Hilarion Fall Equinox Channeling 2009

Jill: Greetings. Today is Sept. 21st, 2009. We are gathered here in Nevada City, CA for the Fall Equinox channeling of Hilarion. Hilarion will be answering questions from those in attendance as well as those sent in via e-mail. For further information on channelings, books, devices, CDs, DVD’s please contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209 Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the internet at hilarion.com

Hilarion: Greetings. This is the energy, being or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with these many questions that have been submitted as well as looking at the underlying intent about this we ask you for a moment to acknowledge this moment in time, a place within you, that is in synchronization with Mother Earth as the earth moves around the sun, the tilt and the way that this turns, places it in such a way that right now it is a moment of equal length day and night in both the northern and southern hemispheres. But, in the northern hemisphere it is a time in which that tilt makes it such that the winter now approaches.

The animals and animal self within you begins to sense this as the awareness of the need for preparation, preparation based on information, preparation based on feeling, preparation based on your own instinct. These are different approaches and they are all valid, but it is also important to note that many questions that have been posed tonight are those which seem primarily based on information and as a result have the opportunity within them to lead you away from a more instinctual or feeling based way of understanding and working with these energies.

As if to imply that in a sense you have the internal framework to develop your own answers so that is the place we would like to begin. As you recognize the sense of this, the awareness than as a sort to analogy that the earth is breathing. She breathes much more slowly than you with one breath taking a year and that cycle goes through different aspects but right now she's in that moment of equal. The equinox thus symbolizing the quality in the breath of earth. Thus a state of balance exists in this state and is a bit precarious, but there is within it also your ability to see potential, what is ahead of you, and what is more clearly behind you. So in this moment we would then allow and welcome an idea of your own instinctual self your own animal self and the formation of an animal totem, animal friend of your connection to the animal that you could imagine as valuable to you and simply have the sense that animal is in some way serving you now, standing near you, supporting you, whispering in your ear, whichever way you feel comfortable with this. Imagine that that energy is present.

Then as you do so we ask you to recognize that all of this is bathed in light. As if from within your own body becomes a lot with this light, the animal that is near you awakens with this light becoming stronger and clearer as it seems to glow from within. We would ask you now to imagine that this light is an emerald color and that fills the room and that gently and easily now extends upward and downward forming a cylinder of beautiful emerald light about 100 feet in diameter. It is about 33m filling this room and this light is able to allow the sense of deep connection to something beyond your own immediate consciousness but also to something that is very much physical, the center of the earth.

We would also ask you if you can stretch your imagination this far to imagine that there is a black opaque disk it is to the west and below the horizon slightly now, it represents absorption of some of the effects of Mercury retrograde. This is a condition that occurs a few times a year and generally speaking it tends to disrupt communication. So, by having this disc at the periphery at the edge of the emerald light cylinder and imagining that disk is 10 feet in diameter, that is about 3m you have the sense that this energy is in some way shifted, blocked, changed, absorbed. A very useful meditation at any time that you're working with other people other energies, your guides, helpers, something that seems a little bit beyond your realm of consciousness in a time of Mercury retrograde.

In about a week when this condition passes, you may find than there is a shift. That which is internal now becomes more external. That is the energy and understanding you garnered for yourself in the last few weeks now becomes easier to use to put into action. This is another reason why many of the questions that have been presented tonight tend to be a little more around the issues of things you're afraid of, that you have fear for the future around, that you worry about. At the same time though, it is important to recognize that you are the one charting your own course. If you hear everybody you consult with tell you the same thing perhaps you will act upon it. But, by and large most people tend to simply continue doing whatever they were doing before.

In other words, you get some of the best advice in the world about selling or buying this or that or going to this place or that place or doing this thing or that thing and you simply hold it as possible advice; thinking at some point in the future I will perhaps take advice of this nature, but for now I'm simply going to store it, see if it is useful. It will be interesting- is the way you approach it. This makes it truly difficult, if that is your attitude for us to answer these questions.

For instance, a question has been posed about the weather, a very interesting sort of thing. We have been accused of wearing green jeans, but not necessarily a weatherman’s cap. And to understand this from the cosmic perspective is intriguing, the cosmic weather looks possibly fair with full of light and energy moving through the Galactic center, but in terms of how this comes to earth and how you relate to it, it is directly accessing the Akashic records to receive your information. The records are that which is the intrinsic inter-nodal vibration of everything. Everything you do anywhere creates this vibration, and that affects every other vibration and the ability to discern from those vibrations in a subtle or gentle way is then the actual process of reading the Akashic records. We have spoken about this before, in fact in the last public channeling we did through this vehicle.

But, in a way in which you can come to understand this it is possible to predict the weather. You recognize the vibrations that are happening between the sun and the earth. The energies that are being produced on the earth by human beings for the most part, the powerful weather patterns that are already in place and from this run a simple computer simulation drawing all this information together and then you can from this extrapolate out.

The difficulty with the understanding of this technique is that if you have the full awareness of how this works you would then have the weather plotted out for the rest of the time that you are going to spend on Earth and beyond. Because this has not been allowed, you have that sense of uncertainty of that which might be possible but that which then changes. Gradually over time this has shifted because the use of computers and various ways of reading and non-subtle ways and sensors throughout your atmosphere. By using satellite imagery by putting all of us together your weatherman have extended their forecasts from one day to three days now to typically fairly consistently to even five and 10 days in advance.

But every time you watch this, learn about it and hear the weather what does this do to your consciousness? It is telling you that you are receiving the aetheric impressions, the Akahshic energies, the subtle vibrations a little further out than you were before, just as these are perceived at the physical level. So also then do you recognize the possibility that you can perceive this for yourself at a farther off level. This is intriguing in a sense that many of the actions that you recognize in the world that seem very physical are simply reminders, a symbol, an opportunity for you to go much deeper into this and understand it more fully.

Therefore, we would suggest here that your understanding of this always brings up to you a new aspect: consciousness. When consciousness is affecting the subtler energies of all these things at the physical level there is little affect on the weather five or ten or even 15 days hence. But, beyond that, they have the most powerful, most profound, enlarged, impactful effect. From this than looking at the questions for tonight, all of the aspects of fear, of the paranoia about what you are thinking and worrying about and all of those energies. How do you think the weather's going to turn out in about three months?

From such a consciousness, as if projecting out into the world your fear of being is likely to produce those situations most likely to dispel fear, to change it, to bring it up stronger in you so you can choose it differently. But in some way the action of fear is the issue. Now, this is an interesting way to proceed given that many people understanding these words have already been exposed to the underlying principle as thoughts as things. As the energy that you are imagining, creating, putting your attention on and especially your emotions on that these will then be those actions which have fruit it your life, which bear change and affect you directly. This then is the clue.

After you listen to the weather, after you watch it on television use your own visualization at one month out. Think of your own understanding of how that month will be and bring to it the most helpful energy as you like to see. Not in terms of weather, but in terms of your feeling. Can you be excited about October 21st? Can you have a sense a month from now of an energy that is helpful, that is expansive that is bringing more love into your life? Perhaps there are other things that you want. Perhaps there is an issue about money and you would like to have more money. Then what is the experience that you have in your body when you know that you have enough money? Have that feeling now as you think out a month.

This is where it gets trickier when individuals are going to be working with these computer models at times past that when you are looking at weather change. It seems likely, not just from our words today, but generally speaking that many individuals over the next few weeks are going to have important opportunities for deeper revelation deeper understanding, deeper awareness of what is important to them. Now part of this can happen from our words if you're willing to take them and ask the right questions of other people. But, many of you will go long as you have before. But some of you will be willing to do so, what is the kind of life would you like to have for yourself. What are the feelings you would like to have, what are the energies you would like to have a month from now?

Now of course when you're usually visualizing energies for your life you might go a year ahead, and that's fine too. But, we are suggesting that the energy that tends to shift the weather patterns doesn't have to go that far ahead. It merely has to be a little ahead of the physical indicators such that those subtle energies can then be willing to have their effect through guides, helpers, through the earth herself, through all the ways those energies change because the mechanism by which the weather shifts is begun in consciousness.

But, it does not end that way. It is done through the Devas, through the subtle beings, through the energies associated with the consciousness of water and wind and sun all themselves. These energies as they interact with the Akashic energies, the sense of how these things all work together, can then have as a tipping point your own thoughts, your own consciousness. Now, from this we would therefore suggest that the question, what will the weather be like be shifted into how can I be then a part of a process to bring more of what we want here in the west such as more rain, less of a drought, some of the benefits without the detriment. After all, lots of rain would then produce more fuels that then can increase more fire come next round in the following year.

Thus, the balanced energy, the sense this is the deeper message to ask when the question you have is about that. Specifically then looking at this and the opportunity as people begin to realize this is probably likely that a sort of medium path or blended energy will likely unfold here. Where there will be less rain than normal for California as a new normal is being established and various weather patterns can bring sufficient moisture so that fuels will not be grown excessively and that this energy will alert people to the most important aspect that their consciousness can affect these matters.

So then what about mankind’s own generated difficulties where mankind is creating energies to harm or shift itself out of fear of disease, which most do not understand. A vaccine is being developed with the potential for to be mandatory for this to be utilized in certain countries and possibly even in the United States. What is to be done about that is the question and the issue that unfolds is similar. If the consciousness within you is that which needs to learn from fear learn it now, do not wait. Understand it is that it is people who are afraid of this disease. They are afraid of what it means or how it will affect others and what would happen to them and they are in some cases, simply afraid of death. It does not matter whether it is likely there will be death or not. It is the fear of this that is so deep within them that they are unwilling to examine and understand.

This of course makes sense if you are an atheist, because you then recognize that this is the end of it all. If you die, that is where it all stops for you. But, if you have any degree of spiritual understanding and recognize some pattern perhaps of God or an energy outside of yourself loving you, you could perhaps see this differently. That indeed, death is simply a transition and in this way maybe you could release a little of that fear. Thus, it is possible that many of these energies gather for that purpose to bring into your consciousness your willingness to examine and look at this. Many individuals have examined this as part of their particular path and have no fear of death at all. For them. there is an energy inside of them that they have learned in this moment to share this with others and this the time in which your understanding about this can make the most difference to other people on this planet where mandatory vaccinations may indeed be the law.

In order to shift that you are able to examine this consciously and lovingly for yourself and then in your own way through your own heart share it in the world. Are you willing to look at the possibility of death? Do you have within your consciousness the strength to understand this and ultimately with all the fear, difficulty, associated with it, all the past energies and all the rest just let it go. Is that possible within your consciousness, and if it is then in the moment of letting go have the sense within your heart within the sense of your own being that this is an expansive energy. Not just your personal revelation or understanding but a willingness to share this sense of ease, grace and love with everyone on this planet, a willingness for them to recognize these energies.

Now, it is therefore a little too late in the whole scheme of things for those who have been unwilling to understand the purpose of disease on planet Earth. They simply fear it and as a result don’t understand that its purpose in cleaning out, clearing, shifting, transforming and so on can be valuable and does not require death by any means. But for those who do not understand this and are unable to work with it the only solution that is going to seem easy for them is to become vaccinated and this fear is going to drive the energy that can allow this indeed to be that which is accepted as mandatory. Because you would then have the fear that those who are not vaccinated would then somehow spread this disease. The difficulty with this understanding of course, is many leveled and it is an area in which your own consciousness can have an effect when people can have reduced fear about the issue.

Specifically though we see the probability is not that high for mandatory vaccinations. There are likely many paths that can show up to avert this, but the probability at around 35% is significant enough that a backup plan is necessary. We suggest the usual aspects of clearing, should it be required that you become vaccinated. Thus, the clearing takes place by Cilantro, very useful juiced and chewed and eaten as a clearant for Thimerisol, Mercury and a variety of other toxins that can be included in the vaccine.

That the vaccine be taken have a high homeopathic potency such as a 1M potency to clear out a variety of the toxic substances and that this be done once a week, for 4 weeks. That the energies that are associated with the experience of receiving the vaccine be as gentle, loving, accepting as possible and that there is a sense within the body that is not necessary, thus that it can be easily released. It is hoped however, that long before this occurs, there will be sufficient reason and understanding with the fear aspects that this will not come to pass in this country or any other but at the same time it is always helpful to recognize a backup plan has its value.

In addition to all of these is the understanding that some of the people involved are doing the best they can and if you have the idea within your own consciousness that there is fear in place and you can help others with it you make this as a clear statement in your own day-to-day activity. For instance in the morning, you might think as I prepare for my day, I might need to pray for this or that, that I want, but if one of the things you want is happiness, benefit to others is certainly worth investigating.

So you might also pray that this day you be given the opportunity to help someone else. In so doing, sharing this idea: why vaccinate? Are you afraid of death? How far are you willing to go with that? It may not be something you can discuss but it is something you can feel in your heart as if love, energy for clearing, strengthening, cleansing and whatever it takes to work with that fear can be much more powerful than the fear itself.

Fear is often reminded to people as F.E.A.R as False Evidence Appearing Real with the simple idea, what is the false evidence here? Indeed there is this disease that is somehow something to be afraid of that is going to kill you and all of these other things that are being spread. Why? So that many of the aims and end, political, economic and especially making money in the process, etc for those involved in making the process add fuel to the fire of this fear, but the fear has already been there. It was there a long time ago when the misunderstanding about disease started, but at the same time it has to some extent been mollified in two ways.

In one of these vaccines have been utilized with some evidence gathered to say that it has been helpful, but the other there has been a development through the entire medical community only just beginning to surface that is also connected here. It is called evidence based medicine, evidence based medicine requires that whatever is going to be utilized has a proven track record that indeed it has been helpful in significant numbers of animals, at the very least, and certainly eventually with people. Because this concept is now beginning it also gives you something else to talk about, not just about the energy relating to fear and your own personal understanding of it. But, the idea that it is possible now for a greater degree of evidence with association with things that work to be that which is taken into medicine.

This is not seen as a revolutionary practice, but indeed it is. It is that which, is indeed a tremendous revolution in the medical system, as it currently exists and that is why it is only being whispered about in the latest bills going through Congress and the latest understanding through the scientific community abut such matters. This brings us naturally then to these other questions, how do you share information with other people? Sometimes that information where it has a charge on it, an emotional bias, particularly if it is an emotion that the other person is very sensitive to can produce a resonant reaction, an energy in them similar to that which you are feeling.

So, we would suggest that the most valuable way of sharing anything with anyone is that somehow within your own consciousness you have it clear first. You have the your clear, relaxed, neutral loving, helpful whatever and you are the only one to know this and test it, you can imagine that you are speaking to someone and recognize how it feels before you speak it. If there is a charge there we suggest you hold your tongue and specifically on your own or with a close friend you can trust, have that energy, let it maximize and then sink into a place of love presence energy, positive nature of the emerald light, whatever.

The intent simply being to reduce the charge on it before you speak. This can help you a lot with finding the right words to say, but it can also help you simply in the way you have learned something. Because this is the other thing when you're interacting with someone else there is an aspect within you in which you want to help them or change them and you see it as a one-way street, a one-way action. You are not only missing 50% of what is going on here. You are in some ways ignoring an important universal law, the law of reflection: as above so below, as within so without. You'd only be attracted to that person to interact with them if there is some aspect of their issue, their consciousness, whatever it is you are working with them-- in you.

Now this is a very difficult one for most of you. Well, if you are advising somebody about the detriment of using a recreational drug for instance, then you might for instance need to look in yourself. Well, I don't smoke it. But, perhaps there is an aspect of you that does. Perhaps there is a part in your consciousness that pushes away some deeper feeling, some energy that might want to experience, some aspect of your own consciousness, the same sort of energy of escape, push away, release, that might come through the use of that recreational drug.

Perhaps there is an aspect within your own consciousness that can somehow grab on to this and work with it. This is an aspect of the law of reflection that is very important to understand. That you are then acknowledging it. Many people will say “Oh, well, the law of reflection applies to other people, but not to me.” That is a very useful tool, because when that does show up or in the specific example, I’m not using those drugs. Why should that reflect on me at all? In this situation therefore recognize that it is present. If you can’t find it get somebody to help you, not the person you're giving advice to of course, but someone else who might understand that the process can be valuable.

One individual who has worked with this extensively is Byron Katie. Her ability to create this in a very simple step-by-step manner is quite profound. But, no matter how you come to this, whatever process you use, the law of reflection is in play. It is interacting with you and if you can find it and release the part within you that is stuck. It will create a resonance, that same resonance that is drawing you to be with the other person, that resonance shows up as if a rotor router of a shift in habit pattern. You have rotor router yours thus, very simply you know it is possible, you project the consciousness, it is possible. The other person to some extent will sense it, they may even ask about it. They may even say how is this possible for me?

But whatever way it shows up then your words are best spoken on riding on the wave of possibility, not the way of judgment, not the way of constriction or contraction, but, the way of opening, or expansion. There are other things, of course, that can be done when you are interacting with other people. Usually it is said to change someone else you tell them how it works for you or tell them what is different from what they're doing. There is also another one and this is only now beginning to be recognized widely and this is the idea that you can shift in your relationship when you give them that which is desirable and helpful to them when their behavior shifts. This is not appealing to the mind at all. It is not enabling them to make a conscious decision. All of his doing is saying in my world my reward, I give strength, give benefit to those who interact with me in that behavior I consider desirable.

Now the problem with this is when you do this unconsciously, which you do all the time, you are then allowing this energy in a way in which you don't think about. You allow it in a way that affects you and your relationships in ways that you might not really want. But as you recognize this principle and began to apply it consciously you begin to recognize you already do it and you do it all the time with everyone around you. You do it by how you speak to them, by how you turn your body away from them when they start to say things you don't like and how you look right at them and perhaps have a deeper heart connection when they are saying things you resonate with and you do like.

This way of behavior modification that people are doing with each other all the time is simply that which is animal in nature that which is deep in your own instinctive nature. So by making this a little more conscious you can then accept this more deeply and go in other places with it. Amy Sutherland has some information about this and it is now becoming more widespread in her book, “What Shamu Taught Me,” but it is important as you are able to open to this in yourself, that you recognize it is an important avenue.

If you are seeking to change the behavior in someone else then when they are doing those things you don't like, like using recreational drugs, you say nothing. But, when they are doing those things to help unburden themselves emotionally, to share those things they might have wanted to stuff with those drugs, when they speak of such matters. You give them rapt attention, you give them energy, you engage with them. You do those things that they would appreciate as loving just earth are some it is touch. For others it is to be in their own for others it might be a little gift. But, whatever it is, you find a way that you are simply rewarding the positive behavior in such a way that it is then showing them this is a more useful way to be than the other way.

Now you might say this is appealing only to the animal nature, the base nature of humanity and all you have to do to understand how this works is to turn the tables. How does it feel to you when you are doing something that another person is enjoying and they give you rewards for it? Oftentimes, your reaction to this is quite positive, even if you know it is in that sense by the way in which they are doing this consciously, manipulative: because you are interested in the reward. This shows you how it is the instinctive behavior. It is that which is already deeply ingrained in your being because you had it when you were a child. When you were very little even before you reach a point of verbalization skills you were using this with your parents to tell them how to bathe you, feed you, change you, burp you, take care of you and they were doing it with you showing you how the feeding schedule was going to work, when was the way to interact with them, how to react when they smile at you and all those other things. These are the ways in which people are communicating by acknowledging a deeper level.

This brings us to what one of the important aspects that all of these questions that relate to aspects of fear is pointing towards. Many of these issues that are being pushed on you to create fear within you is to re-exert a control mechanism. By bringing it into your consciousness, by being aware of it you can then look at this and do two things. You can bow out of the whole game, you can let go of the control. You can see how just by naming it and understanding it you are not going to be controlled. But you can also acknowledge by the law of reflection that you are engaged in this dance and the energy is showing up in your space because you have something to give to that person.

So someone who seems in a position of power in the government, who is pushing forward an agenda that you do not like, there are ways to interact with it, to do what is more appropriate, etc. but there is also that you are willing to forgive. You are willing to share another point of view, send them an energy, a visualization, an option, a possibility, help them to understand by your own resonance and your own consciousness. For some you will be driven to do this with a letter, a phone call an e-mail, a Twitter that in some way you are communicating with these leaders, you might think this will not have any effect. Certainly, the probability is not very good sense, afterall, they may be swamped with so many. But, all it takes is a little help, a guide here and there, a little energy for your communication to be the one that surfaces, that comes through at the overt way. At the subtle way it is always felt, the collective consciousness of humanity interacts with this and understands it.

Which brings us to the question does that collective consciousness create a field? Does the Akashic, this energy of the inter-vibration of everything vibrating and connecting through everything else create a field? We have in a sense answered this a long time ago when asked about the nature of electricity. There is that which is discerned as a field called an electric field and we threw a little cold water on that a long time ago. What is indeed actually occurring is a vortex: a swirling of energies at the higher vibrational level and that swirling is then creating a pull or push that manifests at the 3D level.

So also is consciousness- with an awareness of an energy of either love or fear. As it is moving through these energies it is not really a field, but you can think of it that way, if it makes it easier for you, but in actuality it is a swirling, a spinning, an energy and that swirling and that spinning is able to interact with the spinning is already going on that which is keeping people alive, allowing their consciousness to interact and so on and so forth. Various aspects of communication naturally take place.

Now, this is already being proven and shown overtly through valuable experience. Brain to brain communication occurring in various experimental labs and has been going on indeed for decades. And there is no real understanding of this anomalous behavior, because it is not a 3-D-based phenomenon, but at the higher vibrational level this is well understood.

Therefore, one would not be able to prove the higher existence of a field sense the field doesn't exist. But, one can then recognize and consistently show the presence of interaction at a nonphysical level. The most common of this is when your dog is able to recognize your approach long before you are within any sort of hearing range and many experiments done by Rupert Sheldrake and others recently in an attempt to prove the existence of a field have actually disproved the existence of a field but proved the existence of this interactivity.

Another question posed about this energy associated with fear and so on has to do with the vortex action occurring between humanity and the land. Thus, how people are relating to the possibility of earthquakes, not just through the regions of California and up into the Northwest, but indeed, all over your planet. Earthquakes are a way of drawing your attention to Mother Earth and allowing the release of stress within her. As a result the resonance or the stress within you is one of the important aspects here. The stress is not decreasing in spite of Bernanke's recent announcement that the recession is over. Because the stress is happening within your own bodies and your own lives as a result of various economic issues, is that which continues as long as you do not get it, understand the larger lesson, work with the energies associated with this.

This is something we have spoken about long before these difficult matters came into existence in the context of community; that through community, interacting with each other, learning from each other, assisting each other, both at an economic and physical level and at a more subtle, interactive sort of extended family or collective consciousness level. So much then happens. So, it only makes sense then to push people into community, this is what the collective consciousness is moving toward in its own way.

This aspect of community creates a positive helpful spin. That energy in its own vortextual action interacts with the earth. There is less stress, less fear and less likelihood that the stresses relieved within earth have to take place powerfully, suddenly, dramatically. Rather they can be eased slowly, spread out over a longer period of time so that the earthquakes are not as intense. Earthquakes there will be. There must be on planet Earth because of the very nature of the tremendous mass of ocean pushing on all of it and pushing and twisting and separating at the same time as various pressures from within the earth. But, these are always in a state of continual balance and what then moves the balance one way or the other can often be powerfully influenced by consciousness. By the way in which you work with it, understand it and the fears or stresses you experience.

This is why then it is easy to see that humanity is pushing these issues and in many cases is unwilling to understand about community. But as a result of many of the economic difficulties people are finding community, interacting together more consciously, thinking about these words and it has the possibility of really taking off in the next year.

This could be tremendously helpful and could bring in good news in the probabilities of earthquakes and would seem more likely that the areas of fear and separation areas and less community, areas of the Pacific, particularly along Southeast Asia could be far higher stress areas and areas in which more earthquakes are likely to occur at greater severity within the next year. These energies have probabilities attached to them, but one must understand this is asked not from the point of view only of give us a prediction. Because after all just like we said before, so what! Are you going to live your life differently because of what we said? Well, yes Hilarion, I really was thinking of relocating out of the northwest immediately, but now that you said that I will stay.

This is not so likely, most individuals will simply be interested in the information. We are suggesting that the real reason for asking the question goes deeper and has to do with what should I be doing? What is the best way to interact? How can I relieve the stress? Is there anything I can do? The answer to this is always- yes. It is about community and interacting with other people in a more conscious and deliberate way, finding where you have goals and aims in common and what you can do to increase that and enhance it and most valuably as we have spoken about in the past; a community based on service.

The energy of service creates a vortex that swirls in such direction as to be beneficial and this is the primary energy that is shifted within the great pyramid. An energy that at one time was very much about service, about bringing a great deal of light and energy upon planet earth for the dawning of a civilization and many energies associated with Egyptian creativity and awareness was eventually shifted into energies that are far more self-centered, self-serving and not those of the original basis of a high level of creativity.

However, many individuals are coming to Egypt now meditating, chanting, spinning the energy differently, feeling it consciously and shifting that in themselves and in this place. Indeed that spinning, swirling energy has at times stopped or reversed itself for a time. This shows you that indeed those energies can be shifted in your consciousness and all the aspects of the world around you even if it is something very large, so it is a lot easier in this sense to do it with something that is small.

A question then naturally shows up around this has to do with the simple process by which as a result of all this interaction, this learning and all the rest. What do you ultimately get to? Do have a sense within yourself of something greater than who you’ve been? If it was only you by yourself then of course the opportunity to acknowledge or bring into greater consciousness, interact in every possible way with every aspect of your own being and of God would be that which would be entirely selfish and its entire purpose of all the issues getting you to where you are would only be about understanding those and letting them go.

So you can have a direct sense of this energy. In some circles, it has been called, “blissing out.” And this is an appropriate term in a sense because it does tell you there is no interaction, service, opportunity to learn from others but in fact your consciousness is connected to the consciousness of every other human being. Indeed, the plants, the animals, the earth herself, the kingdom of the air, and so on. These powerful energies are a part of you and you can learn from them, interact and understand. As a result, when you ask these opportunities to come into you for awakening, for higher consciousness, for God realization to “re-alize,” to understand again, to be part of that which is already intrinsic in your being. Eventually, you come to that idea, oh, there’s more than me here. And as a result, you interact using the law reflection and indeed the other universal laws with your fellow beings on this planet and ultimately the entire universe. This means that the outward journey of spirituality, learning to do this discipline, to meditate or eat certain foods or do all these things that would seem to be outer-based now turn full circle so that you now begin to look inward.

To understand who, who is it who is doing these exercises, these meditations and so on now also goes further as that realization comes as the understanding of this energy is with you. Those other people, those are the ones you can connect with and ultimately all of the beings you share this planet with and that connecting to serve an assist not because it helps you grow, not because it balance’s good karma, but simply because it feels good. Be-cause as the little children say, “just because” just be that causation that is willing to interact, willing to allow, willing to be. This aspect of consciousness gives you a sense of peace, of happiness, sometimes of great joy and exultation as you take it further and further. This is the most important message for those on a spiritual path, who ask, why bother? If after all, the energy and consciousness of realization is always with me, can always be found, does it make any sense to ask for it? Asking for it is interesting, but really, what many people mean by this is praying for it, asking in a sense that somehow as a result of this consciousness or of your nature or of God that you will be granted a boon that there will be some shift in you and so on.

This of course is foolish, because as you understand it in your own limited understanding and awareness you cannot see how this interaction affects the whole. Therefore, we suggest that there be only one prayer. That you truly are asking that which shows up that could be added to your life and that is the prayer for clarity; simply to understand it better, to have greater awareness of what is going on rather than to make it different. Because sometimes making it different might make it worse in a way in which you never expected. In this sense to welcome clarity, to ask for clarity to find clarity in every aspect of your life is that which can sometimes lead you to a deeper understanding and things that can be shared. But, we also suggest that clarity comes through another path. It comes through your heart. It comes through your love. It comes through your clear vision and understanding of who you are and that who you are is based now held inside this body, in this consciousness, in this awareness.

So, it also brings a bit of the animal, the instinctive, the interactive as if to acknowledge the truth of your being and to see that on many levels then you have a consciousness within you. You have a love within you, you have an understanding within you, this is clear. And what blocks it, what stands in the way are the fears, are the aspects of the issues that you have been led to examine, are the preconceived ideas. Some have called some of the things said in the world mis-information: a very long word, whose synonym is- a lie. And the understanding of this is simply to remind you that in your consciousness, in your awareness there is another truth and the truth doesn't only come by the rational, by the thinking. It also comes in your heart, in your understanding, in your love, in your capacity simply to be with another person.

We would ask you now to recall that animal friend, to see that that animal, particularly if you’re in the northern hemisphere as all of you are in this room today and most of you who will be hearing this are. This animal is preparing for the wintertime ahead. It is going inside and deciding which is the right way to proceed, how to store away, how to use and harvest what is available and so on. So, we would ask you to have that sense of abundance and of magic; the sense that you do not have to know it and figure it out. The animal teaches you that there is an instinct, an awareness of this energy. To breathe it as if that being is your friend and assistant, or is part of you that you would see fit. Then a simple gesture, a stretching as the arms move out, as that energy moves through you, a release, but also as you have been sitting for awhile a stretch is generally helpful.

On a completely different track a question has been asked regarding Chiron, one of the major asteroids and its important interactivity with humanity. We have spoken about this a bit in the past because it often has a valuable spiritual significance relating especially to various aspects of the Christ consciousness, but most importantly it is about transformation, that which you have held inside somehow and are now willing to bring out. This does in many ways parallel the transformative aspect of the Sirius binary: where two stars approach each other very closely every 49 and a half years. This is a seeming coincidence but of course in astrology there are no coincidences. Here you are simply reminded transformation can occur and you can choose it.

But, the most powerful transformation seems to occur fairly rarely; once, twice. Perhaps in those few individuals who have been following our dietary suggestions; three times in a life. Those energies have a lot to do with the understanding of how you transform yourself, not just how someone else sees you as being different. How you see and sense how you relate to other people, how you love the very nature of many aspects of your being.

Now, one of the grand opportunities of transformation is likely to occur in 2010 in the late June, early July period. Interestingly enough, there are no precise days for this but rather a whole stack up of conjunctions and various crosses, and especially a beautiful, grand one in early July. But these energies, because they are never so exact are showing you that there is a tendency; a greater opportunity for transformation, for awareness, for shifts, and because this is happening in the planets thus for everyone, not just for individuals. Those individuals with those similar aspects in their charts will be more strongly affected, but everyone else affected. The opportunity for humanity to, “get it,” to really understand, to really aspect all of these things within their own consciousness; the possibility to love, to really help someone else to really make a difference on this planet.

For you personally, it may be a time in which such transformation is available at a time in which you may welcome it. But, this is not directly related to Chiron. Chiron however, in its way of influencing these energies will suddenly and gently help to push these energies forward. But generally speaking, because these symbols are how these energies work, humanity will become more and more aware of this through the action of various astrologers talking about it as late June early July approaches of the next year and as a result it is likely that some individuals will get together in their communities or in their meditation groups and create a conscious, clear, transformative energy. Let those aspects that stood in the way of our evolution now shift. A simple statement, a simple energy but we see that this can be powerful and helpful. Similarly where such an energy transformation is resisted and of course all the forces that truly come to change that, push it out of the way, come to bear. That would be a positive and helpful interpretation of this grand alignment.

There is a general question about the best ways to proceed with bringing up consciousness, knowledge, and help. That is a question that really is not so much answered in a word, a paragraph, a book, an idea, but by a lifetime, by a sequence of energies. When you can come to the place where you say, “that's what I'm about.” It makes it much simpler. Thus, when you are clear that your life is about the assistance to others, the benefit to the planet, about your own personal transformation, about your willingness to shift even if that which is presented to you is very much difficult or that which is different from what you have had. But, clearly seen better, clearly is the direction to move in. If that which you are committed to has an aspect of powerful love, connectivity, caring, and compassion perhaps then all you need to do in recognizing this is to assert that is what my life is about, that is what my lifetimes are about, that is what my time between lives is all about, that is who I am.

That is a powerful statement when you mean it; when it is that which is derived from your own soul’s energy, by your own nature. Although it is clear that a reasserting of that which is already present. It is perhaps the best way of answering this question. Jill, perhaps you could assist with the other varied questions.

Jill: There's a question here about a Reiki technique called Omega. Can you comment on that?

Hilarion: Well, the most important people to bring this to the West have passed on. With their deaths some of the information was lost and the Omega techniques and the various ways these have been carried on have been kept alive and utilized by a few individuals. As you seek them out, you may find that there is a likelihood of these pockets of people working with it, expanding it and so on, never to the degree of the commercial success of Reiki, but clearly, that which is more powerful.

Those of course who combine these, who learn the more extended techniques can go further with this, benefit to all of course from the Internet from the way that information is becoming widely available. In particular, one individual named Rosanne Amato Fischer [ Ed Note: click on Temple Academies to learn more ] has pushed this a little further and is likely to have her energy, books, discoveries and other things more widely accepted. As you seek this out, as you learn about it, we suggest that you as quickly as possible practice it before your mind gets engaged with various ways in which you might slow it down.

But the basic idea is not that far different with the sense of a moving energy, a symbolic representation or connection to a universal consciousness is created that then is allowed through you into a person, object or your space.

This principle can then be used in so many different ways, but it is one that could be expanded dramatically with the Omega techniques. We often recommended them in the past but many individuals have found it difficult to seek out those teaching it and now that some more information is available on the Internet published books etc. it is possible this may resurge. After all, many individuals are aware of Reiki, so the simple question, how can I take this further? In what way can I learn about this even beyond the Reiki path? Does this clarify?

Jill: Yes. Thank you. What is the probability that the US dollar will collapse in value and that gold will go over $2000 an ounce in the next year?

Hilarion: Part A: probability of about .8% percent, part B probability of gold at $2000 about 61% by December 31st, 2010. In order to understand the market forces associated with this you must go beyond that simply of gold and look to currencies. Many currencies are likely to fluctuate dramatically, this will drive individuals to invest in gold, this artificially pushes up the price and eventually transfers the fluctuations of the price of gold as well. This is unusual. Gold’s movements over time have generally been quite small, relatively small percentages, but seeing such large percentages as a plus or minus 20% or even 30% swing in gold could indeed produce a great deal of instability and individuals will therefore be advised to use caution as they invest in this precious metal.

Still, as you recognize these probabilities acting accordingly on our words would be silly, the deeper issue, what does it mean? It is again back to the way in which you are dependent upon each other, upon community, upon interaction, upon love, not on the price of currency, gold, what it buys or any of the rest. Inflation has been relatively low and yet many prices are rising as if those who are writing down the numbers are cheating a little bit and this is true. You evaluate the pricing and nature of inflation for yourself personally, your own personal inflation index, not that of the government-sponsored information.

This can indeed lead to your understanding of the nature of currencies, markets, and all the rest and studying it has one powerful useful tool. You might quickly get sick of it. See how silly that waste of time, information and understanding is when you hold it with the simple question: as you leave this world what do you take with you? All your learning about currencies, markets, and all the rest, all of the gold you have accumulated will of course be left behind. It is about the soul and what it learns and how it interacts and thus the deeper issues as you recognize inflation issues, currency issues, price of gold issues.

Is there fear present? Can that fear somehow be shifted? What is the false evidence? I will die without these things? I will suffer without these things? Other people will suffer, whatever. Examine these issues and recognize that underneath this oftentimes is one simple energy, a simple deeper fear, “I am afraid to love, I'm afraid to speak the truth. I'm afraid to be loved.” If that is running for you by all means put all your attention on it and blow it up, shift that energy in whatever way you can so that you can understand the way in which the love you have is so valuable, so well received and known by others and within your own consciousness can be that which shifts and changes you profoundly, far more of course than any numbers in a bank account or any pile of coins. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes, very well. Thank you. How harmful are the chemtrails that are being sprayed in the sky constantly and how do we protect ourselves from that?

Hilarion: People are adapting to some extent because of the continuous nature of the spraying and it is helping because of its original intent. The reflection of some of the sun’s energy as a result of global warming, some of the ways in which the Earth would have been better protected have been lost and so this is having its desirable effect. But at the same time, these are contaminating and creating a variety of problems on earth. By and large the biggest problem is with the ingestion of a variety of metals, barium and aluminum in particular, and cleansing this from the body on a regular basis for everyone once or twice a week in the afternoon: light colored berries with cream would be strongly recommended as long as the cream is raw cream. If this cannot be obtained coconut cream is suitable. Some material that tends to absorb the toxicity as it is released from the body and this is where these materials are so valuable.

The berries have a natural capacity to bind and thus pull them out of the body and in particular the lighter metals such as aluminum and barium. Secondarily, some of the sea-vegetables, seaweeds to some extent remove some of the radiation associated with these metals and the aerial spray. In addition to these methods is of course the longer-term energy where global warming is shifted where people become far more conscious of the earth, thus unwilling to pollute. When you go hiking, the sense that you will “leave no trace.” If you live your life that way then of course, global warming disappears. That is a very difficult way to be currently on your planet but many people are taking steps in that direction and that is the larger message. At that time then spraying will be far less important and less necessary. Does this help at all?

Jill: Yes. With natural and organic labels with food becoming more and more watered-down, how can one treat food energetically and otherwise to ensure its quality and safe consumption what can we do to restaurant food to ensure its quality and safety?

Hilarion: In all cases the idea is that you are going to as much as possible bring those things into your body that are the most helpful and beneficial. As we mentioned before with the idea of animal training, you are going to support those activities that bring this in the most helpful way. So, if a restaurant is deserving of your support because they are indeed buying their own food sources in the ways that are the most helpful and beneficial than that is how you behaviorally shift and change them. You give them your attention and ignore the ones that are creating the difficulty.

If you are going to try to change the food you are up against a pretty tough set of energetics. Those who have already visualized and created the food, those who have bought it, who have made decisions about it, grew it, utilizing whatever techniques they chose, and so on and so forth. The consciousness to shift that, it is a pretty powerful consciousness associated with the food. So for you to shift this you would probably be better off fasting. For some individuals this is possible, but for most individuals a far better way is to grow it yourself, seek it out from the most helpful, conscious sources, and if possible of course buy local. You can then interact, ask direct questions, and find out what is necessary.

Now some will say that is just not possible. I go to these business meetings where we are going to develop technologies to end global warming and other business partners go out to McDonalds so if I’m going to be a part of that group, then I am going to have to go there. Well, we might suggest you re-examine, look again with some of the aspects of the law of reflection that we have spoken about. Asking the right questions where you are clear about these energies and allowing from a sense of love your willingness to ask. You know, I have some thoughts about this, would you be open to hearing them? Such a simple question might be a simple way in which you could open the door to reconsideration about something as simple as where you would eat might then be looked at and worked with.

However, the way in which the question is phrased there are of course things that can be done. We have spoken about how Helium under magnetic stimulation is so helpful at energizing and shifting so many properties associated with water and water is an important component in most foods. So, having a helium inert gas pendent placed next to the food for a couple of minutes while you have a visualization of a positive helpful energy from the food being absorbed by your body. And then to eat the food but not the pendent would be very helpful.

In addition the idea that you're going to prepare your body for the food, going to bring to it the most higher, helpful energies. This would also be wise. Also various foods that you can bring with you can be taken along with other foods to bring some benefit. Honey that has not been heated past 93°F is that which can generally be quite beneficial to the human body and clear a variety of toxins from other foods if you eat it after you have eaten the foods. Various other absorption materials such as raw cheeses can be eaten before eating the meal and this can be very helpful in absorbing toxicity and such foods as raw unsalted butter can be helpful to absorb various chemicals that can be released from food during the digestive process.

But, as you learn about these things as you might do reading the Vonderplanitz material which we have mentioned often in the past. You will then recognize then over and over that the underlying reason why the foods are then allowed in this way to be contaminated or difficult to digest, because that's where you put your attention. That's what you have supported directly or indirectly. So the more you learn about it and support alternative methods, methods that really seem to be helpful, healing and useful and at the same time good for the earth are those which tend generally over time to then shift and change all the aspects relating to food, because eventually others see you and say well, how did you get to be so healthy? And you can of course explain this.

In the meantime, though the underlying issues are difficult, because you have those who wish to understand it and those who refuse. As if they are unwilling to even ask the deeper questions. So the collective consciousness aspect that also makes a difference where you are willing to ask the deeper questions of yourself. What do you take with you from this world when you leave it? What is there in your own life that is worth working toward? Toward understanding, toward bringing consciousness to? Deep questions but important ones. This shifts the collective consciousness; a willingness to ask the deeper questions, shifting many things on your planet. Does this answer your question?

Jill: Yes. There is a question about different supplements that are being marketed and people are finding them helpful. What do you think of Resveratrol or other substances that help with memory?

Hilarion: Resveratrol has much benefit. It is found in grapes, various fruits and we have often suggested eating fruits along with various fats to enhance absorption and that is a preferable method to obtain Resveratrol. It will be absorbed better and it will be that which is blended in the way in which your body has been programmed for it, already is able to absorb and use it. When you take these substances in a highly concentrated form though you enhance the possibility of absorption you are also wasting a significant amount of the material and increasing the possibility for contamination if some source, some suppliers, some country with insufficient regulations thus has a mistake or some way in which metals, toxic chemicals as used in the cleaning process, various binders, fillers and other things are then also absorbed.

This does not mean that every supplement is that. Many times those which become very popular are then outsourced. They are then using different materials because they can no longer obtain the materials they began with and the quality degrades greatly. Thus, if we make a recommendation and it becomes more popular, not necessarily because of what we said but because other people recognize it, our very recommendation is then turned on its ear and that which would have been very helpful for you is now unhelpful.

So really, if you are going to go along that path and move away from that which is the diet of your ancestors, how they ate, and of course they didn't have access to supplements, then you must use another means. It could be pendulum, intuition, it could be a deeper understanding of this material in a more sensitive way. For instance, if you hold in your hand the bottle and notice the feeling it creates in your own body, associate with this a visualization of a different energy- perhaps a light, bring the light into the bottle and then bring it into your heart and as you are looking at and feeling that, two senses at once; the feeling and a visualization, notice it, see how it shifts for you, see what happens.

Now, you may do the same experiment with something that you are pretty clear is pretty good for you, some might do it with raw unsalted butter, a tremendous healing food, others might do it with a carrot, others might do it with something for them has proven very helpful in the past, thus you can have a natural comparison. A related question about DNA, about how you can visualize and shift this is similar. Not to change a strand that is so microscopic, so tiny within each cell, but to change your sense of your entire body vibrating, an energy that you are aligned with, a cosmic energy. The energy of the two strands might be seen as a simple Yin and Yang or Sun and Earth or hot and cold or some other aspect within you. But, to make this 12 it is to tell you in all directions, in all ways connect to the universe, connect to all the planet, connect to all the aspects, connect to all aspects of your being.

That visualization having at least two components, something that is seen, but something that is sounded or felt. This as a positive source of energy can be very helpful for many individuals it is very simple, it is vibration. The sense of a gentle humming vibration at the same time as a light moving through your body, this can be a helpful shift of your energy regardless of whether it shows up on a DNA test or not. Simply the awareness of this energy has a positive helpful, uplifting sort of breath. Sorry for it digressing, but it was a related question.

Jill: in the few moments we have left can you bring through Athena and have her give her perspective?

Hilarion: It is hoped that with some of the words and ideas that more has been created or touched in you, that there has been the feeling, a sense in your heart, a connection to something that is somehow at once outside of you and deep within you. It is a sense that this is right to love, to experience and seek out always love when fear is present, a reminder to pierce through it to find the truth and within the truth also love. A sense that you are deeply, powerfully connected. But to know that this also allows you to give birth that that connection through you becomes multiplied greater always shared. So the truth in you as you know it and feel it and breathe it is one that says simply. (toning) I am love that the air connecting you to all of your fellow beings breathes you, loves you and receives your love.

Hilarion: Yes, Hilarion here again. We thank you Athena for this perspective as if to touch not with the content of the words, but the energy and the heart. With that we would bring this evening to a close. The idea that there is within each of you more love, more compassion and more caring. Perhaps you have realized and perhaps some of the things tonight have alerted you, reminded you, shared that with you. So now we would simply draw your attention again to a beautiful emerald light at once from within you and all around you breathing you, a part of you it grows more and more brilliant and expands and as it moves outward, a black opaque disc has broken apart, its pieces to allowing absorption into the sun and at the same time the emerald light becomes brighter and clearer whispers that sense of the audio the sense of the visual that whispering, you are loved; your guides, the earth, your very nature. But, to experience this more clearly imagine somebody that you care for deeply and sense the love in your heart of them and then at as the emerald light expands let the visualization of that person go, and that same love by your will now fills the emerald light cylinder. It grows bigger still to encompass the entire earth for that love to be shared by everyone, by the earth herself. As the earth receives this she responds, her own energy as a gentle own begins to bubble up from the center up into your feet into your body into your heart and to be shared out loud. Goodbye..ommm…

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