Hilarion Winter Solstice Channeling 2005

Jill: Greetings. Tonight is Dec 21st 2005. We are gathered in Nevada City, California for the Hilarion channeling on the Winter Solstice. Hilarion will be addressing questions from those in attendance as well as those sent in through email. For further information on tapes, books, or channeling contact contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959 at or visit us at our website at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Before beginning with questions, looking into the many matters at hand, we would draw your attention now to an emerald light. It has been with you for some time today. Yet now we ask you to bring it into your conscious awareness. The light begins to form a cylinder about 30 meters in diameter that is 100 feet diameter. From infinitely upwards through to the center earth. Its purpose is protection, connection, the light itself, but it is also a way of communication. The process of communication is that which you are quite concerned with in your daily life. Cell phones, television, being prominent in this. But many other forms of communication are growing in intensity. Subtler, quieter forms. Energies which you have long ignored which you are now becoming more conscious of. In fact, as you become more and more aware of more and more of these modalities, these energies, it can at times be, in a certain sense, deafening. There can be a lot of noise, a lot of energy. But, what we are suggesting is that another path, a clear communication with light itself, is also available. So breathe that light, have the sense of it, welcome it, know that it is yours, it is not only that which is outside but that which is inside. This not only makes it a little easier, in the way of our communicating with you but by example in an understanding for yourself personally of questions and answers. As a question is created, so its answer is created at the same moment. To let go of the question you find the answer. This may seem at times paradoxical or difficult because of the habit pattern that has told you over and over that you are ignorant. You don’t understand and therefore you must ask the question, investigate, learn, do whatever it takes to find the answer, only how often do you often then see this question answered already? For instance as you discover the answer through your own process. Aha! I’ve heard that before. Oh that makes sense. That is familiar, I’ve been there. All of those expressions come to mind. So understanding this, see the light now as it intensifies, sweeping away both question and answer. What could remain is just now, this moment, this breath. Be aware of the breath, be aware of it as it moves in and out of your body but also welcome the idea of this light as it allows you to breathe the energy of the light itself. Of your earth, of her people, of the love that is deep within you.

It is the time in the year when the earth is breathing and comes to the end of her breath. Each of the two solstice points can be perceived of this symbolically but it is also happening energetically. Of course in the northern hemisphere the end of the breath turns into, in the Southern hemisphere, the beginning of the breath. But understanding the earth breath breathing with her, gives you an inkling as to the energy that is communicated worldwide. In the northern hemisphere now, in the winter solstice time, the animals are in their state of maximum inward energy. Coming to decide what is next. Building the energies for survival, hibernation, and the awakening in the spring. Many of them look to humans to an understanding of what is going on. Some face their own fear of starvation, of the cold, of their own predation and other aspects that are stressful. Some of those human caused. For millennia, humans, contacting, knowing, working with animal spirits have shared with them about this, but lately this has been less and less important except to those more deeply involved with animals, herding of them, working with them, etc. understanding their cries in the night, their innate fears. So for a moment we ask you to welcome an animal totem. A being who has loved you, worked with you, known you. A being perhaps from a recent meditation, or perhaps an animal that comes to you just now as we mention this. Send the sense of encouragement. That you will survive. That these energies will be there and recognize also therefore that you are speaking to yourself. That it is the animal self within you. Those characteristics that are somehow likened to the animal totem are those that you are also speaking to. In this time of maximum darkness in the northern hemisphere, the time of the longest night and the shortest day is naturally a time then when inner animal energies within you from times long passed begin to breathe forth their own innate fears of the dark, of being left, of aloneness. Similarly, astrologically this is the time that symbolizes the maximum attention on the consciousness associated with your fellow men and women. The way in which the group energy can be that which is somehow contacted and known to get you through the lonely nights. But it is also a time when the group consciousness has within it its most mystical attributes and it is these which we will address today. Because you have some underlying concepts about limitation, lack, insufficiency that are especially magnified at this time. But at the same moment in which there is that magnification of that energy that might be associated with fear, false evidence appearing as real, (F.E.A.R.) in this case false evidence that there is scarcity when in fact there is abundance. You then break through it as the same time, because the mystical aspect, that which simply knows, the direct knowing, the intuition is also there and what it is saying to you is simple. You are loved, you are nurtured by your breath, by your universe, by your earth, by your very being. It is from this place that you can begin to use such information. Such idea that you are loved, that you are one with, that there is no shortage, that there is only abundance as if it was real. And we do mean as if because very few live as if this was real. Though they may be convinced of it from scientific means, observing the ever-expanding quality of the universe, the billions of stars in every galaxy and billions upon billions of galaxies, the awareness of abundance within you still so often difficult to make as if it was your own. But the deeper meaning of this with regards to information is the idea that as you know your abundance so also do you come to understand there is no scarcity of information, information is available, it is not just from the intuitive, it is not just from the path of direct knowing, it is actually from the path of typical information transfer as you understand it, computation. For this then we utilize one of the deep space objects, M33. A beautiful cluster of stars, nebula, fog, energy; whatever you want to conceive it as. We perceive it as information. So can you. As you then hold the idea in your heart that information is available and you pose a question answers begin to show up. It is really that simple? The interesting thing about it is that within this sphere of reduced noise, the attunement to the light, in this case the emerald light but in any case the light that is related to your own beingness, the aspect that says, I AM, the aspect that is surviving, is aware, is alive, yes it is that simple. Similarly as you awaken to the noise around you, the confusion, the fear, the difficulties the issues that go across all kinds of energies, aspects, consciousness can easily be distracted. Pulled away from clear understanding and awareness.

Sometimes this becomes particularly difficult in one important attribute, which is best described as resonance. Resonance is not the fully accurate way of understanding it but it is sufficient for now. When you resonate therefore with a fear, oh that what is finally going to get me, might be your thought, but in fact, underlying this as a resonance is something else. Energy from a dream not well understood, a past life you haven’t fully acknowledged, a powerful relationship from your childhood that you were too young to remember. An energy associated with another person that you haven’t come to full understanding, acceptance and love in yourself, whatever. That resonance re-stimulates the fear, the energy, and that noise then drowns out the higher truth. The difficult part about this is that when you perceive the truth, that is in an answer to a simple question, a direction a yes or no, a qualitative or quantitative answer, sometimes because of the resonance present you will reject that. It feels too scary. It is an energy of fear of someone else usually relating to fear at some level this energy is known. Now one of the questions for today is about the emotional body of the earth. The emotional energy that people are sharing. The question that was put was something along the line of why is it getting so expletive, expletive intense? As you begin to understand this you begin to recognize that is has a purpose. The intensity of energy on this earth is ultimately to cleanse. To create an energy within you that allows you to perceive a higher truth. This may at times mean that the energies of all the emotions are ramped up, strengthened, those that you would consider positive, those that flow in a positive direction, meaning from you outward, as one definition of positive.

The energies of love, of caring, of assistance, the energies of negative, those that might be in some cases considered flowing from others to you, an energy that relates to fear perhaps, these would be perceived as the primary energies of emotion. All the others though, hopelessness, anger, grief, sadness, many of these in there own ways, be they assumed as negative or in some cases positive, can be energies that are secondary. They are actually then at their source generated initially by fear. Similarly energies of a positive nature, those that might be perceived as helpful, caring, doing something to help someone else for your own purposes, enthusiasm, and other energies as secondary energies based on love. But, therefore what better way to clear everything else out of the way, to leave only love and fear then to strengthen every other aspect until people begin to glimpse truly they have a choice. That when they face their own fears they can often discover that that takes them through round after round, relationship difficulty, lifetime, whatever, until they eventually as the expression goes, “get it.” And at the deeper level they realize that they have always been lovable, they have always had the ability to love. Love is the nature of their being. You may think that the characters in the bible, beings that are powerful representatives for all of humankind have their primary utilizations as mechanisms by which those in positions of power continue to exert their power over you, using the bible, using religious dogma, etc. Gradually what is emerging though, not just the symbolic understanding, but the deeper understanding of the actual people is that they are emissaries. Beings to help you bridge between fear and love, emissaries to the extra-terrestrials who have worked with you on this planet for millennia. They are beings that have within them important characteristics for you to learn and so at various times different ones of these beings become prominent in humankind’s mythology and understanding. So now the awakening of Mary Magdalene, an understanding of an energy that has at various times been judged; been seen as representative of sexuality. As an energy of redemption, change and of other aspects. Now what you begin to recognize is that other parts are coming forth within humans, the ability to their connection to a much higher reality.

Mary Magdalene: To describe this ambassador aspect: It is with great pleasure that I come into this body. Though it is a body of one who does not understand great pleasure as a woman does. Still for each of you to perceive, to feel to know you begin to recognize the great gift that humanity has given to me, to my soul to that which I can see going back a long, long time. As you can see with your soul is a great responsibility. It was stated that humankind could somehow understand love. Feel it, know it, awaken it in a way that no other being nowhere in this universe could. What a provocative statement. What a challenge to our very fiber, our very being, our understanding of ourselves. Our ability to know this love. And so through the action of many others who see and know this, who have tried in their own ways to share this, people come to appreciate through pleasure though sense, through a hug, through sex, through being close through holding hands. These then have been built into your bodies. Deeply into your DNA, into your flesh. Into the aspect of you which understands love as a feeling, as something that is more than a word, a thought and idea a concept. This is the great challenge set down by the one you know as Sananda. The challenge to find that love in you in a way that it could indeed transform the universe, transform your body, transform you. As I consider this in many different aspects of being, I gradually came to recognize a teacher, a oneness would be needed. What greater teacher than the one you know as the carpenter, what greater teacher than Sananda, in your heart to teach you how to open and receive. But to know this at the level of the physical. To feel it to the depth of your being in a way that the soul would remember it forever. This has not yet occurred on your planet. To the level that the soul truly knows, yet over and over one of the great energies that draws you into being is physical expression; physical touching, holding, loving, giving birth. Knowing and feeling all ways in which you come alive in a body Beyond that which you have felt when you were not in a body. Now you begin to see the truth. The blending of that which is purely physical it has no words concept of being and love and awareness that is the nature of God’s breath into what has made you alive. So when you breathe and you know it is God’s breath filling you, you can be reminded of this even more deeply when you reach out to hold the hand of another. To make physical contact with your world with the knowledge of the body with the awareness that this is what you chose. It is the wonderful gift, the commonality of humans, choosing to be physical to know this to the depth that the soul is touched and remembered.

Hilarion: Yes Hilarion here again. We thank you Mary for your assistance. This soul has had important avenues of the one hand, the clarification that comes from the awareness of the body. The manifestation of the physical but on the other the power, the energy of enlightenment, love and all that it represents in terms of humankinds true salvation. Salvation is a word frequently bandied about by evangelists, energies associated with dogmatic religion, but understand it at its true meaning, survival, that you continue in this world that you are able to remain physical as you need to, because the world itself continues to act as a receptacle to receive you. It is not always been thus, there was a long period after your incarnation for many millions of years as dinosaurs in which humankind withdrew from the earth. Some attempts to receive consciousness during the ice ages, working with some of the animals, some of the primitive humans, but for the most part the withdrawal into the cooler realms of spirituality to contemplate and understand and prepare for the great un-flowering, the great awakening. Humankind now as it has come on to this earth and is so powerfully working through clearing and cleansing of the emotions and recognizing its connection with mother earth now begins the process of communication. Understanding itself, understanding God, hence the tremendous focus these days not only on communication, but on relationships. This is the area that is now always in line with and assisting the higher vibrational energies that bring you into form in the first place. These are the energies literally of integrity - meaning wholeness, connectedness - that is, what allows you to get into form in the first place. In case you forgot, it’s pretty tough. You bring a lot of energy into it. The physical body must work hard to produce the child that is born.

But this higher vibrational energy as it works from the other side is an energy that must then very powerfully focus itself, strip away certain aspects that are not needed and then come into physicality with sufficient force to accomplish the goals and aims that the soul has for this lifetime. That is pretty tricky when part of the whole process is forgetting. Coming to it emotionally, coming to it from you heart, coming to the energy of what you need to do, by what you prepare and understand and who you meet, not by a conscious recollection as if you had a cookbook or a map of what it was to be done. The discovery itself trains and works through every aspect of you r understanding of faith. Working through higher vibrational energies, powerful emotional energies. They are secondary expressions of love, faith, awe, many aspects of wonder. Yet these energies are the powerful energies that ultimately can be seen as the birthing energies of stars. They are the same energies that allow the birth spark that brings you into form. And it is the same energy that as you rediscover it, brings you a sense of comfort, knowledge and connection to the universe.

Yet, to understand this without physicality is as if to question it. When you are out of the body in the times between lives you will question this, think about it, wonder how true it was. But what you come back to over and over is what you remember from your physical form. What you actually experienced while in a body. And so, inevitably, you do it again. You choose to come in as a physical being so that those energies will be strongly cemented. Those aspects that are worked with will be powerful and deep within you. Along the way of doing this therefore, it is important to maximize if at all possible your time here. To understand those lessons. Otherwise, you are then diluting the energy, working with it in various ways in the future, in ways that you must then inevitably repeat over and over many of the lessons that you have already gone through in this life. And so, what you begin to recognize through all of this is that by returning to an aspect of love, or any of its secondary characteristics as some of those emotions we have mentioned, you can begin to regenerate the initial causality that began the entire birthing process. This always begins long before and actual physical incarnation takes place. You are preparing, consulting with your evolutionary orientor (EO) as sometimes nicknamed. Working with the energies form the other side to decide which beings your going to come in with, what timing will be appropriate, what guides and helpers you will have, who your parents will be and all of that. But, at the appropriate moment, a powerful energy must transfer.

The interesting thing about this is that there is a large segment of the population that goes into a position that is really not fully born, but not fully on the other side either, this is as a result of miscarriage or abortion. And just as you create a physical analog of the higher vibrational being, this physicality holds even if the child is never born. Only then coming to immaturity in the abortion or miscarriage process when it passes back to the other side it retains that second image of how it was in the womb. This presents a great difficulty to the soul because at the higher vibrational level then it must grow up. It must literally shape and form itself to a physical size that is appropriate for the learning and awareness that it needs. And then, could begin the process again. There is on your planet a misunderstanding about over population and as a result of this there is a very deliberate focus on keeping population levels down. That is alright as far as it goes so that the resources of the earth are not overly stressed, but you must understand that there are many solutions to this other than simply avoiding birth or various aspects of abortion and various ways in which children are miscarried because of environmental pollution, etc. The intent is ultimately to assist on the other side. As much as possible to help these millions of children to grow up as rapidly as possible so that they can make another attempt to come into physicality. In the beginning this was very difficult. They would typically need many years to move through this maturation process. With deeper understanding of science at the physical level, awareness of how speed up in metabolism is possible. This is also transferring now to the other side.

You may wonder then what this has to do with Mary Magdalene. Indeed you can see how the action of those who care deeply about the physical side of existence as it blends with the energy of love would focus on such projects, helping these children to grow. Helping them understand and become aware. What people don’t really understand about is the other aspect of coming into physicality, which is purely about energy. The energy to accomplish, to learn, to do things, to be aware, to touch, it is much stronger when you are in a physical body then when you are simply as a soul. It is obvious when you see it but many people forget about this and as a result go into resonance of fears or whatever about non-physical beings who are intrusive in nature and causing them difficulties, that is silly. It is your own fear that is the difficulty as your energy is many, many times more powerful than that of any non-physical being. Similarly though with that understanding when you think kindly, lovingly of the children that do not yet have the experience of birth, send them a positive loving energy. Help them grow, mature, and become ready again to come into this world. Help those you perceive in the extra physical clinics assisting these children. Row after row you might imagine of little beds and that in your heart you are loving them and assisting those who nurse them, care for them, love them, take care of them. One famous individual associated with this is the one you knew as Diana, that is princess Diana and her role in this has been a transference to many others but she still stands as a beacon of beautiful universal love for such energies are then inspired in you often when you think of her. Still tough, you must recognize that this energy has a lot to do with the symbolic understanding of your maturation. Your ability ultimately as you release emotion, as you move through the secondary emotion, as you re-recognize the deeper love in your nature to grow up. To understand that your true nature here is not about squabbles, fights, scarcity, greed. You don’t take any of that with you. That money or those toys, or any of the rest of it. Isn’t that enough symbolic understanding to help you then get beyond that.

Yet, many of those hearing our words would know in themselves they are not greedy, would not seek harm to others and seek only to assist yet find over and over that they are unconsciously assisting those in positions of power. Who are then greedy out of their own fears. In order to change this you must look carefully and consciously at how those in positions of power, your elected representatives so to speak, various others who act as your representatives in film, in political circles, in teaching capacities and so on have characteristics that are like yours. They are there because they represent some aspect of you. When those aspects of you can be better coordinated for the highest and best of humanity so then will your leaders change. Either they themselves will understand more or new leaders will come in. The point is as you look at this repeatedly in yourself in most of the questions that you ask today. A reflection back to you to understand and work with the energies that are then represented by the difficulties on your planet. Example, you have many questions about use of SONAR and other destructive weapons such as haarp (HAARP) utilization of powerful vibrations in order to disturb, harm or shift various aspects of your environment, the ocean itself, various electromagnetic energies for battlefield or war purposes or simply for the correction of what is perceived as nature going out of balance. But in any case those people short sighted enough to do this are people who represent various aspects in you. Afraid of what is happening to your environment.

When you utilize your fossil fuels, as they are called, you pollute or harm an aspect of your environment, dispose of wastes that go into landfill, you are then seeing that this is out of your life in the small sense but in the big sense it all is still on earth. And in this sense you are pushing out those aspects that you do not recognize in yourself that you want to change but don’t know how. It is very difficult to embrace new capacities of ways to recycle, utilize the energies appropriately, balance all aspects in your life. But because you have not made this your number one priority those individuals in the world who have a fear of what is happening to your planet naturally create a resonance within you. They would see what they are doing for their own identity is the best. They could in fact protect you by using these weapons. Using their sonar or destructive vibrations so that their people would not be harmed by terrorists, or whatever. You recognize how foolish this is on the face of it. When the larger aspect is taken into account the harm it does to the whales beaching themselves, the under sea life, the change in the climate and other attributes but what you do not recognize here is your own personal responsibility in this. From the very aspect of how you live your life, what fuels you use in your automobiles, your interaction with other people, all the way to the aspects that are afraid to fully recognize your identity. The nature of who you are. In how you can make these changes or shifts in your life, be they small ones for more love or larger ones around your environment this is a very difficult matter for most people to understand and as a result these people in positions of power will continue to abuse the environment, to create harm to others. So again this harkens back to integrity. What is the wholeness? Can you reach the point where you can say the inventor, the one who pushes the button as they say, the polluter, that any of these are you? When you can truly deeply accept that not just as a part of your being but the understanding that to the extent to which you do love and withhold your love from such beings, these energies remain incomplete and as a result complete themselves ultimately through you. Now in light of the understanding of how important it is to cement these lessons of being physical with the energy of love through you as Mary Magdalene was hinting at in so many ways. You begin to glimpse then why you expose yourself to pollution to strange vibrations on your planet, to all kinds of harmful effects of the environment and all the ways it works with you so that ultimately you will decide.

Such a decision has been toyed with in various ways on your planet by strikes. By groups coming together to demand certain changes but it has not occurred in terms of that which is ultimately whole and appropriate for the planet herself. Such wide spread ecological movements are probably likely in the future. And it is the reason why the lies about peak oil have been permitted by the higher vibrational beings. Oh yes, you would say, the constant manufacturing within the earth of various fuels, hydro carbons and other materials hidden from the public’s view, the scarcity energy that would be one important aspect for people to know. But there is one much deeper then as you begin to recognize. It is the way in which ultimately people will be able to see and know each other for the higher truth they represent, a willingness to take care of each other, to love each other and assist each other. In the short term the scandal about this will eventually come forth. But you recognize the timing, that the energy about the peak oil, all of the information about it and all the rest was released right around the same time that oil prices made a dramatic increase, the intent of this was as with all propaganda its intent is not as either lie or truth, intent is which is to change your mind about something so that you would not protest on large level about increase in such pricing and it worked quite handsomely for those involved in the process.

But the larger picture has not changed and burning these fuels regardless of their origin, regardless of their supply on your planet is an aspect that must be truly considered for the wholeness of humanity. For the warming of the earth for the way of the polluting energies and all of the rest this does not changed. Because the opportunity would therefore be increased to look at alternate fuels, other aspects of science, to consider as a result of the scarcity, the opportunity for people to take care of each other better, learn from each other, and so on you see the benefit of the energy about peak oil being shared. The scientific side to this is actually far more complex than most people have currently realized. But it is hoped that as people begin to understand more and more about the nature of energy that they will set aside polluting technologies and come to a deeper appreciation of the abundance of energy around them. There are many powerful and useful techniques for extracting energy from the vacuum. From the energy reserve of the universe itself without harming anyone. There are many technologies exploring this and working with it currently. But when we harken back to what has been successful on this planet in the past, various energies from the mid-Atlantean epic can be understood. In latter Atlantis there was a great focusing on crystalline based energies. These eventually gave rise to powerful resonant vibration that broke a crust of earth and ultimately caused the destruction of Atlantis, its sinking and other attributes you are quite aware of including especially widespread death and destruction. But in mid-Atlantean times energy was explored of a different nature. That associated with the inert gases, in particular the energies of Krypton and Xenon. These are not plentiful in your atmosphere but as you come to better understand them and work with them, their higher capacity to tap into an underlying sea of energy will be better known and discovered and the result of this can be great benefit on your planet. The most interesting of the inert gases in this respect is that of helium. But helium is not that which is easily used on earth. This is quite well symbolized by its likeness in respect to, or in balance to your atmosphere which pushes it upward as soon as it is released from the earth. But look at your sun and recognize the tremendous power the energy that helium has. The sun has helium under tremendous gravitational, electrical and magnetic stimulation and this produces a great deal of energy.

Such energy is not simply that of the physical of light, which is by your scientists understood as fusion of hydrogen into helium, but other energies as well. The energies that sustain many aspects of life on earth are essentially inert gas healing energies. From the helium within the sun under these tremendous stresses and powerful fields. Yet, as you tune into the sun so also do you heal. It is not the sunlight energy, which some would say is damaging in small amounts we see no danger. But, the supplement, the star-like energy, because after all the sun is the brightest star near you. This energy can be a powerful healing tool if you welcome it and understand it. But its real purpose as you begin to work with it is to alert you to abundance. This is the great mystery of the sun. Why the hydrogen is not used up over millions of years, in fact there is a constant recycling of energies. One of the aspects however that people begin to recognize as they use this healing energy of the sun is its attribute of intelligence, awareness on many levels. The recycling energies themselves give rise to the need to use this intelligence and at this time the greatest intelligence comes then in emotional intelligence. The opportunity in your consciousness to sweep away those energies which stand as blockages, as interference to your highest manifestation, to love, to caring, to awareness. These are the energies so powerfully symbolized by the sun. It is allowing this caring energy that comes to earth to sustain for living things, for constant bathing of energies of a powerful helpful nature. So this is not just taken symbolically but it is a literal energy moving through you at all times.

Thus, the real sweeping forces on earth can be seen as having their initial genesis in the sun and the way in which its energies are having an intelligence can be a powerful answer to your own fear. Because this is the real difficulty, when you see climate change, increase in cataclysmic events, as has been very strong this past year, with hurricanes, powerful storms, earthquakes, flooding and all of the other difficulties you understand these energies as those which take you away from the sense of love, connection, warmth, radiance, caring, very much like the sun energies. Spending a few minutes simply receiving the sun’s love for you and then asking the question, is this a safe place? Is this the best place to go? Is this the most appropriate time to travel?

Now this is not usually recommended. Most beings would suggest that you tune into mother earth. What is her energy, what is it going to do, how is it going to unfold? But when you want to look into the future, particularly a few months ahead, you must see that the cycles always begin in the sun. The solar energies are these which communicate with earth and share with her the next way to proceed. That is why it’s so useful to tune in. But how to do this some would ask. Well there are those who do it with various intellectual or computational or various other techniques of observation. But that is not what we are suggesting. The answer is in your heart as it opens to receive a loving energy between you and the sun. So then can that energy point out to you, show you. Sometimes it can be by visual, by audible, by kinesthetic, by various modalities that you have within you but as you pay attention to these and bring greater love because you can change them because with the sun energy there is always the opportunity to shift and change those aspects. Those are the energies which eventually have their gestation in the earth. There are many aspects of many questions to be considered. But we would suggest that you begin to see these with the overlay filter. Some of the suggestions we have brought forth as by example to you today. With those overlays, how much of this questions is based on the idea of inherent scarcity. Where in this question is fear? How can this be shifted, as you hear, receive and know the energy but also as you ask that question.

Jill:Is there any special meaning for the great infusion of new beings coming into this world. Meaning an incredible amount of babies that have been born in the last six months to a year.

Hilarion: Two important overlays to this. One, the possibility, it just keeps showing up but with more and more rapidity, earth won’t be around that much longer. Various attributes to take away this tremendous opportunity with the expression of free will, to be born to know physicality, such would be destroyed would then someone make the mistake of environmental capacity, nuclear capacity, weapons, all of the rest. Yet the other attribute, the positive one. What a fantastic opportunity to clear as much karma as possible, to meet as many people as possible, to be physical, to receive light, love, energy and stimulation. You are receiving more information, more stimulation from more sources everyday. For many people in one day you are receiving far more than you received in an entire year just a few hundred years ago. These are calling strongly to the new souls. But, it is also part of the divine plan. When you are non-physical you see the opportunity, you choose to be physical, this is simply stepping up a little bit because this understanding is now also reaching a point of critical mass. More individuals not yet conscious of it but unconsciously realizing the great bounty, the gift in being here. This does help answer from a more purely intellectual, logical or should we say metaphysical perspective the questions about the likelihood of the destruction of the earth. There are about fifty billion souls. Consciously, powerfully associated with the earth you have only six and a half or so billion in bodies and all the rest want to come in to. They act as your guides, your helpers, they out number you approximately nine to one but as they continue to influence and work with you they are helping to prepare the way. This is the greater role of technology. To make it such that it is possible for your planet to sustain fifty billion at once. Theoretically, this is certainly possible. But economically working though the aspects of scarcity, fear and all the rest, it would not seem at all possible. And so by bringing in more, the children will be bringing in the new ideas. They will often come in with new capacities, new ways of being. At the same time as this many individuals on your planet are recognizing tremendous influence in their life from the earliest childhood experiences and are seeking in their own ways to bring in their hard won true deeper ideas out for their children. This has not always been very successful. For instance, children raised in the time of express it, get it out, let your feelings move, let your free flag fly, and all the other expressions, as they come to maturity now are often quite willing to express themselves in ways that you may find emotional disturbing or bring you to more carefully re-consider. But remember, they indeed do have within their hearts, a willingness, an understanding, a love, a connection to the universe. Their mode of expressing it may be a little different. As you seek a heart like your own know that as yours can pour love to that one so can these modes of expression be shifted. This is not only happening with people that you meet it is happening worldwide. This aspect of powerful expression has been nurtured carefully and consciously by many of those in positions of religious dogma for the youth of Islamic society. It has not taken too many of such to produce the suicide bombers, terrorists and others on your planet, they are only representative of terror, of fear, the energy within you that would say there is scarcity there is not enough love to go around and so on.

This would naturally bring us to questions of particular bombings. Particular attributes of destruction. These occurring in the Mid-East and various locations. It is always true that if people begin to carefully consider what is happened they may perhaps have a new sense of it. Be able to bring peace or positive change to what is happening on the planet when they look carefully at what they have done. But most of the time these energies are misguided, misunderstood and repeat themselves over and over out of the underlying emotional energy in which those who are harmed by this or those who know others who are harmed by it, instead of seeing the bigger picture, instead of acknowledging the fear, releasing the energy to find the love instead they seek another secondary emotion to fear. Revenge, anger, resentment, hatred or in the places where they cannot find these as an expression, attributes of hopelessness or sadness or grief. These are important energies but they must be allowed to move through to find ultimately underneath it, the fear, contact it, understand its reality and let it go. The fear that you will not be allowed to survive, the fear that there isn’t enough food, money, care, love or whatever for you. The fear that you then are somehow cut off from others, that you do not have the opportunity to love, to live out your life and so on and so forth. How can these fears be changed by you? This is the difficult part but where you look at where there is a resonance between you and a suicide bomber, where there is some similarity. Where you have felt hopelessness, grief, or struggle in your life and sought some action in the world to express this you may find that there is an alternate, another way, a way where you can go inside to acknowledge the love, the consciousness, the caring. Further question?

Jill: How does the concept of personal integrity change with the raising of the earth’s vibrations? Does consideration for agreements made by the higher self enter into the picture?

Hilarion: At all levels integrity remains. It is wholeness, connectedness and at every level by which you work with it, it changes because you change. To understand integrity from the highest level must be the one that considers every aspect of the entire universe. It is usually way beyond your own conscious understanding, to simply have integrity and connectedness to your immediate environment can often be difficult enough. But, as you change that is the direction you inevitably go. Greater and greater numbers, greater and greater qualities of energy, greater and greater experiences of variation, various capacities you had not previously considered. Specifically though, where you come to the place of asking, looking at it, you are directed, reminded and assisted by your guides and helpers to look at how you love, how love may manifest, how you may assist others, how the secondary aspects of love may be powerfully, firmly, clearly, put into action.

At a higher level of integrity, as you move through each of these that wholeness then and naturally it emerges and so you are finding new and better ways to apply this. When you eventually apply it to your own life you begin to recognize those attributes we spoke of earlier. The energies of before you were born. The contracts, the agreements, what you came here to do and all of the rest, they are separated from your consciousness by the intellectual aspects but they are deep in your heart. When you see something that isn’t right, don’t know how necessarily but you just feel it, a little clue about a previously made contract or agreement. Contracts and agreements though made at the conscious level before you have come into incarnation are often forgotten but the emotional side, the deeper connection to this, this does retain. And again to the concept of primary energy of emotion is the aspect then at the level of wholeness to know the fear or the love. Over and over what you will decide is that the fear allows greater separation. Reduction of energy, various aspects of then what eventually is harmful, lonely, sad, difficult. The expansiveness, the love, the connectedness always then pointing you to higher and higher levels of integrity. In order to therefore ultimately work with a contract to the point that you do not have to deal with it karmically, you must approach the love within it. That is to say why did you make such a contract in the first place? It could have been out of a fear, out of a balance, out of karma, but working with it from that area alone will usually be insufficient. There was often self-love that was an area you really needed to learn about, love for God. An awareness that God’s energy manifesting through you in this form would teach you something far deeper more powerful. This is where you do understand the contract emotionally from the place of love within your being. There is another who would speak about this matter.

Sananda: See that in your heart now is a radiant light expanding outward, outward filling the earth from your heart, your love your expansion. You have known me as Sananda. You have known me as the Christ energy in your heart. But now, what I am in you now is just light. Feel it. Let your hands move outward with the light. See that its movement through you has always been and can always be as you welcome it and you will see there is another answer to this question about integrity. There are those who have witnessed how love through me as a representative of this light, cleansed, healed, released karma. But that is wrong. It is not that the love has overpowered the karma, it is that the generation of the karma came from the love. You are returning to the source to the energy which speaks to your heart and tells you, you are light. You are the light. You are God’s light. You have always been this light. It is that knowledge that naturally and easily releases your need to prove otherwise. That is karma, to prove other than. So you create the cause. You have the effect which creates another cause and another effect and so on it goes until you are so far away from the love that you begin to feel separated from your creator and turn again seeking to understand through religion through medatation through something that is always separating you. Not just back to the love, the light, the energy that you are. It is that realization that simple knowledge, that sinking into that knowledge that then allows as one who loves and cares to clear karma. That is how it works. It is no great miracle. No great shift. It is that which is always within you to know. Always within you to feel. And so now, as representative of this time of Christmas, my energy is with you to bestow a gift. Let a guide or helper approach you from behind and put it in your lap, upon your shoulder, in your hands, in your heart, breathe and on the out breath and the moment between breath, let the gift come in. A physical object in your imagination, a memory, a feeling, a light, it does not matter. The way you receive this special, unique, useful to you and you alone. And it is through this process of giving that we all feel the love. The uniqueness that is you is the great gift that you have given to this earth, to this universe, to God. Ohmmmm…

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. Yes we thank you Sananda for your willingness to share this perspective and at the same time energetically shift the perception of Christmas time, a time of giving has in so many ways been shifted by commercialism, and interests of others in their own aims. But understand now at its core where this all got its start.

Jill: Some questions about the paradigm shift happening now with Pluto and Sagittarius. We talk about the major revolution in scientific knowledge, all kinds of problems with biological sciences.

Hilarion: It is in many ways difficult to understand where this is all going but look at many ways in which science began. Through observation, to clarify and understand what God meant. That is often seen when you look into so many of the great scientists, those you admire, an understanding of the universe and its wholeness. And so this is where eventually you see this going. So many aspects that do not appreciate, understand or work with a higher vibrational intelligence, a higher unification of many energies, a higher, you could say sameness, wholeness, awareness. Where these are present they are being swept away. Various aspects of individualization, aspects of separation, aspects that do not take into account the wholeness principle. One by one these are swept away and science comes back over and over to appreciate these aspects of wholeness. We see this especially in biological principles where so much in the way of powerful important advances are at the very tiny. But those attributes that make the greatest difference in your life are those relating to your entire world. To the ecology, to the ecosphere and these are through biological principles so obviously and clearly related. As this is then understood, this sweeping wave through all aspects of science will eventually bring forth new evidence, new awareness of where humanity has turned away from this higher unifying principle that could be concerned with God, with universal love, with various aspects of what could be seen as higher vibrational energy. But with time you will also be able to step back from this a bit and understand its higher meaning. In the meantime though, all of the revolutions through science will accelerate, will continue on in many levels. Many of the attributes will be helpful in various applications as engineering opens in many areas that have not been explored previously. Not only for manufacture of energy, products, and assistance in the world to ease but for the deeper meaning itself, for clarification. So much of engineering has been about consolation. Helping things to be better. Similar to how aspects of the entertainment industry and so on, have been primarily focused on consolation but engineers are beginning to recognize more and more the importance of clarification as a life path as the reason they are here and they are receiving the influence of the non-physical beings pouring aspects of greater and greater clarification into you every day.

The result is more understanding through biology of the brain itself, through physics, of information itself, through chemistry, of interaction and its’ very inherent nature, and so on. These branches of engineering who apply this more and more may bring a deeper level of education, intelligence and inter-connectivity amongst all beings. See this not for the next generation but for their children. For the way in which the true acceptance of any new paradigm has its underlying bases in the new generation. That this is a birthing of a deeper acceptance and understanding of the importance of clarification for its own sake.

Now that is a very difficult attribute for most people to hold because they are here for physicality, for pleasure, for understanding of the physical side of things. To cement it to the soul which we spoke of earlier so that it is a deep part of your experience, but what from that experience do you want your soul to know about? What is most important? Yes you may see that it is about your accomplishments, your lovability, your passion and compassion but that as a vessel or a fuel for your ability to evolve. You do not have the capacity to know this everyday as the most important thing in life and to a large extent your children don’t either. But their children will and that is the real purpose of their witnessing of this tremendous change through scientific endeavor. The great importance of clarification that is then cemented to their soul.

Jill: What are some of the most powerful and effective healing technologies on the planet today?

Hilarion: There are so many of these and these in their own ways have so many ways that they can be misused, misunderstood, and misapplied. And so with each technology you find that which you are most attracted to, that which works best for you and others then that don’t work so well. But, the real benefit of healing, the real understanding of it comes not from technology. Again you must harken back to where we spoke of taking it with you. Since you don’t take the physical body with you the healing that is applied to you here is about the lesson, the learning from it, the awareness, the clarification that came from it, not the perfect health or the perfect body which you let go, left behind, release, anyway. And so during the process of using technology you meet others. You learn about the underlying principles, you understand more about the wholeness, the etheric body, the emotional body, the places where healing must take place in those bodies. The various models of scientific nature. The awareness of love in your heart and many other things naturally come forth along with the various technologies. One can say that there are certain criteria that can be applied. You can say a technology is very effective if the person heals very quickly. But is that the only measure? What about clarification? What if they learn more from that experience? Would that make it a better technology? What if they heal very quickly but need a re-application in a short time or the healing doesn’t last. Would the criteria then be one in which a healing lasts that much longer? You must understand that all of this is so individual and works along so many lines. Ultimately though, we see that the capacity for wholeness, connectedness, greater ability to love. This is more important ultimately than merely health in the physical. Merely feeling better, mere consolation. Thus, we would often suggest, that healing technologies that also enhance consciousness bring you to a deeper understanding of your purpose here, your awareness of God’s light, your connection to your soul, your ability to receive energy from guides and helpers who you ask to give you energy, information and understanding in this life and so on. Also is an important quality to be considered around efficiency, efficaciousness and capacity for such technologies. Of course along such lines, anything that enhances consciousness is therefore useful to be recommended and worked with. Vibrational remedies, inert gas technologies, utilization of various altered forms of water all have tendencies in such direction over mere vibratory energies, clearing energies, cleansing energies even of an alternative means, be they herbal or electrical or magnetic.

At the same time though that is still also individual because whatever technology you are utilizing gives you more time in life and you use it wisely you can of course raise consciousness, help others and bring meaning to your life. So, it is a difficult question to answer from that point of view, but if you hold all of these criteria simultaneously you will then have the encouragement to explore and learn about so much and that you do take with you. Does this answer the question?

Jill: What’s the spiritual significance of the mushroom family? Should they be added to our diet and why?

Hilarion: A perfect answer in regards to aspect of connectivity. Micro fungi, tiny organisms, yet some levels of existence remaining tiny, at other levels gathering together to form large forms. Cellular structures like those plants but somehow also individualized, separated, hence, symbolizing the move towards connectiveness. These being came to this planet from another star system carried here initially on commentary material that landed here on earth and prospered. Because of the need for connectivity it was encouraged. And by extra-terrestrials and other beings encouraged to make many different forms on your planet, but as a form of intelligence, true deeper awareness towards consciousness it has never taken hold on your planet. So it is in constant interaction with other beings living with them. Plants, animals and certainly with people at the same time they are as being feeding on emotional energy. Receiving this has become a specialization of the various fungi over millennia and these energies can bring them very clearly along various lines, for harm towards people or tremendous elevation of consciousness with psychedelic mushroom categories.

All of these are then governed by Devas. Beings who oversee and continue to work with areas to specifically focus on connectivity. How beings can use these to understand their connection to each other. Mushrooms can often provide available nutrients that are not available easily from other sources. In particular, various sulfur based compounds. These materials will become more and more important on your planet as the natural tendency to bring higher levels of sulfation and sulfur materials into the environment will enhance ability to communicate and connect to each other. At the same time though, these beings want to learn from humanity. That is the Devas and the mushrooms themselves. So as we often suggest when ingesting a food, considering its spiritual characteristics, its ability to merge consciousness with you, its influence with the Devas and the Devas with you. Think of your gift, your sharing with the mushroom family. Admire them for their ability to be at once, separate, individualized but coordinated together and capacity to form these beautiful shapes. At the same time though, recognize that these energies have specific attributes to stir and shift your emotions. To help you understand yourself better. To feel those emotions move through. To connect to aspects of your own sexuality, your own fears, your own loves. It is also useful as you experiment and learn about them that you see their ultimate future in allowing you to better adapt to higher levels of sulfur in the environment.

You see along the ridges of the tectonic plates, on your earth, many aspects of release of sulfurous materials. These have happened in earth’s past and they happen again now. The powerful and central sun in the hollow earth emits energy of all kinds and these energies sometimes must be released. With increasing warming on earth from atmospheric sources, release patterns are not so easily available. Hence, the greater proliferation of under sea events and release of various gasses and heat. These are likely to increase over the next few thousand years. Geologically speaking it is a slow process but mankind will be required as a result to adapt to increasing levels of sulfur in the environment.

We are grateful to your willingness to look at all of these issues but we remind you now to return your attention to the light. The energy of emerald light streaming through you. Forming a powerful cylinder of light, see it expand now from thirty meters to several hundred meters as it encompasses the earth herself. The light sweeps away the idea of questions and answers instead simply allows you to breathe the light itself. Test it for yourself if you wish by posing a question and seeing how easily it melts, dissolves, and almost can be laughed at. Realize earth in her love, in her joy, in her great love for you also laughs. Feel her energy beneath your feet forming an ohm an imagine that om bubbling up from her center up through you up to your heart to be shared out loud.


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