Hilarion Spring Equinox Channeling 2006

Jill: Today is March 21, 2006. We are gathered in Nevada City, California to celebrate the Spring Equinox with the Hilarion channeling. The questions are from those in attendance as well as from our online community. For further information on channelings, books, tapes, or videos, contact Jon C. Fox, Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 at or visit us at our website at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Before beginning with the questions at hand and various other matters we would first draw your attention to this moment. A time of several simultaneous energies of an important building nature. They are building to this important moment symbolized by the upcoming solar eclipse but it is important in your own consciousness to have the sense of this building as an energy that seeks direction. Seeking a direction occurs at every point in the earth’s breath cycle.

The spring equinox symbolizes the time of the equality in the earth’s breath. You can imagine that earth is breathing along this cycle and at the moment at which the breath is equal between in and out. This moment in time there is great deal of choice. Animals are awakening in the Northern hemisphere to this choice. But at the same time in many areas winter has been hard. Not just with cold but also with extreme drought, extreme wetness and various extremes of cold and even in some places heat, by fire. These animals are also part of this consciousness though at a much more fundamental level. Adding to the idea of asking, looking consciously and carefully at choices.

In some ways, more than ever, your consciousness, your ability simply to hold a direction has more profound impact for earth, for the people of this earth in the time of the equinoxes. At the solstice points, there are other energies present. But see this symbolic time at the equinox is important in the way in which it brings to you the opportunity to share your vision, your idea, your understanding. Often times this is difficult because people are not so easily understanding the very nature of their vision of what they are here for, of what this is all about. For many years we have spoken of these matters and the other application of this, as you move from the spring into the summertime in the northern hemisphere has direct impact on how you receive and work with these words that we will speak tonight.

But for now, the idea of questions, answers, the mind, all of the aspects of that which you would think about relating to the past, what has been, the future as it could be. It is possible within you. Set it aside. Instead put your attention on now, on the breath, on simply being. Noticing how this flows in and out of the body how it inevitably naturally easily connects to mother earth. Opening the well spring of energy to input. From the head, through you down to earth, this opens bigger and bigger becoming a cylinder of light. Imagine that cylinder from infinitely upwards down through you the center of the earth about 30 meters that is about 100 feet in diameter. Emerald in color. As it extends upward, upward as it connects to highest soul essence to center of the universe to aspects of highest self and as it moves through you now to connect to mother earth center. This is an energy that gives a sense of direction, of purpose, beingness, without moving you out of this aspect of being.

That is to have the sense of purpose of presence of energy yet without having to force this into the opportunities of the future or the memories of the past. So breathe the emerald light. Allow it simply to be part of you as it connects you to mother earth’s center and to infinitely upwards. Because this is a time of Mercury retrograde, communication is enhanced with one additional visualization towards the area approximate location of some in this location it is below the horizon to the southwest a black opaque disc is imagined at the periphery of this emerald light cylinder. Its purpose is to absorb affects of Mercury retrograde. And though some will be receiving this information particularly in foreign countries after Mercury has gone direct, which it will in a few days, it is still good to include this meditation in as much as a week after Mercury is direct because this is a sort of resonating energy shared throughout many people on the earth. Mercury is not affecting you directly. It is too far away for this. It’s gravitational pull is superceded dramatically by the sun and the moon. But symbolically it is an initiator, a common thread of energy from your guides, helpers, your dreams, your understandings of the stars as you have them from past lives. And in this way, a time to go inward, to work with inner energies and to cut off to some extent the outer.

The confusing difficult aspects of communication mechanical things failings, and so on are the surface effects of this inert, retreating energy. And so in light of this, you could almost say in celebration of Mercury retrograde, always easier to do towards the ending of Mercury retrograde cycles is the idea that you have been working, perhaps unconsciously on inner energies, inner ideas.

And so for this we would ask you then to look consciously and carefully at your life. Particularly over the last two weeks and understand then that questions are being answered, questions of beingness, what is the most important thing that you have come here to do? What is the most important thing you have come here to be? Now if you look at your life and the things that need attention there may be areas where you say I want this to be different or I want that. If there is chaos or difficulty where can you bring some sense of peace? Where would you want that? But then we would ask you to step back from this for a moment and ask the next higher perspective question in line with that. If it is peace that you are looking for in your life or if it is money or if it is a more profound or helpful relationship or if it is some specific attribute what is it you want more than that? Than that peace or that relationship or that money? If this begins to stir up in you the same answer to this other question what are you here for, in what way is your time being spent you begin to glimpse where we are going with this. Because it is this inner work as it is projected from the point of view as a choice that you are making that projects to the planet now in this time of the equinox. As if to say here is an answer through the intelligence, shared consciousness, interaction with out guides, we as human beings put into this world, this simple idea of beingness. Let us for instance join together in a way of bringing more happiness, peace, love, prosperity or perhaps at a higher level in line with a collective answer to this question about looking for more, let us as human beings now draw forth greater clarity on this planet. Deeper understanding about ourselves and our world and yet again more. What about this answer to the question as to your very nature? The nature of your connection to the universe, to God. Isn’t that what the clarity is really about? And doesn’t any intellectual answer to this question only fall short of the deeper understanding that comes from a feeling, from the sense of being, from the breathing of God’s breath. So then, this deeper issue, how to be one with, how to know that energy, how to create it as if it has always been, as if then you know that then real purpose of seeking clarity is just to know. Not about knowing God or knowing the answer or knowing beingness, but really just to know.

It is right along the line of existence, of I AM, of all of the deeper issues of the highest spiritual quality that can be elucidated through language, and it gets you right to the edge of language itself, the part where you begin to glimpse how cumbersome, how difficult it is to work with language when the real issue isn’t at all about those things that you don’t take with you when you pass from this world. From those aspects of clarity that only bring you one step closer to a deeper understanding of God. It is in the discarding of those objects, of language, separation, anything to do with the time sequence as to past and future to take that step just to know. You could say that it is about feeling love, about being filled with light. It could be more about the aspects simply about consciousness and beingness, and as we are going to be working with words tonight it is important to acknowledge those aspects but to see that they all tread around the edges of something much deeper.

And it is this that more than any time in that moment of the equinox in that time about three days after and three days before and extending to some extent even further. Your acknowledgment of this moment has its affect. As if then is earth is here to do, the animals are here to do, interaction of humanity with itself and all of the aspects of the plants, animals, vibrations, viruses, bacteria, all of the organisms that share this world with you, that all of this is about seeking of a direction to which it is laid at the feet of humanity to choose. Is humanity choosing this well? Are these choices in line with what you would see as the most important attributes? It is a difficult question of course to answer in all ways but generally you would see that little by little humanity is making faltering difficult steps toward this deeper aspect of one’s awareness of God, one’s direct attunement to beingness. When taken from such a perspective one can see even the most difficult situations and circumstances, even those aspects of what would seem to be the greatest blindness, ignorance, harm, fear, difficulty with struggle over identity and all of the other issues that drive the political and economic arenas on your planet as still bringing one step closer towards a deeper awareness of one’s intrinsic nature of the opportunity to do something truly special, important and valuable with what you have been given here on earth. Of the opportunity for people to realize more of who they are collectively as a group, not just one at a time. This is a difficult perspective to have sometime in the light of reading or hearing the news, working with the energies of your own life that surround you, distract you, bring you into other arenas, but from our perspective this is happening over and over. And little by little humanity is making steps in this direction. We don’t want to sound overly positive here, because there are many individuals who in hearing that would simply turn away because what is deep within them is an emotional response that they are feeling sadness, or hopelessness, or anger or at the core or underneath those emotions, fear. Yet, as they are able to uncover the truth this is the opportunity to uncover and to know the nature of fear. FEAR, false evidence appearing as real, one approach and the truth that we are suggesting that indeed it is steps towards a deeper manifestation of the principle of light, of God, of connectivity of the very idea of people doing something valuable, helpful, beautiful on planet earth.

Now, this is an important perspective at times when you want to discover forgiveness. There are many questions about this upcoming time period. How on the 29th of March the stationary now moving, direct about to be retrograde Pluto, coinciding with powerful energy of the eclipse. Total across some regions of the earth, some which are geologically unstable. These are simple formula as has been seen frequently in the past for earthquake activity. This band of energies principally moving through Brazil, and across through Turkey and other areas of the Middle East, to profoundly shake up and shift consciousness.

This is to give new perspective of what is possible on what is happening in these parts of the world but at the same time, is an energy that has within it this capacity to help people choose what is most important. How can this energy be applied towards an earthquake inside, an awareness of that which is deeply buried perhaps even into the area of the darkest self symbolized by the plutonian energy, that which is ready to come forth and be cleansed and be healed.

Surely then you see how powerful forgiveness is under such a circumstance. How it is an energy that can have such important application politically and economically for many people. Yet, it is also important to realize that these are not energies so directly connected to the political framework more typified by Mars. Those would be energies leading to war and to other difficulties. These certainly can be brewing and seem to be creating potential problems, particularly in the Mid-East particularly with a focus now on Iran. Yet, it is hoped that this is where the breakthrough will come. That somewhere in the minds and hearts of those involved in talks towards peace, towards reconciliation or an appropriate use of nuclear energies and how they may be properly channeled in the current political and economic system without harm, without difficulty. That those might be the eruptions inside the shifting or changing within the consciousness of those who see that now it is time to get along. That is a hopeful view of these potential energies and therefore direction. When you are working on your own energies and have a little to spare at the end of your meditations to send a positive sense of this that around the 29th people can wake up all that much more. Perceive and welcome the possibilities for a far more peaceful world. One is which there can be venting and utilization of anger in a positive way always leading to greater, clarity, understanding, consciousness, and ultimately love.

Throughout the Mid-East there are many problems around these areas and it is a grave concern to many people in the world. But the potential for a nuclear detonation in Iran, in Israel, in several locations throughout the Mid-East in fact, has been on the consciousness agenda for many beings for a long time.

Because at the current time there is so much a pulling of energy towards Iraq, so much of an involvement there it appears far less likely now that the United States would be the country to trigger such a nuclear confrontation. This is entirely possible and there were many scenarios leading to this as a strong possibility for this upcoming time period. But because so much energy is being devoted to all of the seeking of changes in government, various aspects of occupation, domination, freedom, democracy, and many other important issues, the powerful issues of religious freedom, and religious rights and so on in Iraq. It is unlikely the United States will be the one to trigger such a nuclear holocaust. It is fortunate because at the current time the potential for this to be more difficult is stronger on the earth than it has been in the past. The reason for this is because of the proliferation of low levels of atomic materials. This has been occurring for the last few years and can be traced back to various difficulties with the Russian government in times periods in which great chaos occurred in the former Soviet Union.

However, as you begin to examine this from our point of view, guides, helpers and other energies, you can see how a shifting of energy around this brings some clear opportunities for the next three to four month period or an opportunity for peace to be discovered within the hearts, the minds, and finally outwardly amongst many of the leaders in this location. There will be many areas of this focused on over the next few months by people who understand this sort of thing. But it is as if to say even though you have not seen so much in the way of your meditations, providing of peace on your planet, this is the time to re-double your efforts. To be understanding and working with these energies as clearly as possible, to welcome the attention and assistance from your guides and helpers. In a sense this is an answer to one of the questions posed for this evening about what is not being asked and here one might crystallize this as to how might one best focus one’s own physical energy, one’s own consciousness? Yes there are ways which this can be focused for your own enlightenment for your own understanding, for your own ability to help, to grow and to assist others. That is also very important. But in the specific with ideas about visualization, a deeper clarity amongst world leaders. Especially those in the Mid- East, especially coinciding with this time period. This would be a recommended practical application, an answer to such a question.

It is important to look at all of the beings who co-inhabit this planet with you. They are not just those of the larger consciousness of humans or animals, but also the tiniest. They out number you and viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms of all kinds provide their own very basic consciousness to clean up, to change to bring various new energies. At the same time though, people do not always understand them. You do not recognize the scientific interaction with the metaphysical and as a result they do not always see that these organisms are there to help, have their own beneficial qualities and can be properly worked with.

When you look at the political scene, you recognize that it is in the very holding that this person is your enemy that all of the problems get started. You have to ignore that you are both human beings. That you both recognize an essential divine spark. That you are here in a way to grow, to learn, to understand, to feel love. It is in ignoring this and saying that you are somehow different must see that one cannot exist without the other one dying or somehow this enemy aspect is started. It is that energy of course that those who are afraid of their own identity, struggling with their own issues of power. By feeding on this get you then ultimately to fight each other. It is this basis that various wars have been fought throughout the ages. But this is a powerful lesson, to take it in your heart and learn it.

Why then hold that these micro-organisms are you enemies? It is true they can be linked to the disease process. But disease is an opportunity for clearing, for cleansing, for assistance, if one can understand what is being cleaned out, what is being cleared out and be able to provide the greatest degree of health strength, opportunity for this or recognizing in advance so that the micro-organisms won’t have to work so hard or do this cleansing and clearing process because you’ve already done it. Either way, one then recognizes the benefit of the symptoms of the micro-organisms as they work with people. When one considers bird flu, the powerful fear energy has been utilized by governments, various scientific groups, individuals who do not understand this larger perspective, one then must recognize how this is going to be played up by those who serve to profit from this. The manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, for instance. The utilization of animals, particularly chickens but all kinds of animals in large farms that then have control and interaction with these governments. Trying then as much as possible to eliminate and reduce competition by the smaller farms and the ways in which these situations, naturally then by exacerbating fear allow people to put their control, their own hand over of control over those other individuals, those people in authority, those scientists, government officials, etc. Now you can then recognize why fear is valuable. It does not within itself show you where the false evidence lies (again, harkening back to false evidence appearing real). Initially it must come from deep within you. Do you want the attribute of fear in your body? Do you want the attribute of holding an enemy as part of your consciousness? Do you recognize that it is all a reflection of your own being? That is a place always to start.

So that when the emotions begin to show up you can work with them and learn from them dismantle them as necessary, shift them if you need to understand and forgive them recognize what is beneath them, etc. so that you're not thrown into a place of blind ignorance and on unwillingness to see the higher purpose. And as a result can bring a sense of love and forgiveness to all that is a part of this energy, specifically there is a question about viruses. It does appear from all evidence that viruses are a coordinated thought form at the higher vibration level that then manifests in the simplest attribute of what could be called quasi-life at a physical level, with one very specific purpose, shared amongst all viruses and is seen in the understanding of their own mechanism of how they exist. They work by an implantation of DNA into the host organism that is then to reproduce that DNA. So that the virus reproduces when this occurs, sufficiently often, when it has been observed throughout history, going way back in time to the very earliest beginnings on earth this has the value and benefit of the opportunity to bring in mutation to change DNA slightly, to give then this opportunity for it to take on a new form. This is a promoter of evolution. At its core, therefore, though there is suffering disease, struggle and difficulty, eventually as a result of this is then a new form. Some improvement in consciousness, some improvement in physicality, some improvement on earth, at various levels eventually comes from this.

It is important to recognize this principal, simply on the action of how the viruses work. Then this principle as it coordinates with human consciousness begins to make sense. That if you want to change your own attitude about fear, your relationship to the bird kingdom, then perhaps the underlying issues about this are also arising in your consciousness.

And what do birds in their principle action personify for people? Though there are certain exceptions to this primarily it is about flight. And they symbolize freedom. So these issues of freedom of each other, of your people, freedom against terrorism, freedom for deeper understanding, forgiveness, love all of these are important issues on your planet, growing more and more important.

Hence, the opportunity for a linking up of consciousness around the viral thought of bird flu and the viral manifestation of this as an activity on earth. Now from a practical point of view it is very simple to understand this. Such viruses as this one can be observed in history, many, many times moving through all kinds of mutations through various animal, plant, human and all kinds of other forms. Even into areas that you do not comprehend such as the Kingdom of the air or the Kingdom of the stones or rocks. As these interactions take place various changes in consciousness, inevitably result, and so we see that the opportunity for fear no to be brought into this picture is perfectly suitable for the nature of the issue. The fear of loss of your freedom, the fear of these animals that coexist with you, and various other attributes about fear that must now come in to consciousness. This is likely to repeat itself, just as it has in the past. You have had fear of other viruses, Ebola, HIV, and people still have great fear about these. But even before these tremendous fear about such viruses as the Spanish flu epidemic at the time shortly following World War I and the polio virus around the time of World War II. Do you think there's any coincidence to this that these powerful shifts in consciousness as affecting the world in thinking about enemies could then be transferred as a war is ended to an enemy consciousness with relationship to fear and a virus?

As you begin to examine these issues you begin to dismantle emotionally, a tie to this, which is always at a personal level about getting sick, about dying about suffering, about something at the physical level. Because it is always in those places where the fear has its greatest power to create or manifest that which you are most afraid of. Because when you see the truth, when you understand it at its deeper level you then now have the opportunity to truly make a difference to dismantle it, to understand it as a result. It therefore does appear that as a virus begins to take shape in some form or other with an animal, with a person, with a plant, then human consciousness as it affects this and works with it is able to reproduce this in the human body. It is through this area that those who are in the scientific minority, but still an important voice who claim that a virus is not alive is a manifestation by the human being in order to promote healing ultimately that the virus takes on its solvent quality, the ability to dissolve and release various toxic materials. This is why in the case of bird flu as with most flu cold related viruses, mucus is so important. The opportunity to cleanse, to release, to let all of that toxic material that has been accumulated in the body be then, easily discharged. With such an awareness as to how the virus action takes place in the body one then has the very easy way of understanding what it's doing. These are not very complicated, and so look carefully, what toxic materials are in the body, what needs to be cleansed. To find other ways to cleanse this, releases the need for the body to contact and work with the virus as the primary means of doing this and as a result other means can be taken. A good time for spring cleaning some might say. And indeed in human beings, the availability of process food through which individuals have no ability to work with or understand, because it is so new to them. The DNA in bringing all the consciousness and understanding of the diet of your ancestors to the present, is of course unable to cope with the tremendous variety of foods that are now available. These as processed, canned cooked, de-natured, and the in many cases blended with various inedible materials. Such as the wood pulp in bread, the metallics from various canning processes, the radiation from various cleansing and clearing processes, and so on and so forth.

Therefore the deeper lesson that at the more purely physical level becomes obvious around any pandemic or potential for disease process that involves viruses that your consciousness is being engaged that you are asked to cleanse beforehand and in this way prevent the potential for this actually coming into physical body.

There are questions about this that can help you look deeper. But all of these as you begin to glimpse them give you a sense of wholeness. The connectivity of all beings When this was felt a long time ago people in their fear turned often to ancient practices of worshiping someone outside themselves in the God that was described in what is now understood as the ancient times, but personified through writing in the Bible. This energy was re-created with little hints as to how to find this in oneself. Unless the old ways were as much a part of this these energies would not be sufficiently communicated across the planet. And so in fear of God, a God that might somehow be a vengeful God, a God energy that might somehow be seen as dangerous would be necessary in these religious writings to get people interested to keep them reading to allow this energy to be understood in a simplest way possible for the most common of all beings.

At the same time though, there were to be many hints about this. You can see then, how religious literature is always a reflection of the nature of the people at that time. Not because it's the only thing being written at that time, many other ways were told through stories, through dance, through meditation, through writing. But the ones that survive, the ones that are most popular, the ones that people are the most interested in, these are the ones most reflective of the majority of the people at that time.

Now you can see, of course, where this leads, logically as human consciousness is growing, as people are seeing things in ways that they never have previously, as technology provides far greater levels of communication interaction and ways of greater stimulation and awareness than ever before, the old books do not apply. Those that can make greatest use of the highest and best quality of those books, certainly must be utilized. Now some would accuse us of course of heresy, in speaking of such matters and we have no problem with that, not being in a body has its advantages. You're not going to burn us at the stake, since you can't find us to burn us in the first place. But you must understand at the core level, what we really are saying here is that in every one of these great religious books, and we take this into the Koran and into the Baghava Gita and into the Upanishads, into the greatest writings of all of the Buddhist disciples as well as the New Testament, Old Testament and of course, the Talmud and all various religious writings, core key essential ideas remain. The exposition of those ideas relate to the time and the people and so one must not view them through that same filter today. It is through that, that one recognizes the difficulties in most literally working with these writings. It is also to be understood though, that as people are coming to greater and greater aspects of their own consciousness it is leading them, leading them to a place in which a shift occurs.

Many have predicted based upon the Mayan Calendar many aspects of understanding of the way in which these energies are moving through various cycles and so on, that 2012 is a pivotal time ahead. The difficulty and this in no way of prediction is that not only is prediction not what it used to be, but in 2012 it will be so far different, that you'll truly understand that the very core prediction in itself ain’t what it used to be. The very nature of what it means to predict, and it is this energy that is first beyond the limits of time and space. Some of it is pouring back to now. It is not as if from our observation that you are going to get more of it as you get closer to 2012, though the opportunities to receive it will certainly increase, but that those energies will become clearer and stronger when they do show up. It is not that this is a time in which everything changes in which all of the harmonics of the universe, meaning the various complex frequencies, converge at one time which was the visualization and awareness of harmonic convergence in ‘87, but rather the very person that you are is a little different and the very opportunity to share that difference increased across the bridge or as you would perceive it, barrier of time itself. This gives a hint as to how to best use the understanding of the changing of the Mayan calendar. The aspects of lining up in consciousness, the age of Aquarius, as it is sometimes called and the many other things spoken about with reference to great change. 

Not to perceive it as outside, somehow to reach you a very difficult thing as soon as you bring in a calendar, when you think of this as ‘06 and that as 2012. You've got a six-year differential and all of that pushing it over and over out side outside, outside. Think of it as the being and you will be is. Now you understand this intrinsically, if you think of the being that you were as your friend. Perhaps you have had a past life reading or can remember a time in your childhood, and you can send and energy to that being and he or she can send an energy to you. Bridging across time is not that complicated if you simply view that being as your friend, as your guide as your helper, and so also the being that you are to be in 2012, thinking back on you right now sending you an energy and awareness of a consciousness. What is noted as the primary difference therefore, is that energy is more available, more powerful, just as your energy now in this time of the equinox shared with others gives a little more direction to the animals, to the earth, to the confusion, that is facing everyone and to the way in which that confusion will be stronger and clearer on the 29th at the time of the eclipse, symbolizing this idea that anything is possible that energies can go in many directions and that people don't know which direction is best. Some of the questions we have proposed tonight, helping you to go deeper to answer that how that could be best are useful for this little practice period and applied beautifully to 2012. Because in answering that question, the you in 2012, how would that be answered? What is most important to me now? What is useful? What do I want even more than that? What is the awareness of my purpose in being on this earth, and so on? That is the nature of the energy being broadcast to you right this second. Not by our energy not by something outside. Not by the time ahead, but by you by your being by your consciousness, by your love, by your awareness by your personality, by something intrinsic in your nature. 

Now was such a point of view you can easily forgive those who make powerful predictive statements about things that are going to happen. Who knows? It does appear in a way in which that consciousness will combine and work in different ways has many possibilities. Many of these are positive, helpful but at the same time, they are energies that give more choice. In the specific we would note that similar to harmonic convergence, similar to the shift from 1999 December 31 to January 1, 2000. For some people 2012 or any particular date around that time period is going to be disappointing. They're going to want it to be some tremendous un-flowering, a time when all the weapons of war are put away perhaps or some magnificent new energy is present. To some extent this will be available to the extent that you choose it, welcome it, understand it at the deeper level, but it is important also to realize that that is an energy of a profound shift inside and what people will do with this, that is the real question.

Now there are some who have predicted that many people will disappear at that time. Moving to a higher vibrational reality perhaps, the vibration will be there, but will they choose to disappear or stay here on earth, to continue this program of assistance, helping others and learning as a result, greater clarity and focus, an opportunity to bring the dense energies into form to truly make a difference. It would seem that that is the more likely choice and as a result some greater manifestation of powerful shifting energies where millions disappear is probably unlikely. Understanding this from the point of view of what is happening can be very personal for you if you allow it. So for a moment now, we would ask you to set aside again, questions, ideas answers, thoughts and return to the breath. Breathe as if you are breathing with someone else. If there was a person sitting next to you and you were breathing together, but this person isn't sitting next to you, this is the person you will be. You might pick a time or date. Perhaps even your birthday in the year 2012, that with that being you are breathing together. She or he sending you love, energy, consciousness, forgiveness, sense of purpose, sense of love as if it is anchored somehow in the body, in the bones in the connection to earth. This is a better answer in many ways, and why there can be confusing answers as to what is to happen in 2012. So much of it is up to you, these energies may now be one, blended. Perhaps this is a time to launch into some of the other questions submitted?

Jill: There is a report that close to over 100 million Americans are on medication for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I used to take Blue Green Algae but I don’t think it helped. Is there a natural remedy to deal with ADD and why is there so much ADD today?

Hilarion: It is actually far easier than you realize but when we suggest it you won’t do it and that becomes the real crux of the matter. The reduction in your attention span helps you then to focus your attention on being a good consumer, doing things without very much thought beforehand, being able to obey the wishes of others and as a result not question things or grow very much. And you can see that such forces will eventually turn you to a disgust with such, a willingness to set it aside and perhaps listen more consciously and carefully to your own inner voice.

Hence, such a focus on materialism, short-sighted-ness and all of these related attributes then is permitted. The guides and helpers don’t welcome it, they instead stand by as if to tell you when you have witnessed that darkness, when you are tired of your own self-imposed ADD when you are then seeing it is time then to set it aside, drugs, various matters to distract you and all the rest, we are here, the energies will be provided, the energy through meditation, through attunement, connectivity, through willingness to receive.

So when you look into the world you will see that there are some things that provide this short sightedness, this quick movement of your thought and your reduction in long spans of attention and all of those things once eliminated then give you more peace, more opportunity to receive, to work with energies. Television would of course be number one on that list but so also are modes of thought, ways of relating to your life that don’t take into account long term planning and instead focus only on short term gain. Various aspects of relationship or pleasure or sports, or various things that when you hold the mirror to them and ask is this providing me clarity or if I achieve this, got it, won it, whatever, is that all that I want? Or is there something I want more than that?

Such questions can help you then to turn off the television, to look more consciously at what is necessary. Now this is not to say that these things are without merit. Of course sports teaches you a great deal about teamwork, interacting with other people, various aspects of consciousness where you are challenging yourself and can overcome or work quickly and carefully as necessary, but when taken beyond that to the point where the winning means that your own self worth has now been verified know that there is a problem.

Television can teach, its original inventor Philo Farnsworth perceived this, its original intent when he invented this was to indeed share, communicate and he was disgusted with the commercialism that was brought into it almost immediately as a direct transfer from radio and in fact he would not allow his own children to watch television. Yet this is still present, the opportunity to educate, to connect with people, to enlighten spiritually. But it is in the commercials, working with the programs timed around commercials, the short-sightedness brought through various aspects of fashion, materialism, glamour and all of the rest of it that you know in your heart where this is being re-created over and over. Now of course this is a much harder lesson for any doctor or even an educator to teach and it is so much simpler to give a drug. A drug that, of course is reinforced by the collective consciousness associated with pharmaceutical industry and this is why there are so many addicted to various psychotropic drugs not just those of the Ritalin and the related families for ADD but also those for reducing depression for Prozac and all connected to it and various other drugs being developed constantly. These are always around underlying issues, the issues to be looked at, to be understood, to be shared and to focus one’s attention as much as possible on this. This is the real answer that can eventually emerge.

Unfortunately at the same times as this, at the more purely physical level, most people do not give sufficient support to the nervous system. The nerves are made of fat and to provide sufficient fat, raw fat, fat that has not been heated past 104 Fahrenheit, that is forty degrees Centigrade is essential when one wishes to overcome dependency on drugs and work with various addictions to ways of getting out of depressive states, states with poor attention span, consciousness, avoiding states, and so on. And so when these are provided, just as with recreational drugs people have a choice. If they choose to look at the deeper issue, to strengthen the physical body as much as possible by learning about it they may find that a great deal can come forth.

This is where the deeper investigation of the various researchers such as Vonderplanitz or Price or Fallon need to be welcomed and learned so that people may do their own investigation into their own physical bodies about these matters.

[Ed. Note: For more about correct use of the right fats and their amazing healing capabilities, see: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

But notice that the answer comes from many levels, ultimately there is always choice in the matter. You may think that your only choice is that which is provided to you by a doctor. But there are other choices as well.

Choices of your own research, of learning in areas that you haven’t previously seen, talking to others and welcoming through intuition, through dreams, and of course through meditation.

This brings us to an important meditation that is now becoming more and more available to people, one where you recognize a seat of your consciousness in the causal plane. This is the place that is represented when you think of the sense of your own consciousness existing at about one meter or three feet above the head. As if the consciousness there, one with the highest aspect of, coming into existence in your body is welcomed. This can reduce thoughts, bring you to theta state, help in your consciousness, bring greater attention when you come back into the world when you are not thinking from that place any longer, allow you more deep insight perhaps around areas of depression and difficulty, etc. Which brings us to what is the next thought form coming to your planet beyond that of maximizing your time here now that you are understanding what is best to maximize your time. Are you applying this? Are you actually doing those things that are taking advantage of this? Is the work that you are doing in the world that which is bringing you some sense to the answer to this question in the positive in that you are making the best use of your time here.

Because if it isn’t with greater and greater spiritual insight, greater and greater spiritual energy those jobs will become more difficult. Will not be providing you nearly the deeper strength and even economic assistance, sustainment that is necessary so that you will put more and more attention on those things that can be fulfilling financially and spiritually which of course brings us to community. How people can support each other. Bringing this more consciously and clearly into form. This is because the soul as you understand it is one. The soul as you look back in your life times to the very beginning, was one so that oneness needs to again be represented here and now. This often involves trust, love, connection to others and so on. But at its core, the community is about recognizing that in the other person is you. When you lose sight of that is when you have the most difficulty in a community. For instance many people have a big issue just getting started in a community about three big ones. Money, of course, everyone is aware of that, children, and dogs or cats and here the idea of these animals and people must be understood.

Somehow there is in you the person who has struggled around other issues around money around dogs, around children, acknowledging this and understanding this is the greatest lesson to be learned from being with other people. You do this in relationship of course, you see that somehow this is represented though outside of you, the other person is you, is a part of your own being. That is what attracts you to that person that is what you are here to learn, understand, forgive, work with and change in yourself. So then also, if you extend this beyond a relationship, 10,20, 50. Is this possible? Yes. Is it easy? No. And yet it is that what you will be enforced upon you by economic situations by the nature of increasing population by people being in greater levels of communication with each other and all of the ways in which you do this anyway. You have forgotten, perhaps you recall a little of it from your dream last night, that these are the energy of community. When you pass your consciousness into the higher self into the astral bodies, etc. you are joining others in community. You are celebrating, you are learning, you are interacting such is an important activity, so it is only natural that you're going to mirror it and re-create it somehow or other here on earth.

Some of these communities are virtual created across many miles through the Internet. But sometimes they can be actual and physical which of course accelerates and strengthens. Further questions?

Jill: Hilarion, how can we safely look into the sun and what are floaters in the eyes? How can we repair them?

Hilarion: When toxic material is released in the fluid systems of the body. It can accumulate in different areas. Blood for instance, but in the eye this is walled off the aqueous material, then not so easy to transmit various toxics then out of the eye and so various ways to draw this out of the eye are then usually utilized. One of the most prominent herbs in this case, is eye bright. Eye bright can be prepared as a tea through several methods, but a sun tea. A tea that is prepared by putting the eye bright herb in the sun is far preferred especially if it is going to drop into the eye. Gazing at the sun is a way of drawing in powerful energy, and it can be accomplished quite safely if one looks at the time when minimal ultraviolet and infrared is released by the sun. This is occurring of course constantly all the time, but it is filtered by the earth's atmosphere such filtration is greatest at the time of sunset and sunrise. One can even time this to be sun gazing right at the moment of sunrise and sunset. So that one then is minimizing the exposure to ultraviolet and infrared. But there is an attitude inside that really makes the greatest difference. When sun gazing, having that sense of been filled with a radiant energy, connecting with this beautiful powerful being, with understanding the nature of this energy as it is reflected somehow in your own heart as a great sun or warmth within you. The ways of doing this that can attune you in a meditative state in a relaxed state are of course the secret that great mystics have utilized throughout the ages in gazing at the sun at times when the infrared and ultraviolet are stronger such as high noon. We would not normally recommend this for people. But it is important to realize that such can be valuable as you can do so in a relaxed state. 

The other attribute that is very important here is to recognize as with any meditative practice when it is successful, what happens. The natural deep programming release of various ideas, thoughts, these stimulate strongly the nervous system. Various aspects of meditation engage new brain function and stimulate the nervous system, depleting the various mechanisms needed. All of these attributes of new forms of thought, or ways of meditation release, tax the nervous system, so ingestion of raw fats before and after sun gazing is always recommended. Fats can be extracted from coconut, from milk from cows or goats, as cow or goat butter, from various meats from different oils and seeds. 

And there are many different techniques. For most people, however particularly those with any history of a absorption of dairy, butter, butter oil, raw cream and or all of these fats can be most easily absorbed though in small quantities. Some have placed raw butter directly in the eyes, we do not recommend this initially for people generally increasing one's raw fat intake around sun gazing is a wise technique. We would recommend for most people rather than immediately starting to gaze at the sun in the times of sunset and sunrise that they began by strengthening the fat reserves in the body knowing that they will be drawn down if the meditative state an aware state or a connected state is achieved. Is this sufficient? 

Jill: Thank you. We are hearing from many people that their lives are at a crossroads, confusion and complexity with core beliefs been tested. Everything is up. How best to respond?

Hilarion: Although there are many approaches, obviously some way of simplification is helpful. One of the questions we have posed tonight, if it all worked out perfectly, if the relationship, the money, if the opportunity for things to give you more sense of peace could be found, how would that feel and to give yourself that experience by other means, by giving yourself a sense of peace or connection and then the deeper question, what do you want more than that money that relationship, that peace. As you answer this and look more deeply at it you may find that the answer is right there and that these things that show up in life are distracting. But are not an essential core of your being. After all, the simple test, what do you take with you when you pass from this world can often be applied to these various things. At the same time as this these things show up for one very specific purpose. They keep you in a state of interaction with other people with other things in your life. Such may not be the best use of your energy there may be other ways you can apply that energy to be in a state of deeper bliss, contact, communication, energy exchange healing or assistance with other people, but at least those things will keep you somewhat in the loop, as the expression goes. But as you get that and learn about it, you may begin to recognize that unconsciously the confusion which is to some extent self imposed. “I have to do this - if I don't I’ll...” you think about that for a while and you may even find those answers laughable.

Losing your house does not necessarily mean losing your life, losing your life does not necessarily mean losing your soul, losing your soul does not necessarily mean losing your contact with God. But as you begin to play with those energies and step back from them, you may then begin to realize that a large portion of what keeps the confusion going keeps the crisis attitude going, keeps the crossroad going is the deeper underlying energy of the emotion itself the fear the desire to make it different. The unwillingness to accept it as it is. The way in which you can see that it is either peace or crossroads.

When you begin to understand that you may begin to recognize that there is an answer to it. It comes at a very physical level in the very idea of what is created in the connection to other people and awareness of what is going on, can you find pleasure? Can you find in the solutions to this, a sense in your own body of it being good, helpful, useful, lovable can you allow that love that health for yourself even as you are working through these various problems. 

Sometimes the opportunity to find a solution to a problem is only found if you let go of the problem if you find deeper inside a consciousness an, awareness a love. This is not always easy to impose when the emotions are so engaged, and so sometimes it is necessary than to release not to shut down the emotions but to cry, to rage, to move the energy and then to find that place of peace of stillness for a moment inside. As this is coupled with a sense of pleasure around solutions, ways in which you can see the energy helpful as it moves through you to pay a bill as it engages the consciousness of someone else in a relationship as you work out the issues or understanding, as it connects you into various choices that you have, then you began to get things on track, because it is that emotion underneath it all. That is usually unconsciously, but whether consciously or unconsciously, it feeds those situations, repeatedly drawing aspects of distraction difficulty crisis crossroads and complexity. 

Sometimes that is very helpful. It keeps you engaged it keeps you from being bored. It keeps you from watching television or in yourself or engaging in dangerous sports or doing drugs. But many times, people are so addicted to that old way they don't even realize, that is the unconscious part. In so in addition to the attributes that we have mentioned today in looking more consciously and deeply at what you really want us to look at the emotion that you are feeding to these situations see where this can be shifted by releasing the energies that are the difficult ones and finding instead, the ones connected to the pleasure energy the love energy, the helpful energy that is a part of the solution. The energies of the aspects of the money situation, the family situation, the relationship situation, does is make sense?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. What is this show meaning of menopause, and what does it mean to be a woman in the menopausal part life?

Hilarion: The intent of this change is to bring a greater sense of maturity to all aspects of the female body. But we would let another speak about this.

Athena: Yes, greetings, you have known me as Athena in the past. But my intent now is to remind you that in your own bringing of the sense of what it is to be a woman. And if you are in a body, in as a man this time you have been in the body of the woman in the past so this applies also to you that there is always this sense to grow, to mature, to connect. You bring through children, you've been a child, and yet with menopause the opportunity to do this is now gone. As if then you are finally allowing yourself to grow up. To allow the inner child to grow up within you to have the sense of this perfection and this maturity, but along with this comes responsibility. What have you learned from the childbearing years, what did you learn from your interaction with children, what have you learned from your interaction with your inner child. This is why so much of the post menopausal woman is associated in history with wisdom, with the opportunity to teach to share this wisdom to children of this time, the willingness to help them know truth to find it inside themselves as a clear light. Many times there are associations during this time of change in life with heat, with too much of it or too little of it. Always a reminder heat is a light, it is infrared. It is the energy of the connection to Mother Earth. It is her warmth, her love bubbling up through you. So not only to connect to those ways of healing, strengthening and health in the time of menopause, but also to connect to the light to the sense of the pure light of truth. As a great fire as a great heat within you that needs to go out, to connect to others. Help them to understand more of their own life.

Yet as this is recognized also a great burden is gradually lifted from consciousness. The struggle around sexuality for some women in the time is a release of sexual desire, but for many women it is an increase of such sexual desire in a certain way, because it is less likely that they will then inadvertently become pregnant. Less likely that the energy will be inadvertently misused, because along with wisdom comes the deeper understanding of this powerful sexual energy and energy that is felt within. Many women in missing this deeper psychic connection to this inner sexuality seek to re-create this as a feeling by the utilization of various hormones or drugs. This is usually not necessary, if she can connect to that light, to that sense of an inner woman now mature, now full of energy connection to Mother Earth, now bringing light through her. For this there are many sounds to find that sound within you to let that be the singing sharing of your voice can often be helpful, one that we have used goes like this. Ohhh—ahhh—ayyy—ahhhh…ohhhh.

Hilarion: Yes. Hilarion here again we think you Athena for your sharing of this perspective, not simply from the point of view of the words but also the energies beneath. We are going to pause briefly. Yes, further question?

Jill: Please comment on the government's influence on our food tracking of animals. Small farms.

Hilarion: We began touching on this a little bit earlier, but you can see that there is overall a large push with profit motive, the desire for a great power amongst those who take charge of large areas of agricultural, farming and so on, to concentrate energy into the hands of a few. This is unfortunate when still as many areas in life, the greatest benefit will come when it is community-based among small groups, where people can be close to their food sources. This of course can easily be created if you choose it, as part of your community. But many people do not understand this principle or are afraid of agriculture for all that it represents. Yet the trend here is obvious with tracking of animals as a result of the fear of mad cow disease, various other diseases, widespread within animal populations that are being poorly fed, not allowed enough room, always for utilization of profit motive. Then the result is as a result of all that tracking, the knowledge of where the animals are, how they are being utilized and of course, if that is within communities, if that is being shared appropriately in terms of large agribusinesses, and so on and so forth. 

Ultimately, this can result in restrictions around raw food products such as raw dairy previously mentioned or various ways in which animals may be raised more humanely, and more lovingly in ways that might be in opposition to government interventions such as around issues of antibiotics or vaccinations. There is no easy way around this as long as people remain afraid of disease. That is the underlying driving force that will continue the legislation, that is then being capitalized upon by those in business position. But of course the greater issue is about those business positions. Can an energy love and forgiveness be projected to those beans as well? Can you see how that is also part of and at the same time, the whole idea of community to bring in more of the opportunities for community agriculture, working with animals, the land and so on as the most obvious and important immediate solution. Beyond this though, the greater idea of working with all beings on the planet that is the tracking in the most positive and hopeful way you are seeing that you are all on this one planet together that you have opportunity to share with each other.

And for this we remind you again of the emerald light cylinder we began with that you can see its deeper connection to Mother Earth into your own hearts into your awareness in the breath. As you breathe that emerald light as you allow it to connect you to Mother Earth. Know that there is a sense of a rightness of being in your body, of awareness that this is connecting now to all of the animals on your planet. The wild ones, the domesticated ones, all of those glimpsing the springtime, but also those seeing the encroaching winter in the southern hemisphere that these are energies of connectedness and oneness all across your planet. To imagine your animal totem or an animal being who is your friend sharing your own energy now looking into your eyes gazing with a sense of appreciation and love. And now we would remind you of the breath that with each breath, a deeper connection to Mother Earth, infinitely upwards as the emerald light cylinder expands breaking apart the black opaque disk, becoming larger to many miles in diameter as it connects recognize earth's response, a gentle omm which we ask you to share. Goodbye. Ommm.....

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On the diet of our ancestors (including fats) and its amazing healing capabilities: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his excellent recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

About the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

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