Hilarion Summer Solstice Channeling 2009

Jill: Greetings. Today is June 21, 2009. We are celebrating the Summer Solstice with a Hilarion channeling in Nevada City, California. The questions Hilarion is answering have been sent through email and from those people in attendance. For further information on channeling, books, tapes, CDs, and DVDs contact Jon C. Fox, P.O. Box 2209, Nevada City, CA 95959 or visit us on the internet at hilarion.com.

Hilarion: Greetings. Yes - greetings to all of you. This is the energy, being, or vibration you call Hilarion. Before beginning with questions, various matters that people are interested in looking into and all of that we would simply invite you to recognize this special moment. Imagining as if earth breathing across the span of a year comes to this special place, a point between breaths, a point in which you yourself also access, imagining as if now you are welcoming a message, an energy, a sense from earth. You breathe in and notice on the out breath that special moment between breaths that brief moment of silence. It is there in which that energy becomes more available more present, a thinning of the veils it has been called in earlier times.

What is actually going on is in that moment there is the aspect is the shift between a time between light and dark is in its peak. This is the time of the longest day in the northern hemisphere and the shortest day in the southern hemisphere. It is a time in which due to earth’s tilt this energy is saying, “I am now at its extreme, I’m fully tilted as possible.” In the northern hemisphere now this is the summer solstice. It is a time in which the animals have reached a peak in their lives, too. This goes deep into your own energies, because you have animal bodies. This can be traced in your own genetic inheritance back a thousand years as humans; and millions of years as other animals; in a way in which you understand this deeper in your own body. You also come to this moment, a time of inner stillness, an awakening, and at the same time a going to sleep; a time in which you are to dream in which to receive by the intuition, to receive in a direct fashion, to know and communicate more easily with Mother Earth.

Yet, as this occurs, it is as if for a moment there is also a sort of oneness, a deeper establishment between the animals and humans. So, this is an excellent time then to welcome this and know it. In this region of the US, rural area out where there are many animals, it is also a time in which they are participating; perhaps tonight more than ever. And so, we give you each this little exercise. The recognition of your stewardship of these beings so we would begin by asking you to invite the presence of an emerald light see it as if on the in breath draw it infinitely upwards and then out through you. It passes out through you down to the center of earth. This generates a cylinder, that energy moving above, down through you, down to earth. And then it has a certain limit. Perhaps around 30 m, that is about 100 feet around you. With each breath that grows a little larger perhaps reaching to several hundred meters in diameter.

The intent of this energy is of many things. For you personally, it is for this sense of connection, or protection. But, for the animals in this area is also sense of communication, a willingness to receive through your body, through your being-ness, a simple message. So, imagine then, that one of these animals has come to be with you in this region of course, are many birds, a variety of insects, but those which you are most familiar with the mammals, as the deer, foxes, groundhogs, and various underground beings. But, also these creatures who hunt them, and those who observe them from on high, the rafters and the understanding of how all this interpenetrating energy as its own ecosystem.

You have entered into it, you are a part of it and this is not without an important reason. Part of the reason is the education what you receive from these beings, part of it is what you receive from them. So now we would ask you simply to go inside and look for this simple message: it is it all right for you to be here or you are loved. Or perhaps we are willing to listen to you or receive from you. Or perhaps you have something to teach us. Whatever it is that shows up for you, realize this now in your heart and then with the out breath, simply allow that to expand also into this emerald light as it penetrates into this entire area it reaches deep to touch these wild creatures.

Now, if you notice we did not include domesticated animals. They are very important part of your lives, many of you are owners of cats, dogs, and various other creatures. This is an important relationship also. But, their questioning, their learning, their ability to interact with you has gone on quite a bit. Perhaps slightly more emphasized at this time, but it is the wild creatures now that pay particular attention to the messages from humans. The reverse is also available for you to receive their messages and the messages from earth for all of you.

This is part of the understanding of this special time, this is true of course at each of the solstice’s and also at the equinox’s. But it is also an energy right now that is taking a new form or a new shape. There is the very idea here that something is being birthed. People do not know what it is. There are so many theories, those in so many different ways looking at it in so many various points of view. This is pretty much based upon their own experience, what they have studied and books they have read and people that they have talked to. Does this mean that their ideas are valid? We would say that generally it is going to be a conglomeration, little bits and pieces of all of it but no one yet has the full understanding of what is going to be happening on your planet in the next few years.

There has been a tremendous focus of energy, primarily due to the exposition of a few scholars on the Mayan calendar; a great deal of focus on this time period to come focalizing on this time of 2012. But, you can also see that there is a great deal of inertia, things tend to go as they have been and the way that they have been going is very much about survival, about economies, about politics about the way things that have already been happening continuing to happen. This then has to be seen in a slightly different light, that there is a consciousness that is on your planet already, a shift in understanding, a shift in perspective. There are different ways to look at it but for you personally, this is to pose a question and that is the key factor and the reasoning behind this can help you understand if you would accept the idea about this.

As the question shows up and becomes clearer and clearer people's answers will be different. There is no one answer to this question. The question could be along the line of recognizing who we really are, what is the right thing to do? Or an acknowledgment of the love or the possibilities that we all share. How can we maximize these? Yet, really the question is for many individuals a physical one; an aspect of something inside wanting very much to come outside, to be birthed, to be shared, to be understood, not for the purpose of doing anything that is important. Certainly, people have a great deal of service on their minds, but really, it is about the question itself, the idea that this aspect of humanity is just in of itself deserving.

This is a very different thing you see, what has happened on your planet in the past, the energies that have gone on, have largely been karmic. Each aspect of cause generating an effect and that generating another cause and is going on and on and that still happens, but it reaches this higher reality, a consensus, a threshold, but something that says, what is this all for? Where is this leading us? As you have asked that question for a long time now, indeed, it is one of the core principles of a variety of religions on your planet. People are coming up with their own individual answers. This can be seen then as an underlining sort of stress amongst all people right now. They are not only allowing this question in this form to come to them. They are increasing them. They are poking themselves. They are questioning why they are working for certain corporations. Or why they are doing the things that they are doing. They are their willing to shift this, change it perhaps, the most importantly, they are willing to ask.

Then there are many people on your planet who have up until now have been very resistant to this and they are now beginning to ask. No, they are not ready to embrace the answers that show up, but they are willing to ask. This is shaking the foundations of everything in your world: religions, economics, politics, and indeed it is then very important to recognize the role that Mr. OBama plays in all of this as a sort of representative of a willingness not just to ask those questions but as an answer becomes apparent to speak about it. Or in some cases, you might say do something about it, though the “doing” something aspects tend to only be those which have done before, perhaps a little more, a little differently but by and large they are the same sort of aspects.

But in the meantime, this is accelerating the entire process. In the past various world leaders had opportunities to communicate to the world and right now most of the communications for most of the world leaders are not addressing this issue anywhere to the extent that the Obama administration is. So for this very reason alone so many on your planet are looking in this direction. They don't even understand why yet but this idea of a question. In the Internet term it is being “poked” in the way in which you are simply willing to look.

Now you might say is that enough? Certainly not if that which what you want to do is so much more than that. You are not simply going to answer the question and then go back to sleep. You are actually going to begin to investigate the nature of sleep itself. You are going to recognize what it is that has held you back before, you are going to ask ways in which you yourself can contribute to this aspect of change in a way that is ultimately beneficial for everyone.

Yet, that in itself is still not enough, and the reason for this is really very simple. It has to do with the nature of the asking. We have stated in the past that a question and its answer are created together. When you let go of the question you will understand the answer. This is sometimes mystical sounding. Since after all, it would seem then that you shouldn't have asked in the first place. But in actuality, the truth of this has to do with direction. When you are looking out there, that is where the answer will inevitably lead you to another answer out there and another out there until you finally get the joke. You are to look in here, in yourself, in your understanding of what you already know.

Now this is sometimes difficult for people to accept for the simple reason that they do not trust what they receive inside themselves. This makes a lot of sense if the teaching that they have received, if the habits that they have learned, if the fears that they have generated for a long time are all keeping them from this deeper acceptance. So, for instance, if you are a nuclear weapons designer and you are working hard for instance to protect your country from the invading Western powers and their potentials for nuclear weapons as well, you might be running a lot of fear. If you were to have that sudden epiphany, that deeper understanding about what you are really about, what you are really doing here. You are going to naturally see a lot natural resistance showing up.

Many ways in which that voice, that might be a still small voice in you becomes a tiny little mouse voice in that person. But that is still there, and as the consensus reality encourages people to look at that, to have that deeper question, to question their very inner selves to look inside. You begin to recognize that something else is happening; a sort of coming together of an answer; an answer that comes as an embrace as much as it does words, an answer that comes as a dance or a gift as much as it does an idea or a solution or a technology; an answer that is found in a completely different context from the way in which you began asking the question.

Now accepting this and seeing where it leads you has a very interesting effect because it has the natural capacity as you look more inside to give you the opportunity to connect to other people outside. So you see the things on your planet now, not just supporting but forcing this for all people. One could say it was inevitable as a result of where the economy was going. But really, it is something much higher than that, because people are seeing that the solutions to economic woes, to the various difficulties they are encountering in the world are through community, are through local environment, are through the people they know and trust rather than governments, rather than various banks or large corporations or institutions.

It has more to do with their own innate nature and who they know and who they can be close to and how they can trust themselves. This is not only to be encouraged this is actually required in the way in which you are finding deeper aspects about yourself. One simple way through this of course is that as you discover something about yourself, you can see if that it is also something helpful to someone else, if the process you use that you find can be useful. Or, what you discovered there was helpful to share with them.

Now, this could sound overly intellectual, i.e., the ideas are what are being shared. Surely you recognize it goes much deeper than that. It has to do with being alive, of being-ness, with a sense of love or willingness to trust others, to trust yourself. It is those words, which we wish to use to inspire you to look more deeply. Now let us imagine that you recognize rancor, difficulties various aspects in your environment that you would like to smooth out. Remembering this principle, the first thing you do is smooth out yourself. Where is their rancor, dissension or difficulty in yourself? Where are their parts of yourself that are worn-out or fight or not in a place of harmony? Where can that be known more deeply in your own consciousness? More importantly, as you recognize those things, how can they find peace?

Often, you recognize that something that has not been expressed can now be expressed. It is safe to have that, magical words, very helpful ones if it is true. If the only way it is safe to have that, if you pick up an AK-47 then it is not safe. But if you can express that inner anger, or inner turmoil or rancor in a way which, perhaps your house gets cleaned up or various other people recognize that it's safe for them to have their anger too, or a way in which that anger is simply a way to point to a deeper issue. There are many different ways to release it and allow it in its own way. Energy in motion, it continues to move until there is again that place of peace.

Then, and only then does it only makes sense to attempt in working with others to allow them to come to a more equinanimous place, a place of more peace or understanding by asking the deeper questions. These questions will certainly occur to you at the given time.

The most difficult aspect that people are contending with now is when they begin to bump up against in themselves those issues that are intractable. Sometimes, they can do nothing more than accept that it, that is just the way it's going to be for now. But when they do that, what happens is over and over the environment around them is going to force them to rethink it.

This is exactly what is happening right now in Iran. You have here, people who have been very willing for a long time to accept some of the tenants of their own religion, but live in the modern world. As they do this they must then gradually, but persistently begin to see the places where that doesn't work. Obviously, you have an entire segment of the population, indeed the majority by a slim margin, the women in this society, and they can see that there are other ways. There are ways in which women in other societies can express themselves without retribution, can engage in discourse, can present new ideas, and discourse and inventions, can do things that can be profoundly hopeful to their families to others things that prevent them from doing by the very religion that has brought them a sense of peace, security, closeness, family and love, their community and their country.

This happens in so many different ways, but it is not only happening there of course. You have that right here in the USA in economics. There are so many ways in which the economy that has worked for you in the past if you were for instance a real estate magnate, you are finding now that perhaps things aren’t going so well. As you understand this you begin to question it. Was this the right course of action for my life, what will I take with me, what lessons, what understanding? How have I grown from this? Those internal questions are very powerful ones, difficult to ask, but they show you in every way how the underlying basis itself is up for change. So you see this repeated over and over in the world.

The “tipping point” as it is sometimes described is not about any specific area of life. If it was, then you would understand it as, for instance, a “new age tipping point; the consciousness aspect.” But, how many people on your planet are indeed very interested in religions of such wide degree of flexibility as those embraced by the New Age. It is a small percentage on your planet. How many have as their own understanding for instance, a devotion to serving others? Oftentimes a new age philosophy not widely repeated or known on your planet where individuals who are gathering wealth for themselves or trying to survive for their families in the best way they can that is their main concern.

But, collectively it is this questioning, both internally and externally is being increased that is now reaching the tipping point, the place where the opportunity to question seems more natural than the opportunity to impose an answer. Now, this is a sort of curious thing and you do notice it already. You can speak to almost anyone in any situation at a bar, on the street, or at a grocery store and start to ask these deeper questions. Have you ever wondered what we're here for? Now if you do this as a Jehovah Witness you are going to put them off. But if you do it with genuine interest, genuine curiosity, you know I just picked up this package of spaghetti and I started to think, “Is that all there is?” Have you ever thought of that? And of course in the past, you might have been tossed out of the store but now the checkout person at the store might say now yesterday I had that same question yesterday with Cream of Wheat.

So as you begin to understand this you see that this phenomenon of the questioning is reaching a tipping point. But, what you must understand about it, its strength, energy is very much inside. It's very much an internal place. The problem with all the predictions all the way in which everybody seems to recognize yes changes happening guess energy is shifting. Put it on the outside. There are going to be earthquakes, there are going to be pole shifts, there are going to be wholesale economic collapse. There will be a nuclear war. The energies of one country will be pitted against another and so forth.

If, as a result of the questioning process your only solution to this is to start a war then that is what it shall be. If your only solution to this is to use the forces of the economics, the corporations, the energies already in presence as best you can, than that is how it shall be.

If it is out of your own fear to magnetize an energy that draws to you significant geo-physical change such as pole shift or earthquake or flooding then that is how it shall be. This is the reason in a sense all these answers are true and none of them helps you. Because the underlying questions still apply. Again, here remember since the aspect is entirely internal, the external as it manifests is not going to give you the answer. In other words, here you will be underwater after a pole shift still wondering, what is this all for? This is clear and true as humorous as you can play with it, but it still is a way of you being reminded to ask.

One of the questions simply to ask is, “what of this will you take with you?” This is the first thing to understand that many times the aspect that allows you to get to this place in which some outer manifestation of catastrophic difficulty is that which you experience is fear. Your reaction to that questioning process inside brings fear.

This is one area where the, sorry to call them “New Agers,” let's call them “Lightworkers.” They have something to contribute. They are here to help people release the fear, to release it in different ways of course there all the outer ways of course this can be expressed in which people can understand it better, F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real and all of the different ways in which the external is done, but the internal also, what are you really afraid of? That you will die? That something scary as torture, harm, or physical issue will happen? That there will be some aspect of you that you don't understand? Let me show you another way, look into my eyes, sense with me as I go inside and ask who am I? And receive that answer an inspired certainty to ask either question to share this with others. That makes you radiate that light that makes you a “light worker.”

So, here's where it gets a little tricky. As light workers realize this they have a sense of responsibility, to have a sense of a task and many of those channeling through them, many beings on your planet in a position of leadership of such beings and all kinds of energies are saying, “go out and do it.” In other words, be one of those proselytizers we mentioned earlier, be someone to knock on people's doors and engage them in a conversation about their own inner fears? No, this is not going to work any better than anything else.


The whole idea is in some way you are to take your natural gift, your own ability to do whatever it is you do best, through love, through compassionate care, through writing through speaking, whatever that gift is and find a way to communicate to others two things: the question as you have asked it for yourself and your answer as you have received it for yourself. Thus encouraging them to look for themselves to find a way to share this to work out an aspect in which that answer, that deeper awareness can lead them to confront the fear. Then you will hold their hand, you will be with them, you will assist them with that fear. Because you would not get to find your own answers, unless you have already been through that and confronted that fear or known it.

Now does this mean you dispelled that fear once and for all? Absolutely not. After all, things are still going to happen on your planet. At the very least you are still going to have weather event. You're still going to have fears, dislocations, you are still going to make mistakes. There will be different things that naturally occur and what are you going to do about that? At the other extreme, there are so many who were unwilling to ask, so unwilling to look. These are not usually people as we say on the ground. They are the people in positions of power. They are the people who have it all worked out. They don't want you to upset their apple cart.

 They want to stay in those positions of power for one simple reason. In their unwillingness to look at the deeper questions they have already come to a deeper understanding of their identity which is false, which is limited. What you represent to them is something much bigger. These people will also eventually come to place of this deeper questioning, it naturally occurs as this field of energy to look deeper, as this deeper aspect of yourself becomes all pervasive on your planet.

Does this mean it's a straight shot forward toward such, certainly not, there will be many twists and turns along the way. Even after tipping points are reached, even after energies become clearer. Simply because there can be huge resistance. After all, if one person in a position of huge leadership, control for others, identity connection for themselves presents huge resistance to others with a reward. Stick with me and I'll make sure you are fed. I’ll make sure things go on as they have been. I'll help you stay asleep.

But, not saying in such words, saying instead I will help you to be powerful, I will help you to do those things that you think are important, whatever they are. That is the basis of political promises and gesturing, isn’t it? And in this way they stay in positions of power. Those underneath them will refuse to ask.

It will not hold out for long. Of course it is the very nature of your planet that anything now that is being communicated, is being shared, is being received. Through the Internet, through various forms of communication, through all the various ways people do it all the time. You are doing it here. Have you seen that latest Youtube? What about that person’s Twitter? Or did you get the e-mail about such and such? That is all through the Internet. Then there are the television shows, the Internet, the movies, the DVDs all the different ways these energies and ideas are being spread. It is happening everywhere on your planet.

It doesn't necessarily happen immediately along these deeper lines of course. The first Youtube that somebody is going to be poked to watch is something that is more fun, more enjoyable perhaps and this balance, which is entertainment, and that which is more evolutionary these aspects will blend and they will continue to do so. But, gradually you will notice that another aspect that is the nature of this shift is that the aspects of clarification, the deeper learning, the deeper questioning these become a little louder, a little stronger, and gradually become louder, stronger and more valuable to you than the aspects of consolation, than those of entertainment.

Now, this has been going on for a long time on your planet, but it is reaching a crisis point in the medical arena. The medical arena has been under a great deal of stress in the last few years especially, one has seen the crumbling of the economic system or the underpinnings of this in USA, health care companies, insurance companies, and all the rest of it, are taking their toll on people's lives. But, this is happening in other ways across your planet for a very different reason. It really has to do with the underlying theory, the underlying basis, the underlying way in which medicine is being carried out. This basis might simply be described as “discover the enemy and destroy it.” This is not really the way in which your own life work is it?

You certainly have it to a certain extent, but for the most part, most of your life is about making peace, coming to know people, coming to cooperate an to do this with every aspect of your environment except according to your doctors, your body. There you must find the enemy and destroy it; be it a bacteria, a disease mechanism, the cancer, a virus, a parasite let's find it and let's destroy it. Now, of course, this is an extreme way of looking at it and most doctors you know would try to create some sort of blend.

But, understand here that this is still the underlying tenant of medicine. We suggest an alternate theory. Just as the aspect of Quantum Theory came to ultimately replace that of Newtonian mechanics, so also do we see eventually that the more correct way of understanding not just the health of humans, but of all beings on your planet that you are always coming to the place of optimum health. That sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Really, that is the basis from cooperation, from the manifestation of shift, from the way in which those energies can change within you in so many arenas.

You have many resistances to this in the same ways the physicists in the 1920’s had tremendous resistance to the understanding of quantum mechanics. The way in which they clung to Newtonian physics for so long is a nice example to read about. What did it take? The ultimate death of the generation of those who held onto the old ideas. Of course, that is not fully necessary since you can read about those ways and yet there are those in positions of power, particularly in the medical professions, who realize this. They are doing their very best to train young people as strongly as possible to hold this belief that destruction is the best way forward.

In point of fact, though, those healthcare practitioners who understand the truth are those who are making great progress now in healing diseases in people; bringing them to a place of tremendous health, vitality, and vigor and more importantly, they are also able to do this in a way in which other aspects of your society are healed in which there are magnificent and beautiful changes in economy, in land use, in farming, in interaction with animals, in so many different areas. Still though, the underlying idea of this has not been clearly brought out, this polarization in these two areas.

Questions have been posed from the point of view of the old way. Viruses: one person says, they are not communicated, another person says they are. Is a virus alive? Is a virus an aspect of the separate reality? Is a virus that which is all that you understand it? And of course now as we are asking about is a virus. You are beginning to fill in what we suggested. Is a virus truly the enemy? Indeed, if what you are trying to do in coming to an understanding about whether viruses are transmitted or not, if come to it through a place of fear, if they are transmitted than as an enemy we must be careful not to be around other people, who will give them to us or animals or whatever. Or if they are not transmitted than we must be careful that when they do show up in our bodies we destroy them as quickly as possible by whatever means is available.

Neither is the correct response. Where are they your friends? What is the intent of the virus? Virus’s, whether you understand them as alive or not, in relationship to other organisms, bacteria perhaps, or parasites or entire beings like reptiles or humans or birds. Well, we go much further and would construe that a rock is alive, that the air is alive and there is a quality of consciousness, aliveness in all of these things. But the aspect in which the virus has a purpose, its purpose is pared down to the absolute essential characteristic simply of reproduction. That's all it is doing is utilizing whatever host whatever interaction it has to recreate itself. There is no deliberate intent to in this way to harm or really to help, and it is largely manufactured by the environment in order to allow this.

The overall consciousness, called the collective consciousness, this is there to change DNA to shift consciousness ultimately of people, will be its ultimate result, but along the way as DNA changes, as one molecule is moved slightly in position as mutations can be created, then in environmental conditions there can be evolution, there can be improvement. There can be shifts. This is largely random, but it still is that which does come under some aspect of consciousness within people.

Now in this sense, the question about transmitted or not is really to be reevaluated within the context of how this can be helpful, how it can be valuable. If it is something your body needs it will be useful for you to get it. And this is a very difficult place and you see immediately the habit patterns that begin to show up, all of the enemy programming. What about the body is always trying to come to the place of perfect health? Where can is allow you to understand the answer to this question.

It is almost as if you are being asked to make the leap that all the scientists were back in the 1920s. You are asked to give up Newtonian mechanics except as a subset of something much larger: a whole new way of seeing and understanding things; a way that makes sense within itself but could not be easily understood in your own world. Now that is much easier for you today you have all the evidence of this all around you: with your CDs and DVDs. You are using lasers, which are based entirely on quantum mechanical principles in order to operate.

So you are living in a world in which all of the quantum aspects are an important part of who you are. But, you still do not have to understand it, this is what is being asked that you somehow make the switch, that you are looking inside and asking, what is the purpose of disease? What is the purpose of the medical system as I understand it? What is the purpose of this body coming to a place of what you call dis-ease: a place in which you are no longer at ease. We are not going to be here to provide the answers to you.

We are rather going to poke you and remind you to ask the question, and look at this in a way in which you can better understand it. In the understanding that comes from quantum mechanics applied to medicine, viruses lie right along the dividing line between wave and particle and the true way of understanding virus is as a wave energy, not a particle energy.

Wave is much better to understand bacteria, parasites and larger organisms such as yourselves. But, here again the influence of quantum mechanics, you understand the wave, your interconnectivity, your love, your community. This is always present, and it is always a much higher solution than the particle analysis: that is you are separate, you are not connected, you are not one with, you know the truth of this. In this way you can come to a deeper understanding of all of this and stop being so afraid of diseases.

If the body is trying to come to a state of perfect health and a bacteria comes along be it from external or internal and the symptoms then begin to manifest themselves, see that they are the symptoms toward healing. They are not caused by the bacteria. The bacteria is there to help you and as you change, as you shift, something that is stuck in you needs to come out. So the symptoms allow that to come out, be it as innocuous as increased mucus and a cold or flu symptom or as seemingly difficult as cancer. The collection of that which is no longer needed in the body then takes place eventually to be expelled. Now we know that is an oversimplification, but it is provocative, again within the context of asking the deeper questions.

A question has been posed about the Akashic records, the very nature of what that is. This is a question that is very easily answered from this point of view of vibration, of the wave phenomenon. Can you imagine by the very nature of how a wave works, that it stops anywhere, but the medium is the way in which it connects it all together, is not stopped. So it is like the way the ocean wave stops at the shore that is easy to see. But, if that if that ocean is continuous then you see how the inter-relationships are inevitably there finer and finer subtler and subtler, but still there.

People have observed this for example that a pebble dropped somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean does slightly affect the water that comes to shore all the way in California. Now, you can understand this theoretically, if you do not understand it practically because you do not have a sensitive enough hand but could you imagine that an instrument could be constructed that could detect this? A seismometer, wavemometer perhaps. A wave monitor, you might call it. This is exactly what was done in ancient times in order to better understand the Akashic records. The aetheric vibration: akashic meaning aetheric or ether, the interconnectivity to everything to notice vibrations and to observe how than they are able to affect various instruments.

 Then it was easily discovered that the most finely tuned instruments, the easiest way to work with this was in your own consciousness, simply by becoming very still. By the same principle, a seismometer that was moving around is not going to sense the energies very well. It is then very still, very quiet. Then the slightest energy can impinge upon it. This is a crude, but adequate analogy to show you how the Akashic records are read. In the place of stillness, the vibrations are accounted for, interacted with in all the ways that are known, as you then begin to look into the areas that are unknown. From this gradually develops more and more information, more understanding about the nature of those vibrations until you reach that point as questioning aspect, where a particular vibration is to be learned or worked with can then be received.

Now if this all seems far too complex for a piece of equipment, you are correct. It is not possible in a limited sense. To understand the life of a fellow who lived on the third planet orbiting the star Arcturus, 10,000 years ago, using any sort of instrumentation that you could develop here. But, your own consciousness, your heart, your own ability to love, these are tremendous powerful aspects of what could be likened to an instrumentation: a way in which you can simply receive that and know it.

How is this possible? It is not easily explained by the phenomenon of mathematics but it is still that which is available through a different mathematical theory: that of wave-lift theory. It has specifically to do in which the energies are often predictable, but the important thing you need to know is that you have already done. If you had an intuition, you had some aspect in your life that showed up and you couldn't possibly explain how. When you followed it out, it worked out, it was perhaps something which amazed you, and all you could do was sit back and wonder what happened, but still that aspect was there.

It was undeniable that you had that experience and many people have these all the time. If you don't, you certainly have opportunity for other people and you can see in through their eyes and their ideas. Still though, over and over through this you are being told that the phenomena of the most simple, basic things in the world not what it seems. These phenomena are things that you can learn about and grow with only up to a point. Then there is a certain letting go that takes place; a willingness to be within that or let it breathe you.

In answering some of these other questions we need to do a few different things. But one of these things is to again take around this idea of the internalization. So let us take you on a little journey. Let us all imagine that you are leaving your bodies right now, flying out of them and heading north. It gets colder and colder, and as you look, you begin to notice that everything up there looks different. Not just that it is ice, that it is large empty expanse. But there is a glow to it. A sort of light blue, light white glow. You then go right to the top of it in the way that is the coldest, most extreme feel that glow, see that energy.

You begin to notice that something happens, it's as if it parts in its center, a darkness appears and it opens up and as you look inside you see all kinds of interesting things, changing, glowing lights, movements, patterns and now as you come back and imagine that closing up again. You see, the energies of this place are different from the rest of your planet. This occurs at both the north and south poles and is an energy, awakening or opening point but to go down there you need to be different. You need to be in a consciousness that can receive those shifts at a physical level. That which is perceived by any photographic instruments or radar or various people who may even go there for the most part they're going to miss it.

Of course you can't use a compass when you get close to that place, and it is very difficult to navigate because of the area, so it is an easy matter to turn people aside to explore. Satellites are not going to view it because of the energy shifts, one could call it a hologram. But, it is still an entryway and within that is a shifted place, a higher consciousness energy, yes, a central sun yes, many things that have been written about. But, by and large it is an energy that is so different that you don't have to be concerned about it at this time. That is not true for very much longer as these are powerful questions more and more people are taking the same journey we just took you on and understand this for themselves and ask the deeper question, ”What is the nature of the inner earth?”

You may have read about it or heard about it in your geology classes, your geo-science classes, your earth science classes when you were in high school. Or, were you sleeping? You had a good reason to sleep because they told you there was melted metal in the center of the earth and such and that is all fine as well as it goes. But how do they know? When you raised your hand and asked your teacher if you were willing to do so. They told you, “Well, we don't know, we’re taking a good guess based on the evidence we have at the surface.” And so you recognize that what is going on in the center of your earth could be far different from what anybody imagines. This is why we suggest that you find the answer to this in a different way.

This has been spoken about in spiritual terms in the past that when people go to a place of higher consciousness in a body through their projections or when they have passed over to the other side. In this higher consciousness, they explore this, they discover all kinds of things, powerful energies, uplifting awareness, records of what has happened. Not only on earth, but to the other planets in your solar system, all the ways in which evolution of people has taken place and many other things.

We suggest you answer this question for yourself by your own visualization and your own understanding. If you have done this in the past and have gotten very little in the way of results or response we implore you to try again, because as the energies are shifting on your planet access to this now shifts as well.

Another question has been posed about the helpers, the higher vibrational beings who seek to assist you. Are they going to let all these physical problems that people see potentially occurring as a result of their own fears or difficulties, as a result of what is happening on your planet etc., be those which will indeed happen? In some cases for the helpers, where it is a value in their own agendas, they will. That agenda is very specifically focused, as fast as they can, in whatever way is available and possible and will not overly tax the earth. They want to be here in physical bodies, all of them. As more beings who are not helpers but who are nonphysical, begin to wake up and understand they are not physical. They also move eventually into helper so, eventually they all come onto your planet together.

Now, you might say what’s the big deal there, a few more beings. Now let's get on with it, but the deeper question how many gives rise to the simple answer. The nonphysical beings on your planet outnumber the physical beings on your planet nine to one, this means it is going to take about 50 billion of these beings incarnated on your planet being incarnated at the same time before the next phase can get going.

If a major pole shift that causes widespread death happens on your planet, this agenda is going to be significantly set back so it seems highly likely that the beings involved with this are going to do everything in their power to reduce such difficulty. A pole shift does seem inevitable, and yet it does not have to be destructive. It can be that which provides big shifts without major planetary destruction, and it may even be helpful in some ways, as it may change some systems on your planet. Systems having to do with electro-magnetics, computers, power distribution and other things could certainly do with some changes, and it may be valuable for people in communities to come to better understand each other.

This is an important solution you must see to the bumps and difficult detours and turns on the way to 50 billion. That is that the various dislocations and shifts will always in almost every situation you can imagine, be eased for you in a state of community, in interaction with friends, or loved ones, or neighbors. Specifically, communities are already forming, but you don't even realize it. For instance: the elder community. The people you know you might go to when you have a question in which you might want to know something about the past, about history, about some good ideas for the future that are not necessarily the new ideas, but those based on experience, on the wisdom of the elders. You have of course, other communities, ways in which people in far-flung locations interact with each other, but also now you are beginning to recognize how valuable it is for the planet, if the communities are local.

So you have farming communities or psychiatric, or psychotherapeutic, or spiritual communities. These now need to gradually come into the next level in which they are not simply a gathering point but are places where the deeper questions are asked; where people are willing to live the answers and shift how they are willing to work with them.

This is what is being proposed into the dream state by the helpers and that’s how they work. The helpers are not going to come in here physically with some great aetheric machinery and perhaps stick a pole in the ground and somehow stop the pole shift from happening. They are going to be in the consciousness, in your dreams, in your awareness showing you things that can be done vibrationally: programming crystals, moving energies, forming communities for safety, finding ways in which you can know that you are safe so that the fears that are manifested can be used appropriately to learn about yourself, not to impose it upon others. As you begin to recognize this principle you then began to realize that the most valuable aspect is when you are a helper, not a nonphysical one but when you are physical; willing to act, willing to assist, willing to love.

There has been a question about technical astrology, and because we have worked with astrology in the past we will answer these sorts of things as briefly as possible not to bore the others who go to astrologers but are not interested in the technical aspects themselves. Yes, Rudyar's system is valid, helpful and useful, along with many aspects of esoteric astrology is what you are utilizing for your own benefit, your own deeper understanding. This is not the tool that is going to be available to everyone else. For others it is a way of using the first breath versus the soul entry time or the ascendant principle, or it will be the way in which they overlay the different charts. Even into the Vedic system overlaying into the Geo-centric system in all of the ways in which you can enjoy esoteric astrology. You can see which systems work well for you in your understanding and interpretation.

There has been greater attention lately due to many of the astrologers looking at things like the astrology of the country to look now at the astrology of a state, and we aren't talking about a state of consciousness, but rather for instance, the state of California. As any schoolchild knows the state was formed on September 9, 1850 by a signing around 1 p.m. in the afternoon in Washington, DC of documents that granted the statehood. This can be utilized in its simplest way as a sort of demarcation point and a way in which one can draw in and work with these energies for your own interpretation and understanding of what is happening in California.

Which naturally leads to the question posed by this astrologer, what is happening here in California? One of the aspects of this has to do in ways in which California has depended so long in its tax base in people coming here; business people expanding, making money, buying real estate and all the rest. Now that this has collapsed, so has the tax base.

Is this a bad thing? What is that money going for, where does it affect you personally? How might this now be taken back into your own literally, backyard, into your own community, into the people that can trust and learn and love and work with you? It is a difficult time, because those solutions are hard to put into action, but they are the only solutions available, because when you turn your power over to the government, you do so because you know that they are better. They do a better job of it than you can, is that still true?

If that is true for you, then certainly it makes sense to put your money and time and effort into that, but for most people right now they can give you a long list in a way that it has been a failure. In the way in which you have some other difficulties on your planet; the way the medical system is about sharing, the way the suppression of fire is about sharing the way the sharing of resources such as water is clearly about sharing, the government has been placed in a position of power by your consensus, by your agreement and this is where communities can also exert a voice.

The voice of a community is generally much more powerful than the voice of any single individual and as various individuals ban together and create communities, this can be a voice that is very similar to the voice that is called “lobbyists,” and a way in which government can make some changes along the way. However, it does seem inevitable, that where California is heading financially is into areas that can become more and more difficult. This is where this backup plan, to see where those services can be provided can be valuable and useful for you to explore and understand. Already so many people have taken the education system back into their community. Why not do this with other systems as well to the point where it may perhaps be seen in the larger context.

For instance, in water conservation ways in which water can be appropriately shared by ways that are very different from what you are doing. So many ways in which it is already wasted can clearly be changed. In the way in which fire prevention and understanding the natural fires that were present in California have been suppressed now for more than 100 years. This must be shifted into some way in which the various methods of clearing, or small safe fires, or ways in which these plants are changed do make it eventually an area that is safer without the necessity for huge government intervention, millions of dollars of equipment firefighters and all of the rest. Without this the dependence upon the larger institutions will continue and will naturally then continue to create difficulties reminding you to find a local solution, find the ways that work as they come about from your communities.

But, does this answer the bigger question, for instance, what do you take with you from this? What do you learn from this? Where has it affected your soul? Only to the extent that it gives you a little more time here on earth. It allows you to stay here in a body longer. But other than that the real purpose of the community, the real energy you take with you is when you can answer deeper questions about yourself and to encourage community to share those questions with you and their own personal answers, their way of understanding these things.

This is not going to shift things immediately on your planet but it does have the effect of taking what has been seen in a light worker, as a great meditation, an energy I’m going to share with the planet and bring it into something here, something now, something that affects other people in a more direct way. The troubling thing about this is how habit patterns have stood in your way before. For instance, “I don't have habit patterns. They have habit patterns.” Sort of like the law of reflection. It only applies to other people, not me. Well you understand that the universal laws apply to everyone and your habit patterns get in the way, too.

In this case one of those is if I’m in a community with those people, around that issue they are not going to be interested in this other stuff. In many cases, that's exactly what they're talking about themselves looking at their dreams beginning to understand in a new way. Even in their church, even in their old ways, these new questions are popping in and doing so with greater and greater force, greater and greater energy and at the same time where you are involved, possibly greater and greater love, compassion, a willingness to simply sit in a place where the only answer is I don't know or I am willing to look, or can we look together? Perhaps you could assist us Jill with these other inquiries?

Jill: I'm curious about bio-identical hormones that Oprah is suggesting for women. What are the side effects and why do they produce such rapid results?

Hilarion: They work with various aspects that are already present in the body. The body is naturally able to make shifts when the substances that are applied are natural substances. But the long-term affects of overuse of a substance that you do not have a particular desire or taste for but you are particularly interested in the effects by themselves is another imbalance. It is partly to do with this idea of an enemy that the hormonal change that is occurring within the woman is an enemy and must somehow be shifted, to embrace it, or work with it and understand it’s deeper message can sometimes be difficult because sometimes it will tell you that you have been eating the wrong foods for a long time. The body is going through a powerful cleansing period in order to clear them out.

So, we would suggest as people feel drawn towards these hormones that they do take the more natural forms but recognize its true purpose, they are buying you just a little more time, to clear, cleanse and assist the body in its way of clearing out what is in the way and then to rebuild it from the inside out in a way in which hormonal imbalance and the need to correct it by using hormones is unnecessary and hormonal imbalance is no longer needed as a way to correct and shift the body.

The aspects in any diet must be equally balanced between cleansing and regeneration. Doesn't that just makes sense? No? Well, consider a ball of clay, and you take pieces off of it, that is for cleansing, eventually you have nothing left. If you have that ball of clay and you only regenerate adding more parts of it making it bigger and bigger and bigger it gets too big for your house. The equal portion thing is so simple and must always be applied. So this is a simple criteria you can use even if you don't accept the idea that the body is always trying to come to perfect health, and you embrace the idea that there is an enemy you must identify and destroy, you still have to have this balance of regeneration and cleansing.

So any diet that you choose must have this in equal proportion or eventually you suffer consequences. One of the interesting things about hormonal shift is what it does to your consciousness. It makes you look at your moods. How you feel, how you relate to other people, and it can also be a good thing because it will make you understand more deeply about yourself and the way in which you can interact with other people as a result. You may even begin to identify a difference between a loving aspect that comes from the spirit or a higher consciousness and that which is more associated with the body.

Generally, you will see that over and over there are materials, particularly plastic materials that have been ingested by the body that must be cleared out. And then where damage has been done, particularly to the endocrine system, particularly to the various glands, these must be rebuilt. This is where the cleansing and regeneration capacities then come in. We would recommend the Vonderplanitz approach as the most direct and easy to follow and not easy in the sense of your mind, your mind may even go crazy with it, because it is an upside down way of seeing everything. But understand this is because of the fundamental aspect, that the body is always try to come to the place of optimum health is deeply embraced by that method and that it is indeed balanced with aspects of regeneration and cleansing. Do you think that answers the question?

Jill: Yes and what about Parkinson's disease?

Hilarion: Parkinson’s disease has some interesting characteristics at a spiritual level that have not been sufficiently explored. Only recently with the injection of laser light into animals with Parkinson's has this come forward. It is often a deficiency of blue light. That is an important aspect of this. Many of the things that can be helpful in this regard are not fully understood. By the exposure to sunlight and the willingness to allow the sun energy to sit on the skin for 48 hours without bathing or showering afterwards would be helpful.

This is not to say that someone with Parkinson's should get sunburned. Forty-five minutes a day, preferably completely nude would be very helpful here; two hours, no bathing or showering, then exposure to sun, then 48 hours without bathing or showering. The intent would be to allow that Vitamin D to be fully absorbed. Also, the effects of the sun. The sun has a significant portion of its spectrum in the blue area and some of this is to some extent filtered, so it is best that one not filter it by being outside: this would be helpful because the filtration, particularly of certain portions of the violent spectrum are filtered by window glass.

The Parkinson's patient should not be exposed to sunlight through window glass if at all possible. This will create excess UVA which counteracts the UVB and will to some extent reduce the benefits of the blue radiation that was received while in the sun. Other aspects that can be tremendously helpful here are the simple things that come from the regenerative diet that has fats in it to build nerves.

Parkinson's is a destruction of certain nerve areas in the brain and to rebuild these is necessary. Hence, the cleansing aspects through various means, in particular oxygen containing substances has proved valuable. But the rebuilding aspect has not been sufficiently explored. In particular the fats that individual is best designed for, these can be from a variety of sources. But, one of those we see as very helpful for many Parkinson's patients is that from raw dairy cream as particularly well absorbed and a small amount of raw unheated honey, a ratio of about five to one; cream to honey. This can be smoothed on the body, in the head region. It can be taken under the tongue, dissolved. It can be placed behind the ears with much benefit and of course it can be ingested.

Sometimes this can produce a negative reaction in the body as various other materials are displaced. So it's usually wise to start slowly with this. Of course the most profound and helpful material, particularly for those who are having a variety of problems due to increased aging, is the breast milk from the human female. This is well accepted and understood yet very difficult to obtain and this is why dairy products when they are raw can be so valuable. Is it a part of dementia? Is it a part of various other diseases of the brain would be one way to look at it.

The answer here is that, yes this is true and here again, what is the body trying to do? It is trying to displace a variety of toxic materials, and at the same time re-build utilizing what you're giving it. As a result, the various low-fat diet can be increasingly troublesome, increasing the problems not only of Parkinson's, but a variety of other brain difficulties while at the same time the increasing of various fats can allow the body to discharge the materials that can be problematic. Does this sufficiently answer the question?

Jill: Yes, we are down to about the last five minutes. There is a lot of interest in what is happening in Iran and in our country?

Hilarion: We mentioned it as a general principle, but specifically, what you're going to recognize here is that in these powerful places of turning point people are waking up. People in Iran are waking up very strongly. They are questioning everything, they are seeing how the religious blend of government, politics and religion has not served them and indeed in some ways prevented them from a deeper understanding of God; of their own acceptance of God in their lives. How it has instead moved so much into the hands of power of the few over the others.

A similar thing of course has happened in other countries, not so much around religion but very much the concentration of power in ways that are clearly not in line with what you want. But, what do you want? How do you want this to be for you? That is not only a deeper question it is a moving target. You want the answer to this to also be a dynamic one, a moving answer. For instance: a society that encourages my evolution. Now, if that is how you are looking at it, what is happening in Iran is most definitely encouraging evolution, is it not? But it is doing so in ways that are very troublesome; producing violent struggles and many ways that could potentially lead to nuclear warfare or various other difficulties that seem almost impossible to fathom at this stage.

But, the people there do need your help. What they need around this is not so much the things that can be sent or money or ideas. But love, the love in your heart;a willingness to care for them, to send them an energy that says, it's all right to ask these questions. It is all right to question your reality, and when I do this, one of the things I discovered is___. Whatever is the truth for you, perhaps it is love. Perhaps what they will discover in all of this is love. But at the same time, a steadfast willingness to continue asking are you willing to have that?

If you can be uncomfortable with those questions, but still be with them, still be with love. You are presenting a beautiful, helpful model. We suggest then, as you imagine someone living their life in Iran trying to find a way of peace and change with their neighbors a way in which their voice may be better represented in their government. That they also look inward, that they feel that you are loving them as well, knowing that they are a human being, a place to find God within them is strong. If you will feel this within yourself share it now with everyone on your planet.

You might represent this with a beautiful golden glow; a golden color as it pours from your out breath to all of your planet. Then add to it a movement, the movement of your arms perhaps in a gesture of awakening, of sharing, of expansion. Whatever way it appears to you to share this, this also valuable because it adds to the collective consciousness as saying simultaneously, I am willing to love and I am willing to ask. It is really what is being asked of everyone now and as you enter into this place consciously the changes that have been set in motion can be received, can be known, can be that which you take with you and that which you learn from at every level.

And to close, we would ask you to let this go for a moment. Instead, simply to go to this place of the emerald light, as if that golden light easily blends with the emerald light and forms itself into a cylinder, swirling energy of golden and emerald. As it connects infinitely upwards and down through center of earth it breathes you, and with each breath it grows larger, 100 feet, 1000 feet. Many miles in diameter, encompassing the entire earth eventually, earth’s center, a place of great energy and love responds. An ohm sound generated there, deeply vibrating, moving slowly up till it touches you into your heart and your throat and to be shared out loud. Goodbye. Ommm…….

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