Hilarion Spring Equinox Channeling 2007

Jill: Greetings. Today is March 21, 2007. We are gathered in Nevada City to celebrate the Spring Equinox with our Hilarion channeling. Hilarion will be responding to questions from those here tonight and those who have sent in questions via e-mail. For further information on channeling, books, and tapes, CDs and DVDs contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, California 95959 or visit us at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Yes! Greetings, yes. This is that energy being or vibration you call Hilarion and before beginning with questions, looking into the interesting areas of exploration and so on we would first ask you to be aware of a beautiful emerald light. The light has been gradually streaming through you becoming stronger and clearer. Breathe this light, feel it deep within your being and on each exhalation it moves outward from you to form a cylinder to fill this room.

This cylinder extending upwards and downwards, infinitely upwards as if to connect to highest-self, center of the universe, essence of your being and then similarly, symbolically as that energy moves down from you, connecting to center of the earth, meaning your own physical material reality. The blending of these is the great challenge of being a human being, of coming into consciousness in this world where you have created all of these opportunities, lessons, ideas, and constant issues to look at this.

Some might say that those issues are likened unto sandpaper to make you aware, through irritation or difficulties. Some might liken to bringing into consciousness for your own waking up as an important metaphor, others, the experiencing of joy. But, in any case however you approach this as your own way of uniquely receiving and knowing these lessons it is important to honor that you chose this. It is a difficult path sometimes when the things that you are considering, when the things that come into your life seem as if they are plopped there by circumstance, brought into your life seemingly unexpectedly, suddenly there when you had no inkling that it was indeed that area that you had seen as important to learn now.

But in retrospect, you often see that it is often exactly the way you set it up. Then it was there chosen by you very deliberately. Many times over the next few years people are going to be experiencing more and more of this. The seemingly unexpected issues, those aspects that had somehow eluded their memory or consciousness that it was something they had chosen. Yet, if you remember these words I chose this, it can sometimes help you a little bit because fundamentally, when you recognize that principle of oneness that indeed you are powerfully connected, the very nature of the love that you are struggling to understand and work with, make a part of your life and so on is in essence connectivity.

Love is the interconnectivity of all beings, then it can be helpful when you say I chose this because it is often than implying we chose this. That this manifestation of these aspects is that which you are connecting to others around so that you may grow if you need to see it at sandpapering or struggle, or conflict, then that will be useful. It will draw your attention and you will help you work out some of these issues though, somewhat slowly with a great deal of stress and yet if you can remind yourself about the ways in which this might perhaps be seen in other contexts, you may be able to come to it in a whole different way that brings perhaps more love, more relaxation, more humor, more joy.

So for this moment, as you fill yourself with this cylinder of light and see it expanding now to be about 30 m diameter, that is about 100 feet in diameter, you can breathe this light, you can sense its strengthening you as it enables a bridge between your being and earth. This light has a powerful quality of waking up and this waking up is not just for you, on your planet right now in the northern hemisphere the animals are waking up. This is partly literal from hibernation, but partly figurative in the sense that now, the light is becoming longer than the darkness as the equinox passes and with each passing day the nights get shorter and the days get longer, they wake up more. The animals feel and receive so much of the world around them.

Many powerful messages are being taught to humanity by the animals. In the past these messages would be often those which were received directly because you were involved in herding animals or working with them more consciously. But, nowadays that is pretty much restricted to the domestic animals, typically cats and dogs lead the pack, so to speak, in this regard.

But, the other animals still have voices, still want to be heard, so where humanity is unwilling to receive these more important messages in a direct sense, they communicate in a general sense so you have issues with bird flu or you are struggling with the products of various animals with the issues now being very heavily politicized around food, or the interaction between global warming and the production of methane by significant numbers of beef.

These are powerful and important issues that are just as useful to contemplate and work with as those that can be communicated by animals in a much smaller sense, in the direct sense between say you and a given animal. But in this time in the northern hemisphere it is important to recognize and welcome the idea that the animals are learning from you, that these are important issues to be shared with them. So instead of directing this energy in the sense of questions and answers we suggest that you look at it instead from an inner love, a sense of contact, a being that is a friend of yours in the animal world, coming now to be alerted through your own consciousness, through touch, as you imagine stroking that animal or through sound, as you imagine making an animal sound that could work with that creature or through the feeling of cutting through the water, or the air, or the earth.

In other words communicate on the level of this being. Rather than in your own understanding than to stretch this a little further look at your own communication about what has happened that the winter time is over, beginning of spring is an awakening of the opportunities for people to get warm, come together, interact, form community and that the animals can be an important part of this.

Sometimes, when the deeper consciousness associated with the inner animal self can be contacted, powerful, internal messages typically repressed begin to surface in your own consciousness. You do not have to physically interact with an animal to know this or to work with it, you can simply receive that message from your own inner animal self. This is the higher purpose of the awareness of an animal totem, for interacting with an animal in your imagination so that on some level you can then react and interact with yourself.

The law of reflections states, “as above so below as within so without,” and so in so many ways in the way in which you understand reflection how you are one with everyone, how those energies are one with you, this is not to say you are an animal. Yet, these studies, science and interesting information that has been coming out in the last few years about the human brain, indicates that so much of how in deed you carry with you and important animal component and in the gestation and early development of children you see how that animal self begins to atrophy, becomes smaller, gets less and less attention.

Yet, it has been discovered and looked at so powerfully and deeply that this is the underlying bases from which many aspects of chronic disease emerge; where the animal self has been repressed, where it has been insufficiently communicated. Where the aspect has been therefore deeply with you has somehow been pushed out of your consciousness. And this is an important area to understand because of more awareness about the health of your planet because of the animals.

This is an important attribute to understand and is one of the key issues that is facing humanity now around these concepts of epidemics or food safety and yet the positive side to this, the way animals can teach you so much about living on your planet. In the past, when humans cultivated the earth moving from the hunter gatherer consciousness to the agricultural crop growing consciousness, many of these aspects of working with animals stayed with them. The opportunity to interact with them learn from them, and let them share with people about this new mode of being where one need not necessarily travel, this was not fully completed.

Humanity has not made the genetic change sufficient yet, to fully acknowledge and work with these energies, there is still an important hunter gatherer part of your being. After all, genetic change takes many, many generations and this newer, chronologically it is about 10,000 years, for humanity to be in this mode, has been his own course to slowly take with people.

But in the meantime, to learn from the inner animal is an application of the law of reflection. Now the law of reflection has been utilized many times to explain and work with all kinds of important issues that people have about relationship and to some extent about health. But this aspect of learning with the law of reflection of your own inner animal self has not been fully acknowledged or worked with around the law of reflection yet.

This is only beginning now, for instance, with the work of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and one question that has been posed very specifically, that Hamer has looked into it extensively it is about cancer. Why this forms in the body, what can be done about it, but specifically the issue of skin cancer. Now, many years ago when the idea that there were many opportunities around learning around belief patterns, the understanding of consciousness and how it affects the human body, this could be shared and promoted extensively by many channels, many different psychologists, many powerful and learned beings on your planet.

The interesting thing about this is that the underlying idea that when you get the lesson about 50% the cancer goes into remission. That when you understand more consciously about the nature of what you are dealing with it heals itself. That when you work with these underlying issues to the extent that you truly change the belief pattern, then this ultimately is reflected in the physical body.

This appears to be correct by all means in all ways, that is the method that the soul has been utilized. But the flip side of this, in your world, the way in which this manifests where people have these healings, where these energies have indeed manifested as a complete release from cancer are relatively rare. The reasons for this are many, but in the area by which the nonphysical beings would like to step in and through our availability on this issue speak of the matter, we take responsibility in the simple sense that many of the underlying ideas and patterns that were shared about these inner messages were wrong. When they are fully understood, when they are embraced, when they are correct then everyone with that particular problem will heal. This is the issue that must be the natural conclusion when you look at this idea, that when you get the lesson 50% that the cancer goes into remission.

Therefore, you have the wrong lesson, you do not understand the message if the cancer does not heal. This is a very important issue to understand because it is a powerful way in which the law of reflection asserts itself in your outer manifestation and your inner. At the same time then as this was being shared in so many different patterns, you can look for instance at the specifics around the lessons associated with skin cancer and you can see that this has been related to the idea of interacting with animals.

In a past life for instance, causing an animal to die of thirst, it has also been related to self-image, to the way in which you see yourself in looking in the mirror and the way in which you do not hold a sense of love or compassion or caring then causing a relationship in which lowered energy is present, toxic accumulation can occur in the skin as a result and so on.

We note other possibilities that others have explored over the years but, when people work with these lessons when they understand these deeper messages they do not usually heal they do not get the deeper lesson. Because so many people have been experimenting and working with this idea of how what you believe manifests as your being as your health, it is time to look at what has worked.

Here we come to the animal self, the way in which there is an emotional reaction to the essence that is presented to the individual around the skin. This might be a slap in the face, the sense in which one is insulted, one is deeply hurt in which this energy then goes deep into consciousness is not communicated. This has been discovered by Dr. Hamer and indeed is correct, not because it is energetically traced or linked to the brain or worked with through energies viewed from the other side, or computed or calculated but because those who have worked with these messages have healed their skin cancer, and it is really that simple.

To avoid the opportunity of philosophically looking at messages is a very deep and critical issue here. Because an acknowledgment of your own animal self, you feel that insult and it has a blow to your being and this reduces the energy of healing but focuses it in the way in which various toxics or difficulties in the skin can then surface. And so this is the first place always to look with skin cancer. Where has there been something that has insulted you, has hurt you, has been a slap in the face, has somehow allowed that animal self within you to feel smaller, shrunken, less than, hurt in some way, afraid, leaving with the tail between the legs, proverbially, etc.

And then of course the next step to communicate this. You could to the person who slapped you in the face be it figurative or literal, or to your own inner animal self, or to God it does not matter it is the acknowledgment of the communication principle that is first and foremost. And then a ritual, some aspect that outwardly personifies that the manifestation has changed, that you have forgiving yourself, that other person, that you can personify this by helping others in some way or creating something as a dance or movement or an energy, it is always your personal choice.

Now again it is the animals that teach you this because this is what they do. They will challenge someone in the herd, they will leave the pack and join another, they will go on their own journey to change their own life, they will in some way allow this as an important communication.

When you understand these principles you can begin to manifest them in every area of one's life. But it is important to realize here, that the toxic material that is accumulating in the human body does need an outlet. And so when one has, for instance, for a long time used skin lotions, these will accumulate with various levels of toxicity in the skin and these will be the first things that the cancer will attack, to get rid of them, to move them out, and this is an important area to understand, so of course one must be eating the proper foods.

Here again the animals figure into this but not again in the way in which it was often stated in the past, for instance it was stated that eating an animal would inevitably cause various karmic difficulties which would inevitably lead to various health problems. This is not always true. Indeed, it is a simple matter to look at those who have robust health and yet eat animals to be able to prove or disprove these statements. And so the important matter here is that when that animal has been cooked to the point that the acrylamides, these are plastic materials, hetra-cyclamides, these are cross-linked and very dangerous proteins and other toxic materials accumulate in the human body and cannot be gotten rid of easily. Now of course, there are many ways to get rid of them, but if they are not gotten rid of, the body must move them to the surface somewhere.

 This is where the skin cancer can then show up seemingly as a result of sunlight, there is a concentration of energy in that part of the body and those toxic materials already present then emerge.

When you understand this point of view, this pattern of looking at how things work you can sometimes be a little confused because they may seem to follow principles that are unknown or difficult, when in point of fact they are very simple. You are designed a certain way based on your genetics if you work with that, if you listen to that if you learn from it then you find help. If you can change this where necessary the changes usually you will be slow and small at first, then you can adapt to whatever situations emerge and are important for you.

But, those adaptations and those changes and the way in which those energies are utilized will depend very much upon your belief patterns, upon the ideas that you manifests, upon your creativity, upon your communication, on how you are working with the manifestation of your soul into the physical body. And so in this way, if for instance you see it as important to change your genetics so that you can eat cooked foods but you take this to its logical conclusion that you are then able to eat the food that is produced by the multi-national conglomerates for their own capacity for profit and utilize without any harm the pesticides, chemicals, and especially preservatives that are added to these foods to make more money for these beings.

You would then be confronting the inner belief conflict, just because you know about it. And indeed those manifestations of those genetic changes would not take, they would not be easily manifested within you because you know that you were actually simply making it easier for General Foods, or General Mills or general whoever to have control over your life, over your destiny, over your food, over your being.

And so it is important to recognize that these aspects manifest in totality, in wholeness they are never fractionated or separated from each other. This is not an important part of the law of reflection at first. It would seem that the reflection is just taken inside but gradually as you apply it and work with it, you see it applying everywhere in the world, to all the ways in which people interact, to all of the aspects brought into your own consciousness.

And so from this there is of course the powerful and important questioning that is often presented to us about your future. What is to happen to humanity? What is the prediction or prognosis with regards to earth changes? How will these affect particular regions? And of course, on the minds of those here tonight, California. But, this also then has a lot to do with the totality of humanity and the first answer to this, the general principle must be understood that the nonphysical beings outnumber you approximately nine to one.

They are governing and working with you constantly, interacting on many levels, providing opportunities to work through you, to share energy in your dreams, learning, sharing, growing. They do not manifest physically until they are born they can influence and assist but you are the one making the choices about them.

As you come gradually to understand this can find the opportunity to set aside your own belief patterns about this and have direct communication with them. This happens more and more often, for more and more people and the results of this is a gradual lessening of the belief patterns that when you're dead your dead and when you're alive your alive or whatever people want to say about this.

But gradually the emergence of the nine to one principle then can be a powerful influencer that to the largest extent that it is possible for these beings and they have a lot that they can do, you are not going to have such earth changes on your planet that are going to wipe out huge segments of the population because the opportunity for all of these nonphysical beings to get born, to get into bodies, to become physical would then be significantly reduced. And instead those opportunities, even when there are some significant problems with those opportunities, to have more and more people on your planet is the general idea.

Now population growth has slowed down a bit though it is still growing. The reason for this is that the earth is not yet easily able to support and sustain in a renewable and easy ways these beings. The use of chemical fertilizers for instance, the problems with global warming, these are going to stop the population growth completely if they are not handled pretty soon. And so on the nonphysical side then there is a great emphasis on new technologies, new energies, new possibilities, new interactions so that some of these problems could be solved so that more people indeed could get born.

Now when you do the math you end up with about 50 billion on planet Earth and this would seem difficult and many would say indeed, as you just did, wow! But, it is possible and it cannot be that which only takes place for one generation but for many generations so it must be around sustainability, recycle-ability the capacity for earth to sustain and work with that number of beings. This is a great challenge but certainly not insurmountable and the more people understand about this and accept it the more opportunity they have to bring it into actual form.

And so this relates to another question about free energy technologies. Various new technologies used to clear environmental pollution such as what is sometimes termed environmental or consciousness, or mental smog. And these are good terms to an extent but they are only the beginning because these things do have a powerful, deep connection within human consciousness around the opportunity to love, and assist your planet, to receive it and know it.

One of the most difficult of the these is what is sometimes termed electronic smog and in the last few years there has been a tremendous increase in new technologies and new opportunities, new ways, to change this. But in the same time an even greater increase in electronic pollution by radio transmission by cell phones, wireless communications of computers and many other aspects that are growing in your lives.

To minimize these just makes sense, at the very least when you talk on a cell phone for a few seconds, to use a headset so that the transmitter is not right next to your brain, increasing and heating the temporal lobes that affect your personality, or when you are working around various technologies as much as possible look at the deeper questions. Is this helpful? How can it be safer? How might it he worked with appropriately?

Still though, when you are living in an urban environment it is extremely difficult to avoid all of this and this is where these new technologies are emerging. Not just those from one country but from all countries. Many people right now are working on these issues and their products will ultimately be in your hands. Use them wisely but do not depend upon them. Instead depend upon your own energy, a raising of your energy, an awakening of your consciousness, in order to know how these things might be shifted in your being.

The next aspect we would like to look at around this however, is how those technologies also affect the whole planet, its overall vibration, its ability to interact and in many ways receive the nature of Earth's message, a message deep in your consciousness, a Gaia message, a message of wholeness.

A long time ago on your planet was a being who has had many religions devoted to his own name, consciousness and awareness. Though the soul’s name is Sananda, you knew this being as the Christ. These energies that he talked about, turn the other cheek, or do unto others as you would have them do unto you, or various ways in which energies might be shared is a powerful and important message.

Many religions have utilized this message on many levels for the manifestation of their own power and this has backfired as you have seen with the way in which religions, so devoted to concentrating power in the hands of the few, then bring them to various places of great difficulty. Witness, for instance, the many issues around child sexuality throughout the Catholic Church. What you are left with as you begin to examine this and work with it more consciously is ultimately Christ’s pure, clear message; the energy of love as the opportunity to balance karma.

This is very important because of karmic interaction. Look at the ways that revenge or balancing or making it right is almost instantly destroyed as that which is stressful or harmful when you bring in the Christ’s love. That is a love that does not want anything a love that might in and of itself manifest as consciousness, or caring, or interconnectivity.

The important test to hold to any love is: Is it that which wants? If it does then of course it's fine to want that thing - but don't call it love. As you look at it from such a point of view you begin to see how this changes everything that the opportunity to forgive, to allow new energy to let things change powerfully, suddenly, quickly perhaps in a way that wasn’t even thought of before, is then a possibility.

You have this in your heart - it is not the animal nature. Yes, the animal does forgive naturally over time but it is clearly at the level of your spiritual nature, to know this and invite it. Indeed in a sense it is opposite the animal nature because it is often the animal that does want comfort, or protection or food. But it is this other aspect of you, this oneness capacity, this potential to just know that beautiful energy, this is also there. This is the spiritual love side and that which joins the animal love side is that which can produce all kinds of miracles in the world.

These are positive and helpful energies that often can be brought in to solve a situation where you don't know the data, you can't figure it out with your mind, the technology is beyond you. This does not mean you should bow out. You may perhaps be the one to bring that sense of love, of compassion, of caring, of interaction of that Christ's forgiveness so that others might be able to use some of that energy and solve this difficulty.

This also relates to the nonphysical beings because many of their powerful and important ideas are quiet, subtle, these are not energies made of power of energy, but power of elegance, of thought, of consciousness of new capacity. Yet, in and of themselves are nothing, they need you. Those energies do manifest somehow in the world and you might think that that has a lot to do with your opportunity to receive those energies and form them into something cohesive of information of technology. Actually that's the easy part, it is much more important instead to recognize the love, the capacity within your heart to deeply care for your planet, for each other, for your ability to share energy, to grow and all of the other capacities of your being.

And so for a moment now, having spoken about these beings, we remind you of the idea of emotion at the most positive and helpful level, perhaps with the energy of gratitude, or of forgiveness, or awe, or wonderment. To be as a child and receive that energy as if looking with the child's eyes into the world and to breathe that light, to breathe that knowledge now and then let that expand from your being with the sense of praise, the sense that these beings have positive and helpful energies and messages and awareness for you. This naturally raises the vibration of the room but at the same time invites these beings to be with you, to share with you, to interact with you.

This often can provide some of the very important solutions that you seek. And these solutions when the guides and helpers are those who have worked with you personally can be those which are very specific, as well as those which are more general such as those areas which we have suggested you explore.

So for instance, in a particular legal dispute you might be able to bring in their point of view, bringing in new “aha’s,” bringing in new energies about where things are stuck, in an issue about what to eat, how to change your diet, and how to be more healthy; again their ideas, their awareness, their energy. Often times brought through symbols or through the energy of awareness on a general sense rather than the specifics as you begin to wake up to that component of your own being. But, what you find is that it is in that sense of praise, that sense of wonderment, that sense of love that does not want anything, this energy naturally attracts, increases the capacity for communication and works with these beings from many levels.

Yes, now there are messages from these beings that might also be heard today. We are going to pause here briefly. One of these messages comes from an astrologer being who has been assisting for many levels around this issue of the discovery of a new planetoid. This planetoid now known as Iris is making its way slowly through the solar system taking about 560 years and for astrologers all over the world, they are questioning and looking at this and so this being, we shall call it Iris guide, is with all astrologers now to promote, to help them understand, to work with these energies and so on. Because this planet moves so slowly, or more accurately planetoid, moves so slowly one cannot usually ascribe to it a single characteristic in the way that you might some of the other planets. But, see it as mapping out the general change of attitude over eons of time.

When you go back about 560 years you see the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution and you see as these ages turn, the ending of the Middle Ages; the ending of times of darkness, the ending of times of that which ultimately led to the manifestation of the Christ, and other important energies. So, as you look into this gradual turning recognize that it therefore governments your own attitudinal shift, powerful beliefs held by the consciousness of humanity and the most powerful of these is one that is still underway, you cannot make a difference, one person alone cannot make much of a difference on your planet.

This has been a powerful attitude with humanity for a long time and indeed it is beginning to change, not because you see how one person makes a difference by a technology, by a philosophy, by being a star, that is the old way. But by a new way, an awareness, a consciousness principle that electrifies, that jumps from one person to another. The viral thought form as it is sometimes described, an energy that can indeed be enthusiastic, powerful and can be powerfully connecting one being to another.

This is the emergence of a global consciousness. Much of the industrial revolution was driven by fear, the desire for profit, so that you would have more than others, so that you would survive perhaps, but a new consciousness is now beginning to emerge and we see that this is the true understanding of Iris. The opportunity for this emerging of an entirely new set of belief patterns, energies, ideas amongst all beings.

On a specific level of course, it will only be possible for astrologers to utilize such a slow moving planet in the way in which its appearance then is related in your birth chart to the various astrological houses and this would be too detailed to go into at the current time but generally the idea of transformative beliefs and how they could ultimately manifest, would be the general tendency as the houses would govern and work with these energies.

Now, what this naturally brings us to as you are working with this whole idea of karma, of the guides helping you, of this movement in and out all life is this idea of your own karma, personal karma and how it works with you. Many times in referring to the law of reflection one begins to understand how you are manifesting, creating your reality, drawing to you and releasing from you all of those aspects that are most important to your being.

Yet, there has been for a long time this idea that somehow there is a separate force from you, governing you, exerting control over you and that you meet this force shortly after you die, when you pass from this world and this has been personified as the Lords of Karma, or Judgment Day or some way in which someone decides about your life.

The externalization of this has been useful, it teaches you how to see yourself through other people's eyes. How would the actions that you have been doing be appropriately judged? But, for many individuals contemplating judgment, you understand how it is all self- judgment, how it is an awareness of yourself, how it is a consciousness in your being and because this externalization principle has gone on for a long time, many people when they pass from this world do meet a being. The joke, you might say of it, is that a few years later, before they decide to incarnate, they meet that being again and it will indeed be clear to them that they are looking in a mirror and that they are seeing a manifestation of themselves.

The Lords of Karma, the judgment principle, that those aspects that herd over you, they don't exist at all. This is important because the consciousness of your own judgmental self is the strongest at that time. You are your own harshest critic, your perfect memory instilled in your unconscious emerges every moment in your life in full color, full detail, high fidelity sound. The capacity to know it and feel it to the very core, it is all with you. Time becomes expanded tremendously, you can go through the life review in a matter of a few months of an entire life as if it was being lived out again in excruciating detail down to the tiniest nuance.

Who will be the harshest judges of this? Except you. Who will be the harshest critic of your own life except you? No one else. In this sense, by externalizing that these beings are looking over you it is actually an ease to your own psyche. You do not then have to take responsibility, you can say that somehow that judgmental part of yourself is then throwing you a wicked turn or some aspect that you struggle against or have difficulty with.

But the truth of this understanding is now ready within consciousness for those who are ready to accept it. That viewpoint of what you do take with you into the next life. What you have done here that is meaningful for your own consciousness, of what aspects are most useful for the learning of the soul? The love that you have shared, the experiences that have been brought into your being by the emotions; these are the aspects that will be particularly important in your next life.

Those aspects that will transcend that time of when you are not physical into the time when you are physical, and this sort of energy must be understood now while you can because it is the time when you can make the changes. You can forgive, you can make the shifts, you can do whatever it is that is necessary to get out of the way of your own karma.

This is a little hard to think about but it has a lot of interesting meanings, in the English language getting out of the way of your own car, and the way in which these energies are projected as if a powerful force, moving with its own inertia, difficult to stop. This is again where the powerful message of the Christ love comes in; where you can forgive, where you can allow, where you can welcome, where you can feel that powerful deep love within your own consciousness for all the ways in which you have worked through your life, confronted the issues, struggled and learned, grown in every way possible.

These are not easy matters of course, because at the core, because you are the one judging them, you are also the one with the most difficult issues, the most easily understood blocks and ultimately the way in which that energy is most powerful and useful by the deepest level of your own forgiveness.

So, we would suggest that you begin this exercise, or this meditation by thinking about the chakras. You can do any exercise with any personification. An astrologer for instance, might want to create 12 archetypes, or even 24 with a male and female representation of each of the astrological signs or houses, but for many people they have some familiarity with the chakras and so that is where we will start.

Imagine then that surrounding you are seven versions of yourself, each one relating to those important issues, they look like you but they are the Lords of Karma. They are also beings that hold within the capacity to change you, to work with you, to know you deeply. And so there is a part of you that has struggled with survival issues, and this might relate to many important decisions you’ve made. The aspect of your being, that Lord of Karma of your own self that works with emotional issues, sharing with you from that place in your guts, that you have known throughout your life. How would that Lord of Karma view your life?

There is perhaps then, the one working with the power issues in your life or the Lord of communication or the karmic master in understanding the capacity of love, where you have used it, abused it, understood or ignored it?

Perhaps then there is that Lord of Karma associated with your own psychic development; your higher self awareness for those capacities to bring those aspects in for healing and assistance with others. And then there is the Lord of Karma about your connection to God, about how you might have worked with your own spiritual self. These seven beings as might be personified relating to the seven chakras, personify on many levels deeply your own sense of judgment about yourself, because it is within those chakras that the aspects of belief and judgment will slow down the energies that are most easily manifested to you here and now.

But in this exercise you can imagine that these seven beings surround you, you are in the center, they are all around you. They project their own judgments to you and then as if scowling, looking at your life, suddenly they burst into laughter, because they are you. They are you laughing at you, judging yourself, they are you loving you as you then release those judgments, they are then coming together, joining arms, lifting you as if to say in great joy, in great energy of love and caring, you are alive, you are still here on planet earth, make the most of it.

Through these capacities of your being, their joy, you may understand then, more of Christ’s love for you. This energy that does not want anything, that simply is loving you for being, for being alive, for breathing, for interacting, for receiving, for asking questions, for remaining in a place of confusion or difficulty and then to step back from it and let it go.

Thus, you can see how a question about Lords of Karma, can be that which at a deeper level is a reflection of your own internal judgment so that you can let them go. Sometimes it is useful to play in these arenas rather than to hold these questions in such a literal sense because sometimes in the literal sense the answers are little bit disappointing. Wouldn't you like to have some big changes? Wouldn't it be nice if certain cities just disappeared from your planet so that those in charge, creating the governing energies that are causing so much harm, struggle, and difficulty might perhaps stop doing this?

Of course that is a little bit silly, since someone would step in immediately to replace those beings. But, it does bring up the bigger question as to how these issues are then manifested for all of you? And where you have within you a capacity that would say,

 “I don't want it that way, I want there to be things more peaceful, more valuable, more understood.” It is as if a part of you is rejecting that capacity within you that has some degree of fear or struggle or issue.

Where is the quest or search for your own identity out of fear in you? That is the problem, for instance, with Mr. Bush as some might imagine. That out of his own fear, his desire for his own identity, power and so on, he maintains and continues those energies, policies, programs and so on that increase fear on your planet, that bring more difficulty rather than less and a being would do such a thing of course, out of fear and so would you.

No, that part in yourself is not very big, but it is still there. This is the part to look at, to forgive, to adjust, to shift, to learn from in order to change it. Because when enough of that has taken place on your planet, and enough have grown up from this, it is left behind just as every other capacity in the growing up process is left behind. You are therefore not going to, on your planet, act in ways that a little child might, and be able to be seen in a place of respect, or clarity or power.

What if it was understood on your planet that only little children were afraid that they will lose their own identity or their own power or their capacity to exert such power over others or seen in the same context that a little child might be seen as grabbing something and saying “mine,” just to provoke a little bit of an argument in order to know him or herself.

Indeed that is how it is viewed from the guides of Mr. Bush, how these energies are shared with many of those in positions of political power, so that they might see things differently perhaps, you would need at times to shift this in your own self and forgive and love the little child within yourself in order to make the deeper changes.

At this point it would be good to stretch a little bit, to shift the energy slightly and to allow the energy of your guides and helpers to strengthen that stretch. Then connect to mother Earth, her energy with you all this time as the emerald light connects more powerfully, more deeply, down to earth, she responds. Now she is aware of her own energies on many levels connecting to you. These energies become one with the animals, the insects, the plants, the seeds as they are bursting forth this springtime, these loving energies of all people on planet earth who are trying to do the best they can with what they have.

So you can see then that many of the earth changes, many of the shifts on your planet are going to continue to be relatively small. But they must have more and more meaning, more opportunity for people to see earth expressing her desire for change, people expressing their desire for a more sustainable future; a way in which their children’s children would find a better world then that of their grandparents.

These energies are possible, they are existing already in the new solution, the new technologies, the new awareness that can come forth from this. One of the healing principles that may be emerging more and more is around electronic smog and its antithesis, the natural world. The way in which the natural world can be helpful to you is especially brought forth though the energies of earth and sun.

The capacity to use this naturally and easily is something we have spoken about for many years. But, can be traced in more recent times to England around the early part of the twentieth century and at this time “dew walking” was quite popular. A walking with the bare feet on the newly risen dew early in the morning said to give a sense of energy. This was quite effective and helpful and we have recommended it, but in light of what we said earlier, what really works, it is not so much about the dew.

But, the walking and especially the bare feet because those aspects that allow insulation, cotton, leather, and of course synthetic materials, rubber, but also wood. These materials as they separate the feet from the earth prevent full electrical interaction and it is that electrical interaction that is indeed so healing and so helpful and that which tends to push away much of the electronic smog influence because that interaction with the earth is more powerful.

Now, some have called this grounding and that is a useful analogy as far as it goes, but in point of fact it is not grounding at all. Again here, looking at where that energy can be utilized for healing others, it is not then when you touch someone then in order to heal them you are grounding them but indeed you are giving them energy. So, that is the next step for those who have been involved in dew walking or the bare feet on the earth exercise every day for half an hour it is an excellent thing to do until you are beginning to strengthen and work with it.

Well then, what are you to do with such an energy? Heal others. This can be others who have difficulty with connection to the earth or someone who is working on a particular principle, it does not matter, but that healing energy is powerful and useful. The way you do this is of course, first, to have the feet bare on the earth, to attune to such an energy, feel enthusiasm if you wish, or a strengthening, positive frame of mind, whatever the energy is that works with you best.

Perhaps it is to play an instrument or play a song or to gaze at the natural world around you but whatever way you energize this, the positive energies are at the same time occurring as the contact with the earth. The feet could be bare on sand, in water, on the grass, saltwater is better than fresh water, because fresh water is an insulator, but any way in which you are touching the earth is going to be helpful.

In urban environments, concrete is acceptable. It doesn’t feel very comfortable on the feet but it does provide the electrical connection. In whatever way you work with this then, you recognize that the energy then is becoming strong, enthusiastic, awakening, it is a flow that can be visualized as moving from the earth, through you. So it is actually not a grounding principle at all but an energy that flows up from the earth, through your feet, through your body, out your hands.

Perhaps this fills your aura around you or strengthens your house or works on your body. Perhaps it is something you wish to send outward to another person if they can be present it can be an adjunct to hands on healing but the way in which this earth energy can be used is entirely up to you.

Now, we recognize that this is not a panacea, you cannot say this is going to heal all things, but the only reason we cannot state so with great certainty is that it has not been tried on all things. But so far, most of those things it has been utilized for, have indeed improved. Most of those people who have utilized the technique have gotten healthier, stronger, clearer, and many of their health issues have disappeared entirely so it is certainly worth looking into. Further question?

Jill: Could Hilarion comment on Ludwig Von Beethoven? How did he prepare for such a life? Where did his inspiration come from? What has he been doing since 1827? How important was his contribution to the development of western musical tradition?


Hilarion: This being of course, has been very important; breaking with old traditions, bringing in new possibilities, but most importantly, connecting strongly at the emotional body level in a way that had not been done before, and is continuing to be done even now.

Now some might think that this being has reincarnated as a musician, but this is actually not the case. Many times when a being goes through many levels of evolution, coming to a pinnacle, or a manifestation in which a very high and important energy has then been known to the soul, it has learned enough from that path. It starts then on a new path, on one investigating in this case, the opportunity for healing.

In this way, this individual has incarnated a few times, looking into areas of the human ear, working eventually in areas of the healing capacity of a physician, a doctor, and then manifesting as a little child now, who will grow eventually into a healer using hands on healing; using more esoteric and subtler methods.

This sequence of lifetimes, because of the tremendous power of this soul, will probably end with the manifestation of powerful healing energies that will have a profound effect on planet Earth. Be teachable, utilizable, and will of course be those which can connect easily with sound, music, and other areas, because that is the other thing that also happens.

As the soul moves through these levels of development, towards that pinnacle lifetime it inevitably connects with many other attributes. Part of the whole idea of drawing in from the karmic level the aspect of losing one's hearing, particularly later in life, was at the positive level to concentrate on the inner music. But, also for the purpose of destroying much in the way of karma; getting rid of some of the aspects that were plaguing and difficult, burning them up so to speak.

This was specifically for Beethoven around the judgments that he made in a much earlier lifetime on other people that were spoken out loud, that were seen as very harmful and difficult and these could then be cleansed and cleared from his soul. Understanding these matters is important but when you understand them in an inner way you begin to see them in a little different way; how you are the one choosing these life patterns. How you can welcome and know these energies.

In many ways, the great shift in music to that which would encompass the emotional body might be very powerfully connecting many emotions, in one musical piece is a tradition that has been carried on in more modern music. This however, seems to have been far less and less the case with what is termed classical musical forms; those moving not so much into the emotional area, as to those experimenting with unusual patterns and new tonalities, and new energies. This has its place of course, but in the sense of Beethoven's soul, how it has continued to influence and work with the energies in music, this would seem more to be in modern music with that which would very strongly generate emotion.

However, those energies of his soul that do not manifest in the physical, generally about a tenth of you manifests at the physical level and the other ninety percent is available to assist on many levels. These energies continue now in a new area of music. Influencing the powerful ways in which emotion can be of a positive and helpful, uplifting nature through the words and the music simultaneously.

There are many names for this sort of music, positive music or new thought music and other names. This will emerge more as a genre in the future, and we can see Beethoven's influence here, not so much in the specific arenas, as to the specific words, and the specific tunes, but the general influence that this would be a continuing awakening for humanity. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Thank you. Many of us are experimenting with different diets. The quality of food seems to be very potent right now can you address the quality and variety of food and water and how we can best nourish the body?

Hilarion: The simplest and most basic way, continuing from where we spoke about this earlier, is around your own DNA, your own programming, your own evolution. Those three aspects intertwined powerfully. The genetics aspect is that which you came in with. This is strongly influenced by the energies that can be seen as related to the animals self and your ancestors.

Energies going back for many, many generations not just to go back hundred generations to one person, but to take into account all the intervening generations. You must to some extent for health, for strength, eat as they ate, work with the energies as they worked with them. This can of course be along many different lines when those beings come from many different societies.

But, when you go back far enough you will get to the arena of hunter gatherer, where very little in the way of cooking of food was possible because you were on the move and this was that which encompassed many, many generations. Also, during that time period fat was incredibly important because it was that which was received so easily and so quickly by the human body.

The fats that were taken in were extremely helpful, and useful and those to which your genetics had adapted quite well. To a far lesser extent had the genetics adapted to carbohydrate and protein was also very important, but at times difficult to come by and often difficult to preserve for long times. Whereas fat was easier to come by and easier to preserve. And so these diets that exclude fat must be seen as quite detrimental, those with emphasis on carbohydrate as detrimental and those which emphasize adulterated protein as detrimental.

Yet, when you look into these diets you do not get the whole picture because there is also this whole idea of the underlying attitude, the belief, the sense of energy and contact the earth, be it through the hunter gatherer, the gathering part, the observation, interaction with Earth the way in which one knows and receives this, and the hunter, and the way in which these energies would manifests throughout the animal kingdom, how you would work with it and know it.

Yet, also is the way in which there is evolution, a change; a way in which this is shifting. Part of it is a shifting of your genetics but this is actually far less than you think because of the underlying belief patterns about this that we spoke about earlier. Those issues that hold in a way that this shouldn't be an evolution to simply put more hands into the multinational corporations as a result of your evolution. But, in fact is around the underlying belief that you need food at all. That these energies could come directly from the Sun, could come directly from the earth.

These are important, but you must understand here that the two are together. Many of those beings who are now becoming breatharian, working with these subtler energies to not always understand how they themselves are doing it. They can share their principles and their ideas with you and you can work with them, but you must also find your own. Where do you take your nourishment, your strength?

If you find a natural attraction to nature you know that it must also have a lot to do with the earth. How can he earth nourish you directly? The bare feet techniques we have mentioned is important but also then is the opportunity to receive sunlight, to work with it as directly as possible. This is a part of your genetics but it is not which you have very much developed because for a long time people were working very much around food as the primary source of their own physical nourishment and energy.

But, these aspects can come out and be a part of your evolution. So the simple way through this is that when you are eating, when you are receiving nourishment, when you are working with these energies in any way possible, learn about it from your own inner selves, receive the energy of the earth, the sky, and the plants around you and the people you work with. Feel that deeply within your being, learn from it, let it speak to you intuitively about where such an energy might be understood and known better. Most importantly, in this way of connecting to that love principle, that interconnectivity, that opportunity to share energy, do so.

Do not see that it is a nourishment that just comes in, it is foolish to think that is all. If that was the case your body would be much more efficient, symbolically you would break down and take in as nourishment most of what you eat. But you do not. You let quite a bit of it out through your feces and your urine. These, when properly understood in the correct scheme of things, certainly understood well with animals is a very useful material. That which brings nitrogen into the soil, minerals, and all kinds of thingsthat enhance and strengthen plants and continue the process.

That symbolically must be understood that the nutrition to be truly useful to you passes through you. That the energy you take from the earth through your feet is used for you to heal others, that the sunlight energy through you is breathed into the plants and animals around you, that the capacity of light, and love and all of this that moves through you isn't just for you, that in fact you receive more of it, know it, and so on when you share it, when you bring it to others, when you use it to heal.

Now if this is done for the purpose of your own strength, that will help to a limited extent, but when it is done for the purpose of your own enthusiasm, your own joy, because it feels good to share such an energy, this is far much more in line with your own genetics, with your own being, with your own animal self and with your choosing to be here.

Remember how we began speaking today it is your choice to be here and this is one of the choices that you make. Because when you are here you can experience this light from the sun, this strength from the earth, this beauty of nature around you more powerfully in a body than when you are out of it. This is one of the things that you have come here to choose and ultimately discover how this is also shared and known, how it is a part of your connection, your relationship to other people.

But, of course you have broached a topic that is quite complex, goes into so many different arenas. We would certainly suggest that people explore this and educate themselves and we could always recommend the Vonderplanitz material, not just because it turns everything upside down, but because it helps you learn more about the diet of your ancestors and for the purpose of healing in your own being. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Where are our relationships headed?

Hilarion: It does seem that the energies of the popular media are influencing this more and more and that gradually those involved in areas that were previously little connected to spirituality, are bringing this in more and more. Because, it has often been stated that, a powerful, deep, loving relationship becomes as if a spiritual relationship.

So this merging of the spiritual aspect of love to the more material aspect of love, that which could, for instance be looked at as wanting, might be that which is being shifted now partly by the media, by the guides, by the energies of inspiration, but mostly this is what people want. You will find so more and more that those involved in psychology, assisting others around having healthy relationships, finding ways in which their relationships can grow and evolve, will bring in these spiritual principles more and more.

For this we have suggested the idea of the evolutionary duo. Two people who choose to assist in their own evolution. More and more therefore, the areas of friction where this does not work out very well, will become more and more of an emphasis in various aspects of psychology, relationship, counseling and so on.

Where one person is focused on their own evolution and the other is in some ways dead set against it and how many times this manifests in relationship. How people do often draw to each other these to focus. Could this also be an evolutionary duo? Yes. If the people can accept that this is an important part of their evolution. To learn how to work with others who refuse to grow and for those who are refusing to look at it and understand why they have been attracted to someone who is so focused, or obsessed with growth.

In understanding and working with these through these relationships we see much in the way of what will be enlightening and helpful to people. After all, what has helped in relationships so far, is where they haven't worked and you figured out how to make them work; where you have found a way to change them, to shift them, and to allow that to evolve for other people.

Of course, on a more basic level the areas of relationships that are quite nontraditional, non-conformist, different, will continue to be in the news, those areas that people focus on. This is not so that more people involved in those relationships, but more so that you can understand the symbology, that in your relationship you must also step outside the box, outside the way things have been done and find the new ways to acknowledge and welcome your own evolution, your own spirituality, your own inherent aspect of growth and love and consciousness. Does this help?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion. What happens to our animal friends when they pass on? Do they know they have died and do we still communicate with them?

Hilarion: It is a wonderful question but it cuts to the core of animal consciousness. Why so often we suggest that people understand this as a collective rather than an individual animal. Your own particular pet, a domesticated dog or cat being most typical, has a powerful and important personality, they have learned from you, they have developed.

But when they leave this world their personality merges and it merges much more with the consciousness with all such dogs or all such cats, then humans do with all such humans. There are many reasons for this, but most important it has to do with the need to re-create that powerful source energy so that they can reincarnate again. But many of these animals, as they have been around humans, evolve to the point that they have a significant degree of consciousness, intelligence, awareness, and such intelligence not just being intellectual, also emotional and various ways of psychic intelligence also emerging.

These beings then will usually choose in their evolutionary path to come in as a human. Such humans will often have what are observed by other humans as severe difficulties, mental retardation, or physical problems but they will usually have the big heart, the great ability to love unconditionally, just as they did as in their highest evolution of emotional intelligence as an animal.

But these are the exceptions, most animals as they merge with the larger consciousness become again that animal consciousness, understanding it more powerfully and more deeply. They can communicate with you, but in the time after they have passed from this world, within a few months that merging of consciousness will be much more interested in communicating to you through the personality as you understood that animal, about that consciousness; about that nature of what it is to be that animal.

When the wilder animals, those who are not domesticated, pass on, such a merging takes place fairly quickly. It's not to say that the animal does not have a soul. This is one area where we are exactly in direct contradiction to certain dogmatic religions such as the Catholic religion that states they do not have souls. But the soul is a powerful collective consciousness more united and connected because it has indeed a great deal to learn still about that connecting principle, about that way of being, then humans do where they are so much focusing on individuality.

But eventually this changes, too, as more and more animals elect along their own paths to learn about individuality. You will see that the collective consciousness then transfers eventually to the insect kingdom where such groups soul interaction is very powerful and so obvious for their own survival, and this eventually, and we are talking along the scale of hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years, becomes evolution where indeed individuality emerges. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Thank you, Hilarion. We have a question about the legal system and how best to deal with it and we have very little time.

Hilarion: The key to this, as is always with these issues, getting the bigger picture, understanding the bigger aspect, not taking it personally but instead understanding the answer to a question: where is the love? Where can somebody heal from this? What can be learned from it?

Sometimes it does mean giving up for a while. Letting go, loving someone with material goods if that is the only way that they can receive them and seeing that eventually this shifts. If you do it with resentment it will simply propagate the karma and it will continue to be difficult circumstances and energies that show up; but if you can do it from a place of true unconditional love, true loving without wanting anything.

Many times this is an opportunity for deep forgiveness, deep awareness, deep consciousness and more love as has often been stated you don't take it with you, but you do then allow another to take that love with them. And many of those things that would seem so difficult or intractable legal issues, can be shifted very much just by sufficient love, sufficient forgiveness, sufficient caring.

On a practical level we might suggest the important tools of dream, or even making up a dream or meditation where you meet on the other side with the guides and helpers or with that being’s projected consciousness to make shifts, to alert as to these deeper questions, to look at deeper issues that sometimes this can also manifest physically as the changes needed.

Shall we close then for today? We are grateful for all of our your questions. These many things to look into and hope that gradually a larger picture has emerged about your collective consciousness, your capacity to love each other, to learn from each other, but most importantly the way in which this energy is evolving, is that which you do make a difference interacting with, and is that which ultimately is that which charts the course of earth, of all humans, of consciousness, of the animals, the plants and all that live and interact here together.

And so for now we would ask you to set all of that aside and to manifest the strongest clearest most powerful loving energy within your being, just let go. Think only of your breath, the thoughts of the future, the thoughts of the past, let them go, they do not exist, there is just now, and breathe.

As you are aware of that breath allow that now to welcome the emerald light, at infinitely upwards, connecting through you, at center of earth, these are all one. The cylinder of light now expanding from 100 feet or 30 meters, it expands outward until it encompasses the entire Earth. Earth responds with her own gentle loving ohm, bubbling up through the body and into your heart, goodbye. Ommm.....

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On the diet of our ancestors (and its new "upside-down" way of seeing things) and its amazing healing capabilities: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read We Want To Live, his excellent recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.

About the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information the awesome "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .

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