Jill: Greetings, today is December 25, 2006. We are gathered in Nevada City to do a Hilarion channeling for the Winter Solstice. Hilarion will be answering questions submitted through email. For further information on channeling, books, tapes and CDs, contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959, or contact us on the web at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings. This is that energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. We ask that you be aware of a helpful, loving energy as it forms a connecting cylinder of light. It pours from infinitely upwards through you to the center of the earth. It gradually expands in your heart, but as it does so there is a sensation with this light, a wind; a gentle swirling breeze, a sense of lightness, of warmth, as if there is this willingness to be with an old friend.

Not our energy but your energy, your highest self, your guides, helpers, the highest, helpful, loving energy; all of this as one within this emerald light within you. This cylinder of light, becoming now about 100 feet in diameter (that is - about 33 meters), and as you breathe this light you are aware of its connection, infinitely upwards, symbolizing its connection to the center of the universe, to your highest self. But, also below your feet, this light, connecting to center of earth, symbolizing your connection to the physical to the material.

This ability to bridge is essential for human consciousness. It is many times an important lesson that you've come here to learn in a way that cannot be learned when you are out of the body; when you are non-physical. When you are in a position by which you are unable to grasp or understand at a pure emotional level these sorts of energies. It then becomes a matter of a careful plan on your own part to develop the consciousness. To be in physical, yet at the same time, maintain this higher contact with the higher aspect, the spiritual aspect, the vibration, that is not based on physicality.

In the physical world your vibration is able to work with matter correct shift change manifests its vibration to match that of your own. This understanding of the development into the physical across dimensions is important because many of the ways in which you ask your questions would appear to be based upon the idea that you are essentially physical. Perhaps you are a human being having this experience, but really you are spiritual. There is the manifestation of your own intrinsic vibration that brings you here.

It is this journey that once you have forgotten or gone through so many lifetimes or habits in working with others, that you have forgotten this, that you then require some reminder. In the past, this has been the appearance of a prophet. Sometimes these beings are necessary to draw your attention to the idea that you are essentially this spiritual, you are this non-physical, you are this consciousness. Because you would say then, that as that one so then shall I.

Yet, such manifestation of the prophet then has difficulties associated with it. That manifestation bringing forth religious strife, the utilization of the power aspect of others to draw in the ways in which they will remain in positions of power, abusing the connection to the prophet, abusing the ways in which that power might than manifest with themselves in ignorance of the profits essential words. The many profits, the various ways in which these teachings have been shared, they are all different. Different languages, different ways, different aspects, yet many of these energies have important connections within human consciousness to each other.

There are those who study this and work with the cross connections across religions, look for the essential truths by studying the history of religions. Still though, the real answer to this understanding of the prophets, of what they have come into teach you, what you've learned from them and so on, is not an energy that is as much about this scholarly aspect or its interconnection, as it is the connection in your heart. The way in which the love aspect joining with the physicality of being, is merged with the love aspect, joined with the spirituality of your being.

In many ways this is the essential message that is brought forth through the many religious teachings focalizing in the winter solstice period in the northern hemisphere. A time in which, because of the longer darkness and shorter days, there is greater difficulty within the consciousness of the old wondering when would the sun re-appear, the sheltering against the cold and so on.

This aspect though deep within genetics is that which you override in your consciousness, because you know better, because you find your own warmth, because you find the greater light. Still though, it is deep within the animal consciousness.

So also then by appreciating, welcoming, knowing, being with in your own mind, the animals, you are able to some extent, to relieve this. It is also important at this time to make deeper contact at the psychic level or subtle level with the animal spirits, the animals around you, because indeed it is a time in which they are also feeling some of this in a very visceral way; some of their own fears, their own struggles, their own difficulties with the understanding of the seasons.

So for a moment, we ask you to imagine an animal; anyone that comes to your consciousness, be it a beast that would fly, or swim, or walk or just sit still. And that being is by your side, than you are then for that moment, one, sharing a positive, helpful, loving energy, and that this energy that is shared is one that communicates to your own inner consciousness the ideas that there is love, a simple love, a welcoming of being, a sharing between you of the earth.

Then you imagine within your own consciousness, the awareness of the sun rising, of the springtime coming of the youthful energy of the earth blossoming as if the animal to know, yes, this also will be there yet again for you .As you give this gift, your own visualization, your own awareness of the awareness of this, the animal will always return this in a different way, with its own joy.

Perhaps you recognize it bouncing about, springing or leaping in the springtime. Perhaps you see it awakening from a long winter sleep. Perhaps you are imagining its warmth or love, as it brings forth into the world, babies. But the importance of this is not the particular visualization but the idea that you are being shared with, because at all levels energy works in both directions. In many ways, this is Tesla's greatest lesson, not the lessons that he gave in terms of inventions, technologies, the awareness of the subtle energy, but the most important, the most widely utilized that of AC electricity, utilized now the world over.

You can hardly go a few miles in any direction without encountering AC electricity somewhere on this planet and the simple realization that as the energy would move in one direction and move back towards its source, then this could in and of itself be that which would power something very much farther away than the movement of that energy.

This is a simple realization at the physical level as if the adjoining or connectivity of the metallic substances through the wires conveying this energy from source to sink. That is from where the energy starts to where it ends. But it is not do so directly, just only when moving those aspects next to each other.

Now there are those who call these electrons and there are those who study them and talk about current but that is more detailed then we want to get into. It is the idea that one

connects to the other and that in such connection when you transfer energy in one direction, you are for that moment, unbalanced, able then to receive energy and so then you do and you receive it back and in this way, that powerful connectivity shares.

It is the most widespread utilization of energy transmission on your planet and it is a great gift at the simple level of spirituality, of symbolism, of psychology that you are interconnected, and that whenever energy is given in one way, it is then open within you to receive it through the same way, but out of phase, in a way that you hadn't expected, in a way in which you can now receive it. In a way that perhaps, you are easily gently open to it without even realizing.

And so when you ask about the nonphysical beings surrounding you, your interaction with them, how they work with you, realize that as you put energy on this you are simultaneously sending energy into the problem, and opening yourself to receive answers of an energetic way in a way that you had not necessarily prepared for.

The very idea of creating protection around yourself generates the idea that you need protection. Hence, when you are seeking to protect against, you’re opening a way, an avenue in which you will receive a variation, a shifted energy form, from the very source that you're trying to protect against.

This is a difficult concept when you start to think of it in DC terms, you're going to put up a wall, you're going to push against something, sit still in that sense, but it is actually a much easier concept when you think of it in AC terms; that there is a constant flux of moving forward and backward, forward and backward, as if you are pushing and pulling constantly. Therefore, how do you simply quiet down this?

There is of course the greater message in this, the place in which you are deeply quiet, neither seeking to move or not move, simply a place of being-ness. But many times the mind is active. It is in this state of constant pushing and pulling interacting on many levels. So the highest level answer to any degree of desire for psychic protection, changing things in the world, bringing more peace or all of the rest of it, is simply to stop, to go to the place of higher consciousness, to go to the place of emptiness, of pure presence.

An easy way to do this is to focus on which is constantly pushing and pulling within your being which you never stop while you're alive and that is your breath that you focus on it and are aware of it as a tool and an exclusion to all other things. It then allows you to go to that place of emptiness, of oneness, because any thought that shows up, you just reject it, and put your attention right back on the breath and even thought then reminding you that there is this activity connected to that which doesn't exist, the past. Or that which hasn't existed yet, the future, and you bring your attention back to here and now.

But generally for most people because of their habits, habits extending back across many past lives, they are unable to do this for very long. So instead for a while they will put their attention on something else, their thoughts, their ideas, their fears, their hopes, their dreams, their plans. And in many ways then, even when it is in the most positive they're very strongly connecting to and affecting their reality. This constant movement is that which is producing your reality. Shaping it, forming it, the fuel of your emotions being that which makes it most strong and clear and those nuances relating to your own personality, drawing from you or rejecting from you those aspects that have most relevance to your own life.

Therefore, does it not make sense that you are aligning with those energies, those concepts, those ideas when you move out of the place of presence and oneness that you are aligning with those concepts and ideas that are most harmonious to what you then see as the most important.

The whole idea of psychic protection being that concept or idea that you might wish to re-examine, come to a new understanding about, in the sense that when there is joy, a sense of great light, an energy from you, positive, helpful, loving, that this is the energy that would go out into the world, into the universe in various ways and create the sort of scenarios and connection to others and other aspects of being that you find most desirable without having to know precisely how they would be. You do not have to be in control of the outcome to have an awareness of its innate positive nature.

This is true psychic protection and that you are creating a protective, helpful universe, environment, helpful energy, and this is a very important thing to understand and why we often begin with such activities as an emerald light cylinder within it are many possibilities, many ways of being, many aspects of understanding.

At this time, in a great celebration of the awareness of the birth of the Christ on your planet is the energy of Christmas an energy which has been utilized in many societies, religions, the different ways of working with them and so on to move very far away from the initial aspect, the celebration of the birth of a child.

Yet there are those who question this, who come to look at it more deeply, and that is good, because after all, an understanding of that which has been changed over millennia one often comes then to a core belief or core understanding. Still though there are many questions. What was it like for Mary and how would she in her own understanding of what occurred to her be in a position to birth? How did it feel? There was no pain. Yet it was also a higher vibration as if an energy was to be with her both physical and nonphysical. Any beings to attend and work with this who were both nonphysical and physical. Beings from many sources recognizing the opportunity for a great light to come to earth and at the same time recognizing the sacrifices, the suffering, the issues that such a life would confront.

Still though, these are powerful and important symbols for women everywhere. For mothers everywhere, for those who contend with every aspect of this experience, and at the higher vibrational level of course, the whole idea of creativity, bringing to form that which is formless and manifesting this in a way that could be helpful, loving and could affect the world in a positive and useful way.

So for everyone these lessons are an important energy. The story of the Nativity, in its simplest form, to remind you of the connection outside of the usual ways in the manger, away from everyone by the animals, the idea of simplicity, the manifestation of the energies in its purest form.

Still though, are those that questions the historical significance who come to understand this from the point of view of pure history and so on, and it is better to understand many of the important aspects of the Nativity, of the birth of this being, and other aspects of this in its purest symbolic form because these symbols have been repeated so many times that they are actually more powerful symbolically than any actual event, any actual manifestation. It is the re- creation in people's consciousness over and over of this legend that has its most powerful, helpful opportunity in you.

So how could you at this time birth a sense of great love, compassion, a caring, of bringing forth into the world something that would then bring to others, of greater awareness of their lives of the manifestation from the nonphysical to the physical. There are different ways in which people celebrate Christmas worldwide, but there does seem to be such a uniform purpose of commerciality on the transference of gifts, money, expectations and all of the rest of it. Coming deep into this at its core level can for many people be difficult, so difficult that they actually give it up. They simply give over to this deeper spirit and the energies of the money, presents, finance, and all the rest.

Still, though, the energy at its core form, is there. It is there as a gentle whisper always. It is held within each of the symbols such as the light of a candle, or the beauty of the tree or the twinkle in a child’s eye. If you can find this for yourself at this time of year it can often be a helpful experience. It is also noted that there are questions about the physical health, about the physical body and its need to move through various phases, healing strengthening, working through different energies and so on.

It is important that people realize that many of the rituals people go through in order to cleanse and work with the physical body such as bathing or showering or any of the more mundane activities have dual meaning. These are also symbolic, as well as physical and those symbols have been utilized by mankind for millennia. Hence, you see the bathing rituals in all religions turned into various other cleansing rituals such as the mitzvah, or the baptism or the various ways of unearthing, birthing, and awakening human emotion through water.

Still though, if you can find this deeper in yourself, to find your own meaning, you can bring a sense of that which is holy or spiritual or special to even the most mundane of rituals. Sometimes this is difficult for people because they are so immersed, yet the deeper question, can you look for this, can you find it in your life? The simple symbols of everyday cleansing and clearing to use the feeling sense, the emotions, symbolized by water, to take that which you are holding on to and let it go, let it be flushed away or released into the world in some way.

Now of course, at the larger level in an understanding of the connectedness of everything on earth, you are flushing nothing away. You are simply changing its form so that it is recycled in the whole different way. Ultimately, those aspects that are waste products not needed by your body released from you in whatever form are those which then can provide organic material to continually rebuild and form the basis of food, water, air oxygen, all of the components for life.

This larger view is not symbolic. It is the aspect of the recycling that is actually occurring on your planet. So it is now suggested that as you are aware of this higher spiritual form, the various ways in which that which is released from you means a release of that which you no longer need. See how it is also needed by others. Needed by those who share it in the world or work with it to re-create, reform and ultimately to return to you in a new form that which is assimillable, useful, nutrient based, loving based, emotion based, or whatever.

In such a way you then can extend your consciousness further and further into the world. This will have its effect eventually of some of the nullification of the various aspects that are creating many problems on your planet. Pollution, struggles with the earth’s atmosphere, leading to what has been observed as a gradual rise in ocean, air, and land temperatures, that which is called global warming. Although, we have spoken of this frequently in the past it is now with the new attention on this as the voices of others, various political leaders in particular, can be added to this.

The important part to understand about this is not so much each of the specifics, the specifics themselves are very interesting and will produce many surprises over the next few years for many. But, it is the overall picture, this connectedness this sense of wholeness, because within this is not only the solution at a technological level but at a political level. This is with the greatest difficulty seem to lie because political and economic aspects are continuing to drive the manifestation of the pollution that is leading to the difficulties of global warming. These cannot be corrected very easily when the priorities are such that the keeping of jobs, the manifestation of income, the political power, those countries in positions of power and those who are not and so on, is seen as more important than any of the other aspects that would naturally self correct.

So if you have the idea that you are connected to that which is released from your body from shaving or bathing or cutting of hair is that which is somehow recycles moves through the environment and re-manifest itself somewhere such simple idea of such a simple awareness of how it all connects to everything can gradually change from the inside out how people view their world and their lives. The greater difficulty is now been discovered as scientists begin to examine carefully all of the ramifications. It is as if still the whole idea of ecology or holism or whole systems is in its infancy.

For instance, recent discoveries that shortly after flooding large areas in order to produce hydroelectric power when those areas contained any degree of plant life, which is very common, that those plants then under submerging of water are able to break down in such a way as to produce huge quantities of methane. This methane as it bubbles to the surface of the water and moves into the upper atmosphere causes ozone destruction, further global warming, breakdown of substances into carbon dioxide, and so on.

Hence, the effort to produce clean electric power from dams produces global warming through the methane process for about twenty years after the dam has been completed. In understanding these and other simple matters scientists will have many important and useful solutions over time. These are important, it is important to constantly be looking at the larger picture here.

But, you are spiritual beings who have elected a human experience on a planet in which for your very survival, the very old methods must be overturned and the new ones taken into account, worked with more consciously. This is done on an individual basis, it is done on a global basis but it is what you have come here for. It is a way in which you have learned to interact cooperate and love each other because it is your shared home and home of your children's children.

When you think of these points of view sometimes what gradually emerges from this are entirely radical new points of view, new methods of energy production, new techniques and technologies. These may seem to be the important result, they are not. They are another point, a beginning point an opportunity to on a temporary basis keep things balanced enough and your children's children will have a world to live in and will survive in a way that is helpful to all.

But, a more important aspect is because you chose to become physical you are to learn from this process. This ability to love, assist and care for each other. The ability to share the resources of this world and to understand the meaning of such sharing as the sharing of the resources of the universe; a sea of love an endless energetic possibility, a sequence for you in your own growth, your own willingness to grow with others and learn from them.

The larger aspect always to be applied, that is, the symbols of global warming, the symbols of interconnectivity, the symbols of cooperation as you understand these more deeply within your own consciousness you grow as a soul in a way that you take with you when you leave this world. Perhaps you have a few more questions for us to tackle today?

Jill: In his book the Healing Power of Sound, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor reports some success in working with cancer patients using singing bowls. I’d like to experiment with this on my own but I don’t know the difference between crystal singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowls. Can Hilarion please provide information as to why this is so effective and how we can start working with these? There is also another question about healing humans using sound.

Hilarion: The whole idea of healing must be used in its correct context. What does it mean when you are working with the universal law principles? You come to some place in which for whatever reason that principle is being activated more powerfully than others. One might see this as being out of balance with the universal law. It is not really quite correct since you are always in balance, but the way it manifests in your body, that is the usual reason healing is required, is from this out of balance condition. Energy is put in one place and through the ignorance of how that is affecting things, your life, your words, whatever, it then re-manifests somewhere within your being.

This principle will eventually correct itself. It can do so physically if you understand it quickly and easily. If you resist this, then it manifests non-physically so you take that energy, that useful lesson with you into the next life and repeat the process. In doing this, you would eventually lifetime after lifetime come to some aspect of the true balance, the healing, perhaps then you would tackle another universal law. Since there are twelve of them you will have ample opportunity to work on many principles lifetime after lifetime.

This is why it is so often suggested that you come to the deeper understanding of what principle is being utilized in the healing process that you are experiencing. Now people would say, ‘I’m not experiencing a healing process I’m experiencing a suffering process,” when they are experiencing pain in the body or some difficulty or cold or flu or whatever it is. No, the body is in a healing process. The pain that you are experiencing is part of that process, oftentimes necessary to look more consciously and carefully at the law that is then being worked with.

Now we know this is a much larger overview than you asked for since you were asking more around the specifics of sound but then you begin to recognize where this shows up because sound is an alternate pathway. It need not always be through the touching of the body or the taking of a drug or the utilization of a homeopathic remedy or the utilization of a food or of an herb or a manifestation of some aspect of light or consciousness or thoughts. It could be that of sound all of these are important modalities in correcting.

But the correcting only comes at the physical level, changed at the higher level. In some of these modalities sound will affect at the physical but will also remind you of various other vibrations and help you through alternate pathways to help you discover these other aspects. If it does not then the healing is temporary, the sound would have to be repeated over and over and over just the way one might for instance take a drug repeatedly in order to produce the same human response.

This is not a true healing it is only an alleviation of symptoms. Yet, true healing has been noted with sound and oftentimes this occurs because at the same time as there is some aspect of physical vibration being shifted there is also a new awareness, a willingness to change one's relationship to that universal law principle or to work with things on a different level.

With each of the ways of producing sound, there are all kinds of different responses. It is interesting to note however that vibration carries with it some aspect of the source from which that vibration is made. So a vocalization may carry with it some of the intent of the person singing, chanting, speaking, vocalizing and that aspect could be very helpful affirmation, intent, a powerful, loving vibration; an energy of healing on many levels.

Hence, many ways of speaking and vocalization can be powerful profound healing technologies. But still, this is true also of the other ways the ways in which instruments are used to produce sound that some of the characteristics of these are carried forth.

The Tibetans studied this for many years. They recognized that bowls that could be made of metal could have within the composition of the metal various substances mixed in and so over many decades gradually were developed bowls with nine different metals, different substances blended and put in. Those which some might even consider poisonous but when in alloy with other materials, the most important being copper these materials than create a new resonance, new energy and some of this is conferred by the sound.

A whole different approach than from the point of view of the materials with a crystal bowl these are generally made from crushed quartz or from sand and this is heated to an extremely high temperature and then formed typically by a spinning action into the bowl shape. This then is producing a very pure vibration not only in the actual way it forms but also in that energy of that quartz, that pure amplification, that energy that says if you can tune into an energy that is of a higher vibration than this sound will amplify it..

These are different approaches, the different materials producing their own responses within people and they are quite complementary, you can use both quite nicely with people. But the most important attribute in using any kind of sound healing is the same as with any kind of positive, helpful, ongoing healing, not that of the external, that which is added to the person but that which they generate themselves.

The bowls of any kind, just like any sort of meditative, generally constant, easy to work with sound, can draw you into an altered state; can awaken other levels of consciousness. These are somewhat healing to some extent simply because they allow deeper relaxation. But if during that process you can attune to a higher vibration, an energy of your guides and helpers, a tuning into your higher self, an energy of your own causation, your causal body an energy that says, “I am here to…?

Perhaps it is to love and you have ignored this. I am here to live fully and you have ignored this. I am here to manifest in the world what I have learned so that others may be able to work with, and you have ignored this. If in some way at tuning to that aspect of your own source enables you to bring more of it through- naturally then you come back into alignment with other aspects of your own being, aspects you have forgotten, aspects which need your attention and so on.

It is not to say that one form, one instrument, one methodology is intrinsically better than others; use each in their own way. Find the different ways in which these resonate with you and you can be playful with them and enjoy them and awaken them more deeply. Does this help?

Jill: Thank you, Hilarion. Could you please discuss the physical, energetic, and the emotional benefits of the choice between contact lenses and glasses? Comment on laser surgery and its long-term effects.

Hilarion: The work of many of the ancients in understanding eye difficulties gave rise to a whole sequence of understanding of the eye. And ability to see without tension and this was an important spiritual practice for many years. You see, if your vision was as poor as the vision of many adults at the current time you would not have survived on this planet. To find food, to be able to work with others, when no glasses, no corrective methods were available you would simply have not survived.

Many of the aspects of causation, of vision difficulty come from diet; many ways in which small substances unable to be easily excreted from the body collect in the tiny capillaries in the eye and produce additional tension, stress and difficulties. The understanding of this has passed from your world. A few with it now are those known as the Bates practitioners.

Information is not found in the books that he wrote nor widely available but those who have been trained in this methodology passed from person to person are often able to clear sight, bring great degree of benefit and ultimately find the deeper meaning of this, the willingness to see clearly, to see themselves to see their world to see the lessons around them. So for this reason anyone with vision difficulties is very much than asked to look at the spiritual side of this to look at the deepest aspect that they can find enough to learn from these powerful lessons that they are presented with every day as they struggle to find clear vision.

At the same time as this then you are contending with all of these modern solutions in ways in which going back to a time about six hundred years ago when corrective vision first began on the planet and evolved fairly quickly over a period of a few hundred years to the glasses you see today. More modern methods will have the opportunity to provide benefit but the benefit is in terms of the opportunity to learn these lessons the same. It takes away the opportunity to learn more deeply and tends to reinforce the stress which is causing the vision problem in the first place.

To correct this by a deeper understanding by various exercises, by work with meditation by corrections to diet, these would always be recommended. The difficulty is that if any method is utilized which is permanent such as eye surgery, laser surgery or similar surgical methods then you have the built-in difficulty that once you have learned the lesson you cannot then correct for it in the visual apparatus.

This is why of the various methods we do not usually recommend this one. It is also now gradually coming out of the various difficulties 10-20 years down the road from LASIK surgery and other methodologies and of course this must also to some extent be taken into account.

However, we would see that the other corrective methods contact lenses versus glasses have many pros and cons that put them right around equal. There are those involved in various corrective forms of contact lenses such as orthokeratology utilizing technologies to gradually reshape the eye and these do not have long-term benefits since they are just again holding in place the underlying difficulties which could be corrected from within.

But these methodologies do allow individuals to eventually use either no contacts or minimal contacts and therefore from a simple point of view of vanity, or convenience and not having anything between you and someone else as would be formed by glasses, this is slightly preferable on some levels. Generally though, it is very much a matter of the lesser of multiple evils and working with these energies. The larger lesson here must always to be seen, the opportunity to see clearly, that which is in front of you to work with.

Myopia relating to the whole idea of that which is in the distance, which is farther in your future which relates to seeing the big picture, to seeing all of it at once, to understanding the true nature of that which is all around you in your own life. And that of hypermetropia, that being the difficulty with close vision, that aspect of understanding the details working with the innermost light of your own being, understanding that which is closer to you, most intimate within you.

Grasping this principles along with new methods of seeing, relaxing the eyes, not staring, looking in different directions, drawing from many sources, all of this can be helpful at making a deeper correction. Of course, the more important spiritual energy is not associated with the two, but with the third eye and this is an awareness that also can contribute at many levels to that which you feel as corrective vision. To attune to the subtle nature of what you are looking at, to see its deeper meaning, to let a sense of warmth and deeper relaxation penetrate into the point between the eyebrows or in the center of the forehead, to allowing this as also always seeing to go deeper into your own being. This can not only be helpful but can actually be an important opportunity to look at why you aren't seeing, because there is something that you can receive from that pathway the subtle pathway, through the psychic pathway that you would otherwise be avoiding at the more physical level and that can often be a way than in which a new pathway allows the emergence of energy or information that you previously denied.

The dietary aspect to this is the more complex and more controversial of course because so many of the substances that you are constantly consuming are those which you are not designed for or programmed for a long time ago. Over and over fats can be so helpful at absorbing those toxic materials before they ever get to the eye. Once they have reached the eye, fats can also be employed to remove them from the eye.

These are controversial methods yet they are discussed extensively by the two books by Vonderplanitz and that will be a wonderful way to educate, grow, and strengthen both physically and spiritually because some of the ideas run counter to the whole idea of society in an understanding of vision. An awareness that somehow you are getting older and degenerating and must therefore have these effects, this is nonsense in point of fact you have more opportunity for more experience, greater strength in the eye if you understand the underlying principles. Is this sufficient?

Jill: ok. Our mitochondrial DNA is inherited entirely from our mothers. Please discuss the metaphysical implications of such inheritance and the circumstances surrounding the first mother that this lineage suggests?

Hilarion: it is a fascinating area to look at because of its origins, the implantation of mitochondrial aspects this is ancient going way, way back. You can go to the original human mother but you can actually go further back; reptilian mother, insect mother, plant mother, the understanding of this all the way back to the very first bacterium. These aspects of mitochondria are those which are transferred from the civilizations that produced the very first seeding into what eventually became humanity.

These can be traced all the way back to the civilization of El Nath, a star system in which the awareness of the capacity to manifest humanity in various forms was taken clearly under advisement for a long period of time. They were not the ones responsible but the ones who helped with overseeing, with seeing it into action, with manifesting these energies in a positive and helpful way and continue to this day guiding these energies.

Such a seeding was not only amongst humans of course as many of your awareness is of the extraterrestrials who have visited Earth who you have visited in your dreams, who you read about in various accounts, have many aspects of humanoid existence. Being essentially bipedal with hands typically, two eyes a mouth and a nose and usually ears. These are energies that are shared amongst many human forms that date back to some of the essential characteristics that mitochondrial DNA confer into humanity.

These are not only the components that you inherit in terms of the usual aspects of sexual differentiation, capacity to absorb food, the various ways in which the mitochondrial bodies interact with the cell. But these also are clearly related to the larger spiritual aspect and the aspect of the joining of humanoid forms across the galaxy and indeed through many of the neighboring galaxies and as humanoid forms sharing working with some common denominator, a powerful vibration, an energy of being-ness, an energy of existence, this is the true message of the originating mother; the opportunity for oneness for receiving of the nurturing principle.

The interesting aspect to this that has been amplified by humanity is the creative spark. The willingness to bring this fourth in an aspect of manifestation of something beautiful, something helpful, something loving but often the creative principle then leaning towards art, mysticism, psychic ability, many capacities that would not otherwise be available. This is also the larger representation of mitochondrial DNA, the ability to go into something that is essentially nonphysical and bring this through into something that does manifest physically.

Now the concept of one being as an originating factor was clearly an important part of the program of the bringing of various DNA aspects by the Pleaidians, Sirians and many other beings that have been spoken of in more recent times as contributing to human DNA. The reasoning behind this was indeed back to a single source a prototype. The prototype was not a living being, it was the computer model, it was the aspect of pure light.

This computational capacity is like something you might be aware of electronically but it is formed photonically, it is formed from light. It is this beautiful, radiant, original mother that manifests through the cells of your bodies. It is that which you attune to when you understand the light of divine mother. It is not just an energy as a spiritual concept, it is an energy that has made you alive that has made you physical that has allowed you to welcome various components of your own being.

In an understanding of this in its purest form, do not see it as a single human being. See it instead as a beautiful join together of the highest and most beautiful aspects of the most helpful potential for humanity. What you would bring forth in your most beautiful and creative moment. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Okay. Thank you. Comment on the current string theory. Is it leading physicists in the right direction?

Hilarion: it is leading them in the right direction if they are to question the very nature of reality. Look again at theory that cannot easily explain all aspects of being but in the many ways in which it does invite the idea of alternate universes, interconnectivity between time and space, it is inching closer to the awareness of the inter-nodal complexity, the ways in which the knots on the string come together, the capacities of vibration but it still allows too much of the understanding of the essential qualities of matter to be recognized and examined as to their own particle natures.

Eventually though, a combination of wave theory, wave let theory, the awareness of pure vibration in its wave nature will be better understood in light of string theory and this will be that which gives birth to larger and more comprehensive theories of everything. In a sense therefore one could say as an interim it is good enough. Further question?

Jill: Please comment on Mary’s birthing experience. Are there any particulars on Joseph and Mary's relationship?

Hilarion: It is a prototypical relationship of the opportunity to bring forth something far greater than either of you might have had. Partnership, parenting, opportunity for relationship by two to then bring forth that which is so beautiful and so wonderful but the higher spiritual manifestation, the teaching that Joseph gave to his young son, are more important than the contribution of his own physical DNA.

When you begin to look at the various symbols it is of course a helpful area to look at. Still though, there are those who would like to look at the actual lives of the actual people. Why people would think that they lived in a way that was like the way you imagine or the way you live today is very interesting to explore in and of itself from a symbolic level. It is primary around the romanticism, the fantasy of how you perceive life as it might have been then.

That is fine to hold that legend, that beautiful sense of the being guided to the right place to have a child, the right way to raise the child and all the rest of it. But the actual people certainly went through their own struggles their own difficulties, their own deep level of soul-searching. They were human after all, bringing forth a human being who in his growth frequently utilized the comparison of the spiritual and the human as the lessons for the masses, for the disciples, for his own massive level of transformation. So of course, this was an important part of this process to hold the aspect of Joseph within your own being as a man, to hold the aspect of Mary as your own being as a woman. These can be very important lessons for your own understanding of what life was like in those times and how it might be overlaid into your life today.

But beyond this is it is probably better to receive these energies in a more free-form way to receive them as you imagine them to contemplate them, rather than to define them for you. Because if you begin to examine this historically you will of course see life is pretty hard and things were often very much about survival of a prejudice about the struggles to get along in the world and how other people with then certainly shun those who might not have means to take care of themselves and yet trust in the larger spiritual wisdom of the time. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Okay. Can you tell us what causes postpartum depression and how we may help with it?

Hilarion: It is that which has been examined carefully by many beings and understood at the more scientific level with hormonal changes etc. not getting at the deeper problem. When you are connected to this child, you are dreaming together, you are in synchronization. When the child leaves the womb that is broken at the more physical level when the cord is cut. This leaves the person about the same amount of time, nine months or so, to come back to where she was before conception.

That is only natural than that a reestablishing of those vibrations, that synchronicity, that rhythm would be difficult. Trying to connect to the child, yet the child external suffer one would naturally transfer these energies to other people. The connection is often then better made to oneself, the inner rhythms, the sense of one's highest self, receiving both the positive helpful loving messages from the child's guides, from your own guides, from various beings who might be there ready to assist you.

At the same time as this, the birthing process has for most mothers been a difficult one. An important contributing factor to this is poor diet. Diet has not been extensively studied in terms of how it affects one psychologically, with relationship especially to fats and often then during the pregnancy process, the reduction of fats has taken place. These are then available in such short supply that it is only natural that the child would have drawn sufficient from these as to leave the mother in deficit; hence, creating some of the difficulties in and of themselves.

It is important in recognizing and working with postpartum depression that there is no blame. There is the opportunity to welcome examine and work with all of the aspects that are available, most important is the attitude, thank God there it goes, as opposed to oh no not again.

That is, instead of avoiding the feelings to have them, but also to nurture, to nourish, to strengthen his anyway that is possible by which the individual is then able to build up physicality. Oftentimes this is very much amplified by the feelings of the father, those around, those who are supporting or assisting as in immediate family and so on.

Such amplification takes place unconsciously, they are not aware that they are contributing to the problem but they are; to simply have the sense of love, connection, an openness, to receive every energy that the mother could transmit without judgment to listen deeply without criticism.

 The other aspect here is a more difficult psychological one that is being recognized to some extent by psychologists but that which still is not widely understood. When you have a child at whatever age that child is, you will be reliving various aspects particularly those which were incomplete, not finished by you, at the same age, so when your child has just been born you are to some extent reliving some of the aspects of your childhood shortly after the time when you were born.

These are often times in which you will know deep awareness or consciousness of what was going on. You were not then easily able to comprehend and work with energies around you so it is no wonder then that as those energies might have been difficult, you do not have a conscious awareness right now of such difficulty, yet feel the energies around them a sense of sadness or anger or frustration that a child might feel.

For this, various exercises that can allow you to be as a child to role as a child might roll on the bed or floor. To move the body in the simplest of motions, the ways in which you might cry or heal those energies could also be helpful. This does not only of course, apply just to the mother but all of those who are connected to the child will to some extent be re-experiencing their own childhood experiences and to have these, to work with them, as you might say, welcome them, this could be a helpful process as well and support and encourage the mother in accessing and working with her own buried issues. Does this help?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz often talks about how parasites are our friends and serve as garbage collectors eating decaying tissue.

[Editors Note: On the diet of our ancestors (including the use of parasites) and its amazing healing capabilities: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read We Want To Live, his excellent recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

Is this true of all parasites or are there also a class of parasites that can eat healthy tissue and which may not be in our best interest? And similarly there are many today talking today about mind parasites which feed off of our thoughts and emotions. Would there also be two kinds of this kind of parasite? Those which feed off of negative thoughts and emotions and those which are taking healthy energy away from us, which are not in our best interest. If this latter category does exist, what can we do about it?

Hilarion: It is a useful tool by comparison you can then learn about both and that is what makes it so interesting. What determines whether tissue is healthy or diseased? This is not as easy to know as you think. What determines whether the mind parasites are working off of negative or positive. What determines whether your thoughts are negative or positive?

Many times this is more difficult issue to understand than you think. You have made assumptions about it but in point of fact the whole idea of a parasite is in of itself incorrect. These are beings, they interact in the world, they survive, they exist, they have their own way of working with different types of energy.

All different beings physical and nonphysical tend to specialize and work with certain kinds of energy and so do you. And so if there is an overlapping of those areas of specialty you might say that it is healthy tissue or positive thoughts and if those other beings are then choosing to compete with you for those energies you would call them parasites. But what is a parasite as opposed to just another independent or sentient being? By the very definition you are saying that they are somehow taking away.

Now in the physical world you have the specific names of the different creatures. Each of these as living organisms much simpler than a human being in that they have fewer cells sometimes being a single cell, sometimes being just a few cells and that these have very specialized and simple functions.

They are then here to come into existence to learn about life just as you did many, many eons ago. So in this sense to call them parasites, to say that they are somehow taking away from you is in of itself an intriguing notion that should certainly be re-examined. But at its core is the answer to this question is that it really depends on how you define these activities of healthy versus diseased or positive versus negative.

This is not simply a matter of nomenclature or definition because it is important to recognize that the beings that you are working with around this have contribution, they have something to teach you, lessons to be learned in existence, understanding of consciousness and awareness of being, it is unique to their own form that which is different from your form, this does not in of itself make it that which is somehow bad.

You may find that the microscopic examination of them tells you something that you have revulsion or you do not like them or you find them unappealing or similarly by looking with psychic visions at various entities that you find dark or difficult. But when you hold up the rejection to these and you do not understand them is when you end up getting into trouble.

But, when you understand the energy, when you raise the energy, when you make yourself that much more healthy or positive more powerful, those energies themselves have their own natural ability to transform, to raise the vibration of the negative entities or of the physical parasites and shift them into ways they do not exist as they had before.

That is the essential quality that must be understood and working with any of the Vonderplanitz methods in developing healthy tissue or various abilities to raise your vibration as might be for instance suggested by such beings as Dr. Bruce Goldberg or Robert Bruce or Waldo Vieira.

In understanding or working with the different principles though, you will see that it is useful to compare these and learn from them as a result. On your planet at the current time there are many difficulties with certain parasites that are beginning to take precedence over the others.

Those that are able to work very consciously with other beings such as malaria, working with mosquitoes, are becoming a bigger and bigger problem. The reason for this is that the techniques that have been utilized in the past, to neutralize them by various drugs and so on and stop these parasites from the harm that they do to humans are becoming less and less effective as they have gradually adapted.

In a similar way the consciousness of various entities that draw thought forms from human beings in a parasitical way for their own health, for their own strength, are becoming more widespread on planet Earth as people are coming to more deeply understand the interrelationship between the vibrations, so then is this problem solved. As people are better able to understand the true nature of health and disease so then is this solved.

As the body becomes stronger clearer and more powerful, as its own aspect of helpful circulation generally beneficial hormones, various helpful naturally mosquito repelling smells occur on its surface, the likelihood of a bite by a malaria born mosquito is then far reduced.

Similarly by the bite, the malaria has less to infect, less to work with, less to drain from because the strength and the high fat content of the healthier tissues is not that which it thrives upon, rather seeking carbohydrates and various substances that are necessary for its own survival. Similarly when the thought forms that are available as that which you release are those that are not so desirable to a nonphysical entity it will find another host someone else to work with.

So it is indeed a good analogy however one cannot state with greater clarity there is just this one type because given the conditions, the environment of the body, the environment of the consciousness, one would then see that any of the various entities energies, beings, bacteria, parasites, viruses, or whatever have their place, would find a suitable vibrational match or would not and this will depend on many factors that must be understood as much more than just black or white.

But when there is an attunement to a parasite or a negative entity, look for the energy the lesson the message that which is a resonance within you. We began speaking about this a bit when we spoke about the ways in which such resonances can occur, you can look at them more deeply and understand for yourself that because you are in a physical body, the energy that you manifests on a physical level, the energy of calling to entities, creating a fear, working with the energies of love, that these nonphysical attributes that you are very clear about as an important part of your own life are much more powerful than those that are emanated or worked with by nonphysical beings.

This is the most difficult part for people to accept and understand for themselves. It is as if they are unable to grasp the law of manifestation, but in coming into the world here to manifest in coming into your own understanding of your own consciousness, your own being, such an awareness of this can change your life for the good.

Thus, when you attune to fear of the negative entity, you are welcoming the consciousness of that battle. When you raise your vibration to the place that you are a pure light to love, to strengthen all beings such an energy has no hold, no reflection back to you from any of these negative entities. This is the true nature of protection when you understand and work with it. Does this make sense?

Jill: Yes, thank you. Almost all of the minerals belong to one of the seven basic crystal systems. Would Hilarion clarify their connection to other septenary systems like the chakras, and why seven?

Hilarion: Seven has many important aspects of consciousness but one of the most important of these has to do with the essential qualities of vibration themselves associated with this world. This manifestation of the sounds as the scale, as an energy which then re-creates itself at the octave or the eights is a repeating cycle utilized through atomic physics through the understanding of many aspects of seven to eight-plex shifting and systems and many aspects of awareness that must be worked with through consciousness.

This has been studied extensively by many of the ancients with some of the more modern interesting concepts brought forth through musical forms through the individual Grugi, Penske and similar lineage dating of course back to the Sufi healing sounds and exercises. Still though, as you begin to examine and work with the many seven based systems you begin to recognize that these have within them a calling or connectivity to 12 based systems.

These twelve based systems have to do with the equal tempered scale, the manifestation of the creative aspects of the larger components of existence and the eventual manifestation of a new finger. Hence the recognition of some of the advanced beings along the human lineage having six fingers on each hand for a total of 12.

The Mayan recognition of the twelve pack Plex systems, the utilization of twelve months, the opportunity to work with twelve based systems has been a constant reminder in human consciousness of the need for awareness, awakening, and learning. Still though all of this is arbitrary to make any particular number to focus on it in any particular way, but when you begin to study, break apart and analyze many of the aspects of atomic structure, this repeated formation of complete electron shells with 8-16 and so on, the opportunity to know this as the inert gases, the energies that are the nodal structure support points for your universe begins to emerge.

This as a focal point has been a mere observation but could be seen as the underlying basis for these various systems that may be studied in the future. In the meantime it is useful to recognize the awareness of these vibrations to sound. The consciousness and connection of the seven chakras and the tones, the awareness of these forms in their various ways to resonate with you should at least in the beginning be the important place to work with. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes, thank you, Hilarion. As we are getting closer to the end of the channeling do you have any closing comments?

Hilarion: We simply bring you this gentle message from Sananda -

Sananda: In closing, to view, to love, to receive the gift. To hold your hand near your heart and receive this gift I give you. A glowing light of your own special color to hold near you and then to melt into. Shalom

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. We thank you for these gifts and these positive energies and especially for your willingness to hear and work with us at this time. And in closing we remind you again of the emerald light. We ask you to breathe this light, see it move in and out of you easily, gently and lovingly as it connects infinitely upwards and center of the earth, this cylinder of light about 100 feet in diameter 33 meters in diameter now begins to expand gently easily larger and larger it encompasses the earth as you receive your own feelings of love and welcoming to earth see that gentle movement in and out makes it easy to receive from earth her own feelings of welcoming of strength and of this light. Goodbye. Ommm.......

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On the diet of our ancestors (including the use of parasites) and its amazing healing capabilities: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read We Want To Live, his excellent recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.

About the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

About the work of Robert Bruce, including his excellent methods teaching astral projection in his book Astral Dynamics.

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