Hilarion Summer Solstice Channeling 2006

Jill: Greetings! Today is June 21, 2006. We are gathered in Nevada City for a summer solstice channeling. Hilarion will be answering questions from those in attendance as well as those sent via e-mail. For further information on channelings, books or tapes contact Jon C. Fox, Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 at or visit us at our website at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings. Before beginning with questions, looking into these matters of interest, looking into the aspects of your connection with guides, highest self, the answers that are within you and your connection to mother earth we remind you of an energy already present, gathering in this room through your breath, through your being together through your awareness through your welcoming of the ideas that are on the periphery of consciousness. See this though now transformed, not as thoughts not as emotion, but as pure light.

See that the light forms a cylinder, encompassing all of you, projected from infinitely upwards through you to center of earth about 100 feet in diameter, that is about 33 m, and as you are aware of this light and its connection to earth, and you breathe this it now becomes a beautiful emerald green color, that emerald light, not only welcoming our presence, but your presence, connection and energy awareness of our energy, our essence our vibration.

Because this is an energy that has long been associated with questions, answers, ideas the mind. But as you investigate, as you learn of this, it always takes you to another place, to your heart, to the place of your own connection to Mother Earth. Your choice to incarnate here to be aware of this beautiful energy, this earth energy, this is the planet you chose, this is the energy that you are immersed in.

So now as you see that strength from earth through you beware of this as a light that shines all around you in this cylinder in this breath in this moment. Know that this is symbolic time in northern hemisphere of longest day shortest night, symbolizing therefore, switch-over time from connection to the group consciousness symbolized by the longer night period now switching to the connection to individual consciousness, symbolized by this longer day period.

Yet it is also timed with Earth's breath. Her cycle her energy and so then you could see it as if over the four seasons her breath reaches the pinnacle. The full deepest breath, the moment in which the turnaround of this into complete exhalation and this is symbolized then through the Equinox’s and the solstice’s.

Right now on your earth in the northern hemisphere there is a great attunement amongst the animal kingdom to the results of spring to the new warming energies, the small animals being born, the attunement to nature’s cycles. There is within the animal kingdom a connection to your own animal self, and it is a time of minimum fear. The time of the greatest light the time of the attunement to this light then brings you out of places of fear or darkness or struggle at a very primitive or primordial level. Each of you carry within you the genetic structures of your ancestors, and it is these which are often determining your responses to your stimuli in the world. The foods you eat, the animals you encounter, the subtler energies on your planet. As you raise your consciousness and attune to other energies, then those govern how you respond, but when you let go of those, when you turn back to an instinctive, an intuitive, an inner voice and inner way, is that animal existence that exerts itself over and over again.

This is for most individuals a lineage that has within its recent past primates and mammalian existence. Only in its far off past genetically structuring energies are of reptilian nature. Still though, you encompass all of these. It is why you are the stewards of this planet why you make the decisions as to what is going to happen here more so than the other creatures. Because then as a result of this you will learn of all of these beings that are also part of you.

Yet as you go deeper into such an energy the animal self emerges with its own answers. These are not answers in a verbal sense answers as if do this or do that study this or that, it is more a feeling answer. And it is this answer now, which is strongest and clearest on your planet in the northern hemisphere this time of year because the animals also in their collective thought form, their own communal connected energy are with you on this. Sharing this loving energy, this light with you, this light that says, summer is approaching a positive powerful energy comes. Food, the opportunity to reproduce, to encounter others, to experience has brought this season after season, year after year, not just thousands, not just millions but indeed for your own genetic structure influence by tens of millions of years of evolution.

Acknowledging this, recognizing that that is where you begin is very important, because there are times when all of the rest of it, is too difficult, too confusing, too scary yet that underneath energy that exerting of the physical self it comes up again and again. In making friends with it and understanding it sometimes answers to your questions that have to do with issues about fear are answered in a way that is not intellectual. It isn't as if to nullify the fear with a thought. Nor is it to simply have the emotion and see what comes up, nor is it a way in which you invalidate that emotion, judge it, or learn intellectually from it. Those are all valid processes, but there's also another one. It’s that animal self inside of you that instinctively knows because you are breathing, because you are alive. This is not an answer that comes through the mind, it is not an answer in the way that because makes sense scientifically, but as a child would say it. When you have questioned a child about this that and the other thing and finally he or she simply says just because it makes sense. Because you are then, cause.

You are what have brought these changes, these energies, this desire for experience to this planet. You share this collectively, and you have done so ever since the first spark of consciousness arose within you. And you have used this to share this spark of consciousness with many of the creatures that you share this planet with. In particular, those animals and that are learning consciousness, self-awareness, and have increased their intelligence tremendously in just the last few hundred years.

Of course, we mean cats and dogs and to some extent, other domesticated animals have been a part of this too in the bird kingdom and various other animals as well. Gradually though, you see, that the push towards higher consciousness must always include aspects of the animal self.

There are those in positions of power who have recognized this more so than most people realize. If they are then able to stir up a fear, an energy deep within you that is re- resonating the animal fear. The fear below the level of pure consciousness of understanding of connection to your highest self but rather the connection to the physical and to the DNA structures that have been on your planet for so long. Such energy can be very deeply disturbing, it can shift you into areas where you may search very hard for intellectual or technological answers or even emotional answers and they just don't work. They just don't satisfy because the re-stimulation over and over of those animal fears is so subtle, so deep and therefore so powerful.

It is to this end that we must speak, because many of the energies that have been spoken about in answers to your questions have focused upon the aspects that are technological solutions. For instance to global warming, so many diverse, powerful, intelligent, technological solutions, many of these not put into action for various reasons that you can call economic or political, and taking you more and more into these intellectual realms. But we propose the possibility that the reason that these energies have not been so utilized is out of fear.

Fear that money will not go where it is needed, power will go into the hands of many instead of the hands of the few. Fear that these individuals then transfer to you in your own fear in your own independence your own technological investigation, your own support of those who are involved in these technologies. And they do this easily, when gas prices ratchet up, when your own survival might somehow be at stake. When you might look into the atmosphere to see the trails in the sky or the ways in which a fire or pollution has affected you.


By triggering these fears, you can then bring into your own consciousness, the opportunity to take answers that are short-lived, short-sighted, short-term, whereas the larger answers are always with you. They are an answer that you had before you came into this life. Did you not, most of you see the likelihood of global warming when you were preparing for this life? Perhaps you came here to solve this problem amongst the many others you have come here to experience. Not to solve it technologically perhaps, but through love, because it has often been stated how love is the opposite of fear. And this isn't just the conjecture of a particular psychologists or new age thinker. You feel it within your own heart. You understand the answer to that within your own being.

So also then to stimulate your own fear aspects within you at deeper levels then are fully conscious within you by stories about extraterrestrials based on reptilian descent, as if to re-stir within you your own confrontations of this go back very far. Because many of you in coming into consciousness as self-aware as what was happening within your own being as a process of evolution chose as your first series of incarnations to be reptiles in the age of the dinosaurs.

This explains the tremendous attraction children have to dinosaurs because they are re-running some of their past lives, feeling out those energies, and why also they are so thrilling to people when they learn about power and energy of the tremendous size and strength that these beings represent, especially in a time when you might feel powerless or struggle with your own internal issues about power.

Gradually, you begin to recognize that where these energies can be re-stimulated in you, you have some choices to make. The difficulty is that as new choices are being presented, this is the focus of what is sometimes called, “the new energy” it is really an energy that can better be called a “spiritual energy”. And that that energy is made available to you as a choice entirely outside the context of opposites, outside the context of me or you, outside the context of survival, or struggle.

Now this is where it gets interesting to observe the opportunity to welcome paradox, to welcome something that somehow doesn't make sense, to find a way in your own consciousness to sit with that, too warm to it to enjoy it, to be with it. It is this more than anything else that distinguishes what could be called this new consciousness, this new approaching energy, this awareness of being from an old way that demanded answers, yes, no, black, white, right, wrong. It is not simply to find the middle ground. It is literally to find a higher ground as if those working out these issues at this level of consciousness are simply not aware that there is something surrounding them, something much bigger, something much more wonderful.

Now that becomes very interesting as soon as you start to investigate a few little hints that you left yourselves, that the guides and helpers leave you, that the energies from the other side send to you all the time. This is through process of divination, process of simple symbols, underlying energies and the coincidences in your lives. These are as hints to remind you to look more deeply, to understand at a deeper level, something deep within your own being now emerging, but no one can come along and say, “So it is” that these energies rule and govern your life without taking away your own free will. You must have the opportunity to choose because only then can you bring love, love and free will as one to your choices. This is why then, you do not have the consciousness of a being coming in so strongly to say, “Yes I am watching over you my children.”

It is time for the children to grow up, and they cannot do so unless they learn to trust themselves and this does not mean trust your wishful thinking, trust what you want to have happen, trust your desire. We mean trust something deeper, something within your consciousness that is acknowledging and welcoming the animal part of you and is acknowledging and welcoming the highest consciousness part of you. This is represented by the emerald light. By the coming together of the earth energy and the heaven energy as one within you, that is what you are.

Now what this can bring forward for you can be if you understand our words, if you understand the intent behind the words, a welcoming of those situations that explain by a process outside the context of the situation you are looking at. If that can be welcomed, you can find a new kind of peace within your own being, the peace that does not come from the solidity of yes or no, but from the welcoming of the nature of the universe.

One of your great scientists on your planet understood this. His name was Einstein and what he determined was that there was no absolute anything. No absolute connection, no absolute still point in the universe and relative to what you are, what it means is that there is only for your own level of evolution, a leading edge relative truth, a truth that is most appropriate for your own being now, the energy will inevitably absolutely for certain at some point in the future be different, be greater, be expanded upon, or in some cases, that truth will simply be destroyed. It no longer exists and this has happened many, many times in your history.

Many things that you absolutely knew for certain in some cases for thousands of years were then clearly shown in a few decades of experimentation to be entirely false. This is not just the path of science. It is the path of your own evolution, because it is showing you how you evolve your consciousness to take in a higher and more complex truth because that is what you are seeking to become, to make yourself more complex, more aware, more stimulated, more evolved. Why do you do this? Couldn't you just be satisfied with kicking back and doing nothing? It is the great lesson of the animal self within you that you can do that. You can do it right now, and it doesn't take anything hard.

You simply recognize that your mind has the opportunity to focus and give it a focus, but make sure that that focus is as directly connected to your animal self, your most basic instinct as possible. And what we might suggest for this is a good beginning point is your breath, because it is constant. It goes in and out, don't control it, don’t change it, don't breathe more deeply or more shallowly just be aware of the breath and as anything else pops in, a thought, an energy, a memory, let it go. Ah, yes, you recognize it and you let it go immediately. This is the true meaning of doing nothing. Oh yes, there is doing, there is focusing on the breath, but you will find very quickly, that that in itself, because it is always there, because it is so deeply connected to your animal self is nothing, is empty, is just there and with repeated practice even that begins to fade away.

As we have often suggested the context busting approach that can bring a great deal of fruit to many of your questions and many of the issues you struggle with is to address those questions from that place. From that place of emptiness, that place of oneness, that place now of just breath. Now we know how hard that is, because you are out of practice you haven't done it for a time. Most of you did it a lot in your last intermissive period, that time between your lives. But in the body it is a little alien to you, a little difficult. But let us presuppose for a moment that you contemplate the issue of something very scary while in that place of the breath, and so all around you right now, the great fear, the energy being pushed into consciousness by those in a position to gain a lot of money from this is Avian flu. To push this into you, to make you afraid oh they're going to make a lot of money: vaccines, antibiotics, perhaps special respiratory apparatus, killing many, many birds, chickens, in particular, belonging to those on small farms so that the big farms can prosper until of course, those in positions of power finally reveal that most cases of Avian flu are coming from the big farms, not the small farms and all of this to create even deeper confusion so that eventually you will come to a place in which you have spent a lot of money, and many people doing this. Yet, the deeper context, what do the birds want from this? What are they teaching you? Where in your connection to the avian kingdom do you find something to be learned from this? Breathe.

Even bringing up the thought of this, some of you would hold your breath slow down the breathing, put your attention away from our words. That is fine, but now come back to the breath, your breath. In and out and now for a moment take into your heart the guide and helpers of the avian kingdom loving you, fluttering around you right now, their wings, their sense of freedom, their ability to fly, a beautiful loving energy within you. It is another answer to fear, another way for you to fly on the wings of this thought, greater freedom, greater energy, greater life. Breathe and from that breath, what you begin to notice is that you're correct response to what is happening, meaning the one that gives you the greatest opportunity for survival, for health, for helping others, for doing the things that you would think are appropriate and helpful and useful. Those answers don't come from pharmaceutical companies or government agencies. They are encouraged by the wings of freedom; they are encouraged by that feeling inside of you that it is possible that all is well.

What has occurred on your planet with regards to this particular flu is an evolution historically by those in positions of power and this evolution can be perceived at any point you wish to learn and go back in time, but let us pick the great Spanish flu epidemic of 1916, 17 and 18. This was of great destructive capacity, and those in positions of power who brought it on your planet, only a few needed to do this, have done such an excellent job at changing the history, covering up, taking out all of the energy associated with how it actually occurred that the fear aspect that a flu would again sweep your planet and cause that much death is back. They tried this in the 70s with Swine flu, some of you may perhaps remember this and this flu was one that was then shared by several beings on your planet and to the point that vaccines were then given and they had no particular effect and this was quickly dropped.

Yet those in positions of power, who did profit from this have continued and their lineage can be traced right back to the vaccines that they introduced in 1916 which led to the widespread death and destruction through those vaccines of so many on the planet. This sort of energy continues, and it is a very simple matter then, to bring this again into people’s consciousness simply by bringing then this idea that it jumps from one species to another. From a species and an energy that associates with freedom to an energy of confinement and fear oh it is so beautiful that way to take those energies within you, that beautiful aspect of being shared of the avian kingdom so that you might then reduce your own freedom as a result.

What is the greatest issue that is being forced upon everyone with regards to the understanding of America's response to terrorism, the trading off of your own personal freedoms in order to have sufficient information, knowledge and an understanding about each other so that such terrorist acts will not then take place. And when they don't take place, then important to publicize the ones that might have taken place had the Government of course not done their job and stopped them before they got started, such as the recent subway scare in New York City. And so then you see how all of this knits together, how this pattern of fear is so all pervasive and most effective when it can stimulate you at a deep level, a level which you simply do not understand.


Now as you begin to work all of these things out you understand that these processes that have existed on your planet for a long time have value, have purpose and are an important part of your life. Therefore they are to be welcomed, not feared. But if people in positions of power can get you to fear those things that are natural, oh the money, the power, the energy that they can then draw into themselves. It goes beyond all meaning and this is already taking place on your planet in so many different areas.

Along time ago you lived on the earth. It was your home, you loved it. You walked upon it, you went from place to place, you understood the value that earth could bring to you. Then somebody came up with the idea that if you just stay in one place you could say that that one part of the earth belonged to you. It was your real estate. It was your “real estate”. Something about you that somehow then contributed to your own identity and your nature, and as this swept the planet, and people began buying up pieces of mother earth left and right. It had the wonderful capacity that there was plenty to go around and earth didn't disappear, but the result that your own fear now can extend to homelessness; as if you are going to be pushed off your home of earth. Where are you going to be pushed to?

And yet everyone accepts this so deeply that you must have this place this home, this earth and that you must own it and if you don't own it you must rent it from somebody else who owns it and they are your land lord. And yet you do not question it because it has been on your planet for a few thousand years so many of those who have made their money in real estate are the same people behind vaccines. The Rockefellers, the Carnegie's the many others on your planet who have learned a great deal about stimulating your own primordial fear of the most basic right simply to stand on your earth.

And so then let us look at viruses. You have fears about them that have been bred into you because of so much talk about them, but what are they? There are many who would explain them as this or that, but they are clearly natural processes. Viruses manifest to accomplish something, what good do they do in the world? They are excellent at cleaning up, pulling up toxicity, particularly from industrial pollution from various things that are harmful to your bodies, and when they do this they produce various difficulties within you.

This produces then this concept and idea, a simple answer to avian flu. Be healthy, eat those foods that you are programmed for, not the foods that you find convenient, foods that make other people money, drugs that are solutions to problems that are generated by those foods and the pollution around you, but rather a diet of your ancestors, the diet of your Paleolithic ancestors, going back to before there was farming, before the agrarian economy, before real estate, and the purchase of mother earth.

Those energies are with you, instinctively and can be found, there are those who have been practicing this and finding not only tremendous health, regeneration, benefit, but a shift in consciousness. They see things entirely differently. They understand things in a simpler, easier way they are able to welcome the energies of cleansing and clearing through viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites. These things that have been told to you are the source of all of your problems and your health; they have been on your planet, a longtime.

Bacteria can be dated more than 500 million years on your planet in fossils, and they are indeed some of the greatest healers on your planet. When used, when understood, this eventually comes out. But of course when we speak of such matters, and it is so obvious the fear that is generated because so many of you have stopped breathing, as we mentioned before holding your breath or keeping it very shallow; we are re-stimulating the fear that has been brought in to you by what are natural processes, always have been.

Therefore you can see that they serve a purpose. The purpose of this is to give the doctors, the health professionals those in positions of power and the government and others an excellent excuse for their misunderstanding of the natural processes of the human body. They can blame it on the virus or bacteria or whatever.

Now, as you begin to look at this you will inevitably encounter fear. All that programming, all those issues, all those energies will show up again and again. What will you do about it? Well of course, breathe, let go of the ideas the thoughts the rest, simply be aware of the breath. You can also however look in your heart to an animal self, what animal do you know who chooses to eat cooked food? What animal do you know who worries so much about personal hygiene? When they eat something off of the ground or out of your hand or from each other's bodies? The bacterial issue, you could say they would live longer, if they then were immunized or sterilized or de-wormed or received all of this protection from these things. But look at them in nature, look at their own evolution and a different answer begins to emerge.

Now this is a radical solution that does involve consciousness. The Avian flu is to be presented to your planet in many different ways to help people make a choice to share the information about this, to show you what choices can be made. That is the purpose of the higher levels of existence right now and in every way possible, beings to help, to guide, to assist, to show you there are other possible choices. When you feel backed into a corner when you are then afraid when you then work with those energies that eventually will put profit into the hands of those who are bringing this myth to your planet, than of course they have done a good job.

We would suggest that you must repeatedly get out of the trapping context. Viruses are not the enemy; a virus that has this source or that, whatever it is. This is not to say that we would suggest that one of the best things you can do is to contaminate yourself with as many of these as possible, or as deep and injection on as many sites as possible of a particular virus. You must see that, even when you work with the primal diet, the diet of your ancestors, The Paleolithic diet, those diets that work to cleanse, clear and strengthen to the deepest of your ability, you are still contending with a high level of industrial pollution from energies that are around you in so many levels in so many ways. The key to this therefore is not just the diet of your ancestors but bringing in as well, the highest consciousness and the opportunity to take those things that are most cleansing and healing from your ancestors and do more of them today.

We often recommend the Vonderplanitz material for this because he has investigated this deeply, gone past the levels of fear programming into those energies that go deeper, and this has been successful for many people. But investigating it for yourself sometimes requires you simply to breathe, to let go of fear, to come to a place of simply receiving the possibilities without judging them. And this is what we are trying to share with you today, because the Avian flu is in it's true context, a helpful, cleansing, healing consciousness, very pure, very simple. It is nothing to do with birds. At that level, it is simply to clear out your respiratory system, to help you come to a place of greater focus and clarity and energy.

[Ed. Note: For more about the Vonderplanitz material, see: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read it, his new recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

Now this is oversimplification, some of you might say. What about all of these studies, and all of what has gone on, and all of the people who have died. If while you are cleansing, you are not supporting that cleansing with the fats that will combine with the toxic material so that they are inert and easily released, through diarrhea, through vomiting, through sweating, through the natural process of being pulled through the body and excreted, then you will suffer, then there will be difficulty.

For this one of the most helpful materials will be raw eggs. Eggs have the capacity to combine with various toxics and pull them out of the body and do so very quickly. And there are those who have contracted this flu, have had significant quantities of eggs, and then gone through it, released and then been healthier on the other side then when they started.

So as you begin to examine and look at these possibilities you may have to eventually decide for yourself, what is so interesting about this is that the choices are so entirely radical. To go down a path that actually welcomes this, that actually uses it to improve yourself, versus a path that brings you full of fear and drugs that those drugs that would be taken will have their side effects, their problems would seem obvious. Nearly every substance that then has been derived by pharmaceutical companies, ultra pure chemistry and all the rest, has been harmful to people, and this happens over and over and has been shown in so many different ways.

And yet if the fear aspect is strong enough guess which choice most people are going to make? For this then, it is important that you begin the other aspect here, the dismantling of fear within your being. FEAR, False Evidence Appearing as Real, the opportunity to shift this within you is one of the most important attributes that is brought to you by many aspects around you. Life, a beautiful smell, a wonderful sound, color, the way it can heal you and strengthen you. The energy of love with your friends as personal love as higher love, as love of God, as loved by God.

So many ways to understand and work with this and yet, what do you gain from this if you are not stimulated? If fear doesn't show up, will you still receive and work with those energies of love, of community, of attunement? Of all of these other attributes as strongly as you would if the fear wasn't present. For many people when it becomes a habit when it is that which they do naturally, that which they gravitate towards because it is so wonderful the answer to this is yes, they would do this. But for most people on your planet it is that habit to get to the place of crisis to get to the place of great difficulty, to pay attention. And that is what the overall collective karma continues to create. More so than any other attribute, this continues the inertia, the things going on as they have been.

This is why it is so simple, and so easy to change it and why then there is this powerful and deep connection from the inside to the outside, the inner consciousness to the outer consciousness, the world and collective consciousness to your own individual. Ask yourself, if there was no crisis, if there was no fear, if these energies were beautiful and delightful, would I learn, would I grow, would I try, would I do things differently, would I assist, would I challenge myself? And you quickly begin to remember that's what you chose, challenges to remind you, to bring you to attention, to get your interest. At first, you just try to solve those problems, but there would be one after the other after the other after the other and finally you would say there's a pattern here. Maybe what I really need is a different context. A context that doesn't require a challenge in order for me to grow, that I choose growth, I choose life, I choose love everyday by my breath, by who I am, not in response to, and really there again, the simplest answer, in response to anything. That you choose that path of love, of helping, of caring, because. Just like the child because you are cause, you can choose it.

Some of the children coming in now are choosing this path. But what will they find when they are immersed in a world that is primarily then continuing all it does in response to crisis, difficulty, challenge, struggle, emotion and all of the rest of it. What will be discovered then in consciousness through these children, will be an awareness, like because, like the energy that simply loves. Some have likened some of these children to a certain color, such as indigo and there are others who will then come along and say they are attached to a different ray and those all have value, but it is a challenge to your context to awaken the indigo child in yourself. Your inner indigo child is here with you right now. To do, to love, to be, to enjoy things in the world because it is fun, you love it. It is pleasurable. Not that it is better than anything, in response to anything, as then a way to heal something.

All that has value, it will keep bringing you back to the solutions and the problems they create and the solutions they create until you get the bigger picture, and that again, back to the paradox we began with the idea that when you welcome such you can be at once fighting out these issues, struggling politically, economically, working out all of this stuff and solutions and at the same time, watching it, seeing it from another place, from a place that can welcome all of it and say in your heart and really know it and really mean it: I chose this, this activity, this experience.

Why did you choose it? Part of your choice was because it was indeed going to be a lot more stimulating, more fun than the other energy. It was going to very attractive to you because of that, but you also did so because you needed to re-experience and bring very deeply into your soul this possibility that there were choices, that there were energies. Many people in the world do not have that level of consciousness. They are simply working it out, their own response to those issues and that is at its core level, karma. Cause-and-effect, not about the karma of wanting it to be different, doing so in order that with consciousness and awareness, to balance, no, no; just cause, effect, cause, victim, perpetrator, victim and perpetrator; issue, response issue, response.

Now, having spoken of it in such a way you then can see that which keeps you from the bigger picture is going to be the aspect that will bring money, power and ultimately a reduction of consciousness at some level, into the hands of those who have figured out how to exist, survive, preserve their own identity and so on by keeping you in fear.

When you see it from such a point of view you don't necessarily have to respond do you? You could even love them. You could even say to the Rockefellers, I understand you keep looking in the same place where you can get more and more money and more and more power and you still don't feel satisfied enough. You have to do some more and more. There is another way, sometimes gestures are just as effective and helpful as an emotion or a feeling. Sort of like, in your heart, your hand reaches and then extends out as if to share your heart’s love with others. Sometimes it is a sound, a place in you that simply loves perhaps a sound like breath. Like ahhh. Those are equally valid answers. Equally valid ways to get out of the trapping context into something bigger, something that can encompass and at the same time allow you to come back in with knowledge, understanding, awareness, but most importantly, love, peace, an opportunity to share this with someone else as a true alternative.

Now who is responsible for putting this tendency for so much fear into your own being? Who is responsible indeed? It is a very interesting question. But again, sometimes contextual shift with responsibility can be useful when you bring in the possibility it is your ability to respond. In other words bringing you back into the trap of karma, the cause-and-effect energy, and of course that is you who chose that. But many aspects of the reptilian existence, are those that are being re-stimulated and this is very deliberate.

As extraterrestrials have indeed programmed you, brought in these energies and done so not by something from them outside. But their actual genetics, their actual structures spliced into you brought into your own consciousness. And so the tendency towards difficulties around fear and ego issues are then well-known in the spiritual communities, and overcoming them, working with them, understanding them, and so on doesn't completely change them because they are genetic.

And so the question about the genetic upgrade some way then in which this can be significantly altered. First it must be identified, identification does not come through technology. Calling it twelve strands or one strand or some name for it is only an opportunity to let you have a different contextual viewpoint. In point of fact, it is a way than in which you are changed as a result, and for most people they need the experience of working out these issues over and over to see that such a change is actually valuable in their consciousness. But if they welcomed this, such genetic changes are inevitable. They would eventually reflect what is happening in your own being.

But that which could be most helpful in this regard would be light, the ability to receive light, to know it, to feel it, even when you are in a darkened room. Understand that this has a context for you, that is beyond that of the scientific, the electromagnetic spectrum, and all of that. But the energy of pure light itself. Eventually, some individuals will actually have genetic structures changed in their physical being. When they have tests done of the simple usual tests utilizing electrophoresis, chemical analysis, and other methodologies for determination of genetic encoding, they will not register. Their genes are so different. Twelve strands or two, there will be no determination of this, because it will be that different. Indeed a twelve strand DNA simply is so different chemically that it cannot register on these tests. Very few individuals like this exist yet.

And this is important that people do continue to test their own genetics so that they can confirm this and know that those who speak about such matters. “I now have twelve strands,” must recognize that such would indeed show up on a simple genetic test, and that these tests are to become more and more widespread as time goes on for that purpose. Oh yes, you thought it was only to identify criminals, this is also part of it. But it is also a way in which you will understand how difficult it is to make such changes and paradoxically how easy it is.

The first component is adequate fat. There must be sufficient fat, well absorbed, into the entire structure, and it can resonate at a proper vibrational level. The actual sources of these fats, molecules are not very important, but they must not be cross-linked so they must be from unheated sources. Vibrations that are present need to be those of the New Aspect. And we would certainly suggest that the core aspects of fear and ego be the first ones to be looked at, to be shifted in the presence of sufficient fats with the awareness of the nature of fear, and ultimately, how it has helped you. How therefore you’re ready to let it go, how you have a better way working faster, deeper. This is what can have some profound and important effects on your genetic structure.

The interesting thing about this is that you won't really be that interested in getting a genetic test as a result. You'll notice far less fear in your life and that's enough. Indeed it is the motivation that some people have around fear that they don't change or can't change or will struggle with it. That may push them to then use these genetic structures as a justification for some of these energies.

So once again let us look at fear, and another solution to it. Outside the context of the intellect, remembering, healing, breathe. As you breathe welcome the light, pure white light in your heart. Joining now with the emerald light, but now, keeping attention completely focused on breath. No thoughts, no ideas, just let them go. At the same time a gentle, slow easy movement. Something you do all the time. Gentle and easy stretch but keep attention focused on breath, while you move the body and stretch.

Some may notice that it's easy then as the body moves to put attention on the body and away from the breath but some of you also remember breath. Not body, not movement, breath. And in so doing, you then are taking important first steps at remaining in the place of presence, while moving your body, extending this to other places in your life can have great value in answering your questions. Because then you answer them from the place that tells you what to do next, how to proceed, where to go, who to talk to, when, where, but not necessarily why. Why obviously then, as you think about it, work with it, takes you out of the breath, out of now, to how it was or how it could be, or how it should be, or how you wish it was and all of the rest of it, let go of why for a moment. Just a moment. Since of course all of these other questions are why questions. Yes. Do you have a few of these, Jill?

Jill: There is a question here about service. Service to others, service to self, service to society, can you comment on this?

Hilarion: When you choose to incarnate, with all of these other people, of course the opportunity to serve brings out some wonderful things in you. Does this mean service is in and of itself holy, wonderful, making you a better person? No. In many cases those particular energies those answers are karmic. They are balancing for the times that indeed you might have hurt someone or needed to do something different in the past. So you can give yourself another opportunity now. Don't think that because you are serviceful, because service to self has now been far less important in your life and service to others is more important that that means something, anything really intrinsically and of itself. Certainly not to think that it means that you are a better person, but what if that service simply arose? It was in you, it was your breath, it was who you were, to assist, because you love, because it feels good to do so.

Then you are doing another thing too, you're not only helping the other person servicing assisting and working etc. etc. you are also modeling, creating an energy, sharing the nature of your being as if to say this is another way to be. Now of course when you multiply that by the many, many on your planet who could do it, you make this world far more comfortable, happier, beautiful, less polluted, more energetic, on and on. So in that sense in the sense of the larger consciousness, service to others has a completely different end-path than service to self, service to self’s end-path is eventually the concentration of so much power, money, energy whatever in the hands of so few that their selves take all of it and nothing is left and then you have indeed nothing left. And the burnt out cinders of planets even some galaxies in your heavens are the reminders of this for those with the understanding to see them.

It's not then to say that intrinsically service to others is good, it is survival. It is the nature of this space. It is the essence of what you are here for, if you do something else and you simply play it out to its logical conclusion, you see where it is going to go. Therefore understand that it is in your intrinsic nature to make choices based on the highest degree of consciousness or denial, shutting out those issues, not looking at them and not asking. It is always your choice. Now that is perhaps from the point of view of the questioner an oversimplification, but it must be stated because those energies are deep within your own being. In a sense, service to self or indeed almost any of the aspects that you would understand at some level is cosmetically inappropriate is resounding, resonating with something in you, that says no, that isn't the way to be. It's like you just know it. You don't just know it because of your intellect and your heart, it is also the animal self. It is an instinctive part of you that knows that there must be some level of cooperation or assistance in order for some aspect on your planet to grow. Even the animals that prey on other animals constantly the lion and antelope find the balance. To kill them all to have such a large family that an entire herd is wiped out, the lions then perish; the intrinsic balance in nature, so simple, so reminding you at many levels to the answers of these questions.

When you go deeper though, into understanding this, you also see that you have deep admiration in your hearts for those people who have taken this message deep into their own consciousness in service to others as in Mother Theresa, a beautiful, wonderful energy that touches you deeply; those who challenge this even into their own lives, such as Gandhi; the energy of this touching you deeply in ways that you cannot really understand. These great wayshowers stand as shining examples in reminding what you have in you, not to do, not because it then manifests in this or that but just because the energy within you delightful, wonderful, a part of your nature ready to be discovered. That is a better answer to this than anything of the intellect. Does this help at all?

Jill: Yes. Thank you, Hilarion. There are some questions here about aliens; illegal aliens and ET’s.

Hilarion: It is an interesting matter to bring up in consciousness just for that reason, to bring in the whole idea of aliens from foreign countries that can be stimulates with this deeper question: what about aliens from other planets? Again as if seeing how people will respond to this and it is seen that the fear of those from outside still remains. The response to all of the immigration issues with so much devisiveness, so much fear so much struggle, answering this bigger question is humanity ready yet to meet the space brothers? In fact those from the most positive helpful uplifting useful planets want to share their helpful technology with you, learn about your capacity to love and be loved. They’re certainly not here to learn about your technology and learn and work with you on other levels.

Yes in asking this question then the response comes. This is stimulated indeed by those in your government of reptilian nature of which there are some beings who would like to concentrate power in their own hands or claws so that the results of this would be greater opportunities for enslavement and difficulty, but ultimately for humans, the evolutionary tract is strong. There will be a desire for freedom, for awakening, for consciousness, and it will cling to every opportunity, no matter how much of these difficulties are then provided and at the same time, beings such as this one we speak through to speak out, to share the information and thousands of other channels and other beings, those who write of this and speak of it.

The deeper answer to this is to look into your own heart as to what is it you have to share this is the greatest opportunity of canceling out, doing against, shifting the energy so that those beings in positions of power then have less power. But where it stimulates people to make a choice you must also help them find the larger context, the one that is not about us against them, the great them with a capital T; a way that in which somehow in your own consciousness you can find them in you. Not only in your internal reptilian brain, but in the way in which as a reptile, as a part in your own consciousness you would want to subjugate, to harm, that you would have fear, that you would struggle as if to be a dinosaur for a moment.

Yet there is within all of this many ways to examine and work with different energies. Ultimately, though you are also recognizing every time you work on these issues global connection, attunement to your brothers and sisters in other countries; other aspects of awareness. Look at how far this has come, from a time when a person just as little as 500 years ago, would spend most of their time within a few miles of where they were born for their entire lives to a time now where you would travel the globe and understand it from many contexts to one in the not too far off future where you are seeing the planet in its wholeness.

At what point then do the borders that were the borders in the past of little townships, then to little provinces or little states, then to bigger countries dissolve to the world itself. Now of course there are those who would take advantage of this calling this a one world government, a one world order, and all of that, and use this as an excuse for their own personal power. It is not that energy we are addressing here. We are talking about the same energy that all of you have contended with in your life when you think of Iraq as a country. And you think of a person, who is in Iraq. A person that you can have a heart connection with a shared love of God with, a connection at some level, by which their lives might be threatened or those in fear or struggle in a different way than yours perhaps but a way you can understand. That bridge from the collective consciousness to the individual consciousness is indicative of the bridge between what you would recognize as your country and another country somewhere else.

But in all of these cases, if you look at your evolution, where you're going to be around these issues in 50 years and a hundred years in five hundred years. Do you think these borders have any meaning? It is the borders of consciousness that would be the next level of challenge. Between this realm, or this dimension and the next this is only of interest to a few people in the world right now. But this will eventually be more and more important of course because that is where there's so much more challenge.

Yet, can you in your heart welcome another culture? Then why not welcome another people? The reason why this is focusing so much in the United States as a country is because the way in which it was begun. As a thing is begun so it continues is a sub corollary of the law of progress and this country was of course founded by those who came here from other countries and those people came here and invaded the five hundred tribes pushed them out of their land into reservations or killed them. This energy that continues is then one that says I'm going to rebalance this but at the same time, I’m going to understand the true meaning of emigration for you all in your own fairly recent ancestry. Even as little as 10 generations did indeed emigrate from these places in Europe or Asia to come here and the results of this and your understanding of it pushes your consciousness. How will you allow these balances? What about jobs? What about issues of culture? What about religion?

Every one of these is very difficult but the larger context, there is something shared, something about love. Something about the releasing of fear, some way in which you can learn this from each other and the more this is done across borders, across cultures, the easier it will be when those borders are eventually dropped. To see this as a potential future does not mean that cultural understanding disappears, meaning your own languages, ideas, customs. These may be celebrated, may be enjoyed, just as you still work off the energies from 1600 and the pilgrims, those energies have not disappeared. The point is simply you can welcome this if you wish, but most people now are then seeing that the stimulation of the fear aspect about this; they will lose jobs, lose economic standing, lose this or lose that, is again the motivator.

Can you go beyond that fear to something that is all-encompassing, and this translates to the solution to the reptilian issue as well. Those beings will not find you very tasty, interesting, helpful as slaves or the rest if you are smarter, more loving more assisting more evolved. They will have to pick on somebody quite a bit smaller evolutionary speaking, consciously speaking, and those of course will be beings on another planet. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes Hilarion. Can you talk about the future of our children and is it a good time to bring in children?

Hilarion: It really isn't up to you. Many individuals have to fight very hard not to bring in children. When the children decide I’m coming in because of a simple process that is pushing consciousness, evolution, and many other aspects on your planet, stronger, more powerfully than ever. It is simple, a nine to one ratio. About nine times as many non- physical beings as there are physical beings. They are influencing you, watching you, working with you, and doing their darndest to get in. To get into a body to be with you to interact with you, they know in doing so it will be far more profound than for their own consciousness, they were paying much more attention than they do in this subtle way of interacting with you from these higher operational levels. Some of these beings are not very evolved. Some of them don't even know they’re dead. Some of them have particular issues that they're working on more hard and more difficult karmic issues then anything else at perhaps a sacrifice of everything else, some of them are very evolved beings.

All of them want to get in here. They are going to choose the parents, the countries, the opportunities everywhere they can. And they are going to keep choosing them of course as there is more education, as people can raise consciousness. They will improve the possibility that the choices that are made of those beings to come into those aspects will be those where the consciousness is probably more evolved more attuned to the understanding of service to others as opposed to service to self. This is not just an indicator of evolution, it is simply an awareness of how you can survive better on your planet.

But as all of these energies are worked with the children are going to turn up the volume. We want to come in even more than ever. Find a way now, etc. etc. sometimes when the biological aspect does not support this too much pollution, too much toxicity, reduced sperm count, reduced ability to carry to term and so on and so forth. They still want to come in, and they are going to do their darndest to change this to raise consciousness of the mother of the father of the family to bring as much powerful, helpful, energy as possible. But they will not stop. They want this more than you realize. The more your planet is connected, the more issues you have, the more aspects of greater communication, the more cell phones, the opportunity to call their friends. The more they are going to want to come in.

As a result this also answers questions that were not asked today about cataclysm about the future of your planet. There were many predictions made for June 6, 2006. It would be the end of this or that, a change of this or that and as we told you last time, this is not going to happen because these beings want your world to continue. Of course they're going to be problems; earthquakes, floods, fires, destruction. These are inevitable as population increases as people reduce their awareness of what is happening to Mother Earth as Mother Earth through her own climate change and issues of trying to cleanse herself produces more and more difficult conditions, weather, volcanic action and all the rest. Its purpose to cleanse, but still, populations will increase. Still, dislocations will be by comparison to the population at large, minor. And the reasoning behind this that as much as possible the beings on the other side are going to alert you to potential problems help you come to various solutions to this.

And some of you may think it's going to end in 2012. Actually, it begins in earnest in 2012. This is now in the sort of building up to the stage where you have a chance to ask these deeper questions. And so yes to have a child now is a wonderful thing. But to make it an easier process, connect, be one with your own inner child and let that child play with the child who is to come into you. Let that be an enjoyable, wonderful, delightful experience and one that can also be one to answer the questions: What is it like there? How do you deal with this and that? Will I be safe and all of those deeper questions that stimulate in you the feeling in you without necessarily understanding your own answers. I don't know if it is safe. But I know that when I'm so concerned with safety, that I cannot love it isn't worth it to be here. This is a wonderful answer to a child as if then to say yes I can chose, because that is the basis; to choose to be nonphysical or choose to be physical. Does this help at all?

Jill: Very much. Thank you Hilarion. Can you talk about art? The Iago versus translucent art.

Hilarion: This has been spoken about for eons. In ways in which art can uplift, can shift to the sense the very first cave paintings, seeing that it could be more than just something on the wall. It could bring in the consciousness, shift the energy, bring something hopeful. The difficulty with it is you cannot apply old art ideas, art criticism or art understanding to this. For the very simple reason we gave earlier. It's all relative leading edge relative truth. The beautiful moving, painting of yesteryear will become the cliché of the future, and as those energy shifts and change you must look deep inside yourself for what shifts you - what, personally, makes you transformed, different, aware understanding.

Sometimes this cannot be manifested without extensive words - a book, a poem, an idea, something shared. But, in the midst of it, something pops in, a different kind of expression, a feeling energy perhaps. It does not matter if you can relate consciously what you were seeing, working with, the feeling or knowing to those thoughts. Trust those words were enough. This can be an important keynote of a possibility for translucent art. That it is connected within your own consciousness, perhaps no one else knows. Or perhaps you put it right on display there connected to a book, a poem, something in the written language that elucidates more consciously and clearly the source from which that translucency then showed up.

Art has always had the power to go deep into people's consciousness but many times they are too busy. They want it as decoration they want it as the old capacity. That is fine as well as it goes. But those who are pioneering and working out these other issues will continue. We would also suggest that because the essence energy is always connected at the higher vibrational levels you always see how you were being used. How those energies move through you welcome them, know them, let them inspire you.

Many of the stars can be very helpful for this. A good nexus point is the star Vega. Find it in the night sky to let its music inspire you, to let its energy be with you. It may take days, don't expect immediate response of the energy just to be with you, to work with you, to touch you. Sometimes art is provocative because it changes something about you. Will you resist that? Will you allow that change? Will you welcome it? When you make the choice you obviously see that. Are you going to clog up the pipes or are you going to enlarge them and put in some new ones? That is your choice and working with the muse know that she will always require you to change, to transform, to grow, to evolve as you welcome that you will see then that then the energy naturally moves to different levels, levels that can indeed be helpful and useful.

At the same time some translucent art will not be recognized in its own time. It will be seen hence, many, many years in the future for its own value so you must never be in a position to judge. Those viewing this, receiving it, knowing it, yes, examine it, look at it, use your mind then go to the breath. Breathe with what you are looking at. Let it be with you. This is a much better way to answer its value for you because suddenly what may pop into your consciousness has nothing to do with the art. Something about your childhood or friend or the need to be in a position of presence when you are with your children, your boss, yourself as you fall asleep at night, or whatever. You don't have to attribute that to the art but recognize that that was its intent, you will welcome more of this in your life.

Then in closing today, we would remind you of most beautiful art, the sunset, the beautiful energy of light and dark as it moves around your earth. She is breathing in that cycle, that day night cycle and breathe with her now in that cycle and the greater cycle of the seasons. Yet now in this moment between breaths, breathe her own light, bubbling up from her center, through your body, to your heart. Breathe also the energy from above. From infinitely out into the universe in the center of the universe, from your own highest self. These are both breathed in to become one within your heart, within your own body. And as you breathe this, see that it has a sound, an earth sound. A consciousness sound, these are also one. This is a natural welcoming of the emerald light cylinder, 100 feet or 33 meters it expands many miles, many kilometers in diameter, encompassing the entire earth; earth's energy response, infinitely upwards response. A gentle om. Goodbye.

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