forth admission amongst the world's governments and corporate entities of all these difficulties, cover-ups, problems, conspiracies and the like.

Hence, change in this direction is slow, but in the meantime the health effects continue - food, water, inhalation through the air - from various sources these materials make their way into the human body. At first the levels are small in the young person where sufficient fat levels are present - they are relatively easy to mobilize. They are then drawn out of the body. If the fat levels are pulled down by use of recreational drugs, excessive levels of radiation, or various other substances such as tobacco, alcohol, then the body can no longer metabolize and bring these materials out. The two pronged approach is to increase fat, increase those specific foods that tend to metabolize and bring out these substances, and at the same time reduce those substances that bring the harm and reduce fats by other means.

[Ed. Note: For more about fats and their amazing healing capabilities, see: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

This is difficult of course when the children face all the difficulties they do, the stresses and energies. When those around them utilize drugs, be they prescription or recreational, they tend then to naturally magnetize towards this.

The increasing difficulty of metals is one of the underlying causes of the increase in various psychological difficulties on your planet - bi-polar disorder, A. D. D., various inter-relationships previously unrecognized in the past such as excessive/compulsive disorder, schizophrenia; but many of these difficulties increased by these substances. This however is only a small part of it as the fat-free diets, diets that are either high in fats that are quite damaging to the body or low in those which are healthy for the body still proliferate on your planet, and are still being widely spoken of which is quite foolish. This combined with the inter-generational difficulty, that is those having children now, having been through many years of such stresses on the body; an increase in autism now also seen.

Metabolizing the substances out of the body requires that fats that are not heated past 104 degrees Fahrenheit, that is 40 degrees centigrade, be supplied in quantity. Raw cream and raw butter are excellent for this. They are hard to find but at the same time we note that the infrastructure that prevents these from being easily accessed by those in the world is quite thin. That is to say the number of people in government who oppose this are basing much of their understanding on research, and as new research comes out, as others begin to recognize the opportunity here, the next step in these government programs to allow free choice while making a recommendation towards heated fats may then go on.

This heating of fats is called pasteurization, and it has very little to do with the work of Louis Pasteur, but has taken on this name widely simply meaning that the fats have been heated sufficiently that various bacteria also killed. This is unfortunate because the quickest way that scientists could utilize to rapidly cleanse and heal the physical body of metal contamination is by the use of appropriately targeted bacteria. That they could then go into the deepest tissues of the body and pull out the most damaging materials. There are some individuals who have recognized this as in the developers of E. M. or Effective Micro-organisms in Japan and elsewhere. And soon there will be some targeted materials that come out of that research.

In the meantime, berries of all types are extremely helpful: strawberries, particularly wild strawberries, various other berries, thimble berries, various raspberries, blackberries; all of them having their own patterns to pull out metallic substances. These unfortunately imbalance blood sugar so should be had only in the afternoon, and always with raw fats so that the body has a quick place to remove these metals to. A one to one ratio of the fats to the berries is an excellent starting place.

One fat that is widely obtainable now on your planet is the fat made by passing coconut meat through a juicer. A simple process, and the coconut cream that results from this can be a very powerful adjunct in working with berries to protect the body and pull out materials.

Of course one might wish to do such things as not go outside, or eat only foods grown in greenhouses. But these are not practical solutions. Indeed sunlight energy itself is somewhat cleansing and healing. And these materials eventually make their way into every water system, all the soils, hence they are difficult to avoid.

The real solution ultimately in this particular physical problem is in the understanding of the larger lesson - the intercommunication of all beings, the release of fear and the facing of the ultimate consequence of the continued interaction of these chemicals released in the atmosphere as the ozone hole increases in size. The difficulty with this is hard for people to face, to say that as a planet people have made a mistake, or need to start over, or need to ask for help. But at the non-physical level the lesson here becomes obvious - it is a special, beautiful place you live in. Do not destroy it. Understand the inter-relationship that you have with Mother Earth. Let her speak to you and understand her, and you will be able to move through this time easily.

This is not the message that those in positions of power have. Unfortunately, those in positions to deploy these chemicals, allow these metals into the system; they are afraid. They are quite worried about the ultimate consequences of this as all of the computer models which are based simply on the physical, material side indicate many difficulties a few decades down the line. Hence it makes sense here for you to understand these aspects and do your best to bring this out, to speak of it with each other, to learn of it and share the information, and to understand this for yourselves.

It really isn't that hard, you know if you go out into the early morning time, look up into the sky and note the patterns as laid down by the jets. Come back a half hour later and notice how they have changed, and you will begin to recognize that these patterns are created regularly all over your planet.

But as you look at the deeper issues involved in this, you begin to understand that these are only symbolic of the special time you have here to recognize that this is a time to inter-act, to love each other, to grow, and to then ask the deeper questions, because all of this sort of melts away or disappears in light of the larger questions - what are you really doing here? What is the purpose of your existence?

A sub-corollary of this simply as to - what do you take with you when you pass from this world into the intermissive period or into the next life? - is then an important way to answer this question for yourself. But as you begin to prioritize, to look at life from that point of view, from what you are here for, from your evolution, from the opportunities that are presented to you, from the way in which you can inter-act with others, love more, grow, and so on; you begin to recognize asking these deeper questions is hard when the answers take you way far away from what you have done here in the world, and people you have related to, the relationships you have created, the aspects that have been important to you, and so on. But when there is sufficient attention and energy on asking that question, things do shift. This is the real meaning of tribulation as we perceive it. It is not just that there is a cataclysmic change of a physical nature on the Earth. The probabilities for this increase because of the damage and difficulty to Earth’s upper atmosphere. More than any other aspect, the potential here for dramatic weather conditions leading eventually to fissures in the Earth allowing greater volcanic action, earthquake activity and so on.

But at the same time as this, the non-physical beings, those who are then out numbering you approximately nine to one, want to come into bodies, want to be here with you sharing this Earth, want to physicalize together. And so they will do everything in their power to use that energy that is essentially the core of tribulation. The energy that says there will be dramatic change to remind you that the dramatic change comes in your consciousness, in your awareness.

A question that has been submitted relates to the idea that consciousness manifests these energies of reality. There is that old expression that you create your own reality, and of course those energies that are shared amongst the masses can be of benefit in bringing into form this reality. But where that energy is confused, where it is not focused, where it is therefore wrapped up in these issues we have already spoken of - the negative thought forms associated with scarcity, fear, competition, and so on; such energies do not bring on any particular prophecy or difficulty, they simply bring on more confusion.

And so to a large extent, by increasing confusion on planet Earth, guides and helpers of positive nature as well as negative nature do tend to put forward, pushing further ahead the potential for tribulation and other prophecies. Thus the opportunity for them to incarnate as population continues to increase on your planet.

The question however relates to the understanding among many Islamic peoples of prophecies that coincide with those of the Mayan civilization of the focalization of the releasing of the anti-Christ and the manifestation of darker energies around 2012 leading to a great destruction of planet Earth. This is always possible of course and there are many in their own beliefs around this who would then come to question more deeply what they are here for, how they will maximize their time here, instead of focusing on jihad, focusing on the negative aspect of the prophecy. If in doing so they, even to a limited extent “wake up”, begin to rearrange their life, to maximize their evolution rather than simply an attempt to balance emotion, to be more angry, to get revenge, or whatever; then of course the need for such a prophecy to manifest physically is significantly reduced. And the deeper understanding that comes through the more calm, collected and universally mathematically oriented prophecy of the Maya, begins to take hold. The idea that it is an end of things as they have been known in the past. It is the manifestation of a new energy, of an energy that can awaken consciousness, can allow people many choices, and can bring a greater harmonization amongst many.

This is not the only choice of course. As we have discussed in the past there is always the possibility of an actual split where a number of beings move along one parallel track, along an Earth that is indeed destroyed, burnt out, harmed in some way, and a number of others continue in a way of more positive, uplifting energies. This scenario puts a little bit forward the opportunity for the non-physical beings to get into bodies, so they are not in favor of this. And therefore, the greater effort will be in every way possible to manifest those very same energies that would lead to tribulation, anti-Christ, manifestation of prophecies, etc. as internal change, as asking deeper questions, as awakening so that people will come to a place ultimately of receiving, nourishing, and awakening their Earth. That they will welcome each other so that all can indeed be in bodies at once.

That is certainly a harder issue but that which the higher evolved non-physical beings would in every way possible remind you of personally, knowing that that same principle by which the understanding is that you create your own reality relates to consciousness in the sense that a conscious, evolved being, an energy of higher vibration, an attunement towards many goals, and so on; is more powerful than a consciousness that is more obsessed around the issues of survival, of fear, of competition, of scarcity.

One reason this takes place is simply that when you leave the body and begin to hold those questions throughout the intermissive period, you come to a place of higher vibration yourself. You recognize that you have died. You recognize the release of the aspects of planet Earth and the attunement to the higher vibrations and the source of the energies of the higher vibrations coming from the people of Earth, and so you then act as a guide and helper to work with them, to understand from them, to learn on your own, to grow, and so on. This energy adds powerfully to the collective thought form by which the reality is created, a reality of possibility, a reality of an Earth that welcomes all nations, creeds, colors, all opportunities, all religions, a free will zone, if you will.

This principle is a difficult one for people in bodies to understand. But the simple fact of the matter is that the nine to one ratio also applies to this "you create your own reality" concept. Of these, approximately one-third are intruders. Many of these are psychotic post-mortems, beings who don't know that they have died and their contribution is again quite confused to areas of self-survival and not at all connected to prophecy.

But, those energies of the higher, more evolved beings will work with everything possible including prophecies to put forward the agenda that they would have the opportunity to incarnate all together eventually in physical bodies and utilize all that energy at the same time for the manifestation of a much higher reality, a shared reality amongst all these beings.

[Ed. Note: For more about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us, see: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.]

Therefore, taking into account mass consciousness must also take place through the manifestation principle - that is the dense physical energy provided by human beings has a greater effect on the reality than the subtler non-physical energy. And the reasoning behind this then leads such more evolved beings to do their best to guide and assist you, knowing therefore that your physical energy will be placed in a way that would maximize this potential reality.

If the fear of a potential disaster, if the prophetic information can be utilized for you to change your mind, to become more attuned to what is important to you, to maximize your evolution, then such beings will use this. It is used on a limited basis of course with the opportunity to recognize that such is only on the basis of fear and immaturity, and that as you come to a place of greater awakening you then begin to ask the right questions. The questions not only about your own evolution, but how then, since your evolution includes assistance, you can maximize your assistance, your ability to help others, to help the non-physical beings as well as the physical ones. And when you ask such questions, then you hear the Earth sigh her sigh of relief.

Because it is always along such path by which the assistance is known not just for survival but truly for evolution, that the maximization of those benefits for Earth, for all of her people, and for the non-physical beings becomes one agenda, one attunement, one program. This program has not been then fully decided upon. It has technological components. It has many philosophical aspects, new forms of government, ways in which new energies can be created, many experiments and possibilities. But in itself it is a hopeful probability, and that which many of the non-physical beings would like you as much as possible to attune to. A moment.....

Yes, Hilarion here again. Perhaps you could toss out a few of the submitted questions, Jill?

Jill: Please could you comment on the lunar eclipse and the star of David formation that will occur on the 8th of November, 2003, and the solar eclipse of the 23rd of November, and suggest ways that we can make our hearts and minds most receptive to the higher frequencies that will be made available to the Earth during this period.

HILARION: Star of David formations typically involve the action of the alignments of the planets on both sides of the Earth, symbolizing that which you can see and that which you cannot. In the heliocentric manifestations those on both sides of the Sun in the internal vision, the awareness of the universe, the awareness of your connection to all, your connection to the Earth, to the Sun, to all beings and so on. Simple physical techniques, attuning to mother Earth and attuning to the Sun, receiving the energies of these beautiful beings is a powerful and simple way of receiving and preparing your own evolution, your own increase in vibration.

At the core of this is a recognition that your own inspiration can be valuable to be shared, and that timed with these astrological phenomena can be in your own consciousness the idea that your words are valuable, your poetry, your observations, your thoughts will be better received by others. Overall it is a time in which group meditation that receives and attunes to the overall energies of all of the planet, of all people, towards a place of those things that you feel through your own evolution and understanding are worthwhile are then better received, transmitted and brought back to you.

Lunar eclipses are often a powerful time in which one can focus on various aspects of one's own karma, clearing out the energies of the past, attuning to the unconscious especially, and bringing up from the unconscious buried issues, energies that are ready to be understood again.

With the eclipse on the 23rd is the movement symbolically of Sun into Sag., meaning that the truth energy, the awareness of the real meaning of these unconscious issues can now be brought into the light, can be understood by you, can be received and known. One can make an elixir of this particular action - the solar eclipse on the 23rd and use this in the future when one wishes to deal with deeply buried issues, hidden fears, struggles relating to perhaps issues of karma that you have not understood for yourself.

But at its core, it is also an energy that affects the world, a way in which many people can recognize certain unconscious desires motivating them, pushing them perhaps as a unit, as a religion, as a country, as some connected whole into areas that need to be considered again more carefully. Hence, if in these time periods of attention on these powerful events, one also puts forth the seed, the thought form of something better, of a new potential, of an awakening or a welcoming, of some positive, helpful energy, of a useful thought; this is well received.

But, what if you do not have this? If it is not in your purview to bring forth new solutions for humanity, then in those moments be supportive, let go of the ideas of the past and the future. Be present physically to your breath, to who you are in that moment, to the energies that surround you, to breathe and to simply focus on the breath as if then to say, "I lend my energy to those of a supportive, helpful nature all over the world."

There are many ways in which these energies of course have symbolic meaning that people can take personally working through their own astrological charts, working with various energies, etc. But we see that more and more where the principles of astronomy are understood, where people are actually gazing at the moon as it changes color, as it shifts; these are phenomena of unity, of connecting people all over the world. And hence, utilizing positive, helpful thought forms in such time is a wise move. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes, thank you. The other question came from you talking about the extra-physicals incarnating. How will it be? We're so crowded now on the Earth, how will so many populate the Earth when nine times more than we have now are incarnate on the planet?

HILARION: It is a fascinating question that which those who have studied human population and human population increase for many decades have considered very carefully. No easy solutions to this have yet emerged. All the solutions that everyone sees relates to their own corporate issues of scarcity, of money, of power, and does not take the bigger picture. Some of these can, for instance, be such as draconian methods as forced sterilization or specific population limits. These have been tried and have been of little value on the planet. They are only of moderate success, slightly slowing down the acceleration of the increasing population, but certainly not by any means causing it to level off.

Education has also proved itself very helpful, but still it is insufficient because the underlying energies remain - that the non-physicals want to become physical. As is always the case embracing the truth, recognizing the unity of all beings together is the easiest way forward, but that which involves then shifting the responsibility. If these beings want to become physical, they must also contribute - through technology, through understanding, through new means of government, philosophies, understanding, awareness and many other things. And as a result, shift consciousness on this planet.

As their ideas and energies are utilized and experimented with, more people on Earth receive them. This is of course a much bigger plan than most people have. Most people in the world like to think that the thoughts that they have are original or creative, as the expression goes. When in fact of course they are channeled thoughts and always have been.

But in the meantime until people come to that deeper realization of a constant inter-penetration of the physical and the non-physical worlds, various practical solutions appear obvious. The competitive, consumer based market place is in itself quite harmful to the very aspects that are necessary for the support of large populations. People who live in communities and are able to share resources have an obvious way of increasing efficiency and increasing their ability to have more in a smaller space. To get used to each other rather than need to be separate from each other is another way in which these smaller communities naturally bring forth the potentials here for larger populations.

In addition however, is the way that in which technology itself can be employed. There are many ways in which this of course takes shape over the next few decades. And this relates not only to energy use but to appropriate methods that are ultimately fully sustainable of growing foods. Where foods are grown locally, where transportation costs are minimized, where waste is minimized, maximum recycling and so on, particularly of human wastes; all kinds of benefits eventually accrue. Water shortages can be in many cases rectified by appropriate use of human wastes, and opportunities to balance weather conditions locally.

But ultimately each problem that would appear technological has also behind it a non-physical origin. An origin that allows people on some level to accept or love each other, to find a space for each other, to see their differences and find a way of accepting them, or various ways in which they grow as a group as a result of contemplating and working with these issues.

At the same time of course, it does make sense to increase education, to share information, to ask the deeper questions so that people will eventually accept the non-physical realities. As those thought forms increase, the first signs of this come as there is greater recognition of your last intermissive period, that is the time you were preparing to come into this world, and your last life. And as you become more aware of this and the physical ramifications that it has, specifically for instance in the area of birth marks on the human body; you then begin to recognize all these energies and accept them. The deeper acceptance of this in a personal way is very important. It is not to say that a situation has arisen that could be seen as "them" and "us". But rather you have been non-physical. You have been physical. You are as much a part of this as the beings who happen to be non-physical at this moment. Because eventually you will pass into your next intermissive period and be non-physical, and be more consciously working on this issue from the other side. Then only to become physical at such time when many others want to become physical and so on.

As you recognize your own inherent responsibility in all of this, you then begin to recognize that unless there is full cooperation, full understanding and awareness, the difficulties arise more and more frequently. The aspects of fear, scarcity and other issues simply come more powerfully.

This is ultimately solved when in the consciousness shared by many is acceptance. Not just of the outside - that is acceptance of others, differences, beliefs, skin color, age, whatever. But inside, acceptance of yourself, your fears, your angers, your struggles, the places where you would see yourself different from others, all the ways in which you change that energy and shift it to accept it more deeply and powerfully inside of yourself. This is a true understanding of the law of reflection that outside, those seemingly differences, the desire to come into incarnation at once, is a manifestation of your inside, the nature of who you are, to manifest here with all of your own difficulties, internal judgments, struggles, shadow self as well as light self, and so on.

For this reason, though the question relates to population density and the answer would appear on the surface to be physical, the non-physical answer to this is to study and work with the law of reflection as consciously as possible. For this powerful tools have been developed by many beings including that of Byron Katie. And to do her work regularly, to understand it in yourself, to apply it to every judgment you have, every fear you have, every energy you have, relate it to what seems to be outside of yourself, to turn it around to know how it is relating to the inside of yourself, how you understand yourself, accept yourself, see your God self within your own being; allows you then the receiving of all of the solutions, all of the thinking outside of the box, all of the new methodologies, all of the awareness.

[Ed. Note: For more information about the awesome "inquiry" process of Byron Katie, see: The Work. ]

On the other side of this you can imagine perhaps the concerted effort amongst fifty billion people on your planet simultaneously towards the achievement of any particular goal - mass enlightenment perhaps, faster-than-light space travel perhaps, the creation of a new planet perhaps, the creation of positive, helpful energies previously unimagined, the manifestation of a love energy perhaps for the entire galaxy. Many things such as this more easily possible simply because these people have cooperated in order to achieve the manifestation of fifty billion on the planet together.

At this stage of humanity's evolution the sudden manifestation of that many people in a single generation is entirely possible. All it would take is for every person in a relationship to have many children, but this is not recommended at this time. Humanity is not ready for this. We are suggesting the bigger picture here so that the alignment between the non-physicals and the physicals eventually takes place. That alignment is constantly changing because you become non-physical thus taking the other point of view and then physical and so on. Does this clarify?

Jill: Yes, thank you. We've been developing inert gas technologies for years. Do you have any suggestions about how to further the development of this and other subtle energy techniques?

HILARION: There are many areas in this to explore. Those who are technologically inclined must utilize their capabilities in order to manifest these energies. These technological areas can be explored quite extensively, and the result can be many tremendous advances in areas that have not yet been considered. This can relate to areas that still do not lead to the development of weapons, such as enhanced communication techniques and the ability to perceive more easily the non-physical realms. Because the inert gas technology straddles the division between the physical and the non-physical allowing the manifestation of what is termed etheric energy or in the Vierra system that of the holo-chakra. These energies have important qualities that can be utilized by all beings, and further investigation and understanding of them is still being allowed.

But there is impressed upon all those investigators, researchers and so on one very key important issue that they must come to terms with over and over. It is as if to demonstrate to the sources which are essentially non-physical, providing them with information, enhanced memory of the times in the past such as in Atlantis when this technology was much more widely accepted and utilized, and the potential new uses for this to explore. These energies are non-physical. These are the beings that impress this energy, share, assist, etc., and they demand on a regular basis that researchers, those investigating and those also receiving and working with this energy, to understand it, work with it, to publicize it, etc.; produce the sensation, the awareness, the capacity to demonstrate to the non-physical beings their integrity, their capacity to work with these energies appropriately, to balance them, to share them with others, to make information widely available, to balance relationships with others in such a way that all can progress together, to improve and enhance communication; and in many ways then as if to state by their actions that the ultimate utilization will be for the good of all, will be essentially altruistic in its nature, will be that which is provided for the betterment of all of humanity.

This is the key and critical issue that presents itself with regards to inert gas research at the current time. Within this is tremendous potential as we've described in our little book, Nature of Reality in the chapter on concentration. The bringing forth of the great gifts for all of humanity, the dissolution of competitiveness and money based systems are all possible utilizing this technology. But at the same time this must be demonstrated as a high level of altruism, a high level of assistantiality - a willingness to assist others for the development of one's self - and thus, the highest possible level of integrity. Without this the opportunities would only lead to the development of weapons or technologies that eventually would be damaging.

In the meantime, to get down to specifics, it does appear that the next sequence will relate to various ways in which magnetic fields, electric fields, moving water fields, psychic fields, and other fields applied to inert gases will be presented through movement. The movement can be by swirling the inert gases themselves or by the movement of the stimuli such as spinning magnets or magnets that develop gradually shifting fields through their own application of electric currents. The point of the movement will be to very specifically develop vortices. Vortices will create the most powerful shift in transition energies from the higher non-physical levels into the physical levels and vice versa. This is primarily related to the direction of the vortex as has been widely observed in its relationship to Earth's vortex. Those vortices in the Northern Hemisphere that spin clockwise tend to bring those energies into a more focused hence tonified position, and those counter-clockwise energies move them in a more relaxed, opening, diffused manner, that which can then release energy. This relates to the manifestation of the energies in the clockwise form from the non-physical down into the physical. And in the counter-clockwise form from the physical up into the non-physical. We use up and down here because coordinated with Earth's gravitational field, the alignment of the vortices in the vertical direction can enhance this effect.

The idea of these technologies and the utilization of these vortices can be found all over in nature - in the human body when disease creates vortices in the holo-chakra or etheric body, and the way in which they can be healed by movement, by energy and other things. This development into the inert gas technologies can obviously lead to mistakes and difficulty that can produce disease or difficulty as well as rapid healing. And thus one must approach this next phase in a more cautious manner. The development of this along side of psychic ability to perceive changes in the human body, animals, plants, etc. has always been an important part of the inert gas experiments and therefore must continue. As then to know whether the energies in the various directions, utilization of the fields, etc. are going to be helpful or hurtful.

Hurtful energies can of course be helpful under the right conditions when one wishes for instance to break apart a concentrated deposit of toxic substance such as metallic or petrochemical substance. And one may wish at times to move energies or change them temporarily. And of course there are the many applications outside the healing realms.

So far the application with steady state technology as in permanent magnets has proven itself generally helpful because choice in consciousness as to how to receive and work with those energies is always available to the people involved.

But now by bringing the spinning, swirling, moving energies into this next phase, one must approach this with a much larger viewpoint. That the choice relates to how these energies are developed and properly utilized by all beings for the greatest good for the greatest number. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Okay, yes, thank you. Homeopathy is so far not recognized by actual academic science and rejected by peer reviews because of the high power of pharmaceutical industry and medical research. Why with so much inter-dependence and global information, have research teams not succeeded? Would the direction of research toward information systems, quantum physics and electro-magnetism be right? Could you help our understanding?

HILARION: In closed cycle experiments with good shielding from powerful negative thought forms, consistent results have been shown. Interaction with bacteria for instance of silver that has been homeopathically potentized past the 30C potency in which no physical substance remains, can be shown over and over to have repeatable effects with bacteria. Such effects are more difficult to prove now than previously simply because of increased density of negative thought forms, and therefore good triple layer shielding with Faraday cage and thick iron is usually necessary in such simple experiments.

With people it is almost impossible now to manifest the homeopathic effect consistently because of excess contamination through coffee, drugs, alcohol, chem-trails, metallic substances, petrochemicals, constant ways in which vibrational energies, E.M.F.'s, cell phones, portable telephones, strong fields from televisions, radio, etc. are constantly impinging and changing human nature. The awareness of the great value of vibrational substances at the turn of the previous century was quite well acknowledged, and it took a tremendous effort amongst allopathic medicine to push these out. The result has been a tremendous up swelling of the difficulties on Earth and the pharmaceutical industry. So it has a vested interest in maintaining these situations of electromagnetic, petrochemical, and heavy metal disturbance on the planet.

If this is continued, of course, people eventually recognize the difficulty and turn towards their own developments to protect themselves. In the meantime, homeopathy is shown to have temporary value but must usually be reapplied, so the older, slower methods are more difficult. The dose given once a month or so becomes less and less valuable in the present more crisis oriented situations.

As far as research goes, it is quite possible here when people recognize the influence of powerful thought forms, that they can use this and thus prove that such thought forms exist by homeopathic means, by finding neutralization of various homeopathic responses when shielding is removed. In the meantime, homeopathy is usually insufficient under current conditions simply because the human body realigned even temporarily by homeopathic means to then come to a place of health will require substances, foods in particular, that have the fuel within them to most powerfully and naturally balance. If such fuels are then adulterated by heating, by petrochemicals being added to them, heavy metallic substances, and so on; they only allow deeper issues, new problems, etc. Thus the body can come into balance, but this balance would require some physical support eventually, and such is not usually available in the healthiest and most appropriate means.

Again, turning to the times when homeopathy was most highly developed towards the end of the 19th century so then into the beginning of the 20th; those opportunities were maximized. Pasteurization was very little used on your planet for instance, and simply drinking unpasteurized, raw milk had tremendous capacity to strengthen and heal. You see examples of this of course if you live on a farm and you want to heal an animal that has suffered, be it a bird, a wild deer or raccoon. You give this animal, when it is little, raw milk, usually through a bottle, and find that it rapidly gains its health back. This is a powerful healing tool that was widely utilized for millennia on your planet until the advent of pasteurization in the 1940's.

Therefore the opportunities here are very simple to understand. We would not say that homeopathy is then wholly out of the opportunity for humans to use because milk is pasteurized. But it is one example of an important factor that must be taken into consideration.

Indeed then, we see a time in the future in which the proper utilization of this will take place. But the understanding of the powerful influences of all of these disturbers of human vibration, must be taken into account first. As a result the thrust is likely to be away from homeopathy for a temporary time and towards the understanding of the bringing of direct vibrational change into a human being - not through substance but through attunement to Earth, to Sun, to the sense of one’s self.

A good way to bring this and amplify it is just the kinesthetic sense. You have nerves all over your body, so you use them. This sensation of a gentle, brushing movement, beginning in the feet, moving up through the body as if that gentle paint brush, touching gently the skin surface. Yet that same sensation as if brought deeper, right into the core of the body, into the bones and nerves. That this is coordinated with breathing, drawn up into the body from the feet all the way to the head, then down into the heart on the in-breath. All the way down into the sub-navel or Dantian area, and then the breath begun in the reverse. As the exhalation takes place, this energy then permeates throughout the body, again with the sensation of the brushing, of the paintbrush energy. Other kinesthetic sensations can be chosen, with affinity to water for instance, the sensation of water moving through the body. Or affinity for warmth as if this moves throughout the body.

The point simply being, that as you allow such an energy, you create a new field, an aligned field that is very close to physical, and pushes out some of the influencing of electromagnetic energies of various negative thought forms, even to some extent energies of contamination from metals, cooked fats, and other destructive substances. The result being that one then creates one’s own field. Under such it is easier to receive the benefits of homeopathy and to use this more appropriately. But, homeopathy must always be perceived as a path back to balance, and finding that balance must mean that you are also in balance in other parts of your life - in relationships, with your children, in balance with your world, and especially then with yourself.

This brings us to the question of the teenagers - those who would seem at times to be most out of balance, even reveling in this. Yet you yourselves were often teenagers, those hearing our words, and you know of what this brings - the sense of potential, limits, knowledge of the body, and many other things. This combined with all of these toxic substances and difficulties in the world and the many distractions can lead teenagers to a place in which they simply do not know the right path to take. And if they look to their parents, they are being given so many messages of rebelliousness and turning away from that path, that it is just, well, not cool to be then as if one's parents. The solution here again is in community, not now just in terms of population as previously mentioned, reduction of scarcity, sharing of resources; but the way then in which the teenagers see all different ways of relating, different people, different energies, different ways to grow up, to be an adult, different from those of the biological or adoptive parents, guardians, etc.

Community in this regard can have tremendous value and at the same time use the powerful, strong energies at a physical level of the teenagers - IF the energies that they manifest can be accepted. This is the real difficult part in your society because in the ancient societies the teenagers were accepted for their sexuality. A young man or woman was perceived as adult physically when they passed through puberty. Puberty rituals invited this, and in many of the primitive societies an acceptance of sexuality took place

We cannot of course be in a position here to advocate for various Western countries that sex amongst those who are under the age of majority, typically eighteen years for most of the civilized countries, be accepted. But at least to talk about it, to share such energies openly, to examine them and work with them as consciously as possible, to deliberately channel them into activities that are ultimately valuable and helpful. Thus not to cover them up because at the core this is the energy of rebelliousness. It is the area by which the teenager then rejects the ways in which the parent, acting as representative of society at large, saying then, "You are not really a man, or really a woman until you are eighteen;" is projecting a lie. Because the only one who can determine whether you are really anything at all is you, be it man, woman, child, or whatever.

Ultimately then, for each of them the teenagers come to a place in which the new models, the interrelationship with community, the understanding of other possibilities, can be very important and can acknowledge for them other pathways to explore.

This brings us to the whole question of relationship. Relationships are evolving on your planet, and doing so in ways that sometimes people find quite unexpected. Yet at the same time, so much in the popular media - the old ways, jealousies, cheating, difficulties with regards to monogamy, and all of the old issues; are hashed through over and over. It is as if the deeper understanding of the true nature of relationship, your relationship as practice with others for your relationship with God, is being ignored, is not easily spoken of or understood. Yet, you find this every time you use your relationship as an inner journey, to utilize your judgments, your struggles, your difficulties as a reflection of your judgments, your struggles, your difficulties with yourself, with who you think you are, with your underlying belief patterns.

These are powerful times to take such an energy and use it. And when you do so you allow your relationship to move to a place of greater maturity, a place where the invitation towards assistance and interaction with the non-physicals, with the energies that manifest through community, or the understanding of the multiplied belief patterns and how they interact for all of humanity, and many other levels of clarification and evolution become available to you. For this reason, relationship remains a very powerful, very fast, very exasperating and rewarding path. And is therefore that which will be allowed to remain in the popular culture by the non-physicals encouraging this as much as possible just so people will continue to receive the benefits of being in relationship.

Ultimately though, the real relationship as it is manifested beyond one's self relates to the community at a practical level, and your relationship to God is therefore that much more intensified in your relationship to community. To some extent, this and other issues are addressed in a recent release, Creating a Life Together by Dan Alief Christian which is certainly recommended for people to investigate and to learn about, to see how on a practical level community is possible, to learn from the mistakes of others in community, and their successes.

Yes, should we continue?

Jill: Hilarion, why is it that we do things and ingest things that we know are harmful to us? Talk to us about addiction.

HILARION: It is a difficult matter because of the habit patterns that have been established for so long on your planet. Individuals who have confronted this by their lives being powerfully altered by a deep set addiction, that they have "hit bottom" so to speak, addiction to alcohol or drugs as being the most common, yet somehow come out of this on the other side, have often achieved a certain sense of enlightenment or awareness for themselves as if just by confronting the issue as fully and completely as possible, they have come to a new understanding of themselves. It is this understanding that has been manifested in such activities as A. A., the building of twelve step programs as a spiritual discipline.

In a sense, one could invite anyone into these programs because there are so many addictions. To use that addiction as the stepping off point is helpful as you begin such a spiritual journey - be it an addiction to television, candy bars, coffee, relationships without the depth of meaning that you know is possible, habit patterns for yourself that you know are ultimately destroying or taking away from your life, your love, your understanding, your awareness.

Such may seem a stretch at times, but when you focus on the more spiritual aspects, the surrender aspects, the awareness of receiving God's help, of making amends, of connecting to others honestly and lovingly around these issues; you begin to recognize the many possibilities that this brings forth.

This is a practical answer to your question. At the larger level, it can therefore be conceived of as a pathway towards enlightenment, as any aspect of difficulty, suffering or struggle can be. And of course it is manifested with increasing intensity on your planet with technological developments towards new drugs, direct stimulation of the brain by electricity, various new technologies, more intensified television experiences, etc., etc. But the point of these addictive processes is to give you more choice, more opportunity to see them for what they are, and to awaken in yourself another part, a being that allows you to welcome and understand higher vibration, higher energy, higher awareness.

It isn't easy of course when the old habits, simply of falling into an addictive pattern, are so strong from so many past lives. So, it therefore is important to have that scathing look into your own life, into your own habits, and make conscious decisions about every aspect of what you do on the telephone, with your children, with the foods you eat, the things you drink, what you watch on television, every moment of your waking life.

Of course this is paralleled to prioritization, towards asking the deeper question - is this manifesting consolation, so purely created in every aspect of addiction, or clarification, which can be often welcomed by the breaking through of any of these issues. The breaking through of the addictive process.

You might think that along this, the help comes primarily from the physical. But it also comes from non-physical. Indeed many individuals can find the star Fomalhaut in the night sky. Gaze upon it, receive its energy. You may find many opportunities to break through addictions, to see new awareness, because people associated with planets orbiting that star share their energy with you in a loving and encouraging way. Receiving that opportunity to see things anew, to perceive the truth of your habits, your addictions, to find yourself with new opportunities can be exciting and fun, and pleasureful, and be helpful, by utilizing some aspects of consolation in the beginning. But be careful. Do not become too addicted to those patterns so that you constantly maintain the difference which relates to attaching or inquiring. And as you ask, and as you look, and as you become awake, so then you continually inquire, continually see new aspects, new energies, new awareness.

And when you stop, you may not realize that you are falling into addictive patterns, but merely by the cessation, the stopping of asking, of looking, of inquiring, of seeking greater understanding; you are. You are indeed falling into patterns of deeper attachment, and these are the beginnings of addiction, of habit patterns. Yes it’s true that they may be habit patterns that are not harmful, but eventually the very presence of the habit pattern itself inevitably creates a belief, some sense of things as they “should” be, and various difficulties.

Hence, all beings, no matter how developed, look at these issues, understand their habits, and find where they can choose them if necessary again but as if from a new place, from the place of inquiry, from the place that releases attachment and welcomes clarification.

Jill: Okay, thank you. Is the mode of communication to receive information from highly evolved beings changing? Sometimes it seems the best place to be is a place where there are no questions.

HILARION: It is true, and indeed so many of the recent exercises and attunements - Eckhart Tolle's work The Power of Now, the energies we have spoken of in the past where you reach a place where question and answer are created together; many of these things are present for people. For those who must ask, we are here to answer. But for those who choose to go to a place where it is not necessary, where the answers and the questions are as one; there is a great deal of energy there. A wonderful place to breathe from, to be. And we invite you to understand this and experience this.

[Ed. Note: For more information Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now, see: eckharttolle.com ].

Is it true that this then stops channeling? No, it simply deepens it. It allows the modality to be beyond that which is verbal, to that which is at its source energetic. Energetic, awareness, and opportunity. Energetic coupling, energetic community.

From this, the clarification naturally emerges. But it is not that which comes at a cost. It is not the verbal with then the diminution of the audible or the kinesthetic. It is all at once because those are but manifestations of the energetic. What that means to you personally is that you have glimpses of this, awareness of it at various points in your life, and by choosing to expand those moments, you change your very nature. You think less. You do less. You have less. You be more. What you receive by this is of course paradoxically, the release of comparison. More and less mean very little under such circumstances. It is the being-ness itself that seems to manifest the energy. It is not then that those tasks in your life are those which you consciously try to do, but it is as if those tasks do you.

Now one can become very Taoist in examining and working with these, and understand the real meaning of the words of the I Ching and the understanding of Lao Tzu, and many other ancient philosophers in the past who understood wu-wei and the movement through perfection. But this is manifested as you welcome it. You always have the choice towards do or be or have in any order in which you wish to play with it until you recognize that that which brings you the maximum pleasure and maximum clarification is be. From that place of being then the answers eventually emerge. It is not as if you ever asked the question in the first place. The answer simply is apparent.

One might imagine that as a result of this, more enlightened beings, perhaps beings from other star systems, etc. don’t talk very much, don’t even communicate telepathically very much and it is true. There aren’t that many questions at such a level. But for human kind - you could say it is very interesting here because there are so many questions, so much attractions, so much being-ness, doing-ness, having-ness, so much busyness, busier than a beehive that Earth planet, and indeed, it is. And that is why it is a place of great opportunity because in the process of assistance, each of us finds an aspect of being-ness that we did not know was there before.

So, we continue to answer your questions while reminding you of this energetically that the answers are there for you. They’re yours to receive, yours to know at all levels. If you let go of the question, the answer is that much easier to receive. Specifically, letting go of the past, letting go of the future, becoming aware only of now, of your breath, of your awareness, of your body, of who you are. You begin to welcome that energy that is the deeper who you are, the one observing, the one knowing, that one of love, of God, of your essence, of your being-ness.

And so with that perhaps it would be appropriate to end for tonight if that is all right?

Jill: Yes, it is all right.

HILARION: We remind you of the emerald light, as it forms again a powerful cylinder about 30 meters or 100 feet diameter, from infinitely upwards through to center of Earth. As you breathe this light, welcome Earth’s loving response - a gentle OM up through the body. It expands outward in all directions. As the light expands and the Earth OM expands. Good bye. OM................


On healing, diet, and the tremendous benefits of the right fats: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, and for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease .

About the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information the awesome "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .

More information on Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now: eckharttolle.com .

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