Hilarion Winter Solstice Channeling 2003

Jill: Greetings, today is December 21st, 2003. We are gathered in Nevada City, California for the Winter Solstice channeling of Hilarion. Questions have been submitted by those in attendance as well as via e-mail. For further information on channelings, books or tapes contact Jon C. Fox, P. O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA, 95959, or visit our online catalog .

Hilarion: Yes, greetings. Greetings to all of you. Yes, this that energy, being or vibration that you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into various matters, attuning to energies, inviting various other beings, we would first remind you of the idea that you are present here, now breathing, aware. And for a moment letting go of all of this to come all of that which has brought you to here. Simply be aware of that breath. Be aware of that beingness. Then, invite the emerald light as a clear connecting light, infinitely upwards through to center of Earth, imagining this as about 30 meters diameter, that is about 100 feet diameter that is protecting, connecting. However also at the periphery of this cylinder of light, we ask you to imagine that there is a black, opaque disk. It is about three meters in diameter, that is about 10 feet in diameter, and towards the edge or periphery of this emerald light cylinder. At this moment, in Nevada City, as you are opening to this energy, you would imagine it then to the southwest and below the horizon. The energy of this disk is to block the effects of Mercury retrograde, to absorb them. And so wherever you are hearing this information at any time in the future, be aware of the approximate location of Mercury, pretty close generally to the location of the Sun, place the disk there in your consciousness, in your mind, and welcome the idea that Mercury represents in time of retrograde an inner working, an opportunity to contemplate carefully, to look at your inner most desires, your inner most multiple aspects of yourself - the child self, the teenage self, as a man the feminine side of your being, as a woman the male or masculine side of your being. Understanding these inner portions of your being is the great gift that is presented to the world at times of Mercury retrograde. It is not the action of this little rock going around the Sun doing this. It is the coordinated action of collective consciousness of humanity, as if then agreeing in this moment this is the time for introspection, for understanding ourselves, for bringing forth the highest and best as a result of this. And so, somewhere around January 6th or so when Mercury goes direct, the opportunity then to receive these energies. The pattern always from retrograde to direct is one in which there then is this birthing forth, this bringing out of what has been held deep. But what is unique about this particular cycle is how indeed it has begun with Mercury retrograde before the Winter Solstice, and then to turn direct after the Winter Solstice. The opportunity then to shift energies in a more concrete fashion from one way of being into another. The consciousness so typically associated with this time of year is one of a deep level of hibernation, of bringing in of energies only to bring them out in the Springtime. So here again, there is some direct parallels in this regard.

However, this is primarily applying to the Northern hemisphere, while in the Southern hemisphere of course this is the time of Summer. As you become aware of the opportunities that are afforded by collective consciousness, you begin to recognize so many aspects about this that you would not otherwise. Most individuals as they recognize collective consciousness, tend to rebel against it where it is that which has, in their own conception, harmed them, limited them, imprisoned them, shifted their consciousness to some area that was undesirable for them. Collective consciousness however, therefore becomes that which you approach and understand by habit pattern. This is the great difficulty you see. Where the habit pattern itself has been established lifetime after lifetime, you approach it unconsciously without a deeper understanding of its possibility, without really being able to work with it; whatever that habit pattern is - from something as simple as a particular desire or reaction you have in working with others all the way to the consciousness relating to all of humanity. And so by approaching this energy in a positive way - that which asks what is right about it - you create as an example for yourself an energy that allows you to break down habit patterns, to understand why they are there, and be able to change them into something that is ultimately more productive, perhaps a different habit pattern, perhaps no pattern at all - a place of greater freedom, openness, awareness that you had previously, perhaps, avoided or denied.

Now of course because of these collective patterns particularly in the Northern hemisphere right now, the animals as they look to humanity, as they observe the larger consciousness and receive it in a more direct fashion are affected by this. In this time period, this is the darkest time, the time when the animals then struggle, come to understand their own difficulties. Many perish. And during this time period, scarcity of food, opportunity to interact in a more close knit way, ability to learn from each other; many things take place. So for a moment now we would ask you to be aware of this and send a positive thought, a positive light, a positive, helpful energy towards any animal. It could be an animal that you recognize as your own personal, internal totem or symbol, or it could be the idea of the animals that live in the neighborhood where you are, or the idea of animals in the sense of an internal animal self that you've confronted or worked with in your own consciousness. But for a moment then, as if to say, this darkness, this long night, this will pass. The opportunity for Springtime, for the thaw, for the awakening; this will come soon enough. This level of patience is one of the key energies that connect you to the animal world. Many of those in the animal kingdom have witnessed many seasons. But unless they have a higher degree of intelligence, such as evidenced in the cetaceans, that is whales and dolphins, or some of the domesticated animals that work with humans more consciously such as dogs and cats; for the most part they are not so aware of this seasonal shift. And your opportunity to give them this sense of the patience, of the awareness of the cycles is one of the reasons humans and animals interact. They also understand the cycles, but in a much more instinctive way.

And so as you open to this idea of knowing what will come in its own time, not being worried about it because you have seen this change so often, so then the animals can communicate to you about this instinct. It is as if you are in the same level of communication. They do not communicate with you by words but by movement, by feelings, by pictures. So drink that in now for a moment and recognize the instinctive self within your own heart, within your own being, within your own taste buds, your own ability to smell; that this is a beautiful gift that these beings have to share with you.

Now in discussing and working with these issues, one must recognize that one cannot deal with a specific issue in denial or repression of every other issue, but getting at the general understanding, the deeper issue is the key. And so you see that there are many factors that influence how people respond, how they work with energies, how they exist in the world. These factors include the non-physical beings, and we will discuss this more extensively in a few minutes. But also the energies associated with habit patterns as they're collecting energies right now and working through the shared consciousness of all of humanity. But as well as this, the underlying biological aspects, the aspects that bring forth the fruits of consciousness. After all, it would be very difficult for you to express yourself without the physical attributes that you have - your hands and fingers able to as would now be seen in the majority of cases, operate a computer keyboard in order to write and share information. It might have in times past been referred to as the pen. But it is now the keyboard which is mightier than the sword. Similarly your action in your voice and its ability to speak. To have the proper tools to do this, to be able to share your energy with others; this requires fuel and it is the underlying difficulty that so many do not understand about these fuels that is bringing forth so many of the difficulties on your planet.

For a time, the underlying habit patterns, the thought that you were better than the animals, you were more civilized, that you could therefore eat and drink in ways that separated you from the animals. Bringing you to elaborate methods of cooking and now, processing of foods and even methods that make the foods entirely artificial, that which are derived from clearly non-food sources such as wood, plastic, oil and other materials never designed for man to understand and work with as food. These then take their toll because the underlying vibrational energies do not have the life force built within them and the collective consciousness recognizes this. But, in understanding and working with the overall habit patterns that have existed for millennia, this then brings to positions of power the ego. The energy that says, I will wield this over others in order to make a lot of money at the expense of that which is natural. And as a result genetic engineering, various methods of processing foods and all the rest have then taken over on your planet. Up to a certain point around the 1940's, the utilization of raw milk, widely utilized all over the planet, was to some extent a mitigating factor here. This is a powerful healing food as anyone who works on a farm can tell you. Giving it to any animal that is sick or ailing will heal them and assist them. And so people indeed drank this for millennia up until pasteurization became widespread. Thus similar to the energy associated with Potenger's cats and all that it represents, three generations later, approximately 21 years per generation, from around 1940 this takes you into 2003, and such energies then are associated with a tremendous up swelling of difficulty in the new generation. All kinds of health issues, physical issues that have nothing to do with the larger vibrational context are then being presented into the physical bodies of people. And the primary solutions that are being proposed in the world for this is further destruction by the utilization of allopathic drug substances and techniques which only cause greater harm.

[Ed. Note: For more about raw dairy and its amazing healing capabilities, see: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

Eventually people will realize this. They will come to their senses so to speak about it, along with many other things. And yet here is an example of the specific alerting you to the larger issue, specifically then into what is right about it - that people will then gravitate towards an understanding of what is natural. Lest you misunderstand here, we do not mean by any means that vitamin supplements are natural. And it must be understood here that the profit motive is that which is derived from fear and ego issues. In the consciousness however, is the solution to this. There's a key which was placed within your consciousness a long time ago which you have almost completely forgotten about. The issues of fear and ego have been built up in your consciousness over and over to the point that certain of the specific ways in which fear and ego issues are utilized, for instance around money, have been so widespread on your planet as to be accepted or deemed universally applicable as if that's the nature of the universe. It isn't of course. This is one of the great lessons or the messages of some of your prophets and soothsayers. No, prophets and soothsayers in the majority are not beings channeling, nor religious beings, nor enlightened beings; they are your scientists because they are looking into the future when they peer with their telescopes into space, because that is the light coming from a star from very far away. That light then coming to you now telling you, showing you of your future and your past.

And so these energies relate to the understanding that in the cosmos, money is of no great importance, neither are fear and ego. But the qualities that one can observe and experience directly, though subjective, can be hints into a deeper understanding of what is right about your world - an appreciation of beauty, an understanding of the expansive quality of the universe, the tremendous variety of energies that are present there and can be observed there. So much of this is taught as you awaken to the lessons of the universe directly. From this one can therefore understand that the issues associated with fear and ego for instance, are temporary. And that as you have the strength to go through them, to work with them, to understand them; you also then have the ideas as to what to do about it.

This is the real problem you see. Most people are simply not willing yet to ask, to look at what is right about it and what they wish to change about it. And to begin by applying this in their own lives personally, then would naturally lead to the way in which this is applied globally. But until people are willing to have this, and to have the pain associated with the answers that they receive to this, the sorrow, the shame, the struggles, the energies associated with the answers that are personal to you; then people will continue to avoid, deny, step aside.

Yes, it is true that habit pattern plays a role here. But it is also based on the biological organism. It has been observed even into the micro-organisms and going back in ancient history way before human beings, that the pain response to pull away was a valuable one for most organisms. As a result, too much energy as in too much heat or too little energy as in too little food or too little heat as in cold, might then produce that pull away response, and inevitably lead the organism to a different aspect, not necessarily a better one. If it was a worse one the organism might die. But if it was a better one than that which it was originally exposed to then the chance of survival would increase. This is innate to many aspects in nature, and it is the response to pull away from pain.

The result of this as it has been a powerful, collective consciousness habit pattern for a long time, cellularly based, is that which then people would naturally assume means that as they pull away from the pain, they should then be looking primarily to the new aspect, to that which is not the pain. This is correct when the visual sense is minimal, as might be the case in a very primitive one cell organism. But as humanity and many other organisms have developed the visual sight, the various other ways of sensing, and ultimately the open heart and the ability to receive information from guides, helpers and others; the new level of this begins gradually to take place around the level of collective consciousness for all beings that you will also observe all aspects. You will observe where the pain came from, what it was associated with, what was right about it, what the new aspects might have within them that would be helpful to you, and those that would indeed follow the old patterns so you might avoid them, etc., etc. This is the first step: being at observation.

Now, there is a question here as to teenagers specifically seeking to avoid pain and deny it or step away from it, or allow it to be with them only to a point that it becomes uncomfortable and then, to do everything in their power to numb it. Of course this is not restricted to teenagers as all beings will do this, and they have many more effective tools for doing this now than they did even just a few years ago. But the point of using the tools inevitably reduces vision. Yes, you may find the visual acuity in one particular area greater but the overall vision, the greater picture, understanding all of it. This inevitably occurs whenever the denial aspect is there. So, the habit pattern is broken generation to generation or created generation to generation depending upon which of those patterns it is. And so as you break this pattern for yourself, your children will be more likely to break it at a younger age for themselves. But, when you look in your own life, you may often see that the place where you stopped numbing, started really looking, coming to a deeper understanding about pain, occurred for you perhaps when you were older than being a teenager. So if they do it just a year or two younger, see that as progress.

In terms however of the state of humanity of course to speed this up, to bring it into consciousness more quickly; this is a wonderful thing and it is important because it will bring to this planet, within your lifetime, the opportunity for greater awakening, greater light. Or, if it is not brought in by those who are teenagers now, you will need then to incarnate yourselves again, or perhaps even a few more times, before you feel it.

A question has been posed - is this the best solution, that indeed only by a massive destroying of those who do not understand the larger aspect. That then those who are left will understand and awaken. Indeed, it cannot be stated with certainty as to probabilities, which way it will go and all the rest, but there is a beautiful thing happening on your planet, a place in which a new paradigm is emerging in which people are beginning to look more consciously. This is the first step - that they ask the questions, hard, deep, scathing questions of themselves. The more they do this, the more they are willing to listen to those answers, the more they are willing to share it; the closer this new paradigm comes. It will eventually be one in which those answers are listened to en masse, where the collective consciousness answers have a greater degree of weight than the individual answers. You already perceive this in which those answers come to you and they are similar answers to what your friends and loved ones have perceived. But the point of this is practice at asking the questions: why am I here, how do I maximize my time here? And given those answers that inevitably show up around polarities such as consolation vs. clarification - how then will I apply this in my life and how do I bring more consolation in service to clarification and more clarification on its own in my life everyday?

In answering that question on a personal level, you are changing the habit pattern of humanity which has been to turn away, not only from pain of course which was what the question was about, but from all of the negative emotions. The overall thought form as has been quoted so frequently, "Oh no, not again!" And when those emotions show up they are reminders to you of all the times in the past when that emotion was present and an issue showed up that you could not solve. When the emotion therefore was the trigger, was available to you, and you did not work with the issue. That issue to some extent comes back to you again when the emotion comes. That is the mental side to it of course, and the place where the breakthrough can often occur if you can simply be with the emotion and ask the questions - what is the belief pattern that is running things here? Who would you be without that belief pattern? And then apply the law of reflection that whatever the issue was its real issue, the sticking point, the place where you couldn't really understand it; is the part that relates to you, not to that which relates to anything outside of you - another person, another issue. But rather every aspect of you here, now.

This understanding tells you that at its core the difficulty by which beings, teenagers or others, numb themselves, turn off the pain, and so on; is simply ignorance of the law of reflection. Now this can of course be applied in every regard as we have spoken extensively - to every imbalance, every illness, every struggle, every difficulty, every disease. That they are the universal laws misunderstood, misapplied in single nature as is often the case with law of reflection, or multiple nature as it may be the case for instance with several universal laws simultaneously. But the point is that the mental understanding of the law is insufficient. If it was sufficient, your understanding of it would be the great "ahha" and it would change everything in your life. In point of fact, it is your habit pattern, the experience in the physical world that is the two edge sword here. That which provides to you the impetus to come here and learn, to be part of it, because it feels good, because you can hug, because you can feel pleasure, because you can awaken a positive, helpful, loving part, and you can have those parts that get your attention because they are painful, or bring struggle or difficulty so you will avoid them in future incarnations. The lessons of experience. But also, the way then in which all those energies as they combine together illustrate for you the laws in a very concrete, experiential way.

This is the tricky part - the blending you might say between the mind and the heart. Finding heart/mind in every aspect of life usually means simply letting go of the past, letting go of the future, and focusing your attention right now on the breath, on this moment as if then to naturally welcome heart and mind together. The answers, the new possibilities, the new ways to view energy, all kinds of things are finally allowed to come in. Understand here that what we are presenting are two paths. The two paths are not paths that you must choose every time, in fact one sort of enfolds the other. We've spoken of this in the past. There's the path of resistance relating to Ohm's law: potential equals resistance multiplied by flow. And a path of super-conductivity in which resistance falls to zero, flow and potential are maximized. The point simply being that as you need the path of resistance, you require the path of experience to feel it, to get the energy. You work with it over and over and over. Eventually the deeper questioning reveals to you the possibility of another path. That's all it takes. That's what we've done now, so now you know. The jig is up as some might say. Because now each time you consciously choose a path of resistance, you do it to slow down your evolution so that you may understand things step by step. Do not judge it; simply be aware of it that that is what you are doing. And then ask, "Do I do this out of habit pattern, fear, ego, ignorance, or perhaps because I simply forgot to ask?"

And this is where the process of asking is so powerful you see. The moment you switch it to a place of inquiry, you are no longer at the effect of it. You are no longer being pushed by the path of experience and resistance. You are willing then to learn of it. It is as if then the path of super-conductivity enfolds, wraps around, loves, encourages and welcomes the path of resistance, the path of experience, but hints to you there is another way, there is more. Breathe it. Know it. Feel it. Do not figure it out. It is through your heart being inspired, awakening, shifting, learning from your mind. And your mind inspired, awakened, loved, learning from your heart.

[Ed. Note: For more information about the awesome "inquiry" process of Byron Katie, see: The Work. ]

Those are physical attributes. We are not in a body. We do not have those attributes. But, at the same time, the understanding of this is shared amongst all beings who have been human. And this is the wonderful thing about the experience, the wonderful thing you take with you. And when you ask the question - what then of this experience, of the money, or the relationships, or the interactions; what of it do you take with you? That powerful question acts as a strong filter to let you release and throw away so many things that are ultimately going to pose difficulty to you.

A question has been posed then about the cleansing of the aura. Any method that takes you to the one in which the resistances are released, naturally allows the highest vibration, the incoming energy or the incoming ray to then move through you, hence cleansing the aura. But specific techniques abound of all kinds. The simplest, that from your experience of being happy, of having joy, jubilation, exuberance, enthusiasm, awakening. To manifest this by imposition is difficult, but to welcome it as a natural discovery of your breath is always available to you if you ask what is really going on here, and are able to step back a moment and see that you are playing out a role of some sort.

Of course there is the constant influence, interaction with the non-physical beings who out number you approximately nine to one on this planet. The higher evolved ones, the lower evolved ones and those in between doing what they can to learn and grow, to help where they can, hinder where they need energy, and then eventually to become physical. The cycle simply continuing. These are in fact the energies which habituate. They actually are the continuers of the habit patterns. And the way in which habit patterns are broken generation to generation actually comes when you die and move into the non-physical realm, and act as a guide and helper be it conscious or unconscious. An intruder is in a certain sense, helping things because it is allowing that habituation to take place. And so the result is that the habit patterns are continued at the higher levels of consciousness and at the lower, subtle levels, and all of the non-physical levels. One of the important aspects of simply waking up, simply being aware that you move through these existences, is that then at some point when you die, you don't then move to yet another level of unconsciousness, but continue to ask those questions, hence breaking the habit pattern powerfully. And it is this which is different from all previous attempts by the non-physical beings, by the philosophers, by the Christ to make a difference on your planet. Why the emphasis through our energy and that of many others, including the scientists on your planet, to ask the deeper questions, or at least ask questions that will get you asking the deeper questions if they are unwilling to. Because, as this is eventually the new habit pattern, everything changes.

[Ed. Note: For more about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us, see: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.]

For instance, given that there is, on your planet, sufficient energy, there are enough resources, enough food for all. Enough opportunity with science, technology, understanding to balance the world population, for people to live, have shelter, be provided for and have sufficient food; then why not do it? Why not make those changes? The answers that come from this can lead you down many paths relating to fear and ego and identity crisis of world leaders, and the fear issues of one country against the other and all of the other specifics relating to this time and this place. But the bigger question - why not? - will allow you at times to have a sense of humanity, of love, of compassion, of caring, and of unity. And that this understanding is based upon the idea that there is similarity. That that individual in some other country is not your enemy. They may be temporarily because of political or geographical aspects, but at the level of consciousness they are a human being just like you. A consciousness just like you. An aspect seeking to learn, to grow, to survive, to interact. The point of this inquiry as you move through it is that eventually you will come to the idea that certain aspects in your world inevitably separate and prevent the aspects of higher consciousness from coming through. That separation, that viewing of each other as enemies serves certain individuals sufficiently at this time. But when there is sufficient consciousness, these can be released.

In many planets that we've observed, this works to the place of a general strike, a place in which all beings in the world decide that it is time for an end to what has been. The strike in some cases goes on for many decades, and the result is a complete dissolution of society, anarchy, destruction, greater fear, and ultimately utilization of small scale nuclear weapons in some capacity that wreaks harm upon everyone. Obviously people in positions of power have not utilized their nuclear weapons capability for good reason. They know, they know in their hearts, in their minds, in every aspect of their consciousness that this would destroy everything for themselves as well. But it is those individuals who do not have this understanding that pose the greatest danger to humanity.

Similarly in other planets where these energies have been utilized, the general strike goes on for a few years and people come to their senses. They realize that what has served them now must be released - money perhaps, or some barter method, or class divisions, or various aspects of judgment of caste depending on the particular civilization. Humanity has pieces of this, but it is ready to let go of them eventually.

Other than general strike, other ways have been allowed. For instance in the destruction by some cataclysmic event of many, many souls by which then those who are left are supposedly the "good guys". This would seem applicable to humanity if it was clear as to the judgment, as to who would survive and who would not. But along these lines you will have a great deal of difficulty in understanding and working through the issues until the questions are clear, and once the questions are sufficiently clear, it is highly likely that humanity can make the changes on its own without such cataclysmic destruction, without such difficulty. Although only time will tell. You see the tremendous focalizing of energy for awareness of this within the next decade for people to come to this deeper understanding and that it must be based upon the willingness to ask, to look at the issues, to understand what comes through, and to receive them deep in your heart.

And so for this, we would like to bring in another to speak to you.

Sananda: Thank you Hilarion. I am Sananda and have been a sign post or beacon for your planet for a few thousand years. My name has been used in many forms as a prophet, as a religious figure, but what has been overlooked is the light of the Christ in your heart. This golden light, it is a brilliant light, it is a liquid light. It is this light with which I can communicate with others - other people, your energy, but also religious figures on your planet be they charismatic or reclusive. It is an energy that I do not deny to anyone and so it has within it the idea that you will not deny it to your friends, to your loved ones, but most importantly, to your child self.

Christmas has been a powerful symbol of the baby, of the child energy. Powerful but also so kind and loving. This is an energy that is real with the experience of being born, and you have all felt it. So let the little baby be in your heart now. And let that child be golden, pouring light to you, filling you with a loving, caring light. This is the great symbol of being human - to understand and to receive that baby, to let the energy of your own child self, your own baby self always be with you.

It is at once simple and wise, because within its eyes is a great light, a light which loves completely, universally, perfectly. And that light never goes out from the world. Even in its times of struggle or darkness, the light is there.

This energy can come through in many ways. It can be felt by many people in many religious disciplines, but it is a core that is based in the biology of your heart, in the consciousness of your subtle bodies, in your breath. It is a great gift that Earth bestows on all humans, and a great gift humans are given to bestow upon each other. This is why the spirit of Christmas has evolved into gift giving. And that energy that is felt still as it may be corrupted by the commercial aspects or changed by religious dogma; it still shines through. The energy that says: in your heart, you are one.

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. We thank you Sananda for the idea of this as a crystal clear light in the heart. It has been asked as to our impressions of this being. And anyone who works at the multi-dimensional levels, be it in your own sleep or in your projections, in your meditations can contact and work with this to know for yourself. To perceive this in its truth is to understand it as a clear light that has within it a personality, a personality of love, of caring, of compassion, of a willingness to burst through any wall of pain or struggle in order to contact and know that love. Not that love from him, but that love within you.

And so when we are discouraged, when there are times when our willingness to help seems insufficient, that is who we might seek out. Not so much for counseling or advice, there is plenty of that at the non-physical levels, but for encouragement, for the awakening of the heart light, for the energy that says, I love. And so as I love, so you too can love.

One might ask then in understanding the energies associated with consciousness as associated with being experienced, physical, in the body, about these beings - that is limiting them. Mary, for instance and her willingness to help the children of your world, to appear to them in visions, to guide them and love them; this is a powerful symbol that has been added to by the non-physical realms and is a useful, helpful, uplifting energy for anyone who wishes to contact it.

Mary: Through this body [Jon’s body] I have been known as Miriam, and I have contacted you through him before. That you know me as the mother of the carpenter, the way-shower. Yet, it is to the children that I speak and to the child self in you. It is this which must awaken, to recall the child part of you that loves and is loved. And with this part of you I strengthen a clear eye to look. What will you see in the world? When you look with your heart's eye, when you understand with the eyes of a child just as Jesus has shown you, you look with love. And what you will see hurts. You must shed tears for what you see - for the ways in the world that have harmed or allowed suffering. But you must look. The child will look. The child will be scarred by what he or she sees, but will look anyway. And so now it is time to look at your world through the eyes of a child, to see in your heart where suffering is needless, where struggle can be released, where old ways can be then let go of so that the new ones of love, new ones of appreciation, new ones of acceptance can be welcome again.

But still this is not enough. You must literally, physically cry to see with my eyes, to understand this and to feel it. And this is my answer to your question about pain, about why the children (I do see the teenagers as children you know), why they indeed recoil from this. They do not welcome the tears because you do not welcome them. But the tears can be that of release of toxicity, release of stress. And the release of these tears as the new thought form must be the veil of tears, the wall of tears, the curtain of tears that is passed through by everyone on your planet when you truly see what you have done to yourselves and why you no longer need to. You must cry for them, for the children, for your own hearts, for your Earth as you then make the corrections and move into the level that is ultimately of greatest joy for all.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. Our relationship to Mary is one of deep respect, but also an understanding that your willingness to see in this way is one also of confronting your pain, and knowing that it is there to be released. It is there to understand, there to remind you, that it has a purpose. It is not just to be avoided. A moment please.....

There are some questions of a technological nature. We would like to put these a little ahead, perhaps focusing on a little bit more of this understanding of the larger issues for all of humanity. Although we did speak briefly about fear and ego issues, it must be understood that one important component here is that which is under your control, under your domain. Part of it this place of kindness - a place of love, compassion or caring generally dissolves both aspects of fear and ego. Most people are quite familiar with the fear issues, and they understand how love and fear are opposites and they are often able to dissolve the fear with sufficient love. But they do not understand or appreciate the difficulties associated with the ego issues. These are the issues by which safety, as it is associated with fear, may eventually be a powerful, key concern. The place you could say where fear and ego meet. Just today, all kinds of warnings issued by your F. B. I. of potential attacks on various major cities. Though the information is vague and the culprits always as then the latest, shall we say, the "enemy of the month", now it is Al Queda. So these energies transpire, and at times then as people see that as their enemy, they are sucked into this powerful maelstrom of coordinated consciousness relating to the blending of fear and ego issues. Ego in the sense that you would know what is then the best way to provide your own safety. This is ridiculous. You are already safe in the sense that your consciousness goes on regardless of the physical body. And you cannot be truly, completely safe from any determined terrorist, meaning any person who wishes to strike fear into your consciousness.

So, again, the issues here of fear and ego become intertwined around the understanding of terrorism. And this is very important for those in positions of power - to push this energy to the surface in order to then maintain and work with control at every level possible because they are afraid of losing control of themselves.

And so again with the law of reflection, as this is a part of your being and you can take a little more in the way of risks, help others do things that are of some concrete potential, or ultimately meaningless value. It does not matter how you judge this, you know, you change the underlying thought form. You change the consciousness for all beings.

So for a moment, as we suggest a little stretch, we would imagine that there is an energy, guides, helpers, all kinds of positive energies flowing through you. So we ask you to welcome this energy, to imagine it moving through you as you stretch, and out the hands, out into the world, as if a powerful stream of golden light that says in your own consciousness you are safe. The energies of aliveness are yours. The energies to love and be loved are yours - always have been. A simple stretch that pours love into the world.

Now as you awaken various aspects of consciousness, you come to see that alternate modes are necessary, other ways of doing things in the world. And so you come to one of the best ways to work with fear and ego - that you don't get trapped by the old patterns, that you find a new way. For many people this is easy when it makes use of new technologies, new vibrational remedies, new ways of relating, the newest, latest book, the awareness of consciousness, and so on. And that's fine, but you must understand that at the core level you must confront each and every one of the universal laws. You must consciously work with each aspect of the law of reflection as it then applies to how you see and know yourself. As a great beginning place it teaches you a lot. But, unless you are a complete hermit, you are working with the law of reflection constantly because others are in your face, they are talking to you, you are interacting with them. And this is the good part, the positive part about money - the way in which indeed it is drawing people together in every way, and why the difficulties in the economy, why the struggles amongst nations can inevitably lead to greater cooperation. Or, the difficulties, depending on whether people are basing what they are doing at the mind level, thinking about it, planning it on the issues of fear and ego or on cooperation, clarification, and love.

In other words, at the community level, at the level by which you use the law of reflection, the answer then appears asked as if the issues of fear and ego were not very important to you. You can do so because you understand them, because you compartmentalize them. When push comes to shove you will inevitably fall back to the old habit patterns, but in the meantime, your projects, your inter-relations with others, the ways in which you can help each other; these can be easy to map out.

Now when it comes to the underlying emotions associated with fear, you have all kinds of strategies such as harming others, such as anger, or as running away. You don't have to do any of that of course; you can simply identify the fear - false evidence appearing as real - look for what is truth. Or, feel the fear and do it anyway. In other words, there are many techniques.

With the ego issue it is usually more difficult. You must, for a time, become familiar with when, shall we say, your ego strings are being plucked. And this is one of the wonderful things you can do in relationship. You can have that person that you are willing to play with pluck those strings so that you can really feel them, and really know them. They can puff you up, like a blow fish, to the point that you are feeling so great about yourself, and then you can really step back and laugh at yourself. Obviously, the key here in busting through this is also in a way similar to fear in that it is about telling the truth. The truth in all aspects of relationship, in who you are, in who you could be will inevitably allow you then the deeper understanding that is ego-less. But in the meantime, coming back to the present, utilizing a meditation that draws your attention to here and now without the future, without the past will be of tremendous value in releasing the ego issues.

Now, there is this deeper issue as one works with all of this as you would apply it to someone else. Is that person genuinely evil, as for instance the bad guy of the month - a Saddam Hussein or a Bin Laden or whatever. That is there by the law of reflection for your internal bad guy of the month, for you to work with as a symbol and understand where there is a place in you that is afraid, that wants to dominate others, that might struggle. In terms of objective reality, such individuals act as figure heads just as much as the more positive figure heads in your life, act as symbols for humanity. And those who relate to and represent the negative aspects in themselves often are doing so for very positive, altruistic and helpful reasons. Doing so out of fear perhaps or because they are working from habit patterns so long developed they are as if robots. This does not, for the intent of helping you, forgive them. That is not about the understanding of the law of reflection. The law of reflection telling you that as then they are so are you. And that is what is available to you to forgive.

As you understand that, the necessity for a focusing of energy on a single human to act as a representative of evil becomes unnecessary because you are at last taking responsibility for your own willingness to understand and grow, to be aware, to be alive yourself.

Now, one must then recognize where others do not apply universal laws, and ask then - are the Saddam Husseins or Bin Ladens of the world utilizing the universal law principle themselves? Well one way to answer that is of course - it's none of your business. It is what they do with their energy and their time. But because you are comparing aspects of yourself, you do have the right to look at this and understand it. And as we perceive it then, they're often in the position they are in because they have moved through a sequence of lifetimes and they are right on the threshold, right on the verge of really, deeply, truly, totally getting it. Understanding the deepest level of consciousness, the awareness of a positive, helpful energy that they could manifest. And because they have turned their back on this, they manifest the opposite. They are working strongly with the law of opposite expression, combined with the law of reflection, and in themselves then unable to understand what has been brought upon them find them in a position as alternating in one life between victim and perpetrator. Hence, Saddam Hussein, clearly perpetrator in all kinds of deeds, acts, things that will come out eventually as being indeed ultimately harmful to many; is in position of victim as the world dumps on him and sees him as the real bad guy, etc., etc.

You see this over and over even in the admissions, in print of some of the acknowledged great ones on your planet such as William the Conqueror reincarnating as Paramahansa Yogananda. The point of this is that such beings, as they come to the level of consciousness are willing to risk it all, to raise the stakes to such a level that indeed they interact with humanity at a very powerful level. This is the positive example, even in those who are perceived by society as evil, that they then are in themselves willing to risk it all. Understanding this then gives people a hint as to what is ultimately important as you wish to change, as you wish to grow. So perhaps this would be a good time for some of the other questions.

Jill: Hilarion, could you recommend a plan for using essences? There are thousands of them. Many sound like they could be helpful, but each requires time to gain benefits from. Time seems to be short. How can we use them most effectively?

Hilarion: You can't restrict the question only to vibrational remedies, essences. What about the many different healing techniques on your planet? What about all of the different healing modalities? What about all of the different things you could be studying in the world? You could certainly learn from Reiki, but you might also learn from all different disciplines. And this goes on and on. It is not so much about vibrational remedies as it is about making decisions. Each person must find methods that work best for this. The key is generally some way of simulating at a more rapid rate and then being able to draw inference from the simulation. There are many techniques for this, and there are some that we recommend because they in themselves will produce answers that are very reliable. But the practice of looking with that technique, with that filter, with that methodology eventually leads you to a much higher level of understanding because when you are trapped in the law of opposites relating to the understanding of doing, you will be ignoring the aspect of being. In other words, an answer that works in the context in which the question has been posed is back within the realm of resistance as opposed to learning from the methodology to a place of super conductivity, deeper awareness, embracing consciousness.

Of course essences and various vibrational remedies in raising consciousness, push you in such direction, but the beautiful thing is that they all do that. Even those remedies which may not be specifically seeming to affect you at the physical level, taking an essence for instance because you're trying to cure something at the physical level, will raise your vibration.

We would suggest in the area of remedies and vibrational essences, etc. specifically that people approach this from several levels simultaneously - that they become aware of the process by making their own elixirs, making their own essences even if it is just as simple as taking a little bowl of water out in to the night sky to pick up a little of the first rising star, typically Venus, but whatever, bringing this into the water and drinking it. Or into the realm of a little greater complexity but the Sun method of putting a flower, or a gem into the water and in the Sun. These simple methods attune you to the underlying vibrational realities. They help you in a way that no book, no advice, no meditation can really do because you are there; you are part of the process. You're sitting near the bowl of water. You're in the Sun. You're tuning into the star. You're working with the energy. The point is that in this way you move by a path alternate to that of the more verbal path. A method that works intuitively to allow you to make the decision, the understanding is therefore quite valuable. It can be bio-kinesiology. I can be a visualization technique.

But we see the greatest difficulty with these is attachment, that you have some degree of wishful thinking, that this, that, or the other thing for whatever reason has influenced you. So we would suggest for this that you work deliberately towards a place of non-attachment. Visualize a second image of yourself in the mirror - older, younger, fatter, thinner, clothed, nude, changing constantly until it settles down. The image leaves the mirror and goes off and tries different things. In this case, holding or taking each remedy. But the image is separate; it is your second image, not you. And you notice what is happening in your physical body as you see the second image move through these things. Expansion, warmth, lightness that you may be feeling in your physical body as you witness the second image doing this; this means yes. Contraction, coldness, heaviness means no. Now obviously you can apply this to other decisions, and the point of such an exercise is to raise your consciousness so that other decisions become easier - in working through relationships or what to eat in the morning people have used this. But we would generally suggest that it be for areas that need to be a little more spiritually attuned, vibrationally inclined, areas that relate more towards the larger aspects of your life.

Now the deeper issue that emerges from this is the experience of non-attachment itself. A place where your own consciousness is more directly receiving and working with energies, awakening the intuitive self, and this occurs also with other methods such as with bio-kinesiology, such as with direct meditation or attunement, such as simply holding the substance near you and seeing what happens. All of these can be perfectly viable methods as they awaken or shift you, as you welcome them. And it is important to realize that everything that is done along these ways acts as a sort of bridge out of the path of resistance and into one of greater super-conductivity so that you welcome them. You inevitably are touching that, feeling it, receiving it, being taught by it.

Obviously it is going to help a lot if your aura is very clean when you are doing this, meaning that you have manifested a positive, helpful energy. There are many techniques for this, but in speaking about denial before, we did not bring up the issue of the rebel. There’s a rebel in all of you, and this is also the flip side of wishful thinking - the rebellious one that is going to say, “I don’t want any of it to work.” And that energy is the teenage energy in a nutshell in many cases. Then, the Marlon Brando quote when asked, “What are you rebelling against?”, he said, “What have you got?” And the point for all of this in your own consciousness is the awakening that you have a choice about this matter, about how to respond to it. And for this we bring up the specific instance of the book we’ve recommended so often that really relates to clearing of energy, raising of energy which certainly affects the clearing of the aura, Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. If you haven’t read it now, don’t deny that you have a rebel in you. Further questions?

Jill: Why do we have so much more mental illness than ever? Comment on the increased use of psycho-tropic meds. What is the cause? What is the remedy? Are they all that helpful?

Hilarion: It is an interesting matter. The solution is right in line with the profit motive, the medical system as it stands, the whole nature of allopathic medicine. But eventually it runs out its course as the side effects from all the medications exert themselves on the human body. As we have already suggested, so many ways that have pushed people out of the ways of naturalness, have been so widely embraced by your society, and so widely advertised as almost to reach the level of universal acceptability; this is having its toll on each successive generation.

The indigo children as the generation now coming into the early use of these drugs and into the next decade more and more use of these medications to help them supposedly, will be the first to collectively hold the new picture. It may be a few years, but what they will discover is that there is another energy, another solution, another way forward. They will not always know what it is. They may even choose to delve deeply into their depression or their supposed insanity or struggle, but the point will be that as they do this they will be setting the seeds for the ultimate manifestation of these energies on the worldwide basis - that which we have already described as a general strike. The point simply being that as they ask the deeper questions, inevitably a solution that is successful will emerge. The solution has already been applied to a fairly good number of people, a few thousand, with extremely high degree of success. And this is the utilization of the diet of your ancestors, that which the human body was designed for in the first place.

The next level of this is the influence of the crystal children or the next generation to come. These will often be the children of the indigo children, and they may be other generations as well. But their idea of bringing in a higher consciousness that will merge with that of the physical and inherently then raise its vibration, will be sufficient to bring a few mutations into the human life stream that will be able to tolerate the higher levels of pollution and struggle once there is sufficient connection and attunement to the underlying healthful diet that is associated with the diet of your ancestors. Then the opportunity to branch off from this into higher vibrational diets - a solar diet, a breatharian diet, a vibrational diet will be possible. Such would be inevitably necessary when some of the underlying recognition of the inherently natural foods is lost from your planet. This is already very close to occurring as cross pollination throughout the Western hemisphere by genetically modified foods is so widespread that the genetic detection at levels of less than 1% is now universal in all foods, be they organically grown or commercially grown in the Western hemisphere. Such has not occurred in Europe, Africa, and Asia yet, but it seems inevitable given the way in which all of these products are being shared across the planet.

In the meantime, the underlying issues as the children evolve will inevitably cause change and shift. For your own part here it is very useful here to look at the underlying questions, to return as much as possible to an understanding of what the human body was designed for. If you cannot do this then the psycho-tropic drugs when they are applied can temporarily provide the reduction in symptoms. When the individual is in such a position of having greater mental clarity, introduce the idea, the educational aspect of the diet of your ancestors, of what your human body was designed for. Think of it logically. Think of it with the mind. Look at it without emotional attachment. And inevitably these levels of education will be utilized. Such individuals may be on such medications for long periods - 10, 20, 30 years - but as the side effects crop up, as the underlying difficulties show themselves; they will have in the meantime educated themselves about other possibilities and be able to move back eventually to either lowered levels or elimination of those medications once correct foods are utilized.

Of course, there are those who are your soothsayers, way showers, front runners such as Fallon, Vonderplanitz, Price and others. To read their works, to understand these underlying principles will help you in the deeper level issue, in the education and communication with the children as they grow. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Thank you Hilarion. Are there circumstances under which the use of the white powder of gold and related substances would be useful in the next few years in an overall approach to spiritual evolution?

Hilarion: Yes. It does seem that in general, using this as vibrational remedy is going to hold the greatest success. The body's proclivity to hold on to associated metals may be too great. Hence, utilizing it in a highly dilute form would be preferable. A 30C potency seems just about ideal for white powder of gold or oremus or - it goes by many names but it is a super conductive material. Yet, the physical material itself may be a bit much for most people to work with and may indeed prove itself harmful in the long run. It can be also ingested in tiny quantities when organically complexed, for instance growing carrots and beets on soil enriched with this material. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes, thank you. Bessler's wheel was supposedly invented by someone in the 1700's. It turned indefinitely once it was started in either direction by a push of the hand and required no further energy or input to continue rotating. What is Hilarion's perspective on whether this wheel existed, and if it did exist, what can we be told on how to construct one of these wheels, and what can we use it for?

Hilarion: Johann Bessler was given this information by extraterrestrials in a concerted series of efforts to test humanity for its readiness. He was extremely clear as to how this information might be passed on and how he might be compensated for it. And with such compensation, create an academy to study and work with the energies, all kinds of new technologies, opportunities for people, etc. Humanity in that sense failed this test. His strong personality was that which would then not allow him to reveal the secrets of this until, as he would put it, humanity passed the test.

And so this is a pattern that has been utilized at various times by humanity's guides, many helpers, and so on. Indeed this construction is being replicated right now. There are many working on it, and it is a relatively simple matter having to do with spinning forces at small levels, and indeed by application into nano-technology it will be that which can be available as a truly operative motive force which can be utilized for generation of electricity or other techniques.

But, other techniques have also been presented to humanity - those which make use as through our own energies, through various vehicles, as the inert gas energies which provide a much higher potential for higher levels of energy and healing at the same time. These various technologies continue to be presented, and indeed at a more rapid pace than ever before, and rediscovery of the old ones. This is always with the same underlying energy - as you learn from this being, as you learn from what came in the past; you can apply this now. If these energies can be shared, if they can be utilized in an altruistic manner, if their ultimate development can be that which has benefit for all; then indeed these energies can be appropriately balanced, released and shared with all of humanity.

The specific technique involves dual methods of spinning. When small particles are spun in correct direction, the allowance of various forces can be released in a larger sense. This can be multiplied up for the spinning of a large structure. Very little energy can be pulled out of such however, and so the key is that the small forces are made even smaller. And this is the real reason for the recognition of Bessler's work in the current context of potentials now being explored in universities for nano-technology. The nano-technological breakthroughs have not yet been commercialized to the point that the large corporations are involved, though they will be eventually. Because this is currently at university level, at research level, the opportunity still exists to use these underlying forces in ways that can be then for all benefit for all beings.

One term often applied to such forces is the Coreolis Force, and a deeper understanding of this and all that it represents mathematically will inevitably yield two sets of equations. Those which are based on imaginary numbers, meaning those based upon square root of negative one, are generally discarded as the imaginary solution. It is in these that the true solution exists. The mathematics that describe this, describe the etheric realms, the subtle realms from which the understanding of this is mapped through the mathematical language into the physical. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Thank you Hilarion. Can you talk about different relationships - the relationships intending unconditional love as opposed to relationships where people want something? And the different marriage vows that might exist? Maybe ask Athena to talk about this.

Hilarion: There are many ways in which these energies have been with humanity for millennia. And of course the essential core here as the soul knows it, soul as genderless, then makes those choices to come into physicality to deliberately filter to focus on the male side or the female side. And so one representation of the marriage vow is an acknowledgement of the beauty and receptivity between those beings as is associated with those genders as they have chosen them. This could be of course applied to women marrying women or men marrying men. But the point is simply an acknowledgement of the essential core of your being.

Athena: You have asked me to speak about marriage, and yet in my time, in the awareness of the energy of pure female principle, this was seen so clearly as a reduction of that energy. A pulling it down into something that could be less than the merging of the male and the female in one. But marriage was created with that in mind. It can of course be blended into any marriage of any two people, energies, and even beyond two to multiple. But the point at its core is that you understand your internal female and your internal male. This is the great gift as God has given it to you as separation into male and female bodies that you may know this energy in yourself, in its purity, in its clarity, in its essence. I see and welcome the man in you as the man in me. I see and welcome the woman in you as the woman in me.

To go more than this into vows that might construct a future would seem more of a contract based on society and what you think society wants from you, rather than the acknowledgement of the differences between you, a celebration of those differences. There are many things that a marriage vow might include as you would want these or welcome them for yourselves, but all of these come back to wanting something. Because there is something missing in you, something you are afraid of, something that you would wish the other person to supply, something you depend on them for, something you could count on them - meaning that which you could depend on and count on in yourself.

So as you play with this, you can only come back not to the similarities, but to the differences, to the inevitable ways in which the love can play itself out electrically, charismatically, energetically. Feel that in your breath together, and you will understand the real answer to this. It is as if to say by your marriage, you breathe as one.

Hilarion: Thank you Athena - yes, Hilarion here again - for your perspective on this, to answer the question beyond that of the logic, but into the idea of this as felt energy between two.

Then, we are noting the time growing short here. There is perhaps enough time for one more?

Jill: We have a little more time. We're just using up all of our questions. Will you talk to us about how we use our need for love, approval and appreciation to run our lives.

Hilarion: Back to habit patterns, you see. Those patterns that tell you without this, you would perish. You would be in pain, or you would struggle. Yet, this is back to the habit pattern you were brought up with, often unconsciously. By love, approval, and appreciation your parents could guide you and help you. It has been used as such since time immemorial. And so each time you contact the issue, each time you would desire love, approval, and appreciation, or let go of the idea of it; acknowledge, welcome, sense the internal parent, the voice inside of you that says, (makes a reproving sound) or "Yes, that was very good," or whatever. So that that inner energy is no longer stuck, but that which is just one of the many internal voices within your consciousness allowing you more choice, the opportunity to do other things, to be another person, to grow, to expand, to love. And as you forgive that energy, you will see its real purpose and in this way you can appreciate the need for appreciation. You can love the need for love. And from that it is finally destroyed. Not destroyed in the sense that it no longer exists, but that it has been transformed into that which is its true place - another aspect of your being, a little scar, a little energy. But not that which is necessarily the driving force in your life.

Now of course, having such consciousness to be able to do this inevitably involves asking the deeper questions such as "Do I want something or do I love? Do I want love, approval, and appreciation here? Do I want somebody to tell me this, that or the other thing?" And so, the other question to ask to help you release this, "What is the experience I am interested in having? If it all worked out, if they really loved me, if they totally approved of me; how would I feel?" And give yourself that experience. If that is what you really want, why go to all that lengths, all that study, all that trouble. Just give it to yourself. So that you may find that what you really wanted was to feel totally, completely loved. God deeply loving you.

Well, why not invite Mary? Jesus? Buddha? Allah? El Shadai? The many breaths of one, every concept, every image, every being; all of them loving you. Flood yourself with that love.

Or if it is approval, well, in your consciousness give yourself the Nobel and the Pulitzer prizes together. But allow that energy of the world, totally, completely approving of you in your imagination. How would that feel? As if you could sigh the collective AAAHHHHH. Not just your ah, but humanity's release of the need for love, approval and appreciation. AAAHHHH......

This is one way to approach it that is less intellectual, and yet at the same time that which invites you to inquire and ultimately step back and laugh. What a small thing just as the approval to the little child so that he or she would not hurt himself, would be guided to do things properly; you begin to see why love, approval, and appreciation are really laughable because they are so small compared to real love, to universal love, to the love that does not want anything, to God's love.

So, you could jump right to that. The very next time love, approval, and appreciation shows up for you - that you really want God's love, and receive it fully and completely. And then get on with the next thing in life.

Oversimplification? Perhaps. But this is the creation of a positive, helpful habit pattern that encourages questioning and ultimately therefore, a deeper level of enlightenment.

And then to close tonight, we would remind all of you of an energy you have so helpful, so loving, so beneficial this time of year. It is the energy that does love, that does so without wanting something, that innately approves, but does not require a particular thing from the energies that are approved of. But rather, the energy of love in its highest form. But instead of this being as if an experience, a thought, let it instead be an emotion. If the emotion as it moves through you generates other emotions, let them come too and then come back to the energy of the love. For many people this is beautifully personified by an embrace. So you imagine somebody you care for deeply and you embrace them and they are embracing you. And you feel what this feels like in your heart. You sense it as your bridge, as your light, as your heart to heart connection. If no one comes to mind, you can imagine holding a little baby in your arms, or a favorite animal. But the point is to really generate that sensation, that feeling. Certain physical aspects to it may be noted, such as warmth in your chest. But whatever the experience, it is yours, your unique, wonderful, beautiful way of experiencing love.

Then let the image of that person, or animal, or baby go and in its place, put a person that you have known and had some struggle with in the last few weeks. And love them with the same energy, the same feeling. No, they might not embrace you back, but you pour the energy into them anyway.

Then let the image of that person go and in its place put the image of someone else. Someone perhaps you've struggled a lot with in the last year, and pour the same love into that being - by your will, by your choice you pour that energy and notice the sensation, the release in your chest, in your arms. An even deeper collective AAAHHHH. Because you do not have to hold that energy of struggle or stress. You do not seek their approval or appreciation because you know that the love you have within you is strong, is clear, is powerful.

Then we would remind you that you began this by choice, so now letting go of all of the beings, simply allowing the love to fill this room, to fill your house, to fill your environment, to fill your community, to fill your world. It pours through you, uniquely shifted by your breath, by your being-ness, by who you are.

Then letting go of all of that, remember the emerald light cylinder we began with. A powerful light from infinitely upwards through you to center of Earth, protecting, connecting. The black, opaque disk at its periphery is now released to the Sun, and the energy of Mother Earth responds as if a gentle, loving OM from her heart to yours. We ask you to share this out loud. Good bye. OM.........


On raw dairy and its amazing healing capabilities: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

About the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information the awesome "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .

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