Hilarion Fall Equinox Channeling 2004

Jill: Welcome to the Fall Equinox channeling of Hilarion. Today is September 21, 2004. We gather here today to answer questions from those in attendance as well as those questions sent in through E-mail. For further information on books, tapes, or channelings contact Jon C. Fox, P O Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959, or visit us on the internet at hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Yes. Greetings to all of you. Yes, this is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with the various matters it is important to note at this particular time, in the three days before and after and during the time of equinox, symbolic meaning as to earth breath—in, out—point of perfect equality: breath equal for in and out. This time now approaches. It is, in the northern hemisphere, the awakening of the animals to the beginning of the wintertime, ending of the harvest time—but, in consciousness, relating back to your ancestors, awakening to and reception for the mysteries of life, the understanding of that which lies just below the surface. This is symbolized as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, and astrologically this relates to the cycles of the group interaction, relating more to the aspects of daily life than that of the individual. But deep inside it is in this awakening, welcoming, reception of mystery that there is to be an understanding of all things—that science, various aspects of your own realizations awaken you to many things. But there is a limit.

It is interesting to note with those who are our teachers, those who are the teachers of our teachers that the more highly evolved beings still receive and understand and welcome some aspect of mystery as well. To understand all things—be it intellectually; emotionally; that which you would encompass through your own being, through the creativity within your consciousness; or whatever—is innately impossible at the level by which it would all be fully, then, assimilated, created, welcomed, manifested, understood. This is important to understand because it means that certain ways of acting, of being, of interacting with your world can produce the results you are most interested in having but may not produce understanding. You may need at times to remind yourself that such mystery is natural to all aspects of the universe. Yet we are not talking here about superstition, or words similar to that of mystery—mysticism—but simply the idea that to understand and to know all is difficult and in many cases actually undesirable.

And so you have the upcoming holidays such as Halloween, symbolizing many aspects of this mystery. And you have the example of the animals, who are able to function beautifully, interacting with their environment but not necessarily understanding in the way that you would. And certainly their understanding as it relates to that which is specifically associated with their consciousness, but that which is outside of their consciousness (so much more difficult) unimportant to them—that which they do not need. So, for a moment, as they are welcoming and understanding the upcoming wintertime, the energy building towards the cooler weather, the longer nights there is that question in the animals’ exposure to human beings, constant contact with them, encouraging them to look more deeply, to become slightly more human. They are questioning. And, naturally, they are questioning humans. ‘How will this winter go?’ ‘How will we survive?’ ‘Can these natural cycles be those which we have already deep within us, or have they been altered?’ Human beings ask the same question in their own ways, especially as they are contending with natural disasters or various struggles. You will find that answering this question opens you. It is very important to recognize that the very nature of energy movement is an interactive one. This is the very nature of wave phenomena. So that as you experience the sense of love, kinship, companionship, communication with animals so also, then, are you naturally then easily able to receive from them messages, understanding of what it is to be, to breath, to be alive. Simple messages. But they are often important, because it is often the animal part of your being that holds many of the answers that you seek. And at the same time that which you are strongly ignoring—repressing because you don’t like it, because you judge it, because there may be some part of your animal nature that you cannot understand intellectually (perhaps will never understand with the mind) but that which is still a part of your being. This is the great lesson of being in a body, and it is never easy to ignore it. It is often that which you take for granted and do not look at, ignoring, because you have experienced it so may times. But the basic animal needs—for breathing, for eating, for sleeping, for maintaining comfort within an acceptable temperature range—these are with you every day. You must contend with them in all manner of interaction in your life and your world. And it is there as a reminder that you have temporarily taken on this covering—this vehicle.

So for a moment, as if to recognize and welcome this idea, we remind you of the idea of light—a powerful light. By your imagination, by your welcoming of this light it is instantly created. So we would ask you for a moment to imagine it as a cylinder about 100 feet in diameter (that is, about 30 meters in diameter) from infinitely upwards through to center of earth. As it bathes this room, as it touches you, be aware that it symbolizes that connection to infinity upwards, connection to Higher Self answers . . . Soul energy . . . sense of beginning. But the manifestation part—that being in the body, being alive—symbolized by its connection to center of Earth.

Now, it is true that there are many important symbols that surround you. And one of the actions of coming into a physical body is to better learn the universal laws, the laws which govern all aspects of the universe; these, then, relating to important principles such as manifesting, such as cause and effect. But, in the way in which you cannot always understand these things when you are immersed in them, or your old habit patterns from the past exert themselves so strongly that you are unable to understand, guides / helpers, energy of your Self from past lives, energies of others who are in bodies use symbols to speak to you, to remind you.

But what about the symbols that you are born into, the symbols manifested by the human body itself? These are becoming more and more obvious and available to those with sufficient consciousness to receive them and understand them. Many times it is noted that when you have a judgment on something the judgment has prevented you from receiving the symbol. The information itself is, as a result of that judgment, so filtered that you are not able to understand it, work with it, and make the changes necessary. When this occurs, guides / helpers, other energies, your Soul working through you, and so on have a few choices. They could increase the volume. They could change the symbol. They could bring in others who are familiar with the symbol who can show you how it works for them. But, clearly, change is needed. If such is not acknowledged, welcomed, or understood and the volume becomes too strong, oftentimes you will interpret this as suffering. The physical body may suffer. There may be pain which is experienced. Pain is the symbol that tells you something needs attention to, something needs to be changed. You find pain very difficult, so as you experience it as a primal, primordial sensation you then choose to change it one way or another.

It is important to realize that people spend a lot of time working with these energies when they are in bodies and when they are out of bodies, symbolized by the experience of projecting your consciousness when you are asleep and that which you understand viscerally when you pass from this world, moving to the higher dimensions. But in those places you prepared for this life. You came in with the idea of experiencing certain important issues, certain things to work with so that your soul would develop. You do this in the physical body so it will be deeply enmeshed in your soul; you will truly know it. Beyond memory of an intellectual nature, you will feel it emotionally. And you will take it, then, lifetime after lifetime, and, of these times between lives (called the intermissive period)—you will have this, then, from one intermissive to the next as well. This is important to remember when judgment shows up. It is why there are so many symbols now beginning to show up in the world about this. And that where you have used the judgment to filter the information that is coming to you, you would inevitably misinterpret it. The work of Byron Katie has so clearly demonstrated that judgment, as it is that which draws your attention, is about you. Similarly, judgment, where it draws somebody else’s attention, is about them. This is so simple. Yet people will continually make the mistake of using those aspects of filtering in order to reduce their capacity to understand the symbols. The result of this is inevitably suffering, where the habit pattern is established for too long a period of time. This length of time will depend on many factors, but typically when an individual has repeated these patterns over three or more significant lifetimes—particularly more recent lifetimes—such an energy pattern will be established with them that will be difficult to break. They will then usually come in with all of those aspects we have mentioned before, and others too. Guides / helpers, teachers in the body, other people you are in relationship with, opportunities to learn these things and work with them in different ways, symbols from books, magazines, astrology—every possible effort [is] made. Many times individuals will forget about asking for help in understanding the symbols. They may say, “Please help me to release this pain; help me to feel better.” But, forgetting that they have taken on this physical vehicle in order to learn these things, they do not ask, “Let me understand the symbol.”

[Ed. Note: For more information Katie's "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .]

Now, this is important in regard to what we started with. Understanding may not be the true answer in the sense that you receive such understanding as purely intellectual. Part of the lesson in being physical is about physicality—embracing, enjoying life, breathing. Finding a way to understand this language is also utilizing aspects of understanding. Not an intellectual understanding—perhaps an emotional understanding, a body understanding, a consciousness understanding that is, then, directly about life itself.

It is important, as people are confronted with these symbols pouring into from all sides, that they find a way to work with them, that they do so in a way that is going to assist them. Because it is the answer to their question, to their request for help! If they don’t, guides / helpers and others trying to help you who are in the world as your teachers, parents, friends, children, etc. will inevitably become frustrated, oftentimes then backing off or giving up on you until you are ready. And so the next aspect that must be awakened as you come to learn the lessons of suffering, of struggle, of misunderstanding of the symbols, is to state clearly that you ARE ready. To do this by your actions, by how you relate to others. Again, utilizing this symbol, it is not simply an intellectual statement, a verbal statement—because that would simply then be that the opportunity to receive the information is merely verbal or intellectual. But, rather, that you are truly deeply ready, in the actions of your life—in how you interrelate to other people (in how you help them to discover, to learn, to grow, and so on).

What this ultimately boils down to is that where there is moving out of state of harmony with this deeper understanding (not simply an intellectual understanding but ALL aspects of understanding of Universal Law) there is inevitably a pullback, suffering, struggle, difficulty, all of the inevitable results of the going out of harmony [with] (meaning ‘one with’, ‘in resonance with’, ‘state of constant communication with’) those aspects of Universal Principle.

Example: Cancer, on your planet, has become widespread and very difficult. It is stated statistically that one out of every three adults will experience this. And thus it means that inevitably you will know others who struggle with this disease. Yet even though it has been many years of study and understanding through the scientific establishment, medical establishment, and others it continues to worsen and continues to be difficult on your planet. There are many symbols associated with this. But what one can see universally is that the symbols are being rejected. People are not understanding and working with the symbols that they are presented.

At the physical body level, deviating from the diet of your ancestors—the animal diet, that which is natural to the animal body—inevitably produces residues, and the body’s attempt to encapsulate these and push them out of the body produces tumors, various blood reactions, capacity for the body to naturally, then, work as hard as it can to heal. This is called cancer, as if somehow it was invading. But of course these materials were part of the diet to start with.

But, at a deeper level, cancer is so rarely seen in the wild animal kingdom—and when it does show up it is that which is directly related to poor communication, aspects in which the animal must communicate with its own group. Such work has been observed in the animal portions of the brain by the work of Dr. Hamer (H-A-M-E-R), and this individual, with his research and understanding about this, has uncovered the basic, deep messages. There are always animal messages, simple messages—about territory, jealousy, sense of loving oneself or rejection. And the opportunity to understand and communicate these messages has proved itself in more than 20,000 cases where cancer has been cured simply by correct communication.

Still, though, going deeper, the larger message of the widespread opportunity for this disease amongst so many people—so many billions—is that of the world, the earth interacting with people, saying that at a deeper level there is a misunderstanding about your purpose in being here.

This is now becoming clear to those in the ecology movement—that humankind is not placed here to be a cancer upon Earth. Yet, in the way in which garbage dumps, automobile graveyards, pollution sites, nuclear waste sites, and so on are accumulating on your planet, one would think perhaps that this is similar to tumor formation, to the opportunity for cancerous growth on the earth herself.

 As people begin to understand and work with the larger principles the deeper symbols become obvious. And this larger symbol of working with the earth—understanding her, loving her, receiving what she has to say—then becomes so obvious and clear as to its connection to personal cancer. This becomes obvious when the high concentration of toxic materials in these waste dumps works its way into the environment. They are all connected.

Now, the question that was posed about cancer as relating to one’s own destiny—what  you come in with—this is a whole different issue. Some have called this the cancer planet, because of these locations of dump sites but also because many people can be here to experience this. If not directly, to be touched by it, to work with it with their friends, loved ones; to see it perhaps even be changed in the world.

But it is actually only a small part of a much larger aspect of earth. Earth acts, for those who come into it in incarnation, as school room and hospital. You get to work with both aspects if you wish, and they interact in many ways, teaching you about compassion, assistance for others and caring, and ways to use scientific knowledge to help others and so on. Thus the schoolroom aspect helping you with the hospital aspect. But the other way around too. Because the symbols and the universal laws work at every level. And when you are here for a period of recuperation it affects you at the soul level too.

However, it is to be noted that until people understand these dual aspects and accept them they are unable at times to make the choice. The symbolic meaning, then, is to compare aspects of consolation versus clarification, for you personally. Most individuals who would be attracted to the words that we would share (to spiritual teachings of any kind) are primarily here for the schoolroom aspect. They are here to learn. They are here for clarification. But they come into a world in which a great obsession with the aspects of consolation has gone on for millennia. One must learn to use this aspect appropriately. The symbols of the physical body are there. It is there for comfort, for being correctly listened to, to be understood at its core level—the animal nature aspect that we have mentioned. This is what allows you long life, cessation of various suffering symptoms, opportunity for interaction in the world, and so on. The symbol here is so clear.

But as people come to reject these symbols it is as if they are rejecting a part of hospital earth—of this aspect of consolation. So they must understand true consolation and not move through what we would call various aspects of false consolation—extreme sports; attention on making huge sums of money; power over others strictly to help you feel better about yourself; and various other ways in which compensation for obvious deficits as manifested through personality and higher consciousness then show up.

Some would say, “But Hilarion, sometimes, you know, we just can’t help it.” There was a time when such an excuse would be well tolerated, guides / helpers and others treating you as if you were little children, certainly to say, “There, there; yes, we’ll help you as much as we can.” But many of you have recognized that the time for this [has passed], as you have grown up in the world, as there is now greater development of technology in so many ways that can be potentially so damaging. All of these as symbols that you are growing up, that no longer can you be treated as little children—that you now have the technology to destroy not only Earth but this entire quadrant of the universe if you chose. And, at the same time, the opportunity to feed, clothe, house, and take care of everyone on your planet.

They are only symbols. Highly unlikely that such widespread nuclear destruction would occur; highly unlikely that you would choose to take care of each other and love other to such an extent. But the symbol that it IS there and you RECOGNIZE it is there (and that choice IS available), then, is communication from guides / helpers and others that you are growing up.

And so you must now recognize that knowledge of what is possible for you does not only come from books, from the learning, teaching from others, from our words, but from deep inside you, from within your own consciousness. And sometimes the deeper suffering, the struggles with pain or disease comes because you are not listening to what is inside. That is indeed the most difficult of all, because it is there that the guides / helpers can really only act through symbols, showing how it works for them. But for you to listen more deeply in yourself, it is of course your choice.

This is where meditation is so helpful—tuning in to and receiving the breathing of Earth, the interconnection to Earth’s rhythms, the awareness of the primordial energies of nature, of the animals, of so many of the things around you. These are more than symbols. They are actually touching you with that which runs deep into your consciousness. It is there that you will often find some of the answers that you seek and there also that you will begin to develop powerfully the judgments to resist those answers. These are the habit patterns that must be dismantled before humankind can make the next evolutionary leap.

And, here again, the symbols are all around you about this. On the world news services constant reminders of this with the insurgencies and rebellions and difficulties around you planet—Chechnya, Iraq being powerful examples of this, for the various Western and Eastern blocs. But it is important here, as you begin to understand the true meaning here, that these are people who have an axe to grind, who have energy that they want changed in the world but are unwilling to do this in a way that is sufficiently mature and appropriate for all of the planet because the people that they see are necessary to receive what they need from are also equally immature, unwilling to bend or to shift, holding so clearly and consciously to their own goals.

But, symbolically understanding the message of this, it tells you about maturity, true education, the opportunity for deeper love, for growing up. The people who feel themselves so stuck in these powerful political, economic, and ideological polarities. Polarities they are, one opposite the other, holding the aspect of revenge all the way back into history.

The question has been asked about jihad, a powerful name relating to energies, always going back into history, affecting each one hearing this word, your past lives as if resonating with you. Another word—crusade—often, then, relating to this. In the West the Crusades are seen in a completely different light than in the East, and those who suffered under the incursion of those Crusaders from Europe into the Middle East hold this as part of their religious heritage. The jihad would right these wrongs. But at the same time there is that idea of forgiving, of loving each other, of helping each other, and these are often diametrically opposed. For all people to come to a deeper understanding about this is being made available through these powerful symbols and the constantly increasing population on planet earth.

Here again, the symbols. Who is ensouling the bodies? And when you ask this at the higher vibrational level you realize that it is approximately a ratio—nine nonphysicals to every one physical. And they all want to get into bodies so they can continue this experience of being physical, interacting, and so on. And so, symbolically looking at it from such a level, you can understand about why suffering and difficulty may be helpful but powerful earth changes to wipe out large numbers of the population would be indeed quite counterproductive. Indeed, every aspect of encouragement for people to come into bodies, to share this earth—50 billion strong, together at the same time—this is coming into consciousness for many. In order to do this, a deeper understanding about disease, health, and the symbols associated with it will be necessary. Otherwise the opportunities would be lost on everyone to understand and to grow together.

But at the same time as all of that are all of these symbols becoming stronger and stronger—fed by increasing population growth, fed by the myth that there is a scarcity of natural resources, fed at a deeper level by issues of fear and ego—that people must learn to mature, to grow up, to accept each other. If legitimate grievances can be heard correction to this is possible. But such must be heard at every level. The Iraqi who fights against his government for religious freedom or enough food to eat and meaningful work is not fighting only against those who are close by but those in the political and economic system that have forced various conditions upon these people so that they would remain in positions of power, so that their own ego would be sufficiently developed, their own fear sufficiently mollified or reduced.

The deeper understanding about this becomes obvious, then, when you look at it from such a symbolic level. And every aspect of making friends, helping people to release fear, to find their true inner power, so that they do not have to lord it over others in order to manifest this, is the obvious solution on your planet. Some have seen technological solutions, such as alternative energy, as quite valuable in this regard. Pollutionless sources of energy such as the Joe cell, or various inert gas technologies, or various technologies making use of water (in particular, that of Brown’s Gas) have been proposed. These have been studied and proven successful on small scale. But to accept them at the larger level would of course mean an increase in acceptance and consciousness by millions on your planet. This is an important backup plan so that earth can survive, without the pollution and difficulties killing all beings on your planet. But in the meantime the primary use of these technologies is to alter consciousness, to shift people to see things in a different way. Inevitably we see these and more sophisticated technologies being adopted on your planet. Not because it will help you grow up. Not, either, because it is that which will stop the pollution on your planet. We get it from a historical perspective. Every civilization that has survived—all throughout this galaxy and other galaxies as well—they have all gone down such paths. Polluting technologies, technologies that inevitably harm the earth, etc. are counterproductive in the long run. It is that simple.

In the short run, of course, here you are, surrounded by so many symbols, so many opportunities to grow, to change, to shift your consciousness. How much of them do you take advantage of? How much of this do you encourage others to take advantage of? When you see it as the real reason for being here—to surround yourself with so many symbols, to be immersed in such a sea of symbols—perhaps you will be encouraged to look a little deeper, to welcome this a little further, and to understand that the full assimilation will include way more than simply understanding intellectually, but to an acceptance, even, of some of the mystery of these symbols.

A very practical question has been proposed as to whether it is time to leave the United States, given that the opportunities for greater levels of terrorism and the resultant reduction in liberties and stressful conditions will make living in the United States difficult. There are many who will indeed leave, but where they go will not be as idyllic as they might imagine—for these issues are personality-oriented, character-oriented, incarnation-oriented. They are related to the very aspect of beingness itself. You will find them in all their forms everywhere on your planet. Indeed, at the same time you will also find others working towards positions of light or awakening or understanding more deeply everywhere—including the most repressive governments, countries, and places of difficulty.

At the same time there is gathering of greater and greater levels of domination in positions of political power. This is occurring worldwide, not only in United States, China, Russia (the larger governments) but even to some extent in the smaller countries as well. It is hoped by guides / helpers, our Selves, and other beings that this is the last cry before time of greater freedom. But when you understand that it is possible to live in a world free of the threats, the fears, the struggles—when you understand that such a thing is truly possible you can then take steps towards creating it—most specifically, working on your own fear, understanding your own ego, releasing those deeply buried issues. We have stated in the past that some of these are genetic. They are manifested in the consciousness for the deliberate purpose of allowing you to experience them physically so that you can clear them from the Soul. Hence some people have called this the fear planet. And, indeed, such are powerful energies because they are shared in a group waveform, resonated all over your planet. Such are energies that can be manipulated by people in positions of power—but only temporarily, since inevitably they backfire, such individuals feeling the fear themselves or experiencing their own difficulties inevitably as a result.

It is not yet a priority on your planet for there to be a world without fear. There has been no mass appreciation of what fear has done for you, how it has served its role and you are ready now to let go of it. Until such IS understood the individual lessons will continue to be appreciated and helpful. F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing as Real)—a helpful pneumonic in the English-speaking world to help you look more deeply and find that, really, it isn’t nearly as scary as you thought. But as people go deeper into all of this they will begin to understand, just like all of those in positions of power, love is lacking. And another little mnemonic, I.L.L. (I lack love), is sometimes helpful.

Thus, as you grow, as you learn these symbols, think of those who are struggling for their identity, the people in positions of political and economic power. Send them love. Let them feel it directly so it is not necessary for them to hold such visions of fear and scarcity for the rest of the planet. But also recognize that they are also a form of immature Soul—that they are here to learn and to grow up and that such is now being encouraged, sent in their direction by example.


How have you grown up? How have you become more mature—reducing jealousy, territoriality; increasing opportunity for communication, for telling the truth, for integrity? Can some aspect of this be shared with others? Yes. This is very important to understand, that the inevitable increase of population on Planet Earth, the opportunity for enhanced communication symbolized by the Internet, widespread use of the media, television and so on [are] symbolically reminding you that such communication is more received, more widespread than it ever has been. These are where the solutions lie, not just those of a simple temporary political nature but those aspects which go deep into consciousness to help people be happy, understand themselves and accept themselves, release the fear as they find the truth.

These are simple things, but we have illustrated some of the paths that allow you to ignore. Judgment is particularly important. Many of those who would judge others do not understand how much they are judging themselves. So the more people practice this concept, do Katie’s process, the more will understand that this is possible. And such a thought form leaps. As more and more people understand this, judgment gradually is dismantled all throughout the planet. Not an easy thing to imagine, but certainly helpful.

There are many questions that relate to vibration tonight, though the word has not been spoken in the questions. Water acts in powerful ways to transmit vibration. Held within the human brain, it is the aspect of consciousness that moves between the levels, nonphysical and physical, transmitting and sharing various aspects of electromagnetic vibration and energetic transition across various levels.

But where else does water show up on your planet? In the formation, especially, of many of the crystalline forms on your planet water is absolutely necessary, quartz in particular. And the way in which water continually transfers in formation works at the vibrational level of rapidity in such organic materials as people, plants, animals—but very slowly in those which are formed through the mineral kingdom. Yes, there are beings and energies that are associated with the mineral kingdom, but it is the minerals themselves that have consciousness. You do not recognize it, because it is in a whole different time frame. A crystal can afford to be very, very patient, on a scale that you cannot possibly conceive of—in terms of thousands of years as if it was but a day to you would perhaps be a good analogy. But these beings are still sensitive to their environment, to your energy, to other aspects, and where necessary can focus to a much smaller frame of consciousness (that of but a few hours or a few days) just as you can focus your attention consciously for a second or two where necessary—even a split second if necessary—given the correct situation where a reaction-time response would be necessary.

So it is to these beings that one should also be aware of consciousness interaction and that one of the primary aspects that the crystals do as beings is through such interactions in the environment: they shape the environment, working with energy on many levels. Such is a steady energy, not that which is like human energy because of this aspect of deep patience. It is an energy that contributes to all aspects of physical and nonphysical reality. This is obvious as the symbol of Earth herself—that it is this giant rock and piece of physical stuff and you exist within it. You cannot always see the changes over all of earth as they move gradually (such as continental drift), yet they are there constantly, small bits at a time. So also then do the crystals work at such a level and thus are able, for brief moments, in their time (perhaps over days or hours, in your time) to manipulate energy of all kinds, be it the aetheric, the mental, the emotional, the physical. All of these energies are available as resonating principles. To be in resonance with such a very different life form is hard for people but often can be established by spending a few minutes in a state of oneness or kinship with the crystals. And it is this which many of the devas and beings that associate themselves with crystals do all the time. So they are there as bridges, to help you become more aware of these beings.

Earth overall is of course experiencing temporary changes in patterns constantly with weather, with movements in the ocean, with people in the world, and so on. There have been some questions about the recent dramatic weather changes in the Florida region, and it is important to realize that such weather changes generally have an important and profound effect. They are cleansing—opportunities for the water element to move through and release. By releasing, it can be stuck energy—emotions, thought patterns, old habits. It can also be toxicity at a physical level, built up in concentrated areas. It can be various ways in which people need to see themselves in other ways. But it is often an energy that comes destructively for short period of time; over long term can usually be seen as more constructive.

There has been a question about potentials for earth change, which we have answered in a certain sense. But in terms of minor dislocations, minor difficulties continuing on your planet—earthquake, flood, fire, such difficulties—these continue. In fact, to some extent slightly increased, because such cleansing is necessary. Cleansing with the various elementals, however, has moved into a different range in the last few hundred years. Where non-physical beings and physical beings who are highly evolved are interacting with the elemental, they work with the elementals in order to bring these changes of a profound nature in the most beneficial, helpful, cleansing way possible to the planet. That is very difficult for most people to understand and work with, because all they usually see is the short-term effects. But oftentimes when seen over the long term it is way more important that such cleansing effects be established where possible.

[Ed. Note: For more about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us, see: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.]

Now, in order to appreciate and understand this, when you are presented with the symbols about this on the news—the view from space of a hurricane—it is often helpful not just to think about it from a fearful place, but—again, False Evidence Appearing as Real—what is the truth in here? And a truth that can emerge is of this as a sweeping, cleansing action, that which can release energies that are stuck, that can move through in a way that can assist with such energies. Most people, seeing this, where they are in areas that are predicted to be affected, will fearfully leave. That has its value to some extent. Then the cleansing energies can move through at the physical level, sweeping away various aspects of the physical reality. But if such beings, at the same time as getting out of the path of the hurricane, can look in their own lives (‘What do I have that needs to be swept away? What can be cleansed? What can be released?’) it relieves the hurricane from having to do this at such a profound physical level. It allows the energies to move in a way that could ultimately be of far greater help and assistance.

There are many examples, of course, of hurricanes forming in areas of very low population, such as in the middle of the Atlantic, that simply spin there until they dissipate. Such is always possible if people would receive the deeper message, the deeper lesson.

We apologize for the excess focus on the Law of Symbols tonight. But … symbols are such a valuable, important way of dealing with mystery, of understanding those things which are a bit beyond your consciousness to understand through your usual modalities.

Perhaps you can think of something in your life that is a little mysterious to you—perhaps a health issue, or a person you don't really understand, a relationship that you have struggled with. Some may wish to take this concept boldly into areas where they have not gone before, such as the scientific (it will work just as well there as any other area). Conceptualize the mystery for yourself. A question unanswered, perhaps, or wondering more about this or that. Generally—particularly when beginning such a process—keep it simple. Hold that as a question in your mind; be aware of it; now, let it go. Breathe; be aware of the breath—in and out. (Focus primarily on the breath.) Thoughts of the past, thoughts of the future—let them go (they don't exist); you’re just here, now.

Become aware of the sense, in your own heart, of love, and think of someone you care for deeply. Feel that love as if you are embracing them, or sharing a powerful energy between your hearts. It could be towards an animal or a place. But feel it as a powerful, deep love with all the parts of your being.

In their place, now, let that image go. Pour the same love, now, into someone else—someone you’ve had some difficulty with, perhaps. Feel that same love (it is your choice, you see—you can put that love anywhere you want!).

Let that person go and in their place put someone else—perhaps the most trying and difficult person you could imagine from your life. Feel the love. It is not, then, to say that the person is going to harm you again—simply recognizing that you always have the choice to beam love to that person, any time you want. Notice that there can be at times a physical sensation associated with this, as if a deeper relaxing in your shoulders, an easy way of breathing, perhaps even—if you are more audibly oriented—a sound, like, “Aaahhhhhhh” [a long sigh is intoned during a deep, relaxed exhalation] . . . since, of course, it is your judgment about yourself that has held the image of that person in your consciousness as the one who is difficult (hence, the mystery solved).

But, now, to take this to a higher level of mystery solved, recall the question (that which you are struggling with) and beam the same love into that. ‘No, that doesn’t make sense. That’s not like pouring love into a person.’ But … you can give to it a color, a form, a sound, a shape, a tactile sensation—and beam that same love you began with, that same embrace into that aspect. Just as this is using an entirely different modality as the mystery comes apart and shifts so also will you see it differently. Such aspects will be made available to you in your dreams, in the symbols of your personal relationships, in the coincidences in life. The point being that as you welcome such an energy you are saying, “I love; my love is the essential core of my being—this aspect of love that I breathe, that is of the Universe, is with me, to choose and work with, any time I want.” Just knowing this and holding it in the same context as the mystery, you begin to see it unravel. New ways. New approaches. New ideas. New points of view.

Love has many capacities and can be used in many ways. But sometimes by retreating to the simple feeling sense, to a kinesthetic aspect, you are then recognizing the essential characteristic of being physical. The physical experience is that of sense, of touch, of feeling of the world. And so this very energy—as love projected into the mystery, allowed to solve it, welcoming different kinds of solutions—can have a powerful affect on your life.

There are many other questions we would like to address. But perhaps, Jill, you could be of some assistance with proposing a few.

Jill: There are frequent references in the current metaphysical literature to the advisability of asking for help from Higher Guidance in modifying the filters or templates with which we each come into this lifetime. These suggestions each use their own terminology, such as asking for the neutral implant, or requesting a negation of prior contracts, or petitioning encodement technicians for help with the template repairs and modifications. Can you speak to the advisability of making such requests? And, if this type of request is advisable, what is the best way to put it forth?

Hilarion: It is a difficult question because we cannot fully base the answer on the past. Many times in the past, when you asked to have these filters removed, you got exactly what you asked for—and you really didn’t like it. Too much too soon. Oftentimes that is the response the world would seem to have for you, where you lose your job, your relationship, and so on—all in the same day. And this as, then, a symbol that perhaps you have put those filters in place for a reason.

So, really, the best way to ask is one that would somehow observe and work with what has been learned from the past, without trying to impose it on the future. Because inevitably when, again, looking into the past we see the path of those who have come to a more evolved state (more deeply grown in their own understanding, consciousness, opportunity to help in the world), how the soul has indeed manifested and evolved as a result and so on. Moving inevitably to levels of higher and higher clarification requires stripping away the filters. You must look first, consciously and deeply, as to how ready you are for this.

But you must also recognize that there is opportunity around this, as if you were preparing another. This is important to realize, because in the setting of the filters is the understanding of the Law of Progress: As a thing is begun so it tends to continue. And so as you have manifested these things initially so you can change them. Understanding the original intent can help you greatly as you begin to dismantle and work with these. And as a result it is usually helpful to contact your evolutionary orientor on some level. A filter technician has indeed been employed, often. There are many of these, working on many different levels, but such are often as direct communicators between you and your EO (evolutionary orientor). And such individuals are often difficult for you to contact because, after all, the deeper friendship, appreciation, respect, and so on might put them into a position, as you would perceive it, of guru, and they never will see this as valuable because it isn’t really helpful for them to tell you, ‘Do it this way’ or ‘Do it that way’—just as a good guidance counselor would never do this, instead encouraging to ask the right questions.

And so we come therefore to what appears as leading-edge relative truth as to how best to deal with filters. We say it is leading-edge relative truth because this principle may change over time. It could indeed be possible that you would do well to ask at every level to have them all stripped away. But by and large this appears too drastic—too harsh and, ultimately, traumatic for most people. Instead, begin developing the opportunity and availability of asking the right questions—asking your evolutionary orientor, as you fall asleep, to help you develop the right questions to be asking; to help you understand about every filter that you have brought in and why it is there. ‘Why’ is a great question. It is very open-ended. And the answer can come through many means, through that which would be available to you by whatever means you make open; thus may mean that it is not intellectual but that which relates to sound or vibration or attunement in other ways. When you understand why that filter is present and have chosen another means to get to the same place—to make available to yourself that which you need to know, to understand, to work with—the filter is far less necessary. And the primary action to hold it in place is that of habit pattern.

Again, as a thing is begun so it tends to continue. And that helps you to understand and work with it. So the Law of Progress inevitably shows you that you can change it, that you can release it. That you can find another way to accomplish the same thing begins the journey. But the journey ends, usually, with laughter—with the opportunity to observe that pattern, that filter from a true place of welcoming, from a place that says, ‘I was glad it was there, and it served its purpose.’ And as it may return again through habit pattern you will recognize it and be able to laugh at it so it will not have to again be with you.

Now, we are speaking in generalities here because these filters can have so many different forms. But the most obvious, all-pervasive, most resonant form, that which touches most people on your planet, is the filter of memory—the one in which your memory extends poorly into the past, where significant change in your consciousness (especially as it refers to the physical) is then employed. So, though you had a brain and you were receiving all of the information, you have very little conscious memory of your early childhood. Most people experience this because the physical body has changed so dramatically from early childhood on. This is a symbol. It is so obvious to you, when you think back to the few memories you have of childhood, that such symbolic meaning is there for a purpose. The symbol telling you that this is telling you so deeply about your past lives, your intermissive period, the energies that are so different for you because you were different physically. The very nature of your body, before you were born, was so completely different.

So as you begin to accept this filter and recognize how it has served you, you can then begin to ask the question, ‘Why?’. Why would you want to filter out some memories, perhaps, of some of the more traumatic experiences from your past lives? Given that many of you have lived, on average, 50 (perhaps 100) lives, that could be a lot of traumatic experience. Maybe, perhaps, a little too much for you to experience all at once. But trauma as experienced in the nonphysical realms can indeed be far more severe—not because of the emotional content or the physical content but because of your poor understanding of what occurred and because many times the habit patterns of such misunderstanding will be in place for a long period. When you have passed consciously out of physical existence into the intermissive that is not usually a problem. You then are quite aware that you are in the realms of the dead, and the things that you learn there and the opportunities to grow and so on come to you. But most people have had many intermissive periods where they didn’t know that they were dead. And as a result they went through very long periods of darkness, struggle, and difficulty in which the habit patterns of rejection, ignorance, and difficulty in just knowing where they were and who they were quite a bit more profound than any they have experienced while being in a physical body. These intermissive periods would inevitably come back to you also as you begin to lift the filters to your past.

And so to do this gradually is helpful if, again, you are formulating the right questions. ‘Why would I wish, then, to blot out some of this memory of my last intermissive?’ Perhaps because of the guilt you experienced or other emotional issues as you viewed your last life. Or perhaps because of times in which you made mistakes of habit and pattern nature, not understanding how you had passed from this realm and the ways you had affected other people, and so on and so forth. As you begin to ask those questions and receive the various answers your evolutionary orientor and those assisting that being from all levels breathe a collective sigh of relief that you are going to enter into such a realm of releasing filters in as gentle a method but as consistently worked a method as possible.

Now, there are many ways, obviously, to answer this question. But what we are trying to establish here is the opportunity for you to do this with a great deal of questioning, of bringing in new possibilities—not doing it only as it has been done in the past. Again, here, when we observe other civilizations—those that have used death and all that it brings through these periods of coming into physical incarnation and out of it—inevitably such consciousness, as fragmented, became less and less useful and the opportunity to bridge across such energies and have full memory became more available and useful as the civilization matured. And so here again we see that this is a temporary state, most likely, for most people, and that they will as a result increase their deeper memories. Usually this is provoked initially by the guides / helpers or your EO in the sleep state by giving you some deeper memory of a past life so that you maybe then study to see what your reaction is, to see how you can deal with it—take on this yourself instead of transferring it to them, and look in your own consciousness about how you would react to this. Don’t you think it is inevitable that you have made some mistakes in your past lives, where you have been a perpetrator? Oh, yes, victimhood is very popular these days, so you might see yourself in a past life as a victim and be able to contend with that. But don’t see that by any means as the difficult past life. Rather, the one where you were perpetrator, where you harmed others, where you struggled with the energies associated with this. This is very important for you to understand, forgive, work through, remember as a sort of test filter for the many other filters associated with this energy.

So that is one example as to how the questioning process, working with it with your guides / helpers, understanding the various modalities can be helpful. There are other filters this can of course be applied to. But inevitably every one of them, where they are difficult, will be those there are shared by other people as well. So don’t be discouraged; it is a little difficult in that you inevitably recreate those filters from time to time.

Does this answer the question?

Jill: Very well, thank you. There is a question about mad cow disease. Please comment on mad cow disease. Does it have anything to do with prions? Are prions harmful? What is the connection to heavy metals? And, with all the heavy metals we’re being bombarded with, how do we protect ourselves?

Hilarion: These are interesting issues to look at. When observed holistically, where animals and humans coexist together in harmonious, healthful environments, you see very little of these and other difficult diseases. The diseases have their point to clear out and will use viruses, prions, bacteria, parasites—all different mechanisms—wherever necessary, even other mechanisms that have not yet been evolved. Prions are like small viruses, but they are more responsive to the aetheric environment and the aspect of consciousness that the cows wish to leave. So also, then, these as transmitters of aetheric energies of various types, typically those related to the toxic wastes that are available in the environment. Such energies as transmitted then into the physical body of the cow or person or plant or any aspect of the earth will have messages. And where the messages are not fully understood or received, such as creating a more harmonious natural environment, then of course the buildup of this energy continues. As it continues the opportunities for it to come in by other means will be made available more powerfully on your planet. Inevitably there is a benefit to this—a way in which people, then, would see things from other points of view or find out more holistically an appropriate environment, release their necessity for the profit motive as a result of understanding their fear of scarcity and need for profit or power over others, etc., etc. But, at the same time as this, this opportunity will inevitably increase on the planet as population increases.

Metals play an important role in both aspects where they are overly present, taken up by various plants, animals, people in ways that were not intended by the original blueprints. There are many problems that result—but, at the same time as those problems, enhanced conductivity, as most metals do enhance conductivity in whatever environment they are in. The conductivity can give rise to higher levels of consciousness, new ways of seeing things, and so on; the opportunity, wherever possible, to bring the environment back to its most natural state.

The real difficulty here as these things move through and the seeming disease as being the target is understood in the larger context (that it is a cleansing, it is a clearing out) would then allow people to focus on what is being cleansed out and prevent it wherever possible from being in the environment in the first place. You will see, for instance, chemtrails, opportunity for barium, aluminum, and other metals widely distributed in the environment as response by those in positions of economic power (insurance companies and others) to reduce effects of global warming by aerial spraying of reflective materials in order to reduce solar exposure, all out of the fear that such would indeed be difficult on the planet because, as a result of fossil fuel burning, the inevitable increase in these toxic characteristics—in particular, global warming—then is observed. If, however, such were understood in the larger context (just slightly larger)—putting their money not so much into these toxic procedures but investing in the development of alternative technologies—enhancement of solar energy, wind energy, and those alternative, leading-edge technologies such as Brown’s Gas that are already being developed—would be an inevitable way that will simply, in speeding it up, be of some benefit.

But in the meantime one must always contend with the difficulties. The obvious and easy way is by using the body’s already developed mechanisms. Fats tend to absorb many of the nonaqueous toxic materials, including the heavy metals. By building up the fat in the physical body and then deliberately reducing it rapidly over a relatively short period of time one can to some extent reduce absorption of toxic metals in the physical body. In order to avoid these at the current time this would be exceptionally difficult. One would need to live in an environment that is not connected to the rest of the planet, as the very winds themselves, movement of water (rain and so on) will continually transport various toxic metals throughout the environment. Of course one can minimize, in one’s personal life, exposure to these materials but cannot eliminate them at a practical level.

[Ed. Note: For more about correct use of the right fats and their amazing healing capabilities, see: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

And then, of course, is looking at the deeper messages, the deeper meaning and sharing this with others so that alternatives can be struck and people can find new ways of accomplishing exactly that which they need to. But along the way you can be resourceful, using some the enhanced conductivity for deeper meditative states, for bringing higher degree of healing and consciousness, for finding all the ways to release your old habit patterns and find the ways of building up the fat in the body successfully, healthfully, in beneficial ways. This has been well proven by the various works of Vonderplanitz, in what he calls the weight gain/weight loss technique. In order to do this appropriately one needs a lot of education, and we would certainly suggest beginning with We Want to Live. But as people go deeper into this they will understand that the opportunity to cleanse and heal is similar to that of the entire earth, that it must at times move through these cycles of building up and breaking down, of anabolic and catabolic, naturally. Indeed, the very symbol of the attunement of the equinox is that of the mid point, or the pausing between the anabolic cycle, more typically associated with the summertime, and the catabolic cycle, more typically associated with the wintertime as the building-up and breaking-down cycles come to a place of perfect balance. It is a perfect time to be looking at the issue and understanding it for yourself personally. Then, bringing in the aspect of symbols we have already mentioned, what does this mean to you in terms of your knowledge, your assimilation? That oftentimes it is necessary to release in order to bring in, in order to grow, in order to gain. And by bringing these into a constant state of movement one to the other and back again, the natural cycles and the symbols associated with the body then are communicated to the Soul. The beautiful yin and yang principle known more deeply and consciously can make it much easier when you are confronted with scarcity in the world, fear, and other issues, so that you can move through such times in peace.

Does this answer the question sufficiently?

 Jill: Oh, yes. And can you add, what is the significance of the bird flu virus? Is there anything we can do about this one?

Hilarion: Viruses themselves have many important actions of cleansing and are those which are a constant establishment of communication between species, beings and the way in which those viruses are taken in and so on. And in order to understand this more deeply, again asking the question of how such communication can be enhanced, helping people to better understand this—this is often necessary.

However, this is only one of many. A few years you were asking us about Lyme’s disease. This goes on and on, as the various kingdoms—the insects, the birds, the animals, the plants—are interacting with people for the symbolic reason of sharing energy with them, working with them, helping them understand, and so on. What would be cleansed out where the respiratory system is attacked and must then work with energies? You can look at all of those deeply buried that can be released—all of the toxic materials through smoking, through pollution of air, through fire, through various things that can be shifted and so on. Where you find other ways to move this out, where the body is inevitably is made healthy, there is less need for the taking of such a virus as necessary.

Remember, when a virus is taken in from an external source it replicates within the physical body. If there is no pattern there to replicate, it will not replicate.

Does this clarify?

Jill: Yes; thank you. Far-infrared saunas supposedly help detoxify heavy metals through excessive sweating. Is the releasing of these metals through this technology worth any damage caused by the radiation?

Hilarion: Generally, no, because sweating, though helpful, can be induced by other means there are quite more healthful and valuable, such as a bath with helpful, useful materials in it, but the real difficulty here is that heavy metals are not excreted well by aqueous means. Through those fatty means—through the fats in the body—one can then work much better with these.

There is benefit to sweating, of course, as has been well known in history, but not significant enough to put all this attention on, particularly when other means are more direct and effective. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. Okay. . . . I’d like to ask Hilarion about the right use of the photon sounding machine. Along with the right foods, the primal diet, etc., would its proper use propel us toward the end of disease?

Hilarion: It would certainly be helpful at changing vibration, but disease itself would simply come from other source. Disease is clearing out process. If what is taken in—through thoughts, through consciousness, through food, through all of the things working at physical and non-physical levels—is that which is needing you to be more in alignment with Universal Law, to release toxicity, to come to that which is natural, another disease would inevitably show up.

And for those who have experimented with in vitro culturing of various bacteria, this has been proven with the photon machine—i.e. , where cultures were exposed and destroyed, a small number survived and these became quite virulent and could not be destroyed by either this machine or antibiotics or other substances. Inevitably, where it is necessary for such cleansing to take place, Nature is intelligent, is smart. It will find a way for the cleansing to take place, whether man tries to defeat this or not.

In order to prevent the necessity for cleansing one must then ask the right questions about the environment, of consciousness, and of food and everything in between.

Does this answer the question?

Jill: Okay –

Hilarion: Now, a photon sound machine and others like it use inert gases, and the understanding of inert gas stimulation for higher consciousness and opportunity for releasing of filters is an important and valuable adjunct to other technologies but must never be depended on entirely in and of itself. What is particularly helpful is how it pollutes so little while providing so much benefit. But, like any technology, it is not perfect. And, even though there can vibrational gains and shifts in consciousness, when you leave the physical body you will not take this or any other technology with you. As a result it is always helpful, as higher consciousness states are achieved, to ask what can be taken deeply into the soul—to ask for this as lessons, as understanding of mystery, as awakening in consciousness—is the real benefit of this and any other technology. That it opens the door, that it moves you in such a direction, it is the start. But you must go further with it in order for it to complete to the Soul level.

Is there sufficient time for another?

Jill: Oh, yes. . . . Yes. Of late we seem to be gathering information that the human brain is highly receptive and responsive to electromagnetic energy and that indeed part of its function is to modulate and mediate the same chemically. This is interesting in that it seems that the several more aetheric layers of the human body are also keyed to electromagnetic energy. How do these forces affect thought, perception, and spiritual awareness and receptivity, and what role, if any, do inert gases such as argon play in the electromagnetic mediation?

Hilarion: The complete answering of this question, by our simulations, would take approximately 12-1/2 hours by all of the ways of channeling through this vehicle available at the current time and would still be woefully incomplete. But it is important to recognize that vibrationally the brain is, then, transforming light, higher focus of various energies and the subtle bodies into that which is an electrical impulse in an aqueous environment. The blood, pouring through the brain, is not only that which is nourishing and removing waste products but allowing vibrational interaction at aetheric and higher vibrational levels. This constant interaction is allowing many opportunities and is the true source of the reason why one typically, in human form, uses only a small percentage of the brain. In order to awaken the other aspects it is valuable to use various technologies as little reminders—those that can impact the interaction of the brain, such as Brain Gym (left and right hand as they interact with right and left foot, respectively) and other means to stimulate opposing aspects across the brain itself.

Inert gases, as they affect the aetheric, can of course affect many aspects of consciousness. In particular, the actions of krypton and xenon affecting consciousness are deliberately set up and worked with by humans in ways that go way beyond merely their similarity to aetheric environment. This is because it is through krypton and xenon and all of the inert gases that the Manifesting Principle—that of the creation of matter as you perceive it—in the first place occurred. In particular, xenon’s ability to continue such interaction is that which humans may find mysterious at times. The interaction of magnetically stimulated xenon near the human body and its ability to enhance the Manifesting Principle by consciousness, by imagination (that which you have, then, in your consciousness manifesting more easily as a result of the xenon interaction) can seem quite mysterious to people. But at the same time this is an energy that is always present, because all of the inert gases are present in the atmosphere to a limited extent. Thus their capacity to engage in shift, work with people, and so on is not only that which is provided through the stimulation of these gases with high levels of concentration of the gas and magnetic, electrical, etc. It is also because they are present everywhere. In particular, the inert gases argon and, to a lesser extent, neon, as present in the atmosphere, are connecting people. Vibrational interaction in various ways then manifests throughout the planet, and it is one of the bases for shared thoughtforms. However, argon, as it is stimulated by powerful but very simple fields, allows a sort of rebuilding effect, where consciousness can be rebuilt from the ground up. This typically, when the argon is continually applied, will be the action of a ‘sweeping away’ energy, removal of various negative thoughtforms. All the inert gases do this to some extent, but because argon is most prevalent in the atmosphere of the five inert gases it can have the most profound and helpful effect—for the simple reason that it is sharing various aspects of this negative thoughtform with all aspects of the planet, all other beings, the earth herself, and—most importantly—the water in the atmosphere.

The aspect of transference from water to inert gases and inert gases to water has not been studied extensively. This will eventually be studied and understood more consciously and clearly in the future. But it is important because it is how the vibrational interchange, particularly in the human brain, takes place.

So these are a few perhaps intriguing tidbits for people to explore and understand in the future, without any attempt at trying to answer this question comprehensively.

Does this help at all?

Jill: Yes; thank you. One last question, about the musical instruments that are made of wood—

Hilarion: Perfect to ask because of its connection to water.

Jill: Yes. —Made of wood, like a violin or a cello. It happens that as they age and they are played by experienced musicians the tone quality of the instrument improves. Why does this happen, and is there anything one can do to enhance and speed up this process? (And we have about three minutes.)

Hilarion: To enhance, use of any inert gas, particularly that which you are familiar with, and a humid environment will generally enhance, speed up, and strengthen the process. It is the water environment in the natural material, transmitting the vibration constantly, the sounds that are made, and all of their relationships that cause naturally a blending improvement and strengthening and the water molecules, always trapped deep within the shell of the instrument, holding these vibrations.

It is important, in closing, that the symbols in life be recognized and understood at every level of meaning. But, for now, let go your thoughts of this and focus instead on the breath, in and out of the body, symbolizing aliveness—that you are breathing by taking in information, understanding, awareness, emotion, experience and letting go of all of these things. Remembering that love—that sense in your heart of compassion and caring—now simply allow it to fill the emerald light cylinder, and see the cylinder growing larger and larger, encompassing all of Earth. Let that love be present and available to everyone in the world who would need it or who would benefit by it. Simply by your requesting this and your availability, so it is done. So it is.

Then, to close, we would ask you to be aware of earth and her loving response as a gentle ‘ommm’. Good-bye.



On the diet of our ancestors and its amazing healing capabilities: We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

About the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information the awesome "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .

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