Hilarion Summer Solstice Channeling 2007

Jill: Today is June 21,st 2007. We are gathered in Nevada City, California for the Summer Solstice Hilarion channeling. Hilarion will answer questions posed by those in attendance as well as those sent via email. For further information on channelings, books, and tapes, CDs and DVDs contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, California 95959 or visit us at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings. This is that energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before looking into these many questions, areas of interest about your planet, your universe, also this is a special time though some would say an annoying or difficult time when they do not understand its real intent. Astrologically, this is represented by the apparent movement of Mercury backwards when viewed from earth. Of course, Mercury never moves backwards but in its orbit and that of the earth in relationship it is as if you have passed a vehicle on the highway that is moving faster. So in this way a backwards movement appears.

But, in the way in which Mercury retrograde has a deeper symbolic significance, it is an important opportunity for an inward journey. For your own inner understanding, through an awakening of inner principles, for the manifestation of these principles to occur later when Mercury, when viewed from Earth, appears to start moving forward around the 9th of July.

Yet, in this time in which then retrograde motion is apparent, it is for the inner journey that you awaken new levels of consciousness, new understanding but most importantly a sense of bonding, connection, love, nurturing, to your own inner self, your own quiet, still self, your intuitive self, the aspect of your being that knows love but also knows the love of your own essence, your own innate nature.

The same time as this, in earth’s cycle moving around the Sun, she comes to one of the four pivotal points in which this is a symbolic shift in earth breath. Thus, in the time of Summer solstice symbolized by the longest day and the shortest night, it is as if in the mid-point of earth’s cycle, energy, there is then this powerful deep breath, this way in which you breathing with earth can be nurtured and strengthened and receive this is multiplied by the position of Mercury retrograde in Cancer.

This whole idea of this inner nurturing, understanding it on the inside. Outwardly this can produce some difficulty as mechanical things held together with the barest of energy now break loose. Energies that would otherwise be difficult in communication become impossible. The aspects of all that would seem outer are an illusion. The aspects that are inner are the reality. You forget this at times of course until you remember where you were before you came into this body. But knowing now this energy can be very helpful as you come to a deeper sense of this inner love, this capacity to deeply appreciate and know yourself.

One excellent way to do this is to be aware of your highest self. Usually this is personified by an energy that is external and that is a good way to imagine it. But, you could imagine that that energy is now pouring its love, its light, its compassion and caring into you. As you breathe this, you are breathing with earth to receive it so at the same time you are also breathing up from earth, her loving support of energy, her welcoming, her saying you are a part of me. We as one share a positive connected whole. To this we would of course add our own energy and in this we would ask you to imagine there is an Emerald light filling this room it forms a cylinder about 33 m, that is 100 feet diameter from infinitely upwards through you to the center of earth. As you breathe this light and become aware of it we also ask you to welcome the presence of a disc. The disc is at the periphery of this cylinder and toward the southwest right around the horizon, a black absorbative color, is a good color for this disc but others have occasionally imagined it as a reflective disc and that is alright, too.

Its point is to observe the effects of Mercury retrograde and release them. To absorb them and release them, to reflect them and see them in their own way having their way with you and then gone. This is not because there is anything wrong with Mercury or this aptitude of Mercury retrograde but because right now we are attempting a communication link, working with energies from a non-physical realm translating them into the physical and using them to manipulate the vocal cords of this vehicle. And so sometimes your assistance is helpful.

For instance, the words come out backwards it is then useful for you to be aware of how those energies have a forward movement within your own consciousness, an opportunity for love, for receiving, foreknowledge. Knowledge is a tricky thing because if it leads to wisdom frequently what is necessary is to let go of, literally to drop the knowledge to come to a place in which the love itself combined with your consciousness forms of the nature of love wisdom, of heart and mind of an aspect that is much more than what got you there.

But this is usually not enough, sometimes it is also necessary to literally jettison, let go of some aspect that got you in the first place. This is paradoxical but is noted through many teachings which brings us to one of the interesting facets to explore for tonight; how letting go of that which has gotten you to where you are can serve you on so many levels.

It is difficult if you do not understand the underlying principles yet even these themselves in the final end, in the manifestation of your goal, of a capacity for whatever it is you thought you were looking for in the first place, is necessary to be let go of to. This is where the real trick of the understanding of the manifestation principle in the final analysis shows up. It has been stated that the last 10% of any manifestation is the toughest and this is true but not because it is so much work, because it is so much un-work.

It is so much and unraveling, and un- working, a releasing. Another way to understand this is that when that which is manifested in your consciousness initially starts be it then using the ancient techniques, the techniques of simple plotting one step in front of the other or whatever you have at that moment created in consciousness, in manifestation, at a higher vibrational level, there are many different ways you can see the this but you have created your final goal. Many times the illusion of it taking you that amount of time, be it a moment or many years to reach that goal is the most important part of the process, it is what teaches you, it is how you learn from this.

This can be frustrating if you do not understand the principle but when you do understand it then of course the possibility for instantaneous manifestation shows up. You can then create immediately that which you would then have as your essence, as that which you would desire, as that which fulfills something you want. This is a useful tool but do not make the mistake of thinking that it is going to make you happy. Do not make the mistake of thinking that, that process had anything within it that was going to in and of itself really do anything. It was you, in that process, in that manifestation, in the learning, in the creation.

And finally when the goal is achieved in your deep acceptance this is the possibility by which desire is useful. But then that which you desire is truly illusory as most of the time is it doesn't really exist in the first place and it doesn't really exist in the second place when you actually get there then what do you actually gain by it? It is in the knowledge of this that you can more easily let go sense after all it doesn’t matter anyway.

Now this is “why botherism” at its extreme, “why botherism” has its place if it allows you to more easily let go. For most people though, this does not occur. They have visualized their goal, they have worked hard for it, they have made the connections, done the homework or whatever it is that has taken them to get where they get and at that moment when it is the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” the manifestation of that which they have waited for there is a great deal of emotion present.

The principle around this is simply called “rock in a bucket.” That is the bucket is already full of water and you and you are dropping rocks in it so of course, it is going to overflow and some of that overflowing is going to be your emotion. Some of the emotions are going to be very primitive, childlike emotions, emotions that say you deserve, after all that work, after all that effort, finally God will reward me and you will then receive this wonderful goal, whatever it was you were seeking and feel as if to say to you indeed a deserving human being.

This in of itself is problematic because you were a deserving human being to start with. Only now you are finally accepting so that all of those energies then are mounted one on top of the other as if it is all that much more important. In addition to this, as you come closer to this goal you will begin to recognize that there was all along an experience you were most interested in having. Many times that experience was buried in your consciousness you didn’t know what it was, all you had to do of course was ask yourself at the very beginning but most people don't do this.

That is to say if you've got that number of zeroes in the bank account, relationship with tall dark handsome, the aspect of consciousness you have been searching for amongst the gurus in the mountains for years or whatever what would it mean? What is the experience you are interested in having from that? That finally perhaps you deserve love. That finally perhaps, God loves you, that finally perhaps you have proved yourself to your parents or your friends or the world. Those experiences are in and of themselves quite narrow but they are often lurking just below the surface.

Of course, a way around this, is right from the beginning when you are contemplating and working with those goals, aims, desires, not just to identify the experience but to give to yourself sense after all usually the method you have mapped out is far more cumbersome and complicated than simply having the experience. By imagination, by play, by meditation, by being in a group with others who are manifesting that energy, there are hundreds of ways you can have that experience once you've identified it.

But, for many people it is impossible, as if that experience lurks below the surface. If they could speak about it with others, usually other people will quickly identify for you what the experience is and you can always ask yourself if there was an experience I was really interested in having from this then it would be…. and see what shows up.

But, many times in the process by which all of this unfolds, it is in the last 10% that you finally know the experience. It is right in front of you, in this is often what spoils it, what creates the difficulty. Because by whatever means you have learned so much from the process you really don't want to stop and of course once you have that goal you are going to stop, you are going to have a new process. In other ways sometimes that experience as it comes to you is immediately that which you recognize as hollow, when it relates to approval. Someone else approving you or finding some way in which you are at last approved, sense after all you were not ever going to be satisfied with that as an external but can be fully satisfied with it as an internal.

So again, in that last 10% know the experience you are most interested in having and have it as deeply and powerfully and completely as you can. Let the enthusiasm, the emotion the energy that you have relate to that not to the goal. The goal is just the illusion. Now what's going to happen with all of this is emotion, and those emotions will often be all of the emotions which you have repressed from a time long ago, from the time when you came close to achieving that goal and failed, from the times in which you received approval and had it taken away, from the times in which the goals, even when you did achieve them were illusory and difficult. But those emotions need a route, a place, if they can be turned into the emotions of enthusiasm, of welcoming, of pleasure, of something positive and helpful not so much for the drawing in of the goal but for the manifestation principle itself that you know you deserve pleasure when you manifest.

Now the difficulty with all of this is that of course, in and of itself that goal for the most part will be meaningless. All you have to do is ask yourself what do you take with you in order to identify that. Most of the time you don't take any of the zeros in your bank account, the monies, the items, even the relationship, what you’ve learned from it perhaps, but those energies that you have within your own being are what you take with you from the processing, from the learning, from the knowledge.

But it is ultimately wisdom that you take with you. By this we mean of course when you pass from this world, when you realm and shift, when you move into the next dimension or as some people call it, death. That is a difficult word, it has so many connotations of stopping as if somehow within your consciousness you associate death with the aspect of your own consciousness stopping; but all it does is change.

One of the best ways to know this is of course to project your consciousness, to visit with those who have passed over, to learn of these energies in a direct way for yourself and to study at the physical level what has happened with others in their own lives for instance the voluminous research of Ian Stevenson, and his books, “Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect,” where reincarnation manifests and so on.

But, it is important as you play with these ideas that you realize that it is the fear of death, the stopping of consciousness that is pivotal to these energies and it is the knowledge that you will change. The change may not be easy, it may be that which requires a lot of growth or a powerful energy on your part but it is an energy that you have experienced before. Death is that which is a part of your being and what of course surrounds you in the world.

This is an interesting time to be asking such a question. We usually get such questions in profusion around the winter solstice because it is a time then of the longest darkness, the time in which the most difficulties occur and this question was not posed by somebody in the southern hemisphere where of course they are experiencing the winter solstice right now. But rather, the energies are in contemplation for one very specific purpose. In the time of maximum light, of the most powerful connection to the group, in these energies associated with the daylight activities, those which might be seen as separate from death can you cement or understand more consciously and deeply the nature of what is to be alive.

This is the real answer to dealing with death, be alive. Be aware, be receiving and coordinate that, that enthusiasm that daylight, that light energy within your being, with what is in your heart, with the love and with the fear. The energy that says that I am afraid to pass from this world, or to suffer, or to experience an end, is also an energy that says, “I am,” because you cannot contemplate the nature of not being without at some level contemplating a nature of being. So, as you welcome this see that this is really the deep fear. The fear that manifests the most difficult level is that of existence itself not the existence that you will fail by being snuffed out but that you will succeed by being powerful.

Sometimes this is difficult for people to realize and work with and to acknowledge. But when you glimpse this power that is within your being, when you know its truth, then you do recognize that the real difficulty is the way in which you have denied it; that you have not used it somehow in the world to the highest possibility in your consciousness, your judgment, your understanding of potential.

This brings us to the earth energies of this time. It is in this time of this lengthy day, the maximum energies in the northern hemisphere of this awareness that the animal kingdom speaks strongly, sharing of these energies but it is also a time in which these energies appear now by themselves, the Sun, Earth connection that the animals feel deeply they appear to be insufficient. They are not providing what the animals sense and this is not just in small ways, not a little extinction here, a little struggle with wildness there, but areas of the world dominated by pollution, areas in certain species so necessary for interaction with humans that are suffering greatly and all of these difficult energies associated with this time of transition.

Generally, the idea of his transition is misunderstood. Most people do not understand that at the higher vibrational level there are many souls trying very hard to get into incarnation. They are going to do everything within their power to help human beings to maintain this world so that all can come into existence together.

This begs the question how many? We frequently reference the ratio nine to one (nine non-physicals for everyone physical) and in this way about 50 billion souls to exist on your planet in the near future simultaneously in incarnation will require the honey bees. They will be necessary for continued pollination of plants. Yet, the problems that they are experiencing now are sporadic, focused in certain areas and not others and at various times this will eventually emerge as to its real nature but in the meantime they are a powerful reminder of the potential's for difficulty with pollution of various sorts and how these ultimately affect all beings.

Plastics in the environment are creating hormonal shifts within these beings. The shift to development of new crops and new types of pollen, those called genetically modified are having their affects within the communication constructs with bees and the colony. The increasing levels of electromagnetic interference from cell phone towers in particular but many levels of this are affecting their navigational systems while at the same time the impending pole shift is beginning to take its toll upon all beings.

This is taking place by a gradual diminishing of the fields associated with the earth. These are magnetic fields and can be measured as a gouse strength. As these decrease slowly it is as if the possibility of a new assertion of these energies will take place. This takes place because of energies within the Earth, within her core, within the energies of the great central sun, the energies within the center of the earth nut luckily for humans these tend to take place fairly slowly so you have a chance to get used to them.

This brings us to what to do. What can you do to affect this? Can you find honeybees in your life? It could be a bee that you have learned about or seen in the wild. It could be an energy you learned about through television, it could be while you're eating some of their delicious honey, or some way in which you connect to this kingdom. And in your own way sense direction, what is your direction? How do you find your way home? How do you relate to energies in the world? Some will use maps, some will feel it intuitively, some will have it in a different way, though.

It is this energy that we would like you to tune into if possible after you have looked at the map, after you have tuned in to where you are in the world or use the signs that are around you, tune into the sense of return, of coming home, of receiving energies in the world, have a feeling for it somewhere in your heart, in your own consciousness, have a sense of it as it draws you to this.

Now of course for many people earth is their home but no specific location. Some beings who incarnate here need this, they have been on other planets for so many incarnations just getting it right in that respect is all they could hope for in this life and that is fine as far as it goes. But here again direction is important so visualize yourself on a nearby star, perhaps the fourth planet, the watery planet, orbiting the Sirius binary or perhaps some other planet or star that you have been attracted to or just floating in space somewhere and you look around where is my body? And you see that little blue planet, that one orbiting the Sun, the third one and that is your home. Feel its direction, feel your pulling to this, yes the bees understand this too. It does not have to be an energy strictly associated with earth it is the whole senses of return, of coming back, of home.

Now there are many who would of course assume that this means coming home to the consciousness of God or the collective consciousness and that is fine too. That is a sense within your being, the sense of returning to oneness, to a place of an imagined awareness. But anyway in which you come to this and in any way at the same time hold in your consciousness, the powerful beautiful energy of the collective of the bees, of the single bee, of the honey, of any way in which you relate to this in which to say to them there is energy here for you, you can survive, you can move through this.

Now of course, along the way there is a positive aspect to this. If sufficient bees are preserved and things get difficult they will be available to re- populate and in the meantime pollution will decrease. Perhaps in particular people will find a better way to communicate then through cell phones. But whatever ways are chosen there are ways in which it is clearly reversible. In the meantime of course the short-term effects are well known. Within a few years pollination of crops would become very difficult, this would cause prices to skyrocket and of course would require other means of pollination and potential for all kinds of disasters on planet Earth are there.

It is hoped that there will be a great deal of discussion, understanding and reduction of some of these polluting elements to a small extent would be sufficient to correct this and as a result people will indeed grow up about these matters and learn more that their inter-connectivity with plants, animals, all beings is an important part of their consciousness.

After all, although the insect kingdom is that which is difficult at times to understand and work with, the honeybees are the emissaries. They are the beings of tremendous intelligence but also they have directed a great deal of direct benefit to humans, to many aspects of consciousness than you also learn from this ways in which you grow in your hive mentality, your connectivity, you're coming home to oneness is that which they experience all the time.

So in this sense they are disconnecting from that oneness when they have trouble finding their way home and suffer the consequences naturally as a result. Now they are generally tuning into Earth's magnetic field. The magnetic field of the earth is that which is constantly affecting the physical body. All beings that work with this, with tiny amounts of magnetite or other magnetic materials will have a response within their nervous systems and this is one reason that magnetism can be found to be quite healing, where it realigns one with an Earth field, where it pushes one back to that which is natural as opposed to the alternating fields which surround you.

But there is a much larger reason why magnetic fields can be healing and helpful. Surrounding your own physical body are subtle bodies and most important of these is the aetheric body. It is that which translates from all of the higher bodies into the physical. It is the interface between all of those bodies and the physical. Sometimes it has been called the whole-a chakra, this is also an adequate name for it because it does have an appearance of wholeness and it does clearly relate to the energies moving back and forth between the chakras.

But the aetheric body is that which is made up of an ever fine substance that connects everything in your universe, the ether. This is an energy that we have spoken of extensively in the past so we will not dwell of it now. We do wish you to understand that magnetism is a wind in the ether.

To understand this principle is a difficult one for many people to grasp because it involves the higher dimensions. The understanding of that which is the aetheric body is not a physical, it is a nonphysical it is a fourth dimensional energy, and a wind within the ether is that which would be apparently movement of aetheric substance, yet that movement can be so helpful where stagnation is associated with ill health, where energies from other parts of the subtle anatomy, be it from the physical, back into the physical through the aetheric or from the higher dimensional levels, the causal body, the mental body there are many different names for them, and of course the emotional body energies appropriately balanced or cleared or cleansed.

All of these and how they interact with the physical can be influenced by magnetism simply by stirring it up, moving it around. This is where many aspects of this have been studied. Yet, we would suggest that people at times toss out some of the conclusions that others have come to and merely experiment for yourself. The most important of the magnetic fields is not the strong fields, not the North Pole, not that from any particular magnet but that of the earth. The earth’s magnetic field is a subtle one it is approximately only a fraction of that of any magnet around one gouse or so, and these fields, though subtle, interact with you all the time.

One excellent way to become aware of this is to put your bare feet on the earth, a grass, or dirt or salt water, or sand. Wood would not be a good connector for this energy, nor of course would leather, or plastic, or cotton, often things that you have between your feet and the earth. While you are experiencing this energy close the eyes, feel where this energy lands within your being; a felt sense within your own nature, is it in your stomach? Do you feel it in your genitals? In your feet or your heels? Breathe the energy. Do you feel it in your heart or your shoulders? You may feel it differently every time. This doesn't mean that the earth's field has changed merely the way in which you are relating to a wind in your ether. Because in your aetheric body is this subtle breeze.

Generally you could visualize it as moving from north to south but for some individuals they would be more sensitive to it if it is moving from south to north. That is actually natural you work with anything at higher dimensional reality that a dualism eventually shows up. But, as you feel that energy, let it connect you. Have that sense of earth loving you and move. Just as it is a wind in the either when you move your body so also do you emphasize or strengthen this energy. Walk, dance, feel the earth beneath you, sense her and interact with her in the sense that it is simply strengthening or touching you or working with you.

This is a completely different way of receiving knowledge, isn't it? It is a way in which you are knowing this energy, feeling it, acknowledging that sense of knowingness as an intuition, as a direct knowing, as an awareness. This can often be very healing and helpful if done on a daily basis. There are many variants to this of course. Such as swimming in salt water or running on the earth or laying down on it and there are many different ways in which people have been doing this for a very long time of course.

But this is especially important when you get repeatedly exposed to other fields from computers, from electro-magnetics surrounding you, from power lines or even computers transmitting one to the next cell phone towers, transmitting even if you don't have a computer. This is particularly important in city environment so it is useful to come back to earth, to know this energy for a minimum of half an hour a day if at all possible.

It is also useful to understand what we are talking about when we say felt sense, this is an energy within your being. A sense of yourself but it is something more than this. In ancient times, there was an awareness of being-ness, this came first. The doing-ness was not so important. There was no money, there wasn't anything to prove to anyone, this was an opportunity just to exist, to breathe, to smell the flowers, to dance with the other beings on your planet, be they the slow dancers such as the trees, or the fast dancers such as the Devas.

But understanding and receiving this energy, allowed you to revel in the pleasure of your own being-ness. Gradually, of course people began to do, they made things, they saw ways in which they could have more pleasurable when it got cold or got hot by building shelters, ways in which they could work with the plants and animals around them to make their lives more entertaining, more interesting and so on and so forth until this became so distracting and difficult than it seems as if the doing-nesss was necessary just to be.

This allowed you at times even to focus on how your doing-ness proved an aspect of your being and from this you had to be able to prove it to others by having. So being led eventually to doing, led eventually to the having that you are all so familiar with now that you could somehow see that you don't of course exist without it, that the having, the food, shelter, clothing and of course the numbers relating to pieces of paper in your wallet or in a bank, or whatever.

All of this silliness of course has its purpose, to bring you back ultimately to being-ness. And one way to do this as it is then programmed as it is deep within you. Your own being-ness of the felt sense, that place you begin with. There are many ways to come to it of course, the visualization energies of the skin being brushed, the sense of water perhaps trickling over the body or warmth or cool, the breath itself, the awareness of this as it gently and easily moves without being controlled it is as if all of that programming, that deep necessary aspect of your being.

This goes way back, all the way to the beginning. Although this could be associated with Lemuria, many of you have associated with the continent of Mu, or the understanding of Lemuria, all kinds of pictures about it. That the beings there danced and reveled and went through their various rituals and had generally a much better time of it than you have or various other ways to perceive this.

That is fine as far as it goes. But many of you were there. You know these energies and it wasn't like that at all. It was really about this aspect of becoming physical. So for many then the felt sense is very much a Lemurian call. An energy that tells you, be. So many of the aspects associated with the Atlantean civilization are those in which the doing-ness began to be very important. As a result you could see that it was a sort of release of the importance of being-ness and the full acceptance of the manifestation, the aspects of being truly physical. As if a slipping away of aspects of the felt sense is associated with ancient Atlantis and now it is your role to combine these, to manifest the will and the spirit as one to understand within your own consciousness these dualistic energies but not with the mind, with the felt sense itself. You get a whole different perspective on it.

There are many who are talking about this now because it is naturally that which surfaces as you go to a place of presence, of just focusing on the breath instead of thinking so much. After all, the thinking is so often associated with doing. How am I going to do this or that is usually an important part of future thinking. How was it that I did this or that associated with past thinking. Of course, neither of these things exist you're only here now in this moment. So it is in this understanding of a sort of return to being-ness, that you have many lessons all around you.

Which brings us to the question about devas; nonphysical beings interacting constantly in the natural world all around you. They exist on many levels. Everything from the most primitive, those associated with the Kingdom of the air, just working to come into existence itself to understand the whole idea of being as if they didn't before. All the way to the most complex devas, those which have been only recently created by higher levels of consciousness to protect humanity.

The devas that surround nuclear explosions for instance, or the ones just before that, the devas that hover on jet plane wings diverting the air properly so those planes do not crash. After all, humans in working with these come to depend on them. But the most important of course are the devas of the flowers, the plants, the animals and the ways in which they work with humans are there for your enjoyment, for your learning, but they are not there in order for you to do something for you. This is the critical aspect people keep thinking in order to communicate with devas, it is about doing. Yes there are techniques, principals, ideas that could seem like doing that these beings in their doing-ness have very little concern with humans.

There are exceptions to this as we have mentioned but those associated with the flowers are much more interested in the flowers. They aren't aspects of doing-ness for making the flowers more attractive to people, making the flowers perhaps provide their fruit and energies for people. It is not a way in which the doing-ness is about the aspect of the flower, it is the being-ness. The devas pure light ability to see, to know, to dance, to enjoy the flower is what allows that energy, that spark, that light.

To communicate with the deva then, the important principle is about being-ness, the felt sense, the sense of the skin, the breath the contact with Earth or perhaps the mere sense that you simply are receiving the energy of the plants, the flowers beauty, without it trying to be anything, i.e. a reminder of when you were given that flower as a child or the way in which that flower may be important to the environment with the bee's or the connection to pollination or how the flower will give way to a fruit or any of that. It is just the being-ness. Can you be with that flower? Can you breathe as a human and note and sense how the flower in its way breathes with Earth, with the beings that it coordinates with, those of the microbial Kingdom, the Kingdom of the air, the energies moving in and out of it, other flowers around it, the environment and so on.

To be in that place is as if to say to the devas, it is safe. I understand. I am. It is as if then you are allowing that energy, there is nothing to do. No deva would worry that you would do something like make a loud sound or perhaps scare them in some way or try to take their picture. It is all in that doing-ness that all those energies that say it is not safe, that it is an energy of danger, it is an energy that has doing-ness in mind, to do something with this Deva, communicate with it even, becomes the difficult aspect. Afterall, why else are you going to be there? Just to enjoy? That is the whole point, if you can come to that place you can find that the Devas are attracted to you for one simple reason.

You do carry an energy, a dense, strong, beautiful, powerful energy because you are physical. You did not ask why but in your minds many of you did, this question about why all the non-physicals want to become physical? Because in the sharing of this physical energy, this identification, this strengthening, this power many things are possible and the most useful of these, the most interesting, the most attractive, especially when you’re non physical goes something like this, “a hug, a sense of contact, an energy, a felt sense, an awareness. It is not a doing-ness, we’re all going to get physical so we can do something, build something, build something, help somebody, yes that may manifest that may be the natural way in which that energy manifests on its own but it is about that opportunity to be together.

Literally in the being-ness, the sharing of the hug, the physicality, the energy of existence itself, the greatest pleasure emerges in consciousness as people on all levels contemplate and know this. So if a small portion of that love, that sense of your own inter-communication with your fellow human beings and in this time of Mercury retrograde your inner sense of the receiving of you r own highest self, your own loving being could be that which is shared. Not given to the deva as if to project to the deva, but an energy within your own consciousness, in your own heart that just pours out of you in all directions naturally because you are in love with the grasses, the weeds, the tress, the earth, the sky, the breath.

 This is an energy that not only says to the devas it is safe. But says there is excess. There is a lot of energy here for you if you want to dance in it and share in it with me. Not that that is the way of doing. Since, after all, the deva could chose simply to be in that energy and not show itself or communicate with you in any way and that would be perfectly alright with you because after all it is the energy itself that you are most interested in; the dancing, the light, the sun, the breath.

We mention all this because these are natural ways in which you can manifest an energy on your earth long forgotten. Since of course, you would ask, “Were there wars in Lemuria?” Of course not. What were people going to fight over since all was being shared. And so you find then again at the core, at the essential aspect of peace it is for many people seen as not war.

That of course is a very difficult thought pattern. It is almost like an energy of suppression. It’s like saying that you want to fight but you’re going to hold it back because you care or because somebody told you or you know it’s going to hurt the earth. Well that is true. That is not to say by any means those points of view are untrue. But which truly manifests peace, as an inner peace is an inner energy, and energy of being. When you are with someone who is then manifesting a different energy the energy that you could see would lead to war, you can of course help them to repress that energy but that would tend to be temporary. It would be that which they would not be able to take with them. Can you confer peace? Can you share with them an aspect of being-ness, a way in which you can be at peace with your surround with those around you? Can you share an energy that would show them that there is a different way?

This is important to understand because on your planet this rule seems to manifest over and over-- you can't change anybody. You can show them how it is different from what they are doing and you can show them how it works for you and when contemplating and working with being-ness and peace, we of course suggest you do both. Do so in a way that has within it your own courage to be. Your I am; your existence, your manifestation, your power.

Because then perhaps, they will receive this in a more conscious and loving way. On your planet there is constantly now multiplying all of these difficulties, the consequences of your actions the swirling island of plastic in the Pacific. An example of this, an energy that is in of itself naturally always there of the swirling ocean currents and naturally accumulating debris.

But, people then see the consequences of their actions and they choose otherwise. They choose initially because it is a way in which they are going to survive or their children will survive or something of a more selfish nature but ultimately those choices lead them to ask who else is sharing this planet with me? Can these be a welcome energies of the beautiful coexistence with the plants, with the animals, with the sea creatures and of course with my fellow human beings.

This understanding of peace that comes from being-ness is ultimately far more powerful more far-reaching, more helpful than peace that comes as an uneasy peace. As a peace out of survival, as a peace that is only a, pardon the pun, “a piece of the larger puzzle.” Because in your own consciousness you understand there is something much greater, a wholeness, a one-ness, this is the real point of being-ness, deeper communication, understanding and acceptance, oneness.

But to know that it's you cannot really easily simply asserts it, it must also be welcomed somewhere in your being, perhaps as you would understand it in your heart. So now we would ask you to put this into action. Set aside, ideas, thoughts, energies to use this simple mudra of a stretch. But, not yet. First visualize it in your consciousness and see it as you come out of the stretch back to the place of quietness or relaxation or stillness that a beautiful energy, the earth coming up through your feet, the heavens coming down through your hands from the stretch meet within your heart. This heart energy activates a breath energy, a warmth, a question like who am I, about yourself, what is this existence about yourself, what is this breath? About your own breath, that sort of question.

But it is a question that is borne upon the felt sense upon the stretch, not the words. Then do not seek an answer do not interpose one but instead with all the effort you can possibly do, in other words without doing at all, simply welcome breath. Simply focus upon it, notice it and exclude anything that distracts you from that breath. Let us begin with a little stretch.

Now, in that moment of stillness notice an answer now appearing. An answer to the question as to who you are. It is an answer based in formlessness, in love, in a cool inner breeze, in God's hands caressing you, in the energy of being. This is a way to know love. Can that energy manifest peace in the world? One critical aspect that appears so often it works if you share it, if that can be a part of your being somehow.

This is difficult because you have many on your planet who tell you that because of your economic station, the country in which you live, the color of your skin, the religion that other people have or the religion that you have, that you are not supposed to share that energy with someone else, a particular someone perhaps who will be very different from your own economic station, or skin color or country or whatever.

You know of course, that you can that there are ways to do this. There are usual ways in which you make friends through the Internet, or visiting other places, or talking to people you would not otherwise have an opportunity to whatever. Until that moment comes sometimes the guys want to alert you to that moment, a sudden stillness, a sense of your own breath, a sound perhaps.

But something that draws your attention, now is that moment for being-ness. So it is not just about making contact with someone else but, by your own nature sharing, there is within you peace. There is within you an opportunity just for being. When you do this in those special moments they know. They are alert to it. They may even ask you about it eventually. It is in this way that people can share of this as if to say is this a better way to be? A place of peace, of loving kindness of sharing, better perhaps than a place of competitiveness or harm to each other, or whatever. It is through the experience of this that this makes the greater difference on your planet.

Jill: We’re all interested in tuning into our divine guidance. How is it that we have so much difficulty doing this?

Hilarion: The doing-ness plays a an important role as you repeatedly go to a place of being-ness and those energies of your own inner higher self show up. This isn’t so easy because they sometimes seem as if they are taking you into doing-ness, they will. Because it is a natural expression of your being. But that is where you often get into trouble because that doing-ness is something you resist. “People will think I’m…or whatever, or they will ridicule me, or it is too risky or that which I would do would be that which others might criticize.

Yes there will be those energies. There must be because those are people who are criticizing themselves. Forgive them, recognize that the principle of reflection always is present. The law of reflection states as above so below as within so without, it constantly is working. So understand then, that the real obstacles to this are your own fears of your own power.

The other aspect to this that is very important to realize is that it is habit. It is much easier just to do things as you have before and the most critical habit is that in which you are just more comfortable being entirely within your body. You did this initially as a child, it was absolutely essential to get you born. You had to put so much consciousness into that baby so that one would grow and survive and so on. But you are already alive, it is therefore in reaction, often unconsciously as a fear of death, or fear of your non-existence or fear of your own power takes you back to those old habit patterns.

Essentially though, the idea is with as much practice as possible to move away a little bit from the physical so that those physical attributes aren’t that strong. They are there they are important. They are where you are going to apply the being-ness where that energy will be felt so you can hug, you can connect. But, all you really have to do to deeply attune to the higher aspects is let go pf the physical. There are many different ways to do this; many meditation techniques, projection techniques in consciousness.

But one of the most powerful with this is the use of the felt sense; to have a sense of the entire body in a place of stimulation, oneness, awareness. We often recommend the N.E.W. system in the book “Astro-Dynamics” by Robert Bruce because this is a very useful way of building on the sense of the skin.

[Editors Note: For more about the work of Robert Bruce, including his excellent methods teaching astral projection, see his book Astral Dynamics. ]

The kinesthetic sense, the reality sense of being alive switched inward so that you can separate slightly from the physical. In that place where you are not so tied to the physical is where all the higher capabilities begin to show up. Those with higher conscious auric abilities, higher vision, etc will notice by example right now that we are separated from the physical vehicle communicating to his higher self a few centimeters to his right and these energies then transposed into light and energy as manifested through the vocal chords.

The whole intense experience is one that can snap you in and out of the physical so you get used to that. You move in and out with ease and so you find it generally much easier to tune in. Now this is not intrinsically an attunement to you highest-self. You could of course, connect to lower selves, to lower energies, to beings who have passed from this world who don’t even know they are dead. That sometimes occurs with people who move to intuitive levels. All you have to do is raise energy. Move to a place of higher vibration by running energy quickly up and down the body or by utilizing that sense of deep pleasure throughout the skin. All of these are effective and helpful. Intent simply being that as you raise energy, intrusion from the lower entities is very difficult.

This does of course bring up the very nature of vibration, lower and higher. In this question about serving, one will generally choose to serve the light. Even those beings that you would say are those who have clearly served the darkness. You have many examples of this in history. Atilla the Hun for instance or Hitler the German but any way in which you understand and look at these beings, you would know from their point of view they were trying to uplift their people. They were trying their best to give to others what they thought was the highest and best for their ability to rule, or to purify perhaps, or to have what they deserved in the face of all of those who oppressed them.

In this sense, you cannot look to the sense of what you believe, in order to note whether you are serving light or serving darkness because in fact, you are always serving both. You will always be doing things that do not bring the highest level of consciousness or vibration even though you think you are. That is not the point. There isn’t as if there is someone out there judging, it is the manifestation energy that which reflects in the world, that which comes back to you as some have said, “Intent is what happened.”

As you contemplate this you will know more deeply the true nature of service. In particular there is an orientation sometimes called service to self, service to others that is of great importance when you are working with these energies. The difficulty with this is that it can often take you to a place of doing-ness. That you are doing it in order to be able to say to someone, “you see, I’m a good person because I have served others.” Now this is true to some extent, since after-all, service to others does have important benefits in the world. But sometimes these are also detriments. Ways in which serving others you’ve ultimately harmed because you did not understand the consequences of your actions.

In particular then, as you begin to play with these energies you will understand that it is about your heart, your energy of love. The opportunity to be in a place of being-ness before you choose and to understand that the doing-ness as it comes from the being-ness is that which can have the highest potential for a serviceful, loving life.

As you contemplate this we would like to radically shift this to the real answer to the question of course, because that question would seem to have underneath it the idea, the illusion that you are separate. But when you are serving, when you are connecting to others you are as if saying that in many ways this interconnectivity is the nature of your being. Love is this interconnectivity so as you repeatedly love, love not being wanting something, but love in and of itself, a manifestation of the energy of the answer to that question that we posed to you earlier of who am I?

This energy of your own innate nature often this can lead you into areas in which doing this shows up. An individual named Shelly Yates has recently come to this. She has been guided and assisted by beings from the other side to save her own sons life, to help with her own health, to help with other people but in return to be shown the grid system. We have spoken about this a lot in the past, an interconnectivity of all of the places on earth is the usual way it is seen, but it is also an inter-connectivity within your own vehicle, your own soul, your own physicality and an interconnectivity with this and the earth creates a grid system in which many energies are powerfully connected between earth and people the world over.

 To awaken this grid, to come to a place of light, is a powerful thought that has been imparted into the dreams, the consciousness of many. Your guides and helpers are going to accelerate this over the next few weeks. The intent being is for you to see the grid illuminated, awakened you might say, can be helpful. Where this is especially helpful of course is if there is an energy within it of some particular aspect that would be helpful to humanity. Although people can think of this as doing-ness, we would suggest that it is this idea of peaceful being-ness, an awareness of your own consciousness that wants very much to love, but not to compete or harm.

These naturally occurring energies firing this grid can be a very powerful tool for bringing change on your planet. Change that could manifest individually with particular leaders or scientists, or individuals who can have a powerful influence on your planet, making a difference or whole groups that shift in consciousness and manifest new ways of thinking, new ways of understanding or particular conflicts in certain areas that suddenly reduce so that people can know their true selves and see the humanity in each other instead of fighting about it.

For this, a date has been chosen July 17, a time has been chosen 11:11 Zulu time GMT that is in the Meridian energies, so that makes it pretty tough for people living on the West Coast of USA as many who will hear these words are, i.e. four in the morning. But when you are playing with these energies and you tune into this you can do so in sleep, if possible though we would suggest as groups awaken, as people come to a deeper level of consciousness and understanding about this that they welcome these possibilities and explore this for themselves.

Now many have asked why 7-7 ‘07 is a wonderful time also but astrologically it is an inward time as the Mercury retrograde energies are still present. So shortly thereafter 7-17 is a powerful energy, many will think about it, hearing when they write the date or sense it in some way they're interconnectivity to many people. We suggest that people explore this, they can look at firethegrid.com you can look at their friends, they can learn about the energy but most importantly just think where can an aspect of being-ness show up easily for you.

How can that energy be compounded with your own sense of being-ness. Perhaps by feeling pleasure, reverence for life, perhaps by a sense of community or connection to others as you are creative about this and play with it, you will see that it is not necessarily about a quiet meditation it is about an activation, an energy that can awaken and strengthen and at the same time be enjoyable, be that which uplifts, that which says, I am glad to be here on this earth, I dance with her energies.

Some of you enjoy the trees greatly and some have wondered if they dance. On this planet their dance does take place but it is very slow. There are other planets where trees are the dominant life species and have evolved but not in this galaxy. The nearest galaxy, that is Andromeda, has several stars systems where plants have evolved to this extent and it is important that these energies at times are in a place of great creativity, joyfulness and understanding with humans.

What this means is that at a deep level within your own being, that which is rooted in the earth is becoming free. That which is stuck, now moves. That which was stationary or paralyzed, or slowed down can become quicker and more enjoyable. Are there further questions?

Jill: Can you talk a little bit more about using plastic in our lives? How does this affect us and does this affect our babies?

Hilarion: The most difficult part of this is that like with foods that have been heated past their critical temperature, like so many environmental issues like electromagnetic fields and many others. In your DNA, going back to your ancestors there was no programming for plastic it was that which you were programmed for in terms of food, as the foods that would naturally occur in the environment around you as water would naturally occur in an open stream. In questions about water, filtration methods that ultimately take you to that of the open running stream is always the best method. All other filtration methods fall short of this.

So also then, the intent of plastic to transport food, water, and various ways in which it shows up in your life are some of the most damaging for the human body. When plastic is that which surrounds the body as in clothing or vehicles, it is not so damaging. Yes, it can be difficult when you breathe it, when the plastics have high volatiles. But when plastics are relatively non-volatile, the contact with the body or the breathing of them is not nearly so damaging or difficult as the ingestion. The ingestion is difficult because as part of the programming your body has the ability to break down, to some extent some of the substances that come into it.

So some inert substances are passed through easily but plastic is not fully inert but certainly not helpful either. As it is partially broken down some of the components will store in the body. Those storage aspects will be different, depending on the programming genetically and can affect one in many different ways. Hormonal changes are the most common, brain deposits resulting in, typically tumors, usually those which are not malignant as in benign tumors, but also other ways in which the plastics can affect the body in the joints, the immune system and various organs.

These are not so difficult to get out of the body when you understand the underlying principles. This often can be drawn out of the body with various herbs, with exercise, with various other substances that the body is naturally programmed for. In particular, that of the dairy substances in particular unheated dairy, in particular raw unsalted butter hence note the similarity between one of the most difficult plastics that which is called margarine, and its great similarity indeed to raw unsalted butter in appearance, texture and what it is supposed to taste like.

[Editors Note: On the many amazing, healing uses of raw unsalted butter, see: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read We Want To Live, his excellent recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

In your own consciousness though, ultimately of course changes must be that which are manifested in your life so you avoid the way in which the plastic have come into your life by filtering them, by minimizing them, and wherever possible having some deeper contact with them where you forgive, where you attune to where you raise energy all useful methods that are utilized to purify, cleanse and clear the body.

One of the most interesting substances for removing toxic materials from the body is the whole panoply of fats. Fats have many aspects that are similar in certain ways to plastics. They can be liquid at certain temperatures, they can connect to other materials and they have important useful building blocks in the cells of people. So balancing by using a wide variety of fats, those fats in particular that have not been heated past their critical temperatures of approximately 104 Fahrenheit, that is 40̊C is an important way to clear these and reduce some of their damaging effects. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes, thank you. Can you talk about what's happening to our freshwater lakes?

Hilarion: These are disappearing for several reasons. One is the decrease in rainfall another is fissures in the earth in which these energies are part of the tectonic plates structure shifting, moving and the ways in which the cracks are appearing all over the earth. This is a cooling process to in some ways if possible slow down some of earth’s own naturally increasing warming, but generally we see that all of this is significant because it tells you the tremendous importance of freshwater, the way in which water has its ability to communicate, to share energy, to assist.

What can be done about this is no different really than all the other aspects of global warming. The ways in which people are learning about their ability to pollute and to do so consciously and minimally and to learn about this in ways in which they are able to interact. Pollution as it comes from living on the earth can be transformed as in the old ways through farming, by remediation through plants are ways in which the earth is already designed to recycle and work with various aspects that are releases of human beings.

But other aspects of this particularly where transportation or lighting after the Sun goes down and so on, these aspects are more critical to the change and shift it in the near future. This will ultimately correct some of the problems but in the meantime it is to show you how precious earth life is, for her water is as if her blood, her energy of communication and contact amongst all beings.

You respond to this in your own consciousness by your own blood, by your own way in which the water shifts and changes in reference to the lunar cycles. So the other thing that can be done here in particular around the new moon time, to be aware of the earth blood, the energies of the waters of the earth to receive them, to have a sense of their special-ness, their beauty and transmit this back to the world; a sense of a reverence for all of the rivers, the streams, the lakes, the freshwater areas that you have known. After all rainfall is very much influenced by the hydrologic cycle that is the evaporation from the sea then returning to the land by rain. These are being dramatically shifted and must be understood in the higher consciousness.

Where this is beginning to show up now more and more is in the way in which where a sweeping powerful storm energy, such as a hurricane, can sweep away some of the negativity or difficulty at the nonphysical level immediately adjacent to the physical level. So what you can also do about this is travel to the areas that for you have a great deal of density or difficulty, major cities perhaps or underground in those cities, subways and when you are comfortable with the ways of raising energy some of the ways we have suggested today or other ways you know of, do so in these places.

Although this raises energy and shifts energy at the nonphysical level in a positive way, more people doing this will make it less necessary for these powerful storms, ways in which the energies of the hydrological cycle, instead of being concentrated in a short burst can be spread out more easily over the land and the ocean. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. Do we have a message tonight from Athena?

Hilarion: You are correct in sensing this. We would like to turn it over......

Athena: In every one of you there is a space, an emptiness, a place that welcomes, holds, caresses a beautiful light. The light of the little child but it is also the light of sound. That sound of the beautiful summer breezes can be received in your heart now. You will see that it has tones on top of it. As you let these resonate within your heart another sound even higher still. As if to take you to a higher vibrational, beautiful, loving, a more pointed, a truthful space of light.

Within this place are answers to questions unasked. Answers to your life to how you are to touch and be touched or how you can know the pleasure in being and receive this with all. But also within this place is a tiny voice that is asking you to share that love now, to look in your heart and find the sound. That sound can generate within you a response, a likening, another sound, another energy, a vision, perhaps a touching an awareness, this is your truth. The truth of the beautiful blending of the male and female within you, a truth of the light within your heart that is there to touch and be touched but also to love and to be loved.

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. We thank you Athena for your perspective but also this as focused upon a willingness to receive the inner sounds, the sounds that manifest a light, an energy, an awareness of being-ness that can go deeper with each breath. We remind you of these energies for a very specific purpose because as Athena has pointed out there is within your own consciousness both the male and female; the expressive and the receptive.

Yet these have a manifestation within you that is unique to your own being, it's a clue to what you do in the world as it comes out of your being-ness, out of your love, out of your passion. Can there be within this a joy, an expression of life that could be clearer and stronger and more available not just to others not just for the world but for you to revel and experience that blending, this is one of the great joys of being-ness. Further questions?

Jill: The last question is about magnets and their effect on health.

Hilarion: It is an intriguing area to explore and beyond that which we have already stated, it is important to recognize that the magnets are a sort of representation, a sort of loving earth energy, a way in which you come back to a sense of the permanent, of that north south of that awareness of being-ness. Yes there is of course the way in which these affect health by re-creating the earth’s structures and pushing away the alternating structure of electromagnetic fields and regenerating the underlying aetheric energies by what we have mentioned. But there is also this other energy, symbolic it is as if earth welcoming you, loving you, knowing you, that you deserve, that you are aware that you are alive.

So out of the realm of magnets now we ask you now to be aware of earth. Her strengthening energy her loving energy as if she is reaching up to you, bathing you in her light, her love, her caring and that this reaches through your feet, comes up through your body, into your heart, sense then a gentle ohm, an earth ohm as if then bubbling up from her through you into your heart.

Sense it and know it before you share it. Re-create the Emerald light all around you now, the powerful cylinder as we began with about 100 feet diameter but at the periphery toward the southwest, the black opaque disc now detaches itself, moving all the way into the Sun and as it moves into the Sun the energies of Mercury retrograde are now released.

The whole idea of communication, restored, strengthened, the inner communication and the outer. From this place then, let that inner Earth ohm bubble into your heart as if saying that from the inside you are deeply loved. Goodbye, Ommm……

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On the diet of our ancestors, raw fats and their amazing healing capabilities: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read We Want To Live, his excellent recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.

About the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

About the work of Robert Bruce, including his excellent methods teaching astral projection in his book Astral Dynamics.

For more information the awesome "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .

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