Hilarion Spring Equinox Channeling 2004

JILL: Greetings. This is the Spring Equinox channeling of Hilarion. Today is March 21st, 2004. We are gathered here in Nevada City today to address questions asked by those in attendance as well as those sent in via e-mail. For further information on channelings, books, or tapes contact Jon C. Fox, P O Box 2209, Nevada City, California, 95959, or visit our online catalog.

HILARION: Yes, greetings. Greetings to all of you. Yes, this is the energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion.

Before beginning with questions and looking into these various matters we would first draw your attention to the idea of a beautiful emerald light streaming through the room right now. Welcome the light in your heart but also all around you, in your immediate environment. Visualize it as a cylinder of light approximately 30 meters diameter (that is, about 100 feet diameter). And as it pours through you see that it is allowing its own unique property of connectivity infinitely upward (symbolizing connection to highest Self, soul, God, center of universe), and this energy, as it moves through you, is changed by you - by your being, by your breath, by your awareness - and then connected, anchored to the center of Mother Earth. In this way that which is symbolized by the transformation of such energy is felt, is real. Reality is that which is manifested by your consciousness - not that the reality is manifesting your consciousness but that your consciousness is manifesting the reality. So for this moment, as if holding on to, creating, recreating, remanifesting that idea that you are the transformer of the higher spiritual reality into the manifestation of the physical reality; you are the transformer of the energy of the purely physical into that which is the vehicle - the vessel, the temple, or the energy, at the higher vibrational level. The importance of this is not merely symbolic. Many of your questions go right to the heart of the nature of your reality and that all this as you understand it is filtered by the very manifestation of your sense organs, your manifested intuitive capability, your manifested capacity to receive the information. As a result this allows a certain degree of filtering. And so our sometimes hidden intent in sharing information with you is to open these filters to allow a little more of the unmanifested reality; the energy of the universe in all its glory and magnificence, at the level by which you can receive more of it, is available as the true, deep answer to your questions - not simply the answers that come at logic, at the verbal, at the level of thought but at the level of the universe itself, beyond story, beyond naming, beyond logic or emotion.

This is the time of the spring equinox, the time of the bursting forth of life on your planet in the northern hemisphere. This is powerfully represented in the earth breathing cycle as the time of equal breath when the day and the night come to equality; that time period of the winter and fall seasons growing to a close now, manifesting itself as the shift into longer and longer days and shorter and shorter nights, symbolizing the connection more to the individual than to the group. And so that which you have learned from your group manifests through your being and is brought into the world as your business, your relationships, your creativity, the various aspects that you bring out through your individuality.

But at the same time you had so many keys, hints, ideas, and symbols during this wintertime about how important it is to bring the group with you; to connect to the larger entity of humankind, of the soul of the earth herself, of the group consciousness shared between plants, animals, people, and all aspects of life on your world. So when you feel this as an energy in the springtime - when you awaken to the bursting forth of life, the flowers, the new available foods, the birthing of animals, and so on - as you feel this as a magnificence, as a beauty, as an awakening, also recognize that it is a reminder to you to connect to these beings, to see them as part of your group, and that as part of the evolutionary cycle of all beings on this planet together they find simultaneously their awareness, their consciousness, their understanding coming through this powerful interplay between the group and the individual; that they awaken now to their own individuality, that which is represented by the body, by their unique talents and capabilities, by their ecological niche, by how they share their energies with other species, other plants, other animals. And at the same time they are finding in all of this a connection to a much larger soul, at first symbolized by their immediate family but then to the beings around them and then to those across all kinds of vibrational realities - into other dimensions, into the nonphysical realms, into the realms across various species into all kinds of different beings. In other words, as you can reawaken that sense of beauty and awe and wonder also use it to find energy to contribute to and learn from all aspects of beingness around you, both represented by individual and group, so that some of the underlying solutions always inherent, already available can be implemented in your realities.

You see, many of you are concerned now about some of the problems which beset earth and beset each of you. Some of you come to this with little in the way of a logical "good" reason. You feel it almost as if a burden. You look into the world and you recognize the sadness, the suffering, or the potential for war, or your own responsibility in the manifestation of war as it has occurred on this planet. It is not as if you have been handed a particular task or message that you are the one responsible for this, but you feel this anyway. This is a growing energy on your planet, and it will be one of the important factors - though they are negative factors - that will help people come to a higher level of maturity, a deeper level of understanding, acceptance, love, and compassion, and, ultimately, evolution as a result - or face the consequences of these difficulties. For these same people who can act in the position to create the change, welcome the change, bring it into form for people on your planet can be those ones who would bring the messages of gloom, doom, destruction, and all the potential difficulties. These are always the potentials made available to you, and as you choose them wisely you may find that there are openings in the world. These openings come primarily from the nonphysical realms because, as we have stated so often, as the nonphysical beings outnumber you approximately 9 to 1, at every stage where you may be concerned with an issue that is essentially nonphysical (that of the evolving consciousness, that of the essential capacities of compassion or love or clarification), because these are essentially nonphysical characteristics and qualities you can be certain that there is nine times that energy, at least, focused on these aspects, both positive and negative, from the nonphysical beings very concerned with these same issues. This becomes extremely important when searching for solutions because these energies are always in play, always influencing, always shifting. They often have important agendas associated with them that you do not understand because they are perturbing or shifting the web or network of consciousness across your planet.

Now, this network of consciousness is shared by all beings. Simply by being there is consciousness. Indeed, consciousness itself brings this into form. At the most rudimentary levels, with the most primitive of beings on your planet - those barely making the transition from nonphysical to physical, all the way to the most advanced beings on your planet - these energies work through various levels and must be understood in their proper context. They are all interacting together. They all represent and work together, these important principles of oneness, relating to the group consciousness, and individuality, relating to the breakthroughs, the manifestation of that which could be different, that which is therefore represented in the evolutionary cycle by the mutation, by the new solution. By its very nature most of these solutions are failures. Most of the evolutionary mutations are those which do not survive. But a few do.

And so you come to one of the most important principles in working with the nonphysical to physical reality - that it is always more difficult in manifesting these energies at the physical level. So you can work through them in an experimental way, a playful way, an enjoyable way at times in the nonphysical. You can get input and acceptance and ideas from other beings at higher vibrational levels. You can play with the ideas in various simulations. People are now beginning to do this with computers and their own computer simulations to take them perhaps into areas that involve far larger amounts of data than they would have had available to them before. But this underlying principle is only beginning in people's consciousness, to accept the idea that they bring through more than that which they can understand in their consciousness at an individual level - that is, being able to name every fact, figure, or number as it contributes to the whole. This ecological principle, that which of the wholeness of all beings interacting acts as a powerful symbol for your consciousness, can be that which is the positive side, bringing to hold in your consciousness that you are the one to solve these problems, that these issues in the world are important to move through. So you have both the positive and the negative sides of this. Note that all beings on your planet are involved in this to some extent. It may seem as if the animals on your planet are primarily concerned with their own survival - and this is important. But they are also attuned, especially as part of their group soul, to many of the important unfolding energies that humankind is pushing forth - changing the climate, changing the nature of the reality on your planet, changing the energies which they are used to. So, also, the plant kingdom is now being asked to bear even greater and greater loads of the understanding and difficulties of humanity. It does this in its own simple way, but it is also changing, evolving, and shifting its energies. In the springtime, more than any other time, is the powerful beginnings of all of these as separate energies amassing, coming together, becoming one. So recognize this, welcome it, and see that you have allies to help you in this regard. Perhaps a favored plant, especially a favored animal as an animal totem to stand by you now in your imagination, in your visualization, in your meditations to encourage you, to strengthen you, to remind you there are other ways to see, other ways to interact, other ways to grow in the world.

Now, this is the time close to the anniversary of one year since the occupation, invasion (common terms; the more neutral term: U.S. war in Iraq). A strange term, as if it just sort of happened. But it is important to recognize that a year after this war the attention of the world on war has shifted subtlely - the whole idea of its necessity, of what it stands for, of how people can relate to it. These are important and powerful questions in many people's consciousness now. At the same time as this it is causing a polarity shift - a polarization of people - people to take sides, one or another. At first these sides seemed to be against or for war, or certain particular solutions in another country, or in this country, or whatever. These are only symbols of a much larger issue, evolutionarily speaking, that your guides and helpers, that the higher-vibrational beings would like you to consider carefully. It has to do with why you're here, with the necessity for war in the first place, and most importantly the ways in which the manifestations of your consciousness bring you to a place in which, in order to grow - in order to make things as you would want them, in order to change things in the world - you must choose the method by which you will do this and carefully consider whether the end justifies the means.

In the specific case for the masses of humanity working on these issues this then allows situations on your planet such as that which is present in Iraq where a very well armed populace has opportunity to express itself by the utilization of its arms (by killing, by blowing up with bombs, by destruction with rockets and, especially, rocket-propelled grenades) - their own desires, their own angers, their own frustrations. This is becoming a powerful thought form focused in the Mideast. It has moved out of the Palestinian-Israeli confrontation into that in Iraq, Iran, many areas of Africa, and the Mideast in general. This is a powerful polarizing thought form down to one very specific issue: 'Is this the best way to express?' Now, when one looks to the encouragement by certain fundamentalist religions - and we do not wish to restrict ourselves to the Islamic or Christian ways because both do this in their own fashions - the answer here from those in positions of power is, 'Yes, this is the appropriate way to express yourselves.' However, when people look carefully - feel the energies of the souls who have been lost, feel the fears involved - their energy of the questioning, of inquiring, of asking whether this is the appropriate process or not is multiplied tremendously from the nonphysical levels. However, the bottom line for this through our simulations, through how we look at things in the world, utilizing the various cosmic computers such as M22 and M33 (available to all of you if you wish) and other energies, simply says this: that as technology continues to develop, as people on your planet come into positions of greater and greater individual power over groups, as those who have waged war of terrorist nature - one or ten, perhaps, against thousands or hundreds of thousands of others - various capacities will be learned from this. On the terrorist side what will be learned is how these things can be accomplished to scare more people, to harm more people, to express themselves more potently and powerfully even if it means their own death. However, for everyone else they must then take sides in this as to asking this deeper question: Is this the appropriate way? Is this the best way to express this energy? And in these simulations what comes forth is that the greater and greater capacity for harm does eventually give rise to sufficient destruction to significantly alter the evolution of everyone on your planet.

This is a problem, of course. It is not an insoluble one; it is a problem that is similar to other problems you have had on your planet. A similar sense of negativity, fear, and difficulty was clearly associated with the thoughts and consciousness of nearly your entire population shortly after the end of World War II, where people considered the true effects of nuclear radiation, nuclear bombs, and nuclear weapons - this move to a state of deep fear and difficulty in your United States leading to the McCarthy trials and much distrust of the Communists because they had nuclear weapons. This, however, has not been solved on your planet. Yet the main concern that people would see now is for that of terrorism when it comes to their own personal security. Now we are talking about the general populace, not just certain individuals, of course. It is not that people have decided once and for all to put away their nuclear weapons. If they had done so such weapons would have all been destroyed, and this has not been the case. But they have stepped back from the nuclear abyss recognizing that it does no good, that everyone is harmed in the process. This is certainly an interim logical step and seems so obvious that it needs to now to be applied to terrorism in general: that it does no good, that it allows people instead simply a modality for their own expression of their own fears. This is such a simple thought form. There are many who would say, "I am more evolved than that; I do not need to put my attention on this." And that is the area that the nonphysical beings are concerned about right now - that as you pray for peace you also pray for inquiry, that people would ask consciously and clearly and carefully, 'Is this the best I can do? Is this is what I am here for - to destroy the infidels, to harm others, to cause destruction on the planet, to garner power for those in positions of power?' For terrorism takes place by and manifested through your political leaders of all persuasions and all countries as well as those at secret or individual levels. As individuals come to understand this they manifest within their own consciousness the shift. The shift of expression must relate to that of the group if they are to take new, bold, powerful actions, because it is a rare individual who can do these things without some connection to the larger group. And so this group consciousness is being manipulated by certain individuals in positions of power in order to promulgate their own ends. We do not restrict ourselves in any way here in speaking about just one country or one group or even one religion or one modality of thinking. And this, you see, is the greater cross, the greater energy for all humanity to understand, to grow up with, to evolve through now.

So a question has arisen. Besides sending light into the world, besides releasing your own individual fears, what can be done about this issue? In understanding the source of the energy it can be changed. But how do you change a person? These are your own personal lessons. Often the same person who might ask this about how these things can be changed in the world has not answered this for themselves personally. They have, perhaps, a spouse or a child or a parent that they would wish very much to change. In other words, at some level they're not all right as they are. They can't be loved for who they are; they must change in order to fit your measure of reality. And so that is the place that it begins: that one recognizes that at the core there is an energy trying to be expressed here - an energy of anger perhaps; of frustration; of religious zeal perhaps; of faith; even though it may seem misguided to you, of love - love of God, love of country, love of one's superiors, love of whatever. In working through that, one must acknowledge that these are present and do so in a way that actually has meaning for the person. Because in order for the person who is willing to kill themselves for these goals, these ideals to change this - to understand this at a deeper level, to come to the place of questioning - they must have within them the trust, the faith, the love of the group, of their connection to sufficient others who are willing to assist them in that questioning process. And so the nonphysical beings recognize that they can do a lot in this regard. They can project various dreams, unique ideals to people; help them along the way. But at the physical level, person to person, some contact must be made.

And so this really is the true answer to this question: that the larger group is not that of your own religious or political or ideological or race-based or class-based, artificial group but the group of all humans, all beings. Anyone who is involved in terrorist acts - from the very highest, at a governmental position, to the very lowest, as the actual suicide bomber - has a connection to others, has a family, has someone they care about. And they must recognize that the human family is just as valuable, just as connected as the person that they know, perhaps through blood or perhaps through some deep emotional experience or some faith-related activity or understanding. That all human beings share this is obviously a paradox for those who would see that they must bring all human beings into a position of greater enlightenment and understanding. But at whatever level this inquiry process is begun it must be manifested more consciously, more physically, more in a level of reality than simply that of meditation in order for this meeting of two energies to stop before the world is destroyed. Those two energies are that of the advance of technology - and the drawing of information as part of that technology - and the fear and struggle and difficulty within human consciousness that seeks to express itself without this deeper inquiry process, at some level of acceptance: that some humans deserve to be on your planet and others do not. As those ideas become more entrenched and technology continues in its inevitable evolution, places come where the manifestation of very highly destructive technology is in the hands of individuals. In order to prevent this, in order to allow this appropriately there must be more in human consciousness than simply the individual asking. There must also be asking your friends, your neighbors and these to ask their friends. Eventually this does sweep the planet. At some point people will stop because of their own fear, because they know that person so well, because they are too different from you. That is where you must draw on the courage of those you have already spoken with. Ask for their encouragement to continue this questioning process further and further.

Now, obviously, the answers to these questions lead to prioritization, an aspect we have spoken about often, and that that as a collective where all beings on your planet agree about what you're here for, at least to some limited extent, is the only solution that can provide ultimate and lasting peace on your planet, because you agree it's all in your best interests. And this has already occurred with nuclear weapons - not to the point that you have put them away, destroyed them, but where you have then as a collective decided not to use them. And so then as this inquiry process continues at a physical level it becomes somewhat difficult because you don't have the experience in asking these questions of each other, particularly those you don't know well enough. But ask you must. And so as you are willing to do this in yourself, as you are willing to work with your own individual light and work with your individual fears, you set the tone of the morphogenetic thought form; you help the energy along, of course. So that is a basis, a beginning. But it is important to realize that for those who feel in themselves the need for this, the desire to go further with this, do not suppress it. Ask for assistance, and it shall be given. You can find yourself, align yourself with all kinds of organizations in the world - those associated with cross-cultural connections and attunements; willingness to see and learn from each other; willingness to grow and to find God in everything, to find the higher manifested reality of positive nature in all beings. This comes as much by feeling, by awakening by direct interaction with others as it does by your own individual meditation, your own attunement to your own energies.

Now, this is a difficult question but one that we seek to answer today because of the timing. Because it is critical and important and that over the next few months, in the buildup to the American elections to come in November of this year, there is increased focus and intensity on these issues. In the recent terrorist bombing in Madrid this influence of the election was observed carefully by people in positions of political power and those at positions of low political power wanting to come into power worldwide. The observation of this will inevitably lead to all kinds of terrorist acts and fake terrorist acts simply blamed on those scapegoats, the Bin Ladens of the world, so that people in positions of political power can retain those powerful positions, those positions - ultimately those identities. They would not do so if they merely questioned their own nature of identity, their own reason for being here, wondering if that is the best way to express this. But in the meantime it is very important that people be able to look at these issues as consciously and clearly as possible.

A moment please.

Yes. Then let us proceed with a few of your questions for today. Would that be all right?

JILL: Yes, Hilarion. Can you expand on what you mean when you refer to individuals accessing the cosmic computers M22 and M23?

HILARION: In the recently channeled book Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing this is discussed. These are galactic clusters consisting of a high density of plasma, interactivity between the stars and various nonphysical energies. These are in a state of relatively easy influence by consciousnesses of all kinds, and because it is such a vast area there is plenty to go around. The consciousnesses associated with this work with it constantly, learning from the various energies that are programmed into it, guarding it carefully, nurturing it, and allowing this as an area of space that can be accessible to all. These occur all throughout the universe in various configurations, but those that are pretty close to earth, that people can access as globular clusters M22 and M33, exist in an amorphous state that you can work with. As you present an idea you can draw forth from it as much of all of the correlations and cross-current ideas that you can think of, imagining these moving into this soupy computer. And then in a state of emptiness, as if holding in your heart a vision of one of these clusters, you then receive the answer in your breath. Sometimes the answer is complex. Sometimes it requires the answering of other questions. But it will be guided and assisted by many levels of consciousness too numerous for you to comprehend - billions of consciousnesses working on this issue for you. It is a far more sophisticated computer than you understand, but it is essentially one that can present all kinds of possibilities and answers. We, as our ability to work with this, other beings working with this, and so on, present example for you - a feeling of it, an energy associated with it - so that you may become more used to this. It is one of the many opportunities the stars make available to you. This is one of the beautiful things, you see, just as the symbols on your hand or of the day you were born present themselves to you. These are symbols in plain view, in plain sight. Indeed the night sky [is] available to you all the time. In the daytime the stars are there; the light from your sun is so bright you don't see them, but they're right there. So as you become aware of these energies and learn to receive their assistance so also, then, do you change and recognize that your consciousness is linked to consciousnesses way beyond that merely of the earth.

Is this sufficient answer?

JILL: Thank you, Hilarion. The normal state of human consciousness is to be lost in the mental projections or virtual realities of past and present. Hilarion often recommends the projection of consciousness out of the body via methods described by Waldo Vieira and Robert Bruce. Eckart Tolle also recommends the anchoring of consciousness in the present moment by feeling the body's energy field. This appears to relate to the use of kinesthetic sense Hilarion also recommends frequently. Please discuss these different states of human consciousnesses and the relationships among them.

HILARION: In many ways you perceive the symbols - the reality of the physical body, the sense of your energy associated with it, the feeling in the physical body - as an important jumping off point for your own consciousness, for how you meditate, for whether you are tuned in or not. And these are important illusions. The manifestation at the physical level has been described by various religions - particularly focusing on the Eastern religions - as illusion. But when you think of this you think of, perhaps, prestidigitation; that is, a magical illusion or perhaps a foggy mist. But the illusion that they are actually talking about is the illusion of consciousness that perceives the reality of that which it has put a lot of attention on over long periods of time for its own survival, for its own identity. In other words, you have made it very real for yourself. By acknowledging the reality, by being fully part of it or by releasing it, observing it from an entirely different context, you eventually come into contact with the creative consciousness, the consciousness that manifested that reality in the first place.

There are many paths to this, of course. But what we have discovered is a different set of criteria in order to work with the question. The same question - What are you here for? What can you come to most adequately and beautifully manifest that which you are here for? How can your evolution be accelerated, assisted, and be of maximum benefit to you? And from this what is discovered is that when you are awake - when you are doing things in the physical world as you perceive it, as you have manifested it, as you have created it - it makes a lot of sense for you to put most of your attention on the physical world, on the nature of your body as your breathe - not the thoughts of the past or of the future. This is partly to do with efficiency but also because it puts you in touch with the Creating Consciousness, the manifestation of the Original Principle that brought you into form. And while you are awake and acting and doing in the world you have the maximum opportunity to use such an energy appropriately. If you are trapped in the thoughts and re-experiencing of the past or the fear and difficulty associated with the future you will likely not be, then, so efficiently and adequately manifesting the energy that is needed right here right now, where you are doing things.

Therefore if that doingness is coming from that creative spark, that Originating Consciousness - not the consciousness that created all the stories about the past and the future but the Creating Consciousness itself - you have an opportunity to learn from that doing, to grow with it. But that is not the sum total of your existence. And just as the manifestation of the physical reality in a physical body for approximately a lifetime of about 70 years or so is then followed by a nonphysical period of approximately 35 years or so followed by a physical period, so you create this every day where you are awake and then asleep. And as you move through these periods you can recognize the important opportunity to grow and learn by different methodologies. When your physical body is sleeping, the Originating Consciousness - that manifesting energy - typically is way more fluid, free, and available to you than you realize, and as a result it can be used for your learning. And if you understand the methods this can help you in your waking life. It can give you direction and ideas. But of course it doesn't do. The doing actually comes when you are awake and you are actually physical, because the doing is related to the physical world as you have co-created it with all the other humans on your planet. So in the sleep time one of the highest and best ways to allow the maximization of energy - meaning the healing, the transformation, the evolution, the benefit to the physical - is to leave it alone. It has already projected into its own reality what it needs to do, and the further away you get from it the more you release it, the more you allow it, the more you energize it, and the more it is able to accomplish this. And this is what so many avid projectors have discovered. A problem with the physical body, when they can move their consciousness far away from the physical body, corrects itself in the physical body almost immediately. And, when they come back into the physical (when they do this regularly), while in the physical they are full of energy - energy to do, to accomplish, and so on - as long as that energy is properly directed. Because if that same energy is misdirected into the fear of the future or excessive difficulties with the past that same energy will become a blocking, a harming, a destructive force.

In this sense, as from the point of view of technique, one can see the ways in which both of these approaches are complementary and helpful. But one must also bring this criteria we brought forth at the beginning to your question into play here and note that in the projection of consciousness, for most people, the most rapid evolution takes place - more rapid than any other method that is currently in vogue. There are other methods, of course. For instance, there are various techniques utilizing direct interaction with crystals, commonly employed in Atlantis, and some individuals have had some experience with this. But for the most part most individuals will also benefit from the projection of consciousness for the one simple reason that in the projection, where it is leaving the physical body, a wide plasticity of time is available. The time as it is manifested while you are awake - as a shared consensus reality of the clocks and the people, the symbols and the stories associated with time (schedules, calendars, the ticking away of time, and all that relates) - this is gone from you when you are nonphysical, when you move out of the body and leave it in death or in sleep, when you move away from it. This powerful capacity gives you opportunities beyond measure at the physical world. But, coming back to where we began, when you begin to recognize at the truth level - meaning within your heart, at the very core of your existence - that indeed it is illusion, then when you are physical and awake but fully focused on the now the sense of time itself changes, and this allows greater plasticity in all of your actions and all of what you do; though never, in principle, does it meet that of the projected consciousness. What has been observed is simple statistics: that as people are able to project their consciousness their evolution speeds up - the things that they do and grow through and work with - far more rapidly than most other methods, on average. That doesn't mean it's going to work for everyone, of course, and it is a tough thing to do for some people, usually just because at some level of their being they have accepted the physical reality. There is some level that is finding it very difficult to perceive it as illusion-created force, so that it must be shifted. And as a result of that shifting all kinds of possibilities emerge. The question itself is very open-ended, because there are many aspects that can be discussed here. But it is important to recognize that there is an inherent complementarity. When one is projected one can also be aware of the now, not focusing on the potential future or past. And when doing this one will inevitably raise one's vibration and move to a higher and higher vibrational reality - to interact with more advanced beings, understand more of one's own consciousness, let go more and more of all of the bodies and all of the stories and all of the illusions and come to a place of pure-light consciousness that more easily. The reverse is true too: that, as a result of your projected experiences, when you recognize the inherent illusory nature of the world, how it is so clearly influenced by the thought patterns of the nonphysical and other projected beings - that is, when you recognize how clearly it is influenced by the consciousness of the nonphysicals and other projected beings - then when you are physical, awake, alive in the world and you are fully in the now you begin to recognize that illusory nature again. The holdover, the bleedthrough, the interaction between these realms has always been of tremendous importance to all people - the inspiration of your dreams, the way your reality affects your dreams, and the way your dreams then are disturbed by your reality enough that you change your reality, and so on and so forth. We are simply suggesting here that various techniques, as applied to both aspects of consciousness, have an inherent synergism between them.

Now, you have a few more questions about the nonphysical realms. For instance, one question is about how the energies of malintent - voodoo, even the negative intention of certain very focused individuals, can affect others. But the answer to that is so simple. It comes always back to the shared mutual reality. It is the reason why time has such a powerful hold on you: because it is agreed on by everyone. And so when you at some level agree to the conscious intervention or difficulty imposed by someone else - whether you do so consciously or not; whether that agreement comes from a past life connection, an intermissive connection (that is, the time between lives), or some agreement you have from this life - you open yourself up to the harm and difficulty.

Most of this comes from your own energy, feeding on itself. But stimulating this - creating it from someone else to you - can be quite a highly developed art form. Fortunately those who have studied this have also recognized the reverse art form of this, that which is called soul retrieval - that which is to assist others where, then, that resonance can be used to gain insight into the being that is creating the difficulty, that is wishing to project his or her negative thoughts onto you. It takes a very strong soul to recognize this, to stay with it sufficiently to make contact with such a being, find out their true needs, and provide them in some way. But you will usually see that in these cases there is a strong deficiency in the person who projects such negative thoughts - through voodoo, through various scientific endeavors, or whatever. They perhaps feel inadequate in terms of their own opportunity to love and be loved (one of the great important spiritual needs that manifests people into bodies in the first place). Perhaps it is some issue of communication, something that they must share with others or they have refused to share. Perhaps it is some powerful trauma that they wish to have a better memory or understanding of but at the same time have so much fear around that they are unable to access it directly. But, whatever that issue, in the moment of resonance that which is projecting a negative energy to you also opens itself up every time, and the most evolved beings on your planet who have learned to work with this for rapid soul retrieval will literally open themselves up to these energies and in the moment of resonance go in deep, asking, 'What is it you really want? I'm here to provide this need for you.' So that such a person can find in themselves at last the catharsis, the shift, the energy or the nonphysical being can exactly find for himself or herself the powerful missing or deficient energy that they need and have supplied by a physical being in abundance - because the physical beings always have lots more energy than the nonphysical ones.

These simple principles obviously point at the whole question of human needs - what do people really need? Certainly there are many people who have considered this carefully, looking at all the possible needs for people, listing them, thinking about them - and there would be no need for us to echo these wonderful thoughts and ideas. But at a personal level it makes sense here for people to study this a bit for themselves - to list what you need in the world, to look at this in your own personal way so that you may come to more deeply accept some of these energies and see that often unconsciously you will be trying to get these energies, these needs met from other people. Sometimes, however, these needs can be adequately met by other means - by food; that is your obvious example when the nurturing process shows up for you. But when you think about it you may find even better ways, of course. And so what you come to eventually here is a true understanding of need as opportunity for interconnection - for the opportunity for you to learn from and learn with and teach and share your energy, your uniqueness with that of the group that has blended into one larger reality. And so the need aspect is an individually based context, and the larger group context will always show you that there is way more - tremendous abundance of energy, opportunity, new context, new possibilities, new realities.

So one must therefore learn, as one asks the deeper question about one's needs, Are there are other ways to meet them? And from this you will often find, as you look into the spiritual literature, all kinds of exercises, techniques, ideas. It can be a lot of fun. And from this you gradually recognize that the scarcity is only that of illusion and that the abundance is that of the higher reality of consciousness. But that's so obvious. Just like there are so many stars in the sky, there are so many people on your planet. Isn't is obvious that there is an abundance of consciousness? Now, if all of that consciousness is trapped in the illusion that they are, then, needy and unable to get their needs met, you can see an underlying group consciousness condition that can feed on itself and present all kinds of suffering and difficulty on your planet. But that one can be corrected by simply looking - by asking what your needs are, defining them for yourself, and then discovering other ways to get them met.

This brings us, of course, to the question about animal foods - where those who see that that is the only way to receive nourishment. But the same energy could be said to plants. Is it more spiritual to kill and eat an animal or a plant? Are plants inherently, therefore, more stupid, less evolved, that then it is all right to kill them? These are foolish questions at a certain level. And of course there are those plants that readily give up of their own bodies, such as their fruit, in order to assist, in order to provide nourishment. But even these eventually come to a place where they may be killed or destroyed by nature in their own cycles, and so on. And so the real questions as they evolve around this come back to your own needs. And here again the answer is in plain sight: that feeding all of this, all the development of food on your planet, is the sun. It provides the warmth, the climate, the hydrological cycles and movement of water, and, of course, the photons and energy that sustains the plants which sustain the animals. So, of course, it only makes sense here to gradually but consistently utilize every capacity to directly receive that energy as much as possible. There are many techniques for receiving sunlight energy, and we would strongly encourage all people to learn of them. At the same time, over the last few generations of people has been a great sickness - a great deficiency and great struggle. This has caused significant lowering of the available and helpful fat resources for most people's bodies. And so, as an important emergency measure, most people need to increase their raw fat levels that they are ingesting before they can properly and adequately utilize the sunlight methods. Each person would find his or her own ways through this, of course, but we might suggest here that people see these as temporary measures on the way to receiving greater light.

Now, again, we have a little bit of (quite a bit of) evidence, looking at the other races, the other beings, not only on this planet but the many other planets in your galaxy, and the opportunity to absorb light and work with it directly seems so obvious. At the same time it is so difficult for most people because they have not understood this or worked with it more consciously. Yet, in many ways they have; they just haven't associated it with the sun. They say, "I am the light"; "I receive the light." Or perhaps they feel light in their heart. Perhaps they see themselves as light workers or light beings. Had you possibly considered that these terms might also relate to the most powerful and potent, constant and effective source of light on your planet, that of this great and powerful being, sol - that of the sun itself?

The sun is the greatest source of neutrinos in this vicinity. These mysterious particles are only a conception. The reality is, the sun is communicating constantly with people, with the earth, with the entire universe. And in your conception of wave and particle you can take each of the qualities of the various energies and isolate them, separate them. Neutrinos are measured by looking at the flash of light in water, and this light - this energy, in the communicative medium (the communicative energy of water, well known to anyone who makes flower essences, gem elixirs, starlight elixirs, and so on) - water, then, as this powerful communicative medium, is flashing in your body as the neutrinos pass through it. The communicative energy of the sun, sharing itself with the earth, with all beings - the neutrino - is a simple concept of a packet of communication, and this communication is as if saying, at first, simply, "Are you there?" The simplest communication, a wake-up call, the attunement to the communication itself. But as one goes deeper into those energies one recognizes all kinds of energies - of love, of sustainment, of nurturing, of caring - all kinds of positive, helpful energies. These are received deep in the belly of the earth; nurture her and assist her. And, as her response to this is her own energies, you can feel this in your own bodies. If, then, for those who are hearing this on tape, they could open to these energies we would suggest that they have the sense of the anchor of their feet, as roots in the earth, and the rest of their body as solar receptors, receiving these powerful communicative packets from the sun. Turn towards the sun and receive its energy, if it is during the day. No need to look at it; just to receive it, to feel the sense of that energy: that you are the blender of these energies, of the earth and the sky. And if it is nighttime to be aware of the sun pouring its energy through the earth, blending with earth energy, and this coming into you, into your feet as roots in the earth, and with your breath the mingled energies of sun and earth strengthening, loving, nurturing, caring, moving through you. These are simple energies, but they are also the energies of very complex, powerful beings. And so they appear simple because they are in the beginning stages of communication so far as you are concerned. But the deeper levels of this will reveal themselves as you awaken to them.

In the meantime, of course, there are symbols around you all the time, questions that you may have. Is it time, perhaps, to stop eating animals in order to nurture and strengthen? It has always been time, but the development of the physical body appropriately and balanced, strengthened in order to receive the energy directly that does not require these aspects that do cause harm or struggle - this is difficult.

And so, as people have wandered so far away from the diet of their ancestors, moved so far away from that which they are genetically programmed for, the body goes into emergency measures to correct itself, getting further and further out of balance, dying at an earlier age. Your natural age of approximately 147 years is so rare on your planet. This in itself could easily have been extended had people understood this. But the pursuit of the Almighty Dollar in order to provide profits for processed food companies, genetically modifying food, pesticide chemicals - on and on the list goes - is that which is driving this energy. One must change this consciously, bringing health into the physical body and, especially, raising the levels of sufficiently absorbed and helpful fats, all from raw fat sources - all from sources not heated higher than 40 degrees Centigrade (that is, 104 degrees Fahrenheit). Particularly now most helpful [are] the animals fats, for most people, because they are more easily absorbed and received than that which is widely being understood by many of your scientists currently.

But the point of this journey, not the should--. If you say, then, people should learn from the difficulty befalling the animal kingdom in order to say, then, that people should stop eating meat. If then, people continue to eat meat you are going to be pretty stressed out about it. Because, after all, they should . . . This business of should becomes very powerful as you examine it in your life. And it is time to let it go, because it is the same energy that the terrorist uses. "People should worship God my way." "People should keep me in a position of political power." Or whatever. As you let go of the shoulds and find what is you will discover that in plain sight are the solutions if you can but receive them and acknowledge them and welcome them in your own consciousness.

So with that we were able to address a few of the questions asked.

Are there more?

JILL: Can you talk a little more about the diseases such as mad cow and the recent chicken disease outbreaks and how a healthful diet can be sustained today?

HILARION: This is a good, positive way of asking this question. The process begins with inquiring, noting that there is sufficient evidence to simply state that the genetic evolution of humans has been insufficient to allow a diet very different from the diet of one's ancestors to be accepted and helpful. In other words, to eat the diet of your ancestors is the place to begin. Books such as We Want To Live are good starting places for this.

[Ed. Note: For more about the diet of our ancestors and its amazing healing capabilities, see: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

For those who cannot accept the ideas, being too radical, books such as Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions are possibilities. But all individuals to somehow accept the diet of their ancestors is the important beginning place in order for dietary change to be manifested within the human being and the ecology. Because your ancestors did not eat animals from feed lots, or those fed highly chemicalized foods, or those grown simply for the maximization of profit. And the overcrowded conditions, constant exposure to high levels of stress, poor food fed to the animals, and so on can all be seen as the underlying causes of the widespread animal diseases and continuing of these into the future. Indeed, we see many variations on this in the future but at the same time many solutions from the animals themselves who are well cared for, grown in ways in which the animals themselves appear to be happy. An example of this is the growing organization, Organic Pastures, in California, where the cows, if you would visit them, would express this to you. You do not always understand how an animal can be happy, yet you feel it in your heart. Your heart can understand this. And so also, then, does some of this come into the butter, cream, and milk that these animals produce for people. This seems so simple, on the face of it - that these happy animals will help people perhaps even to be happy. (These are of course baseline happiness; we aren't talking about a spiritual reality here but simply the acceptance of the physical body and its connection to Mother Earth.

However, there is another side to this, you see. There is in your own heart the understanding of nurturing as it comes from milk from the connection to Mother Earth. It is no accident, then, that in many ancient mythologies the Earth Mother had large breasts or used breast milk or shared the energy and association of the human bosom as the representation of the female, the nurturing. The capacity for this is shared amongst the mammals, many of which lactate and share with the breast energy the whole sense of connection and love and nurturing, which relates right back to Mother Earth and all that She brings to you. We have often referred in the past to the Many-Breasted One, El-Shaddai. This is a manifestation of a much more ancient being - the Divine Mother, Mother Earth as one. But later these became separated, and even later, in the various dogmatic religions - manifestation through Judaism and, later, through the Christian religions - the idea of these as pagan concepts was integrated into the understanding of God as oneness. And certainly God has this capacity - the capacity of nurturing, of loving. You will see the term El-Shaddai in the Torah (that is, the Old Testament) 48 times and that these are representations of a much earlier energy as a great, profound loving goddess having many breasts, having the opportunity to nurture you many different ways, to receive these energies and welcome them. These have been represented as Artemis or Diana or worked with in various pagan cultures, played with by many, but the essential energy of El-Shaddai is not contacted by scripture, by pantheism or scholarly pursuit. It is felt in your heart. It is a nurturing and a loving. It is her wish, as earth's wish, to love you, for you to receive her love and to feel it as one. To imagine the Many-Breasted One, then, as loving you, as enveloping you in her love, can be a very important need met that when you look into your life as to the ways in which you might choose to accomplish, to be recognized or honored by others, to receive acknowledgement or love, you might be looking for that nurturing. Instead of looking for it outside, give yourself directly the experience you are most interested in having and imagine that El-Shaddai, the Many-Breasted One is loving you, that you are receiving her powerful, bountiful energy. But at the same time as this, as coming through your arms and your head and your chest as you embrace her, open your feet; open the base of your spine. Receive that energy physically from Mother Earth herself, for they really are one and the same.

Further question?

JILL: There are many types and qualities of electricity in and around the body. Could Hilarion shed some light on this and guide us on how to keep our electricity in good condition? It is also said the heart outputs a huge amount of electrical radiation. Could Hilarion tell us how to use this energy for the good of humankind?

HILARION: A shocking question, if there ever was one. And it must be understood that you work with these energies intrinsically. The Loving Aspect Itself requires some sense of resonance. So one of the best ways to align body electricity and work with it consciously is by the breath. Simultaneous breath or as one breathes out another breathes in, but attunement and connection with the breath is helpful. In addition it can focus and center your thoughts. Because those thoughts of the future or of the past or of anything unconnected to the moment, now, will inevitably skew those electrical forces.

There are many kinds of electricity indeed. But the primary ones that have been utilized and understood by humankind are only those which are easily measured by their action of iron and various metallic conductors easily perceived in simple devices that are then used to multiply those effects and produce observable change, such as the deviation of a meter or the accumulation of various charges to cause things to move or separate or change. Other electrical phenomena, however, involve temperature. And the higher levels of this are that which has been called cold electricity. This produces a reduction in temperature and indeed will be a measurable effect that others may wish to explore in the further-off times in the future. A higher level of this, a third type of electricity, is that which is called primary energy-derived electricity. This is in which the primary energies themselves, as most easily typified by the manifestation of energy emissions from inert gases under high levels of stimulus, will project an unusual electricity which has, simultaneously, characteristics of cold and hot electricity, hot being that which is more easily measured and worked with in your reality as you perceive it and that of these being in balance. As the primary energy is then able to rapidly unbalance so then are the stars created. And their primary source of such energy is the fusion aspect of hydrogen into inert gas helium. As those energy changes occur they affect all living things. And therefore you will recognize that the higher electricity, that of primary energy electricity, is that which has the effect of human consciousness, shifting and changing all of the other forms of electricity and other energies within the human body and the reality around you.

This is where it gets particularly tricky. The mechanism by which you create your own reality is through primary energy electricity. As those are manifested in the human nervous system the reality that you call the shared reality of the world is manifested, is created. Therefore it is of some value to add energy to the etheric body using primary energy technology such as the use of xenon under magnetic influence in order to subtly shift and change these energies so that you have greater degree of control of your own physical body in its healing, in bringing the energy where it is most needed, in manifestation through the body, and other aspects of consciousness. Obviously this is a whole area to explore with greater depth in the future, but perhaps these words will inspire others to experiment and do further research.

Further questions?

JILL: We want to shift gears to some astrology questions. Most people who consult astrologers are mainly interested in their love lives, finances, or careers. However, could you please suggest the main areas to be covered for those who are seeking something more meaningful from an astrological reading.

HILARION: There are obvious questions as you look deeper into your own reality that we have already spoken about extensively today. Your prioritization, what you are here for, what is the area of exploration, what gifts and talents and capabilities are pointed out through your astrology is only a start. But the deeper and more difficult aspect, that of the astrologer - you could say his or her true calling, true burden of responsibility - is to assist the individual in discovering for himself or herself this energy. Go carefully, you astrologers, into this open door. Because what you will encounter so often is the whole idea of rebellion, as if the little child, presented suddenly with the burden of responsibility of what that person came here to do, will refuse this. So it is best to engage them. As you come to areas that appear sensitive and the areas that you are familiar with, such as their own love or work or family relationships or whatever, ask questions. Help the individual to discover more of their own purpose, their being. This must never be imposed from outside, even if as you look at the chart it seems so obvious to you what that person should be doing and perhaps they are not. But doingness here is the difficulty, you see, because the doingness is the outward manifestation or interpretation of how those energies are best put into action, whereas at the core it is the beingness. That is what the person is here to discover, through the doingness, through their interaction, through everything that they learn about, to discover more and more about their beingness, the very nature of who they are, and from this to then manifest these energies through the doing to have the greater awakening. It is always from be to do to have, and not the other way around. So at the core you are helping the person discover their beingness. That is tricky. But you have a little help in this regard.

Chiron is a valuable and useful asteroid in alerting you to the spiritual awakening, the progressions of this planetoid, reminding people of some of their opportunities for spiritual awakening, for seeing things in a new light, for shifting the consciousness, its relationship to other planets more understood and accepted to as if stir them up, awaken the spiritual side of this. So that not the answer but the questioning process can be better stimulated within the individual to look more consciously at their own reality, at the nature of the reality that they have created. Understanding where their own old habit patterns have imposed various contexts on this and now begin to shift, to lift, to change those contexts where possible.

Now, of course, with greater development of astronomical techniques and all kinds of useful, interesting astronomical technologies, humankind is making discoveries on a regular basis - about the planets around you, such as all the interesting information about Mars, and about this new planet, Sedma. As if to receive and understand this as indeed a twelfth planet, as a power influence, is useful. And certainly astrologers would be wise to include this in the pantheon of astrological influences that would include the major asteroids as if then to see that this energy is influencing a powerful but slow aspect of evolution - self-made evolution, self-created evolution, interaction between the group and the individual evolution; an opportunity for such an evolution to relate to beings overall. Now of course, since all people will be influenced by this very slow-moving planetoid similarly you will not see the primary influences there but in the various progressions, ways in which the other moving planets - especially the moon and her nodes - as well as the attunements and connections to the rising sign and so on can be ascribed to its relationship to this new planet. All kinds of interesting information will come forth. And indeed astrologers the world over are scratching their heads and trying to understand and work with these energies.

Is this sufficient?

JILL: Yes; thank you. What is Hilarion's perspective on whether the Galactic Federation exists and, if it does, do they ever talk about earth, and what do they say about our planet?

HILARION: Well, there is a small core that is quite devoted to making jokes, puns, and various nuances with regards to how foolish and silly earth people are. This is also projected powerfully into the universe through all of your comedy specials on television, comedy channels and various comedians portraying the silly foibles of humans. This is powerfully ingratiating to those who are so obsessed with earth. But it must be understood here that earth has presented tremendous, powerful lessons for all others. Through the Galactic Federation this energy is shared as necessary to show other planets, other civilizations what not to do, where not to go, and how not to be. And in this way there is at times a sense of sorrow with regards to the suffering and struggle that so many on earth seem to be so enmeshed within. And so the lightheartedness, the comedy, the awakening, the perspective is indeed quite necessary and welcomed. But don't think that earth is the butt of jokes in the Federation, because it is not. The main concern that is constantly evaluated and looked at over and over is, 'Will this sector of space, the fabric itself, be sufficiently destroyed by humanity's efforts that it will be irreparable?,' and, 'Must it be stopped?' It is a constant question of overriding concern for those with sufficient technology to stop it. And, indeed, such technology has intervened in the past, particularly with above-ground nuclear tests, and some below-ground nuclear tests as well. In these the opportunity to as if rend the fabric of time and space itself in this area has the potential to expand outward from earth and envelop many thousands of other suns, planets, races, solar systems, and potentially the entire Milky Way galaxy in a very short period of time. This is well understood by those who work with atomic fusion, and indeed those in positions of scientific understanding on your planet do appreciate this. And yet the experiments go on. The second aspect here that is worked with constantly from the higher levels as a coordinated Federation effort, that of many beings simultaneously, is the preservation of humanity for the opportunity to learn, to grow, and for its consciousness to come into its rightful place - to understand and work with the energies of love. That it may do so appropriately, powerfully, and in such a way that is of benefit to all beings, this is a matter of prime concern. But it must be admitted that within the Federation, within this group of beings that have sufficient technological advancement to snuff out earth if necessary it is a minority view. That is, that earth will be able to succeed in this grand experiment, that it will indeed come to a place of greater light, understanding, and awareness so that its love will be known throughout the galaxy.

It is simple statistics that many worlds along such paths have moved to the place of either galactic destruction which had to be muffled and stopped by more advanced beings or destroying themselves, simply as a few of the cinders orbiting various suns in your galaxy. From these statistics the beings involved do recognize that constant monitoring of earth is necessary. Intervention, where required, will be taken. But the understanding that a free-will zone - an opportunity for people to evolve as much as possible, working out their own energies, their own issues - would be preserved, acknowledged, and assisted as much as possible so that this opportunity to come to a place of greater love, awareness, and understanding released to the rest of the galaxy would be made available. Because there are many beings as part of this Federation that recognize this would be valuable to their evolution, to their own understanding, but to many things that are far greater than what you understand - their own creativity and the manifestation of other galaxies, the manifestation of other civilizations. And . . . the other issues. There are topical issues, you see, at various times, various things that are considered carefully. And right now one that is being carefully considered is that of another civilization, quite far away, similar in evolution to that of your planet, that has come to a powerful crossing point. And beings of this civilization [pause] ...

All right. Request is given. Mou Shun will speak.

MOU SHUN: I am from the planet Nautinah, and I have learned about your people through many of these members of the Galactic Council. What I see is you as we were just 50 years ago, and the changes that happened on our planet as resulting from general strike, from setting down all weapons, all means of commerce, all things that said, We do not love each other, we do not care for each other - even by implication. Because we knew that we did, because we knew that we could care for each other anything that would stand in the way of this was to be set aside. When we came to that decision all of a sudden, when everything stopped, it was as if all of the new lights awoke and we could see at last. And gradually new industries, new ways of relating, new understanding came forth. Towards the end of this time - just a few short years ago by your reckoning - these representatives of the Galactic Council appeared. They have taught us a great deal about many things, and soon we will have physical space travel and many advances. Because we now see that as we were, similar to the way you are now, we could not be trusted with these advances.

So now, as we come to this place of greater love, greater acceptance of ourselves, we send you this message: Can you receive and love each other?

(whispers) Mou Shun, signing out.

HILARION: Yes. Hilarion here again. We are grateful for those who are able to intervene, though some technology was involved at the other end of this to allow this transmission. Because you see that, as a topical issue amongst the members of the Council, working through the Federation resources, it is understood that it is possible that you can make change on your planet. But there must be a collective commitment, an awakening inside you that says you want this change more than you want your own personal security, or your own money, or your own power, or your own willingness just to be right, to be better than someone else - to, in other words, in any way reduce the level of love. Because in this you have recognized your fulfillment; you have recognized the need to love and be loved as powerful - perhaps more powerful than anything else. And in this perhaps you will discover a joy, a life that is then more valuable and more important than all of the other issues of security or lack of fear, or scarcity versus abundance, or any of the others. And so you can see why the Council discusses this, why the energy is shared across the Federation - because, indeed, success is possible! And beings who are aware of this would indeed wish to help you any way they can.

So, then, shall we end for tonight?

JILL: Yes.

HILARION: We are grateful for your questions, the many issues that you have brought up. But it is also with a message of hope that we conclude for tonight: that it is possible to grow, to love, to evolve, but, more importantly, to understand personally and with relationship to your group - to all of humanity - the love, the friendship, and the light which awaits you.

And to close we would remind you of the emerald light, its powerful cylinder passing through you, that you breathe this light and especially connect now to Mother Earth. Her loving response is a gentle 'OM' as it bubbles up through your body and is shared out loud. Good-bye.

ALL: OM.........


On the diet of our ancestors and its amazing healing capabilities: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

About the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information the awesome "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .

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