Hilarion Fall Equinox Channeling 2007

Jill: Greetings. Today is September 21, 2007. We are gathered in Nevada City to celebrate the Fall Equinox with our Hilarion channeling. Hilarion will be responding to questions from those here tonight and those who have sent in questions via e-mail. For further information on channeling, books, and tapes, CDs and DVDs contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, California 95959 or visit us at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings. Yes. This is the energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. A moment please while we adjust the energy coming into this room, into this vehicle. We bring you many aspects of awareness, greetings, understanding but it is important to recognize before looking into these questions or various interesting matters that you are understanding what is occurring at this time of year.

In the northern hemisphere in particular, is a sense of magic; that which is beyond your conscious awareness but at a level of understanding still available to you. Part of this was deliberately enhanced with the recent release of the last book in the Harry Potter series in preparation for this time period. Part of it is that which is associated with a holiday that is gradually gaining more recognition amongst the adult population, Halloween and all that it is associated with.

But also is the idea that the magical fruits of nature, the bringing of the summer crops now comes to fruition, now as they are harvested, the greatest abundance, magic, and beauty of nature is felt within your bodies. It is known as you witness this or participate but also as you simply meditate on this idea of abundance, of awakening, of receiving these magical energies.

They are magical only in the sense that to a large extent you have pushed out of your consciousness the idea of intrinsic abundance. The manifestation of anything within the aspect of your own consciousness, that is as you would think it, as you would welcome it, imagine it, so then it is.

So beginning with that idea, simply by the manifestation of your consciousness, we ask you now to welcome a beautiful emerald light. See it filling this room, see it around you wherever you are as you may be listening to this at some point in the future. This beautiful emerald light forms a beautiful, powerful, connecting cylinder. It is about 33 m in diameter that is about 100 feet and it extends outward from you and then upward and downward.

As you breathe this light see it connecting to different points in your being as you would see useful, to the crown chakra perhaps or to the soles of your feet and as you are aware of this light see that it has a magical property, too; the capacity to invite your highest self, your soul, the aspect of God that you know or welcome. Combine this somehow deeply, instantaneously in your being with the aspect of you that is physical, that manifests in the world, that breathes, that lives, that eats, that sleeps, that interacts with others and loves, that cries.

It is this higher aspect, the blending of the emotions with the idea of spirituality that is particularly important at this juncture. There is a great deal of preparation underway on your planet amongst many of the beings who are moving gradually out of some of their preconceived beliefs into that what might be termed a more open way of thinking. They are being forced to do this because the solutions to the most difficult problems are those which are alluding you from the basis of competition, from science, from dogmatic religion, ways instead of cooperation, of higher esoteric science or metaphysics and aspects that draw people together in a way in which there is a deep appreciation in receiving of God in all forms. These are the important energies that are coming together to help solve these difficult problems.

But much of this is aware as consciousness, as a morphogenetic field, as a larger energy that surrounds you rather than the sense of individuality or answers that are clear or logical. Where does that come from? It is not only from meditation, it is as if an energy within your heart, within your being, as if it is cellular and soul-ular, connected to the aspect of your soul.

So in recognizing and welcoming these soul-ular energies we draw your attention now to your animal self, to the part of your being that welcomes and understands not only the animal kingdom, the energy of who you have known as animal friends in this life and past lives but the sense in yourself of your own internal animal totem.

We ask you to welcome the sense of this being as you think across the animal kingdom welcome any one of them that might be apparent to you, and see that that energy is somehow manifesting. It could be as if you are riding the back, it is beneath your hand, you are flying on its wings, swimming with it in the ocean or whatever or simply the idea that that animals energy is present with you in the room.

And then, as you have this awareness recognize what the animal is aware of towards it immediate future. Over the next few months, what it faces as the temperatures decline again focusing on the northern hemisphere and the energies as they work through consciousness, telling the animal it is possible to survive. You are safe, you can come to a place of deeper understanding, deeper consciousness, you can learn this from me from the sense of love within my being. I hold out my hand to you as a gesture of love, friendship, and food that you may then drink from the waters of the earth, receive the beauty and bounty of the earth at this harvest time and know that this energy will be with you in its own way.

When you make such an offering, such an understanding, such a communication, the animal returns an energy to you. Listen carefully to this message. It is if to speak to you in the heart. Usually these are simple messages, messages of thanks or warmth. But sometimes the message can be more specific, alerting you in your life to some aspect you need to put some attention on. Drawing your attention somewhere in the world where you might not have thought of it before. Recognizing this, have a breath, on the exhalation, notice in that empty point between breath, communication enhanced, receive the sense of this being with you.

Now of course what you are doing when you externalize, when you visualize this animal as somehow outside of you, is making it a little easier, you don't have to be so attached. But of course it is your internal animal, your animal self, the aspect within you that needs to communicate, to interact, to love, to be loved, to simply be a part of the great sea of humans, animals, plants, insects, all the beings that share this beautiful planet with you.

Now there are many questions to look out for today. And there are ways in which to answer this but we wish to draw your attention to an important aspect with regards to how propaganda, information, the speaking of others and so on impacts your being.

This is not so deep in the animal self it is in the higher brain function. It is an energy that you work with continuously when you are in the body and out of the body. The communicating of larger ideas, the understanding of the powerful thought forms the surround your planet.

 Many individuals of great intelligence, in some cases powerful need for their own identity to be reinforced through the actions of others, dictators, beings in positions of great power on your planet and so on, recognize these facts that humans do seek somehow this collective consciousness and deliberately warped the energies of truth into something that was a near truth that could be accepted sufficiently that when people then heard those messages over and over they believed them. This theory widely utilized now in advertising, politics and other areas has been called “The Big Lie.”

It is an idea that when that consciousness is sufficiently strong and repeated enough, and that which comes from many different quarters, people around you, media, various ways in which you are reminded of it frequently, you believe it. This can occur even if the information given is quite far-fetched. For instance, that there is one race of people superior to all other races and that their great position on your planet is to lead the other races and those that would stop them must be killed.

This was a powerful message that came out of Germany before World War II and this message was repeated in so many different ways it became a sort of classic case of the explanation of the “Big Lie Theory” of advertising, understanding propaganda, political and other aspects of mind control and so on.

And indeed the results of this are well known. It is a way then in which people can, with innocence, with a genuine sense of devotion and benefit to others actually kill others, or do great harm to the planet or see themselves as humanity’s saviors. You see thousands of examples of this going back in history and many of those examples when examined now in the light of understanding, love or this understanding of the “Big Lie Theory,” would appear absurd that a religion that in many ways ultimately caused harm, guilt destruction or difficulty could somehow be manifested on your planet as a great end, an aspect of saving or helping, or that various utilizations of technology for medical practices that seemed very harmful and difficult such as releasing blood from the body could be observed as the primary way of healing.

So we offer for you three examples so that you may come to understand this in your current reality and recognize and ask where is this “Big Lie” manifesting in my life?

It can be of course, personal, a way then in which you accept for instance, there is scarcity on your planet, rather than the abundance that is apparent from the understanding of the universe at a constant level of expansion, how it feels within your own being when you love, how you recognize the energy of giving, assisting and how that energy helps others even when you receive it.

But, the personal level issue with “Big Lie,” is pretty much closed for most people. They are now able to separate the personal from the much larger issue. Part of this has to do with your own deliberate attempt to understand the true nature of love. To know that love is not wanting something. To know that it is a universal, an energy that moves through all levels of your being. This very thirst to understand this universal love gives those with an understanding of the operation of “Big Lie” an open-door.

Similarly, the ego, the way in which you are often able to be assisted, loved, see yourself as somehow more important than others, lifted up, cared for or whatever. It is always these issues about the ego and about your emotions, particularly your emotions of love and fear that the “Big Lie” theory will utilize within your being.

So one of these examples that we might look at for a moment here, is the understanding with regards to the issues facing you around global warming. You have seen examples of this where others have pushed forward the notion that they have in their own research and so on shown how global warming is not a problem. Now of course the truth wins out.

Gradually now the evidence piles up. But the “Big Lie” about global warming is that somehow it cannot be corrected because it would be too expensive; most of the solutions that seem obvious as to be able to work; for instance, the setting aside of all fossil fuels, the utilization of all alternative energy sources and alternative energy vehicles, technologies and so on. They are possible but they are too expensive.

 If humanity put all of its attention on it certainly it could correct this and the theory around this that has been suggested people look at is the idea that if an asteroid was hurdling directly towards humanity would people set aside their jobs, their day-to-day existence? Would they put all of their attention on doing whatever it took to somehow stop that by utilizing space vehicles perhaps, or atomic weaponry and or missiles or ways in which they themselves could sacrifice in order to produce something that could stop this. Most people would say of course because the effects of this are immediate. Something you see within a relatively short time frame.

So let us examine that for a moment given then that the expense of stopping an asteroid hit on your planet would be then no particular issue. Why is the expense of stopping global warming such an important issue? This is uncomfortable for you to look at of course because you recognize how you contribute to this in your home, heating and cooling needs, your automotive transportation needs, your importing food from far away the planet needs and so on.

Yet, you can step back from that, let go of your own personal understanding of this and look at the larger level you can recognize that there is a time frame associated with this.

There are those who might say the time frame is 100 years before the problems on your planet are so severe that they significantly impact human population.

There are also those who in studying and working with this to a large extent recognize that there is a sort of point of no return and at that point comes soon, in as little as 10 years and that if people are not able to make the corrections needed then no corrections needed, no corrections made, no corrections possible after that point will have any effect.

This is not true because technology continues to evolve but it does not significantly reduce in expense and this is very important. Guides and helpers, the energies associated with global warming of the Earth herself and many other energies associated with this from your consciousness, your past lives your understanding about this before you came into this life and so on all point to this aspect that a solution to global warming must be a global solution.

One in which there is participation by all people, education and sharing of the information is where it starts and then others as they come to a deeper awareness about this, a deeper understanding are able to manifest these energies in ways in which ultimately there is a change; a significant change that can be measured scientifically and that which ultimately results in your own survival.

From the point of view of the soul, it is of course a difficult matter. The soul chooses the human being and all of the interaction on earth in order to survive, learn, grow, communicate. It is schoolroom earth, but it is also hospital earth and opportunity for healing, for change, for awakening various aspects in your consciousness that can lead ultimately to manifestation of these higher principles will require that you are healed, that you understand, that you grow.

So in this sense, the preservation of earth is important to give you these examples but the soul knows that it will survive, that there is an energy at the higher vibrational level, that it is an aspect of many vibrations other than the physical. Still though, this is a beautiful planet. You indeed are the stewards of this planet. It is if saying a powerful message to the rest of the universe if you can't take care of your own home if you struggle with the opportunity in order to come together to make this appropriate, balanced, loving place for you on all levels available in all the ways that are possible.

Now another interesting example to look at in regards to “the Big Lie” takes you right into the whole idea of money. Money as you understand it is an aspect that is ancient. There are those who have called it a natural resource. That when you examine how natural resources on your planet such as wood or water or air are utilized they would suggest that you utilize money in a similar way and indeed this is exactly what is occurring.

That countries or counties or cities or smaller groups even to the point of individuals to some extent, consider what they have available to them how these things might be shared and how these energies are appropriately balanced, divvied up, divided amongst others and so on according to their worth, according to their value. It is associated in dollars and cents in USA, in euros in Europe, in the Yuan in China etc. etc.

That there are still different currencies is a little hint for you. Yes, of course there are different species of trees, different flavors of water and different odors in the air but pretty much when you consider the natural resources, there are trees, these provide the wood, there is air, this sustains your own capacity in your body for life. There is water from which you drink.

In other words, this is a little hint that money is not a natural resource, never has been. It is the “Big Lie” that many individuals unconsciously accept. That somehow within their own being they have the conscious idea that this is a limiting factor in their lives personally, not enough money to do the things they want to do is a reflection of the attitude inside that there is scarcity rather than abundance. People would say just the opposite because I don't have enough money, therefore I know there is scarcity and because I don't have enough money I therefore know that all of these new age ideas about abundance are wrong.

Now, you can make your own decision about this but we suggest that again in order to dismantle a big lie you step back. Money came about naturally as a result of the need to streamline systems of interchange between people, the barter system, trading, utilizing various stones then later, metals, coins, various instruments made it easy to then utilize a medium of exchange.

This medium of exchange became codified, better understood and the Venetians in Europe used it to a fine degree as a conclusion to the dark ages and bringing this into the Renaissance was a great leap forward for humanity. To be able to for instance, say by lending money you will then be able to finance a voyage, then exploration was fostered and the result was that those who return from the exploration would then have to pay their debts.

Although this simple principle was that which was built upon over a long time period, it eventually reached a place where the opportunity for the money itself to somehow be seen as real, more than that of a future promised, more than that of a substitute for borrowing, bartering, helping others exchange, etc..

This illustrates for you its truly ephemeral nature and from such a point of view, linking back to the idea of global warming, how silly it is when you consider the answer we are not going to be able to stop global warming because it is too expensive. That it is this arbitrary system, this opportunity to draw on what is essentially a solution, not a natural resource in order to say that a bigger problem then can be solved by that solution might somehow then be the best reason for doing or not doing something on your planet.

Think of it from this point of view, if there was mass extinction on your planet, you have seen this already in your solar system with the high levels of carbon dioxide on Venus, the very low atmospheric pressure but high percentage of carbon dioxide on Mars. The end of a planet is given as a powerful example to you in the two planets that are nearest in orbit to earth’s. And yet this idea of the delicate balance between these important gases on your planet still not grasped by all beings.

How important it is that this balance is maintained for human life is very useful to consider. But for any life there will be other forms, there are already on your planet beings that though at a very, microbial, primitive level exist, they will survive into times of much higher levels of carbon dioxide even when people won’t.

So, what of this opportunity, the great gift of the earth given to you? Can you make use of it in ways that are valuable? Can the solution to exploration, to interchange between countries and people to the substituting of this aspect for love, could this money aspect in itself by its continual opportunity to rule you be that which ultimately prevents you from solving the problem that is facing you on your planet?

Now of course this could be applied to questions much bigger than global warming which brings us then to the other aspect that which would unite the tiniest and the largest; that somehow within your being you believe that you do not deserve something bigger. That you do not accept the abundance that is so natural that is so much a part of your universe. If you could in a sense breathe in this energy, that sense that you are deeply loved by God, that you could somehow deeply know within your consciousness that you deserve this and that the fears could be communicated, that the energies could be shared, somehow about these issues.

These are the simple solutions to “The Big Lie.” In this case, the “Big Lie” is one that comes naturally as a result of all of these other lies, all these ways in which you see yourself as less than or smaller than or separated from. Yet, at the deeper level of your own being you know this as a lie. You know the continuity, the love, the connectedness, the energy of being-ness, this brings us to a higher way of answering, looking at, working with this sort of energy.

But your own answers come from within. Not simply the answers relating to problems at hand, but an answer with regards to this big issue about scarcity and expansiveness, about the nature of who you are. Focus for a moment, instead of on these issues, on these thoughts, on the breath. Let go of the thoughts, let go of the energies that ask, if necessary bring again the animal being to stand or work with you, love you.

But as you breathe, as you put attention on the breath, notice that the thoughts themselves are distracting. The emotions, the ideas, the things that come through, they draw you away sometimes from that place of pure presence, that place of just breath, that place of love.

As you focus on the breathing notice then this potential idea as it manifests to you. It is difficult to think about it because that puts you out of a place of presence. So instead, just focus on the breath and hold this idea, this simple question as to who you are, as to the nature of your being, as to asking about love, to receiving the answer in your breath.

From this, what emerges is the idea that the thoughts, perhaps themselves are solutions but the problem is being presented to you that is so much bigger that that solution will be inadequate to answer it. Who am I as a question? What is my nature as a question? What is love? That's the question of my being.

The answers to this do not come from thought, nor do they come even from the mental process that engages around the issue of question and answer. This is the “Big Lie” and it was told to you by your teachers, by those of you when growing up in school, learning the things that were shown to you. Many of you rebelled against this, a few adapted, many came to a place in which they learned how to shut aside some of their own intuition, been unwilling perhaps to look at it or receive it, but you have come to it again, to awaken it, to welcome it, and now you know that indeed the intuitive part of your being is a tremendous valuable asset and ultimately more important, more useful, more lovable, and more loving in your soul than those energies that you learned in school, then the logical side.

The breath can draw you into that and help you remind you of this. It is not to say that, those ways of thinking, what is sometimes termed “the logical brain,” that that is the wrong thing, it has its value, has its use, but to depend on it, to see it as the only solution and now the “Big Lie” to see it as the best solution.

Each time you contemplate these energies around you, you can also think of them in a different way, the illusions of life. When you call it that you are less likely to shunt them aside, to let go of them, as when you put a little more force on it and call it the “Big Lie,” because after all, there is the emotion of resentment. Who are you to trick me is a question that could be asked which has an important legitimate answer intuitively you know they are you.

Those beings in a position of power who need their lies to exert their own power, to know their own identity, it is no different from you in some aspect. Just stronger perhaps in their fear and their power, just stronger in their need for ego and so it is through the ego that the solutions to all of this, all of these difficulties are promoted by those in positions of power. Solutions that clearly fall way short of effectiveness but they are solutions that emerge nevertheless because they keep those people in their positions of power, re-assert for them their own identity, help them know more deeply their own capacity to reassert this over and over and over, even at the cost of the planet, for your life, for your relationships or your love.

Now of course this is of no real good to you when what you do is primarily focused on well, Hilarion what should we do since really all of these issues and questions and indeed the whole idea of the “Big Lie,” of illusions and all the rest are more at being-ness level than the doing-ness level.

Doing-ness is something that you manifest because you are in the body is that which you are here to learn about and by the doing-ness you learn more about yourself. Still though, solutions are necessary and many of you have intuitively come to understand these solutions as those which feel good, which brings some sense of love, a deeper connection, of higher communication, of greater love between you. These solutions may be difficult to implement but they are the purpose, the reason why these issues are confronting and it is then to your credit that you are willing to look, welcome, receive and know these energies.

Other planets have faced similar difficulties. Not all planets choose the medium of money, or medium of exchange or something of that nature as for instance of these different examples an important issue to focus on. But on those that do they eventually realize from one methodology or another, technological perhaps, political, some way in which through their own family or connection or love that that solution to some older problems is now obsolete; making the switch, changing has been difficult for them and we have discussed this in the past as several planets have simply moved to worldwide strike.

Strike not against the love, or companionship or help or caring for each other in some cases barter was brought in, in others a sense of deep level of service, of assistance to others simply for its own sake. But the strike to set aside money to set aside the old ways, to find aspects that could be brought in for new solutions.

Now we mention this, particularly now because of this idea of the welcoming of magical solution a sudden new energy, and awakening in consciousness previously perhaps ignored. One of the interesting astrological aspects to come soon in October, is the focusing of the energies with regards to Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. These energies will begin gathering strength around the seventh and become more focused on the ninth until the very beginning of November.

But its purpose is to draw up some of these deep levels in your own unconscious. Mercury retrograde always tends to do this to some extent, but where it is then mercury retrograde in Scorpio there is additional aspect of your deeper buried energies, the unconscious part in you timed with this idea of the seasonal change of the magical expression, the magical understanding of these energies.

Although this could be seen to come to a powerful peak in its mid-cycle there will also be some useful energies still available around this on October 31. These are helpful energies in plumbing the depths of your own unconscious, to welcome their own solutions, energies, awareness, as if your consciousness was a group, was more than just you, but a connection to the beings in your soul, the aspects of your highest link to your highest level of consciousness.

For many individuals this is associated with the connection to the Galactic center. This is the area of the night sky that is where the Milky Way is thickest but also darkest because of the blocking energies associated with this area. As planets line up across the Galactic Center into December these energies become particularly focused with the idea of your own creation, your own creativity. What are you to manifest here? But, it is not useful to focus primarily on the doing-ness aspect when you are contemplating such a lineup of energies. Particularly important here is the energy of Pluto for transformation and bringing up the deep levels of unconscious as associated with the Galactic Center energy.

As this brings forth change, the Jupiter aspect brings the doing-ness eventually into form. As this energy will be powerful for many you may see that coming into 2008 as the effects ease a little bit into January and February the opportunity to manifest these energies more powerfully will then come to you. We will of course have an opportunity to speak about this more in December of this year. But in the mean time, the point of this is to prepare for this idea of the opportunity for the energies of your own creation, the highest aspect of your being, the sense of your oneness to your entire galaxy, that this energy is to be awakened more strongly, welcomed more powerfully within your being.

Individuals have contemplated also the powerful energies in the center of the earth. Seeing this as a Sun, as a powerful, radiant force; contemplating the idea of going there and what it would be like after you have lived there for a while. Let us assure you that such would be a powerful transformative journey and many individuals in their own unconscious as they sleep, they do go to this place.

But when you return from this as a whole group of beings should humanity elect such a process, which is probably unlikely but should this occur, such issues as money, as indeed even barter would most likely be seen in their true light, so those who would wonder how people would live and so on must understand that the informative journey to any of these places, the Galactic center, the great central Sun inside the earth, beautiful sun outside your earth, these journeys are to educate you as to your own abundance, the nature of your own energy, the capacity to bring healing, love, a sense of purpose, caring, all kinds of powerful aspects into the world.

This is not new, people for millennia have studied, worked with and learned about this. It is the basis of ancient religions but it is also the basis in some ways of the powerful energies brought forth on your planet by the Christ. An energy to forgive, to love, to turn the other cheek, was added to this, the whole idea of do unto others as you would have them do unto you brought more powerfully and deeply into consciousness.

There were those who understood this message and continued it for a long time on the planet, but the difficulty was of course in the wars, the ways in which these energies were mishandled, the ways in which others used it as positions of power over others and so on. Yet, those descended from, associated with and learned from disciple Paul, sometimes called Paulists, eventually came into an aspect of their own in which they realized that anonymity, that no name was truly more valuable than having a name.

For a time though, to identify themselves, they called themselves, “Good Men, Good Women,” this became, “Good Christians,” but in and of itself was again an indicator of anonymity of the release of the need for a name, the understanding of the true nature of this religion. At the same time as this those in positions of power who came to call themselves Catholics, the Roman Catholic Church as it eventually came forth and other aspects realized that this group was very threatening. They came to number into the hundreds of thousands and even into nearly a million on your planet in the area now known as Europe.

Most of those who understood this and counted themselves as “Good Christians or Good Men and Women” as they were called, only came forth to the number of 500,000 but actually there were many more. In understanding and working with this you begin to recognize that this was a church teaching of the Christ. There were no churches involved there was the opportunity to recognize you had a chance here but if you did not understand and awake you would come back again.

So yes, the understanding of this as reincarnation, it was indeed a part of this religion. The Catholic faith at the time saw this is as threatening. The first step to stop that was to name it, these beings were called Cathars and to use such a name was to defile because it is derived from the looking of a cat in the eye and seeing of its evil nature and the need in them to destroy and stop this gave rise to a series of wars over 20 years, many were stamped out, more than 200,000 killed and the rest clearly in a position of fear able to then put aside those religious beliefs or keep them in secret.

Many individuals today who are more new age orientated, associated with the more open churches such as Church of Religious Science or various multi-racial, multiethnic, and most importantly multi-religious organizations. These groups indeed have many members who were those who put to death others, who killed them or harmed them, as well as a few of course who understand these beliefs and were a part of this for themselves.

It is important to realize then, that it is often about forgiveness that this deeper message comes forth and that those individuals who stop this continual out-flowing of energy on your planet did so, so that they could balance this with the rest of humanity. It was as if their spiritual growth came too quickly for the rest of humanity. Do you see this in a similar light in various ways happening again on your planet?

But now it is also being recognized that some of these ideas of openness in spirituality are more valuable, useful, helpful solutions to the problems that face you today. So it is sometimes difficult to balance and understand and forgive but that is what you are then left with. Forgive those who have created these difficulties who have welcomed them in different ways and so on, it is an important task, it is as if that energy, that powerful lesson of deep level of re-incarnational forgiveness is one of those reminding individuals when they look again at the history of the Cathars.

Learning about them, reading about them, understanding more about their own energies can be helpful to many and is also that which creates a new helpful balancing in mythology as people understand that it is possible to recognize many of the higher aspects that Christ sought to give to this planet without having to exclude, hurt, or push away others.

This is one of the “Big Lies” that each religion tells. That their own religion is somehow the only religion and the others must somehow be pushed out, that they are not valid, that they would perish, go to hell, be harmed, or whatever. Yet, that energy is clearly now on your planet obsolete; anything that separates, anything that pushes you away from a connected whole, seems so clearly invested in individuality, in ego, in power to a smaller group and therefore ultimately at odds, with planetary survival, with what you are here to learn and grow with.

This was not the lesson of the Cathars, for they were only a beginning point of this but it is important to recognize that this was a glimpsing or grasping of a larger principle that was indeed acknowledged for three centuries on your planet before it was snuffed out.

Hilarion: Jill, perhaps you have a few other questions you would like to pose at this time?

Jill: Some birthing questions. Our children are given many vaccines shortly after birth. Some parents are alarmed with these various vaccines being injected into these new little bodies. What is the truth about the practice of immunization and our babies welfare? Circumcision is another questionable practice. Can you give us some wisdom concerning this issue? Many birthing practices occur around the world what is your wisdom as to the best practice of birthing beings into the earth’s physical polarity? How can we implement your guidance in an effective balanced manner?

Hilarion: Answer to last question answers the others. You communicate with the child to be, they are beings who have existed on your planet before. They have lived full lives, come to adulthood, come to understand, come to grow, so they choose then to come in again. You think that just because they choose to be little that before they are born they are not wise?

They will communicate with you about how they would like to be born. Some will choose circumcision, some will choose vaccines, some will choose various means of birthing that are suitable for their own consciousness. Some will choose various means of birthing that are most perfectly suitable for their own consciousness, but as the children are born on your planet they must face powerful energies. From the second in which they take their first breath they are surrounded by other beings in powerful energies of light, of communication, of these senses around them and all of this.

In the womb they are protected. There are many useful energies, but some of those energies are those that are very much filtered by the mother. So, these birthing practices can be a useful tool in bringing their awareness and consciousness about the planet that they are coming into.

We would see naturally in as much as possible, water birth, methods that are gentle, that make these transitions as easy as possible, the minimal cutting, harming, injecting, processing, all of the rest because the natural aspect of the physical body are those which can exert, heal, manifest the powerful, useful energies and so on.

If the mother has been eating processed foods with high content of metals or industrial waste, i.e. they have been eating supplements, they have been utilizing foods with a large degree of preservatives, well, then the breast milk will bring this into the child, this will lower the immune system and immune response, even though colostrum will be present, it is always helpful then to supplement with colostrum from various other sources, always raw, of course, from cow, from goat, from any animal, human is always the best but if the breast milk then brings a lowering of immune system what is one to do when one is then exposed to various diseases of viral microbial bacteria and so on, source that is where vaccines are necessary.

If however, the mother can prepare before being in this position of bringing in a child, can bring in the healthiest receptacle of her own body to hold love and take care of the child before it is born, then this will continue as she is able to breast-feed and positive, useful tools will be brought into the child, vaccines then would be unnecessary in order to defend against various illnesses.

Homeopathics can be given through childhood years all the way up to age nine in order to prevent these various diseases as well. These types of homeopathics are called nosodes and would indeed be far better than the vaccines as given. One of the most difficult aspects of vaccine is the need to preserve it, utilizing various toxic metals, most commonly Mercury but all of the different methods at various times, different methodologies, that becomes very troubling as those substances are very difficult for the body to remove when they are injected.

Ingesting them is hard enough but injecting them can often put them in a place in the body where they cannot be removed except by extreme measures utilizing surgery, or various techniques, sometimes this is one reason why cancer occurs, the place where that cancer tumor gathers the metals, other contaminating substances, then removing them is the best solution. This is not to say that all vaccines cause cancer but there are many difficulties they bring on.


Secondarily is their consciousness, they bring on the idea of fear this is linked to the various diseases that are then vaccinated for. One of the worst examples of this that many individuals listening to us today now have direct relationship to is the childhood disease of chickenpox where vaccines have been given for this sometimes much later in life indeed in the 50s, 60s or 70s the individual re-develops this only instead of occurring all over the body it occurs in the abdominal region as shingles.

This is the same virus, it is simply finding its way now not only to relieve the body of toxic materials from childhood but now also to relieve the body of toxic materials that have gathered in the abdominal region as a result of the vaccines given long ago as well as that overall thought form. Of course, chickenpox is deadly in a few individuals, but if given sufficient nutritional support, love, assistance, and other energies of a positive nature it is one of those childhood diseases that one can easily survive and will of course bring immune benefit and strength and prevent the later development of shingles.

Similarly, you can see so many ways in which the vaccines cause so many difficulties. Unfortunately, you have no choice sometimes when food quality or the body's ability to naturally and easily absorb the most helpful food substances is so limited. This brings us to the larger issue where people are unwilling sometimes to examine their own genetic predisposition. What is it that they are most able to accomplish, accommodate, welcome, and you use as food? It harkens back to the diet of their ancestors. As energy, it is the sense of love, as work, the opportunity to engage, to be stressed for periods of time as you do work and then to let go. To have deeper phases of relaxation and understanding, this is not to say conciliatory entertainment as the only solution but a way of emptiness, staring into space, being one with the earth.

[Editors Note: On the diet of our ancestors, and more about vaccines, see: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read We Want To Live, his excellent recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

We have often spoke of the need for bare feet on the earth, minimum half hour per day, grass, dirt, even concrete but not insulated with shoes, socks on a wooden surface or what ever. This is also true for children, they need to crawl around in the grass, on the earth. If this is not possible because it is in the city environment find a place at least where you can take them where they can touch the earth with their feet while you hold them

so that this energy can be magnified and strengthened. Even if that is not possible because of a hospital environment, then you put your feet on the earth and immediately thereafter go to the child holding the child, having a sense of that communication, that love, that sharing. Further question?

Jill: Please comment on prayer and destiny. People are contracting diseases and difficulties. Is it proper for someone else to ask that that be stopped? Are they interfering with that person's best interest?

Hilarion: You might assume, again looking at this idea of the “Big Lies” that this question then is based on scarcity and separateness. As you are one, as you are connected a prayer for someone else is a prayer for yourself, a willingness to invite God in various ways, a powerful loving energy, whatever you want to call it. Still though, the deeper issue around this is not just about scarcity or connectedness but that in some way you have brought yourself your own difficulty, the prayer, the only prayer really is for clarity, that you will understand, you will grow as a result.

When you have this within your being you may understand more of destiny, not the destiny forced upon you, the destiny you chose. The energy that is the most uplifting, loving, helpful, encouraging, that sort of destiny, that again, the prayer for clarity it welcomes, illuminates, helps you receive this.

Ultimately, prayer is a sort of bridge, a connecting to another energy, a feeling within your being, a sense of your connected-ness rather than that which is somehow supplicating another. If indeed that was the only way it worked, wouldn't you think that the other would be so flooded by so many prayer requests?

After all, there are many planets in this galaxy and many more in the universe, if there is a God in that sense, listening to prayers, those voices would be so much more overwhelming than anything you could imagine. Yet, it is not that a prayer is granted as a manifestation of an energy then comes forth, it is that the clarity to manifest this becomes more easily accessible to your being or to those of others or the way in which these energies than by being more firmly directed become clearer, better understood, better aware in your being.

This is not to say that it is wrong to pray for others, or to pray for yourself, in the sense of a little child asking that this one be blessed, or that this energy be able to manifest, or whatever. That is a good indicator where you have to put your attention, what you have to look at but please ASK that there be greater clarity, that there be received within your being greater knowledge or understanding, awareness, clarity, or wisdom in the way in which you would then be able to work with and understand and grow.

That is a gentler answer than about how it works mechanically, because that answer of course relates to vibration, the way in which a prayer is able to assist in vibration and that vibration is an interference and that interference can be loving and helpful in the sense that perhaps where the vibration was headed wasn't so good or valuable or whatever.

But really it is a merging. When you pray for your self or pray for another, that merging, the bridging, that intertwining of vibration is then allowed on some level in your being, and if welcomed by the other, allowed in their being. If that instead of being an energy that simply moves, shifts, changes could also be one that enlightens, that assists to a place of greater understanding or wisdom. Perhaps you then glimpse how important a prayer for clarity truly is. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Thank you. Yes. Is there a difference in the magnetism that comes from lodestone as opposed to magnetism generated with electricity?

Hilarion: Yes. The occurrence of naturally, manifesting materials on your planet of any sort versus those which are purified, rarefied, processed. One can see of course that these all come from natural materials in some way, after all lodestones contain naturally magnitized materials that are purified and utilized in magnets but one must recognize here that magnetism is in and of itself a carrier, it is a wind in the ether and that carrier of the wind, that energy transmitted by the wind, through your own aetheric body, brings information.

The information brought by most artificially created magnets is information primarily about that wind. It is a moving energy though some programming will be possible with magnets to a large extent it is just the idea that there is this energy, it can strengthen you, it can sustain you. But the energy that is conveyed through a loadstone, carries on it information about the earth, about the sense of being one with the earth, of receiving and knowing love and her benefit. Lodestone's do not have as strong a magnetic field, their energy is gentler but it is a positive, helpful, loving vibration all the same.

Sometimes for individuals who utilize magnets for healing, it can be a helpful tool. After you have placed the magnets somewhere on the body, after you have the sense the healing is complete then on that same place, put the loadstone. Do not worry about the polarity, simply place this on the body for 30 seconds or a minute and contemplate your connection to mother Earth. Receive the sense of earth’s love and guidance. Is this sufficient regarding lodestones?

Jill: Yes, thank you. Hilarion, what aspects of relationships will be need for the new vibration changes?

Hilarion: Relationships are very much about yourself. You communication with the highest aspect of being or with God; your communication with your own inner nature drives you in your choosing of your relationship; a person to reflect your own aspect of magnificence and the areas you want to sandpaper, to change, to shift. When you realize that simple idea instead of, what is it called in your society? “Chemistry?” You are not in love you are in karma, this is a good thing to remember when you are working with chemistry.

Chemistry has its place and it is sometimes there very deliberately to draw you into a karmic relationships so that you can change that karma but in whatever way in which you find yourself in a relationship, ask how is the law of reflection operating? How can I work with the law of reflection here? How is this aspect of my being reflected in the other? How is this a training for my understanding of my relationship with the highest being, with the highest aspect of the universe with the highest aspect of God, whatever way you want to put it in understanding. And working with this energy you begin to glimpse that it is really about something else and for this we will welcome our compatriot Athena.

Athena: Yes we are grateful for the opportunity to speak briefly to you about this. The idea that within your own loving self is a kernel of pure light, of truth that says simply I love, I will be love, this love is more important than who, who I am, who you are and all of the rest and then I choose this person in order to best manifest, best welcome, best accelerate this experience of love; a love that can go to the highest level of vibration.

Hilarion: Hilarion here again. We welcome this energy as a deeper answer to the question, a way in which a relationship can be a sharing of such an awakening of energy is what could be called “Evolutionary Duo,” two people choosing to help themselves evolve as they understand and welcome love. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes thank you Hilarion. How do we make sense of the quantum leap?

Hilarion: Meaning: this opportunity for magnificent change that is not gradual but that which happens all of a sudden and all the ways in which it is possible, all at once. You don't make sense of it, you simply are a part of it, you know it, you welcome it, you're prepared as best you can, but when it occurs, you are then immersed within that energy. You deliberately have brought yourself to that so that you will not prepare, think about it, know it, in the way in which you imagine it, but for itself, for its own energy, it will then be with you.

So, the way to do this is, we would suggest, backwards. As you would imagine, welcome, think about, the kind of person you’re going to be after that quantum leap, after that big shift in consciousness? What would you do to prepare for that? In other words how can you be that now? This takes it out of the realm of preparation, it takes it out of the realm of planning for the future, it takes it out of the realm really of thought completely. It is as if the answer to this occurs when you breathe.

When you are you aware primarily, when you take your focus away from the larger energies that are distracting and difficult, emotional and thought provoking, and instead to the place of being-ness to the energy that simply breathes, that simply is within your consciousness now. How can you be more of that? You can't try you simply are, it is always with you, to attune to it, to welcome it, to see it as part of you as you move, as you react, as you speak, to breathe and put your attention there rather than on the thoughts, the preparations, the energies, that is the answer.

Because isn't that person that you imagine yourself to be in that time so far ahead off to the quantum leap, isn't that being the energy of presence? The energy that simply is, that knows the capacity for the deepest love, that receives energy of abundance,

expansiveness, assistance to others? What do you think brings on this leap? Is that the earth turning through the galaxy? The influence from the stars? No, it is human beings, it is your conscious, it is your opportunity to be in that place of love, of presence right now.

Does this answer the question?

Jill: Thank you, Hilarion. Some questions about marijuana or other psychotropics and comment on these plants medicines and how, what form with the healing properties best to use?

Hilarion: In whatever way you take them initially, realize that you are connecting with a much larger energy. The Deva Kingdom associated with these plants, this is where the true healing comes from. Oh, yes there can be drug effects, physical effects on the body, brain receptor changes, nervous system shifts as a result. But it is the connection to this kingdom, all of the beings, the loving Devas associated with this plant or any plant or any substance that you work with derived from the plant kingdom. They have evolved over millions of years, they are there with you, to assist you, to alert you, they have learned that the consciousness changes of people who have utilized these substances, they have a great deal to communicate with you about this.

So as you attune to this, you can in a short period of time, perhaps only a few experiences of this nature have a deeper sense of this kingdom, of these beings, then you can tune in to them directly, you do not need the substance at all and indeed this can be extremely healing. It can allow you to purify the effect so that it is no longer the sense of inebriation or a high, but rather the sense of consciousness, of expansion, of learning, awakening, of wisdom, of love, whatever particular attributes that come through from you through this.

This is primarily true from the natural substances, those that are artificially derived, various chemicals, etc. will have some connections to this. But, it is these which people in their initial experiences find, though attractive, eventually they let go of them, coming to appreciate the natural substances all that much more.

This is really the best way to proceed, seeing that those substances are initially valuable because of their powerful way of attuning you to the Deva Kingdom then to find this direct connection simply by welcoming that feeling, having the sense of those beings with you, listening to them, asking them their questions and understanding the answers as they come from their own language, an intuitive language perhaps; a language of presence, perhaps, of receiving of a light perhaps. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes, Hilarion and this takes us to the end of our questions. We still have a few moments to hear whatever you want to tell us.

Hilarion: There are so many things on your planet that are begging for you to awaken, to listen, to receive, and know the deeper messages. We have spoken of a few of these today but at the deeper level these are not the messages, of verbal, of thoughts, they are the messages of love, the messages in your heart, the messages that connect you to mother earth. These are the places also of magic, of awakening in consciousness of the intuition, the understanding of this as direct knowing without having to utilize question, answer, reflection, thought and all the rest.

Yes, this could be called meditation, yes it could be called presence, but it is also something that is just intrinsic, it is vibration, it is a receiving of the Earth's vibration that reminds you at a deep level that the solutions often have to do with connectedness just as they are connected to earth, connected to others, connected to your plant kingdoms, animal kingdoms, kingdoms of the air, water, space, all of this with you, to love you, to remind you to exert their presence in a way in which you then see your own opportunity to communicate, to share and so on.

A great deal of the focus for today has been on receiving, but in the way in which you assist, a way in which the energy flows out of you, there is also much benefit. This is the other magical opportunity, the harvesting of your own ideas, your own ability to love, to heal, to assist.

For this then we remind you now to look in your heart for the sense of what you can contribute, as love, as benefit, as caring for others. Feel this as part of your breath, part of the attention on the letting go of thoughts, as part of the beautiful, loving answers, a light appears in your heart, a beautiful, a slowly pulsing energy, pulsing with your breath, it grows with each breath a little larger, a light may have a color for you and it is useful, for many it will be white, gold, pink, silver, simply notice that this is present, and see this as it comes larger and larger.

Imagine some place on your planet where that loving light will be well received. Feel that sense of love within your being as you send that light out and notice that the moment that you send it from your heart, another light appears, brighter, clearer, stronger. In other words, there is no scarcity, as the love proceeds from you so it is re-manifested at every level of your being, within your own heart, within your own body, within your own consciousness.

In this breathing of the light now we remind you again of the Emerald light cylinder. See this full, beautiful light now as it becomes a translucent Emerald color about 100 feet in diameter (that is, 33 meters), it expands further and further until it encompasses all of earth, her own gentle, loving, response as Omm coming up through the body to be shared out loud. Ommm.......

More Hilarion


On the diet of our ancestors, vaccines and more: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read We Want To Live, his excellent recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.

About the nonphysical beings who co-exist with us: Projections of the Consciousness and other books by Dr. Waldo Vieira.

For more information the awesome "inquiry" process, visit the web pages of Byron Katie at The Work .

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