Hilarion Fall Equinox Channeling 2006

Jill: Greetings, today is September 21, 2006. We are gathered here in Nevada City, California for the Fall Equinox channeling of Hilarion. The questions Hilarion will address tonight are from those in attendance and from those sent in via e-mail. For further information on channelings, books, tapes and CDs, please contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the web at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings, yes this is that energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions before commenting on these important times, we would like to take a moment just to assist with the tuning in process to the earth at this moment as she comes to this midpoint in her cycle, the time of equinox.

As you imagine her breathing a point of equal breath as her energy is with you, loving you, receive her message. This can be perceived by some as a verbal message or a visual or audible, but really the earth is so big, so powerfully deeply a part of you, of your consciousness, connection across past lives and your interests, your own physical body and the aspects of nature around you and all that supports and strengthens you. That really it is better that you receive her energy to receive it without a story and explanation a translation, but to just receive her breath, her love, her support, her strength. As it is a part of you, a part of your physical body, a part of your consciousness, and you are part of it.

Yet earth also has then in that place, the place of oneness, messages, energy, viewpoint, idea, those are intellectualisms but it is her direct communication with you naturally easily enhanced at the moments of equinox and solstice. So the opportunity awakens now to receive this. Earth is often symbolized in your consciousness by how you walk upon her. So think upon your feet. The soles of your feet on their energetic connection to the floor, to the dirt, to the land to the earth itself, breathe as if through the feet. Be aware of this contact and welcome it.

You may begin to notice that in addition to this idea of messaging, sense of consciousness, breathing and all of that there is also physical sensation, as if at the moment in which you begin to put your attention on your feet a waking up and awareness, a light, a heat a coolness something of a sensory nature is also present. This is not just because you're putting your attention there it is also because your aetheric body is wrapped enmeshed, part of, earth's aetheric body. This subtle energy, connection, this oneness is not a physical connection. It is in the borderline between the higher vibrational realities and the more purely physical, it is the way in which these energies are traded back and forth, a place of healing, a place of consciousness, a place of awareness.

So in the sense, your aetheric body is breathing with earth’s aetheric body. In this sense there is oneness far more finely attuned than anything you can do in a meditation or a putting of consciousness or efforting, or poetry or even gratitude. It is as if in the sense of oneness you are then as one, you breathe as one. From this place recognize your rooted center, center of earth connecting through feet and yet also through you up, infinitely up, a cylinder of light than naturally and easily forms you welcome it, noting it has already been present. An emerald light, you can imagine it is about 30 m in diameter, that is about 100 feet from infinitely upwards through the center of earth, allowing and enhancing, strengthening, connection but at the same time this energy moves all the way through earth, who responds, and energy of welcoming of love.

In the northern hemisphere, as now day and night become equal. There is this sense within the animal and plant kingdom of a great change afoot. As a preparation for winter began as a sense of the harvest, the way in which the plants move into hibernation into distributing their seeds through their fruits, the ways in which all of these are communicating, learning, yet at the same time, through their abundance, through their sharing, able then to distribute themselves everywhere.

The insect kingdom is particularly aware of this as it prepares for these upcoming changes and yet in your consciousness, your awareness of this there is also your harvesting, harvesting for humans though, it has its agricultural implications, often is more of an intellectual harvest, or an emotional harvest, drawing what you have learned from the summer months, from your years on earth. And you have many reminders of this in different contexts soon to come, different ways of being with friends to stay warm when the weather becomes cold; Holidays such as Halloween when you get you out of your own logical way and receive the understanding from a more spiritual realm, the attunement to various aspects of Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of this.

Yet its deeper reminder to you as these times approach, what are you to be sharing with your fellow men and women? What of the harvest can you share as to your own friendship your own learning, your own collective consciousness your own community. It is important as these things begin to approach that you take advantage of this, that you make notes or write songs or create ideas as the creative energies are very strong now. These coming from additional energies besides that of the usual astrological cycles, these are a great un-flowering of several planets that are orbiting around the star Vega right now that brings energy, awakening, consciousness, musical, poetic, writing all kinds of aspects.

At the same time as this though there is a collective consciousness more attuned than ever to the media, and especially to these parts of the media that you find intriguing, entertaining and pushing the envelope of what could possibly be helpful for humanity. In the last few months there have been some interesting developments. Some of these are relating to current events, but some of them are relating also to the spiritual side of humanity.

In the release of “Inconvenient Truth” in the last few months a great groundswell, great attention, acceptance, more translation of this film, more attunement to it, it is if a new commonality has been bridged. An understanding of what is happening to earth as a result of the changes going on in Earth's atmosphere in but a few hundred years, when looked at as if in some geological context is as if in some ways understanding Earth herself.

Yes, it is through the more intellectual side, but many who understand this, who hear it, who receive it, they will unconsciously attune, releasing various aspects that they have held as if to say is this true or not, instead simply to understand Earth’s viewpoint.

Another important development, the reclassification of Pluto, as if in symbolic meaning telling you that what symbolic aspects have held the deep aspect of the shadow self, the underlying energy that has been hidden from you, that you have sometimes seen driving you, bringing you into places of deep change, despair, awakening, even great transformation. That somehow as the world views this, it is not so important, it is dwarfed by larger, stronger energies or it is an energy that is somehow to be shifted in how you have perceived it. Or this can be perceived as the effort of astronomers, or possibly politicians we see it as more symbolic of the whole understanding of the Age of Aquarius. That the driving force of the shadow self is to be properly integrated to be understood, but those forces within your consciousness that would see service, love, aspects of even psychic development that might be for instance, symbolized by Neptune as more important , more available to your consciousness, then the formerly well-received Plutonian energy.

Of course a mere re-classification of a planet doesn't change anything in terms of its astrology, or how people relate to it, or its size or any of the rest of it. But it is an important symbol as if to welcome some aspects in you of the more appropriate balance, integration of your own internal shadow self, your own willingness to embrace the transformation, and to see it as possible through means other than the more darker difficult aspects.

It is important though as you come down such a road, that you begin to listen more consciously and more carefully to the inner messages of your heart. Many aspects of human consciousness have prepared you for this. Some of these are not the times that you are in a body. Yes, those are important times for learning about the heart. But many times, those are energies of a more purely emotional nature, powerful deep-seated fears, perhaps, or egoic work or aspects of survival.

But in each lifetime as it comes to a close you typically will go through a period of recall. Remembering, recapitulating, a relearning and then on the other side, you usually go through a period after that of enjoyment, and then focusing of your energy to help others. From this place the longing of the heart begins to awaken. It is the longing of that energy in many cases more than anything else, that draws you back into the world, to come again into another life. This occurs partly because of a desire to balance karma, but once you have understood some of this, still you choose to come back, and often this is because there is this energy within you that simply loves, wants to experience love again wants to know with others or perhaps it was necessary for your own development to deny it from yourself.

But in some way to know this aspect of human consciousness becomes more and more important to you. It is this tiny thing that is shared by so many on your planet. Many times unconsciously that draws you to the media where romance, where love in any form is looked at, discussed understood welcomed, rejected.

But deeper in you, is an understanding about this waiting to be tapped. An energy for healing, for assistance to others. It can be difficult at times, when you're confronted with technology or politics or the complicated aspects of your world to know what to do, to know how to do it, and where that energy can best be applied. Yet so often you are reminded to look in your heart, receive and feel from that place. Not from a place that is able to work with consideration or logic, but deeper in your own consciousness.

Another theme we wish to speak of today would be the phrase “On the shoulders of giants.” Most people as they communicate, as they interact, as they learn from each other, have little direct understanding of how indeed they are on the shoulders of those who have gone before you. In their determination of modes of communication, technology, their determination of ways of speech, of what is important in the world, the lessons that they have learned. This becomes more and more prevalent as some of their ideas are more widely shared, disseminated, respected or understood.

Yet, as more of this occurs, it is gently and constantly incorporated into the language of the day. With little recognition of those who went before. Just a few hundred years ago, some of the work of many of your scientists and philosophers were not an easy part of life. They were not accepted or worked with because they hadn't been born yet. Thus now you have logic, as known as through the work of Boule or the understanding of simple color through the work of Land, Polaroid and others. Or the work as you begin to understand it in technology of Maxwell or Einstein. Yet, all of these in their own way, do affect you far more deeply than you realize.

But in the area of the heart who are the giants of the past? These are not only the philosophers, the writers, the poets. They are also those who have in a completely different modality educated you and helped you. Many times in the time between lives for each of you, you have met with these people. Some of these are people so evolved that they have dropped the need for a name. They are the anonymous helpers and they have recognized that the opportunity for you to receive energy through the heart, through love, through direct understanding of this, is drawing you into many of the aspects that are enlightening and helpful in your own consciousness.

Yet, at times you would cry out, particularly in those times between lives, a more appropriate time for that is called the intermissive period, and in those times for you, what then can I do with this love? How can this love be better placed to help others? How can I know this deeply to my soul, how can I have missed those lessons when I was in a body and truly faced with deep understanding of love only to turn away from it or to misunderstand it, or to assume that it was for someone else perhaps.

When such cries are perceived at the higher vibrational level these anonymous helpers jump into action as if just waiting for that moment when they are called upon, not acting out of karma but out of love themselves, out of their own free will, just as you in asking about these things from your own free will do so. And from this, a gentle hand lifetime after lifetime, various forms of guidance, these are the true shoulders of giants. The giants of the heart, the awakening in spirit, of this energy within you, now comes stronger, closer, quicker.

It is no wonder that in positions where such a love, such an awakening, such an assistance would be threatening that those beings who would see it as such, would recognize this seeking then to increase difficulties for everyone on your planet through economic or political means, or various ways of confusion or simply sufficient entertainment to distract you from this deeper love, this deeper message, this deeper awareness.

It is of little consequence when you understand it in terms of this wave of energy, because when you are in a physical body and you're working with that sense, that love that wants nothing, that love that simply is present that breathes you, that is a part of your being that is shared with the animals, the plants, the earth herself, the kingdom of the air, the kingdom of the gems and the minerals. The kingdom of the soil, all of these beings interacting and loving and working with you, you then know it is only a matter of time, a matter of this essence energy becoming stronger and clearer, welcoming it and knowing it.

This is not simply a viewpoint, a hopeful thought, wishful thinking. It is you're tapping into the collective consciousness, because it is an energy shared by many on your planet and the moment you share it while you are alive, while you're in a body, while you are incarnated, it strengthens dramatically.

You may think, well, but I'm creating this loving feeling in me, seeking to use it to heal or send it out into the world, what good does that do? After all, you may not see immediate effects from this, though you may also notice that such effects are more profound, more easily noted now. But you do not necessarily see this in economic terms or political terms. Yet you also may step back from this and recognize that there are changes in these arenas as well as people become more able to understand the truth of this and ask this deeper question, in the political framework where is the love? In the economics of a situation of people trying to desperately change their situation with regards to others, where is the love?

In all of these ways your love does have a profound and important effect, a sweeping energy, a wave all over earth. We mention this so that you will not be discouraged as time goes on with this aspect of greater and greater threat felt by those in positions of power to such love, let it go. Breathe instead and know that love in your heart, in your connection to earth, in your connection to your guides and your helpers to infinitely upwards and let that love be within you. Question it, look at it, is it wanting something? That is fine for wanting something but it is not love. And should wanting show up, what do you want more than whatever it is showing up for you, use that as a path so that you may uncover and know more deeply about this love, because it is the great important gift to humanity.

Humans willing and able to allow this love can perform those things which you have called miracles. Those aspects by which group consciousness can significantly affect the planet itself. This is the deeper underlying significance of the chain of events that are already in motion as a result of Mr. Gore's movie. As a result of a willingness to receive earth directly. You then are frustrated when you want to make changes through technology, but you are soothed when you want to simply know earth herself, love, and be loved by her.

From such a place sometimes answers can appear in your heart that you would not necessarily want to hear, but you might find difficult because they mean you must change something in your own lifestyle or your relationship or your own belief about yourself. Feel earth's energy with this. You may be strengthened to make such changes. For example, many people wrestle with issues of their own self-esteem. They would look clearly into the eyes of another person and be able to set aside all of their judgments, their issues, the things about the person that remind them of themselves of course, are what those issues and judgments are always about. As they look deep into the eyes of that person very easy than to contact that place of deep love, respect, gratitude, caring, you can look at this in many people. You can even find those whose actions you would find disagreeable, things that you do not agree with, or various aspects in which you would recognize which they are shunting aside responsibility, unwilling to respond and love them even through this, through their mistakes and their difficulties, that you would find this simply by gazing deeply into their eyes or if in your minds eye through the window of the eyes to their soul.

And yet, what about you? Can you look upon your own soul with such a love, such an acceptance, was such a gratefulness and admiration and respect it is right there for you. Yet, many times, in many past lives the things you have done you then judged. You decided that that was not the best way to proceed, you weren’t paying enough attention to your soul or whatever. Perhaps you have held this in your consciousness as an important aspect to forgive, to balance, to shift, whatever, let it go.

Find from the eyes of a being greater than yourself looking deep into your eyes, loving you. A great powerful, gentle, loving, uplifting, respect, a Christ's love of you, forgiveness and caring is right there for you to touch. This is another meaning of being on the shoulders of giants. Those giants of self-respect, self-worth, self understanding that you have seen as admirable as the great teachers, the prophets, the way-showers forgiving and loving you as you may be welcomed now to forgive and love yourself.

And so then why would humans hold aspects of self-deprecation or less than, so often it is simply habit pattern. You have cleared the karma about this, you've learned from it, you have grown, you are ready to throw aside those chains that have been self-imposed for your own learning for so many lifetimes, yet the old habits exert themselves anew.

What to do about this? Welcome with love. Use the bond breaker of love, use the energy of this uplift-ment as you would imagine the eyes of one person loving you, admiring you, seeing the things that you have done, your own mistakes and forgiving you and loving you anyway. So multiply this by many more, by all of those in the world who still talk to you, who still care about you, who still work with you, who still care for you at deeper levels than you even know. Those who if they did come to know you better, would of course forgive, love and respect you. And their guides and their helpers and all the beings that surround you let your-self for a moment then be overwhelmed with this energy so that that deeper love may be reestablished within you in its proper place.

Yes, you are getting the hint, you are beginning to look at this collective energy as if it was something far greater than the individuals and it is God energy loving you. As you then allow this so often then is it easy for a moment or two to change the old habits, when they reassert themselves simply remember God's eyes loving you.

Many aspects of those positions of power are stressed powerfully now. In a few areas in the world it is very easy by just a little bit of this or that to exert such power, in significant opportunity to reduce light, health, strength and other things in people who are ignorant about this. Ignorant does not mean stupid. It usually means that the person has chosen at some level to ignore. Sometimes this means that they simply have not investigated or learned about it. So there are many questions relating to such matters tonight; for instance, about vaccines. Are they helpful, are they detrimental, what are actually in them? It is your ignorance about this that you have this thing that you don't know what it is, from your own direct contact. That is the real problem. But then you must ask our energy or those of other sources.

Of course, it isn’t all that complicated when you interview the right people, the people making the vaccines; when you subject them to chemical analysis yourself, which is not all that expensive to do. When you're able to use your own internal faculties, hold a vaccine in your hand and notice whether it strengthens your energy or reduces your energy by how it feels, but you can receive some of these answers yourself.

We replay the records simply looking at how these things were made. For few people who were involved in this, a positive intent to help people is clearly in place. For a significant number of people who have planned and worked with these substances, quite different objects, goals, and means are being applied. It is well within their knowledge that though there can be some benefits, the detriments long-term, far outweigh any of the benefits. The significant loss in mental functioning, the deep bringing into tissues of mercury and other toxic substances, the opportunity for buried retroviruses to show up ten, twenty or even thirty years later. All of these are a tremendous opportunity brought to a few individuals who could see the balance of power swinging in their direction, if people could be kept in a position of greater difficulty, poor health, misunderstanding about the larger picture about this, and all the rest.

Of course it is very simple matter when you work with nature's principles. When you look at what is actually going on in the world when a virus, or a bacteria, or some substance that you have been told is bad is then allowed into your body. If it can do its job, cleaning up, helping out, purifying, strengthening, it can then move on. And some of you ever had such experiences where benefit has occurred because of the changes that are then brought in by the substances.


But, if a vaccine is taken in fear, think of how much is multiplied in terms of the actual vibration going into the physical body and this is another important aspect. Is health, the issue of health and disease even the issue of the larger issue of the nature of healing, is it something that is best approached by the actions of fear, or the issues of ego? Where in your life have you found those particular ways of approaching things to bear great merit? Over and over so many important spiritual lessons about abundance of the universe, the understanding of consciousness shared amongst people, the love and caring, saying exactly the opposite. That fear is not the way to healing, ego is not the way to manifest your greatest power over others, or over yourself.

From this it then becomes obvious that each aspect in society that is examined as producing those effects of fear and ego is then going to be brought up for people to examine, to look at and work with at some level, another way must be found. It is far easier to do this with vaccines than you realize. But it is a door, whatever door you choose in dismantling those issues of fear and ego that stand in your way, you will inevitably be led to bigger ones relating to a larger community and ultimately to the entire planet.

So then you must understand that the whole issue of vaccines around fear is then holding the aspect in your heart. Your ability to heal, the capacity of the energy of the earth, a natural capacity that have been bred into you for thousands of years, and into your ancestors for hundreds and thousands of years and to their ancestors in the animal kingdom for millions of years simply are more powerful, more deep acting, more helpful then any of these more technological based, rarified, purified, substances. So one must carefully examine this as to why people are susceptible to the viruses, to the bacteria or viruses and other organisms that are then constantly being shown through the media to be something you should be afraid of. It then becomes clear why you should be afraid of them, so that this interlocking cycle can simply continue as it has been and you can remain in ignorance about it so that that full susceptibility and continuing of this can occur.

In the meantime of course, pharmaceutical companies can make lots of money. Various people in positions of political power, can while at the same time reducing intelligence, bringing more disease and difficulties to the planet, be received as heroes for wiping out certain diseases. In other words, rejecting ignorance, stopping the ignoring of this and looking into it more consciously can often yield to you a wall of fear or ego issues that you must walk through to come to the deeper understanding, but the understanding is there.

So why infections? Why the body's need to clear and cleanse? Because you are deviating from the aspects that the body was already programmed for. Those foods, various aspects of environment, sleep patterns, interaction with electro-magnetics, all the rest, that your ancestors and their great ancestors, all have been programmed for. To change the program a little is an important part of your life, all generations, all races all aspects of consciousness, but to take this beyond the level to which you are capable.

This is where it becomes difficult. Exposure to all of the new aspects of stimulation, simply the aspects of human consciousness, people relating to each other, understanding and learning from each other; this is really enough, that is really pretty much all the organism can bear. When you throw into that all the rest of it, the electro-magnetics, the pollutants, the denatured and processed foods, the things that you were not programmed for, it has the overall effect of pulling some of your energy naturally away from those aspects of interactive consciousness, community involvement, awareness and attunement to others, because of course you must take care of the body, you must try to compensate for these issues.

So what is a person to do? When you understand that all processes of what you call disease are simply the body's attempt to come back to health, do not consider that attempt to return to health as the enemy. That a symptom is to be gotten rid of, but find a way to learn from it because the symptom will always have a connection to your aetheric body, to the subtle energy, to your message to your reason for being here, for your attunement to your ancestors and all of the rest of it. That is why given a particular series of stresses each person will react differently. They are receiving according to their own karma, their own predisposition, their own selection of their predetermined characteristics, which you call their DNA. Their own ability to work with these energies in different forms varies from one person to the next, so their symptoms will also vary, but the stresses are still there.

But the other aspect that must be understood from this is, is that there is help for this. If you acknowledge this pattern that humanity has been working through for so long on the shoulders of giants; use the shoulders that are offered to you. Pick someone who has studied this extensively more than yourself and read what they have to say, look at how it has worked for them and the others that they have taught with this. Work with that method for awhile.

We could make a few recommendations here but the point is that as you work with that method and as you notice the changes happening in you, you take notes on this, you share these with others, you go back to these teachers and you work with them further, you may at some point choose a different path, but it's usually best where possible not to mix up paths that are indeed at odds with each other, to do a little of this a little of that until your own intuition wakes up sufficiently that you may chart the course through this and you must of course then know the difference between your own intuition and wishful thinking. Wanting it to be a certain way is not at all the same thing as observing the way it truly is.

Some of those giants in these areas might include Vonderplanitz or Fallon or Knoll, or perhaps even some of the new doctors coming online with some of these ideas. But as you begin to look at them you must have a critical eye, noting in their own personality those aspects that they are ignoring. This means that they will be in ignorance. They will not have knowledge of those particular areas and many times when you are able to contact those learned individuals, those giants, they can indeed receive some of your input, your ideas and change as a result, incorporate more understanding and awareness.

The difficulty in this of course some people looking at you will say, “oh every few years, he or she completely changes the way that they are approaching life,” but you could say you are learning from these giant. You are incorporating fully before you go on to another one. But when you find something that works, stick with it. Find a way in which you can learn more deeply from this and you will then confront some of these deeper issues.

A more practical question is about vibration, how can you more rapidly attune to these energies and as a result, allow them to clear from your body more quickly. This does not mean an infection is resisted or stopped, it is allowed to do its job to the highest and best that it can transform and assist you and as a result you change, so it is no longer necessary.

For this, the Starlight Elixir for transformation, that of the star system Sirius will be very helpful. Not just to take to prevent infection or to help you learn from them or at the onset of an infection, but on a regular basis simply to attune to that energy so that you can get the message, get the shift, get the intuition, get the awareness get the awakening before it ever has to come in as an actual change.

However, in the northern hemisphere, this time of year it is a time in which cold and flu becomes very common. Partly through the animal kingdom, but especially through humans, because the temperature change, the shift of climate, signals in your own body, the need to get rid of anything that would prevent you from your highest invest ability to survive the winter. Those things that can be released through mucus, through digestive system, through sudden changes in metabolism will be easy for the body to throw off, so it will naturally manufacture those substances it needs the most to help you through this.

It is best not to resist it, but instead to learn from it to attune to the higher soul energy connected to this, which brings us to the important visualization of connecting to your collective consciousness. To your close family, to the people you have loved, and who love you, to your soul, to your guides, your helpers. To breathe their energy as you move through this time of fall cleansing or an awareness of the changing season or the cold and flu as it is still called. Let the energies of these great beings, these giants to love and support you, allow this sense of community and connection. And you may find that these difficulties move on more quickly.

An astrological question has been posed with regards to the understanding of the slower moving outer planets. Yes, the mundane chart can be very helpful, but the intent is also always to grasp how they act as a reflector of the collective consciousness. A question has been posed about Mars, the idea that Mars has then come close to Earth and is moving away, nonsense. No astronomer worth his salt would agree with that, though it is indeed coming to a point of farthest away, October 1st of this year, then to gradually slowly come closer until December 2007. The orbits of Earth and Mars are concentric but because the earth moves much faster than Mars, this pulling away and coming together forms a complicated motion if you are simply to look at it as a straight line between Earth and Mars.

When Mars is on the other side of the sun as it will be soon, this energy is even more complicated to figure out. Ultimately though, its effect on earth is simply a reminder to you of your own warlike nature how this can be shifted. This brings in some difficulty than if you see that October 1 is a time when those warlike energies will be at their lowest point and yet you look into the world and see the many difficulties, the many hotspots, the many areas of war and struggle.

Does this mean that these energies are then going to increase? Yes. In many ways you see that this is necessary for human consciousness because these are hotspots where there are conflicts because people can’t agree. They struggle about issues they do not understand the larger opportunities, the greater aspects available to them for loving and caring for each other, for sharing their lands, for finding the ways of greater abundance through their own ability to share food, resources, energy, and even love.

This means that Mars than moving through this cycle is able to help, to clear some of these energies to give you new opportunities to emphasize these energies more strongly if possible so that you will be pushed to make new choices. After all, how many thousands of years in solving problems through war does it take? Don't people eventually tire of this? Don't they find some other path?

It is surprising sometimes when you approach it from such a point of view, and at the same time a sense of love and forgiveness in your heart; to read, to learn of the news, to hear of these aspects of the news of trouble and struggle and starvation and hurt and fear. And to see that indeed these people are patterning their own lives after those of their recent forbearers of their political agenda of those in positions of power over them. Instead of finding another way, they follow those old patterns over and over because they do not recognize, they ignore that there are other possibilities.

How can this be known? Yes it can be shown to them through the media or various aspects of religion or philosophy, but is also shown by the direct communication from your heart, where there can be greater love, this possibility can show up. Must I respond this way, or can I respond some other way, merely to ask this question, can often lead combatants, people in position of great struggle or difficulty to look for help and assistance in paths they have previously ignored.

There is a question about the guides of our guides. These beings have gone by the name Elohim. Many of you have seen pictures of the Milky Way galaxy as synthesized of course by astronomers and others because no capacity to view the Milky Way from far away still has been allowed to exist. This is one of the gifts the Elohim can bring you every time you look at a synthesized picture of the Milky Way. They are as if with you looking through your eyes on this great and beautiful creation.

Yet, by observing the other galaxies seeing the similar movements, energies, and patterns, you can indeed have a fairly accurate picture of your own galaxy. Your earth is located in a spiral arm of stars which swirl in towards the galactic center, which you can view in the night sky near constellations of Hercules and Sagittarius. But as you become aware of your place in this and see of this swirling energy, it is called a spiral arm, and you can understand that connected to that arm are two beings. They are beings of great light, strength, energy creativity. They helped to put that spiral arm of the galaxy in place.

They are the Elohim loving you, understanding you, working with you. They are the creators of many of these star systems in this region of the galaxy. They are the creators of life in ways that you do not comprehend yet, the predecessor to your sun towards the galactic center, the motion of the galaxy itself, the very being of the galaxy itself. This is perhaps a better way to understand their energy.

Elohim: You feel our presence, we sit with you in your hearts. Yet we want nothing, we ask for nothing, we require nothing. From nothing is where all of it was first made. Now we breathe through you, and as you hold your hands as if cradling something small and beautiful in front of you. You hold your own heart, precious, beautiful, a radiant light. This is how we hold you. This is how we see you, our precious creation. Yet, with so much you are capable of, so much you will choose, so much to enjoy, so much to lose. That it is an energy within you that can be chosen to throw away. Yet, when you lift, when you feel, when you know our love it caresses your hands. It says to you hold this beautiful special energy this energy of your heart as if you are creating it for the first time.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again, these beings as Elohim have been perceived as angels, Archangels, as various forms of the many beings that they have helped create and in many ways are directly responsible for. Yet they are not to be confused with such, they are the point of pure creativity as you come to understand it. They are not separate from any aspect of existence, always able to bring their presence in to you if you ask, if you wish it, if you welcome it. We need to pause here briefly.

Yes Hilarion here again. We would ask all of you as you become aware again of the emerald light to see its natural swirling. And this swirling energy able to assist you as you stretch as you move as you release. This is an energy that is always present to assist. Yes, perhaps you could toss out a few questions, Jill.

Jill: Okay, here's one from Europe. Some European countries are starting into digital radio and broadcasting in 2007. Are there any possible serious health concerns with this technique or any new technology? How can we minimize them?

Hilarion: digital technology, makes use of sharp transition for the creation of the ones and zeros, which lead to spurious, higher vibrational energies. These are largely untapped. Not having particular energies towards either good or bad, so it is possible to manipulate these in a positive way if you know how.

Take a clear quartz crystal, program it by squeezing it and having a “clear” thought within you. That is as you squeeze it, clear is the energy that you feel. Then place this on top of one of these digital receivers, transmitters, and so on. With the idea that such a clearing, such positive helpful energy will continue. This may seem an oversimplification, but it is interesting in our observation of this how the crystals have a more profound impact on digital than they do on analog.

The intrinsic nature of any form of communication is not in of itself good or bad, but the unfortunate side effect to digital communication is that it is in many ways quite different from various analog processes in your body, so it can be somewhat disturbing. This is where such clearing can be helpful. The other side to it is simply that the opportunity for more subliminals is present because they can be easily buried in the digital signal. Some individuals will likely discover this in the next few years so become aware of this if you watch television and begin to have sudden impulses or energies that do not seem so useful or of your own. And you may be able to discern some of these, and even filter them out with the second crystal.

After programming it with this idea of clearing then have within it the idea of love, a sense in your heart, of the greatest awakening, kindness, or positive energy. Place this on top of or next to the wires, the incoming digital signals and outgoing signals on the receivers themselves and so on, and this may also be somewhat helpful. Ultimately though, in working with any of these forms of digital communication you will be tuning in to more base levels of what are termed random phenomenon. As the atoms themselves move into various conditions and states.

This is a good thing because this randomness is actually a communication, a conscious, continuous interaction of the universe communicating and knowing with itself. It is one of the reasons why digital communication to some extent, being strengthened and allowed because it takes you one step closer to the rhythms of the universe. The unfortunate side effect that has nothing to do with digital in and of itself, is that radio frequency transmissions, radio energies and electric energies are increasing dramatically on your planet. Cell phone communication, Internet through wireless communication, 802 (“Wi-Fi”) standards and others are particularly problematic.

These must be reduced as much as possible in your vicinity to use your cell phones for as brief a time as possible, to use wired communications between computers rather than wireless would be clear, easy to make recommendation at this time without significant enhancement of costs. At the same time, though, you must recognize that there are energies within you, these are in many ways stronger than anything that is digitized or radio frequency around you.

So if everyday for a few minutes, you can simply get your feet on the earth the bare feet. No socks or shoes to walk upon earth's surface on the grass, on the newly residue on the grass in the morning, on the beach, or touching the soil. And then to see an energy field around yourself, pulsing, strong, clear. This is one of the best protections you have for any of the opportunities for these electro-magnetics to be disturbing or difficult because the earth herself in loving you and communicating with you, also shares an electrical energy, and that energy is much stronger when your direct connection with earth is enhanced. It is not enough to walk on the wooden floor. This is an insulator, it is the direct attunement to earth herself that is important to do every day for a few minutes. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Thank you Hilarion. There has been much written on the Internet over this past year about groups of friendly ET's that have been helping humanity by trying to lessen the severity of the current time of tribulation. According to these reports ET's have been using their technology to do things as allowing pressures in the earth to dissipate gradually rather than in one powerful earthquake. Disarming nuclear weapons that have been meant for use in terrorist attacks and lessening the effects of climate changes. Can you comment on that?

Hilarion: Yes. It is good that others are beginning to recognize what we spoke about in the early 1980s, and indeed this is one of the areas that has been an important concern between ourselves and some of these extraterrestrials that we have been given permission to speak of such matters to allow easier time of communication yourselves with such beings and so on.

The opportunity scientifically to muffle a nuclear explosion is beyond your current technological capability and could present some difficulties when fully understood. But as people are beginning to grasp that this is possible they may have opportunities to do quite a bit of work in cleaning up nuclear waste and doing this themselves with water is one of technologies, that is in fact used by these extraterrestrials.

Water is burned, this is done by electrolysis and recombination, while in the presence of a flame and such then will tend to change various materials, transform them, isolate them, and in many cases, reconstitute them back when they are radioactive to their non-radioactive forms.

This is a slow method of course, a spark like the brilliance of a star is utilized with water to neutralize radioactive materials that are releasing energy suddenly such as in a nuclear bomb, and such was first utilized in the underground tests in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Yet, such still presents its own difficulties and its own problems. The muffling of these was not to prevent nuclear waste which of course has continued and continues to pollute the water table in these areas where such nuclear explosions are currently being used now and have been used in the past.

But in fact, such muffling was deliberately placed to prevent the destruction of local space. As such high intense energies can tear at the fabric of space itself and the many local star systems, those within this spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy would be eventually destroyed as a result should this not be muffled at its source, that is not an all an altruistic reason for stopping these difficulties.

And gradually then from this more opportunities have been shared with higher vibrational beings, guides, helpers, and many extraterrestrials so that more attention can then be placed for helping people, by disrupting various powerful, difficult aspects of Earth's change.

However, the most important aspect of this is actually not the extra terrestrial influence yes, this is important because technologically it is only permitted when it is in alignment with humanity's own desire. But humanity's desire is very much around the nonphysical beings who are your guides and helpers, those who at times do not understand you and those who are intrusive and who do not even know that they are dead, all coming into bodies together. The nonphysical beings outnumber you about nine to one and this total collection of souls as it stays with Earth constantly, interacting from the other dimensions working with you across the intermissive time, across the realms, numbers about fifty billion, including you in incarnation and all of those who are not yet alive and those who seek to be alive.

So when the population can sustain fifty billion, as it eventually will, as all of these beings come into form together at that point then various new energies may be present. It may then be possible to change things dramatically on earth. Until that time the word is out, you might say, for extraterrestrials and beings at any higher vibrational level to help do whatever they can so that destruction and difficulty on your planet is minimized.

This is frustrating for those in a position of power who are depending upon religious prediction, prophecy, and so on, the bringing of a tribulation time for instance, a great rapture or destruction of the majority of humanity. But obviously, doing so would make it even harder for all fifty billion to come into incarnation together. Remember this when you are looking with your own understanding of the future to various predictions that are being made by others.

Would these predictions then be those which would assist for all fifty billion to come into consciousness together or would they slow it down or prevent it? From this you will see a general trend of various predictions that do indeed come to pass, and those which are simply a manifestation of the fearful nature, the religious nature or the egoic nature of those involved.

So you have in your government right now, a small group of beings in US history unprecedented who believe that this tribulation can be brought upon the earth for the benefit of all, by fostering a war or harm in the Middle East, as would then be that which follows these predictions. Yet, when they do not see the symbols showing up, lining up in the way that has been predicted, they are then perplexed. Where then will be my place in history is what some of these beings may ask? Your place in history is in your love, your contribution, your willingness to assist, not in your fulfillment of prophecy.

And when you can have this in your heart as your true answer you can shift aspects of this worldwide, because this force, this gradually strengthening energy, that prophecy can be brought into form by the hand of a human is an important factor, becoming more and more important and likely to increase in importance for the next few years.

Modify this with your own hearts love. I understand why you want to be seen as important. I know you are loved deeply. This sort of energy is an alternative because of course people through ego at such level want to be known as loved. When they are then known this for themselves, it is then much easier to make the correct decisions to see the other possibility, a place for love, further questions?

Jill: I love the plant and animal Kingdom, especially trees. I carry a deep sorrow and a lot of pain over cruel and unconscious suffering they bear at the hands of humans. How can we shift our vibrations to a more peaceful and productive understanding and do the trees feel the pain when they're cut?

Hilarion: Learn about this through science and what you will discover, is that indeed yes, the animals, the plants, and all of the different Kingdoms do feel pain, and death, destruction, and the consequent breaking down and reconstituting and re-building is happening in your physical body second by second, across the planet, eon by eon and throughout the universe on a constant basis. What about the poor hydrogen atoms, breaking apart, fusing into helium, changing their energy, that is the basis of your sun. It is a far louder scream than anything on earth, because your sun is so much bigger than many, many of your earth’s put together. And this powerful energy is occurring constantly. The energy can be perceived as transforming as an energy by which change happens.

Now, you understand why change is so difficult for you, why it is so painful, because in your life personally, indeed the aspects of true deep transformative change will often produce pain, struggle and difficulty. Any time you see suffering outside of yourself, anytime there is a judgment upon what you think is appropriate for someone us to do, to someone else or something else. Anytime you look outside of yourself and begin to observe areas that you wish were different; that you wish could be shifted, be it in a relationship, a person a particular relationship to the earth or to plants or animals. It is all the same. It is an aspect of the law of reflection. It is about yourself. Indeed of course there are these things going on in the world and that is always true, but it is in your relationship to it that you begin to learn about yourself.

Where do you allow yourself to suffer? What do you do to yourself that is not perhaps the highest and best? Where do you allow yourself for instance to be stressed? Where do you eat or drink something that you know when you tune into it is not the highest and best, the maximum of the body's ability, the maximum nutrition, the maximum health. Each time you look at these reflections, you can learn more about suffering without the desire anymore to change it.

You can ultimately welcome it as if to say that thing has taught me something and I am now better, bigger, stronger, clearer, more loving as a result. I truly, deeply, welcome that experience because of this. Now, that is often a difficult place to go to, but it is the real litmus test. The real way of testing and knowing that ultimately, you have come to terms with this deeper lesson about the law of reflection, when it really comes ultimately to welcoming, then the agenda lifts.

You don't usually realize it when you see the suffering action, when you see something you think should be different. It doesn't matter if it is a plant or animal or a relationship the same principle applies. You are in it at that moment by beginning to look at it, by asking for instance, Byron Katie’s four questions about it, by using “the turnaround,” by asking what do you want more than the end of suffering, and what do you want more than that? And what do you want more than that? By examining and looking at it inquiring, learning, you gradually grow. Eventually what happens as a result, when you get to that welcoming place is, the agenda disappears. It's no longer necessary in order to make yourself more whole, more learned, more loving. It's no longer necessary for anything.

In that place, now with no agenda, re- examine, look again at that situation now in a new way. Not dispassionately but with the love that wants nothing. Don't call it loving the plant if what you really mean is, I want the plant to be happier, to grow more beautifully, to be without suffering. That is not love, that is wanting something. Then from that place now that is agenda less, that does not want anything, love, what will happen to you and to that plant is the miracle we were speaking of earlier. At first, it is very tiny, it might be a tiny genetic change that takes many generations of that plant before it manifests. Or it might be something powerful and dramatic and beautiful as in a deva or a plant speaking to you, sharing with you a positive helpful energy, a new point of view, a new understanding about this. Connecting you to all of the things that plant has destroyed in order to grow, connecting you to the ways it has given life as it has grown. The ever-changing capacities of life and death cannot be judged in the small context by which suffering is in resonance with your own suffering.

It must be understood always at the greater context and in that context, God has created in this aspect of the galaxy, this aspect of the universe, an opportunity to learn and grow from the suffering, from the struggle, from the life, and from the death. And so it is reflected in your own body in the way you are at this very moment killing millions of bacteria.

Bacteria themselves have voice and clearly experience pain when they are then subjected to various stimuli, they react in ways that you can certainly interpret as that, and yet you do this for your own survival. As you begin to understand and work with this principle you will also began to recognize that there is an aspect that doesn't suffer that actually dances, revels, enjoys. It is the collective consciousness. It is the place where the manifesting principle of a bacteria and your consciousness for survival are at one. Not only at peace, but at a place of joy with that bacterium saying, I come into your body to do my job and be killed by you so that I may learn, grow, love, dance so that I may through you, see and enjoy life.

This is what we have spoken of in our book through our friend in Canada, “Other Kingdoms.” The idea that this energy of the sharing at all levels takes place constantly and through all of this, all on your planet learn and grow together. It is not easy to have the larger picture and to understand it and to embrace it is not to justify your deliberate creating of an imbalanced situation through your own karma, of those things that might better be handled by using an inquiry process, by using your own self-reflection and understanding.

In this way you can come to a place of greater love so that while those plants and animals are around you they can experience from you, what they came here for more powerfully and more deeply; your love, your friendship, your lesson about this, your own capacity to uplift and enlighten and strengthen. Think on these words. You may find them quite interesting when you go back to where they began and how they can lead you through this path in different ways each time. Further question?

Jill: I think were coming to the end of the CD and I have more questions, shall we continue?

Hilarion: No. But the idea is that by looking from these different points of view, so much can be accepted and worked with. Yet, there is within each of you a voice, a voice of love, a voice in your heart, a voice that knows answers, that seeks to understand and work with what is presented in the world. Set aside questions, answers, ideas. Set aside thoughts, how do you do that? I’m always thinking you would often respond. No. If you put your attention elsewhere the thoughts can easily dissipate. The past and all that it signifies is gone. The future has not yet occurred yet, so your attention can be right here. Put it on your breath. Do not change the breathing but just notice it. Just breathe.

When you then approach questions, problems, ideas, all kinds of ideas, new ideas, new potential, new energy, new light, they are all with you, loving you, breathing with you. Be in that place now, noticing your breath, letting it fill you and release you. Pose your questions. Those things you were interested in. You may begin to notice answers in a whole different form. Do not think or judge or look at those answers but just put your attention back on the breath. As you breathe now welcome the emerald light. See it coming in now strong and clear from infinitely upwards through you to the center of earth, as it forms a cylinder that is about 30 m, that is 100 feet in diameter, as you breathe this light remember your connection to the soles of your feet and mother earth, and receive her loving response. A gentle loving ommm bubbling up into your heart and now shared out loud. Goodbye. Ommm.......

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