Hilarion Winter Solstice Channeling 2007

Jill: Today is December 21, 2007. We are gathered in Nevada City, CA to do a Hilarion channeling for the Winter Solstice. We will include questions from the audience as well as from email. For further information on channelings, books, and CDs please contact Jon C. Fox, Box 2209 Nevada City, California 95959, or visit us at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings - this is the energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before looking into these many matters, questions, issues, and ways of perceiving reality, we also however, wish to bring energy, our energies, the energy of guides and helpers, the energy of earth. Not only into this room but to anyone hearing these words, who wishes to use this, to be one with it, to welcome it, to know it, it is your energy, it is the energy of all human beings but is also the energy of manifestation itself, the three-dimensional world, the aspect of consciousness, the part of you that knows, that you are you.

It is to this that we speak tonight and the way in which as energy you then come into physical form, to existence, to interaction, to learn. There are many forms of energy, those that are nonphysical, those that can be understood as quasi- physical, but you choose this existence, hearing our words you are in physical form, you are receiving, you are knowing this. It is this important energy that gains immediate, tremendous respect.

At the moment that you were born all that you have come through, all that you have accomplished, all that you have had to set aside, all that you have to remember and all that you have to forget, in order to be alive in this world, to breathe, to interact, to touch, to be touched. Remember this now, this sense of respect, this sense of being-ness, this sense of energy as if you were watching yourself being born. As if you were receiving this energy for the first time, as a you are acknowledging it in your own being because it is this energy which fills the planet in this special moment.

Equinox and solstices are often related to breath and you can see this sense of breath in the solstice. Solstice in the northern hemisphere now as you come into this energy you begin to recognize it is as if earth now reaches that point of extreme breath, extreme in or extreme out, depending of course whether you are in northern or southern hemisphere, symbolized by the longest night and the shortest day in the North and the reverse in the South.

As you are aware of this energy recognize you are breathing with earth, receiving and knowing her love, her sense of being, her connection to the plants, the animals, all humans at once through her existence, through her breath now at this moment you connect to all humans on your planet, all plants, all animals, the air itself, the very nature of what it is to be alive.

In the northern hemisphere this is the time of greatest difficulty for many mammals, the whole idea of darkness, the longest night, the time of maximum inner work is one that can be troubling to those who are already afraid or carrying burdens or struggling with their own difficulties; hence, the increase in suicide at this time within humans.

But, for the animal kingdom right now we ask you to imagine them around you, loving you, but this time it is a little different. Imagine that there are animals surrounding you, forming a circle about 33 m diameter that is about 100 feet in diameter all around you, all around this room, all around your being. Different ones perhaps, animal totems that you have been aware of in the past, let them coexist for this special moment, each of them in this ring as they gaze into your eyes, as they are aware of your energy they project their own light, up and down.

As that light moves up it forms a beautiful, powerful cylinder of light as it moves down it connects to mother Earth continuing this cylinder. You are within this problem receiving the blessings of these animals, connecting with them your own energy, your own love your own sense of being as if to say you are loved, you are welcome here. They reflect back to you this same thought, so are you. You are loved, you are welcome here, receive and know the joy of being now.

As you are aware of these energies now, let all of it as if melts together, the consciousness of animals, the consciousness of human, the consciousness of earth, into this beautiful light. Let it become Emerald as you welcome, breathe and know this light, you welcome breathe and know our energy and yours.

Yes, this is the energy, being or vibration you have known as Hilarion. Yet, we also are working through the vehicle tonight, able to bring words and ideas from others. Yet, all of these are ideas, energy, vibration that are yours as well. Part of your being, who you are, if then there are moments when it is as if another consciousness, another presence, positive, helpful, uplifting is with you then just to receive it, just to know it, just to be with. This can be helpful but at the same time it can bring up so many questions because in your reality, the existence of the nonphysical beings is not seen as an essential part of day-to-day life.

This of course is absurd, given how those are your energies when you are nonphysical are then these same energies, but for this moment imagine why this might be? In other words ask what's right about it and you begin to uncover for yourself that that it is a way in which you rely upon yourself and have great respect for the physical-ness of your being, your willingness to treat this earth with respect, to learn from each other, to grow with attention on the physical.

Yet, the divine inspiration, the powerful ideas, the aspects that draw you into higher levels of consciousness, these are not physical, these are the concepts and the ideas, the dreams, the visions, the thoughts, yes there is technology on your planet, more and more of it but in and of itself it is only level of inspiration is actually in its elegance, or what it has done in a way that is helpful to you and inspiring. But the technology itself is just a rearrangement of the physical.

So, in this way you can also ask what's right about it? And understand these steps that humanity is taking more and more with the increase use of technology to global brain, to interaction, to many beings knowing each other. So it is only natural then to recognize the next level to this is the acknowledgment of the nonphysical beings to a higher degree.

Technology is also moving in this direction with increasing level of awareness of this, for instance, study and look into the nature of orbs; frequently seen simply as photographic aberrations that cannot be explained by simple malfunctions of a camera, dust or reflections, or other optical phenomena. These as moments in which the nonphysical beings manifest larger degree of energy, hence can be photographed.

Yet, an important question about the nature of presence can be answered not only by the nature of your own experience of this but also by the understanding of vibration and the nonphysical beings. There are those ways in which you come to a place that you could call present. It is a good word because it takes you there quickly.

Sometimes it is the acknowledgment that you are trapped in the past or the future and as soon as you realize this, it is as if your consciousness disconnects, unhinges, it moves away from those ties to that which is draining your energy or drawing your attention, or distracting you, after all the past is already gone so it is an illusion when you say you're dwelling on the past or thinking about the past because you're thinking or dwelling on something that doesn't exist and similar about the future, that which has not yet come into form.

Yet, something else also occurs in the moment in which your variation of sensibility, where you put your attention, what you're thinking about, when your very vibration returns to something inner, an inner spark, a radiance, a being, an essence of you. You are in that moment, realigning with many nonphysical beings and you are doing this in a way in which the effects can be far more profound than in your everyday existence because at the moment in which you attune to these energies, anyone observing your subtle bodies will notice they have moved a tiny bit for some, a large degree for others and that movement is typically away from the physical. It can be larger than the physical to one side of the physical above or below but the intensity of this is noteworthy to those with clairvoyance or higher sight.

You may begin to recognize this that it is in the very principle of moving away from, even if it is only a tiny degree away from, that psychic abilities and increase spirituality and other aspects begin to show up more easily for you. You will note that many practices of meditation, projection, attunement, even dance and movement exercises, even sports where you move into an altered state have this in common, that there is this inner sense that you are not as connected to the physical.

This can of course be quite disconcerting if you are not prepared for it, but as you become aware of this and as you work with it you then become comfortable enough to allow this sort of energy. So what then are you connected to? What are you vibrating with? All the beings who are already at the higher vibrational level, released from the past, released from the future, vibrating with now.

There are many on your planet at this very moment chanting ohm in physical bodies, raising the vibration. There are many nonphysical beings raising their own energy, looking at the various aspects of consciousness from this place of presence so their energy and yours, not only are they as one, because you are disconnecting from those illusions, it is because it is natural, the nature of your being, oneness, oneness with all beings.

But if you are tuning into the oneness with a being who is afraid because he or she is contemplating the future, or sad perhaps because of being too much under the thumb of their own past misconceptions or ideas or difficulties, well, those are helpful beings to contact with when you are going to heal them but the moment in which you are going to attune with them on a higher vibration you are naturally, intrinsically, disconnecting from that thought form, that thought field as well.

Instead you are naturally attuning to a higher vibratory reality. Higher in the sense that it is not held down by the concepts and energies of Earth and all of her own difficulties and all the struggles of humanity on earth. What naturally occurs when you do this frequently is also an awakening of spiritual energy. What is spirituality, what is spiritual energy? Some simply define that as that which is not business and that's all right after all it isn't about making money since you don't take that with you and it is therefore an acknowledgment of the multi-dimensional existence but as you recognize it in another way, an internal way, it is the switch over between sixth and seventh chakras. Chakras, 1,2,3, 4,and 5, although they are very much relating to many important aspects of being, are essentially those working with the physical.

The sixth chakra, moving into the nonphysical arena prepares the way for psychic abilities and awareness of that which is not tangible, not easily discernible to the five senses, to that which is often called the sixth sense, associated with the sixth chakra with third eye and so on as a transition to the seventh chakras and all those above the head; chakras 8, 9,10,11,12 relating to the nonphysical, but, specifically the spiritual, the awareness of God as your being, communicating with you, knowing you, having this in form as the nature of your being.

Which naturally brings us to the next question: is grace a reality? How does one understand this or work with it? It is just the same in a way as trying to answer a question about the past or the future while in that place of presence- you can't. It is from those higher chakras, from the nature of your being that you understand grace though you may manifests it and use it when you are in the physical, still it is the presence, the knowledge of this.

 A good synonym for this is the word favor because it is a way that indicates that something good has happened. Of course, grace has many meanings but in this aspect this God energy, this spirituality, it is this favoring, this bringing of beneficence, of opportunity without the trappings of karma; without the need for evolution. It is simply the manifestation of God's energy in you.

Now one could say that this is therefore something that you work towards and deserve but that would not be grace. That is bestowed as a matter of checks and balances of karma, of cause and effect, or whatever. Nor is it evolution relating to your future self and the way you will be, but indeed we ask you to understand is that in this powerful interface between the sixth and seventh chakras, and the way in which you are drawing these energies into your own being, the opportunity to receive presence is the place to receive and know grace as the nature of your being, as the breath, who you are.

It is not a matter of deserving grace but in the sense that which is favor, it is bestowed, it is energy you can refuse it. Of course you can use that energy any way you wish, you can use it towards something that only throws you back into dwelling on the past or the forebodings of the future.

Therefore, we recognize that there are two ways to answer questions wherever possible we urge you to find both. There are different ways to approach this. One definition is internal/external another is day night but when you answer a question, when you look at it for yourself you can receive it from the level of your own experience that is relating to the past, how you think it should be that is relating to the future, the opportunities to fit this into another set of definitions or logic, or understanding or even an intuitive way of receiving this information that is somehow able to settle within you.

All of that, can relate to that day, that aspect of the more logical, but the intuitive can be a guide, showing you where to look, how to feel, to receive the answer in a different way. It is not a way that can be described, it is not a way that can be easily named, it is a way that is experienced it is a way which you are present to the answer. The trouble with that is that the whole idea, an artificiality you might say of question-and-answer dissolves in that place of presence and that is the whole idea because then you truly understand the answer to the question it isn’t just more information, it is actually an answer that resonates somewhere in your being.

Sometimes what can take you to this place, can be things of a logical nature, little thoughts about it such as in answering that, and looking at that, what do you take with you, that is when you leave this earth, when you move to a level of higher consciousness letting the body go behind or a place similarly reached in meditation or projection and sleep. What do you take with you? Or in delving into the understanding of that question or issue what's right about it?

Yes, there is always the learning, the suffering you have gone through in order to learn what's right about it but at a deeper level oftentimes there is something much more right about it. Some of the great scholars on your planet who have applied this quite outside the realm of philosophy, to practical areas of the world have come up with some radical and powerful new shifts in thought and understanding. Asking what's right about it has been helpful to many beings.

But, where it is now coming to a place of great difficulty is around the understanding of medicine, health, sickness, disease and all that that entails simply because this question is being avoided. Similarly in science, this question has been avoided for a long time, and now those involved in quantum physics are beginning to ask it. And that question is along the lines of purpose, what is the purpose of, is rarely asked in science, yet it is now beginning. But, in terms of application in your own life, what's right about it has far greater meaning and resonance.

There is a question about the work of certain other people, these are channels and we do not wish to comment on other channels but they are also beings that deserve more study, learning about and looking into on your own principally because in addition to looking at the pathology, what's wrong with that, the struggles with what the difficulties are they are also asking what's right about it?

These would be the individuals such as Dr. Reich Hamer asking what’s right about what happens psychologically, what happens in your consciousness when you have powerful, difficult diseases and especially the disease of cancer. Because it turns into a communication, the opportunity ultimately for you to communicate something very deep, so deep, so powerfully layered over in your consciousness that the only way your body is able to bring this to your mind to look at is by the pain, is by the difficulty, by the lump or the symptom or the fatigue or the dealing with this cancer at some level.

Now, this is how the animals work and why animals do not suffer from cancer until they come into much closer contact with humans such as the domesticated animals and when then they are able to confront these issues, communicate as they do by a fight, by leaving the herd, by connecting more deeply with members of the herd or whatever, such cancers than easily go into remission.

Hamer’s understanding of the animal brain, the deep-seated part in your consciousness as influencing the physical body is the great revelation that he is able to prove over and over and it is this which is worthy of investigation by health professionals but for you personally, for any human on the planet it is always about communication, what's right about the difficulty?

Showing up in your body, reminding you what does it mean? How can it be communicated? What are you holding back from? What emotion needs to be shared? What important message for your loved ones? For your family? For yourself? Where can these messages be shared in sincerity and love and most importantly compassion because it is compassion that you have removed in order to allow the denial you have not been sufficiently loving with your self to allow that communication because you have judged it, you have said that that important thing that you wish to share is therefore not important.

 This creates a powerful turbulence in the brain as well as and eventually leads to a shutdown, a reduction of blood flow, a lesion and in that corresponding part of the brain then, a message sent to the body for a formation of the cancer. Correction of this comes through communication but also further acknowledgment about what's right about it, the pain may increase or the struggle may increase in various ways as you open this powerful box of what has been denied. It doesn't have to be all the way to cancer of course to have difficulty with communication, yet it is this that is often so powerful it draws one's attention where the attention was not available before.

The whole process of disease, why it then shows up, is often taken by science and especially those in the medical profession as what's wrong about it, the entire science of pathology and from this after the development of pathology for many decades was the gradual introduction of the idea of the immune system. The immune system in one sense does not exist. One recognizes the circulatory system, the enzymes produced in the body, the various chemicals and pH balances and other things as having the ability to work with bacteria, viruses, parasites and various micro-organisms in their own ways.

But to call this an immune system is actually unconsciously giving even greater weight and knowledge to the whole idea of pathology. What is wrong with it? How that disease has invaded you and hurt you. Another great individual on your planet, Dr. Vonderplanitz, has examined this looking at what's right about it and recognized the simple fact that disease is simply the process of the body coming back to perfect health. This seems so obvious to non-medical professionals, but with the stroke of one sentence you have then destroyed an entire science of pathology with such words as if to say that the body is doing exactly what it needs to?

[Editors Note: On the deeper principles of health and disease, see: We Want To Live: The Primaldiet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. And for those who have already read We Want To Live, his excellent recipe book: Recipe for Living Without Disease.]

In fact, this also gives an entirely different light to the immune system. Many times the function of the immune system is to bring these bacteria, viruses or other micro-organisms not into a position of destruction but a place where their work can be more one pointed, more appropriate, more balanced and helpful to the body. After all, these organisms have been on your planet a lot longer than you have and they have developed capacity for the destruction of various other aspects, that which is dying, dead, harmful, toxic, far beyond the ability of any immune system.

The whole point about understanding what’s right about disease then, can take you to another paradigm one in which it is unnecessary because you are already aware of what you need, of what you can receive, how you can grow, how you can be helped, of what the true nature of health in your body is. This is already built into you, it is in your manual, but many of you have forgotten how to read the manual. We have already been hinting at this, it has to do with being present.

Being simply in that place without the past, without the future, at place of oneness, the place of reception of grace and asking, let me know myself. Sometimes what will surface will be difficult, maybe and energy that relates to some emotion, something that must be shouted or cried or moved through in order for you to come to a different place but it is still there. This is the same action of the ancestors. Many native peoples recognize the presence of the ancestors and ascribe a place of reverence or reception and many who are hearing our words are indeed in the USA or North America and receiving these energies for a specific reason. Many of those native cultures are indeed Native American cultures and in particular North American cultures.

The point of this is to remind you not of the reverence of your ancestors but the knowledge and wisdom in their cells from their experience that has been passed on generation, after generation, after generation to you. What did they expose themselves to 100,000 years ago? Cell phones? Higher vibrational communication? A little of both in a certain sense but in Lemuria, you understood the direct contact with nature, the awareness of the higher vibration for itself in that place of presence you can receive this again.

In ancient times, what was eaten, it was not that which of course is processed or sold in a store or built from chemicals, taken from oil or paper, or wood but rather those things which grow easily and naturally, those which are shared lovingly, those which are healing and helpful.

One must of course determine this for oneself but do not just look into the books, into the science of nutrition, look also to your own ancestors, to the nature of your own being. What did they eat to heal when they were struggling? Many times what you will notice with this is milk. The milk of your own mother. Human milk is a difficult commodity to come by when you are not a baby. This is unfortunate but it is the way it is in this society. It is perhaps that which will be recognized in future societies and developed more thoroughly sense of course it is that which can be manufactured, utilized, and understood better by humans if they will only drop their own struggles against it.

But in the meantime, you have the example of what farmers, for the last 10,000 years when farming was so popular have always done when they wish to heal a farm animal, one that has been abandoned perhaps or hurt or sick, they give it the raw milk from a cow or a goat or a sheep. This practice has its origins in simply observing how one can suckle at one’s mother’s breast in order to receive nourishment and sustain-ment.

This powerful consciousness and the attunement to that which is natural, that which is coming to consciousness from one's ancestors and so on now lies on your planet in direct juxtaposition to this what is wrong about it sort of way of thinking. To the medical establishment of pathology and other things that are looking consciously and carefully at one’s wrong with this because of the variations of disease, bacteria, struggle, difficulty and all the things that then of course can make this more available, free and easy for people as opposed to that which is patented, sold by multinational corporations that which is for profit, etc.

As these two realms on your planet come head-to-head difficulties ensue. The issue of natural, whole, and raw foods coming more and more into consciousness to push away those of the process nature, but where's the money? The processed food manufacturers have the government regulators and many others within their own domain and so this then shows you where these battles will come and the solution to this is of course to unplug as much as possible.

Find your sources locally, to find the farmers in your area, to find those who are working with natural foods, to learn about them yourself, to grow, to interact, to be a part of this, rather than to simply rely on that which you obtain through advertising, scientific studies and of course, purchased en masse manufactured stores, etc.

This is not easy, nobody said it would be before you got here, but it is an important challenge because by this you are also correcting many of the problems on your earth that are being lumped into the area of global warming. For the transportation of food across many kilometers is very harmful to the earth because of all the energy it takes to do this. It is natural then that you see how these interconnections go.

For as you ask what's right about it and as you turn these notions of what it was on their heads, you come to another place of consciousness, a place that begins to reconsider for yourself your own notions about what is right and what is wrong, about the nature of your being, about the aspect of your own consciousness that reminds you that you have other choices. There are other ways of approaching, other ways of loving, other ways of knowing. So this also begins to surface and tells you what’s right about it and looking at this understanding of yourself, what's right about it is sometimes that which you have struggled with so much, can simply be let go at last.

Now we can of course work with those concepts and ideas that are well known. But we like instead to remind you of those which just a few individuals are beginning to look at more consciously. What does it mean to love? To be loved? How where wanting something is a part of that-you are ready perhaps to let that one go? This is difficult to sink in, most people would say that when they are loving they are not wanting but if you look at it more consciously and carefully all you have to do is ask, but do I want something right now, or if I did want something what might it be?

Usually the list is so long, I would like that lover or friend or companion or daughter, or son, or father, or mother, or whatever to be more… as soon as you go down that road--stop. It is fine to want something, it is fine to look at it. You can ask yourself what you want more than that, you can grow from it and learn from it, but you must also then look at where is the love? What have you done to the love, where have you put that love, because you have overlaid it, you have pushed it out with your wanting.

Again, return now to that place of present, letting go of the thoughts, of the future, of the past. Instead, focus on the breath, and notice it coming in and out of the body, no attention needed on anything else. That is quite enough that moves and is now what is right about it? Because it is there, it is always something available to you at your fingertips so to speak, ready for you to focus on instead of all the rest, and in that place, look again at that person you thought you loved, that issue that had wanting around it, as if now not in the questioning but in a logical, not a place that asks of the past or the future, but a place that simply is with that person, loving them, receiving them, breathing them, being breathed by them, breathing with them.

This is a deeper answer to your own understanding of love, a place in your nature to love and be loved is your nature, it is your being. So, as you acknowledge this energy, as you welcome it, recognize then that really that which is added to it, that you have overlaid upon it- is actually the wanting, the fundamental aspect, the essential part. This loving aspect is always there just waiting to be touched, to be known, to be received, to be felt.

Perhaps this is a good moment to take a question or two.

Jill: Is there any clue or sign that humanity could look for that would suggest that a species or kingdom is about to make its evolutionary leap into the next level?

Hilarion: Yes. There are many important symbols and signs that will show up. But, when you are a part of this leap, when you are witnessing it, when you are then adding to it or learning from it, it does not happen as you might imagine in one lifetime or ten, it is gradual. Eventually, that consciousness just naturally and easily seems to have a higher degree of communication with you. For example, you may look at the more evolved canine species that have come into a place of great communication and attunement to humans.

There are those dog lovers who will fight over them, saying this breed or that breed is intelligent, more intelligent than the others. Do you think such arguments went on a hundred years ago? Yes, they understood about who was the better hunting dog, who might be better to have around for certain specific purposes. But, the whole idea of intelligence was not of great concern because the canine was primarily to serve man.

But, in the last 100 years this has shifted gradually and perceptively generation to generation, not only is it about the intelligence of the canines but about the recognition within humans that these beings are ready to evolve, that they are manifesting an energy that has not been seen within the canine kingdom before. Similarly, they are also taking on some of the karmic and difficult issues of humans but they have done that for a long time.

What is more unusual more recently is how they are doing this also physically with taking on some of the diseases, tendencies, even allergies and responses to the environment. Again, this is largely karmic and not really related to the evolution of these animals as their love of humans. By demonstrating these difficulties they will get you to consider them and look again at what you are doing in your environment, in pushing away from that which is natural to you.

Another species, very powerfully evolved is the feline kingdom and especially the house cat, or domesticated felines. These beings now through a path of deeper love and understanding of humans are already making some of these transitions. Many times a human is incarnated on your planet with a very low degree of intellectual intelligence and yet a very powerful, loving heart. Many such beings have as a genetic predisposition much in the way of these capacities. It is difficult to improve or change very much for them in their lives, it is if they are living their first or second lifetime as a human. Often times this is noted by those with the ability to understand this, so it only makes sense to ask what were they before?

These often are examples of the canine or feline kingdom manifesting. But, the signs that you would look for are also gradual, signs that come in, in their own way through dreams, through interaction with the nonphysical levels, through invitation. There is also working with these kingdoms, a powerful energy to help them evolve slowly, to do so gradually so that humans will be the ones to exist, manifest, and witness all of the important changes and take responsibility for them on the planet. There are other species powerfully evolving as well, but these two would seem to be the leaders.

One might ask about the cetaceans, but this is an entirely different aspect. These are beings who are here to enjoy, interact and work with you, they are evolving on their own. But, in their essential core aspect most of the cetacean kingdoms are already way further evolved than humans. Their evolutionary leap will be into a nonphysical realm on the next go round. In the meantime, they are here to lend their support, to enjoy life on earth, to interact as they can and as much as possible support humans, strengthen them, love them, through these times of difficulty and the struggle and the change that they are creating. Does this answer the question?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. It has been suggested that due to earth changes that have occurred since 1987, our astrological charts are no longer quite accurate. If this is the case could you please explain what has caused this inaccuracy and also give precise details as to exactly which chart should be adjusted. For example, natal, transit, or progressed charts? What should be adjusted? Should it be the position of planets? The zodiac sign, or the house cusps? By how many degrees?

It is an interesting question for technical astrologers but you have to come back to the basic difficulty which is the consensus. Astrology is as much as an intuitive science based on the collective consciousness and consensus of all of humanity. Because of this, a recognition of any particular change or important, though useful as it may be, may be that which simply pushes one too far away from consensus for that to be useful.

By example, you may know that the soul has made a powerful entry point into the consciousness of the human being at a time different from the time of first breath. Yet, the time of first breath remains very important if the time is notated on the birth certificate then this time, even if it is inaccurate, can be incredibly helpful and useful, again because of consensus.

However, the Harmonic Convergence, the powerful confluence of energies, perceived at that time, that is ’87, is an energy that seems to have had a more profound effect on the people born since that time, and most importantly a tendency to put more attention and focus on the soul entry time than on the first breath time for those individuals.

This, because it is usually within 24 hours plus or minus of the birth time or first breath time, is primarily affecting planets that are very close to the cusp or most importantly the rising sign. Looking at this and making the proper adjustments, one can sometimes intuitively look at this soul energy or soul entry time and create a second chart which will have the aspects or connections between the rising sign and other components in the chart dramatically different.

This time is difficult to arrive at by external means. That is the soul entry time. It makes sense to receive it intuitively. It is also very helpful to spend a little time in the nursery, in a place where little children are being born daily, to feel that energy, to see it come in, to have a sense of it. This has always been important but it seems to be more important since harmonic convergence.

Beyond this though, again because of the powerful consensus of all charts, all consciousness, all beings, it is going to remain best to use the natal chart in its usual way whether it is relating to 1987 or not and no significant changes are necessary. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Okay. Can you talk to us about radio frequency ID.

Hilarion: It is a powerful, emerging technology, implantation in animals undergoing a great deal of study at the current time, and eventually the implanting of small transmitters or devices that can be used for identification purposes in all people on your planet. This is being pushed for from the beings who wish to retain control and the subtle ways in which these aspects of containing control have been already pushed and accepted by your society, the manifestation of identification cards, fingerprinting, and other identification methods; these continue and are accepted a little more with each passing year.

It may be many decades before such technologies of one type or another, those that are less invasive and smaller of course, are going to be more easily accepted by humans and it may be many decades before these are accepted. In the meantime, again in answering any question, what's right about it, the global brain, the collective conscious, the attunement to all beings, the reduction of fear, the maturity of humanity, these are what are indicated.

After all, you don't need such an idea to protect yourself from invasion by terrorists if the terrorists love you and aren’t terrorists at all. In understanding then the true awareness, the manifestation of greater and greater levels of fear, you then begin to recognize how these technologies and other one that will eventually be proposed are unnecessary.

In the meantime, what are people to do when confronted with these choices? On a personal level they are reminded that they must sometimes step forward, to draw the line, to say I will not go past this part or that part, but they must also recognize that in doing so they can be adding to the fear by adding to this their own anger, they're indignation, their struggles or their difficulties. It is very important to look at this and understand why some beings on your planet need to hurt others, or are afraid, or struggling with their own identities, their own issues. Within this context, therefore we will invite a different presence, our friend, Sananda to speak of such matters.

Sananda: It is in your heart, your own heart that the answer to this question lies. Think of 2000 years ago when one would walk on the planet, one did not carry identification in that sense. Many times your name was an identification with your place, with the place you are from, the place you lived in, or the place you were born. So, your own identity is recognized and in your heart lies an answer here to find a place of love, a place you can love and welcome your fellow men and women where they can love you and love each other.

It is in that place, that even when those who understood this beautiful energy of “turn the other cheek,” of “forgive, of love your neighbor,” were oppressed, were required to be tattooed with numbers that they did so in a place, where some were able to forget. Some, were able to love even in the face of such tremendous fear, anger, repression and the fear was not so much of them, yes, it seems so on the surface, but it was always fear of one's self, fear of one’s own inhumanity.

So find someplace within you now to reach to those who wish for greater security, greater fear is indicated within them, fear of what? Fear of that which they do not understand, fear of those who hate them, fear of those who are even more afraid. In the face of such struggle can you find a place where you are holding them as you would your children to your breast where you are soothing them with the stroke of your hand, where you are loving them with the very nature of your words, of your glance, to say to them, to be not afraid of being alive, be not afraid of being in this world, be not afraid of those who believe or think differently.

Find somewhere in your heart to accept them as I accept you and allow then in your consciousness all the stereotypes, all the pictures in your mind of those who you would have fear of, or those who you are told to be afraid of, or those others are afraid of, and love them and hold them and forgive them. It is in your mind, your consciousness, in your heart, in your energy that is where a solution to this need for greater and greater security shows up.

My gift to all of you today has partaking of this approaching Christmas time, is for you now to reach deep inside for the feeling in your heart, the feeling of grace and forgiveness and love and personify it now as a colored light, a tiny glowing brilliant ball of light. Draw your hand to your heart and let that light now move from your heart into your hand and as you release your hand into the world, you give this gift to others, anyone, anywhere you think of, or if no one shows up, to everyone. To a sharing of this gift and to know in this moment a similar gift is being shared with you. So with your other hand receive that, hold it for a moment then draw it into your heart as if to say yes. Shalom.

Hilarion: Hilarion here. We thank you Sananda for these words and your willingness to personify a sense of peace, and forgiveness on this planet, at this time in which indeed it is so needed. Are there further questions?

Jill: There are many stories about what happens after we die. Please share your perspective on this as you’ve had lots of experience.

Hilarion: It is a fascinating area to explore, often times what's right about the silliness of some of these stories because in many ways, they have to be that which in the context of everything that you see in the world, everything that is shown to you by experience, everything you can draw on, in other words your dwelling on the past, it makes sense. This is the logical side, this is the part that must be a part of that which you know and against this, you can recognize the emotions associated with the future, the fear about the unknown, about what will happen or not happen to you and this often gives rise to the legends and the myths and the things about that which will occur that other people use simply as a hook or a tool, by manipulating your own fear or struggle about this, they then can get you to give them money, follow them around, put them in positions of power, and so on and so forth.

Hence, often then seen as the development of a wide variety of organized religions, interestingly enough, a number of which seen diametrically opposed to each other, again, making no sense when you look at it from that logical and spiritual point of view. So, many times the answer to this question can indeed come through a logical interpretation of the evidence as it is already apparent, but on the other side of this, the place of presence, the welcoming of this, you know, you have felt it, for you too have experienced the transition from a previous life into this life, from being born, from the knowledge and understanding of what all people go through, and of course, those who are getting older now, witnessing their parents, and others around them making this transition, how it feels to be in the presence of this, what you learn from it directly, how you experience, how you acknowledge, awaken, aware it, into your own being.

On the logical side of this we must draw your attention to the profound and helpful, though open ended work, of Ian Stevenson, a tenured university professor studying the formation of biological phenomenon and especially birthmarks in those with various past life memories. Many indicators in this research, quite physical, quite easily verified and overwhelming numbers of them to push anyone to read and learn about this to a greater acceptance of the idea of reincarnation.

This then naturally is in juxtaposition to those various religious disciplines that tell you that you are going to heaven, to a place where you will not incarnate again on earth. Now there are those heavenly realms where you do incarnate eventually in some of these religions and that is an interesting thing to consider. But, you must recognize therefore the multidimensional existence and in this way incorporate it in your religious beliefs if you are to then recognize the real benefit of asking such a question.

Yes, it is possible to allay your fear about death, but for most people, because that is a powerful collective consciousness it will be difficult. At some point you will face it and understand it for yourself in your own personal way, as is often said, everyone when they die, dies alone. But, as you examine and look at it you may perhaps be willing to ask what's right about it, what do you take with you, what do you then bring into the next life, how does this manifest in your own consciousness now?

It is very simple as we perceive it and it can be described as a simple, logical process. But, what good does that do to you? How does that help you understand and accept your own death, the death of your loved ones? The reason why you have created this for yourself may also be somewhat helpful as the opportunity to learn, to grow, to experience the energy of the heart, hence you do not recall, you do not have the powerful, conscious memories, the details of the last life but you do have the emotional experience, the deeper maturity that comes from this and the tendencies where various issues must be looked at again and again.

For this, we beg you to find another way to answer the question not just in the logic of this, or our point of view. When you find yourself in a dream and recognize it's a dream, ask. When you find yourself projected away from your own consciousness, ask, “take me now to my extra-physical hometown. Take me to where I was before I was born.” So that you may remember this for yourself because in that place you were planning your life, you were remembering your past life, you were seeing the whole nature, the broad brush strokes of coming into and out of life, what death and birth really meant to you personally.

When you are in this place it will be delightful to you, you will enjoy a great deal of it, you will want to stay there for a while, don’t. Your first place, your first experience there, then look around, feel it, look at the issues for a moment then come back into the body as quickly as possible, write it down, be aware of it, welcome it and understand this as your own personal answer, more valid, more useful, then anyone else's point of view.

It is recognize that on average, you will be out of the body more like half a lifetime and that there are many more non-physicals and physicals, ratio about nine to one, nonphysical sits physicals and that the levels of consciousness are much subtler when you are out of the body and the physical energies have a powerful and profound effect. These are the aspects that govern how life and death is experienced more than anything else. The huge numbers of beings and how they organize their own thoughts, how they do things that are familiar to them, and how often this is based on denial, that death even took place.

Therefore, by simply becoming more aware of this and asking these deeper questions for yourself and investigating the matter, you will be inherently raising your consciousness and the consciousness of all beings. Is this sufficient?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. There is a technology where you put your photograph on a metal tray and using some kind of technology and computers and different frequencies that are fed through the trays, the photograph acts as a holograph of you and your higher self picks whichever frequencies you need and sends them to. These frequencies address your physical, spiritual and mental needs and are supposed to assist in healing yourself of disease and also raise your vital force energy and consciousness. What is Hilarion’s perspective on this?

Hilarion: If those who are involved in this process of what is essentially, automated prayer do so with a loving, open place, then as those from New Jersey might say, (Jersey accent) “can't hurt.” But it is important as you recognize this that you also examine some of the roots. In 1930, this was declared illegal in USA, being called radionics, and many different formations of working with automated prayer in this fashion have been observed over the eons of time; everything from as simple as chanting someone's name, all the way into the present high tech sort of technologies and devices.

However, in countries such as UK, where this has not been illegal, there have been great strides in radionics, that is the technical term for this, and indeed all different variants. Every now and then a new development shows up where these technologies are utilized and until it is identified in this way as something illegal, then it can simply continue and they are certainly interesting to examine and work with.

However, subtle energy has many important prerequisites and requirements on its own as it works with you it is asking you to evolve, to learn, to grow, to do what you came here for. It is therefore important in working with any of these technologies that you acknowledge this, that you welcome these things of evolution and change for yourself. Further question?

Jill: Yes. Can we hear from Athena tonight?

Athena: Much love and greetings to all of you in this time of the earth shift. The solstice energies are for you to know a place inside, simultaneously of tremendous potential, energy, so much to do, so much that can be but, simultaneously with this an energy just of being, just of peace, just of love. Can these somehow coexist, can they be with you? In this time the earth demonstrates this, one part of the earth, one pole as close as it can be to the Sun, the other as far away as it can be.

This time of extremity, to remind you, that you have within you both of these right now; the highest energy and the greatest peace. Can you find this as your own personal truth? In all of the activities this is a time when many on your planet recognize a holiday of Christmas, a time in which a feverish pitch of buying and selling, even as to say that which influences the economies of nations becomes powerful, important energy for everyone to be concerned about.

Let it go for a moment, just breathe. Realize that it is back to the energy of deservedness.

What Christmas presents do I deserve and what am I going to give to that one and evidence my acknowledgment that they deserve and recognize, welcome, and know the truth that you deserve deeply. You are a part, an ending, beautiful, intrinsic part of God's love. Breathe this, feel it, know it, not because you have evidence, not because someone suggests it, but because you choose it, you grace yourself with this love.

Sometimes by receiving tones or sounds that you create for yourself, you receive and know this energy better than as words (sound)ahhhh…ahhh…ahhh. To feel them, to breathe them, to sing them for yourself. Goodbye. Ohm…

Hilarion: Yes. We thank you Athena for your delightful energy. For it was not only in the words that she shared, that sense that you have freedom to choose how you will work with this energy, this powerful push to change on your planet. Are there further questions?

Jill: You've covered all of the questions do you have a closing message for us?

Hilarion: We are grateful for the opportunities that you have given, not only for speaking but for receiving inside, for opening to questions being answered both ways, a way in which you are inspired to receive simply through breath, through energy, it is interesting sometimes how when you do this you begin to recognize more questions, more ideas than ever before; answer these, too.

Hold one of them in your consciousness, breathe it, be aware just of now, let go of the past, let go of the future, be within the breath, let it breathe you. As you are aware of that question let its answer now begin to emerge as color, as form, as shape, as energy not necessarily as words. And with this you may begin to recognize the alternatives, the other ways of being, what's right about it, and ways which you have not previously considered.

What you will begin to recognize then, even with the most difficult of issues, that of death, that of the struggle of energy, the issues you face on your planet that what's right about it begins to emerge for you in your consciousness more than an answer that is a doing, but it is a being, it is a place in you that allows that there is something that is right about it, there is a way to find this, there is a way to know it.

Because at some level it is you. This is the real way of answering of being, of creating, of breathing. So, in this sense, the greater answer to this from our way of seeing, that what's right about it all, about what is happening on your planet, about the issues you are facing, it is you. That you in your nature, evolving, growing, accepting, loving-- this is right, this is beautiful this is important.

In this sense we ask you to again recognize the camaraderie of the animal nature of your being, that those animals are now within the Emerald cylinder as it expands, as it moves outward to many kilometers in diameter infinitely upwards and down through you to center of earth as you breathe its light, imagine that the animals in their way are adding to the ohm, humming, healing, energizing. Goodbye. Ommmmm......

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