Hilarion Fall Equinox Channeling 2005

Jill: Greetings. Welcome to the Hilarion channeling for the Fall Equinox. Today is September 21, 2005. Hilarion will be answering questions submitted by those in attendance and by email. For further information on tapes, books, or channeling contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959 at or visit us at our website at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Let us begin. Recognize please the awareness of powerful energy as it connects you to Mother Earth. As there is a sense of earth loving you, recognize also there is an energy from above. A beautiful radiant light. Yes, this is the energy or vibration you call Hilarion. We are also guided and assisted by many others: your own personal guides, those who work through us, the guides of our guides, the energy of this galaxy and the beautiful stars within it, radiating their own deep innate intelligence. All through each and every life form on this planet and surrounding it, teeming with life: this is the life that you have come into. Welcome it, know it, be it.

See also within this light is the energy of those who do not always welcome the bacteria, the microorganisms, the tiniest of beings, and the insect kingdom. All of these are also a part of this powerful opening and of life on this planet.

This is the time of the Autumn Equinox: Earth’s breathing, symbolizing the connection to the seasonal movement. This is the time of equality between the breaths: the moment in which now the shift moves from the time of longer days to the time of longer nights, symbolizing the internal awareness of the individual. Awareness of that which is deep within you is to now come forth. Its peak, of course, is at the winter solstice. But at this time it is also the aspect in the Northern Hemisphere of animals recognizing winter approaching. In some areas, winter weather has already come.

These are energies that the animals look to humans sometimes to understand. It has been so for a long time. It shall likely be for a long time as well. Those who have lived longer on your planet, who have the deeper wisdom to understand and accept these things, have the awareness at a level of preparation to share this with others.

So now, welcome in the idea of the Emerald light. Standing in the light with you is an animal friend, a totem, one being that you might recognize in your own consciousness. Perhaps it is a deer or a bear or a wolf. Perhaps it is an aquatic creature such as a dolphin or a whale, or an avian such as an eagle. But be with that being as it is with you. Welcome it into the energy circle. The circle expanding upwards and downwards to form a cylinder - cylinder of emerald light. Imagine it now 30 feet in diameter, expanding gently, easily with each out breath, until it reaches about 100 feet in diameter, that is about 33 meters. The intent of this is to create protection. A powerful, helpful, loving energy. But also the sense of this connecting you to mother Earth and to your highest soul. The sense of that which is above. Yet it is important as you recognize these symbols, that you realize that the change in vibration has been instantaneous. You haven’t had to try to change a vibration, you simply change it. What you put your thought on is that which you then vibrate. So also then, as you put your thought upon that which can be inspiring, helpful, or of pure light, it changes you. That is how it seems from the outside when of course that is not true. It is you making the decision to vibrate with that of something that has a representation of something higher or helpful to you. But to understand this in a more physical way, to work it deeper into your being, use the symbol of the animal self.

Let your animal totem now communicate with you. Let it dance with you, rub up against you, look into your eyes, be somehow near you, smell you or you smell it. Find some way of making this contact and receive that sense of breathing with. And as you breathe with this being let it show you how it anchors the higher vibration of the emerald light. The awareness of earth and infinitely upwards as one, through you and through your friend. The intent of this exercise is not just as in your imagination or visualization. Because at this time, and really for a time period of about, a week before and a week after and all during the equinox and solstice points. Earth’s creatures are particularly receptive to the energy of earth, to the energy of those who recognize it, to the cosmic forces that play and work with earth, the energies of the sun, the energies of the moon. But of course also the energies of people who are willing to communicate with their brethren here on this planet. Many of you have recognized some significant shifts and differences over the last few weeks. It is as if a gathering storm a powerful energy has expressed itself through earth, through water, through wind. This energy has been expressed this time of year in the northern hemisphere in the past. Typically through the energy of fire. This fire has been helpful in releasing pent up energy of anger, various need for change and other energies. But this energy has not affected many individuals on your planet. Hence, seeing the benefit of this element it was then necessary to increase this.

You must understand here that those who view the recent developments of hurricane damage and difficulty through storms and so on have their own point of view about it. Seeing the difficulty, seeing the struggle one can have great trouble asking what’s right about it. But this is the principle that we always apply when looking at disease, difficulty any particular bad habit. Anything you want to change. In order to approach it and work with it you must of course examine it. Understand it. Work with it in an emotional way. Find aspects of it that you haven’t previously considered. Shift the context and so on. But just asking what’s right about it can sometimes give you a different insight, a different understanding about your world.

Because so much that is wrong about it, is that which can contribute to greater degree of confusion, misunderstanding, denial and all of the energies that can eventually lead to an intensification, that same issue brought in again. This is very important for people to understand. Yet, it is in many ways the minority voice at this point. That is so many people are asking about what is wrong with the city planners, with the organizations such as FEMA or others, or what is wrong with the ways of class and race division in United States, particularly in the south. As a result, great damage inflicted on the poor, on African Americans on those who have no other means to awaken or change. This is a useful point of view when you want to change some of the organizations by pointing fingers by creating blame. But, we have spoken about this extensively in the past and you understand that such a principle only creates greater and greater resistance. Resistance has its place. It’s a very slow painstakingly way of learning things. And it is that which humanity has accustomed itself to over a long time. But, moving to a place with no resistance, of instant awareness, welcoming, understanding, awakening, of the higher potential is always with you and you always have a choice to move in such a direction.

It is also important as you observe and work with these aspects, that you realize that there are individuals on your planet who benefit tremendously from the increase of fear. From the way in which you then shut down your ability to do that which is the most appropriate action. After all, fear tends to slow things down, create paralysis, create trouble or difficulty and ultimately is in itself, an energy that simply feeds on itself. This is therefore sometimes utilized by many individuals with positive intent without even realizing the damage that they are doing. It is important to ask these questions about the underlying difficulties in the recent hurricane activity and its aftermath. But one must also ask the question about what is right about it. How people can grow as a result of this. And we are quite surprised to recognize that because of the tremendous level of fear the greater shift has occurred that very few are asking this question. Surprisingly, not on the Internet or with the spiritual sources for the most part. And this is as a direct result of the increase in the energy on your planet around these difficult issues. That is the nature of the turning point, it is not that energetically the turning point is one in which now there are more natural disasters in the United States. After all, there have been natural disasters on your planet continuously. Just recently a Tsunami, for instance affecting many on a much larger scale in fact then has occurred in the United States recently. Many of these issues are important and must be understood by the place that they can help each other and grow from it.

But one must also recognize that the larger turning point is also around the direction of some of these more negative energies and difficult situations focused on the United States. This in itself gives other hints as to the nature of these energies. Water element, symbolizing the shift of emotion. The opportunity to cleanse through tears. The opportunity to release stuck emotions in a way in which, through grief, through sadness through movement of the energy ultimately one can come to the underlying fear. Wind energy symbolizing the capacity for tremendous movement, to move things change them, shift them and to allow them to be released by voice, by communication, by the air element itself. And so with such symbols of water and wind a hurricane sweeping through New Orleans has given a wake up call into the consciousness of many in this place. Each for his or her own reason, in his or her own way. And many of these energies fall along certain lines.

One of these is around drug addiction. Many individuals so firmly, powerfully addicted to prescription drugs, to methamphetamine and to heroin and to those being treated for this through various treatment programs and these addictions have been suddenly severed. The opportunity to obtain your Zoloft or Paxil or Prozac or other materials, the opportunity to obtain recreational drugs, this has suddenly been shifted. People in many cases reconsidering whether this is really necessary in their lives. Many individuals who were in positions to live their lives primarily focused on consolation, on alcohol abuse, on aspects of doing things the way they have always done them now have reconsidered this. In moving to a new location the symbol becomes very powerful. They are dependent on others. They must understand their own awareness within themselves but they must also see it is clearly time for a change.


On your planet there are principally two modes of operation for all beings, both in and out of bodies on your planet. The ones out of bodies outnumber you by nine to one. They are powerfully connected to earth and their energy play an important role in the decisions and shifts that happen on your planet. But they themselves are not the directors of the physical energy on your earth. That is primarily done by beings of physical bodies people themselves working with these energies. But they are powerfully influenced by the non physicals. And so also you see in these places, all throughout the south, right now hurricane Rita bearing down on Galveston. Many attributes of the Gulf to be swept away here as well. These are energies of non-physical beings who do not know that they have passed from this world. Beings that need to be swept away at times drawn to these places because of old memories, because of the revelry and the addictions there because of various aspects of their own past lives and other things.

[Ed. Note: For more about the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us, see: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.]

This is another positive attribute of any storm. Of any awareness of the movement of wind and water. One might ask, it is necessary that these energies be utilized at such a horrific level. Part of the problem is that there really is sometimes a great difficulty in waging, and such, shifting such clearing movements at an in between place right now. The oceans have warmed. Particularly in the Gulf of Mexico. And even small hurricanes tend to take on a strong energy all on themselves. Because of the global shift in temperature and temperature rise through the ocean, small storms become hurricanes fairly rapidly. Part of this is natural and is allowed or even encouraged to some extent with the idea that people will realize this. It will draw them together to come to terms with one of the greatest struggles facing humanity at the current time. How to end global warming, how to reverse it, how to make this planet more hospitable for everyone. It is also necessary to recognize that displaced people have to then depend on others. Various ways in which people naturally form new communities, interact in a positive, helping way always results from such dislocations and difficulty.

Here is an opportunity to appreciate Mother Nature, to perceive her tremendous power, to reduce one’s own dependence upon various aspects of technology, as an example. However, it is also important to recognize here, something even deeper. On your planet with the shift into these two primary modalities, that of consolation, that of clarification that for awhile we, guides of many individuals, sense from your dreams, energy from the teachers, the educators on your planet, the enlightened ones over and over are saying the same things in different words. That the aspect of schoolroom earth, the aspect of greater clarification is becoming more and more important. If you do not pay attention to this you suffer. It is not meant as a torture as harm, as retribution, but rather as a wake up. That is if you are suddenly dislocated form your location, you are then in a new place. You are reminded perhaps it is time to take a new attitude. See life in a new way. To ask what is important about my life? What am I really here for? How can I make the best use of my time here? And when one asks those questions what is so interesting is that, and here also is where the energy shift has occurred at a positive level. That in the past, the answer to this would be sometimes hidden. A person would say, “I don’t know - I’ll just watch a little TV and maybe that will give me the answer”. They will in their own way often turn away from what they know at a subtle level is present with them.


Now it is a little different. This is the other turning in the energy that has occurred. Now many know the answer. They may choose not to listen to it. But they know that they are here for more than feeling good. Helping others becomes more and more important. It becomes very obvious whether you are a victim of a hurricane or someone who is trying to help others who are victims. You also begin to recognize that there is an energy deep inside yourself that wants something more. That simply bringing it back to the way it was is just not enough. That your life by your confrontation with death or fear difficulties now has gone through significant change. Many individuals will discover this as a spiritual moment of awakening for themselves. They will also understand that nature has spoken to them as if then God reminding them.

At the same time as this many of the individuals who have been powerfully affected by this, have been quite religious, and they thought that their traditional dogmatic religious beliefs would protect them. This was an unconscious thought. If I am paying money to this particular evangelical, if I am going to church regularly, if I do good on Sunday, but do the things that I know I shouldn’t be doing the other six days of the week I will be spared. God will watch over me. This is quite infantile thinking, childlike thinking at best. An energy that now has clearly been shifted for many. At the same time the dogmatic religions provide benefit. A place where people can pray together and share and help each other. This has a positive helpful effect so it must remain on your planet for awhile yet.

What will eventually cause the dismantling of this will be the deeper understanding of the religion gene. But that is something for future biologists and geneticists to understand and work with. In the meantime the deeper energy is also shifting through those who had an unconscious acceptance of there own religious beliefs. A willingness now to see themselves in a different light. Perhaps to understand God as a powerful energy saying you must do more. Regardless of how you see yourselves through the eyes of others, through the eyes of church, you now see yourselves in a different light a different perspective.

A place where you are asked, “How can you contribute? How can you grow? What are you really here for?” Now the other aspect here to be understood is one of a more practical nature. This has been discussed in the past and is very interesting to look into. But the problem with it is that many times, in looking at this it primarily asks “What is wrong about it?” It primarily answers the questions that people have as to that which eventually points blame, shifts energy in ways that is ultimately negative, etc. This is where we run into difficulty with explaining such scenarios as placing of explosives under the levees, manipulation of weather patterns by various evil governments or terrorists, the opportunities for people in positions of power to gather more power for themselves by destruction of African American and impoverished populations with the eventual intent to rebuild with the Haliburtons, the various Las Vegas interests, etc. These indeed have elements of truth within them. Every one of these aspects is an important consideration. But far more important than any of this must be understood, the consciousness energy. If the consciousness of individuals who have the deeper awareness of the aspects of weather, capacity to shift energy and generate weather patterns are consciously applied, the hurricane is stoppable. The energy of that which is to be used for clearing, cleansing, healing, by the use of hurricane is easily created. These are the beings who are indeed working with such energies. These are the nature spirits, the higher vibrational, the positive helper beings. And such beings in their own groups recognize that the larger intent is served. This is difficult sometimes for humans to see.

This is because the path of resistance still remains on your planet as the best way forward. Sometimes humans because of their refusal to understand any other path. They recognize it as the only way forward. That of course is not true. But in working with what is available such energies are necessary. Specifically, Oct. 1 with Mars retrograde the more powerful building energies for such destructive capacity and other difficulties have real possibility by use of US military for major destruction on several locations on your planet. Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, all powerful deep trouble spots. Many other areas throughout South America, Africa, even Europe all potential areas of great difficulty. Much of this energy has now been averted. US must focus its energy on its own healing. On its ability to bring its citizens back to some degree of comfort and stability. As a result the intensification of the Mars energy will probably have a far lesser affect because the money simply won’t be there. In order to allow the intensification of militaristic pursuits, it is unfortunate that sometimes this is necessary. But at the same time it is a place of tremendous resistance. That is the energies of the military incursions, occupations, and various struggles worldwide.

All of this obviously gives the real answers to finding real peace on your planet. Around the global issues that face all humans. On the opportunity to bridge to neighbors to friends. To set aside dogmatic religions. Do not take into account the manifestation of God on all levels. And the opportunity for people simply to increase by everything they do, the opportunity to love and to be loved. For that is humankind’s greatest gift. This is one of the powerful attributes where consolation and clarification become one. How can your society be created so that love can be welcomed more powerfully love can be shared more easily. Love can be a part of your life. Rather than that which is just seen as something perhaps nice or something separate.

In answer to the question, “What are we here for collectively?” You think humanity might be here collectively to develop better technology? To do so many great and wonderful things with their atomic weaponry? Ultimately humanity’s role is around accessing love energy. Understanding it, using it, healing with it. Using it for yourselves, for the healing of your earth may be one of the first steps in this direction. And yields yet another answer as to what might be a positive attribute of this series of hurricanes and difficulties associated with US southern and coastal areas.

Even as we speak these energies are being utilized. This is the aspect that must be understood. That as people become more conscious and more aware that they can shape the energy. How does energy be best served to sweep in a wide cleansing gesture, a powerful wind? But not so powerful as to hurt anyone. Perhaps such is possible. By your visualization, by your awareness, your imagination, by your welcoming, you can encourage such. Now this is an extensive look at these issues. With the ultimate idea of provoking you to look more carefully in yourself. But you obviously recognize so many attributes that connect to this. Fear being one of the most important.

How do people work with this? To some extent, as has been noted in the past, there is programmed into the nature of your being, a sensitivity to fear. Some people have this closely wired within their own nervous system that excessive levels of fear will produce gastric distress a difficulty in the large intestine, nervous system problems. All kinds of struggles at the physical level. Always giving you the reminder, fear would appear to be real. Ultimately though, when you examine it though you recognize just the opposite, it has completely to do with your attitude, how you view something. The same thing that might make you afraid might not make someone else afraid. Someone who is quite used to public speaking might not have any trouble in doing that what may scare the heck out of you speaking to a few 1000 people at once.

So the whole point in working with these energies is introspection to understand more deeply within yourself and what this is about and make your own decision about it. As a result it therefore is usually necessary to take on as consciously, lovingly but directly as possible, those attributes which provide the fear. There have been those who say have the fear and do it anyway and that’s all right. But even better is to notice where the fear lands and to increase it, and to welcome it. Find a way of understanding its deeper message. Indeed one of your presidents who said you have nothing to fear but fear itself recognized the tremendous paralytic capacity that fear plays.

All efforts to shift it must inevitably focus on some way of breaking the paralysis. Helping you to move. To shift your energy. To see things differently. So that somehow the fear itself can be looked at as soon as this happens, as soon as you are no longer so driven by it, attached to it conscious about it, it shifts. At a vibrational level what has happened, you have brought in some aspect of the higher subtle bodies into your emotional body. As a result insight or understanding can be present if you can welcome it. Of course, it is also valuable to recognize that emotion is energy in motion. As the fear is worked with it naturally dissipates. Many times though one will be quite surprised to discover that having the fear, noticing it, amplifying it within your being allows you to laugh at it. To step back from it. To let it go.

Many times the fear difficulties are based on habit. Habit typically of the thought oh no not again, the thought getting away from it, a thought that is real, etc. Then projecting to you the belief that you are going to be harmed, that somehow some instantaneous response is necessary be it paralysis or flight. Intent of those thoughts, positive, helpful thoughts usually at their source. So to acknowledge the truth is usually helpful, hence, F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing as real) can help. But ultimately the real change occurs across generations. This is always the case when you are working with genetic programming.

It is possible to reprogram your own genetics but this is not well accepted in your society yet. Indeed the implications for this are profound as you could make some significant changes to your physical bodies and very few are doing this at the current time. What you are left with then is the great gift of parenthood. You think that you are here to help your children to become better adapted in your world. That is true to a certain extent. But not as you think. Adapted to becoming better wage earners, achieving approval, fame. No. None of those things.

Because ultimately that only contributes to that one life but to contribute at a deeper level would be to assist in the way in which each individual to confront and shift fear. And secondly as parents you will recognize over and over that you teach not by what you say, but by what you do. If the child recognizes that you are willing to face your fear. To have it, to perhaps even exaggerate it or strengthen it or look at it consciously in order to understand the real truth, they will also do this more naturally. It will be the place they begin from. They will take it to the next level. As is also genetically programmed into human beings three generation principle applies.

This is true with foods. With various diseases. The powerful thought forms. If across three generation the death of the understanding can be brought in as powerful as possible it will anchor itself in the aetheric body. It would take seven generations to be fully brought into a place where it is not easily changed. Where it becomes a deeper habit. But three generations is a very good start. This will enable many shifts in many people. So the real effort of teaching about fear if your parents did not teach you about it, is not so much that your children will then be free of it but they will have the capacity to help their children to be free of it. It is that which you have taught them. It is that which will free your planet ultimately of the grip that fear has on your planet.

As we have stated in the past, fear is only one half of the equation of the manipulation genetically, the other half is ego. The way in which through compliments, through power, through the attributes of appealing to your need for security and especially consolation you then find yourself in positions where you then do those things which are clearly not in the highest interest. And it is this which is often motivating those in positions of power. Fear and ego issues continue to rule your planet because resistance is so necessary as a path. Remember the equation potential equals resistance multiplied by flow. And recognize that such resistance simply holds these patterns in place. When it can be released and you recognize what the real potential is, how it really flows, the path of super conductivity is then achieved.

Now this brings us to a powerful resistance so many of you still have around death. Not death on a global or massive scale. It is that which you still do not understand and that which you are still struggling with through the news and recent events. Rather, we speak of death of particular individuals. Friends, loved ones, teachers, beings who have helped in the past for you to understand and awaken. Disha, a beautiful helpful being working now from the other side granted a powerful opportunity for new energy for new awareness, understanding. Others touched by the potential to receive and work with various energies at the same time you in clinging to the desire for someone else to remain physical refuse to glimpse and receive the positive helpful energy now available. This is true generally when you look at the lives of beings who have achieved some degree of spiritual awakening. Compassion, ability to assist, benefit to others. That when they leave this earth. Often when they leave suddenly it is from the soul’s point of view appropriate

It is the place where they come to more opportunity to assist, more availability to train to work with others. To work with you on many levels through your dreams, through your projections in consciousness, through your awareness of guiding principles and many other aspects. It must be understood that as you approach this and are willing to get out of the way to stop resisting and notice the positive helpful energy that you can be bathed with a loving, powerful light. It is a subtle light from someone who is not in a physical body but it can be a very helpful loving light nevertheless.

But as long as you them move consciously to a place where the grieving energy wished it were different you block the opportunity to receive from these beings. Now at this stage in humanity’s development it would be very difficult to suggest that you see from all levels that the transition of an individual is an entirely positive aspect. We cannot ask you to give up your grief, your emotion, your holding on to the person. Even though we can see how it dramatically slows down their progress on the other side, how it prevents them from transmitting to you the important messages that are possible, how such energy as a positive, helpful, loving level is indeed reduced by your almost immature clinging to wanting it the way it was.

Now for many of you who see teachers or higher evolved ones passing, that is easy. But when it is a loved one. A mother, a father, a child someone in your family, someone you are very close to. This is a powerful attribute. For the one simple reason again of your genetic programming. You have the survival instinct powerfully programmed into your being. You will survive. It is built right into you from the moment that you are alive. So you resonate with all others and when they leave it is as if suddenly that survival instinct has failed. This pushes you to a survival place , un- consciously your very loving connection with the other person naturally brings all survival issues up for you. Not just about your own personal life, your own willingness to grow or survive but how they suddenly no longer have that survival aspect and it makes no sense. What did they do wrong? How did that energy shift? For a time your understanding about this your intelligence about this about others matters will not affect this. It will simply be there, a powerful energy. But if you can remember a previous life in which you left this earth. In which you them moved to a higher vibrational reality, a Summerland, a place of love, you may then ease off a little bit on your own grief.

Why then, for instance would you want the loved one who has recently passed to come back? When the place that they are in now is so much better. So much more wonderful, so much more loving, so much more ecstatic than being in the physical body. This is a difficult question and when you ask it of course, you naturally recognize your own selfishness your own willingness to want someone else. Your own lack of love around your issues and other matters. And can realize that it has nothing to do with the other person, it is your own loneliness. Your own willingness to confront the fear inside of your own death your own willingness to recognize the deeper truth that you are confronting. You are not alone in this. The moment you come to the realization of this all the people who have passed on who love you can be with you. Sharing with you the positive helpful energy. Sharing with you the opportunity to receive their love.

Loving is not wanting something. Wanting something is not loving. Realize that they are different. And when you love that person can you also say that what you want for them is what is best for them. What is highest for them? Not necessarily what you want. If that is true, I love you meaning I want you back you then begin to realize that you are really not loving them. These are important issues to look at around death because from the individual it shares itself with the family, the community and ultimately with all of humanity. And this can clear the way for deeper awareness of the multi dimensional reality of the way in which the non-physical beings work with you. The positive ones, the helpers and also the negative ones. Those that don’t know they have died who are unconsciously influencing you who are projecting energy for their own needs.

The beautiful thing about this equation is for a large extent even thought the non physical beings out number you nine to one. Being in the physical body you have way more power. You are able to do far more, accomplish more, heal more and work with your energy. But the negative part to this is if that energy is based on fear, harm, anger, struggle, unconsciousness, consolation, such an energy will in itself bear fruit, have powerful effects in the world and continue the paths of resistance and difficulty. At the positive level though if such is towards enlightenment, towards the aspect of helping others, of deeper assistance, and especially towards attributes of greater clarification for you personally, this also has a profound affect and can shift things on the planet.

So then this is always where possible coming back to overviews to help you understand these events unfolding. And as we have seen before, quoting from the vernacular, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Happening on your planet in the near future are potentials for more disasters, more struggles, more difficulties of a wider scope. But still those which do not kill off large portions of your population as has been predicted in the past. In fact, just the opposite. Dislocation, difficulty, struggle, opportunity to help. This will be increased. Intent being to where possible to form communities. To allow people a place of deeper understanding of how you depend on each other and can come to love each other and assist each other all the more. In the larger intent of increasing population so that all the beings all the ones who are non physical can come into incarnation with you. Increasing the population therefore, using the nine to one ratio you are looking at about 50 billion on your planet. This would be difficult to support in the current time. But it is feasible. It is in your domain technologically but more importantly, within your understanding of how to love each other.


There is a question posed about the underlying aspects at psycho spiritual levels of disease on your planet. Disease is always a way of correcting attributes that are out of balance. Vibrational methods are very powerful at this. But the difficulties that at many times vibrational methods at many times though correcting and helpful are easily antidoted by crude substances. Substances that are very powerful at shifting energies to a baser vibration. These are becoming widespread on your planet with increasing radio waves, increasing presence of coffee, strong smells, various substances such as camphor and others. So when one uses vibration, the ritual of isolating oneself from these strong antidotes has its place. It allows you to then tune in more consciously to the vibration of the substance and how it is designed. Vibrational remedies of all types homeopathy, direct utilization of ohm vibration of water for healing, by bringing various helpful energies into it and many other processes are likely over the next few years. But all of these have a larger intent. It must be more than consolation. It must be a way of deeper education of the soul. A deeper attunement in aspects of clarification is always the intent.

 Now the deeper issues specifically around cancer, have been studied extensively on your planet by individuals who have an entirely new framework, a new point of view about this. One of these individuals is Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. And the powerful energies that he has discovered in the brain as it relates to the manifestation of cancer in the body are important revelations about how these energies are directed. At the same time though increasing research has shown the tremendous role foods, particularly poorly nourishing foods, foods with large levels of toxicity and various toxic substances found in the environment contribute to cancer.

The link to all this then becomes simple. The substances that accumulate in the physical body must have an outlet. Where there is an energy deficit a place in the body associated with the symbol associated with that part of the body would produce some deeper healing of the psyche. A deeper awareness or understanding, a vortex appears and it is a swirling of energy which naturally draws to it toxicity. If the toxicity is present in the physical body it will then move to that point. This is firmly and clearly directed by the unconscious attributes of the animal brain. The attributes of the hypothalamus, the lower lymbic system and attributes within the brain structures that affect various aspects of the animal self. The part of you that attunes to the animals and work with them. So the more one chooses to cleanup the diet at the physical side, eating only those foods that are healthful, that bring healing to the physical body. The attribute of the underlying issue and the symbol associated with it also so very powerful. People have been playing with this idea of symbols for a long time because they have noticed so often how certain personality types in certain people working in certain ways have a repetitive picture of bringing in certain types of cancer. When you bring in the animal side to this though, you begin to glimpse what is really going on.

One question was asked about ovarian cancer. Here one has a deep sense of loss. Usually with regard to the reproductive system, loss of child, potential for child, loss of ones’ own child self, capacity to bring through a child, capacity of releasing a child, many are different ways to examine and work with this. But the sense of loss at the deep most level is what is resounded and felt powerfully throughout the endocrine system throughout the brain. This influencing and bringing the vortex when various toxic materials are then eaten, hetrocyclic amines, a powerful example from the various cross linking occurring with the heating of foods past their critical temperature. These substances have no easy way out of the physical body and are then deposited at the vortex spots. Tumor formation is the way in which the body can rid itself of these materials elsewhere, putting them where they are out of the way.

Hamer’s more interesting discovery is that many times by increasing circulation through heart attack various ways of cleansing the body can also be activated. And as a result various embarkations are very likely. And various heart attack phenomena can be seen as part of the healing process. This is controversial of course, since so many would attribute it to high levels of cholesterol, various attributes in the diet but actually these go right hand in hand. The body is gearing up for a heart attack by building more cholesterol with the deliberate intent of using the cholesterol to cleanse and clear where it can.

After all, cholesterol has the capacity to combine or bind with other substances to pull them out of the body. This would obviously indicate that eating the appropriate levels of cholesterol is also helpful and very healing along with recognizing the need for improved circulation to enhance and strengthen the body. Many aspects of this are not well understood with the traditional medical approach. This does not see the whole system. Welcoming the larger point of view and the deeper understanding.

This would be an appropriate point for a brief stretch to recognize the animals again with you. Speaking of the animal self. The animal brain. Animals don’t get cancer the way people do. They get these aspects to a minor extent and then are able to cleanse it. You chose your animal totem wisely now. For each of you who have one now to bring it close to you to feel the animal’s presence supporting you, loving you, and as you stretch as you put attention on the physical body and its movement welcome the communication, a vision perhaps, a sound a call of the animal. From animal to animal brain within the human is an excellent way in which various aspects of communication can be of an appropriate healthy nature for people. Bringing them a much greater sense of their own health. In a completely different path. A completely non-verbal path. Jill, are there some other questions?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion you’ve spoken about fear. Could you please suggest a meditation that would help us?

Hilarion: The first aspect that must be understood is around paralysis. So often attributes of fear connect fear to paralysis. The remedy for this is a moving meditation. Be in movement, be it dancing, be it shifting your energy, be it a mudra or hand movement; be it yoga, stretching, or tai chi. If it is something that you are familiar with and you have learned, do that. Be aware of it. Move through your entire body. Bring in the attribute, as you are moving, of the fearful situation - the person you are afraid of, or the issue you are struggling with, or wherever the fear is, and notice many things that may happen. Suddenly the moment you begin to think of that fear the body stops. Because you are familiar with the motion and you can keep moving, do so. Hold the idea of the fear. Hold the expression of it, the feeling of it somewhere in you body. Notice where it lands but keep moving. Allowing that movement in a gentle and loving way to have a penetration into your conscious of the opportunity to shift it, to see it differently and ask yourself then, while moving, 'what is another way to look at this? Where else could it be in my body? How might I change it?' Cognitions, ideas, thoughts about it - do not let them stop you from moving. Allow the movement to continue while at the same time recognizing the fear, letting it be with you. Sometimes this in itself can be sufficient. It is also valuable however, if possible to go deeper. 'Where have I experienced this before? Where in my life? Where in a past life? Where in a dream?' If the answer comes as you are asking it, it doesn’t make sense to you, don’t stop moving. Allow the gentle movement to come to you look, while you feel the energy while you shift with it.

Notice sometimes when fear shows up even if you are moving your body you hold your breath. When this occurs various sphincter muscles, especially the diaphragm, will be tensed. Breathe deep into the diaphragm as you look at these issues. You may be surprised to see that a vision or an idea begins to pop up that makes no sense to you. This is often indicative of a past life. Be with it, love it as a friend. If there is another person there find a way to forgive that person and to forgive yourself. Of course, the natural way in which this energy moves will shift you. You will find many different ways to work with it.

To be flexible with this and to open to it on many levels is important. When you have reached some stage of completion come back again in the place of movement to a place of love. A place where you can deeply now open and receive the love. Because in the movement has now been gathering around you at the same time guides, helpers, powerful loving energies, welcome them, let them love you. Feel that energy as a positive, helpful uplifting vibration.

And then remembering that love is a movement, it is made unique and special by you, allow that love out to a plant, an animal, someone you know. Anything outside of yourself. This is a wonderful way to complete this movement energy and break the underlying bond of fear which says be still, don’t look, deny. By the attribute of movement, not only the physical movement but the moving of the emotion from one level to another one aspect of consciousness to another into another into finally that which is helpful to others. You are dismantling the underpinnings that fear is allowing over you. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Thank you. There is a woman Mayora, who claims that for the past twenty years a group of ET’s has been preparing her for a time when she, along with many others will be taken up into spaceships as sort of a rapture preceding times of tribulation on earth. This past summer she stated on her website that the time was at hand for the first wave of people to start being taken up in spaceships. No one has heard from her in the past six weeks. Can you comment on this?

Hilarion: Very difficult since we aren’t permitted to comment on others channels. This being is an important aspect of many of the paths that are awakening for many people at this time. If you feel drawn to understand and work with this, then certainly by all means examine it carefully. Work with the energies where they can be selfless, helpful to others, bringing deeper aspects of consciousness in yourself. You are best to avoid those energies that simply are saying I can now escape to a better place, a better time. A place where I don’t have to confront all of these difficult issues or grow.

It is important to recognize though, that this thought, this pattern, we can take you out of this, to heaven, to the paradise land, to the place where you will be safe. These are powerful deep messages. Some of them deeply programmed as an answer to fear very deliberately. You have seen the Twilight Zone from a long time ago “To serve man.” Indeed then, when those open their doors to you to then leave this earth to be food for those who take over on your planet. Be careful. However the likelihood of this is very small. Simply because people tend to be very suspicious. Ultimately though, you must recognize that this is to provoke choice in yourself. To look more consciously and carefully.

It is highly likely that any individual with the opportunity to assist, the willingness to help others will do so either from the other side or in physical form. Coming back to assist and bringing greater benefit to all. Otherwise it doesn’t really help very much, does it? After all, the greatest lessons you have to learn here are from your fellow men and women. They are the ones with whom you feel the greatest kinship, the greatest impact, the greatest power. Look at how much a child has changed your life. How much a spouse or loved one has changed the nature of who you are. This can be compared to the change that has happened to you by reading a book or being taught by a guru. But it does not come at such a deep emotional level.

Therefore you must understand these opportunities are for humanity to evolve together if at all possible. There is always the question of time line. Will people follow a track in which they must then remain together? Many individuals will choose to do so because it is the most powerful path, the one at the deepest level of learning. But you don’t have to. There are many individuals who deliberately pull themselves away from this group. But when they find themselves then surrounded by humanity they can often feel cut off, depressed, in a place of struggle or difficulty. What is offered to them is opportunity to isolate themselves even more, then these difficulties can compound themselves for the very deliberate intent that they will come to re-examine these underlying motives and perhaps see the opportunity to be with others, to love them, to assist them is ultimately more fulfilling.

Yes, there are many on your planet who experience depression. Many forms of this are repressed anger, repressed sadness, repressed grief, repressed hopelessness. To push in these emotions is by definition depression. Besides working with others and communicating, besides the attributes of allowing this energy of the deeper truth of this to emerge, one must also assist, be connected to others, help them. This can often help pull people out of depression simply because the underlying reason they disassociated in the first place was out of their inability to connect to other people. This deliberate attempt to make a deeper connection can often assist them in finding and discovering some aspect of meaning and value in their lives, which of course naturally alleviates depression. Does this answer the question and others as well?


Jill: Yes, thanks. How effective is vibrational medicine of David Slater’s homeopathic work in curing pathogens and miasms in our body?


Hilarion: The difficulty is not with the work. This often can be very powerful. But in this antidoting, bringing in other energies, things that controvert this or shift it back to old patterns one therefore does need to constantly bring those foods which are most healing and helpful into the body. As one studies this one then naturally understands that this is the diet of your ancestors, not the diet of today. Studying this and working with it can often bring much deeper health, but at the same time where the miasms have been cleared, where the underlying energies of a vibrational nature have been shifted, one does not then have to reassert them, bring them back in by the various difficulties from modern foods.

Jill: Was Katrina deliberately directed to hit New Orleans by weather manipulation technology? If so who is responsible for doing this? How many countries are there today which have the technology to do this? Is there currently weather modification warfare going on in the world? There are many who are claiming that the levees in New Orleans were deliberately sabotaged creating another event similar to 911. Is any of this true?

Hilarion: It is an important question to look at but one must also approach it with a bit of caution as we spoke about this earlier with regards to the fear that can be in place when you look at these issues. Weather modification is entirely possible and indeed has been occurring on your planet for a very long time. The manipulation by consciousness, this is far more powerful than the manipulation by technology. Technology has its place and yet those with the higher consciousness, the highest evolved helpers and guardians for your planet, they are the ones who are indeed manipulating the weather. They are the ones who will ultimately work with these energies for the clearing and cleansing it provides.

Technologies that do this are sometimes allowed. The same energy that might be directed, amplified by those beings, with the very deliberate intent of fooling the country that thinks that they have the answer to this so that they may perhaps understand the fallacy and difficulty of trying to harm others with such technology. Many countries have been experimenting with such technology as it is not all that expensive or difficult to work with.

But we would caution anyone recognizing this consciousness, the awareness of movement of energy from the higher vibrational levels into the physical is far more powerful, particularly when utilized by human beings who are in physical bodies than any technology currently available. Various terrorist attempts, opportunities to create havoc and destruction on earth have occurred and these are relatively minor by comparison to the tremendous force of wind, water, and nature herself. The destruction of the levees would have occurred anyway so such matters as terrorists and so on are immaterial. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Thank you Hilarion. In “The War Of the Worlds,” Spielberg’s movie, a great deal was made of bacterial infection and blood imagery. How aware was Spielberg about these issues? Was this a conscious or unconscious attempt to affect the mass consciousness?

Hilarion: It is a conscious attempt. Much of the intent is always at the subtle level when working with blood to help people understand the deepest level of their emotion. But around bacteria, the intent is everywhere possible to bring this into consciousness so people can question can understand it, can work with it. After all, bacteria have been on your planet for a very long time and it is actually understood that they are the source of life. Without them the locking of oxygen in water would still be on your planet and life would have never have been performed for there would be no oxygen. Or the life that would be here would be so primitive as be almost indistinguishable from other forms of energy on your planet.

Still though, each level of attention and awareness of this can lead to deeper questions. And yet at the same time so many of those influencing the Hollywood productions at the current time are working around issues to make money. Bringing fear, bringing energies that are not at the highest levels of consciousness or awareness is often a part of these projects.

At the same time though, the development of the Internet, and the opportunity for many individuals to share their own smaller productions, independent productions of a more spiritual nature, a more aware nature by witness for instance, the example of spiritual cinema. The ways in which this is now becoming more widespread than ever, this is also having its influence and it is hoped that individuals such as Spielberg or other prominent Hollywood producers will also be involved in this movement and see a re-awakening of this as possible.

At the same time though, one must understand that there are forces in play recognizing the tremendous possibility here, for higher levels of consciousness and understanding. These forces are seeking to provide a second Internet but the technologies of local, smaller access aspects of Internet will continue and will grow at a dramatic pace. Free speech movement, free speech television and various aspects of free speech will remain on your planet for some time to come now. It is going to be very difficult to eradicate them because such technologies can be replicated on very small levels.

The real key to any of this is not around electronics but the underlying communication that it represents. And the way people can come together to share their energies, their awareness, their love, in small groups and to connect those groups to larger groups. Does this sound familiar? We have spoken in the past about conscious communities. The very opportunities being presented to individuals now. Should such communities be available to you, not necessarily locally, through the Internet perhaps or locally in ways that could eventually be connected to others through such electronic communication methods, all of these are now in the consciousness to experiment with and look at. Many people are so overwhelmed by the mass aspects of media and consciousness, the aspects of the giant media moguls and so on that they aren’t aware that this powerful free speech movement has been gathering tremendous strength in the last few years. The development of small local Internet groups, wireless groups, groups of individuals seeking ways to connect and work with each other and the Internet at large. These are continuing. The result is the opportunity for alternative media. Stories that don’t make the larger news or do so after a period of months, these are increasing on your planet. All you have to do is look for them and you will often be surprised to find them in your own backyard. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. What makes one susceptible to neurological diseases? We have seen such an increase these days.

Hilarion: There are many factors, but the most important is nerves. The nerves themselves are made of fat and most individuals are reducing the fat in their diet that the nerves would build from. Such are fats that have not been heated past 104 degrees Fahrenheit, that is 40 degrees centigrade. The intent of these fats to provide a sense of peace, an awareness of positive, helpful energy. Many of these things felt immediately upon ingestion of such materials. To redirect them into the nerves is hard. Many times when one begins a diet that is higher in the healing fats, one will not have immediate benefit in the nervous system because other parts of the diet must be helped first. But eventually the rebuilding of the nervous system does occur, the dependence on drug substances, alternate means of stimulation, the capacity to numb or dull the senses than naturally reduces. Of course at the same time of this there is environmental toxicity and the generalized thought form about consolation previously mentioned. But as one increases the fats and works with these other positive aspects it often naturally unwinds and assists.

[Ed. Note: For more about correct use of the right fats and their amazing healing capabilities, see: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

For many individuals this unwinding and assisting will bring up an issue, something they are deeply afraid of, something they are struggling with. One question about fear is about the deep most fear. The thing that many individuals are afraid of at the most powerful level. Sometimes this has been likened to fear of success. Fear of being able to really make a difference. Fear of seeing yourself as truly responsible, truly lovable. But when you get this at its really core issue it is about existence itself. The fear of coming into existence.

This is why so many of the spiritual teachers so many beings who have examined and looked at these issues come back to that simple phrase “I Am.” That you may know this, that you may feel the I Am energy and welcome this within yourself is one of the great positive messages of many of the healing teachers and helpful beings on this planet. Feel the resonance “I Am love.” Feel the aspect of consciousness within you. “I Am.” And you have a different sense perhaps of the very way in which this fear can establish itself at any level. As a result, you will often find that as the nervous system repairs itself the deeper issues begin to surface. You must not only confront them, but find a way to bring love into that process. This will usually allow the deeper healing to continue. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion. It has been said that medicines are the leading cause of death. How can we shift this?

[Ed. Note: For more information about this observation on modern medicine, see the article by Gary Null Death By Medicine .]

Hilarion: It is difficult as long as only the smallest picture is seen. The larger picture, the deeper understanding of the constant interaction. Even the benefit of the death caused by the medical system can be perceived. To understand this in its wholeness,. to take steps in such direction over and over, this is essential. But, you then begin to recognize that the overall pattern here is clear. At a holistic point of view, something that takes into account all levels of human interaction, all aspects of your consciousness, all aspects of the physical body is necessary for long term healing. For short-term emergency nature for ways of correcting immediate imbalances of a purely physical nature the medical system, for now will remain the best way forward. But it is not the only way forward. Eventually, higher energetic means vibrational means and so on, will also be recognized and welcomed and these difficulties and this will be the final aspect that will allow the medical system to dismantle itself.

Many of the doctors, many of those involved in the healing profession are very sincere, they want very much to help people. They are using the best tools they have available but in time as new tools of a more holistic nature that take into account all aspects of consciousness, multiple aspects of the universe itself, will also be an important part of this. We see one of the leading edge aspects of this consciential therapy: the capacity to work with the non-physical beings at the same time doing as you are doing any kind of healing or benefit on anyone. And this is an area where the medical system would benefit tremendously from deeper levels of consciousness and understanding. Any doctor can simply welcome and be aware of the presence of the non-physical beings in a way in which could be helpful to the client and to the doctor. Such energies are always present, but becoming more aware of them, working with them more consciously produces more rapid healing a more correct diagnosis and more benefit and less difficulty.

So those are the two attributes that we would suggest but ultimately we see that the underlying issue is of course the aspect in which the individual is out of balance where this is prevented in the first place by the study of the universal laws, by working with the underlying principals, by welcoming what’s right about it, by experiencing love on a regular basis, by acknowledging the nature of your multi dimensional beingness, the animal self, the higher mental capacity. The capacity within you just to love. The presence of I AM within you. In this way you can often recognize the deeper energies before they must manifest as an imbalancing force as something that gives rise to disease or accident or other difficulty. That is certainly a much bigger answer than simply correcting one aspect of the system but it is ultimately where it is all pointing. Does this make sense?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion. You speak of many things which assist us to shift our vibration. Can you give us a simple explanation of what shifting our vibration means?

Hilarion: Not really. It isn’t simple at all. Your vibration is very complex. It is the nature of who you are. If somebody from the higher point of view, or someone not in the body looks at you what do they see? It is the physical they see some of that but there is this other aspect. It is like a complex light it moves in all different colors, all different forms, all different ways. It is constantly with you. This is a nice way of observing and thinking about vibration but it is also sound, it is also wind, water, earth, air. It is so much of this but at its core these things are in motion interacting with each other, the energies and the physical stuff of who you are. These in their movement, in the way in which they interact with themselves and with others is the nature of your vibration. A higher vibration would mean that a resonance is established with something that is then moving at a higher frequency on average.

For you in particular this might mean an attribute that you are desirous of bringing into your own consciousness that your know would be helpful to you. Or an example that is posed by someone else who has gone ahead, an enlightened being someone who has deeper understanding an aspect of deeper awareness, etc. You have a sense then of what a higher vibration means to you and this sense is accurate. But you must understand here, that vibration, in of itself, is not energy it is not matter it is the way in which those aspects are in movement, are interacting and thus the vibration itself is information and as such does not have any existence as energy or as matter. As such information it is about relationship, the interactivity within all aspects of itself and with other aspects of the reality it is within, other beings other energies, other matter. As a result the learning from this shows you how easy it is to change your vibration. You don’t have to change anything physical. You don’t have to change anything energetic. You simply recognize where your resonance is attuned now.

Oftentimes it is attuned to what you are habitually accustomed to. The way you have always done it. The way you did it in the past this could change now just because you’ve chosen it. And therefore what you recognize is the pivotal point of a shift in vibration is choice. Many times the choices are unconscious so the first step is to make the choice conscious. Does this help at all?

A: Yes, Hilarion you have 30 seconds. We are very grateful to your questions and your willingness to help with all of these issues. We remind you all again of the emerald light cylinder that connect you deeply to mother earth and receive her deep loving response. As it bubbles up through you filling the cylinder with light and is shared as an om. Goodbye.


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On the diet of our ancestors and its amazing healing capabilities: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his excellent recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

About the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information the awesome "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .

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