Hilarion Summer Solstice Channeling 2004

Jill: Welcome to the Hilarion channeling for the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2004. Hilarion, through Jon Fox, will be answering questions from those in attendance as well as from those writing in from the Internet. For further information on channelings, books, or tapes contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, or visit us on the internet at hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Yes. Greetings to all of you. Yes, this is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, looking into these many matters and so on, we would ask for a moment that you would simply acknowledge earth’s role in your lives, the way her energy learns from you and you learn from her. As if every time there is this acknowledgment or understanding or acceptance of your way of working with her seasons, her weather, her energy there is also a verse current. She is looking into your consciousness; your relationships; your connection to other beings, the people in your family; and your understanding of Mother Earth in your own internal world—your feeling sense, your emotional sense.

This understanding is reaching an important peak now. One of these is relating to the simple seasonal change where Earth, as visualized breathing, comes to mid point in breath cycle. The ‘in’ breath, the ‘out’ breath, symbolized by one year’s time. And this day (as symbolizing this connection to, simultaneously, the longest day in the northern hemisphere, the shortest day in the southern hemisphere) is that point in the breath cycle in which, then, the magnificence of the complete inhalation—the golden light, the energy of taking in—in the northern hemisphere has its resonance with you as you see earth’s bounty, as you witness the awakening of the animals, the plants.

It is not only, however, about your emotional reaction to this, the ability to be touched by this, but also how you in your response to this reflect an energy to earth as if to say, “Yes, it is worth being here—all the sacrifices, all the understanding. It is a place of awakening, of love, of finding awe or magnificence or beauty.” This is beyond the idea of the words, beyond the realm of the intellect. It is the place simply of knowing, of being. And it is this which Earth, in her own majesty, also is here to teach you. Not just about interacting, about your relationships and your interdependence. This is a very powerful, important part; but it is also about this place—of just being.

From this there are many answers that begin to show up: that on those occasions where you stray too far into the distraction of pure doing, pure having and forget that essence of the pure creativity of being itself, then guides, helpers, or the Self acts. You would think at times that those actions are to alert you to difficulty, to make your life tough, to make things somehow scarce. But you are misinterpreting the simple desire that you spoke, often out loud before you were incarnated, often in your consciousness as tiny children: ‘Let me always know being; never let me forget simply to be, to breathe, to exist.’ And so, counter to this internal, intuitive development—that which you see so widely shared among the animals, so magnificently manifested with the plants—so then (as this is a part of your being, to understand, to accept this pure nature) this becomes habit pattern. You allow it. And it often then is the simple answer.

It can often seem that the best way to solve a problem is with more doingness. Sometimes, though, in your life—perhaps as a result of a dream, perhaps some intuitive guidance that has come your way—you step back from this and you laugh, solving the doingness merely with more doingness. The point of this is that with your animal guide or totem, with your connection to the animal world you have, built into your own DNA (into your own physical body), many of the answers to life’s difficulties. These may seem at times too simple. But they are as close to you as breath itself, as simple beingness to alert you to a path by which all the complexities of the distractions, all the difficulties do indeed fall away.

For this a certain set of questions can be helpful, reminding you in a sense where not to look. But the essential core of beingness itself—the aspect of pure creativity—this is difficult to convey by words alone. The answers to the questions at times may make you laugh or cry. And within this you will often pay attention, not realizing that the same core energy that allows that emotion to come through is the core energy of the beingness itself allowed to become for you yet another distraction—in this case, an emotional distraction. That which is associated, perhaps, with a particular belief, an experience of a traumatic nature from this life or another life.

And so for a moment, allowing your guides/helpers, your animal totem, some connection to Earth herself simply to be with you, be aware of the breath. Allow it. (Without concentrating on it, focusing on it, trying it—simply allowing it.) [So] that your full attention is there and the thoughts of the future, the thoughts of the past—any thoughts—are recognized only as thoughts, distractions simply to beingness.

From this place it becomes quite obvious as to what is to be done next. Anything that would in any way reduce that beingness would of course be laughable. Anything which would welcome others to know it, to be a part of it, to recognize its commonality, to explore it, to invite it's thematic elements, to play with it, to return to it, and so on would inevitably be that which is encouraged. In many ways, then, as you look to your guides and helpers and to the energies that work with you at all levels, you have asked, ‘how would you know, then, to encourage this and discourage that’. And now you understand the criteria.

This is not about the specific goals and aims. These are inevitably interim goals and aims. Because the Creative Force Itself, the manifestation of That Which has created your universe—It is expanding, It is beautiful. It is constantly surpassing all Its previous levels of beauty! This is all around you, to be breathed, to be known.

More than any other time of the year in the northern hemisphere this is a very powerful energy availability for everyone. And that is why we mention it now. At this very moment many of the animals are aware of such an energy. They have made it through the more difficult times. They are assuming various positions to receive this energy, and this is helpful for you too. Be aware of your hands and how they naturally can move into unusual positions at this time, your body as it wishes to dance or to enjoy. There is no coincidence of this—it is built into your genetic structures. But it is really at its core about that initial creativity, that manifestation in the first place. An important corollary of the law of progress is that as a thing is begun so it tends to continue. By acknowledging this (being aware of it) it is as if, then, dancing God’s dance—the manifestation of this energy through you, as a part of you—becomes doingness, that which you do in your life, oftentimes seemingly for a specific purpose, a specific aim, a specific goal. [As] if the guides, helpers, and others working with you need to trick you into thinking that you really need that in order for an eventual setting of a scene for greater discovery, of beingness, of creativity, of God—of the welcoming of your own soul more consciously and powerfully into your own evolution.

These are not mere words. They are about what humanity is doing now. In the line of understanding and awakening this beingness to the core it is a oneness that comes through about this evolution. And therefore those goals would be valuable. But you can laugh with your guides and helpers about this one. What do you take with you of these wonderful and important things to be done, people to meet, numbers to put into your bank accounts (or take out of your bank accounts)? You don’t take any of it. It is the experience at the core, at the level of being itself that you have come here for: to experience being alive, a spirit in a human body, in human form—to know this. This cannot easily help you if you don’t accept it. And, at the same time, it can never be forced upon you.

And so, in deference to an important question asked about those who would manipulate humankind into doing things that would seem in the short term to be aspects of service to self, constriction or contraction, negativity—of course, look in your own life. Where have you learned from failure? Where have your seeming mistakes been those that have taught your far more than your seeming successes? We say ‘seeming’ because, of course, from such a light the successes are failures and the failures are successes because what you have learned is that which you will take with you—not numbers in a bank account, sales you made, or even someone else you helped, but what you learned from that experience. As the soul evolves that is ‘assistentiality’—the process of assisting others. But it is only one way in which the soul evolves. But as such work and other aspects are completed you begin to recognize that exposure to the negative, aspects where you had something to overcome, the difficulties that you faced and were able to grow through were valuable.

Unfortunately the time for this—this business of, shall we call it simply resistance—is growing short. This is the true meaning of the transition into what is called Age of Aquarius, the end of time associated with 2012, the passage from one quadrant of the galaxy into another, of the rotating solar systems—that is, as they are revolving around the center of the galaxy these energies slow in your lifespan, have meaning to your soul’s lifespan. And the meaning becomes clear over time that one of the lessons that is now growing to a close is this old, slow, cumbersome pathway whereby you know it is good to stop hitting your head against the wall because for a moment you stop and it feels so good. These are silly ways to remember, but from our point of view—or even your own point of view, if you look back into your childhood, your teenage years, your twenties . . . Yes. Some of you are remembering that proverbial hitting your head against the wall until you finally got it.

So those energies are there. But what we are here also to alert you to, the purpose of guides and helpers not restrained to this quadrant of the universe (able to go ahead to the next level into the Age of Aquarius, into the other energies, and bring back a little taste of this for you if possible) is to change the reality itself—because you inevitably will have more choices about the matter.

If you choose, therefore, greater degree of darkness, service to self, the negative aspects—so it shall be. So darkness shall reign on your planet for a thousand years, and other difficulties. This is not a threat. It is simply that which you are manifesting if you choose it. The power to manifest increases in direct proportion to the reduction of the strength of the magnetic field of Mother Earth herself. This is partially symbolic, but is also that which is directly related to the manifesting principle itself and the way in which such energies as magnetism come from you. As you increase your energy the manifestation of superconductivity is measurable within your bodies, simply measuring from palm to palm. And you will note that in those conditions of deep unconditional love, theta brain wave state, unusual higher states, altered states, etc. for a short period of time such resistance can indeed drop to zero—meaning superconductivity is present. But this means full-current flow through your nervous system, hence a strong magnetic field. When that magnetic field is aligned, conscious, moving in its more typical direction (up and down the body) manifestation utilizing the small amount of xenon present in earth’s atmosphere becomes that much easier.

Now, obviously, having such insight into science—shall we call it aetheric science—you have many opportunities to increase this any way you wish. You can focus on increasing your own physical health and ability to increase your natural magnetism. You can focus on increasing your exposure to xenon in capacities by which such manifestation therefore becomes easier. You can work on various attitudes that allow your consciousness the pure, free form of creativity itself, not focused on the doingness but rather on the welcoming of the pure creative force as beingness.

However, many of you have recognized that such pathways, though available, are difficult—for the simple reason of your own habits. That it becomes a little frightening to you, or your habit patterns from the past stand in the way, or energies that you have worked with before hold you in a rut. You have some hope here with the children, of course—to engage their consciousness, for the creative force at the pure level of beingness to be exciting and fun, and for them to intuitively recognize where indeed other forces, forces to take them into doingness or havingness—that these are distracting them. But at its core it must be understood that as magnetic field reduces, as the energies as a general level increase in frequency more and more choice is being made available at every level. The point of such is not preordained. It must be for people to work out for themselves. Without such level of free will it would only be the imposition of one more thought form, one more idea, one more structure.

And so naturally, then, you came into this world deliberately inviting for yourself many symbols, energies to pour around you and remind you of this—that you could see in each other’s eyes; that you could learn from the news; that you could receive through astrology, that you could welcome through the symbology of all aspects of looking into everything in your world.

There have been many astrologically based questions, these principally because the eyes of humanity collectively turned to Venus and the sun in early June of this year, Venus retrograde—therefore drawing out every aspect that was hidden within your consciousness—but this aspect now suddenly brought into the light. But it is the light of the sun—the magnificence of the fuel of awakening, of being; of the energy of strength—poured through that retrograde Venus energy. That energy saying to you, then, ‘What are you about in real relationship?’

Now, these are difficult questions. People will struggle with this for many years, finding that, indeed, the answers appear very clearly, loudly in romance novels, movies, television. And when they follow those out for themselves they are inevitably disappointed. It is in the smaller, still Inner Voice about true relationship—your relationship with God; your relationship with yourself; your relationship with someone else for the specific purpose of bringing out your relationship with God, your relationship with yourself that these symbols are present. You must be given the choice. Many people, as they grow older, previously entranced with romance novels and the Hollywood romance movies, throw them away, laughing at their silliness. But you could say that the encouraging part about this is that this sort of connection to the truly deeply romantic fantasy has been on Planet Earth for many, many thousands of years and that the age at which people discard this, grow beyond it or mature is getting younger and younger with each passing year. And clearly now this is being taught and shared, and it is one important aspect of education that must not be neglected: that people will understand the beauty of the romance novel for itself but not as an instructive tool as to how to be in the world.

Yet, here again—another example of resistance. We want it to be a certain way. After the ride off into the sunset, after they live happily ever after who does the dishes? Who takes out the laundry? How is the money earned? What happens when the kids get sick? These are all the questions that become reality because that energy, as the pure fantasy, is not understood in its true sense: the energy of beginning, the creative spark, the beingness energy. And so the path of resistance, then, simply unfolds into yet more resistance.

So there are many different ways to explore this and understand it. One is purely mathematic—simply that the energies can be equated (potential equals resistance multiplied by flow—Ohm’s law). That potential, indeed your potential; the resistance, that which you are creating as the obstacles—be they unconscious habit patterns or conscious fears—multiplied by what you allow to flow. So as resistance drops to zero flow equals potential. And indeed as superconductivity is known it is more than that.

But there are other ways also to understand this—that when you have let go of resistance you have learned its lesson, you know why you have put it there, you have truly felt it. You have accepted it. You have loved it. You have welcomed it. This is one of the most important techniques to understand when working with negative thought forms: when you resist them they persist. This is actually occurring because a circuit, a conduit of energy is established in your aetheric body. Those with higher vision see this easily as the energy kindles. These can be connected to different parts of your body. They can twist in and of themselves, and they can connect out into your past, connect to other people, connect to different energies associated with all kinds of stuff. But you know if you simply shield against them or try to dislodge them without accepting what you have learned from them nor understanding the manifesting energy that drives them and supplies them, they simply recreate and you get to have that resistance—a new way, perhaps—again. How many lifetimes of doing this do you need?

There are those who recognize the karmic wheel and understand, through many lifetimes associated with Buddhism or other aspects of reincarnation, what this really means. But they are still here. And they are here because they are waiting for you. Those who now understand and receive the energy of their highest potential can allow with those of the greater spiritual patience an acknowledgment of their souls’ energy for the manifestation of something new on your earth—a true evolution of humanity. But what form this will take, and how you will bring it into energy, must have to do with some of the most positive and beautiful aspects of your society, of your appreciation of each other, of your love, of your sensuality, of your romance as well as your capacity to assist to bring the dual aspects of school earth and hospital earth into one. This could be exciting. It could be fun. It could be pleasurable. And this could engage the consciousness of collective humanity sufficiently to bring it forward.

And there will still be a few, feeling this, seeing this, who will mistake it for doing. “Come on, you get with the program; get out there and help somebody!”, or “Let’s make this a really great new age.” But at its core the opportunity to return always to the creative force must be known in order for that force to manifest in such a way that it actually touches your soul, actually makes a difference in your life. That is one of the wonderful meanings of Vesta, as its progress into your chart can light off different opportunities to see things in a new way.

But at the same time there are energies that build in your consciousness, helping you at times to see the darkness, the difficulty, the struggle. In relationship this relates specifically to the law of reflection. And the greater symbol here is Venus. Now lit up by the sun, brought into consciousness for all to think about, [it] continues its work with you now. And in only a few days the symbol of Venus direct, on June 29th—reminding you to take those energies inside, to bring them out into the world, to share them in a positive way for yourself. ‘What have you truly deeply learned about relationship?’

Now in the past we have answered many questions relating to relationship in many different ways, helping people wherever possible to look back on why you invited relationship in the first place. It is pretty tough sometimes, isn’t it? It makes things go pretty fast. And ‘what is the darned hurry about it all anyway’ is what the soul does ask you at times, for one specific reason. In the place of beingness, in the place of simply knowing the breath, there is no hurry. It is the energy of infinity with you. And where you can share this with your relationship, with those you are close to you can be reminded of the energy spark you began with.

Most individuals in relationship spent a good time working this out in the time before they were born, which is called the intermissive period. You got together. You tried it out. Perhaps you had done this many times in the past. But this time, as you looked into this world, you realized there would be many more billions on the planet than ever before, many more opportunities, many more possibilities for distraction. And so therefore you also opened up greater energy floodgates than ever before. These could be stereotypes. When the rage comes out, the buried fear or trauma, it can look as if the other person is at fault. But what you also told each other was (on advice from your guides/helpers, the energy that you knew in the face of God’s laws) that the law of reflection always holds. That what you were truly looking at in the moments of deepest despair, anger, or the greatest ecstasy and love was God’s manifestation of you through the other person.

This is difficult to comprehend. But if you spend a little time looking in the mirror, deep into your own eyes, you will know this energy a little better. Then to look into your lover’s eyes—to feel that energy again—you will see both similarities and the differences. And it is from that place of the beingness, the acknowledgment of the pure energy itself that it is then easy. What gets difficult then is when you then have to still deal with the kids, the dishes, the rent, whatever—the doingness aspects that you have already set in motion through your own habit patterns, through your distraction with doingness as seeming to be the answer to everything and so on and so forth.

And so the greatest gift you can give each other is to say, then, ‘How can I support you in letting go one little piece of that doingness to accept one little piece more of that beingness?’ This is not an easy thing to answer, of course, because those who are close to you always know all the ways you could be so much better. But at the core of this so do you. And that is why you chose that person. They are indeed the expert at your evolution.

Recognizing this principle has brought forth many powerful paradigms in psychology. The work of Harville Hendricks: Getting the Love You Want, the Imago match, and so on, where the expert is manifested through the person that you have chosen and their incomplete relationship with their past. Or The Work of Byron Katie, where the very judgments that you would have about someone else show you every place in your life where you have stopped your energy, stopped the aspect that could enliven, assist, and love you more—with your own judgment. Those are inevitably judgments that are self-judgments and when recognized as such can be powerfully revealing as to how you can choose to change if you wish. In so many areas of psychology, going back to symbolism and Jung or analysis and Freud, you will find all aspects of this conscious evaluation, manifestation, and observation of this simple principle: that the aspect of beingness is reflecting itself in the world.

This aspect has been in a certain sense the kindergarten; first grade is about to start. Will you be ready? Some of you are clearly not ready, and you must remain in kindergarten. This will inevitably create a conflict—the beings who truly want to evolve to the next level versus those who do not. How this will be solved by humanity is difficult to state with certainty, since of course there are many possibilities. In the past other civilizations faced with the same sort of difficulty have at times destroyed themselves. Other civilizations split, some moving into what is called planetary transmigration (relocating in another part of space, in a whole different world). Others decided that some deep level, some deep energy available to those who understood—who truly felt the love, the beingness, the connection—could be made available.

For many who call themselves light workers you have contact with that energy. It could be your own personal observation of this in the intermissive period. It could be your guides and helpers and your relationships to them and the stories that they have told you about this. It could be your dreams or your projections, where you have gone to such places of light and beauty. In some cases you actually are from those future realities and have utilized time travel to come back into a body here and now. The options and possibilities here on earth—well, [with] so many billions it is pretty easy to cover just about every option and every possibility.

But the point for you as you come to this is somehow that the manifestation of this evolution is in line with your own understanding, at a personal level, of love. That is as much a feeling as it is anything that can be described or intellectualized. But it is important to recognize that it clearly is not wanting something. And this powerful witness—is it love or is it wanting something—can always be applied. It takes you right out of the doingness, right back to beingness. And it is the reminder when you look into your true love’s eyes, or your own eyes, of that energy that the window on the soul is showing you. Yet at the same time this energy has been very difficult because of the overlays, the fantasies, the romances, the ‘I wish it could have been’, and, most importantly, ‘I love you’ when really what you meant was, ‘I want this or that’. This is the true nature of the fantasy, you see—the way in which it has been somehow accepted in your consciousness that when you said ‘I love’ but you really meant you want you didn’t know it; you kept it away from yourself.

And so this is the real meaning as we perceive of Venus and its powerful reminders to everyone on your planet to look again at relationship, to find the truth in it, to come back to source if you possibly can, to throw away or destroy the relationship if you have no other choice but most importantly to honor its essential core, your relationship with God, your relationship with yourself. Understanding this is not easy because it means an acceptance of the universal law: as above so below; as within so without; universal law of reflection—that the aspects that you perceive seemingly outside are always for you. “But wait, Hilarion. I understand how the universal law applies to this person—my neighbor, even my wife, husband (whatever). But—it doesn’t apply to me.” This is very important to remember: that when that shows up in your consciousness that there is some aspect there just waiting to be discovered, to be loved into existence.

Now, as this sort of energy makes its way into a more and more powerful moment it is not going to simply be one big day of a peak in the divorce rate on June 29th, nor is it an energy that is going to suddenly break out. It is that which is continuing to build. Because one thing that has been recognized by your consciousness and by the consciousness of your guides and helpers who have been on your planet who have had relationships is how fast a path relationship is. So you’re not going to easily live without it, so you might as well understand and accept it at its core where you possibly can. If such a core can be manifested in a way that is in alignment with what you know as the highest joy then it becomes easy. To manifest this requires returning to beingness.

So at its core, then, the most powerful method for destruction of negative thought forms, for returning to beingness, for dispelling of fear is the same as that which can re-manifest the energy of relationship, of beingness, of caring, of love. Those techniques are going to continue to pour into your earth, each one in some ways more streamlined, more powerful, more pointed than the next one. But the point of any of these is to find that place by which the beingness as a current, as an energy, as the nature of the pure creativity of the manifestation of the beauty all around you is known, discovered, is a part of you, is welcomed by you.

And so to some extent welcoming in any form will help a lot. You can welcome your thoughts or your judgments or understand how the difficulties in your life have served you. You take important steps in such direction towards the acknowledgment of the beingness. But to truly know it must of course involve the cessation of thought—the way in which the distractions and difficulties of the doingness, of the havingness cease because they are simply the outgrowth, the expression of the beingness itself.

There are ways to accomplish this, but principally, as in all cases where change is that which is truly important to you, you must desire it. You must truly want to have this aspect. This can be so distracting. It can seem so much as doingness. “Yes, I resolve from this day forward I’m going to meditate one hour per day, rain or shine.” What an excellent opportunity for the guides and helpers to bring you tremendous distraction the moment you say such a thing. Ever notice that that’s exactly what happens? (Maybe you really weren’t supposed to meditate so much.)

The point is that the old pathways by which the resistance is the only way you’re going to learn are coming to an end. Venus next transits the sun in 2012. And this is taken as an important symbol of this being a powerful transition time for the preparation of the understanding of humanity’s relationship with itself on all levels. This was understood by the ancients and personified in the great Mayan works, but at its core it is still a choice—humans to choose any way they wish to go with this. To do so collectively, to do so individually there are many different pathways.

Now, when this is overlaid with the current world situation, the difficulties of those running your planet—showing you in every way possible how impossible this capacity for true transformation is, and all of that—just as in a romance novel, just as in the fantasies in the movies you could believe it. You could look into the newspapers and reports worldwide and grow very hopeless. But you may also notice the little miracles, the opportunities where many people are able to observe a singular thought, a singular energy can change everything—and therefore, again, the manifestation of greater degree of being simply present, without thought. To increase such creative flow, to make it that much easier for those thoughts to appear, those actions to take place, those transformative capacities.

“But, Hilarion—well, what if that doesn’t work? Is there a Plan B?” Yes. And a C and a D too. Among these is being transmitted to those in positions of certain degree of political power through the assistance and overview of the elders (these as known as such individuals as the Chicago 7, many from the Berkeley times of the ‘60’s—the beings who worked with change at a deep level). These powerful energies are again coming to earth, in a new cycle.

This is one of the various alternative plans. It is not one that has within it the consciousness of a result. It is rather a moratorium—a ‘general strike’, it has been called. And because this has been of some success in other civilizations on other planets there are those who would encourage that, welcome it and understand its proper use here. But in the time in which economics are suspended, the old ways are stopped everyone would bear great strength and attention on asking, ‘What is the right way here?’ For this it is very important that the larger questions be known. These questions have to do with your purpose, with what you’re here for, how you maximize your time here on earth, how you make best use of what you have learned from your past and apply this in the way that brings you the greatest joy and understanding for your future. But these are questions that can lead you away from the beingness, take you to a place of doingness if you misunderstand their original intent, which is to alert you to the nature of the beingness as the answer to the question. As a result of asking those questions in the time in which Plan B is activated and a general strike is shared across the planet those questions will finally be listened to in profundity. Many people will be asking them in the smaller way: “How can I have appropriate livelihood; interact with others in a way that is ethically responsible, that feels good,” and so on. A very small step from there to the cosmo-ethic—to what is important in your life (throughout lives), in your understanding of all of humanity, and so on.

Because these and other possible backup plans are being played with on your planet individuals are then being told about this. Nesara is one of these. An opportunity for a new form of economics. A way in which energies may be shared in yet another way. But, at the same time, the relationship that you have to this—how you bring joy to it, how it is exciting for you, how you share about how to communicate it. Because only a small percentage of people on the world are familiar with this backup plan.

And, yet another, a technological one—one in which the capacity, for instance, to manufacture from the ethers anything desirable, hence making all economics obsolete. These and other technological solutions for free energy and so on have been shared already. The energies are out there in the world for anyone to experiment with, to understand. But at the same time the potential for misuse, as can be applied to any of these plans.

And so as we would perceive it this next period is about your relationship to all aspects of your relationship to humanity. What is your role in this? How are you to be a part of this? Yes, you must spend time, of course, in raising your children, in doing the day-to-day activities, in all the doingness of the world. But it is your choice to be distracted by this or to remember why you came here. Why experience life—hugs, connection, joy? Why experience the suffering, the difficulty, the sadness? That ‘why’ for you is a personal one. It is not one that can be answered by anyone else but that which can be shown to you as a feeling, as a place simply of being in yourself that welcomes the very idea of existence for existence’s sake, for the joy of aliveness. This is one quality that can be ascribed to your own personal discovery of beingness. But at the same time it must be that which you choose over the doingness. And that becomes the difficult path for guides and helpers, who weep regularly in trying to assist you because their energy, their time, their capacity to assist also grows short. The aspect by which they might have worked in the past based on resistance becomes more and more difficult.

The opportunity to share through higher levels of superconductivity, of deeper levels of symbolism or meaning—these become greater with each passing day. And so spending a little bit of time in the place of beingness, without thought, and then simply receiving options so that the doingness that then takes place—if any at all—could perhaps be that which would be of value. You would not always know if it would or not. Except there is one little clue. And this is the second aspect, which it is time to practice tonight.

And so at this moment we would suggest a brief stretch; that when you come back simply focus on the breath.

Notice the breath as it moves gently, easily in and out (Earth’s breath, as symbolized by this beautiful time, replicated through your own being), yet now notice thoughts and let them go. A thought of what’s going to happen after. A thought, perhaps, relating to food. A thought of the day. All of these as silly little thoughts—doingness thoughts, distracting thoughts. Energies that you might not have resolved, issues that are questioned. Let them go. Put your attention instead only on the breath—in, out; naturally, easily.

And now notice that it is actually possible, while you are simply putting your attention on the breath, to make a tiny, simple movement. You will be given a great deal of assistance now, our energy—those of many guides and helpers—all working with you, to gently turn one hand. A simple movement. A simple gesture. Perhaps as a hand, then, to receive (palm up) and relax. Yet again, now, attention on the breath. No thought. Thoughts of past let go. Thoughts of future let go. Only on the breath—in, out—as the hand is allowed to move. In, out.

It is something anyone can do. You can be in the place of beingness while you are doing the movement of your hand. It is a familiar movement. It has innate symbolism—opening, receiving. You are getting a lot of help from your guides, but it is that simple. That which is the habit pattern of movement, the habit pattern of action in your life. Though it can be difficult and it can be distracting and can take you to doingness, it can also be an assistant. It can be your helper. The guides and helpers who wish to serve, to bring you greater benefit (greater enlightenment or understanding)—they are there also here to help you remember the breath, remember the beingness.

Now, as we would often do, taking this to its logical conclusion--24/7, as the expression goes. In the place of beingness. While in all actions (paying the bills, washing the dishes, taking care of the children). The various energies of the world. Knowing, feeling, sensing, breathing—that place. God’s place. That love through you.

Now it is true that of course the old habit patterns can re-exert themselves and that you can easily fall into the place of doingness, forgetting about the beingness, at any time—it is always your choice. But we are suggesting that as you play with this choice you may find it invigorating, giving you pleasure—opening, fun, creative; eventually—superconductive, health-giving, beneficial. As a result, you would do it more.

But, as would naturally be the case with anything that is health-giving, those aspects that have stood in the way, those resistances may be swept away. Called a ‘healing crisis’, eh? But the opportunity for healing crisis in relationship may look like all kinds of difficulty. Can you recall the current, the energy connection, Mother Earth’s part, your own movement in this? Any capacity to do this is helpful. And for this you then have the breath. For in nearly every incarnation as a human being you spent most of your life breathing. It’s a powerful, wonderful habit. And this can be there to remind you that you exist—that by the breathing itself you are alive, you are welcoming yourself here, YOU ARE.

Now, that is an interesting way to approach problems, isn’t it? In the past we’ve so often given very specific suggestions—about certain foods to eat, little dances to do, various things to say. They have their value. But one of their greatest values is when what they bring up for you are your resistances—the opportunity within your own consciousness to look carefully and consciously at everything that have you put in your own way. Then you can decide to do it all over again or you can decide, perhaps, it is time to take yet another path. And that is what, more and more, guides / helpers, the energy of the earth herself, the reduction of the magnetic fields, the symbolism associated with Venus, the capacity of all the energies we’ve been speaking about, and many other things are to remind you of—not force you but remind you—so that you may perhaps choose. Then, when you come from that place of beingness to the difficulty in your relationship, to the struggle in your life, to the thing that you would want to be different, perhaps with that addition of the energy behind you of such beingness you will recall the accuracy of the law of reflection applied to you. You will see where you have placed that resistance. And you will at last, for the first time in a hundred subsequent lives working with the same issue—at last you will set it down, you will let it go. You will instead find something else. Perhaps the something else is right there, always has been. Breathe. It is really that simple when you allow the doingness to dissipate and the beingness to return.

Now, the beautiful thing about this in relationship is when you can at last see or feel or touch or hear the beingness in the other. This is in many ways the real reason for relationship. Oh, yes—you are to manifest your relationship with God, with yourself. But to what end? For the fun of the discovery of this in all of you, in everyone together. And of course we share in this—the energy in connectivity, the guides and how they work, and all of these energies.

So now we are going to pause briefly here to give the vehicle a little water.

Some questions will be welcome at this point if they could be some of the areas that we have not touched. We know that is a little difficult. Perhaps with a little more ambient light, Jill, you would be able to see the questions better.

You see, covering the traditional questions in a nontraditional way—a way in which you are invited to step outside the context—it only seemed like a problem within that context. But if you can step outside of it just for a moment you will see that there are many other contexts. Proceed.


Jill: Many people are very concerned about genetically modified foods, especially when the implanted genes come from different species. What kind of diseases must be expected in the future because of eating such foods? And, since it will be probably almost impossible to totally avoid them, are there any counter measures we can apply personally?

Hilarion: Yes. It is relatively simple but that which most medical science does not understand or embrace, unfortunately. When those materials are present in the physical body in a way in which the body is not able to properly absorb, a significant portion of these are stored. Greater and greater attention from the body is then placed on cleanup—getting rid of the stored aspects. These could be fractions of DNA molecules that then are broken off during the digestive process. Because they are indeed entirely non-native, non-recognized they are stored. Or they could be simply very complex materials—those from processed, destroyed foods, various aspects in which the storage problem becomes more and more difficult. Hence diseases, such as they are (dis-ease) come from the discomfort with the process by which the body then seeks to cleanse and release the stored materials. If it cannot do this easily on its own (the young will be able to do this more easily)— If it cannot do this easily on its own the older folks, then, have the more difficult problems, and this will typically, then, utilize the help of the environment—various attractions to unusual foods, in some cases—to help dissolve the stored materials. If this is unsuccessful, attraction / utilization of bacteria, viruses, and other tiny materials to help dissolve and release the stored materials. And if this is unsuccessful, the attraction and association with various organisms (parasites in particular) to destroy these materials, to eat them up and release them from the body. So, of course, this means that the understanding of the true nature of parasitic diseases, bacterial diseases, and viral diseases [is] as the cleanup crew, as the opportunity to remove toxic material from the body, reflected in nature (the opportunity to remove toxic material from the forest floor is how the worms, the vultures, the bacteria will do their jobs as necessary). In the way in which, then, this occurs in the human body, the recognition and acceptance of this can bring a sense of peace. At the same time communication, awareness of the different actions within the body can encourage you, then, to get the help you need.

But the logical conclusion to this is to encourage the opportunity for more parasites in the body since they work the fastest and have the greatest degree of intelligence—since they are the organisms with the larger size and capacity for sharing of their own consciousness this is true. And the opportunity to work with these beings and understand them has been very difficult for humanity because of its fear. Preparation here, obviously, for the interrelationships and meeting with all the extraterrestrial races—the beings who would in many ways appear to you ugly, repulsive, frightening. This comes because of your own habit patterns, and so little ways to begin shifting this consciousness are helpful. But at the same time many of these creatures, in the small sizes, can be very beautiful. And the opportunity to work with you and understand you is a collective conscious decision of all beings. The difficulty here is that people will see that the cleanup crew is the enemy—the firemen have started the fire, and such nonsense. Of course it is the foods themselves, but especially the quality of the foods and, most importantly, the materials that are dead, unable to be absorbed, devoid of enzymes—those which are inherently, then, clogging—that must, then, somehow be gotten rid of.

For those who are unwilling to eat foods that are, then, more natural (those which have minimum of processing or dead parts), fasting can be quite helpful from time to time. A deliberate attempt to allow the body to cleanse utilizing purification of the diet for a few days, perhaps, so that the body can move into a cleansing state. Any way in which this can be accomplished will be helpful. Longevity, however, will depend on much more than this—the opportunity for the body to store such materials for an absolute minimum amount of time, or not at all; to pass them through immediately so that if they are taken in accidentally (as inevitably will be the case as genetically modified pollens spread across the planet) then the body will be able to rapidly release. This can occur, when the body is very healthy, by eating maximally beneficial foods, those for which you were originally designed. We would suggest the book We Want to Live to describe some of the underlying principles associated with this. It is the diet of your ancestors. That which you can evolve to understand and work with eventually is the new diet—the energy diet. In order to receive such energy the body must be at a minimal state of good health, and for many people this is impossible without first going to a diet truly of your ancestors. But as they raise their energy they can absorb more and more of the energy diet—which is essentially that which comes direct from the source, the sun. This is the source of the energies that make your plants, your climate, your capacity to interact at all levels; the ability of the plants and animals to communicate, share; and ultimately, of course, the manifestation of all the energetics in the animals’ bodies. And all of those energies can be accessed directly. To do so takes will and consciousness and a nervous system sufficiently evolved to receive.

[Ed. Note: For more about the diet of our ancestors and its amazing healing capabilities, see: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

And so the next level of beingness that we have mentioned: beingness while in sunlight. At first this would mean nothing to you. But practice it anyway. Sooner or later you will begin to notice. For some individuals with a greater tendency to absorb and receive audibly (it’s usually ‘ohm’, but there could be other sounds like ‘ahhh’ associated with the sun). At the feeling level it may be an inherent warmth, that which you notice in the solar plexus. For those receiving the visual, that sense of a fire within them, pouring out. It seems paradoxical that the energy that pours out of your eyes, out of your hair, out of your body can be that which is inherently radiating, healing, warming—but it is. It is the sun through you. The light can be received any time. It is simply being aware of it. Even when the earth is turned away from the sun such an energy still projects to the earth. It goes around, through the ionosphere, and down into every portion of the world. It goes through the world, right up through the bottoms of your feet. It is reflected from the moon and the other planets. There are many ways in which this energy is absorbed and available to you if you wish.

Simultaneously accepting and working with the ancient diets and recognizing the new energy diet—these are important capacities for people to try out, to understand for themselves and to eventually recognize are the natural ways in which the energies associated with that which brings the greatest pleasure and health simultaneously causes the dismantling of those on your planet who are primarily interested in profit as a result of selling you foods that have been altered dramatically, processed, dead, etc. etc.

In other words, the whole process by which you eventually evolve is one that inevitably lets go of every small doingness, every service to self, every capacity of the negativity to awaken to the greatest light possible.

Sorry for the long answer, but it gave us an opportunity to get into a few other areas.

Further question?

Jill: Let’s go to the political questions.

Hilarion: Yes!

Jill: How important is our presidential election this year—how much does it matter which candidate wins?

Hilarion: Very little. Because these all have in mind pretty much the same old excrement for the next time around. And as individuals recognize in their own consciousness, it is time for real change. In a certain sense the Republican administration has a slight advantage: [it] is more obvious that it is indeed the same old when such take positions of power. However, where all that is so clearly economically based, the big corporations running your planet, you then eventually recognize that that is where the change must come—not just in political but in economic aspects of your reality. However, there is on all sides, in every election, an opportunity for small gains. Seek them out. Various ballot propositions, low-level officials, opportunities for parties with a greater degree of acceptance and awareness of your consciousness.

The unfortunate side to this is that, as you are all quite aware, a full shift to another party—a whole different way of seeing, another way of being—is always possible. That indeed the numbers of those who actually vote are now so small in the United States that those who could deeply care truly outnumber those who do vote. But such individuals don’t vote. And this is the real difficulty that eventually will come forth. However, we see that the role that political systems will eventually play on earth will be quite small. Government is necessary where the cosmoethic is not shared amongst all beings. And so once it is shared the role of government becomes so small as to merely be that of opportunity for interaction between people. This is what we have observed in many other civilizations that have survived past the point that you humans are struggling with now. But the greater opportunity here—the true understanding—is available symbolically in every election: that simultaneously people cast their vote—they say they are making a decision. In many cases it is the proverbial lesser of two evils. But they are still making a decision. This is what gives such hope within the consciousness of so many people as they witness the democratic process.

It therefore is an opportunity when in your meditations, in your visualizations of a powerful light, you can share that question, ‘What are we all really here for?’ ‘What do you really vote for in life? In existence? In beingness?’ Hold that in your mind on the day, in November, of the polling, in the consciousness of why people are moving in this direction. It is a lot like when you are the teacher, looking at your kindergartners voting for a class president, knowing that that individual is going to be able to hand out the party hats and perhaps a piece of cake on someone’s birthday. But no real decision-making is ever possible for kindergartners in terms of the important things in life. And so also, then, in that place when the vote is taken they are getting practice. As you understand that practice you have the opportunity to share your own point of view, your own energy, your own love. Beingness on the polls, beingness on the day of the election—that is what we would recommend, if at all possible.

Are we ducking the question? Did you want us to recommend one or another candidate? From such a point of view it does become a little ludicrous, doesn’t it?

Further questions?

Jill: Okay, let’s go for a health question here. In the past Hilarion mentioned using white oak bark on teeth. What’s the benefit of using white oak bark, what are the chances of avoiding having crowns put on worn-out teeth using existing or new technology, and how do belief systems fit in with how teeth wear?

Hilarion: Belief systems are powerful when they are (obviously, excluding appropriate diet) making you then believe that bacteria are the enemy and must be brushed away from your teeth in order to make them survive. It is, of course, a part of the puzzle. But where do the bacteria come from and why are they attacking our teeth—what is on the teeth in the first place that they must clean up? In other words, what’s good about them? Belief patterns go much deeper, of course, in the association with the symbology of the teeth, as this is the place that initially breaks down the food so its digestibility and other aspects are enhanced. It therefore is a powerful message giver, symbolically, and we have discussed this extensively in several of the books through our friend in Canada. The point simply being that as the energy is understood symbols can be better received and belief patterns shifted.

But at the core of this are so many powerful techniques and tools, if people can learn to apply them early in life—can understand that the body will inevitably put attention elsewhere, drawing, at times, minerals (calcium, in particular, but all kinds of minerals) out of the teeth. This is completely unnecessary but is typically done because there are problems elsewhere in the body. You will see in nearly every case where there is degeneration or problems with gums, teeth, etc., problems elsewhere—liver, pancreas, kidney perhaps; circulatory system, brain. Many of these in their own capacities are drawing the necessary minerals, working with what has quickly been evolved in the mouth from a young age. They are the repository, therefore, of these materials. In order to understand this, work with the whole body, bring health at every level and the teeth naturally then are assisted.

The question is focusing on one remedy. White oak bark is a temporary solution. It brings a great deal of oxygenation, shift of a number of balancing vitamins and minerals rapidly into the body without these being overly contaminating or leaving much in the way of residue. And it is always best if this material is taken fresh—by taking a small piece of the bark and scraping the inside of it, this then placed against the teeth and gums. This is insufficient to completely rebalance and nurture the teeth. It is a good start, because it is able to oxygenate and give immediate benefit to the gums. But in order to rebuild the teeth themselves it is necessary to have sufficient energy. This can be supplied by many different things in the world but, most importantly, absorbable, helpful calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc. And to get these absorbed, sufficient levels of fat are always necessary. This is typically supplied by a variety of materials. As some of these are already discussed in the book previously mentioned we will not dwell on this.

But it is important, as people grow and learn, that they also recognize that there will be typically be many difficulties with the teeth in many individuals because they aren’t literally chewing up what they are seeing at the virtual spiritual symbolic level to turn that into digestible, realizable, understandable information. That’s pretty tricky. The symbols are all around you. You ask all the time, ‘Why?’ And you don’t receive immediate answer. Where does that land as a vortex? It lands in the teeth. In the place that would initially try to take a bite off this reality, understand it by chewing it up, and accept it by swallowing it. These vortices, then, are powerful and exist throughout the body but are very common throughout the teeth in most people. Because you are simply not understanding what is right in front of you. So therefore, as we have always suggested, habit patterns (which can be those of such detriment and difficulty) can also come to your rescue. What about spending a few minutes every day— Of course, you could do this just before you were going to brush your teeth, if you wanted to make that deliberate vortexual association. But, in any case, to spend a little time looking at where you have asked why; at what symbols in your life you don’t understand; at how the actions of others might have affected you, you might have blamed them or blamed yourself; how those energies could be clearer or more conscious for you; how you could play with those energies. And then the big step, the great leap forward: openness. Literally opening your mouth and asking, breathing, receiving what the guides and helpers might send your way as a little energy, a little spark, a little thought. An energy to help you understand this cannot be within the old context, and so perhaps it will be a tingle, a memory of the past, a sudden sensation you have never felt before, a smell—who knows? The point simply being that somehow you will again awaken to another context of viewing those difficult issues and find some way to absorb them then consciously take the step to swallow, to absorb, to receive, to know, to take responsibility for some aspect of that which you have just learned.

Now, it is true that such corrections are slow. Typically aetheric energies will take about six months to make their way fully into the physical. So you are going to need about six months of such work in order for the vortices to dissolve around the teeth. But it is important, as you take steps in such direction, that you take good care of yourself. There is no difficulty with dental work as necessary, as long as you are paying good, close attention to the use of toxic materials and minimizing them as much as possible.

Remember, here—that is the good part of what you don’t take with you. As an ailing tooth, or some difficult dental work—you get to leave that behind too.

Further question?

Jill: Popular Science magazine reported a study about Yoda, the mouse who doubled his lifespan as he couldn’t produce any growth hormone. Are humans who experiment with growth hormones going to have troubles?

Hilarion: Yes. It is inevitable, as individuals work with artificial substances—extractions of materials, distillations, and so on—that they will make discoveries. The discoveries will lead them, inevitably, to new discoveries and so on. A lot of doingness. At the same time, however, those opportunities to receive naturally encouraging, balanced growth are necessary. Extremely small-statured people who live a long time are not necessarily the best solution. The point is that as these discoveries are made eventually the underlying issues of the resonance of these various chemicals and other substances with the sunlight energy will be discovered. The innate capacity to receive the energy of the sun, the innate nurturing, manifesting force on your planet—that which is strongly influencing you by the manifestation of tremendous magnetic fields interacting with helium in tremendous quantity. These and other energies associated with the sun are transformed by various materials, blocked by other materials—those which in their various ways make their way through these different materials into the human body. So, those who feel the great strength or benefit from human growth hormone or other substances (distilled, separated) may at times be only deluding themselves—that in the long term you must contemplate the cosmoethical implications, that the studies done initially to promote these substances were funded by those companies that produced them. Here are little hints, then, as you study and work with this that indeed those aspects that relate to the diet of your ancestors (those are the most natural foods possible) are the easiest, therefore, for you to utilize.

At its core you are correct in observing that growth hormone in itself has both positive and negative aspects. It is, however, much more than most people realize, as the basis of organic time travel—that which has been utilized by other races and will eventually be understood by humans. In the meantime the focus on time travel will remain at the purely technological and, as such, will be outside ability for most humans to utilize for perhaps the next 20 or 25 years. After that time the understanding of the true potential of this as a beneficial activity and opportunity to do it without harm will be made available.

In the meantime individuals will understand that artificial substances, the more powerful they are—such as human growth hormone—can have unforeseen side-effects that are also quite powerful, such as significantly shortened lifespan. As this is understood the deeper cosmoethical imperative gradually emerges—the opportunity to do out of the beingness (not out of profit, not out of greed; especially not out of fear that indeed something is scarce). Fear (false evidence appearing as real [F.E.A.R.]) reminding you to look carefully at the belief pattern you have held about what you are afraid of, [that] what you see as scarce in this case can be let go of. That is perhaps the deeper reminder, if at all possible, of this little discovery.

Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes, thank you. Can you talk to us about tattooing of the body? Does tattooing effect the energy body in a negative way, or can there be positive outcomes?

Hilarion: Generally, most individuals who tattoo as a result of careful, conscious thought, preparation, and awareness will typically be bringing up energies associated with recent past lives, remanifesting these in some way on their own physical bodies as a reminder. This is typified, of course, with birthmarks, where individuals have this naturally. But at the deeper level, where individuals draw this to themselves, there are particular issues that they are working with. The reminder by physicalizing that which is a vortex, an energy connection, can be helpful as they are able to bring this into form regularly. The problem, of course, is once they have learned the lesson—once they have received the important information associated with the symbol of that part of the body, or the symbol that is tattooed, or the connection to the past life, or the forgiveness that is necessary in order to clear the issue—then that symbol remains on the physical body. It is there as a constant reminder. This can be of some help, but for most individuals the opportunity then to remove the tattoo would be strongly advised. Other options in which tattoos are taken wantonly, rapidly, in a time of drunkenness, a time of intrusion by another being (opportunities in which they are done foolishly or without much contemplation or understanding) will inevitably relate to the negative thought form or energy association with someone other than yourself or some issue that you could have resolved otherwise, in an easier manner. Many times an intruder, then, during such times of drunkenness, as imposing his or her energy, would actually be the one getting the tattoo in a certain sense, to remind them of the issues in the world. Such would of course only be detrimental where individuals then might perhaps use that as a reminder of avoidance of drunkenness or opportunity to release consciousness to others, etc. (there might be some benefit). But other than that the deeper understanding associated with the tattoo is then largely lost on the individual. In general, of course, understanding the body as a sacred temple, receiving and working with it at every level, is beneficial. But most people don’t do that. They will be tempted to eat foods or imbibe beverages or do things that bring them immediate pleasure without thinking of the consequences of this. Tattooing is the same sort of thing, as the consequences then are lasting for most of your life perhaps.

At the same time as this, however, this is an ancient art, that which has been utilized by many civilizations in the past and has powerful symbology, as individuals may work with those energies to help them identify with, perhaps, certain cultural beliefs, other beings, other tribes, other capacities. In modern times—the symbology of this now being let go of, being seen so much less—[it] is obvious then the larger attention is not on the old ways and the old habit patterns and the old tribes but the larger humanity—as oneness, as connections to all beings, as the opportunity to share and work with all of earth’s energy. As such, therefore, the more modern understanding of this is one that inevitably leads to the body-as-a-temple concept in which, then, tattooing, becomes less and less widely utilized.

Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes. Would it possible for Athena to talk to us about the new model for relationships between men and women—talk about the true masculine and true feminine?

Athena: Thank you for the opportunity to use this vehicle again. Each of you in your way have come to understand a balance inside—a woman, a man—in each of you. This, as a sacred dance, as a bringing together of force, has at times scared you. This most often when, seen through someone else’s eyes, as a child perhaps, you were made fun of. Perhaps in seeing such an energy you were afraid of it because, as someone else would touch or work with that energy with you, you saw there much more than you ever imagined before. But as that fear would establish itself you would inevitably use some capacity to come back to yourself, to your place of calm and peace by squashing down, repressing, moving back from that which was frightening, that which was different. Yet every one of you has had experience in bodies—as women, as men. You have learned this and you have felt it. And so there is a part of you at times welcoming and awakening both parts of your being. This is the real way to understand this without a judgment, without an esthetic that would say, ‘This is right’ or ‘This is wrong.’ But at the same time as this there is, looking into the world at how that Divine feminine, how the principle of the female acceptance, the love, the willingness has led inevitably to peace, to a place of truth or understanding and away from greed, scarcity, and the struggles associated with it. And that is where the collective repression, the collective manifestation of a false feminine is so critical to the continuing unfolding of a domination in your society by the false male, the one that requires such domination simply to know that it is alive.

And the way through this is simple. It is in the acknowledgment that that principle, that female energy is fully one half of the universe—that Shiva and Shakti always dance together, that these energies are always one and always will be. And so, now, as you look into the world, as you sense, as you feel, the deficiency, the lower level of the manifestation of the female energy seems to obvious. It is from that place that I speak to all women. Not with words but with song. Within your heart the sense that there is that love, that connection waiting, ready to be received, to be felt, to be sung.

(A tone is sung, followed by a second, discordant one.)

When it is pushed off course, when it is made nonharmonious (you will find that you are crushed, that there is a place that wants to hide, an old habit exerting itself) sing out with that energy!

[The former two notes are again intoned with the addition of a third, resolving the discordance of the second.]

So that it may be known to all. So that it is your way. For when you touch, when you look deep into another, when you feel from your heart any energy of cruelty, of scarcity, of fear it melts. Now, that is an energy available to everyone—to any man who wishes to access it, to any woman who wishes to share it, to remind herself or anyone else.

So the real truth is that there is no false or true of any of it. There is but energy, waiting, waiting, waiting. [Voice fades to a whisper.]

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again. We thank you, Athena, for your willingness to share this alternate context as a reminder in the hearts of all beings that they have choice of how to access, how to love, how to welcome all parts. Yes.

Is there time for another?

Jill: Yes. Much of the channeled information from many sources in the last few years indicates the very nature of reality in this section of the universe is shifting and new perspectives and options are available to humanity that have never before been available. Is the Hilarion soul group receiving similar messages from their guides, and are you faced with the same sort of paradigm shift?

Hilarion: Yes. In the non-physical realms, we have many more choices than those in the physical realms. The possibilities available in the non-physical realms are unlimited in principle. Practically speaking, one’s own vibration will limit what choices can be made.

However, as new possibilities emerge for those in physical manifestation, many new opportunities to communicate with you, to guide or assist you, and to learn from you open up. More importantly, new opportunities for teamwork become available. In all the realms associated with the Earth and her people, this is where the greatest hope is found. Teams of physicals and non-physicals, working together consciously, hold great promise for the application of these newly available energies and paradigms.

Of course, such teams have always existed, but now the time of greater, more widespread acknowledgment and activation of these teams approaches.

So, to end for tonight, please be aware of the loving support, assistance and care your guides and helpers are making available to you now. Allow it as a sense of energy, of love in your heart, and welcome the opportunity to expand this relationship further, in all the ways it can assist others and yourselves.

Please welcome the visualization of an emerald light all around you – protecting and connecting. See it reaching infinitely upward, and downward to the center of the Earth. Allow this light to expand, as it forms a cylinder of light, expanding from several hundred feet in diameter, getting bigger and bigger.

Be aware of Mother Earth’s loving response: a gentle Omm, and please share this out loud……



On the diet of our ancestors and its amazing healing capabilities: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

About the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information the awesome "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .

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